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Tumblr media
softdom!ari levinson x naive!reader | kinktober 2022 summary | ari wants nothing more than to make you completely his.
always wanted to do at least a drabble for kinktober haha. isn't really explicit, but you get to see dom ari peeking through + naive reader interaction in college!
warnings | size kink, breeding kink, dd/lg, dark ari
buy me a kofi! drabble requests/asks! main!
It’s adorable, how you always try to take charge. Except the moment Ari would say something, murmur at you to sit down, you would, innocent eyes peering up at him, asking to be rewarded. 
And you were so small, like a baby. A dumb baby, one who annoyed him to no end. He wanted to fuck you until you cried, thrust into you until he saw the outline of his cock from your stomach, have you begging for his dick—for him—to breed you, fuck you, touch you, for days. 
He learned over, to the side twirling a piece of your hair. Beside him, you stiffened, eyes moving away from the professor. Once you realized it was him, your shoulders relaxed, and you sent him a wide smile. One that remained oblivious to his dark thoughts completely. It took him months to make you feel comfortable towards him, to get you to open up so that he could trap you in his web. 
A few more months and maybe he’ll knock you up. He could do it right now, even, if you still weren’t so skittish sometimes. So stupidly bent on getting your degree, when you could let him do all the work. After all, it was only a couple more months until he inherited his father’s company. With the fortune that came with it, all you needed to be was a proper housewife. A mother, and a perfect one you’d be. 
Ari moved to kiss the side of your neck when you attempted to focus again. A hand came to rest on your hip when he sucked on a certain spot, and you squirmed at the contact. 
“Ari… people are watching,” you whisper. Like that’s ever stopped him. If anything, he creates another mark on his blank canvas. 
“Mhm, pay attention to the lecture, baby.” 
He bet you can’t, wiggling in your chair because of how wet you were. You didn’t even understand how your body worked—so naive, you didn’t have the slightest clue. But he knew that you missed sitting on his lap, bouncing on his thigh and sucking on his thumb like a pliant baby. You depended on him for everything: and he would make it stay that way. 
“What do you want for dinner tonight, love?” 
Your lips turned in a frown at the question. “But you always choose,” you said back, searching his eyes for something wrong. Nothing, except for his cock straining to fuck you and his hooded eyes. 
Satisfaction spread through his chest, along with possessiveness. 
“That’s right,” he whispered in your ear, shifting your hair so the rest of the class could see his mark on you. You had no idea how insane you made him, how he turned feral around you. “Because you can’t do anything without me, can you?” 
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Tumblr media
[disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this blog. for more information on this blog’s commitment to protecting minors, read our full statement here.]
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.・。.・゜ ✫ ・.・✫・゜・。.
warnings: implied kidnapping, mean!dark!lloyd, noncon, bit of violence, forced orgasm
brb, i’m thinking about sick and twisted lloyd finding out his latest captive (you!!) is a squirter 😳😳 like he’s got you tied up legs spread over the arms of the chair, panties gagging your mouth, you can’t move an inch and he’s just brutalizing you 😔🙏 i looove the concept of lloyd wearing those tight black exam gloves while carrying out his torture (like it’s so close to medfet i can almost taaste it 🤤) bc it’s a messy scene fr— “goddamn, sunshine. you’re makin’ such a pretty fuckin’ mess, aren’t you?” he’s finger fucking the shit out of you, probably spitting on you, slapping you with your own juices, etc. and he’s just so elated that somehow you’re getting off on it all, he truly knows how to turn your own body against you. “aww pumpkin, don’t cry— you know you love this. look at you, so ready to cum for me” and when he finally builds you up and makes you do it, you make a huge mess all over him and he is ‼️living for it‼️ “holy fucking shit, looks like i hit the fucking jackpot with this one” he probably whips out his cock right then and there “fuck princess, don’t usually get this personally involved, but with a pussy that can cum like that— how could i resist?” 😵‍💫mmm mean daddy makes my brain go bbzzzzzz😵‍💫
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You know that no matter what you’re doing Chris will finish in your pussy. I imagine that if you’re blowing him right before he cums he’ll make you stop and go balls deep inside you to finish
Oh this image this gave me 🥵
He’s got a hand on your jaw and the closer he gets the messier the blowjob gets until he’s telling you that your cute little throat is amazing but he wants to finish inside you and it has you scrambling to get in his lap and slide him inside because you want it so bad too
I can just hear the desperate grunts and dirty talk from him like he’s gonna make sure you take every drop he has to give, “That’s it, you look so pretty when I’m deep like this.” / “Bet you feel so full right now, huh? That’s my girl, exactly where my cum belongs.” girl I’m down so bad!
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Marked With My Initial - Andy Barber
Summary: Andy Barber will reward you each time he takes his fill.
Pairing: Incubus!Andy Barber x Fem!Reader
Warnings: main kink: rope play, smut, dom/sub dynamics, possessiveness, slight dark andy, praise kink, mild degradation kink, nickname - princess, oral f receiving, p in v, implied multiple orgasms, cockwarming, MINORS DNI
A.N: i kinda wanna do kinktober but idk if i will consistently be able to produce content, so i'm just posting smut i write. hope you enjoy it!
Word Count: 811
Main Masterlist || AO3
Tumblr media
Burn, Sting, Soothe. 
Your arms twist, thighs trembling.  
Burn, Sting Soothe.
The material digs into your flesh, warm fingers massage your skin as he spreads your legs further apart.
Burn, Sting, Soothe. 
Lips smile against your left inner thigh, teeth biting the flesh. Darkening skin, your body arches against the restraints. 
Burn, Sting, Soothe. 
The rope burns as you tug against it, your need to grip onto his hair. 
The large calloused palm stings against your puffy folds. A silent warning to stay still. 
Soft warm lips press kisses, his tongue laps at your arousal. 
His laugh reverberates against your clit. It pulses in response with need, you clench around his fingers as they graze the spot where you need him. The coil snaps within you a third time. 
“Sweet little insatiable slut of mine.” Andy praises, admiring the way the deep violet rope brings out the colour of your skin. 
Hands trace from your mound to your breasts. A reminder of how you were awoken from your slumber. His mouth sucking on the flesh, your whimpers making his cock twitch. The thick girth rubs against your cunt. 
Andy trails his lips to your clavicle, biting down, his beard rubs over your hardened nipple, he repeats the action on the opposite side. 
The rope made A on your chest pleases him, he tugs upon it, you moan as the ropes hold you back but your lips meet his, your arousal is all you can taste. 
Kneeling his thighs keep your thighs apart, the rope around your ankles delicately placed. A contrast to Andy and his ministrations upon your skin. 
He doesn’t break the kiss, hands cupping the flesh of your hips, lifting you against your restraints. 
“A-Andy—,” Your broken moan cuts through the squelch of your cunt sheathing his cock. 
“What is it princess, too much?” He tuts, pressing kisses to your jaw. 
“So—fu-full.” You manage to mutter. Your back arched now as you’re kneeling, fully at your incubus’ mercy and insatiable greed. 
Your chest heaves, walls clenching him. Your bleary vision obscured with darkness his dark wings expansed, the blue of his eyes a thin rim surrounded by a rim of glowing amber. 
“Make me lose all my fucking focus, princess. Cunt’s so fucking good. The fucking best. Who does this cunt belong too?” Andy’s voice distorts. 
The coarse hair brushes on your clit deliciously as he has you grind down on him. 
“You-yours!” You scream as he bites on your nipple, teeth sharp, he lifts your hips and slams you down on his thick cock. 
“Yes my pretty little princess. Look at you, taking me so well. Such a needy little thing. Good I took you, keeping you stuffed.” Andy groans as you continually clench around him, your moans higher pitched as your orgasm builds closer. 
The ropes move from your wrists, arms tied around his neck, the binds from your ankles tie around your flexed knee—thigh and and calf now bound, your chest flush against Andy’s. 
Beard rubbing against the tender spot on your neck. The rope A stays around your chest, tits bouncing with each movement he controls. 
“You can give me one more, princess. I’ve come to collect haven’t I? Didn’t I give you so much pleasure?”
Your incoherent babbles in agreement of his words, the coil winding tighter, Andy groans at the velvet feel of your walls begging to milk him. 
He smirks as he commands the ropes you tie around your cunt, a knot placed right on your clit. 
Each slam of your downward descent on his cock has the rope twist on your clit. 
Your mouth parts only Andy’s name comes out of your mouth. Wet squelches echo, your mouth being devoured by his and you feel his tongue on your nipples simultaneously. 
One delicious stroke and his tip brushes that spongy spot, the roll of the rope, his tongue, his cock, you scream in pleasure against his mouth. 
Your spasming walls triggering his own orgasm, he continues to move you as his spent coats your walls. 
You blink slowly, the heady haze breaking through as he places kissed along your neck and jaw. His wings gone again, regaining his cloaking spell. 
“Back with me, princess?” His thumb brushes along your lips, the ropes untie themselves, soothing sensations cover all the little burns that manifest. 
He still holds you close still inside you. 
“Mmhmm.” You mumble, reaching up to touch his face. 
“Good girl.” He praises, your cunt clenches in response, you hiss when he shifts you, your back against the silken sheets. 
Your legs over his large shoulders, cock twitching inside you. 
“Andy—,” you acquiesce, needing more of him. 
“You just lay back, Princess. Let me take my fill. You will be rewarded each time I do.” Andy promises beginning to thrust in and out of you. 
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𝙆𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙩𝙤𝙗𝙚𝙧 𝙙𝙖𝙮 4
𝐂𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬 𝐄𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐬 - 𝐓𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐨𝐨
Chris x Innocent!reader
Tumblr media
You met Chris when you were his stylist on The Grey Man. You two hit off right away and started dating.
You weren't like Chris's past girlfriends, who were out going and loved partying. You would rather sit at home reading or watching a film.
That's what he loved about you. That you were so innocent and kept to yourself. It helped your relationship because it was easier to keep a lot of things private.
You always loved Chris's tattoos. You never gotten one youself, but you had always wanted one.
So one day when Chris was out working you decided to get one to surprise him. A snake in the middle of your breast. You wanted it to fully heal before showing Chris. So you kept on making stupid excuses when he made moves on you.
And it was finally healed and you had no more pain.
"Chris. Sweetheart," you call from the master bedroom.
You are sitting on the bed in lacy underwear and one of his t-shirts that was huge on you, without a bra on.
"Yes princess?" he asks as he enters the room.
His eyes then catching your body, lust glazing his eyes right away, since you have been denying him. You tapped the bed infront of you, motioning him to sit which he did.
"I have a surprise for you," you say softly.
His eyes trailing down to your covered stomach. Praying that you were carrying his child.
You softly chuckle "No not that Chris," you say.
You carefully lift you shirt over your body. His eyes immediately connecting to the tattoo.
"Holy shit," he breaths. His hand reaches out to touch it softly
"It's beautiful love," he says softly and that's how you ended up in this situation.
Chris' throbbing cock was trusting between your breast. He always loved your breast but this new tattoo made him go insane.
"Fuck baby, love your tits, and even more now with this beautiful thing between them," he growls out.
His fingers slipping easily into your soaking cunt making you moan out. His pre-cum soaking your chest.
"Shit baby so close" he breaths out.
His trust becoming sloppy. His fingers started trusting even fast into you. The coil inside his stomach bursting and he covered your chest and the tattoo in his cum, causing you both to let out a groan.
Tumblr media
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Smile For The Camera || 5some Porn Star AU Smut (Kinktober 2022 Day 1)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: WELCOME TO KINKTOBER 2022! I'm a few days late, but I am catching up between now and tomorrow. Please enjoy this 3.6k word porno because it's got zero plot.
WARNINGS: PLUS SIZE READER, Language, SMUT, PWP, surprise female director, Fem director fisting reader (ass and pussy), Double penetration (ass and pussy), boot licking, foot to face, Double penetration (ass and ass), Slapping, spitting, choking, oral (M receiving), squirting (slurping up squirt), Vibrator wand, throatpie, facial, cum in eye, creampie, IT'S FUCKING DISGUSTING. I'M SO SORRY (MINORS DNI)
"Hey Daphne, we're ready for you," the producer says to you at your vanity.
"Oh okay!" You stand up and adjust your skirt before following him out of the green room. You walk down the dingy hallway before you start to see bright lights and hear more chatter. The makeup artist on set ushered you to the chair in the middle of the room and you sat down. She added a bit more powder and gloss to your look,
"Are you excited?"
"I'm so nervous!"
"Don't be. Everyone here is a professional and you know Scarlett would burn them at the stake if they hurt one of her girls."
"Yeah I guess that's true...."
"You'll do great. Just let loose and have fun," she said with a wink. She took a slight step back to look at her work and when she was satisfied, she gave your knee a light squeeze before walking away.
"Alright, everyone quiet on set! We're gonna get this thing started." This was the first time you heard Scarlett speak today and her voice sent waves through your body. After she got situated in the Director's chair next to the camera, she started talking to you.
"Alright Sweetie, we're about to shoot the first interview right now. Don't worry, it'll just be me and you talking; trying to get a better feel as to who you are, what brought you here, etc. Sound good?"
"Sounds perfect," you say flashing your winning smile.
"Alright, everyone quiet! Hit lights, roll camera. Let me see how that looks," she says to the cameraman. She gives you a thumbs up while still looking in the viewfinder before turning back to you,
“Hi there.”
“Hiiii, hehe,” you nervously say.
“What’s your name, Love?”
“I’m Daphne Rose.”
