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prance, fancy miss, prance ! ! !
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Boardwalk 馃帾馃帰馃帯
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initial sketches of some stickers I wanna make
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Carousel horse studies (?)
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Madame Mistress Maybe
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So I was talking with @ordinary-dust about the fabulous four going to a fun fair for a bit yesterday and they mentioned that Party just loves sweets, which 100% correct but the thought of Kobra going through hell and back just to get Party a box of chocolate after they'd been hurt and generally feeling down hasn't left my mind since so i wanted to sketch it and my hand kinda slipped...
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ID: Digital drawing of Party Poison sitting in a bed crying and holding a red chocolate box to their chest. The style is quite cartoony with thick black outline and simple textured shading. Party has bandages around their torso and left arm, they have big white pillow behind their back and a yellow blanket with pink dots over their legs, there's another small pink pillow besides them. The wall behind them is grey with several poster hanging on it and Party Poison's logo in yellow sprayed above Party's head slightly to the left. 'Kobra, I love you so much! Thank you...' is written in the top right corner with pink scribble underneath the text symbolizing a speech bubble/End ID
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New week, new sketch! This week you鈥檒l get to watch my progress on a commission! Since this is a personal commission, I will not be posting prints, stickers, or backgrounds for this one, but you can still take a peek at it!
Image description: digital sketch on a magenta background. The image is of a carousel horse unicorn rearing on its hind legs. You can see the unicorn鈥檚 Skelton the carousel is decorated with lion skulls and Junimo from stardew valley frolic around on the ground by the carousel
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I have a question about the sekai swap au, where did kaito go? Is the swap version of him still in the wonderland sekai or is he in the empty sekai? I would love to see him and how he changed
Kaito is miles away from being in my comfort zone so pardon my very very rough sketches.
I might change his design later because I did it on a whim and I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with it. For now, his aesthetic is steampunk mechanic.
Tumblr media
I'll put my rambling under the cut, I hope it makes sense!!
- Wonderland SEKAI is a little bit different in the AU. It's still a colorful nonsense theme park but everything looks slightly older and more run-down (this AU's Mafuyu grew up loving Phoenix Wonderland and its shows as a child so the SEKAI manifested from her nostalgia and her desire to become the old Mafuyu again).
- Instead of plushies, the SEKAI is inhabited by living toys and contraptions (Miku is a wound-up doll and Josephine is a porcelain carousel horse, etc.).
- KAITO exists in the SEKAI as both the manager of the park and its resident handyman.
- He's the only one in the SEKAI with an intricate understanding of the contraptions in it, and since everything in Mafuyu's SEKAI is old and fragile (Miku falls apart all the time), he's the one keeping the whole place running.
- He spends most of his time doing maintenance on both the park and its residences.
- He's known for being caring and reliable but in truth he's desperately in need of a day-off.
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G5 Predictions
Sooner or later we will be getting our first look at the new ponies for Generation 5. Merchandise is expected to drop in August, in time for the movie that will be released September 21st.
Now, of course I know about G5 as much as any of you, so these are my predictions, based on whats popular right now, as well as how the style of MLP has evolved over the years.
These are just sketches rather than full artworks...
Here is the first concept I had in mind, made back in November:
Tumblr media
And here are my revised designs:
Tumblr media
The purpose of these sketches is to imagine what the artstyle of G5 might look like, I鈥檓 not sure if we would actually get ponies whose designs looked like this, colouring wise!
Here鈥檚 what I think... not necessarily 鈥渨hat I want鈥 or wishlist out of G5, but more of a 鈥渨hat I think is going to happen鈥:
Art style: This one was tricky to figure out. G4.5/Pony Life is so perfect encapsulating what鈥檚 popular with unicorn-styled things nowadays. The forward-facing eyes, the snub cartoon pig nose, etc. However, they seem to want to continue with the world building aspect of G4, as well as the adventurous, fantasy setting. I don鈥檛 expect another Pony Life, rather, it will be more like the later seasons of FiM. A chibi style can work for a comedy series like Pony Life, but it might not work so well with something with a more serious tone. Another thing to keep in mind, is that these ponies have to look good in 3D, since the movie is animated in CGI! G4 was designed cartoon-first, and the cartoon was very flat and made to be easy to animate in Flash. With G5 being 3D, the ponies have to be much more detailed! 聽
Head/face type more like G4 Celestia or Luna. They could be just as skinny too, however, it鈥檚 more traditional for MLPs to be stocky. A pony with a stockier build is also easier to stand up and display. 聽
