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earlgreydream · 7 months ago
𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐮𝐥𝐠𝐞 𝐦𝐞. || 𝐜𝐞𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐜 𝐝𝐢𝐠𝐠𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲 𝐦𝐲 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 @randomoutsiders : 𝐡𝐞 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐒 𝐜𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮, 𝐟𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐩 𝐚𝐬 𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐟𝐭𝐬 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩 <𝟑
𝐜𝐰: 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐟 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚
𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟, 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭
Tumblr media
A dull ache throbbed between your hips, keeping you uncomfortable and awake. Astronomy notes were laid out in front of you, words blurring on the page as your growing need stole your focus.
Finally, the book slammed shut and the halls echoed with your soft footsteps, your will crumbling like the old stone walls. The painting outside of the hufflepuff dormitories welcomed you inside as you stepped through the doorway, having the password memorized after so many visits to your boyfriend.
You searched the common room for him, no sight of chestnut waves and fair skin. A sigh left your lips, almost regretting coming to bother him. You didn’t think he’d be asleep this early, but it was unlikely you’d be taken care of if you woke him up. Cedric was generous, but even he valued his sleep.
Quietly, his door creaked open as you slowly slipped inside, being extra cautious while you determined if he was awake.
“I’m getting ready for bed, baby,” he murmured, stepping out from the attached prefect’s bathroom.
“Really need your cock,” you whined softly, hoping to win him over.
His eyebrows shot up, a small smirk pulling at his lips. It was rare for you to be so vulgar, indicating how submissive and needy you were feeling. The second he heard your voice, he intended to satisfy you, though not without teasing you first.
“Do you, now? Poor thing,” he teased, a slight glimmer of amusement in his expression.
“Cedric, please. I’ll do anything. I’ll be quiet and good and you can sleep, I just want to be full,” your begs were pathetic, so insistent that even he was impressed.
“Such a needy thing,” Cedric’s voice was soft, his breath on your cheek as he spoke against your skin.
You were practically trembling with need, desire sending earthquakes through your body. He reached down the front of your leggings, cupping your pussy to find you soaked, slick and throbbing as his fingertips brushed your hole.
“Fuck, take it off,” he commanded, unable to resist you as he brought his fingers to his lips, tasting the arousal that glistened on his skin.
Clothes fell on the floor as you obeyed without a second thought, stripping naked before following Cedric to bed. He hushed your anxious whines as he slowly tugged his cock, making it harden before he let you mount him. You squirmed beside him, fighting the desire to touch yourself, knowing you wouldn’t get anything you want by doing so.
“Come here, then,” he hummed once he was satisfied, pulling your thigh over his hip.
The head of his cock rubbed through your folds until he was grinding against your lips, spreading your arousal all over himself, and torturing you in the process. Your teeth gently nipped at his shoulder as you attempted to grind on his cock before his hand gripped your hip, keeping it still. The friction dragging on your clit had your eyes rolling back in your head, a filthy moan reverberating through your throat.
“Be good,” he chastised.
Slowly, he sank into your cunt, stretching your delicate walls around him. The stretch ached deliciously, your pussy struggling to accommodate his impressive girth. A deep cry of relief escaped your lips, the sound making Cedric rut up into you.
“You were meant to cockwarm me. If you moan like that, I’ll tear you up,” he threatened half heartedly, murmuring the words into your hairline.
“Sorry,” you whispered meekly, your cunt spasming as his tip brushed your g-spot.
Peace settled over the two of you as your muscles relaxed, allowing him to sit comfortably inside of you, warm and intimate as drowsiness hung heavy.
“Go to sleep,” Cedric whispered, holding you still when you attempted to shift your weight.
You obeyed, letting him do as he wished with you, despite the ache in your belly. You had promised to be content just with him cockwarming you, but the longer you laid with him settled in your pussy, the more you wished to be fucked.
Cedric smiled softly into your hair, his own eyelids heavy from exhaustion. He tried to ignore your tits pressed against his bare chest and the way your pussy dripped onto his thighs, your hard and swollen clit brushing the base of his cock.
“No!” You gasped as he carefully pushed you off, slipping out of you.
“Hush, I’m just moving you,” he scolded, swatting your bottom for talking back.
Cedric adjusted you onto your side, your back pressed to his chest as he filled you up again, this time without all of the distraction of your need.
His arm tightened around your waist, the hufflepuff drifting off to sleep behind you, satisfied with your warmth hugging him.
The morning sun cast beams of soft light through the curtains, making the two of you seem to glow. Cedric laid on his back, body stretched out — and still hard — reminding you of a renaissance sculpture.
You were starved for sex, your throbbing and soaked cunt reminding you that he didn’t make you come the night before, yet kept you aroused until the sunrise.
You knew his favorite way to be woken up, a nearly daily occurrence during the summer you spent together, and it seemed like the perfect time to remind him.
You lined yourself up once again with his cock, lowering yourself onto him until he was fully sheathed inside of you. Cedric barely stirred, and you took a moment before beginning to ride him, your hands on his defined abdomen as your hips rolled forward.
Cedric slowly woke, brown irises with flecks of gold dancing in them opened to see a vision of his goddess riding his cock, tits bouncing in the soft light and ethereal moans tumbling from your lips.
Hands smoothed up your thighs, kneading the globes of your ass before traveling farther up to your waist, and then to your chest, toying with your sensitive nipples.
“Cedric!” You gasped as he pulled your hands, causing you to fall forward onto him, allowing the boy to wrap his lips around your tit, his heady gaze leaving you pulsing around him.
You reached forward to grip the headboard, your other hand combing through his hair as his tongue lapped at your skin, sending shocks straight to your clit. His hips rose to meet you halfway, thrusting deeper into you as you rocked on him.
You trembled as the knot snapped in your stomach, his name tumbling from your lips as you came. He held you down, his moans muffled against your skin as his own orgasm left him twitching and throbbing inside of you, pulled into ecstasy by your own pleasure.
You caught your breath, your forehead resting against his. Cedric rubbed your back, listening to the soft sounds of the morning, completely relaxed. The two of you were caught in a dream state, your fingertips tracing sonnets along his skin.
“Do you love me?” You asked, your lips smiling against the underside of his jaw.
“I love you the absolute most,” he promised, holding your face and kissing you properly.
“I wish to be woken like that every morning,” Cedric laughed, his fingertips tracing the dips at the base of your spine.
“I’ll gladly indulge you.”
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englishmensbitch16 · 7 months ago
Hii could u write headcanons about cedric diggory having a s/o with big breasts please? <33 (and nsfw if possible, like how he would act in bed, i hope yk what i mean)
Awe yes I love this so much Cedric is most definitely a tit guy<33
Sorry it took a while I was busy with my story and had writers block
Warnings- smut, fluff, rough days, tit play, tit fucking, cum eating, needy ced
Cedric Diggory headcanons:
Cedric would be so stressed about the tournament coming up and would be so tired of everyone putting the pressure on him to win… the only person who doesn’t make him feel stressed is you. Your like his own little escape from all the worries
One day he would walk in to his prefect dorm after a night of rounds and find u laying peacefully on his four poster bed just reading looking nothing less than angelic
“ hi pretty girl, how long have you been here?” He kicks of his shoes and loosens the yellow and black tie around his neck before flopping on the bed next to you
“ I was just waiting for u to finish your rounds ‘cuz I know how stressed you’ve been about the tournament” you dropped the book to your side and began taking off his tie fully now
he would crawl into bed resting his head on your chest, you knew that was his comfort position, and you didn’t really mind
He would go on about his day asking you about yours, until his hand that was slung over your waist was moving up your torso in a teasing manner
“ whatcha doing ced?” You’d ask already knowing what he was up to.
“ I’ve just missed you today baby”
“ you talking to me or my tits” you’d giggle back at him as his hand made it to the top button of your blouse.
“ both” he whispered in a soft voice, his hand popping each of your buttons open to expose your breast to him, their practically spilling out of your lacy bra
He doesn’t even try to stop himself when he latched his lips onto your tits leaving harsh red and purple marks all over them
He has you moaning in seconds as he pulls down your bra all the way to expose you tits fully now, nipples hard as the cold air and feeling of his mouth reach them
He’s practically sucking most your tit into his mouth at this point moaning at the feeling of the plushy body part in his mouth
“ I fucking love your tits baby they always feel so good in my hands” he moans out the words in a desperate way
“ y’know I bet they’d feel even better wrapped around your cock”
He’s practically jumping off of you to rid himself of his trousers and boxers his cock already rock hard from the way he was rutting into your thigh
He straddles your stomach and places his cock in the crevasse of your breast and you push your tits together so they fully enclose his cock
His hands grip the headboard as he ruts into the space you created becoming a moaning mess on top of you
You feel his hips stutter as his creamy seed shoots onto ur chest and neck
He falls beside you breathing heavily, when you swipe your fingers through the sticky substance on your chest and placing them in your mouth moaning at the taste of him
“ you sly little minx” he watches you with wide eyes
“ feel better ced?”
“ much darling, you always make my days better”
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slytherbun · 8 months ago
💦 Cedric wanting to have children with female reader
"want my kids?" he murmured against your mouth with quick thrusts inside your tight pussy. you were close to finishing, as he squeezed your tits and stroked your nipples with his thumbs.
your legs were wrapped against him, keeping him close as you kissed his lips. desperate to cum, you whined and nodded while begging. "please, need your cum. want babies with you so badly."
your eyebrows scrunched together when he let go of your tit and put the weight of his thumb on your puffed clit, pushing on the sensitive nerves there and you finished.
your vision blurred and you saw white as you squeezed his cock, milking his cum with a groan and leaving nail marks in his back with the intensity of your orgasm.
"i really hope you are pregnant though." cedric admitted after he pulled out and got off from the bed to get a warm cloth to clean you up. gasping, you yelled back "what!" but all you heard back was a chuckle in response.
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maevesheart · 8 months ago
(reader’s house is neutral)
Summary: After Cedric’s name was pulled from the Goblet, he changed.
(Based off the song by flora cash)
WC: 1.7k
TW: death, blood, etc
Tumblr media
i saw the part of you, that only when you’re older you will see too.
You and Cedric were in your bed, the sunlight streaming in through the open window. You both had smiles across your faces, and small giggles fell from both your lips.
You two had been dating for a little over a year, and your sixth year had started strong. Cedric placed his name in the Goblet Of Fire, as much as you didn’t want him to, but you would never hold him back.
He was so excited, and the smile on his face made you keeps your lips tight. You couldn’t find it in yourself to ruin his happiness.
But you understood him to a deeper level, there was no way he actually wanted this, was there? He’s such a caring, smart, careful boy. Why would he want to wish himself so much danger?
You kept your thoughts to yourself. He’s a grown boy, he can make his own decisions. Even if they meant near death.
i held the better cards, but every stroke of luck has got a bleed through.
You felt yourself hold your breath as Dumbledore stood up next to the cup. The champions are being announced.
First came Krum’s name, then Fleur’s, and much to your dismay, then Cedric’s. You sat at your house’s table and watched as the Hufflepuff’s hugged him and cheered for him.
You smiled and he approached you quickly before going up to the teacher. He left a quick kiss to your temple and held your arm for a moment, before leaving you.
This wasn’t what you wanted. Not at all. You didn’t see him that whole night. He was partying in his dorm with his friends. You didn’t want to go.
So, you went to the library with Hermione, and you two studied for the potions test the next day.
Hermione was on edge, she was scared. For Harry. And you were scared for Cedric. It was too much for you to wrap your mind around.
