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mild-milk · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
changed my entrance again I'm not touching this game for the next few months x
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literallyjustskywalkers · 2 months ago
warning this might be really sad or deep about star wars
imagine for a moment that its the clone wars, as in, the middle of the clone wars. some big mission, obviously, a very important, could-end-the-clone-wars kind of mission, and of course its anakin and obi-wan and the 501st and 212th and ahsoka and literally everyone is there because there is finally a chance at defeating the rumored sith lord behind everything.
so basically everyone splits off into groups, you know, ahsoka leading some of her own 501st boys, anakin and rex off to the front, obi-wan and cody taking a side siege because strategy. and it goes great- until one of the groups finds the sith lord that was rumored- heavily disregarded- to be there.
and anakin and rex stumble upon this very suddenly, to which anakin barely has time to ignite his saber before the sith lord force pushes back his entire group of the 501st. and its like a replay of that scene in revenge of the sith, with the sith trying to convince anakin to join him.
and the chancellor reveals himself only to anakin while the troops are down, and he thinks this should be easy. sure, maybe not the way he planned, but still very do-able. now the 501st and the 212th are in one place, with the top three jedi all here ready for the slaughter.
but you see, this is clone wars anakin. this is the anakin that had ahsoka and obi-wan and rex and padme and everyone else, when he was more young and while still desperate to have some power, still molded by his real experiences. He isnt as stone cold- he understands that it's a war. but he also understands that seriousity is a very fatal flaw to have sometimes.
and its when obi-wan goes to regroup with anakin that he sees the confrontation going down. anakin versus the great lord of the sith, sidious, and it takes less than a second for obi-wan to be reminded of the chosen one prophecy. and obi-wan had the dreams- his fair share- of anakin falling to some force unknown.
the same force in front of him.
of course, sidious cant activate order 66 while in confrontation with anakin, so the clones slowly regain balance and they start to kind of close in too. so really, sidious does his best option and holds anakin away from the others, hands over neck body against chest kind of style. loosely threatening to hurt the poor chosen one if they try to kill him.
and obi-wan knows exactly what anakin is thinking. he looks anakin in the eyes, eye contact literally hurting him physically as he realizes what his friend, his brother, is about to do.
sure, people have survived worse. anakin could have survived. But he needed to make sure he didn't, because then sidious would be dead too.
obi-wan screams just as it happens- along with over half of the 501st as they realize, and ahsoka as she approaches and sees the events- as anakin turns his lightsaber hilt and ignites it right through himself and sidious. and he makes sure it's fatal- he wastes no time on making sure that that is an injury that takes them both down. and he drops the saber after, falls to one side as sidious falls to the other. they're both dead as they hit the floor.
but as obi-wan ran to his former padawan, apprentice, friend, brother, learner, learned, he realizes the significance of this. and he knew anakin was always dramatic- a nice touch.
anakin had fallen in a beam of sun's light from above. sidious had collapsed in the shadows.
and even with anakin dead in his arms, obi-wan felt a sense of relief among the pain. anakin had not fallen to whatever path obi-wan feared. he had loved and hated, but he was kind and compassionate above all, traits that obi-wan thought would make his downfall.
no, obi-wan was proven wrong. because his brother was the chosen one he had been molded to be, but he chose his own terms on how he fulfilled such prophecy.
that kind, compassionate, funny, and loving padawan died to save a republic that never had the same kind of respect for him.
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cynettic · a year ago
hi, i hope i'm not bothering you, but i can order a Scaramouche × Kitsune reader, the two met before the vision hunt (and before he was a fatui if you want) the reader was always in the same place, sometimes having a conversation , the good old routine, but with the hunting of visions the reader disappeared not wanting to give up his own vision, and years later a reunion, SFW or NSFW is by your will, thank you, I really admire your work
Summary - Scaramouche met you as a child, growing up with the constant assurance that you would be right there, sitting at your spot where he could meet you with every visit. He isn't happy when you suddenly disappear.
Pairing - Kitsune!Reader x Yan!Scaramouche
Warning - Slight Yandere warnings?
Penpal - Ahhh- hope this is what you were looking for. I couldn't find a spot to put much nsfw unless I considered writing more for the series ( I could, just put a request in if thats what you’re looking for ). But I hope you liked it!! You're not bothering me at all and I'm glad you like my work!
A/N - Alright- so considering that with the 2.1 update with Scaramouche coming in, I just wanna state beforehand that I wrote this prior so I dont know if we learn about his backstory or anything!!
Link for Part 2
Stay With Me
Scaramouche was used to the routine he’d found himself going along with every visit to Inazuma. As a child he’d pass through the wild fields that stretched just beside his hometown, adventurous and curious with all the tenacity of a child.
And of course you, a kitsune that sat perched on the ground awaiting the Kitsune Saiguu, was bound to notice him. Unlike the other earth kitsune statues, you hadnt turned to stone during your wait. Instead, staying in the same place did you interact with travellers and the locals, which included Scaramouche.
“Fox person!” The little boy chanted, pulling at the hems of your clothing. Bright blue eyes bore into your own, and you slowly shifted your head to pay attention to the boy who was on the verge of bouncing on you.
Humming in reply to his excitement, the little boy paused, both of his small hands still tightly clasping the fabric of your clothes. Soft matted hair brushed past his face in a messy manner, calling out the boy for his boundless running and rebellious urge to keep his hair messy despite his parents wishes.
“Play with me!”
Staring at the boy only a moment longer, you simply chuckled at his antics. “I’m afraid I cannot move from the spot in which I dwell~ Perhaps I’ll be able to entertain you if you bring cards?”
But the young boy had made up his mind at the statement to which you couldn't move. A pitiful frown enfluged his face as he cast you the nastiest glare a five year old could muster. “Boring!” He shouted into the distance of the fields, dramatically turning on his heels and bouncing up into a sprint away. You watched his small figure fade away into the background, absentmindedly sighing and returning to your mindless thoughts.
As a child, Scaramouche would pass by you fairly often. Frequent when he asked you to play with him, and storming away with the same expression when you denied him. Nothing out of the ordinary, you’d lived for an exceptional amount of time, and even though grumpy children were not your specialty, you’d grown accustomed to their behaviour.
Growing up, Scaramouche got no better. You soon noticed his violent tendencies before they became an issue, the way the children shied away from him when playing Temari. Hiding in front of a tough exterior, he scared them away and laughed, approaching you later with tearful sob.
“Will you play with me?” He asked again, trying to hide the fact that he still wept when the other children pushed him away.
But your answer stayed the same, helping him wipe his tears and coaxing him into your arms. Not the first time you’d made contact with a human, but the first time you held them in such an affectionate manner.
It was clear Scaramouche was beginning to see you as some sort of pillar of reassurance when he began running away from home to simply ask to be held. You always welcomed him with open arms, urging him to head back to his household and sort things out. There was no harm in simply providing love and comfort for a child who received none was there?
“Now now, hurry back home little one. Your parents must be growing awfully worried if you’re out by this time at night.”
“My parents dont care about me!”
Darkness slowly pooled into the fields, an obscure shade covering the two of you from the tree you were under. Biting back form your normal emotionless statements, you pondered for something to soothe and convince the boy. Misunderstandings and hardships were normal from what youd seen with children, and you could only offer your hand on his shoulder, a promise. “Go back, I promise to stay here if anything further happens. But you shold give them another chance dont you think?”
And so he’d sprint back to his hometown, and you wouldnt hear from him again till he ran up right up to you a few days later. Begging you to play a game with him. The normal you supposed, and with a grin that seemed to stretch wider with every day, you told him the same thing you told him every single time.
“You cant move?!” Scaramouche nearly yelled one time, tiny fists curling at his side. “Thats… thats stupid!”
“It is isnt it?” You only smiled in response.
Unsatisfied with your response, he clawed your arm, pulling you with all his might. Strong, you realized with surprise that he was much stronger than most children his age. Easy enough to tug away from, but strong enough to take you off guard.
Snapping your hand back to your side, you narrowed your eyes. You weren't angry… no, you hadnt felt strong feelings like that after the disappearance of the Kitsune Saiguu. “Do not attempt to move me,” was your curt response, said in the most stern voice you’d used with the boy.
He’d looked at you only a few seconds longer before bursting into tears, turning away and running. You didn't feel regretful for defending yourself, only turning once more with a tired sigh to stare at the distance.
But just as you stayed ageless, Scaramouche grew older. Still, crossing each others pass was inevitable when you sat in the plains, just alongside the path that lead to his hometown.
With a permanent scowl that seemed to stain his face, he still seemed to have mature a tad bit. Maybe hadnt improved in the social department, because he now scared children and adults and alike, but more mature…
“Hm? Whats this?”
Once again, sitting criss cross under the large tree that provided the perfect shade on sunny days, you stared at the boy expectantly. His hands hesitated at your question, but he resumed shuffling. “Cards,” he simply said in response.
A small featherlike feeling flitted across your chest, making you feel lighter and… almost ticklish. A small smile crossed your face, and you recognized the emotion to be one of adoration. For him to have remembered words you’d spoken years ago, it gave you a warmth you’d sorely missed. A warmth akin to watching him and the other children grow up.
“Ew, dont smile like that, its creepy.”
Swatting at his head, he frowned further when you laughed. “You’re more mature,” you pointed out, lazily leaning back. “You need to work on your people skills though, as someone who hasnt moved in years, thats pitiful that I know more than you.”
“Shut it!”
But as he grew up, you hardly got to see much of him. He’d reached your height and then fully disappeared, leaving no goodbye. And much as you hated to admit it, you hardly noticed, not when days passed in a flurry. You were used to being by yourself, entertaining the kids and greeting the people that passed by.
Sometimes, there’d be the reminder of the warmth he’d given you. But it was quickly overshadowed by your duty to remain seated in wait for the Kitsune Saiguu. A dedication kept in its earnest, but beginning to dwindle.
Inazuma was beginning to change.
“The vision decree…” you repeated, staring at the traveller who’d mentioned it to you. “Care to elaborate?”
The new archon threatenening to take away visions from every inhabitant of Inazuma. It was preposterous, so much that you didnt move. Your vision meant the world to you, but so did the Kitsune Saiguu. You werent sure just how you weighed the two till you saw civilians passing by you, ones you recognized, ones that didnt recognize themselves.
It was snowing, cold snowflakes melting into your skin while your hair soaked in the water. Unflinching, you hummed to a little tune, awaiting someone to pass you so that you could attempt to strike a conversation of somesort. The unnatural weather distanced all who entered the field though, and you simply waited. For the Kitsune Saiguu, for someone, or for some form of entertainment, you didnt know. You Slowly closing your eyes, you decided not to care.
“Im gone for five years and you’re still sitting here like a dumbass.”
Eyes snapping open, you find yourself face to face with a complete stranger. Dark purple hair with dark blue eyes, piercing and dangerous in a way you dont recognize at all. Fancy clothing that you cant identify or put a name on.
The boy took a step towards you, crouching down to stare at you directly. His eyes scanned over your figure briefly, and he brushed the snow out of your hair and ears with one flick of his hand. In the next, he was offering a coat to you. “Take it, you’re probably getting cold.”
You leaned forward, ignoring the coat he offered you. Gently, you raised your hand to brush the hair from his eyes, centred on the way his pupils widened. Offering a small moment of surprise and one glimpse into the small childlike blue eyed wonder he was. “Kiddo,” you breathed, pulling your hand back and scanning him once again. “You’ve grown.”
“And you havent.”
Snickering at his comment, you took the coat. You didnt need it, but he looked like he didnt either. He was already wearing clothing that kept him warm, and with careful observation and an untouched coat, you settled on the fact that he’d brought it here. Brought the coat here for you.
“Still havent improved with those social skills of yours have you?”
He scoffed, letting himself fall back till he was sitting fully. “I dont want to hear it from someone who refuses to move an inch for years. Lazy ass.”
You open your mouth to retort, but instead laugh at his comment, shaking your head. “Gained some humour on your journeys have you? Bad words too it seems. Anyways...” He had sat down, which meant that he meant fully well to sit, chat, and catch up. That familiar warmth filled your chest, a contrast between the cold snow. “Welcome back.”
It wasnt often that Scaramouche visited Inazuma, but when he did, he was sure to visit you. The two of you would sit down for hours, talking about the most trivial topics. He never mentioned what he did in his time away, and you never asked.
But things began to go downhill when news of the vision decree finally took action.
“Its no joke anymore! The Raiden Shogun has taken custody of almost a hundred visions!”
In that moment you made your decision, weighing your vision over the Kitsune Saiguu. Awfully selfish you knew, but you’d spent decades sitting there in wait.
And for the first time you sat up from your position on the ground, clumsily stumbling upright but gaining balance. It takes a few steps until you’re back to normal, and you begin your journey in order to escape the Raiden Shogun’s vision hunt decree.
You didnt expect to see him again.
Long grass tickled at the skin of your legs, making you adjust your footing to no avail. Sun slowly descending past the mountains to mark the start of an evening and the soon approaching night. A normal day of exploring the mountains and islands of Inazuma, observing the constant changing situation, and running away from the vision decree like a favourite past-time.
With the exception of a firm grip on your wrist.
Dark purple like hair, same hate brimmed eyes and lavish clothing. You recognized Scaramouche the moment he had appeared, looking just as surprised as you were. That being before he snatched your wrist and snarled, “You.”
You wouldve considered it pure luck to find him, an unexpected reunion with someone you actually remembered. But no, his tone had some predatorial edge to it that had you cringing. Hard. “Yes, its me.” You answered back with a frown, trying to loosen his hold. “Nice to see you too, is something the matter?”
He only seemed confused at your words, pulling you closer.
“Something the matter?” He asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Well, to start, you’re not sitting at your damn spot.”
Taken aback for a moment, you wondered if that sole fact was what drove the boy to such lengths. Surely he couldn't be so troubled over the fact that you moved… “The vision hunt decree, I'm sure I mentioned that I was sticking around in wait for the Kitsune Saiguu. I decided to wander around and avoid the conflict until I could settle back.”
“You could’ve waited for me,” he stated almost instantly. “I could have protected you.”
You felt your brows furrow quizzically. “Wait for you? Why in the world would I-”
“Why wouldn't I?” He pushed you closer till he could fully grab both wrists, taking a step closer as if his words would resonate clearer in your head. “You took care of me as a child, it would only be fair for me to repay the favour.” But he only seemed to be looking for excuses. “And besides, you can't just up and leave… I didn't know.”
Before you could interject with the obvious answer that he didn't need to know, you stopped. You’d lived decades, nearly centuries if you’d kept count, and you had learned to read people's expressions even when you’d stayed away from them for so long. He didn't know. It hit you in the most unpleasant way that he wasn't aware that it was none of his concern. To him, you were just another thing he needed to keep track of, something he had control over. His face basically screamed, ‘I depended on you to stay in that place.’
Deep breath in and out. You’d lived long, longer than him, you could deal with a child throwing a tantrum.
“Don't worry,” you gestured to the vision ta your side. “I'm strong enough to protect myself, I appreciate your concern, but I’ll be back when the vision decree ends.”
Unconvinced, he pulled you closer, just until your faces were mere inches away from each other. “No,” he said in a stern voice. “I’d rather you by my side, where I can protect you. I hate to question what you’re capable of, but you’ve been sitting down for as long as I’ve known you for.”
“I’ve lived decades more than you,” a simple reply, hopefully enough to get by him. You snatched your hands back with ease, ears flinching slightly when a cold breeze swept past you. But you stayed firm, not wanting to look vulnerable against the imposing air he had around him.
Still unconvinced. “You’re coming with me.”
“No I’m not.”
You’d known him as a kid, watched him grow up along with all the other small ones in his hometown. And maybe you admit you cared a smudge bit about the warmth he gave you when settling down to play cards, but he was different. He had changed in the worst way and you weren't about to deal with it.
“So you’re not coming with me voluntarily?” He asked softly, taking a small step to which you responded by stepping back. He had his hands up, as if telling you he wouldn't hurt you. But the way he said voluntarily sent shivers up your spine.
“No.” Hand on your vision, you held your own hand up threateningly.
He took his time when tilting his head, taking a deep breath in, and then appearing in front of you in just a short stride. Too quick to react, you hesitated before you could attack him. You didn't want to hurt him, he was still a child in your eyes, and you paid the consequences for that. He slid his hand just along your neck, and a jolt of electricity seemed to thrum inside you just as you collapsed in his arms.
Scaramouche was quick to catch you, hoisting you up into his arms dearly. “I do hope you’ll come to understand,” he said softly, cradling your unconscious form in his arms. Making sure not to crush your tail when carrying your legs, he looked past the mountains, sigh resting on his lips.
Because Scaramouche liked to have control of the things he held dear. Like keeping all your valuables neat and tidy in a closet, he was happy knowing you were safe and stable in that spot you always sat on.
And he couldn't have you moving could he?
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prof-peach · 5 months ago
So. My Dad runs a Minor League Fighting Gym in Galar. When I turned 11 he gave me a Machop, but we never bonded and it made us both miserable. I was so crushed by my failure I gave up on Pokemon for years. Then I befriended a Trubbish, fell in love with Poison types, and started battling again. I'm 28 now. Dad's retiring soon and wants me to take over. The idea is terrifying but exciting! Am I too old to start on this new path? Should I swallow my pride and let one of his students take over?
My dude, you gotta follow your heart.
No one can make this choice for you, there's been plenty of gym leaders who weren't the best at the start, it'd be inhuman to expect that from anyone. Bonus is that its not a full scale official gym, its just minor league, which takes a lot of the pressure off, you're not held to the ridiculous standard of the mainstream gyms.
The beauty about the gyms and battles, and working with your partners in that way is that it's something you never finish learning about, theres no end to the tricks and techniques on offer, and sometimes fresh eyes like you may have, can bring a new perspective and dynamic to the table.
I'm not saying you should do it, its your life, you gotta do what makes you happy, but you said 'terrifying but exciting'. Dunno about you, but for me theres no better combination, jumping into the unknown can teach you a lot about yourself. Something in you is into it, enough to come here and ask me about it. Your gut knows what you want.