Body type I expect it to be as I stated above, but there may be differences per species, like unicorns being more lithe. It would be easier for Hasbro to make everyone the same, but maybe we could get some variation. There鈥檚 a certain way I鈥檝e seen ungulate legs be stylized lately in media. I don鈥檛 know how to describe it nor do I know how to draw them exactly but I鈥檒l know it when I see it if it comes into fruition! But the style in question would fit the MLP style perfectly, with the fat legs... not so much skinny 鈥淐elestia鈥 legs. 聽
Huge, sparkly eyes. MLP has seen sparkly eyes since the 2017 movie. The styling sea ponies had inset glittery eyes, and some of the other 6鈥 ponies had 鈥済litter鈥 printed on them. Pony Life/G4.5 continues this, again, not with real glitter, but rather sparkles printed on the eyes. 聽
^ Glitter in general is extremely popular with toys. Hasbro has been incredibly lazy with MLP over the past couple years, but if they wanted to, they could cover the ponies in glitter! Glitter on the wings, Cutie Marks, unicorn horns, and hooves. 聽
Eyebrows. Eyebrows have become more and more popular in toys and in fashion. Well, at least in toys I鈥檝e noticed, since I don鈥檛 keep up with makeup trends! I expect G5 to be the first pony generation to have ponies with eyebrows, thickness probably varying from pony to pony. FiM had some ponies with eyebrows, but I鈥檓 expecting everyone to have them here! 聽
Side-eyes and expressions. We are already seeing this with G4.5. I think this may continue with G5. Maybe not every pony will have eyes that are looking to the side, but some will. Expect a lot of 鈥淒reamworks faces鈥 and sassy looks! One raised eyebrow and such. 聽
2017 Movie-styled ears. Self explanatory. I think we could be getting coloured-in ears like in the Pony Life/G4.5 art. Don鈥檛 hold your breath on whether that gets brought into the toys. I have my doubts on that. 聽
Hooves! G4.5 is already playing with the idea of giving the ponies visible hooves again, and possibly even feathers, if the old leaked artwork is anything to go by. They may even give unicorns 鈥渃loven hooves鈥. But I hope they realise that a 鈥渃loven hoof鈥 isn鈥檛 a quirky horse hoof with a split halfway the middle... it鈥檚 an entire extra toe on the foot! If one unicorn has two toes, they logically all should. This can be stylized of course, but please be consistent! Sorry for the rant on that... 馃槀 聽
Hoof bottoms: MLP hooves have stylistically just been perfectly round on the bottom, including G4 and G4.5. However, in the 2017 Movie, they opted for slightly more realistic 鈥渉eart鈥 shaped hoof bottoms, lack of a better description. I think they will continue with this. This is such a small, weird detail, but it鈥檚 something I remembered about the other night... 聽
There will be a pastel unicorn. Unicorns are huge right now, and so many of the ones you see in stores have pastel, rainbow hair. I鈥檇 be surprised if Hasbro doesn鈥檛 take note of this fad for G5. 聽
Unicorns may have coloured-in horns. MLP has traditionally had horns the same colour as the pony鈥檚 body, but that may change with G5! Not a guarantee, but following the unicorn fad, unicorns in stores usually have a coloured in horn, from gold/yellow to rainbow. 聽
Another Mane 6. At the start of G4 we had an even number of pony species among the main cast: two earth ponies, two unicorns, and two pegasi. They could spread this out further if they were to incorporate other new species in the mix. But I think 2 per is the most likely scenario. Maybe we could have a Mane 7, with 2 each, and one alicorn...? Can we get dragon ponies (whether it鈥檚 kirin, longma, or something new) this time please? 聽
Character designs: Not sure exactly what the characters themselves are going to look like, of course! But I do think we will have a pastel unicorn. I hope we get to see body markings like in the concept arts. It would be a first time (-ish) for MLP and it would make the ponies even more colourful than they already are! Obvious downside is that Hasbro is likely to be lazy. I imagine the star-themed pony I designed above to maybe have a constellation-themed Cutie Mark, as I鈥檝e seen constellations be popular in merchandise. I think ponies are more likely to have accessories this time around (at least in the art, no guarantees for the toys...), and be more visually interesting. They might take cues from what鈥檚 popular right now in terms of theming. 聽
Cutie Marks: A mix of what I expect and what I want here. I think we鈥檒l get more detailed Cutie Marks in G5. G4 was very boring in terms of Cutie Mark design, and while I don鈥檛 think we鈥檒l get G3 level of detail, I think it will be a step in the right direction! 聽
Colourful hair! More wishful thinking on my part, but lots of toys nowadays have such colourful hair. I would hope that MLP goes for something more colourful like G3 and early G4. The Mane 6 were lacking in the colour department, save for Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. Them having multi-coloured hair will make them stand out compared to the solid-coloured hair toys! However, this is Hasbro we鈥檙e talking about...
I think that鈥檚 it in terms of pony designs! I have ideas for the movie too, but this is a toy collecting blog! Also in terms of pony toys, I expect to see lots of playsets! A new gen usually has a playset or two ready, but I鈥檓 looking at the 2017 Movie as a basis! I was just thinking about how much Hasbro released in 2017... the Sequestria Castle, that other seapony playset, the FiM Collection Castle, the pirate ship, the carousel recolour... so much was released and I hope Hasbro will make an effort putting even more out given that this is a BRAND NEW generation!
