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ೃ⁀➷kinkmas roulette day 2
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ೃ⁀➷ day 2. P:#32 (sex pollen) with C:#11 ( steve rogers)
ೃ⁀➷ steve x fem! reader
ೃ⁀➷ word count: 1.1k
ೃ⁀➷ warnings: explicit smut, sex pollen (duh!), p in v sex, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!)
ೃ⁀➷ a/n this was longer than expected enjoy (gif is not mine) also if this seems a little rambly i wrote it on my phone in my friend's house during a supposed study session
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Tumblr media
──────── ✧ ────────
it was all an accident okay?
it was not your fault. but you did not object when his lips slammed into yours.
it all started with a crashed quinjet.
you were in the middle of fucking nowhere. 
steve was in crisis solving mode.
help would not be coming for a few days. you were stuck. with the fucking american golden boy. steve fucking rogers.
steve had just finished making room in the quinjet for some sleeping bags, when you decided to lose your shit.
it had just hit you that you were going to spend an unspecified amount of time with the reason for your sexual frustrations.
you kicked at some of the supplies.
“hey!” steve called your name. “it’s going to be okay.”
you ignored him and continue to vent your frustrations on the vague black box. 
it was not your fault that the black container had an unspecified substance in it.
your foot slammed into the box with all the strength you could muster. 
“fuck!” the container shook and swelled, steve walked toward you, both of you staring down at the convulsing box and staring back at each other.
milliseconds before it exploded, steve’s body crashed into yours, protecting you from the ensuing explosion.
his body caged yours. he was on all fours, hovering above you.
try as he did, he was not able to shield you from the emission of pollen into the air. you sniffed.
“what is that god awful smell?” all of a sudden the smell wasn’t that bad. you inhaled deeply, trying to get as much pollen as you could into your lungs.
steve’s large hand slammed to cover your nose and mouth.
“stop breathing.”
he was moving swiftly off you. shaking himself off, his face contorted in thought.
weird, he had had a strong impulse to fuck you right there and then. it had been more than an impulse. he felt he had to fuck you or he would die. but it had passed, to the usual attraction to you he tried to repress.
unbeknown to either of you, the serum in steve’s body made sure to kill the intruding pollen in his lungs.
you however, did not have that privilege.
your face contorted in pain.
and you writhed in the hard quintet floor
you clenched your thighs together.
warmth spread through your veins, a slight sheen of sweat covered your forehead. your breaths came in and out in short spans of time.
steve whispered your name in the shell of your ear. “what’s wrong, what are you feeling.”
he stood up and moved to lift you up, his arms sliding under your arms.
the flesh of his hands grazing your shirt covered self made you cry out.
“steve- i think- you need to get away from me.”
this was probably tony’s fault, he was always. messing around with things he shouldn’t
“hey now, come on, what’s wrong, tell me so i can make it better.”
you cringed, panting hard. you tried to hold your own weight you really did. but steve’s piercing stare had your knees buckling. 
he was there to catch you, obviously. his arms rushed to wrap around your waist.
the moment your chests met you could feel your core explode.
“fuck steve- don’t- don’t do that. you- can’t  do that.”
you rushed to move away from him. every fiber, every atom of your being screamed at you to stay.
steve followed you, backing you up into the quinjets wall.
“i can’t just leave you hurting.”
“steve!” you whined. your body heating up by the second. “it was some kind of fucking sex pollen?”
“sex pollen?”
you grunted in pain.
“fuck, i can’t just leave you like that, who knows what tony’s messed up shit will do to you.”
you had half a mind to moan at the expletives leaving his mouth.
“i don’t care, get away from me, or i will attack you. and once i am sober i will hate you and myself.”
steve gulped. “shit, i can’t have that can i? tell me what to do.”
“i don’t know!” you whined, your words blending into each other. this was the moment where your filter left you and “i did not imagine the first time you would fuck me like this.”
“you imagined us fucking?”
“every night since i met you.” you gasped. your body could not take it any longer, you slumped against the wall.
he was there. he was always there.
his lips crashed agains yours. and before you had time to enjoy it, he pushed away.
“i can’t do this. i can’t, you are basically unconscious.”
“steve, i would fuck you conscious, i really would.”
he groaned. “this feels immoral.”
“so fuck me. immorally.”
this time your lips searched for his, and he did not protest.
“are we really doing this?”
“stop talking and take of my clothes.”
he obeyed.
and he was sliding his thigh between your legs. the rough denim ground against your cunt. and you shook, he was there to hold you up.
your arms around his neck, you rolled your hips. your lips did not leave his.
but your jaw went slack, as the pressure in your core built, and built.
he slid two fingers in between you and his thigh, and he was thrusting them in slowly. and you came undone.
but it made it worse. it made your full body ache. you needed him in you.
“steve, please, please, i need you so bad.”
and he was there, he was always there. removing his shirt in one movement, revealing his glorious expanse of skin to you, unbuckling his belt, and you did not process anything else as his cock sprung free.
your body shook, and a few stray tears escaped your eyes.
steve saw the pain in you and did not hesitate. 
he wrapped his hands around your waist, reached your ass, and lifted you up, slamming you against the wall.
you did not feel anything but relief, at finally having a dick inside you.
his thrusts were hurried, getting the urgency of the situation.
and you were coming in seconds.
you limped against him and sighed, satisfied, the tingles in your body receding.
what the fuck was in that powder.
you met his eyes, as you sobered up.
“steve, god, i am so sorry.”
you pushed him off and covered your mouth. 
“sorry for what, i am the one who was conscious.”
“well i am conscious now, and fuck, i’m sorry i forced you into that position.”
“you did not force me into anything, if anything i took advantage of you.”
“steve shut up, this was like my wet dream come true.”
“let’s finish it then”
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Christmas Present
( I’m really a fan of this one. Short but sweet.)
Warnings: dubcon, somnophilia, smut, alcohol use, it’s a family christmas party
Summary: Christmas parties are always fun. Especially when your uncle is there.
Tumblr media
What is it about family Christmas parties? 
I can see everyone’s false smiles. When family members get together, or are forced together by some holiday it looks like everyone was there, each other silently threatening to look better than the other. To look like they’re more put together than everyone else. I had tried to stay at my dorm. I wanted to have Christmas by myself. It didn’t bother me. I could go get some Chinese and chill out watching Elf. Sounded like a good holiday to me.
But when my mom called and called, begging me to appear at her marvelous christmas party I knew there  was no getting out of this. I packed my bag, and took the next  train home to see my family. Now, dressed in a dark forest green long sleeve dress, stockings underneath. I swirl my wine in the glass before taking a long sip, it warmed my belly and caused my cheeks to turn rosy. 
The more I drank the easier it was to be at the party. Even though I stuck to myself, I was still quite tipsy. After my fifth glass of wine, I began to trudge upstairs with wobbly legs trying to reach the bathroom before I would absolutely pee myself. It wasn’t occupied, thank god. I used the bathroom, washed my hands clumsily and opened the door. 
My dad’s brother, Steve,  stopped me from falling over as I opened the door. “Hey sweets. What are you doing up here?” I hiccuped in response, “J-Just usin’ the bathroom.” Steve sighed and lifted me up a bit more. “You’re drunk, Y/N.” Steve said as he hoisted me up in his arms, traveling to a  guest bedroom to lay me down. “I’m not drunk…” I slurred as he covered me up under the blankets after taking my heels off. “Get some rest, sweets. The party is over for you. Just gotta sleep that stuff off.” He ran a hand over my forehead, it was slightly damp due to how hot I was feeling from the alcohol. Steve smiled, and walked out of the room.
I slept and slept, having fallen deep into a drunken sleep. I didn’t know that everyone had dispersed and the party had come to a close. My parents were now in bed downstairs, Steve having stayed over to clean up. 
Covers slowly pulled away from my body, I whined softly now on the brink of consciousness. I felt hands on my body, caressing, kneading as I slept softly. Steve’s hands exploring my body, worshiping it. He tugged my stockings down slowly and began to rub his fingers over my wet folds. “Huh… must have dreamt about me.” He joked under his breath, not loud enough to wake me. 
Scissoring his fingers inside of me for a few moments, he lined his cock into my entrance, the tip angry and ready to be engulfed. Slipping in, his largeness caused me to squirm. “Shhh…” he breathed into my ear to calm me down as he rocked his hips. “S-Steve…” I muttered as he thrusted into me, grunts escaping him each time he filled me to the hilt. 
I started moaning as I glanced back to look at Steve, his face flushed and eyes partially open as he watched where our bodies connect with each thrust. “I-I…” I started to say and he shushed me again. “Don’t want your parents waking up, do you?”
I shook my head as his thrusts got harsher, making my body move up and down the bed with each stroke. I brought my hand up to cover my mouth as more sounds threatened to spill from my lips. “Ah… that’s right. Take my cock.” His voice darkened as I clenched around him. 
I held back my cries of pleasure as the coil began to curl up in my lower stomach. I shook my body, trying to catch up with the feeling before he pressed my hips down. “You cum when I say so.” He growled and I obeyed, nodding in response. 
Steve’s thrusts became unbearable the harsher the more they came. I watched Steve lick two fingers only to come down and rub my clit with fervor. I squealed behind my hand as he placed his hand on my throat, squeezing it. I choked slightly, eyes wide as he stuttered inside of me. 
“P-Please Steve… Let me cum. Please! Please! Please!” I cried, luckily my parents are heavy sleepers. “You can cum. Come on, come on my cock.” He moaned, his voice husky as my walls fluttered around his length, my body seizing up, head shooting back against the pillows. I take large intakes of air as my rough orgasm overtakes me making my whole body feel euphoria.
Steve wasn’t far behind, with a few harsh but unsteady thrusts he spilled his cum inside of me, spilling out from around his dick getting both my wetness and his cum on the sheets. He pulled out but not before thrusting a bit back in to shove his cum deeper inside of me. “You’re on the pill right?”
“Then I guess you’ll have something to tell your parents.”
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Tumblr media
Late Night Talking
The Smiley Sticker
Series Masterlist
Previous: Mrs. Rogers Next: Teddy Bears And Dinosaurs
Word count: 5,011
Summary: The morning of the worst day of your life started with you phone buzzing on the same pillow it rested on when you fell asleep talking to Steve.
Warnings: My blog is 18+ only. All minors or blogs without an age in bio will be blocked. Minors DNI. CONTENT WARNING; Death of a character in battle
Tumblr media
Today was a really bad day for the internet to be so spotty. You'd think in such a high tech building and work environment, you'd never have to deal with such an issue. But nope.
You had spent hours restarting all your computers, reconnecting to the internet, using hot spots, and searching for a spot in the building that had the strongest connection.
Usually you'd just log off and call it a day, but you were trying to find all the information you could on a possible enemy the avengers would have to go up against if the group continued acting shady. The more you dug, the safer they would be and the better they would be able to shut down illegal and world threatening operations.
So after a few hours of frustration, you had discovered one single spot in the building where the internet connection wasn't as slow as a snail. It happened to be in the lounge in the lobby, so you planted yourself on a couch with a snack and a latte, kicked your legs up on the coffee table and got to work.
Time became pretty irrelevant to you the deeper you got into your info search, and as mid-day rolled around and the lobby became bustling with employees, you had to pop on your noise canceling headphones to keep your concentration in tip top shape.
You kept your nose in your screen as you felt the couch sink next to you, and the love seat on your left become occupied. It was slightly annoying considering that there were at least four open conversation seating area's empty and available.
Then, a foot nudged yours on the coffee table. Your head snapped up to the person sitting on the loveseat, just to realize it was Tony, and when you looked over at who was sitting on the couch with you, and sure enough, it was Steve Rogers in the flesh.
Appropriately, your heart skipped a beat... or two... maybe three. Really, you wanted to throw up on the spot and your increased heart rate made you feel insatiably thirsty.
You didn't let your eyes linger for long, in fact they snapped back to your laptop screen and stayed there as your shaky hands disabled the noise cancellation feature on your headphones so you could listen in on the conversation happening between them.
"Tony, did you really have to pick right here? There so many open spots, we're being rude she's trying to work." Steve protested with annoyance.
"It's fine, she can't even hear us." He kicked back in his seat. Slouching and relaxing to the fullest extent.
Nothing was said for a few minutes, you could feel Steve's uneasy tension as he refused to get comfortable.
"...why did you bring me here?" He asked.
"Oh! Here" Tony handed him his laptop, obnoxiously reaching over you.
"Tony" Steve shook his head like a disappointed dad before taking the laptop.
You shot Tony a death glare, and his only response was to wink at you.
"I'm so sorry." Steve apologized to you, quickening your shaky hands.
"It's alright, I've known him long enough to determine that you aren't the impolite one in this situation." You grinned at Steve.
Internally you wanted to be happy, you knew that if he knew it was really you sitting next to him he would get an absolute kick out of the situation.
Maybe one day you could tease him about another time you had interacted with him face to face, you could already hear him accusing you of being a liar.
"Tony, any chance you're going to fix the internet soon?" You asked, trying your hardest to not follow any of your typical voice patterns that could give away your identity and ignoring the nausea brewing in the deep pit of your stomach.
If Tony wasn't here and in control of this situation, you'd be far more anxious over an interaction with an avenger. But for lack of better judgment, you seemed to trust him and whatever antics he might've been up too.
"Nope" Tony popped the P. "Noticed you had the best connection here in this spot which is why you're Rogers' babysitter now. Make sure he gets some work done."
Steve scuffed at his little production, and you rolled your eyes. "I think you're the one that needs constant adult supervision."
"Alrighty Eva, he'll need a snack in about an hour. If he needs water you can just pour it over him like a plant. Speaking of, there's plenty of sunlight in here, so he'll probably thrive. Oh, and if he eats after midnight he'll turn into a gremlin. Have fun." Tony sprang onto his feet and left while the two of you sat in moments of disbelief.
"He is the most exhausting and annoying person I've ever had to deal with." Steve mumbled under his breath, now accepting his fate of sharing the couch with you to actually get some work done.
"That makes two of us" You agreed, hoping the two of you could work alongside each other in peace with no conversation.
Well, you wished you could just talk to him. You wanted to engage him in so much conversation that work became nothing but a forgotten thought as the two of you giggled away and annoyed your peers. But for the sake of your anxiety, working in silence was the only thing you could handle at the moment.
Steve grinned at your comment before opening his laptop and getting to work. You managed to calm your racing heart when you realized the peaceful silence was actually achievable, then you decided to yell at Tony over text.
You: what the fuck is wrong with you
Tony: everything and nothing, why?
You: why????? What do you mean why?
You: what in the world made you force Steve to sit next to me?
Tony: I'm trying to prove a point
You: what point could this possibly prove?
Tony: that you don't need to be nervous around Buns o' Steele.
You: so this is a ploy to get me to reveal my identity to him.
Tony: Yes.
You: No.
Tony: okay well, he's also head over heels for you as Eva and you as smiles so I thought I'd throw the old dog a bone.
You: you're insane
Tony: is he talking to you?
You: No. because he's a rational human being that respects that I'm working.
Tony: this is why he never gets laid.
Deciding that this conversation was going nowhere, you closed out the text conversation and focused on your work again.
Hours flew by as you focused on your screen, you weren't sure if it was because you were actually invested in your work or if it was because you were trying your hardest to block out who had been sitting next to you this whole time.
You wrapped up your work day by sending off all the information you had recovered in an email to Steve with Tony CC'ed. The act of having to email the two of them had you biting in inside of your cheeks to hold back a smile over this ridiculous situation.
In another attempt to ease suspension, you lingered for a few minutes after sending the email, daydreaming about the fluffy cat waiting for you in your warm apartment. Eventually you started packing up your stuff, debating on if you should say bye to him or not. Luckily, that choice was made for you.
As you stood up and stretched your stiff back, his kind eyes found you for the first time in hours. "Hey, uh- again, I'm really sorry for Tony's behavior."
"Don't sweat it, I know how embarrassing he can be sometimes." You tried to ease his obvious worry over the situation, still overly cautious of your voice. "I'd bet money the internet will go back to normal now that I've finished my work for the day."
His eyebrows furrowed for a moment in confusion as he tried to figure out why you'd think that, but you saw the moment it hit him like a ton of bricks. A blush crept over his cheeks as he mumbled an "...oh my god"
Of course Tony would fuck up the building's internet connection as a ploy to get the two of you together.
You wanted to laugh, but you knew he would recognize your laugh in a heartbeat so you were left biting your tongue once more. "Hope you have a good night." Your lips settled on a smile.
"I-" he started but nothing came out, just making your smile stretch further. "You too"
You barely even had a chance to get through the front door before Steve was calling your phone.
It started with an immediate rant about how Stark was a pain in the ass, how embarrassed he was at the situation, and how much Tony had implied to Eva by leading him to her.
You calmed him down the best you could over the phone, but again you had to hold back laughter. Poor guy felt like he had just been put through the ringer, and admittedly you did too, but hearing his level of concern over the situation just because he thought you were pretty really flattered you.
"Baby..." You tried to stop his rant.
"It just so annoying that he can't even stay out of our personal lives. Like, none of the team can. You know what? I'm never opening my mouth again. One day I'll be married for four years and they're still going to think I'm single..." He spoke quickly.
"...my love" You tried again.
"I'm going to be retired with a wife, two kids and a dog and none of them are even going to know any of the avengers personally because they don't respect my privacy or my boundaries."
"How do you get him to keep your personal life personal? I mean for fucks sake, it's like you're the only one he respects. Well- for good reason. You deserve that respect but all I'm asking for is to not do dumb shit like force me to interact with a girl just because I think she's pretty."
"Dearest husband"
He huffed out a deep sigh. "Okay, sorry, I'm done. Just had to let it all out."
"That's okay" You reassured him. "First of all, he crosses boundaries with me all the time. Second, I think that even though the situation was annoying, nothing bad will come out of a girl knowing that you have a little crush on her."
"Crush? Are we in high school again, princess?" He asked dramatically earning your laugh. "I think it can be bad. Workplace relationships shouldn't happen if the power is imbalanced, and I have the power here. So if Stark keeps throwing me at her it's going to do nothing but make her uncomfortable, and cause an HR issue."
"Im pretty sure it makes you uncomfortable too, which means that Tony is the HR issue." You reminded him.
"Tony is always an HR issue" He agreed. "I don't get it. I'm a grown man, why can't they just let me navigate my love life by myself?"
"Because they're all bored, it's like watching an episode of reality tv for them."
"If you were in her shoes, would you be uncomfortable?" He asked, not even understanding the irony of his question.
"No" You answered way too quickly. "From what you told me, it seems like she knows it wasn't your fault."
Just to ease any possible suspicion, you thought of a diversion plan.
"Really." You said confidently.
"Well, how was your day, baby? Did you manage to get some stuff done? I noticed I got an email from you but I haven't opened it yet."
"I did, walked around the whole building to find internet and once I found a spot I stayed there all day. The email is just information for the next mission, you might want to look it over when you get the chance."
"I will, thank you to looking into it" He said sweetly and genuinely.
"You're very welcome, handsome."
"Where did you end up finding internet? Surely there was a better place to work than the lobby, right?" He asked.
Aaaannnndddd time for the plan.
"I mean, if there was any benefit to Tony's shenanigans, it's that you looked really super cute in that green sweater today." You dropped the bomb on him.
"Are you kidding me?" He asked, you didn't need to see him to know he was smiling and shaking his head. "You we're working in the lobby today too?"
"I mean, no. I worked at the coffee shop next-door. But when I walked through the lobby to get back home Captain America was sitting around in a forest green cable-knit and some tight fitting jeans. It was pretty hard to focus on anything, I could barely walk in a straight line."
"Okay, this is the worst day ever" He joked.
"Why is that?" You laughed.
"Because I was in the presence of one pretty girl without knowing that the prettiest girl in the universe was there too." He pouted.
"Well I can tell you that you were alone when I walked through." You added fuel to the fire.
"WHAT?! That was only like five minutes ago!" He complained.
"And I'm still all hot and bothered, sweet cheeks."
"Come back" He pouted.
"You're still in the lobby?" You questioned.
"No, but I'll go back too" He pouted some more.
"You're crazy" You laughed.
"...fricken green sweater" he mumbled, you heard the sound of rustling fabric. "...stupid jeans."
"Are you... getting naked?" You asked with a smile.
"No, I'm changing my clothes" He corrected.
"FaceTime. FaceTime right now. Have you every FaceTimed someone? FaceTime me. Get on FaceTime." You frantically joked, finally getting a laugh from the soldier in a bad mood.
"Sorry, shirt is back on." Steve giggled.
"Pants aren't?"
"Pants don't exist in my room." He said.
"That's fair" You agreed.
"Well, now that the internet is back on I'm going to go through my emails. I'll call you again later before bed, is that okay princess?"
"Of course it is, my love. Have fun with those emails"
He called you back a few hours later, and the chaotic conversations continued. Just like every night they slowly turned calmer and more personal. You both spilled your guts until you inevitably fell asleep, then the morning of the worst day of your life started with your phone buzzing on the same pillow it was on when you fell asleep talking to Steve.
A few profanities fell out of your mouth as you blindly reached for it and only opened your eyes for a split moment to see it was Steve. Of course it was Steve. Who else would it be?
Then, your heart raced out of your chest. It was still dark outside. Why was he calling when it was still dark outside? Your shaky thumb tapped the answer button before holding it to your ear.
"Good morning, sunshine" He sounded just as exhausted and annoyed as you were.
"What time is it?" You questioned through sleepy mumbles while rubbing your eyes, trying not to sound like you had a pit in your stomach.
"Three fifteen. Im sorry. I know you fell asleep late last night" He apologized. You already knew what was coming.
"Is this a booty call? I hope it's a booty call" Eeyore was inherently annoyed that you were moving around and trying to sit up, so he got off of you with an irritated meow before curling up on the end of the bed.
"It's me calling to tell you to get your booty out of bed because we need you"
"That's not the kind've booty call I was hoping for" You grumbled while getting up and throwing on a big sweatshirt and stepping into your slippers with smiley faces on them. Thanks Tony.
"Remember all that research you did yesterday? Yeah, well, that mission is being pushed up to right now. Turns out it’s a lot more detrimental than we all thought. I'm suited up and ready to go already so I have a few minutes to spare. Can I get you a coffee? Anything you need?" He offered.
"I'm okay, thank you Angel. Use those few minutes to get all Captainy- whatever that means" You dragged your feet down multiple empty hallways to reach your office.
"I already told you I'm in uniform"
"That's hot. You should send a picture" You flipped on all the lights in your office and got cozy on the swivel chair in front of the multiple projection monitors. Your phone dinged indicating you got a text, so she pulled it off your ear to take a quick glance at the screen. He actually sent a picture and it earned him a well deserved smile and tiny chuckle. "Oh wow"
"You like what you see?" He joked.
"I actually don't. That stealth suit is concerning. Are you all going stealth?"
"Yes ma'am. I think Sam and Tony are here, I'm going to hang up and connect us through, alright?"
"Alright. But hey, please be careful. Like- extra super duper careful." You practically begged.
"I will be, Princess" his cheeks warmed at the sentiment.
"Love you, I'm gunna keep my eye on ya real close"
"Love you more" he hung up.