It's worth noting as well, while the minor leagues have a type set, that isn't set in stone like the official gyms, you could change it if you and dad think its a good move, OR even more exciting, see if your love for Poison can be worked into it. Plenty of fighting types can pick up surprising fighting type moves. The toxic edge to a punch or kick can add something new to battles that traditional fighting gyms tend to overlook. You could take things in a new, exciting direction with the right work and training. As for being too old? Age isn't a real thing that makes a huge difference to what you're doing, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, don't let a number define your choices, you carve your path, go out and work hard at something that may or may not be for you. If you get into the work and realise its difficult, given it all you've got and cant do it, its ok! You have to experience all sorts to figure out where you're going in life. Maybe you hand the job to someone else, maybe you find a love for it. You'll never know unless you try.
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theramseyloft · 11 months ago
Waiting for the call from UGA to get Khou.
Doing the most urgent loft work in the meantime.
Just finished mucking nest boxes.
The time has come to employ the loft's little tower fan.
As well insulated as it is, it's still a metal building and the AC unit just cannot complete.
Blowing at full strength, you can't feel it more than 6 in from the vent.
Good gawd, I started at 7:30am, and it is SO humid that in an hour of work, I'm dripping, and have developed the tell-tale muscle aches, nausea, and lip-tingling of heat exhaustion.  Came in to cool back down after setting up the tower fan.
Patron: "A fan in the window would help"
"The easiest way to keep a space as cool as possible is to create a path of airflow"
Thank you
Breakfast eaten, water get, time to resume!
I laid this fucking brick out to hose down yesterday...
Tumblr media
The Fire Nation used it as scaffolding to build a nursery and fill it with larva that quickly.
This is why I have to be so aggressive about treating them, and why my loft help just turning the bricks and weight stones shit side down is so dangerous.
Patron: "Holy shit! Fire ants are insane."
Patron: "They are an aggressive species from the Amazon, of course they're aggressive and quick lol"
Patron: "Oh! They are not native to the US? I never knew that! I just remember learning very quickly when we moved to the south from Canada that they are mean little bastards"
They are not!  
They are adapted to the river banks and survive the frequent flooding by clinging together in living rafts.  
An individual can hold her breath up to 14 days, allowing the rafts to survive until they make landfall again.  
They really love the American south because the high humidity keeps soil moist enough to build mounds in very quickly without the disruption of floods to cause breaks in reproduction.
Patron: "That explains so much"
They are able to remain in constant larva factory mode, and with all US populations only coming from a few accidentally imported queens, they are closely enough related not to see any other US fire ant colony as a rival.
So the entire US population of fire ants is a single massive supercolony with neither predators nor competition.
Patron: "That is super disturbing"
"But also very informative."
Yeah, they are monsters here that absolutely will hunt and eat you if they get the opportunity.
My husband and I used to have our bed against the wall.
The little bitches swarmed in by hundreds through a hole in the insulation one night in the second year we were married, infested the blankets, and woke us up by stinging us en mass.
Patron: "i cant imagine how fucking horrifying that was to wake up to"
I still have nightmares.  
I can't fall asleep by laying there with my eyes closed.  
You know how there are always after images when you close your eyes? Usually just meaningless, wandering patches of light and dark?  
That's what the swarm on my skin looked like in the dark, and instead of just being patches of light and dark, my asshole brain highlights their segments, legs, and animates their attack behavior of clamp on with jaws, sting until prey stops moving, or ant is crushed or otherwise pried off.  
I get the most ungody adrenaline spike if I'm not too physically exhausted to notice the visual.
It makes trying to fall asleep a real bitch for me.
Got an update call about Khou.
They don't have a specific time for him to get his CT scan done, beyond that it will happen today.
If it happens late enough in the day that he won't be fully recovered from sedation by the time they close, we'll have to wait until tomorrow to come get him.
Patron: "How far is it to Athens from where you are? You said you took him to UGA right?"
Two hour drive.
Patron: "Hang in there. Fingers crossed they can do it early today"
Thank you.
Neither I, nor my husband are really ok with out him.
The house feels wrong...
Had to come back in for the permethrine.
The fire nation is trying a different foraging approach into the loft and fuck no.
Threshold treated.
Komodore asked Patch to smooch-feed her
Farthing tread Luxie.
Then he crouched to be tread and she, then Alex, tread him.
I think I was wrong about Mote.
Wukong looks lighter than he is because of his chest fluff.
Close inspection of their wings shows Mote to have the same pattern as Wukong, obscured by the deeper Dirty pigmentation of babies under 4 months.
Arco has been doing the best job helping Passenger set her Fegg.
Leela is quite insistently crouching for Nobu, but her foob kinda over balances her when he's on top, causing her to stumble into a tilted run under him to keep from faceplanting.
He hangs on with the brazen tenacity of a bull rider, and has managed to finish three times today.
It is exactly as hilarious as it sounds, and I'll try to catch it on video, if I can.
Tumblr media
Look at Arco on his practice egg <3
Patron: "a grown boy!"
Just got an update from UGA.
khou just finished his CT, but they close at 5pm, and he's unlikely to have recovered enough to be discharged in two hours, even if I left right now.
The projected discharge is between 9 and 10am.
His little heart stopped.
(Pretty much every Patron sent their condolences)
Cousins: "We're on the way, Dani, I'm sorry!  30-40 minutes i think ..."
Can't wait.
We can go say goodbye, if we leave now and fold space.
Husband: "The vets are trying one more time to get his heart to start back up.  We are on the road now."
We got to UGA.  
No word on if the last effort succeeded.
Waiting for his Dr to come see us.
Husband: "He didn't make it."
Husband: "He had lesions in his lungs.  The sedation was too much for his damaged lungs to handle."
Patron: "im so sorry. is there any idea what the lesions are from?"
Husband: "Not yet.  They have not gotten all the results back from his tests yet."
Tumblr media
"The vet took a clay imprint of his feet with his name on it."
Patron: "sending all the love to both of you"
Husband: "Thank you.  We both are recovering."
Thank you so much to all of my patrons for the outpouring of loving condolences.
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findingjoynweirdstuff · a year ago
Dream SMP Recap (July 18/2021) - Sky City, Hotel-Prison and the Fall of L’Sandburg
Ranboo has an idea and begins constructing a cobblestone city in the sky on the obisidian grid above L’manhole, aiming to continue expanding it.
Tommy, Corpse Husband, BadBoyHalo, Tubbo and Sam all hang out while Tommy begins constructing a hotel-prison for Drista opposite of Pandora’s Vault.
Foolish finally puts an end to L’Sandburg and destroys the capital tower.
A brief summary of the week’s total events can be found at the end of the post.
Captain Puffy
- Ranboo has been gone a while, thinking, wondering what to do, and he has an idea
- Tommy logs on and walks around his home. He reads the poem Foolish left for him:
Be careful what you wish for. The dawn of night awaits the shadow
The last sliver of light reaches out it’s hopeful hands. But alas....
- The one area people have not thought about building in is the sky. People haven’t been building things in the sky for a year, so since no one has claimed the sky, Ranboo will. He will build a “sky city” of sorts. There is already a courthouse there, after all
- He draws an illustration of what he’s thinking of and goes to gather materials
Ranboo: “What’s an ‘End City?’”
- Tommy heads over to Las Nevadas and Fort Big. He starts making a wall of trees around the area
- Ranboo makes the Italian flag into Ranboo
- Ranboo then makes his way to L’manhole and decides that the sky above it will be the place for his sky city. He flies up onto the obsidian grid and makes that the starting point, starting to build it up with cobblestone
- He feels like he should know what he wants it to look like, but at the same time he doesn’t
- Tommy speaks with Quackity in VC
- Tubbo logs on to annoy Ranboo and Corpse joins Tommy and Quackity’s call. They ask Corpse about girlfriends, and Tommy asks Corpse to log on
- When one of the particles asks about the testing lab by the strange table, Ranboo doesn’t seem to know what that is
[Server]: Corpse get on
[Server]: Corpse I summon you
- Bad logs on and joins Tommy and Corpse’s call. Corpse logs on as well
- Tommy meets Corpse at the Community House and they walk down the path back to Tommy’s place. Drista ordered Tommy to build a  prison hotel, and he wants to solve a problem with the prison so they go over to it
- Tubbo calls Tommy and videos himself microwaving rice
- Foolish logs on
- Tommy wants to build a prison that doubles as a hotel opposite of the prison
- Ranboo heads back home. He sees the poem Foolish left for him:
The cat hisses at a mouse, like a river runs dry. And when the
river is no more. It fades away. No longer known. Never to be seen
Disappears like  tears in the rain. Don’t be the cat. Be a mouse.
- He says hi to an Enderman in Techno’s house
- Tommy, Corpse and Bad all start building the new hotel-prison out of wood and wool, which will keep the prisoners in with the softness “out of love”
- Sam logs on and Tommy crafts iron armor from the beacon
Bad: o_O
- Sam logs off, logs back on and then joins the call to ask what Tommy is doing
- Ranboo starts talking very loudly to annoy Tubbo, who is in the VC talking with everyone else
- Sam mishears Tommy and thinks Tommy is going through menopause. Corpse leaves and Ranboo keeps shouting
- Ranboo finally joins the VC when Tommy spams for him to
- Everyone starts shouting at each other
- Tubbo explodes the hotel floor to become better friends and fixes it back up with his blood. Tommy gives up and leaves
- Ranboo keeps working on the sky city, then visits Michael
- Foolish gets rid of the beets at his summer home
- He destroys the Hall of Fame at last
- He also destroys Tommy’s wall around the Holy Land. While he mines, HBomb arrives in his catmaid outfit and chats with him, giving him riddles and talking about a few things
Foolish: “I don’t own the name Noah. There’s like, thousands of other Noahs.”
HBomb: “No -- ah -- you do!”
- Foolish strikes HBomb down with the Sword of XD
- HBomb returns and punches Foolish a few times, who threatens to kill him again if he continues
- HBomb sets Foolish on fire with a lighter and Foolish immediately kills him a second time, no hesitation
Foolish: “I’ll be honest...it does feel good. It feels good just to let loose a little bit... (laughs) Oh my.”
- He says he didn’t realize how must he was holding back, how nice nice it would feel to just swing aggressively with a weapon again. He feels so much better now
- After walking around a bit more, Foolish returns to his summer home to get TNT. He could theoretically use the mansion as a bonfire. If the mansion would burn, he would not be too upset. He doesn’t have emotional attachment to it, except for the chandelier
- He doesn’t have much of an attachment to Kinoko Kingdom either. If it exploded, it would only be a little bit sad
- Foolish would be the most sad about the summer home being destroyed
- He starts putting a tower of TNT into the L’Sandburg capital building
Foolish: “This has been a long time coming! [...] This, this right here, this...this was never supposed to be here.”
- Foolish uses a special golden pressure plate for the occasion
Foolish: “Sometimes the best way to get rid of your problems is just, reduce it to ash.”
- He stands on the pressure plate and sets off the explosion, finally turning L’Sandburg into just a crater on his path
- Foolish cleans up the remains and collects the fallen blocks. This isn’t about being evil, wanting to burn the world or anything -- would an evil guy pick up blocks? Foolish is recycling
Foolish: “And the mission? The mission still hasn’t changed, you know what I mean? A healthy balance is all, a healthy balance. And a healthy balance starts with protecting your home.”
- Evil guys don’t recycle. As for the citizens of L’Sandburg, they are all gone -- they either ran off or “went down with the ship,” but that’s just how it goes. He doesn’t care much about the L’Sandburg citizens anyway, as they were never supposed to be there either. Bad is the one that got them killed
- Puffy comes over to see the remains of L’Sandburg. She is very proud of Foolish
- Foolish performs a Shift Dance on the ruins of L’Sandburg!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
7/12 - Nothing much happens.
7/13 - Foolish builds the Lemon Tree
7/14 - Nothing much happens.
7/15 - Foolish continues work on the Lemon Tree.
7/16 - Boomer visits on Sam’s account
7/17 - George dreams of Quackity
7/18 - Tommy builds Drista’s hotel, Ranboo builds the stone sky city, Foolish destroys L’Sandburg
Upcoming Events:
- Captain Puffy’s Lore Stream [MONDAY]
- Egg Finale Stream
- Tales From the SMP: “Space Race”
- Ponk’s prequel stream
- Ponk’s current-day lore with Sam
- Puffy’s Lore Cast
- Sapnap’s lore
- Dream’s lore video
- Wilbur’s 12 planned streams
- Quackity’s casino opening
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teddy06writes · a year ago
PLEEAASE 😭😭 I'm begging you for some hurt/comfort resolution for the last karlnapity x reader and sleepy bois brothers!! I just want them all to be happyyy. If the 3 lives was implemented, or if reader came back like ghostbur and the hurt is raw for the loved ones, the fallout and fixing, the love and regret i- (I loved the fic, your karlnapity are my favorite!! keep up the awesome work!! <3)
sapnap x karl x quackity x reader + sleepy boys x silbing!reader
trigger warnings: mention character death (it’s you, your the dead one) yelling, swearing,
requested by the anon above, another anon: “ngl after reading that angst fic I can picture y/n ( even tho I know y/n came back with knowing who the boys were ) coming back kinda like ghostbur knowing the boys voices but can't exactly place their names and who they are to them or something like that ?? idk my brain went think of more angst after that fic - also sorry this is just me rambling. love your work btw !!” 
as well as @tobiostfu @theprocrastinatingshipper @pastelvixenbeauty  and probably some more folks I might have missed
premise: this is a part two to the other angst thing from the other day, so I recommend you read that for context, this is a resolve (ish) to that 
(y/n/n)- your nickname
“blep”- talking
‘blep’ thinking
You had drifted the lands of the SMP, and L’Manburg for sometime trying to remember what had happened, and why everyone was always yelling.
You’d try to talk to Karl, after Alex and Nick had left, but he just ignored you.
Now you were perched on the top of the stage, looking out ‘why are the walls gone?’, and then looking down, confused, at the strange, cage like structure built at the center.
You heard a sigh, and turned to see Eret looking up at the cage as well, you hopped down off the stage and concentrated, “Eret?”
They jumped, looking around, “What the hell?”
You screwed your eyes shut ‘please see me please see me please-’
You opened your eyes to see Eret looking at you in shock, “Eret! I’m so glad to see you! Everyone’s been ignoring me lately, and acting like I’m not here, and I don’t get it.”
“(y/n)?” His voice was shaking.
“Yeah, Eret. It’s me!” You giggled, “What’s going on here? Did I miss the festival?”
You looked at her confused, “Yeah. W- whats-”
“(y/n/n)?” A teary voice behind you called.
You grinned turning around, running to hug him, “Karl! I missed you! Why did you keep ignoring me?”
He began to cry as you sailed through him, “(y/n/n).”
“Karl? Karl love why are you crying? Eret what’s going on?”
Karl all but fell to his knee’s burring his head in his hands, muffling his sobs, “(y/n/n)!”
You sat beside him, continually trying to wrap your arms around him, but instead they just past through, over, and over, and over and over again, “Wh- why can’t I- what’s- what- Eret whats?”
Tears similar to Karl’s began to roll down your cheeks, as you looked down at your hands, only now noticing how gray your skin looked, “What’s going on?”
“(y/n),” You could tell Eret was fighting to keep their voice from shaking, “Do you not remember?”
“Remember what? What’s going on?”
Karl sobbed louder, and Eret shook her head, “(y/n), I- theres a path, through the woods, behind- up behind the hill. I- I need you to go up there, as far as it goes, alright?”
You nodded, “Why?”
“Just go. I’m going to take Karl back home. Maybe- maybe don’t come back to his house for a while.”
Eret gently helped Karl up, and led him away, his sobs still echoing in your head.
‘what the hell is going on here?’
Slowly you drifted up towards the hill Eret had spoken of, ‘hey, pogtopia is this way! maybe I’ll go see Wil an’ Tommy an’ Techno! They’ll know what’s going on.’
You continued to drift up the path, humming quietly and wondering what Eret had sent you to look at, and why Karl had been crying.
You looked up and around at all the trees, trying to remember them. It was in bits and pieces, Tommy yelling about about freedom, Wilbur saying how proud Phil would be.
You remembered the forests burning, ‘who had done that?’, hiding in the woods after- after something- tnt, blow- after L’manburg had been blown up.
You stopped moving, looking down confused at the stone you had come across, it as large, flat and upright, and you looked at the words confused.
‘(Y/n) brave beyond words, hero of L’manburg’ there were various flowers scattered around, a sword stuck out of the ground, a flower chain wrapped around it’s hilt, there was a uniform jacket, one you vaguely recognized as your own and a bandana, also tied to the hilt of the sword.
Someone dropped something, a sword, “(y/n)?”
“Techno! I missed you! Everyone down in L’manburg is being wierd and when I finally got Karl to stop ignoring me he just started crying, and there’s this weird thing up on the stage and the walls are gone, and Eret told me to come up here, and why is my name on this headstone?”
“(y/n/n) I’m sorry,” Your brother fell to his knees, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean too! They made me!”
“What are you talkin about Tech?”
“How are you back here? I’m sorry! This is my fault I did this to you!”
You were surprised to see your brother crying, “What’s wrong Techno?”
“You don’t remember?”
“(Y/n)?” Another voice asked.
You turned, looking at Wilbur, “Wilbur what’s going on? No one’s answering me again, and I’m scared that they can’t see me again! And I’m really confused and I made Karl cry and I don’t get it!”
“(y/n) your dead, you died, you- how are you?” Wilbur stuttered.
“Wha- wh- d- dead? What do you mean?” You watched as Wilbur carefully placed himself between you and a still crying Techno.
“You died, a few days ago. (y/n/n).”
You sank to the ground, fading away so that your brothers wouldn’t see.
~~ “So you don’t remember anything?” The man with the rams horns asked.
You shook your head, “Not everything. Just a lot of things. Wilby says I’m dead, which I guess makes sense now.”