On another note, Hasbro may push this gen to be more 鈥済ender neutral鈥 or at least 鈥渓ess girly鈥 after the unexpected success of FiM. Despite this there has to be a 鈥渇ashionista鈥 pony like G4 Rarity to push those hair styling sets! Cadence was also made specifically to be the 鈥減ink princess鈥 to sell toys, and saw more releases than Celestia! Maybe we could get a girly girl pink unicorn to sell those Fashion Styles. ;)
Well, that鈥檚 it, I think... I hope! I feel like I鈥檓 missing things here and there and I鈥檒l probably add more things as I remember them, but that鈥檚 the gist of what I鈥檓 feeling.
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[ID: Two images showing an excerpt from the first Monster High novel by Lisi Harrison. Together, they read:
"What are you drawing?" she asked.
It wasn't the most interesting question, but it was better than anything Candance was going to say.
Jackson consulted his sketch pad as if seeing it for the first time. "It's just the carousel. You know, while it's moving."
Melody examined the blur of pastels. Inside the smudged rainbow were subtle outlines of horses and children. It had a gauzy, elusive quality to it-like the haunting memory of a dream, appearing and disappearing in fractured flashes throughout the day. "That's really good," she said, meaning it. "Have you been doing it long?"
Jackson shrugged. "Bout a half hour. I'm just waiting for my mom. She had a meeting around here, so..."
Melody giggled. "No, I meant have you been drawing long. You know, as a hobby."
"Oh." Jackson ran a hand through his hair. The choppy layers fell right back into place like cards being shuffled. "Yeah, you know, a few years."
"Nice." Melody nodded.
"Yeah." Jackson nodded back.
"Cool." Melody nodded again.
"Thanks." Jackson nodded back.
"Sure." Melody nodded.
The organ music blaring from the carousel suddenly sounded louder. Like it was trying to save them from their monosyllabic bobble-heading by offering a distraction." End ID]
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Around the Carousel
Catch me joining Damian Wayne Week after it started with some impulse fics. This is for day 2 (I almost made it to actually posting on the 14th my time). I selected the: Undercover prompt.
Summary: Bruce and Damian go undercover at a school fair. They're supposed to be investigating, instead they stop to enjoy themselves.
AO3 Link
Bruce tucked his hands into his pockets and smiled down at Damian as the boy adjusted his hat. It was the third time he鈥檇 done it in ten minutes as the wind kept pulling at it, trying to tease it off his head.
It was a windy night for them to be out. A steady breeze blew through fair stalls, kicking up banners and tablecloths, and threatening to blow papers and smaller items off of tables. It cut the late Spring heat in a nice way, making the night mild and perfect for a school fair. Which, was exactly where they were at.
鈥淚f you鈥檇 like, I can carry that for you.鈥 Bruce said.
Damian dropped his hands and looked up at Bruce, 鈥淚 am fine, Fa--Uncle Matches. It is not bothering me.鈥
鈥淎lright, whatever you say, kiddo.鈥 Bruce smiled, 鈥淵ou wanna adjust those glasses while you鈥檙e at it?鈥
His son frowned, his nose wrinkling, and sending the glasses sliding a little further down it. It was unreasonably cute. Bruce held up his phone and snapped a photo of his son. The flash went off and when Bruce dropped his phone Damian was looking surprised.
鈥淔or posterity's sake.鈥 Bruce explained, examining the picture, it had caught Damian鈥檚 expression perfectly.
He attached it to a text and sent it to Dick, anticipating a response of jealousy from his eldest. Dick was in Bludhaven, working his own case, and had to bow out of joining the Matches boys as they went undercover.
鈥淯ncle Matches, are you planning to spend all night looking at your phone or are we to explore the fair? You promised to examine my entry for the art exhibit.鈥
How Damian had managed to get a piece in an art exhibit at a school he didn鈥檛 even attend Bruce was still figuring out. Apparently he鈥檇 had Oracle hack into the system and create a profile and enrollment information for one Matthew 鈥淢atches鈥 Malone. Damian鈥檚 art was set up under the moniker Lil鈥 Matches, and even thinking about it made Bruce smile.
鈥淥f course, lead the way.鈥
Damian nodded, the action shaking his glasses loose again. Bruce bit back a smile. It was Damian who鈥檇 insisted on going the Clark Kent route with glasses and selecting clear ones to help obscure their identities, instead of the normal shades that paired with the Matches persona. It would be hard to defend sunglasses at a fair that took place mostly after dark.
It had been a good call, so far no one had recognized them in their suits and glasses, and they鈥檇 been able to enter the fair and purchase game tickets with ease.
His kid adjusted the glasses again, turned on his heel and began to lead Bruce. He followed at a leisurely pace, enjoying the lights strung across stalls, the smell of food frying, and the calls of students manning games and trying to get them to use their tickets to purchase sketches or experiences.
鈥淚 believe our target is one of the art students. Most have been asked to spend time by their pieces at the exhibit.鈥 Damian explained as he walked.
鈥淲hat time is their slot?鈥 Bruce asked, eyes catching on a bottle toss game.
