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I have arachnophobia and a stupidly strong fear response, so the word spider is blacklisted everywhere possible. (I would like for my laptop to not fly again because of a really high quality pic of an eight-legged nightmare...)
Anyway, your posts literally do not appear on my dash. I have no idea why/when I started following you and I still don't see your posts
So yeah, that's that
I believe anonymous asks don't ping the sender, so I suppose this person won't see my reply. But for anybody here who's arachnophobic:
I always tag pictures of spiders as three terms: arthropods, arachids, and spiders. This is partially for my own organization, but also because I know some people are squeamish about more than just spiders, and may include other arachids (such as harvestmen), or everything with an exoskeleton. If you follow me, those tags are there to help expose you to only the more fictional creepy critters I like (usually tagged with gore or body horror, but on a more subjective basis).
But, should you wish you felt less scared of spiders, or if you find them too disturbing to look at but still find them fascinating, then I have a recommendation for you: @bogleech's incredible Spiderween series, a series of educational articles designed specifically for curious arachnophobes. In Spiderween, you will never see a spider unless you affirmatively choose to look at an image! All depictions of spider anatomy and diversity within the text are instead illustrated with fictional creatures that Bogleech dubbed "Spoyds". They're absolutely precious little fuzzy goblin critters.
Since its original posting in 2018, Spiderween has become my number one recommendation to any and all arachnophobes who want to know more about spiders. Even for those who already love spiders, you're sure to learn something from it!
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So ive been scrolling through the uk politics tag and i have no idea of a) why is it trending or b) why is it grouped with all our jokes
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The amount of times I think back to this one post I saw that was like “i identify as she/her only in the way that pirate ships and boats are called she, so like in the least feminine way possible” and I keep trying to find it but can’t anywhere im starting to think it was a dream (in a joking way tho not actually)
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If you're reading posts about people who are being "treated unfairly" by AO3, I would like you to keep in mind that AO3 will never tell you the other side of the story. That means that you're only getting one perspective and you have nothing to compare it to.
All reports that AO3 receives are kept confidential. The person who was reported never finds out who sent in the report. The person who sent in the report never finds out details beyond whether AO3 agreed with them or not. The other volunteers within AO3 never find out, either. Just the ones on the Policy & Abuse team.
I'm saying this because I've been tagged in several different posts in recent weeks dealing with different cases and I'm not going to cast aspersions or anything. I don't know the details (see above). But I will say that I tend to be skeptical.
A few things to note: If AO3 ever receives a report about you and decides that you have broken the TOS, they will email you. Check your email. Make sure the email address associated with your account is up to date and one that you check regularly. In that email, they will tell you:
What part of the TOS you broke.
Why what you did was not allowed.
Where you did it (a link to a work or to a comment or to your profile page etc)
How you can fix it.
How much time you have to fix it (if you are suspended, the timeline will be longer than however long your suspension is)
That you can reply to their email if you have questions, if you want to disagree, or if you need to ask for more time.
You should also keep in mind that AO3 cannot delete accounts. Only the account owner can do that. And please remember that you are dealing with human volunteers.
AO3 doesn't pre-screen content, so it doesn't matter if the violation happened a long time ago. If it's being reported now, then they're dealing with it now. Also, other people doing the same thing doesn't mean you didn't break the rules. It just means those people haven't been reported yet.
If you want to learn more about how AO3 Policy & Abuse reports work, take a look at the pac takeover tag on this blog. One of the PAC volunteers answered questions a few months ago that might shed more light.
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pt.2 of ‘The Other Woman’
pt.3 here
Tumblr media
warnings: angst and fluff (technically) & mentions of sex.
The fan art divider below is not my work. I found it on pinterest but Idk who the artist is. If someone knows can you please lmk so I can give them credit <3
a/n: also thank you so much for all the love for part one of this story <3! and I’m sorry to those who asked me to tag them with this post I was trying to but it wouldn’t let me for some reason :/
Tumblr media
It had been weeks since that night, the same night Aemond confessed his feelings for his true love Alys in his drunken state. The same night you had cried yourself to sleep, wanting to be as far away from your husband whilst being trapped in his embrace. You woke the next morning with a new realisation— why should you bother trying to be an outstanding wife when you would never compare to her.
His beloved Alys.
Her name tastes like poison in your mouth, so distasteful you fear you’ll grow sick if it lingers at the forefront of your mind any longer. You feel guilty, it’s not her fault you’re trapped in a marriage with a man who’s madly in love with her.
You stop trying with Aemond. All the effort you put in to try and gain his approval, affection and love would inevitably go to waste— so why should you spend any more time worrying about Aemond and his needs. He didn’t need nor want you to be his wife, so you shouldn’t act the part.
You carry on with your day after your brief breakfast with Aemond in the dining room. You kept the conversation short, as you usually do now. You have little to say to him besides conversation about your shared duties to the throne and your family. You stopped trying to make small talk with him, your attempts before often irritated him. He wouldn’t hide the fact your consistent need for communication with him bothered him. Now you’re content with the shared silence between the two of you, grateful that you didn’t have to scramble to think of things to talk about.
You allow the handmaidens to ready your bath as you contemplate what outfit to wear for your day out of Kings landing. You ignore the way Aemond’s eye is trained on you intently, silently observing the way you think over what dress to wear between the two options.
“If those do not please you, I’ll buy you finer dresses, dear wife” Aemond breaks the silence, causing you to scoff at his attempt of being a considerate husband. This was one of the only times he had referred to you as his wife, weeks ago you would’ve been praising your gods in thanks— now the title barely phases you.
“Now why would you do that” You huff, deciding on the dress that was a deep shade of blue. You brush past him, hinting for him to leave the room when you bathe. He hums before pushing off of his seat and leaving the room, shutting the door behind him as you begin to undress.
“Are you planning on telling Prince Aemond where you are headed?” Your handmaiden Meredith questions you as she brushes your long silver hair. You pretend to lull the thought over before you say no.
“He doesn’t need to know. My absence won’t phase him” You hum, causing Meredith to tut as she braids some of your fine hair. You shut your eyes momentarily, preparing to receive an earful from the older woman who was like your mother figure in Rhaenyra’s absence.
“I would question that, Princess. Prince Aemond had spent half the day searching for you when you had left to roam the streets two days ago” She informs you, causing you to hum in thought as you processed what she had just told you. It seemed absurd that Aemond would notice you leaving for a few hours, you could disappear for weeks and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid.
“I trust you won’t tell him if he searches for me” You hum, confiding in her trust. You already knew the answer, Meredith would defend you with her last breath if it came down to it. She presses a soft kiss into your hair before standing up and stretching her limbs.
“Be mindful there is a family dinner tonight. You cannot be late” Meredith informs you and you wave her off, promising you wouldn’t be tardy before you push off of the hard floor and prepare to leave your bedchamber.
You had forgotten your promise the moment you stepped foot on Dragonstone. It had slipped your mind completely as you spent the day with your younger siblings— your mother distracting you in the evening by telling you stories by the fireplace. Your hand was steadily caressing her heavily swollen stomach as you listen to her tale, hoping your sibling inside of her womb was also listening. It was so entertaining you had forgotten of your curfew.
You leave Dragonstone hastily on Dragonback, cursing as you chastise yourself for forgetting such a thing. Meredith would definitely give you an earful later for this, but that was the least of your concerns as you take quick strides down the halls of the Red Keep. Out of breath and hair messy from the ride back, you quickly try to make yourself more presentable before you enter the dining room— the guard posted outside the door giving you a look before you enter.
“I apologise for my tardiness, your grace” You announce as you greet Alicent who gives you a tight lipped smile from her side of the table. She silently disapproved of your lack of consideration for time but said nothing— allowing you to take a seat beside Aemond.
You ignore his stare, keeping your gaze focused on the plate infront of you as you cut into your steak, hoping he would lose interest of your face and stop staring so intensely.
“Where have you been?” Aemond confronts you, finally breaking the deafening silence that could be cut with a knife.
“I went for a ride. Needed some fresh air” You glance at him as you answer, catching the dissatisfied look on his face at your alibi.
“Be honest with me” He presses you again, his voice slightly louder and catching the attention of the others sitting around the table. They pretend to carry on with their idle chatter, obviously eavesdropping on your conversation. You stay silent, ignoring his statement and hoping he would lose interest and stop talking to you.
“Your husband demands you to answer him” He growls, his tone revealing his frustration at your silence.
“Or what? You’ll sever my tongue?” You argue as you drop your cutlery, accentuating your anger as you repeat the words he spoke to you at this same table weeks ago. Everyone around the table goes silent at your sudden outburst, Aegon barely biting back a laugh whilst Helaena gazes at you with sympathy in her eyes. Alicent as you expected still wore a scowl on her face, unimpressed by both you and Aemond’s antics.
“I apologise for my outburst” You announce to everyone at the table before you continue to quietly eat, shifting further away from Aemond in your seat as you internally wish you were riding back to Dragonstone.
“I visited my family. That’s where I was today” You sigh heavily as you both enter your shared bedchamber after the dinner had concluded. Aemond gives you a look of understanding before you brush past him and begin to undress.
He lingers around the small bookshelf you insisted to be made months ago, finger trailing along the covers until he pulls out the novel containing children’s tales.
“You no longer read to me. I wish for you to read again” Aemond’s voice is just above a whisper, barely audible with the only sounds being your fabric loosening and the crackles from the fire.
Every second night after you wed, you made it a nightly ritual to read out loud your favourite stories from your childhood. Hoping it would help you bond with Aemond, it in fact did the opposite and made him leave the room most times— claiming he’d rather listen to Aegon fucking some whore than you reading to him.
“Today has exhausted me. Feel free to read on your own accord” You hum, dismissing his request as you stifle a yawn— pulling back your sheets to lay on your side of the bed. Aemond sighs heavily before he retires to the seat infront of the fireplace, reading quietly to himself. You had already shut your eyes and lulled yourself to sleep, so you missed the way he kept glancing over at your sleeping form.
Aemond feels a slight tightness in his chest as he reflects on how distant you’ve been with him for the last few weeks. He noticed it the first morning you stopped asking him a million questions at the breakfast table. Your odd behaviour that morning only being the start to you growing further apart from him. You stopped trying to drag him to the garden to simply walk with you, you no longer played with his hair or tried to jest with him. You didn’t ask him how his day was at the end of the night as you both lay down for bed, you would just silently turn over and sleep.
He’s hurt you, more times than he could count on all ten of his fingers. He treated you so bitterly because he blamed you for losing his sweet Alys to this betrothal. Now that he’s losing you too, he doesn’t know how to stop this marriage from falling apart.
The next morning, you ready your proposal to Aemond— one that you’ve been dwelling on for the last few weeks. You weren’t sure of how he’d react, probably ecstatic over your suggestion if you were to be honest. You know Alicent won’t be satisfied if she were to find out, so you intend to keep it a secret.
“We will reside in separate bedchambers. I’ve already asked Meredith to arrange Jace’s old bedroom down the hall for me. I’ll be moving my belongings there tonight” You announce to Aemond once you are both sat together during breakfast. He pauses at the news, confusion gracing his features as he stares at you.
“We’re married, why should you feel the need to sleep away from me?” His chest tightens again as he speaks.
“We’re practically worlds away when we share one bed, what difference would it make being in separate rooms” You say nonchalantly, sipping on your lukewarm tea as your eyes leave his. He doesn’t voice his disagreement with your suggestion, just silently nodding before he continues to eat.
When night comes, both you and Aemond make your way to your bedchambers after spending an evening with the whole family in Aegon and Helaena’s quarters. You were practically glued to her youngest child the whole night, unaware of your husband’s stare as he watched you babble away in gibberish to the young baby.
“Do you need instructions on where to stick your cock, brother?” Aegon had clapped him on the shoulder as he joins him by the fireplace he was leaning against. Aemond hums in confusion, pulling his gaze away from you momentarily to glance at his brother.
“It’s out of brotherly love that I question why you haven’t put your seed in her yet. Have you not been married half a year now?” Aegon scoffs, downing his goblet full of wine before he tosses it aside.
“We don’t share the insatiable urge to fuck like rabbits the way you and your whores do, dear brother” Aemond bites back, causing Aegon to raise his hands up in defense.
“At least I feel the urge to touch them, not once since your wedding have I seen you embrace her— not even with a simple kiss” Aegon was right, after their wedding night, Aemond didn’t bother trying to share any affection with you. In his heart he knew his kind touch and warm embrace were reserved for the one woman who held his heart in her hands.
“Y/N…” Aemond hums, stopping you in your tracks as you stop walking down the hall. You feel his hand embrace yours as he turns your body to face him, his touch warm as he cups your hand in his.
“H—how was your day?” He questions you, his stutter causing him to curse at himself internally as he notes how foolish he sounds. You let out a little laugh at how confusing he was being, you spent the walk back here in utter silence and he chooses only now to ask you.
“It was like every other day I have here. Meredith made me chocolate muffins— they were divine” You hum, unsure of what else to talk about you ask him the same question.
“My day was mediocre at best, one can only bare Aegon for so long”
You hum in understanding, Aegon was more than a handful. He was torture when he wanted to be, which was majority of the time he was in anyone’s presence. You’re blessed to be married to the tamer brother, the same one who still had your hand in his grasp.
“If that is all, I wish you goodnight Prince Aemond” You hum, pulling your hand from his grasp completely before you turn on your heel and continue on your way to your new bedchamber.
Discomfort sits in his stomach at your use of his formal name, it was as though he wasn’t your husband— a stranger to you almost. He feels guilt reside in him as he reflects on how he would chastise you for calling him terms of endearment that Alys often used. It’s only now as he watches her walk away from him and disappear into her bedchamber that he realises he would give an arm and a leg to hear you call him those names once again.
Much to your dismay, you can barely sleep a wink. You toss and turn against your cold sheets , frustrated and confused as to why you couldn’t sleep soundly in your own space. No longer did you have to sleep stiffly because Aemond was on the other half of your bed. You had all the freedom in the world to sleep, yet you couldn’t even as you tried your hardest to.
You decide to take a walk in the garden to clear your head and hopefully tire yourself out enough to finally rest. Sighing heavily, you admire the warm air that fans against your skin as you quietly make your way down the halls. Your eyes widen slightly as you see his long silver hair, his eye focused on the moonlight that beams through the trees leaves above him. For once in your marriage you seem to finally sync as you realise he couldn’t sleep either, needing the comfort of nature to clear his head.
“You couldn’t rest either?” You hum as you approach him, the leaves crunching beneath your bare feet as you move closer to him. He seems startled at first, exhaling in relief when he recognises his wife’s voice.
“It seems as though I have grown used to the warmth of your body beside mine— your absence has turned me into an insomniac” Aemond admits truthfully, causing something inside of your gut to spark when you hear his words.
“It appears your absence has caused me to have the same troubles” You chuckle, crossing your arms over your chest as you look up at the leaves above your head, fascinated by it’s pretty colour.
“We shall grow used to it as time passes” You exhale, hoping that you don’t suffer the same fate tomorrow night. He’s taken aback by your statement, his eye resting on your face.
“Time passes? How long do you intend on being separated?” If you weren’t aware of Aemond’s true feelings toward you, you would almost hear the hint of sadness in his voice as he speaks.
“I was meaning to discuss this matter with you in a week’s time, but seeing as we’re alone and at our most vulnerable— I shall inform you now” Your words cause his pulse to quicken, he involuntarily feels his heart pound as you turn to face him. He didn’t know what to expect.
“I know this marriage wasn’t one formed from a love match. I’m the last person you wished to marry and somehow we still found ourselves betrothed” You sigh heavily, reflecting on the moments you’ve shared as a married couple so far— most, if not all being ones where neither of you were happy.
“Someone else has ahold of your heart, it was never mine to claim and I was foolish for trying to in the first place. This marriage was always destined to fall” You grasp ahold of his hands in yours, the gesture causing your gazes to meet as he finally looks at your face.
“I give you my permission to pursue your beloved Alys, so long as we both continue this marriage for the sake of our family name and duties— nothing more, you are free to love her. I too will do the same, in hopes that I do one day find someone who loves me as much as you love her” You say in finalisation, watching his face for any sign of a reaction.
Aemond’s heart feels like it’s going to burst out of his chest at your words, he didn’t know how to feel. You were giving him a golden opportunity on a silver platter, he would get to love his Alys freely— without the guilt of already being a husband and that in itself sounded like heaven to him. Still, he was heavily conflicted. He wanted to confess to you that even with his love to Alys, he still longed for you— his wife that he had watch gradually lose herself because of him. It’s selfish of him to need you both, to want you almost as much as he wants her.
After a moment, Aemond finally nods his head in agreement— the words of truth being trapped in his throat as he fails to utter even a word to you. You give his hands a squeeze before you release your hold on him.
“This matter is settled then” You hum before you pull away from him. You bid him goodnight, your words barely processing in Aemond’s mind as he fails to speak. Instead he watches you walk away in silence, leaving him alone in the garden with his thoughts and his latest regret.
a/n: Idk about this ending tbh sorry if it’s meh but the final chapter will be worth it :p
tags <3
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mayullla · 4 months
Title: La Signora's little follower(?)
Character(s): All the harbingers except Scaramouche (Genshin Impact) Pierro, Columbina, Pulcinella, Pantalone, Tartaglia (Childe), Dottore, Capitano, Sandrone, Arlecchino
Summary: The harbingers stand before the Fair Lady, La Signora casket. They didn't think a small visitor would arrive, adored by the woman who turned to ashes.
Note: This might/will become ooc later in the future or the very next day I post this but who knows and who cares! Writing this all I have is the vid "A Winter Night's Lazzo", Childe's voice lines about them and leaks so please be understanding later if it does happen.
Warnings/tags: Gn!reader (if by chance she/her is used for reader tell me I will edit it as soon as possible!), child!reader, slight soft yandere vibes from Childe (or protective vibes either one), implied cult au, Genshin leaks
Another note for tags: Isekai (implied), God!reader but child, like sagau cult kind of thing but never really mentioned till later, an au in one of my series called 'the child with gold blood' (which you don't have to read to understand this.)
Tumblr media
...It was a surprise really, who would expect that when the butterfly that belonged to La Signora would erupt into a huge flame covering most of the casket that many of the harbingers had to take a step back.
They were about to put it out... what was what they planned to till they noticed something or someone inside those flames. There was a slight panic in the voices of the harbingers, as they got their weapons ready, yet it was Capitano who told them to stop and wait, curious as to what the Fair Lady could have gifted them after her death.
Just as soon the flames came to the world it died down living nothing but ashes and body…?
It was a small body as if it belonged to a child. Still alive, when they saw the small movements it made, still breathing. Columbia was the first to comment on it, how adorable you but at the same time in wonder who you were.
"Why is a small child here?" Sandrone asked in surprise, as the robot moved her closer to the casket, towards you. "Did Signora bring this child here?" She continued to ask.
"Interesting there is not a single lick of flame scorched that child." Dottore also walked close to the casket, everybody could see the sick interest that danced in his eyes, the calculated planning.
Yet when Dottore tried to reach for the small child a flame erupted covering you away from the man's hand at the sudden heat he hissed in pain taking a step back away from you. Sandrone's robot also took a step back shielding the surprised girl from the screams of fire.
Only a few moments went by till Pantalone spoke teasing Dottore, stating that either it was Signora's huge distrust towards him or the perverted malice that the doctor had shown. Dottore could only glare at the other man, stating that he keep his mouth shut.
"But that still leaves the question, who is this child? There were no reports that La Signora had a child nor is she the type to adopt one." Arlecchino stated as she watched the flames die down once again when Dottore was far enough away from the child. There in her eyes was interest but there was also a hidden pity in them.
It was Capitano and Pierro who noticed the 11th harbinger quiet as he only stared at the child on the casket of the Lady not saying anything yet holding familiarity towards the sleeping body.
"Tartaglia do you have something to say?" Pierro asked, staring as the young man whose eyes widen in surprise for being called suddenly... as if caught in the act.
Tartaglia called away from his thoughts, looked at the Jester. His face looked conflicted as he walked over to the child.
"This kid followed Signora around. I meet them at Liyue after Signora got the Gnosis from the Geo archon." He tried to explain. "So La Signora really did adopt a child?" The husky voice belonged to Capitano.
Tartaglia shook his head. "No Signora found the kid to be more annoying than anything. She tried to shoo away this kid multiple times but the kid kept on coming back."
"I am surprised, you would think not many children would like the lady because of her rather strong... personality." Pantalone raised an eyebrow when he watched Childe cautiously take the kid into his arms. The little kid didn't have any thick clothes instead wore something more for spring.
The poor thing was shivering as the 11th harbinger wrapped his red scarf around their neck.
"I also thought she didn't like kids well till I received a letter from her a few days after her death," Tartaglia grumbled moving the child a bit so he could also cover the child's body with his coat. "One of her trusted subordinates gave me a letter asking me to take care of this kid in case she ever dies. I didn't think she would have ever written something like that because of her pride but she did."
"Hmmm, then why did the child appear here like this then? La signora died a few days ago, why isn't the kid with you?" Dottore was unamused, annoyed even as he looked at his slightly scorched gloves, burned by the fire when he reached for you.