As promised, you were connected to the comms where all the avengers slowly joined as they boarded the jet. In the meantime, you worked away at hacking into enemy intelligence to get them as much information as you possibly could. Even more than you were able to get yesterday.
On their flight over, you had even more time to get exact maps of the dense jungle terrain, pin point exact locations of everyone on enemy lines, and send it all over to Steve so he could devise a better and more accurate plan.
The late night turned early morning and inevitably afternoon as they fought tirelessly to win the battle. It really picked up speed at around 4 pm when the enemies were pulling out their last ditch efforts to get the team off their trail as their numbers dwindled to almost nothing.
You were exhausted and hungry, and the sound of each individual avenger in your ear along with all the battle sounds around them caused overstimulation that you tried her hardest to drown out while you worked your hardest to digitally take out foreign servers. You couldn't wait to rip the glasses off your face to spare your eyes from processing any more information for the day. The blue light emitting from the screens and projections was starting to sting.
Every minute or so, you would rip your eyes away from coding to check in on the avengers locations to make sure they weren't headed towards any hidden threats or getting into unnecessary danger.
"Smiles." Tony's voice spoke, he was met with the sound of keys typing and mumbling as you quietly read to yourself.
You didn't respond. What was on your screen was way more important... yet none of it made sense.
You got behind another firewall just to see the exact information you hoped you would never find. Your monitor was telling you that this mission was way more high stakes than anyone knew, and there was statistically only a 15 percent chance that they would all make it.
The words were like a riddle. You had to tune everyone out and read it over and over again in your head to decode and understand. All of the sudden, most of the voices in her your stopped. All but Tony.
"Earth to Smiles" He tried again.
"I'm confused, Hold on" You quietly mumbled while reading.
"You can trust Steve. He's your guy. Let him in" Tony spoke, but that statement also made no sense.
"I don't think this is the right time to have this conversation again. Where'd everyone go?" You asked, referring to the lack of voices in her ear.
"Just me and you right now, okay? Listen to me" He commanded, but you continued reading. "You'll always have Pepper. I'm sure the team would keep your secret safe, but I know for a fact that Steve will"
Holy shit.
Your heart pounded out of your chest, and your  stomach dropped to the floor when you finally decoded the message.
The enemy regime was trying to lure them all to a building set to implode at a temperature almost hotter than the fucking sun, and Tony was flying right towards it.
He wasn't playing match maker, he was giving you final words. He was trying to say goodbye to a friend.
"Tony. Get the fuck out of there. Right. Now." You panicked.
"It's okay, they're all going to be fine" He reassured.
You noticed all of their locations moving quickly in the opposite direction. Deep down you knew a sacrifice was the only way to get rid of the threat this organization had on the world.
"I'm not kidding, get out of there" You practically yelled into your headset as tears trickled down your cheeks.
"It's okay" He spoke calmly. "I worry about you, Kid. Take care of yourself, look out for Pepper."
"You have time" You pleaded as you watched him enter the building and all the communication went fuzzy.
"Stay saf-" your ears went quiet.
You switched herself back to the community channel but all of their voices were fuzzy too. You begged and screamed for them to try and get him out of there, but deep down boy knew it was of no use. It was like they all already knew, and there was an unspoken agreement. The static bit and sabotaged all of their words as they tried to end the battle on their end. Tony made the ultimate sacrifice, and he was honored to do so.
You could barely hear anyone's voices or make out what they were saying, but their location dots spread out again and Steve was headed right towards Tony to try to get him out.
But before he even made it, the sound of collapse cut through the static before the comms beeped twice to let you know it had gone completely offline.
You could see the building falling and erupting through your monitor, and Tony's green dot turn to red then black then completely disappeared.
Any composure you had completely crumbled like wet sand as everyone's dots turned to red for a split moment to let you know they were all in distress. All of them turned back to green and the tears spilled over the threshold.
The emotions came slowly at first, then faster than you could handle. You choked back sobs and felt so violently ill that you were trying not to throw up.
Unfortunately, there was protocol. You couldn't stop there. You had to focus through your blurry tear filled eyes as you typed away as fast as you could to try and connect to anyone.
The silence turned back to a steady static until the familiar artificial intelligence spoke to her.
"Smiles." Jarvis spoke.
His Stark manufactured artificial presence filled the room and dialed up your nausea to top notch. Jarvis and Tony were one in the same, all Jarvis was doing was reminding you of what you just lost.
You squeezed your eyes shut before looking at the floor, and your slippers were quite literally smiling at you. The nickname and smiley faces gifted to you all over your office couldn't have been further than the truth in that moment. You felt like you would never smile again.
"Yeah, Jarvis?" You sobbed, ripping your eyes off the floor just for them to land on yet another gift Tony gave you. A little golden plaque that read ‘worlds best system’s analyst technician’
"Mister Stark has passed away in battle" He officially announced.
A knife to the heart would be less painful than this.
"I know" You whispered.
"Communication is cut off, however, I can still see the Avengers"
"Are they okay? Can you tell them to get home now? There's nothing left for them" Your voice was full of desperation.
"They're currently making their way back to their transportation. Almost everyone is okay. Captain Rogers is in distress."
Those were the only words that could make you feel worse than you already did.
"Any insight on that?" You asked.
"He is not physically injured"
"Okay. Thank you Jarvis" You tried dismissing him.
"You are also in distress."
"Yep" You popped the P.
"Caption Rogers has sent a message. He would like for you to know that they have just started their journey home, and everyone else is okay. He sends his love and condolences." Jarvis informed you. "Get some sleep, Agent. I will take over from here"
And just as quick as he came, he was gone.
You locked up all your monitors before popping the hood of your sweatshirt over your head in attempts to not drag attention to yourself as the news broke to the public.
You bit your lip to hold back as much of the emotion as you could while you ran down the hall to your apartment. Emotions took absolutely everything out of you. After nosediving under your thick duvet, and Eeryore head butting your hands and licking the salty tears off your cheeks, you knocked out.
Your brain was screaming at you.
You needed to check in on all the avengers. You should be with Pepper, you needed to hear Steve's voice to know he was okay.
But you couldn't do any of that.
It was like you were paralyzed by the wave of grief that crashed over you, and despite your loud, screaming brain, there was nothing you could do but sleep. At least the sleep saved you a few hours of agony.
Meanwhile, Steve held it together the best he could. When all of the Avengers got home, news of Tony's passing had already made it around the compound. Agents lined the runway to solute the incomplete team on their arrival walk back into their living quarters. Everyone was a mess, but he was their leader so he had no choice but to hold back the extent of his emotions until he could have a moment to himself.
They all walked down the aisle created by the agents, the only sound was sniffling from the team as everyone else was respectfully quiet. He walked with his head down and a comforting arm around Natasha who just really couldn't keep it together.
His heart hurt for his team, but he was thankful they could all be together. Togetherness healed the soul faster than separation. He knew that if they were all apart it would feel so much worse, and he was happy to pick up all the dense arrangements that were to follow so that everyone else could relax and mourn however they needed.
Maybe sorting though hours of online paperwork and information on what to do in the event of Tony's death was how he needed to handle the grief ripping him apart at the seams. There was some sort of power in picking up all the weight Tony specifically left for him. There was a reason why he set all of this up under Steve's name, and if Tony wanted him to take over all of his responsibilities after he was gone, than so be it. He would be honored to do so.
The only thing that ripped his eyes away from the computer in front of him was a gentle knock of his office door frame. When he looked up, he saw the head of security standing there with a file in his hand.
"Hey, Happy" Steve greeted, trying to hide the devastation in his voice.
Happy Hogan was also one of Tony's closest friends. Seeing everyone who meant so much to him so close after his death ripped his heart out every single time.
"Hey. I've got one more for you, this one seemed more important than the rest. It was tucked away in a secret compartment labeled specially for you in the event that he.... you know-" Happy walked in further and gently placed the file down on his desk.
"Thanks" His eyes looked down at the file, there was a big yellow smiley face sticker on the top.
"I know there's not much anyone could say to make this better. We're all in the same boat, but whatever it's worth I think that taking her under your wing would put Tony at ease" Happy pointed to the file.
"Her?" Steve questioned.
"Smiles. That's all her information, everything about her arrangement, terms of employment, name, birthdate, even information about her cat." Happy explained. "Tony thought of her like a daughter, she was at his house more often than not. Smiles is a very special little thing, just- try to keep her that way" He gave a polite grin and Steve gave him a little nod before Happy turned around and got back to his own personal work.
Steve sank into his chair with a heavy sigh and a sore brain. He could handle everything else, but your file really did a number to his declining mental capacity.
He ran laps around what the morally correct option was. Steve really valued and respected everything about you, and having this file felt like an invasion of privacy. But on the other hand, you were all alone. You didn't get the luxury of grieving the loss surrounded by the team, you didn't get to say goodbye, you couldn't call the shots on the battlefield that ultimately led to this.
No control, no support, not even hugs from the Avengers. His heart absolutely broke for you.
His fingers traveled over the top of the smooth smiley sticker over and over as he debated how to handle this. With your best interest in mind, he knew what he needed to do.
He knew he needed to handle it the way Stark would've wanted him too. Steve vowed in that very moment that he would look out for you by any means necessary.
Under his watch, under his wing, you would always be safe and you would always be special.
Tumblr media
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(Oop decided to end on a cliff hanger… sorry! Do you think Steve is going to open the file? ;) )
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The Demigod From Asgard - Steve Rogers x Reader (Part 55)
Summary: Everyone comes to blows when you break Bucky free
Word Count: 8.1k
Warnings: Angst! Moments of Fluff! Canon Typical Violence! Language! Major Injury! Its the airport battle so you know what that means..
Dividers by @firefly-graphics​
Series Masterlist / Masterlist
Tumblr media
Chapter 55: Making Things Worse
Following your arrest in Bucharest you were all stripped of your gear and suits, changing back into your civilian clothes before being transported to Berlin. Thankfully once out of your suit they also took the collar draining your powers off.
On the car ride from the airport to the CIA headquarters, you looked out of the window looking at all the sights as you passed. You remembered the last time you were in Berlin, taking a bike ride around the city for your honeymoon. You’d never thought that the next time you would be in this city would be because you had been arrested.
You were pulled from your thoughts as Steve reached over to take your hand in his. When you looked over at him you could see him trying to convey how sorry he was for landing you all in this situation.
“It's okay” you whisper softly squeezing his hand reassuringly, he gives you a weak smile before looking back ahead.
A few moments of silence pass before Sam decides to speak up.
“So you like cats?” Sam asks T’Challa.
“Sam” you scold glancing over your shoulder at him.
“What? Dude shows up dressed like a cat and you don’t wanna know more?” Sam fires back.
Steve sighs glancing over at Sam before looking back at T’Challa “your suit, it’s vibranium?” He asks.
T’Challa looks back over his shoulder “the black panther has been the protector of Wakanda for generations. A mantle passed from warrior to warrior and now because your friend murdered my father, I also wear the mantle of king. So, I ask you as both warrior and king how long do you think you can keep your friend safe from me?” He asks you and Steve exchanging a glance.
Once inside the building, you were all led out of the car. As you stepped out you saw Bucky being moved fully restrained in his holding cell. You look back at Steve to see him watching Bucky too, reaching out to take his hand.
You both turn away and start walking towards Sharon who was stood with a short grey-haired man.
“What’s gonna happen to him?” Steve asks glancing over at Bucky.
“Same thing that ought to happen to you,” the man says “psychological evaluation and extradition”
“This is Everett Ross, deputy task force commander,” Sharon says introducing the man.
“What about a lawyer?” You question.
“Lawyer, that’s funny” Everett scoffs “see their weapons are placed in lockup, we’ll write you a receipt”
“I better not look out the window and see anybody flying around in that” Sam says as guards walk past carrying his wings.
Everett and Sharon then lead you through the building to where you were being held. As you walk down the corridor you spot Nat waiting for you at the end.
“You’ll be provided with an office instead of a cell, now do me a favour, stay in it” Everett states.
“I don’t intend on going anywhere,” T’Challa says.
“For the record, this is what making things worse looks like,” Nat says as she walks beside you.
“He’s alive” you point out.
As you step into the office space where you were going to be held you heard Tony speaking to someone on the phone.
“Try not to break anything while we fix this” Nat tells you all before walking off.
“Consequences? You bet there’ll be consequences, obviously, you can quote me on that because I just said it. Anything else? Thank you sir” Tony says slowly walking over to you.
“Consequences?” Steve asks as he hangs up the phone.
“Secretary Ross wants you three prosecuted, had to give him something, probably just a cut in your retirement fund” Tony sighs.
“I’m not getting that shield back am I?” Steve asks.
“Technically it’s the government’s property, wings too,” Nat says with a small smirk.
“That’s cold” Sam mutters.
“Warmer than jail” Tony fires back.
You glance up at Steve to see him clenching his jaw. The displeasure of his shield being under government control clear on his face. He lets out a deep sigh before moving to go sit in the conference-type room. Sam goes to follow but you hold up your hand to stop him.
“Just give him a few minutes,” you say when Sam looks down at you confused.
In the conference room, Steve watches the monitors outside that showed the interrogation room Bucky was in. As he watched he couldn’t help but hate the situation you all found yourselves in. He wished that he’d been able to find Bucky sooner, preventing all of this from happening. He wished that the accords weren’t a thing. He wished he had been more forceful in stopping you from following him. This was his best friend, you didn’t deserve to be punished for this.
“Hey, you wanna see something cool?” Tony says stepping into the room and pulling Steve from his thoughts.
“I pulled something from dad’s archives, felt timely” Tony sighs as Steve moves to sit down at the table.
“FDR signed the lend-lease bill with these in 1941,” Tony says opening and putting down the case to reveal two pens “provided the support to the allies when they needed it most”
“Some would say it brought our country closer to war,” Steve says remembering the day it happened.
“See? If not for these, you wouldn’t be here, wouldn’t be married to Y/N” Tony sighs sitting down “I’m trying to… what do you call it? That’s an olive branch, is that what you call it?”
“Is Pepper here? I haven’t seen her in a while” Steve says glancing around.
“We’re kinda…well not kinda…” Tony says before trailing off.
“Pregnant?” Steve asks raising his brow in surprise, genuinely happy for his friend if that was the case.
“No, definitely not. We’re taking a break. It’s nobody’s fault” Tony sighs.
“I’m so sorry Tony, I didn’t know” Steve sighs sympathetically, shaking his head.
“A few years ago, I almost lost her, so I trashed all my suits, then we had you mop up Hydra and then Ultron. My fault. And then, and then, and then, I never stopped because the truth is I don’t wanna stop. I don’t wanna lose her. Thought maybe the accords could split the difference” Tony explains.
“In her defence, I’m a handful” Tony sighs standing back up “yet dad was a pain in the ass, but he and mom always made it work, and Y/N puts up with you”
Steve lets out a small snort of laughter “I’m glad Howard got married, I only knew him when he was young and single,” Steve tells him.
“Hm really? You two knew each other? He never mentioned that maybe only a thousand times. God, I hated you” Tony scoffs shaking his head.
“I don’t mean to make things difficult” Steve sighs.
“I know because you’re a very polite person,” Tony says shaking his head slightly as he walks to the other side of Steve.
“If I see a situation pointed south, I can’t ignore it, sometimes I wish I could” Steve sighs turning to face him.
“No, you don’t” Tony states.
“No, I don’t,” Steve says with a small chuckle, not when he can do something about it that is.
“Sometimes” Steve starts before Tony interrupts.
“Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth, but I don’t wanna see you gone. We need you cap, both of you” Tony says nodding over in your direction.
“So far nothing has happened that can’t be undone if you sign,” Tony tells him “We can make the last 24 hours legit, Barnes gets transferred to an American psych centre instead of a Wakanda prison”
Steve sighs looking down at the pens, picking one up from the case. He stands up from his seat and begins to pace, rolling the pen between his fingers as he thought. When he glances back up, he caught sight of you sitting outside talking with Sam. Your eyes met his and Steve began to think of his future with you. One that was currently at risk because of the accords.
“I’m not saying it’s impossible, but there would have to be safeguards,” Steve says as he considers actually signing.
“Sure, once we put out the PR fire, those documents can be amended, I’d file a motion to have you and Wanda reinstated,” Tony says sitting down, Steve looks down at him in confusion, what did Wanda have to do with this?
“Wanda? What about Wanda?” Steve questions.
“She’s fine, she’s confined to the compound currently, Vision’s keeping her company” Tony explains casually.
Steve scoffs rolling his eyes at Tony, not believing that he’d actually imprisoned Wanda. For something that wasn’t truly her fault.
“Oh god, Tony, every time, every time I think you see things the right way” Steve states shaking his head in annoyance.
“It’s 100 acres with a lap pool, it’s got a screening room, there’s worse way to protect people” Tony interrupts.
“Protection?” Steve scoffs “is that how you see this? This is protection? It’s internment Tony”
“She’s not a US citizen” Tony argues.
“Oh come on Tony!” Steve says shaking his head, getting angrier and angrier at Tony and his ill-judged ways.
“And they don’t grant visas to weapons of mass destruction” Tony continues before Steve interrupts.
“She’s a kid!” Steve shouts.
“Give me a break!” Tony yells back “I’m doing what has to be done to stave off something worse”
Steve had had enough, there was no negotiating with Tony. There was no way he’d be able to fix the accords, and ensure everything that he’d promised would be granted.
“You keep telling yourself that,” Steve says before dropping the pen back down onto the table “hate to break up the set”
You looked up from your conversation with Sam when you saw Steve storm out of the conference room. Glancing over to Tony you saw him rubbing his forehead tiredly before standing up and grabbing something from the table and leaving the opposite way.
“I’ll be right back,” you tell Sam standing up and following after Steve.
You find him in one of the side rooms pacing back and forth, his fists clenching and unclenching, the nerve in his jaw twitching. You step into his path putting your hands on his arms to stop him.
“Hey whoa, okay calm down,” you tell him.
Steve sighs shaking his head “I’m sorry it’s just Tony, he just keeps acting without thinking things all the way through” he says.
“I have a feeling you’re not just talking about the accords,” you say furrowing your brows.
“No” Steve sighs moving to sit down dropping his head into his hands and running his hands up into his hair tiredly.
“He’s keeping Wanda prisoner back at the compound” he explains looking back up at you.
“Fuck sake” you grumble dropping your head before glancing out the window and sending Tony a glare when he looked over.
“I just, I was so close to signing it too” Steve sighs shaking his head.
“Really?” You ask surprised.
“Yeah, Tony said we could legalise everything that’s happened, stop Buck going to jail and make some amendments to the accords, and all I could think about was trying to fix all this, at least so we could still have a future together” Steve sighs.
“Hey, hey, stop,” you say bending down in front of him, so you were at eye level.
“Those accords are not going to stop us from having a future together, even if Ross manages to throw us into prison we will still be together. I don’t care where we are, whether we’re at the compound, retired in a little village or in prison, all I want is to be with you for the rest of my life” you tell him.
“But you don’t deserve that,” Steve says shaking his head.
“I don’t care, it’s what I want, you are what I want,” you say taking his hand and squeezing it.
“Whatever you chose I will follow because I know you’re thinking this through, you’re considering all the options and picking the best one you see, it won’t always be perfect, or nice but it will be the right thing to do,” you say.
“And look maybe once they talk to Bucky they’ll realise what we already know, that he’s innocent and all this mess will go away anyway, and you and me can go find a nice house to live in, get a dog and raise little versions on you and me,” you tell him seeing a small smile creep onto his face.
“Can it be a golden retriever?” He asks making you chuckle.
“What is it with you and dogs? I thought the kids part would be the thing you’d want most” you say laughing gently.
“I do, I’d love kids with you, just think a dog would be cool, I could go on runs with it” Steve smiles.
“We can call it Scout” you add smiling along with him.
“Hmm I dunno, I quite like the name Buddy,” Steve says looking up in thought.
“You’re a nightmare” you laugh.
“Hey sorry, they’re interviewing Barnes now and they want us back in the conference room,” Sam says interrupting.
“It's okay,” you tell him before looking back at Steve “you ready?”
“Yeah” he sighs.
All of you walk into the conference room where the door was shut behind you. You were able to see the screens but weren’t able to hear anything. You sat down at the table while Steve remained standing up, as the interrogation started Sharon walked into the room passing Sam the receipt for your gear.
“Bird costume? Come on” Sam questions when he reads it.
“I didn’t write it” Sharon sighs shrugging her shoulders.
You glance over at her watching as she slyly presses a button turning on the screens in the conference room, the audio from the interrogation filling the room.
“Do you know where you are James? I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me, James?” The interviewer asks.
“My name is Bucky” Bucky responds not looking up.
As the interrogation continues Steve sighs turning away from the screen to look over the pictures of Bucky in the file. When you glanced up at him you could see his brows furrow slightly as a thought popped into his head.
“Why would the task force release this photo to begin with?” Steve asks tossing the photo back down onto the table.
“Get the word out, involve as many eyes as we can?” Sharon offers.
“Right it’s a good way to flush a guy out of hiding, set off a bomb get your photo taken, get seven billion people looking for the winter soldier” Steve explains.
“You’re saying someone framed him to find him?” Sharon asks.
“Steve we’ve looked for the guy for two years and found nothing” Sam sighs.
“We didn’t bomb the UN, that turns a lot of heads” you point out.
“Yeah but that doesn’t guarantee that whoever framed him would get him, it guarantees that we would,” Sharon says before her brows furrow.
You and Steve exchange a glance thinking the exact same thing, turning to face the screen where you watched the interrogation.
“Yeah” Steve mutters.
“What’s the psychologist's credentials,” you ask turning to Sharon.
“I dunno, I wasn’t the one who hired him,” Sharon says.
“You think he’s a fake?” Sam asks looking over at you.
“He’s the only one who’s been completely alone with him this entire time” you explain.
Before any of you could do anything thought the room went dark, all of you knowing there was no coincidence that this power cut happened at this exact moment.
“Sublevel five, east wing,” Sharon tells all of you.
Steve nods before the three of you run out of the room towards where Bucky was being held. Steve hoped they could get there in time before something worse happened.
When you round the corner you see the guards lying on the floor. You crouch down next to one while Steve and Sam continue through the room. Placing your fingers on the man’s neck you confirm your suspicion, dropping your head. You turn when you hear one of the guards groaning, spotting him lying underneath one of his colleagues.
“Hey, it’s okay don’t move,” you tell him.
“It's- he’s-“ the guard struggles to say.
“Shush it’s okay save your energy,” you tell him gently.
“Winter Soldier,” he says pointing behind you.
As Steve stepped into the interrogation he could see the psychologist lying on the floor begging for help. Not believing his ruse any long Steve grabbed hold of him and pinned him to the wall.
“What do you want?” Steve growls.
“To see an empire fall” the man spits back.
At that exact moment, he heard you shout a warning. Steve turned to see Bucky appear out of nowhere and begin attacking Sam, throwing him across the room. Steve moves over to stop Bucky dodging his punch, managing to punch bucky across the jaw. However, bucky lands a kick to Steve’s gut pushing him back.
Steve manages to get to his feet but has to remain on the defensive as Bucky continues attacking pushing him back out of the room. Steve saw you get up in his periphery and move to attack Bucky but he turns kicking you back and across the room, crashing into a desk.