You went back to your dorm early that night, and sat in bed awake throughout the night. There was too much on your mind for you to sleep.
you held the balance of the time, that only blindly i could read you, but only i could read you.
You hadn’t seen Cedric for what felt like months, but it had really only been a week or two.
He had his nose buried in textbooks and was spent out. He and Ernie sat in the library for hours and studied. You tried to talk to him, but he never wanted to.
It was always, “I’m busy Y/N”, “sorry Y/N, I have to prepare.” “Y/N, I cant be with you right now. Just go do something with Hermione.”
He was getting meaner. You thought it was just the stress. Hopefully it was just the stress.
The day of the first task came quicker than you anticipated. You watched in horror as Cedric ducked behind alone slabs and burns and cuts covered his body.
His uniform ripped, and a big burn covered his left shoulder.
Between Hermione’s shrieks next to you, and Draco’s snickers behind you, it was hard to focus on your boyfriend.
The yellow and black striped blanket slipped from around your shoulders as you yelled out to Cedric.
“Your wand! Cedric, use your wand!”
It seemed to have clicked, for he pulled out his wand and yelled, “Incedio!”
Flames shot up around the dragon, and Cedric dove for the golden egg. Your worries all subsided when he stood up and the egg glimmered in his hand.
You two locked eyes, and you smiled down at him. He grinned back.
it’s like you told me, go for it slowly, it’s not a race to the end.
Cedric was more happy than you had ever seen it. His ear-to-ear grin didn’t leave his face that whole night.
He drank, he danced, he partied. Cedric usually wasn’t like that. He won. He won! You were so happy too.
You were sure you had lost him when the dragon shot fire at him and he disappeared into the flames, but he came out a minute later and secured the egg.
You realized just how real this whole thing was. Cedric faced near death out there. All for a stupid trophy and bragging rights.
You had felt uncomfortable the whole party, and retreated to your dorm early that night. Cedric didn’t say goodnight. But you didn’t expect him to. He was enjoying himself. He deserved it.
well you look like yourself, but you’re somebody else, only it ain’t on the surface.
Those next few weeks felt like torture. It felt like Cedric was doing everything in his power to avoid you.
You knew he was under a lot of stress, with his father, the tournament, and also having to keep up his school work.
But Cedric always made time for you. I mean, he used to at least.
You decided to approach him in the library one night.
He was skipping dinner to write his potions essay, and you knew exactly where he would be sitting.
He was hunched over in one of the plush seats at the back of the library, the table stacked with papers and textbooks.
“Ced?” You quietly called out, watching as his head popped up out of his book.
“Oh, hello, darling,” he rubbed his sunken eyes, and giving you a tired smile.
“Why aren’t you at dinner?” He asked as you set down your bag on the table. You took a seat next to him, and he closed the old book he had been sleeping on.
“Not hungry. I brought you some food though. You haven’t been eating.” You pulled out some dinner from your bag and watched as his eyes lit up with joy.
“Thank you, beauty.” He sighed as he took a bite out of one of the rolls.
“How’s the paper going?” You asked, looking over his parchment. “Atrocious” he said between bites.
“Awwe, c’mon. It can’t be that bad…” you smiled, reading more, and then immediately wishing you hadn’t said what you said.
“Cedric, you do realize that this is a potions essay, not a transfiguration essay, right?” You softly asked, afraid of his reaction.
He groaned, and put his head back down on the table.
Normally, Cedric would never mess up an assignment. Sure, he was extremely stressed, but was he completely losing his mind? He still had to attend classes and get the grades to graduate, so why did it feel like he was slacking? He wasn’t acting like himself. At all.
“Here, I’ll write the paper. Just please make sure to get some sleep and eat tomorrow morning.” You compromised.
He nodded and kissed your forehead before standing up and grabbing his books and bag.
“Thank you, darling! I owe you!” He called over his shoulder, rushing out of the vacant and dark library.
You shook your head and picked up a quill, realizing it would be a long night.
well you talk like yourself, no, i hear someone else though, now you’re making me nervous…
You did his homework, you brought him food, you cared for him. Yet he had no respect for you.
He was talking to Cho Chang. Her hand was on his bicep, and he was laughing. She was smiling up at him. You were just waiting for them to lean in and for your fragile heart to shatter.
Cedric had changed. No denying it now.
You forced yourself away from the scene, biting your lip in hopes that it would make your tears go back into your eyes.
You couldn’t believe him. How could he tell you he loves you and then go and blatantly flirt with another girl right in front of you? Why was he acting like this?
He was unbelievable.
But, as fate works, he came running back to you that night, using you as a way to get some stress out.
As if Cho wasn’t enough.
You wanted to confront him, you really did. But, the Yule Ball was coming up, he was already freaking out about Task 2, so you thought it’d be better if you didn’t mention it.
You hated being used like this.
you were the better part, of every bit of beating heart that i had, whatever i had.
You would give Cedric your soul if he asked for it.
He never meant anything he did, he never meant to hurt you. He realized what he had done once it was too late, truly too late.
He couldn’t apologize. He knew there was no way.
His life. His one true love. His amazing and gorgeous girlfriend. You were slipping through his hands like sand, and no matter how much he tried to scoop back, it was no use.
You were almost gone.
He had made you hurt, he had done it. He would never forgive himself for as long as he lived. And even after that he would regret how he treated his — once, his, — Y/N.
He planned an apology. After the final task, after he won. Once he was the champion, he would confess his love to you after he came out.
He would pull you onto the field, cup your face, and tell you how much he loved you. How much you meant to him.
He didn’t care if Cho saw. He didn’t care about Cho at all.
He had made a stupid, stupid mistake. One he would never make again.
He vowed himself to it.
Except, he would never be able to apologize.
i finally sat alone, pitch black flesh and bone, couldn’t believe that you were gone.
You cried and cried and cried. Strained sobs came out of your throat as you sat next to Cedric’s lifeless body.
Harry brought him back. “I couldn’t leave him there!” He said. Repeatedly.
You had never felt pain like that before. It felt as if your beating heart was ripped from your chest and you had to watch it pulse in front of you, not allowed to touch it.
Cedric’s father wept, and placed a hand on your shoulder. He understood the pain.
Cedric was gone, and you never got to know how sorry he was.
How much he truly loved you. Even when he failed to show it.
Cedric Diggory loved Y/N L/N until the end.
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imaginedisish · a year ago
She’s My Collar (Robert Pattinson x Reader)
A/N: I am so so sorry for the long wait guys! This was a really tough week for me! I hope you’re all doing well, and I really hope you guys enjoy this!! Someone requested some blonde Robert smut, and so here it is! Enjoy ahhh!!! (also, y/f/n is your friend’s name)
P.S, this story marks 100,000 words written for this blog...that’s all :))
Summary: You and Rob are friends with benefits, but after saving you on a horrendous night out with your friend, you find that your relationship means more than just that. 
Warnings: So, this is serious, but there is some sexual harassment/assault in here. It’s brief and not graphic or anything like that, but I wanted to write the scene in to demonstrate how fucked up it is, regardless of the setting and regardless of what someone is wearing, as well as how important awareness is. No means no, thank you!
Other warnings: Smut!!!!! Smut smut smut!! Cursing, stuff like that, brief violence/mention of blood.
Word Count: 4,203
Tumblr media
“Oh come on, what do you mean you aren’t going to come?” Your friend shouts from the other side of the room, waving her mascara wand around violently. She points the wand towards you. “You told me you were going to come, no matter what.” Her voice is accusatory and she gives you a look. 
A look you knew far too well. 
She disappears into the bathroom to continue getting ready. You let yourself fall back onto the olive green leather couch behind you. Your head gently hits the wall and you glance up to the ceiling in an attempt to evade your friend’s question. She already knows why you aren’t joining her on her clubbing escapades this evening, but you don’t want to admit it. 
A deep breath escapes your lips and you shake your head. “No reason in particular,” You utter quietly, hoping she can’t hear you over the music playing in the background. You look down at your phone, waiting for a ding or a text from the man you were waiting to hear from. 
If I could take her down and run, then I'd call her
'Cause she's standing drama, she know I'll call her
She's getting on the sun and then she ordered
Imagine me, imagine me now (she's my collar)
“No reason, huh?” She yells over the music. “Perfect, then you can keep your promise.”
You roll your eyes and look up from the screen. “No reason that you need to know,” You yell back, pushing yourself up off the couch. “And I don’t recall promising you anything,” You say sardonically as you walk towards the bed on the other side of the room. You grab the short, blue dress you had brought with you just in case you were going to join her off of the covers. 
Your friend pops out of the bathroom just as you start heading towards the bedroom door. “Oh come on! This just isn’t fair.” She’s very clearly annoyed, and she should be. 
You were planning on ditching her the second Rob texted you that he wanted to hang out.
About a year ago, you had met Rob after your set at Glastonbury. You and your band got off stage and he was there, waiting for you. 
“That was amazing!” He shouts over the crowd still roaring behind you. He places a hand on your shoulder. Your heart flutters in your chest. “Really, you’re incredible.” He lets go, but the warmth of his touch lingers on your exposed skin.
You blush a bit. “Thank you so much,” You say, smiling widely. You had obviously met other celebrities before. After all, you had won a grammy, played hundreds of concerts, and yet, something about this felt different. 
Rob smiles back, chuckling lightly.“I can’t help but feel a little star struck right now, with (Y/N) (Y/L/N) standing in front of me,” He jokes, nudging your right arm with his elbow ever so slightly. 
“The feeling is mutual,” You say shyly. You genuinely were a bit star struck, despite having just played the closing set at Glastonbury. 
He shouts something again, but you can barely make out what he’s saying. You grab his arm and pull him into the small dressing room directly next to you. The sound of the crowd dissipates a bit, and Rob begins to speak again. 
“So how long are you in England for?” Rob asks. You look down and realize you hadn’t let go of his arm yet. You quickly pull away as heat rises to your cheeks.
“We’ll be here for the next week,” You start. “Tomorrow night we’re leaving for London to play the O2.” 
Rob nods, his smile not leaving his face. “Well then, if you’re staying in the Somerset area tonight, maybe we could go grab drinks or something?” Your heart beats rapidly out of your chest. 
“Th-that sounds great,” You stutter, embarrassed that you could barely get a sentence out. 
Ever since then, you and Rob had been seeing each other casually. There wasn’t a label or anything like that, but that wasn’t a problem for you. He was exciting, if not intoxicating, to be around. You were addicted to him. Even the semblance of a “Maybe we could see each other tonight,” was enough to drive you mad. You would cancel plans at the drop of a hat for him because you simply couldn’t get enough, and that was the exact predicament you had found yourself in tonight. 
You had been staring at your phone the entire time you were at your friend’s apartment, and intended on bailing on her the second Rob texted you to come over to his place. 
But he hadn’t yet, and you couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Your mind often wandered in times like these. You couldn’t help but think that maybe he was with someone else. What if you weren’t the only one he was running with?
“Earth to (Y/N)!” Your friend yelled, dragging you out of your thoughts and into the real world. The annoyed look on her face sent you walking into the bathroom. You changed into the dress you had brought and pushed your hair behind your ears. The spaghetti strap, black lace lined, blue dress was short and fell to the middle of your thighs. You found yourself wondering about what Rob would do if he saw you in the dress, but you quickly shake off the idea and walk back out into the bedroom. 
You roll your eyes as your friend claps at your entrance. “Are you happy now?” You ask, frustrated that this was your current situation. 
