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baysexuality · 2 days ago
Yuta saying: “I’ve been hit a lot harder. By a lot better men”.
*Moxley, Bryan, Claudio and Regal backstage thinking about what they did night before*
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old-no7 · 11 hours ago
Watching Halloween and I can’t help but write the BCC boys watching horror movies. It’s not my fault. It’s the law actually.
BCC and Company Watching Horror Movies HCs
- Secretly loves horror movies, but not ones with excessive gore. Witty ones like Freddy Krueger, Beetlejuice, the Birds, and the Shining. Usually psychological thrillers.
- He’ll sit through any movies the boys want, though.
- Is disgusted by Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
- He loves movies with jumpscares because he gets to feel Yuta jerk and hide his face in his side.
- Covers Yuta’s eyes during sex scenes.
- It’s rare that he gets spooked, but if he does he lets out a very British “Oh my!” And Mox will tease him about it for the rest of the movie.
- Roots for Jason Voorhees because he also hates teens and trespassers and doesn’t know how to swim.
- Knows every word to Silence of the Lambs (based off @slapofhonor ‘s AU)
- Loves found-footage style and has seen every movie in that style. Cloverfield is his favorite and they watch it at least once a year.
- Is a big scardie though. He usually ends up curled up in either Regal or Mox’s lap by the midpoint of the movie, hiding his face and gasping loudly.
- He gets a lot of hugs and kisses.
- 100% will have nightmares and needs to sleep in the middle of the bed for protection.
- Shouts at the screen when the victims make dumb decisions.
- Only likes horror movies because it’s a way to get his boyfriends to cuddle him.
- Loves slashers and movies with intense gore. He’s taking notes.
- Whenever a hot guy with too many abs and a big beard comes on screen, “Me.”
- Whenever there’s a really tiny friend, “Bryan that’s you.”
- Whenever there’s a hot blonde, “That one’s Regal.”
- Is the one who wakes up whenever Yuta whimpers in his sleep. He immediately holds him and says “It’s okay. We’re protecting you. You’re safe.”
- HATES horror movies.
- his secret shame is that he loves the Scarygodmother films and will watch them in private when no one knows.
- But Yuta knows. And Yuta leans in one day to whisper, “Caught ya.” Bryan swears Yuta to secrecy.
- it’s cute though because they then sit on the couch, a big blanket around them, and watch the movies together while eating their vegan cookies.
- Also loves the Silence of the Lambs movie. Just to piss Mox off, he’ll put on one of those white face masks, turn to him, and say “Hello, Clarice.”
- Enjoys the good horror movie. He likes the newer ones like Yuta does, but also the oldies and goodies, like Godzilla and King Kong.
- Provides the snacks.
- Also provides the cuddles. He’s long so he can lay across the couch and be cuddling Mox, Bryan, and Yuta at the same time while leaning on Regal.
- Laughs really hard at bad CGI and that helps Yuta calm down.
Eddie Kingston
- Is a huge scared baby but pretends not to be.
- “Eddie nothing happened.”
- “It’s the Fuckin’ atmosphere man!”
- Loves Halloween though, Michael is his favorite slasher.
- “Nah! That’s Myers! You think you’re gonna get my boy with a crowbar? Get outta here!”
- Is flinching and gasping with Yuta. Will hide his face in Yuta’s hair.
- Cries if an animal dies and no one is allowed to mock him for it.
- Will end up sleeping in the bed with all of them, to Bryan’s dismay.
Daniel Garcia
- Loves paranormal horror.
- Has seen all of Paranormal Activity five times and still jumps at the scares.
- He and Yuta will watch found-footage films together and hold each other while screaming.
- Thinks Kujo was justified.
- Can’t do irl horror (like crime, etc) because he gets too paranoid.
- But when he sees Yuta getting scared, he starts cracking jokes about the dumb choices the characters make, or about the cgi, or how he could totally beat up the slasher/demon. When Yuta starts to calm down he feels proud and holds him close.
- Mox will hold Eddie, Regal will hold Yuta, Bryan will hold Daniel, and Claudio will be musing about the cinematography.
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superkickhausen · a month ago
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This was absolutely hilarious.
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allelitewrestlings · 3 months ago
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onewingedangel3 · a month ago
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have you seen this man? good.
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littledozerdraws · 2 months ago
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I wasn’t done 🙇‍♂️🔥🎉
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orange-catsidy · 3 months ago
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mox does not like heights
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ftrawr · 11 days ago
hey we saw you from across the bar and we liked your vibe
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mittsommerhausen · a month ago
bcc vibes
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backfliptopancake · 3 months ago
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sethfknrollins · 26 days ago
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baysexuality · a month ago
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Blackpool Combat Club (and Eddie Kingston) + Chess pieces     insp
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explainwrestling · a month ago
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Put this on the next Blackpool Combat Club shirt
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superkickhausen · 2 months ago
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I am a sucker for the BCC taking care of their baby brother Yuta.
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allelitewrestlings · 24 days ago
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hangmangang · a month ago
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littledozerdraws · 2 months ago
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hello yes I am emotions ❤️🇨🇭
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