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starstruckrpg a month ago
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饾櫃饾櫎饾櫈饾櫍' 饾櫈饾櫓 饾櫅饾櫎饾櫑 饾櫓饾櫇饾櫄 饾櫅饾櫀饾櫌饾櫄 ... !
glittering lights and bellowing screams. that鈥檚 the life that you鈥檝e found yourself upon. you鈥檝e done it. you climbed to the top, or maybe you were just born there. whatever it was you did, or didn鈥檛 do, one thing is for certain: you鈥檙e an elite. a household name. you have status and you鈥檙e not about to let it slip from your fingers, because you鈥檝e become far too comfortable with the luxury, the parties, and truthfully, you don鈥檛 even work that hard.
except there鈥檚 a catch, because when you鈥檙e up that high, you seem to forget what it鈥檚 like to be on the ground. sense of self, sense of reality, it all begins to get blurred. there鈥檚 rumors that you鈥檙e hard to work with, or that you鈥檙e not really all that talented. but no matter, they still pay you the big bucks to please the masses. and no one will take that away from you.
so when you slip up, when you can鈥檛 help but be the messy person you are, what will you do? you鈥檝e had some scandals before, you came out on the other end okay, but sometimes it's not that simple. what will you do when your career, your beloved image, is on the line? what are you willing to do to remain darling to the entire world?
starstruckrpg is a skeleton roleplay about a group of celebrities trying to navigate the path of fame, while trying to dodge the mess they make themselves. this group is heavily inspired by elements such as succession, gossip girl, lady gaga鈥檚 the fame, and influenced by the celebrity zeitgeist.
reblog this promo before聽monday at 5pm pst聽for a chance to see the skeleton teaser before anyone else !
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waltrp 24 days ago
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they鈥檙e聽creepy and they鈥檙e聽kooky 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽mysterious and聽 s p o o k y
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esspecn a month ago
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#聽 饾悎饾悕饾悅饾悢饾悂饾悢饾悞饾悈饾悓聽 ,聽 an聽 upcoming聽 supernatural聽 &聽 crime聽 roleplay聽 based聽 on聽 discord聽 for聽 a聽 small聽 group聽 of聽 dedicated聽 writers聽 ;聽 the聽 hunger聽 gnawing聽 at聽 the聽 belly聽 of聽 the聽 underworld聽 has聽 given聽 way聽 to聽 a聽 city聽 wrought聽 with聽 greed聽 &聽 sin聽 ,聽 pleasure聽 &聽 pain聽 ,聽 glamor聽 &聽 grit聽 .聽 where聽 armies聽 once聽 rose聽 and聽 fell聽 for聽 a聽 war聽 as聽 old聽 as聽 time聽 itself聽 ,聽 new聽 political聽 factions聽 vying聽 for聽 status聽 have聽 forged聽 themselves聽 in聽 the聽 ashes聽 of聽 generations聽 that聽 have聽 long聽 since聽 gone.聽 vampire聽 covens聽 splintered聽 into聽 family聽 branches聽 ,聽 widespread聽 lycan聽 packs聽 scattering聽 into聽 pockets聽 of聽 lone聽 survivors聽 鈥撀 in聽 these聽 jagged聽 fragments聽 ,聽 three聽 alliances聽 have聽 risen聽 throughout聽 the聽 winding聽 streets聽 of聽 new聽 york聽 city聽 .聽 war聽 has聽 since聽 shifted聽 from聽 a聽 blood聽 feud聽 to聽 skirmishes聽 over聽 borders聽 ,聽 over聽 territories聽 ,聽 over聽 the聽 glory聽 of聽 power聽 .聽聽