You’d continue drifting around L’manburg, for a while, trying to figure out what had happened on your own, and ended up sitting dejectedly outside the white house, you could remember making it with Tubbo.
“Well I’m Shlatt.” He shuffled around in his desk, looking for something.
“Shlatt?” You paused, trying to remember him, pretending not to notice to see the fear that flashed in his eyes, “Your.. you were here before L’manburg right?”
“Yeah, uh, here.” He pulled out a book and quill, “Uh, write down what you remember, that might help.”
You looked at him quizzically, “I can’t touch things, uh- or manipulate objects in the normal world with out using huge amounts of energy.”
He frowned and quickly picked up the pen, “You dictate then.”
You hummed, “Well, things I remember....”
Alex woke with a start, sitting up from where he was hunched over his desk, blinking at the harsh afternoon light that was drifting through his office window.
He still hadn’t been back to the house since the fight after the execution, and had been forcing himself into work to mask the grief.
“So is there anything else? It doesn’t seem like you remember much.” Shlatt’s voice was muffled by the wall.
“Well it’s a bit foggy towards the end, and the beginning Ooo! I remember Alex and Nicky and Karl too! I could never forget them!”
Alex froze at the familiar giggle.
“Yeah, you never used to shut up about your boyfriends.” Shlatt chuckled.
Alex was running down the hall and slamming the door to the presidents office open before he could register he was moving, “Shlatt am I going insane or...”
He trailed off as your floating grayish form turned to him, “Alex! I couldn’t find you! And I didn’t know what was going on and everyone was ignoring me then I saw Wil and Techno and they told me I was dead. and then I found Shlatt! And he’s helping me write down what I remember! Have you met Shlatt? He’s nice!”
“Shlatt what the fuck is this?” He spoke through you as if you weren’t even there.
“Your partner. Apparently no one around has been helping them sort things out,” The president stood up and moved around his desk, “Ghosts tend to forget things of there past lives, and no one was helping them, so I am.”
“Did you tell them what happened? Why there fuckin- floating around instead of being here with us?” Alex spat.
Shlatt sighed, “Quackity listen this is a delicate thing. Right now it’s be better to help them remember than just tell them. So go find your stupid boyfriends and tell them the situation!”
“I cant Shlatt, we broke up. They don’t want to see me.”
“Is that what you were yelling about?” You asked quietly.
Alex looked at you, shocked, “You heard that?”
“Yeah. You and Nick made Karl cry. And then I couldn’t do anything about it,” you looked down at the floor, “w- is it my fault y- we’re broken up now?”
Alex remained silent so you continued, “I’m trying to remember what I did. And how I died. But if I did something stupid, or something to hurt you, I’m sorry.”
You were crying again, and Shlatt glared at Alex, which somehow surprised you, “This is why is trying to fucking handle this. Leave. Tell the others or not I don’t care, they’ll find out eventually.”
“Wh- Shlatt they- How-”
“I said get out,” Shlatt said firmly, “At least let me try to fix things I’ve fucked up.”
Alex shook his head before turning and heading out of the office, only ducking into his own long enough to grab something before stalking out of the building.
Shlatt turned back to you, already starting to pick the pen back up, “So what else do you remember about.. uh, your last few days. What do you remember right before the end?”
“Did they really break up because of me? If I did something I should go apologized.”
“Hey, hey, no, it ain’t your fault. I’ll go yell at them later. Tell me more about what you remember about the festival.”
~~ “Why the fuck are we here Shlatt?” Tommy half yelled.
Tommy, Technoblade, Wilbur, Alex, Nick and Karl were all gathered in front of Shlatt in the holy land.
“So, some of you may know, some of you may not, (Y/n) is back,” He looked over all the faces, Karl already looking like he was about to cry, and Nick frozen in shock, “For the past week or so they’ve been wandering and apparently none of you have been doing anything to help them.”
“Ghosts don’t remember much from there past lives, so good job on all of you that knew, you left your partner or sibling lost and confused,” He dropped the book you’d written together on the table, “I did my best, they remember everything that's written down here. I couldn’t tell them much about what they forgot, because it’s not my place.
“If you guys want, I can keep talking to them, and doing my best, but incase you haven’t noticed I’m also the fucking president. I can’t spend all my time helping educate a ghost. They disappeared yesterday, after saying something about Karl and how they saw you fools yelling, so, this is in your court now.”
Shlatt turned a walked away, heading back towards Manburg.
With shaking hands Tommy took the book, reading aloud,
“Things I remember: Home, fire, Phil finding me, Wilbur never having seen a child before, Techno swearing he’d protect me, fire, Tommy trying to spar with me before he could walk right, Techno teaching me to fight, finding the SMP lands, L’manburg, fighting for independence, fire,
“the forests burning, seeing Nick for the first time, Babysitting Fundy, winning independence, Eret leaving, fire, destruction, L’manburg thriving, the sun, Tubbo and his bees, more people coming to the country, meeting Karl, finding Alex, when we got our act together and finally all started dating.
“Wil threatening Nick and nick not being scared, Techno threatening all of them and making them terrified. Pogtopia, the cavern The festival, the dunk tank, Techno almost crying, my boys, fire.”
He looked up at his brothers, “You knew they were back?”
“I was in shock,” Techno was staring at his boots, clearing his throat uncomfortably, “Y’know I swore I’d protect ‘em, but- I- I killed ‘em.”
Nick grabbed the book from Tommy, “We have to find them.”
“Fundy can you turn the page for me please?”
The fox nodded, “Course (y/n).”
Most of the shock had worn off, and now he was mostly just happy to see you again, even going and finding an old photobook Wilbur had given him a while ago.
“Oh I remember this!” You pointed to a photo, it was taken a year after Phil had found you, “There was a big fire across the field, and while they were taking care of it I got scared and ran away, Techno found me in a tree.”
Fundy laughed, “3 year old you got in a tree by yourself?”
“Yeah, furball, I was in a tree when Philza found me too.” You chuckled.
“Hey Fundy, have you...” Niki burst in the door, tailing off as she saw you.
You waved “Hey Niki.”
“Uhh, Your brothers, and your partners are looking for you.”
You frowned, “Are they still my partners if I’m dead?”
Niki gave you a sad look, “Come on. Sapnap hasn’t seen you and he’s worried.”
“They all fought because of me, I’d rather stay here,” You looked out the door warily, “I don’t want to make things worse than they already are.”
“They need you (y/n), you brought them together.”
You drifted around Fundy and towards the door, “Making things worse isn’t something I want to do.”
You went through the door, past the group of people, making your form fade as much as possible so as not to be noticed, from there you wandered down to the docks, sitting on the edge to look over the channel.
“Phil sent a letter, said he’s devastated your gone, but overjoyed your still here.”
You looked up at Techno, “How’d you know I’d be down here?”  
“You always liked the water,” He chuckled, “Specially if there was a fire goin on somewhere else.”
“I don’t want to make things worse, if your here to take me back there.”
“I’m here to apologize. I know you don’t remember, but in case you do, I’m sorry, I had to do it.”
You laughed, “Your my big brother Tech, I doubt I’d be mad at you if I remembered.”
He smiled sadly, sitting down next to you, “Why do you think you’ll make things worse?”
You sighed, “Well when I first came back, I thought everyone was ignoring me. And when I found L’manburg again Karl and Nick and Alex were fighting about something I did, and then when Eret finally saw me Karl started crying, and then when I found you and Wilby you started crying and I just- I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”
Techno looked at you, “If anything it’s our fault. All of this.”
“Techno, can we talk to (y/n)?”
You froze at Nick’s voice, but your brother was already moving, and Your partners were taking his place.
“(y/n/n), we’re sorry-”
“Stop,” You cut Alex off, “Whatever’s happening stop. You can’t apologize to me for shit I did that I can’t remember.”
“(y/n/n), we aren’t apologizing for that, that's not even your fault. We’re apologizing for fighting as soon as you were gone.” Nick said.
“Please come back with us. Don’t disappear,” Karl’s voice was barley a whisper, “We can help you remember.”
You bit your lip, sobbing, “I don’t want to make things hard on you guys. I didn’t even want to come back like this! Before I woke up again, it was just darkness, and it was horrible. but somehow staying there for eternity seems better than this.”
All three sets of arms passed through you, all of your boyfriends forgetting they couldn’t hold you, only making you cry harder.
“I want to be resurrected.”
It had been a week and a half since the day at the docks. You hadn’t gone back with them, though you had continued hanging around Manburg, talking mainly to Shlatt, and by now you just wanted to go back to the normal you remembered.
“Resurrected?” Dream looked at you curiously.
“Yeah. I want to go back. If I can’t stay dead the normal way and I’m stuck here then I want it to be normal. I want to hug my boyfriends, and ruffle my little brothers hair!”
The man behind the mask merely cocked his head, “So why did you come to me?”
“You’re essentially a god in these lands. I figured you might know someone or someway for me to be resurrected,” The mask shifted and you could almost here the plan formulating in his mind, “And if it ends up failing I don’t want it to hurt anyone else.”
The man sighed, “It would be a very complicated process. It’s been what, three weeks since you died, what ever was left of your body is going to be- less than in good condition.”
“What was left?” You questioned.
“Oh, (y/n), didn’t they tell you?”  Had the mask been gone you would have seen the gleam of wickedness in his eyes, “You went off with a bang.”
“You’re planning what?” Shlatt yelled, incredulous.
You’d told Shlatt about the plan for resurrections, seeing as he was one of the only one who really still talked to you, “I have to do it Shlatt! I can’t stay like this! I want things to be normal! I want-” Your voice grew small, “I want to take back what you took from me.”
Fear flashed in the horned mans eyes, “He told you.”
“Even you wouldn’t,” You said dejectedly, “I thought you were my friend.”
“I- I was your friend, At some points at least.”
He watched as you floated away, “I suppose we’ll see once I’m back.”
As soon as you were gone Shlatt was hurrying out of his office, “Quackity! Quackity, some shit is about to hit the fan! You better call the idiots in Pogtopia!”
It didn’t take long for him to assemble your brothers and partners, frantically telling them the situation, “Dream is up to something with this people! He obviously is doing some manipulation shit!”
“Why do you even care Shlatt?” Tommy asked, “Your the bitch who killed them, so why should you care if they come back?”
“Sorry that the one time I’m willing to look past shit you don’t trust me?” He groaned, pulling a bottle from his coat and taking a swig, “Sorry that I’m trying to help.”
“How would he even turn this against us?” Nick asked, “Resurrections isn’t something he can do, he’d put Bad in charge of that, and we all know that Bad wouldn’t corrupt someone.”
“It’s possible that they won’t remember anything, at all, and people who’ve forgotten are the easiest to manipulate.” Shlatt sighed.
“We have to help them.” Karl decided.
Darkness, darkness, darkness.
You had finally found your way back to that dark abyss, though now it was filled with strange chanting.
It felt like you were bein dragged across the length of the universe, losing everything of your being along the way.
‘stop! stop stop stop! I want- I want to remember’ you begged the darkness.
The hell you found yourself in seemed to stretch, continuing for infinity, the darkness, called you, begging you to stay, to give up the last of your essence to it.
The chanting grew louder as you tried to scream, the sound lodged in a throat that no longer existed.
All at once you became nothing, and then you felt the weight of a thousand suns crushing you back down into a body.
~~ Your eyes flicked open, to a blinding white world.
“It worked! There awake!” You heard Bad yell.
You started to smile as you heard Alex yell, “Get the fuck away from them Dream, you can’t manipulate anyone else!”
You sat up, starting to look around, but still, you saw nothing but light, “Alex? Wh- It- why can’t I see?”
“They remember!”  you heard Karl rejoice.
“Why can’t I see?” You asked again, raising your hands to your eyes.
“(y/n) what do you mean?” Nick asked.
“I can’t see.” You said desperately, reaching out you felt your boyfriends wrapping there arms around you.
“I think I know how to fix it!” Bad yelled triumphantly.
Everything went black again.
This time, your trip through hell was not as bad, though you seemed not to notice as your existence and identify was striped away again.
~~ Your eyes flicked open, the feeling returned to your body, and slowly you sat up, looking around at the odd group of people gathered around you, “Who are you?”
As soon as the world came out of your mouth a mousy haired man in a colorful sweater burst into tears, the man with the beanie next to him quickly pulling him into a hug.
“I- Who are you?”
“Do you not remember?”  
You shook your head, “Remember what?”
you turned to the pink haired man, “I know you don’t I? I swear- I- I know I know you. Why don’t I remember you?”
A demonic looking man quickly closed a book, “You guys should clear out. a third party might be better for this.”
~~ The man- Bad, had explained basics of things to you, who everyone who’d been in the room before, and the said that you would have to stay at his house in the Badlands for a few days.
The next day was better.
‘holy shit it worked!’ you thought, looking down at your arms, ‘I’m back’
Quietly you got out of the bed, rushing through the room and towards the stairs of Bad and Skeppy’s house, “Guys! Guys it worked! I’m alive again!”
You turned another corner to see you brothers, looking at you shocked, “(y/n)? You remember?”
You grinned, quickly pulling your brother into a hug, “It wasn’t your fault Techno! You didn’t mean to it’s okay!”
You turned again, “Karl! Nicky! Alex!”
The next thing you knew you were in a pile on the ground, your boyfriends all hugging you tightly.
They brought you home soon after, and from there you had good days and bad days.
There were days where you remembered it all, days where you found yourself lost and confused in an unknown house, and days where you could on recognize certain things around you.
Still, you were back with Nick and Karl and Alex, and you would make it through, together.
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celestialarchon · a year ago
Celebrating 1k+ Part 1: Zhongli x gn!reader
Crossover: Ancient Magus Bride
content: fluff, little bit of angst, romance
warning: themes of depression and mental illness, alluding to suicidal tendencies
Tumblr media
The bath water was warm, soothing your inner turmoil and washing away the stress in small tides. What a day it had been, selling yourself off in an auction was strange enough but the man or creature that had purchased you was even weirder. As the auctioneer had said beforehand, you didn’t care about your own life, it didn’t matter who you were sold to. Even so, you were taken back by the sudden dragon like skull that appeared before your face on stage, bidding unreasonably high and sweeping you away in a noir cloak to his home. Calling you his apprentice, he had immediately invited you into his home and insisted you bathe.
Your thoughts were interrupted by a giggle, your neck snapped up and you were face to face with a strange creature. The creature was human like but much smaller with wings and long claws on it’s hands and fingers. It’s face was boyish, framed by two braids with traces of green and blue in its hair. Patterns of dandelions danced on it’s skin.
“Hello, sunshine,” his voice was clear as day, like a melody in the wind.
“What are you?” You breathed out.
His pointed ears twitched and he grinned, “I’m Venti! A wind spirit of course, nice to meet ya! ehe.”
“I see,” you tilted your head, remembering that Zhongli had told you it was impolite to call the fae as fae but to refer to them with familiarity. “Are you a neighbor?”
Two other humanoid creatures peered from behind Venti, the same viridescent wings sprouting from their backs and gold dandelions printed on their skin. One’s hair was red and her skin was a darker hue of green than the others. The other was blonde with a ponytail held by a flower stem.
“You know, ehehehe,” Venti giggled, and flew down, kissing your cheek. “That Morax is no good! You’re better off with us, we could cherish you truly, little sunshine.”
The fae left with those words, leaving you to your thoughts. Sighing, you emptied the bath and dressed yourself as the door shook gently with a knock. The door swung open just as you pulled your shirt over your head, finally clothed. The man stood in the door way, his gold eyes twinkling as he praised you for being patient with him and cleaning up so well. He shifted his weight and pulled something from his pocket, offering it to you.
Shyly, you took a step towards him, allowing him to slip it over your head, he chuckled, “Good puppy, this is a protective talisman. It’s a stone called Cor Lapis that formed close to a river. Over time the water from the river wore down the stone and created a hole in the middle, if you look through it you can see a fae’s true form.”
He patted your head and led you towards your room. The silver lady, Ganyu, darted into the bathroom to take care of your soiled clothing. Ganyu was a silky, a type of neighbor who liked to do chores and she looked after the house for Mr. Zhongli. She had already taken quite a liking to you.
Zhongli sat down on the edge of your bed, tucking you in, “From now on you will be my apprentice, and I your teacher, (y/n).”
His deep voice made your heart flutter just a bit, and you turned over to avoid that calculating gaze he always held. The bed squeaked as he stood, his footsteps were heavy as he walked out of the room, gently shutting the door.
Zhongli watched your fragile figure walking away from the safety of his home and sighed, “I suppose this will make a good lesson.”
He creeped out, following you and hiding in your shadow. Venti was trying to persuade you to leave him. For some odd reason, this made Zhongli’s stomach twist up in a knot. Still, he maintained his composure and stayed hidden from the view of the troublesome fairy and you.
“Where are you from?” Venti asked you.
“A land far from here,” You sighed, “I was passed around by relatives so I was all over the place.”
“Oh?” a crooked smile formed on the fae’s lips, “Were they kind to you, sunshine?”
You grimaced, “It is.. hard to remember. But I think if I was loved by them and did love them I wouldn’t be here at this moment.”
It grew quiet as the fairy led you further into the forest. Zhongli was beginning to grow restless. You stopped and Venti turned to look at you, still hyper. He beamed at your emotionless face.
“We’ve been walking for so long, I might get lost,” Your eyes moved to the side.
“It’s fine!” Venti cheered, “You don’t have to go back there now. We have to go far to get to our land, and the others want you so badly you know.”
“Ehe!” Venti grinned even wider as a gold light began to shimmer behind him, “There it is. A place for us, it’ll be lots of fun and we want you with us so bad, my sunshine. It’s okay, nobody’s waiting for you. You can come with me, come with us!
He continued, “Come along now, sunshine. Won’t you come with me?”
“It’s true that there wasn’t anybody waiting for me,” You began, seemingly entranced by the melodic words he spilt, “But..”
You swatted the floating boy away from you and stepped back. Your hand flew to your head as the forest around you spun. It wasn’t right. This wasn’t where you were supposed to be.