As you get up you see Steve pinned to the elevator doors by Bucky, holding onto his hand trying to stop the punch. However, you see Bucky then push Steve hardly back and through the elevator doors.
“Steve!” You shout as you see him fall out of view.
Steve lands with a large thud on the top of the elevator which thankfully was only a couple of floors below. Steve looked up to see you peering over the edge looking for him.
“You okay?” You shout down to him.
“Peachy! Go after him I’m fine” Steve shouts back up relieved to see you disappear.
“Fuck” Steve groans to himself clutching his side.
He removes his jacket and starts using the cables to pull himself back up the elevator shaft. Once he got himself back up onto the level he fell from he would hear orders to set up a perimeter around the building. Knowing this and knowing Bucky he made his way up to the roof where bucky was most likely to escape from.
When he burst onto the roof he saw Bucky climbing into the helicopter. Steve ran over as fast as he could as it began to take off jumping up to grab hold of its rails to try and stop him from getting away. He tried as hard as he could but his shoes provided no grip, so he continues to slide towards the edge. When he slipped off of the edge, he grabbed hold of the bar using it to hold the helicopter back.
He used all of his strength to hold the copter back, succeeding slowly as he felt it move back towards him. The victory was short-lived as Bucky turned the helicopter back towards him, forcing Steve the dive out of the way of the blades.
Once the helicopter stopped spinning Steve pushed himself up slowly but before he could react Bucky’s metal arm smashed through the glass grabbing Steve around the neck. As Bucky continues to choke Steve, he could feel the helicopter begin to fall from the building. Steve tried to stop it but soon both he and the helicopter fell into the river below.
Free of Bucky’s grasp he looked around trying to find Bucky, spotting him knocked out still inside the helicopter as it sank. Steve swam over ripping the door from the helicopter and pulling Bucky’s limp body free. Once he had hold of bucky he made sure to surface away from the crash to avoid attention.
He spotted you and Sam on the edge of the river and began swimming over. Both you and Sam helping to pull Bucky out of the water. You crouched down beside Bucky and checked him over.
“He’s breathing and there’s no water in his lungs,” you say looking up at Steve.
“We need to get out of here and fast, can you fly us out?” Steve asks you.
“Not all of you,” you say shaking your head.
“That’s fine, take Bucky and fly him out,” Steve tells you.
“Where to?” You ask standing up.
“Remember the old, abandoned warehouses we passed on the train into Berlin?” Steve asks you, referencing your honeymoon.
“Yeah, okay I’ll meet you guys there, stay safe” you agree grabbing Bucky under the arms and flying off.
When you landed in the abandoned warehouse you placed Bucky down on the floor. You looked down at him, hands on your hips catching your breath as you watched his unconscious body.
Once you caught your breath you picked him back up and started dragging him over to a chair and vice.
“Why are all you boys so heavy” you groan to yourself as you pulled him up onto the chair.
You pulled the vice that was nearby over and used it to restrain his metal arm. While you had a feeling he wouldn’t attack again you couldn’t be sure. You then moved to leave against the wall running your hands over your face tiredly.
There was no way they would let Bucky go free now, and where you’d all just helped him escape you knew Ross would be on your backs even more. A short while later you heard the engine of an old car approaching, looking outside you saw Steve and Sam climb out of a small old car.
“Is he awake?” Steve asks when he walks over.
“No, but he’s contained,” you say nodding over to Bucky.
“Good” Steve sighs looking over to his best friend.
“Sam can you keep an eye on him,” Steve asks.
“Sure” Sam agree moving into the room Bucky was being held.
Steve looked over at you spotting the large cut you had over your brow, your lip was slightly cut too.
“You okay?” He asks cupping your jar and taking a closer look at your injuries.
“Yeah, he got in a good couple of punches and didn’t appreciate me trying to blast him with ice so he threw me through a window” you sigh reciting the fight.
“I’m sorry” Steve sighs shaking his head “on his behalf as well as mine”
“Stop apologising, it’s okay, I’m fine nothing serious, just a little bit more sore than usual,” you tell him holding his hand.
The sound of a helicopter in the distance, both of you look up through a crack in the wall.
“You think we were followed?” You ask him.
“No, it was chaos over there,” Steve says shaking his head.
“Guys” Sam calls out grabbing your attention.
When you look over at him he nods his head over in the direction of the Bucky. When you and Steve jog over to see Bucky beginning to wake up.
“Steve” Bucky groans as he sits up.
“Which Bucky am I talking to?” Steve asks.
“Your mom’s name was Sarah,” Bucky says glancing up at Steve before chuckling “you used to wear newspapers in your shoes”
Steve glances over at you to see you smirking at that little nugget of information. Steve smiles relieved that it was his Bucky and not the winter soldier.
‘Can’t read that in a museum” Steve smiles.
“Just like that, we’re supposed to be cool?” Sam questions earning a small glare from you.
“What did I do?” Bucky asks.
“Enough” you sigh knowing it wouldn’t help him to know the details.
“Oh god, I knew this would happen, everything Hydra put inside me is still there, all he had to do was say the goddamn words” Bucky sighs shaking his head.
“Who was he?” you ask.
“I don’t know,” Bucky says.
“People are dead, the bombing, the setup, the doctor did all that just to get 10 minutes with you. I need you to do better than ‘I don’t know” Steve tells him.
You watch as Bucky thinks for a moment trying to recall what happened “he wanted to know about Siberia, where I was kept, he wanted to know exactly where” Bucky recalls.
“Why would he need to know that?” Steve questions.
Bucky takes a deep breath before responding “because I’m not the only winter soldier” he reveals.
“What do you mean?” You ask.
“Hydra got hold of some super soldier serum in the early 90s, they used it to create more winter soldiers” Bucky explains shifting uncomfortably in his chair.
Steve glances over at you and nods his head, telling you to release Bucky from the vice. Bucky gives you a small appreciative smile as you free him. Once free Bucky sat forwards stretching the fingers of his metal arm.
“Who were they?” Steve asks as he leans against the wall.
“Their most elite death squad more kills than anyone in hydra history and that was before the serum” Bucky explains.
“They all turn out like you?” Sam asks.
“Worse” Bucky sighs.
“The doctor could he control them?” You ask.
“Enough” bucky answers.
“Said he wanted to see an empire fall,” Steve says recalling what the doctor told him.
“With these guys, he could do it, they speak 30 languages and can hide in plain sight, infiltrate, assassinate, destabilise. They can take a whole country down in one night you’d never see them coming” Bucky explains.
Sam moves to stand beside you and Steve, his back to Bucky as he spoke “this would have been a lot easier a week ago” he says.
“If we call Tony” you suggest but Sam interrupts.
“No he won’t believe us,” Sam says.
“Even if he did” Steve sighs.
“Who knows if the accords would let him help” Sam finishes.
Steve sighs looking down at you “we’re on our own” he says.
“Maybe not, I know a guy,” Sam says making you and Steve look over at him confused.
“His name is Scott Lang he’s able to shrink down to ant size, he calls himself Ant-Man” Sam explains.
“How do you know him?” You ask.
“He um broke into the compound and stole some tech while you guys were away on your honeymoon” Sam admits looking down at the ground, your jaw dropping.
“He what?” Steve asks shocked.
“It’s fine I dealt with it, he’s a good guy I promise,” Sam says quickly.
You and Steve exchange a shocked look that this had happened and neither of you had a clue and that everyone kept it secret from you.
“Right well okay, we should probably try and get Wanda out of the compound,” Steve says moving on.
“How are we gonna do that, Vision is keeping her under close watch?” Sam asks.
“Clint? He’s not bound by the accords” you suggest.
“It’s worth a shot, right well we better make some calls” Steve sighs
“We need our gear back,” Sam says.
“I’ll handle that,” Steve tells him.
Tumblr media
You had the plan set, first, you had to pick up your gear. Steve drove all of you to the meeting place. You sat in the back of the car with bucky considering out of you and Sam, he trusted you the most.
As you pulled up you saw the black Audi parked ready to meet you. However, when you saw who got out of the car you couldn’t help but roll your eyes slightly.
You watched as Steve got out of the car and walked over to greet her. She opened up the boot of the car to reveal all their gear.
“Can you move your seat up?” Bucky asks Sam
“No” Sam states.
“Sam” you scold giving him a look of warning.
He sighs reaching to move the seat but doesn’t move it “seems to be broke” he reasons.
You sigh returning your attention back to Steve and Sharon, scoffing under your breath when you saw her take an unnecessary step closer.
“You so don’t like her” Sam smirks.
“I don’t dislike her, there’s just something about her that I don’t trust” you admit crossing your arms.
However, when you saw Sharon glance over at you before taking a step forward to place a kiss on Steve’s cheek you couldn’t hide your dislike anymore.
“I don’t like her” you mutter hearing both Sam and Bucky chuckle.
When Steve turns to look back at the car his eyes meet yours and he grimaces when he sees your stormy expression. He purposely takes a big step away from Sharon and starts grabbing the gear.
“Thanks again, I should probably get back to my wife and friends,” Steve tells her putting emphasis on the word wife.
Sharon purses her lips nodding her head “yes, of course, good luck” she says.
Steve puts the gear in the boot of the car before climbing back in. He glances in the rearview mirror and sees you avoiding his gaze.
“You know I love you right?” He says as he starts the car.
“I know, she clearly doesn’t though” you state looking back over at him.
Steve glances over at Sam who just tried to hide his smirk refusing to look over at Steve. Steve sighed putting the car in gear and driving off to the next meeting point.
A short while later they arrived at Berlin airport driving into the parking lot to meet the rest of the team. As you all climbed out of the car, Wanda and Clint greeted you all climbing out of their van.
“Cap” Clint greets walking over to shake his hand.
“You know I wouldn’t have called if I had any other choice,” Steve says apologising for pulling him from his family.
“Hey man, you’re going me a favour, besides I owe a debt,” Clint says looking over his shoulder at Wanda.
“Thanks for having our backs, we owe you,” you say walking over.
“It was time to get off my ass,” Wanda says shrugging her shoulders.
“And maybe when this is all over you two can babysit my kids” Clint smirks.
“How about our other recruit?” Steve asks.
“He’s raring to go, had to put a little coffee in him but he should be good” Clint says opening up the van to reveal a recently woken Scott.
“What time zone is this?” Scott asks climbing out of the van, his eyes widening when he saw Steve.
“Captain America!” Scott exclaims walking over to shake his hand enthusiastically.
“Mr lang” Steve greets.
“It’s an honour,” Scott says still shaking Steve’s hand.
“I’m shaking your hand too long, wow this is awesome!” Scott smiles finally dropping Steve’s hand.
“Captain America! and you! You’re so cool too” Scott says pointing at you before turning and pointing at Wanda “I know you! You’re great”
You had to try and suppress a smile when Scott continued to fangirl, going as far as to squeeze Steve’s arms, muttering a wow. Steve glances down at you to see you trying to hide a smirk, glad to see you smiling again.
“Ah look I wanna say, I know you know a lot of super people so thanks for thinking of me,” he says, this time you do let out a small laugh when he mixes up his words.
“Hey man!” Scott greets pointing at Sam.
“What’s up tic tac?” Sam greets nodding his head.
“Uh good to see you, look what happened last time when I-“ Scott says before Sam interrupts.
“It was a great audition but it’ll never happen again,” Sam says.
“They tell you what we’re up against?” Steve asks steering the conversation back on topic.
“Something about some psycho-assassins?” Scott says.
“We’re outside the law on this one so if you come with us, you’re a wanted man,” Steve says giving Scott the last chance to back out.
“Yeah well, what else is new?’ Scott says shrugging his shoulders.
“We should get moving,” Bucky says.
“We got a chopper lined up,” Clint tells you, before alarm bells ring, an announcement playing in german.
“They’re evacuating the airport” Bucky translates.
“Stark” you sigh unsure how they managed to find you so fast.
“Suit up” Steve orders.
You moved to grab your suit from the back of the car before heading into the back of the van with Wanda to change.
“You know I can read minds, right?” She says as the two of you change.
“Yes,” you sigh already knowing what she was gonna bring up.
“He didn’t know Sharon was gonna kiss him if he did he wouldn’t have let it happen,” she tells you making you drop your head.
“I know I just don’t like how blatantly flirty she is with him even when I’m right there, when she flirted with him in DC I didn’t like it but I couldn’t complain because we weren’t together, but we’re married now” you sigh shaking your head.
“I get it, but you have him, and she doesn’t” Wanda points out.
“True, thanks Wanda” you smile.
When you step out of the van Steve now fully suited walks over and leads you around the back out of earshot of anyone else.
“I’m sorry for what Sharon did, I had no clue if I had I would have stopped it from happening,” he says instantly apologising.
“It’s okay I know, Wanda told me,” you tell him putting a hand on his arm.
“Wait what?” He asks confused.
“She read our minds” you explain watching as Steve’s mouth forms an ‘o’ in understanding.
“And you don’t need to apologise, you didn’t do anything wrong I just- I just don’t like how she pretends I don’t exist, she used to do it all the time in DC, and then at the wake when you offered to walk her home” you explain looking down shamefully, hating how jealous you felt.
“I didn’t offer, she caught me just as off guard with that, and I promise every time she’s flirted I’ve turned it down, guess I’ll just have to be a bit more obvious in the future,” Steve tells you taking your hand in his.
“Like what?” You ask raising a brow.
“Well, I’d walk over to you, take you by the hand, pull you close” he smirks doing exactly as he says making you let out a small squeak of surprise, hands resting on his chest.
“Wrap my arms around you, and then kiss you as if there was no one else in the room,” he says arms moving around your waist before bringing his lips to yours for a slow and passionate kiss.
“I’d maybe grab your ass too” Steve whispers in your ear, his hands doing exactly that.
“Captain! We’re on a very important mission here” you gasp playfully smacking his chest.
“I love you doll” Steve smiles pecking your lips once more.
“I love you too” you smile back up at him.
“Hey if you guys are done we’ve got deadly assassins to stop” Sam calls out making the both of you snort with laughter.
Once fully suited you all got into position. You and Steve were stood under a bridge where you could see the helicopter Clint had lined up. As he waited for everyone to say they were in position Steve happened to glance down at his shoulder. Noticing how the little Avenger’s emblem was half hanging off, he instinctively reached up and pulled it off discarding it on the floor.
“In position cap,” Clint says into the comms.
“Ready?” Steve asks looking down at you.
“Let's go” you say nodding your head.
The two of you start jogging out of your hiding place towards the helicopter. Just as it looked like you were going to get to it you stopped when a device attached to it and disabled it. Looking up to the sky you could see Tony in his iron man suit flying above you. He soon landed in front of you quickly followed by Rhodey.
“Wow it’s so weird how you run into people at the airport, don’t you think that’s weird?” Tony says removing his helmet.
“Definitely weird” Rhodey agrees.
“Hear us out Tony, the doctor the psychiatrist he’s behind all of this” Steve says, as he does T’Challa leaps forwards into the fold.
“Captain” T’Challa greets.
“Your highness,” Steve says nodding his head.
“Anyway, Ross gave me 36 hours to bring you in, that was 24 hours ago, can you help a brother out?” Tony asks.
“You’re after the wrong guy,” you tell him but Tony interrupts.
“Your judgement is askew, your old war buddy killed innocent people yesterday” Tony hisses.
“And there are five more super solider just like him” Steve fires back “I can’t let the doctor find them first Tony, I can’t”
“Steve,” Nat says making you both turn to look at her.
“You guys know what’s about to happen, do you really wanna punch your way out of this one?” Nat asks.
You and Steve glance at each other, you were hoping that you’d be able to get out of here without interference. That was looking less and less likely, so if punching your way out was the way to stop the doctor then that’s how it was gonna have to be.
“All right I’ve run out of patience” Tony sighs “Underoos!”
You furrow your brows in confusion when suddenly Steve’s shield is ripped from his hand, both your hands being bound by a sticky substance. As you looked down you realised it was a synthetic spider web, looking up you confirmed your suspicion. Seeing the kid Tony had tried to recruit back in January.
“Nice job kid,” Tony says.
“Thanks, I could have stuck the landing a little better it’s just a new suit, it's nothing my stark it's perfect thank you,” Peter says rambling slightly.
“Yeah we don’t really need to start a conversation,” Tony says cutting him off.
“Seriously stark! You brought a kid into this” you snap glaring at Tony.
“Hi cap, captain, big fan. I’m Spider-man” Peter says awkwardly.
“Yeah we’ll talk about it later,” Tony says.
“You’ve been busy” Steve remarks.
“And you’ve been a complete idiot, dragging in Clint, ‘rescuing’ Wanda from a place she doesn’t even want to leave, a safe place. I’m trying to keep… I’m trying to keep you from tearing the Avengers apart” Tony snaps.
“You did that when you signed” Steve states, keeping a relatively cool head.
“All right, we’re done” Tony scoffs “you’re gonna turn Barnes over, you’re gonna come with us, now, because it’s us or a squad of J-SOC guys with no compunctions about being impolite” he demands.
Steve lets outs out a small sigh before looking down at you “come on” Tony sighs.
“We found it,” Sam says over the comms “their quintets in hanger five, north runway”
Steve nods down at you before holding his hands above his head, one of Clint’s arrows slicing through the webbing freeing him. At the same time, you make your hands catch fire burning through the webbing.
“All right Lang,” Steve says as Tony looks around in confusion.
Scott grows to full size knocking Peter down and stealing Steve’s shield back from him “I believe this is your Captain America,” Scott says passing Steve back his shield.
“All right there’s two on the parking deck, one of them’s Maximoff I’m gonna grab her, Rhodes you wanna take cap?” Tony says as he flies off.
“Got two in the terminal, Wilson and Barnes,” Rhodey says.
“Barnes is mine” T’Challa growls before running off.
Steve quickly reacts throwing his shield at Rhodey before running off after T’Challa. You blast Rhodey back with a large gust of wind knocking him off balance. When his foot touches the ground you form ice around it freezing him to the ground.
It didn’t keep him held for long as he quickly burnt through it taking off to go hit Steve with a large electric baton. However, Steve reacts quickly enough holding up his shield and when Rhodey rebounds off you tackle him in the air. The two of you grappling in the air.
“Y/N we could use your help over here” you hear Sam say over the comms.
“Sorry Rhodes, duty calls,” you say kicking him in the gut and sending him back to the floor before you quickly fly off towards the terminal.
When you land inside you see both Sam and Bucky trapped by Peter’s webs. Neither of them looked impressed, bickering with each other.
“Can’t you pull yourself free?” Sam snaps.
“You don’t think I’ve tried that” Bucky retorts.
“Shut up and hold still,” you say bending down and using your powers to burn through the webbing.
With you gone to go help Bucky and Sam, that left Steve fighting Rhodey and T’Challa alone. When Rhodey flew towards him Steve flipped over kicking him down, breaking the baton he was trying to hit Steve with. He then turned to dodge T’Challa’s claws before kicking him back.
“Hey, cap heads up!” Scott says running over and throwing Steve something.
When he caught it he saw that it was a shrunken-down water truck.
“Throw it at this” Scott says holding up a small disc “now!”
Steve throws the truck hitting the disc in mid-air. The truck suddenly grows back to full size flying straight towards Rhodey, T’Challa and Nat. However when it lands instead of water being released the truck explodes, leaving Steve to hold up his shield to protect himself.
“Oh man, I thought it was a water truck, uh sorry,” Scott says when Steve glances over at him before the two of them run in the opposite direction.
As they ran the rest of the team joined them and you all started running towards the jet now that Tony’s team was preoccupied.
“Come on!” Steve shouts.
However, you all stop when Vision joins in blasting a ray through the tarmac.
“Captain Rogers, I know you believe what you’re doing is right, but for the collective good, you must surrender now,” Vision says as the rest of Tony’s team regroup.
“What do we do cap?” Sam asks glancing over.
“We fight” Steve states moving forward.
The two teams start running towards each other head first, neither pulling back. What could only be described as chaos ensued as the two teams fought head-to-head. Friends fighting against each other, knowing everyone’s weak spots from the hours of training.
Steve threw his shield towards Peter, cutting the web he was swinging on forcing him to land. Putting his shield back on his arm once it returned.
“That thing does not obey the laws of physics at all,” Peter says making Steve chuckle inwardly, remembering when you said the same thing.
“Look kid there’s a lot going on here that you don’t understand,” Steve says not really wanting to fight this kid.
“Mr Stark said you’d say that, wow,” Peter says before firing webs at Steve’s shield and legs pulling them out from underneath him.
He started dragging Steve towards him and without his shield, he was unable to stop Parker from kicking him in the face and back into a metal container.
“He also said to go for your legs,” Peter says crouching under the bridge to a plane.
Steve goes to grab his shield but Peter fires webs at his hands restraining him, and keeping his hands from the shield. Steve twists and flips pulling Peter towards him using his own webbing. Steve manages to get his shield back and this time when Peter tried to fire webbing at him he grabbed it, pulling Peter towards him and knocking him down with his shield. Peter gets up quickly jumping up and out of the way of Steve.
“Stark tell you anything else?” Steve asks looking up at him.
“That you’re wrong, you think you’re right, that makes you dangerous,” Peter says before swinging down to attack Steve once more.
Steve reacts quick enough to kick Peter back knocking him back under the bridge “guess he was right” Steve says throwing his shield at the metal support and causing the bridge to fall, Peter easily catching it.
“You got heart kid, where you from?” Steve asks.
“Queens,” Peter says his voice slightly strained.
Steve smiles over at him “Brooklyn” he tells him before running off to join the fight.
He sees you and bucky fighting off T’Challa before running away, the three of you taking cover together.
“We gotta go, that guy’s probably in Siberia by now,” Bucky says.
“We gotta draw out the flyers,” Steve says looking up at the sky.
“I’ll take Vision you both get to the jet,” you tell him.
“Steve the rest of us aren’t getting out of here” Sam adds.
“As much as I hate to admit it if we’re gonna win this one some of us might have to lose it” Clint agrees making Steve sigh and drop his head.
“This isn’t the real fight Steve,” Sam tells him.
“All right Sam, what’s the play?” Steve asks.
“We need a diversion, something big, and then you get to the jet, you included Y/N,” Sam tells him.
“I’ve got something big, but I can’t hold it very long on my signal run like hell and if I tear myself in half don’t come back for me,” Scott says making you look over in confusion.
“He’s gonna tear himself in half?” Bucky asks and you shrug your shoulders hoping it was just a figure of speech.
“You sure about this Scott?” Steve questions.
“I do it all the time, I mean once, in a lab then I passed out,” Scott says.
For a moment you don’t hear anything and then suddenly Scott appears out of nowhere except this time he was massive.
“I guess that’s the signal” Steve states glancing over at you.
The three of you start running towards the hanger, using Scott’s chaos as cover. Finally getting clear of the fight, the quinnjet was only a short distance away. You happen to glance over your shoulder to see Vision approach.
You try sending a blast of wind at him but it doesn’t affect him at all. He then uses the stone to collapse the tower next to the hanger. Thankfully Wanda was able to keep the tower up enough but it still was close. You were beginning to doubt you’d make it. Especially when her powers ceased, and the tower began to fall once more. In one last act of desperation, you stop running and send a large blast of wind at Steve and Bucky pushing them through before the tower completely collapsed cutting them off from you.
