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kingreywrites · 11 months ago
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Let’s hope tonight is not a horrible disaster!
Collection of some great faces from the dinner scene
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eggsoups · 6 months ago
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"Seven-foot frame Rats along his back When he calls your name It all fades to black"
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artmadval · 10 months ago
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grandkids round up! 💃💃💃
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sketchnwhatevr · 10 months ago
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Part one of a fan board/animatic I’m working on!
I'm so in love with this movie and these characters that I had to start making my own scenes 😭 This obviously isn't canon since Camillo never got to see Bruno's hideout in Casita #1 in the movie, but this is just to pretend that Mirabel and Bruno showed him.
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sock-ness-monster · 11 months ago
Camilo be like
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yumbees · 11 months ago
Don't think about Mirabel back in the nursery after her ceremony (don't think about the box on the floor of the things she refuses to unpack)
Don't think about her hearing Abuela rage at anyone around
Don't think about Camillo sneaking in with party food for her
Don't think about Luisa throwing her around in the days to follow, trying to get a laugh
Don't think about Dolores teaching her songs and sewing and painting, any kind of distraction she can think of (Don't think about how she wants Mirabel to have something to call a talent)
Don't think about Abuela refusing to acknowledge Mirabel for days
Don't think about Julietta pleading with her mother to "think about this reasonably!"
Don't think about Felix and Augustin yelling at Casita, begging for an answer that it cannot give
Don't think about Pepa hiding away in her room to make sure she won't spoil the sunshine, because Mirabel deserves *something* nice
Don't think about the hundreds of flowers Isa didn't grow, not wanting to flaunt the magic that somehow she deserved more than her little sister
Definitely don't think about how, with all the attention, negative and positive, the one thing Mirabel won't stop thinking about it why Tio Bruno was so upset with her that he abandoned them all
Definitely don't think about that.
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suspiciousplant123 · 11 months ago
Camillo: I miss my Tío Bruno and his seven foot frame with rats along his back w-
Bruno from the walls: quit telling people I’m seven foot
Camillo: sometimes it’s like I can still hear his voice
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misschibidoodles2 · 10 months ago
"my child is fine" your child is listening to Surface Pressure on repeat
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im-a-swiftie-i-guess · 11 months ago
The Madrigals Having Dinner
Abuela: *eats like normal*
Pepa: *storm clouds cause she bit her tongue*
Felix: *passes Pepa orange juice*
Bruno: *talking about his rat-plays*
Dolores: *completely invested in said rat-plays*
Isabela: *listening to rat-plays as well*
Julieta: *in the kitchen making healing pastries*
Agustin: *eating said pastries to cure bee stings*
Antonio: *conversing with his animals*
Mirabel: *talking to Luisa*
Luisa: *actually in her room cause she finished early and she's tired*
Camillo: *pretending to be Luisa so he can have seconds*
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pink02 · 9 months ago
He cried after Camilo raised his voice at him 😭
Poor baby 🥺
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Just did it this morning lolol *sips hot coco with shaky hand*
[This is the aftermath of the Owl house meme ref link here]
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houseofmaddnessandarts · 11 months ago
If you know the movie Encanto you are ether in love with
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Buff goddess
Tumblr media
Shape-shifting pretty boy
Tumblr media
Scrawny rat man who everyone don't talk about
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i-am-definitely-not-a-crab · 10 months ago
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I give you another poorly made Encanto meme, this time you might have to zoom.
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boilingdreamland · 10 months ago
Bruno when His Rats left him alone in the Walls to go be Camillos backup dancers for We Don't Talk About Bruno
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froggywritesstuff · 10 months ago
Cariña | Carlos Madrigal
Tumblr media
Pairing: Carlos Madrigal x g/n!reader
Warnings: swearing, fluff, google translate
Request: no
Shout out to @dos-oroguitas for all the amazing Carlos fanfiction that inspired me to write this
A/N: for anyone who doesn't know, Carlos is an older design of Camilo who was gonna be all emo and shit, but in this one shot, he's Camilo's twin
18+ people DNI
"Hey, Y/N, can I talk to you for a second?"
Y/N smiled when they were met with the face of their best friend, Camilo Madrigal.
"Sure, what do you need?" they asked, pushing their door open wider to let him inside.
Y/N and Camilo had been the best of friends since either of them could remember. The two were inseparable. They did everything together. It was perfect.
Almost perfect.
Because unfortunately for Y/N, shapeshifting Madrigal’s came in pairs. The other half of that pair being the only downside to being friends with Camilo.
The downside called Carlos.
No matter how hard they tried, Y/N just couldn’t stand Carlos.
And Carlos wasn’t exactly helping them.