Venti screeched as you stumbled, “Sunshine! What’s wrong?”
“I don’t care if he throws me away.” You whispered, “Mr. Zhongli gave me a home and has taken care of me. He called me his apprentice and said he’d care for me like a family. Even if he does get tired of me or get rid of me, it’s okay. He’s already done enough for me.”
“Well, it seems my puppy already knows where home is,” Zhongli’s deep voice rumbled in your ear as he wrapped his arms around you.
“Morax! Eh? How did you find us?” Venti cried out, scowling.
Zhongli’s fingers went to your necklace, fidgeting with it as he held it in the palm of his gloves, “You see, this puppy did need a collar and bell if you would. It’s not as if somebody like myself wouldn’t notice a place so full of magic and energy like this.”
Venti shrieked in anger, flying off into the light. Shame filled you as you turned to your master, head down. He chuckled and patted your head, pulling you closer to him. His strong arms wrapped around you and your feet left the ground, a panicked gasp left your mouth as he carried you in his arms.
“Let’s go home now,” His long hair tickled your face.
You nodded in response, still taken back by his sudden affectionate side. He was a strange man.
“You have a scratch on your arm,” His eyes were piercing as they stared at the wound you hadn’t even noticed, “I’ll have to take care of that when we get home. As your future husband, I can’t allow you to get scars so easily.”
“Huh?” You grunted, craning your neck to look at him, “Husband?”
“Ah, I forgot to tell you. You are my apprentice but you are also to be my bride and I your husband.” He spoke with a straight face, his eyes never wandered from the path as he continued towards the house.
Your eyes widened, “Whaaaaat?!”
Zhongli had insisted you find a familiar, and you had. Xiao was a wonderful familiar although quiet. Most of the time, he was in his doglike form just trailing behind you. Occasionally he’d switch to his humanoid form to gobble up some almond tofu. You sincerely cared about Xiao, and he you.
Zhongli, however, didn’t seem as happy about this. He had locked himself in his room for days now. You knew he was exhausted from the battle against Signora and her experiments at the church but still, you were worried. Silver had begun to grow worried too, frantically checking on the strange man constantly.
“Zhongli?” You knocked on the door, waiting for a response.
The door opened but before you could react, you were pulled into the dark room and heard the slam of the door shutting. From outside you could hear Xiao panicking and calling out for you. Zhongli was sitting in the dark, still stuck in a partial draconian form. You could feel his claws digging into your skin as he growled.
“Why?” His voice shook as he buried his head into your shoulder, “What is this?”
“Zhongli, what’s wrong?” Your hands brushed his, gently trying to pull his claws from you.
His grip grew tighter and you winced in pain, “Why are you spending so much time with him? Cant you tell I miss you? Why can’t you see I need you right now?”
“Zhongli,” Your voice shook, “You’re hurting me. Stop it.”
He removed his hands from you abruptly and pushed away from you, his back on the wall. Your eyes had finally adjusted to the dark room and you could see the outline of his body. He had horns sticking out of his head and a long spiked tail. His hands were almost normal but his nails were long and sharp like claws. Every so often a forked tongue would make its way past his lips. His expression was confused, lonesome even.
Taking a deep breath, you crawled towards him, pushing yourself closer to him. You faced him, taking his face into your hands and making his cold eyes look at yours.
“I think,” You squished his cheeks gently, “You are jealous.”
He frowned, “What is jealous?”
“Jealousy is a feeling. It’s when you care about somebody and you don’t want to share them. You want them to look at you, spend time with you, and care for you instead of others. It’s a feeling us humans feel a lot.”
“Hm,” He grunted, “Is that what this is?”
You chuckled, he was like a child in your hands right now. You pulled him closer, feeling the sigh of relief he let out at your embrace.
“Zhongli, you’re feeling new feelings and that’s okay. If you’ll be my magic teacher, I’ll be your human teacher, okay?” You squeezed him in your arms.
“Okay.” He agreed quietly.
For a moment, the two of you stayed like that. Holding each other in the darkness, both of you were at peace even momentarily.
“You wanted me to have a familiar,” You kissed his cheek lightly, “As a part of my training. Xiao and I will spend time together often now. But you are my husband, my master, and that hasn’t changed. I promise, Zhongli.”
You pulled back to look at his face. He was blushing slightly which made a snicker leave your lips. His hair was loose and wild and his eyes were no longer empty but full of longing and adoration. The two of you had already seen so much together, your heart thumped even harder thinking of all the moments you’d spend together.
This man had taken you in and taught you magic. He’d sworn to save you from your curse of a short life span. He’d given you so much love and kindness. The time the two of you had spent together had only been a few short months but it filled you with joy.
His amber eyes bore into you, you could feel your face heating up as he continued to examine your infatuated expression. His palms trailed up to your face, and he pulled your lips onto his. The kiss was warm and sweet, innocent even.
“You are mine.” He whispered.
“Where’s (y/n)?” Lumine peered at Xiao.
“With Zhongli in the garden,” Xiao grumbled, “Why’d you bring this brat?”
Lumine laughed as Aether climbed Xiao. She has brought cookies to share with her friend. Aether had also wanted to see the two who had saved them both only a year ago. Aether was obsessed with Xiao and his teal hair and tattoos.
Lumine smiled at Ganyu as she walked towards the back door. Ganyu nodded and opened the door for the young woman, letting her outside. It was a beautiful day, not too chilly and not too warm. The sun shone down and the blonde could hear your laughter from down the cobblestone path. She followed the sound, excited to see you.
As she approached the garden, she stopped seeing Zhongli twirl you around. She felt breathless seeing the two of you dancing in the sunlight. His long hair shimmered as he spun you around and caught you in his arms. The rings on your fingers twinkled and Zhongli took a flower and tucked it behind your ear. The tall man planted a kiss right on your lips and turned to Lumine, winking at her.
“Hey!” Lumine waved at you and Zhongli, “You’re finally back from the honeymoon. I brought cookies for you guys. Congratulations!”
You grinned and waved back at her. Lumine was overcome with bliss at the sight of your smile. Zhongli had really helped you grow more confident and you had opened him up more. The three of you ate cookies and laughed as Xiao barreled out, chased by Aether.
“Oh! How many kids will you have?” Lumine wiggled her eyebrows at you as you laughed at Aether.
“Kids?” Zhongli turned to you as you flushed at the question.
Lumine nodded, “Yes, when couples get married they usually have children and start a family.”
“Oi,” you laughed nervously, “We’ve only just got married..”
“Children would be nice,” Zhongli looked at you expectantly.
Xiao cackled at your embarrassment. As your familiar he could feel those strong emotions since you allowed him to. You glared daggers at the adeptus, but he only smirked. This was your karma for laughing at him while a child harassed him.
“Lots of them,” Zhongli muttered, “A big family.”
Your face only grew redder. Lumine laughed and Zhongli looked confused. You all spent the rest of the day talking of the future and munching on cookies.
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jenlvr01 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing : Jaehyun x Reader
Genre : Greek God Mafia Au !
Warnings : Cursing , mention of drugs and violence.
Summary : Jaehyun Or in The underworld He is Known As The King or people would call him Hades. Ruthless, Cold and a selfish Bastard. One day Everything changed when He laid His Eyes On the most beautiful maiden he has ever seen but The problem is...he doesn’t wanna fall in love.
Notes: Yall i suggest you listen to Bad romance by Lady gaga While Reading this! And also this is my first time posting something on tumblr hehehejais sorry if there is any grammar errors english is not my first language T^T                                                                                                                                             
Tumblr media
  “Damn where the fuck is Jeno” Jaehyun Sighed as He sat on his Gold throne inside the biggest and darkest castle in the underworld. Everybody feared him and would tremble at the mention of his name.
“Hello Your grumpy Highness” Jeno Rolled his Eyes At him as He handed Him a Letter. Jaehyun Looked at Jeno and shook his head.
“You do know i can Take your life right at this very moment if you keep up that attitude of yours” Jaehyun Glared at The poor boy and Jeno just bowed and walked away.
There are Three worlds that exists. The first one is Heaven where all the Gods And Goddesses live. Second Earth where Humans And Some demi Gods Live and Lastly the Underworld Ruled By Jaehyun Where he punishes all the bad people and The Corrupt Gods And Goddesses are thrown.
Jaehyun opened the letter for it to be an invitation to the Heavenly Ball. Jaehyun receives one every year but he never once attended these kind of gatherings and he is always labeled as A VIP guest . He just thinks its a waste of time and silly but this year he wanted to Go For a change
“Hey Mark” he called Mark His Guard and Personal Assistant “Yes Your Highness” he Bowed slightly and was preparing to throw the invitation “Get dressed in The finest suit you Have..we are going to this damn Ball” He stood up and left Mark with a confused Look. “Your highness why are you going?” He asked afraid and was sweating cold sweats
“I wanted to go for a change..besides i wanna see my brothers ” he smirked as he opened the main door.
He dressed in the finest Suit that he had and his slick back hair that made him look 10x more intimidating.
Mark drove him to the venue also looking as dashing as ever. When they arrived at the venue it looked like everybody saw a ghost except for his 3 brothers ofcourse. Mark Followed Jaehyun Quietly at a distance
“FINALLY SOMEONE WENT OUT OF THAT DAMN HELL HOLE AFTER A LONG TIME” Taeyong Screamed Happily while approaching his Brother. Taeyong The God of The sky and Thunder happily approached his brother with champagne. Winwin Just sighed at the sight of Taeyong screaming so loud to the point where everybody had their eyes on them.
“Taeyong I swear to God lower your damn voice” he smacked his Brother at the back of his head
“So What made you attend this event this year My dear brother” he casually approached his brother and took a sip of his champagne.
All the Goddesses had their eyes on Him. Whispering endless thoughts and probably thirsting about how hot he is. Meanwhile all of the Gods Are starting to Fume with anger because all of the Women’s eyes were on him.
“I also dont know i felt like i needed to go here for a change” he took a sip of his champagne.
Johnny The God Of the Sun Approached Jaehyun and His Brothers
“Jaehyun im surprised to see you here my friend” he looked at him with disbelief.
Johnny and Jaehyun along with his brothers are Good Friends And they also run a business along with a few friends In The Underworld.
“Yeah i just went here for an appearance i really cant believe You attend something like this every year” he tsked and looked around the place as His brothers continue chatting With Johnny
Whispers and loud chattering can be heard. Loud music can Be Heard and the sight of Gods And Goddesses Flirting can be seen. The thought of love and flirting has never crossed Jaehyun’s mind. He had too much On his plate to be Even thinking about matters like those.
Jaehyun’s one and only rule? Never fall in Love For It will destroy you. Jaehyun saw what love did to humans and other Gods and Goddesses and he thought it was Stupid.
“Im Gonna go Out Where is The garden?” Jaehyun asked Taeyong and he answered with a smile “go straight then turn left you’ll see a glass door” jaehyun nodded and Mark followed with a glass of wine in his hands.
“Sooo are you enjoying this party your highness?” Mark asked with wiggly eyes brows
“Fuck no This was a wrong decision to come here..How are the transport on the drugs?”
“Its alright the same as usual no need to worry”  as he looked up and saw bright colors and expensive gold on the ground and walls “Good Make sure Nothing Goes Wrong. Tell Jeno To Gather The Team to Monitor the transport we need to be careful this is a huge amount make sure it doesn’t Get stolen” Mark Does a bow and said “yes Your Highness” Jaehyun nodded and dismissed Mark.        He Was faced With A very elegant Glass door The doorknobs made with diamonds and rubies. Slowly he Opened The Door to be greeted by The scent of Hyacinths. He slowly walked over the stone path. He Never really gets to see flowers back in The Underworld because no living thing can survive in the underworld.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “oh My God What happened to You. You  poor thing let me fix You Up real quick”  You said in a concern voice looking at the dead flowers in the Garden. You placed your hand on top of the flower and used a tiny bit of your powers to heal the flowers. You smiled and giggled at the sight of healthy flowers. Yes You are the Goddess of vegetation and Fertility.                                                                                                                                                                                             You never really wanted to attend these kind of Parties. You Just feel so out of place and uncomfortable with all the people surrounding you and all. The thought of it makes you sick. You sighed as You drank Wine and slowly leaned back onto the tree. It was a nice view. The garden was filled with  many green and colorful Plants. You'd really Rather spend your day here rather than talking to people.                                                                                                                  You Fished out your phone from your Pocket To call Jisung the cupid and Your bestfriend ofc.                                                                                                          “Jisung are you really not gonna attend this event? I have no friends here seriously i was forced By Naeun That's why I'm here” You groaned when you heard Him laugh " I told You You need to stay away from that girl" He laughed even harder when he heard How annoyed You were “ Let me Guess You are either at some random room in the mansion or you are at the garden ”You did a little snap and said “BINGO! I'm at the garden " You chuckled “anyways i need to go get more wine please pick me up later" you can feel him smiling through the phone and said “okay okay ill pick u up bye” he suddenly ended the call and all you could do was stare at the phone with disbelief. "Woah I cant believe this man He suddenly - “ You suddenly turned to your side and bumped into a God...well probably the most handsome God You have ever laid your Eyes on. He shut his eyes shut and sighed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “Oh my God I'm So sorry" You panicked because he seemed like he was having a bad day and he looked so pissed at the sight of wine staining his Suit  “damn Woman watch where Your Going.” As He opened his eyes you could feel his hot gaze pierce through you skull. “ I'm really so sorry about this......’’ You looked at him and gave him the “what's your name??” Kind of look.                                                                                                                                                       “ You don't know me??” Jaehyun asked because he couldn’t believe it.                “yeah I don't know you so I uh...may I know your name??’’                                                                                                                                                                       he smirked and leaned down to whisper in her ears                                                                                                                                                                        “My name is Jaehyun”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Tumblr media
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milqueandsugar · a year ago
🏵 Your Tea Is Ready 🏵
Warnings: mentions of violence, blood, injury
Genre: Angst
Tumblr media
| Hear No Evil, Do No Evil |
After your second kind of a date kind of not a date your very cateful around Techno
Every part of you tells you your being paranoid, but the other knows that theres something he isn't telling you
You know the piglin to well not to know when he's lying
And you care to much to ignore it
Convinced he's done something to upset you Techno doesn't search for your company like he used to
Something both him and the voices aren't very happy about
Being in love is a new emotion for him, he loves Philza sure, he loves Steven but he's never been IN love
He never realized how different those statements were before
Just like when he goes to many days without a kill the voices begin to get louder and louder, only this time he had no idea how to please them
Before he had lost everything he could lose he used to lock himself away during these fits
Know that he knows himself better, and how to control himself, he just goes around slaying any animal that crossed paths with him
Not the most elegant solution but it brought more peace to his mind
Now with no idea how to get the voices quiet he's resorted to quite literally trapping himself in his bunker
He know's your upset
He's convinced himself it's because of him
Theres no way in hell he's going to see you when all he can think about is how good you smell, how your smile makes his frozen heart melt, how soft your skin is compared to his own, how lovingly you adjust his clothes or armour after battle
All the while he scars the stone ground with his claws, chanting mantras alongside unheard voices
It had been a good two weeks since you had heard from the piglin. Not entirely unusual for you, as you rather detested the cool weather up in the arctic. However knowing there was some sort of conflict between you and your best friend made you restless at night, you couldn't keep ignoring him. He didn't deserve that, plus you missed Philza's morning tea, the smell of campfires that clung to everything in his house, the way Steve would bring sticks for you to toss. You missed the magnificent bastards that made up the Antarctic empire. More importantly, you missed Technoblade.
By the time you reached the cabin you had noticed it was unusually still. Steve and Carl were out in the yard, mosing about but there was no sign of Technoblade or Philza. They were both pretty hard workers, stubborn as hell as well, seeing as it was half past twelve you would expect the two of them to be running around doing chores. Surprisingly however it was still, perhaps they had things inside to do? Or maybe they took your suggestion for a lunch break a bit more seriously then expected.
Entering the cabin you call out for them, nothing, looking around you couldn't help but notice how much of a mess everything was. You had only ever seen the house in this much disarray before they traveled, or that time Phil let a creeper into the house and things got fucken wild. But, if traveling was the case why was Carl out front? And why was Techno's sword hung up on the mantle.
And unsettling feeling began to creep over your shoulders as you slowly begin to pick up the clutter. You couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation for things, so you decided to wait until you could come up with one or was given one. The sun had long set before Phil arrived at the house, clearly surprised to find you still sorting through chests. Clearly worried as well.
You turn to greet the man but are quickly cut off, "what are you doing here?" He ushers quickly shitting the door behind him. "I was looking for Technoblade, why is something happening? Is the butcher gang back?" You explain, chest tightening with unease. Something was seriously wrong. "No, no nothing like that we aren't in any danger. Technoblade is having another fit, he's not doing very well at the moment. It might be best for you to leave" Phil warned, his usual cheerful voice dripping with a nervousness you hadn't heard from him in a long time. You wave off the older gentleman scoffing, "Phil you're forgetting I used to go hunting with him I've seen him pretty bad-" "He's locked himself in his bunker. He doesn't even trust himself anymore, he won't eat nor sleep, whatever he has going on in his head is far more then the two of us can handle at the moment" Phil cut you off. You stood in shock, he locked himself away? Technoblade hasn't done that in.. years! What the hell was going on with him.
You wanted to believe Phil was lying to you, that Technoblade was off terrorizing villagers and he was just buying his companion time. But the genuine look of fear in his emerald eyes made your stomach sink. "He's not well Y/N, I certainly don't want him to come back to you dead or injured. He'll come through eventually, just not right now. " The blonde approached you and wrapped strong arms around your shoulders, you hadn't even realized that you were crying until he began to shush you.
"Listen, listen, stay the night here. It's too late for you to travel especially in this sort of weather, in the morning I'll take you back home, I'll let you know immediately when hes better" He assures you, pulling away to cup your face in his hands and wipe your tears with his thumbs. "Let's get you to bed, come on, let's go." Fatherly wasn't something you saw much in Phil anymore, but you couldn't deny how comforting it was, if not a bit embarrassing to have the man tuck you into Techno's sheets before turning out the lamp.