lying聽 in聽 the聽 heart聽 of聽 brooklyn聽 stands聽 the聽 only聽 pillar聽 uniting聽 all聽 of聽 the聽 underworld聽 together聽 ,聽 regardless聽 of聽 creed聽 or聽 allegiance聽 .聽 饾悎饾悕饾悅饾悢饾悂饾悢饾悞聽 was聽 established聽 by聽 a聽 vampire聽 simply聽 known聽 by聽 the聽 masses聽 as聽 THE聽 KINGPIN聽 ;聽 elusive聽 ,聽 but聽 powerful聽 .聽 dangerous聽 ,聽 yet聽 a聽 magnate聽 .聽 a聽 business聽 mogul聽 ,聽 but聽 secretive聽 .聽 THE聽 KINGPIN聽 hails聽 from聽 a聽 powerful聽 ,聽 old聽 -聽 world聽 coven聽 that聽 retains聽 the聽 last聽 shred聽 of聽 traditionalism聽 from聽 a聽 war聽 that聽 had聽 ceased聽 long聽 ago聽 鈥撀 and聽 for聽 this聽 very聽 reason聽 ,聽 he聽 declared聽 his聽 shrine聽 to聽 the聽 debauched聽 a聽 neutral聽 territory聽 for聽 all聽 who聽 descend聽 from聽 the聽 beast聽 &聽 the聽 bloodthirsty聽 .聽 while聽 incubus聽 hosts聽 carnal聽 pleasure聽 in聽 the聽 form聽 of聽 a聽 hidden聽 industrial聽 nightclub聽 exclusively聽 for聽 the聽 underworld聽 hidden聽 in聽 the聽 basement聽 of聽 an聽 otherwise聽 unremarkable聽 tourist-trap聽 of聽 a聽 nightclub聽 ,聽 its聽 true聽 nature聽 lies聽 in聽 the聽 twisted聽 web聽 of聽 lies聽 &聽 secrets聽 threading聽 through聽 its聽 core聽 .聽 at聽 club聽 incubus聽 ,聽 treachery聽 comes聽 cheap聽 鈥撀 so聽 let聽 the聽 night聽 take聽 hold聽 in聽 your聽 ribcage聽 &聽 come聽 undone聽 as聽 the聽 underworld聽 beckons聽 you聽 to聽 fall聽 deeper聽 &聽 deeper聽 into聽 its聽 darkness聽 鈥
饾悎饾悕饾悅饾悢饾悂饾悢饾悞饾悈饾悓聽 will聽 be聽 opening聽 for聽 applications聽 &聽 invites聽 shortly聽 ;聽 if聽 you聽 are聽 interested聽 ,聽 please聽 like聽 +聽 reblog聽 !聽tracking聽 #聽 incubusfm聽 .聽
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blog-ru-and-palette 4 months ago
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Collab with @groovygladiatorsheep :3
Au made by @arinasave
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fenrirswoodpromo 2 months ago
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饾棪饾棬饾棤饾棤饾棙饾棩 饾棯饾棓饾棪 饾棟饾棬饾棪饾棫 饾棫饾棝饾棙 饾棪饾棫饾棓饾棩饾棫
It鈥檚 the start of the summer of 2022, early July and most of the city has gone on holiday either in the countryside or far away. Schools are closed, universities have only opened their doors to the ones who need to finish up classes, and there is a calming easy-going atmosphere to the sunlit streets.
Until the聽first body turns up.
And then a聽second.
And a聽third.
And all the Wolf & Witch families of聽Fenrir鈥檚 Wood聽return because they know a storm is coming, and they鈥檙e the target.
饾棛饾棙饾棥饾棩饾棞饾棩'饾棪 饾棯饾棦饾棦饾棗聽is a 21+ supernatural city rp with a mystery plot running along side. This semi-appless rp focusses on character development and plot development. Currently accepting applications every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday (7-9 pm UST, 2-4 pm EST)
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cosmopolitanhq 3 months ago
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聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽all I ever wanted was the w o r l d 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽i can't help that I need it A L L聽
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聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽C O M I N G聽 S O O N聽
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 click the source link to find out which neighbourhood is meant for you!
