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latinposeidon · 4 months
Caleb: how do you like my new band?
His new band, literally the whole time:
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Lifers: … could be better.
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thedeathdeelers · 2 months
caleb @ the boys before their hgc performance:
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blackandblue13 · 3 months
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rip nicky-poo wish there was a second season if only for you to be saved [50/?]
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cruell-summers · 3 months
I can't believe I'm still noticing things about JATP:
In total, the Phantoms had 12 shocks (starting from Episode 5).
Caleb said during that episode: "The haunting hour is upon us", when the clock struck midnight.
The twelfth shock was right before Julie hugged Luke.
If Julie hadn't found them they would've probably reached the twelfth shock and faded.
Also the first 6 shocks took place separatedly (almost 1 per episode), and then the last 6 went by faster during the last episode.
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brought to you by @chaoticandproud and yours truly ✌
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thesunwillart · 24 days
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the babygirlification of caleb covington
this is also available on my redbubble now lol (with more new stuff!)
based off this lmao
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curvesomesunsets · 3 months
no but you’re alex, unmoored and horrified at your fate and its unknowns, and sure you didn’t have the best life but at least you vaguely knew what was going on but now you’re dead and haunting a teenage girl twenty-five years after your death. and there’s this boy that crashes into you, that has answers and a smile bright enough to banish the memories of the dark room from your mind. and when you think to ask him for a favour, his face drops because he can’t help you---but then it turns out he can and he invites you to a place dripping with possible answers, bright as him and dazzling beyond belief.
and there is a man with the night sky stitched into his coat and he laughs and waves his hands and gives you male dancers because he understands. and you really, really don’t want to leave.
but not leaving tears the teenage girl you’ve become friends with back in half and yeah, you feel guilty because you could’ve left in time to save her the heartbreak. but the club was bright, and you really wanted to find the bright boy to have the dance you never could have had at prom when you were alive.
so you feel guilty, but you can’t say you would have done it differently. because then the night sky turns black and the man with too-blue eyes binds you to his club and a part of you is glad, because at least this way you won’t have to face another unknown. at least this way you might get to have that dance after all.
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merry-the-cookie · 2 years
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so there was the jatp poster renewal day on instagram a couple days ago and this was my contribution!!! not a poster exactly lol, more of a banner?? but still!
this was a lot of work but i’m super happy i did it! you can also check it out on instagram
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borfbork · 2 months
okay so i found this "ghost aesthetic" or whatever on pinterest and this happened:
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the boys at trevor/caleb
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the boys
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either willie/alex or luke/reggie
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there were a lot more but this is it for now
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catoptrific · 1 month
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@pscentral event 08: dynamics
↳ Caleb & Willie + Power by Greta Isaac
“you’re so sweet, so breakable, good god i could cry...”
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miscmediahoe · 2 months
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latinposeidon · 5 months
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Ghostly! Sheet! Music! Annotations! Babey!
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thedeathdeelers · 26 days
caleb: join my club!
the boys being their sweet sweet clueless idiot selves: no thank you! 🥰♥️🤘🏻✌🏻🤙🏻
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legolasghosty · 4 months
Hello, I think that if Julie and the Phantoms got a second season(let me live in dream world for a sec here), they should up the rating just a bit for like one episode, exclusively so 2 things can happen. 1. So Willie and Alex can properly make out. They deserve it. 2. So Willie can fully cuss Caleb out for all the manipulation and trauma and stuff, again, cause Willie deserves to be able to do that, and Caleb deserves to cower in fear at the wrath of this usually friendly, happy skater ghost boi. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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cruell-summers · 25 days
Willie gets cursed by Caleb and the boys guess that Julie was able to save them because she was who brought them back, so in order to save Willie they have to find whoever brought him back and they spend most of the season looking for this person, but Willie has his hopes on the floor because he's been a ghost since the 80's so chances are high this person is long gone. Alex tries to stay positive for them both but as time starts running out and they still have nothing it becomes harder. Then in the climax, time's up and Alex is holding Willie as he becomes weaker, and before he goes he tells him he loves him and right after the stamp fades away, and there's this realization that Julie herself didn't save the boys, it was her love for them and so what saves Willie is Alex's love for him and oh god them
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wr0temyway0ut · 9 months
So I was thinking about how Caleb has multiple special powers (flying, making ghosts visible, jolts, possession, mind control, owning souls, etc) while most ghosts only seem to have one, and that has led me to the theory that Caleb’s original power is the owning souls thing. As part of that, whenever he acquires a soul with a special power, he can then spread that power to the other souls he owns. So if he owns a soul who can make themself visible to lifers, he can then make himself and all the other ghosts he owns visible to lifers.
Now here’s the angst part of that theory: Caleb’s jolts are electricity-based, right? And which of our ghosties has an electricity-based power? What if Caleb used Willie’s power to create his stamps? What if part of Willie’s guilt is knowing that it’s his power hurting Alex even though he’s not the one in control of it?
Just some food for thought :)
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