As you lay in the blood God's bed, listening intently to the sound of the howling wind you began to scheme. Something you did best was planning, and this night was no different. You had no idea how long Techno had been like this, if you had the time to curse yourself for avoiding him you would, but for the moment you just needed to make sure he wasn't dead. Slipping from his bedroom and past Phil's you gather a plate of rather light food, knowing he'd get sick if he ate something to heavy.
Stealing one of the Piglins cloaks you shield the food with your arms as you sneak our of the house. You knew Philza only had your best interest at heart, but he should have known better then to tell you your friend was in danger. Especially when that friend was less then a brisk walk away. By the time you get to the false wall your already shivering, the wind nipping at anything it could get at. Your nose was already beginning to run as you hit the disguised button and the wall drops.
At first you see nothing, the darkness and the snow fall blinding you to the scene in front of you. Stepping into what little shelter the cave provided you struggled to steady yourself after stepping on what looked to be the remains of a netherite chestplate. Hung up on the fact that he broke netherite with supposedly his bare hands you don't realize the Piglin lunging at you until your buried in the snow. Plates long discarded and broken you stare the husk of the man you knew in his wild eyes.
Almost like you could read the voices chants of your demise in the pools of ebony fear seemed to strike you harder then his fist. You heard your ribs breaking before you felt them, thank God for adrenaline. You felt nauseous, sick even as you blindly scratch and push at the weight on top of you. Grabbing a tusk by its base you pull left as hard as you can, taking his moment of unbalance to scramble away. Your hands grope for any sort of hold in the snowbank, desperate to get away from the beast on top of you. You dont make it far however before claws tear at the clothes and skin around your ankles, pulling you towards them with little care. Your screams of pain and/or fear are cut short by clawed hands tightening around your throat. Your pathetically small ones meet his, scratching desperately at the exposed hand with one while the other grabs a fist full of snow and smashes it into his face.
The white of the snow falling around you seemed denser then before, you felt cold, to your very bone under him. Under his stare. You've looked death before in the eyes, more then on one occasion, and you had never remembered them being so beautiful. For a split second you swear you hear another voice being carried by the wind, peeling your tear welled eyes from the piglin on top of you the fall towards the direction of the cabin, then at the shards of netherite. You had looked death in the eyes before, and you had yet to die. You weren't going to now.
Grabbing the shard and effectively slicing your hand open in the process you blindly begin to swing. Your chest burns, your skin burns, your vision is beginning to dim to nothing, all you can hear is the wind. Your stabs, or attempts at stabbing does little, with what minuscule amount of consciousness you have in yourself you get one finally blow, to somewhere before you cant feel anything anymore. You had never imagined death to feel so cold.
Technoblade's eyes begin to fall back into focus, pain driving the voices in his head silent as he looks down at the shard of netherite in his arm. More importantly his eyes fall onto a golden ring on the hand belonging to his attacker. A bear etched into its surface. That was Y/N's ring, he had given it to her for christmas. Anger flooding his chest he grinds his teeth, hands tightening around their neck. What right do they have to be wearing your ring? Dark eyes fall back down onto their attacker, bloodied and bruised.. and Y/N. His heart sunk faster then an anvil in a lake, scrambling backwards from your limp body he cant decide whether to look at you or his hands covered in your blood. No, no it couldn't be you, you were.. you were mad at him why would you come up? Why would you attack him?
Crawling to his side he lifted you into his arms, inspecting you closely. This had to be some sort of trick, some sort of lie? No, no you would never attack him you loved him, he loved you! That's why he was like this he was like this because he loved you! Scared lips began to quiver, and tears began to fall and subsequently freeze to his cheeks. No, no, no.
He couldn't think, his mind flooded with the screaming of the voices in his head, begging him to save you, to help you, to hold you. For once in his life he didnt know how, he couldn't save you. He had always been your knight in shining armour, and he cant save you.
He can't save you.
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gaiuswrites · a year ago
King of Cups || Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: The Tower
Archive: ao3 | masterlist | two
Pairing: Din Djarin x fem!Reader
Summary: You’re apart of the Refugee Relief Movement, an intergalactic organization providing aid throughout the systems, and you find yourself assisting at a resettlement camp in Lothal when disaster strikes, changing your life forever, intertwining your path with that of a certain Mandalorian bounty hunter.
Word count: 3.7k~
Rated: Mature
Warnings: descriptive violence, blood/injury mentioning, danger, mature language
Notes: Hi y'all, welcome. This fic is going to be set during Season 2 of The Mandalorian, and will be what I like to call ‘canon adjacent’. ALSo, this chapter is very much so Reader focused, setting up the scene and the general pacing of the story, but naturally, Din will be more and more featured as things progress. I’m a sucker for backstory and a slow burn, so ye be warned. Please feel free to reach out to me. :) I’d love to hear from you lovely little beans. Be safe out there, friends.
Lothal was a planet all too familiar with occupation.
You remember seeing a quote somewhere that read ‘Look no further than Lothal if you want to see what happens when the Empire takes control of an entire world’; and although the Imperial chokehold had loosened when the Empire fell, the planet, even all these years later, still found itself gasping for breath. 
Off world migration from the Core Worlds had been popularized since the expansion of the Imperial government bureaucracy, which brought booming business opportunities for the fortunate few, but as the rich became richer, the poor grew poorer. The Lothalites were forced out of their homes, off their own lands—refugees on their own planet; forced to resettle and relocate with nothing but the clothes on their back and the possessions they could cram into their pockets. The only heirlooms passed on from generation to generation were that of poverty, tall tales of former splendor, and the greatest of ancestral traumas: disillusionment.
The truly desperate turned to crime, and what couldn’t be solved by back-dealings and blaster fire was managed with fear mongering and the bitter flair of xenophobia. There was always a species to blame, and it was always the one who seemed to be doing better off, no matter how slight the margin. 
Greed. Fear. Despair. These are the currencies in which the galaxy trades. 
And so it was then, and continued to be, cycle after cycle. History, always finding clever ways to repeat itself.
On bad days, pollution still loomed heavy over the atmosphere—remnants of the fires from the Imperial occupation still clinging on to Lothal’s weary bones. She had been stripped during that time; gutted and strung up by her feet to dangle from the Empire’s meat hook, exsanguinated slowly, drop by drop, until she had nothing left to give. Her resources and minerals and ore and water and seed, robbed. Pillaged.
She’s free from it now, but the scars remain— the planet remembers. Her people do not forget. Like muscle memory, they all ungulate to this synthesized rhythm they can’t seem to shake, day in and day out, wandering. Forever unsettled.
The planet had always had a diverse population and had become something of a safe haven for other abandoned people fleeing their home worlds, determined to find somewhere - anywhere - for them to survive. Lothal provided that for them. It wasn’t rich or bountiful by any stretch, but it was simple and safe—safe in the way hidden things in plain sight are. One could blend into the crowd of many, unique faces, of all races and backgrounds; you could be anonymous, if you wanted. You could be free.
That’s how you’ve found yourself here in Jortho. You had been with the Refugee Relief Movement for the better part of what felt like forever, and they had transferred you to this planet not six weeks ago. You were out on rotation; the RRM sends someone new twice a cycle for the span of a month or two to varying locations to supply rations, aid with the influx of refugees, organize resettlement lodgings, and generally be of assistance when and where you could. However, your tenure on this temperate planet was coming to a close, and soon you’d be flying back to the headquarters on Coruscant before being bounced to another post somewhere out among the stars. 
You love your job. You know it’s unpopular to say, but you do. It’s fulfilling and impactful and indescribably special. The individuals you meet, the stories you hear, they’re invaluable— priceless and precious, like handmade trinkets crafted by the fingers of a child; you press them all to your heart, holding them there. You’d be lying if you said it didn’t get to you— the weight of it; the plights of all of these people, all of these lives, burdening your conscience. It isn’t always painless— you aren’t immune to it. Even so, on most nights you manage to sleep easy, tucked away aboard the transport freighter you flew in on with the batch of settlers newly assimilated into town knowing Maker, at least you were doing something— anything— everything you could.
And really, to call Jortho a town would be an insult to all towns everywhere—but ‘town’ has a certain charm to it that ‘refugee camp’ simply did not, and it gave the people hope. Pride, even. That they belonged somewhere.
You suppose that’s all anyone wants. To belong. 
A feather soft gust of wind tickles the golden blades of prairie grass as the sun, bleary and tired, starts dipping from the sky. The crickbeets begin their song early, trilling, sensing Lothal’s moons still coyly tucked away, hiding somewhere along the horizon. A smile adorns your face, private and serene, as you bring a bowl of broth up to your lips, humming when the warm liquid meets your tongue. You sigh, contented, taking in the sights before you; how the dusk blurs the aromatic air, making it opaque, the shuttles docked across the way from you casting long purple shadows onto the flat plains, the snowcapped mountains in the distance bordering the cant of the planet’s surface, nestling Jortho in a shallow valley.
You feel calm, at peace, and take another sip.
An easy moment passes, and it’s the last one you get before silence stalks up from behind you.
You don’t notice it at first, like any patient predator, it goes undetected: the white noise, the nothingness— until finally, you do and then suddenly it’s everywhere. On top of you. Smothering you. Goosebumps stipple your skin and you bristle. The insects have stopped chirping. The breeze has stilled. The air hangs dead. 
And then—
You’re hit with a blast of crushing heat, the sheer power of it picking you up off your feet and onto your side, sending your body careening into a nearby structure. Your shoulder takes most of the blow, but your neck still snaps backwards unnaturally, the back of your head colliding with the stone wall behind you with a dull thwack. You let out a groaned cry at the impact, the wind knocked out of your lungs as you crumple to the ground.
For an instant, your vision goes white, stars popping and fusing out in front of your pupils, and it’s like you can feel everything and nothing all at once, hollow but overwhelmed, and all you want to do is close your eyes and drift asleep— Maker that would feel like a luxury, just right here on the damn dirt. And you almost do, you almost let yourself slip under and sink— until you hear a piercing scream from somewhere close. 
Immediately your eyes shoot open, desperately blinking away the blurriness that threatens to over take them, and you try pushing yourself up by the heels of your scraped hands, failing once - twice - before finding your footing. You’re shaky at first, uncoordinated and dizzy and redownloading bipedalism, before that sweet drug of adrenaline starts to course through your veins and finally, finally, you take in your surroundings. 
The ships that once stood across the field are gone, obliterated, and in their place only metal ribcages remain—empty carcasses like dead birds splayed on their backsides, imploded from the inside out, their bits strewn all around you. 
Your breathing comes hard and heavy, fighting down panic, and cloudy eyes search through the thick black smoke billowing up in stacks, trying to pin point the source of the scream you’d heard just moments ago. You cough a strained wheeze, sputtering against the charred air, and wade your way through the debris— it’s only then that you realize the magnitude of the explosion. It’s not just the landing bay, it’s half the kriffing village. The buildings that neighbored the airfield had been decimated, burning roofs and crumbling fixtures, homes collapsing onto themselves, scorch marks and shrapnel branding the outsides of the shanties left standing.
It looks like a battlefield. You’ve seen holovids of this—what war can look like, how it can ruin a people… But you’ve never had to stand in the middle of it, head on. 
Your heart drums against your chest as you break into a hobbled run, desperately scanning the area for any signs of life, up and down, left and right, straining against the waning daylight. It’s then that you hear your name, urgent and frantic, and you whip your head in it’s direction, knees nearly buckling in relief. You immediately recognize your friend Hareem, brandishing her arms at you, waving you over to her. 
“Thank the Maker, you’re alright!” the Balosar cries out, trembling hands finding purchase on your shoulders, bracing you. You don’t know if its for your benefit or her own, but either way you’re grateful for the grounding pressure; for the first time since the initial blast, you feel solid, like you won’t just float away, atomized and weightless. Worried, you look her over. A sliver of fresh scarlet blooms from her scalp, a small line trickling down past her temple, but she otherwise looks relatively unharmed. You grasp onto her wrist, squeezing firmly.
“What the hell happened?” You ask, voice low and pitched, wide fearful eyes drilling into her.
“T-There was a man-” And she shakes her head, mouth clamping shut, deep wrinkles framing her face.
“Hareem,” you reassure, giving her another squeeze. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.
She tries again with a steadying inhale, “I-I saw him. A-a man. He had a device with him, and he set charges, and Maker I don’t know— I don’t know— it went off a-and he ran towards the center of town!” The Balosar is in hysterics, tears spilling down her dirty cheeks, and it takes your brain a moment to catch up, to wrap your mind around the words she’s stuttering out. 
A man. 
A bomb. This wasn’t an accident; this was an attack—and he’s still kriffing here. You cup her cheeks, thumbs rubbing against the pale skin, smearing away the blood that’s nearly dripped to her chin. Your friend’s gaze is flighty, everywhere and nowhere, and you try giving her a smile, but you’re not quite sure you manage it.
“Hareem? Hareem. Hey, shh, you’re okay. You’re alright…” You peel your eyes off her to glance around hurriedly. “We need to find cover.”
You’re holed up in one of the few remaining homes on this side of the encampment, crowded into the small space with three other survivors. All four of you, packed in and silent and petrified. Unsure of any further threat, you stay completely still. Helpless. Laying here, idle, for whatever awaits you behind that feeble, wooden door. You feel like prey for the wicked, just passing the time.
Minutes inch along like this—or maybe its hours; time moves eerily different when you’re attempting to become invisible—and eventually, you almost begin to relax.
But a new sound breaks the din, hard to recognize at first, indistinct from all the commotion outside their hut, but you hear it. You all do. The youngest of you, a teenaged Devaronian, grips onto the hem of your shirt, knuckles creasing with anticipation. You tense, spine going rigid. Footsteps. They’re slow, guarded, but they’re getting closer. You bring an arm up, for all the good it’ll do, creating a human shield in front of the boy at your side. Closer. Someone behind you muffles a whimper. Closer. A Bardottan you hadn’t even met until today let’s out the faint whisper of a prayer, lips barely ghosting over the phrases. Closer- 
and then, nothing.
They’re here. You can sense him, see his shadow sweep across the gaps in the entryway. You all hold your breath, as if the air is being syphoned out of the space… And the door is flung open, nearly breaking off it’s hinges as it slams into the inside of the house, shuttering the rickety walls with a jarring bang. 
You don’t know who looks more astonished: you four, or the Mandalorian before you, dripping head to toe in silver plated armor, pointing a blaster directly at your head.
“Where is he?” He asks, hard edged and modulated, and it’s more of a demand than a question—but he lowers his weapon all the same, holstering it at his side. You gape at him, guppying wordlessly. “Volcur X’elo. The bomber. Where?” He hasn’t moved an inch out of the doorframe but he’s still managing to loom over you, completely filling up the archway, shoulders set and impossibly intimidating.
You gulp, finally finding your voice. “In town, i-in the center of town…” Kriff, you had not idea if that intel was good or not, but it’s all you think to say. Seeming satisfied with your answer he turns on his booted heel, cape whipping behind him, leaving just as soon as he arrived. The dust barely has time to settle as the door teeter’s on its hinge, its rusty squeaks filling the void in the Mandalorian’s wake.
“Fuck,” you hiss, exhaling a breath you didn’t realize you were holding, doubling forward, propping your palms up on your knees.
After deliberating it with your group, you all come to the agreement of braving it outside. Better to be out under the open sky than die under a concaving apartment, clambering over each other to get to the exit. After all this, at least your dignity was still partially in tact— normally, you reckon you’d chuckle dryly at that. But you don’t. 
You lead the pack through the mazelike streets. The sights that once seemed so familiar after weeks of living here become like strangers to you, and you sleepwalk through Jortho, snaking down paths marred by rubble and fallen wreckage— you haven’t seen any bodies, but maybe that isn’t true. Maybe you’re just too scared to notice them. Maybe they’re there, hovering just outside of your peripherals, haunting the corners of your vision… 
You keep your head fixed forward, jaw clenched.
Your feet move on their own like this, only vaguely aware that the red-skinned boy still hadn’t let go of your tunic. You forge on. Have to. You have to. Your only purpose on this kriffing planet was to help these people, to bring them aid, and if that means simply planting one foot in front of the other, then so be it. You take side alleys, double backing here and there, ducking under canopies, looping around yourself, only stopping when you catch a glimpse of beskar, the orange setting sun glinting off the surface of his helmet.
And he’s not alone.
You freeze suddenly, as do the rest, and the Devaronian bumps into you, stumbling under his lanky legs. Some paces in front of you, the bounty hunter has the other man, this Volcur X’elo, by a punishing grip on his shoulders, shoving him forcefully out in front of him; his wrists are bound and he’s fitful without the stabilization of his arms, his feet staccatoed and flailing wildly beneath him as the Mandalorian marches him forward. 
The wind shifts, and on it you can hear the bomber rant madly, only catching snippets of the vile nonsense that spews from him.“- like swine, they are a plague to the system! And they must be purged from this planet, and the next, and the next— every last filthy one!” You spare a glance to Hareem, to find her watching the scene in hypnotized horror, but your eyes snap back at the sound of something maniacal, drawing your attention. It’s laughter. The zealot begins to laugh a twisted, mocking cry that makes you want to vomit. “You might have me in binders Mandalorian, but you’re too late. You’re too late. This isn’t over!” He’s practically giggling, gleeful and demented. Disturbed. “You’ve only found one.”
Your blood runs cold. 
Only one? Oneoneoneone, one what-
The realization hits you with a punch to your gut. He’s only detonated one of his bombs. Somewhere, nearby, there must be another.
Without another word, the Mandalorian whips the smaller man around, pulling him sharply by his collar to collide with his breastplate, completely dwarfing him with his beskar frame. “Where is it, X’elo?” Nothing. Only laughter. High pitched, terrible roars. He tries again, patience ebbing. “The bomb. Now.” X’elo’s head tilts back and he howls another crowing shriek, keeping private his own sick joke, as if clutching a secret to his chest with slimy hands. 