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greatfallstemp 4 months ago
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WON鈥橳 YOU MEET ME IN MONTANA? Great Falls is a small city located on the Missouri River in Montana, in the Northwest sector for the mountainous state. Locals are often quoted saying that Great Falls is a 鈥榗ity that feels more like a small town鈥 and the kind of place that makes you feel as if you just stepped into an old Western movie. Home to three of the largest ranches in Montana 鈥攁nd two of the largest in the country 鈥 there鈥檚 no shortage of cowboy and western culture around here that keeps tourists in awe when they visit. And between the ranches, there鈥檚 no shortage of property and livestock disputes that can manage to make even civilians uneasy. But none of the drama has never deterred anyone from calling this rural haven home. With its picturesque landscapes and its thriving economy, Great Falls truly has something for everyone.
GREAT FALLS聽鈥 A semi-plotless, character driven roleplay based in a rural Montana city with a small town feel. We are a semi-plotless tumblr based group with heavy focus on character development. We are currently taking questions, comments, and reserves on our temporary main while we attempt to revive our main blog, so come see what we鈥檙e about!
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bradfordspringshq 2 months ago
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I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills..
BRADFORD SPRINGS, CO - founded in the late 1800s this small rustic mountain city is known for its tourism, the rocky mtn. national park, wildlife, farming, ranches, ski resorts, the stanley hotel, and hot springs. Tourists come from all over the world to take in the gorgeous views and participate in the wide variety of activities available. Visitors may not want to leave this fun filled city. Sure there's some bad apples among the population and they have had to rebuild several times due to mother nature throwing floods, rock slides, and avalanches their way. At the end of the day, however, the citizens of this western town are just as strong as the mountains that surround them. They will always come together to help their community and each other in hard times. Their connections to each other and their home is what truly makes Bradford Springs a magical place.
..don鈥檛 let the landslide bring you down.
bradfordspringshq is a semi-plotless, literate, roleplay for writers and characters 21+, vastly fictionalized but still inspired by real places and numerous forms of media, we provide a list of our inspiration in our navigation page. We aim to create a safe and diverse space for muses of 聽all backgrounds and a welcoming environment in all aspects. Our focus is heavily on character development and encouraging strong age and character diversity.
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amoreluxhq a month ago
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 [ 聽taps 聽microphone 聽] 聽GOOD 聽MORNING 聽TAGS 聽! 聽hopefully 聽we鈥檙e 聽showing 聽up 聽in 聽the 聽tags 聽so 聽if 聽you鈥檙e 聽seeing 聽this聽 , 聽come 聽check 聽us 聽out 聽! 聽AMORELUXHQ 聽is 聽an 聽appless 聽apartment 聽rp 聽set 聽in 聽seattle 聽for 聽muses 聽twenty-five 聽and 聽up. 聽if 聽you鈥檙e 聽looking 聽for 聽a 聽cute 聽lil 聽place 聽to 聽write 聽your 聽muses 聽, 聽this 聽might 聽be 聽the 聽place 聽for 聽you 聽!
Tumblr media
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providencepeakrp a month ago
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For a beautiful night at The Grape Escape in Bighorn Hills where Bennett Miller and Alicia Miller-Garcia will celebrate seventeen incredible years of marriage with a vow renewal followed by a lively reception. There will be a selection of wines available for free and if there鈥檚 something else one may one, there鈥檚 more wine available for purchase. Dinner and a handpicked dessert will be delivered to each table upon everyone being seated.
The Miller-Garcia鈥檚 encourage anyone who may be drinking heavily to consider booking a cabin with Bighorn Rentals. Fear not, they鈥檝e already worked out an affordable rate for the weekend, but if further assistance is needed, please reach out to Bennett or Alicia.
The night is one of celebration and renewal all around. There will be a point in within the reception where everyone is asked to write one thing they鈥檇 like to let go of on a piece of paper before dropping it into the fit pit and watching it burn away. So please, if you can make it, please RSVP with Bennett, Alicia, or their planner who made the entire night possible, Dilan Barak.