鈥淗e should arrive in approximately an hour.鈥
鈥淎n hour you say?鈥 Bruce hooked an arm around Damian鈥檚 shoulders and spun him back towards the bottle toss, 鈥淭hen why don鈥檛 we spend some time enjoying the fair, my dear nephew?鈥
Damian stopped and looked up at him with open surprise, 鈥淏ut we are on a case?鈥
鈥淎t a school fair. The likes of which I don鈥檛 think you鈥檝e ever properly attended. Didn鈥檛 the one at your school get interrupted?鈥
Bruce frowned, 鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 go, I remember that. What happened?鈥
His son looked down at the ground, fascinated by the way dust coated his shoe, 鈥淭here was a Scarecrow attack the night prior. I--was incapacitated by it.鈥
He remembered now. Damian had taken a dose of toxin for Tim when his brother鈥檚 mask had cracked. Both of them had been down for a while, but Damian had been exposed longer than Tim by the time Batman and Spoiler had arrived. He鈥檇 been shaky and sick for days after.
Bruce squeezed Damian鈥檚 shoulder, 鈥淎ll the more reason to enjoy this one.鈥
He tried not to think about how Dick would have remembered right away and not pushed the subject, or how even if he had fallen in this pit he鈥檇 have figured out how to cheer Damian right away, 鈥淲e can afford some distraction, you don鈥檛 want to be bored for an hour do you?鈥
Damian hummed, and glanced up, 鈥淚 would not be opposed to trying a game or two.鈥
鈥淧erfect, let鈥檚 start with the ring toss.鈥 Bruce smiled.
They traded in some tickets for both of them to get a chance at the ring toss. The operator pointed at some green rimmed bottles, 鈥淕et at least three rings on the green and you鈥檒l win a prize. If both of you get three onto green you can get one of the big ones or two smaller prizes.鈥
They had four chances each. Bruce glanced at Damian. He was focused, feeling the weight of the rings in his hands, and eyeing the bottles like he was doing the math in his head calculating what it would take to get them perfectly in place.
After a moment Damian tossed the first ring, it caught at the edge of one of the green bottles and slipped off. He frowned at it, nodded, and then tossed his remaining three in quick succession. All three landed around bottles.
Bruce grinned, and looked up to see the surprise on the operator's face. His son was extraordinary, and Bruce loved seeing him show off.
He took his own time tossing his rings, landing three as well, and missing his last. He shrugged, not minding missing one. They still met the requirements for the big prize.
鈥淲ell, kiddo, what do you want?鈥 He asked.
Damian looked up at the racks of plushes hanging from the top of the booth, considering. He pointed at two of the smaller ones. One was a dog dressed as Batman, with a little cowl and cape, and the other was a duck wearing a green deerstalker cap, with a small magnifying glass attached to one of its wings.
The operator handed Damian both animals with a smile, 鈥淕ood choices, looks like you鈥檙e a fan of detectives.鈥
鈥淵es.鈥 Damian said, 鈥淚 am, as is my brother. He will enjoy the duck. Thank you for the diverting game, and best of luck with others.鈥
As they walked away, Damian handed Bruce the duck, 鈥淚 trust you to keep an eye on this.鈥 he said, 鈥淚f you lose it Timothy will be terribly disappointed. I cannot miss bringing him a souvenir twice in a row.鈥
Bruce raised an eyebrow at him, 鈥淚t鈥檚 not for Dick?鈥
鈥淭t, I would have selected a different animal for him, perhaps an elephant or bird.鈥 Damian fiddled with one of the ears of the cowl on his dog, 鈥淚 promised Timothy a prize if I won one last time, it was supposed to be in exchange for driving Jon and I. Even though the event did not happen, he might still enjoy one from here.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sure he will.鈥 Bruce said, resisting the urge to tug Damian into a tight hug, 鈥淲hat would you like to do next? That didn鈥檛 take us very long.鈥
His son looked around the fair, 鈥淧erhaps we could try one of the rides? Is there one you particularly enjoy?鈥
Bruce looked up around them, the fair had a variety of rides. The school had managed to hire a good selection, including a carousel. Bruce pointed at it, they could just see the pointed top from where they were.
鈥淭he carousel, you鈥檒l love it.鈥
This time Bruce led, with Damian close by his side, as they walked, Bruce gave into the desire to reach down and take Damian鈥檚 hand in his own. When the boy looked up at him Bruce smiled, 鈥淚t鈥檚 normal for families to do, especially in a busy place like this.鈥
The crowd wasn鈥檛 so thick Bruce was worried about losing Damian, but the move felt natural. He鈥檇 held his other children鈥檚 hands at events like this before, even Tim鈥檚, though they鈥檇 gone well after the boy was the usual age for hand holding when wandering around an event. Damian didn鈥檛 seem too upset, in fact he gave Bruce鈥檚 hand a squeeze.
鈥淭hat makes sense. As my Uncle you would be concerned for my safety and wish me to stay close.鈥
鈥淥f course.鈥 Bruce nodded.
Soon they reached the carousel. Bruce watched Damian with a close eye as they approached. Damian鈥檚 face went from cautious and curious, to delighted. There was something about being at the fair and undercover that seemed to let his son react a little more openly than he might if they were somewhere else. Bruce contributed it to the magic of the night.
鈥淚t has animals?鈥 he asked, looking up at Bruce.