The bounty hunter had heard enough. He clearly wasn’t getting anything more out of him, and with a quick strike, he rears his blaster and pistol whips the terrorist with it. The body drops. Volcur X’elo crumples, unconscious, blood streaming from where he was struck. You hear the Bardottan behind you stifle a cry with her fist. 
And with that, Lothal’s sun disappears completely, stealing away the last of it’s light as it furls into itself, shrinking out of sight. The dark ushers a new wave of dread, creeping over Jortho like a miasma, poisoning the very air.
The Mandalorian wheels around, searching for his heading in the labyrinth of the town. Others have gathered now, poking their heads around corners, stealing glimpses through windows. He turns, his head on a swivel. “Where is your power generator?” he demands, addressing the small crowd, but you’re all too stunned to speak. “Anybody. Generator. Now.” There’s something new in his voice, something muddled, and it takes you a moment to interpret it. It’s desperation, you realize, tinny and deep through his vocoder, and with a surge of adrenaline you move forward, furthering yourself from your group. You swallow. “I-Its this way.” Upon hearing your voice, he spins around, his visor latching on to you, and with a nod you both set out. 
“Watch him,” the Mandalorian growls past his shoulder, stepping over the bounty’s limp body.
You’re still not really sure how he knew where it’d be, you wonder to yourself, gravel crunching under foot as you both trudge on, an eery quiet settling over them. You’d say it was a lucky hunch, but judging by the way the Mandalorian carries himself, you doubt luck had much to do with it. 
You had led him to the power generator hub on the other side of the sad excuse for a city, traveling in tense silence, and when you came upon that tall, bulky machine he sprang into action, circling it until he found what he was looking for. The bomb. You stood back, rooted there, and after some grunting and rewiring— or maybe he just hacked at it with a vibroblade, you had no idea; his wide frame engulfed his work and you couldn’t tell what he was up to, all you knew was that his methods proved successful— the man managed to disarm the second device. You had thought you noticed his shoulders release, slumping with relief, after the red flashing lights on the rudimentary interface flickered and then went dark.
And so here you are. The two of you, bathed in the bright light of Lothal’s twin moons, their bellies hanging full in the blue-black night, illuminating the trail of blood staining the dirt beneath your boots as the Mandalorian roughly drags the body by his ankle behind him— through the exploded rubble, through the fragmented lives of the people around you, already displaced and estranged. They’ll all have to move, you think, pack up their lives, or what little is left of them, and relocate. Again. The thought sinks in you like a stone, sobering you. 
Even with the weight of a fully grown man to lug, the bounty hunter is still a few long strides in front of you and your eyes are trained on the unconscious form, taking in the way his mouth lolls open like an animal, his hair matted with thick blood, eyes rolled back into his head. You’re talking out loud before you even realize it.
“How sick do you have to be,” you mumble, transfixed. Your voice, it’s not angry; no, shock has effectively robbed you of that— it’s not anger, but bewilderment. Quivering, broken bewilderment.
“H-How hoodwinked and warped you’d have to be, how disturbed... For you to think like that. To do all... all this...” 
“Hey,” his gruff voice shakes you from your trance, and you blink up at him, tearing your eyes off the body. “Focus,” he urges, and you can only nod dumbly back at him, suddenly feeling a ripple of nausea slither through you.
The ramp to his ship is lowering as they come upon it and you plant yourself at the base, feet seeming to stop on their own accord, and frankly you’re not really sure why you’ve even followed him this far in the first place— always a step behind him as he hauled his bounty all the way through the vestiges of Jortho, across the arid prairie to where he first touched down. Maybe it’s because you feel untethered, unmoored, and all of his steeled surety is like a lighthouse, a beacon, guiding you away from the rocks. 
He heaves X’elo up the ramp and you’re left standing there, staring unseeingly into the durasteel, becoming more and more aware of the ringing in your ears. The longer time passes, the more it’s as if you’re underwater, the background blurring into the foreground, sound gargled and far away. A high pitched buzz pinches your ear drums, and it takes you a moment to realize the Mandalorian is calling out to you, trying to get your attention.
“— Dala.”
Does he sound annoyed? Kriff, you think he might... If you had your wits about you, you might be able to recognize it. But as it stands, you don’t. You’re not here, not all of you. You’re splintered. Suspended.
“Hmm? Sorry, what..?” Your mouth is as dry as Jakku— parched desert tongue darting across your cracked lip, tasting soot and ash and something metallic. Brow furrowed, you touch a shaky finger to the flesh and when you pull it back, crimson red dots your skin. 
Oh, you think, numb. Huh. 
Your eyes skitter back up to the Mandalorian, towering over you, nearly at the apex of the incline, and his stance is broad and his fists are clenched. You’re almost positive he’s glaring down at you through his visor, and you don’t even know the man, can’t even see his damn face, but you can tell he’s peeved— Maker, just how long had you been ignoring him?
A scratched noise comes through his helmet’s vocoder and his next words are clipped, punctuated. “I said, do you have a way off this skug hole?”
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catboybatman · a year ago
The miagani: a guide by me
The miagani is a fictional native american tribe from which batman is part off. This tribe was introduced in Batman: the Cult by Jim Starlin.
Location & history
The miagani are located in Gotham, in a cave now known as the batcave.
(Batman: The Cult turned out to be pretty racist, not surprised but if you want to read it its a heads up) (i literally cannot shorten this comic into something comprehensable so i'll only do some important stuff)
In this comic its confirmed that the Miagani are a NA tribe, altough called "indians"
Shaman Blackfire is an important character with too much to write down but in short: he was a self appointed shaman, wanted to lead the tribe to a "righteous path", got buried heavely wounded by the tribe, got found in 1906 by the dutch who opened his grave, killed the dutch and is now leading a christian (?) cult. (Yea i know, i recommend reading his wiki)
In this comic the miagani are slaughtered by another tribe but are later revived by Grant Morrison in the return of Bruce Wayne
During (the later stages of) the colonization of America part of the cave was used as a sewer, children being forced to work in it. These children died in the cave and it was blamed on the Miagani. This was (sorta) resolved by Jonah Hex in All-Star western #3,5&6.
The miagani have been in Gotham from 17000-16000 BC.
It is said that the tribe doesnt exist anymore since the creation of modern Gotham and that Catherine van Derm was the last confirmed member, but that is bullshit since Thomas Wayne is seen still practicing certain traditions (more on that later).
For as far as i know the religion consist of 1 god, Barbatos (batman: the lost), altough i suspect there are way more, just unnamed. During Batman: the lost it turns out that Barbatos wasnt that great of a guy, and created the tribe to do what he wanted, using Bruce as a vessel in Batman: the return of Bruce Wayne (im doing my best tying comics together ok pls)
We also know how they pray due to this page:
Tumblr media
(Batman: the return of Bruce Wayne by Grant Morrison)
The black circle makes me believe that Barbatos is seen as a god of the moon/night, altough this is just speculation. This is also why i think there are more gods/dieties since most religions either have 1 who created all or multiple for different subjects.
What also makes me believe there are more gods/dieties is that in Batman: the Cult, the miagani are called "indians" confirming they are NA and most (idk too much about NA tribes, of you are please correct me) NA tribes are polytheist
There are these: from Batman: the return of Bruce Wayne:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
They style the hair to match bats and they have pockets based on batmans belt. Ngl these outfits slap
And these from all star western:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here they use giant bat skulls as masks. I also presume that the grass are supposed to represend feathers like in RL NA tribes. There is also tribal patterns on the skull
Here are some fight (?) Clothes:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Batman: the return of Bruce Wayne & Batman: The lost
The giant bat is seen often, here is it alive:
Tumblr media
Yeah, me too Jonah
Tumblr media
In the upper right corner you have the pearl necklace, it is tradition to hand it down to your loved ones, mostly family members. (Thomas gave this to Martha)
The black blotch is most likely a crow. Im assuming this is done to show hate to one of their fellow fictional tribes, the bird tribe (batman: the lost)
In the first pic you can see that the jaw of the giant bat is used as a necklace and accesiores on the skirt. There also seems to be a tribal pattern on the skirt. And then there is the green necklace, cant really place what this except a green stone so yeah.
In the last pic there is the teeth necklace most like the teeth of the giant bat.
Tumblr media
I tried my best with a collage since you can only have few pics
They primerally use spears but the cave is also full of boobytraps, for axample the middle pic and far right pic. The far right shows darts activated to a whistle.
They also use swords and shields i guess? Its only shown here.
In All-Star Western they have their own language, i cant recognise it and i cant add more pics but in the "Clothes" paragraph you can see some in the pics.
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janeyseymour · a year ago
I saw the second preview of six and here are my thoughts (along with a few fun stories at the end):
My heart literally fell out of my ass when the queens started walking out They changed a few small little things here and there and it was perfect If six doesn’t win best lighting at the Tony’s I will sue Ex-wives was WOW I literally could not stop smiling Some of the poses were different 
I am convinced she just is beyonce always
She’s just fantastic in that role and that’s what I have to say about that
Ig abby danced a little too hard during no way because she kept messing with her wig after
Actually she lowkey played with it throughout the whole show and it was adorbs
Britt was helping her fix it and like pointing out where it was a little cray (also abby’s wig looks so good omf)
Her delivery throughout the whole show was a bit more mature, but it was still so babey I love her
(On a side note someone today told me I look like Andrea, which is very kind but so untrue because I literally look like a broken thumb and she is gorgeous)
She like low-key cut made the whole head joke short and im kinda sad ab it, but it was still fantastique
Through the “Wearing Yellow To A Funeral Bit” abby looked confused through the entire thing and I was cracking up
She was INCREDIBLE and her dress was so pretty and sparkly and I just wow 
Shes just so pretty in general like ma’am how do you do that please drop the skin care routine 
The emotion that was conveyed was enough to make me tear up BUT I DID NOT CRY AND I AM VERY PROUD OF THAT 
she did the “you lift me high” line and kinda went into this airy place in her voice and it was angelic and heavenly and all the good things
She was just fantastic and thats all I have to say 
Thats a lie I have so many things to say about that woman but the time will come
HOH was a whole acid trip there was a point during this song where I literally just took it all in and then thought “Janey, you really spent your hard earned money to go on an acid trip for a solid few minutes good job”
Their dancing is hilarious and thats that
ABBY SAYING “BUT WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU’LL STILL WALK AT FORTY” I had to stifle a laugh because my queen is indeed 40
Brittney Mack is… all bad bitch energy and I was living for it
She is a queen
When she did the “my horses can trot up to twelve miles an hour”- in the boot (not that I watch those…) abby is always making a 😳😶😲 kind of face and this time she just couldn’t stop smiling and it made me laugh
Her reveal was SO GOOD she literally just started checking out her nails while everyone just applauded… AS THEY SHOULD
When britt told the person to get up, this person full on WENT and britt was like shook it was hysterical
justice for the beheaded cousins 
BOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO BABY MARY HAD THE CHICKEN POX AND YOU DIDN’T GET TO HOLD HER HAND… YOU KNOW ITS FUNNY BECAUSE WHEN I WANTED TO HOLD MY NEWBORN SON…. IIIIII DIIIIIIEDD. Abby lowkey went feral and I loved every second of it and then her pose after got so many laughs it was truly amazing
Aywd destroyed me
I also teared up here but I did not let those babies fall because I was not about to ruin my look
justice for my pink queen
Her delivery is insane and honestly its gotten better and I didn’t even know that was possible because WOW SHE WAS ALREADY STUNNING BUT DAMN MY HEART GOT RIPPED OUT OF MY CHEST
The whole “Catherine not singing” bit was fantastic
Abby looked so confused the entire time 
Andrea’s “hahaha what” was perfecto 
when Anna said “should we really be doing this” someone in the audience went “yes” very loudly and made the queens break for a solid second abby almost forgot to say her line and you could barely hear it because the audience was laughing at the rando 
Anna acknowledged it and just went “I know” before turning to the queens and saying “I know” it was hysterical 
“I’m Catherine parr, I draw the line in arbitrary places bLaH bLaH bLaH”
THE CLAPPING- BRITT GOT IN HER FACE AND JUST *CLAP. CLAP. CLAP.”  It was the funniest thing oh my gosh
“Are you sure Catherine? I-we don’t mind if you wanna sit this one out… I mean you must be exhausted from all those backing vocals”
I dont know if this was intentional or not but when they all start to understand the purpose of parr’s thing- abby is the last to stand up and in my head im like “no yeah that makes sense because shes “the one he truly loved” and shes still trying to get to a point where shes realizing he wasn’t all that great and I dont know I just really like that minor detail
The whole “remember that I was a writer…” part got loud cheers, especially from abby it was very cute
She did a new riff on the “we all disappear” line and WOW my eyes went so wide it was so good I was genuinely shook
the “i dont get it” was sooo good
“My sixth finger” was said so casually and so determinedly that it was a whole new joke and I loved it
“Everyone notices Jane cant dance” -abby just looking so sad
“Yeeeaaaahhhhh. I read!” Was so cute and she sounded so proud of herself it was adorbs
The way they just stood there awkwardly was amazing and got so many laughs it was so good
When sam said the line about competing, abby really almost cut Anna’s line out but she caught herself and it was funny I dont know if anyone else noticed it, but I did and it was glorious
After it was over, of course it got long applause and the entire time abby was doing her like “sparkle hands” but also awkwardly moving her arm kinda like a noodle and then going back to sparkle hands and it gave me a good chuckle
The slow acoustic part was so soft I died
The harmonies was delicious
The audience was so hype
Super hype
All the good things ever
Basically it was just adorable and amazing and absolutely stunning
The new costumes are gorgeous and the lighting is wild if they don’t win best lighting for Tony awards I will full on riot
Aragon and Boleyn interacted a lot and so did Seymour and Cleves and it was very very sweet
Abby interacted with the band a lot to the point where she almost missed a cue and it was very endearing
abby’s hair is SO LONG but I am here for it
So I was looking for my friend when I hear “Make some room, make a path!” From a security guard, and the queens legit walked RIGHT PAST ME
I wanted to go to the theatre anyway to take pictures, but when I saw them, I did follow them back to the theatre because wow I wanted to bask in their glory I didnt even want to talk to them I just wanted to be in their presence
So im like, walking behind them when this happens:
I guess abby saw someone she knew because I heard this “abby!” And then she was like “OH MY GOD” and like RAN to hug them and i legit almost walked right into her/got stepped on but i freaking stopped like a noob i should’ve just let her run me over but I did not I just stopped in my tracks and let out a soft “aH” and then went around her
And then I got to meet a friend and apparently toby heard us squealing and watched us hug for a solid however long so that was awkward
And Julia schade was like talking to him and stared at us for a good amount of time
And then I was walking away and passed Julia again and she kept looking at me, but she was talking to someone else and I think she thought I was going to stay to talk to her (and I would have loved to) but I didnt I just gave her a smile, a nod, and a little wave because I can not do confrontation like if I could not confront abby ma’am I cannot confront u either I am SHY
And that is a very detailed run down of my time in nyc at the brooks
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angellesword · a year ago
Tumblr media
Description: You and Jungkook were best friends who were in love with each other. What would happen when Soojin, your half sister who you’re trying to impress, told you she’s in love with Jungkook too?
“Would you believe me if I said that I was scared of everything too?”
Genre: childhood best friends to lovers, family drama, angst, fluff, slow burn, pining, slice of life au.
Pairing: Architect!Jungkook x Architect!Reader
Word Count: 3.5k
Warnings/Note: manipulation, homophobia.
Song for this chapter: Home - Edith Whiskers
*** THERE ARE ERRORS and I still have class! I’ll try to edit this chapter later. :)
Tumblr media
Jungkook had been calling you nonstop since last, last week, unfortunately there wasn't any response from you.
It wasn't like there was an emergency. Your best friend just missed you so much that he felt like he couldn't breathe.
"Jungkook! You need to wear this blue tie!" Especially now that Soojin was always by his side.
He was the type of person who needed a lot of time and space alone because he was a shy and soft boy at heart. However he had limits too. Jungkook got cranky when he was being forced to do things he didn't like.
"I bought this for you. Just wear it already!" Soojin pulled Jungkook's sleeve, forcing him to wear the blue tie to match her blue gown.
Jungkook groaned, crossing his arms. He was really, really starting to get annoyed.
He hated ties, be it a bowtie, bolo tie, or skinny necktie. It didn't matter what kind because he fucking hated all of them.
He felt like he was being strangled, restricted—like he had no freedom to do what he wanted.
Ties were suffocating.
Soojin was suffocating.
Jungkook suddenly regretted agreeing to be her date for tonight. He didn't realize that Soojin would be so...concerned about what they would look like on the red carpet.
Castle Architectural Firm was throwing a party to celebrate the construction of the luxury spa, mainly because this was the biggest project of the company for this year.
Aside from this, Taemin wanted to invite prospective clients, shareholders, and some architects who were interested to work for him. He was basically hitting two birds with one stone.
Three birds actually. This party was also for the employees, a simple way to show them that the company appreciated their efforts to help the firm grow.
You were invited too, and the first thing that came into your mind was to ask Jungkook to be your date. It had always been like that between the two of you, sadly you received a text message from your sister.
[7:52pm] Kim Soojin: you gonna attend the company's party?
[7:52pm] you: yeah i guess so..
[7:55pm] Kim Soojin: well don't tell that to JK. he might ask you to be his date. that CANT happen coz i wanna go with him.
[7:56pm] Kim Soojin: i'm also gonna confess to him so don't ruin this for me ok???
[7:56pm] Kim Soojin: i'll tell you when it's okay for u to talk to him again.
For some reason, you felt your heart sinking. You didn't have a choice but to tell her a lie.
[7:58pm] You: it's cool! i already have a date anyway.
[7:58pm] Kim Soojin: i'll tell JK that! see you at the party! love you sis 😘
You lied. You didn't have a date and you doubted that you could find one. The party was happening tomorrow night. You couldn't find a date in less than twenty four hours.
