literalliterature · a day ago
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Finally a good time to post this! Here's a redesign of my holiday Sinosauropteryx, which is in my red bubble (link in pinned)
[ID: A cartoony drawing of a Sinosauropteryx, a fuzzy theropod dinosaur with a mostly red coat, a white underbelly and face, and a long, red and white striped tail. They have holly leaves tucked into their head fluff and carry a candy cane in their mouth as they run along, looking behind them with a smile. The background is light green. End ID.]
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rosenkranz-does-things · 11 months ago
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trying out the new paints with a color study
[id: gouache painting of a black and white cat on a bright yellow background. she looks down at the viewer with bright blue eyes. she's wearing a blue collar with a round blue bell and a big red heart with the letters "ty". on the second picture there's the same painting surrounded by gouache tubes. /end id]
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middle-earth-mythopoeia · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— Éowyn, The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
Paintings by Matthew Stewart, Nick Robles, Chris Rahn, Çağlayan Kaya Göksoy, Craig Spearing, and Stephen Graham Walsh
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miseriathome · 7 months ago
Video description and transcription:
Tiktok by Tyler from Fig (tylerandhistummy)
[Tyler faces the camera and speaks to it.]
If this video helps even one person, it was worth it.
So, I've got a ton of ingredients that my body reacts to: corn, citric acid, gluten, chocolate, bananas, peanut oil--I'm all over the place.
It was so hard to read ingredient labels and just find food that I could eat. Grocery trips were unbearable, they took like two or three hours usually.
But I always had this idea on how to make it easier. So I quit my job and helped build an app over the past few years. And that app's called Fig.
[A phone screen showing the app interface, which Tyler scrolls through. Top text reads: "First up: Do you follow any of these diets? Dietary restrictions are complex - it's ok to select more than one!" Underneath is a checklist of ingredients and dietary restriction, including categories with suboptions.]
What makes fig unique is we're trying to help pretty much everybody that has to avoid certain ingredients.
That means we've got a ton of things that you can select from--even really specific ingredients.
[Camera briefly returns to Tyler's face again.]
And like I had dreamed of for so many years, checking ingredients is as quick as this.
[A phone camera scans the barcode on a bottle of spices. Details about the product appear, including an ingredients list and allergen statement. The ingredient "citric acid" appears in red all-caps. There is also an accompanying message that says "This product does not match your Fig."]
And finding food you can eat is as simple as this.
[The app displays a scrollable list of food items, similar to a storefront. Each item has a save toggle and is accompanied by a photo, the product brand/name, and its size. There is a search bar labeled "search for a product." There are also menus for narrowing the search; one is set to "allowed," one is set to "Whole Foods," and another unaltered menu is titled "Category."]
[The camera returns to Tyler.]
So if you know anybody with food allergies, stomach issues, other dietary restrictions, I'd really appreciate it if you shared it with them.
[The appstore listing for Fig: Food Scanner & Discovery.]
It's called Fig, it's completely free, and you can get it on iOS and Android in the US.
[Tyler smiles at the camera.]
Thanks for helping out.
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queerforscience · 24 days ago
Grian being an executive dysfunction icon on Impulse’s stream this morning
[Video description: A Minecraft video from ImpulseSV’s stream with Impulse’s face cam in the corner. Impulse is a white man with short brown facial hair wearing a Cardinals hat.
Impulse makes and places a sign reading “1. Press record. 2. Get string. 3. Make scaffolding. 4. Build base out.]
Impulse: Okay, there you go. There’s your to-do list.
[Grian, whose Minecraft skin is a white man with short brown hair in a red shirt, looks at the sign. ]
Grian: Okay, right right right. This list would be great... if I could read!
[Grian breaks the sign with a diamond ax, then runs off, growling slightly. Impulse laughs.]
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prime-tiktoks · a year ago
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cass-cc · 23 days ago
Making twitch clips of Rusty Quill's TMA2 stream on the 30th and realized I have the power to do edits now.
Video description/captions under the readmore
[ID: a clip from Rusty_Quill's "The Magnus Archives 2 Kickstarter Pre-Launch!" Twitch Livestream. On screen are Alexander J Newall, Helen Gould, and Jonny Sims.
Jonny: Incidentally- incidentally- I- there's- there's another thing that I'm gonna spoil.
The video zooms in on Alex's window and replays Jonny saying "that I'm gonna spoil" in slow motion. Alex's face drops as soon as Jonny says "spoil" and an eerie synth noise starts.
A screenshot of the twitch chat is overlaid:
SashaNoumann: Alex looks terrified
tirednwild: KSUDHGKUSG
interstieller: ALEX'S FACE
Text boxes appear one after the other on screen, getting progressively shakier:
"oh god, oh fuck."
"what's he going to say now?"
"Jonny, it doesn't have to be like this"
"should I get Martyn to cut stream?"
"or would the snipers be faster?"
The synth noise cuts off as the video reverts itself back to showing Alex, Helen, and Jonny again as the stream continues.
Helen: Oh?
Jonny: and it's that Alex- Alex is stopping me... From naming one of the protagonists "Alexander J Newall."
Helen: [laughing]
Alex: Why should I pay for YOUR mistakes, Jonny??
Alex: It would-it would- it would do SO much damage SO quickly... Oh god, Jonny. Don't you dare.
Jonny: Now, to be fair, we're- we are co- we are co-writing it. You are... Perfectly able - and have, on several occasions - simply delete it.
Helen: [laughing]
Alex, jokingly: Hah. "Hi, everyone. Yeah, The Magnus Archives 2 isn't happening." "Why." "'Cause Jonny doesn't know when to quit."