Carlos was down for the idea of a rivalry with his brother's best friend, and did everything in his power to keep that rivalry going. To the dangerous pranks he pulled, the snarky comments he’d pull, he would never fail to get under Y/N’s skin.
And it only got worse when Y/N developed the teeniest crush on him.
Something about the smirks he gave, and how his hair perfectly fell over his eyes made Y/N’s heart rush.
And as much as they tried pushing those feelings down, claiming that they had reached a whole new level of hatred, they knew that someday those feelings would need to surface.
But for now, all Y/N could bring themselves to do was continue to fuel the unspoken feud with the shapeshifting Madrigal twin.
"Uh..." Camilo began, running a hand through his hair, "I don't think we should be friends anymore."
The comment barely even fazed Y/N, seeing as the shapeshifter was known for his pranks, "Ha, very funny. Was there anything else you needed.
Camilo sighed, an annoyed look gracing his face, "Y/N, look," he began, the seriousness and frustration in his voice making Y/N begin to worry, "Don't make this any harder on yourself. I don't wanna be friends with you anymore."
Nervous laughter left Y/N's mouth, "C-come on, Camilo. Your pranks are better than this."
"God, Y/N," Camilo rolled his eyes, "Don't you get it? I don't like you anymore."
Y/N felt tears sting the back of their eyes.
They had never seen him like this.
"Y-you're serious?"
Camilo nodded.
"Why?" Y/N demanded, receiving a look of surprise from Camilo, "You're just gonna drop me out of the blue for no reason? Why? What is it?!"
"I dunno," he scoffed, "I just don't-"
"Shut up," Y/N mumbled, turning away so hide the tears that were streaming down their face.
"What?" Camilo asked, his face morphing into one of surprise.
"Just shut up! Leave me alone,"
Camilo held back a laugh, before he noticed Y/N's eyes filled with tears, "W-wait, are you crying?"
Anger bubbled in Y/N's chest as they frantically wiped away the tears, "I said shut up!"
"Y/N, I-" Camilo tried to speak, but was cut off by Y/N's shout.
"Fuck off!"
Camilo's eyes widened. He had seen Y/N get angry, but this was especially new to him.
"Y/N..." he whispered, careful not to anger them anymore, "I'm sorry."
When he finally had Y/N's eye contact, 'Camilo' shapeshifted back into himself.
"Yup," he nodded, a smirk on his face, "You know, I'm kinda surprised that you didn't realize it was me earlier. I mean, why would my brother dump someone like you out of the blue?"
Y/N just stared at the shapeshifter with wide eyes, unaware of all the tears streaming down their face, until a loud sob escaped their lips.
Carlos's expression morphed into one of sympathy as he stared at Y/N, "Oh, cariña," he whispered, a burst of confidence rushing through him as he wrapped his arms around Y/N, pulling them into a hug.
"Don't call me that," Y/N hissed.
Despite Y/N's harsh tone, they were quick to melt in Carlos's tight hug, sobbing into his shoulders.
Carlos would never admit it, but he could've stayed like that forever. Something about Y/N made him feel safe. They made him feel whole.
"I... I'm sorry, cariña," he whispered, moving his hand up to Y/N's head, stroking their hair.
"You should be," they whispered. Y/N's sobs had died down, though their breathing was still relatively heavy, "Though you do give surprisingly good hugs."
Carlos chuckled, repositioning his arms to look at Y/N. He could've got lost in their eyes for days if he had let himself.
What he did let himself do, was lean in closer to Y/N, to the point where their noses were almost touching.
Y/N's cheeks burned bright with passion as Carlos tucked a stray hair behind their ear
"¿Siempre has sido tan hermoso/hermosa?" he whispered, staring deep into Y/N's eyes.
Y/N's breath hitched, their heart racing as Carlos pressed his lips against theirs.
Deepening into the kiss, Y/N ran their hands through Carlos's dark curly hair.
It was only a matter of time before they both ran out of breath, and had to pull away.
"I-I have to go," Y/N whispered, stepping away from Carlos, "I have to go meet Camilo. Which I'm late to do, because I thought I already had met with him."
"Right," Carlos sighed with disappointment, as Y/N ushered him out the door, shutting the door behind them both.
"Uh..." Y/N began, looking around as if someone were listening in on their conversation, "Don't tell anyone about this?"
A smirk found it's way on Carlos's face, "And if I do-?"
"Carlos, you're insufferable. But could you just do this one thing for me?"
With a roll of his eyes, Carlos nodded, "Fine." Y/N let out a sigh of relief, before walking away, "I'll see you later, cariña!" he called, his voice a little bit too loud for Y/N's liking.