Perhaps it was better to go alone.
That was the plan: to go alone; however, the heavy feeling weighing you down was too much to bear.
You didn't want to be alone, so you called Yoongi.
If you were the type of sister who couldn't say no to Soojin, Min Yoongi, on the other hand, was the type of friend who couldn't say no to you.
"You know it's your fault I'm not getting dicked down tonight, right?" Yoongi sounded annoyed, but you knew deep down he was pleased that you chose him to be your plus one tonight.
Okay, fine—this was a lie.
Yoongi wasn't exactly thrilled when you told him to prepare his three piece suit since you wanted him to pick you up four hours ago.
Because of you, he had to cancel his first date with some grindr dude he had been gushing over since last week.
You wanted to say "come on! He'll give you another chance if he really likes you." But you couldn't because life was not a fairytale and people who used grindr were mostly looking for a quick fuck, not a serious relationship.
"Sorry, Yoongs," you heaved a deep sigh, feeling guilty. "I'm just scared to be alone," was what you said, explaining that you needed him because if he was by your side all throughout the party, the guests wouldn't have the chance to show you their fake sympathies.
The last thing you needed was for people to remind you that you fucked up, that you failed because you were not as smart or as strong as Soojin.
Yoongi felt like his heart was being cracked open because of your confession. It wasn't your intention to hurt him—you swore you weren't manipulating him through using your greatest fear.
It just so happened that Yoongi knew exactly how you felt. He understood it because he used to be like you.
He used to be scared with the thought of being surrounded by people and realizing that he was still alone.
Because those people didn't come to see him or to be with him.
They were there for someone else.
As it turned out, Yoongi was at this party for someone else too.
It wasn't intentional. You guessed the world where you lived was simply small.
'V' was the name of Yoongi's grindr date. Tonight you found out that Kim Taehyung, your older brother, was also known as V.
You weren't really close with Taehyung, mainly because it had only been less than three months since you met him. As mentioned, he spent his whole life abroad.
Taehyung didn't even know you existed until five years ago. Sin-ae didn't want  anyone to know that her husband cheated on her and so she told Taemin that you could only live with them under the condition that you would keep your mouth shut about your real relationship with the Kims.
But in the end, your siblings found out. Taehyung was the last one to know because according to Sin-ae, her third born son was sensitive. She didn't want him to worry about someone like you.
You weren't a threat. In the eyes of the public, you were just an orphan—one of the charity cases of the Kims.
Everyone in their family treated you like you didn't exist. Namjoon and Seokjin barely looked at you.
They even leave the room if you were around.
But Soojin wasn't like her siblings. She treated you like her sister. She talked to you, ate with you, and sometimes played dolls with you.
She wasn't always nice, but it felt good to be acknowledged, to be called as her sister—to make you feel like you belonged to their family.
You wanted Taehyung to treat you the same way Soojin treated you. Perhaps he could like you if you proved to him that you could be trusted.
Taehyung hadn't told his family that he was gay. This was the main reason why he stayed in New York for so long. He was afraid to be himself because he knew that his family wasn't gonna approve with this.
They wanted him to find a beautiful wife and to manage their other businesses. The Kims didn't only focus on architecture. Their family also tried their luck in industries like engineering and painting. As a matter of fact, Sin-ae recently opened her own museum. Taehyung was currently working there as a curator.
He would probably be focusing on that museum because his other siblings were taking different paths. Soojin was the sole heir of Castle Architectural Firm. Seokjin and Namjoon waived their rights as heirs in the mentioned company since Taemin already funded their engineering firms.
"You sure you're gonna be fine here?" Yoongi asked, hesitant to leave you alone while he spent time with your brother.
"Of course. Go, Yoongi. You've done enough," assured by you.
The party was almost over anyway. You were sure no one was going to bother you anymore. You had also done your part as an employee. You attended, ate, and drank wine.
Maybe it was best to go home. It was getting late and you felt cold. You didn't bring a shawl.
You trembled, thinking that it was because of the cold. Little did you know, Jungkook's dark gaze was sending shivers down your spine.
Of course he saw you. He had been watching you ever since you stepped inside this ballroom.
He was a little upset with you actually. How could you stand there looking so beautiful without even glancing at him?
Did you forget about him? Didn't you want to be his best friend anymore? Why didn't you reply to his text messages? Why did you bring Yoongi? And why were you letting Yoongi leave you alone?
Who was going to take you home?
It was like something in Jungkook snapped. The little voice inside his head was right. He should be the one to take you home tonight. He wouldn't allow you to drive because he saw you drinking wine. He wasn't comfortable with you taking an uber. He trusted Yoongi to bring you home, but he was nowhere to be found now.
He needed to step in. Yes. Yep. This was the right thing to do.
Jungkook was about to go near you, but Soojin caught his arm.
"Jungkook, I'm cold..." Soojin embraced herself, lips trembling.
"Oh. Here," he didn't hesitate to give her his jacket. Jungkook was sweet and caring. He would always give what he could.
"Thanks..." Soojin blushed, batting her eyelashes at him. "Can you take me home now? I'm tired..."
It was wrong to say that he never hesitated because right now, he was. He wanted to drive Soojin home, but...
Jungkook turned to look at the place where you were standing a few breaths ago. You weren't there anymore. He missed the way you stared at him as he handed his jacket to Soojin.
He couldn't miss anything from you anymore, so even if it physically hurt him to lie, he bit his tongue hard and then he told Soojin that he couldn't bring her back to the mansion.
"Why not? I'm your date, Jungkook!" Soojin's demeanor instantly changed.
She was no longer batting her eyelashes. She was glaring at Jungkook, too annoyed to say more.
"I know...but I promised to drink with Mr. Wang tonight. You know how much your father wants him to invest in Castle..." More lies.
It worked. Soojin couldn't protest. He was right. Mr. Wang was an important person and Jungkook couldn't turn him down. It was so hard to convince that old man to attend this party. This was probably the only chance Jungkook had to convince Mr. Wang to become an investor.
"Fine. But I want you to escort me to my car. I still need to tell you something." She didn't wait for his response, already walking away.
Jungkook sighed as he followed her, but not before looking back to where you were.
It didn't change the fact that you were gone.
"What did you want to talk about?" Jungkook arched his brow after handing the ticket to the valet worker.
Soojin inhaled deeply, suddenly regretting her decision to do this sober. She should have at least drank wine to calm her poor nerves.
But she wanted to be strong. She didn't want Jungkook to think that she was pouring her heart out just because she was drunk.
She wanted to do this right.
So heaving a deep sigh once again, Soojin stared at his face.
"I like you, Jungkook..."
She tried.
She really did try to be as genuine as possible. Her voice was soft, yet strong. She had been practicing saying these words for so long.
It should feel good, right?
But...why was her stomach turning upside down? Why was Jungkook's expression so thoughtful? Too fucking thoughtful that she could feel his rejection in her mouth.
No. This couldn't be right. Maybe he misunderstood?
"I-I mean it...I like you. I like you so much and it's not in a friendly or brotherly way. I like you as a man, JK..."
It didn't make anything better. Jungkook's eyes were still dead. He was still looking at her the way he looked at everyone—the same boy who was respectful, sweet, but determined.
"Soojin..." Jungkook licked his lower lip and then he bit it. Heartbreak was written all over his face.
Soojin could feel it.
She could feel her heart breaking into a thousand pieces.
"I don't like you like—"
"Just think about it!" Soojin cut him off before he could finish his response.
"But I...." Jungkook tried to say something again, however he trailed off.
His face softened. Soojin was looking at him using those desperate eyes. Besides, it wasn't like he could freely speak his mind.
Soojin cut him off again before he could say more.
"Monday." Her jaw tensed. "You have until Monday to decide. I'm giving you this weekend to think, huh, JK? Please..."
"Okay." Jungkook agreed because he didn't know what else to say.
It was a good thing that the valet worker arrived, saving them from the awkward atmosphere.
The uncomfortable air didn't deter Jungkook from examining Soojin's car, looking for any damage. He didn't like Soojin the way she wanted to, but it didn't mean that he wanted her to get into an accident or something.
"You didn't drink, right? Call me when you get home, okay?"
Soojin nodded.
"Thanks, JK. See you soon..." She kissed him on the cheek before getting into her car and driving away.
When he couldn’t spot her car anymore, Jungkook finally let out a sigh.
"Excuse me? Where do guests wait while waiting for their ride?" Jungkook asked the same valet worker. The latter was happy to assist, telling him that guests who didn't bring their cars were waiting for a cab or uber at the second entrance.
Jungkook rushed towards that direction, hoping to see you.
He saw you.
He saw you standing there, still shivering because of the freezing wind.
Jungkook frowned. You were wearing an open-back gown, exposing your skin generously. There was no doubt that he loved you in this dress (you looked ravishing) but then he didn't like that you were trembling.
And so he hugged you from behind.
You yelped, struggling to get away from him.
"Ow!" Jungkook shrieked when you managed to kick his leg. "Calm down, tiger. It's just me. Damn!"
You immediately stopped moving when you heard your best friend's voice. Three seconds later, you were pushing him away again.
You succeeded since he didn't expect you to struggle once more.
"Jungkook. What the hell? It's not cool to scare me like that!" You were still shivering but this time it wasn't because you were cold.
Your heart was beating erratically because of fear. Jungkook really scared the shit out of you.
"Sorry. I just noticed you're cold and I didn't want you to get sick..."
"I won't get sick because I'll die of a heart attack. Seriously, Kook. Don't sneak up on me like that again!"
Jungkook pouted. This boy really pouted his lips, sulking!
He knew he was wrong, this was why he was acting all cute. He even attempted to embrace you again just to prove how sorry he was.
You put a hand on his chest though, stopping him.
"I'm fine. Promise..."
It didn't reassure him. His lips just protruded more.
"The hug isn't for you. It's for me," he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer. "I miss you, tiger..."
Your heart melted because of the softness and sadness apparent in his voice. Tears welled up in your eyes.
"Miss you too, bud..." You tapped his back, an attempt to comfort him.
Jungkook only groaned. He acted more like a baby when you make him feel as if it was right for him to act the way he was acting now.
"You're lying. Why didn't you answer my texts and calls if you really missed me?"
It was easier to lie when you weren't looking at his eyes. Jungkook knew this so he broke the embrace, staring at you.
You refused to meet his gaze.
"I'm busy with work, Kook."
You expected him to understand, regrettably he only hissed, rolling his eyes.
"Yeah right. I visited you in the office. Fran said you're out with your friends." Jungkook sounded bitter. It wasn't like he hated that you're spending time with other people but not with him.
He wasn't asking much. He just wanted you to tell him you're okay, or that he didn't do anything wrong. He wanted your assurance because frankly, this was the first time you spent two weeks without talking to him.
What did he even do to deserve this?
"Y-You visited the office?" Was all you could say. You didn't know that. You thought he was busy at the construction site. Soojin too. Both of them hadn't been back in the office ever since the construction began.
Your sister even told you that she and Jungkook were staying at a hotel near the site. They couldn't go home since they were busy reviewing the progress of their project.
"Don't be surprised. You know I can't go a day without seeing you."
If he's trying to melt your heart, you wanted to congratulate him because he succeeded.
"It's why I'm here right now, you know?"
You didn't. "I didn't...." You said.
He scoffed.
"Because I want to see you, dumbass." He ruffled your hair. "Come on. I'll drive you home."
You didn't move.
"I'm waiting for my uber, Kook..." It was too late to cancel now. It took you long to book this ride since no driver wanted to go to this place. The security was at a high level. It was a pain in the ass to get past the gate.
"Besides, aren't you supposed to be with Soojin?” You panicked for a second. “Who's bringing her home?" 
Shit. You forgot that you weren't allowed to talk to him. Your sister would be pissed!
"Soojin already left. I told her I can't drive her since I have to meet a very important person..." He was staring into your soul.
"Mr. Wang?" You asked only because you saw him talking to the old man a while ago.
"Nah," he grinned. "It's you..."
"Oh." You weren't sure what to say.
He ditched Soojin because he wanted to see you. It was cool. Awesome. Heartwarming even. But what were you supposed to say? Thank you? Fuck you?
Fuck you because Soojin would definitely hate me once she found out that I was meeting you behind her back?
You hadn't had the chance to think of how to respond when Jungkook spoke again.
"Soojin confessed to me tonight..."
There was a lump in your throat, still you managed to say "nice. What did you tell her?"
It was difficult to act happy when your heart was breaking. Fuck. Why were you feeling this way? It wasn't like you didn't know that this was happening.
"Nothing much." He chuckled.
He fucking chuckled like he was fucking happy.
You hated it.
You hated it because you didn't have the right to feel the way you did.
You wanted the ugly, green monster to leave you alone.
"She didn't really give me a chance to speak." He shrugged. "She only told me to think about it. I have an ultimatum though..." He laughed again and it irked you more.
"I have until Monday to decide..."
He stopped speaking after that. You didn't say anything for a while too.
You let silence engulf you.
Seconds later, you found the courage to speak.
"Do it." You said bravely.
Jungkook creased his forehead, silently asking you to do what?
"Date her." You swallowed thickly, avoiding the pain dancing in his eyes.
"You should date her, Kook. She's nice, pretty, s-smart..." She was whole too. She could love you, she could fill the hole in your heart.
I couldn't.
Because I was broken.
"What?" The laugh he let out wasn't like the other ones. He sounded sad, like he couldn't believe what he was hearing, like it was breaking him.
"You want me to date your sister?" He repeated, making sure that he heard you right.
It was hard to nod your head and smile.
"Yes." But you did anyway.
Silence welcomed you two once again.
The wind blew harshly. It became unbelievably cold. The defeating silence didn't help.
You wanted to curl up and die.
"Will it make you happy?"
You turned to look at him. To really look at him.
You didn't know what he was talking about. He could see it in your face. He knew you were confused.
"If I date your sister—" He spoke again. "Will that make you happy?"
You couldn't hesitate. Not now. Not when Soojin needed your support the most.
So you said what you didn't want to say.
"Yes..." And then your heart cracked.
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zigovali-rigovali · 18 days ago
10: Channel
He had made this trek but once before. Trudging through snowbanks that piled up near to his waist, leaning upon his staff with every step, he climbed the icy bluff. It was not for the gorgeous view of Ishgard that he ventured here, nor for the piled cairns dedicated to the departed unknown, but to one of the storied Godstones. Here, on the wind-swept overhang that stood watch over the Steps of Faith, the Godstone of Menphina could be found. It was here, so many years ago, that Zigovali opened the Sixth Gate, the Spear, and became a true astrologian.
The only thing that kept him marching onward was the arcane flame he held in his other hand, its warmth and light keeping the cold dark of the Coerthan evening at bay. Finally, his steps were made easier; the snowbanks receded, and he marched between the stone cairns laid around the Godstone. The twin moon sigil of the goddess of love was weathered, yet distinct, marking the site as holy ground. Zigovali lowered himself to a knee in supplication, reflecting upon Menphina’s lessons. Love, of all kinds. For friends, for family, for lovers, for strangers. For oneself. Her mercy contrasted sharply with Halone’s righteous might; the Lover stayed the Fury’s hand, and tempered the strikes of the Spear.
Rising to his feet, Zigovali looked past the cairns, to the lit spires of Ishgard beyond. He frowned as his thoughts turned away from the gods, and to the people. His stay in Ishgard had been overall unpleasant; the locals were dismissive of his presence, the clergy clung desperately to outdated and misguided doctrines, and the people as a whole languished still from a millennium of lies and loss. He rubbed his temple with a sigh; he had hoped to find the truth of Ishgard’s faith here, but he had failed. I’ll catch the next airship on the morrow, he resolved. There is nothing left for me to find here.
He turned to go, but stopped; something gave him pause. He looked back, to the edge of the bluff, to a solitary gravestone. He did not recall seeing it there when he first came to the Godstone, years before, but it was obscured behind the cairn; he could have easily overlooked it in the midst of his heavenly revelations. Briefly debating whether to return to the warmth of the city or to investigate, Zigovali chose the latter, and approached the grave.
The stone was unremarkable, smoothed from years of exposure. A small bouquet of white flowers lay wilting before it, incapable of withstanding the cold, yet showing that the deceased buried here was still fondly recalled. Leaning against the stone was a kite shield, black and bearing the crimson unicorn of the High House Fortemps... as well as terrible damage. A gaping wound had punctured the shield, rending it unusable. Zigovali frowned, wondering if perhaps this was some indication of the deceased’s fate. He stepped closer, and carefully brushed away the snow that clung to the front of the stone, to reveal its engraving:
A noble and a knight. Why was he buried here, and not with his kin? Zigovali leaned upon the stone in thought... then groaned, a rising pressure closing in on his mind. A headache with sudden onset, one would imagine–were he not familiar with the sensation. The Echo channeled distant memories into his perception, faded from time, and he lost his own sense of self...
“Nidhogg is fallen! There is no need for further deception! Now is the time to renounce the lies which led us down this path─to start anew!” Aymeric de Borel, clutching his arm, cried out to the figures at the far end of the airship dock of the Vault: a knight in white Halonic garb, and an elderly priest wearing a tall mitre. Zigovali (standing somewhat taller than he was used to) recogized the man from sketches in lorebooks: Thordan VII, the last Archbishop of the Holy See of Ishgard.
Thordan canted his head back to the group that stood beside Zigovali. He recognized Aymeric, famed Lord Commander, and Lucia, who was present with the Ilsabard Contingent. Others, he did not know, but looking upon them, he felt a sense of deep kinship and affection: a dragoon in red armor, a young elezen boy with braided white hair, and a knight of House Fortemps.
“And tear down the very pillars of our society─our history, our values─everything we have built over a thousand years?” Thordan sighed, shaking his head. “A fool to the last.” He made to board the airship that awaited him; he’s getting away! Zigovali looked to the knight, and the two nodded, before charging down the pier. I cannot let him get away!