"You aren't gonna say that you would take care of the child, are you? Give them to me and I will bring them to the orphanage." Arachhino said, raising her hand as if asking Childe to hand the kid to her.
"Sorry but no. I will be taking care of this kid." There was no humor in Tartaglia's voice, moving as if to shield the child from Arlecchino. He was never fond of her to be fair. "The kid disappeared soon after Signora's death both my subordinates and Signora's all tried to search for this kid along with some others but we weren't able to find them."
"Tartaglia, who are these others that you mentioned?" Pantalone asked, staring at the hump on Childe's jacket.
Suddenly the members all heard a groan, small and childish they knew that the child had woken up. Childe watched you try to shift your position yet unable to do so, you slowly opened your eyes. Staring at him yet showed no recognition.
"Hey, kid woke up?" Childe said his tone was almost soft. As he watches you shift again to an almost sitting position in his arms where your head poked out from the fur collar of his coat as you rubbed your eyes.
"Who are you?" You grumbled, you didn't see the other people in the room all watching you yet you could hear one or maybe two people giggling or chuckling at you as you squinted at Childe's face.
"Ah aren't you that mister!" You paused surprised, Childe raised a brow when he saw you stopped, as you struggle to remember him. "How cruel, child. You forgot about me." You laughed when he booped your nose with his gloved hand. "Isn't mister teammates with Signora?" You tilted your head.
"Yes… Something like that…" It wasn't Childe who said that, but another voice. Looking to your side you saw other people, all wearing a similar outfits to Childe. The man who said it wore a mask as he looked at you with a frown on his mouth.
"You shouldn't be so mean to the child." Another voice said but you didn't look to see who it was as you stared at the man who showed clear discomfort. 
"Mister must be Dottore?" You tilted your head, your face curious as you lean to get a closer look at him. "Hmmm, didn't know La Signora would talk about me." There was sarcasm, you didn't see the glare on Childe's face as he tighten his hold around you. You blinked as if not catching the sarcasm at all
"Signora told me that you are mean and bad. But mister looks nice."
"Eh-?" "Huh?" Disbelief but giggles also spread in the room at what you said, Dottore looked at you as if you have lost your mind but you meant what you said yet it was hidden behind his mask.
"They are such a cute child." Childe looked down surprised when he saw a small lady standing right beside him. You looked at the girl tilting your head as you saw her pretty black hair with pink streaks. "Hello dear~ do you perhaps know my name?" She asked curiously.
You looked at her mask, her outfit, the small pretty wings on her hair. Signora had told you about three ladies in her team, one of them she told you had almost a fairy-like appearance. "Columbina?" You looked at her closely. "You are so pretty!"
"You really are such a cutie." Columbina laughed. Quickly she pointed at two girls in the room. "Can you guess what their names are?"
You looked at the lady standing with one hand on her hips, white hair and eyes that had a red x on them. "Umm… Arlecchino..?" You looked hesitant, you looked at the lady who sat in the hand of the robot your eyes glittered at the thing but you quickly shook your head to focus. "Uhh… Signora told me about someone who makes those big robots! Uhh.. Sa-Sandrone?"
"You are a very smart child~" she giggled, she tried to take you into her arms when Childe took a step back keeping you away from her hands, protective and guarding.
"Hmmm interesting, I didn't think that La signora would grow attached to someone this much that she would tell you about us." You looked at a man, smiling at you with his hand on his chin thinking. "Greeting young one, my name is Pantalone. I guess that the Fair Lady has talked about me?"
Your eyes lighten a bit. "Un! She told me that you are the richest man in teyvat!" You flayed your hands as if to show how rich he was. Pantalone chuckled.
"How did you meet La Signora child?" You looked at a short man looking at you, his face soft towards you compared to others. "Mister Pulcinella?" you asked.
"Why yes. That is correct. Did Signora talk about me too?" There was a warm smile on his face, "Nope!" You sang as you looked at the man who was holding you "He was the one who told me about you!"
"H-hey" Childe looked flustered at what you have done all the while Pulcinella looked a little contemplated.
"You haven't answered his question."
A gruff voice asked, it would have made anybody intimidated yet maybe because you were so young that you were so influenced by it glancing at the man who spoke you asked Childe to place you down.
Hesitant, he did and let you go as you trotted to the man who spoke. The man had a mask on... helmet? even with the light, you could not see the man's face hidden in the darkness. "I meet Signora at in Monstade, Mister Captain sir! I was lost back then and could not find a way home and she found me." You told the man. "She saved me when I was running away from a hilichurl that was chasing after me. After that, I start to follow her hehe!"
"She let you in?" The man asked but you shook your head, looking down almost ashamed, "Signora didn't like me at first…" you explained, it was so cute when you looked at the red scarf around your neck in interest. "But later when we are in Liyue she took me in. She didn't tell me much but she started to take care of me a lot!" You looked at the masked man. "Signora showed me many things! Many pretty things! Things that I have never seen before!"
"But why didn't you go back home instead child?" He asked, you looked at him as the light in your eyes dull a little.
"That is because I was told I can't go back..."
It wasn't a straight answer, an answer that explained yet left so many questions for a child to say with a lonely smile on their face.
"Then child, are you not sad that La signora passed away." Another voice asked another deep and powerful voice that was quiet this whole time ever since you opened your eyes. Everyone looked at him, and you also looked at the old man who spoke. "Signora told me that there was a man in her team that wore a mask on one eye that is the leader of the team! You must be Mister Pierro!" 
"You are correct, child. Now tell me why are you not sad that she passed away? As you stand on her tomb right now." His words were harsh, commanding. It was as if he wanted to test you, see what your reaction would be.
Yet instead of tears, you looked at the man straight in his eyes your smile gone. You didn't see how close Childe was to grabbing you into his arms again yet could not. The 11th harbinger was stopped when Pierro glared at him, silencing him from making a dumb decision in front of him.
Instead, you stand in the middle of the group all staring down at you, waiting for your answer.
It was odd.. it was unnatural really for a child to do so. The smile that graced your small face, wasn't that naive and childish like but something softer yet knowing, kind and loving yet with grief.
It didn't match your age, not at all and it made everyone only cautious instead of feeling pity.
"La Signora isn't dead, she is only sleeping."
It was as if time stopped for a moment at your answer, nobody was sure what to say yet before someone could say something the big door that where once closed suddenly slammed open as one of the fatui, one of low-rank suddenly burst in.
"I apologize for interrupting the meeting! But this is an emergency!!" The fatui member almost shouted, his voice rattled and panicked. 
"It must be important that you would rudely barge in like this." There was annoyance in Pantalone's voice as he placed his hands together. His face was smiling yet everybody could see his anger.
"The archons- No the nations Monstade, Liyue and Inazuma are going on a rampage!!" 
"And what do you mean by that?" Pulcina asked. 
"They are attacking all the fatui members that are stationed there demanding we give back what is theirs!" The fatui member stuttered out.
"What are they looking for exactly?" Pulcinella asked tiredly, it wasn't like they were after the gnosis. The Anemo Archon is too weak to cause this much of a reaction, the Electro archon didn't care for it, while the Geo Archon made a deal with them for the Gnosis. He wasn't one who would turn back on a contract.
"They are looking for a small child!"
The members all looked at you, standing in front of Pierro yet instead of you standing on the floor you were in Childe's arms holding you tightly almost like a mother protecting her child. 
Who… are you?
Tumblr media
Edit/Update: There will be no part 2 for this story. At least for now, I have been getting many ask about it and well while I would love to make like a proper part 2 I need a bit more information about most of the harbingers before I write something that is so not very very very vague that there practically nothing. I do allow brainrots tho if you want to send them on ask (if my brain rot ask is open: look at pinned post) small theories and whatnot.
If you want a part where of like the past when Signora and the reader meet I can do that but part 2 would be a bit much for now, please understand.
Please dont request for tags. I totally understand wanting to be tagged and all but i seriously dont know when i am going to continue this story it could be months later if not a year or more depends.
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anoonimthepoorchad · 8 months
This is the post I want you all to spread as much as you can. Do anything but I want it to be seen as much as possible. I don't care for any of my other posts as much as for this one. IF I DIE I WANT THIS POST TO BE SEEN. I WANT THE WORLD TO HEAR.
This is the memory of a 16 year old girl Katya from Mariupol. I translated it to English and I cried while translating. Please read this. Don't scroll. Don't be ignorant and indifferent.
Do you know the feeling of pain? Once I fell in love with a boy but he didn't love me back, and I thought that it was painful. Turned out that the real pain is to see your mother dying with your own eyes. And to see your brother coming to her again and again, asking her: "Mommy, please, don't sleep, you'll freeze". And we'll never visit her grave. She got left in the cold and dark basement.
We peed, slept and ate our last portions of food in the same basement.
Once uncle Kolya caught a pigeon, I think on the fifth or sixth day, and we fried it and we ate it. And then we all puked.
Mom held on until the end, she died three days before we evacuated.
I told my brother that she's sleeping deeply and that we shouldn't wake her up. But, I think, he understood everything. He understood back then when our lady neighbor died and we couldn't put her outside and she started smelling. And then it became quiet for awhile, uncle Kolya put her outside and got blown up by a hidden grenade (my note, this word "rastyajka" means a grenade with a string attached to it, not a stray bomb. It was put to kill civilians coming out from the basements). Mom cried a lot. After Dad's death, uncle Kolya was the closest person to us.
The dead bodies stink so much.
They were everywhere. I closed my brother's eyes with Mom's scarf so he didn't have to see it. When we were running I almost threw up several times.
I don't believe in your god anymore.
If he existed, we wouldn't have had to suffer so much. My Mother never, you hear me, NEVER did anything bad. She never even left uncle Kolya in another room until she got married. She went to church and confessed often, and so did I. Uncle Kolya gave up smoking so Mom wouldn't worry about him sinning. And your god took her away. The pastor told me something about her helping god there, but it would be so much better for her to help god here, by bringing us up.
I hate russia.
My own uncle is there. Do you know what he said to me today on the phone? "Katya? Which Katya? Girl, I don't know you. What war, which Katya?". And then he wrote me from a different number: "Katya, don't write me. It's dangerous for me and my family. And your mom won't come back".
I hate them! It was his own sister?! How possibly can a person do this???
You know what? I think I'm going to come back to Mariupol. And I'm gonna live on the same place as before. And everyday come into the basement of the new building to put flowers.
It's also scary when the kids cry when it's forbidden. It's forbidden because we needed to not be heard.
These monsters found people in the basements and killed them. Those, who survived, told us that the russian soldiers could rape kids, the elderly and even dead bodies.
If there is a god, why does he let it happen?
I don't want to live anymore. We may be separated now, I suppose. I may not ever see my brother again. And why? Why did this putin "save" us? We lived so well, we even bought a car. Uncle Kolya promised to teach me how to drive. And they even burned the car. And our flat is no more. I want to die and I can't.
Please, hug your kids! Otherwise when you die, they might not remember your smell. If I handle it all and have kids, — I'm going to hug them 24/7.
Yours truly
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noodlefluid · 25 days
Rottmnt headcanons about the bois in a relationship
I somehow got really into "rottmnt x reader" and now I can't stop thinking about it, it's slowly consuming my whole life at this point/hj
Btw, english isn't my first language so if I make any grammar mistake let me know
S/O stand for "Significant other", I would be using singular they/them pronouns and third person
Tw: a few curses, besides that is just fluff and fluffy angst, probably OOC
He loves being kiss and also knows how to convinced his S/O to giving him smoochies
His main love languages are act of service and quality time, he really likes when he's being helpful, but sometimes overdo it (this may or may have not been a trigger for a discussion)
He loves being little spoon, but he is concious of his size an that iss almost imposible, so most of the time he is the big spoon (if S/O is taller god save their soul cause their gonna have this big boi on top 24/7 /nsx)
Because of his body type and the spikes on his body he's really insecure and afraid of hurting his S/O, so even if he really need hugs, he contain himself as much as posible, he treat them as if they were made of glass
Has a "love stink"
He has a hard time telling his S/O about his weakness cause he wants to be their heroe, and the person they rely on the most
He breaks easily tho, his S/O ask if he's fine and you have a 6 foot turtle crying at their lap for at least an hour, telling how much he loves them and asking how such an amazing person is dating such a useless turtle like him, that he doesn't deserve them yada yada yada (we lub u Raphie, don't talk like that bout urself)
Loves when his S/O is spending time with his brothers, it make him feel like they're e part of his family already, sometimes refers to S/O as sibling-in-law, without noticing "Don't be disrespectful toward your sibling-in-law, Leo!, they could take your joke the wrong way" When he realized what he says his face basicaly match his bandana and hide for the next 2 hours because of the embarassment, Leo obviously tease him and start calling S/O sibling-in-law from that day on
A completely messy dumbass when it comes to his S/O, his brothers hates you (/pos) cause it's the only thing Leo is talking all day
Smile like an idiot when he sees a text of his S/O, and usually takes a few minutes for him to respond cause he just so excited, he's jumping and giggling to himself (Donnie says he's cringe, Leo says he's bitchless)
His main love language are memes, funny images go brr lmao. Absolutely would tag you on cat posts with an "us"
His second main Love language is words of affirmation, he really like the feeling of making someone feel good just by talking cause he know how it is to not have those words sometimes
Very flirtatious, chessy lines and a lot of dumb compliments, but oh man don't flirt back cause this boy's gonna melt and stop working for the next 5 minutes
He has a "S/O is amazing and this is why" time, when Leo tell everything that is perfect about his S/O, no one know what could trigger it so they're walking on eggshells everytime something slightly remind him of his S/O, he could be having breakfast and just start talking "Oh you're drinking coffee? My S/O love this brand of coffee. Hey have you tasted S/O coffee? They make the most tastiest and amazing ones in the word, and oh! the other they..." and this easily can go for hours until someone beg him to stop
He scroll over every single astrology post with his and his S/O signs in it, would send them to his S/O and talk about how perfect they are, if their sign isn't compatible with his, he would cry and then proceed to automaticaly say that astrology is the dumbest thing in the whole world
Even if he usually hates being touchy, he would probably be the total opossite with his s/o, just in alone time tho, he would never let his brothers see him like that weak. This doesn't mean his S/O can touch him whenever he want but he is more recilliant to accept them
He doesn't know how to ask for affection, so he would just akwardly stand around his S/O until they notice him, and hopefully understand what he want
Lots of gifts, his main love language are gifts, it could be small, it could be something big, but gifts is a must for Donnie, even if some of them are a complete failure
His second most prominent love language is quality time, wich translate to "We are sharing a room", He and his S/O aren't even talking or touching, S/O maybe hasn't even notice Donnie's there, but they are spending quality time with eachother
Another way of saying "I love you" is talking about the proyect he's working on, or his last hiperfixation, telling fun facts about the think his S/O likes, you like cats? "Did you know that cats came from egypt? And did you know their purr can decrease anxiety levels" S/O likes Astronomy? "Fun fact: Nasa kinda 'email' tools to astronauts because of 3D printers, really useful don't ya think?" He likes to share their interests and know more about them
He's incredibly observant and attentive towards his S/O, he may struggle with emotions but can tell right away when his S/O isn't feeling good
He have a list of everything his S/O like in alphabetical orden and separated by categories
Most likely develop stims that involved touching his S/O, it could be just a little poke or maybe bite them, he often doesn't realize
A lots of cuddles, he doesn't care if his brother are there or not, if his S/O is there he is gonna be glued to them giving them hugs and kisses until they have to go
He make a whole 'reasons why you shouldn't go and instead cuddle with me' presentation to his S/O everytime they have to go
Surprise hugs, their first mistake was being distract, the hug monster Mikey is in a hunt
His love language is physical touch, it doesn't matter if it's a hug or playing with their hair, he has to touch their S/O in someway
If S/O doesn't like being touch, he would always ask for permission everytime he want a hug or just lay in them and try to chill a little by hugging a pillow instead or maybe one of his brothers if they are near
His second love language are gifts, specially drawings, he like to draw his S/O in that amazing outfit they wore the other day, or maybe a little scene of his last date with S/O, then he give it to them
He also loves cooking for his S/O, he thinks that the kitchen is a place where you put all your heart and love for your loved ones. He feel the most happy when he has the opportunity to cook with his S/O
He sometimes goes crazy with the compliments, his S/O can be doing the bare minimun and Mikey would start to shower them in compliment about how amazing they are and how talented they are in the thing they are doing (even if it's just...breath), he sometimes gets his brothers involve "Raph, RAPH! Don't you think S/O is the most amazing person in the word? Look at them, they're so pretty and awesome and and..." Raph was forced to give every compliment he could think of to Mikey's S/O for the next 10 minutes
Usually makes something special every ocassion he's giving, my boy is making made up holydays as an excuse to hang put with his S/O, they now have to celebrate "gravity invention day", it exist now
Go and drink some water bitch, you have being scrolling for way to long
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rocknrollbabe14 · 4 months
Stuck With You (Joseph x Reader) (Request Part 2)
Tumblr media
Stuck With You (Joseph x Reader) (Request Part 2)
Request: Could you write one where the reader and Joseph are trying for a baby? Could it be smut including unprotected sex? (I will put the rest of the request in Part 3 now since I don’t want any spoilers lol) @thomas-ellis
@kellysimagines since you asked to be tagged in part 2 dear!
Warnings: Mentions of periods, mentions of emesis (vomit), mentions of pregnancy, possible difficulty getting pregnant?, depression?, anxiety? I think I covered them for now. 
Author’s Note: I was originally only going to make this into two parts, however, I figured this would be lengthier so I decided to break it into three so readers would not be overwhelmed. I have the other part almost completely finished but will wait a few days to post it. I appreciate all the support. Feel free to reblog :)
It had been several months since you and Joseph, your fiancé began trying to get pregnant. It was becoming all you could think about. A lot of your friends from high school and those you had met through college were getting married and having babies. You felt like you were behind everyone else. It wasn’t that you were in a hurry to have a baby or get married but it was always something you dreamed of since you were little and the sooner it could happen, the better. Joseph was twenty-nine but he didn’t appear to be as stressed.
If you went to the grocery store, you immediately picked up on the children who were crying whether they be babies or toddlers.  If you went to the park for a walk, you noticed the children playing on the playground and their parents watching nearby. It instantly made you want a baby even more. There was the question as to why you and Joseph hadn’t officially tied the knot yet by some friends. The answer was simple. 
He was ready to give you the wedding of your dreams but he was so busy right now doing cons and traveling. You didn’t want his career to suffer at all because he had wanted this so badly for so long. His dream was finally coming true. Marriage was only a piece of paper and the last name change. He treated you like a wife already. He told you he would marry you anytime you were ready. You stared down at your engagement ring, admiring it, twisting it.
You had bought a few pregnancy tests to keep on hand. You were waiting for some signs to show up like a missed period, morning sickness, etc. You eyed the calendar you all had in the kitchen. You marked when you had your period last and it had been a little over a month. But you didn’t want to get your hopes up because seeing one line would make you feel slightly devastated. You knew in reality it wasn’t the end of the world but it would momentarily feel like it. 
Joseph was being extremely patient throughout the whole process. He didn’t seem to let it get to him at all. Anytime he visibly noticed you get frustrated, he was there to calm you down. He told you it would happen when it was time. It may have slightly annoyed you at the time, but he was right. You were doing laundry when he came through the door of the home you all shared.
“Love, I’m home.”, he announced as he closed the door, take out from your favorite restaurant in his hands.
“Hey babe. You’re too sweet.”, you laughed at him as he came over, placing a his free hand on the small of your back and sharing a kiss with you.
He sat it on the kitchen counter. “I might be.”, he winked before you came over to him, sharing another kiss with him. 
This one was deeper. You had missed him. You missed him even when he was just gone for a few hours or few days. He offered to take you anywhere he went. You all broke your kiss and just looked into each other’s eyes for a moment. Truth be told, you could look at his forever. His brown eyes were so dreamy even though he was your fiancé. You understood why so many girls around the world had fallen for him also. 
He began pulling boxes out of the bag before grabbing plates out of the cabinets. 
“Did you have a good day love?”, he looked back at you as he began dishing out portions of dinner.
“Yes but I missed you the entire time.”, you smirked at him.
Suddenly, your nose crinkled a bit. For some reason, you could really smell the food. It was like it had an overwhelming smell. It was your favorite but you instantly felt your stomach turn. Joseph heard you go quiet and turned back to view you. He saw your eyes closed, you silently praying this nauseous feeling would subside.
“Love, are you okay?”, he asked, concern evident in his voice.
“Um I’m gonna go to the bathroom real quick.”, you sighed, feeling the nausea increase.
Anytime throughout your life when you felt nauseous, you could feel it increase and knew you better get to the nearest trashcan or bathroom. There was a certain threshold it would cross and that was happening now. You took fast steps from the kitchen to the bathroom, throwing your all’s guest bathroom door open and instantly kneeling on the floor over the commode. There was no way you could make it up the stairs. It felt better just for a moment before growing worse.
All of a sudden, you felt the contents of your stomach come up the wrong way. You absolutely hated throwing up. You would rather do anything but throw up. You heard Joseph come through the bathroom, but you didn’t have time to speak to him before having to vomit again. 