“Y/N!” Steve shouts.
“I’m fine just get out of here!” You tell him.
“But-“ he starts but you cut him off.
“Go! that’s an order!” You shout.
You start moving chunks of rubble out of the way with your powers relieved when you saw the jet fly out of the bunker. That relief was short-lived when you saw Tony and Rhodey flying after it. You instantly take off trying to catch up with them to stop them. Sam joining you in the chase.
You had managed to grab hold of Tony’s boot pulling him back. He tried to kick you off, but you held on as tight as you could. However, the next thing you saw was one of vision’s beams. You knew it was meant for Sam but it missed hitting Rhodey instead, his suit going dead.
Once you realised what was happening you dropped Tony and started diving down towards Rhodey. Tony and Sam followed soon after, you were just within grabbing distance but it wasn’t enough. You watched in horror, screaming as Rhodey hit the ground.
You fell to your knees when you landed watching Tony run over and check for signs of life.
“I’m sorry Tony I tried” you stutter tears beginning to fall.
You see Tony raise his gauntlet and before you could react, he blasted both you and Sam back. Leaving you groaning in pain as you looked up to the sky, wishing you’d been on the jet instead.
Once you sat up you didn’t bother moving. Just sat watching as first, the ambulance crew arrived for Rhodey, closely followed by the police for you. You didn’t put up a fight as they restrained all of you, not even when they placed a collar around your neck.
Tumblr media
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binkszamsstuff · 2 days
The artist and his muse
Steve Rogers x fem reader
Smut, fluff, this fic is so short I'm in a writers block.
Kinda Edward scissor hands au? That the aesthetic I thought of when I thought of the town/color palette.
Tumblr media
Her face flashed upon his eyes, he odd man who lived in the blue house with flowers painted on the walls. People stopped to stare at his house, the newspaper called it an eye swore. The young posh kids who were the wallflowers of the town would take polaroids of it and smoke cigarettes by his house -he never told them off he liked them. Then there was the internet white women who would stand in front of his home and pose. #art they would tag after.
But one girl.
The mayor's daughter that lived in the nice white house. Came by everyday after school to look at his home, a smile would come on his face when she would catch him peaking out of his window.
Steve Rogers didn't leave his house often, the only time he would come downtown was when his friend Bucky Barnes the led opponent for the roll of mayor would take him to dinner every Sunday, or when he had to go grocery shopping.
Y/n dreamed of the artist who lived in the house painted in flowers. She wished she could feel the way he did, he was care free and beautiful as the paintings he did. She hoped she would marry someone like him instead of Bruce.
Bruce was a doctor in the small town, he was sweet and cute. sure y/n liked him but the two had nothing in common. Her father had arranged the marriage. But today she got a wave of confidence, she would knock on Steven's door.
Little did she know he dreamed of her too; the stunning girl who wore sundresses, her hair in soft curls. He wanted to paint her -in every moment of the day. her naked, her smile, her hands, her eyes, her in his bed after a long night of love making.
He was endlessly writing her name is cursive in his journal, he wishes it was his wallpapers. He wanted her name to be everywhere.
Then a knock.
He slowly got up from his chair in his living room, 'no one comes by to visit? And it can't be bucky he has his key, he just busts right through' Steven thought.
He looked through the peep hole, his heart in twists. It was her!
He opened the door, his eyes caught her delicate smile. She was his muse, he knew it.
"Hello Steven, I'm y/n" she said sticking her small hand out for him to shake.
When Steve took her hand in his, he never wanted to let go. Her soft skin, and vanilla smell was making him want to ravish her. She was so small compared to him.
"I-i know who you are, it's lovely to meet you."
"I-this might seem silly but I wanted to say your home is beautiful, it truly is" Steve smiled. Oh he was falling in love.
"Would you like to come in?"
Tumblr media
"Oh Steve!" Y/n moaned as he licked her clit again and again. Since that day four months ago the two were guled together. Friendship grow it love, and now y/n's father could do nothing with the small bump forming.
"Please,please Stevie. I-i can't do it any longer. I'm cumming!" She shouted, her fingers carded through his hair.
"Go on, be my beautiful doll and cum. Come on pretty baby." He grunted out his mouth still in-between her lips. When she came Steve moaned at the taste.
"Good job honey, one second I have to get my sketch book" y/n giggled at his cuteness, everytime they made love he insisted he draw her right after. And he loved to draw her naked, especially since now her stomach his filling out with his child.
Steve came back still naked, his long thick length bobbing up. Pre cum dripping, he sat In the chair that stood in the corner of the room. He set up his things while slowly jerking off his cock. By the time the drawing was done Steve had cum three times, just my his hand and watching you lay there in the warm light of the afternoon.
The odd pair lived together forever, with their children. The artist and his muse.
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assembletheimagines · 4 months
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve’s never had a blowjob and could you really consider yourself a friend if you didn’t suck his dick?
Warnings: 18+, praise kink?, oral m!receiving, smut
“You’ve never...” your words dying down as you waved your hands for emphasis, letting the silence fill the gaps of your question.
Steve cheeks darkened under your gaze and he licked his bottom lip before answering. “Well, I’ve been busy.” His excuse seeming lame to him when they fell from his lips but it was true. Captain America and all that. He took another sip of his drink.
It was just the two of you tonight in his apartment as you two lounged in the living room. Finally, one of the rare nights where the world wasn’t ending and you both weren’t on a mission. And because of this, you were more than happy to hang out with your friend, Steve, sharing drinks on the couch.  
Six drinks in and this is what ultimately brought you to where you were now.
You felt relaxed as you leaned back against the couch armrest, facing Steve as he did the same. You’re not sure how the conversation happened or why but you two had been on enough life-threatening missions to openly talk about anything and everything.
“Really?” You asked your surprise clearly showing on your face as you looked at Steve in a new light. “Not even when you were on “tour” with show girls in the 40’s?” You asked and Steve’s blushed deepened as he shook his head, taking a sip of his drink instead of answering. “Sharon?” Your eyebrows raising suggestively.
“No,” he mumbled and you nodded your head, looking around his living room.
Steve watched as your lips curled into a mischievous grin and he was already ready to roll his eyes at whatever was about to come out of your mouth. “I’d think more women would jump at the opportunity to thank their Captain America for his service.” You teased coolly with a giggle. There was the eye roll.
“Hardy har har,” Steve said sarcastically which resulted in another round of giggles from you.
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” you smiled and grabbed the alcohol bottle off the coffee table, re-filling both of your drinks. “I’m just surprised you haven’t tried to-” your words made Steve’s blush return as he shook his head. “I mean, I bet if you asked, anyone would be more than happy to drop to their knees for you.”
You on your knees for Steve flashed across your mind as he took another sip from his drink. The thought caused a wetness to form between your thighs as you thought about how Steve would look with pleasure written all over his face because of you.
“Mhmm,” Steve’s hum brought you back to reality as he looked over at you with an amused look. “So, if I just say “suck my dick,” it would happen?” He said sarcastically.
Your silence caused him to tilt his head at you.
Alcohol. That’s what you blame when in a flash you found yourself moving, straddling his lap, as he looked up at you in surprise. Steve’s hands grasped the cushion under him as your hand went behind his neck, tilting his head up for you. “Only because you asked,” you teased softly and his eyes widened.
The way your name sounded on his lips as he gasped had your hips rolling instinctively in his lap. Both of you groaning at the friction as you felt Steve’s dick harden in anticipation. “Steve,” you said grabbing his attention. You couldn’t help but bite your lip from the way his blown pupils filled with lust stared back at you, “let me suck your dick.”
Steve full on groaned then, pulling you into a dominating kiss that left you both breathless. Your fingers curling around the nape of his neck as you grounded your hips down. His hands moved to the curve of your ass, guiding your movements as you trailed your kisses down his neck. His gasps fueling the warmth that was spreading between your thighs.
“Fuck, I need this off,” you mumbled unbuttoning his shirt, kissing the new exposed skin as Steve threw his shirt out of the way. Your teeth sunk into the curve of his neck awarding you a sharp inhale from Steve as he shuddered underneath you, his fingers digging into your ass. You moved back from your assault on his skin, humming appreciatively as you took a moment to enjoy the way he looked beneath you. He was leaning back into the couch, shirtless, his neck marked in a few spots with his lips slightly bruised from your kisses. Damn, he looked so good.
You moved from his lap entirely then, going onto your knees between his legs. Your smile, sinful, when your fingers made contact with his belt. Your smile widened into a smirk as Steve excitedly helped you take his jeans and boxers down before you pushed him back down on the couch.
He was big. Bigger than you’ve had before and you weren’t sure if it was because of the serum but either way, your mouth watered at his size.  You maintained eye contact with Steve as you wrapped your hand around his girth. Smirking at the way Steve groaned, dropping his head back and spreading his thighs further apart to give you more room.
You stroke his length in your hand, “You need to look at me, Captain.” Your words had another moan falling from his lips as his dick twitched in your palm. Half-lidded eyes fluttering as he looked down at you and your movements. “I knew you’d be good at following orders.” You teased and before he could say something witty back, you leaned your head down. Your tongue swiped over the head of dick, collecting the pre-cum on your tongue.
It was music to your ears the way he choked out your name from your actions. You shocked him further as you took his length deeper into your mouth, tongue massaging over the vein on the underside of his dick.
Steve groaned deeply as his length continued to disappear past your lips slowly. He was resisting the urge to buck his hips up towards your mouth and push your head further down his length. “Fuck,” he cursed and you rested your hands on top of his thighs as you moved back with a sly grin.
“Don’t be afraid to do what you want, Cap.” You hummed, your lips covered in a mixture of his cum and saliva as you licked your lips. “I can handle it.”
That was all he needed before his hand was in your hair guiding your face back down to suck on his cock. His thighs tensing as he pushed your head almost all the way down so that the head of his dick nudged the back of your throat.
This caused you to gag around his length and the sound and feel of it made him drop his head back in pleasure a pressure beginning to form in his abdomen. “Fuck, just like that, baby.” His words had you whining over length as he curled his fingers in your hair, guiding you up and down. “You feel so good,” he groaned and your fingers dug further into his thighs.
The praise and moans he made as you let him use you had your thighs clenching in need. You had to stop yourself from moving one of your hands between your legs as you watched the way his mouth dropped open in a low moan as your head continuing to bob up and down his length. You hummed reaching one of your hands to his balls, rolling them between your fingers as you wrapped your lips around just the head of his dick sucking sweetly.
The action caused his hips to stutter, the groan of your name practically coming out as growl as his hand pushed you further down his shaft. “I’m not going to last,” he choked out. His confession making you moan as you increased your movements, swallowing him down and pushing yourself further to take his entire length. Your throat contracting around him as you took a shaky breath through your nose.
And that was it. Watching you take his entire length fully pushed him over the edge as he unexpectedly came. Shooting his seed down your mouth.
You moved your head back up his length, continuing to suck, as your hand stroke the rest of his length to milk out every last drop as he panted above you. His dick twitching softly as you moved your mouth off of him, licking your lips. Your watery eyes met Steve’s glazed over ones.
“So, what else have you never done?”
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sweetsbfreex · 28 days
drunk and obsessed
Summary: a little something about a drunk steve. in the mafia steve universe
Pairing: drunk!mafia! steve rogers x reader
Warning: none rlly
“Baby, baby,” you giggle, a bit tipsy, as you try your hardest to fit the key into the door's lock. “I can’t open the door with you all over me.”
You laugh once more when Steve begins kissing your neck once again. His trimmed beard tickles your neck. 
On the other hand, Steve had a bit too much to drink. And that's all your doing. 
You know he feels he can never have too much to drink at these events, especially with you there. The events are filled with some of the most inimical people worldwide. So he always wants to be on his A-game for you. But that’s what body guards are for, you had argued. Pushing for him to have the time of his life with some of his friends.
Now here he was: drunk and his body cradling yours, as the two of you struggle to get in the house. 
“I just love you, baby,” his words slur as he kisses your cheek. 
“I love you too,” You tell him, so close to getting the fucking key to fit. 
“I can’t wait to get you inside,” his voice rich and husky as he seals his promise. 
“Baby, I don’t even think you could get it up right now.”
“Woah, woah, woah,” Steve removes himself as your shell, both arms up in defense while he takes a few steps back.  
When your senses finally catch up that he’s no longer hovering over you. You quickly turn, just stopping him before he tumbles down the step. 
You hold both his hands, then let one go to grab the side of this face, “Honey, your drunk off your ass right now—“
“I am not! You just called my game weak,”
“That’s not what I said, but I need you to stand silently so I can open the door, okay?”
“Okay, pretty” he answers, landing a soft peck on your lips.
You smile as you finally open the door, reaching behind you to clasp Steve’s hand so you can pull him in. 
You close the door behind him, toeing your shoes off, giggling when he has trouble with his. But five ‘fucks’ later, he finally gets it done. 
“Woooo!!” Steve shoots his hand up in a v, as if his team just won the super bowl. 
You’re quick to drop his arms back down to his sides, “Shhh, baby. You’re screaming.”
“I am?! I’m sorry,” his hands cup your cheeks as he pulls you for yet another kiss. 
“Honey,” you laugh into his sloppy kiss. “Let’s go to bed, hm? And get some water into you.”
“I don’t wanna do bed,” he whines. “I wanna do you,” he smirks, moving one hand to grip your hip.
“Tomorrow, okay? I’m really tired.” You feign a dramatic yawn. 
“You are? Okay, that’s okay, okay?” he kisses your nose this time. 
Drunk sex isn’t something that hasn’t been checked off your and Steve’s list. But Steve is sloshed and can barely walk straight, so sex would not be on the menu for tonight. 
“Let’s head up.” You wrap his arm over your shoulder, walking up the steps carefully. 
He’s sitting at the end of the bed, his coat beside him, as you unbutton his dress shirt. You would’ve let him do it himself, but he was struggling with his lack of hand-eye coordination. Playfully slapping your hand every time your hands got close to his shirt. Giggling and joking that there would be no sexy times. That was until he had made you oath you’d keep your hands innocent. 
Ever your affectionate, drunk lover. 
“Are you sure you feel alright? Don't need to throw up or anything?” You ask Steve once again. 
“I’m fine, I’m fine,” he tells you then takes another swig of water.
It only takes ten minutes until he’s in his sweatpants, with no boxers (under his request). You’re changed and ready for bed, tired out from an eventful day. Steve’s favorite movie playing in the background. 
Steve cuddles up close, half his brawny body on yours, his leg splayed over yours, and his head nestled on your chest. 
Your fingers run through his hair soothingly. 
You hum a response.
“Thank you for taking care of me, I love you too,” 
“I love you too.” you laugh breathily at his mistake. 
A comfortable pause ensues. 
“Y/n?” His hand shimmies under your t-shirt, to caress your soft skin. 
“Yes, honey,” you can’t help but laugh at the way he calls for your attention. You don’t think you’ve heard your actual name from his mouth so consistently. 
“I think I wanna— I know I want to start trying soon. I wanna be a dad, a good dad.”
Your hand stills.
“What?” Your voice is quiet and relayed with shock. Your heart no longer in your chest. 
He wants to try. The two of you tied the knot two months ago. However, talk of whether you guys wanted to start a family or not was shut down by Steve every time. You never wanted to push, but you also wanted to know what to expect. 
Either way, He was adamant that he wasn’t ready. There was no way he could raise a baby to be half a decent human being with his trauma lingering in the shadows, among other things
He sits up abruptly, “I know, I know. I’m not sober, but I’m not lying either. I’m ready, honey… if you are.” He grabs your hand and kisses your knuckles.
“Okay,” you smile, “If you remember, we’ll continue this conversation tomorrow?”
“Okay.” He kisses your cheek before cuddling into you once again. “I wanna be the perfect dad, y/n. The best.”
“You will be.” 
You tell him sweetly, your eyes stinging as you run your fingers through his hair once more. 
a/n: srry it's been so long, college keeps me busy 24/7! here's this as i try and finish binky fairy pt. 2
if you enjoyed pls don’t forget to reblog or give feedback if ur up to it <3
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incorrectcapsicle · 4 months
Y/N: In my defense, it was dark and he was a very tall pretty guy.
Steve, from across the room: IT WAS YOU?!
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venusstorm · 12 days
Ok ok this is in my head for a while i have this smutty request where steve rogers finding out his short sized girlfriend has daddy kink and took an advantage of it.
I absolutely love this
𝐒𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐆𝐢𝐫𝐥
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+, somnophilia *both parties mutually agree to free use*, praise-kink, daddy-kink, degradation, dumbification, size kink, crying, masturbation, overstimulation
Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader
w/c: 1800 | masterlist |
=͟͟͞ ♡
"Sweet girl, what're you doing," Steve grunts. His eyes open slowly, sleep still clouding his mind as he stares down at you in his arms. You're fast asleep against his bare chest, your body grinding against his mindlessly.
You look so small against his large frame, your whimpers following closely behind soft pleas of desperation. "S'too much," you whine, clawing at his chest as you nuzzle into his side.
"Baby, you're dreaming." Steve slides his hand up your neck, stroking your skin to soothe your cries.
But you only persist, humping his leg and spreading your slick across his thighs. "Wan– want..." Your eyes squeeze tightly, your mumbled words struggling to leave your dreamscape.
He shakes his head in disbelief as you let out a slew of moans, your hips moving languidly against him.
"This is the third night in a row. Can't tell if I should be flattered or worried," he grunts.
You release a heavy sigh, your hands trailing down his chest before pausing at his lower abdomen.
"Am I doing good, daddy?" You mumble.
Something inside of him ignites as soon as your words meet his ears. Daddy. His cock stirs, groaning as your hands graze over his aching tip.
"Wanna make daddy happy." You rub him gently before stopping, your hand retreating to his bare chest. His eyes darken as he repeats your words in a hushed whisper. He wants — no needs to hear your pretty lips speak those words again.
He always playfully used the term, taunting you about "not making daddy angry," every time you wanted to be a little brat. But you'd always ignore him, shoving his shoulder and walking away with a huff.
But secretly your heart was fluttering, racing because Steve was just inches away from discovering how you truly felt. You craved to call him that every time he wrapped you in his arms. His burly chest and arms crushed you sweetly as you cuddled beneath the sheets.
When he’d hold your hand extra tight in public, easing your anxiety about onlookers. “It’s okay, baby,” he’d whisper, rubbing his thumb across your hand soothingly before whisking you away to a less crowded area.
The moments when you became all too aware of how big he is. He'd tower over you, his arms wrapped around your waist as you felt his bulge rubbing against your ass.
And most of all when he thrusts into you so deep that your entire body shakes, his lips peppering kisses across your skin as you come within his tight grasp. “My beautiful, sweet girl,” he’d coo before carrying you to the bathroom where he’d fill the tub with pink bubbles and wash you off gently.
Daddy, daddy, daddy. You wanted to scream it aloud shamelessly. Steve was yours, all yours, and would never be anyone else's.
You shift suddenly, your grip on him tightening. Your eyebrows furrow in frustration, the growing need to release ransacking your body. "Please," you whine. "Want daddy’s cum. I'll be good, just wa– want you to..."
Slowly he hikes your leg up further, grazing his hand against your thigh. Your lips part as you feel his hands dance across your skin. "Daddy," you whimper. "All mine..."
Steve chuckles, his fingers tracing over your swollen folds. "That's right, baby. I'm all yours." He pushes into your puffy cunt, groaning as you clench around his fingers.
He inserts another finger, thrusting upwards and muffling his moans into your shoulder.
"Making me go insane, baby. Been humping that pretty pussy on me every night and now I know why. Want daddy to make you feel good? Play with your pretty parts?"
Of course, you don't answer, instead, you draw yourself closer to him. Moving against his fingers unconsciously.
His cock is throbbing, precum seeping down his shaft and collecting on your soft skin. With a glaring red tip, all he can think about is burying himself inside of you.
"M'go- gonna cum, daddy," you whimper.
Without hesitation, he rips his fingers from your hilt. You pulsate around nothing, whimpering from the loss of touch. He curses as slick seeps from your hole and adds to the puddle resting on his thighs.
"You've been keeping secrets from me. Haven't you, sweetheart?" He palms his length, stroking it softly against your plush tummy. You inhale deeply, your eyelids beginning to flutter.
"Apparently, my pretty little girl wants me to be her daddy." Lifting your leg into the air, Steve rubs his tip against your slit. He bites back a moan, you were so wet, so perfect, made exactly for him.
"And I'd be happy to...but if only you asked me directly, sweetheart. This would be a very different situation."
Your dreams begin to fade as reality sets in. His words stir you awake, your eyes fluttering open. "Steve?" You murmur.
He groans as he slips inside you, hugging your tiny frame against his. "Fuck, you're so wet."
You whine as he thrusts into you, your pussy squelching loudly. "Touch yourself. Feel what you've done."
On command, you glide your fingers through your slick. Your thighs are soaked, and your exhaustion begins to vanish as the gravity of the situation finally hits.
"Steve," you whine. You want to turn around and look at him but his right-hand keeps you in place. Was he angry with you?
"Did I— did I do something," you moan.
He shakes his head disappointingly, his free hand reaching for your clit. You tremble as he collects your juices before gripping your face roughly, painting your skin.  If you could see his face right now, you'd see one of agitation. Frustrated that his girl didn't feel comfortable enough to state her desires.
"You hid something from me," he grits.
"I didn't!" You object, "I swear."
"Don't lie to me." A gasp gets stuck in your throat as Steve plunges his fingers into your mouth. You choke against them, gagging as he fucks your mouth.
He needed to see your face, needed to watch you break down slowly against him. If you weren't going to tell him, he was going to fuck it right out of you.
You moan loudly as he allows you to suckle on his fingers, your ass slamming against his cock as he sinks deeper.
"You like this, don't you, baby? You like getting that tiny cunt filled even though I can barely fit. Getting fucked from behind when I come home, standing over you, gripping that pretty neck so I can kiss you."
"Stevie," you cry. It was too much all at once. His movements. His words. The fact that you couldn't tell if he was angry with you or just sexually frustrated. Steve always keeps his cool, even when he's aggravated with you he just sits you in his lap quietly and talks it out. And the thought of making him angry...it made you want to sob.
He pushes you against the mattress, switching positions until he's hovering over your precious body. His precious body.
"M’sorry," you sniffle. "I don't know what I did."
Your tears only make him growl, his chest rumbling with need. He sinks on top of you, allowing his body weight to rest on yours. You cling to him, dazed by how his body covered yours with ease. Steve made you feel safe. Protected. The only person you had ever fully trusted with your body and mind.
"You like being my dumb little baby, letting me do anything to you? Watching me play with your princess parts until you're squirting all over my lap?”
"Da– Steve." Your words slip, but you're too fucked out to notice. His warm breath hits your skin. Desperation overtakes you both.
"Say it," he grunts.
His pace begins to slow, deep, languid, strokes taking its place. "C’mon, baby. Just say it for me."
Say it?
Say it.
He knows.
He picks up his pace and your body begins to shake uncontrollably. You claw at his back, pushing your lips towards his in hopes that he'd embrace you but all he does is stare down at them. Taunting you.