鈥淵ep, different types. Carousel horses and animals are actually a really unique type of art. There are some horses that have sold for tens of thousands of dollars.鈥 He explained, 鈥淎nd some artists who spend their whole lives making just horses for them.鈥
Damian鈥檚 eyes had gone very wide now, his face open with childlike delight, 鈥淎nd we are allowed to ride them?鈥
鈥淢ost yes, this one probably isn鈥檛 as fancy as some, but if you鈥檙e interested I鈥檓 sure we can visit a few of the more famous ones. I bet Dick鈥檚 seen some really cool ones from when he was younger.鈥
The look on Damian鈥檚 face, of excitement and anticipation was enough to melt Bruce鈥檚 heart and say yes to anything the kid might ask. Bruce tugged him forward.
鈥淐ome on, let鈥檚 get in line.鈥
They didn鈥檛 have long to wait, just until the ride stopped and emptied off. From there, they traded in a few more tickets for a chance to ride. Damian wandered the whole of the ride before selecting a white horse with gold trimmings. Bruce took the brown one beside it. They鈥檇 taken so long selecting, that almost the moment after they were settled, the ride began to move.
Damian鈥檚 laugh when the horse he was on began to rise and fall along with the forward momentum of the carousel was like music. Bruce wanted to take him on every carousel in the world to keep hearing that laugh and seeing that smile.
鈥淢ay we go again?鈥 Damian asked, the moment the ride stopped.
鈥淥f course.鈥 Bruce told him.
After the second ride, they stepped off and back into the crowd. Bruce checked his watch, they still had some time to spare before they had to be at the art display. He glanced around and caught sight of some food stands.
鈥淗ave you had a funnel cake before?鈥 He asked, elbowing Damian.
His son shook his head.
鈥淭hen we鈥檙e getting one.鈥 Bruce declared, 鈥淭hey鈥檙e the perfect mix of fried dough and toppings. We鈥檝e got enough time to enjoy one before getting back on track.鈥
Damian looked less excited by the prospect of fried dough, but agreed to try it. Soon, the two of them were seated at a picnic table with a funnel cake between them. It was topped with powdered sugar, chocolate, sprinkles, and even some whipped topping. Damian gaped at the concoction, but Bruce passed him a fork with confidence.
鈥淵ou just have to go at it.鈥 he explained, 鈥淒ig in and enjoy.鈥
His son snorted, 鈥淭hat sounds like something Richard would say.鈥
Bruce grinned at him, 鈥淚t should, he told me the very same thing when he introduced me to funnel cakes.鈥
Together they managed to eat the entire funnel cake. As Bruce set his plastic fork down, he thought finishing it off might have been a mistake even if they weren鈥檛 in the middle of an undercover operation. His stomach felt heavy with grease, sugar, and bread.
鈥淭hat was--a lot.鈥 Damian said, finishing his bottle of water.
鈥淵es.鈥 Bruce said, wiping at his fake moustache, 鈥淚t was. But I think we鈥檒l be fine. It鈥檚 about time to head over to the exhibit.鈥
He wanted to get there early enough to see Damian鈥檚 piece. The kid had been very secretive of what he鈥檇 been working on for it. Taking the project as seriously as he would have as if it were for his own school fair. Bruce wanted to be able to enjoy it before they disrupted everything.
They were here to catch one of the students in the act of trying to blackmail a teacher. Damian had gotten news of it from his friend Collin, letting him know that strange things were going down. After some research, Damian had found some discrepancies in grades with a few of the students, and noted one teacher withdrawing large sums of money on a regular basis. Not enough to make a kid rich, but enough to placate a teen who鈥檇 watched too much television.
Damian had brought the case to Bruce, and together they鈥檇 worked out that this would be the next best place to find the kid and teacher interacting in a public location. From what Bruce could tell, the teacher hadn鈥檛 done anything against his students, instead he seemed to be in the middle of an affair with a seperate teacher. The plan was to bust the student, or at the very least record the exchange and get it in the hands of the administration.
The teacher in question? One of the art instructors.
They tossed their trash into a bin and Bruce let Damian lead him over to where the art exhibit was put up. It was tucked in one of the further corners of the fair, out of the way of chaos, but on a busy enough route that plenty of people were stopping by to look at the art.
鈥淲hich one is yours?鈥 Bruce asked.
鈥淎h, it is this here.鈥 Damian led him to a painting hanging up on a temporary pillar.
It was a painting of the garden outside Wayne manor. Done in bright beautiful colors it looked like you could step right into the painting. Portions of the paint were raised up to create texture and shadows, like the petals on flowers. In one portion, Bruce could see Alfred the cat sleeping in a patch of sun.
鈥淚t鈥檚 gorgeous.鈥 Bruce said, 鈥渢he detail is incredible.鈥
Damian was blushing, 鈥淚t is nothing, a quick painting.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 sell yourself short, I know you were working on this for hours.鈥 Bruce told him, 鈥淒o you get to bring it home?鈥
鈥淵es.鈥 Damian said, 鈥淚 was not sure what to do with it.鈥
鈥淲e鈥檒l hang it up, of course. There鈥檚 a spot in the library I think will work well. Some greenery in a very brown room.鈥
At this point, Damian鈥檚 ears had gone red, 鈥淚f you are sure.鈥
Bruce nodded, 鈥淚 am.鈥
They spent a little longer looking at Damian鈥檚 painting before they shifted to look at some of the other pieces on display. There were quite a few that were really good, and a number of interesting ones. Some looked as if they had been submitted just for a grade, but all in all it was enjoyable.