“Oh love. Oh no.”, he sighed as he kneeled down on the floor beside you, instantly pulling your hair back. 
You felt him rub his hand up and down your back as you waited to see if your punishment was over. It wasn’t. You vomited again, hardly having anything to come up. You felt tears roll out of your eyes as this usually happened when you had to vomit. You took deep breaths, waiting for another wave to hit you. You were thankful when it didn’t. It gave you time to regain your composure. 
You were comfortable with Joseph but you hated him seeing you vomit. He eyed you with concern, his eyebrows crinkled in worry. 
“Have you felt sick today love?”, he questioned, his voice soft.
You shook your head before leaning back against him, most of your energy gone. “No, it just happened all of a sudden.”
He kissed your head and continued to rub his hand up and down your back. You all stayed like that for a few minutes, him allowing you time to recover. He was the sweetest and everyday he continued to remind you why you loved him and why you wanted to build a life with him. You closed your eyes, allowing him to rub his hand up and down your back gently. 
“Do you want me to put the food in the fridge?”
You nodded. “I have no idea what has come over me.”
Joseph smirked. “Do you think it could be pregnancy symptoms?”
Your stomach twisted at his words, you trying to comprehend what he asked. Your eyes looked up at him, he still held his smirk before brushing his hand through your hair. Part of you wanted to believe it was but the other half of you was not getting your hopes up. 
“I don’t know. Maybe.”
Your mind began to ponder his question. You were a few days late and now you were throwing up. You attempted to try and stand up but you felt slightly dizzy. Joseph noticed you holding on to the bathroom wall. He quickly grabbed you.
“Maybe you should lay down, love. You look extremely pale.”, he sighed as he helped you over to your all’s bed.
“I’m fine.”, you sighed at him.
He was very overprotective of you but not in a bad way. He just worried about you especially when he wasn’t home. He texted you several times a day and called in the mornings and evenings no matter how busy or packed his schedule was. You laid back in bed and he covered you up, sitting on the edge of the bed.
“Go eat Joe. I’ll be fine.”, you eyed him as he took your hand.
You wanted him to eat but you just knew right now the way your stomach was twisting and turning, you couldn’t handle the smell. He just sat there with you for a few minutes before getting up, and going back into the bathroom. Your body felt so hot. It felt like you were on fire. Your mind instantly thought about your blood pressure. He came back with a wet washcloth and placed it on your forehead. 
“Fine. I’ll eat. But then I want to know if you’re pregnant.”, he chuckled as he bargained with you in an attempt to make you smile.
“Fine. As long as I’m not dizzy and I need to pee.”, you smirked at him. 
He kissed your cheek before you felt his weight lift off the bed and he made his way out of your all’s bedroom. You laid there, the room spinning slightly but as a few minutes passed, it almost felt like you had never gotten sick. You decided to look on your phone for a few minutes and before you knew it, Joseph was back in your all’s bedroom. He bypassed you, going straight into the bathroom, opening the medicine cabinet where your pregnancy test was stashed. 
He came back into your all’s bedroom, eyeing you seriously before laying a pregnancy test on the bed beside you. “Go pee.”
You stopped what you were doing instantly, looking up at him. “Joe.”
“Yes love?”, he asked, confused at your sudden sense of seriousness.
“What if I’m not again?”, you sighed, once again twisting your engagement ring nervously. 
Joseph’s face changed from playful to serious. He picked up on your anxiousness. He sighed, taking a seat on the bed. He easily stopped you from twisting your engagement ring by taking your hand in his, holding it tenderly. 
“It’ll be okay.”, he eyed you reassuringly, his eyes focused on you. 
You didn’t think it was that simple. There were no indications you had infertility issues but you couldn’t help but wonder. The false hopes are what hurt the most. You could count the number of times you missed your period just by a few days, thinking it was time to take a test. You did, only to be met with one line of disappointment. Seeing Joe get hopeful made you feel even worse. When you saw the impending excitement of fatherhood in his brown eyes change to altruism as he attempted to comfort you, this discouraged you from wanting to keep trying. 
One you could remember as if it were yesterday. You and Joseph were counting down the minutes until you could look at the pregnancy test. His phone alarm went off becoming the moment of truth. You grabbed it, waiting to turn it over until you brought it close enough for Joseph to see as well. With a deep breath and Joseph rubbing your arm for encouragement, you flipped it over. Your heart instantly sank as you noticed one line. 
You felt the tears well up in your eyes almost immediately. You sat the test down, notably defeated. Joseph noticed and immediately took you into his arms. 
“Love, it’s okay.”, he spoke quietly as he kissed your head, instantly feeling you begin to sob into his chest. 
He closed his eyes, blinking away his own tears and gulping away his pain from watching this affect you as much as it did. This was supposed to be a happy experience for you both with no stress or pressure, however, now Joseph was realizing that was near impossible to avoid. 
“No, Joe. It’s not. I’m done trying.”, you sobbed into him.
He kissed your forehead. “Love, it’s okay. We can try again. Don’t stress about it.”, he breathed.
“No, I’m done.”, you reiterated as you pulled away from him, tossing the test in the trash. 
He watched you. His once happy fiancé was now broken and fragile, feeling like you had failed him. But you hadn’t. Sure, he wished it had been positive because he wanted a baby with you. You all would lay in bed talking about whose personality it would have, which features it would inherit from each parent, and how it would feel to hold it in your arms for the first time.
He watched you walk out of the bathroom on him and he felt like his entire world was crashing down around him. Feeling you pull away from him devastated him and made this moment that much worse. He couldn’t make things better right now. That killed him the most. You always told him how level-headed he was and that he always could find a bright side to a dark situation. He eyed the door with tears in his eyes, blinking them away quickly, and preparing to put on a brave face and be strong for you because he knew you needed him. Now more than ever. 
“How do you know it will be okay?”
Your voice was now weak and fragile. 
He smiled reassuringly. “Because I just know.”
“Maybe I’m broken.”, you looked down at his hand in yours.
He sighed, before raising your chin to look him right in the eyes. “You’re not broken, love. Good things take time. You know, I didn’t get an acting degree overnight. I had to work for it. Put blood, sweat, and tears in it. Anything worth having doesn’t come easy.”
You felt tears come in your eyes once more, struggling to blink back your tears. “I know but it’s just been a disappointment lately.”
He nodded, biting his lip. “I know, love. But this could be it. We will get through this.”
His hand gave yours a reassuring squeeze before he kissed your head again. You easily eyed the bed for where he had laid the pregnancy test. You nervously took in your hand, the plastic crinkling in your hands. Joseph felt your weight ease off the bed and he easily let your hand go.
“I will love you, either way, darling.”, he said as you turned to go into the bathroom. 
A soft smile came across your face and you finally felt a bit of confidence you needed to do this. “I love you too, Joe.”
After just a couple of minutes, you opened the bathroom door, a small creak catching Joseph’s attention. This caused him to look up at you. His lips instantly curved into a smile and he had that look in his eyes again. You had sat your phone as a timer, leaving it in the bathroom with your pregnancy test. You gave him a small smile before sitting down on the bed beside him.
He took you in his arms, never saying a word. He just wanted to be in your company and be supportive of you. You laid your head against his chest, just closing your eyes and listening to his heartbeat. This was comfort for you. It seemed like just seconds had passed before your phone timer went off, breaking you both out of your current state. The fear of disappointment washed over you as you eased up from the bed, Joseph following suit. 
You went in and grabbed the test, still turned to where you couldn’t read it. You held it nervously, cutting your phone alarm off. Joseph was waiting at the vanity and mirror in the guest bathroom. His eyes were full of anticipation. He took you in his arms and you eyed up at him.
“Ready?”, you asked hesitantly.
“As ever.”, he responded. “You got this love.”
You sighed, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath before flipping it over, bringing it to where you both could see it. Your mouth instantly fell agape and your free hand covered your mouth, a gasp escaping out. Two pink lines were staring back at you. You looked up to see Joseph’s reaction. He was staring down at the test before he turned his head to view you, his mouth agape and eyes bright with excitement.
“Oh my God. We’re pregnant!”, you eyed him.
“We’re having a baby, love!”, he said his mouth agape, eyes bright and filled with excitement. 
He took you in his arms, the test still in your hand. You all hugged tighter. You all had finally done it. Happy tears began to fall out of your eyes, Joseph’s the same way. You all laughed in surprise, hugging again before sharing a deep kiss. It felt like you all were on top of the world. What you all had dreamed of was finally a reality. You all spent a lot of the night still looking at this little test, still in shock this was real.
The next morning you called your OB/GYN, telling them you had missed your period and had a positive at-home pregnancy test. They told you to come in for some blood work and ultrasound so they could estimate the baby’s current gestation and make sure everything was as planned. You were very thankful Joseph was home and able to go with you. Your nerves were on edge, now the reality something could go wrong plagued your mind. 
Joseph reassured you that they were just making sure the baby was alright and that they did this with every woman. You all checked in when you arrived and you sat in the waiting room surrounded by women with newborn babies and some who were pregnant. You prayed easily everything was going to be alright. You knew it was your nerves but now you knew there was a baby there and you wanted to do everything you could to make sure you kept it. 
They called your name and immediately sent you to the lab upstairs to have HCG levels drawn. Joseph went upstairs with you but waited in the lobby as they called you back for lab work. You saw needles and instantly felt nervous and tad bit nauseous. You had always hated needles. You made small talk with the younger phlebotomist who was taking your blood. She gave you a warning before she took your blood, giving you a chance to look away. 
Before you knew it, she was done and placed a bandage on the small puncture in your skin. She made sure you felt okay before letting you stand up. You eased yourself up, feeling a tad bit nauseated but it quickly went away. You cleared the door and Joseph got up, joining you as you both went back downstairs. It was a waiting game for about an hour before they called your name again.
You both went back this time. The nurse took your weight and vital signs first before she brought you back to a room, asking you questions of when your last period was, when your symptoms started, and when the at home pregnancy test was positive.  She said the doctor would be back in a few minutes, leaving you and Joseph together. He could read you like an open book. 
“Nervous love?’, he asked, taking your hand.
“Very.”, you admitted.
That was about all you had a chance to discuss before the doctor came in and introduced herself as Dr. Beckett, but she had taken care of you for some time now. She listened to your heart and lungs before she scribbled some notes down. 
Dr. Beckett went on to verify the information given to the nurse. It felt as though she asked a thousand questions about your medical history. 
“Your blood work looks good. Your HCG level is 60,230 mIU/mLs. That’s perfect for this time. We are estimating your baby is right at eight weeks but we are going to do an ultrasound to confirm everything.”, she smiled as she looked up from her papers.
You nodded as Joseph smiled at you. Dr. Beckett discussed what to expect in the next few weeks, when to make another appointment,  and symptoms to be mindful of before extending her congratulations. The nurse came back in and instructed how to prepare for the ultrasound. Your heart was beating out of your chest knowing you would see your all’s baby in just a few minutes. It was all becoming real now. Really real. 
The ultrasound technician came in and introduced herself before asking you to pull your shirt up. Joseph sat beside of you as you laid back on the table, lifting your shirt up. She grabbed the bottle of ultrasound gel, warning you it would be cold before squirting it on your stomach. It was still mostly flat, with no visible sign of pregnancy yet. It looked like you were just bloated. You made a face, getting a chill from the gel as Joseph let out a small laugh. 
She kicked the machine on, instantly applying pressure to your abdomen with the transducer. The room was quiet as the high pitched noises rang in your ears. Joseph took your hand as you all looked at each other. 
“There it is.”, she finally said. 
You all both looked at the screen and saw a tiny little blob. You could see its head and arms just taking shape. The baby was laying perfectly to get a good look at it. She took some pictures of it, pointing out its head and body. 
“That’s our baby.”, you smiled at him, tears in your eyes again.
“Our baby looks like a peanut.”, he laughed, tears in his eyes, before he wiped them away with his free hand. 
“Everything looks great. Looks like you’re around eight weeks and two days.”, the ultrasound tech smiled before she gave you all a few more minutes to look at your baby.
Joseph leaned over and kissed you, relieved and happy to finally see and know the baby was alright. You smiled and wiped your own tears away as she printed several images for you all to take home. You wiped your stomach off with a towel.  You all scheduled your next appointment and were on cloud nine. In the car, all you could do was look down at the images of your all’s baby. 
When you all pulled in the driveway, Joseph shut the car off, watching you eye the pictures. He smiled, just taking this in. He hadn’t seen your face glow like this in a while and it made his heart happy. 
“Look at it, Joe.”, you smiled as you pointed out the baby’s little arms.
He smiled, holding onto the edge of the ultrasound pictures, bringing himself closer to you. “It’s so tiny.”
You kissed his cheek. “I can’t believe I’m pregnant with our baby.”
He smirked, turning to look at you. “We finally did it. Can you imagine my mom?”
You elbowed him playfully. “She’ll be ecstatic.”
He chuckled. “That’s to put it lightly.”
“Baby Quinn, mommy and daddy already love you so much.”, he smiled as he placed his hand on your stomach.
You laughed as you shared a deep kiss with Joseph, excited for what was to come.
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Ain't this just a Dream? (Part 6)
SAGAU x Creator! Reader
Apologies for the lateness. I just recently opened my Tumblr again and didn't notice that I left this for almost a month hehe
I couldn't reply to you all, but I made sure to add those who asked into the tag list. Though apparently, there's a 50 mentions per post limit here in tumblr? T-T
“Your grace, we finally managed to get almost everyone. We also made sure to keep the nations pre-occupied by random attacks on their territory. And as promised, we only gave the visionless people minor injuries and no animals were harmed.” An Abyss Herald informed you, kneeled in front of you as you sat on your Abyssal throne, one that everyone was quite persistent for you to accept, even if temporary. You honestly didn’t want to, but you accepted with a condition that it’s only till Khaenri’ah got its people back, which they thankfully agreed to.
“I see… “
It has already been a year since you’ve been here, 3 months for Beidou and her crew. And from recent findings, it seems you were right about the time difference being gone, well still not completely but it will be. For people of Teyvat, the Alcor had been missing for a month and a half now. You have told them that they could go back, but they refused, especially Kazuha. The itch and longing that Kazuha has to travel and explore is quite obvious, yet he still insisted on staying, making an oath that he'll only step a foot out of this Abyss after you. And also by his words, "What's the point of enjoying the world you've created, if the creator themselves couldn't?".
With the others agreeing with him, you have no choice but to let all of them be. At least they wouldn't make your stay in the Abyss completely boring.
“Thank you for all your handwork. Please do ask the twins if they can come see me. I’d like to talk to them about this.”
“Of course, your grace. I shall inform them of your wish.” With that, the Abyss Herald bowed his head at you before vanishing into a portal.
You sighed, bored, and let yourself relax unto the comfort of your throne. It’s very comfortable to sit on, despite the intimidating look it has. Looking above, not a ceiling greeted you, but the open sky. Stars and constellations shining so brightly, sadly, it’s your only entertainment when you’re here, though you couldn’t help but squint as one started shining a bit too bright.
And- wait- is it coming towards you?!
You didn’t have enough time to react as it reached your location, only managing to bring up your arms to cover your eyes from the blinding light. There’s a sudden warmth in the air that the abyss can never give, making you curious, slowly lowering your arms as you peaked at the scene in front of you.
To your absolute shock, the Unknown God stood, bowing her head at you with her hand on her chest, never looking into your eyes as a sign of respect. There are also some other beings behind her doing the exact same pose, though unlike her, there’s a haze hiding their faces as if they never had one. Are they also gods from Celestia?
“Your grace.”
The door to the throne room burst open, the twins with their swords unsheathed, glaring at the intruders before you as other abyssal knights started to pile in. Though before either party were to do anything, you raised your hand up, stopping them for doing so. Seeing as the unknown god acknowledged you as someone higher, it might just mean that they’re probably on your side. Honestly? This is so weird.
“Everyone, stand down.” You spoke and narrowed your eyes at Aether ,who obviously wanted to disregard your order. His hand loosening its grip on the sword as he sees your stare. Not wanting to disappoint you, he let go. After seeing this, you turned your gaze towards the intruders, specifically on her. “Please do tell us why you’ve all come here.”
The ‘Unknown’ God’s eyes seemingly lit up, happy at the attention that you’re giving her and her people, though mostly her. They’re all aware of your situation, of your missing memories, of this game you're you’ve been playing. And they’re all willing to help you.
“Fear not. We have not come here for another war.” You gestured for her to turn towards the others as you, partly, already have a gist of what she wanted to say. “We are merely here to aid our grace. As we created such curse, we’ll be the only ones with the power to erase it from existence.”
“Our grace,” She and the others turned to you fully in synchronization, quite eerily. “Please accept us back to you.”
You want to ask what the hell is she talking about, but you don’t want to seem dumb right now. But seeming to understand your predicament, she continued.
“We are created by your will to protect your creations whilst gone. Now that our duty is over, we shall accept our fate.” A small but genuinely happy emerged onto her face. It was weird. She’s looking more like Kiana than the God you’ve known and was curious about.
“All you have to do is say it. Accept us all back, your grace.”
“… I accept you all back to me.”
All of the celestial being kneeled, smiles gracing their face as they turned to white ashes that appears to come into you. It seeps into you, their essence. And you felt…
Just… normal as usual. Glancing at the others, it was obvious they were expecting some sort of a reaction to the power or something.
“Your grace, how are you feeling?” It was Beidou who spoke up, asking what everyone’s been thinking. You’re not quite sure when she and Kazuha got here.
“…Normal? I was expecting to feel some power surge but...” You shrugged, looking as if it didn’t bother you much, but in reality, you couldn’t help but think that maybe there’s something wrong.
“Paimon think it makes sense. Since you’re the creator, surely the power they gave back to you is just small compared to what you already have!”
Everyone stared at the little pixie, taking in her words. It was quite a plausible explanation, and the only one they can think of.
“That’s… Good job, Paimon. You made sense for once.” Lumine praised her, a mocking smile on her face, with Aether by her side, trying and failing to act serious.
“Why thank-wait. HOW RUDE!” Paimon huffed angrily before flying towards Kazuha and burying herself against him, claiming he’s the only one who never makes fun of her. You chuckled in amusement before turning towards Aether.
“I guess I can do it now. Aether, please have everyone ready.” He nods and goes to do so, bidding his sister a little ‘See you later’ before leaving.
“Are you fine with doing this, (Y/n)?” Lumine asked worried. It’s not that she’s doubting you. She’s just really worried for your well-being. The question “Is this worth it?” briefly comes to her mind before shaking it off. You’re here trying to revive the nation that her brother cares so much about. She shouldn’t doubt anything you do.
“Yes. And I’m sure I’ll be fine afterwards.”
You were not fine afterwards. The moment that you finished doing… whatever it is you were doing, you were honestly just winging it, every part of your body started aching, as if not used to doing so many things at once. Or more specifically…
“I don’t think fixing things is my forte.” You let out a strained laugh, as you finally finished converting people back. Everyone around you are celebrating. You want to join them, but sadly, you’re feeling like shit. You can only smile at them, trying to ignore the pain that started to envelop your whole being.
The twins, especially Aether, are a bit too busy dealing with the recently turned people to see your rapidly decreasing energy. Fortunately, someone else noticed it.  
“Why don’t you take rest in your room first, (Y/n)?” Kazuha asked, looking at your tired state with worry. You nodded, watched him inform the others of your soon-to-be whereabouts before leading you to your room.
Walking suddenly felt like torture, though you didn’t want to be an inconvenience to Kazuha so you kept quiet. Not that you needed to because after a few steps, he stopped and turned towards you.
“(Y/n), I can see how tired you are. Please let me carry you. I assure you that it wouldn’t trouble me at all.” You didn’t have the energy to deny his offer, merely giving him a nod and a thankful smile. You were waiting for him to give you a piggyback, but instead, he carried you bridal-style.
Maybe if you weren’t so overwhelmed with tiredness and pain, you would’ve blushed at the situation.
“You can close your eyes now.” So you did. Letting yourself rest from doing such a hard work. Maybe then you'll finally wake up in your room.
Kazuha couldn’t help but feel euphoric at how much you trust him, enough that you’d let yourself sleep defenseless in his arms. Of course, not that he’d let any harm come to you with him around. Having you so close made his heart beat ever so fast. Luckily, you are too tired to hear or feel it. And even if you do, he hopes that it’ll help you sleep better.
He purposely slowed down his walking, wanting the peaceful walk to last a bit longer. He doubts he will ever have another alone time like this with you, especially with what you just did and accomplished. So, he’ll make sure to savor this moment. A part of him doesn’t want it to end, want to keep holding you in his arms, have you by his side, for eternity.
It doesn’t help that he can feel a familiar presence every time you’re with him, one that he still grieves for after losing. A friend watching over you both despite no longer being in the mortal realm. As days goes by, Kazuha can feel his presence growing stronger, yet he doesn’t know why.
Once in your room, he gently laid you down on your bed, careful to not disturb your needed rest. After making sure you’re comfortable, he stood by your bed for a few moments, gazing at you, not yet wanting to leave. He stared at your face, eyes darting to your lips before shaking his head as an absurd thought came to mind. He can’t and shouldn’t do that, especially without your consent. But… you wouldn’t mind something more innocent, right?
