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alightwhendarknessfell · a year ago
American Satan/Paradise City Forshadowing
I recently re-watched American Satan and noticed something for the first time about the ending of it. I believe the ending scene with Gretchen and Johnny in the jail is a major foreshadowing event for the cliffhanger of Paradise City. I always thought it was really odd how Gretchen leans in and says "two against one" and something about "better odds" and then she and Johnny both look at the camera. Well, I think I might have figured out what that meant, so if you're interested in that and how it ties into Paradise City keep reading.
At the end of American Satan, we find out that Jonny's lawyer is Damien's father (the guy that The Relentless sacrificed). We know this because of the knock that he does on the table; it's the same one Mr. Capricorn does. This means that Mr. Capricorn (satan) has found a new vessel in Damien's father. It's Gretchen that introduces him to Johnny.
Gretchen holds hands with Johnny and says to him "Two against one, better odds". They then both look at the camera, breaking the fourth wall. I think that makes it obvious that Gretchen has made a deal with satan/Mr. Capriocorn in order to free Johnny from prison. Recall that during the interview with Lily and Leo, Leo says that there is only one person Johnny will listen to which is Gretchen. It's possible that the band told Gretchen about the deal with the devil, she found out herself, or that Mr. Capricorn through his new vessel got to her and she made her own deal. Remember, that Johnny going to prison didn't break their deal with Mr. Capricorn therefore that deal would still be valid. Hence the devil would still be trying to make The Relentless successful.
It is my belief that Gretchen did in fact make a deal with the devil to save Johnny and get him out of prison. The question is what did she sacrifice or offer for this deal? We know that The Relentless had to sacrifice a human life (Damion). So what did Gretchen sacrifice? I believe this takes us into Paradise City, specifically the final episode. *** Trigger Warning talk of miscarriage ***
In the season finale of Paradise City, while Johnny is away, Gretchen is coaching her soccer team's game. It is then that we see Gabriel approach her on the field and say "I am so sorry for what is about to happen to you", this is immediately before she starts to experience severe pain and later miscarries in the bathroom.
Gabriel is a recurring character in the movie and series and obviously represents Gabriel the archangel. He often appears giving Johnny advice and trying to sway him from Mr. Capricorn. His comment to Gretchen makes me believe he either knew about or caused her to miscarry.
This brings me to my ultimate conclusion. I believe that Gretchen's deal with the devil involved either her firstborn child or being impregnated with the anti-Christ. If she sacrificed her firstborn child then Gabriel perhaps knew about it, but I think the latter might be the case. If she was impregnated with the anti-Christ (knowingly or unknowingly) then Gabriel could have caused the miscarriage to prevent the birth of it. This would also explain why we are introduced to the fact that she is/might be pregnant so early into the series as it is clearly an important point.
A point that makes this even more likely in my mind is the ending scene with Jonny and Lily. Note that Gretchen's miscarriage and the Johnny/Lily scene are taking place at the same time. If Gretchen was carrying the anti-Christ then now there would need to be a new host for it. Recall that while Johnny watches Lily and the other women have sex while he jacks off he is wearing a condom. Afterward, one of the women retrieves the used condom (unbeknownst to Johnny) and places it in the fridge. I believe Lily is going to use this to impregnate herself with Johnny's child. It is possible that she will now host the anti-Christ (perhaps has even agreed to this deal).
I know there is an announcement coming tomorrow about Paradise City's next season so I figured it would be a good time to post this. I hope you enjoyed my theory and hopefully, we'll find out how it's all connected eventually. Also, a reminder that this is just something I came up with, and is just my opinion. Obviously, I didn't write the script so there could be other explanations.
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sagittarius10thouse · a year ago
plz note that these are only personal observations - so this is not any kind of “eXpERt opIniOn”
also sorry for mistakes, if any. i’m not a native speaker :)
So, today’s post will be about my damn-they-are-so-serious buddies with Capricorn Sun! 
Firstly, Capriocorn Suns are quite ambitious. If they have a goal, they will acomplish it no matter what. For example, my sister, who has her Sun in Capricorn have been saving her pocket money to buy a pencil case. Or there was a Cap Sun guy who wanted to pass his exams, like, VERY well and go on to good (prestigious) university. Of course, he did it he’s a Cap Sun after all. Talking about education, many (but not all) Capricorns are usually straight A’s students. It doesn’t really matter whether they like school / college / university or not. In a nutshell, people with this placement love learning something new - especially if it’s connected with their future career. Oh, and Cap Suns usually run a page dedicated to education - one Capricorn dude has a whole public page about education system and its problems in my country. 
The next thing that I wanted to talk about is that Capricorn Suns are a bit detached. They are definitely on their way - and it doesn’t mean anything bad. They are rarely the most talkative person in the group chat, and if it’s vice versa, then well...they may seem kinda irritating. Seriously, Capricorn Suns usually annoy the shit outta me - even if they’re my relatives lmao. Buuut a lot of people find them quite entertaining so idk 
There is a common stereotype about Capricorns in general that they’re so damn serious and hate jokes with all their heart. It’s 100% not true (about Cap Suns at least). All my acquantainces & friends & family members with this placement have an excellent sense of humour. They can easily lighten up the mood even if their jokes sometimes seem kinda specific lol. So ppl with Sun in Capricorn don’t have that resting serious bitch face all the time, duh.
