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elfanonymous · a month ago
girl with short hair girls with short hair girls with short hair girls with short hair girls with short hair girls with short hair
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girls with short hair girls with short hair girls with short hair girls with short hair girls
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wrens-wramblings · 24 days ago
A massive problem with how fandom - particularly queer rep - is going right now on this website is how quick people are to jump ship onto the next thing and then immediately start trashing the everliving shit out of the old thing.
Steven Universe (not a perfect show by any means) while it was coming out was celebrated constantly. The Garnet reveal? Pearl being in love with Rose? The Rupphire wedding? SU was revolutionary and has been quoted by cartoon creators now for being a big reason people are allowed to bring their stories to life. Say what you want about the show, but it broke boundaries and set precedents for a lot of the shows that you now love. And the show's plot lines regarding the diamonds has been taken in completely bad faith - do yall really think the half Jewish queer person meant for you to get "Let's all forgive Nazis" from the Diamonds redemption arcs??
After Steven Universe ended a large majority of people jumped to She Ra and the Princesses of Power and when they mentioned SU at all it was to put it down as a show with terrible representation and all round bad writing.
During SPOP's run it was massively popular, with a lot of buzz around the main ship, Catradora. I know this is gonna be taken in bad faith so a quick note - while I do like Catradora, I do feel that there should have been another season for Catra to properly acknowledge the harm she did to Adora and actually grow as a person before entering into a relationship. Catra was forgiven too easily, but that was in part due to Netflix not wanting to give the show another season to properly flesh out the redemption arc. The final season was rushed as all hell, and so many story points would have been better with another season to flesh them out further.
But I digress - during the show's run it was constantly talked about for it's representation, having multiple queer characters, including a nonbinary character.
The show ends and again, the fanbase jumps. This time, it's to the Owl House. People start talking about how SPOP was actually horrible representation and, my personal favourite, they "added gay people as a cash grab."
Yeah okay guys, I'm sure a queer nonbinary creator is writing about queer people because they actually dislike the gays and want to wring money out of us. That is definitely the situation here.
And now I'm worried that in a year or two we'll have the next big queer cartoon and the posts will start popping up -
"Amity Blight is the mean lesbian stereotype."
"Raine and Eda's relationship is problematic because-"
"Amity and Luz started out as rivals, which is toxic because-"
"The romance didn't start until later in the show, it was added at the end for a cash grab."
Again, I'm certain there's gonna be bad faith takes on this -- I'm not saying these shows are perfect. They all have flaws somewhere. No media is completely without it's faults and its good to recognise those faults, that what critical reading is. But calling someone an abuser for enjoying SPOP, or a Nazi sympathiser for liking SU (actual accusations I have seen on tumblr.com) is frankly a little ridiculous.
As for the bad rep argument - every show on this list has one thing in common: a queer creator. No one experiences queerness the exact same way - the only thing that harassing queer creators for not showing your experience does is make other queer creators... not want to write queer characters. No one wants to receive death threats because, for example, they based a character with their sexuality off of how that actually affected them and someone on the Internet decided they were feeding into a harmful stereotype.
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kaereth · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Catra and Kipo being a duo of cool cats together for a kofi!
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saturn-leia · 2 months ago
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sleepy-zoroark · 2 months ago
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la catrita
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piritos03 · 5 months ago
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Cats (=^-^=)
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camscendants · 9 months ago
The fact that the AI app can make cool stuff like this
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And then.
Tumblr media
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4cupsanxiety5tbspdepression · 9 months ago
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adora has such brings pepsi vibes - i can't explain it
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ghostb0o · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was worried that her expression wasnt readable but I kept yawning while making this so I think im okay
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rikosato · 23 days ago
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Little happy Catradora
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counting-stars-alone · 10 months ago
I get so excited when I see a fictional, monogamous relationship where one of them’s masculine in a feminine way and the other’s feminine in a masculine way. Tell me this makes sense.
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Catra: Do you want to explain the text you sent last night?
Adora: It was autocorrect
Catra: Autocorrect wrote 'you're so hot please step on me'?
Adora, sweating: Yes
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hoolay-boobs · a month ago
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Slowly slowly slowly getting into more brutal cartoons
(Meme format not mine, found off of Pinterest)
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saturn-leia · 17 days ago
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catra yzma is back! just a quick something I did after seeing the photo of a cat ferociously trying to eat pizza
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perfumasflowers · 6 months ago
*before they admit feelings*
catra: *tending to adora’s wounds after she did something catra told her not to do*
catra: you’re an idiot.
adora: yeah but i’m your idiot
catra: what
adora: what
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juststaywithmeok · 2 months ago
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catra in a suit😰😰
first fanart kinda nervous😳
still figuring out the software so not premium quality but its a start! why did no one tell me shadows and light would be such a challenge😭😭 only improvement from here :)
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restlessratt · 14 days ago
More old art but I need some more stuff on my page 😭😭
Tumblr media
I'm so bad at these tags bro I really don't know what I'm doing reshares appreciated fr 😭
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