“Look out!” The knight suddenly turned, shield raised, intercepting a lance of light with a blinding crash. It would have surely struck down Zigovali, focused as he was on stopping the Archbishop. The knight pushed back against the lance, even as the shield buckled, the metal crunching discordantly. Then, he gasped: the lance had pierced through the shield, and then through the knight’s torso.
The airship lifted away from the pier, as the others rushed to the fallen knight. Zigovali felt a tightening in his chest; shock, and sorrow. The young elezen was swift to act, producing a grimoire and beginning to heal the knight. All gathered around with baited breath, waiting...
The elezen grimaced, sweat beaded on his brow. “It's no good... The wound is too deep. It refuses to mend...” He looked to the knight, then up to Aymeric; the Lord Commander closed his eyes with a deep frown, and carefully lifted up the knight. He had some consciousness remaining, but his time was clearly short.
The knight looked to Zigovali, and smiled wearily. “You...you are unharmed? F-Forgive me... I could not bear the thought of...of...” He exhaled softly, the closest thing to a laugh of relief he could muster. Zigovali shook his head, taking the knight’s hand. He felt his eyes burn, tears flowing freely. You cannot fall; not like this...!
“Oh, do not look at me so.” Zigovali looked up, to see the knight’s reassuring smile, even as the light was fading from his eyes. Zigovali could feel the end of the memory approaching, as the knight’s final words echoed through his soul.
“A smile better suits a hero...”
Zigovali leaned upon his staff to stand. His face stung, his tears freezing as they fell, mourning a man he had never known. He cast his eyes back out toward Ishgard, brow knit with new consideration.
He did not know who Haurchefant was. The name was vaguely familiar from the research he had conducted on the Dragonsong War, but otherwise the man was a stranger to him. Yet Zigovali, having seen his demise through the Echo, was sure of one thing: Haurchefant was the most devout follower of Halone there could ever be. His conviction burned strongly, to stand against the Archbishop; his duty was unwavering, leaping to the defense of another without hesitation; his faith was unshakeable, smiling and urging his friends to stay strong, even as he lay dying. In his sacrifice was the ultimate expression of Halonic virtue.
Zigovali took a deep breath, and looked upon Haurchefant’s grave with a solemn frown. “The priests do you a disservice, son of Halone. If only all of Ishgard had your strength of will; perhaps then, it would truly know the Fury’s grace.” He flicked his wrist, conjuring The Spear from his sleeve, and placed it in the snow beside the wilting flowers. He left nothing else save his footsteps, marching back down the bluff to return to Ishgard. On the morrow, he boarded an airship, and sailed south for warmer climes.
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mesukohi · a year ago
Isuka x Portgas D. Ace
A familiar face visits Ace a few hours prior his execution
Tumblr media
Abandon all your hope, ye who enter here is scribbled on the dusty brick walls that surrounded a certain flame commander. Goosebumps raises in response to the cold air that swiftly caresses skin, a touch from the reaper himself, meaning to guide him into river Styx to what could be the heaven or the underworld. He had already forgotten the concept of time, the absence of sunlight making the difference of day and night blurry to those who are unfortunate enough to end up in impel down. The shackles made of sea stone continued to suffocate his wrist, cutting away the demon blood that circulated his weakened body.
He has no regrets, that's for sure.
Even though that shadows of death is near, he will wholeheartedly welcome it with open arms. As long as luffy is safe. As long as pops is safe. That is all that matters.
The sounds of footsteps nearing his cell snapped the freckled man from his thoughts. A warden he barely know hits the metal bars to alert him that a visitor has arrived to see him. He wasn't expecting one in all honesty, but if this visitor is able to reach impel down in such a short notice, perhaps the unknown guest is someone who has name and power in regards to the government.
And he was right.
There, in front of his cell is a woman with fiery hair he was too familiar with. Her once short locks has now reached her hips, gloved hand hiding the burnt scars that he used to kiss. Her eyes glowed sienna against the harsh lighting, and on her shoulders was the coat of justice that the navies wore with pride. She was not a mere ensign anymore by the way those medals hung against her crisp uniform but still, he knows, that she remained that kind and loving woman he met years ago.
"Isuka" he breathes, parched throat rasping her name instead.
"Its nice to see you again, Firefist" the redhead greets, arms crossing indignantly. "I never thought the day would come that I won't be happy to see you locked up in a cell"
"Fiesty as ever" he chuckled "Did you just visit me so that you could tell that joke?"
"No, not really" she stepped closer, eyes adjusting to meet the the prisoner's lonely gaze "I'm here to visit an old friend"
"We're not just friends, Isu" Ace cleared, the corner of his lips stretching to form a bitter smile.
"Call me Captain Isuka now, that nickname doesnt matter anymore" she answered, voice firm.
"You used to love it when I called you that"
"Damn it Ace, just stop!" the navy exclaimed, lone boot stomping against the ground. "All of that is in the past now. We made our choices! We took different paths that are polar opposites and there's nothing we can do to change it!" Tears began to form on the corner of her eyes, the naval biting her lips to prevent the waterworks from falling "This is not the time and place... I don't even know if there will be one. For once in your life, can you please let me say goodbye in peace?"
"I won't die Isu" Ace assured lovingly, "As long as my brothers can remember me, as long as you hold me in your memory I wont"
"But I don't want you to be a memory" Isuka broke "I want you alive. I want to see your bounty raise, I want to see the changes of your smiles in your damn wanted posters. I want you to live!"
"But it's too late now is it?" he retorted, brown irises gleaming sadly "I made my choice Isu. This is the life I wanted. The best thing you could do is keep pops and luffy safe"
"But what about me?! Did you even took the time to think what I wanted?! Why are you always so stubborn, Ace!" she snapped, gloved hands gripping the metal bars that separated her and her beloved "Your ears were always closed. You never listen to anybody! Now look at you! I can't even hold you. I cant even touch you let alone kiss you goodbye!"
Slowly, her knees fell to the ground, pained sobs echoing against the cold brick walls.
"You should've listened to me and became a warlord. That way, at least we have the slightest chance to be together"
"I... can't. I won't" the pirate answered, head held down guiltily "Even if you ask me now, my answer will be the same. That position is not for me, you know that more than anyone"
"And I respect that but still..." she inhales deeply, harvesting enough courage to quell the fire on her chest "I suppose I just have to suck it up and accept that this is not our time" she began, watery eyes meeting his "Maybe in another world we were meant to be happy. But not here. Not in this one. We were meant to meet each other but we are not fated to be together. And it hurts Ace! Its ripping me apart"
"I know" he answered, the flood on his cheeks starting "And it hurts me to see you suffer. This is my fault. Just forget about me and move on. You deserve to be happy"
"Don't ask me to move on as if that's an easy feat!" she yelled back, snot dripping from her nose "Do you think I have moved on already when we left each other years ago? For fuck's sake Ace, I never did! I won't be standing in front of you right now if I've already forgotten you. You are hard to forget! The happiness we shared before is tattooed in my mind and it surfaces no matter how much i suppress it!"
Footsteps echoed abruptly, indicating that the guard from before has returned to fetch the visitor. The redhead raises her hand, asking for a few more minutes in which the warden grumbled "two" before standing prostate on the side. Isuka darts back at the guilt ridden prisoner, memorizing the face that will soon depart the living world.
"I will not be in marineford Ace" she admitted, taking a step back from his cell "I'm not going to stand there and watch you die. Im not going to fight the people you hold on your heart dearly. I'll be home waiting until this nightmare ends"
She turned on her heels, preparing to leave.
"I am thankful to have met you. I am thankful that you loved me. I am thankful of the fond memories that you have given me. I know I shouldn't be saying this but... I do hope that your father will be able to save you. Goodbye, Firefist"
"Isu, wait!" he calls, making the navy captain stop on her tracks "Do you... Do you still love me?" he asked exasperatedly.
She gives him a gentle smile, eyes filled with a lonely light as she spoke.
"I never stopped loving you, Ace. And I will continue to love you no matter where you are"
There are eight more hours until Portgas D. Ace's execution. And right now, he realizes that he has one regret.
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honeypirate · a year ago
Fate of the Clouds
 Gajeel x Fem Reader 
“Hi” you say softly, sitting beside him against the side of the guild house. “Leave me alone” he turned away from you, his voice gruff. He smelled like fireworks and his hair was singed in a few places. You reach out and pinch the end of a lock that was smoldering “all that gorgeous hair, would hate for it to burn” you twist on your butt, laying your back against the sun warmed grass and placing your feet up against the building, you place your hands behind your head as you looked up at the clouds. 
“Why?” his voice was laced with annoyance that you were 50% sure was fake. You look over at his face “why what?” you smile softly at him and you watch his guard fall just a little bit “why won’t you leave me alone?” you sit up again, crossing your legs and resting your hands on your thighs as you study him for a moment “Gajeel, if you really want me to leave and I’m making you uncomfortable, I will. But honestly, I’d like to get to know you. So if it’s alright with you, i’d like to lay here by you and talk, unless you don't want to, then we can just sit together.” 
You watch his emotions in his eyes, he couldn’t understand you. You were sweet and cute and he heard all about how strong a wizard you were. You watched him tear apart the guild hall but you were here by him. Telling him you wat to get to know him? He couldnt decide if you were joking or not. When he doesnt say anything for a few minutes you lay back again, smiling as you look up at the sky. 
After ten minutes go by and your eyes flick down to him, he’s looking at his hands in his lap “Do you mind if I talk to you? You don’t have to respond '' your voice was quiet, like it was carried to his ears on the breeze, his gaze froze on a scar he has on his knuckle “I dont mind” his voice was quieter than you had heard before. His usual anger was gone, just like you suspected it was just a cover for his real feelings. You sigh softly and look back up to the clouds “there is a cloud up there that looks like a horse” he looks up then, his eyes searching, you chuckle and pat the ground next to you softly. He looks down at you, considering, trying to figure you out, to see if you could be hatching a plan. 
He sighs and moves over so he was laying beside you, tensing and watching your face when you scoot closer to him, moving your head down next to his so you could find the cloud again “there” you point up and it takes him a moment to tear his gaze from your soft smile to follow your finger to the right cloud. You move back into your place and smile as you watch the cloud float away and become a blob again. 
“When i was younger..,” you look at him “now you have to promise me you wont tell anyone this, okay? Pinky promise me and since we’re friends you cant break it” you hold up your hand, pinky out and wait for him. His head turns, looking at your eyes and then down to your hand. His fingers drum against his stomach before he hooks his pinky around yours. You smile and pull your hand still connected to his and kiss the back of your thumb, pushing his hand towards his lips next “kiss or it doesnt work” his cheeks flush and he huffs in annoyance but kisses the back of his thumb anyway “thank you Gajeel” you whisper before your hands rest against your stomach again. 
“When I was younger, I had a job on a farm. I would use my water magic to help the crops among other things. I once rode a horse to check for the cows and was feeling really proud of my horse riding skill, I rode down the wrong path, got scraped off the back of my horse and thrown down the mountain. Had a nasty cut on my neck and i wasn't trusted riding alone again. I know this story is stupid, juvenile, but the point is this; trust is something that is really hard to earn, but worth every second. Sure i have other stories i could have told you, other magical ones where i fucked up missions. But all of them have the same point. Proving that you can grow as an individual, proving that people are worthy of a second chance, it’s nice that we even have that opportunity.” you point out another cloud “ooh look at that one! It looks like a starfish!” you chuckle and notice the smile on his lips  
 “Forgiveness has always come easy to me. I truly would like to be your friend and get to know you. No jokes, no dirty tricks. I’m here if you’ll have me Gajeel” he sighs gently, his hands holding his shirt in his fists, his knuckles turning white, after a few minutes his hands release his shirt and he relaxes into the grass.
 He doesn't get any bad vibes from you, if he had to put a picture to how you feel to him, he would picture a field of daisies on a summer day. “That one” he reaches up and points “that one looks like a dragon with a rider on it’s back” you chuckle and follow his finger to the cloud you could see the dragon but figured the rider smudged away “it does! That’s so cute” his cheeks flush and a true smile sits upon his lips. 
After another ten minutes storm clouds roll in as well as cold winds, you shiver and sit up again, turning towards him as he sat up next to you, you reach out slowly and when he doesn't move or say anything you gently run your fingers through his thick hair, pulling out the pieces of grass that stuck to him. “Thank you for letting me sit with you” you smile sweetly up at him, even sitting by him he was much taller and bigger than you. “Thank you, for wanting to” he avoids your gaze, his cheeks dusting pink yet again. 
Every day you would eat meals with him and talk, slowly you would convince others to give him a chance. Inviting others to sit with you both, he slowly opened up more to you and you would cloud gaze and chat about your missions and other things you have witnessed or experienced. but even then, you had to take missions that kept you apart occasionally. 
Excitement was flooding your system, you were a few blocks away from home and you haven't been back for a few months, your last mission was difficult and you spent some time in the hospital. You were so excited to see Gajeel you almost couldn't handle it, forcing yourself to take normal steps and not to run. 
You open the door and look around at everyone, looking for your specific person. Gajeel was in the back of the room, deep in conversation with Levy. Your smile disappears and you feel your heart skip before it crumbles into your stomach. You were happy for him, proud of his growth in the guild. You blink back your tears and then clear your throat softly, working your way through the crowd to the stairs to the dorm. 
You were supposed to be back today, where were you?! He was checking the door every few minutes, his heart racing and his foot tapping against the stone floor. He had gotten back from his mission a few days prior and was waiting for you, you sent him a letter saying when you expected to be back and he kept that letter in his inside jacket pocket. “Hey Gajeeeeel” Levy says as she comes over to his table and he groans internally, he just wanted to talk to you,. 
After humoring her for a few minutes he hears the door close behind him, he turns his head and looks for you but doesn't find you, his eyes lock with Mirajane and she points across the crowded room. When Gajeel followed her finger he sees the end of your hair and bag disappear up the stairs “excuse me” he says, cutting her off and standing quickly, running after you. 
The moment your door closes it’s being opened again, you gasp and your bag falls to the ground “why didn’t you come to me?” he asks, his eyes filled with hurt. You smile up at him and reach behind him, closing the door gently. “You looked busy” you laugh nervously and he furrows his brow “no, dont, don't do this, okay? I was counting down the seconds until you returned, I always count the seconds until you return. So please, come see me immediately next time. Okay?”  your breath hitches as you look at him, his words sinking into your heart. His eyes were wild and his hands were stretched out towards you, he wanted to hug you but you haven't broken the physical touch barrier.. until now. 
You throw your arms around his neck and he tenses, his breath hitching “I missed you so much Gajeel” you whisper and his body relaxes against you, his arms holding you to him tight as he buries his face into your hair. “I missed you too” you pull back and smile up at the dark haired man “wanna get some food and cloud watch and catch up?” you ask and he nods “i’d love to” he says, his gruff voice extremely softer than usual. 
Sitting at a table downstairs you eat your fill, after being gone for so long and not eating enough, it was like you were in heaven. “wow i cant believe you took 5 different missions in two weeks” you say as you finish eating. He laughs “i just took smaller papers so i could back here when you would '' you smile warmly, but he was too busy eating to notice the sweet look you’re giving him. 
You end up on your spot on the grass outside of the build, watching the clouds and talking. You show him your healing wounds that will most likely scar and tell him about your time in the hospital. He looks worried about you but tries to laugh it off “you were scars like badges” you giggle “well duh. I work hard for them” his finger tips brush one of your healed scars and he sighs “i wish you didnt have to get hurt though” he whispers and your heartbeat skips. His eyes meet yours and you smile softly, his eyes looking down to your lips and you almost lean forward to kiss him but before you can he’s turning his attention back to the sky. 
I am such a coward he thinks. How am i supposed to fix this? How do i get back to that moment. His eyes are on your face, watching the clouds reflected on your shiny eyes, the tufts of moisture that you gaze at like you’re reading his fate, and he gets an idea. “look at that one” he points and you don’t really know which one he’s talking about “which one? What does it look like?” He laughs “come see it from my perspective” he all but whispers and you roll on your side, bringing your face close to his to trace his eyesight to the right cloud. But his eyes were on you, on your smiling face and bright eyes, you were gorgeous.
“That one. Right there. It’s a cloud that looks like a cat” you reach out and place your hand on his bicep, your small hand traveling softly down his arm until your hand rests against his bracelet “I can’t find it” you whisper and pout, how could you be so adorable? “It’s right there I don’t know how you can’t see it” he chuckles and you turn your head around, trying different angles before you turn and look back at him “I can’t find it-“ your breath hitches when you notice his gaze is on you, a small smile on his lips and his eyes gentle. His hand moved to cup your cheek “you’re beautiful” his gruff voice was a low whisper, the wind blowing your hair behind you and rustling his into his face. Your hand moves without thinking, brushing his hair out of his eyes and cupping his cheek for a moment. 
“Did these hurt?” your fingers gently brush the studs along his eyebrow “they were magic” you hum, probably hurt as much as the guild tattoo. “These too?” your first finger gently slides down the side of his nose and he nods, his eyes never leaving yours, “what about .. these?” your thumb runs along his bottom lip before pulling it down gently, letting it smack against his teeth as you brush his chin studs. His eyes flick down to your lips and you lean in almost all the way before your eyes flick up to his “Gajeel.. Did you really miss me?” you whisper and a strangled groan escapes his throat “every day” his lips touch yours and you feel sparks burst across your skin, your hand moving to tangle in his hair as he pulls you closer to him. 
You pull back and sigh, your eyes closed for a few moments before they flutter open and meet his. He has a soft blush on his cheeks and a smile “should we form a group?” you ask and he laughs, bringing a smile to your lips “probably” he says as he brushes his fingertips across your cheek “but.. More than that right?” he asks with furrowed brows and you chuckle, pressing your lips softly to the tip of his nose before turning and looking up at the clouds again, like you could read your fate in the tufts of moisture. 
 “I love you Gajeel” you whisper and his breath hitches “you do?” he asks, reaching out and turning your gaze back to his. You smile and nod “yes” he smiles softly, a soft sigh of peace as he presses his forehead to yours “I love you y/n” 
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