“I’m beyond happy,” Your friend remarks cockily. “Are you ready to get wasted, or what?” Her voice is excited, but you could’t feel the same. 
“I guess,” You respond, letting her lead the way to the door and out of the apartment. After several flights of stairs, you find yourself out on the streets of London. A black taxi cab is ready and stopped directly in front of you. 
Your friend opens the door and heads inside the cab as you follow closely behind her, closing the door as you finally sit down. 
“So where are we going?” You ask, hoping it’ll be somewhere low-key. You were happy the paparazzi hadn’t caught a glimpse of you leaving the apartment, and so far, you were free and clear of any fans. It was a nice change of pace, especially given that you were off doing something you weren’t the biggest fan of. You didn’t love clubbing
Your friend lets out a slightly evil chuckle. “Ministry of Sound,” She says simply, waiting for your outrage. 
“Are you fucking kidding me?” You say angrily. “Fucking Ministry of Sound? Do you want me to die?” Anxiety grew heavy in your stomach. You despised large crowds, especially without a security detail. You would have to work hard to go unnoticed, and it would probably be impossible to do so.
Your friend looks over to you with a certain lack of empathy in her stare. “Hey, this is completely fair,” Your friend says, rolling her eyes nonchalantly. “It’s payback for trying to blow me off to go see Rob,” She says, her eyes leaving yours as they look out the window casually, as if what she had done was not a big deal to you.
“No, it’s not fair,” You state aggressively, but she doesn’t respond.
You look down at your phone and notice a new notification.
1 New Message
You immediately unlock your phone. 
“Are you busy tonight?” The message reads. Your heart flutters in your chest, the same way that it did when you had first met Rob.
Shit, You think to yourself. You look over to your friend and back down to your phone. You swallow the massive lump in your throat as your thumbs rapidly press against the bottom of the screen. 
“Sort of…” You type and hit send. 
Rob starts to type right away. He was usually quite good at responding quickly. 
“Does that mean it’s something I can tag along to?” Rob asks. You were surprised, but pleasantly surprised at that. You and Rob were trying to keep things under wraps. Neither of you were sure how the public would react to you two essentially being friends with benefits, so this was quite the shock. 
Regardless, you can’t help but smirk. “Why, would you go to Ministry of Sound just to save me from the evil clutches of (Y/F/N)?”
Within a few seconds, Rob sends another message. “Clubbing?” A few more seconds pass before he sends his next message, as if he’s trying to asses how ‘risky’ the text is. 
“Are you trying to replace me?”
You knew he was joking, but you couldn’t help but wonder if there was some real jealousy there. So you type, “Come and maybe I won’t,” and press send. 
“On my way.” 
Your feel your cheeks flush with heat as you drop your phone into your lap. 
After a few more minutes, you finally pull up to the club. Your friend hands the driver the cash for the trip, and you hop out on opposite sides of the cab. 
A long line of young, skimpily dressed, bright eyed Londoners wraps around the entire building and down the street. You and your friend walk closer to the door of the club and much to your dismay, you’re instantly recognized. 
Cameras begin to flash violently in your face as voices scream your name. You bypass the line as the bouncer lets you and your friend in without a single question, without any proof of ID. 
The second you enter, the bass of the song that’s playing rattles your bones. The strobe lights pulse against your skin and you can feel the warmth of the crowded room fill your body. But it wasn’t a comfortable warmth, it was a sweaty, anxious kind. The kind that made you want to turn around and run for the door. Your friend immediately grabs your wrist and runs out to the dance floor, roughly pushing through the crowd to get closer to the front. 
As your friend finally arrives at the spot she was hoping for, the song fades out. 
“Shit, I love that song,” She curses.
The next song starts. An ever so familiar marimba chimes through the club and a small smile makes its way to your lips. 
There’s an army on the dance floor, 
It’s a fashion with a gun my love,
In a room without a door
A kiss is not enough. 
“Love my way!” You sing out, shaking your hips side to side with your friend. “It’s a new road!” You feel your anxieties melt away as you sing the chorus, jumping up and down excitedly. 
“See, it just takes the right song to get you in the mood,” You friend retorts. You roll your eyes, refusing to tell her she’s right. 
She locks eyes with a woman a few feet away, and the two gravitate towards each other. Before you know it, your friend disappears, dancing off with the woman and into the crowd. This happened every time you went out with her, and you hated it. You were happy your friend was having a good time, but you hated being left alone. You take a deep breath and continue to dance, hoping that you can hold your own. The second verse of the song plays loudly, the words bouncing off the walls of the club. 
A tall, brown haired-man approaches you, dancing and brushing up against you lightly. 
“N-no thanks, I’m waiting for someone,” You say, stepping back a bit. He steps behind you, and seemingly disappears.
Just when you think he’s gone, you feel something brush up behind you. You turn your head and see that it’s the same man from before. 
“I said no,” You say louder and more powerfully this time. The man grabs your waist and pulls you closer. You try to pull away, but he doesn’t let go. “Fuck off dude, let go of me!” You shout. The music is too loud for anyone to hear you. 
“Love, when you wear something like that, you’re asking for it,” He says condescendingly, as if you’re some child who doesn’t understand the world just yet. You try to elbow him in the stomach, but the way he’s holding you doesn’t allow you to move very much. 
“Fucking let go of me!” You shout louder this time. But he doesn’t move. 
Suddenly, you hear a yelp, and the man crashes to the floor. The crowd parts, leaving an opening for the man. Gaped mouths and frozen dancers line the sides of the club. 
“She said to fucking let go mate, so maybe you should’ve fucking let go!” A familiar voice shouts commandingly. 
It was Rob. His fist was bloody, but the man on the floor’s face was bloodier. iPhone cameras begin flickering sporadically. Rob instinctively grabs your wrist and leads you to the door of the club. You rush out to the street, and Rob hails a cab. You hop in as Rob rattles off his address to the driver, and suddenly you’re on your way.  
Everything had moved so quickly that the two of you had forgotten to say a single word to each other. 
“Are you alright?” Rob asks, his hand was still wrapped around your wrist. He moves his fingers down to intertwine with your own.
You nod your head. “Y-yeah, I just hate clubs…” You trail off, looking out the window to see the city streets. You had coincidentally moved to London around the same time you had met Rob. You still had an apartment in New York to be able to go back to the states whenever you wanted, but there was something more interesting and beautiful about London to you.  
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Rob asks again, his thumb brushing lightly against the back of your hand. 
“I’m good now,” You say more confidently this time. “Thank you for showing up,” You smile, giggling a little. 
Rob smiles back. “Anything for you, darling,” He says softly, his hand squeezing yours lightly. He seemed to be more shaken up about the whole situation than you were. Unfortunately, this wasn’t new for you. Men were fucking scumbags at clubs, and you always mentally prepared yourself for the worst case scenario. 
The cab slowly rolls to a stop, and Rob opens up his door. He hands some cash to the driver while being sure to keep his hand in yours, and leads the way out of the cab. You two walk side by side up the steps to the door of Rob’s townhouse. He unlocks the door and you two head inside. 
Rob sets the keys down on the side table and steps closer towards you. He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you into his chest. 
“I’m always here for you, you know that right?” Rob whispers. He had been this sentimental before; it wasn’t like your relationship was solely based on sex, but it still felt special to hear him say those words. 
You let your head rest against him. You mumble a yes into his chest and shut your eyes. You feel safe, protected. You want to say more. You want to say much, much more. But you know you can’t. You don’t want to overwhelm your relationship with Rob with the “L” word, so you decide to keep quiet. 
You take your head off of Rob’s chest and bring your lips up to his, pressing a light kiss against them. Rob kisses back hungrily. The kiss grows more intense, more passionate. He brings one hand off of your waist and up to the nape of your neck. He combs his fingers through your hair, and you hum against his lips in response. Your clit accidentally rubs against Rob’s thigh at the perfect angle, and you feel yourself starting to want more. You brush up against him, searching for some more friction. 
Rob breaks the kiss and stares at you with a concerned look in his eyes. “Wait,” He says breathlessly. “Are you sure you’re okay to do this right now?” He asks. 
You smile at his concern. “I’m fine, I promise. I wouldn’t have started this if I didn’t want it,” You say back. 
Rob nods and presses a languid kiss against your lips. He brings his hands back to where they were before, one tangled in your hair and the other resting on the small of your back. You bring your hands up to his hair too, pulling on the blondish strands as moans find their way out of his mouth.
He slips his hand out of your hair and down your body, gliding down your sides and down to the bottom of your dress. He grabs onto the inside of your thigh, causing you to spread your legs a part for him
“Good girl,” He whispers in your ear, “Spreading your legs without me even asking you to.” He lifts your tight dress up, revealing your black panties. He begins to rub you up and down through the thin fabric, stopping finally at your clit. He lightly draws circles around your heat as a moan escapes your lips. 
“R-rob,” You stutter, unable to say anything else. He adds more pressure, and begins to circle at a quicker pace. 
His lips find their way to your neck, and he sucks at your exposed skin. He moves your panties to the side and his fingers immediately go back to work. 
“F-fuck,” You mutter as Rob quickens his pace yet again.  
Rob takes his fingers away from your clit, and his lips disconnect from your neck. You whimper at the loss of contact, and Rob grins in response. 
“You didn’t think you’d get what you want that easily, did you?” Rob asserts, grabbing your wrist and leading you up the stairs to the second floor of his flat. 
He bursts through his bedroom door and shuts it behind you, pushing you against it the second it closes. His lips immediately attach to your neck again, leaving rough kisses against your skin. His fingers toy at the bottom of your dress, slowly but surely lifting the fabric up. He moves his focus to the sides of your panties, pulling down slightly on them, teasing you. 
“P-please R-rob,” You whisper, barely able to get a word out between your heavy breaths. 
“Please what?” Rob questions. “Tell me what you want, darling,” He commands. 
“T-touch me, please,” You manage to get out. 
Rob chuckles, and gets down on his knees. “Good girl, telling me what you want,” He says, looking up at you as he hooks his fingers into the sides of your panties and pulls them down, throwing them to across the room once they’re off of you. 
His fingers find their way back to your core as he stands back up, and he begins to tease you. 
“You’re so wet for me,” Rob says. His voice is smooth yet commanding. He pushes your back against the door again as his fingers dance around your entrance. “Is this what you want?” He asks. 
You take a deep breath. “Yes,” You say back. 
Rob takes his fingers away and before you could complain, grabs your wrist yet again, bringing you over to the bed. He gently nudges you and you let yourself fall back onto the covers as he crawls on top of you. 
“Yes what?”
“Y-yes please.”
Rob presses a kiss to your lips and inserts his two middle digits into you, causing you to cry out in response. You feel your walls flutter around his fingers as his thumb circles your clit. His fingers pump in and out of you quickly, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. 
Your back arches up off of the mattress as Rob’s pace quickens. He adds more pressure against your clit, swirling around faster and faster. You shut your eyes, not realizing that Rob had begun moving down your body. 
His fingers leave your clit, and are suddenly replaced by his lips. 
“Holy shit,” You cry out as his tongue flicks against your clit. His fingers continue to pump in and out of you. 
He sucks at your core, taking you into his mouth. “You taste so good,” Rob mumbles against you, the vibrations of his words pulsing against your heat.
Your walls tighten around his fingers as you feel yourself growing closer to finishing. 
“Rob I’m s-so close,” You say, his fingers hitting your G-spot and moving faster than they were before. “Sh-shit.” Rob doesn’t stop, despite how close he knows you are. 