Helen: [laughing]
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enderscribbles · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
episode 6 was delightful andhera really just heard all of it huh
[ID: Digital pencil sketch of Andhera, KP Hob and Delloso de la Rue from A court of Fey and Flowers. Rue is in their owlbear from wearing a dress covered by peonies, enamored by Hob. Hob is standing upright with a stern expression, slightly sweaty but barely noticeable. Andhera stands between them but not breaking their line of sight, glancing between them. There's clouds that float above all of them, gather mostly on top of Andhera's head, but smaller clouds of thoughts each form above Rue and Hob's head, reading "I can't not love him" and "They're just like me fr" respectively. There's an arrow pointing at Andhera and a line of text that says "knower of things". He's very sweaty about thought reading. /End ID]
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vulqan · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
(ID in alt) get his ass Blue!!!!
(for context, Blue is one of Bdubs' stream moderators)
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disabilityhealth · 5 months ago
When I wake up full of motivation but my body refuses to let me do anything
Tumblr media
[ Gif of a crying Ann Hathaway saying, “It isn’t fair.” ]
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adventuresloane · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Binx but they're based on a black witch moth. You agree. Reblog.
[ID: A drawing showing Binx Choppley from behind. They are a slender fae with pointed ears and straight black hair in a bob. She wears a purple dress with shimmering bronze-colored accents, and her wings, resembling those of a moth, are spread. The wings are mostly brown and streaked with various white, purple, black, and yellow lines. There are also brown and gold eyespots in the shape of a magnifying glass on the forewings, along with smaller, ovular eyespots on the hindwings. Binx looks back at the viewer, holding a spool of red thread in one hand and scissors preparing to cut the thread in the other. The background is dark gray. End ID.]
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peppermintprism · a year ago
Tumblr media
For anyone in the US looking to tear out their lawn, check out Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t on YouTube.
Edit to include caption:
[Image ID: A screenshot of a post from Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t that reads, “Attention to all CPBBD viewers in the US with lawns that they’ve been wanting to destroy but who haven’t quite gotten up the nerve or motivation to do it yet:
Crime Pays has a project in the works that involves removing (killing) a vacuous green suburban turf and replacing it with a lush and vibrant native plant garden with regionally local native plants. We will Turn a bland and sterile front yard into a pollinator buffet, all for free, and film the process.
If this sounds like something you might be into, please write us at [email protected] with a description of your situation, where you live, and a good way to contact you.
We are preferably looking for people that live in places where lawns make the least sense, like the desert Southwest, but no turf is too good to be destroyed. Unless they are being used for sports or for kids to play on, lawns are a silly and banal idea and status symbol that needs to die with much of the other obsolete ideas of the last century. But this doesn’t even need to be any silly political shit, lawns are just boring and a pain in the ass. Why not create habitat and restore some of your region’s native ecology instead?
Write us: [email protected] End ID]
Thank you to @ratsoku for taking the time to write out the image ID
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rosenkranz-does-things · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
the keeper of oranges
[id: a watercolor painting of a tabby cat in a straw hat, surrounded by boxes of oranges. /end id]
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Tumblr media
Image ID:
The words, "late night reminders" written in gold block letters and "for when your brain is being mean to you" written in smaller white block letters underneath. Under that, there are six drawings with text under each one, 3 in each row:
a crescent moon with "you are deserving of love." Beside, there's a cloud with "everyone doesn't hate you." Beside that, there are 3 "z"s indicating sleep with "you are capable of so much." The second row contains stars with "what you are seeking will come to you," a planet with "what others did to you isn't your fault," and the big dipper constellation with "you aren't a failure."
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literalliterature · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Just wanted to do a real quick one. Bearange :)
[ID: A simplified drawing of an orange bear in profile with a cream-colored belly and muzzle. The bear has brown cheek freckles, a dot eye, and a couple of green leaves sprouting from their head. They look upward with one paw raised. Around them are two whole oranges and one orange slice. The background is light blue. End ID.]
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rimurutempest · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Image ID: 3 images are arranged vertically.
The first image is a screenshot of a tweet by Qasim Rashid, Esq. under the handle @/QasimRashid, from November 16th, 2020, at 8:54 AM, that reads "Cancelling $1.7T in taxes for 600 billionaires but not $1.7T in student debt for 45M Americans is the modern version of let them eat cake."
The second image is a photo of Brian David Gilbert, wearing That Moustache(tm), a white tee shirt with a graphic of some sort on the front, what appear to be dark blue, homemade jorts, black socks, and bright, electric blue sneakers with a hot pink logo N. He is standing next to a small guillotine, set up on a street with somewhat heavy foot traffic. He is smiling at the camera and resting a hand on the frame of the guillotine. There is a deli behind him on the corner, and green umbrellas with the perrier logo outside of the deli. (I fondly refer to this as the Brian David Guillotine picture.)
The third image is a screenshot of Bernie Sanders from a campaign fundraising video from either late 2019 or early 2020 in which he was originally captioned asking for (financial) support. Most of the captions have been blacked out, leaving only "I am [text blacked out] asking [text blacked out]". An additional word has been added over the blacked out text, resulting in the caption reading "I am [not] asking". The word "not" is in lower case letters, but the font is larger than the original captions, and there is excess space on either side of the word, resulting in it standing out as though emphasised. /End ID]
Any fucking way, twerfs don't fucking share my posts challenge. I tried asking nicely, privately, and I know you fascist fuckers don't know the meaning of respect or boundaries, but I'm stating them clearly:
Do not interact with me. Do not reblog my posts. Fuck off entirely. You are not welcome in my space or any movement I am part of.
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