Kazuha leaned over, placing a goodnight kiss on your forehead before quickly leaning back, face flushed red. If anyone ever finds out he did this, he’s pretty sure he’ll be killed.
Hesitantly, he decided that he’d intrude enough, finally leaving your side towards the bedroom door. After opening it, he looked back towards your sleeping form, muttering a quiet goodnight, before actually leaving. If he stayed for a moment more, maybe he would’ve seen the light sparking from your fingertips, a portal coming to life.
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cherryredmurdock · 14 days
Next door neighbor-L.H. version
Bucky Barnes’ version here
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!!!
Summary: Your next door neighbor, Logan, has been trying to get your attention for a while now, but he fears that he’s taken the whole situation the wrong way. Will you ever give him a chance?
Warnings n stuff: 18+, modern au(but Logan still has his enhanced senses and stuff), virgin!female!reader, reader is 25, smut!, fluff, Logan is a whore at the beginning, mentions of virginity(obviously), Logan has a big dick 🫣🤭, unprotected sex, penetration, creampies, multiple orgasms, soft sex, rough sex, lots of cum, belly bulge, multiple positions, scent kink, sexual frustration, talks of masturbation, talks of sex toys, choking, finger fucking, breeding kink, biting, he calls readers pussy ‘her’, dirty talk, oral(fem receiving), spit, pet names: pretty thing, pretty girl, sweetheart, sweet girl, cockslut, cock hungry slut, mentions of noncon touching(not by Logan), both of them are lusting horny idiots, he licks his lips like a loooot, they argue like once, reader is a tad bit insecure because of past relationships, Logan’s a fucking romantic sweetheart😭. WC: 8.8k+
All mistakes within this fic are my own!!!
Do not read or interact(with this post, any posts, or my blogs) if you’re under 18!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Having Logan as a neighbor is…hard. You overheard what his occupation is one night a bit back, and now you know why he’s gone so much at night. He’s a top of the line security guard for a huge hospital. He leaves at around 6:30 PM and doesn’t come back till almost 7 AM. But on his days off, which he gets quite frequently due to his twelve hour shifts every night, you can hear the thumping of the mattress. The springs when they squeak, the bed frame that nearly pounds against your wall. It starts around 1 in the afternoon, and goes in till late into the night.
He must have some amazing stamina, is all you can think, well…besides thinking about how amazing it would feel to be on his cock, in his bed- or yours- and how fucking good it would feel to have his lips to yours in a heated kiss that gets you fucking throbbing. You’ve heard his grunts through the walls, how throaty they are, how deep they are. They make you wet, to the point every day when it starts, you have to put in earbuds or you’ll contemplate doing something to yourself, touching yourself.
But that also doesn’t stop you from laying there and listening sometimes, thinking about how good it would feel, how his cock would fuck you dumb. It doesn’t help that you’re a raging virgin, if that’s how you’d like to put it. Twenty five and haven’t had much experience. Some of the dates you’ve been on have been nice, but others have felt rushed because nearly every guy wanted to fuck you on the first or second date, even a little non consensual touching has happened. And they weren’t worth any of that, obviously. They didn’t compliment you, most of them didn’t anyways, they didn’t kiss your cheek or bring you flowers, chocolates, or even a fucking small teddy bear. Nothing. It was bland talk, and dry laughs for the most part of the dates, and then immediately they tried to get up your skirt or in your pants.
You don’t like those types of guys.
And Logan surely sounds like he brings home a different woman every time his bed frame bangs the wall, but that’s different…right?? He’s not leading them on. Because sometimes you’ll hear them ask about the ‘next time’ or if there will be another night, and he says no, he tells them that he only occasionally does more than a night, but it’s rare. The woman usually understands though, and she leaves.
But…since you moved in a year ago, something in him has changed. All he wants to do is you. But he’s a bit stubborn, so he thought that maybe fucking the women he’s bringing home, so hard that it would catch your attention and you’d hop into his bed one night and he’d take you out to dinner or something, make a habit of you. But Logan is almost positive now that he’s got that completely wrong. He’s got it all wrong. Especially when he holds the elevator doors open for you and you rush in, a small smile on your lips as you mumble him a ‘thank you’ that he hears.
The corners of his mouth lift up and the doors close, but he can’t help to smell you. It’s a little after lunch, did you just touch yourself? He smells the sweet fragrance and it’s killing him, yet this is how it goes weekly. His hands are in his pockets as you both silently wait for the elevator to get to the bottom floor. God it feels like it’s taking forever.
“Uh, so…” Logan starts with a small scowl. How does he even go about this type of thing??? It’s been a while since he’s asked someone on a date. Usually he’ll find the ladies that he brings home at bars or at clubs that he sometimes works at over the weekends. But he’s not asked anyone out on a date in…a long time.
You keep quiet but your gaze falls upon him. These are the moments you realize how fucking tall he is, his shoulder width is insane, and how fucking good he looks. Logan’s eyes don’t meet yours, not for a few seconds anyways. “I- i don’t do this often but…I was wondering if you’d like to go out to dinner?”
Did those words just leave his mouth???? Did they really? What even takes you more off guard is the fact that he says ‘he doesn’t do this very often.’ Huh?! “I- I’m sorry?” You ask, a bit confused and taken back. Times ticking, there’s only six more floors to go. “I was just-.” He starts but you give him a polite smile, “look, Logan…I don’t, I’m not looking for a one night stand. I can hear the fucking bed frame hitting the wall every night. I just can’t do that…i- i can’t.” You shake your head and turn towards the door before it opens.
Logan is stuck to his spot in the elevator as he watches you leave, and his brows furrow. You could hear it all. And he definitely knows he fucked up now. He should’ve known that as sweet as you are and innocent-because let’s admit it, he’s heard your soft cries at night while getting off on your fingers- you’d think he’s a jerk.
But Logan doesn’t just take home any woman. He takes the ones back that only want a night or two, and that’s it. And you’re the first woman, in a long time, who’s made him feel any sort of way.
As he watches you walk out the elevator and into the lobby, he’s frozen. Logan watches you greet the elderly couple and chat with them for a moment before going on about your day, and he does too, once he’s able to move, but you’re sitting in the front of his mind for the whole day.
Tumblr media
A week has passed, and you’ve run into Logan once since then. He offered, again, to take you out on a date. This time, you almost went with it, but you didn’t. You hadn’t been hearing any sort of woman being brought over, so you think that maybe he’s being serious. Maybe this is his way of proving it to you.
But then last night, as you sat on your bed earlier, you could hear it. Well you thought you could, except this time it wasn’t a steady thump or creaking of the bed, the frame wasn’t hitting the wall. It was just the sound of his grunts and some kind of wet sound. You could hear him mutter and groan under his breath, and that’s when you knew that he was masturbating.
What else was he supposed to do?? He’d gone almost two weeks by that point without fucking someone, and he was desperate. So he resorted to his hand, and fuck if hadn’t of wished it were you and your sweet cunt. That’s honestly all he’s been thinking about for a solid few months now. That all the other women he brought home were you. Their moans and whimpers weren’t the same though. And he knew your pussy would feel different too. Yours is sweeter than any other pussy he’s ever smelled, your arousal makes his mouth water and his cock hard.
After another week of being shot down, even with no women being brought over, Logan is starting to feel hopeless. He doesn’t want to bug you, he doesn’t want to be a creep, but he really wants you to give him a chance. Maybe he should take a new approach.
So after work, he ran by the store and grabbed some flowers-that he very specially picked out for you. Thankfully he worked an odd shift today, so you should be up. He rushes to your apartment and knocks on your door, hoping you’ll answer. Logan hears shuffling and then you pick up something, then he hears you at the door.
You look through the peephole before opening the door and you let out a sigh of relief before plopping the knife down on the table beside you. “Logan…you’re home at a weird time…” you say with a small laugh. Logan can’t help but to realize you know his schedule. That’s cute.
“Yeah I picked up a weird shift but uh…I wanted to bring these to you.” He says as he extends his long arm to hand you the flowers. Your eyes go a little wide and you feel heat rising to your cheeks. “I- oh they’re gorgeous, Logan.” You can really tell he put some thought into them, and they look very expensive too.
They’re made up of reds, pinks, white, and some yellow flowers. There’s a few dark green pieces as well, and they’re very much real. The wrapping used for the flowers has white hearts on it, and it’s paper- not plastic. There’s pink twine wrapped around the bunch of stems to hold them together better, and there’s a little card sticking out of the center with a bumble bee stamped onto the outside of it. You smile and Logan’s heart hammers in his chest. He’s never felt so nervous, not in a long time at least.
His eyes watch as you take the card and flip it open. Logan licks his lips and swallows, hoping you’ll take him up on the offer. He fears this will be the last time he asks you if you say no.
The little card reads,
‘The most beautiful woman deserves the most beautiful flowers. The last time I bought someone flowers was twenty years ago, if not longer, so I hope this means a little something. The colors reminded me of you. So sweet and so pretty, always a ray of color and light in my days when I see you and your smile.’
Your smile grows more once you read it, and you can’t help but reread the words. They’re actually…in his handwriting. The numerous times you’ve seen him write something at the PO Boxes here at the complex have made his writing pretty much recognizable to you, so you know he’s being serious if he wrote this himself and not let the printer or some other person do it.
You put the small card down into the little holder before turning your eyes to his face again. “One date. No sex, no dirty flirting, no vulgarity, one date. And if it goes well, we can take it further. But if you butcher it, Mr. Howlett, no more!!” You say with a soft smile on your lips.
Logan can’t help but chuckle as he nods, “yeah, I completely get it. I won’t ruin this. I’ve dreamt about this for months.” He says before his lips stay permanently into a nice, handsome smile. “How does tomorrow at seven work for you??”
Tumblr media
You never thought it would be happening, but as you stand outside of the all too expensive restaurant, your heart races. You’re definitely dressed for the occasion, but you’re nervous. As you’re in your own head, standing, looking into the window of the restaurant, someone lightly grabs your elbow and you jump. “It’s just me, sweetheart.” Logan says, voice deep. “Oh, shit, sorry.” You apologize and a crack of a smile appears on his red lips. He speaks while his hand moves down to yours, taking your freshly manicured hand into his. “Don't have to apologize, I’m the one who startled you after all. What’s going through that pretty head of yours, hmm?” He asks, his hand that nearly swallows yours, squeezes yours and your heart thumps louder. “Just…there’s a lot of people.” You lie right through your teeth, but you’re more than sure that Logan buys it because he nods. “Yeah, there is. But the food is absolutely delicious, sweetheart.” He hums before he leads you to the huge doors, and someone opens them for you both before Logan escorts you in.
Dinner goes well. No flirtatious remarks, but Logan does everything he can to compliment you. He compliments your hair, your nails, asks if it’s a new perfume you have on because it’s different from the ones he’s smelled on you before. He compliments the dress you’re wearing, and the shoes, even the tattoos that he’s never seen before, and he wonders what else you’re hiding from him.
You don’t expect him to compliment your laugh though. “What!? That happened!?” You ask after Logan tells you about one of his many night shift stories at the hospital, mentioning the fact that a man fell on his ass while rushing to his car, for whatever reason, and it was icy. So he plummeted. Logan then said the man proceeded to slide under his own jeep, and couldn't stop until he managed to grab ahold of the foot piece on the other side. “No fucking way!!” You say softly before you giggle. Your hand goes over your mouth as you laugh, imagining that the guy must’ve been so embarrassed because wow, you’re getting second hand embarrassment for him. “Yeah….nearly went down to the ground laughing at him myself.” Logan chuckles as he listens to you laugh. When you finally manage to settle down, you take in a breath of air before drinking some water. “Your laugh…I’ve never heard you laugh so much before. But my god, it sounds so sweet.” He hums low before he licks his lips.
You feel your cheeks heating up again and you smile, “I- oh wow…No one’s ever said anything like that about my laugh. Logan I really- you’re a charmer aren’t you?” You giggle a little more and he laughs, “only for you. You’re the only one I’m seriously committed to for as long as you will have me.”
On the way back to the apartments, Logan’s words play over again and again in your head. That he’s yours for as long as you’ll have him. Is he this serious about it? About you?? You’re brought back to the car ride when he squeezes your hand that he’s holding in his lap, sort of on his thigh. “Something wrong??” He asks, voice deep and gruff, but something about it is always so soothing. You shake your head, and it’s the truth. Nothing is wrong, everything seems so right. “No, nothings wrong, just taking in everything.” And it’s halfway true, because you’re trying to wrap your head around how he went from fucking so many women, to looking like he’s in love with you.
Maybe one day you’ll have the guts to ask him, but for now it’ll wait.
Indeed, when he dropped you off at your door that night, he kissed your cheek, and you promised him another date. But you also told him you’d be out of town for a week, so he’d have to plan for when you got back. That was no issue for Logan, because as soon as you were back, he let you get settled, let you get some rest, and then that next morning he knocked on your door. Logan had you get dressed, “wear something cute but cozy.” He said, and so he dragged you out of the door after you got dressed.
He took you to a park, full of statues and art for the whole world to see. You walked the whole place and thankfully, Logan steered you right with cute but cozy clothes. The sneakers you wore were perfect for the occasion. Logan then brought you to a place for brunch. You drank coffee, ate some baked goods, and then made it on your way to the next destination. You remember asking him over and over again where he was taking you, but he wouldn’t say.
So when Logan pulled up to a botanical garden, your smile came back onto your face. He didn’t even have time to tell you where you were, because you already knew. You loved this place, went there so often that you knew it like the back of your hand, but of course Logan didn’t know that, so you explained to him, and he felt a little bad. He thought he'd picked out really good spots. But you reassured him that you loved it so much.
Logan was relieved, he’d worked so hard to plan that date, and he wanted you happy. You two went out for dinner again, and he got you even more flowers, a bigger bouquet too. It had a small box of expensive chocolates with it, and you fell harder for the man.
Tumblr media
After a few more dates, Logan finally got the courage to ask you to be his girl. Of course, over those dates, he realized and learned that you’re not a crowd person. You don’t like large crowds or a lot of attention on you, so he asked you to be his girl while the two of you were cooking in your apartment. It was romantic, and Logan looked at you as if you were the brightest star in the sky, guiding him in the right direction of his sort of messy life.
You couldn’t say no, and you didn’t want to. He was thrilled. It was the most perfect dinner and snuggles he ever had, and he was happy- still is, the both of you are.
One small issue was that Logan’s schedule got busier. So less dates is what became of that, but it didn’t deter your care and passion for each other. He’d often come to your place to sleep if he’d missed you way too much that day, and he needed you. He’d knock and knew that you had waited up for him, every night, and you’d help him shower and get dressed- simple loving things. Then you’d crash in your bed, tangled up together all warm because of his body heat, and all cozy.
Thankfully, the busiest time of year passed quite fast, and he was able to start back his regular schedule, which ultimately made you both happy. Logan planned date after date, along with your help of course, and you never grew tired of each other.
Tumblr media
Your first argument was two months ago, though. You’d asked him, ‘how did you go from fucking so many women, to only wanting to be with me?’ And he had an answer. He just didn’t know if you’d like it or not. So he sat you down, held your hands, and told you.
He told you how he instantly felt pulled to you the moment you two locked eyes, how he knew he had to have you, thought it would be best to try and make you jealous. But he found that stupid the more he thought about it, and he slowly realized that he needed to stop. So when you kept shooting him down, he knew that it was time. So he stopped. Logan told you the truth, that he never really wanted to fuck all of those women, but he thought that it would get your attention.
That made you upset. He’d never seen you get upset at him or angry, but you were that time. Maybe you were being a little immature, but the thought of him trying to make you jealous, when he had barely talked to you and didn’t even try to get to know you, was a hit in the face. It just felt dirty. So you didn’t talk for a whole week..
Thankfully, a week after that, you two made up. Logan apologized a million times and bought you many flowers. He had them shipped to your workplace, along with lunch, and dinner dates. He finally won you back- and he thanked whatever god is above-, and you apologized too, for being a little too hard on him. Everything was good again, everything felt right again.
But around a month ago, you felt guilty at the end of one of your dates. The ride home got a little steamy, and you’ve kissed him before- many times. Sleepy kisses, lazy kisses, I missed you kisses, happy kisses, etc etc. But these were different. Logan needed you, he wanted you so badly. And by this point it’d been around seven months since you started dating officially- nine since the first date. He had to pull over on the side of the road, pull you into his lap, hands were heavy all over your body where he allowed. They didn’t wander much, because he wasn’t sure if you wanted what he did, so he kept them on your hips, waist, thighs, and neck area, until he knew you wanted to go further. But then you didn’t want to go further.
Of course Logan didn’t show disappointment or anger when you told him you weren’t ready for that yet. He was more than understanding, but his aching cock was a tiny bit of an issue. He’d dreamt so many nights of fucking you into the mattress it had gotten old how many times he had to jerk off just to relieve himself. But he’d never push you to do something you didn’t/don’t want to do- he’d never do it. A boner is only a minor inconvenience, one that’ll eventually go away. So he helped you get back into your seat and then drove you both home.
What he hadn’t expected was for you to not talk to him for a week. You felt guilty. You felt bad. You knew things between you two were going good again and…you felt like, since everyone in the past only really wanted to have sex with you, that’s what you were waiting for to make this relationship spiral into a pit of doom. You’re nervous to actually try sex for the first time, and it’s not a discussion you want to have with anyone- let alone Logan- but you know it’ll have to be done at some point.
So after around a week of unanswered calls and texts, luckily you answered his knocks- after he came by so many times and all you answered with was ‘I’m okay’- on your door and opened up. “Holy shit, you’ve worried the fuck out of me, sweetheart!” Logan said as soon as you let him inside, and he picked you up, hugged you to him tightly and kissed your cheeks, nose, and lips. “I’ve missed you s’much. Thought I’d lost ya.” He whispered against your lips before he shut the door.
You apologized, profusely. You didn’t let him get a word in, not until you finished. You explained why you felt guilty, why you felt off and odd, and that you were scared. You didn’t want to disappoint him, you didn’t want to be a nuisance either, and Logan’s heart broke for you. He had no idea that you were a virgin, he figured it was none of his business before now what you’d done with who, but he knew you would’ve told him about it before things got heated between you two, and he was correct.
Logan didn’t expect for you to give yourself to him, he didn’t expect you to jump the horse and want to have sex with him immediately after that conversation either. So he held you as long as he could that night after the conversation, whispering words of reassurance and validation into your ears. “I don’t care about that. We can do it whenever you want to. You’re not disappointing me sweetheart, I don’t care about that.”
Tumblr media
Yesterday, three weeks after the conversation, Logan got a new mattress delivered to his apartment. He bought new sheets, silk ones, and new pillows. He bought a whole new fucking bed, let’s just say that, and tossed his other one out while you weren’t home. You had no idea. Logan was proud of himself. He felt like you would like to sleep on something….new. Something that wouldn’t remind you of his past ‘relationships’(aka.. one night stands) so he went out and bought new bedding. A new bed frame, mattress, sheets, blankets, pillows, everything. And he wanted to have you over the next day, so he cleaned up the whole place after the delivery guys left.
Today, he got up and finished some laundry, then sent you a text, telling you to come over in your best cozy clothes at around 3pm. While Logan finished cleaning, and then ran to the store for food products, you showered and ate a little something, then picked out a pair of cotton shorts and a big shirt of his.
When the clock hits 3, you knock on his door. You have a small baggy in hand for just extra necessities, because even if you do live next door, you kind of don’t want to have to leave his place. Not even a minute later Logan opens the door and engulfs you into a warm hug, his lips pressing against yours and his hand on your cheek. “Sweet girl…I’ve missed you.” He whispers before he shuts and locks the door. Because before you he never would. He can protect himself, very well, and he’s never had a reason to. But when you told him that it made you feel safe, he started doing it for you.
“Hi handsome, I missed you too! What were you up to yesterday?” You ask, your hand runs through his hair before you kiss his scruffy chin. Logan chuckles, “I wanted to show you something. It’s what I was up to yesterday.” He says, voice wavering a little but he wiggles his brows just a bit which makes you giggle. Logan’s a bit nervous, he doesn’t want you to feel guilty that he replaced his bed for you- because he really wanted to do this; for you.
“Okay, let me just put my bag down and I’ll follow!!” You tell him, eyes bright and smile wide before you place the bag down, crocs sliding off and next to the door before Logan picks you up into his arms. “I told you you’d never have to walk again if you don’t want to, pretty girl. Especially not in my apartment.” You giggle, that laugh he loves so much, and his heart grows warm at the feeling. He can’t help but press a kiss to your soft lips.
“Take me away, Lo!” You say before you wrap your arms around his neck and he leads you to his room. You’ve been in here dozens of times, but this time it’s different. The walls have different pictures on them. There’s many of you two, and some are just art pieces. He even put up some bookshelves and he sees you eyeing them. “Yeah….I know they’re empty but I was hoping you’d bring some books over and leave them here…so I’d have more of you around the place.” Logan whispers before kissing your neck delicately. “Notice anything else??”
