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Draw your character CHOMPING
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foundfamilygetmeverytime · 2 months ago
You know how humans are space orcs? I think it would be hilarious if it was the same way in chaotic.
What do you mean you can't shoot lazers out of your eyes?
What do you mean a rogue Pebble Strom could kill you?
What do you mean BODAL could kill you?!
What do you mean you can't open this tiny jar?
How has your species survived and what are you doing here? Please go home you dumb dumb little breakables.
So some nice creatures start to quietly keep an eye on the humans and talk to them more. Some lecture then on how reckless they seem to be, while others think of them like young creatures, who are more vulnerable by virtue of their age.
But then some of the stories they hear are just, too absurd.
I'm sorry, someone got their legs blown off in an explosion and now they're competing on an international stage in... Running?
I'm sorry, you got a scar on your foot from walking into the corner of a DOOR, but you survived having your body try to self destruct and be irradiated for YEARS?
Your arm was broken in seven different places was it not? And you can't regrow limbs correct? So how are you doing push-ups right now?!
Let me get this strait. You choose not to use your protective restraints while operating a motor vehicle, collided with another motor vehicle, were thrown through a window and over a small cliff, and you just, got up and walked away???
Well I had a few scratches. But then I tripped while I was jogging and fractured my skull.
Your skull!!??
It healed fine.
Now no one knows whether humans are tiny and helpless but very stupid, or unstoppable forces of nature that are very sneaky.
Most subscribe to the theory that humans are not invincible, but are immortal.
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happyheidi · a year ago
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hlkings · 2 months ago
He went to venice full petty on mode, spent two days with his hubby, kissed a man on main and came back wearing the peace ring
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detailedart · 9 months ago
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Moon interlude
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brokoala-soup · a month ago
✨Sab chutiya hai✨
Reblog if you agree
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anaysa · a year ago
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Unknown // Carole Anne Trisler
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0freak0 · 17 days ago
Big tiddy moth gf.
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amitychaos · 8 months ago
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persephonebutdepressed · 4 days ago
my favourite coping mechanism is buying books
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poetryofmuses · 4 months ago
what the hell is a talking stage? we're soulmates baby
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doughgutz · a month ago
My Everhood fan character, Orange Mage!
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They're a tiny little thing with hands half their entire size. Yes they are a gremlin and I love them
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draw-the-squad-like-this · 7 months ago
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Draw the squad
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crunchy-letters · 3 months ago
My favourite hobby is coming to the realisation that mentally sane people don't think like me
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jaubaius · 8 months ago
Footage of a real live quick change I did during a Shakespearean play
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kaotikprincess · 2 months ago
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Thank God its Fat Ass Friday!💜
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