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tahnnie26 · 7 months ago
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them <33
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ravennazane · a year ago
Loki x Sylvie as a romantic couple
Tumblr media
Loki & Sylvie as younger Chaotic Siblings™ to Thor 
Tumblr media
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loudmusicdevotee · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Love how he doesn’t even question it, like Steph being an agent of chaos is just the norm for Jason.
I like to think that Steph and Jason just regularly team up to give Bruce headaches and to make fun of him
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gravitykeith · a month ago
Klaus can come back from the death. Even with him not really knowing he could do that it still happened so WE COULD'VE GOTTEN FIVE AND KLAUS IN THE APOCALYPSE IF FIVE HAD STUCK AROUND LONG ENOUGH FOR KLAUS TO WAKE UP.
Like if Klaus had proper training and Five knew about his powers, they could've survived that shit together imagine that.
Klaus and Five are already a chaotic duo, imagine them in the apocalypse. Klaus could've easily survived it: he fought in Vietnam ffs.
Five wouldn't have been alone. Also: they could've brainstormed ideas so Five could go back AND Ben would still be with them too AS WELL AS THE REST OF THE ACADEMY. LIKE: KLAUS CAN CONJURE THEM. More brain cells to work with.
You know how Five somehow keeps finding alcohol in the apocalypse? Well, with Klaus being there they run out of it pretty fast so then both of them have to deal with the apocalypse sober, poor things.
OR THIS: the handler finding them earlier, both of them at the comission. Klaus would've gotten them out of there and back to 2019 by doing something stupid for sure.
Someone please write a fic.
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dragonnnfly · 7 months ago
Heather: You know, I'm starting to regret showing you how that blender works
Dagur, drinking toast: Why do you say that?
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arcshikisaybah · 11 months ago
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xpeterstarkx · 7 months ago
headcanon that jason todd and steph brown are chaotic siblings
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keiko86chanart · 8 months ago
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Colored version of this sketchy post:
I’ve done this weeks ago, but I hadn’t the time to post it until now, so sorry 😅😅
I’m living for these dynamics: Found family, warm hugs, Lydia's 4 parents, Chaotic siblings, Beej being Delia’s adopted child (and also Charles’, even if he doesn’t admit that), and Beetlelands. 💚🖤
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zanyana626 · a month ago
Luz and Hunter having a sibling bonding moment, and he’s considered family now!!!
PLEASE give him a hug!!! 🥹😭
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fandom-junk-drawer · 17 days ago
Jaskier and Yennefer when they see a pile of leaves:
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graysonshaven · 4 months ago
 ֺ✦⸼࣪⸳ 𓂃 keeping up with the bats
Tumblr media
featuring - battinson, batfam and batsis! reader
synopsis - in which bruce wayne and co are the reason for alfred's gray hair and yet he loves them all the same
notes - this drabble series is dedicated to @drifterbruce who let me bounce ideas off her and is an amazing writer and friend x
reader is female and has powers like moon knight, in the sense that she is the avatar of the goddess sekhmet.
please correct me if the information for the egyptian deity is incorrect as i do not wish to offend or harm anyone thank you
 ๋࣭ ⭑ ⸱៰ ͘. MASTERLIST
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im-still-watching-anime · a year ago
kankuro: yeah gaara is great at manipulating sand as his jutsu and all but i’ve seen him try to build a sand castle by hand and can personally vouch for the fact that he is actually awful at it
gaara: i swore off murder years ago but everytime you speak i am forced to regret it
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knewyouwereaweirdo · 9 months ago
I adore your headcanons, I was wondering if you could give us our 5 theatre teens being chaotic headcanons?
awe, thank you! really appreciate it! :)
"5 theatre teens being chaotic" headcanons, coming right up!
Tumblr media
- they've all realized that, throughout their time together, that they all used to be very chaotic children (still are).
meena: look, what's the worst thing you guys have done as a kid?
ash: kicked my 5th grade teacher in her shin—
porsha: ate a jar of mayo that was two years past its expire date—
johnny: spilled legos on my dad's treadmill while he was using it—
nooshy: ooh, i burned down a house once!
meena: what's wrong with you guys?!
johnny: a lot of things, apparently.
ash: no shit.