“And Daphne are you over 18?”
“Yes I am. I just turned 22.”
“Oh perfect! Well can I just say that you are so fucking cute. Like so adorable.”
“Oh thank you so much.”
“You are very welcome. So Daphne, you know why you’re here, right? I mean you’re here to get fucked.”
“By 4 guys.” 
“Yeah haha! Well, more like 4 beasts.”
“Ohhh my gosh, haha.”
“So tell me what brought you to Lovemefuckme.com. Was it fantasies? Was it a boyfriend who was a little rough and you realized ‘hey, this turns me on’? Or what was it that made you want to shoot with such a rough company?”
“Ummmm, I guess a little bit of all of it. I’ve had these sort of darker, 'struggle to get away’ fantasies for as long as I could remember. All of my boyfriends were never rough enough, so I think that’s why the want for this experience still lingers. Plus I mean, in the "real world" you don't always have 4 guys willing to throw you around and fuck you safely. I think that's really important when it comes to acting out darker fantasies. And I feel super safe with you, so I know I'll be more willing to put on the show of "No I really don't want this" while keeping my legs open and welcoming cocks, haha!"
"That's super hot. And trust me, you do not have to tell these guys twice about being rough. Have you ever been gangbanged or DP'd before?"
"No! I've never even had a threesome, so having two cocks in me at once or even in the same hole is what I'm shooting for!"
"Amazing. Hopefully we can stretch you out to do that. How tall are you, if you don't mind me asking."
"I'm barely 5'6."
"Oh they're gonna have fun with your little ass. Two of our guys are 6'5."
"Holy shit," you say squirming in your chair and rubbing your legs together.
"Nuh uh. I see that. No cheating," Scarlett warns.
"Sorry!" you say with a small giggle.
"And we can cut this part out if you want, but how much do you weigh?"
"I'm 230. But that's another reason I'm here. I've seen plus size models get roughed up and tossed around like nothing on the site and girls like me have a hard time finding that in society. So, I'm really looking forward to that!"
"Yeah, you are one of our smaller plus size models so the guys will have no problem at all rocking your little world. I mean you know we practically work with anyone who is consenting and over 18. We've had petite, plus size, milfs, mature, trans. The list goes on. But they're all here for the same reason you are; to live out their taboo fantasy safely...and get paid for it."
"Oh yeah the money is just a bonus!"
"Money is going to be the last thing on your mind, but I promise you will get paid for the work you do. Speaking of money, since this is a struggle scene I am offering you incentives to not get fucked."
"To not get fucked?"
"Exactly, so if you can last the whole shoot without a cock in your pussy, ass or mouth then that's an instant $1,000 bonus on top of what you're already making. If you just so happen to escape from the room, meaning past the camera and production crew, then that's an extra $4,000. So in total, you can make up to $5,000 plus your set salary. How does that sound?"
"Oh wow! I really wanted to get fucked, but 5 grand sounds a little better!"
"That's what they all say," she said with a grin.
"Now that we've gone over the basics, it's time to talk about your safe words. Do you remember them?"
"Yes. It's 'Red' if i want to stop, 'Mercy' or 'Yellow' to slow down or change something and 'Uh Uh Uh' if I have something in my mouth."
"Perfect. And make sure to really emphasize the head shake with 'Uh Uh Uh'. If you get nervous, just look to me and I'll try to center you back. Please know that you can use your safe word as many times as you need to and that it does not make you a weak model. It could be as simple as you have an eyelash in your eye to needing more lube. If you need to use them, please do not hesitate, okay?"
"Okay," you say with a sweet smile.
"Alright, well I think that about covers it. Are you ready?"
"I'm so ready."
"Okay, we'll call you back in about 20 minutes."
*20 minutes later*
You were back on set in the middle of the room. There was a small light behind the production crew that was positioned in a way that darkened your surroundings but lit you up. You could tell you weren't alone due to the heavy breathing coming from different directions in the room. You started to vibrate with excitement and fear at the same time.
"Alright, you ready?! Remember, 1,000 bucks to not get any cocks inside of you and $4,000 if you get past me. Once a cock is in you, there's no need to fight them off because you already lost that money. Just enjoy it. You have until the end of the shoot to get out. No biting, no scratching, no throwing elbows. Ready? GO!"
You let out a small squeal before running toward the crew. You get maybe 2 feet before the overhead lights are turned on and an arm is reached out and you're tugged back by your waist. Your feet come slightly off the floor as you're yanked back into the biggest man's torso. You see a tall, buff blonde come a pull one of your legs, followed by the shorter blonde doing the same; causing you to start bucking your legs.
They laugh at your attempts as the curly haired brunette comes and pulls your top down, exposing your black bra. They all let out a growl as he starts to knead your clad tit. You're still squirming in their embrace, trying to get free but to no avail. You arch your back and the man behind you grips tighter,
"Stop fighting. You've already lost," he says in your ear.
"Fuck you guys! No, I haven't!"
"Fuck us? Fuck us?" He yanks you back toward the bed, but the other men still have your legs.
"Let her go, guys. Let her go. You heard her, she wants to fuck us." They all release and you and Pablo flop back on the bed, your arms still behind your back. He wraps his legs around yours and holds them open. His hand goes around your neck, the other locking your arms as Henry tears your underwear at the hips and rips them off.
Alex and Chris begin taking off your shoes before taking turns ripping your tank top down your chest, leaving glorious red streaks in the process. Alex tugs at the center of your bra and it pops open. His and Henry's hands go straight for your nipples, tugging and flickering them. You're still struggling as your are now butt naked. Chris starts to rub your clit roughly.
"Alright, someone get a dick inside of her," Pablo says as Chris unzips his pants and pulls out his throbbing cock. He positions himself between your legs and attempts to infiltrate your hole. You're still struggling as much as you can, making it difficult for him to execute.
The other three were still laughing at your attempts to get free. Chris repositions himself and starts to rub the head of his cock over your hole.
Scarlett yelled from the other side of the room, "Remember, 1,000 bucks! Don't let those cocks in you."
"You have a cock in you yet?" Pablo asked from behind you.
"Basically," you said with a smile.
"She's fucking tight," Chris says, still probing at your cunt. You let out a small laugh that turned into a moan when you felt the warm sting of Chris finally entering your pussy. He shows no mercy in his movements as he begins fucking you. Alex and Henry both have their cocks out and are stroking them, watching Chris have his way with you.
He thrusts relentlessly in you a few more times before he tells someone else to tag in. Henry races and untangles your legs from Pablo; growling as he pulled you farther on your back. Pablo still had your arms, but Henry placed your legs on one of his shoulders. His hand replaced Pablo's around your neck and he begins to pound you harder than Chris.
You can't help but stare up at Henry's curls bouncing up and down. You're snapped out of your daze when you feel Alex reach his hand between your bodies and grip your tit. Henry goes balls deep one last time before he pulls out. Alex grabs your hair and pulls you from the bed and to your knees. He turns your head towards Henry, forcing you to taste yourself.
You happily slurp his cock, tasting the pleasure your body secreted before you take him deeper; bobbing your head up and down. He pushes you off and tells you to find dicks. You reach out both hands and welcome them like you said earlier.
You're suddenly pulled up by the hair on the nape of your neck and yanked backwards by Pablo. You briefly look him in his eyes before he spit roughly on your cheek. You smile wide before he pushes you back on the bed. You land on your stomach when your ankle is caught and pulled back so you're back on the floor.
Alex pulls your hips up so you're on your knees and easily slides his cock in your sopping cunt. He lets out a grunt and bottoms out immediately. The grip he had on your hips was monstrous, but his cock felt too good to care. Pablo placed his boot on your jaw and you stick out your tongue to lick it. Alex repositions one of his hands and starts to have a hold on your shoulder. He starts to watch you lick the boot of the behemoth of a man and spits towards your face. You swipe it into your mouth and hold your fingers there as the familiar coil in your stomach starts to form.
You're moaning around your fingers when your eyes roll back.
"Are you cumming?" Pablo asks, leaning down. "Is she cumming?"
"Oh she's fucking cumming," Alex says.
"Don't let her cum," Henry calls out. Alex roughly pulls out of you and you moan in disagreement, but your orgasm was too close and your moan soon turns to pleasure.
"Did you fucking cum anyway?" Chris asks. You could't even regain your composure before you're trying to stand and escape. Chris and Henry push you back to the ground and Pablo is on you in less than a second. You're picked up and thrown back down, Pablo on your back. You heard his zipper go down,
"Since you still want to get away, I'll just make sure you can't." He spit in his hand you feel the head of his cock teasing your ass before thrusting in and giving no time to adjust. You let out a loud squeal while all the other men started whooping and cheering.
You were thrown around in all different positions before you were covered in sweat, your own cum and spit. You were almost out of it when a fully naked Henry came and slammed you against the wall face first. Pablo couched on your right and lifted your leg on his shoulder while Henry pounded your gaping ass. You ended up cumming again without permission and he yanked his cock out after Pablo told him to get the vibrator.
He lifted you to the position you started the shoot in, Chris and Alex pulling your legs apart once more.
"Get the vibrator." Henry picked up the black Hitachi Wand and held it to your overexposed clit.
Your worlds started to vibrate as your body shook from the wand,
"Ohhhhhh shiiiiitttt!!!!"
"Are you gonna ask to cum this time," Pablo taunted.
"Yes God please! Can I cum! Please let me cum!"
"You can cum, but I wanna see you cum on Scarlett's fist.
She struts on the set and sticks her fist in your mouth,
"Lube it up, bitch." She bends down to your cunt and slowly starts to stretch your pussy with her hand in the #4.
"Look at that. Look at your whore cunt. Hold her head up." Pablo listened and shoved your head towards your stretched out pussy to see Scarlett's full fist filling you up.
"OH FUCK! Can I cum? Please can I cum?"
"Cum! Cum!" She encouraged. She kept pumping her fist in and out until you were soaking her forearm in cum. Your eyes were almost demonic as you came for the hardest time that day.
"Mmmmm, can I taste it? I wanna taste it," you say with you tongue out. Her fist is still inside of you when she tells Pablo to lower you back to the floor so you're sitting on her fist. She slowly pulls it out and immediately shoved it in your mouth.
"Taste it you fucking whore. Look at my shirt. Look what you did!" She yelled as she pulled you forward by your hair and onto your stomach. You begin to slurp up your squirt from the floor and swallow it. You do it again but this time she tells you to hold it in you mouth. She sits you back on your butt and opens your legs wide before attaching the wand back to your sensitive clit.
"Gargle that shit." You waste no time in following her command. You swallow it again and her hand is back down your throat. You begin to fight her and Chris comes and holds your arms. You try to talk but it comes out in gargles,
"What? Hmmm? What are you trying to tell me?" she asks as she turns off the wand. "You think I care that you want to breathe?"
"You should fist her ass too," you hear Henry say from behind Scarlett. She pulls her hand from your mouth and rubs your spit all over your face. She does it again and goes deeper down your throat,
"I'm gonna fist every hole you have. Turn her over."
Chris flips you over and Pablo and Alex each take a leg. Chris places his knee on your head to prevent you from moving at all. You feel Scarlett spit on your tight ass for good measure before she makes the same #4 shape with her hand and begins forcing her fist in your hole.
You begin to struggle against all of them and Henry comes and places his foot on your hips, holding them down.
"Ahh...ahhhh! Ow! Ow! OW!"
"We don't respond to 'Ow', bitch," you hear Pablo say. You still struggle when you hear Scarlett say to relax. You try your best, but the stretch is too much. She grabs your hips and put you on your knees to get a different angle.
The camera zoomed in on her fist and your hole, struggling to fit it. She keeps applying pressure, encouraging you to take it.
"It's almost in. Don't puss out on me now. Sit back on it." You angle your hips down and start to meet her in the middle.
"Ow ow ow ow ow!"
"It's almost in. It's almost in.....little more. There it is! Fucking A, that is a tight ass!" She gently pulls it out and Chris reaches for her hand before shoving it in is own mouth.
He turned you over and Scarlett's hand went around your neck before reaching for the wand once more,
"You wanna get fucked again, huh? Beg for it, bitch. Say 'Please Mommy Scarlett, let them stuff my holes' ", she says as she grips your hair and pulls your head back and forth.
"Please Mommy Scarlett! Please let them fuck my whore holes!"
"Look in the camera! I wanna see you beg me when I'm editing this."
"Please Mommy Scarlett! Please let them fuck my whore holes."
She made you cum once again and threw the wand down. Both of her hands wrapped around your throat, cutting off the air supply,
"You got me on camera with no makeup, my hair isn't done. Who the fuck do you think you are?" She asks releasing your throat and spitting in your face.
"Fuck her!" she yells before walking back to the director chair. You're yanked back to the bed, straddling Chris as he pulls you to his chest and Pablo comes up behind you. You feel Chris enter your pussy and Pablo slides easily into your stretched out ass. They fuck you like that for a few minutes while you choke on Alex's cock and stroke Henry.
You feel Chris slip out of your cunt and Pablo positions your hips down on his cock. What they're doing doesn't register until you feel Chris also poking at your ass. Pablo is still lowing your hips on their cocks before they both let out a loud moan and your eyes roll back. They relentlessly pound your tightest hole before switching with Alex and Henry.
These two are smaller than the other two, but the stretch and gape is still accomplished. Alex pulls out of your ass when Henry tells you to turn around on his cock and face the camera. With your legs open, Alex quickly switches between your pussy and ass while rubbing your clit.
"Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Please can I cum?! Please FUCK!" They give you the green light and you're cumming and soaking their cocks like the dirty cock whore you are. You're pulled off the bed and to your knees on the floor. A cock is shoved in your mouth and down your throat before another one is forcing it's way in.
Above you, Pablo grabs the corners of your mouth and pulls them in to a makeshift smile.
"Smile for the camera, Daphne." Henry comes behind you and pulls your mascara smeared eyes open and you look in the camera with two cocks in your mouth. Pablo pulls his out and allows Alex to grab your head and use your throat like a pussy. His hips are snapping against your chin before he pulls out and strokes above you. He starts moaning loudly before shoving your nose to meet his hips, bottoming out in your throat as he releases his cum into your stomach.
The other three are stroking their cocks when Chris runs to you and squirts his cum on your face, hitting you in the eye. You wipe your eye and suck the cum off your index finger. Henry found that arousing and made your beautiful pupils his ultimate target. He moaned and came hard as you welcomed the warm, powerful sting to your orbs. This time you didn't wipe it out and looked to the last one.
Pablo pulled you up on the bed and forced you down on your back. He placed of your legs on his shoulder and shoved his cock deep in your pussy, before doing what Alex did and stretched out both holes.
"You were a real fucking whore today. Taking 4 huge cocks from grown ass men. Letting our fucking director have her way with you." He started grunting as his movements became sporadic. You came one last time with his cock in your ass while the contractions trigger his own orgasm.
You feel the warm cum ooze from his cock and coat your walls. He pulls out and you push out the creampie, putting on one last show for the room. You collapse back on the bed and the camera zooms in on your face; eyes fading shut as Scarlett yells,
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lilacwineandthesinkingsun · 23 hours ago
Oh what Chris Evans talks about his shy girlfriend in an interview with et or Jimmy fallon
Ohh yess!
Tumblr media
-So ladies and gentlemen, i present you….. Chris Evans! - said the interviewer, as Chris walked in with a happy smile. - Welcome Chris, how are you today?
- I’m feeling really good thank you!
- do not get me wrong, i think i speak for all of us when i say that we love to see you this happy, but i cannot help but ask, what is the reason behind it? Maybe a quick answer before we dove into today’s topic. - smiled the interviewer, and Chris chuckled.
He knew that the interview will be about his love life, that old interview where he said that he wants to be a daddy someday, which of course made basicaly half of the women population’s panties drop.. so you teo talked about “coming out in the open” after the last 5 years together. You were quite a shy and private person, the private part true to him too, so he understood why you, a “simple” businesswoman wanted to stay in the shadows and not in the eyes of the public. He loved you for it. He had enough PR relationships, goldiggers running after him, newbie actresses trying to climb the ladder on his back. You just lived him for himself. Not his characters or his money.
- Yes um.. actually i kind of have an announcement to make, which goes with todays topic as well. As you all know i am quite a private person and i would like to stay that way, but today i finally got permission to tak about this to some extent. I um.. i am deeply, madly in love for the past 5 years and couldn’t be happier as i am now, finally being able to shout it to the world. - he said a little blush creeping up his neck.
- and what is there that we can know about this special lady of yours?
-yes so, she is shy so i cannot show her to you, you’ll just have to take my word for it that she is the most beautiful, perfect, kind, big-hearted person i know. She is hardworking and honest. Always calls me out on my faults yet does not afraid to say sorry when she’s at fault. I cannot even tell you how much i love her. I don’t know what would i do without her. I guess the saying’s true.. behind every succesful man is a strong woman.. he said with a smile even bigger.
-we are really glad to hear this Chris! We wish you two a very happy life together. I’m assuming you plan to take it further right?- asked the interviewer with a cheeky smile and a wiggle of his eyebrows making the crowd go whooooooing. Thats when you saw Chris reaching into his pocket and taking out a small box. You are sitting in front of the tv, with your hands on your mouth, tears already in your eyes.
-you could say that. I bought this after two weeks of dating her. I knew it back then but i was too afraid to ask it that soon. I wanted to do it properly you know. Ask his dad, plan the whole thing, get a nice photographer and stuff.. and i think that after today, sonce the whole world knows how much i love her, i’ll might just finally pop the question. - he said smiling, tears in his eyes. The interviewer shook his hands and put an arm on his shoulder.
-Well Chris, i think this is where we end it today, but you are under the obligations to tell us all about how it went. -he winked before he walked Chris out.
You couldn’t wait for him to get home to you.
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k-evans-reads · a day ago
Playing With Fire Sneak Peek
Tumblr media
Playing With Fire updates every other Thursday at 3pm EST! Catch up on chapters HERE
We do NOT give permission for our works to be reuploaded, translated, or reposted on any other site. Our work is our own.
The refrigerator rattled as Ellie shut it with her hip, a frown on her lips as she carried the glasses of wine over to the butcher block island. Chris could barely pay any attention to her expression as he read the Google page that took up half the screen on his computer, the other half being occupied with a calendar for the rapidly-approaching summer months.
Ellie put the glasses down before she wrapped her arms around Chris’ broad shoulders, pressing a soft kiss to his bearded cheek to help relieve the tension in his body. She knew how much Ashlee’s impending move was weighing on him and dealing with the logistics of it didn’t help at all.
“What about that horseback riding camp?” Ellie quietly asked as she rubbed a hand over his shoulder, reminding him of the camp at a local equestrian center.
“I don’t know if Hazel being in charge of an animal that big is a good idea. The carnage she causes with a mini shopping cart is bad enough,” he muttered with upturned lips as he made himself chuckle. His fingers quickly began scrolling again before he sat upright some more, “Oh here’s an art camp, I bet she’d like that.”
Ellie nodded, reaching onto the plate in front of her for her slice of pizza. “There’s also that science camp through the school I’ve heard is fun,” she suggested, gently knocking her shoulder against Chris’ as she munched on their dinner.
A/N: Now onto much happier things after these last few days! See you guys tomorrow :)
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moonlitinks · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
softdom!ari levinson x naive!reader | kinktober 2022 summary | you're convinced you can take him, but you can't
for more drabbles: [#kinktober 2022] tag!
warnings | size kink, breeding kink, dd/lg, dark/dom/soft ari
buy me a kofi! drabble requests/asks! main!
“I want you!” You cry, wiggling on Ari’s lap. God, he’s so infuriating. Every time, your best friend leaves you panting and wanting him, but then he pulls back, smug. Sometimes stiff and restrained, making you wonder if there’s something wrong with you. As you squirm against him, his hands go around your hips, stilling your movements, and your breath can’t help but hitch when he stares down at you, eyes hooded and intense. 
It’s this Ari that you’re unfamiliar with. Daddy, he whispered in your ear when he fingered you once, and you cried the name without a second thought. He likes to be called that—Daddy. And you realized that you liked saying it, too. You feel safe around him—though you shouldn’t. 
When he leans in, you shrink back. Like a prey realizing that they don’t have the upper hand anymore. And when he jerks his thigh so that it hits you right there, you fight back a whimper. 
“You can’t take me, baby,” he says softly, mocking you. He’s disappointed that you can’t handle it, and it just makes you more determined. “You’re so tiny, my cock would split you in half.” 
It can’t be that big. But your mind turns to mush when he grinds you against his thigh again, tugging on your hair to devour your mouth. His tongue runs along your lower lip, and you clutch his shirt, reduced to cries and please.
You just want to feel full. Full of him—and that’s what Ari wanted. Wanted you reduced to a jumbled mess like a dumb baby so that he could fuck you senseless. Until you squirt around him, until you pass out. 
“But… Ari,” you whisper. “I can take it.”
“Mhm. Like you took my finger the other day?” The thought of it drives him insane, so desperate to fuck you. Just this morning, during your sleepover that you thought you had, Ari woke up with his nose against your panties. It only took him mere seconds to rip off the shred of fabric and reduce you in a puddling mess while he ate you out. 
To help ease your ache, he told you, and you believed him. 
He doesn’t even need a proper excuse anymore: you’d let him do anything. 
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cevansbrat0007 · 17 hours ago
Talk to Me: Growing Pains Story Requests
Tumblr media
Have an idea for my Growing Pains Series? Is there a sweet, smutty, or serious storyline you want to see Andy and Reader explore? Let me know. Drop me a line or shoot me a message!
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marvelouscharlie24 · 16 hours ago
Kinktober Day 5: Ruined Orgasm w/ Steve Rogers
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Dom!Female!Reader
Word Count: 505
Summary: It’s simple how wild Steve went just for your hands.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Dirty talk. Teasing. Handjob. Subby!Steeb. Edging. Mention of orgasm denial. 18+.
Tumblr media
“Do you honestly think I’m going to let you cum now?” You seethe between your teeth in Steve’s ear. The heat coming from your lips hits the shell of his ear, driving goosebumps along his porcelain skin.
After edging him for what seemed like hours, you thought loosely about letting him cum, but that was a very distant future for him.
“Y/N, please. I can’t take it anymore. I want to cum for you.” He pleads.
The sensitive skin surrounding his cock was beginning to turn red, already past the normal color of his pink skin. His tip was bulbous and his balls became hard, desperate to empty all over your silky hand.
No amount of lube was satisfactory so you had to add new drops every ten minutes. And you weren’t shy with making him wait for your hand to return.
“Please touch me. I need you to touch me, please!”
Steve’s chest and cheeks were blistering with heat and sweat. The restraint you had on him was unlike anything he’d been through before.
“Enough begging or I won’t let you cum at all.” You glower inches from his face.
Unfortunately, Steve knew what you were capable of. He knew you’d walk out and leave him to his own hand to masturbate which he didn’t want at all.
With your dominant hand on his shaft stroking him and the other squeezing his balls, you watch his face twitch and squirm with every pump.
His whimpers crowd the room around you and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t wet from his noises alone.
You put aside the thoughts of touching yourself and focus on him.
Swiftly, your hand moves up and down his length, twisting on a rare whim.
His broad back laid upon your chest with your arms reaching over his waist to touch.
Steve adored this position more than he’d like to admit. Not because he loved when you whispered dirty nothings in his ear, but because he could feel your heartbeat synchronize with his in perfect harmony.
After a while, it seemed like he gave up. He stopped breathing heavily and became frail against your body.
“I think you’ve been a good boy. Let’s see if you can cum, okay?”
Like a puppy dog, he bounces back to life when you announce the one thing he wanted.
Pump after pump and Steve was getting more excited. His bottom lip draws between his beautiful teeth as his eyebrows itch together in pleasure.
He drops his head back onto your shoulder, praying for the ecstasy to hit him hard.
“Yes, baby, fuck!” Steve lifts his hips into your hand for more friction to ride through his orgasm.
After a few seconds, his cum rises and falls onto his stomach, drops going everywhere.
To his dismay, you remove your hand and cover his mouth, suppressing his groans of betrayal and heartbreak.
“I never said you can cum. We’re going to start over.” You growl in his ear, eliciting painful moans on his end. 
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rosewritestuff · 2 days ago
Kinktober - Day 3
Kinktober Masterlist
Chris Evans x Reader; cockwarming, praise kink
You had been feeling down all day, going from one task to the next without caring what you were doing, barely paying any attention. By the time Chris got home, you couldn't even remember what you had done all day when he asked you, and you burst into tears.
"Angel, come here, you having a bad day? Can you talk right now?" Chris asked, wrapping you in his arms, and you shook your head, desperately pulling him down to meet your lips in a messy kiss.
He gently kissed you, wiping the tears from your cheeks before pushing your face away carefully. "You wanna get out of your head baby?"
You pressed your face into his hands, nodding. Chris lightly kissed the tip of your nose before standing upright, taking your hand and leading you to the living room. He sat on the couch, pulling you onto it, on your stomach beside him, partially draped over one of his legs.
"We're gonna stay light today baby," Chris said, smoothing his hand over your hair, tucking it behind your ear. "You're gonna warm me angel, that's all you have to do, lay there and warm my cock."
You had your arms wrapped around Chris' leg, your face pressed into his thigh, watching as he undid his jeans, tucking his underwear under his balls, his soft dick resting on top.
"Go ahead sweetheart, whenever you're ready," Chris murmured, stroking your hair as you pulled yourself a little closer to him, getting comfortable before lowering your head. You lightly kissed the tip of his dick, licking it gently, getting it just a little hard, enough that it would fill your mouth, but not choke you.
You lowered your head, taking Chris' dick in your mouth, tongue lax, saliva already pooling, and you wrapped your arms around his waist, snuggling into him.
Chris sighed, stroking your hair, then moving his hand down to rub your back. Your eyes drifted shut, feeling heavier with each slow blink you took as you inhaled and exhaled through your nose.
"Good girl, that's it angel, sink a little deeper, float a little farther, I'm right here and I've got ya," Chris soothed, hand rubbing up and down your back, fingertips brushing the back of your neck and the top of your ass on each pass.
You don't know how long you laid there, it could've been minutes or hours, but eventually Chris rested his hand on the back of your neck and squeezed lightly. Your eyes fluttered, your tongue shifting underneath his dick.
"Come on baby, time to come back, really nice and slow, let's just move your head first angel, there we go," Chris praised as he helped you lift off his dick, a string of drool dripping from your open mouth to a small puddle in his underwear.
Your head felt like it weighed fifty pounds, your neck as strong as a wet noodle. Chris supported your head, moving you gently and laying you against his thigh. He swiped his thumb across your wet lips, breaking the strand of drool as you swallowed.