Your eyes scan the room and they land on the bed after a brief moment. Your eyes squint as you focus and you notice it’s not the same banged up, metal bed frame as before. This bed is a sleek black wood, the poles extending up to leave around a foot and a half from the ceiling. There’s intricate white details, lining some parts of the headboard and footboard, and your mouth falls agape as to how nicely it looks. You also notice the sheets that are sticking out from where the comforter is pulled back are different, and the comforter is new. Everything’s new. “Is…is this all new??” You ask, confused as to why Logan would go and buy all this stuff. But he nods as he holds you to him tightly. “Slept so good last night, even the mattress is new, pretty thing.” He says as he walks over with you on his body, and he sits down. “Why..?” You ask again, confused.
He chuckles at your expression and kisses your lips, “because I thought that maybe….it was time for a change, but I also wanted you to be comfortable. I know you could hear what all was going on here…in the past. Whenever we finally decide to take that next step, I want you to have something secure, new, and comfortable to be pleasured in. I wanted to get you something that’s just for us, only us.” Logan tells you honestly as he holds you in his lap, his hands rubbing over your arms as he watches your face.
“I just want you to know, this isn’t some shit and twisted plan to get you to change your mind about everything, I just want you to know how serious we are. How serious I take our relationship. That I am prepared for when you want to finally have sex with me-if ever-, and when you want to open up- no dirty pun intended.” Logan says with a small chuckle, but he’s honest about it, before he kisses the crown of your head, pulling you closer into his arms.
It takes you a moment to process everything, but you smile, tears brimming your eyes, and his hands trail over your back as he eases your nerves, or at least he thinks you have nerves. “Logan…you did this for me?” Your voice comes out small, and quiet. “Yeah, I did.” You hug him tighter, your face resting in the crook of his neck as you smile, “I-I Love you Logan. Thank you, i- i really don’t know what to say.” You tell him gratefully, and all Logan expects of you is for you to enjoy it. Whether it be sleeping, cuddling, watching a movie, hell just having you sit on the damn thing would make him so happy. “It’s all for you sweetheart, and you’re welcome anytime. I love you even more, pretty girl.” He then pulls out a key from his pocket, and it’s the spare apartment key to his place. You look at it and you smile, “any time? Really??” You ask, not believing that this man is real, but he nods and that brings you to realization that he is. Logan is very much real.
Your hand takes the key and you kiss Logan’s lips, “I really do love you.” You whisper against his lips, and he smiles, “and I love you, so much. I’m not good about putting it into words but…I try to show it through other things.” “You do…you’re amazing Logan, honestly.” You murmur, and then you set the key down onto his nightstand, which is also shockingly new. “I have been thinking about it though…about losing my virginity. God I hate saying that…” you scrunch your face up and Logan chuckles at how cute you are. “But I have been thinking! And I want to lose it…tonight. With you…on this new bed…and the new sheets- which are silk?!” You ask as you run your fingers on the material. “I really want to. I’ve dreamt about it…longed for it. I’m not…,that scared anymore. I’m more nervous than anything.” You admit, and your hands hold his as you look at him as if he’s your entire world.
“God, sweetheart, the things I’ve dreamt of doing to you. I’ve just imagined them night after night.” He mumbles against your lips before he stands up and places you onto the bed on your back, his calloused hands running up your shirt just a little bit. “You’re positive? That this is what you are wanting??” Logan asks, because he needs to make sure. Logan needs to make sure because he is positive that once he starts, he won’t be able to stop. He’s dreamt of devouring you, sinking his teeth to leave bite marks all over your skin. Logan has imagined kissing every inch of your skin, touching every inch of your body, and bringing you to your orgasm, more times than he can count on his fingers- and toes- twice. To say he’s utterly obsessed with you, pretty much any thought of you makes him go crazy, it’s an understatement.
You nod your head as you look up at him, “yes. I’m absolutely positive logan.” Your words come out softly, and you bring your hands up to cup his cheeks. “And….you don’t have to be soft the entire time.” You tell him, your words firm and sure as can be. Logan swallows and nods, then his lips are on yours as he picks you up and moves you towards the plush pillows, soft but firm and the fabric of the pillow cases are soft too.
The kiss is full of need, on both ends, not just yours. His body is slotted in between your legs as his hands slip up under your shirt, rubbing over the area of your ribs and your hands bury themselves into his messy hair now, thick and untamed. You moan into his mouth, and Logan can’t help but grind down onto you, and you feel the heaviness of his cock through his sweatpants. “Lo…” you mumble against his pretty lips, and your eyes stay closed as he starts to trail kisses down your jaw towards your neck. “So…fucking….gorgeous.” He growls out in between every kiss he gives you, and he can’t stop from saying more. “Love you…..so much….want you….need you….been dreaming of you….and thinking about..,,your tight cunt….” He’s breathing a little heavier when he gets to your pulse point, and Logan starts to nibble on the skin there, causing a moan to slip past your glistening lips.
“Logan…” you moan, and it sounds like a melody only meant for him to hear. “That’s it, pretty girl….moan for me.” He whispers, and you continue as his hands trail further up, his thumbs brushing past your nipples before he starts to tease them, playing with the hardening buds. You can’t help but let out soft whimpers of bliss as he treats your body like it’s a delicate statue, or like you’re a queen and he’s only meant to serve you, please you.
The further his kisses go, the wetter you get just from his kisses. They’re sloppy and wet, and Logan’s cherishing every bit of your skin, memorizing it with his hands, lips, and nose as he takes in the scent of your warm skin. You smell absolutely captivating to him, and he can’t imagine not ever being able to have you.
His hands move down from your nipples and breasts to your ribs again, down to your waist and then hips. He kisses down your tummy and over your belly button before his hands slip to the waistband of your shorts. He can feel that you’re not wearing panties.
“Were you…planning on this?” He asks with a small smirk. Your cheeks grow hot and he notices how bashful you get, so he chuckles at your little expression. “Aw, pretty girl…so good for me.” Logan kisses right above the hand of your shorts before he tugs them down, slowly. You watch him as your hands stay buried in his hair, and the further down he goes, the more your hands slip away, and eventually when your shorts are pulled down, your hands are not in his hair anymore. That’s when you notice your shorts are gone, and on the floor somewhere, and you get a little more shy. But he doesn’t allow your legs to close.
Logan’s hands gently grab you by the thighs and pull you closer to him, so that you’re now at the end of the bed and he’s on his knees, ready to worship you. “Mm…” he growls out low as he looks at your pussy, dripping and wet for him. He can just see the clit peeking out, and his cock throbs harder. He doesn’t say anything else, all he does is lean forward, hands still on your thighs, and places his face right onto your cunt. He takes a deep breath in and a throaty groan escapes him, and you can’t help but to get hotter than you already are. Logan then takes another breath in, this time some sort of growl comes from his throat and more arousal gushes from you.
“Holy fuck Logan….please.” You whimper as you clutch the comforter under into your hands, fingernails digging into the fabric slightly. He chuckles against your pussy before he moves his face back a little and then licks up your slit, and just teases you by missing your clit. You let out the most needy little whine and he didn’t think his cock could throb any harder. “Fuck, pretty girl….smell so sweet…sound so sweet, taste even sweeter than I imagined, too.” Logan grunts out before he spreads your legs wider, and he can’t take it anymore.
Those sweet eyes you’re giving him, and the way you smell, look, and how you crave him just as much as he craves you, makes his head spin. Logan leans back down and this time when he licks up your slit, he doesn’t miss that pretty clit he’s been wanting to wrap his lips around and suck on. You let out such a filthy moan, he has to grip your thighs harder to contain himself. “Please….mmph…feels too good!” You let out, your eyes closed. You’re so sensitive, never being touched makes you that way, and the fact that you haven’t touched yourself in a week, because you wanted to be absolutely needy when you told Logan you were ready. And fuck if it isn’t so good already.
Logan then sucks onto your clit, one of his strong hands leaving your thigh and spreading your lips apart so he can focus more onto your pretty pearl, giving it as much attention as he can. His eyes don’t close, instead they strain to focus on you, how your chest heaves, how your fingers clutch the sheets and comforter, and how your face is so blissed out. You’re so needy, and he’s going to give everything he can to you tonight, and as much as you’ll take.
Logan pulls away from your clit and then his fingers spread you open even more, so that his tongue can delve into your hole. Your breathing gets heavier, and your pussy flutters at his warm, wet tongue when it slips in. His tongue is long, and when he manages to slip in a finger along with it, you’re moaning more. His nose bumps your clit over and over again, rubbing it just right in ways you didn’t know would feel so good. Guess your friends were right when they said guys with big noses make good use of them.
“So good…” Logan groans in between lewd noises, complimenting your taste. His finger moves and curls into your cunt, reaching as far into your pussy as he can, then his tongue finally moves back up to your clit, and he flicks his tongue, knowing just how to make you feel good. “Logan…another…” you moan, back arching as you tell him to slip another finger in. Logan doesn’t have to be told twice by you. So he pulls back from your clit, gathers spit and then spits it messily and filthily onto your cunt, watching as it drips onto the one finger that’s curling against your g-spot, before he slips the second one into you. “Fuck!” You moan, fists getting a tighter hold on the sheets before he’s moving back to working on your clit, hungrily. Logan nibbles on it, sucks on it, and flicks it with his tongue. The noises grow louder, wetter, more obscene. He’s never eaten any other woman out like this, he’s not even thought about it. All he’s thought and is thinking about, and forever will, is you. Your pussy, your clit, your lips, body, sounds. Everything about you.
“G-getting….close.” You whimper as you start to squirm a little, body growing hot as you whimper and moan, the sounds heavenly to Logan’s enhanced hearing. He groans from the pit of his throat, lapping at you hungrily as he finger fucks you harder, faster, messier. He’s never eaten pussy like this in his life, not this lewdly or needily. No.
He wants you to cum on his face, his mouth, his tongue. He wants every bit you’ll give him, and he’s so fucking glad that when he suckles onto your clit harshly, growling out which sends vibrations through your core, thag you cum. Your back arches off the bed, and you try to squirm away but of course Logan doesn’t let you. He has that one hand gripped onto your thigh and holding you in place as he fingers you and suckles your clit.
Logan does, however, move his mouth after a few moments, and let’s his nose do the work while he laps at your juices that have leaked from your weeping pussy, and god you taste so good. He groans, cock leaking precum in his sweats as he licks up everything and all that he can of your cum.
When he’s finally done, you’re panting, chest heaving, skin hot and slightly sticky, and your shirt is ridden up so he can see your boobs. Throughout that, he thinks, you must’ve risen it up and started playing with your nipples. “God Logan….fuck me, need it so bad!” Your raspy, whiny voice breaks him from his trance as he stares at your body. He can’t believe he got this fucking lucky. You’re so debouched, hair a mess, eyes hazy, lips parted, and nipples hard. Your pussy is a mess of slick and spit, and your clit is swollen and sensitive.
“Fuck, pretty girl. Such a pretty pussy, tastes so damn good, look so fucking pretty for me.” Logan mumbles as he crawls on top of you, helping you take the shirt off while whispering, “let’s take this off…” He then kisses your lips again and being able to taste yourself on his lips, has your pussy walls fluttering around nothing, greedily. Your eyes roll into the back of your head as he kisses you, lids closed, Logan’s tongue in your mouth, roaming to taste every inch of yours.
His hands grab your thighs and lift your legs up, and he grinds down onto your cunt, his clothed cock hot and heavy. You let out a breathy moan, and you lick your lips. “Taste good, don’t you?” Logan asks and you nod, “yes…tastes so good.” You’re so blissed, pussy so needy, that you rub up and buck up towards Logan's cock. That makes him chuckle before he runs a hand up your body and over your neck. Your breath hitches as his hand closes around your throat, and his face comes close to yours. His breath is felt on your lips, nose bumping yours, “love ya, pretty girl. Think you’re ready for me?”
You nod quickly letting out an, ‘mhm’ and Logan chuckles again. “So needy….” He grunts out before his other hand goes to your pussy again, feeling the wetness that’s fresh, and it’s not even his spit this time. It’s your arousal. “So fucking wet again. I can tell you’re gonna be my little cockslut.” He smirks before he presses his lips to yours in a searing, hot kiss, then he squeezes your throat a little harder before he stands up, and takes off his sweats. He didn’t have a shirt on, so that’s not an issue, and now you can see he didn’t have underwear on either.
“Fucking….my god.” You breathlessly say when you see his cock. It’s huge. The only thing you’ve ever used is a vibrator, and oftentimes your fingers. You’ve never had anything that big inside of you. You swallow, legs still spread open as you look at Logan’s cock. “It’s okay…” He whispers as he comes over, crawling back on top of you. “It’ll be okay….I’ve gotcha, pretty girl.” He murmurs before kissing your jaw, then down to your neck where marks have already risen due to his assault on your neck earlier.
You feel the tip of his cock nudge your pussy and you gasp. It feels even bigger without seeing it. Your hands go to his biceps, and you hold onto them, nails digging into his skin. Logan grunts out in pleasure before he starts to make a steady motion of slipping his cock in between your folds, the leaking tip rubbing your clit every time. “Is this my pussy, pretty girl?” Logan grits out, his cock throbbing hot against your cunt. “Yes, yes it’s your pussy. All yours, Lo…” you say fast, and needy. Logan chuckles deeply, cock catching on your hole now as he slips back and forth, dying to be inside of you. “Tell me if you want to stop or if you need a minute.” He says, and before you can reply, he’s nudging his cock into your pussy. “Oh shit…” you gasp out, nails digging further into his skin. Your eyes scrunch closed at the intrusion, and Logan softly kisses your cheek and face, your lips and jaw. “It’s okay…it’s okay. Doing good, such a good fucking girl. So tight for me too. Ease up a little though, pretty girl. Gotta ease up.” Logan murmurs, and you try to relax as much as you can, because holy fuck this is a lot.
You swallow as he eases the head in, and you try to relax more. “Keep going.” You tell him, and he obliged. He pushes in some more, and when he hears you take a breath in he stops. He waits the few seconds for you to relax again, and this is repeated until he’s fully inside of you. Your pussy squeezes him so tightly, he’s not sure if he can go more than two minutes without cumming, but he knows with his stamina he can cum many more times than just once or twice. “You’re….fuck.” You say with a small chuckle as your hands soothe over the cuts on his arms from your nails but they’re pretty much gone now. “You did good. Taking my cock like a good girl. My very good and pretty girl.” Logan moves a little bit and it has you whimpering. He places his hand onto your lower tummy and you let out a moan, feeling him so deep inside of you. “Gonna make you feel so fucking good…gonna have you stuffed.” He grunts before he eases out and pushes back in.
The first few thrusts are like that, sort of slow, but he pushes back in progressively harder. The more of a reaction he gets from you, the faster that Logan goes. Eventually he has your legs pushed back, and his cock is ramming into you while the hair at the base of his cock is brushing up against your puffy clit, your moans bouncing off to the walls and for a few seconds you feel bad for your neighbors but…then you remember that you are his neighbor, and Logan lives at the end of this hall. So it’s likely people can’t hear you as much as you were thinking. But those thoughts are all swept from your mind the second Logan says something absolutely filthy. His hand wraps around your neck, one arm holding both legs near your head as he fucks you. “Focus on me. Focus on my cock, my voice, the pleasure I’m giving you, or I’ll make you cum. I’ll make you fucking focus.” He growls out as he gets faster, harder, and you moan, nearly screaming.
Everything’s washed from your mind except for him. The way Logan’s cock drives into your pussy, the lewd sounds of his dick pushing in, pulling out. The feeling of how thick he is, how his heavy balls slap your skin. “Want you to cum in me!” You moan, breathless, but it’s a moan full of pleasure nonetheless.
Logan nearly cums right then, his balls twitching, cock does too, as his chest heaves. He licks his lips before he gets a dirty smirk onto his face, “you…..you want me….to cum in your cunt??” Logans voice is even deeper, and it hits the pit of your stomach, making your pussy clench around his cock, and he groans- guttural and devine to your ears. “Yes! Yesyesyesyes!!!” You chant, voice music to his ears as he fucks you harder. You don’t think you’ll ever walk again from how hard he’s fucking your pussy.
“Oh I’ll cum inside of your cunt, pretty girl. I’ll fill ‘er up so good….that she’s leaking my fucking cum for a week. You won’t be walking, you won’t be off of my cock for longer than five minutes at a time.” He growls, hand tightening around your throat, and Logan has you seeing stars.
You unexpectedly cum, trembling under his glistening body as you do, and you pant, nipples hard and exposed. He then pushes your legs down further, hand leaving your neck as he takes a nipple into your mouth and sucks on it, nibbling some afterwards. You cry out at the pleasure, and this isn’t exactly how you imagined the first time for you going, but you’re definitely not going to complain either.
The second you feel that Logan is about to cum, he doesn’t. He pulls his cock out, maneuvers you so that you’re faced down. He grabs a pillow, one that he bought for you both to use, places it under your hip area, and then spreads your legs just wide enough for him to push back in. The stretch is more now, and he feels that you’re even tighter since you’re not so splayed out for him. “Fuck! Good girl….good girl. Taking my cock like it was fucking made for you. Huh? It was made for you, wasn't it baby??” You sob out from under him, his hands holding you down as he fucks you, skin slapping skin loudly. “Yes!!” You moan out, but it’s a little muffled. “Mmyeah…she’s so greedy, won’t ever let her go a day without my cock again.” He then pulls out and teases you, slipping just the head back in. You beg, “nononononono!!!! Put it back in, put it back in!! Please pleasepleaseplease, Logan! Please!!” You cry out, and he’s shocked at how much of a cockslut you already are, but that doesn’t stop him from ramming into your cunt again. He fucks you like he has no restraint. He has been dreaming of this for a long while now, so really no one can stop him- only you if you need to.
“Cock. Hungry. Slut.” Logan says in between thrusts, his cock throbbing as he gets close to another orgasm but he wants you to cum again. He needs to feel how tight you can get in this position, how pretty your sounds are again and again, and how breathless he makes you.
All you can whine out are noises. You can’t make a coherent sentence or thought. All you know is, cock cum orgasms Logan. That’s all you fucking know. “Yeahhh, gonna fill you right to the brim. Over. And. Over. And. Over. A-fucking-gain. Gonna fucking breed this little pussy.” He growls out and when his hand meets your asscheek, it has you cumming. Legs shaking, pussy spasming around Logan’s thick cock. His balls are full, and within the next minute, he cums inside of you. Logan lets out grunt after growl after groan as he cums. It’s so much cum that you’re stuffed just from this one load, and you’re wondering just how much more of it you can take, but you know you’ll take however much he can give you. “Mm…Logan.” You moan as he continues to fucking it into you cunt, needing to get it as far and as deep as he can, which makes your pussy squeeze tightly and it squelches from the cum inside of it. “Good. Girl.” He says in between breaths before he leans down and kisses the sweaty skin on your neck. He moves your hair out of the way, and then kisses more skin, and his hips move in the process. “Logaaan!” You giggle softly, hazily. “Again…” you murmur and he chuckles. “So fucking cock hungry, huh?? Already needy, already wanting to suck me fucking dry. But that’s okay…because I’ll give you all you want. All ya gotta do is ask, pretty girl. And I’ll fill this pretty, swollen cunt up, as much as you want.” Logan murmurs against your skin, trailing kisses down your back as far as he can, then he’s spreading your ass cheeks and pulling out, before pushing back into your hole, watching as the sticky cum stretches from your hole to his cock, and when he sees his cum covered cock, and feels your pussy flutter around his dick, he can’t help but cum again. It’s not as much as last time, but he still gives it to you.
And he gives you plenty more after that.
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Garreg Mach students ranked by how popular their tumblr blog would be, from least to most
Popularity is measured not only by follower count, but also their general notoriaty in the tumblr dot hell ecosystem.
Ashen wolves sadly excluded because this list is long enough and I wish to see the sun again sometime today.
24. Leonie
I say this with a mind free of judgement and a heart full of love, but Leonie is a Facebook user. She doesn't really get tumblr, since for her social media is mainly to keep up with her people back in Sauin village, and you can not tell me that a community of mainly hunters uses anything other than Facebook to show off their latest game.
Most popular post: Her introduction post. Liked by Byleth and Byleth only.
23. Dimitri
He uses his tumblr as a personal vent blog whenever he is having a Mental Health Moment™ and deletes everything he posted the day later. He sits on an ask box full of concerned anons he can't bring himself to either acknowledge or delete.
Most popular post: His posts get liked in the """"traumacore"""" space but since he immediately deletes them it's hard to gaige exact metrics.
22. Hubert
You fool! He has 70 alternative accounts! And he uses all of them to send anon hate to his enemies and publish callout posts on those who seek to oppose Lady Edelgard.
Most popular post: "Lord Varley is a terrible person that deserves to be deplatformed and beheaded and here's why"
21. Ashe
His tumblr is for things he personally enjoys, he doesn't really post much original content. He reblogs from Bernadetta and Ferdinand and every single credible gofundme he can get his fingers on.
Most popular post: That time Felix baited him into a lengthy argument over the ethics of shoplifting.
20. Raphael
Reblogs warriormale like it's his god damn job. Occaisonally posts workout videos too, but for some reason Ignatz is REALLY bad at getting the camera to focus whenever Raphael is on screen.
Most popular post: Raphael was very enthusiastic about warriormale's drop that towel!!! post, much to the amusement of many immature people online.