"S-so sorry. I need you, daddy, please. Don't like when you're mad at me. Love being your good girl, love wh- when you use me.”
Your eyes widen in shock, your body warming with embarrassment from the admission. "I- I'm sorry," you rush out. Quickly you bury your head in his neck, hiding from his heated gaze.
"Don't get shy on me now," he grunts. "Look at me," he commands.
You pull back, staring into his eyes helplessly as tears begin to fall down your cheeks. His gaze softens as he watches your bottom lip tremble.
“I didn’t know how to tell you,” you whimper. “Didn’t want you to judge me…”
He pulls out slowly before slamming back into your throbbing cunt. You scream his name, your nails digging into his skin as your legs cling to his waist.
“I’d never judge you, sweetheart.”
Every ounce of his weight blissfully crushes your frame, wrapping you in warmth. You become all too aware of his strokes, the way he sinks into your sopping cunt relentlessly. Vulnerable. You felt vulnerable and protected all at once.
"M'gonna cum, daddy. Can't hold it. Fuck, feels so good."
"I know, baby. Squeeze daddy’s cock, c’mon, sweetheart.” You cry out his name as a wave of bliss crashes over you. Your walls pulsate around him, trapping him inside of you.
You begin to squirm as your high takes over, thrashing against him as he whispers into your ear. "There you go, pretty baby. Atta girl,” he murmurs. "Making daddy so proud."
"Want your cum, Stevie," you whine.
"Yea? Tell daddy you won't lie to him again. Tell me how sorry you are."
"Won't lie anymore. S-so sorry, daddy. I'll be good for you. Just need you, please.”
He groans as you plead with him, begging him to fill you up with everything he has. "Need daddy’s cum. Please, Stevie."
Your airy tone goes straight to his cock, the pleas breaking him down piece by piece.
Steve slams into you one last time before shooting load after load between your puffy folds and into your channel. His heavy balls contract, pulsating against your ass as he unloads.
He can't stop. Your soft whimpers are never-ending and it only makes him want to provide you with more.
Steve presses his lips against yours, swallowing your cries. “That’s it, baby. Take daddy’s load. Doing so good for me.”
You're dripping with spend by the time he finishes, a shudder ransacking his body before he fully relaxes on top of you.
He stares at you with so much adoration that it hurts. “What do you say?” He murmurs, his eyes half-lidded as he kisses your forehead.
"T-thank you, daddy."
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violette-hue · 14 days
Summary: Steve really doesn't like the person you're interviewing, so afterwards he fucks you sensleess.
Trigger Warning(s): unprotected sex, cursing, degradation, slight forcing, mentions of breeding kink, not proof read, maybe some typos
Word Count: 3.4k
A/N: Happy early birthday @ceo-of-daichi ! Possessive Steve is the best Steve~ (P.S. - I drank some tea for the flu in hops that it'll make me feel better, so the last half of this was written with a drowsy mind).
**Minors and ageless blogs do not interact. 18+ only**
Tumblr media
“You’re interviewing him?”
You turned to look at your boyfriend as you buttoned up your blouse. You cocked a brow at the tone of his implication. You had been getting ready for a meeting for an interview that was to be done in an hour when he stalked into the room.
Ever since Steve had found out you were interviewing Loki for his part in the literal destruction of New York City, he had been making comments here and there on why this was a bad idea. Maybe he was right, but you were just over the moon Loki had even agreed to do an interview with you.
"Babe, I don't really see what's the problem," you responded nonchalantly, taking your time to button up the last few buttons. To show some boobage or to not. You chewed on the inside of your lip in thought.
Steve scoffed. "Are you kidding me? He just tried to take over New York City, causing millions in destruction. He's dangerous."
"Dangerous." You repeated. "Everyone is dangerous, Steve, even The Avengers. Besides, there's going to be, like, a bunch of police guys there guarding him. I actually think they might be S.H.I.E.L.D. agents."
You watched as the muscles on Steve's arm flexed as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Is that supposed to make me feel better?"
"Jesus Christ, Steve--"
"Why don't you just come with me? Brood in the corner like my silent protector."
It was silent for a few heartbeats, and you thought Steve might laugh in your face. Instead, he shook his head, a ghost of a smile on his lips.
"Fine," Steve said, leaning back against the door frame. "Button up your shirt again, I missed the show."
You giggled and rolled your eyes, but obeyed. You unbuttoned your blouse, then buttoned it back up again slower this time, giving a good show.
Tumblr media
You walked into the interview room: Loki's cell. He was held behind some type of glass box, the floors some sort of dark, holographic tile. The room was bare, housing only a dozen or so S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Loki had escaped once from a cell similar to this, the chances of him escaping again were likely. These agents wouldn't be able to do much to stop it.
You stepped towards the glass, stopping a foot or two from the cell. Loki was already standing, and as he stalked towards you, he made sure to trail his eyes over your body.
"Did you get all dressed up for me?" Loki drawled, a smirk tugging on the corners of his lips.
You rolled your eyes and pulled out the small recorder that was tucked into the waistband of your tight skirt. "I hate to bruise your ego, but it's actually a job requirement," you responded, tripling checking the recorder had enough charge. You had checked the decent sized black rectangle before you left the apartment and then on your way over here. A nervous habit and the constant feeling that something would go wrong.
"An enjoyable job requirement. For me," Loki commented.
You heard a low growl come from Steve and felt the warmth from his chest as he stepped closer to you.
"Oh," Loki hummed. "A displeasure to see you Mr. America." Loki took a few steps closer. "Did they send you in to keep guard, too?"
"No," Steve answered roughly. "And it's Captain."
"Yes, so sorry. Mr. Captain." Loki smiled wide, clearly enjoying making your boyfriend irritable.
You couldn't help but giggle and look down. Loki was charming and funny. Too bad he was an absolute menace to society.
"Mr. Laufeyson--" you started, pressing the record button.
"Oh, I like the sound of that," Loki purred.
"--I want to make you aware that from this point forward, I'll be recording or conversation for the interview you agreed to."
Tumblr media
The door that lead to Loki's cell closed with a loud thud and you walked down the quiet hallways in silence. Steve hadn't said much since speaking up before the interview, and you had this gut feeling that something was wrong. You stole a glance toward him and frowned. He was brooding, his brows knitted together with irritation. Even as pissed as he looked, he still looked so beautiful, like he was carved by the hands of a goddess.
"Stop staring at me," Steve said sharply.
You frowned at the roughness in his voice. "You're angry."
"I'm not."
You moved your gaze back to the labyrinth you were walking through, deciding to stay quiet. It was no use trying to talk to Steve when he got in these moods. His walls would come up and anything you'd say would just bounce right back at you. You'd just have to wait until you got home.
The next few minutes were filled with the sounds of your shoes echoing off the dark floors. At this point, you weren't even sure where you were going, and you were hoping that Steve would guide you in the right direction. But he stopped, causing you to stop with him.
"I told you, you shouldn't have done that interview with him," Steve hissed.
You turned towards him, your brows furrowed with confusion. You opened you mouth, but closed it as soon as Steve continued.
"The whole time--the whole fucking time--he was doing nothing but flirting with you. Commenting on your clothes, commenting on your hair, commenting on your hips--"
"I do have nice 'birthing hips,'" you interjected playfully.
Steve backed you up against a wall, his hand slamming against the tile above your head. "That's not the fucking point," he growled, his face inches from yours.
"Language," you breathed. Your thighs instinctively rubbed together at the close proximity of your bodies. With just a slight arc of your back, your aching breasts would be flush against his chest. You mentally kicked yourself. Now wasn't the time to have your head in the gutter. Not when Steve was finally addressing the situation at hand.
"You looked like you were enjoying the flirting, too," he spat. "Did you?"
You were at a loss for words. Of course you enjoyed the playful flirting. You enjoyed the senseless comments just to irritate Steve and the below the belt jabs just to get a response out of him. How could you not? Steve was always so tense, so worried about his image in public that it came home with him. He didn't know how to let loose, how to just be Steve Rogers instead of Captain America.
"Yes," you finally answered. "I enjoyed it. A lot."
Steve pushed himself off the wall and ran a hand through his perfectly combed hair. "Fuck--" He took a deep breath and looked at you, then looked away. He seemed to be having an internal battle with himself.
"I liked the way you reacted to it," you continued bashfully, looking down. "Y'know, this--" You quickly gestured with a hand to Steve and stepped away from the wall.
You felt stupid at the disclosure, but you didn't want Steve to think you enjoyed the flirting because of who it was coming from. You liked the way Steve would place a subtle hand on your hip or gently brush back your hair whenever Loki would make a sly remark. Steve wasn't the possessive type, and you enjoyed it. But you also didn't know him being possessive would do these things to you. Your breasts felt heavier, your nipples pebbled, and your core ached with a neediness you had never felt before.
"This..." Steve trailed off. He gave a breathy chuckle and shook his head. "You're mine."
You blinked, taking a shallow breath. You needed to hear him say that again, needed to hear him say that while he was in you.
Steve shook his head again and backed you up against the wall once more. "You're mine." He buried his head in the crook of your neck and gave you a rough kiss against the sensitive skin. "Mine."
"I'm yours," you whispered, digging your fingers into his shoulders. You tilted your head back, exposing more of your neck for Steve to explore.
He pushed a knee between your legs and pried them open as much as your skirt would allow. His thick, muscled thigh rest on your lower thighs. If only you could hike this skirt up more, you thought, you'd be able to get some friction on your core. Your hips bucked and you licked your lips.
Were you really going to do this right here in the hallway? Steve tangled a hand in your hair and tugged roughly, eliciting a soft moan from your lips. To hell with this being a public space, you wanted Steve now. Your hands trailed down the blue button up he was wearing down to the gold buckle of his brown leather belt. You groaned in frustration, the belt lodged deep within the buckle.
"Steve Rogers and very horny girlfriend," echoed Fury's voice through the PA system. "Go fuck in your own house before I have you arrested."
Your hand froze, as did the rest of your body. How could you have forgotten you were in a public S.H.I.E.L.D. hallway with dozens of cameras? Nick Fury was practically watching the beginning of a porno. You moved your hands away from Steve's belt buckle and fixed your skirt. He stepped away from you, fixing his shirt. That's when you noticed his smirk. Had he planned all this? Realization hit you like a semi truck. Fury had exposed you all over the speakers. Speakers that sounded everywhere. Everywhere like in Loki's cell. After all the shameless flirting, Steve had proven to Loki that you were his.
You frowned. How could Steve have done this? It wasn't like him at all to dangle you like some prize.
"Real fucking mature, Steven."
Tumblr media
"What's wrong, angel? You haven't spoken to me the whole ride home."
"Can it Steven," you snapped, tossing your purse on the kitchen counter. "You used me back there."
Steve scoffed. "Did I make a little scene in that hallway knowing Fury would say something? Maybe, sure. Did I know that Loki would hear? Yes. But, Angel, what was I supposed to do when you liked his flirting?"
You whirled on the ball of your foot toward Steve and pointed a finger at him. "You tricked me! I thought you were finally showing--I don't know, this dominant and possessive side? And I thought it was genuine, not some fucking show!"
Steve gave a heavy sigh. "Angel--"
"Don't fucking 'Angel' me, Steven." You pointed at him again, this time poking his chest. "I wanted to fuck you in that hallway. I was ready to fuck you in that hallway."
Steve grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you closer to him. "I was more than ready to fuck you in that hallway, too," he said, his voice a tad more gentle. "I would have fucked you against the glass of Loki's cell to claim you." A hot shiver ran down your spine and fluttered in your core. "I would have fucked my cum deep inside you until it ran down your legs for everyone to see. Especially him."
Your breath caught in your throat and the anger that was once boiling over in your blood had now dispersed. What replaced it was a deeply rooted lust that burned to your very core. Your blood, your body was on fire and the only way to sate it was to rip the clothes from your body and ride Steve until dawn.
"Do you want that, Angel?" Steve ran a hand down your arm and gently turned you around. His hand ran over your abdomen, his fingers catching in the buttons of your blouse. Your back was now flush against his chest and you felt something hard against your lower back. You breathed a shaky sigh of anticipation as he untucked the shirt from the tight skirt. His fingers worked to free the buttons and you shivered at the tension it caused your body.
You could only nod as the last button was freed, your chest nearly exposed. Your nipples hardened further at the coolness of your shared apartment, your lace bralette doing nothing to keep you warm.
He ran his hands up your bare stomach, then to the bottom of your bralette. His fingers dipped under the black, Lacey fabric and caressed the bottoms of your breasts. Another shaky sigh passed your lips and you rest your head back against shoulder. The feeling of his fingers sliding and squeezing your tender breasts, pinching and rolling your nipples between his fingers had you squirming for more. Wonton mews fluttered through your lips and your own hands rest over his, begging to handle you more rough.
Warm, wet kisses trailed along your neck to the outmost corner of your jaw. Your skin tingled where his lips met your flesh, tingled and buzzed until you felt as if you were going to explode. Steve had never handled you like this, had never been so passionate with you before.
Sex had always been mostly simple with Steve. Standard missionary was the go-to, with the occasional cowgirl. Everything else was…uncharted territory. Of course, you didn’t mind the simplicity, but this…this was amazing.
You pushed your bottom against his hard bulge and whined softly. “Steve,” you mewled. “I need more—please.”
Steve paused his ministrations on your breasts, his breath shaky against your neck. He slid his hands out of your lacy bralette, pausing at the bottom. In an instant, his fingers were digging into the lace, ripping the fragile fabric in two. Goosebumps pimpled over your breasts as the cold air of your apartment enveloped you skin. You gasped softly, the sudden show of aggression catching you off guard. His hands found place at the hem of your skirt, pushing the tight professional ware down your ass.
“What do you need, sweetheart?” Steve asked, his voice an octave lower.
You shakily stepped out of the skirt now pooled at your feet, now only standing in your opened blouse and a simple black thong. You shrugged the blouse to the floor, the remnants of your bralette falling with it. You turned around to face Steve in your nakedness.
“I need you,” you answered timidly, your gaze on the floor. “I need you inside me.” It was weird to tell him what you needed, having never spoken to each other during sex other than the occasional “you like that?” But you felt brave and…sexy. You took the smallest step closer, your fingers teasing the button of his jeans.
Steve let out a shaky breath, his hands gripping your hips tightly. You managed to undo the button one-handed and drag the zipper of his pants down, your fingers brushing against his clothed cock. You felt him twitch slightly, and you couldn't help the smile that tugged on your lips. He must be so hard, probably harder than he's ever been.
"Do you need me, too?" you asked, your hand fingering the hem of his boxers. Where was this braveness coming from? You slipped your hand inside his underwear, gently grabbing his cock. Your thumb swiped along the head of his penis, smearing his pre-cum.
Steve swallowed hard, and you could see the effort it took for him to bring his hand to caress your cheek. "I want you to suck my cock," Steve grunted.
Your thumb stopped its ministrations and you pulled your hand from his boxers. "No." You stepped back, looking Steve up and down.
Steve cocked his head to the side, his brows furrowed. "'No'?" he repeated. He took a step towards you, and you took a step back, your lower back brushing against the kitchen island counter. Steve shook his head and pulled up the shirt he wore. Understandably, you were quite distracted by his chest and the dark hairs leading down to--
You let out a small yelp as Steve grabbed you by the backs of your knees and placed you on the counter. He forced your legs apart, running a finger over the thin g-string covering your heated mess. A finger pushed the thin fabric aside and delved inside your needy cunt. His finger flexed and curled almost instantly, and you let out a loud moan.
"You sound so needy," he growled, pulling his finger out. He rubbed his thumb and forefinger together, spreading your juices. "Is it me that's got you like this? Or him?" He shook his head, disgust shining through his features. "Slut."
You winced at the word, at the harshness of it. Did he really mean that? "Steve," you started, "of course it's you--" You were cut off with a loud moan pushing through your lips as Steve inserted two fingers inside you. His fingers curled once more, and with it your toes.
"This pussy belongs to me," he pumped his fingers inside you, his other hand pushing down his boxers and pants. "Your pussy belongs to me."
Without a warning, Steve's fingers abandoned your needy core, and in its place was his cock. The thickness stretched you out, and the head of his penis hit against your puffy walls. He pulled out quickly, then bottomed out inside you once more. His hands gripped your hips roughly, his thrusts just as rough. You cried out each time, nearly feeling him in your stomach. It was too much, but not enough at the same time. You had never been fucked like this before, and you relished in it. Relished in the way Steve's balls slapped against you with a wet snap. Relished in the way Steve made a mess of you--your wetness dripping down to the counter.
"I belong to you," you whimpered, back arching. Your hands gripped his thick biceps, your nails digging into his flesh.
Steve's thrusts faltered and he finally looked at you. He pulled you flush to his chest, your bare breasts against him. He gripped your chin and looked deep into your eyes. "Say it again."
You were caught aback, never having seen Steve so vulnerable before. You moved your hands up to rest on his shoulders. "I'm yours, Steve. Body and soul."
It was as if a switch had been pressed in Steve. One minute you were on the counter and the next you were bouncing against the wall. Steve thrust up into you, his cock never leaving the warmth of your pussy. His grip on your hips was ironclad as he fucking you on the wall. You screamed in bliss and in pain. You'd never been explored like this--Steve had never explored you like this. His cock was hitting places you didn't even know existed or felt good. He shifted his position, thrusting into you at a different angle and you saw stars. Tears leaked from the corner of your eyes as your orgasm washed through your body. Your legs wrapped around his torso, your ankles locking around each other.
Steve fucked you through your orgasm, sweat lining the both of your bodies. Your hands tangled in his hair and tugged lightly, another cry emanating from your lips. You ground your hips down against him, your clit rubbing against his pelvis. You could feel another orgasm coming, could feel the tension in your body rise. Your fingers tightened on the strands of Steve's hair as another orgasm was nearing its peak. Your back arched as your body trembled with another orgasm, your legs shaking. Steve's thrusts faltered and he groaned loudly. His cock twitched inside you as he pushed himself as deep as he could in your battered cunt. He allowed himself to spill his seed within you, and you both stayed in that position for quite some time. Even when you felt his cock soften within you, you stayed like that, each breathing hard.
"Steve?" you breathed, untangling your fingers from his hair.
"Hmm?" he answered. His head rest on your shoulder, his breath fanning against your neck.
"Did you really mean that? That you'd fuck me in front of Loki?"
Steve lifted his head and looked at you. "Well, maybe not in front of someone--"
"But like," you paused timidly, "in public?"
Steve chuckled. "I wouldn't mind, angel. We can try it one day."
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oh-my-damn · 2 months
Tumblr media
A/N: I couldn't stop thinking about living next to puppy Steve and not knowing he's cap. So here's a mini-series!
Series Masterlist
Part 2
Pairing: TWS!Steve Rogers x Neighbor!Reader
Summary: When you move into your new apartment the last thing you'd expected was the greek god living next door to you.
Warnings: Steve is a literal golden retriever, riding on a motorcycle, mutual pining (a lot), reader doesn't know Steve is Cap, alcohol consumption, being awkward, first date vibes, Steve is a cutie.
Word Count: 5300
The beautiful divider is by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When you found a cheap apartment in an old but well-kept building in Brooklyn Heights, you were relieved.
You'd been searching for a new place to live for a while, after you found out the building you'd been living in was going co-op.
You had no means to pay for that old apartment, and even if you did, you wouldn't have wanted to. It was run down, new problems seemingly appearing every day, and there was no way you would have tied yourself to that place for good.
So when you found your new apartment you were excited; the building was old, but clearly well taken care of, and it was in a safe neighborhood. You lived in Williamsburg before, so you had no problem with staying in Brooklyn. In fact, you preferred it.
It took you about an hour to get to university, but you didn't mind the travel time. You would always spend that time studying, catching up on whatever you were missing, or getting ahead of next weeks readings.
You'd also always loved riding on the train; it could be hot, and cramped, and uncomfortable, but it also provided you with a sort of peace. You enjoyed people watching, or gazing out the window with your headphones on. Riding on the train provided a forced tranquility, because you knew, no matter what, you had to spend an hour or so on there. And so it forced you to disconnect with the outside world and in turn, connect with yourself. Even if it was just for a little while.
The day you moved into your new apartment you remember a feeling of curiosity. You remember lugging your boxes up to the top floor and down the hall, unlocking your front door as your gaze moved to the door further down the hall.
Your neighbor lived at the end of the hallway, while you lived to the right. You didn't know anything about who occupied the space; the only thing you knew was that someone lived there, by the doormat placed on the floor.
The apartment didn't have a specific name attached to its mailbox, only initials, and that was both intriguing and unsettling.
S. G. R.
You've met many people in your life who value their privacy, but not even providing a name on their own mailbox seemed excessive to you. Your first thought was how much of a hassle it must be to have packages delivered - you know for a fact that your online shopping habit would severely suffer if your name wasn't properly visible on your mailbox.
You moved in with no issues, other than a bit of sweat and a few groans of exhaustion.
Within a month, you'd gotten used to living there; it was almost like you'd lived there your entire life. You'd always leave early in the morning to get to class, and you'd often arrive home after dinner time, choosing to stay on campus to study, or go out with your friends.
All in all, it was a normal apartment, and it allowed you to live a completely ordinary life.
Until that fateful day back in March.
Tumblr media
You arrive home earlier than usual. The entire day has been a disaster; first you missed your train, resulting in you being late for class, and then you spilled your coffee down the front of your shirt as you were walking across campus. When class was over, you'd talked yourself into staying and catch up on your reading, only to realize you'd forgotten the book for the course you needed to catch up on.
With a heavy sigh, and even heavier footsteps, you trudge up the stairs to your apartment. You're cursing yourself for forgetting your book, because you know that once you're inside, your urges will get the best of you, and you'll probably end up watching TV instead of catching up on your studies.
You release another heavy sigh when you reach your floor, turning the corner in the direction of your front door. Your eyes are locked on your feet as they carry you along, your bones tired and exhausted from this utter disappointment of a day.
But then your ears perk up when you hear the familiar sound of a key sliding into a lock.
Your eyes flit up to look ahead of you, breath almost hitching when they land on a tall blonde man, his broad back hunched over slightly as he unlocks his door.
Your feet still, making you stop just a few steps from your front door. The change in movement makes the stranger ahead of you glance over his shoulder, his brows furrowing for a moment before he turns around to face you.
"Hi," he says, grazing you with a dazzling smile, "You must be my new neighbor."
His voice is deep yet gentle, matching the hypnotizing features on his face. A strong jaw, chiseled cheekbones, matched with a pair of bright blue eyes and pink, plump lips.
He's fucking ethereal.
You can practically feel your heart hammering against your ribcage as you take in his full form, eyes gazing over his 6'2 frame. Broad shoulders to match his back, curving into a narrow waist, and legs that go on for days. His short, blonde hair is a little mussed up, his eyebrows raised in a question.
He's wearing a navy blue jacket, which matches his jeans, and a white t-shirt underneath. Entirely ordinary yet painfully breathtaking.
You're not sure you've ever seen a specimen quite like him.
When he tilts his head ever so slightly, you snap out of the daze he brought you in.
"Yeah, uh, hi. I guess I am. I just moved in."
You gesture towards your front door, and the stranger nods in acknowledgement.
