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How did they all deal with Laudna’s death
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wenamedthedogkylo · 3 hours
Ya know what tho, I gotta give Fearne all the props, she was so quick to answer that the mushroom was totally safe in the hopes that maybe someone would try it, but then Chetney turned it on her cuz he knew what she was doing and rather than back down like so many people would she just went “hell yeah down the hatch” and tried it herself like damn Grandma Morri didn’t raise no chicken
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notpikaman · 8 hours
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blorbologist · 2 hours
Matt’s beetle (Changebeetle?) impression.... perfection
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i see no difference
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“Glad you’re not here….wish you were anyways.”
Orym stop breaking my heart challenge 🥲
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wickeryburning · 1 day
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Imogen x Laudna in a nutshell
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sassy-cass-16 · 3 hours
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greenteaandtattoos · 2 days
Nearly everything in Campaign 3, and I do mean nearly everything, has been slowly connecting back to Calamity. 
We’ve got:
- The apogee solstice coming up which Laerryn used to teleport the Primordials
- Hints of a god trapped on Ruidus by a Divine Gate
- The Ashari who are descendants of the Gau Drashari
- Fresh Cut Grass who was built during the Age of Arcanum
- The Changebringer who is the arch nemesis of Asmodeus
- The Paragon's Call which could be a reference to the chosen champion of three Prime Deities during the Calamity, Alyxian, also known as The Paragon, who was Ruidus-born
- More Changeling Seelies playing important roles
- Ruidus which has several theories, including one that it was placed in Exandria’s skies during the Schism by the Betrayer Gods
- Ruidusborns who are theorized to be sensitive to “fiendish touches” and “boundary flares and failures”, and the boundaries of other planes become weakest during an apogee solstice
- A possible connection to The Raven Queen with Paté being made with a raven skull and now being given wings, and it is noted “for the Prime Deities, she portends the possibility of another Calamity” who was not only friends with Patia and was the one to teach her about apogee solstices, but is also theorized to be ruidus-born herself, not to mention that she ascended during the Age of Arcanum and was used by Vespin Chloras as inspiration to try and become a god himself, which of course, helped kickstart the Calamity
- And of course, the timing in which EXU: Calamity took place
I absolutely believe that Campaign 3 is building to a second Calamity, I have almost no doubt in my mind that this is where Bell’s Hells’ story is headed. And I’m so freaking excited.
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Okay so we’ve got:
Ashton the werealligator
Orym the wererabbit
Imogen the werehorse
Fearne the werequokka or werecapybara
FCG the werebass (with fur, for some reason)
Laudna the wererat (giant rat though, very important distinction)
And Chetney the regular ol’ werewolf
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taphappy52 · 2 hours
critical role: the most successful actual play show ever
also critical role: can we get the robot high?
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shadowgasps · 3 hours
Hearing Dorians voice again made my heart ache I miss that blue boy so much
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notpikaman · 8 hours
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“Imogen's mother is alive! How is she handling that news and the fact that her mother won't see her?”
“I’m not gonna let that bother me because Laudna is back” -Laura
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wenamedthedogkylo · 1 hour
Annaline: you need to meditate and offer yourself up humbly to Sahyaadon, shed your ego
The rest of the table: *instant giggling and snickering at the idea of Chetney shedding his ego for any amount of time*
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blorbologist · 1 hour
"Travis' PC, struggling with a dark power, finds understanding and control by seeking guidance from the Wildmother... TWO!"
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criticalsorcery · 2 months
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we’ll help
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sixofclovers · 1 month
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heard my number one babygirl was back and bitchier than ever 
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