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gravityfallsrockz · a day ago
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Camila Noceda ready to fight
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WitteDad Timepool AU 53: Wallet Swap (Part 2)
Well, do you have card? Caleb needs an answer. Whatever that is.
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novelist-becca · a day ago
So, I’ve seen quite a few fics (actually not a lot) where Luz sees Vee’s interactions with Camila post-King’s Tide and feels jealous. Such as Vee speaking Spanish.
And while I think it could happen, I don’t think it’d be as intense as the fanfics make it out to be. At least in my opinion.
After all, Luz lived with King like they were siblings for months. She even taught him Spanish.
In other words, I don’t think (or I hope) Luz doesn’t have that hard of a time adjusting to Vee living in her house. She’s a welcoming person.
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mage · a day ago
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from chapter 48 of whatever this is, it isn’t love on ao3
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niconebula · a day ago
Going into Season 3, one dynamic I need to see is Amity and Camila becoming a really close 'mother and "daughter-in-law"' duo.
Camila would just adore the everloving crap out of Amity; anyone who makes her daughter happy makes Camila happy, but also their personalities would mesh extremely well together in my opinion. Lots of people view Hunter as 'would-be Mom #2' because he's the oldest and has been in a position of authority, but he now has the rest of the kids to mess around with and the show'll probably give him a break to let his hair down and rest. Wheras Amity can take up her bossy mantle again, but not in a mean or agressive way. Keeping things in check and organized is just Amity's way of coping with a stressful situation. And it would also allow her to get closer to Luz's family.
Amity's actively learning Spanish, and I can vividly see her helping out with meals and learning Dominican cooking from Camila, who's more than happy to share with such an enthusiastic student. In a meta sense I think they'll be using this return to the human world as a vehicle to showcase more of Luz's Dominican background so it checks out. I'd love to see Camila begin to have more interest in witches and the Boiling Isles through the kids as well.
We also just have the more sentimental notion of Amity never really having a guiding mother figure. Of Luz being implied to never have had many friends, and Camila likely seldom having the chance to interact or bond with any of them, let alone a romantic interest of her daughter's. With Luz's depression seemingly getting worse, both of them understand intimately what her struggles have been, and Amity in particular is aware of Luz's fear of dissapointing her mother. They represent what she loves both about the demon realm and the human world.
For ameliorating their relationship, Camila will see especially through Amity that Luz is loved and cared for by people strong enough to protect her - yet share a vested interest in not wanting to separate her from her roots. Amity can communicate to Camila things that Luz may be too afraid to bring up herself when she's caught up in her own clouded judgement.
I believe they're setting this up already - Amity is the only one (with them right now) who knows about Luz' dad, who was explicitly invited to visit the human realm, who's learning Spanish, etc. It would just be so adorable. And I think the two of them would form the backbone of the team which eventually pulls a drowning Luz out of the water, so to speak.
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tringy-planta-de-ovo · 17 days ago
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rileyclaw · 3 months ago
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guys I really like the camila adopts hunter trope guys I really really really-
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cupcakeshakesnake · 3 months ago
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If I had a nickel for every time I drew a powerful villain getting wrecked by La Chancla, I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s interesting that it happened twice.
Edit: The other one
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smallpapers · 4 months ago
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Guilt of Peace
A moment in the Noceda household a few weeks after the Day of Unity.
(you.are.here: tag/masterlist)
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royalelemental · a month ago
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Support Group for Parents of Extinct Kids meeting ✊🏻😔
- Hunter being able to flowers from his palistrom hair is definitely not a new idea, not quite sure where it originated from though.
- Lizards eat their shed skin because it still has a lot of nutrients! So basically, Vee’s shed is filled with magic, hence why it just poofs away, and Vee sucks the rest up.
- Also cus of this Vee goes through an emo phase every now and again, cus I said so.
- Hunter’s look is all Darius.
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deizuwu · a month ago
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belos gets his ass handed to him.png ft dramatic ass lighting
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bonus bonus:
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tennzai · 3 months ago
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You just cant tell me this isnt canon
Also extra cause grimwalkers eyes surely light up like dogs do
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emerald-entrails-hunter · 14 hours ago
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WitteDad Timepool AU 43: Happy Birthday (Part 3- Complete)
Portrait Mom joins the party. This is the height of Caleb's happiest mental health for a long while folks. Life's finally coming together. He's managing as a Dad in the modern world and gripping with the loss of his wife. He's building his life with his new friends and precious son.
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q-mori · 4 months ago
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comic based on @theaceofarrows ‘s incorrect toh post!!
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aweirdlatina · a month ago
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Future Lumity
Of course i have to upload more of them
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rileyclaw · a month ago
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I too , am a fan of the idea that Hunter just doesn’t take damage from boiling water. see: separate tides and also it’s funny. another one from twitter
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allmyworkig · 4 months ago
Don't think about
don't think about Alador not knowing where any of his kids are
don't think about Edric and Emira gripping onto each other as their world falls apart around them with no idea where the rest of their family is, if they're even safe
don't think about the fact they might not even be together
don't think about Darius feeling the pain of the draining spell but all he can think about is the sixteen-year-old kid he cares about despite himself feeling the same pain
don't think about all the other children with coven sigils, in so so much pain as the man everyone trusts betrays them
don't think of Gus' dad learning no one knows where his twelve-year-old son is
don't think of people running for cover as their world falls apart and rebuilds around them
don't think about the ones who couldn't get away in time
don't think of King, so young and so scared, alone with the collector
don't think about Willow's dads patiently waiting for their daughter to come home and their bone-deep grief when she doesn't
don't think about the twins screaming and wailing when Alador tells them he doesn't know where Amity is and the last time he saw her, she was going to fight Belos, the most dangerous man on the Isle
don't think about Eda realizing that despite her best efforts in the end she couldn't protect either of her kids
don't think about Eda reuniting with Lilith and both of their faces falling realizing the other doesn't have the kids
don't think about Camila opening the doors and being so relieved to see her daughter but so worried when she sees how tired and sad all the kids huddled together at her front door are
don't think about the kids quietly but surely patching each other up, older and much more exhausted than they should be
don't think about the fact none of them are going to be to get a good night's sleep for a while
don't think about the kids huddled together mourning people that may be alive because they just don't know
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