"I heard some ruckus," he chuckles, bright white teeth practically blinding you, "I'm sorry I didn't come around to introduce myself earlier, I've been a little preoccupied with work."
You wave a dismissive hand as you smile, "Oh, no worries. I know how it is. But I'm glad we finally met, I was starting to wonder who lived next door."
"Yeah?" He asks with a grin, "Why?"
"Because I've never seen anyone," you chuckle, "I was starting to suspect it was an investment property or something. Figured no one lived there."
The stranger laughs, the sound a bubbling melodic tune that makes your heart beat excitedly. It's a beautiful, genuine sound, that makes you feel special in a way you can't quite explain.
"Oh, I live here, don't you worry," he replies, his smile turning softer, "I've been away for a little while, but I'm back now. I did hear you move in, though, but I had to leave for work early the next day, so I didn't have time to come by and welcome you to the building."
You nod, "Okay, I see. What do you do for work?"
His brows furrow momentarily before he shrugs, "You know, I work jobs here and there. I travel a lot, though."
"You're an easy neighbor to have, then," you joke, tilting your head, "I guess I won't have to worry about you making a noise complaint."
He laughs again, the sound is practically addicting to your ears, "No, you won't have to worry about that, I promise. I usually keep to myself."
You nod and hum, holding eye contact for a moment longer before your eyes dart to your front door, "Good to know.. Well, it was really nice to meet you, uhh..?"
He smiles, hesitating for a moment before he says, "Steve. Steve Rogers. Nice to meet you too."
Tumblr media
Two days later, you're out for drinks with your friends, excitedly telling them about the greek god living next door to you.
"I swear to god, he's fucking ethereal. Like, insane. I can't even explain it."
You take another large sip of your drink as your friends giggle.
"You have to show me a picture!" Janine says excitedly, eyes wide as she looks at you, "Come on, show us his social media!"
"That's the thing!" You exclaim, placing your drink perhaps a bit too harshly back on the table, "I tried to look him up but I couldn't find any social media accounts for him. It was so frustrating because apparently he shares a name with one of those Avenger guys, so it was practically impossible."
You take another eager sip as your friend, Melanie, narrows her eyes at you, "What do you mean he shares a name with one of the Avengers? Who?"
You wave your hand dismissively, "I don't fucking know those guys, you know that, but when I googled his name all of these articles for those guys showed up so I couldn't find anything on him. I didn't feel like sifting through all of that."
Your friends share a knowing look before Melanie leans closer to you on the table, "What did you say his name was?"
"Steve," you chirp, sipping your drink through the straw happily, "Steve Rogers."
Your friends share another look, although this one seems more shocked than before, making you look between the two of them.
"What?" You ask, watching their expressions, "What's the matter?"
"Nothing!" Janine immediately interjects, glancing quickly at Melanie before she looks back at you, "It's nothing. But that sucks, you gotta take a sneaky picture next time you're able to."
You snort, "Okay, I'll try, but I haven't seen him since we met the other day. He gets really busy with work, apparently."
"I'm sure he does..." Melanie replies, taking another sip of her drink.
Tumblr media
After one too many cocktails, you called an uber to get back home. You're trying to stay focused as you walk up the stairs to your apartment, swaying ever so slightly with every step.
"Almost there," you mumble as you reach the final step, "God I'm tired.."
You round the corner and head towards your door, pulling your keys out of your bag.
Right as you find the right one, and struggle to slide it into the lock, your neighbors' door opens.
"Hey," a deep voice says, making you glance in its direction, "You okay?"
Your eyes find a pair of beautiful cerulean ones, your cheeks growing warm at his presence.
"Yeah," you drunkenly giggle, moving your attention back to your key as you try to slide it into the lock, "I'm fine, just need to figure out how to unlock the door.."
You hear a quiet chuckle and then approaching footsteps before Steve is standing right beside you, a large hand reaching out to cover your own.
"Here, let me help you."
He easily unlocks your door, handing the keys back to you with a smile.
"Thank you," you hiccup, smiling goofily up at him, "You didn't have to, I could have figured it out myself.. Eventually.."
"Yeah," he chuckles, smiling down at you, "But then you'd probably have spent half your night out here."
You giggle again, shaking your head, "Noooo, I would have figured it out."
"Mhmm," Steve hums, placing a strong hand on the small of your back when you stumble where you stand, "Sure. You need help getting inside?"
"No no," you immediately respond, frowning up at him seriously, "I'm a big girl, I can handle myself."
"Okay, big girl," Steve chuckles as you step over the threshold, "Just make sure to drink some water, okay? And maybe some painkillers, too."
"Will do," you grin, gripping the door handle to keep you steady, "Thank you, Steve."
Tumblr media
3 days later you're walking home from school when you notice a motorcycle parked in front of your building. You look it over for a minute, impressed by how well kept it is despite it being an older model. You don't know a lot about motorcycles, but you know enough to realize it's a Harley-Davidson and that the design is a classic.
Your dad taught you what little knowledge you possess on motorcycles since he owned a Harley himself back when you were a kid.
You hesitantly let your fingers graze over the cushioned leather seat, the material soft against your fingertips.
"This is nice," you mumble to yourself absentmindedly, brows furrowing momentarily. It's clean, practically shiny, which makes you wonder where it's usually parked. Whoever owns it must have a covered parking space for it.
Just as your fingers lift from the leather cushion, the building door opens. Your eyes flit up to the figure walking down the steps to your building, heading in your direction, and you feel a flurry of butterflies when you recognize the man approaching you.
He's wearing a brown leather jacket this time, with a grey t-shirt underneath, a pair of blue jeans to finish off the look.
You can practically see the outline of his undoubtedly defined abs through the tight t-shirt and the thought alone makes your cheeks heat up.
"Hi Steve," you say with a smile as he walks in your direction.
His face splits into a wide smile, shoving his hands into his pockets once he descends the steps and walks over to where you're standing by the bike, "Hey neighbor. Nice to see you again. How's your head?"
Haven't had any complaints so far...
You chuckle, resisting the urge to make the dirty joke that popped into your mind, a small shake of your head as you speak, "That was 3 days ago. Hangover is long gone. But thank you for helping me inside, that was nice of you."
"Of course," he beams, a bashful shrug of his shoulders, "It was nothing. What else are neighbors for, right?"
"Right," you nod, smiling shyly when your eyes flit down to the motorcycle in an effort to hide your flushing cheeks.
"You like it?" Steve asks when he notices your gaze trailing over the bike, "Just pulled it out of storage today. Figured it was time to take it for a ride, now that the weather is getting warmer."
Your eyes dart up to meet his, brows raised in surprise, "This is yours?"
"Yeah," Steve replies, patting the leather seat as if it was a horse, "I used to have a different one but I like this newer model, too. Drives like a dream."
"Of course it does," you snort, fingers lightly touching the sleek silver on the side, "It's a Soft Slim, they're spectacular. Harley does good work in general, but they certainly stepped their game up with this model."
Steve quirks a brow at you, his eyes slowly moving over your face as you continue looking at his bike, "You know motorcycles?"
You shrug, "A little bit. My dad is a Harley-Davidson enthusiast, so I know some. Not a lot, though. But I know this model. She's a beaut."
"Yeah, she is," Steve chuckles, his head tilting slightly as he looks at you, "I was just about to go for a ride. Care to join me?"
Tumblr media
The brisk spring air breezing through your hair send shivers down your spine as you race down the almost deserted highway. Steve takes an exit, heading towards New Jersey, and you cling to him as your arms are wrapped around his waist.
He's in complete control of the bike in a way that seems almost effortless; it moves with him in every turn, and even at high speeds, you sense no hesitation in him.
It almost feels like flying.
Your arms tighten their hold a little more when the cold air nips at the bare skin on your neck, instinctively burrowing your face into his back.
He tilts his head slightly, and lifts his shoulder, seemingly inviting you to tuck your face into the crook of his neck.
You only hesitate for a moment before you bury your face in his neck, pressing your chest to his back, his warm skin heating you up almost instantly. He tilts his head more to give you proper space, leaning his back into your chest.
Your arms tighten in response, a small smile grazing your lips as you breathe in deeply. His clean and fresh scent envelopes you, making the shivers running down your back happen for a very different reason than before.
Your thighs tighten where they are on the outer side of his, holding onto him more firmly, and by all accounts, it appears he's enjoying it.
He speeds up experimentally, making you let out a small squeak before you hold onto him even tighter, and you swear you hear the melodic sound of his laugh before it's swallowed up by the wind.
Tumblr media
Eventually Steve brings you back home, the city of Brooklyn enveloped in darkness, the lampposts on the side of the road the only thing lighting your way.
He drives into a spot in front of the building and you reluctantly unwrap your arms from his waist, sliding off the bike.
He parks the bike and gets off, standing in front of you with a soft smile on his lips. His cheeks are the faintest shade of pink, probably from the cold, and his hair is mussed up in a cute way that makes you yearn to run your fingers through it.
You smile up at him, another small shiver running down your spine, and Steve immediately notices. He shrugs his jacket off, placing it over your shoulders, "I'm sorry, I should have figured you'd get cold. I hope it wasn't too bad?"
He has no idea you've been shivering this entire time, or that your shivers are triggered by something other than the cold.
"It's okay," you respond with a warm smile, "I wasn't cold while you were driving, you're surprisingly hot."
Steve's lips lift into a goofy grin, making you immediately backtrack, "Oh my god, uh, I mean warm. You're surprisingly warm."
"I got it, don't worry," he chuckles, placing a protective hand on the small of your back before he starts guiding you in the direction of your building, "Let me walk you up."
You chuckle, walking beside him up the steps, "I don't think it counts as walking me up when you're going the same direction yourself."
He snorts and shakes his head, "Probably not. But I would have done it if I didn't live here, too."
"Such a gentleman," you muse, your fingers gripping the hem of his jacket. It smells like him, that clean, fresh scent, and you'd want to drown in that smell if you could.
"I try," he jokes, grinning at you quickly.
You reach your apartment door, and once you're standing in front of it, you slide his jacket off your shoulders, "Thank you for lending this to me. That was nice."
"Even if it was short lived," Steve responds as he takes his jacket from you, "I'm sorry I didn't give it to you before we left on the drive."
"Steve, don't worry about it," you reply earnestly, "I promise, I wasn't cold. Not until I had to unwrap myself from you, at least."
Steve's eyes lock on yours, a tension filling the small space between the two of you as you look up at him. His smile is soft, gentle, a quiet hum leaving his lips as he nods.
"I'm sorry you had to do that, then."
"It's alright," you grin teasingly, "Maybe I'll get to do it again some time."
"I would love that," Steve immediately responds, a wide smile breaking out on his lips, "For there to be a next time, I mean. Doesn't have to be a drive, either."
"No?" You tease, your head tilting as your eyes stay locked on his, "What did you have in mind?"
"A cup of coffee?" He asks, blue eyes shining in the dimly lit hallway.
"I like coffee," you smile, nodding, "I'd love to."
"It's a date," he firmly replies, his fingers fiddling with the keys in his hand, "Maybe in the next few days?"
"Sure!" You beam up at him, immediately reaching into your bag, "Let me give you my number, that might make it easier to plan."
"Oh, uh, yeah, okay," Steve responds, hands clasping over his pockets almost as if he's unsure where his phone is.
When he brings out a flip phone, you snort. "That's your phone?"
Steve's cheeks tinge pink, this time certainly not from the cold, a small nod of his head, "Yeah, I uh.. I'm not really good with technology. Needed something easy."
You chuckle, "Okay, fair enough."
You take his phone, putting your number in and sending yourself a text. "There. Now we have each others numbers. Just text me when you have time to grab that cup of coffee."
"Will do," Steve responds, lingering for a moment as he stands in front of you.
When he suddenly leans down and places a quick kiss on your cheek, your breath hitches, and you fight the urge to pull him closer.
"I had a great time," he says as he takes a few steps backwards, in the direction of his apartment, "Have a good night."
"Goodnight, Steve."
Tumblr media
A few days pass without you running into Steve in the hallway again. It's also been very quiet, you haven't heard a peep from your neighbor, which is surprising because the walls aren't that thick. You can always hear your downstairs neighbor, especially if they're listening to music or have people over, so you're surprised you never hear anything from Steve.
No movement, no accidental run ins, no noises. Nothing. Only silence.
It makes you wonder if he's even home.
A week after your bike ride, you finally hear from him.
You're sitting on your couch, watching one of your favorite shows on TV while binging a tub of ice cream. It's Saturday night, and you weren't in the mood to go out even though your friends tried to convince you. It'd been a long week at university and the only thing you were in the mood for this weekend was to stay at home in your sweats and watch silly sitcoms to get your mind to relax.
You phone chimes just after 8pm, alerting you to a text message.
You pick up your phone while licking your spoonful of ice cream clean, your eyes flicking from the TV to your phone screen. Your brows raise in surprise when you see who it's from, a snort leaving your lips.
Steve Rogers: How's your Saturday night?
You: Oh hello there, stranger. I was starting to think perhaps you'd moved
Steve Rogers: I'm sorry, I had a work emergency I had to take care of. I've been gone for the past few days, just got back. How has your week been?
Your brows furrow at his response. What does this guy do for work?
The last time you asked, his response was pretty vague, but he obviously does something that's important enough for him to leave without notice. Often.
You: It's been alright, nothing exciting to report. Mainly just studying and classes. How's yours been?
Steve Rogers: A little rough. Had to deal with a tough project at work, but it's over now, luckily. At home licking my wounds now
You: Wounds? Literal or metaphorical?
Steve Rogers: Little of both
You blink in surprise, putting down your ice cream to be able to text quicker.
You: What? Are you hurt?
Steve Rogers: I'll be okay, I'm just tired. I'm sorry I didn't follow up on our coffee date, though. I hope you didn't lose faith in me
You: Was just about to, but then you texted, so I'll give you another chance
Steve Rogers: Yeah? When do you have time?
Steve Rogers: Are you busy right now?
Your brows raise in surprise at the double text as well as the question.
You: It's a little late for coffee, don't you think?
Steve Rogers: How about tea, then?
Tumblr media
You manage to tidy yourself up a little bit, tossing on a tank-top instead of the oversized shirt you were wearing when there's a knock on your door.
You're still in your sweats from earlier, but you don't really mind that; he messaged you with very short notice, so he couldn't exactly be expecting you to look all dressed up.
You unlock your door before opening it, grinning up at Steve when he comes into view, "Hey there."
"Hi," Steve smiles, his hands shoved into his pockets, "Nice to see you again."
You let your eyes trail over his form; he's in a white t-shirt, one that's tight and allows you to see the firm outline of his torso (you suspect tight t-shirts are his signature, by now), and you apparently guessed right on keeping your sweats on, because he's in a pair of his own. A grey pair, to be exact.
Your eyes move up to take in the features of his face, lingering on his beautiful, baby blue eyes and pink plump lips. But then your brows instantly furrow when you notice the small mark on his cheekbone.
"Oh," you breathe out, instinctively stepping closer, and before you can even stop yourself, you reach up, letting your fingers gently touch the skin right below the mark, "Are you okay?"
You can tell Steve tenses at your touch, making you immediately remove your hand before you step back again, mumbling, "Uh, sorry, I shouldn't-"
"No, it's alright," Steve interrupts, putting up a hand to stop you, "Don't worry, I was just caught off guard. It hurts a little, but it'll go away soon. Promise."
"Okay," you reply with a small nod, smiling softly as your eyes meet his. Then you step aside, gesturing to your apartment, "Well, come on in."
Steve smiles as he walks inside, continuing further as you close the door behind him. He wanders into the open kitchen, eyes moving over the space and to the living room area.
"This is nice," he hums, placing his hands in his pockets, "I like what you did with the place."
You chuckle, "Thanks. I only buy the finest Ikea furniture."
Steve lets out a melodic laugh, following your movement when you walk into the kitchen. You reach up to pull open the cupboard as you ask, "So, what kind of tea do you like?"
You don't hear a response immediately, but you almost jump in surprise when you suddenly hear his voice from right behind you, "What kinds do you have?"
You glance over your shoulder, eyes locking with the blonde man towering over you. You smirk, "Well, you tell me. Seems like you can see better than I can."
Steve snorts, stepping closer before his attention is pulled to the inside of the cupboard. He reaches up, his chest brushing against your back when he grabs for a packet and places it on the counter in front of you, "I like this one."
You release a quiet, unsteady breath when you feel the warmth of him pressing against your back, your fingers reaching for the packet of tea.
"Black tea," you hum, picking two tea bags out of the box, "Good choice."
You slide a little to the side, reaching for two mugs in a different cupboard, still nervously aware of his close presence.
"I'm glad you think so," Steve hums, following your movement. He stands behind you again, taking the mugs for you when you stand up on your tip toes to reach them, "Did you know that was the kind of tea the British soldiers drank during World War II?"
Your brows raise in surprise, looking up at him over your shoulder, "No, I didn't. That's pretty cool."
Steve grins, nodding as he places the two mugs on the counter, "Yeah, uh, actually the British government bought out practically all the tea in Europe in order to be able to give them to the soldiers on the frontlines."
"Wow," you respond, your brows furrowing, "That's actually crazy. How could they even do that?"
You walk over to the kettle, filling it with water so you can boil it, while Steve moves to lean on your kitchen counter. He shrugs, "Guess they just decided it was worth it, to keep morale up."
"Hm," you hum, turning on the kettle before you turn to him, "That was really nice of them. I didn't think the government cared much about their soldiers, to be honest. All you ever hear about are the glory while they're away, and then those horror stories when they come back and have PTSD."
Steve's face falls a little, his hands going back into his pockets as he nods slowly, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Perhaps the British government cared more about their soldiers then they do here.."
"Yeah," you mumble, your fingers reaching for the packet to fiddle with it, "My brother was actually in the army.."
"He was?" Steve asks curiously, "For how long?"
"A long time," you sigh, "Too long. He wasn't the same when he came back home.."
"That happens," Steve replies quietly, "A lot, unfortunately."
You glance over at him, watching how his eyes are trained on the floor. You tilt your head, asking hesitantly, "Is that something you know a lot about? The army?"
"Kinda," he shrugs, offering you a small smile when he looks back up at you, "I was also in the army. I still kind of am, I guess.." He cringes a little, making you turn to directly face him.
You take a small step closer, slowly lifting your hand until your fingers are almost brushing his cheek as you hold eye contact, "Is that how you got this?"
Steve's lips part in a nervous breath when you lean closer, his hands bracing the edge of the counter as he leans on it. His baby blues hold yours, dipping his head ever so slightly until your fingertips trail over his skin.
"Yeah, I guess you could say that."
"But you're not shipped out?" You inquire, your fingers trailing down his cheek to his jaw, "You live here, and you don't go away for months at a time."
"I'm a.. different kind of soldier," he whispers, his face slowly leaning closer to yours, "But I used to be in the army."
"So, you got promoted?" You tease, your voice low. Your fingers trail down his jaw, to the column of his neck, Steve's breath hitching when the delicate touch tickles his skin.
"You could say that," he smiles softly, his eyes burning into yours intensely as he continues slowly leaning closer, "The job isn't very different, though. But I get to go home more often."
You hum, nodding slowly as your fingers curl around his neck hesitantly. You break eye contact for a moment, eyes dropping to his lips, your stomach doing a flip when his tongue darts out to lick them.
Your eyes raise up to meet his again, the hand curled around the back of his neck slowly pulling him closer until you can feel your breaths mixing.
You look up at him with wide eyes, your nerves on edge, and it's almost like your mind goes blank when he whispers, "Can I kiss you?"
You nod immediately, there's no way in hell you'd ever say no.
Steve's eyes drop to your lips, inching himself closer until they softly brush over yours, and then you let out a content sigh when he presses them firmly against your own. You pull him closer by the hand curled around his neck, one large hand landing on your waist to pull you into his chest.
Your other hand slides up his chest to his shoulder, gripping it as your lips glide over his in perfect synchronization.
You lose yourself in the softness of his lips, your unsteady breaths mixing, and you're only faintly aware when you hear the water boiling in the background.
Tumblr media
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runa-falls · 5 months
flashing lights
summary: Officer Rogers pulls you over for speeding
Tumblr media
pairing: police officer!steve rogers x reader
(side ransom drysdale x reader)
rating: explicit 18+ (broh i stg if you’re under 18 imma block u -.-)
warnings: SMUT, PIV sex with clothes on, public sex, misuse of power? (idk wtf), creampie (big emphasis on this), dirty talk, poly relatioship lowkey, second degree cuckhold lmao
word count: 2.3k
A/N: had this idea when I was going to meet a fwb only to be outrageously disappointed by the outcome (the fwb meet up not the fic lmaoo). needless to say, I needed this fic. also i absolutely did not read what I wrote cuz im crazy like that. thank you. amen.
The wind rushes in from either side of your car, the sound almost deafening against the pounding music booming through your speakers. Your foot pushes down on the gas, unaware–and frankly, uncaring–of the speed you’re driving, just wanting to get to your destination as soon as possible.
You got a text that your best friend-with-benefits just got home from a business trip and wants a welcome home gift. You hadn’t seen him for a couple of weeks, so you were understandably excited to oblige to his requests.
It’s an unusually cool night, so the dark streets, lit only by sparsely placed overhead lights, are graced with thick clouds of fog making it hard to see far ahead of yourself.
As you zoomed past an empty intersection, you hear the heart-stopping noise of a siren followed by the dull bloom of flashing blue and red lighting up the interior of your car through the back window. Fuck, you look down at your speedometer, wait, you’re only sixty-five in a fifty-five zone. Why are they stopping you?
You carefully veer off the road and stop in front of a forest of trees, making haste to yank out your license from your wallet. This certainly isn’t how you expected tonight to go.
If there’s one thing you hate, it’s confrontations with police. Even when you haven’t done anything wrong, they scare the fuck out of you.
The officer slowly parked behind you and took his sweet time pulling himself out of his car. Based on the way he swaggered over to your window, thumb hanging from his equipment buckle, he was cocky and knew who held the power in their situation.
You wait in your seat patiently, trying to keep your body from shaking in anticipation. The tiny pink skirt you’re wearing rides up your thighs, making your nervous hands pinch and pull them down, stretching out the fabric. You weren’t expecting to have to interact with anyone except Ransom tonight, least of all a police officer.
Your knee bounces when he knocks on the side of the door, announcing his arrival. You look up and have to crane your neck to meet the officer’s deep steel eyes. He gazed back down at your trembling figure, tongue sticking out to wet his lips.
“Good evening, ma’am, license and registration, please.”
“Here, sir.” You keep your voice short and sweet, hoping to get through this without a scratch. You hand him your card and paper, watching as he takes a good while looking over them. You see the name ‘Rogers’ etched onto a metal button placed on top of a navy blue pocket. He stops his scanning and looks up at you with an unsatisfied look on his face.
“Do you realize how fast you were driving tonight?” His head is tilted to the side as he asks the question. He looks down at you with an air of condescension, eyes taking note of your outfit. “Have something important to get to?”
“Just visiting a friend, sir.” You squeak out a response, feeling the weight of his stare. His eyebrow raises at your answer.