This is considered a mini-event that will start on Friday, August 12th at 12:00pm EST and will run until Friday, August 19th at 11:59pm EST.
In character, the vow renewal takes place on Saturday, August 13th beginning at 4:00pm.
Because this is a mini event, this event is optional and threads are not required to be dropped.
As a member-hosted event, specific event questions can be sent to @bennett-miller鈥 or @aliciamillergarcia鈥 or posted in the event channel.
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join-amorelux a month ago
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聽because 聽location 聽is 聽everything 聽! 聽AMORELUX 聽APARTMENTS, 聽a 聽recently 聽established 聽apartment 聽building 聽offering 聽affordable 聽luxury 聽housing 聽for 聽families 聽and 聽working 聽professionals 聽alike. 聽featuring 聽modern 聽floorplans, 聽resort-style 聽amenities, 聽and 聽being 聽minutes 聽away 聽from 聽spots 聽like 聽pike 聽place 聽market, 聽capitol 聽hill 聽& 聽waterfront, 聽amorelux 聽is 聽the 聽perfect 聽place 聽to 聽start 聽fresh 聽! 聽and 聽within 聽the 聽past 聽couple 聽months, 聽leases 聽have 聽been 聽finalized 聽and 聽residents 聽from 聽all 聽walks 聽of 聽life 聽have 聽started 聽to 聽move 聽in.
聽AMORELUXHQ 聽is 聽an 聽appless 聽apartment/city 聽roleplay 聽centered 聽around 聽the 聽fictional 聽apartment 聽complex: 聽amorelux 聽apartments 聽located 聽in 聽DOWNTOWN 聽SEATTLE. 聽all 聽residents 聽have 聽recently 聽moved 聽into 聽the 聽new 聽apartment 聽building 聽from 聽all 聽walks 聽of 聽life. 聽this 聽group 聽is 聽for 聽muses 聽TWENTY-FIVE AND ABOVE. 聽we 聽focus 聽on 聽character 聽development 聽through 聽a 聽series 聽of 聽events 聽and 聽tasks.
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waltrp 3 months ago
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禄 鈥淪peaking of awesome, that cape thing is KILLING IT!鈥 鈥 hotel transylvania, 2012
full name 鈫 jonathan loughran current age 鈫 twenty-nine faceclaim 鈫 joseph quinn based off of 鈫 jonathan from hotel transylvania powers/abilities 鈫 n/a status 鈫 unavailable
鈥 he is described to be ;
+, optimistic, funny, adventurous -, talkative, invasive, scatterbrained
鈥 biography ;
growing up, jonathan has always felt like the odd one out in his family. being the middle child of eight kids, majority being boys with one sister, life wasn鈥檛 always easy. as much as jonathan loved his family he didn鈥檛 really get along with them. jonathan was always either too loud, too clumsy,聽something. he was just too much for his siblings. they wanted him to tone down his entire being. for a while he made himself more palatable for his siblings but by suppressing who he was on the inside only did more damage than help. so, jonathan stopped and decided to embrace who he was fully. if his family didn鈥檛 like it. well, that was their problem now wasn鈥檛 it? after high school graduation, jonathan decided that college wasn鈥檛 for him. travel is something he always had a knack for and instead of spending money towards a degree he decided to spend it on something he actually loved. jonathan left home as soon as he could to not only see the world but also find a place he would fit in.聽
his travels lead him all over the world. it felt like there was no stone unturned by him. jonathan鈥檚 current travels involved backpacking across europe. it鈥檚 how he found himself in umbre, romania. after mountain climbing, he heard a story about a spooky forest and decided to head there. while exploring he saw a village with 鈥渄udes on fire鈥, he followed them to a mysterious hotel. there he was greeted by the sight of monsters. in all fairness, jonathan thought they were people in costumes when he first stepped into the hotel transylvania. before he could venture any further into the hotel he was stopped by dracula himself. the vampire could sense that johnny was a human and demanded to know how he found the hotel since it was hidden from humans. johnny recounted his story of following a few zombies and that he meant no harm. dracula was reluctant, but he allowed johnny to stay the night in his hotel. if only not to set monsters back by killing the man. once morning hit he expected jonathan out of his hotel.