"That's my girl, you coming back to me yet sweetheart? Take your time, there's no rush," Chris murmured as you slowly inhaled, turning your face into his thigh and pressing into it for a moment, holding your breath.
You sighed it out and let go of his waist, carefully pushing yourself up onto your hands and knees, arching your back like a cat. Chris eyed you, hands hovering in case you needed him. You sat back on your heels, smiling slightly at him.
"I love you," you said simply.
Chris' eyes softened even further, and he reached forwards, hands framing your face. "I love you angel, more than you know."
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junipermuses · 2 months ago
𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐆𝐢𝐫𝐥
synopsis 彡 You ask your best friend, Ari, to finally pop your cherry, but he’s too big.
pairing 彡 bestfriend!Ari Levinson x innocent!reader
Tumblr media
warnings 彡 This story will contain the following content: EXPLICIT/SEXUAL SCENES, DD/LG ELEMENTS, size kink (Ari’s got a huge dick), reader is super innocent, p in v sex, virginity loss, unprotected sex, rough sex, pure smut basically, very little plot
word count 彡 ~2.75k
author’s note 彡 This was supposed to be a drabble but… is 2750 words too long for a drabble? Probably.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Wait, wait, wait!” you squeal, pressing your small, clammy hands against your best friend’s hairy chest and furiously shaking your head, a staggered breath slipping out your parted lips, “Give me a minute.”
Ari growls above you, raking his long fingers through his dark, tousled hair, “Goddamn it, Y/N, I don’t know how long I’ll last.”
“I know, I know… fuck, are they all that big?” you whimper, glancing nervously down between your legs where Ari is currently, or his unimaginably huge cock, rather—pointing at your little, wet cunt like a missle. You almost immediately look away, the sight of his stiff dick that was visibly too big for your pussy, that can easily tear you apart, split you in half, if he penetrates you, filling you with overwhelming panic and fear.
Ari bows his head modestly, “I guess mine is a bit larger than average.”
That was an understatement—the staggering size of his cock exceeded the average proportions in terms of both length and girth by a long-shot, and even you, who has never seen a man naked before, let alone a cock, knows that.
“Ari… Ari, I don’t know,” you admit frantically, “Ari, it’s way too big. There’s no way… there’s no way it’s going to fit.”
“It’s going to fit, bub,” Ari promises softly, bringing his calloused hand down to rub and tickle the soft flesh of your tummy, “But if you don’t want to do this, say the word and we stop, okay? Are you alright?”
You mull over his words, shyly gazing up at your best friend with big, innocent, tearful eyes—he almost loses all self-control when you look at him like that, biting his lip and softly groaning.
“Don’t look at me like that, Bambi,” he averts his gaze to the wall behind you, practically moaning out the familiar pet name that he given to you due to your round, doe-like eyes that are currently begging him to stop and to fuck you all at once, “Fuck… I’m having a hard time holding back, if I’m being honest. Do you want this or not? You have to let me know now, bub.”
“I… I…” you gulp for the umpteenth time, avoiding looking at his massive dick again because you know it scares you, weakens your resolve, but it was simultaneously impossible not to look at. You’ve never seen a real-life cock before, only illustrated pictures in textbooks. And Ari’s dick looked nothing like the illustrations, it was just so big, and so, so scary-looking, and veiny, and thick.
You didn’t think your experienced best friend would agree to popping your cherry. You prepared a whole five-point, heart-rending essay about how it embarrasses you that you’re twenty-one years old and still a virgin, and you trust Ari to change that, only if he would like. As you spilled your heart out, stammering out your case as to why your first should—no, ought to—be Ari, he didn’t even react to your words, save for a deep, contemplative glint in his pretty, blue eyes and scratching his bearded chin as he mulled over your thesis and supplemental points. Shortly after you finished, a long, strained silence followed as he decided, and you were trembling in humiliation and shame, positive he was going to say ‘no’.
Until he said ‘yes’.
Or, his exact words: “You’re so cute, bub, of course I’ll pop your cherry for you. Let’s do it tomorrow at my place?”
And that’s exactly how the both of you ended up in this position—your clothes tugged off in a frenzy and discarded somewhere on the carpeted floor, you sprawled out like a platter on his king-sized bed, trapped in Ari’s big, buff arms, legs spread as wide as your stiff muscles allowed and Ari nestled between them, the angry, red tip of his hard cock hovering over your slick, virgin hole. He was in no rush preparing you for his dick, swirling his fingertips around your wet folds and stroking your aching clit until your pretty cunt was puffy and drooling, begging for his cock.
Rough fingertips skim over the skin under your ribcage as Ari’s bulbous cockhead slides over your swollen clit, and you mewl out loud, explosions of toe-curling sensations crawling up your spine. You let your head fall back against the mattress, squeezing your eyes shut for half-a-second before peeling them open and looking down in panic as Ari’s dick starts to push against your small opening.
“Ari!” you reach down and tap his solid thigh in warning, “Ari, wait!”
“Yes or no?” the gruff, lustful voice did not sound like it belonged to your best friend, “Do you want this or no? Come on, baby.”
The velvety baritone of his voice has you throbbing between your legs, and you whimper out, “Y-Yes… yes, but I’m scared.”
“What’s scary, bub?” his tone softens as he finally meets your hooded gaze. Thumbing your pebbled nipples, he smiles lightly at you, “Tell me what’s scary.”
“My what?” his blue eyes sparkle, “My cock?”
You whimper, responding with a subtle nod of confirmation. He chuckles softly, his leathery hand slithering down your quivering body to flick your slippery clit, “What’s scary about my cock, baby?”
“It’s… it’s big and scary-looking,” you admit in a high-pitched tone, the tremble in your voice betraying your fear, “Can you make it smaller?”
Ari bites back a snort, “No, sweetheart, it’s not getting any smaller as long as I’m in between your pretty legs.”
Eyelids pricking with fresh tears, you wail, starting to have second thoughts about all this. It isn’t too late to back out, Ari has offered several times now to stop if you wished. But you didn’t want to stop—it’s unlike you to give up because you’re daunted by the challenge. God, but this would be easier by a hundred miles if Ari wasn’t fucking mammoth below the waist.
“Listen,” he squeezes your bare thigh, leisurely stroking his fat cock in his clenched fist, “Let me put the tip in first, okay? And let’s see how you feel after that, and if it’s too much, we stop. How does that sound, sweetheart?”
You nod your head shyly, and Ari smiles in return, tickling your tummy, “Good girl. Deep breaths in, okay? Don’t you worry, Daddy’ll take care of you.”
If your arousal wasn’t hampering your ability to think straight, you would’ve blanched at term. But he wasn’t your daddy, so what did he mean? You didn’t get to ask, or even think about it for more than two seconds before Ari was impaling with his thick cockhead.
“O-oh!” a choked, guttural noise crawls out your throat, and Ari grunts in pure bliss: “Shit… you’re clinging to my fuckin’ dick, baby.”
“Ari! Ari, I-I thought you said just the tip!” you dig your heels into the spongy mattress, bracing his bulky bicep for purchase, “Ow, ow, ow!”
“It is just the tip,” Ari confirms, wincing because your tight pussy was hurting even him as he was met with resistance, your narrow walls trying to reject him, to squeeze him out, “Fuck.”
Ari’s big hand flits over your stiff nipple, twisting and pinching the stinging buds. And you feel like you are simply malfunctioning, that you are no longer the master of your senses as his experienced touch overwhelms your undefiled body. Toes curling and back arching off the bed, an indescribable heat bursts inside your lower gut and all you can manage to do is scream and cry bloody-murder.
Ari grabs your squirming hips to still you, hissing harshly, “Stop moving” in a tone that has you almost instantly obeying. Your chest heaves as you struggle to adjust to his huge size, feeling so stuffed and it was only the tip.
“Are you okay?” Ari asks tenderly, stroking the supple skin of your hip with his thumbs, “You’re doing great, bub, and ‘m very proud of you, you know that?”
“Ari,” you cry softly between sharp hiccups, whether in pain or lust neither of you know, “Ari… are you sure it’s just the tip? I feel so full…”
He grunts in response, “I promise, princess. I promise it’s only the tip. Do you wanna stop?”
You shake your head furiously, “No! No!”
Ari titters breathily, gliding his calloused hand up-and-down your smooth tummy, goosebumps rising in his wake, “You want more?”
Glimpsing down, your heart trips over a beat as you take in the sight of his big dick disappearing in your slick, little cunt. You are quick to look away because you’ll never get used to how unfathomably massive and thick his cock looks, your poor pussy was weeping from the intrusion.
“A little deeper,” you pant, warmth rising to your cheeks and to your toes. There’s no backing out now, you best get it over with. At least, that’s what you recite in your mind again and again as Ari fulfills your wish, thrusting one, two more inches into your weary pussy. Stabs of pain shoot through your writhing body alongside bolts of pleasure, and you squeak and thrash your limbs, “Okay, okay! That’s enough!”
He pauses, an impatient groan rumbling in the depths of his chest, “Bambi, I have to move or I’ll… I’ll bust right fuckin’ now, I swear to you. God, please. You’re gripping me real good, baby. Let Daddy fuck you nicely.”
“Daddy…” you babble, the miniscule part of your brain that governs your rationality shutting off completely, “It hurts really, really bad.”
“It’s because it’s your first time,” he informs you, gently rocking his hips to shallow-fuck you, “The pain will go away if you let me fuck you properly. I promise. I’ll make you feel real good, baby.”
Your trusting heart soars at his words, nodding eagerly as you try to relax, “Okay, Daddy.” And Ari never gave you any reason in the past to not trust him, now isn’t any different, right?
He beams at you, “That’s my girl.”
Moaning at the same time, Ari sheathes you with half of his thick cock, his progress slow and methodical. You peel open your eyes to look up at him, strands of dark, damp hair falling over his sticky forehead and his wet, pink lips parted in an “O” shape. But he’s staring down at where you two unite, your pretty pussy stretched beyond its limits around his rigid, throbbing dick, the mere sight of it nearly sending him toppling over the edge.
He leans over, flush against your sweaty body, and rolls his hips in languid circles, “How’s that feel, princess? Good?”
“Feels really good, Daddy…” you hum in response, your head lulling to the side. Then, realization dawns on you and you squeal happily, “... and, and it fits!”
“Yeah? Of course it fits, sweetheart. Didn’t I promise?” he sponges a sloppy, wet kiss on your glistening neck, “You love Daddy’s dick, don’t you, bub? Tell me how much you—a-ah—how much you love my cock.”
“I love your… I love your…”
“Cock,” he reminds you, nipping and sucking and lapping at the spongy skin of your neck, “‘I love Daddy’s cock’, say it.”
“I love Daddy’s… c-cock,” you whimper softly, and something in Ari snaps as he growls animalistically and impales you suddenly with the remaining inches of his dick in one quick thrust, a blood-curdling scream leaving your parted lips.
“I’m sorry, baby,” he says, gripping your thighs roughly and widening the angle of your legs to fill you up as deep as he can possibly go, “Fuck! This creamy pussy is gonna be the death of me.”
You cry out, gripping his bedsheets in your tiny fists and wildly shaking your head, “Ari! Ari, stop! Hurts! Hurts real bad!”
Ari pauses, buried deep inside your slippery canal, your wet walls clamping repeatedly around his fat dick. Your creamy cunt was unlike any woman’s he’s been with, it was so much better, so, so much tighter and wetter and prettier. Fuck, he never wanted to pull out, he could fuck you forever if it was possible.
He retreats slowly to rut back in, tugging you impossibly closer to his large body, practically engulfing you completely in his suffocating embrace. Grunting and muttering absolute filth against your sticky neck, he rocks against you at a moderate pace, his fat dick stroking a certain spot inside you that has you sobbing and moaning and working your hips with his unrelenting rhythm. Thrills sweep through your twitching body, the pressure in your lower gut mounting as you scale your peak.
“Talk to me, baby,” Ari pecks your jaw, lifting the hood of your clit and tickling your swollen cluster of nerves with his fingernail, “Are you okay? It still hurts?”
“‘M good!” you assure him, gasping as he rubs your throbbing little bud, and he lifts his head to grin at you, “That’s my good girl. I’m going to go a little faster, bub. Is that okay?”
“Mhm!” you manage to return his smile, and he coos at you, “My pretty little girl. Daddy loves fuckin’ your sweet pussy… would you look at that? Look at your tummy, baby.”
You raise your head to follow his lustful gaze, glancing down at your bloated belly, a visible outline of his thick girth in your little tummy. You practically squawk, looking away in horror and something else entirely: desire.
“Daddy is too big for your baby pussy, aren’t I, princess?” he growls, grabbing your tiny hand and placing it over the bulge in your distended tummy so you can feel him thrust in and out of you over and over, “Daddy’s fuckin’ you so deep that he’s in your belly.”
You can’t believe how wet this was all making you, but it was true, and the tell-tale sign: the obscene, sloppy wet noises between your shaking legs as Ari destroys your dripping cunt, and the lewd smack of his heavy balls swatting your flushed ass.
Ari licks the pads of long fingers and works your sensitive clit a little faster as the pace of his ruts quickens, full-on jackhammering into you. Your searing ass lifts off the bed as he pounds into you hard and fast at a brutal, unforgiving tempo, his guttural grunts amplifying in volume, turning into loud, primal moans that echo off his bedroom walls.
“I’m close!” he warns, feeling his heavy balls tighten, the tell-tale sign of his impending orgasm, “You gonna cum on my dick for me, princess? Fuck, I can tell by the way you’re choking Daddy’s cock. You almost there? Come on, milk Daddy’s dick.”
