sydneyjzcimpressive · a day ago
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gothitelle-goddess · a day ago
I love Persona 5 because one of the mechanics is “There is a god who has taken an innocent child and split her into two parts for his sadistic game, and these two sides treat you as a prisoner, even using violence at provocation. You are allowed to babysit them and they get super excited when they see the dolphin show in the aquarium.”
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endlessly-night · a day ago
Tumblr media
No me convencía su primer diseño🥺🥺🥺💙👉👈 pero ahora sí 💌
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the-dangerous-mute-lunatic · 2 months ago
You have been in suspension for 9999999-
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nyc-looks · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Caroline, 36
“I am wearing a Ramona Gomez dress, Reike Nen shoes, and JW Pei bag.”
Sep 10, 2021 ∙ Bushwick
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charmedslayer · 3 months ago
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Every Outfit: Legacies ↳ Caroline Forbes
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thewindowofthesummerhouse · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Rovina Cai
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faeromone · 2 months ago
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more portal art for you hungry little gay people
also some oc stuff
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squidwujun · a month ago
Neil Straightman could never.
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forestfolke · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
*Fixes your tie like you are an annoying child and I am your mother*
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fernal-red · a month ago
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Been awhile since I’ve drawn Caroline. The top pic was a commission I did for Tim Paraxade over on twitter, and the bottom was just a quick doodle I drew later on
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anime-lover-forever-1127 · 2 months ago
Klaus Just Found Out That Caroline Is Married
Rebekah: Why is Klaus crying on the bathroom floor
Kol: He’s drunk
Rebekah: and?
Kol: He found out Caroline is married
Rebekah: But he’s her husband
Kol: Yeah I know that
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glados-is-a-lesbian · a month ago
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just gonna keep posting pics from this 2 year old photoshoot forever
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osatokun · 3 months ago
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Second character lineup! the first one is here if you want to support my personal art,please check out my patreon 
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redbrax · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
my piece for the still alive zine lol i felt like i spent a million hrs finding references for the room chell’s in
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fuerrziah · 2 months ago
sketch requested by @fangirlsintrenchcoats !
Tumblr media
as always i love making simple sketches, and adding various colors 😌
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zialinbanana · 20 days ago
hey, long time no see! I’ve been so busy with work. If you’re still doing requests, can you please draw Caroline from Portal?
Yeah me too ! I'm still doing request and that was a very fun idea, I tried to do something a little different hope you'll like it
Tumblr media
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