“Hold on for me, darling. I’m not done with you yet,” He says, taking his lips away from your clit, and removing his fingers from you. You shut your eyes groan at the emptiness. When you open your eyes again, you see Rob undoing his belt and pulling down his black trousers. He discards them to the side and begins to unbutton his white shirt. 
Within a few seconds, he’s shirtless, with only his boxers left on, standing in front of you. He finally slips the boxers off, revealing his hardened member. He crawls back on top of you and pins your hands against your head. He lets go and grabs the bottom of your dress, pulling it over your head and throwing it across the room. 
Rob’s tongue darts out and licks his lips, taking you in. “Arch your back for me darling,” Rob demands, and you do as he says. He unclasps your strapless bra with one hand, tossing it to the side, and brings his other down to your clit. 
“More, please,” You beg. 
Rob smirks, and without warning fills you up completely. He pumps in and out of you quickly, rubbing your clit at the same time. 
“Sh-shit,” Rob stutters, “You feel amazing.” His breathing his heavy. “You’re so tight.” His words alone could send you over the edge. 
You can feel yourself getting closer. The build up from before had almost made you come, and you weren’t sure how much longer you could last. 
Rob lets out a list of profanities before his lips come crashing down onto yours. He bites your lower lip lightly as his rhythm picks up. 
“I-I’m so close,” You cry out. 
“You’re taking me so well, (Y/N), just hold on a bit longer for me, darling,” Robert whispers through labored breaths. “I-I’m close too.” 
Rob’s pressure on your clit becomes heavier, and he speeds up. He pushes far into you, filling you up entirely, hitting you G-spot. You can feel yourself starting to unravel around him. His pace somehow speeds up even more, and you know he’s almost there. 
He takes a deep breath and parts his lips. “Fuck,” He curses. “Come with me darling,” He manages to get out. 
You suddenly feel a great release, seeing stars, as your walls tighten around him. You finally let yourself come undone. “Holy shit,” You cry out, and Rob comes with you. 
His pace slows as your walls flutter around him a few more times. He pulls out and crashes down next to you on your right side. His arm wraps around you, pulling you onto your side and into his chest.
You laid there for a few minutes in silence, Rob peppering your exposed skin with light kisses. It’s calm and quiet. The world meant nothing. The club, your friend, the incident, life, it was all nothing when you were with Rob. It was just you and him. 
“R-Rob,” You say, finally breaking the silence. 
Rob smiles and kisses your forehead before responding. “Yes darling?”
“Are you,” You pause, suddenly hating yourself for starting to ask this question, but you knew you had to follow through, “Seeing anyone else? It’s fine if you are. I mean, I’m not and I haven’t been, but if you are it’s really okay I’m just-,”
You’re cut off as Rob’s lips crash against yours hungrily. He pulls apart from you and smiles. 
“No, it’s just you, and it’s just been you since we started, well, this,” Rob confesses rather matter-of-factly. 
You smile back at him, but his face changes. His smile disappears, and he seems more nervous. 
“You’re the only one I think about,” Rob says. “I really like you, (Y/N),” But he shakes his head, as if those weren’t the right words. "It’s more than that, to be honest,” He says finally. 
“It’s more than that for me too,” You say back, and the smile reappears on his face. 
Rob swallows harshly. “So then, we’re more than just, friends,” Rob starts, his fore finger drawing circles on your shoulder “We’re dating. Is that alright with you?”
You smile widens. “That’s more than alright with me.” 
She's the one I'm running with
She's the one I'm running with
She's the one I'm running with
She's my collar
Oh, she's my collar
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tommiruewrites · 9 months ago
⌜↳ bruises and bubbles ˖⁺⌟
✩ pairing(s) - Cedric Diggory x gryffindor!reader
✩ status - dating
✩ requested? - no
✩ prompt(s) - "are those bruises?!" "it's not a big deal' 'it is a big deal to me." i was also heavily inspired by a fic i read by cloudybarnes :))
✩ summary - you have a terrible day and end up with several mild injuries. your boyfriend, Cedric, becomes worried about you and wants to make sure you are safe and loved.
✩ tw/cw - like one curse word, undressing kinda?? but nothing smutty, kinda angtsy but ends with fluff
✩ word count - 1.1k
✩ a/n - sorry i wrote this in like 30 minutes at 4am and im sleep deprived so it's not amazing but its definitely words !!
you can also read this on ao3
₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚ ♡₊˚·˚
Today was already turning out to be pretty shitty and it was nowhere near over.
To start off you woke up with a pounding migraine just to find out your alarm stopped working and never went off. So, you had to wince in pain as you ran through the castle. Unfortunately arriving 34 minutes late caused you to lose 10 house points and you had to sit in the blinding classroom trying not to show any signs of your throbbing pain.
Then, at lunch you spilled your drink all over your robes, causing your already annoyed housemates to poke fun at you. You looked around for Cedric but couldn't find him. You didn't have time to change out of your robes because you didn't want to be reprimanded by Wood for being late to Quidditch practice again.
Of course, on your way to practice Malfoy tripped you with his foot causing you to land hands first on the ground and sprain your wrist. The force of your fall also intensified your still lingering migraine. You forced yourself away from Malfoy's cackling since you weren't in the mood for a detention today. Ignoring your aching, you refused to bring yourself to Madame Pomfrey's and carried yourself to the quidditch pitch, still getting scolded by Oliver since the fall had caused you to be late despite your efforts.
Oliver blew the whistle, and everyone took to the air. Everything was going smoothly until you turned to dodge a bludger and your injured wrist gave out, causing you to lose your grip on the broom and fall off. Thankfully you weren't too far off the ground at the time so there were no major injuries, only some bruising on your right hip and shoulder. You still refused to go to Madame Pomfrey's, insisting that you were fine, and finished out the practice.
Once everyone was released, you were so tired that you could barely pick your feet up off the ground. You forced yourself to walk up to your dorm, your only motivation being hitting your mattress and sinking into the pillows. You also hoped to see Cedric, since you hadn't seen him all day. Your body was still pounding, but significantly less than before. Though still enough where you could feel your heartbeat in your head and a throbbing in your wrist.
Instead of going straight to your room, you decide to see if Cedric was in his dorm room yet. You knock on the door and wait for his, "come in", to twist open the knob to his dimly lit room. Cedric looks up from the book he was reading with a small smile, but as he takes in your features his smile quickly vanishes.
"Darling, are you alright?"
He puts his book on the side table and sits up as you approach the bed.
"You look tired."
He was right. You were extremely drained and had the looks to prove it. Your skin was flushed, you had dark circles under your eyes, and your hair was a mess.
You nod your head in agreement and sit next to him, resting your forehead on his shoulder. He wraps his arm around you and begins drawing small shapes on your shoulder.
"I am. I'm exhausted." you practically breathe out
"Do you want to talk about it?"
You sigh and hold back tears of frustration and exhaustion. You can't muster up the energy to talk about it without cracking, so you simply nod your head and hug him tighter.
"Why don't you get changed out of your robes and into some fresh pajamas. I'm sure that would be much more comfortable."
You sit up and smile. You go to grab some pajamas that look comfortable out of one of Cedric's drawers. You find a comfortable pair and begin to change out of your dirty robes. It's not the first time you and Cedric have seen each other undressed so it doesn't faze you. You take off your shirt and skirt in preparation for wearing the warm, cozy pajamas.
"Woah, are those bruises?!"
You look at yourself in the mirror to see giant black and blue bruises adorning your right hip, shoulder, and wrist.
"Did someone do this to you?!"
He stands up but doesn't move from the bed.
"No, no. I just had a small quidditch accident and a little fall, that's all." You assure him as you get closer to where he's standing.
"Do you need to go to the hospital wing?"
"No, no I- ouch!" you wince as Cedric lightly touches the bruise on your hip.
"Sorry." he says, quickly drawing his hand back, "Those look pretty bad, I really think you should get checked out to make sure you didn't break anything."
"I'm fine, I promise." you try to convince him. It didn't seem to be working very well.
If you were being honest probably should go to Madame Pomfrey's since your wrist seemed to be slowly swelling up, but you couldn't bring yourself to admit that.
"Let me have a better look at them."
He leans over to turn on the lamp and you groan and hold your head in pain as your migraine springs back to life at full force.
"Y/n!" He immediately shuts off the light, "Alright, that's it. I'm taking you to see Madame Pomfrey."
"No! I'm fine, it's just a little headache. I don't need to see Madame Pomfrey."
"Stop being so stubborn."
"It's really not a big deal, Ced!"
"It is to me." he says lightly squeezing my hand with his own.
Cedric brushes some hair out of your face and rests his hand on your cheek, which you happily lean into.
"How about this, after we get you checked out and make sure everything's alright, I'll run you a nice warm bubble bath and then you can sleep. How does that sound?"
You smile at the thought of finally getting some rest and nod.
Which is exactly what happened. Madame Pomfrey gave you some awful tasting medicine to help with the pain and swelling then sent you on your way. Cedric made a calming, warm bubble bath and read you some of your favorite mystery novel. By the time he was done reading you had fallen asleep. He picked you up, dried you off and helped you back into the warm pjs. Then he tucked you into bed and curled up next to you, holding you close to his chest and falling asleep to your heartbeat knowing that you were safe.
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marketlyd · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Cedric Diggory HCs :)
I’m very bored and I figured that the 4th movie did him so wrong (rip my boi😪✊🏻) so I’ve decided to make some head-canons in honor of this lovely lad<3
Some are fluff and some are a little more spicy :)
Forehead kisses are a BIG YES, especially if you’re shorter than him!
If you’re taller than him, he’ll plant little kisses on your cheeks or nose
Absolutely loves hugging you from behind but let’s be honest, he loves it even more when you do it. Just feeling your hands glide over his body makes his heart melt ;)
Is the type of person to use his shirt and wipe the sweat off his face. Gah daymn 😮‍💨
Will softly hold your waist and teasingly press himself against you when it’s a tight space and he has to get pass you
Hear me out.. king of winks. THIS MAN- this man will wink at you across the dinner table in the dining hall (or across the room depending on what house you’re in) and wink along with his breath taking smirk
Loves seeing you smile. He doesn’t care what kind of teeth you have, they’re gorgeous/handsome to him no matter what.
Let’s you wear his quidditch sweater around the castle and blushes every time because it has his name on the back so people know who you belong to ;)
Not a very jealous person but will absolutely give some guy the death stare if he dare messes with you
When you wear his clothes, he makes sure you put your perfume/cologne on it so when he gets it back, it’ll smell like you
Head pats are a big yes 🙌🏻
If you’re having a bad day, he’ll invite you to bathe with him in the prefect bathroom. It may or may not end up getting spicy;)
If you wear makeup, he’ll watch you put it on then ask if you could put some on him
Every time you wear a chapstick/lip-gloss etc; he’ll kiss you to figure out what the flavor is. Even if he already knows what it is, he’ll still do it to get a kiss.
Can have you screaming his name one day and then will be on his knees, begging to touch you the next day
Says “oh yeah?” With a smirk just to see your reaction
One word. CUDDLES.
This man LOVES his cuddles. He’s fine with you laying on his chest, or his head on your chest. As long as his skin is in contact with yours, he’s fine.
Needs help with his tie in the morning, his father taught him but he forgot and honestly.. he loves seeing you so focused on helping him. According to him, your face is absolutely precious when it’s focused in on something
Will make a playlist of your favorite songs together
Here are some:
Keeps a piece of paper with all your favorite things such as food, candy, games, etc. so he can randomly surprise you with them.