the plan would have been great had jonathan not met mavis, dracula鈥檚 daughter. the poor girl had never stepped foot outside of her father鈥檚 hotel in over 100 years. that night they spent their entire time talking on the roof. jonathan told mavis of his travels and mavis told him of her world involving monsters. jonathan took things a step further and took mavis to the town near the hotel to show her the world she had been missing all this time. for the first time in his life jonathan didn鈥檛 feel like an outsider. which was odd considering he felt more at home with monsters than he ever had with humans. as much as jonathan wanted to start a friendship with mavis he felt it was useless given dracula鈥檚 orders. before they could grow more attached he turned in for the night. it wasn鈥檛 long before he heard a knock at the door and was greeted by the sight of mavis once again. she had two suitcases in her hands and was begging jonathan to take her with him. jonathan hesitated. he didn鈥檛 want to feel the wrath of dracula but he also couldn鈥檛 just leave mavis here to waste away another 100 years.聽
so he agreed to take her with him. the two snuck out of the hotel before daylight and got on the first train they could find. their next destination was elias, california. the states seemed a lot safer since jonathan knew he would be vampire chow once dracula realized mavis was gone.聽
face claim change?
not allowed | alternatives listed in tag | message admins for alternatives
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reallifehq a month ago
REVAMP NOTICE! Some things are too good to keep dead. You know what one of those things are? Real Life! That鈥檚 right my little end of summer chickens! We鈥檙e coming back for a third go around with the OG two admins of this place! Come check us out while we update pages and bring your once favorite RP back to life!聽
Tumblr media
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sotiris-rp a month ago
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wanted connections +1
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faerunehq 2 months ago
good mortereve, everyone! monday (august 1st) kicks off our season 2, which is the perfect time to send in applications to be a part of our fun and welcoming community. we have been an active rp for over a year now, with a ton of diverse and interesting characters.聽
we begin our season two on august 1, 2023, a year after the unseelie queen took over faerune and trapped the majority of its residents inside a crystal bowl. she has established her court which means we'd love to see more unseelie royalty, courtiers, and royal guards that support the queen鈥檚 rule, as we gear up for what may be the biggest clash between supernaturals in 300 years . . .
Tumblr media
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hidehillhq a month ago
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Good Morning Hidehill!
We wanted to take a moment to touch base on a few reminders for activity and general housekeeping!
We will always support real life first and understand that it does get hectic. However, we would love to see more of some of our characters on the dash.聽
Please try to be online at least a few times a week to ensure that plots are developed and activity isn鈥檛 relied solely on some characters and muns. We want to be inclusive but it鈥檚 hard to include everyone when activity plays a major role in that.聽
We have a large group - keep that in mind when writing and make sure you are spreading the love! Reach out to new members for plots and be creative! Please do not write with the same group of people.
We have some wonderful starters on our starter blog ( @hidehillstart ) that have no notes on them so be sure to check them out and reply before posting closed starters or posting your own open.聽
If closed starters are posted, please be mindful to reply to them as it can be discouraging to have worked hard on them only for them to be ignored.聽
Please make sure that you are cutting your posts so that the dash remains clean and orderly.聽
If you don鈥檛 know how to do so, especially with the new tumblr update, feel free to contact an admin to help you download the xkit and show you how to do it.聽
Reminder, we do require that all gifs used on the dash are small/medium-sized gifs. Please do not use large gifs or still icons when interacting.聽If you need help with gif resources or resizing help, please reach out to the admin team and we will gladly lend a hand!
This helps keep the dash clean and organized. We appreciate your understanding!
That is all we have for the time being! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us! We love you all!
The Admin Team
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imacowboybaby 6 months ago
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Join us over at the Realm of Kheasa, a fantasy RP server on Discord. We鈥檇 love to have you!
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