19. Petra
Petra has a travel blog, mostly to document her experiences in Fódlan and get her into the habit of writing in her second language. It's mostly for her own sake, so she isn't fussed about getting followers.
Most popular post: A video titled "Me and my best girl friend at the beach". Every single one of the notes are a variation of "girl is that Dorothea Arnault 👀👀👀". She never confirms or denies this and her next update is about her catching the cold for the fifth time this year.
18. Linhardt
No queue, no tags, no system, Linhardt posts whatever holds his interest. An absolute nightmare for the novice to follow, but students with a little bit of patience can unearth many a pirated textbook.
Most popular post: A masterlist of crestology textbooks. Reblog to save a student's life!
17. Ingrid
Mostly vaguely feminist theory and book recs. Sometimes extremely personal ventposting. People who know her irl pretend not to know it is her as to not make her uncomfortable.
Most popular post: That one time she got kungpowpenised on one of her more...problematiqué opinion pieces.
16. Lysithea
Okay folks hear me out - she totally has a super secret fandom blog. She pretends that it is for the sole purpose of pointing and laughing at fandom drama as she herself is above that fandom-brained nonsense, but Goddess have mercy on your sinful soul if you provoke her into sharing her hot takes.
Most popular post: A 14k word essay on disability in the warrior cats book series.
15. Annette
Annette also has a fandom blog, but shame? Not on her good christian site. She takes great pains to keep her blog a space of positivity and unabashed joy in being cringe. In all honesty, it feels a bit like falling through a time portal into pre-dashcon tumblr, and I say this with equal parts nostalgia and condemnation.
Most popular post: In this universe, she is the person that birthed the "my homophobic dad became an ally by watching Sherlock" fake tumblr story. It was a bit of wish fulfillment when she was younger, and it haunts her to this day.
14. Ferdinand
Writes mediocre poetry and reblogs scenery panoramas and history posts. Regularly has to fight accusations of being a tradcath blogger, and he fights them to the death.
Most popular post: A picture of him on horseback went semi-viral once, akin to the ridicoulusly handsome marathon runner.
13. Lorenz
Writes mediocre poetry and reblogs scenery panoramas and history posts. Is actually a tradcath. Alas, people live for the drama and Lorenz gives them no shortage of it.
Most popular post: That time Lorenz went defcon as he was accused of sneaking into women's dms to ask for feet pics. He vehemently, desperately denied being into feet.
12. Felix
Felix has been banned from every other platform but tumblr, and he uses it for PVP only. He's become infamous sitewite for always starting shit and getting into arguments, almost in the same vein as human pet guy, just a bit less horribly morally bankrupt.
Most popular post: A legendary colour-of-the-sky length feud with Sylvain that ends in Felix posting a screed that has become the next "what the fuck did you just fucking say about me" copypasta.
11. Marianne
Has one of these "is the animal media cute" blogs. She tries to stay nonjudgemental and positive, but something in these blogs just seems to make people go sicko mode - she has to block at least a dozen people every single day. Secret star of the blog is Dorte the horse.
Most popular post: A video of her singing happy birthday to Dorte. It wold probably have gone unnoticed if Hilda hadn't reblogged it to her ravenous audience who can't get enough of pretty girls.
10. Dedue
Is most active on youtube, but he still has a woodworking, cooking and gardening blog that attracts the most wholesome audience of old people. You know, the „great work, Dedue, it’s nice to see the younger generation still picking up these kinds of hobbies“ kind.
Most popular post: I feel like he’d dabble in the kind of „cooking hack debunking“ videos Ann Reardon does in our universe, because he respects the craft and doesn’t want young people getting hurt trying dangerous viral hacks.  
9: Ignatz
If you’ve ever been on the internet at all, you’ve probably seen one of his artworks. Sadly, those artworks are probably reposts of reposts of reposts, and Ignatz is still struggling to make comissions – he is still to shy to just become a furry artist but give it a few months and he might not have a choice anymore.
Most popular post: A post begging tumblr users to reblog his art.
8. Dorothea Arnault
She absolutely could be in the top 3 of this list if she wanted to. She just ABSOLUTELY doesn't want to. She's incognito on this blog and, once you've dug your way through reblogged gofundme's of folks in need, you'd find that her content is mainly her singing in places you wouldn't expect great audio in - stairwells and basements, mostly. Sometimes, people will ask her "has anyone ever told you you sound like Dorothea Arnault?" and she'll answer "I don't know who that is, sounds like a bitch though".
Most popular post: Her blog really took off during the sea shanty stage of quarantine - in fact, her sapphic shanties might have kickstarted the era.
7. Sylvain
Hornyposts all day every day and still finds a way to get all up in everyone's business. Was determined to outlast the titty ban and by now, the algorithm as pretty much thrown up its hands and given up on him. Totally the kind of guy who reblogs nsfw pics or videos from other blogs with unwarranted commentary.
Most popular post: His legendary tiff with Felix, in which he pulled off smooth shark levels of playing dumb to piss off his opponent. The resulting mythic copypasta is now his bio.
6. Mercedes
Mercedes posts daily on her affirmations and positivity blog. Reminders to relax x muscle, unclench y joint, and afford yourself the same grace you afford others. She also gives advice to troubled anons, and it's not neccessarily good advice but it's nice to see someone sincerely cares. People somewhat parasocially call her the "tumblr mom".
Most popular post: Her coming out post where she announced she is bisexual.
5. Caspar
Okay this might be a hot take but i feel like Caspar is a tiktoker – detractors call him a thirst trap but honestly he doesn’t show off his abs to make money off of horny viewers, he shows them off cause he's proud and wants everyone to know about them. He reblogs all his stuff to tumblr because he knows Linhardt is most active (most being a relative term) there and Linhardt liking his new post is a highlight of his day.
Most popular post: He’s gone viral a few times with a genre of tiktoks tumblr would describe as this is what boys will be boys should mean. In this universe, he ist he originator oft he vine of a guy pushing his friend, who’s fallen asleep on an air matress, out into a lake.
4. Bernadetta
Has a gajillion sideblogs she can’t bring herself to part with – she lives in constant fear someone will discover her abandoned onceler sideblog. Her most popular blog is for writing reader insert fanfiction. Whenever her blog gains enough followers to make her feel nervous about posting, she drops off the face of the earth for a few months until her follower count has shrunken to a managable size.
Most popular post: shamefully, an 18+ onceler rp from the olden days.
3. Edelgard
Your one-stop shop for protest tactics, world news, guilt-trippy posts about today's calamity and what you can and MUST do about it, and organisation to donate time and money to.
Most popular post: So she let her guard down once, ONCE, and reblog a slew of topless buff woman gifs to main on accident, and tumblr still clowns on her for it.
2. Hilda
She may be an insta gal, but she took to tumblr like a duck to water. Yes, tumblr as a whole hates the idea of being sold things, but sometmies they are willing to make an exception if the girl selling things is a delightfully lazy and aggravatingly cute #girlboss.
Most popular post: Technically, it's a selfie with her tiddies almost out. What draws people to the post is Marianne in the background, clearly hypnotised, pouring a herself a nice cup of tea...into her lap.
You think he's a tumblr funnyman? Wrong. He's ALL the tumblr funnymen. He is gaud, he is pukicho, he is all the other's who's names I can't be arsed to look up. It began as him sockpuppeting on another account to set up a punchline to a shitpost, it snowballed from there and now he is roleplaying several different tumblr blogs with an incredible amount of dedication. Right now he is planning for two of his personas to stream a game simultaneously.
Most popular post: If you ask him, his most popular post has not been made yet, but it sits in his draft, just waiting for the day they pull the plug on tumblr, so he can end the charade and dramatically unmask himself at the last possible moment.
Bonus: Byleth
Reblogs every single post her students make. Regardless of theme. Regardless of content. Always reacting with a couple of emojis. Nobody is sure whether her blog is a bot or a real person, and scrolling through it the closest one could come to browsing r/all on tumblr.
She is, of course, not a bot, this is just the way she makes her unconditional support of her students known. Even if that means reblogging hardcore porn, an essay on the canonical treatment of Brightheart in The Prophecies Begin, more hardcore porn and a deeply personal account of trauma within seconds of each other.
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magnusbae · 2 months
*gremlin noises* I love your posts you’re a delight to my dash
You're a delight to my heart 🥰💖🌺✨
Why yes I did see your tags about THE THESIS, God knows I sHOULD DO IT. Or more like, here's a thing 😌🌻
Dreamling 548w Courting? Courting.
There's that look again.
Hob notices it more and more lately on his friend's face. He looks… Hob has to swallow, for the lack of any other word, his friend looks quite frankly, feral.
The reason however, not so easy to decipher. His Stranger, mysterious as ever, doesn't make it any easier. So Hob watches for it, that look, and files it down mentally until finally... he starts connecting the dots. And then? Well, fuck. Damn if he knows what to do with that.
There's a thrill in realizing that his friend, Morpheus, enjoys those small gestures of, ah, what would Hob call it in order to avoid what it actually is… friendship, that's what he'd call it, for now.
He smiles, so wide it aches at the edges, his eyes wrinkling with the fondness of it.
"May I carry your coat?" he asks, growing bolder in the things he asks and how often, the idea that Morpheus would accept and most likely enjoy it, strips away any hint of hesitancy out of him.
To Hob's pleasure (but no longer surprise), Morpheus accepts, gracious as ever as he shrugs the coat off with an inhuman elegance, it looks like liquid darkness as it slides off of his lithe form.
Hob takes the cloth from his friend, it's heavy, heavier than what it ought to be. It's rich to the touch, putting to shame any egyptian silk he had ever touched.
"…" Morpheus seems to want to say something, lips parting slightly, then shutting with a secretive smile he probably thinks Hob is unable to spot.
If only.
Oh he sees it plainly.
His stranger, his Morpheus, is pleased.
More than. He seems positively puffed up with smugness.
Without his coat, he looks… younger somehow? As if a weight was lifted from his shoulders. He stands straighter, lean strong frame clearly outlined by the soft t-shirt he wears. His skinny jeans truly leaves nothing to the imagination, now that there's no coat to shelter his legs from sight.
When Hob's eyes flick up, he's caught by Morpheus, looking straight into his eyes.
Hob smiles back sheepishly, moving the coat to his left arm.
"Let's have a walk?" he asks "I wish to show you the park, it's amazing in this weather" it's half question, half a declaration. Just enough decisive to get that same reaction. Again.
What an odd creature his stranger is. Pleased by something that one would assume to certaintly irk his royal highness. After all, he despises so deeply for things to be defined out loud, and yet seeming to truly love this...
Hob simply cannot find a word other than courting. As it's courting what he's been unwittingly, and later very deliberately doing.
It's courting without ever daring to say it out loud.
"Yes." Morpheus flutters his eyelashes and looks down, as if modest.
He will drive him mad.
Swallowing heavily, adam's apple shifting, Hob considers if offering an arm is something Morpheus would tolerate. Probably not yet.
"This way" Hob says instead, smiling. "It's a right nice spot" he comments when they're there, by the lake and under a tree "I read here sometimes" he muses out loud.
Morpheus seems pleased enough by the answer.
"What is it that you read, Hob Gadling?"
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gothwifehotchner · 2 months
Hotch’s Goth Wife Series
Decided to start writing all the little ideas I have of being Hotch’s goth wife. And why not start at the beginning? I tagged anyone who left a comment on that post I made asking if people would read it. I hope that’s okay. 
Summary: You and Hotch hadn’t seen each other in years. But when you run into each other at a coffee shop, you both realize you have a second chance together.
Warnings: Mentions of Haley’s Death. Mentions of a trocar, nothing graphic though. Also, not my gif. 
Tumblr media
Aaron Hotchner loved getting to the office early, unlike most of his colleagues who would prefer the bustle of a busy bullpen, he needed a moment before the day started. The way the rooms were dimmer before anyone had the chance to turn on the fluorescent overheads, the calm stillness, and the cool blanket of silence allowed him time to breathe in the morning. Walking through it alone like that, one could almost be convinced it was an average office building. One that was full of insurance customer service reps or accounts payable clerks for a medical billing department. Completely the opposite of what the rest of his day typically was, bright, hectic, and the air tense with everything they all had seen. As such, when he had a day between cases for paperwork, he made sure to get up in time to get Jack to Jessica’s and get a quiet moment to himself. Aaron knew the massive stacks of reports on his desk were going to be a daunting task that day. So he motivated himself with the same morning incentive that had always gotten him out of bed on time since pre-law, a fresh cup of coffee. Knowing it was a Friday and with now upcoming cases, as long as they weren’t called in on an emergency, he would have the whole weekend to spend with his son, he decided to celebrate with a coffee from his favorite shop in Quantico. 
His morning began blissfully average, almost as if he had taken the assignment to a more 9 to 5 department in the bureau all those years ago. No 3:30 AM called from JJ about a psychopath in Oklahoma or an arsonist in LA. Just a regular early morning alarm on the same alarm clock Haley bought him to make sure he wouldn’t be late on his first morning in the field office in Seattle. He got dressed after a hot shower and kissed a sleepy jack on the forehead. He dropped his son off at school and watched the boy run towards his friends playing on the playground, his backpack bouncing on his shoulders as he picked up speed, before making his way to the coffeeshop. 
He found it surprisingly empty for a Friday morning. Just two people stood in front of him, a man who was clearly having trouble deciding what to order from the infinitely patient barista and a striking woman in a long black dress. She stood with her back to him, her arms clasped together behind her by hand with long pointed black and red fingernails. She stood out, even in the city he didn’t run into many people who were dedicated to such a bold aesthetic outside of their 21st birthday. Somehow though she made it seem oddly natural. It almost made him feel like he should have naturally gone with one of his black ties this morning, rather than a dark red. He looked over her, she seemed to remind him of his best friend from college, but it couldn’t be. As she turned her head to look at the pastry menu of the wall to their right, Aaron studied her profile. 
Your familiar features revealed themselves to him, your soft kind face painted with dark makeup and a stark black lipstick. Aaron felt his abdomen fill with butterflies as his suspicion was confirmed. It was you, the only woman he had ever loved besides Haley. Y/n has been in his anthropology classes in pre-law, they were the top two students in that class and what started as a friendly joking competition to see who would end up number one turned into a beautiful friendship over many late nights in the library together. The next year you were roommates and outside of classes you were joined at the hip. Despite what the rumors said, your relationship never delved into anything beyond a uniquely close friendship. You ran in the same circle of friends, but if one of you missed a group gathering, everyone knew the other wouldn’t be showing up either. He had fallen in love with you without noticing it really. One day you were just Y/N, his best friend and confidant, and the next you were still you, but when you laughed at one of his dry jokes and smiled at him like you always did, he was so happy he felt nearly light headed and his stomach tied itself in knots. He never told you. He couldn't, he would never cheat on Haley and they were engaged. He loved her more than he had thought he could love before he had met her. Plus he wasn’t willing to lose his friendship with you by admitting his feelings when you could react poorly and disappear. Things like that changed relationships without a doubt in his experience. One might think that he would have fallen out of love with Y/n over the years. But his heart would do the impossible, after years of marriage to Haley and never loving her less, his feelings for you would appear to never have diminished somehow. But even after all these years, and everything he had gone through, those fuzzy headed stomach fluttering feelings found their home in him. Simply seeing your profile was enough for them to rush through him once again. 
You felt his eyes on your profile. No stranger to being stared at in you dark clothes (that day a long black dress with lace sleeves, your hair curled like an old hollywood star, a grayscale smokey eye and your favorite black lipstick, you felt good), you raised an amused eyebrow at him that informed him he’d been caught. The move backfired in a way it never had. Instead of making a man uncomfortable by making him know he’d been noticed ogling you, you were the one suddenly slack jawed and your surprised heart suddenly racing in your chest. Aaron Hotchner, after all this time there right in front of you. His face only slightly softened with age. But oh mon Dieu, in your opinion the man had aged like a fine wine. But, you had to admit that you may be biased, you’d been in love with him for years. You never told him he was the only man for you, you couldn’t really, he had already found his dream girl. Still after spending some of the most formative years of your life being treated like the most important and special individual on the planet by Aaron Hotchner, any man after that had fallen short. You were never together romantically, but if any of them had clearly cared for you half as much as Aaron did, you would have been interested. But no matter how kind or respectable the man was, he always paled in comparison to the way you felt for Aaron. The fire in your heart burned just a bit brighter now that you knew he was right here in front of you. 
You had not changed one bit since he last saw you, though he quietly admitted to himself it had been a few more years than he’d care to admit since their college days, or even since the last time he saw you before he’d left Seattle. It was like your features had nearly  frozen in place. Your hair was longer, but looked just as soft and still made him want to run his hands through it. He was happy to see you had kept, and somehow further perfected your old Hollywood Morticia Addams look. It made his heart skip a beat in his chest.
He was nervous you might not remember him, after all despite remaining friends after he graduated and married, his move to DC had caused you to grow apart, but the fear melted away when a smile graced your face. It was the same smile his hopeful heart had once thought to be reserved for him. True or not, it was the smile on your face when you said his name, “Aaron Hotchner. Is that really you?”
“Hello Y/N.” Was all he could think to say. He was already kicking himself for it, but he was flabbergasted. He hadn’t expected to get to see you again. Time and distance were almost never so kind.
“As I live and breathe. I never expected to run into you, but I admit it is a wonderful surprise. How are you? How’s Haley?” 
Still kind and thoughtful, Aaron thought as he sighed. Knowing the answer to your questions was likely more complicated and dark than anyone cared to hear, let alone so early in the morning. “I am doing pretty well. As for Haley, she passed away a year and a half ago.”
“Oh Aaron. I am so sorry. That must have been so hard on you.” You answered the difficult topic with an almost practiced ease. This might have confused someone else, when she didn’t shift awkwardly away from him physically when the topic turned to death, nor did you shift the topic away from death. But you were a mortician. Death was a part of who you were, beyond the way it would one day be part of everyone. 
“Thank you. It was difficult, and there were so many factors that added to the pain and guilt that comes with losing someone. We got divorced before it happened, but not because I wanted to. But I still have our son Jack. We both will always love her, but we are learning to live in a world without her. She would want us to try to find a new normal, a happy one.” Aaron nodded as he spoke in a way that made you know from past experience that this was a practiced speech.
You gave him a soft smile as the man in front of you moved to wait for his finally ordered coffee. The both of you walked up to the counter silently deciding to order at the same time. Aaron was faster to the punch than you were with his card. You thanked him and told him it wasn’t necessary for him to buy your coffee.
 “But what if I want to buy your coffee?” He changed the topic and energy of the conversations with ease. The two of you stood to the side and waited for your coffee. “How have you been?”
“I moved and I finally own my own mortuary. It has been quite the labor of love. But it really has been so worth it.” You told him, pride written all over your face. 
He smiled at the thought of you making that dream come true for yourself. He remembered many an anthropology study sessions that developed into midnight sessions sharing hopes and dreams of your future lives. Knowing you did it caused another wave of butterflies in his stomach. Aaron checked his watch as he picked up his coffee. He still had an hour until the team would arrive, as he told them to come in late after having gotten home from a case late last night. He handed you your coffee and made your heart rate race again with a smile. “I’d love to hear about it if you have the time?”
You looked at your phone screen before nodding, “My clients won't be going anywhere for the next hour?”
He laughed out loud at that. Your whole chest warmed at the sound. It was smoother and richer than any chocolate you’d ever tasted. He gestured forward towards a small table in the back corner. As you made your way to it, he got lost looking at you again. He truly couldn't believe it was you. You used to be thick as thieves. The amount of cup of noodles you had shared had to be in the tens of thousands, you’d been too broke for anything else for quite some time. You had once known each other's hopes and fears. Spent most of your time together, his early twenties had almost zero memories without you in it. You had always been hauntingly beautiful, like the ghost of a Hollywood starlet. In the past few years especially you had seemed to haunt his dreams with what ifs of the two of you. He’d been engaged to Haley when you’d met. But he was single now. Older, sure but he was still himself he thought, most of the time. He was normally a little more of a realist, but the way you had smiled at him made him have hope that this was his chance to reconnect with you in any way you’d allow. 
You sat down at the table across from Aaron, his chocolate brown eye focused only on you, “So tell me all about Dr. Dead.”
You laughed at the silly old nickname for what you wanted to do. “Well, after years of working for that awful funeral conglomerate for so long in Seattle, my dream of my own home was nearly entirely forgotten and I wasn’t happy. My mom passed and before she did, she left half of her money to my brother and half to me. She told me that if I didn’t get out of my home town and build my dreams somewhere I wanted to be, she’d make sure my haunting was the worst. So I promised. And after all was said and done and she was laid to rest, I had no clue where I wanted to be. I was in my early thirties and starting all over again. So I threw a dart at a map in mom's office, and I started planning my move to DC the next day.”
Aaron huffed out a laugh and shook his head at how ridiculous that sounded. So ridiculous only you would manage to do it in real life. He thought only movie characters in the cheesiest movies did that, but that was very you. “Of course you did.”
“Of course I did. Now I have a beautiful apartment a twenty minute drive from here and my very own funeral home a ten minute walk from here. What about Secret Agent man? What’s it like being in the Behavior Analysis Unit? And being a dad? I always wanted a tiny monster of my own.” You wanted to know everything. If he and his deep voice could fill the rest of the next hour you’d be perfectly content saying nothing else. You loved hearing his voice again. 