He loves seeing you wear jewelry. He doesn’t care if it’s expensive or not but he just loves seeing you all fancy, yk?
One time you told him that his hands were pretty so he got rings because they thought they’d be even prettier. (And yes, they were very pretty)
Was thinking about getting a piercing but isn’t sure whether it’ll look good on him so he went to you for advice.
Play fights happen a lot..
“I bet I could beat you up right now.”
“What?” He looked at you absolutely confused
“You heard me. I could Beat. Your. Ass.”
He just raised his eyebrows and clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth
“Yeah?” He let out a breathy laugh. “Keep telling yourself that, darling”
You ended up loosing because he started tickling you.. you demanded a rematch the next day.
If you’re short, he likes resting his elbow on your shoulder or even head. He knows it makes you mad but he thinks your cute when you’re mad ;)
Will sit back and chuckle if you try to be sassy with him
“Cedric, you’re not letting me talk”
“You’re adorable, you know that?”
“Ced, I swear to go-“
Will cut you off with a kiss FOR SURE
You get payback on him, don’t you worry.
He never really makes you mad, it’s just you two teasing each other back and forth.
He likes to maintain eye contact, seeing you get nervous makes him grin
The sexual tension is TREMENDOUS
You’ve gotten into the habit of replying with “your mum” to people so one time you said it to Cedric and he was like “pardon🤨”
But he soon started to understand the humor and has been using it.
He got a little too comfortable and almost said to snape when he got called out.
“Mr. Diggory, what exactly are you doing?”
“Your m- *fake ass cough*
“Nothing professor. I was taking notes.”
You couldn’t help but chuckle right then and there
Jeez.. I got carried away. Well I hope you guys enjoyed! If you’d like to request someone else, I’d absolutely love to do another one of these! Take care! :)
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s-ootballs · a year ago
Tumblr media
being Cedric’s gf HC (hufflepuff fem!reader)
 You two took a loooong time to get together, always telling everyone (including yourselves) you were just friends. Indeed, you've grown close since the very first days at Hogwarts and became each other's best friends pretty quickly. EVERYONE (except for the two of you) knew there was something more, though.
Best friends to lovers with a really, REALLY slow burn.
Professor Sprout (of whom Cedric is obviously the favorite student) got SO FREAKING EXCITED when you guys FINALLY got together.
You always hold hands while walking around the castle.
You HATE to admit it, but sometimes you get a little insecure about your relationship with Cedric and jealous of him. He's so popular among girls (and boys too!) it annoys you. Whenever you bring that up he just laughs, kisses your forehead and reminds you you're the only one for him. The way he says that wipes all of your doubs away.
You just love the sound of his laughter, especially when he is laughing about something silly you said until his eyes are all watery.
Sometimes you two stay up late at night, talking in the Hufflepuff common room, sitting in front of the fireplace, on a sofa you have practically claimed as your own. Whenever that happens, you guys fall sleep and stay there for the night, cuddling.
Actually, YOU are the one who falls asleep. Cedric just conveniently does not wake you up and decides not to head back to the boys dormitory.
During the summer vacation you two send each other letters EVERY SINGLE DAY, and you always try to convince your family to let you stay at the Diggory's for a week or two. It does work sometimes.
Cedric's dad got simply euphoric when he finally met you. You two are Amos' OTP and he's practically planning your wedding already.
Cedric is always complimenting you, telling you how pretty you look, how special you are and how much he loves you.
He also loves to gift you little things like some sweets he buys and honey dukes, flowers he collects around the castle or enchanted notes he writes you when he gets bored at classes.
You feel like you're the luckiest witch in the whole world for being his girlfriend. Little do you know he feels the exactly same way about being your significant other.
em português (x)
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malfoysfae · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Cedric Diggory x reader.
Warnings: A bit of angst with Draco.
A/N: I love fluffy Cedric.
1.1k words.
Requests: Open. Masterlist
Summary: You and Cedric go to your meadow.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Today wasn't the best day at Hogwarts for you.
Draco was being annoying, as per usual. Always had something to say about you, you ignored him most of the time. Not giving him the reaction he was looking for.
Cedric, your boyfriend usually got into some banters with Draco whenever he was around and Draco started talking about you.
Draco would always flirt with you too, which bothered you even more.
He mainly did it to bother Cedric, which usually worked.
“Hey love, looking pretty today.” Draco would call out to you.
“Why don’t you ditch your Hufflepuff boyfriend and come be mine?”
“We both know I could make you feel better than he ever could.” The first time he said that to you, you had slapped him very hard in the face.
His head snapped to the side, a bruise already starting to form on his face.
He stuck his tongue into his cheek as he brought his hand up to the spot you hit him.
“Don’t ever say that to me again.” You spat at him.
He left you alone for 3 days after that.
You thought it was the end, but on the third day, Draco was back to annoying you.
You never did tell Cedric about that comment Draco made. The word got around that you had slapped Draco, Cedric asked what he said, but you lied.
You knew Cedric would be absolutely furious if he heard about that.
You’d tell Cedric when Draco was bothering you, it made his blood boil.
Then your professor got on your nerves today as well.
Snape decided to give you so much homework and 3 assignments that were due Friday.
Today was Wednesday.
But the day was finally over, you couldn’t wait to see Cedric.
You guys had found this secret meadow not too far from Hogwarts. You had to walk through the forest a little ways before you came to it, that’s why nobody else knew about it.
You started walking towards the woods. He was going to meet you at your guys’ meadow.
You walked through the woods, enjoying the fresh breath of air, admiring the scenery around you.
It was truly beautiful. But the meadow was even more beautiful.
After 20 minutes of walking through the woods, you saw the opening to the meadow. You smiled, picking up your pace.
You reached the entrance. Sighing peacefully as you looked at all the yellow, purple, and white wildflowers.
You walked to the middle of the meadow, dropping your bag to the ground and sitting.
You fiddled with some flowers while waiting for Cedric.
You heard crunches of leaves and sticks. Indicating that someone was coming.
You looked up to see the beautiful brunette step through the trees and into the sunlight that shown above the meadow.
The brightest smile appeared on both of your faces when you looked at each other.
He quickened his pace coming over to you.
You stood up, wrapping your arms around him as he got to you.
He pulled you into a tight hug. His hand around your waist and the other on the back of your head, tangled in your hair.
“Hello love.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
“Hi.” Your smile growing bigger having Cedric in your arms.
You both sat down. You sat in between his legs, draping both of yours over his one as you were facing sideways.
You fiddled with the flowers and your hands while Cedric played with your hair.
“How was your day?” He asked you.
You just gave him a certain look. He knew immediately that it wasn’t good.
“Oh no, what happened?” He asked.
“Well Snape decided to give us so much homework and 3 new assignments that are due Friday. And well of course Draco was getting on my nerves.” You mumbled the part about Draco.
Cedric stiffened. “What’d he do now?” He asked.
“Just the usual.” You shrugged.
He could tell that you didn’t want to talk about it, so he dropped it. For now.
“Come here.” He said, as he pulled you into him.
You leaned against his chest; both of his arms wrapped around you. He rubbed your shoulder up and down as he placed a kiss to the top of your head.
“I’ll help you with all of Snapes work, if you’d like.” Cedric said.
You smiled. “That would be great, thank you.” You said.
You guys stayed in the field for hours, talking about whatever came to mind. Soon the sky started to darken.
“We should probably head back before we can’t see.” Cedric said, looking to the distance into the woods.
You nodded, standing up.
He stood up, grabbing your bag and handing it to you.
You smiled taking it from him.
It was already quite dark in the woods, you had to take Cedric’s hand as he led you through the woods because you couldn’t see the best in the dark.
He had to catch you a lot as you almost fell from tripping over tree branches.
He laughed at you each time.
“I should just carry you.” He said.
You laughed thinking he was joking, then nearly tripped again.
“That’s it.” Cedric said, as he wrapped one arm around the middle of your back and the other under your knees, picking you up off the ground bridal style.
You squealed as he did so quickly.
“Cedric!” You laughed.
You guys got back to your dorm room.
You and Cedric took a seat on your bed as you pulled out all the homework and assignments.
The both of you started working through all of it.
Cedric was talking about one part of the assignment and realized you weren’t responding to him, he turned to look at you.
You were sleeping peacefully beside him.
He smiled at the sight of you.
He gathered all of the work you two had done and put it back into your bag, he slowly and quietly got up, placing the bag on your desk before he crawled back into bed with you.
He pulled you close to him, wrapping his arms around you.
The butterflies in his stomach erupting.
He was so happy to be able to call you his. You were his everything. He fell asleep to the sound of your peaceful breaths.
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eunoniaa · a year ago
Cedric + daddy, size, & innocent kink 👀
big breath, darling -c.d.
a/n: i’ve been thinking about this scenario nonstop so i thought i might as well write a blurb about it hehe- oh and also i felt adventurous today and decided to write in third person, idk how i feel abt it lol
word count: 762
warnings: tw // smut | cw // daddy, size and innocence kinks, ddlg themes, pet names, cursing, making out underwater ?
Tumblr media
”come on in darling, don’t be shy.” Cedric cooed from the enormous bath of the prefect’s bathroom, the outline of him slightly blurry due to the steam taking off from the water he was sitting in comfortably. y/n gnawed on the inside of her cheek anxiously, clutching onto the towel wrapped around her small body.
“would you mind looking away, please?” she asked him timidly, suddenly feeling self-conscious about showing her naked figure to the boy, resulting in him letting out a chuckle in a form of a huff.
“i do mind actually. now hurry up, i don’t have all day.” he kept his gaze trained on her to make a statement. challenging her.
y/n gulped harshly at his words then reluctantly let go of the only piece of fabric covering her, letting it land on the tiled floor with a thud. she looked at Cedric, his gaze trained on her perky breasts, she could see the way he shifted in the water, his sharp jawline somehow appearing even more prominent by the way he was clenching it.
the girl stepped into the steaming water quickly, trying to hide her body from his hungry eyes amongst the bubbles lingering on the surface. she wasn’t sure whether or not she should sit beside him so she stayed standing there, awkwardly dipping her hand in and out of the water, swirling her fingers through the silky bubbles, avoiding his gaze.
“i love the way you look right now,” Cedric mused, sitting up so the water barely reached his lower abdomen and stepped closer to the girl; her knees bent underwater, so that the bubbles covered her up all the way to her glistening collarbone.
the Hufflepuff suddenly hooked his hands under her armpits and hoisted her up and out of the water, making her instinctively wrap her legs around his naked torso with a surprised squeal. he watched as the froth slowly dissolved and slid down her body, effectively exposing her to him once again. “but there’s no reason to get shy on me now, poppet,” he ghosted his plush lips over her cupid’s bow as he spoke, “let daddy admire his most prized possession, ‘ight?”
she nodded with a blush swirling under the skin of her cheeks, and Cedric kissed her fully this time, sucking her lower lip into his mouth, nibbling on it gently as he took the liberty of sliding one of his hands down from her waist to her ass, kneading the flesh eagerly.
“big breath, darling,” he mumbled into the cavity of her mouth, but before she could even register what he was saying his lips were back on hers and she felt hotness engulf her body in more than one way as Cedric dipped them both into the water. he hugged her small body flush against his, chests pressed together, their naked bodies entwined and their kiss unbroken, even underwater as [y/n]’s hair swirled around, lightly tickling both of their faces, tiny air bubbles escaping from their noses.
after a couple moments the boy straightened his back and pulled themselves back to the surface, finally breaking the kiss and admired as the girl gasped for air, water sliding down her cheekbones and droplets clinging to her eyelashes, her soaked hair glued to her chest, hairbreadths swirling around her delicate skin. she was a sight for sore eyes, that’s for sure.