And the last observation is that Capricorns are friendly! :) I mean, they don’t try to befriend every person that they see but they treat well all of their acquaintances (if they have at least a normal relationship). And they’re always ready to shoot the problems when asked. They are really amazing as friends!
Song for a Capricorn Sun: “Little Wild Thing” by Kingdom Come
Celebrities with Sun in Capricorn; • Elvis Presley, singer • Muhammad Ali, wrestler • Gerard Depardieu, actor • Kate Moss, fashion model • Nicholas Cage, actor • LeBron James, basketball player • Jimmy Page, guitarist • Irina Shayk, fashion model • Isaac Newton, scientist • Richard Nixon, 37th President of the USA
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xotrytoxo · 7 months ago
Which zodiac sign do you like the most and which the least?
Most: Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Least: Aries, Scorpio, Capriocorn
But hey no judgment🙈
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astral-lucy · a year ago
Hey, Hope you are doing well 😄
What do you think about my big 3
Aries Rising
Scorpio Sun(8h)
Capriocorn Moon (10H)
hi babe!
i already did these palcements! i'm going to leave it here so you can go check it out.
hope you're having a nice day!
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taurianskies7 · a year ago
what do you think about the upcoming conjunction in capriocorn? i am quite tensed about it...
Hi there! It’s understandable to be tense about it, in a global scale, Saturn-Jupiter promises to wreck into change but we have to remember, both of these planets (and the sign Capricorn) aren’t inherently bad. Shani and Guru (Saturn and Jupiter) are both planets are teachers and both represent aspects of justice, the planets of Karma and Dharma are joining forces to bring a reckoning to the world - the consequences of our actions and what we owe to the greater society. Saturn is (obviously) going to be stronger but the push-pull effect of Saturn-Jupiter conjunction will be interesting to witness.  To be honest? I am kinda looking forward to it. As both from a research point of view and as someone who is, frankly, tired of how corrupt and rotten the world currently is.
This conjunction isn’t going to be fun for me, personally. Considering that Saturn moving into Capricorn is just continuing my Sade Sati, I’m in the middle of my Saturn dasha and I want to move FAR away from my fourth house matters (but I have Capricorn in the 4th house...), plus, not to mention it’s going to be touching most of my taurus placements (including my Saturn and Jupiter). I’m expecting a hell of a change in my personal life, and it scares me but I know, it feels, like something that is well overdue now. 2021 is a year that has completely blinded me, I’m going in it without any expectation or prior knowledge but I guess that’s what life is.  Gotta get all of that karmic debt out, you know.
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The Signs as Funny Episodes
Aries: Time For a Wedding
Libra: The French Mistake
Taurus: Changing Channels
Scorpio: Yellow Fever
Gemini: Swap Meat
Sagittarius: Reading Is Fundamental
Cancer: The Real Ghostbusters
Capricorn: Mystery Spot
Leo: It’s the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester
Aquarius: My Bloody Valentine
Virgo: A Very Supernatural Christmas
Pisces: The Monster At the End of This Book
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astrology-sighs · 5 years ago
How the Mars Signs Deal With Confrontation
Mars in Aries: literally just bursts into flames Mars in Taurus: p easygoing until you question/rush them, then they bulldoze (haha) you Mars in Gemini: *spent the last 15 minutes verbally shanking you* anD ANoTheR THiNG.... Mars in Cancer: "oh no it's fine :) no problem :) I don't care :) I just think it's funny how" Mars in Leo: if u humiliate them they will stop at nothing to destroy u and make sure you know they're the ones doing it Mars in Virgo: turns into the stressed out, nagging, overcritical mom you never wanted Mars in Libra: doesn't lmao Mars in Scorpio: it doesn't matter what you're arguing about, compromise is not an option and they're always right Mars in Sagittarius: hops on a horse so high they had to check it into rehab Mars in Capricorn: cool af as long as they feel they're in control, otherwise they lose their s h i t Mars in Aquarius: not normal. never normal. don't try to make them act normal. "What's normal? A setting on a washing machine"- hot topic, also Aquarius mars Mars in Pisces: left before the argument began
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valkyrie141 · 2 years ago
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The signs as hogwarts houses💫
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irenerei · 2 years ago
Ok seriously hold on a sec
Please make up you mind you wanna kill me with your cute smile or that illegally low cut shirt you are wearing? Don't do both on me please🤣🙈
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staryeyednerd · 2 years ago
Hi, how are you? May I please have a mood board for Capricorn sun, Capricorn rising, and Scorpio moon please? I hope you feel well and are safe, thank you. 🤍🏹
I am feeling well and am safe thank you so much 🤍
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wtfzodiacsigns · 11 months ago
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braucher · 3 years ago
im so tired of driving myself cr*zy trying to figure out what do with my life and what my calling is. but maybe, there’s more to life than what I do for work
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hotdoghotties · 4 years ago
i’m the kind of person who puts inside jokes with myself as my instagram bio and gets offended when no one gets it
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