“Well believe it or not, I am in charge of that team now. And I still love it and I still believe in what I do. I get to keep people safe and make the world better for my son. That's all I want. The BAU has become who I am now. My team is my family. They are the people I am closest to on the planet. And being Jack’s dad? It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. He’s five now, though he’d be offended that I didn't tell you he’s really 5 1/2. He just started on a soccer team and I am coaching with a coworker of mine. And I don't know what I did to make him think so, but he thinks I am a hero. And when your kid looks at you like that you almost believe you could be.” He smiles to himself and pulls up a picture of an adorable little blonde haired boy. He has Aarons chocolate brown eyes. 
The way he talks about his son makes you absolutely melt. “Does he get along with all your teammates?”
“Absolutely. I think he likes them better than me sometimes. Derek and Penelope, our expert on obsessive behaviors and our technical analyst respectively, will take him for a day out with them and they will spoil him rotten. The two of them are definitely the most intune with exactly what is cool to Jack all the time, unlike Dad. Dad’s cool, but Uncle Derek is good at Mario Kart. Plus Aunty Penny loves bringing presents. Jj, who has been our communications liaison about as long as  I have been Unit Chief, has a son a couple years younger than Jack, but they are thick as thieves already. Jack says it’s like having a little brother. Spencer has multiple Doctorates and is the youngest one on the team, shows him “Science Magic”, which are really small demonstrations of different laws of physics, But Jack loves them. David, who helped start the team itself before I was ever in it, is rich and has a pool, so of course Jack loves parties at Dave’s. And Aunt Emily, who has done this kind of work all over the world and speaks several languages, gives Dad grief and has a cat, so she has cool points. Haley’s sister takes him when we’re out on cases.” 
Hearing about all the people in his life almost made you jealous. All this time you’ve missed out on, they’ve gotten to be with him. But after all he grew up with, no one deserved a wonderful support system like that more than he did. You just wished you got to be a part of it. You wanted to meet his friends and try to win over his son. You wanted to ask the women on his team what he was like as a boss and if he had a girlfriend. You hadn’t had a chance to make many friends since moving. It had been a while, but opening a business is time consuming. 
“They sound amazing, Aaron. I have to say, I may not be all by myself out here, but having that kind of support system sounds amazing. I’d love to meet them sometime.”
“They are, most of the time.” He laughed. “I am sure they’d have a field day with the stories you’ll tell.” 
“Oh you mean like the time we found a couch in the middle of campus for no reason in the middle of the night and you were less than sober and made me take a whole photo shoot of you on the random couch?” You winked at him.
He blushed and ran a hand down his face, “Oh I had almost forgotten about that. Please tell me you burned the pictures.”
“Absolutely not. Not those and not the ones of baby Aarron dressed as John Lennon either. But don’t worry Aar, I won't share those.” You said.
“Thank you.” He sighed.
“Oh you didn’t let me finish. I won't share those until I get some stories about tough sexy secret agent Aaron Hotchner.” You wiggled your eyebrows and it earned you another smile. You decided you would do anything he wanted if it meant seeing that smile again.
The two of you soon fell back into the old familiar rhythm of spending time together. Chatting about everything and nothing at the same time. Both hearts racing, and hoping the other didn’t notice your blush. Soon the hour was coming to a close and Aaron checked his watch. 
“I am going to use the restroom, but then pretty soon after I’ll have to head out. I’ll be right back.”
You nodded in agreement, you technically had to go soon too. But as soon as he turned around your face fell. You didn’t want the morning to ever end. You were scared this would be a fleeting moment of a reunion, but you didn't want just a brief moment. So you made a choice. You grabbed a fresh napkin and left a small note and your phone number on it, before deciding to be bold and also pressing a black kiss to the corner, and placing it in his briefcase. 
He came back and helped you out of the booth. Being the gentleman he always was, he walked you to your car. He reached into his case without looking, missing the note, and handing you a car with his name, email and cell and work number on it. 
“Hey listen, um, it was really good to see you. I don’t want to lose touch again. I'd really like to see you again. So here’s all my information for when you have time okay?” he said almost sheepishly. Aaron Hotchner, not being confident in himself? Well you’d been rather bold on the napkin, unlike you normally would. Maybe it was just a strange morning. 
You nodded and smiled. “Only if you’ll tell me your theories about Jack the Ripper. I know you, you’ve definitely profiled all the uncaught ones just for fun.”
A soft smile crossed his face as he looked at you and shook his head, “Guess we’ll see when you have free time.”
“I suppose we will.” You smiled slyly. Then you pulled him in for a hug before you parted ways.
For the rest of the day, you couldn’t keep your mind off Aaron if you tried. You wondered if the same thing was happening somewhere in the FBI building. 
Aaron Hotchner expected a quiet moment in the office before everyone got there, he liked the empty office. But instead he got time with you. It was the best change of plans that he thinks he’d ever experienced. While his team worked on files at their own desks, ready to finish and have a weekend away from the office, he sat at his desk. His blinds were shut completely and the door was only slightly ajar.  When he had opened his briefcase to get out the things he needed to start his work day he found a napkin with your loopy handwriting on it. 
I can't wait to see you again, mon cher. ~ Y/n L/n
Underneath was your phone number, and something else that's halted his mind entirely since he saw it. A kiss mark on the corner. The cupids bow at the top a perfect heart shape and a lush pout of a bottom lip, in perfect black lipstick. He could practically see the same black lips smirking at him in the back of his mind. 
You were in the middle of trocaring your current patient, when your phone buzzed on the small table set up near the embalming table. You finished your task before removing your gloves and washing your hands. When you picked up your phone, your heart soared at the message on the screen. 
Y/N, that’s French. ;) Dinner tomorrow night? ~ Aaron
You had never typed a response so fast in your life. 
It’s a date. I’ll be the woman in black. X
That’s it for now. Let me know what ya thought? If I should keep doing this? I hope it was an okay start to this series. Idk if it’ll be written in order. And if you have any idea you want me to give a shot in. this feel free to let me know! If you don’t want to be tagged in anymore of these, just let me know and I wont tag ya in the next one, but you all commented on the idea of this, so I wanted to tag you in the first one. Thank you all for the encouragement. <3 I hope it isn’t a let down lol. ~E
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agustdef · 8 months
Tumblr media
This fic’s inspo stems from the Rumor by Jake Miller.
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Black Singer!Reader
Genre: Fluff, Smut; Idol AU/Idolverse
Word Count: 5.7k
Warning: Language; Sexual Activities; Spanking
Rating: 18+ (Minors do not read or interact.)
My Beta Reader: The dork known as @hobeemin
A/N: That song came on a song radio and I really liked it and then my brain got working so here we are. Also tagging @sugakookitty​ because I have to make sure she has a front row seat.
Tumblr media
Every night during and after the PTD in LA tour one could go onto Twitter and see the excitement from ARMYs around the world about two shows, but they could also see the rumors and speculation surrounding Jungkook and YN. 
For that tour, they’d decided to bring out other artists they’d collabed with on random days to perform those songs. YN was the only one who was there every one of those nights, performing two songs that she’d collabed on with the boys and one of her’s that Jungkook had covered a few years before. The song that had brought them all together in the first place.
Also, the reason that fans, antis, and Dispatch clung to the little to no information they had to make everyone think the two were dating. As if they’d met in secret and gotten together and that was why Jungkook did the cover in the first place. 
When in actuality the pair met at some events while BTS was in the states for concerts and everyone seemed like fast friends months after the cover was posted. Soon after that friendship brought about collabs and hanging out with each other in semi-public settings. Something that people caught wind of a few times. All the images and videos taken were platonic for the most part, but YN made Jungkook laugh a little too hard once and that was all it took for people to latch onto them flirting or being a thing. 
Every interaction was analyzed for the smallest things. Didn’t matter if YN got the same reaction out of the other boys or if the outing had very little interaction between the two of them or if she was photographed multiple times with her head on Jin’s shoulder and Yoongi leaning on her’s as the two napped. 
At the end of the day, it circled back to Jungkook.
Something that he didn’t mind at all. In fact, he agreed with some of what people said or noticed. They weren’t wrong about how much he enjoyed being in YN’s presence or how they flirted with each other a lot. Plus, she’d also cuddled up against his shoulder to nap a few times and he’d done the same once, though his head was in her lap and she was playing with his hair.
His members teased him endlessly for that one. Which was also something he didn’t mind much.
He’d be a liar if he said that before he did the cover he thought she was cute and he liked what he saw from what she was public about. That kinda sorta crush quickly tumbled into full blown crush once they’d met and gotten to know each other. Only solidified by how many rumors swarmed, even the more ridiculous ones that involved them making out in the back of the van on the way to the group’s hotel - with the other members also inside.
Nothing close to that ever happened, but he would have liked it if it did. Minus his members there as an audience to their PDA.
Wanting to make those rumors true is why it bummed him out, even more, when the pandemic hit and their tour was postponed. He’d planned to ask YN out in person so he could have a better gauge of if she felt the same way. Of course, he knew she wouldn’t lie to placate him if he’d done it over the phone, but in person was the best way for him to go about it. Especially because he’d lose his mind if he had to wait forever to see her after they both - hopefully - confessed their feelings.
That want didn’t stop him from also texting her several times to just lay everything out to her. Something Yoongi often had to talk him down from.
Of all the members he’d been the most helpful when Jungkook came to him about how he was feeling. His hyung was always a fountain of advice, especially when it came to YN. He’d taken a liking to YN in an older brother kind of way so he had both their interests at heart whenever Jungkook came to him to talk about it. Equal parts encouraging and threatening was how Yoongi handled it, because he wanted Jungkook to be sure about his feelings before he could hurt either of them, especially YN.
There was some past relationship trauma that YN had that Yoongi knew all about and it made him a little more protective of her. Something Jungkook appreciated because it forced him to take another look at what he wanted from her and a relationship, he’d looked deep before but he went deeper that time around.
It was why he was beyond sure by the time talks of the four day concert came up. He fought to get her there for at least two of those days with the members backing him and he lucked out with getting them to say she could do all four if she and her people agreed to it. Which they did.
From there it was just planning how he would tell her how he felt. The way he went about it was so detailed that it was almost like he was preparing to propose to her, which meant at the end of it he scraped all the ideas. There was an urge to do it big, but it wasn’t very YN and he wanted her as comfortable as he could control.
Sadly, that meant even when they’d arrived he was left floundering to figure out the right setting and way to confess. That didn’t change even as the concerts officially kicked off. Which was beyond frustrating with all the buzz online that usually helped fuel his drive to move forward with what he wanted.
However, just before the start of the third day he was done with it. He went through the motions of the day with a weird giddy energy that everyone looked at him strange for and that no one but Yoongi seemed to understand.
Once they got on stage that energy fueled and more enjoyable concert and by the time they got to the more sensual of their collabs it was clear to the members what he was up to. He was near YN for almost the entire song and they played off each other effortlessly. 
And when their lyrics were a little more hype and suggestive he all but pushed Namjoon out of the way so he was near her when she did a move where she dropped it low. It was half retaliation for what happened when Megan the Stallion had come out with them on Day 2 and because he wanted to make his position clear. Even if it was a bit scandalous to be as close as he was while she swayed her hips and shook her ass a little.
He wasn’t looking to start anything major in the news, but he wanted her to be clear on what he was doing. And when she turned around after her verse and looked into his eyes as he began to rap he was beyond sure she got the message.
Along with anyone who could see the way he looked at her.
Once they finished the song everyone spoke to the crowd a little and the audience got to see the dynamic of Namjoon and YN at each other’s throats in a playful way. They bickered like siblings and Yoongi always stepped in to take her side. Jungkook switched up and took Namjoon's, which didn’t earn him anything but Namjoon alluding how he almost fell all because Jungkook wanted to get close.
Jungkook didn’t even defend himself, just shook his head and slyly looked YN’s way and winked. He could see the lightest tint of red under her brown skin when he did, but she pulled it together quickly, winking back before lightly punching Namjoon and fleeing the stage with all of them going right behind her.
They had a little over five minutes to prepare to go back out there, so despite being hopped up on their interaction out there Jungkook made quick work of getting changed into his next outfit. He did it in about two minutes since his next outfit didn’t include much and was easy enough to slip on. His make-up was touched up after, but that only took a few seconds, and then he was out of their dressing room and in YN’s.
He barely knocked before opening the door and closing it behind him.
YN was just finishing up plugging down her hoodie when he entered. Seeing him startled her, especially because she was used to being left alone for about twenty minutes after performing on stage.
“What the fuck, Kookie?” she asked, clutching her chest.
A sheepish smile overtook his lips. “Sorry, I should have waited until you said come in. But I don’t have a lot of time.”
“A lot of time for what?”
For some reason, Jungkook froze at that and became a bit shyer than he’d been with her earlier. That left room for YN to become a little more confident, especially because she loved it when she made him a little flustered. She would have usually teased him, but there was shouting about a minute or two before the next stage and she knew he had to go.
YN raised her brow and took a few steps forward. “What did you need, baby?”
And that was all it took, despite her having called him that a million times.
Jungkook crossed the space between them in three large steps, placed his hands on her waist, and pulled her in for a kiss. The first few seconds of it were soft, both in the way they kissed and the feel of their lips, but the moment YN’s arms wrapped around his neck he pressed closer and became a bit more desperate in the way he kissed her. One of his hands moved from her hip to her hair, his fingers lacing through box braids and pulling slightly. Just enough to cause a slight burst of pain, which rewarded him with a soft whimper slipping from her lips.
Controlling himself felt damn near impossible after that, but what could happen if he didn’t stop and the fact that he hadn’t said what he came to say made him pull away.
“We have to stop,” he said.
Before YN could speak there was yelling for about forty-five seconds and all she could do was nod. Jungkook pulled away from her a little then, but not fully. His hands moved to cup her face and he pressed his forehead to hers. 
“I really like you. I would ask you to be my girlfriend right now, but I want to take you on a date first. Plus I think we should talk. Meet me in my hotel room after?”
A smile took over YN’s lips and she leaned in, pecking his lips.
“I like you too. And I can definitely do that. I planned to head out a little earlier to avoid traffic anyway. I’ll stop by my place and then have my manager arrange to get me indiscreetly. Just text me when you leave here.”
There was some frantic yelling asking where Jungkook was so he nodded and pulled away, glancing at her one more time before leaving the room and sprinting out. It was a good thing her dressing room was just as close to the stage as theirs was.
Not that YN focused on that long, she fell onto the couch in the room and released a delighted squeal. Excitement and nerves about what happened filled her and not even her manager appearing in the room could get her to pull it together.
She wasn’t alone in that thought, because for once Jungkook struggled to regulate his emotions as they got into position for the next stage. His smile fought long and hard to remain in place, but he pushed it down.
Neither of them could wait until after the concert.
By the time the concert was over and they were in the vans headed back to the hotel nerves set in for Jungkook. He could remember what happened in YN’s dressing room, but a voice in his head tried to convince him that maybe she was just being nice. Or that he had stepped out of bounds by kissing her before saying anything. She’d kissed him back, but a part of him said it was a little too forward.
Thankfully, he remembered that YN wasn’t the type to just placate people, especially not in the matter of feelings. He’d watched her turn down an up and coming artist in the middle of an industry party, in front of his friends, and right as he was about to go on stage. And though she was Jungkook’s friend and she wouldn’t want him to go out on stage off his game she wouldn’t have said she liked him too just to rip his heart to pieces once they had the proper time to talk things through.
Thoughts like that are what replayed in his head over and over again until he got to his room. He was so focused on reassuring himself that he didn’t speak or even really acknowledge the members when they said something. Not that he had to, because Yoongi told them to leave him since he already knew what was going down. He cornered Jungkook and asked about his intense smiling and Jungkook blurted out what happened. 
Once inside his room, he finally reentered the reality of what was about to happen and was filled with mild panic. Jungkook was usually the semi-organized type, but he’d been tired and in a rush so his hotel room was a shit show. 
So, with a new sort of energy, he didn’t know he could possess after a concert he speed cleaned the room. That included finding the Lysol wipes that Hobi threw at him before they were assigned hotel rooms and wiped a few things down. After he jumped into the shower and dressed faster than he ever had.
Upon finishing he was sure everything was ready, but the room smelt off. A mix of stagnant air and lemons. He was quick to open a window and use one of his colognes to fill the air a little. Spritzing himself a few times before he finally took a seat and a deep breath. 
YN texted him when she left the stadium about around what time she’d be arriving and that she’d let him know when she was close. So all he needed to do was wait, which made him antsy. It also made him space out a little, so much so that he zoned out and nearly had a heart attack when he heard a knock on his door.
Panic filled him as he searched his phone for a message that she was there, but found nothing. He headed to the door with his heart beating in his chest only to see no one through the peephole. He slowly opened the door and looked around to see that not a soul was in the hallway but there was a bag on the floor.
Worry about a sasaeng hit him for a moment, but then he saw what was in the bag and snatched it up before quickly retreating into his room. He took its contents out and felt his body was on fire while he assessed the box of condoms. Feeling something weird on the back he was both embarrassed and annoyed by the sticky note he found.
I don’t want to be an uncle yet, so wrap it up. - Yoongi HYUNG
Rolling his eyes Jungkook discarded the bag in the trash and dropped the condoms in his suitcase. He had no plans of using them, though he would be a liar if he said he hadn’t thought of it or that he wasn’t excited by the prospect of putting them to use. However, he wanted to get to them talking about things part of everything first. He wanted this to go well with minimal hitches if any at all. 
Things with YN had to work.
And as if she knew he was thinking about her, his phone vibrated with a text. She told him she was about two minutes out and she brought food. He shot off a quick reply to her, then called his manager to let him know so he could get her up there. With that confirmed he pulled the chair at the desk of his room to the table he usually ate at and positioned the armchair across from it.
Not wanting them to freeze he closed the window and then moved to stand by the door. He knew he should probably sit down and wait, but he also knew that he would get caught sprinting towards the door if he did. Standing at it would be a test in self control, but at least he could reason with himself about counting for ten seconds before opening.
The knock that came about a minute after made him think otherwise, but he took a quiet, deep breath, counted, and then unlocked the door. YN smiled at him the moment the door opened and he uttered a quick thanks to his manager before ushering her inside.
Nothing needed to be said as she kicked off her shoes, set down her bag, and got to putting down their food on the table. They’d hung out a million times like that and so while she did that Jungkook got the TV on and put on some random anime they’d watched a few times before from Netflix and pulled water from his mini-fridge.
There was an attempt to help with the food, but one hand smack and he simply plopped onto the desk chair without a word. She opened his container of Chinese food and then utensils before she sat and opened her own. 
Even after they were settled not a word was uttered though. Food took priority with both of them, but especially after expelling energy. They each got about halfway through before focus shifted.
Or more so before the energy in the space shifted and Jungkook became a little shy.
They stared each other down while eating their food at that point, but as seconds ticked by Jungkook died a little more inside and finally dropped his fork.
“We should talk now, right?” he asked.
For several moments YN said nothing, which only made him flustered. Something that was clearly the goal, but she didn’t let him flounder for too long. 
“Yes, we should. You want to go first?”
“I probably should.”
“Then the floor is yours, love.”
A nod, a long sip of his water, and a deep breath later and Jungkook spoke up.
“I had this whole speech planned in my head, but I can’t remember most of it right now. Plus it was ten minutes long and I couldn’t agree with the cuts that Yoongi told me to make, so I’m just going to try to say this without feeling like a middle schooler admitting to his first real crush.
“I’ve liked you for a really long time, YN. It was a slow progression of feelings starting from friendship, though I will admit a slight crush on you before we even met. I wanted to tell you how I felt when we came out here on tour but then the world descended into madness and I didn’t want to tell you while being so far away. But then it felt like it would take forever and I almost told you when you had that date with that one guy, but we found out about PTD and he was a jackass so I thought now would be the time. That kiss was not how I planned it and I wanted way more time to talk it through but I just couldn’t help myself. I don’t regret kissing you though, just the setup.”
Throughout his speech, he’d switched from English to Korean and it was a wonderful thing that YN understood him. Not that it took away from the embarrassment that filled him once he’d realized what he’d done.
Not that he had a reason to be embarrassed since the entire time he spoke YN’s smile grew wider and wider. There was also something in her eyes that exuded care, excitement, and adoration. All of that was confirmed by the way her hand slid across the table to grab his and squeeze reassuringly. 
“Well, you already know about the slight crush I had on you before we met. It’s nothing I put stock in, but I agree, being around you morphed into something more. I wanted to talk to you about it too, even got close a few times, but also felt like over the phone was wrong. I went on the date after my friends badgered me and you were the first person I thought to call after the shit show was over. I was hoping to work up the courage to talk to you about it while you were here, but it felt like there was never the time and on the rare occasion I would chicken out.”
Logically if YN was fine with kissing him then of course she’d liked him for a while, but that coupled with them having both been going through the same thoughts was a shock to Jungkook’s system.
“So we were both preparing to ask each other?”
“And we could have been together sooner?”
“But we weren’t because of us being too in our heads?”