“you turn me on [y/n]. fuck, you don’t even know just how much.” he breathed as he steered her to one of the walls of the tub, pressing her up against the tiles. her breath hitched in her throat and she wriggled as she felt his erection press onto her tummy, confirming his previous statement.
the boy started suckling on the delicate skin under her jawline and casually slid his hand down to her core, cupping her heat underwater, the tip of his middle finger sliding into her entrance ever so slightly, making her buck her hips into his hand with a stifled gasp.
“has anyone ever touched you like this before,[y/n]?” he husked, he could feel her heart pounding at a rapid pace through her chest pressed against his and watched as she lightly shook her head ‘no’, avoiding his gaze at all costs, her lower lip caught between her teeth. he kissed her jawline reassuringly, “i can tell, little girl. well, do you want me to?”
“yes, Ced. please.” her desperation was palpable through her almost quivering voice, making the boy smirk and lean in so their mouths were millimeters apart, she breathed in the same hot air he blew out.
“good. then get used to calling me daddy from now on.”
general taglist: @dracoswhore007 @freddiecore @eatmiso @minsuuwu @dracomalfoys-wh0re @wittledraco @dracomalfoyreader @amourtentiaa @slutf0rnia @vivvyinvienna @asthmax @comiocudequemtalendo1 @elleofzephyr @dracosbaibe @girl-writer7 @gwlvr @lauren-100 @yumicloudshp @acosmis-t @gxtitobxby @draco-and-tom @rennaisancebaby @glossygranger @cherie-draco @i-write-fics @sweeterthansammy @luvrsrck @desiredmalfoy @malfoys-lover @potionsclasss @seriusblackswhore @xmalfoyweasleyx @dlmmdl @dracospatheticwhore @gaycatlord-stuff @potterheadtwilighter @mrs-hader @90smalfoy @hello-i-love-hp-and-fandom
nsfw taglist: @hufflepuffsophie @1800-shutup @weaslebeemalfoy
add yourself to my taglist here <3
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pepper-up-potion · a year ago
I’ve got the time (Cedric Diggory x gn!reader)
Summary: Cedric stays up with you until you’re ready to tell him what’s wrong.
Warnings: Sad reader, maybe a little insecure. Some angst I guess but it’s more fluff. Reader and Cedric live together (not sure if that needs a warning but I’ll put it just to be safe). Probably grammar mistakes because I didn’t proofread it. Let me know if I’m missing any.
Word count: 1331
A/n: This is sooooooo self indulgent. I hope it brings comfort to others too. I’ve been wanting to write for Cedric since I started writing. He’s one of my comfort characters and I thought he was very fitting for this fic.
Cedric peaked his head around the doorframe looking down at you. You sat with your back supported by the kitchen cupboards below the sink and your legs stretched out in a “v” on the hardwood floor.
“Don’t.” you growled as you spotted him out of the corner of your eye. Cedric didn’t flinch. He didn’t move. He didn’t say a thing. He just continued to look at you.
You took a deep inhale, your nostrils widening as air filled your lungs. You let out a loud exhale, almost like an exasperated sigh. You turned your head away from the doorway, blocking Cedric from your field of vision.
You first spotted Cedric’s shadow on the cupboard in front of you before you saw him in your vision once more. He quietly settled across from you, imitating your position by leaning on the oven door and spreading out his legs.
The room remained silent for quite some time. Minutes passed and Cedric never pushed you to tell him what was going on, and you never explained to him what was wrong.
Eventually Cedric placed his palms flat on the ground by his side and used them to push off and start to stand, presumably heading back to bed.
“Don’t.” You pleaded this time. You spoke hurriedly, almost in a panic. Cedric slowly controlled himself back down to the ground and looked at you with curiosity. While you were sure he was worried about you, after waking up to an empty bed, only to find you laying on the kitchen floor; you still felt a comforting certitude in his presence. It’s like Cedric was communicating to you that he was here for you even if he didn’t quite know how to be. Maybe that’s why he hadn’t said anything for the past fifteen minutes.
You finally peeled your eyes from the cracks in the wooden floor to Cedric’s face. His eyes widened excitedly for a moment, before he returned to a soft and neutral stare.
“I couldn’t sleep.” Your voice was rough and weaker than you’d hoped. Cedric nodded once but offered no other response. Maybe he was prompting you to continue or perhaps he was simply acknowledging your statement. Which ever it was, you fell silent again.
Cedric repeated his movements to help him stand, finally getting onto his feet. He reached for the metal kettle on the stove and walked over to the sink. You shifted a little for him to be able to stand in front of the sink. He shot a sympathetic glance to you as the kettle filled with water. After placing it on the stove and starting the burner, he opened the cupboard next to the stove and pulled out two mugs, setting them on the counter.
Shooting you one last soft and loving look Cedric walked out of the kitchen and out of sight. His look reassured you that he would come back. You heard shuffling in the living room before Cedric’s head peaked into the kitchen. He frowned and scanned the kitchen pretending to look for you. Finally he moves his gaze down to you and jumps back, pretending to be startled.
A short lived fit of giggles slipped past your lips unexpectedly. Cedric’s eyes went bright, like a kid in a candy store. He walked over to you and stepped over your first leg to stand between your spread legs. He had two large blankets tucked under one arm. He stretched out his free arm silently asking you to take his hand. The uncomfortable hardwood floor was starting to stiffen your muscles, you thought maybe it would be good to stretch your legs a little.
Grabbing his hand, Cedric gently pulled you off the floor and onto your feet. Cedric interlaced your hands and guided you out of the kitchen and out into the backyard. He prompted you to sit into one of the lawn chairs before wrapping one of the blankets around your shoulders and tucking in around your legs. He pushed a strand of hair out of your face before pressing a soft kiss on your forehead.
“Thought the fresh air could do you some good.” He whispered. His voice was as comforting as a warm embrace. Tears started to sting your eyes. You dipped your head avoiding his gaze. He squeezed your shoulder before walking back into the house.
You fiddled with the hem of your blanket and let a few tears slide down your cheeks as you waited. He came back out holding two hot cups of tea. You graciously wrapped your hands around the mug. Your fingers tingled as the heat warmed your cold hands.
Cedric sat in the chair next to you and wrapped a blanket around his legs with his free hand. He held his mug out for you to clink with yours. He then raised his mug as if to say cheers before taking a sip of his tea and nodding. The whole sight was adorable, you smiled a little for the first time in a while.
“It’s just right, not too hot.” He sounded proud of himself, like he knew the tea he made wouldn’t cause you more harm.
You took a sip and closed your eyes as the hot liquid warmed your chest. The tea was sweet and gentle, like a hand cupping a cheek. You drank it slowly, every sip loosening the tight knot in your chest. You inhaled deeply, the cool air contrasting with the warm tea. The fresh and sharp feeling of the air in your lungs made you feel alive. Cedric placed his hand on your knee, he didn’t say anything, just wanted you to know he was still there, still with you.
“Can you not sleep?” You asked after your mind had drifted to the early hour of the morning.
“No, I can.” He stated simply.
“Then shouldn’t you be doing that?” There was a sudden pang in your chest as you realized he was staying up for you.
“I could, but I thought you’d like a little company.” His voice was soft and compassionate, there wasn’t a hint of bitterness or annoyance like you might have expected. Cedric had never done anything for you to suppose him to be angry but maybe you were just assuming the worst.
“I don’t want you to lose sleep because of me.” You said feeling guilty.
Cedric downed the rest of his tea, set it on the ground next to the chair before turning to face you. It was the first time that night that you really looked at him. The first time that night that you saw the care, the sincerity, the certainty in his eyes. “You’re not an inconvenience my love.” His voice was so solid, so sure of itself, like a forteresse.
Your breath hitched in your throat. You felt your face contort into a shocked dazed look before your whole body went limp like goo. Tears ran down your cheeks, you pulled your hand up to cover your mouth as a sob loudly broke the silence.
Cedric got out of his seat and kneeled in front of yours, pulling you into a hug. The position was awkward and uncomfortable so you slid onto the ground next to him. He pulled you into his chest, wrapping you tightly as you sobbed. The only time Cedric moved was to plant the occasional kiss on your forehead.
Eventually your sobs turned into small hiccups and eventually you calmed down. Cedric played with your hair as a peaceful silence took over, the only sound was the crickets in the distance.
“Want to tell me what’s going on?” It was hesitant. He squeezed your shoulder, silently telling you it was okay if you didn’t want to.
“It might take a while.” You answered with a little joking tone. The sky was becoming a light navy blue as the sun started to wake up.
Cedric smiled. “I’ve got the time. For you, I always do.”
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englishmensbitch16 · 4 days ago
hi! how are you? could you do a cedric x slytheringirl
reader - cedric kisses you in the middle of the hufflepuff common room and nobody knows you’re dating. of course if you want :) thx
Hi loves sorry I haven’t written anything in a while been going through some stuff and I’m gonna try writing again so I’m gonna start with this request, something small and easy for now then work my way into more stories!
I got really carried away with this one so it’s a long one… sorry not sorry!
Warnings- slight angst, comfort, negative self thoughts, Cedric being blind to how wanted he is, fluff, and slight public embarrassment.
Cedric Diggory headcanons:
• you and Cedric have been dating since your 6th year, both of you now in year 7 and still no one knowing your dating Hogwarts golden boy and a tri-wizard champion was starting to take a toll on you
• being a Slytherin no one would expect you to be dating him so no one even spared an extra glance when he would smile at you In the corridor or the great hall
• then there were always the things that you loved him for and why everyone loved Cedric, he’s kind and handsome and smart and treats everyone so respectfully.
• but that’s also the thing that makes you worry, no one knows he’s yours which is why so many girls have been gawking around him this year, girls in every house smiling at him, twisting their hair and giggling while asking him to help with school work.
• it made your gut wrench knowing that you can’t do a single thing about it, but your not so sure anymore why your relationship has to be a secret, of course it started that way because your houses but all u wanna do is run up to him after a challenge and kiss his worries away.
• right now your in Cedrics dorm waiting for him, he has a prefect dorm to himself which is perfect for your situation, waiting for Cedric after he fought the dragon for the first task, while he was in the arena you couldn’t wait for it to be over watching that man you love fighting a fire breathing beast was horrific.
•but the thing that set you off was the way Cho Chang ran up and hugged him in front of everyone once he had defeated the dragon, the way she held him and he hugged back brought tears to your eyes wishing that you could do that, but you couldn’t then everyone would know.
•you can hear Cedric making his way to his room from everyone in the common room shouting his name begging him to come party.
• when he enters he sees you sitting on the edge of his bed head down face still wet with tears and can hear the small sniffles escape you
• he rushes over falling to his knees in front of you taking Your hands into his trying to catch your eyes with his and failing
• “hey baby, baby what wrong? Why are you crying?” He asks worry lacing his voice.
• when you don’t answer his worry doubles and he speaks again.
• “ hey is this about the challenge? I know you were worried but I’m ok. I’m fine. Please talk to me. At least look at me please.” He begs
• “why are we a secret Cedric?” You ask in a whisper, not really knowing if you want the answer, maybe it’s because your not good enough for him, or because he wants someone else, or maybe just maybe it’s because your a Slytherin.