Y/N spun on their heel to face Carlos, sending him a glare, to which Carlos only laughed at.
"Don't call me that!"
"I know you love it, cariña."
A/N: for a chapter about a character that doesn't even exist, I'm really happy for how this came out! hope you like it
Fan art by: https://vm.tiktok.com
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that-1-masked-wierdo · 11 months ago
Camilo's punishment
Camilo x reader
Gender neutral!reader
Note : fluff , , chaotic reader
Modern au
(I'm trying to explain the outfit please don't sue me)
A/n: please be notified this is my first fanfiction and my writing skills aren't as good as your tipical writer so I'm sorry of grammar mistakes and slight character miss accuracy, this idea sounded better in my head
Tumblr media
"No please have MERCY ! AGh--"
Delores heard Camilos voice while sitting at the kitchen table staring at the bread concerned . She has been hearing whining from the upstairs for a while now.
You and Camilo have been going out with each other for quite some time now . You met his parents and the family knows you. The biggest surprise of your relationship that you are the more chaotic. You were always moving when your bursts of energy came ,tho you loved sleeping and cuddling more than anything. It was a confusing dynamic but theirs family liked that you made Camilo a lot more careful than before
Today you seemed mad . Kicking Camilos door with a mysterious bag through your shoulder , while Camilo screamed when he saw you , sure was an weird thing for the Madrigals to witness. You closed the door behind you , with only Delores hearing what's happening.
"Ah.. M-mi Amor , please let me explain" Camilo wimpered while moving back to his bed genuinely scared
" YOU promised and yet you didn't came yesterday . It was SATURDAY and on that day you don't usually have PLANS" you sounded pissed.
" you know what happens now.. you shall be punished " you said opening the bag
" no, pleas NO-- AgH " Camilo begged before being tackled on the ground
" Ow! Please be more gentle - Ah! Let's talk I beg y-you mi Amor ..." Delores heard more groaning from Camilo . It has been 2 hours of pure screaming and moaning from Camilo.
"N-No NO Don't please do--" his voice cut off. Delores has had enough of this. She rushed up he stairs quickly and BURST though the door .
" WHAT ON THE CASITA ARE YO- " What Delores saw stopped her shouting.
It was you with Camilo head between your legs trapped. On the floor their where 4 broken hair combs and a box of pink rubber bands and ribbons. Camilo was in a pastel pink maid dress.The dress seemed very puffy , had a medium length skirt and a small fake white cat tail, cute for cosplays and other thing. It surprisingly looked good on them. You where trying to brush his head and give him ponytails like on the video on your phone but his hair was too fluffy to achieve the same results.
As they noticed theirs sister , Camilos face became as red as a tomato. Delores took a picture and left laughing .
"Ookaay i think we just need some final touches " you said after applying eyeliner . You took out a red lipstick. To Camilos shock you putted in on your lips and then ... SMOOCH ! You kissed them on the mouth for a few seconds. You took of your lips from his. " Gosh dang it! Its not straight! " You said as you started applying lipstick in the corner on his lips where your kiss didn't reach . The poor lad was sitting there paralyzed with his cheeks painting with a vibrant blush .
To this day Camilo never gave you that dress back. Who knows,maybe he secretly liked it .
Tumblr media
(if anyone was wondering this is how the dress looked like in my head, picture from pinterest)
Tumblr media
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inhibited-irregularity · 10 months ago
Ok, Encanto is great, but nobody mentions how healthy and balanced the marriages in the movie are, especially Pepa and Felix. Like, Mirabel's dad is accident-prone and he marries a healer, and that's cute (also, the fact that he seem like a good father and husband), but Pepa and Felix are a perfect match. Pepa has anxiety written all over her and she struggles to control her powers, and is obviously under a lot of pressure from Abuela (i feel like she would've been the black sheep if not for Mirabel and Bruno) and I think it's lovely that she married a ball of sunshine Felix, who doesn't take himself too seriously and provides good mood and "clear skies", and a feeling of control which is evident in that "sorry mi vida go on" line in We don't talk about Bruno, but in a non-toxic way because he's clearly free to state his opinion and take the lead ("Pepi, she needs to know"). It's also amazing that he's able to do it in a gentle way, and it doesn't feel forced or like walking on eggshells, he just knows his wife well and his manner of calming her down or comforting her seems instinctive. Also, they're clearly very much in love, and he's supportive of her (the happiness in his tone when he says "yes, mi amor!" in that last scene when they're dancing and she makes her cloud rain confetti, and the fact he loves her all the same and sticks with her through storms). He's definitely my favorite side character, and I think his and Pepa's balance and parenting are a reason their kids seem well-adjusted.
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