You’re wailing and thrashing your limbs violently, pure, unadulterated bliss taking over your soft features as you ride your crescendo, chasing your release until you finally tip over the edge and explode in a dizzying, mind-blowing orgasm that engulfs you completely, until all you can see is white stars. Ari fucks you through your release, his hips staggering as he chases his own.
“That’s right, baby—a-ah—make Daddy’s dick real fuckin’ wet. Squeezing my cock like your life fuckin’ depends on it. O-oh, I’m cumming!”
With a thunderous groan, rope after rope of his fiery seed fills you up, seeping into the depths of your tight pussy until you are the fullest you’ve ever been in your life. You’re both spasming as you ride out your orgasms, grinding and sliding against each other uncontrollably, aftershocks of your climax rippling throughout your weary body.
Dribbling down your thigh and pooling beneath your ass, his hot cum spills out of your weary cunt as Ari pulls out slowly, his cock coated in a mix of your and his fluids and your virgin blood. Softly humming, Ari deposits a kiss on your sticky temple and brushes your damp hair out of your flushed face, stroking your wet cheeks with his thumbs.
“How was that? You did a great job, bub. I’m so, so proud,” Ari caresses you, his hooded gaze looking you straight in the eye. You smile sheepishly up at him, “Mm, I loved it, Daddy. T-Thank you.”
He rises to flip you over on your stomach, and you yelp as you’re swiveled around and your nose is buried in his blankets. You feel Ari’s rough hands glide up and down your bare back, fingertips tracing your spine.
“Nothing’s ever been up this cute little ass either, huh, baby?” Ari grins almost wickedly, swatting your cheek roughly, “I’m gonna fill all your holes with my cum by the end of the night. You want that?”
You don’t even hesitate, nodding your head enthusiastically, unable to speak because you’re still in your foggy daze.
“That’s my girl,” and Ari can’t help but smile at you, at his girl.
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worksby-d · a month ago
Forget Everything
Pairing: Ari Levinson x fem!Reader
Summary: Ari fucks the stress out of you. As he should.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Soft dom!Ari vibes, blowjob/face fucking, lots of praise, unprotected sex, did I mention soft!Ari?, kind of rough, 18+/minors dni
Word count: ~2,100
ₓ˚. ୭ ˚◦˚.˚◦˚ ୧ .˚
He thought pulling your laptop away from you, off of the makeshift desk you made out of pillows on the bed, and dimming the lamp in the room would be enough to force you to forget about work for the night and submit to sleep.
He usually lets it go, not wanting to interrupt you, but he could tell you were getting more and more worked up as you huffed and rubbed your eyes every so often before continuing to furiously type away. 
“Ari…” You threw your arms up, watching him close your computer and put it out of reach on the other side of the room. “Come on.” 
“No, you come on,” he countered, laughing a bit as he got back into bed next to you. Giving in slightly, you laid on your side to face him, and he took your hand in his. “It’s late. What's got you so worked up?” 
He didn't mean to set off the rant that came along with his question. He had no idea what had been going on, but swore you were nearly in tears as you explained how swamped you felt picking up everyone else’s slack. 
“It's just a lot,” you finally breathed out slowly, letting go of his hand as you rolled onto your back so you could look away from him. 
“Honey, I didn't know…” It's all he could offer at first. 
You just shrugged. How would he know? You tried your best to keep it to yourself because you knew he'd worry. 
When it clicked for him how he could help, you missed the smirk that tugged at his lips. 
“It sounds like you need someone to do the work for you for a change.” The teasing tone of his voice went right over your head, too stressed to catch on. “...Do all the thinking so you don't have to.” 
“If only,” you scoffed quietly, keeping your focus on the ceiling above you. 
Taking that as a challenge, he pushed himself up so he could roll on top of you, effectively pinning you against the mattress beneath him. 
A breath got caught in your throat as you peered up at him, caught off guard. 
“Let me do it,” he offered, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. “I'll make you forget everything.” 
The next kiss was deeper, as if he could sense your doubt, needing to convince you. And it left you breathless, reducing your voice to a whisper. “Have at it.”
He took his time, only pulling his lips away from yours to tease you when you moaned softly into his mouth. Brushing his nose against your cheek, he got you to lean your head back, allowing him to press kisses along your jaw and across your neck. 
He knows your body well enough to know you weren't completely relaxing for him yet though.
“I can still feel you thinking,” he teased, playfully nipping your ear as he whispered to you. 
“I'm sorry."
Your words came out sounding like a genuine apology, a seriousness to your voice that had his heart breaking.
“No, hey.” He shook his head, bringing a hand to your cheek to get you to look at him. “You're doing perfect. It's okay. Let me do all the work, remember? Your job right now is to let me make you feel good. Let me help you.” 
Letting out a breath, you nodded and closed your eyes. “Yes, sir.” 
“Good girl,” he smiled, kissing you one more time. “Want the only thing on your mind to be begging for my cock, if I hadn't made that clear yet.” The whimper that escaped you made him laugh. “Head so empty besides that, that I have to tell you exactly what to do.” 
Pushing off of you, he pulled you up with him, guiding you to the edge of the bed so he could sit up and point you toward the floor. “Get on your knees.” 
Wasting no time, you settled there between his legs. 
“Look at me,” he said, grasping your chin gently to tilt your head back. He could tell it was starting to work as your soft gaze looked up at him. Your hands moved slowly toward the waistband of his sweatpants as he talked to you, waiting for his word. “Go ahead.” 
Biting your lip, you pulled his sweats down far enough to expose his dick, hard for you already as you took him in your hand. 
The sight of him, especially how big he is compared to your hand, never fails to cue the involuntary clench of your thighs. And he never misses the way you squirm in front of him. 
“Don't be shy,” he urged, snapping you out of your daze as you watched your hand stroke him. “Use that pretty mouth too, baby.” 
He didn't have to ask you twice. Leaning closer to him, you darted your tongue out to run a slow, teasing lick along the length of his cock. You held in a giggle when you heard the slow breath he let out above you. 
He let a hand rest on the back of your head as you took the tip in your mouth. “There you go.” 
Resisting the urge to move his hips and take over, he allowed you to take your time. You relaxed the best you could, steadily taking as much of him in your mouth as you could, letting your hand do the rest of the work. 
Feeling you softly gag around himself made him let out a groan of his own. He couldn't help moving his hand closer to your neck, guiding you to lift up before sinking your mouth back onto him, helping you move in a steady rhythm. 
“Fuck, that's it,” he sighed. “Moan for me.” 
The vibrations from the back of your throat as you obeyed him were too much. He gently grabbed your wrist and pulled your hand away from him and stood up in front of you. 
The sudden movement made you gag again and he let you pull away for just a moment to catch a breath. He placed your hands on his thighs and you braced yourself. 
“You stay right there now. You don't have to do anything else,” he promised, holding your face in his hands. “Okay?” 
“Okay,” you nodded eagerly, parting your lips for him. 
“So fucking good at doing what I say,” he moaned, thrusting himself back into your mouth, making you cough around him.
He was done taking it slow – He held you in place as he finally took over, praising how well you took him. 
Your fingers dug into the muscle on his thighs as you held onto him, tears pricking at your eyes as you tried to get quick breaths in when he momentarily gave you the chance. 
“You're so good for me,” he panted, stilling his hips to keep your mouth full as he steadied his own breath. “Such a perfect mouth. That's all you are right now. No thoughts, just letting me use you.” 
None of his words were even registering for you as your eyes rolled back, the lack of air causing an overwhelming silence in your ears. 
Ari letting his cock fall from your mouth brought you back to the moment – taking a deep inhale once you were finally able to. 
“There you are,” he chuckled watching the loopy smile appear on your face. He wiped away some spit from your chin as you looked up at him with slow blinks. “That's it. Good job, pretty girl.” 
As he helped you up off the floor, you fell back onto the bed, trying to bring him down with you. “Please–” 
“Ah-ha,” he mused. He stayed standing so he could rid himself of his pants and quickly help you out of yours. “Begging already? So good at listening, baby girl. All from just my cock in your mouth.” 
You sat up flustered and reached for him again. “Please…” 
He gave in, but not without taunting you. “Please what?” 
“Ari,” you groaned, hiding your face against his shoulder. 
“I know, I know,” he cooed, carefully helping you move so you could rest your head on some pillows. “You can't come up with an answer when you're not thinking. You're too pretty to think, aren't you? You’re doing exactly what I asked. You're so fucking perfect.” 
“Need you,” you whined, impatiently reaching your hand between your bodies to find his cock again. 
“Don't worry, I told you I'm gonna take care of you. So that's what I'm gonna do.” 
He softly pulled your hand away from him and placed it at your side before kneeling back to take in the sight of you laid out and desperate for him. 
Taking a hold of your thighs, he spread your legs and pushed them back to give him the perfect view of your dripping cunt. 
He teased along your slit with the tip of his cock, slapping it against your clit. It sent waves of pleasure coursing through you, prompting you to whimper out another string of pleases. 
They were cut off by your own gasp though when he finally began thrusting into you. 
“You're relaxed now, huh,” he teased, easily pushing into you, but still taking it slow. “That's my girl.” 
He was filling you completely in no time, leaning back over you to press a kiss to your cheek, and then to your lips, as you got used to the feeling of him. 
“Please move,” you choked out, digging your nails into his sides as you grew more desperate. 
He slowly pulled out of you, almost all the way, before his hips snapped roughly back against yours, eliciting a yelp from you.
You held onto him while he showed no mercy – immediately falling into a fast and hard rhythm of forceful thrusts. It was enough to cause the bed to shake, your whole body being pushed against the pillows above your heads
A string of his name and indistinguishable whines were all you could muster. He wanted more though.
“Uh, uh,” he breathed out, slowing down just enough to get your attention. “I wanna hear you scream for me.” 
You nodded even though you truthfully didn't process what he was even saying, you just needed him to keep going. 
“Listen to me.” He rested his hand on your cheek, forcing you to look into his lust-blown eyes. “Can feel you're close, honey. You don't have to ask. Just let it happen, let go for me.” 
Deep down, you were waiting for his OK – Hearing him give it, you felt yourself give into the pleasure that was building up. You came with a scream of his name, scratching at his back as your legs shook against him. 
He fucked you through your high, ultimately chasing his own. With a deep, final stroke, he came with you. His head fell to your shoulder, his grunts sending shivers down your spine as his release filled you up. 
His body stilled against yours, and even in your daze, the weight of him on top of you was comforting. 
He could feel your chest rising and falling against his, your heart still racing. 
“Breathe, sweetheart,” he whispered, catching his own breath. “Did so good. Stay right here with me. You don't have to think yet, let me hold you.” 
He was relieved when he felt you nod softly. 
“You deserve the rest. You work so hard,” he murmured against your neck, pressing a few lazy kisses against your skin. “You're so perfect. You need to relax once in a while.” 
All you could do is hold onto him, listening to his words, actually believing them. You gripped him tighter, only thinking about him and feeling him, not wanting him to move yet. 
“I'm not going anywhere.” It's like he could read your mind. “Will always be here to take care of you. I've got you.” 
Feeling you physically relax beneath him, he took the moment to gently pull out of you and lay beside you, drawing you against his warm body. 
A few moments of silence passed before you spoke up again. 
“You’re sweaty,” you mumbled against his chest.  
“I think that's you,” he teased, and you hid your face as he hugged you tighter. “We'll clean up in a minute, don't worry. You're not allowed to worry again yet.”
˚. ୭ ˚◦˚.˚◦˚ ୧ .˚ₓ
Tag list: @chris-butt @patzammit @denisemarieangelina @thummbelina @pppsssyyyccchhhiiiccc @princess-evans-addict @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @la-cey @turtoix @katiew1973 @harrysthiccthighss @tvckerlance @bluemusickid @rocketrhap3000 @mrspeacem1nusone @murdcox @geminievans1 @doozywoozy @americasass91 @dwights-new-plague @wwwmarissa92 @redhairedfeistynerd @whxre4cevans @aubreeskailynn @white-wolf1940 @melchills-j @xoxabs88xox @just-one-ordinary-fangirl @before-we-get-started @chrissquares @christowhore @ice-dtae @mariestark @justile @rogersdrysdalebarber @dilfbarber @livstilinski @payperhearts @vintagestarlight @gitasor @chaeycunty @miss-ariella @bemysugarbean @t-stark35 @seitmai @reginaphalange2403
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cityofstqrs · a month ago
faint promises
pairing - dadsbestfriend!ari levinson x (f)reader
summary - you’ve been hooking up with your dads best friend for a while and when you see him at your family barbecue you shouldn’t be surprised that he wants to get you alone
Tumblr media
warnings - (18+) smut, unprotected sex, fingering, breeding kink, daddy kink, exhibitionism/public sex, light anal play, unspecified age gap, feels, choking, dirty talk and petnames
word count - 2.4k
a's notes - this has been sat in my docs for over a month, pretty certain this is awful but imma post it anyway because why not
It was simple, chilled- even. Only a few neighbours milling around, your job has been refilling drinks so you’re taking another scan just as he walks in. It’s not as cliche as everyone stops, because conversations only lull slightly as people take notice of his demanding presence, but for you, it seems the world ceases to spin.
He doesn’t have to look to sense your eyes on him and you don’t need to be told that he’s going to find you. 