Bruce was busy looking over a self portrait when he felt a small sharp elbow jab him in the side. He looked up to see Damian staring at another young man. Probably about sixteen, who鈥檇 just walked into the display area.
鈥淭hat him?鈥 he asked.
Damian nodded, 鈥淟et us wait to see if he approaches Mr. Franklin.鈥
Bruce slipped his phone out of his pocket and played with it, as if he were taking general photos.
鈥淢atches, why don鈥檛 you stand by your painting? I want to get a picture of you with it.鈥 he said, affecting a delighted uncle voice, 鈥淚鈥檓 sure your dad would love to see it.鈥
They moved over to the painting, and Bruce aimed the phone as he walked. Mr. Franklin was situated just behind the pillar with Damian鈥檚 painting on it. He snapped a few pictures of Damian, directing the kid to smile and pose, before slipping the phone鈥檚 setting over to video. He shifted slightly so that Franklin was in frame and hit record.
After a moment, the other boy approached him. Bruce inched forward to make sure he could get sound, and glanced over at Damian. The kid was hurrying away, off to find a separate teacher to bring over and hopefully stumble on the blackmail scene.
The exhibit was a good place to meet as Franklin was in charge of it and there wasn鈥檛 any reason for other teachers to wander over unless they were just checking things out. Most were too busy for that, with their own booths and class exhibits to care for.
Thankfully, Bruce did catch the conversation clearly from where he was. He hoped that no one would notice he鈥檇 stopped recording his kid, and started just recording the area. If he had to, he鈥檇 just say it was b-roll for a home video or something.
It wasn鈥檛 very long before Damian came back, a teacher at his heels. Bruce shifted the camera subtly back towards Damian鈥檚 painting.
鈥淎nd here is my Uncle Malone. He can vouch for my skills if my piece does not convince you.鈥 Damian was saying.
The teacher opened her mouth to say something, and then suddenly the boy speaking to Mr. Franklin shouted, 鈥淭his is not what we agreed on!鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry--鈥 she said, 鈥淢atches, Mr. Malone I鈥檒l be right back.鈥
With that, she split from them to intervene on the argument. Bruce stopped his recording, and sent the video to Oracle who was going to forward it to the school.
鈥淲ell, that should take care of that.鈥 Bruce said, turning to Damian, 鈥淗ow about we enjoy the rest of the fair? We鈥檝e still got tickets, and there鈥檚 some rides we haven鈥檛 tried yet.鈥
Damian nodded, 鈥淭hat sounds acceptable. This fair has been, quite fun. And I am enjoying spending time with you.鈥
Bruce grinned, and tugged Damian into a hug, 鈥淢e too.鈥
鈥淲e should do the carousel again.鈥 Damian said, stepping away to take Bruce鈥檚 hand, 鈥淎nd after that there is something that apparently spins you at such a speed you are stuck to the wall.鈥
鈥淥h? Well, lead the way, we鈥檒l go until I feel like I鈥檝e had a full patrol.鈥
Damian grinned at that, and Bruce felt his heart soar. He was going to have to figure out other ways of getting them undercover to things like this. Or just take Damian out to fairs more often as father and son.
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cryptid-killjoy a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bastien Head Canon: With Bastien鈥檚 carousel designing - these wouldn鈥檛 really be it - they鈥檙e random and his would be more cohesive and all have a certain Bastien style and flair, color design, motif. Real fancy. But, what Bastien is doing and only Maddy would know is he鈥檚 starting to create not just horses but special designs to tell the story of their life with their friends. Since being in NZ he鈥檚 decided to add a shark and a husky to the mix. Most would just be sketches still, but he鈥檇 have some started in the house that he uses as his dangerous workshop on the property he bought. He鈥檚 creating a hippocampus for a sea themed one. He鈥檚 not even quite sure who that鈥檚 for yet but he鈥檚 working on it thinking of Valerie. But with Triton and Delta and even Willem, Hook, and Livvy too. The sea seems big. So, he鈥檚 putting a lot into that one since hippocampuses are very traditional carousel additions and a good chance for him to try and get fancy and show off, take his time with the carvings. But, he鈥檚 got the chicken for the voodooists, the llama for Kuzpins, a reaper, a dragon, a donkey for Eeyore, a hint to Dale too. hints to all the history of Nola. The island. Iorek. Plans for a brown bear for Koda. Bastien being the fly on the wall, and all he鈥檚 a part of, everything that touches him, or he鈥檚 touched in some way. Fig and Chip鈥檚 racoons. The swamp gators, Hook and Medusa鈥檚 old Tick Tock. The swan boat. He won鈥檛 be making the swan an up and down ride like a horse, no way. A boat for couples, parents. It鈥檚 all in his sketch book. It鈥檚 all in the works. All in the making bit by bit with plenty of room for more ideas as they come to him. It鈥檇 be his little secret with Maddy that he鈥檚 got everyone and the whole town in mind as he鈥檚 making it, how much he鈥檚 really putting into it. Piper was there for the idea forming, but Maddy鈥檚 watching it play out. Well, Frank too. Frank always knows it all.聽
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shiningdesignersreflections 10 months ago
Sonya: Carnival Scene
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Designer鈥檚 Reflection: Carnival Scene
Obtained: Welfare/Gacha (100 free pulls)
Rarity: SSR
Attribute: Pink/Sweet
Awakened Suit: Festival Scene
Story - Transcripts from Designer鈥檚 Reflection
Chapter 1 - Returning Home
Chapter 2 - First Impressions
Chapter 3 - Colorful Carousel
Chapter 4 - Shadows of Time
Story - Summarized
Sonya returns to Flowerland as her design brand debuts at Helz鈥檚 store. As she passes some girls, they compliment her hair and dress. She remembers how insecure and shy she used to feel, and she reminisces when she moved to Flowerland.