• the sound of your voice so broken and tired from all the tears you’ve shed makes Cedric feel broken the way his eyes try to search for yours once again in panic the only words he can voice are “ I don’t know”
•and that breaks you standing up shaking you hands free from his you look at him finally catching his eyes and the words fall of your lips so quietly so softly Cedric wishes they were a gust of wind
• “ maybe we’re a secret because you don’t want me they way I want you. You don’t love me the way I love you. You deserve the kind of love your proud of. I’m obviously not that love.” Fresh tears stream down your face as Cedric takes in your words he’s frozen like someone had taken his heart
• what you didn’t know was that Cedric only kept your relationship a secret because he thought it was best for you, you come from a pure blood family that’s all Slytherins he did it to protect you.
• his silence was enough for you, you left his room not even caring about the large group of drunk Hufflepuffs in the common room, trying to make a quick and quiet escape you ran down the stairs no one noticed you and you squeezed through the crowds of people.
• a hand grabbing your arm stopped you in you place swinging you around when all the sudden you felt lips on yours, but not just any lips the lips you’ve kissed a hundred times the soft plump lips of Cedric Diggory
• when he breaks the kiss he’s breathing hard looking so deeply into your eyes it’s like he’s looking through you, and you notice how everyone eyes are now on the both of you.
• “ I love you so much, your the only person I want, the only person I need, I thought I was protecting you by keeping us a secret but now I can see how much I was breaking you and I’m so so sorry baby, believe me I’m so sorry.” He has tears in his eyes now as he wraps his arms around your waist pulling you closer to him
• “ your the kind of love I’m proud of, I wanna show you off to everyone, take you on dates in public, hold your hand while we walk to class, I want to be the one I hold after a challenge, I want to dance with you at the Yule ball in front of everyone. I. Want. You” his eyes never leave yours as he speaks and you can hear the murmurs of everyone around you wondering why the golden boy is saying all this to a Slytherin.
• “please baby, please, I’m begging you, don’t leave me I need you to know how much I love you, please I want everyone to know your mine. I’ll shout it off the goddamm astronomy tower if needed, but please stay mine? Forever?” Cedric is quite literally on his knees in-front of all Hufflepuffs a few Ravenclaws and some Gryffindors begging for you to let him love you properly.
• “well I’m pretty sure almost everyone knows now.” You let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding when he stands up and looks around at everyone around. He takes your hand in his holds it up for everyone to see and shouts
• “ THIS HERE IS MY GIRLFRIEND Y/N M/N L/N. SHE IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND THE ONLY GIRL FOR ME. DO WITH THAT INFORMATION AS YOU PLEASE” he turns to grabbing your face and pulling you into another kiss this time you relax into the kiss letting yourself feel all the love he’s pushing into the kiss.
• he pulls away once again this time leaning his forehead on yours as he whispers a quiet “ I love you”
• “ I love you too golden boy” you whisper back “but if I see Cho Chang or any other girl hug you like that again I’ll go full Slytherin on their ass”
• “ there’s my girl”
Thanks for reading loves, please if you have feedback and or comments lmk!
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slytherbun · 8 months ago
You and Cedric being dark and kinky during sex until you tell him you want a baby
"i want a baby." you said with his cock buried deep inside of you. your lipstick was smeared across his face, a mess from eating you out earlier and you were gripping his back, leaving nail marks behind with each dig.
cedric stilled a moment, shocked by your confession before knocking himself out of it and pounding inside of you. "fuck i knew you were a slut, but a baby?" he said while gripping your chin roughly to look in your glazed eyes. "you just want my cum in your cunt."
you nodded and grinned, taking one of his fingers into your mouth and sucking on it hard around your lips while he thrusted in and out. cedric slapped your tit, leaving the color red on your skin and sighed as if it wasn't convenient. "fine."
you smiled and performed the spell to turn your birth control off before he sunk all of the way inside your hole, his cock meeting your cervix to spill inside of you with a groan.
when his cum started to pour out, cedric collected it and put it back inside before he patted your puffed clit while pulling out. afterwards, he pulled the comforter up around the two of you and commented again out of disbelief. "a baby?" and you laughed with a nod when he wrapped his arms around you.
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relatable-trxsh · a year ago
As above so Below Ch. 1
A/n: okay here’s chapter one sorry it’s not super long but I just wanted to get it started ya know? My requests are open so please send them!
Tumblr media
You jolted awake in a cold sweat after having another nightmare. This happened every year around Cedric's death. It had been 5 years since his death, you were now 22 and a sophomore in college. After his death and everything he who should not be named put you through you had to get out of the Wizarding world, away from Great Britain so you moved to a small town in Forks Washington and started college.
It was the first day of the new semester, you were dreading it. All summer you were traveling and you wished you were still on the road. The clock read 5:30 am so you decided to get up and start getting ready before your 7 am class. After eating breakfast, showering and getting dressed you finally made your way to class. You got there a bit early and your friend Erica tried talking to you but you were so zoned out thinking about Cedric that you weren’t truly paying attention.
“Hello earth to Y/n?” Jessica waved her hand in front of your face. “Class is over, tou didn’t get a single note.” You looked around seeing everyone had left the room except you, Erica and Jessica.
“Fuck, sorry guys I just have a lot on my mind.”
“Well whatever’s on your mind spill you know it helps to talk it out. ” you give a weak smile to Jessica.
“Yeah but I’m the sufferer in silence type.” You try to joke but both girls just give you a pointed look. “I just had a nightmare last night and it’s messing with my head alittle but I’m fine I promise” you make an effort to try and give both girls a genuine smile before standing up. “Let’s get to class yeah?”
The next two classes you tried harder to pay attention but it was hard listening to the professors drone on and on about their syllabus. Luckily you only had three classes before you had a study period and then one more class after that. You made your way to the student cafe where Jess and Erica waited for you. You gave them each a Small wave before grabbing a salad to pick at.
“I can’t believe Mike is gonna drop out.” Jess was saying as you walked up.
“What mike is dropping out why?” Jess rolls her eyes.
“Something dumb about taking over the family business but it’s like do you really want to be stuck in butt fuck forks Washington your whole life.” You giggle at her words.
“Hey I chose to come to butt fuck Washington.”
“Exactly you chose to come here, the rest of us were born here and will most likely be stuck here.”
“Hey now you won’t be stuck here if you don’t want to be.” Jess nods and before you could say anything else a group of people walked in. They were gorgeous. “Who are they?” Jess scoffs.
“The cullens. They lived here before you moved here and then left. But they are back now.” You watch as each person goes by, Jess and Erica pointing out whos who. You didn’t really care until the last boy walked in. You swear your heart stopped as you watched the boy that looked exactly like Cedric walk in. He looked like Cedric but his face was stern, eyes cold.
“W-whos that?” You almost didn’t trust your voice.
“That’s Edward Cullen. Total babe but totally unavailable.” You didn’t care about that tho. All you cared about was that he looked like your Cedric.
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tolkien-fantasy · 12 months ago
Cedric Diggory x Divination Witch! Reader (Part 1)
Tumblr media
“Y/N, what’s going on? You seem a bit.. antsy today.” Said Luna.
It was true. After what’d happened this morning, you had felt off the entire day. It was like a field of fireflies and wildflowers were swaying in your stomach. Your face was flushed and it was clear you were flustered in some way.
“I’m fine, Luna, really. Something just happened this morning that threw me off a bit.”
“Like what?” She pressed, concern evident in her voice.
“Nothing bad. Actually, I found it pretty funny. I can’t seem to stop thinking about it.”
Seeing her ever-curious expression, you sighed and held out your last finger.
“Pinky Promise you’ll never tell anyone about it.”
“Pinky Promise!” She says cheerily, interlocking them.
Looking around to check that nobody’s listening in, you lean in close to her.
“Alright, so you know how I’m a Divination Student? Well, I’ve been talking with Cedric a lot more recently, so I did a tarot reading to see if he’s trustworthy..”
“... I pulled The Lovers.” Your lips unconsciously sliding up to a smile.
Luna gasped, but looked around quickly to make sure nobody heard. She too was smiling like an idiot.
“That’s wonderful, Y/N! It’s written in the stars!!” She sighed dreamily, “We must tell him!”
“Hey, Luna- you promised not to tell! Does my pinky mean nothing to you? Besides, it’s all up to interpretation. Maybe we’re just good friends?”
“Alright, alright, I understand.” She tried to sound convincing, but her devious smile clued me into her read motives. I’d just open the floodgates to something I’ll never be able to close…
I was nervous the entire rest of the day. Practically sweating, even. And when Cedric stopped me in the halls, my heart nearly leapt from my chest.
“Is everything alright, Y/N?”
Damn him.
“Yeah, just a little shaken up today.”
“From what?” He sounded concerned.
You just stood there for a minute, debating with yourself. If she hasn’t already, Luna would tell him. It was inevitable. You now had a choice - either you tell him, or you let her do it. Well, better to make an enemy of yourself than a friend, I guess.
“Can you come over to sit with me? I have something to tell you.”
Agreeing, he walked over to a secluded bench with you. After checking that nobody could hear, you turned to him, blushing.
“I did a Tarot Reading about you this morning. I get nervous around new people, so I wanted to check if you’re safe to be around.”
“You don’t think I’m safe?” He looked hurt.
“No, no! I just wanted to check that being your friend was a good idea for us both.”
“Okay. What happened then? What card did you pull?”
Pulling The Lovers card out of your pocket, you handed it to him, head hung low. You couldn’t bear to look him in the eye right now.
You didn’t move.
“Y/N, please look at me.”
Hesitantly, you looked up to see his flushed face and bright eyes. You were both blushing like idiots.
“I’ve never really understood Divination myself, but this just about convinced me it’s real.”
You looked at him, confused.
“I-I love you, and I'd like to take you on a date if you're up for it."
"Cedric, I.." You started, surprised, "Yes. I'd love that."
Your smile returned, as did Cedric's. As the bell rang, you headed off to Hogsmeade together.
'Remember to thank Luna when I get back…' you thought to yourself.
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marketlyd · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
New Kid~ C.D
Warnings: possibly swearing, Hufflepuff!reader, slight teasing
Rating: Fluff fluff fluff <3
Summary: You never understood why everyone loved the idea of a new student at Hogwarts until you finally met him face to face..
A/n: heyo! I haven’t done anything in a while but I had this dream a couple days ago and I just couldn’t get it out of my head so here we are!
“So you’re not joking..” you said uncertainly, clinging onto your books as you walk to potions class along with Hermione
“Why would I joke about another kid transferring over to Hogwarts? Everyone has been going crazy over it. I personally haven’t seen him but there’s a rumor that he’s a Hufflepuff” Hermione spoke in a teasing manor as she nudged your shoulder, causing you to let out a chuckle.
“Godric knows. I won’t be surprised lf we don’t even seen him. Too many students for me to even care” You say, ignoring Hermione as she wiggled her eyebrows at you.
“According to the girls, he’s incredibly attractive.” Her voice lowering as you both arrive in Snapes classroom.
You shrugged and took your seat, letting your books plop down on your desk. Snape’s gaze was strong, his eyes plowing over the students before telling them to turn to page ‘394’. You moved your book towards you and your fingers gently moved across the paper as a knock at the door caught yours and the rest of the classes attention.
“I-I apologize for being late..” A boy with fluffy brown hair and a face full of amazing features let his head hang low almost as if he was terrified by Snape.. which who isn’t?
“Next to Ms. L/N. You’re lucky it’s your first day or else I would’ve put you in detention Mr. Diggory.”
“I understand.” He said, his voice a bit frantic as he took a seat next to you.
‘So this was the kid?’ You thought..before your brain could even process another thought, his whispers caught you off guard.