Moving gracefully to your father, Ari welcomes him in a hug. Ari isn’t the usual built guy you see, he isn’t just tall and a bit muscly. The thing with him is that he makes those kinds of guys look small, your dad for instance who is not small by any means is engulfed in those bear-like arms. You swallow. Yeah, Ari doesn't even know the meaning of small, unless it's you; and in those cases he never even cares, gruff moans echo in your ears, “Tight little pussy, fuck, baby. But you’re gonna let me break her, ‘cause I know how bad you want all of me inside that sweet little hole.”
They're looking at you. Both pairs of male eyes honed in on you. Your dad looks proud, your gaze flicks to his best friend- proud isn’t the word you’d choose. Perhaps more, predatory, with a speck of awe, if you give yourself that credit. Either way, your dad extends an arm and you walk over, trying to convince yourself that you don’t feel like you’re treading towards the danger. 
“Hey sweetheart, I was just telling Ari about your results,” his pride beaming through his teeth. You smile back, sweeping your gaze to him, who’s watching you intently and unnervingly. An awkward laugh clears your throat and you look between the two, unsure of what to say, speaking about yourself has never been a strong subject. 
“Yeah, I hear congratulations are in order.” he leans down, “I ‘spose that means you deserve a big reward.” His words are clear for your dad to hear and laugh, not sensing the double meaning, the one which you can hardly breathe through. 
You have to look away from those piercing blue eyes, knowing they’ll track your hands wringing the soft material of your dress, how they’ll absorb your cheeks that seem set alight, heated- burning. Fortunately, your dad picks up the conversation again and you feel free enough to make a weak excuse, a polite farewell to the beast. As you almost skipped into the house it was like you could hear it in the way his eyes followed you: you don’t think you’re getting away that easily, do you?
The sun has been relentless today, it’s nice to be outside but it’s impossible without a cold drink. The iced cocktails have been going down well, looking around the garden to see if there are any that need topping up. Seeing a few you head inside to get the pitcher. Cutting up some more fruit as you cool down in the shade. 
You hadn’t seen Ari for a minute, not that you were searching. But it’s almost impossible to miss him so you’re confused how he’s escaped your gaze. Maybe his in the bathroom. Maybe he went home… he wouldn’t have gone home without saying goodbye, would he? It’s not like he owes it to you, you’re not together but surely you don’t mean nothing. Surely you warrant a goodbye, surely-
“Found you.” he rumbles. 
You blink. Caught. 
You turn slightly and see him in the doorway, his frame practically the same size as it. His hands are dug deep in his pockets and his eyes are raking over you, you wonder how long he’s been standing there. Shaking your head lightly you turn back to your task, trying as best as possible to ignore him. You and Ari might not be together but you know what he wants and if you play your cards right, you’re going to get what you want too.
Staring down at the lemon in your hand you begin to slice the steel through it, “Didn’t know you were looking for me.” it’s mechanic as you move, cut and slice then turn, cut and slice then put the fruit in the drink. It’s grounding. It’s humiliating that just a conversation with your dad’s best friend means you need to ground yourself in order to be normal. 
He chuckles, “Princess, you know I’m always looking for you.” 
He says it so casually, throws it in there as if it’s easy to hear. And it is, it’s so easy to hear but it’s slowing your brain, clogging something inside you like honey. The sound of his boots on the floor tells you he’s coming closer. 
Like a brick wall up against your back, he stands behind you, large hands landing on your shoulders and running down your arms. He puts the knife down and leans his head down, long hair ticking your ear, “How about we find some place more…” a beat, “private.”
You should’ve remembered that Ari doesn’t really do private. The side of your house, during a family barbeque, is about as private as Ari gets. 
“Ari slow down, I- oh fuck,” you fight against your eyes which are trying to roll back, “No, I- fucking, I’m gonna come, you, I can’t,” he never falters, abusing your sweet spot and smiling down at the cockdrunk look on your face. 
There’s a smirk on his lips and sin dancing in his eyes, “What sweetheart? You can’t come in front of all these people?” his words shared in the tight space between your two melting bodies. At the start of this, you thought he was kidding; you should’ve never underestimated your dad’s best friend. “Last time I checked, you were my good girl and good girls come for their daddy.”
Oh god.
One of his fingers, from the hand, splayed over your ass, drifts until it finds that untouched puckered hole and its faint promise is enough to have you squirting all over both of you. 
“There’s my girl, such a good girl for her daddy. That’s it, fuck.” His voice is gravelly and like molasses and it coats your shaking body. The orgasm pulls on the strings of your limbs, you tighten up and as the band snaps it's like you melt. You’re completely powerless as it rocks your body. 
Ari watches you; he can’t take his eyes off of you. 
Thick fingers pass through your open lips, stopping too much noise from escaping. “I know baby, gotta keep quiet for me.” he places a tender kiss on your damp forehead and slows his thrusts. 
Blinking up at him, as the intense pleasure fades to the constant thrum of pleasure you find with him, you tug at his neck and he gets the message. When his lips meet yours it's softer. There's still that inescapable heat but you know from this kiss he’s thanking you, just as you are thanking him. 
You smile as you break the kiss, leaning up to his ear you whisper, “Put a baby in me, daddy.” 
You can feel his cock throb in your cunt as his eyes flutter shut as he rests his forehead on yours. As if he’s composing himself- he is. No one has ever turned him on, made him so quick to resort to his basic instincts, the way you do. And you do it so effortlessly. 
It wasn’t on purpose and it wasn’t thought through but his fingers slip out of you mouth, glistening in your spit- he makes a show of holding them in front of your face, like it's the evidence of his power over you, it is- and his hand wraps delicately around your throat before tightening, leaving you with no air, no voice, just a clear view of him. 
Then he starts to thrust.
Compared to now, the way he fucked you before seemed like a gentle pummelling. But after hearing your sweet little beg, he let loose and it might be the first time you’d had the divine pleasure of seeing him in all his unleashed glory. 
He was selfish. There was nothing in his mind apart from hedonism. The very thing he has stayed away from, kept himself from, is in his greedy hands and for once he isn’t holding back. In a sick way the bruises you could feel puncturing your skin and the collar he drew around your throat would fuel your own need for power. They would become reminders of how you could reduce the intimidating, seemingly indifferent man into the animalistic one that is using you. 
You don’t dare ask him to slow down, if you did you’re not certain he’d hear you. 
Despite his self absorbed behaviour, it’s like your body draws the sensations from his own and you realise you’re already on the precipice again. Ari’s grunts into your hair are as unrelenting as his hips, the deep vibrations making you concerned that someone from the party might come and find you in this compromising position.
Voicing your concerns he replies with a chuckle, “Oh honey, you really think I’ll stop if someone sees us? God, I really have fucked you stupid haven’t I?” 
You reach a hand up to tug on his hair and bring his lips down to your own, trying to conceal both your noises as much as possible. But it's entirely futile, the noise that your slick creates when Ari’s thighs slap against your own is enough of a sign as to what is going on.
His balls are slapping against you at every thrust and you’re almost certain you’re going to come and not be able to warn him. He alternates his movements, from faster and shallow to pulling all the way out and pushing in so deep you choke. There is so much control in the way his body moves and it has your eyes rolling into the back of your head.
The smell of food from the party focuses you back on reality and humiliatingly brings you closer to coming. It’s like he can sense this, his eyes meeting your shut ones, whispering mockingly, “What would your dad say if he saw you like this, huh? His precious little daughter, creamin’ all over my cock. You proud of yourself, honey?” taunting and cruel your eyes well up with poorly concealed emotion.
Unknowingly your lips pout, staring up at him, craving his security. The sight pushes him closer to his own orgasm, which has been steadily wrapping a tight coil up his spine, no matter how hard he’s tried to stave it off. He pushes a thumb into your mouth, which you immediately welcome. The sensation of your tongue curving around the digit has his hips stuttering. “God you’re fuckin’ perfect.” he mumbles, resting his head in your neck. 
His hips speed up, the tip of him meeting your cervix repeatedly. The spikes of pain just make you clench harder around him. 
You grapple with his shirt, his hair, anything to ground yourself and pull you closer into him. “I want you to come, please Ari-” he slaps your ass, adding to his collection of signatures on your body, “Daddy, wan’ you to come, please-” your whiny, fucked out voice commands those mind-numbingly deep thrusts, the ones that make you want to dissolve into a puddle because the pleasure is too much. 
And Ari, he’s too close this time, desperation clawing away at him, he knows that he’s not going to be able to stop this time- not when you feel like a vice melded around him. His thumb slips from your mouth, you don’t watch its descent, instead focusing your gaze on your dad’s best friend. 
The brown strands of hair are messy and tangled, a result of your own digits winding their way through. His dark brows are furrowed, trying to contain himself and centre his attention on the feeling of you. 
Before you can take in any more of him you feel the thick digit that you once held in your mouth, rubbing over your other hole, your own saliva helping it push its way through into you. Wide eyes stare up at Ari and he smiles, an expression which quickly drops into shock as he realises that he can feel himself, through you.
A full body shudder wracks your body, his thumb pumping in and out of you. Both of you can taste how close you are to coming, but when you clench around his thumb Ari lets go. 
The fire pooling low in his abdomen releases and his teeth drop onto your shoulder. There was no other choice but to bite down into your skin, he needed to muffle his noises. The groans vibrate into you and you can feel the evidence of his orgasm leaking out around his cock, which is still plugged into your hole. His spend dripping and leaking, your cunt clenching around him to keep it in. 
His hips still move, just barely, as his balls throb beneath him. You’re both shaking. Way too fucked out to do anything you remain in his arms as you both come down.
With a final curse, Ari lifts his head, meeting your droopy eyes. You both smile when you make eye contact, shaky laughs shared in secret at the way the both of you looked. Messy hair, raw lips and heavy eyelids, not to mention the fact that Ari is still inside you- in two places- and neither of you can string a sentence together. It’s hilarious to both of you, completely drunk on each other and overwhelmingly happy because there is nowhere you’d rather be. 
Ari is gentle when he pulls out, first his thumb slinks out and then his cock, covered in your shared arousal. He kisses away your whines and praises you constantly. Drip feeding you compliments and movements fuelled by adoration. He takes good care of you and makes sure you can stand before he lets go. You can for a second and when you almost fall over his hands stick to your waist, smiling and whispering “‘ve got you, sweetheart.” 
You know he has and you know he always will. 
Ari takes you back inside and helps you get ready for a shower. Checking up on you and hardly leaving your side. It’s nice. It lets you forget that this is a less-than-normal situation. 
You and he haven’t discussed where you both stand but when you step out of the shower and see him placing a plate of fruit and glass of water on your desk you feel relatively secure. Sure that could change but you know Ari and you know he doesn’t treat you the same as everyone else, and for the moment that’s enough. 
Tumblr media
a's notes - this is bad sorry. REBLOG PLEASE !
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evansbby · 2 months ago
➳❥ 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐝𝐞𝐯𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: dark!Lloyd Hansen x innocent!Reader
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: smut, dubcon, noncon, dark, minors dni, daddy kink, age gap - reader is early 20s, Lloyd is late 30s, coercion, dark Lloyd taking advantage of super innocent reader, like seriously reader is very innocent, corruption kink, babying, extreme dumbification, dd/lg undertones, mention of gun, use of gun in sexual context, choking, spitting, kidnapping, dacryphilia, loss of virginity, blood mention, killing mention, manipulation, gaslighting
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: Lloyd promises to let you go, but he demands a depraved repayment. (In other words: Lloyd pops your cherry).
𝐀/𝐍: This is really fucking depraved. Please, please be warned. 
Tumblr media
“My dad’s gonna come for me!” You burst out tearfully, tiny fists clenching at your sides and nails digging into your palms, “H-He loves me! And… And I’m not scared of you!”
Lloyd yawns, “Honey, this whole heroic act was cute two days ago. But now you’re just boring me.”
“N-Not acting!” You lie, jutting your chin up and hoping he can’t see how your hands shake and lower lip wobbles. Your dad had always taught you to be brave in the face of evil. And the man sat in front of you, with his neatly trimmed moustache and perfectly styled hair; his elegant white pants and tight black turtleneck that showed off every ridge of muscle on his body…
This man was definitely the face of evil.
“As I said, boring.” Lloyd practically sing-songs, crossing one leg over the other, his blue eyes gazing at you from where you sit on the bed with the pink satin sheets. “Why don’t you try a different schtick, sunshine? Maybe be a bit bratty? Gimme a reason to rough you up a bit before I send the videos to your father?”
Brows knotting together in confusion, a pout forms on your lips, “What videos?”
Lloyd can’t help his gleeful smile, “You’ll see.”
He gets up from the gilded armchair that he usually sits on when he comes to ‘visit’ you, making his way over to the four-poster princess bed where you sit cross-legged. The whole room that he’s put you in is soft, pink hues with gold accents – admittedly the prettiest room you’ve ever lived in. You’re thankful Lloyd didn’t throw you into a dark, scary basement when he kidnapped you – but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to leave.
Dad’s gonna come for me, you assure yourself.
But right now, it’s just Lloyd (and the guards stationed outside your room). Your captor casually walks towards you, twirling his gun in his hand in a way that makes you cringe in fear. He smirks when you exhale sharply, your eyes widening when the brunet takes a seat next to you on the pretty satin sheets.
“Why, honey. You’re hurting my feelings – I thought you said you weren’t scared of me.”
You swallow harshly, “N-Not scared!”
“Then why are you shuffling away from me like a kicked puppy?” Lloyd licks his lips, suddenly grabbing your calf and dragging you over to him. He’s so much bigger than you, so much stronger too – with those muscles that bulge out of the tight shirts he wears. You squeal in pure fear as places you neatly on his lap, arms encircling around you.