Her father鈥檚 job made him move to different cities and countries, and Sonya moved with her family to Flowerland in high school. She hated being the new girl, and she hated how her bright red-orange hair made her stand out in the crowd. So, she often found peace sketching next to a lake behind the amusement park.
Two students follow her one day, a spunky girl named Luna and an awkward sweetheart named Egg Tart. They were impressed with her drawings and wanted to get to know her. Sonya didn鈥檛 say anything, but she felt comfortable around them. Soon, the two were taking Sonya to the amusement park. Her favorite ride, and the only one she rode, was the carousel.
When the amusement park held a design contest, Luna and Egg Tart encouraged Sonya to enter. She decided to base her design on the carousel, and she had her friends help her polish the design. And her design won the contest. She wore her dress in a promotional photo shoot.
Years later, that same photo is in the updated amusement park. After meeting Helz, Sonya decides to visit the amusement park again. As she walks around, she remembers sketching by the lake, hanging out with friends, riding the carousel...
Sonya finds a photo booth that still displays her picture. And soon, she will meet Luna and Egg Tart again thanks to Nikki and Momo鈥檚 help.
-Sonya and Leonid are two designers so far that never show their face within their own Designer鈥檚 Reflection. For Leonid, he was a recluse, and Sonya was very shy and quiet growing up.
-This Reflection takes place the day that Sonya meets Nikki, but it鈥檚 a memory within a memory as she thinks back on her schoolgirl days and the inspiration for the dress. It ends right before she meets up with Nikki, Luna, and Egg Tart.
Fun Facts
-Sonya鈥檚 carousel dress is reminiscent of winter holidays, with the color palette and the toy-like horses circling the dress, that it鈥檚 a perfect fit for the winter months.
-Sonya鈥檚 design is very nostalgic looking, so she tells her Reflection as if passing along memories to a friend.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Continuous Carousel
This piece took forever but it was WORTH IT. I鈥檓 not even gonna say how many layers I ended up with, it鈥檚 ridiculous.
When I was researching carousels and patterns thereof, I noticed all the patterns I saw were either repeating isolated horses, or 1-2 repeating isolated drawings of a carousel. I didn鈥檛 see any that were just a continuous ride, which seemed like a gap that needed to be filled.
I love how all the colorways turned out, but my favorites have got to be the chocolate-inspired ones (first row). The rich colors combined with the detailed design just works.
Here鈥檚 my original sketch:
Tumblr media
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misnis a year ago
Tumblr media
sneak peak at a thing im workin on bc i was pretty proud of it jvdnvd welcome to the hell carousel.....its goth as fuck
[Image ID: A digital sketch in red pencil of a piece of paper with blueprints for a carousel on it. The carousel is demon themed, with skulls, demon horns, flames, and pentagrams covering the top of it, and upside down crosses along the bottom. There are three horses visible on it, one breathing a flame, one with a very long tongue, and one that is just a skeleton. The paper has the corner of a book, a flask, and multiple stains covering its edges.]
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bighousela a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
MODERN ART chronicles a life-long rivalry between two mavericks of the London art world; the rebellious art critic Peter Fuller and Michael Minas the most expensive living artist of all time, as they cut their path from the swinging sixties through the collapse of modern art in Thatcher-era Britain.