“Hm…I’m going to need you to step out of the vehicle.” Your eyes widen, hands shaking as you unbuckle yourself from the seat. Your heart is beating out of your chest as you slowly step out of the car. Officer Rogers casually holds the door open with an arm, barely giving you any room to stand up in front of him.
“Um…what seems to be the pr-” Before you knew what was happening, he forcibly turns you around and pushes the front of your body to the dewy coolness of your car. A gasp is pushed out of you from the aggression of his actions.
You squeak out a whine as your arms are pulled behind you and held by his hand wrapped around both wrists. He tsks at your pathetic sounds of pain.
“You don’t ask the questions here, sweetheart.” You can feel his warm breath against your neck as he speaks roughly into your skin. “Had a rough day and you’re gonna help me feel better. How does that sound, princess?” You give him a stuttered nod, barely able to move your body from the way he pushes into you.
His rough hand glides down your back, tracing each ridge of your spine before squeezing your ass through the thin cloth of your skirts. His close proximity against you fills your mind with his cologne and a faint taste of cigarettes. “You going to see your little boyfriend in this get-up?”
“He’s not my boyfriend-”
“Ah…so you spread your legs for all your friends?” Your eyebrows furrow at his degrading words. You push back against his body, trying to escape his hold but he doesn’t even flinch at your actions. He teases the end of your skirt then changes his mind and pushes both of your wrists to either side of your head against the window. Your breath fogs up the glass, blurring the only reflection of him you could see.
“I mean, you’re letting me do all this to you. Must really be a cock hungry slut, huh?” He leans his hips against you and pushes your legs apart using a booted foot, letting you feel his hardness against your soft body. You melt against him and he becomes the only thing holding you up.
“What would he think if you showed up with a full pussy, limping all the way to his doorstep?” He cooed into your sweat-stuck neck, nibbling at the sensitive skin until he sees purple.
Your back is forced to arch away from him, shoving your hips into his. He flips over the back of your skirt and admires the ruined white panties that barely cover your skin. You’d look so innocent if you weren’t panting for him. He gives you a small pinch, watching as your body jumps at the feeling.
You feel two warm fingers press against your cunt and slide up to your clit. The cloth moistens from your leaking slick and you feel Officer Roger’s hum vibrate against you at the feeling. “I’d love to continue this but I need your hot cunt around me.” You hear the sound of ruffling fabric and the jingling of metal cuffs behind you.
Hot skin presses against your thighs and he prods at your clothes center insistently. Your hair is swept to your shoulder to expose your neck more openly for him. You feel him tug your panties down and let them hang right over your knees, just enough to situate himself at your entrance.
“Baby is so creamy for me…” You let out wordless sounds, desperate to get filled as he uses his head to spread your essence and watches it drip down your leg.
You feel the indescribable pressure of him stretching you open. He pushes in slowly, forcing you to feel every ridge and vein as he goes. Your chest breathes out a moan as you push back against him, frustrated by the slowness of his pace, just wanting him deeper inside of you.
He snaps his hips in quick spurts in response to your greedy behavior, not stopping even as your breaths turn into sharp gasps. “Not very patient are we?” He pushes your face into the window, smashing your flushed cheek against the cooled glass. You hear the squelching of your wetness magnified with the sound of bare skin slapping against each other. It makes you delirious.
Your grip on the car starts to slip as your palms sweat from the intensity of his ministrations. The ghostly streaks run down the glass and disappear as quickly as they arrive
He spots your falling form and lets your wrists go to turn you around to face him. His hands raise to the sides of your face and he pulls you in for a kiss and you almost fall from the intensity of it. His tongue caresses yours, drinking you in as your body squirms against his. You promptly kick off your panties before you’re picked up by the hips and forced to wrap your legs around him for support.
Your back is slammed back onto the metal behind you, and a population of goosebumps explodes from the sudden temperature change against your bare skin. He quickly returns himself into your warmth, holding you up like you weigh nothing.
His rhythmic grunts catch every time he bottoms out into you, stabbing your spot over and over again. His ruthless focus on hitting the bundle of nerves inside of you provokes hot tears down your face.
Rogers watches the stream of dark mascara travel down your chin and into the deep cleavage of your hidden black lace push-up. He loves it when you cry. You lean your head back, taking in the dark starry sky and letting out broken moans.
“You gonna let me fill you up, honey?” You look up at him with glassy eyes, nodding frantically. Your arms hold on to him tighter as his pace speeds up, grabbing you to trust yourself back onto him. As your bodies are pushed closer together, your clit slides against him and you see white at the combined pleasure. You clench around him, so close to your release that you can barely decipher where you are.
He grunts against the feeling of your tightness, struggling to continue his actions. You feel him stutter and throb inside of you. “Fuck princess, you’re so tight for me.” Your chest rises rapidly as white pleasure takes over each of your limbs and blanks out your mind. Your warmth flutters around him and he lurches forward at the feeling, strokes becoming slow yet firm.
You feel his hot cum gush inside of you before you heard his strangled groan. He fills you to the brim, producing a handful of small thrusts until he’s forced to lean his weight against you.
You hear his hum as he pulls out of you, setting you down to stand with your back to the car. Your legs are shaky as they recalibrate to support your weight again. You watch as he swiftly pulls up his pants and relatches his belt of assorted tools onto his figure. He spots your white underwear on the floor and crouches down to scoop them up.
“You won’t need these tonight.” He shoves them in his front right pocket and gives you a smug look, admiring your disheveled form. Your cheeks are flushed and stained from your pleasure-filled tears. You bite your lip waiting for his next move.
“Thanks for the help, baby. You just made my day a whole lot better…You can get back into the car now” He didn’t make a motion to move out of the way, so you scooted yourself around him, and got back in, still in a daze from what just happened.
You squeeze your knees closed, hoping you wouldn’t leave a stain on the car seat. Officer Rogers closes the door for you and uses his arm to lean against it.
“Be a good girl and don’t speed on the way, okay, honey?”
“Yes, sir.” You beam a smile at him and start your car. He pats the car before turning to walk back to his, still sporting the arrogant walk he came up to you with.
You pull up to Ransom’s ridiculously windowed house, quickly taking a look at your appearance in the car mirror. You were taken aback at the makeup running down your face and the fluffy state of your hair. Your fingers run through your hair and wipe under your eyes. That would have to do, for now, you’re already late.
As soon as you open your car door, Ransom is waiting in front of the house, a lit cigarette burning in his sweater-clad hand. He sends you an irritated look, obviously waiting for your arrival longer than he’d like to. You send him a sheepish smile, walking with your legs slightly closer together than usual to keep everything inside of you.
“And where have you been?” He takes a puff from the cigarette and lets it blow out of his nose as his eyebrow raises in question.
“I got pulled over on the way here…” You mumble out, knowing he doesn’t really care for the answer.
“Oh yeah?” He flicks the cigarette to the ground and it lands right next to your shoe. You put it out for him as he wanders closer to you, taking in your puffy pink lips. “He punish you again?” You give him a small guilty nod.
He walks inside the house, expecting you to follow him. You see him settled on one of his crazy expensive armchairs. He beckons you closer with a finger and pats his lap. He always knows how to make you feel like one of his little pets. Small and insignificant.
You follow his wordless instructions, draping your body over his legs to let him have a good view up your skirt. He sighs as he places his hands on you, missing the softness of your body.
“Let’s see the damage he left this time…” He drags a warm hand up your thigh and reveals the present that Steve left for him. You were a mess down there, your reddened cheeks contrast nicely with the splattered white cum in and around your cunt. “What was it this time? A broken tail light, loud music?” You softly shake your head.
“Speeding.” He hums in acknowledgment, spreading your combined slick around and pushing back inside of you. You can’t help but moan at the rough way he handles you.
“He always pulls this shit when he knows I’m back. Can’t let me have you to myself.” Ransom grumbles in frustration, eyes not leaving your weeping pussy. “Think you can go again anyway, baby?” A grin pulls at your lips and you nod with newfound energy.
“Yes sir, anything for you.”
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buckymcbuckbarnes · 5 days
Hey you. Yeah you. Fanfic author over there thinking their work isn't good enough to be published. Your work is amazing, it's so creative, whether it has 100 words, 10k words or 100k words, your work is amazing.
Your creativity knows no limit, your creativity is so appriciated, it's so very much loved, you're going to do great things with your writing abilities, it's unique, it's uniquely you, it's a little piece of your soul being put on display and your readers ADORE you for it.
You are adored by your readers, you are loved by your readers you are worth the whole world, we love you, we love you like the stars shine on a clear night's sky.
Cut yourself some slack, don't burn yourself out, and remind yourself that you are worth every bit of what joy you give others.
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The Demigod From Asgard - Steve Rogers x Reader (Part 56)
Summary: With you and the rest of the team locked in the raft, its up to Steve and Bucky to stop Zemo
Word Count: 4.2k
Warnings: Canon Typical Violence! ANGST! Secretary Ross! Physical Interrogation tactic!
Dividers by @firefly-graphics​
Series Masterlist / Masterlist
Tumblr media
Chapter 56: Mission Report: December 16th 1991
You sat in the corner of your cell, knees brought up to your chest, arms wrapped tightly around your legs, head rested against the wall. You knew that they would take you all to prison, you didn’t expect it to be the Raft.
As soon as you arrived they dragged you into an interrogation room. Demanding information from you. They kept you for hours not caring how tired you were, the collar around you not only draining your powers but your energy levels too.
You remained silent the entire time, trying to not give in to the goading and attempts to unsettle you. However, there was only so much you could take before you snapped.
“I am not telling you a fucking thing!” you growl “So give up this pathetic power parade and move on to-” your words were ripped from your mouth when you felt an electric shock through your neck.
Once it stopped you looked back at the guards who were smirking “oh you like the new upgrade?” He asks holding up a small remote.
“Since we knew how feisty you can get, we thought we’d install something to keep you in line” he explains a sickening grin spreading across his face.
You didn’t say anything, just glared over at the man. He smirked leaning over the table and getting right up into your personal space.
“What’s wrong sugar? Cat got your tongue?” He smirks.
You respond by spitting in his face. He recoils in disgust before slapping you across the face with the back of his hand. You turn your head back towards him smirking victoriously, however it was short-lived when he activated the shock collar once more.
“Crazy bitch, take her back to her cell” he orders as he wipes the spit from his face.
From that point onwards you refused to speak to anyone. Not that you really wanted to. Your mind was still reeling from the events at the airport. Constantly worrying about Steve and Bucky and whether they’d be able to stop the doctor. Worrying about whether Rhodey was okay.
“Finally where you all belong,” Ross says as he walks into the room containing all your cells.
You glance over to see him walking around inspecting all the cells “don’t say I didn’t warn you” he sighs.
He pauses when he reaches your cell “I’ve been told you’ve been difficult for the guards” he says looking down at you.
“Steve will kill you when he finds out you hurt her” Sam warns making Ross look over his shoulder at him.
“I’m not worried about that, soon he’ll be here with you, reunited, maybe if you play your cards right we’ll let you share a cell,” Ross says sending an insincere smile your way.
“Modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, just be glad it didn’t end the same way” Ross smirks.
Ross’s tirade gets interrupted by his phone ringing. As he picks it up you hear him talking about Tony and you feel sick to your stomach. Turning your head away from him and everyone else.
“Hey, you okay?” You heard Sam ask once Ross was gone.
You didn’t answer. You didn’t trust yourself nor your emotions. You knew they were watching you at all times looking for a sign of weakness that they could exploit. Even if yours was Steve, you were damn well sure you wouldn’t let them know that.
“Steve will be okay, he’s not gonna let Ross get to him or Bucky,” Sam tells you.
Hours passed and you still didn’t speak, just listening in to the hushed whispers of your broken team around you. You only looked up when you heard the door open, glancing over you saw Tony making you look straight down unable to look at him.
You hear Clint clapping sarcastically as Tony walked around looking at all of you in your cells.
“The futurist, gentlemen! The futurist is here! He sees all! He knows what’s best for you, whether you like it or not” Clint calls out sarcastically.
“Give me a break Barton” Tony sighs as he walks over “I have no idea they’d put you here, come on”
“Yeah well, you knew they’d put us somewhere Tony” Clint points out.
“Yeah but not some super-max floating ocean pokey,” Tony says glancing around “this place is for maniacs, this place is for…”
“Criminals?” Clint finishes as he stands up “criminals Tony, think that’s the words you’re looking for, right? That didn’t use to mean me or Sam, or Y/N, but here we are”
“Because you broke the law, I didn’t make you” Tony sighed “you read it you broke it, you’re all grown up, you got a wife and kids. I don’t understand, why didn’t you think about them before you chose the wrong side?”
“You gotta watch your back with this guy, there’s a chance he’s gonna break it,” Clint says as Tony walks away towards your cell.
“Hank Pym always said never can trust a Stark,” Scott says as Tony passes past his cell.
“Who are you?” Tony asks simply glancing at Scott as he approached your cell
“Hey,” Tony says when he pauses by your cell.
You don’t respond turning yourself away from him.
“She won’t talk, she hasn’t said a word since we’ve gotten here,” Sam tells Tony.
Tony sighs walking away from your cell and towards Sam’s “how’s Rhodes?” Sam asks when Tony reaches him.
“They’re flying him to Columbia medical tomorrow, so fingers crossed” Tony sighs.
“What do you need? They feed you yet?” Tony asks making Sam scoff.
“You’re the good cop now?” Sam asks him.
“I’m the guy who needs to know where Steve went,” Tony tells him.
“Well, you better go get a bad cop, because you’re gonna have to go Mark Fuhrman on my ass to get information out of me or any of us” Sam states.
“Well I just knocked the A out of their AV, we got about 30 seconds before they realise it’s not their equipment,” Tony says making you look up and over in surprise.
“Just look because that is the fellow who was supposed to interrogate Barnes, clearly I made a mistake, Sam I was wrong” Tony admits.
“That’s a first” Sam remarks.
“Cap is definitely off the reservation but he’s about to need all the help he can get. We don’t know each other very well, you don’t have to...” Tony says before Sam interrupts.
“Hey it’s all right,” Sam says before sighing “look I’ll tell you but you have to go alone and as a friend”
“Easy” Tony agrees.
“It’s a base in Siberia, it's where Bucky was kept when he was the winter soldier, I don’t have the exact coordinates though” Sam sighs.
“61.0137 North, 99.1967 East” you say finally, deciding to trust Tony.
“Thank you, and look I’ll try and get you guys somewhere better once this is all over,” Tony says before heading out.
The rest of you didn’t dare speak, uncertain whether the audio was still knocked out or not. You just hoped you hadn’t made a mistake trusting Tony. You didn’t want to make a bad situation any worse.
Tumblr media
The jet was completely silent. Steve sighed as he thought about you and the rest of the team. He hated that he had to leave you all, he really hated that you stayed too. He wished he fought more and made sure you were beside or in front of him.
He knew what was going to happen. You’d all be arrested and thrown in some jail cell while Ross tried to hunt him down. He knew both Clint and Scott had families, he knew what they’d do to you and Wanda, and he didn’t stop it.
The only thing keeping him from turning the jet around was Bucky and the Doctor. He had to stop the doctor from getting to the other winter soldiers. He had to clear Bucky’s name. It was only after he’d done that, could he help the rest of the team. Either way, he was determined to get you out as soon as he could.
“What’s gonna happen with your friends?” Bucky asks quietly making Steve sigh and shake his head.
“Whatever it is… I’ll deal with it” Steve sighs.
“I don’t know if I’m worth all this Steve” Bucky admits quietly.
Steve sighs looking over his shoulder at bucky “what you did all those years it wasn’t you, you didn’t have a choice” Steve tells him.
“I know” Bucky sighs “but I did it”
“But you didn’t want to, that’s the important thing. You know one of the best things Y/N did for me was to see Steve and Cap as two separate entities. Bucky Barnes and The Winter Solider are not the same person either, never have, never will be” Steve tells him as he looks back out the front of the jet, Bucky not giving him any repose.
A few hours later they arrived at the Siberian base. As they landed Steve could see the truck the doctor must have used. He just hoped they’d arrived with enough time to stop him.
“You can borrow some of Nat’s gear,” Steve tells Bucky nodding to the compartment labelled with her name.
Bucky nods his head opening it and grabbing out a large gun with a sigh. Steve grabs his shield glancing down at the scratch marks now embedded in the metal before slinging it onto his back. Bucky comes to stand beside him as the jet door opens. Steve glances over at him to see the trepidation on his face, a memory from their past popping into his head.
“You remember that time we had to ride back from Rockaway beach in the back of that freezer truck?” Steve asks looking over at Bucky.
“Was that the time we used our train money to buy hot dogs?” Bucky recalls a small smile playing on his lips.
“You blew three bucks trying to win that stuffed bear for a redhead” Steve chuckles.
“What was her name again?” Bucky asks.
“Dolores, you called her Dot,” Steve tells him with a small smile.
“She’s gotta be a hundred years old right now” Bucky chuckles.
“So are we, pal” Steve reminds him with a smile, putting his hand on his shoulder and squeezing it.
Steve then grabs his helmet and puts it on before they make their way out of the jet and towards the base. As they approached the door, they could see that it had been left wide open.
“He can’t have been here more than a few hours,” Steve says.
“Long enough to wake them up” Bucky sighs as they make their way inside.
Once inside Bucky led Steve over to the elevator that would take them down into the base. As the elevator descended Steve looked over at Bucky to see his jaw clenched. Steve gives him a nod to ensure he was okay, the memories of this place no doubt haunting him.
Once the elevator stopped they moved out gun and shield at the ready. Bucky led Steve through the base, checking every corridor to ensure there wasn’t someone waiting to pounce.
As they began to climb some stairs their heard a large thud behind them. Steve quickly turned around, shield held up protecting the both of them. Bucky’s gun was trained on the door that was slowly opening.
“You ready?” Steve asks.
“Yeah” Bucky responds.
To their surprise it was neither the doctor nor the winter soldiers, it was Tony in his Iron man suit. Steve cautiously lowered his shield as Tony began to walk over.
“You seem a little defensive” Tony comments.
“It’s been a long day,” Steve says as he walks over.
“At ease soldier I’m not currently after you” Tony calls out over to Bucky.
“Then why are you here?” Steve questions.
“Could be your story’s not so crazy, maybe” Tony shrugs “Ross has no idea I’m here I’d like to keep it that way, otherwise I gotta arrest myself”
“Well that sounds like a lot of paperwork,” Steve says before full lowering his shield.
“And I usually leave all that to you,” Tony says making Steve let out a huff of a laugh
“It’s good to see you Tony,” Steve says nodding over to Tony.
“Me too cap” Tony agrees before looking over at Bucky “hey Manchurian candidate, you’re killing me. There’s a truce here you can drop”
Steve gestures over to Bucky, reassuring him that it was okay.
“Right then let’s go hunt this so-called doctor down” Tony sighs.
The three of them continue making their way through the large baes. Tony using his suit to search out for heat signatures.
“How did you know we were here?” Steve asks him quietly.
“Y/N told me” Tony answers glancing over his shoulder at him.
“How is she?” Steve asks.
“She’s okay, quiet but okay,” Tony tells him, Steve nodding his head in understanding.
As they round a corner the corridor opens up into a much larger room “I got heat signatures” Tony announces.
“How many?” Steve asks.
“Uh, one” Tony says as he continues to scan.
As they step into the room the lights turn on the reveal the chambers and the winter soldiers still inside them. Steve glances around confused, he would have expected them to be activated by now.
“If it’s any comfort, they died in their sleep,” Zemo says over the speakers.
As they walk further into the room Steve was able to see the bullet wounds in each of the soldier’s heads.
“Did you really think I wanted more of you? I’m grateful to them though they brought you here” Zemo continues the light in the room turning on to illuminate his face.
Steve instantly throws his shield at the glass, but it bounces off without even making a scratch.
“Please Captain, the soviets built this chamber to withstand the launch blast of UR-100 rockets,” Zemo says with a condescending tone.
“I’m betting I could beat that” Tony calls out as the three of them start walking over.
“Oh I’m sure you could Mr Stark, given time, but then you’d never know why you came” Zemo points out.
“You killed innocent people in Vienna just to bring us here?” Steve asks as he walks right up to the window to face Zemo.
“I’ve thought about nothing else for over a year, I studied you, I followed you, but now that you’re standing here, I just realised there’s a bit of green in the blue of your eyes, how nice to find a flaw” Zemo smiles.
At that moment Steve’s mind went to you. The memory of you smiling, cupping his cheek as you told him about the green flecks in his eyes, and how much you loved them. Pushing the thought back Steve focused on Zemo, recognising his accent.
“You’re Sokovian, is that what this is about?” Steve asks.
“Sokovia was a failed state long before you blew it to hell, no, I’m here because I made a promise,” Zemo tells him.
“You lost someone?” Steve asks knowing the death toll in Sokovia was much higher than in their other battles.
“I lost everyone” Zemo spits “and so will you”
Steve watches as Zemo hits a button and the computer screen beside Steve flickers to life. He glances over at Zemo unsure as to what he was doing.
“An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again, but one which crumbled from within? That’s dead. Forever” Zemo says as Steve and Tony walked over to the monitor.
Tony doing a double take “I know that road” he mutters “what is this?” He then shouts out to Zemo.
Zemo doesn’t answer and when Steve looks back at the screen, he sees a car appear in the shot. Crashing into a nearby tree. Someone on a motorbike then appears pulling up behind the car.
Steve glances over at Bucky starting to put the pieces together. He knew that Tony’s parents died in a car crash in ’91. He remembered how Zola told him that it wasn’t an accident. He had hoped it wasn’t Bucky, but the footage was telling him otherwise.
Steve could hear Maria calling out to Howard. Howard looked up at Bucky as he held onto his head before Bucky punched him hard enough to kill him. Dragging his lifeless body back to the car before rounding it to kill Maria.
Steve glanced over at Tony as the video ended with a clear shot of Bucky shooting the camera. He could see the rage building inside him. In all the years of knowing Tony and all the arguments they had, Steve had never seen him this angry.
Steve grabs hold of him as he goes to make a move on Bucky “No Tony” he says holding him back.
Tony looks back over at him before meeting his eyes “did you know?” Tony says his voice filled with anger, barely above a whisper.
Steve pauses for a moment trying to find the right words, to still be honest but not make the situation worse.
“I didn’t know it was him,” he tells him.
It technically was true. Steve didn’t know for certain that it was Bucky until that moment, he had always suspected it though.
“Don’t bullshit me Rogers, did you know?” Tony hisses catching Steve out in his white lie.
“Yes” Steve admits, and Tony pushes himself away, looking over at Steve completely betrayed.
Tony drops his head nodding slightly and for a moment Steve thought that maybe his anger wouldn’t get the better of him. Meaning he didn’t expect the uppercut that sent him tumbling backwards to the floor.
As he gets back up, he can see Tony pinning Bucky down, aiming his gauntlet at his face. Steve quickly throws his shield at Tony, distracting him enough to allow Steve to run over and push him back off of bucky.
Tony quickly recovers flying back towards Steve and knocking him back. As he hit the ground Tony fired restraints at his ankles pinning his feet together. He quickly sat up spotting Tony and bucky fighting, Tony aimed a small projectile at Bucky but he moves his arm, so it misses hitting the side of the bunker causing part of it to collapse.