“Shhh, baby. Just shut that pretty mouth up for me, okay? I need to tell you something.”
Immediately, you clamp your mouth shut, sitting rigid against him while he strokes your hair. You’d never tell him this – but he’s the scariest man you’ve ever met. In the two days that you’ve known him – from when he stole into your bedroom in the dead of the night and took you up until now – you’ve seen many different sides of him. He can go from soft to insane in two seconds flat, and you’ve even seen him kill people.
“M-My dad said we shouldn’t play with guns.” You can’t help but point out when you see Lloyd continuously twirling his loaded gun with his fingers. And he’s doing it so dangerously close to you, as if he doesn’t care at all if he accidentally hits the trigger.
Lloyd snorts, “That’s because your dad’s too busy playing with his tiny dick, sunshine.”
You gasp at his crassness, and the older man can’t help but laugh at the expression on your face.
“God, you’re a little airhead, aren’t you? Makes me almost sad about what I’m gonna say next.”
Ears perking up at his words, you shuffle around on his lap until you’re facing him, blinking up at him shyly and waiting for him to speak.
“I’ve decided I’m going to let you go.”
Elation fills your trusting heart, and you bounce up and down in his lap in excitement, not noticing the way he suppresses a growl and steadies you with his large hands on your hips. “Really? Oh, Mr. Hansen, thank you!”
“Yes, sunshine. Thank me indeed. Turns out your father’s useless, and by extension, that makes you useless. And do you know what I do with useless people, baby?”
Eyes wide as saucers, you shake your head.
“I kill them.”
You’re suddenly hyper-aware of the loaded gun in his hand, the one he so callously plays with all the time. Blood running cold, you gulp up at him, “B-B-But…”
“Shhh, baby.” He presses his finger against your lips. “You didn’t let me finish. I’m feeling nice today, honey. So instead of killing you, I’m going to let you go. Isn’t that nice of me?”
He’s giving you whiplash with his words, but you nod quickly, “Y-Yeah! My mom says to always see the good in people, so I think you’re being really nice, Mr. Hansen. Thank you! When do I get to leave?”
Lloyd almost moans out loud at your innocence, digging his boner up into your ass while you blink up at him, so deliciously unaware of his intentions.
“Now sunshine, don’t get too ahead of yourself.” Lloyd clicks his tongue, finger tracing shapes on your bare thigh – you’re still in your little pink nightie that you were wearing when he kidnapped you. “I’m doing you a huge favour here. In fact, I’ve done a lot of favours for you in the past two days, wouldn’t you say so?”
“Aw, you’re a dumb little baby, aren’t you?” He chucks you under the chin, loving how goddamn innocent you look, how your perfect little lips form the shape of an ‘o’, how you look like you’re hanging on to his every word, “I kept you in this pretty room instead of the scary basement, I gave you food and a soft princess bed to sleep in, didn’t I?” He pinches the flesh of your thigh when you don’t reply, “Didn’t I?”
“Ow– Yes! Yes, you did!” You cry out.
“So then it’s only fair that you repay me before I let you go.” Lloyd is vary casual with his words, making it sound like this repayment is so painfully obvious. He’s playing with the strap of your nightie now, pushing the silky strap down your bare shoulder and making you shiver.
“I… I guess so.” You’re confused, but your dad has told you in the past that if someone does something nice for you, then it’s always a good idea to repay them for their kindness. And although you’ve seen Lloyd scream at the guards and his other men (as well as maybe shoot a few people), he’s never really been mean to you. You sit up straight, nodding your head as you feel a bit more confident. In fact, you’re sure your dad would be proud of you for how you’re negotiating like an adult right now, “Okay, Mr. Hansen. What kind of repayment would you like?”
The corner of Lloyd’s mouth curls up, his large hands rubbing up and down your arms in a way that has you feeling kind of light-headed and warm, “Call me daddy, sunshine.”
“What? But you’re not my dad!” You giggle softly, not understanding why you’ve suddenly got this throbbing feeling between your legs. And it only seems to increase when his hand slips down, now casually playing with the lacey hem of your nightie.
“But I took care of you, kept a roof over your head these past two days, and also kept you fed, didn’t I? That means I’m your daddy.” Lloyd says it slowly, as if he’s speaking to a toddler.
You mull over his words, “I guess that makes sense…”
The brunet runs a hand over his perfectly styled hair, trying not to get too excited over the fact that he really has lucked the fuck out, a sweet-looking broad with a head as empty as yours sitting pretty in his lap, believing every single word that comes out of his mouth. It’s almost too good to be true.
“It makes perfect sense, cupcake. You’re just a dumb baby, so maybe things aren’t so clear in your head. But a man who takes care of his girl is known as daddy. So, you better call me that from now on.” He trails the muzzle of his gun against your bare skin with an air of indifference that makes you whimper softly.
“O-Okay, daddy.”
Lloyd almost moans out loud when he hears you say it, his pants now uncomfortably tight and he wonders just how much of an airhead you are to not notice his hard fucking dick right underneath your ass.
“Now honey, I want you to listen carefully to what I say next. Because this is how you’re gonna repay me before I let you go.”
He takes your hand; your tiny, dainty little hand, and squarely presses it down on his hard crotch. And it’s almost music to his ears when you gasp, snatching your hand back in record time.
“I can’t touch you there! That’s your… thing!”
“Oh princess, you’re allowed to touch your daddy’s cock. It’s only natural.” There’s something about the lull in Lloyd’s tone, this soft, velveteen quality of his voice, that makes you want to listen to him. Plus, your curiosity gets the best of you, because you’ve never touched a man’s thing before… Slowly, you replace your hand on his crotch, gasping when he thrusts up into your palm.
“Daddy, why is it so hard?”
Lloyd’s played with dumb little girls like you before – so none of this is new to him. But it’s also safe to say that none of those other girls were quite as innocent and lovely as you, with your wide eyes and open mouth, gaping down at his dick as if it’s about to come alive and eat you.
“Honey, this is where your repayment comes in.” He grabs your hand once more, making you stroke his clothed dick slowly, “Daddy’s cock is sick, that’s why it’s so hard. And only you can help me fix it and make it soft again.”
“Only me?” You echo prettily, looking scared and honoured at the same time.
“Yes, sunshine. Despite the fact that you’re dumber than a brick, it has to be you.” With one hand holding yours and making you stroke him, he uses his other hand to brush your hair out of your face, being all deliberately tender till you’re looking up at him with shining eyes, “My dick’s so hard that it’s causing me pain. And you don’t want your daddy to be in pain, do you? Specially when I kept you so safe and comfortable during your stay with me?”
Again, you mull over his words. Lloyd could have thrown you in the basement or one of his torture chambers where he took the other bad guys (you’d heard the guards talking about it once). But no, he’d kept you in this pretty pink bedroom with the soft satin bed and fuzzy carpet. Lloyd was nice, so it wasn’t fair that he was in pain.
You nod slowly, “Okay, daddy. I’ll help you with your pain.” And then you pout, “But I don’t know how!”
He repositions you in his lap so that you’re straddling him, your knees on either side of him and the hem of your nightie running high, your pantie-covered crotch flush against his, making heat rise to your cheeks. You’ve never been in such an intimate position with a man before. But Lloyd is your daddy, and he’s a nice man and he’s going to let you go, so you will yourself not to be scared.
He cocks his gun, pointing the muzzle of it right between your breasts where the neckline of your nightie dips. You inhale sharply as he leisurely trails it down, leaving goosebumps in your wake as you feel the weapon slide down your body. All the way down to between your legs – the source of all the throbbing – and he presses his gun against your private place, making you jolt with a surprising thrill that courses through your veins.
“Do you know what this is called, sunshine?” He asks softly.
You gulp – of course you know! You’re a big girl, after all. “Y-Yeah, daddy. That’s my vagina. But I’m not allowed to have anyone touch me there. My dad said he’d kill whoever even tried.”
“Cupcake, your dad’s a fuckin’ tool.” Lloyd flexes his arm suddenly, pressing his gun against your core and you convulse from the contact. “Now, little girls like you can’t use the word vagina. That’s an adult word. Babies like you need to say princess parts, got it?”
Princess parts. That sounded pretty, and you’ve been living in this pink princess room with a princess bed and princess sheets, so it only makes sense; so you nod in agreement.
“Princess parts.” You say softly, liking how it rolls off your tongue, “I like that, daddy.”
“Of course, you do, sweet sunshine.” Lloyd smirks, gun still cocked between your legs while his other hand slips behind you, unzipping your nightie slowly. “Now, do your little princess parts ever get creamy, baby?”
Creamy? You widen your eyes in alarm – how could he possibly know?! Gulping, your hand freezes on top of his clothed dick and you bite your lip, ducking your head down in shame.
“I… I do get wet down there sometimes.” You confess, because Lloyd said he’s your daddy and surely, he won’t tell anyone. “But it’s not pee, I swear it’s not, daddy!”
Lloyd licks his lips like he’s the big bad wolf; and honestly, he might as well be with how he plans to take advantage of your innocence. Having unzipped your nightie all the way down, he lifts your straps and slips them down your arms. You’re too mortified over how he knows about your princess parts getting wet that you don’t even notice him doing it.
“Tell me how you got wet.” He orders you simply, a look of almost unrestrained lust on his face, “And you better tell me the truth, or else I’ll change my mind about letting you go.”
You squirm, “Well… Please don’t tell anyone, but once I was watching this movie on TV, and it had a…uh… a scene in it. A dirty scene.” Scrunching your eyes shut, you can’t help but replay the scene in your mind, the actor so handsome and ripped – although not even close to as handsome and ripped as Lloyd is. “And I know I should’ve turned it off, but I was curious.”
Lloyd’s thumb brushes against your bare nipple, dick so unimaginably hard underneath you at your innocent story, and also because he’s now got you topless on top of him and you haven’t even noticed. God, you’re so fucking dumb and it makes him so fucking hard.
“Th-Then I had this strong urge to go pee, but when I got up, there was a wet spot on the couch. And my p-panties were all wet too!” You lament, and you can’t help but bury your face in Lloyd’s strong and sturdy shoulder, embarrassed because a man as sophisticated as him shouldn’t have had to hear such a stupid, shameful story.
“Oh, honey,” Lloyd coos, humping up against you because he knows you’re too distraught to notice. “You’re such a dumb little baby, not even recognising your own princess cream.”
You hiccup, blinking up at him with huge doe eyes, “P-Princess cream?”
“Yes, sunshine. Princess cream. Babies like you get all wet and drippy down there with princess cream, and you’re meant to gift this cream to your daddies to make them feel better. Everyone knows that.”
You nod, finally understanding him, “Is that how your… thing… is gonna feel better? With my cream?”
Lloyd taps your cheek condescendingly, “Guess your head’s not completely empty after all.”
And that’s how you find yourself lying down on your princess bed, the satin sheets so soft underneath you as a man almost double your age hovers over you, taking your nightie off and leaving you clad in only your little pink panties.
“You know, sunshine, after you’re done helping daddy here, we can go into my room. I’ve got a huge TV, and we can watch all the dirty movies your little heart desires.” Lloyd is feeling nice after your little confession. Not so nice as to not take advantage of you, but nice enough.
“Okay, daddy, that sounds– Hey! Aren’t you gonna take me home after this?”
Lloyd chuckles, choosing to ignore you as he surveys your almost nude body, how it quivers so prettily. Rolling your hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he then brings your hand over to his pants once more, “Unzip me, baby. Daddy’s dick’s hurting a lot.”
You take a deep breath, not knowing where this is going but knowing that you want to help your daddy because he’s going to let you go after this and you’re so super thankful for that. Fingers shakily taking hold of his zipper, you undo his fly with baited breath and a thumping heart.
Lloyd’s eyes are so dark, it looks like he’s about to eat you up. “Take it out, baby. Take daddy’s dick out.”
Biting your lip in concentration, you think about when you’re in pain. Like the time you tripped and fell down the stairs when you were younger. You’d twisted your ankle and it had hurt a lot. It’s sad to think that Lloyd is hurting like that now, and you’d help just about anyone to stop them from hurting.
Your eyes widen when you pull his cock out, because your fingers don’t even fully wrap around it. He’s thick like a soda can, and long too. And so, so hard. Angry and red looking, with veins running down the side. You wonder if all men are as big as he is, or if he’s special.
“So… So big, daddy.”
Lloyd can’t help but stroke your cheek, “Take your panties off, sweetie. Can you do that for me?”
He sounds so soft and nice, voice so beguiling that you don’t think twice in obeying. But maybe it’s because you’re so distracted by the darkness in his eyes, by his handsome face so close to you, by his dick that scares you every time you sneak a glance at it… But you’re slow in tugging your panties down, and Lloyd taps you harshly on the cheek.
“Faster, you dumb fucking baby. Unless you want me to hurt you.” He gestures towards his gun which rests on the satin bedsheet next to you. You don’t understand why he’s kept it so close – it’s so scary and you hate it, but the threat works. Tugging your panties off, you go to hand them to him but he shakes his head.
“No, baby. Wrap your pretty panties around your hand and then hold my dick.”
His instructions are clear, but you still look up at him dumbly, “H-Huh?”
Lloyd rolls his eyes, patience running thin. All he really wants to do is shove his dick up your virgin pussy but he knows half the fun is building up to it. “It’ll help with the pain, sweetie. You wouldn’t understand because you’re too dumb. But don’t fucking question your daddy again.”