WRITER鈥橲 STATEMENT Peter Fuller was my late father and I wrote this Biopic screenplay based on his memoirs, private letters and journals from the archive held at the TATE. This project has allowed me a dialog with the father I never knew. The story really came together when I created the character of Michael Minas out of Peter鈥檚 best friends and rivals, and my own adaptation. Comparisons have been made to two of the most popular streaming series this year; THE CROWN, which has brought a context to 20th Century British political and cultural history like never before. And breakout series QUEEN鈥橲 GAMBIT which has popularized the game of chess, an otherwise niche field, whose participants are obsessive and yet the story is entirely character driven. These are equally the aims of MODERN ART. 2020 has only proven we need art, now more than ever. Peter Fuller was like a punch in the guts to the art world from 1969 to 1990. I want for this film to reach the person walking into an art museum for the first time knowing nothing about the paintings in front of them and hit them emotionally just as hard as the collector with five Picassos on their wall. This is an inside look into a world that is a closed door to the average person, I want to kick that door down with this piece. Laurence Fuller, 2020
SYNOPSIS INTERVIEWER: Michael Minas, your latest piece, a car wreckage made of solid gold at Deutscher Galleries, has made you the most expensive living artist of all time. Can you tell our readers what you believe is the state of Modern Art? MICHAEL: This moment, as we all know, is missing someone. He was my oldest friend and greatest adversary. Thirty years on and we still feel his absence stronger than ever. He pulled himself to the centre of this carousel and watched the horses dance for his pleasure, wincing at the neon lights. PETER FULLER鈥 This is all your fault. When my assistant found Peter鈥檚 journal in my studio this morning, there was no more hiding the origins of my work. The radical 60s; John Lennon plays guitar with Che Guevara, Vanessa Redgrave rallies a protest in Trafalgar Square, Peter and I were there for it all and we had the scars to prove it. Shaggy hair and anarchy everywhere. Art was the centre of this game and art was radical. It was time to question everyone and everything. And yet, Peter was struggling to find his voice amongst so many competing agendas. Peter was a terrible painter, I kept encouraging him to write instead, none-the-less he insisted on having a solo exhibition, for which he sketched his first wife the sensual COLETTE as the Venus De Milo. The show was a critical disaster in all the papers across England, I should know, I wrote one of them. Peter鈥檚 confidence as a painter was shattered, but it was that day a critic was born. Britain didn鈥檛 need another painter, it needed a writer. I connected him with the revolutionary journalist Tariq Ali who inspired him with the words 鈥淲rite our revolution. Seize the time.鈥 Peter鈥檚 fierce and prolific columns inevitably led him to JOHN BERGER. There was no greater critic at the time. After an invitation to join Berger at his home in France, they talked for days, Peter became fascinated by the man, who became his surrogate father. I am ashamed to admit it now, but I was jealous. The three of us locked in a power struggle: Two brothers fighting for the father鈥檚 approval. At Berger鈥檚 request to find out which side he鈥檚 really on, he asked me to keep an eye on Peter. I watched him in the hungry hours of the art openings. I watched him feed his demons at the late night whipping houses and horse tracks where he spent his last pennies on the strangest hopes. Little did I know, he was watching me just as closely. I took it upon myself to steal his journals. I could not do this alone. I had to enlist the help of the person closest to him, Colette. As I read them feverishly, of course I knew it was wrong, but what was he hiding? I was obsessed with trying to figure him out.
Anxiously I read in Peter鈥檚 journals how he wrestled with his father in the tormented dreams of his childhood where we first met at boarding school. The older boys could be unusually cruel back then. Failing to comply with their authority we were tied to a fence in a bull paddock and whipped within an inch of our lives. Reading his account again inspired me to create the exhibition MINOTAUR鈥橲 SONG in 1986. I knew I could never beat Peter with words, but my art would torture him and force him to rebel against us. And he did by publishing brutal columns. John felt as though he had lost his son, he turned to me. Colette could no longer bare Peter鈥檚 anguish and the marriage was ripped apart, she turned to me. Peter went mad with jealousy and confronted Berger and myself at the exhibition. Our next debate was televised and it was merciless. Peter turned his back on all of us. He was black listed across the entire art publishing trade, except for his own passionate glossy MODERN PAINTERS. The magazine tore the entire establishment apart on both sides of the divide. There, revealed at its centre, was Peter holding the curtain open to the dying light of beauty. At the launch neither Berger, nor I were spared in the most intense debate I have witnessed let alone been a part of, as nobody could use language as a weapon like Peter. Finally, he had undeniably found his voice. I did not see his final letter until after the car crash which claimed his life so abruptly. Of course Peter鈥檚 final move in this game is a crescendo which reveals the purpose of beauty and the preciousness of life. Who better to deliver me this message than my assistant, but did she know more than she was letting on? George Mackay Michael Minas MICHAEL MINAS - 30s Caucasian Male (British), Peter鈥檚 lifelong best friend, though rougher round the edges, the two are locked in a constant cycle of camaraderie and rivalry. The emotional rollercoaster of their relationship escalates from adolescence through the revolutionary 60s, into passionate televised debates of the 80s, sensational art openings and betrayals of love and loyalties, played out on the art world鈥檚 stage. LEAD JOHN BERGER - 40s-50s (British), a handsome man with a large presence and a wisdom that is expressed in the lines of his face and the openness of his heart. John Berger was the leading art critic in England throughout the 20th Century. Notorious and internationally recognized for his controversial perspective on art criticism which was also deeply personal and autobiographical. He was Peter鈥檚 mentor and over time his surrogate father as their intense relationship sent ripples throughout the art world. LEAD
Modern Art Script Trailer
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jolenelaiart 6 months ago
Sketching out another wooden horse tonight.
#jolenelai #drawing #sketch #art #wip #outlines #pencildrawing #horse #carousel
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