Steve manages to free himself from the restraints and runs back over dodging the falling debris. Once it had all settled, he spotted Tony had been pinned down by some of it while he and Bucky remained free.
“Get out of here!” Steve shouts over to Bucky.
Bucky thankfully listens and starts running. When Steve spots Tony following him jumps in the way stopping him. The blast roof above them and Steve sees Tony prepare to fly up. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to catch up to him Steve tried one last attempt to negotiate with him.
“It wasn’t him Tony,” Steve tells him “Hydra had control of his mind!”
“Move!” Tony shouts.
“It wasn’t him!” Steve argues back grabbing Tony’s foot as he flew past.
As he held Tony back, he hit the bottom of his foot with his shield trying to disable the thrusters. Tony however manages to get free using a laser to block the passage behind him.
Cursing to himself he ran back and started climbing after Bucky, using all of his strength to climb as fast as he could. He manages to get there just as Tony fired a projectile at Bucky, using his shield to protect the both of them, and blasting Tony back and down the cavern.
“He’s not gonna stop, go,” Steve says to Bucky as he helps him up.
Bucky nods before jumping onto the platform above them. Steve turns back towards Tony grabbing the grappling hook from his belt. He then jumps down firing it at Tony as he passed, managing to loop it around the neck, dragging Tony down with him.
They managed to fall a good distance but stop when Tony hit a platform, the grappling hook coming loose. Steve throws his shield trying to stop Tony from firing but Tony hits it away and it falls down the gap to the floor below.
Unable to do anything Steve watches as Tony fires a missile at the hinge to the blast roof, causing it to fall back down and block Bucky’s escape. Tony flies up and grabs hold of Bucky, putting him in a chokehold. As Tony steps off the platform to fly Bucky down to the floor Steve jumps out tackling them mid-air. A tactic that works to get Tony to drop Bucky but leaves Steve and Tony falling to the ground.
Steve groans as he hits the floor rolling for a moment before coming to a stop. He pushes himself up onto his feet turning to see Tony standing on the level above him.
“This isn’t gonna change what happened,” Steve says as he catches his breath.
“I don’t care, he killed my mom” Tony mutters, venom dripping in his voice.
Tony then flies over to tackle Steve but Steve punches him away. The two of them exchange blows. Steve tries his best to disable Tony’s suit while also pulling his punches. Despite everything, he didn’t want to hurt Tony.
Tony manages to flip Steve onto his back and starts trying to punch him, Steve barely moving his head out of the way each time. Tony managed to land a couple of punches. Tony however is soon pushed off of Steve as Bucky hits him in the back with Steve’s shield.
With the two of them, they manage to get the upper hand over Stark, even getting him down onto his knees. But Tony manages to blast Steve in the stomach blasting him back into the wall and onto the floor. This wasn’t the first time Tony had done this in the years of knowing each other, but this was the first time he’d used full capacity.
Steve lay there groaning as he slowly managed to push himself up, his body telling him to stop but he wasn’t going to. Not while Bucky was still in danger. As he got to his knees his vision was still slightly blurred as he saw Bucky try and pull the arc reactor out of Tony’s suit. He blinked, his vision clearing as Tony blasted Bucky back, blasting his metal arm completely off. As Bucky pushed himself up onto his knees Tony blasted him in the back knocking him back down.
Steve felt rage build up inside and he pushed himself to his feet and ran over, using his shield to protect himself from the blasts. Steve manages to push Tony back against the wall and tries to continue what bucky started, to disarm the arc reactor and stop Tony. Steve landed punch after punch, hitting Tony with his shield.
As he went to hit Tony once more, Tony reacted grabbing Steve’s shield and startling Steve. Taking advantage of the fact Steve was distracted Tony blasted Steve’s shield out of his hand before blasting him back across the room. Steve had only just gotten to his feet when Tony attacked again. Tony punched him across the face soon followed by an uppercut, finishing with a blast to the stomach knocking Steve to his knees.
“He’s my friend,” Steve says as he looked back up at Tony panting.
“So was I” Tony muttered before punching him twice across the jaw.
Steve coughed, spitting up blood before Tony grabbed him and threw him into the nearby pillars.
“Stay down, final warning,” Tony tells him as Steve pushes himself up slowly using the pillar as support.
Steve raises his fist, a little unsteady on his feet as he prepared himself “I could do this all day” he pants.
Tony raises his gauntlet but before he has a chance to fire Bucky grabs hold of his leg distracting him. Tony turns to kick bucky in the head, and as he does Steve grabs hold of Tony lifting him above his head. He throws Tony to the ground before climbing on top to pin him down.
He punches Tony on the head, part of the helmet breaking as he does so. He then grabs his shield to use that instead, before ripping the mask off of Tony’s face. Steve raises his shield one last time and brings it down on the arc reactor. Stopping as he feels the suit power down, pushing himself off of Tony.
As he stands he pulls his shield out of Tony’s suit and puts it back on his arm. He gives Tony one last look before walking over to Bucky, and pulling him up from the ground.
“That shield doesn’t belong to you, you don’t deserve it, my father made that shield!” Tony calls out as Steve walks away.
Steve pauses in his steps, his mind clearing. He knew after all of this there was no way he could be a free man anymore. He would spend the rest of his life on the run. Steve Rogers was a criminal, but Captain America wasn’t. And it was true, Howard made this shield, who better to leave it with than his son? Steve had no use for it anymore, he was done being Captain America.
He let out a deep sigh before dropping the shield. The sound of the metal hitting the ground reverberated around them. He glanced over at Bucky before carrying him out of the building and back to the jet. Unsure where to go next.
Tumblr media
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writing-for-marvel · 1 month
can you do something of steve rogers like you’ve both kinda had feelings for each other but never said anything and one day you went to go hang out with him and caught him jerking off 🫣
Nonnie, you like the idea of Steve jerking off thinking about you and moaning your name? Me too
At Your Service
Bodyguard!Steve Rogers x Diplomats Daughter!Fem!Reader
Summary: As your bodyguard it’s Steve’s job to look out for you, when you find him in a compromising position, it becomes your turn to look after him.
Warnings: strictly 18+ only, NSFW, masturbation, blowjob, dynamic where Steve is meant to be protecting reader and they catch feelings
Word count: 2.3k (I really did try to keep this short, oops)
A/N: thank you for this inspiration nonnie, I hope you enjoy 💙 banners by @maysdigitalarts
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was hard to sneak glances at someone whose job it was to literally watch your every move. But Steve Rogers was worth attempting to steal glances at.
Even when he wasn’t wearing the tight fitting tux he was currently donning to fit in with the smartly dressed crowd of high ranking officials and diplomats, your personal bodyguard Steve Rogers looked like a god carved from stone.
You had to will yourself not to continually stare at the man, but every now and again, you occasionally allowed yourself the selfish pleasure of a short glimpse.
And even though it was his job to keep you safe, to watch over you as if his life depended on it, it never failed to make your stomach flip and heart flutter to find him already looking at you.
Steve was always the first to assert that his detail of you was strictly business, purely a job to earn a living. Keeping you safe meant keeping his assignment.
But he could never quite mask the hint of tenderness in his eyes that only existed when he looked at you, and the anxious, desperate need to know you were safe when he lost you in a crowd for five seconds seemed to go well beyond his obligation as purely your bodyguard.
After a long night of shaking hands and faking smiles, all to please your father who only brought you along to give the appearance he was the charming, family man, you trudged from the large function room to your hotel room upstairs for a well deserved night's sleep.
As per protocol, your bodyguard had to perform a sweep of the room upon arrival, ensuring that everything was safe for your stay.
“Make sure you stay away from the windows-” Steve warned, closing the curtains even though it was pitch black in the cool night outside.
“Don’t make myself an easy target, I know.” You finish his sentence knowing his spiel word for word by now, prompting a bashful smile to curve on his lips. There’s a glint of pride in his eyes, as if he was never sure if you were ever listening to his security ramblings, but now knew for certain you had been.
An awkward silence fills the room as neither of you quite know how to bid each other goodnight. You didn’t want to remove the warm blanket of security Steve’s presence never failed to provide.
You always thanked him for his proficiency in protecting you. But a simple thank you didn’t even begin to cover the many ways in which you were grateful for him.
Steve wanted to tell you all night how beautiful he thought you looked, but you’d heard that same praise from every gentleman who greeted you tonight - it wasn’t exactly the refreshing compliment he needed to be able to convey just how much he adored you.
He knew how smart you were, how you could run rings around anyone in attendance this evening with your wit and intellect, and that your role as the good natured daughter was one you were far over qualified for. But you didn’t need an uneducated, glorified chaperone to tell you that.
If there was one thing Steve Rogers was certain about, it was that he would never be good enough for you. Only in his dreams did he deserve you.
So, instead of voicing aloud the continuous stream of praises he had overtime come to think of you, he settled for a simple “I’ll be right next door if you need me.”
“Thank you.” You want to sound more eloquent than the same words you always used to commend him after each of his assignments, but no string of words you could think of in this moment seem to truly encapsulate how highly you regard him.
Being around him makes it hard to think.
So instead, you rise to your tiptoes, lean over and place a delicate kiss to his cheek. With flushed pink cheeks, Steve flashes you a kind smile before disappearing into the next room, taking your sense of security and your heart with him.
It takes you a couple minutes to escape the elaborate dress you’ve been wearing all day, but finally you’re able to breathe properly again. Putting on some sweats, you’re caught tossing between letting your tiredness consume you and going straight to bed, or if you should take some time to decompress and watch a movie.
However, it’s your name, muttered as a strained moan, which catches your attention as you’re trying to make up your mind.
At first you think you’re imagining it - it’s been a long day and you must be on the brink of delusion with exhaustion. Perhaps going straight to sleep is the best option.
But then you hear it again, coming from the door Steve walked through just minutes prior.
And that’s when you see it - the door slightly ajar.
When you hear your name again, and you know for a fact that it isn’t all in your imagination, your curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to take a quick peak before promising to shut the door.
But when your eyes land on Steve’s large figure sitting at the end of the bed, pumping his fist over the largest dick you’d ever seen and hearing your name cascade as moans from his lips, you know you can’t simply shut the door and let him continue by himself in the next room.
If it weren’t for the alcohol in your system from the couple glasses of wine you’d had at the event earlier in the night, you’re not sure you would’ve had the courage to pass the door threshold, but your feet seemed to have a mind of their own, driven by the desire between your legs.
Hearing your name more clearly once you enter his room gives you the boost of self confidence you need to make your presence known. It isn’t until you close the door behind you, the latch clicking, does Steve finally realise you’ve caught him in the act.
The tips of his cheekbones and ears blush bright red as he frantically stuffs his fully erect and leaking cock back into his pants, mumbling an incoherent mess of embarrassed apologies and profanities. His bright, sky blue eyes can’t quite meet yours directly as you approach him near the end of the bed.
“Don’t get shy on me now, Stevie.” You smile flirtatiously. He opens his mouth to apologise again, or perhaps to berate you for waking in on such a private moment, you’ll never know as you interrupt him before he can get a word out.
“I’ll let you in on a little secret-” You drop your voice and lean in closer so he’s able to feel your warm breath against his ear lobe, “I’ve gotten off to the thought of you too.”
The surprise in his eyes, which is also shown as a sharp intake of breath, is quickly drowned out by lust as he surges forward, large hands cupping your face as he kisses you passionately.
The feeling of his soft, plump lips moving against yours is better than anything you’ve ever dreamed of. As his tongue slips into your mouth, your hands roam down his toned body, searching for his thick cock you got a glimpse of earlier.
Before you’re able to get your hands on anything valuable, Steve breaks the kiss, shaking his head as he pulls away.
“We shouldn’t be doing this.” He states unconvincingly, feebly keeping you at arms length. The glaringly obvious erection in his pants contradicting his words. “My job is to protect you.” He tries to further justify, but he’s doing a terrible job at being convincing.
“So let me thank you for it.”
A timid chuckle is not the response you’re expecting, but there’s a conflict raging like a storm behind Steve’s eyes which you’re much more focussed on relieving. It takes him a moment to muster the courage to decide to speak on his turmoil.
“Princess, you mean a lot more to me than just a quick fuck.” His voice is shy, his eyes vulnerable, as if they were about to shatter like glass.
“Stevie…” There are feelings you’re unable to verbalise, that are left unsaid, only conveyed in a knowing, tender and affectionate glance. “Please, let me help you finish what you started.”
Steve gulps back the nervous lump in his throat before nodding his head. Those same wide, blue eyes that you’re so used to protectively watching over you now keenly observe your every movement as you push him back on the bed, sinking to your knees and tugging his pants down to his ankles by the belt loops.
Just like Steve himself, his dick is gloriously and deliciously large - heavy and exquisitely thick in the palm of your hand. His flushed red tip weeping precum has you licking your lips in anticipation, you can’t wait to finally taste him.
Though you’re unsure if your mouth is capable of taking all of his magnificent length, you’re always up for a challenge.
Placing a couple of teasing kisses to the soft, sensitive skin of the inside of his muscular thigh, moving closer to his twitching cock with each one, you look up at Steve to find his warm gaze watching you with a mixture of endearment and excited anticipation, prompting a surge of devotion to bloom in your chest.
You start by spreading his precum along his slit with your thumb. A tortured whine escapes Steve’s lips as you lick a stripe up the underside of his shaft, and with a smug smirk, knowing that you haven’t even begun the most pleasurable part of the experience, you swirl your tongue around his tip.
As you take him fully in your mouth for the first time, a strained gasp of your name falls past his lips, followed by a rumbling moan from the back of his throat. You keep pushing yourself further down his length, stretching your jaw as wide as it will go, wrapping your hand around what you can’t fit in your mouth.
Steve’s drawn out fuuccckkkkk as you hollow your cheeks and drag your mouth back up his member only spurs you on, determined to take every inch. Slowly swallowing his shaft until his tip hits the back of your throat, you continue the routine until you’re gagging on his entire dick, your throat exquisitely squeezing his tip, your nose nuzzles his pubes, and tears trickle from the corners of your eyes.
“Shit Princess, oh fuck, yes, right there.” Steve’s hand finds the back of your head to keep you choking on his cock until you gently slap his thighs, the sign you need to pull away for air.
The saliva drooling from your mouth as you draw back makes Steve groan. With this lubrication, you start to pump his member, taking a second to catch your breath, but you’re already obsessed with the feel and taste of his thick cock in your mouth, so once you’re ready, you relax your jaw and begin devouring him again.
When you look up at him through your lashes, meeting his gaze as you sink further down him, the erotic sound he makes goes straight to your pussy, and you can feel the pool of wetness soaking through your panties.
When you start cupping and fondling his balls while simultaneously gagging on his cock, he throws his head back and you know he’s done for.
“Fuck, Princess.” Steve’s breathing is shallow and you can feel his balls start to contract under your light touch. “Please, I’m gonna cum.”
You can tell he’s expecting you to stop so you can tell him where you want him to cum on you.
But there’s not a chance.
You want to taste every part of him, and that includes every drop of his cum. You don’t ease up, continuing to suck the life out of him at a relenting pace until you feel his warm spend shooting to the back of your throat, before you finally give him some relief.
“Holy shit.” Steve sighs as he heaves for air, watching you show him the remainder of his climax on your tongue before swallowing in one gulp.
Even though you’ve just performed a lewd act, your chin covered with your own spittle and have the remnants of dried rivers of tears over your cheeks, originating from the corners of your eyes, Steve still looks at you with warmth and adoration.
“Stay with me tonight?” He asks before you even have the chance to catch your breath from how he’s looking at you. He chuckles at your surprise, before continuing with a smile. “I did say you meant more to me than just a quick fuck, and I meant it.”
You stand up from your position on your knees, never once breaking eye contact, before you lean in to kiss him. You’ve only had one taste, but you’re already addicted to him, needing your fix and wanting to get high on the taste of him any chance he gives you.
Once you’re again mesmerised by how his lips feel on yours, Steve’s phone starts ringing continuously on the bedside table. Reluctantly, he pulls away from you to check on it.
“Shit.” He swears under his breath as he quickly types and sends a message, punctuating it with a large sigh. “There’s been a security breach - I’m sorry but I have to go.” The severe disappointment in both his voice and his eyes makes you feel slightly better about his imminent departure.
“I promise I’ll make it up to you.” He says, rushing to get his trousers back on, but making sure to stop his hurry to give you a sweet kiss before he leaves.
“I’m holding you to that.” You mumble against his lips before you watch him shrug on his tuxedo jacket and head out the door.
Tumblr media
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assembletheimagines · 4 months
Could you do a Steve Rogers x reader where reader and Steve don't get along at all and they slowly become lovers. Idk if thats alright or not. Thanks. Ps love your work.
Tumblr media
A/N: Fuck, I feel like I don’t know how to write enemies to lovers' trope but hey practice makes perfect?? Idk, but lmao I tried. 
Summary: Captain America gets on your nerves. But he could say the same about you. 
“You can’t just-” 
“I can’t what?” You hissed, turning to Steve with a heated glare. “Save your ass?” You pushed and watched Steve’s eyes narrow as he puffed out his chest. 
“I don’t need saving, Sweetheart.” 
You were going to scream. 
Or fight him. 
Or both. 
“Just because you’re Captain America does not mean I won't kick your ass, Rogers.” 
His scoffed laugh infuriating you more, egging you further and without hesitating you swung. 
Stronger fingers wrapped around your wrist quickly, stopping your hand from connecting to Steve’s face. And you watched with a glare as his lips turning into a dark smile. 
“Like I said,” he hummed, his hand still holding your wrist in the air. “I don’t need saving.” 
Steve’s fingers twitched as a noticeable clicking sound resonated through the quinjet. 
“Stop,” Steve’s command calm and collected as he shot you an annoyed look before moving his eyesight to where the pen rested in your hand. Your thumb hovering over the end where you wouldn’t stop pressing causing the pen tip to appear and disappear with a simple ‘click,’ over and over again. 
You looked over at Steve, eyes never leaving his. 
Steve’s eyes narrowed. 
You flipped him the bird before leaving, moving towards the back of the jet to where Sam and Nat were. 
Steve had to close his eyes momentarily as he rested his head back on his chair. Inhaling through the nose before exhaling slowly. 
He must be going crazy, Steve’s eyebrows furrowing as he hit the punching bag in front of him. 
It’s been too long. It’s been too quiet. 
You had gone on a mission with Sam that had you both out in the field for over two weeks and he punched the bag harder. 
No, he didn’t worry. Another swing. No, he didn’t want to see you. Another jab. Actually, he was more than relaxed now that you were away. The bag split open, sand falling from the inside and slowly piling on the floor as his chest heaved. 
“Quinjet 316 has landed,” F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice sounded from above and Steve tensed. 
He didn’t know why, but he found himself walking outside as the quinjet powered down. Sam walking out with you in tow. 
Steve’s face hardened, covering any emotion as you met his gaze. 
Your eyes rolled at the sight of him standing there. “No, don’t look too enthusiastic that we’re back.” You hummed sarcastically as you walked past him. 
He turned around, shoulders tensing again. “Don’t forget to file your report.” He watched as you almost stopped walking. But you continued without looking back, raising a finger in the air back at him as single response. Sam laughed and Steve relaxed, before looking away from you entering the compound. A small smile forming at his lips. 
You walked quietly across the deck, your wet suit sticking to your body from when you jumped from the plane and landed into the ocean. 
It was a simple mission. Get on the yacht, download all the files onto your flash drive and dip. 
“Hey!” A man called out and you froze at the sound of the safety of a gun being switched. You turned around slowly, seeing a man pointing his gun at you, looking angry. “Who-” 
But before he could finish his question, his mouth went slack, his grip on the gun loosening as his body fell forward. You grunted barely having any time to catch him, dropping his softly on the ground so no noise was made. 
Your eyes met with blue one’s. Steve already putting his shield back over his arm. “Are you trying to let everyone know we are here?” You glared and Steve looked from the guy unconscious on the floor then back to you. 
“Thank you would be nice.” 
You stared at him for a moment, blinking, before you looked up at him with round innocent eyes. “Oh, thank you so much for saving me, Cap.” Your words slightly sarcastic but Steve didn’t miss a beat. 
And you had to blink in surprise again, you were fully expecting him to bicker back to you. You were used to it. But you stayed standing in the same spot as Steve walked past you. 
You didn’t know what to say, so you kept quiet as Cap took over, leading you to the main communication room so you could finish the mission. 
Your fingers slipped the flash drive into the usb port and began the download, your gaze glancing over at Steve who guarded the door. You felt confused as you replayed his response in your head. 
Fuck this dress. 
And fuck these heels. 
That was what you were thinking as you walked around the ballroom, your mask covering the top half of your face. 
You were currently on a mission, gathering intel on a possible trade of stolen vibranium and the deal was supposedly happening at this masquerade ball. 
“Suspect is leaving through the doors on the west,” Sam’s voice rang through your comm. He was working communications from on top of the roof with redwing as you played dress up with Steve and Bucky. 
“Got it,” you murmured through your ear piece as you moved across the floor, eyes on the target as the door began to close. You slipped through and watched him turn the corner. 
You were so focused on getting to the dealer that you didn’t think about the possible guards patrolling. You heard the guards' footsteps from around the corner where the target had disappeared behind, coming closer. You raised your hand ready to strike but before anything happened a hand wrapped around your wrist turning you and pushing you against the wall. 
A head dipped into the curve of your neck as you gasped. You were about to fight the person holding you to the wall with their weight before hearing the man against you speak. “Wait,” Steve’s lips barely brushing on your neck as the guards walked around the corner. You froze. 
The guards snickered as they walked past the both of you, most likely thinking it was just a drunk couple kissing. 
Once the coast was clear, Steve moved back, leading you both to finish this mission. 
As you walked your fingers ghosted over the area on your neck, you could still feel Steve’s lips on your skin. 
“Stop moving,” Steve murmured as his hands brushed over your hips. He was standing between your legs as you sat on top of the counter. You had just gotten back from a mission with Nat and everything went well. Or as well as it could have gone with the target pulling a gun on you and shooting. 
You were lucky it had only grazed your side since Nat took the guy down last minute. But when you both returned with a bandage pressed to your side you found yourself in front of Steve’s door. A weak smile on your lips when he answered. His eyes narrowing when he saw your hand holding your side. 
“It’s just a graze, Cap.” You said softly and sucked in a breath as he lifted your shirt up gently, his fingers ghosting over your bandage. 
“It could have been worse,” He countered with a frown and you rolled your eyes placing a hand on top of his that rested down on your hip again. 
“But it wasn’t,” you reassured meeting his eyes. You couldn’t read what he was thinking but it had your heart racing. “Nat-” 
But your words were cut off as Steve dropped his head on your shoulder, his arms wrapping around you as he pulled you tight to his chest. “It could have been worse.” 
The way the words fell from his lips had your heart clenching as you moved your hand to the back of his head, your fingers tugging his head back so he could look at you. You two didn’t say anything for a moment, letting the silence fill the feelings you both didn’t say. 
You both realized the shift happening between the two of you at the same time. And you didn’t think as you pulled Steve back to you. Your lips pressing into his, confirming everything you felt for him and everything he felt for you.  
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