“I’m so sorry, but what page are we supposed to be on?” You looked up at him, his grey eyes had already been linked to yours. You felt your face heat up at the sudden connection
“No worries, it’s pages 394 and part of 395” your lips curved up into a smile, hoping you would come off somewhat friendly towards him.
“Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. By the way, my name is Cedric. Cedric Diggory”
“And I’m Y/n, Y/N L/N.”
“You really like interrupting my class, Mr. Diggory. Could you save the flirting til after my class?” Snape suddenly said, as cedric’s grin fading slowly
“I apologize again, I was asking for help.” Snape looks at you for confirmation, you catching on and nodding at him.
Thinking of an idea, you rip a piece of paper and grab your quills. You decided to write to him rather than get another death stare from Snape himself.
The note read ‘I notice you’re struggling with classes and keeping up. I’m more than welcome showing you around after class.’ You folded it up and passed it discreetly to him. He read it and nodded at you with a smile on his face.
-after class-
“I’m heading to the Library to return a couple of books, is that alright?” Hermione said as she rushed over to you.
“Oh yeah! I’m actually helping Cedric around the school. I notice how embarrass he was when he was late, I felt awful for him so I decided to help.”
“Catching feelings already?” Hermione teased you, noticing and giggling at your flustered state.
“Of course not! I just met him, that’s impossible.” Your sheepishly grin said everything she needed to know.
“Well tell me how the date goes”
“HERMIONE.” You groaned as she laughed at you, waving to you as she left.
“There you are! Sorry, I had to apologize to snape.” Cedric said, jogging over to you on the stairs.
“I understand you’re a Hufflepuff but there’s no need to apologize so much. I told you you’re alright.”
“You’re Right, sorry- oh shit i-uh“ you giggled as he stuttered over his words.
“You’re welcome.” You continued to giggle, making his lips form into a grin.
“Is snape always that up tight?” He sighed as you both made your way upstairs.
“Yeah. It’s like he constantly has a stick up his arse. It’s insane.” Cedric chuckled at your sudden words
As you both talked and showed him his classes, you decided to head back to the common room but you couldn’t help but noticed the girls huddled together, giggling and whispering.
“You really are the hot topic of school right now, aren’t you.” You said as Cedric raised his eyebrow and pushed his tongue against his cheek in amusement.
“I guess you could say that. You don’t seem too thrilled though, did I take all your fame away?” His tone was mocking and his lips were smirking at you as you laughed.
“How did you know?” You came back at him with intense sarcasm, making him cock an eyebrow at you.
“You make me look so dull. It’s always the pretty boys, damn it” you chuckled at your own sentence as his face heated up.
“Did you just call me pretty boy?” His smirk grew as your face reddened along with his.
“A-Anyway, we’re here.” You just ignored him and said the Common-room passcode, feeling his eyes travel over your flushed face.
He chuckled as he walked in, his smirk turning into a smile. His eyes lit up with the yellow atmosphere covered with green plants all over.
“Isn’t it pretty? This is one of the reasons I enjoy being a Hufflepuff. It’s always incredibly cozy in here.” You drop your books on the coffee table in the middle of the room. Nobody was in the room yet, leaving you a be Cedric alone.
You took a seat on the couch, pulling off your shoes and putting them neatly under the table. “It is indeed gorgeous. I like talking about this but I’m not gonna skip the fact that you called me a ‘pretty boy’” he said, making you feel nervous all of a sudden.
“I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable,” he took a seat on the couch next to you, “but it’s true and I’m not upset that I said it.”
“I highly appreciate that from you , love” the words rolled off his tongue so effortlessly. You can tell he was trying to get to you, so you tried not to show much emotion towards it.
“Pet names? You’re not getting the last laugh, Diggory.” You said, making direct eye contact with him.
“Is that right?” His smirk appeared once again. “Well I won.”
You rolled your eyes and grinned.
“What do you even mean by that.”
“It means that I’ll get the last laugh when I invite you on a date to Hogsmeade. So what do you say? Wanna go?” Your eyes widened at the unexpected invitation.
“No one I’d rather go with.”
A/n: this was so fun to write!! I hope you all enjoyed it, feel free to request other things :)
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Dance with me // Cedric Diggory x Hufflepuff! Female Reader
Summary: Admitting to your boyfriend that you’re not an expert in dancing, he offers his skills to teach you just in time for the Yule ball. Warnings: fluff, kissing, dancing, implied smut at the end, Fred being a cheeky boy word count: 1.6k a/n: I hope everyone has a nice day! Also, just a side note, English is not my first language so if there are any mistakes please do not hesitate to let me know
Tumblr media
It was October in your sixth year. Dumbledore has just announced the news about Triwizard Tournament, and everyone was buzzing about it.  Cedric was contemplating whether to or not to put his name in the goblet. After encouragements of you, his girlfriend and his friends, he decided to do it. So it's been a couple of days since that happened, and now all Hufflepuff’s were invited to the Herbology classroom. Holding hands with Cedric you made your way to the herbology classroom. Entering you separated from each other each going to the opposites sides by the commands of Professor Sprout. Guys were on the left side of the classroom while the girls were on the right side of the classroom. By everyone's surprise, Filch and Mrs Norris were there standing next to the gramophone. After everyone had arrived and settled down,  Professor Sprout started speaking. '' You all must be wondering why I brought you all here. As you all know we have guests here that are visiting us during the Triwizard Tournament. And the tradition that goes in hand with the tournament is the Yule Ball. And because of that, it is my duty as a Head of Hufflepuff house to make sure you don't embarrass yourself on the dance floor. Attendees can be a from the fourth year and above unless the younger student gets invited as a date. Now I will be pairing you in pairs. '' Choosing a guy first and then a girl, Professor Sprout seemed to have fun pairing up students, since it's one of the rare opportunities. Pairing Cedric with one of the younger girls resulted in him pouting for not being paired up with you. Being lucky, you were paired up with one of your good friends. Once everyone was paired up, Filch played music and Sprout gave us a signal to start moving. Giving us instructions as we move, we were slowly getting hang of it. That went on for an hour before she told us we were done for today, and to keep practising.  Waiting for Cedric, we make our way towards the exit of the castle as we both had a free period. Sitting under a tree a bit further from the lake, still being sceptical about the lake after the incident a couple of months ago, even though you were with your boyfriend now. Taking out a book you were currently reading, relaxing as Cedric laid his head on your lap, taking a small nap. Taking the opportunity, you ran your hands through his soft hair, massaging his scalp, making him relax even further. '' Your hair is really soft,'' you whispered, not sure if the boy was asleep '' Very soft '' you continued to play with his hair when an idea struck you. His hair was just long enough for you to be able to braid his hair, even if it's a tiny little braid. When you started braiding his hair, Cedric stirred a little. '' What are you doing? '' he asked while his eyes were still closed. '' Shhh, stop moving and let me braid your hair. '' letting out a sigh, he let you go back to braiding his hair. When you were finally done, you took your wand, murmuring a spell making a small daisy appear in his hair. He looked like an angel. Too bad he wasn't one. Chuckling at your thoughts, you didn't notice that Cedric opened his eyes, looking at you with adoration in his eyes. '' I'm so lucky to have you, I really am the luckiest guy here '' he said. A blush crept on your cheeks. He chuckled when he saw the blush, grabbing your hand and placing a soft kiss on it. You talked for a couple of minutes when he got up and took both of your hands in his, pulling you up. '' Come and dance with me '' he said, a nervous chuckle left your mouth '' Yeah sure, one problem though. I can't dance like I don't know to slow dance. '' Cedric just smiled and placed one of your arms on his shoulder and takes the other in his arm while placing the other onto your hip, pulling you closer to him. '' Now listen to me and follow my guide, okay? When I take a step forward with my left foot, you take a step back with your right foot, and if I take a step to the side with my right foot, you take a step to the side with your left foot. Okay? '' Still a little confused, but you nodded your head. '' Okay '' taking a step forward with his left foot, you take a step back with your right foot. '' There you go, you got it '' he takes a step to the side with his right foot, making you step to the side with your right foot. '' Good job, you're doing amazing love '' he smiled at you. '' Now close the gap with your right foot with your left foot, while I close the gap with my left foot to my right foot. '' you do as he says, '' I'm so proud of you for learning this quickly. Okay so now you're going forward while I'm going backwards, okay? So step forward with your left foot and I will step back with my right foot, okay? '' Nodding your head you step forward, but unfortunately a bit too soon because you stepped onto his feet. '' Sorry, sorry '' you quickly apologized, he chuckled '' It's okay no worries, darling, it happens. Try again '' and so you did, and this time you succeeded. He gave you a twirl, bringing you back into his chest. You looked at his eyes, who were looking at you with so much love. '' So tell me, darling, '' he began '' Will you do me the honour and accompany me to the Yule ball, being the most beautiful date anyone can have? '' you wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing your lips together in a kiss. '' There's no one else I would rather go with. '' kissing him again, he wrapped his hands around your waist, lifting you up from the ground making it easier for him to kiss you with the slight height difference between you two.  But of course, it had to come to an end, because a certain redhead twin decided to mess with you guys. '' Oy Diggory, get a room '' he laughed, but he was hit in his arm by our lovely friend Evangeline '' Don't be a pain in the ass Weasley, leave them alone. '' She rolled her eyes before giving you two an apologetic look and walking away. '' Ouch '' he responded, but before he even realized she was already at least six feet away from him. '' Evie, don't leave me with them. '' he ran after her, making you roll your eyes at him being desperate for Evangeline's attention. '' He's so whipped but so dumb. '' you shook your head at Cedric, making him laugh '' Ah young love, so innocent and sweet. '' He put you back down on the ground, before grabbing your hand, heading back towards the castle, seeing your free period is done, and now you had charms while he had transfiguration. '' Good luck baby, I'll see you after the class. '' he gave you a small peck on the lips before you two separated. Soon it was the end of the day, everyone was done with classes, the only ones left who ended up in detention. You were sitting in the common room, wearing Cedric's quidditch jumper, reading your muggle book about some teenage drama when you felt a pair of arms softly wrapping around your shoulders, and lips softly on your neck. '' For your own sake, I hope it's you Ced '' of course you knew it was him, his touch always made you feel a certain way you just couldn't put into words. '' Are you wearing my jumper? '' he asked, mumbling against your neck. '' Yeah, I was a bit cold, so I decided to grab one, with the help of one of your roommates. '' placing your book down, you grabbed Cedric's face into your hands gently, placing your lips onto his. '' Hi. '' you say softly, a smile playing on your lips. Jumping over the couch, he sat next to you, pulling you closer into his side. Tilting your head, he started slowly sucking onto your neck, making sure he leaves a mark. Biting your lip you try to suppress your moans, not wanting to bring attention to yourselves. '' Keep quiet or someone will hear '' he whispered '' it's not my fault you choose to mark me in the place where everyone can come and see us any second '' you rolled your eyes, he pulled away from your neck, and he was now whispering in your ear '' Oh? Would you rather for us to go somewhere more private to finish this? Is that what you're implying? Such a bad girl '' goosebumps were all over your body. '' Don't be such a tease, if you're so confident as you're saying, be a man and show me your best. '' you said to him, smirk playing on your lips. '' That's a dangerous territory you're heading towards y/n, are you sure you want to go there? '' He raised his eyebrows, his eyes were now a darker shade. '' Do your worst, Diggory. '' and before you even had a chance, he picked you up in his arms, going towards his dorm. '' You have no idea what you're about to get yourself in, love. '' 
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