The satin of your panties and your soft, hesitant fingers feel like heaven around Lloyd’s dick. His own calloused hand grabs onto yours, moving your palm up and down on his big dick until you get the hang of it and don’t need his help anymore. And fuck, he doesn’t know where to look now because your tiny hand on his fat dick makes him want to bust a nut, but the look of determination on your face gets him going too.
“Is your pain getting better, daddy?”
He grunts, “Slightly, baby. But the real pain relief is inside your princess parts.” Licking his lips, he gives his next order: “Spread your legs, dumb baby. Wider. Wider, I said.”
You yelp when he slaps your inner thigh hard, pussy glistening and on display for him as you spread your legs as wide as they’ll go. And now it’s like Lloyd can’t restrain himself – how can he when there’s a five-course fucking meal about two inches away from him? All quivering and wet and untouched?
Quickly, he shoves your hand and panties off his dick, replacing it with his own as he brings his dick up to your wet folds. And you suck in a breath when his tip glides against your slit, up and down, making shivers run up and down your lower body, and you jolt upwards to create more friction.
“Ah– daddy, that feels funny!”
Lloyd’s no longer in the mood to humour you, it’s like he’s reached his quota of niceness for the day and now he just wants to get his fucking dick wet with virgin pussy. The thought makes him salivate – he hasn’t had a virgin since his days at Harvard, and never one as sweet and naïve as you.
“Shut up,” He breathes, leaning down till his chest is flush against your breasts, one hand easily trapping both your wrists above your head. He aims the tip of his dick against your clit, nudging the sensitive bundle of nerves and loving how you gasp. God, virgins were just too easily excitable.
“Oh, daddy! D-Do that again, maybe?”
That makes Lloyd bark out a laugh. “Naughty baby, you’re meant to be helping daddy out, not giving me demands.”
You hang your head in shame, “S-Sorry, daddy. I just can’t h-help it sometimes! My princess parts feel so tingly. J-Just wanna touch more– ah!” Something feral takes over you, and you reach down to grab his dick, positioning it in front of your leaking hole as if you really can’t help yourself.
Lloyd almost busts a nut right then and there, but he has enough willpower to smack your hand away, laughing when you pout and begin to cry.
“Don’t know what’s happening to me, daddy! Wanna feel you more! Feels like I’ll die if I don’t!”
He loves how prettily you cry, how you want to say you’re turned on but you can’t find the words to explain how you’re feeling. The tears welling in your eyes make him even harder and your soft cries are music to his ears.
“You ready to end daddy’s pain now, sunshine?” He asks you, leaning over you and a strand of his perfectly styled hair breaks free, brushing against your forehead. And oh my gosh, if he isn’t the most handsome man you’ve seen in the whole world! Like the heroes in the movies, or in those romance novels your mother is always reading.
“I’m ready, daddy!” You confirm, unknowingly bucking your hips upwards to meet his hard dick. But when he pushes his dick inside your hole, you gasp and push at his chest almost immediately. “D-Daddy, this is… this is sex. We’re gonna have sex?”
Lloyd really can’t believe how dumb you truly are, he gazes at you incredulously, and you bite your lip again.
“You said you would help me, sunshine. You can’t go back on your word now.”
“I’m not! I’m not!” You swear, “It’s just… I’m not supposed to have sex until I’m married. But I really want to, daddy. I wanna help you and I wanna have sex with you – I just don’t want my parents to be mad!”
Lloyd’s bored now. In fact, he’d grown bored a good five minutes ago. Maybe he could tell the guards outside to get him some ductape so he can shut your fucking mouth once and for all while he has his way with you. Or he could drug you. But then he wouldn’t be able to hear your pretty gasps and cries when he finally pops your cherry.
Decisions, decisions.
“Look, honey. I’m gonna fuck you now – whether you like it or not.” Lloyd gets straight to the point, “So unless it’s to moan and beg for my dick, I’d suggest you shut your fucking mouth.”
You pout – why is he being so mean? Isn’t Lloyd meant to be nice and caring like how he said all daddies are? You decide it’s probably because he’s in pain. Oh! His pain! You’d completely forgotten that you were doing this to help ease his pain, and you mentally kick yourself for being so selfish.
“I’m sorry, daddy,” You say pitifully, but Lloyd’s too busy fondling your breasts, leaning down to lick around your nipple before taking the hard nub into his mouth and giving it a noisy suck. And the simple action has you squealing in pleasure and excitement before he stops and gives you a wolfish grin.
“Okay, sunshine. I’m in a good mood so we’ll take this nice and slow, okay?” You nod happily and he continues, “I want you to count up till five. Can you do that, honey? Can your little baby brain count up till five?”
“Y-Yes.” You squeak, “One, two, thr– OW, OH MY, AH, AH, AH! DADDY!”
Lloyd doesn’t give a shit if he’s being cruel, but he’s not about to ease his dick into you when your drippy, tight cunt is right there in front of him. Which is why, in one hard and unforgiving thrust, his pistons his fat dick into your virgin pussy, ignoring the tightness that tries to squeeze him back out.
“God fucking damn,” He grunts, because your tight walls are squeezing him like a vice, “Goddamn this fucking baby cunt, fuck!”
And you’re crying and crying, chest heaving and limbs flailing at the intrusion. He’s so big, so, so, so big. How has he managed to fit inside of you? It’s the worst pain imaginable – and it’s indescribable how full you feel. So full of Lloyd’s girthy, fat dick – the only dick you’ve seen, the only dick that’s ever been inside of you.
“Hurts!” You cry, “Hurts so bad!”
Lloyd couldn’t give less of a shit if it hurts for you – because it feels fucking amazing for him. But seeing your eyes scrunched shut and tears dripping down your cheeks, he can’t help but lick up your face, gathering the salty tears on his tongue and groaning with pleasure as he bottoms out inside of you.
“Open those eyes, sunshine.” He says softly against your lips, “Open those eyes and cry harder for me. Like a fuckin’ baby. Daddy loves that shit.”
“Y-You said… You said…” You choke back tears, tiny hands gripping at his bulging biceps, and Lloyd can’t help but laugh at your broken voice, “You said to count till f-five!”
“I did? Oh, sunshine, I guess I lied.” Lloyd’s barely even paying attention to you, his gaze shifting down to where you two meet. He pulls his dick out of you slowly, savouring your tightness and moaning internally when he sees his dick coated in your cream and your virgin blood. Fuck, if that ain’t the prettiest thing he’s ever seen…
“Not nice!” You sob harder, bracing yourself when he pushes back into you. And it hurts all over again, you just can’t wrap your head around how big he is, “Ah, why are you be-being so mean?”
Lloyd doesn’t bother answering your dumb question, instead grinding his hips down before pulling out and slamming back in. Grabbing your thigh, he pins it above his shoulder, giving himself a better angle to fuck you. And he thanks his lucky stars that he didn’t use a condom, because fucking your baby cunt bare is nothing short of heavenly.
And he’s not completely opposed to the idea of knocking you up either.
“My dumb little baby,” Lloyd coos, cupping your face in his hands, “How does it feel to finally get fucked? I bet your old dad would be so proud of you, huh? Fucking his worst enemy because you think I’m gonna let you go after this.”
You shake your head, focusing on Lloyd’s navy eyes that are both so beautiful and so cruel. His pale skin smattered with scars from old battles, his strong, bumped nose and full pink lips. His moustache that tickles your face when he leans down over you.
“Daddy,” you cry out softly, dull thrill rippling throughout your body as he continues to thrust into you, the tip of his dick hitting a certain part inside you that has you gasping with pleasure. “Oh, daddy, still hurts but… f-feels all tingly again!”
“I’ll bet it fucking does,” He growls, picking up his pace and going into full jackhammer mode, wanting to see your cunt all messy and ruined, suddenly wanting to wreck you and ruin you for anyone else. Not that there was going to be anyone else getting between your legs. “Baby, say this is daddy’s pussy.”
“Th-This is daddy’s pussy!” You cry, all thoughts quickly leaving your mind except for Lloyd – his arms, his body, his dick, him. “Nngh, ugh! Daddy!”
There’s this pressure building up inside your lower belly, and every time his dick hits that spot inside you, the pressure mounts up further. You gasp when Lloyd forces your mouth open, spitting on your panting tongue and smirking when you look up at him in fear mixed with lust, his saliva sitting pretty inside your mouth.
“Swallow it.”
You do as he orders you, completely submissive and slowly going dumb for him. God, it’s the prettiest sight in the world, you being so docile even when he’s fucking you so roughly despite it being your first time.
“Tell me you love my spit. Ask daddy to spit in your mouth again.” Lloyd grunts out over the lewd sound of his balls slapping against you with each hard thrust.
“L-Love your spit, please spit in my mouth again, daddy!” You beg him, and God, you sound so needy. Lloyd reaches out to pat your cheek, loving when your head lolls to the side. You’re gone. Fucked completely dumb and he’s barely even started.
Using his thumb and forefinger to pry your drooling mouth open, he once again spits, and then again. The first lands straight in your mouth again and you swallow like an obedient baby. The next glob of saliva lands on your cheek, and God, you look so messy. So messy and slutty yet innocent at the same time. Fuck. Lloyd wants to devour you.
Hand slipping down, he swats your ass once, twice, three times. The harsh smacking jolts you back into reality, and now you’re screaming in earnest. Your little princess bed is rickety underneath you, the headboard banging noisily against the wall as Lloyd fucks the living daylights out of you. Your pleasure is building up with each slam of his dick, his tip hitting your cervix and making you cry out his name needily.
“Yes, baby, give daddy your cream,” Lloyd finds himself coaxing you, his fingers wrapping around your pretty little throat and loving how you squeeze around his dick when he does that, “Mm, you’re a fuckin’ depraved little baby, aren’t you? You like it when daddy chokes you, huh?”
You let out incoherent gurgles and pleas, humping upwards to meet his thrusts as your eyes slowly begin to roll to the back of your head. “L-Like it, daddy! Don’t know – ah – don’t know why, but I like it – OOH, DADDY! FEELS TINGLY, FEELS SO – AH!”
Lloyd loves the look of pure bliss and confusion on your face when you clench around him and give him your first ever orgasm. He really loves the power trip that comes with the fact that he’s given you your first ever feeling of such intense pleasure, and you’ve squirted around his dick. He pins your hips down as your limbs flail uncontrollably, fresh tears in your eyes and moaning like a broken record player: “oh, daddy, daddy, daddy!”
“God, so fuckin’ tight, sweet baby,” Lloyd hisses, feeling his balls tighten, “Squeezing daddy so good, aren’t you? God, I love your fuckin’ baby cunt and how it swallows daddy’s fat dick. Little fuckin’ virgin cunt all messy and ruined, fuck! Make a mess on my dick, you little cry baby. Fuck!”
One hand gripping his bicep and the other fisting the pink satin sheets underneath you, you come undone in what is the most earth-shattering orgasm you’ve ever had. It’s also the only orgasm you’ve ever had, and you scream so loud, his name on the tip of your tongue, “Oh, daddy! Oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD!”
“Not God, you dumb baby, just me.” Lloyd slaps your breast before squeezing it hard. With an almighty grunt, he releases inside of you. Filling you with his hot, searing cum, ropes and ropes of it, so thick and making you feel so full. You feel it inside your very depths, claiming you, making his mark on your body.
With a shudder, he collapses on top of your weak body, and you’re so frail and spent, breathing hard and eyes glassy like you’re about to pass out. You can’t even form a single thought, all you can feel is your body shaking from the remnants of your powerful orgasm, and Lloyd’s cum which doesn’t even fit inside you, dripping out lewdly from your used fuckholes and onto your princess sheets.
“My baby, all mine,” Lloyd croons, kissing up your neck and pecking your lips, “Can’t believe how easy it was to pop your cherry.”
You blink, completely dazed and unable to form any words, just gaping up at him and trying your hardest not to black out. His sweet kisses trail up your cheek, gathering your tears along the way.
“And you know the best part, sunshine?” Your captor sings, cupping your cheek with his calloused hand, “I’m never letting you go. And guess what? Your douche of a dad is downstairs. In fact, you can say hi to him because the camera’s right there.” Lloyd twists his body slightly and points up at the red light above the dresser.
You feel your blood run cold, but you’re still too fucked out to form a sentence, “Wh-What–”
“He’s been watching us, baby.” Lloyd says proudly, holding your chin between his thumb and forefinger and making you forcibly look at the camera, “Bet you didn’t think your first time would be livestreamed, did you, sunshine? Bet your dad sang like a canary once he saw his worst enemy fucking his daughter while he sits downstairs, handcuffed to a chair and completely helpless.”
Tears stream down your cheeks, but your legs are still shaking from your orgasm, and you don’t have the energy to push him off you, “H-How could you?” You cringe away from the damning red light of the camera.
“Because I can.” Lloyd answers simply, “But don’t worry, baby. It wasn’t all business. Your tight little baby cunt is something I could get used to. I think I’m gonna keep you, once I’ve questioned your dad and gotten rid of him, of course.”
He covers your face in kisses, his moustache scratching your sensitive, tear-stained cheeks as you lie underneath him, stoic and shocked.
“What do you say, sunshine? Ready to be your new daddy’s little girl?”
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THE END! What do you guys think? I wrote this all today because I was rewatching some The Gray Man scenes and got super inspired! Please, please, please, feedback is so important so do tell me what you think! Please share with anyone you think might enjoy this, and any Lloyd enthusiasts! Reblogs means the world to writers, so please reblog and share! THANK YOU! ILY!
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