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man even autotechno is going through it with finals
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witch-blazzed 14 hours
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Someone message me I鈥檓 so bored 馃ぇ (plus my booty for bait 馃構)
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dixieandherbabies 2 days
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Dixie and her babies.
Here is beautiful Fannie, posing dramatically! Such a proper lady!
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prettybridgertons 2 days
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missing them 鈽癸笍
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space-kitten-606 19 hours
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incorrectgmw 3 days
Maya: How could you not like pizza, Minkus, how could you not like - it's pizza?!
Farkle: See this is why I don't ever tell anybody, okay? Because everyone always freaks out and acts like it's a personal attack. It's not my fault, I was born this way!
Zay: Don't you bring Lady Gaga into this.
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notedchampagne 7 hours
if you tweaked morticia and wednesdays arc from the show it would work pretty well as a lalonde arc. but it just doesnt work well for the addams family
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ecleptica 3 days
c鈥檋o voglia di fare due chiacchiere e conoscere gente nuova,scrivo ai cuoricini馃枻
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Batman: *adopts Robin*
Every sane person:
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ashiyn 1 month
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this is literally so funny
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technoplane 15 hours
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impending doom
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turbro 6 months
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hofudlaus 6 months
OK but trans hunter is so funny to me
There's a few different things to consider here
Are All the grimwalkers trans???
Did Philip Know Caleb was trans??
Or did he make the first grimwalker n be like, hmmm,,,, that's,,, not quite right, must have gotten the spell wrong,,
Only for it to Keep happening
He's also like, a witch hunter christian from the 1600s, maybe he just Assumes it's a grimwalker thing??? His mind can't like, think up any other explanation
And if it always happens
Does he just raise them as boys, does Hunter even know he's trans??? Dudes never been around other kids his age, so like, gender stuff prob just confuses him
Or does belos just like, sit around, waiting for the next grimwalker to come up to him and awkwardly and timidly explain that they would prefer to be seen as a boy actually,
Only to be pleasantly surprised with how well belos took it, not knowing this is the 45th time he's done this
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poesiayerotismo 4 months
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Qui茅n pa'.
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incorrectgmw 18 hours
Riley: Last night, I was worried that you got human-trafficked.
Farkle: Okay, Riley.
Riley: What? It happens. They snatch girls.
Maya: Okay. You're right. I get it. I understand that as a pretty, blonde woman, I am a target.
Lucas: How did this become a compliment to you?
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notedchampagne 4 months
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character type
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