- one of the things they love doing from time to time is hiding johnny's prized converses (it's literally the only shoes he wears).
- "oi, have you guys seen my converses? i swear i left them here earlier to change into my costume—"
- and then he turns to see the other four desperately stuffing his shoes into the fireplace.
- "mY COnvERsEs—"
johnny: look, guys, I need sum help.
meena: emotional support?
nooshy: love advice?
porsha: financial help?
ash: help hiding a body?
everyone: *stares at ash*
ash: what?
- ash and nooshy are the ones who come up with the bad ideas.
- porsha is the one who unconditionally agrees and sets off to do whatever it is before anyone else.
- johnny is the responsible brother who gets the final say (but usually does it with them anyway because he's like that).
- meena is the one who only does whatever it is if johnny is also doing it because she knows he can talk their way out of it.
meena: hey guys, i just came to—
also meena: *sees ash shoving nooshy into the washing machine while porsha records and johnny watches*
meena: *slowly retreats* ... actually, something came up.
- porsha texts the group chat at random times, usually it's at two or three in the morning.
- sometimes all of them are awake at that time because they're a bunch of insomniacs who can relate to each other.
february 10th, 2022 - 3:08 a.m.
porsha: heyyy i'm going to go get ice cream <3
johnny: what?? no don't, it's 3am and it's dangerous
porsha: *sends selfie of herself going out*
johnny: ur going?? hold up i'm coming with you
nooshy: count me in!!
ash: me too!!
meena: im only going if johnny buys
johnny: why is it always like this
- they all take things very seriously sometimes.
- really, they never know when to tune it down.
ash: ah, well, fuck capitalism. it's a rigged system that incessantly increases the gap between the rich and the poor, that's why society is so messed up.
johnny: despite having slavery abolished years ago, we're still determined where we are on the social hierarchy according to our wealth within the status quo. How is this fair?
nooshy: animals should not have to work three jobs just to be able to afford basic necessities! if the government wants to help the country's people, they better do it right—
meena: *carefully collects the cards and fake cash* aaaand that's enough monopoly for today.
- they talk about their relationship statuses like they're not a big deal.
- they literally share everything with each other.
- if someone seems like they're keeping something to themselves, they will go full lengths to get it out of them (nooshy grabs whoever it is by the shoulders and violently shakes them).
porsha: soooo, spill the deets!
johnny: what "deets"?
ash: you know!
johnny: what do i know?
nooshy: um, your first kiss with ryan?
johnny: ... wet.
- do not let nooshy into the kitchen. i repeat, do not let nooshy into the kitchen.
- do not let porsha into the kitchen. i repeat, do not let porsha into the kitchen.
- on second thought: do not let nooshy, ash, porsha, and johnny all into the kitchen at once.
porsha: guys, nooshy and i are cooking dinner tonight! :D
ash: is that a threat?
meena: johnny, go get the fire extinguisher.
- more chat conversations because they have the most chaotic conversations (buster shouldn't see their chat history).
ash: guys so like, say you see a bunch of objects in front of you
ash: which item would you think would be a murder weapon?
porsha: a rope?
meena: a knife ig??
johnny: nunchucks
nooshy: a banana
ash: wait why banana
johnny: i mean to be fair, one banana does have 450mg of potassium
nooshy: it can be used to irradiate them obviously
(+ might add more if i get bored!)
(disclaimer: i know one of these was from harry potter but honestly i couldn't resist.)
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ttsquid · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i like their early comic dynamic okay..
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tahnnie26 · 11 months ago
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This drawing is based on the last image in this post: https://starburstman.tumblr.com/post/671702690616705024/alignment-charts
_open the image for higher quality_
The idea is not mine, it is @starburstman. All credits go to her.
I hope you like it ✨
...sorry, bad english.
If someone else is also doing this drawing, feel free to upload it! It would be great to see another drawing based on that image :D
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dragonnnfly · 7 months ago
Dagur: Am I going too far?
Heather: No, no, no. You went too far about seven hours ago. Now you're going to prison
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