“And because we didn’t want to start things from so far away?”
“Wow… Do you regret it?”
After so many yeses it was a shock to hear a different answer and Jungkook wasn’t offended, but the shock changed his expression. Enough so that YN felt the need to speak quickly.
“I don’t think either of us would have loved to be apart for so long. Plus, it helps that we both now know how each other operates under the stress of a situation on a global scale.”
Jungkook took a deep breath.
Silence hung over them for a moment and they went back to eating and glancing at the TV every so often. It was weird, but also not because it was very like them. They’d talked about heavier topics and then paused to finish eating before picking it up or leaving it there, never feeling like they were avoiding anything. It was just the nature of who they were.
Food was finished not long after and they cleaned up before settling into Jungkook’s bed with snacks that YN brought and that Jungkook already had. They snacked and watched TV, YN’s head on his shoulder like it normally was when they got comfortable like that. Another norm for them.
What wasn’t the norm though was the way that Jungkook slowly pulled her even closer and moved their bodies so they were laying down with one of her legs tossed over his. One of his hands rested next to him while the other pressed into her lower back, just shy of her ass. At least it was until she adjusted slightly and it fell onto her ass. Making Jungkook freeze in panic.
The new tension in his body made YN look at him with a raised brow, but he stared straight ahead.
“Touching ass gets you this flustered, baby?” she asked.
Again there was that endearment, but tacked on was a sort of challenge and that got a rise out of him. He went from bashful to staring deeply into her eyes as he grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed. Which got him zero reaction and that only made him want one. Releasing he did it again, only to get the same smirk and not even a flicker of reaction out of her. That didn’t stop him though, because when he released the second time his hand reared back and he smacked her ass. There was limited power behind it because of how they were positioned, but it was enough for him to see something in her eyes change.
That change is what had him do it again and again. Each time getting that non-reaction reaction and a soft throat clearing. So, he changed things up and moved YN so she straddled him and both his hands had access. 
But that access didn’t last for long as both wrestled for the upper hand. Phones and the remote could be heard clattering to the ground because of their wild movements, but neither flinched. They maintained eye contact and as every second ticked by the room grew hotter from the intensity of their gaze and the tension it built up.
After a few minutes, YN ended up on top.
That left them face to face, gently breathing against each other and still staring into one another’s eyes. The joy and excitement were the perfect precursor for the shift in the room or more so in the space between them. Tension built quickly and Jungkook’s lips were on YN’s and her arms were around his neck in an instant.
Their lips pressed against each other as if pulling away would be the end of them and when they pulled away it wasn’t long before they were kissing again. YN was the one to swipe her tongue against Jungkook’s lips, but he was the one to take the lead as both tongues intertwined. 
As they kissed their bodies pressed together and YN grinded against him, creating friction that made YN feel like she was on fire.
Her panties were wet and her thighs lightly coated from how worked up she was. It didn’t help that Jungkook got hard quickly and pressed his dick against her with his every move. The feel and the idea of him being inside her were all she needed to make her pull away.
“Fuck me now,” she panted.
And Jungkook didn’t waste a second. He pushed himself up, kneeling enough that he could pull his boxers down, before moving towards her again. There was no time or thought to pull YN’s panties down and they ended up pushed to the side. 
Within forty-five seconds of her telling him what to do Jungkook’s cock rubbed against her pussy and then slipped inside. They both moaned out at the feeling and paused for a second to take it in, but a second was truly all it was. Jungkook’s hands spread her legs wide and he drilled into her. The pace was quick and hard, their skin slapping into each other every thrust. 
The stretch his cock gave and the sounds of his dick slamming into her along with the moans from both their lips was a little overwhelming. They’d spent a while only being able to do oral and she’d missed the feeling of having him inside of her.
So much so that she needed more.
“Harder, please baby harder,” she cried.
“Fuck!” Jungkook shouted.
His outburst could have been confused by his inability to do so, but the man’s hips slowed down and he thrust into her in a way that left her skin stinging a little. One of his hands also moved down to rub and lightly slap at her clit.
If she hadn’t already felt her orgasm building, that definitely moved it along. YN felt closer with each slap she felt and she had trouble keeping her voice down. Every inch of her body felt eclectic and sensitive.
“I want you to come for me baby, play with your nipples,” Jungkook said.
Compliance was immediate. The need to reach that high fueled her and her hands were under her shirt pulling on her nipples hard. They were very sensitive so the heightened pleasure came quickly.
“So fucking close,” YN moaned out.
As someone who dreamed of making her cum, Jungkook took that as a notice to pick it up, and though he couldn’t pick up the pace in that position, he slapped her clit harder than he had before. It sent a jolt through her body and five hits in YN’s body spasmed for a moment and she came.
A gasp and soft scream escaped her as she rode out the climax and the feel of Jungkook continued to fuck her. Her hands dropped from her chest, but the sensitivity didn’t stop as Jungkoook continued fucking into her chasing his own high. 
There was no oversensitivity though, his pace helped extend her high and once his hips bucked, he pulled out just in time to cum all over her stomach. YN was still barely coming down from her high.
After a moment of maintaining their positions, Jungkook rolled to the side and rested beside her.
“Shit, that was fucking hot,” he said.
Soft laughter escaped YN. “Drunk me shouldn’t have told you about the spanking thing. I feel like the room is still moving.”
“All the more reason I’m glad you told me about it.”
With the limited energy, she had she slapped whatever body part that was closest to her hand, which turned out to be his thigh, where a bit of his cum had leaked. YN made a face in reaction, causing Jungkook to laugh but not move.
For several moments they lay there with the sole sound being from the TV. It took some time, but eventually, their breathing leveled out and their chests stopped moving so rapidly. 
Once calm enough Jungkook pressed a kiss to her forehead and then hopped out of the bed, leaving YN alone and confused for a few minutes before he returned with a wet rag. He carefully wiped off YN’s stomach and between her legs where some of his cum dripped down to, then his thigh. YN thought he was done until he took the hand she’d touched his thigh with and wiped it clean before pressing gentle kisses to every finger and then her palm.
The woman could have physically swooned from that and it didn’t help with he gave her the sweetest smile.
“You up for a shower?” he asked.
YN nodded and then carefully got up. Her body still felt odd from pleasure so walking was a little weird, but before she could get used to it Jungkook had her in his arms and carried her to the shower that he’d already started. 
There was a bench so he sat her there and adjusted the showerhead angle so it would hit her too. Then he grabbed another rag and got it lathered. Naturally, YN reached out to take it once he directed it towards her, but Jungkook slapped her hand out of the way and waved her up. She did as she was told and the next thing she knew Jungkook was the one washing her body.
Every second of his touch was gentle and despite how sweet the moment was she couldn’t help but get riled up. Horniness hadn’t left her, just dimmed for a moment. Not that she planned to act on it, but then Jungkook turned her around and the feeling of his dick against her ass sent her over the edge.
While he tried to clean her back YN pushed back into him, her ass grinding against him in slow circles. As seconds ticked by - and she felt him harden - she pressed against him harder, until he dropped the rag and his hand was around her throat. Another thing drunk her mentioned.
“I was trying to be sweet,” he whined.
“You were sweet. So sweet, baby. But I need another feel,” YN cooed.
That sweetness exited the moment she said that. Jungkook’s hand on her throat tightened and he moved with her as they continued their grinding. Wet, soap slicked bodies moved as one, both eager and needing each other.
Before either of them knew it YN was bent over, hands on the bench and one foot up as well. Jungkook pushed inside of her, one of his feet on the bench for leverage, and his thrust into her.
It was only the second time but neither was sure they’d ever get used to the feeling. The way Jungkook stretched YN and the way her pussy clung to him so tightly. Each more filled with so much pleasure that YN was wet enough that every thrust could be heard over every other sound. Jungkook played into it by keeping a quick speed just so they both could hear how good they sounded together.
Though he moved his hand when they got into position Jungkook’s hand found its way around YN’s throat again as he pulled her up so her back was pressed to his chest. Her pussy spasmed at that, getting him to adjust his fingers and press tighter. It earned him more of the pulsing and choked moaning for her.
In seconds he came and after a few rough thrusts, YN did too.
Once again they were left with labored breath and shaking bodies. However, they recovered faster the second time and took the time to clean each other carefully, but not go for a third round.
After getting cleaned and dressed - Jungkook in boxers and YN in one of his bigger shirts, something Jungkook insisted on. With them clothed there was no keeping him off her from that point on. He grabbed the snacks, turned down the lights, found a new show for them to watch, and then wrapped YN up in his arms so tight she had little to no room to escape even if she tried.
Not that she tried.
They spent the evening wrapped up in each other and that’s how they were when Yoongi woke them screaming about how he said he didn’t want to be an uncle yet. There was a lot of time spent telling him YN was on the pill and it had been an accident.
There were not enough bribes in the world to stop him from setting a reminder to have YN take a pregnancy test in a month’s time.
But even Yoongi’s theatrics couldn’t stop the glee that Jungkook felt when he saw rumors about them because of the concert. He’d finally made them true.
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the pineapple coincidence (h.s) — part one
hello beautiful people 🤍  welcome back! it’s been a while, huh? i’m so sorry to have made you wait for so long, but among all things that happened, i wasn’t in the mood to post my writing. but i’m back now! so, this is a new story about barista!harry x college student!reader, and i hope you’ll like it! (also, if you get the reference in the title, you get a big forehead kiss).  please, let me know what you think !! your feedback means the world to me. you can do so in the tags or in my asks if you wish to! without further ado, happy reading! <3
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word count: 4.1k
“hello, hi, can i please get a non-alcoholic cocktail? a mocktail? is that what they’re called? i don’t know, just uh- can i have one of those, please?”
“yeah yeah, slow down. coming right up.”
harry had kept an eye on her the whole evening, because she clearly didn’t want to be there. at first, he was afraid she was on a date with someone who was doing something to make her uncomfortable, so he kept looking at their table to see if he had to step up and kick them out.
but when he saw other people join her and her friend at the table, he understood that it was a group of friends, so he let down his guard.
still, he couldn’t understand why she was such in a poor mood.
“everything alright?” he inquired, glancing at her briefly.
“uh? yeah, yeah, everything’s fine.” she said, tapping her fingers nervously on the counter. harry looked down at her hands, and smirked.
“doesn’t seem like it.”
“i just- i just didn’t want to come out tonight.” she murmured.
he nodded lightly. “ah, i see. because you’re the designated driver?” he started grabbing the things to make her drink.
“no, it’s not - uh, i have to get up early and study tomorrow and i have to pretend to get drunk or at least pretend to be a bit tipsy or else i will never hear the end of it from my friends. they keep saying that “i can’t ever let go”(corsivo)” she scoffed, and then looked up to him, eyes opening wide in surprise. “i’m sorry, i didn’t want to overshare and bother you with my problems, i tend to do that when i’m nervous and that’s why-“
“hey, slow down. it’s fine, i’m a bartender, more used to it than you think.” he answers, giving her a crooked smile. “here’s your drink, it has grapefruit and pineapple in it.” he extended his arm with the glass in his hand. “hope you’ll like it.”
“how did you know i love pineapple?” she smiled at him.
he shrugged: he didn’t know about the pineapple, but he did know she had a pretty smile.
he watched her walking back to the table, the drink clutched into her hands. she sat down and brought the straw to her lips, drinking a bit of the concoction harry prepared for her. when he saw the look of delight on her face, a grin made his way on his.
“hey dude, i’ll have a beer.” a guy interrupted his staring.
“wha- oh sure, coming right up.”
she really didn’t want to go out. finals were coming up and she had to get the best scores, or else she already could see the disappointed look on her parents’ faces. it’s not their fault, really, she was always good in school and everyone just kind of expected that from her.
so really it’s kind of her own fault, right?
it sure felt like it. she couldn’t blame her parents for expecting her to succeed in college: she was the best student at her high school, without a crazy effort; she was also the valedictorian at her graduation. so now at college, they expected her to do the same, and how could she let them down?
that kind of pressure, added to the stress of moving for college, turned her into an overwhelmed, burnt out mess, that just wanted to stay home and go to sleep early so that she could’ve woken up the following day and get back to studying.
but she wasn’t that lucky.
“we never see you anymore! the only time i can see you is in the library and you spend half of the time shushing me.” niall cracked a smile. “please come out with us.” he whined, giving her his best attempt at puppy eyes.
“no, i really can’t. i’m way too busy, i need to study.” she shook her head in disagreement. 
but that didn’t stop niall and his whining. “c’mon now, it’s at a bar nearby. you need to let loose once in a while, you really need a night out.”
she shook her head once again, dropping the gaze back to her books. “i said no, you should-“
niall interrupted her, standing up from the library chair. “i’m picking you up at 9pm, and i’ll drag you out the door or carry you bridal style to the car, but i won’t take no for an answer.” with that and a smile, he left her in the library.
and now, there she was.
she loved her friends, she really did, and she was glad that sometimes they dragged her out of her room to talk to some other human beings, but not tonight. she could feel the anxiety creep up, the sense of guilt of wasting a night that she could’ve spent studying eating her from the inside. 
she was becoming fidgety, her right leg bouncing so much she was afraid it was going to come off, her breath getting shallower by the minute, the grip of her anxiety getting stronger around her throat. so she excused herself and left the table with the excuse of “getting a drink”, just to get a break and maybe calm down.
she didn’t want to get a water as always because her friends teased her all the time.
“a water? really? can’t you get a cocktail for once? maybe a fruity one, where you don’t even feel the alcohol?” 
and she knew that maybe people who suggested that you had to drink in order to have fun weren’t exactly the best people, but she also knew where her friends were coming from: they just wanted to see if it may help her out with her nerves.
but it never did. the thought of letting go of control, especially control over herself? no, thank you.
so she walked up to the counter, thinking about the name of a drink that her friends mentioned, that was supposed to be something with pineapple in it, if she wasn’t mistaken. at least, that was one thing she’d enjoy.
after getting the attention of the curly headed bartender, she started nervously looking around and tapping her fingers on the kind of sticky counter, thinking about how much sleep she was going to lose and how tired she was going to be the following morning and how that was going to mess up all her schedule and-
“everything alright?” the bartender interrupted her rambling thoughts.
“uh?” she hadn’t expected him to talk. “yeah, yeah, everything’s fine.” she shrugged and kept looking around, never letting her gaze land on something or someone for more than four seconds.
“doesn’t seem like it.” the deep voice of the bartender nudged her on, and that’s all that she needed to decide to dump all her thoughts on him.
way to go, you idiot. this poor guy is just doing his job, just shut up already. 
after apologizing to him for what she did, he was still nice — wow, he didn’t get annoyed at me, and even gave me a small smile, she noticed — and he handed her drink, telling her it had grapefruit and pineapple in it.
at the mention of her favourite fruit, she lit up.
“how did you know i love pineapple?”
the thought of someone guessing something about her without even knowing her made her smile, a real (corsivo) smile.
the fact that she needed to realize that it was a real one made her think about how long it had been since she did smile for real.
mumbling a small thank you, she reached for the glass and held it close to her. she turned around and headed back to her table.
he has such a cute smile, she thought.
the rest of the night didn’t go any better. her friends were laughing loudly, way too loud for her taste; her anxiety made her even more quiet that she usually was, but no one seemed to notice that she didn’t speak more than four phrases during the whole evening.
they didn’t really realize she left the table and went out of the bar, either.
she decided to go in the back alley, so she wouldn’t be seen by any of her friends if they were going to come out for a smoke.
“fuck.” she murmured once she felt the cold air hitting her. she could hear her mother’s voice in her head:
“you should’ve worn more layers.”
“you should’ve brought a warmer jacket.”
“don’t even think about getting sick this close to finals.” 
that voice made her feel even colder.
she rummaged in her bag, looking for the one guilty pleasure she permitted herself to have. she took out her pack of cigarettes, opened it and realizing it was the last one, she made a mental note to buy a new pack the following day.
she knew she shouldn’t smoke, but it was the one thing that made her feel a little relaxed. she sighed, picking up the stick and putting it between her slightly cracked lips. once again, she started looking for her lighter, first patting her pockets, and once she didn’t find it there, she started looking in her bag.
“i was sure it was here, c’mon.” she mumbled with the cigarette hanging from her lips. “you must be in here somewhere.”
she kept patting every inch of her purse until finally, in some remote corner, she found the object of her desires. taking it out, victorious, she lit up her cig and took a long drag, letting the smoke fill her lungs; after a little, she opened her lips to let it out.
she could already feel her mind relax, the most relaxed she had been the whole evening. closing her eyes, she rested her back against the wall, and tilted her head back, feeling herself getting calmer by every drag of smoke she inhaled.
“and what is a good girl like you doing in a dark back alley smoking a cigarette?”
“AH!” the deep voice startled her, making her quickly turn around, clutching her chest, afraid her heart was going to fall out.
harry, on the other hand, just giggled at her reaction.
“you scared the crap out of me.” she murmured, glancing at her cigarette and quickly putting it out on the wall, keeping the end in her hand so that she could throw it away later.
“sorry, didn’t want to startle you.” he said, still quite smiling. “so, what are you doing out here?”
she waited a second before answering, pondering whether to lie or tell him the real reason she was out there. she decided on telling a half truth. “i just needed to take a breather, it was too stuffy in there.”
he nodded slowly, still looking at her. “ah, i see.” he nodded his head towards her figure, his eyes shifting to the hand holding the cigarette butt. “you smoke?”
“just, uh- just on occasion. please don’t tell anyone.” she fretted.
harry couldn’t help but chuckle at her reaction. “relax, who am i gonna tell? your parents?” while he didn’t think any of it, he didn’t see the look on her face. he then added: “you’re a grown up, you can very well do whatever you want.”
she had no reason to be scared of her parents finding out from harry, at the end of the day, how could he even get in contact with them? she realized her foolishness, and nodded before speaking up again, clearing her throat. “and what are you doing out here?”
he shrugged. “just taking my break, needed a breather as well.” plus, i didn’t see you inside and thought i might find you out here. hopefully not with the bloke who kept checking you out all night. he wanted to add, but refrained.
“ah, i see.” she nodded, looking around.
an uncomfortable silence surrounded them, were they supposed to fill it? what were they supposed to talk about?
before harry could open his mouth, she spoke up. “i-uh, i think i’m going to head inside. i’ve been out here for a while, don’t want to alarm my friends.” she gave him a tight lipped smile, getting closer to the door.
“oh alright. i’m coming back in too, break almost over anyways.” he smiled, a dimple making its appearance on his cheek. he headed towards the door, opened it and gestured her with his hand to go in. “ladies first.”
she murmured a small thank you, and passed right by him. in the fresh air of the night — instead of the humid stale air of the bar — he could smell her perfume: something flowery, sweet but not nauseatingly so. just the perfect balance.
he was too caught up in his own head that he didn’t notice he was running straight into her back. frowning, he looked down at her, and he had only a question: why did she stop?
“fuck me.” she murmured. “i can’t believe this! no! not again!” her voice grew louder as she spoke.
harry was confused, what happened? they were outside for a total of 7 minutes at best. following her line of sight, he took in the table where she was sat at. now void of people.
oh, c’mon now. 
“i swear to god i’m going to kill niall as soon as i see him, he better run away from me. and miranda too, if she thinks i’m going to let this slide again...” she spoke under her breath, searching for her phone in her purse. once she retrieved it, she sighed. “i’m sorry, my friends left without me for what feels like the millionth time and i’m sure they had a reason-“
harry was quick to interject. “hey, none of that. they could’ve at least told you. no reason is good enough for leaving you here alone.” he said in a firm voice. how could she blame herself for her shitty friends?
“no but look, they left me a message!” she showed him her phone.
from: niall <3
sorry babes, had to take miranda home. she got sick in the bathroom and it was not a pretty sight. text me when you’re home!
harry was unamused. “so?”
“so-” she gulped. “i know it’s not the best situation-“
“it was a jerk move.” he said sternly.
“and that they should’ve told me-“
“you could’ve been in danger.” he couldn’t believe she was trying to defend such a poor behavior.
she looked up at him, somehow pleading him to believe her. “but they had a good reason, she got sick-”
“there wasn’t a good enough reason to leave you in a bar by yourself.” harry looked at her in disbelief. this was a shitty thing to do and apparently it wasn’t the first time it happened.
“i can just call my boyfriend and ask him to pick me-”
“i can take you-” they spoke at the same time. “oh?” 
of fucking course there was a boyfriend. 
how didn’t he see that coming?
“yeah, i can call my boyfriend.” she nodded, mostly to herself. “i mean, he probably won’t be too happy and i’ll have to endure a long scolding on how my friends are the worst, but it’s the only way, isn’t it?” she looked at him briefly, before turning her attention back to her phone to dial her boyfriend’s number.
harry didn’t like the tone she had one bit, it was riddled with anxiety.  
she brought the device to her ear, giving harry a tight lipped smile, before shifting her eyes to look anywhere in the room, but him.
he didn’t know whether to feel flattered or sad.
“that’s weird.” she muttered lowly, glancing at her phone, which still showed her boyfriend’s name. “he always picks up.” she looked up at harry.
“mmh, maybe try to call him again?” he suggested. an obvious suggestion, clearly.
“yeah, i- alright.” she redialled, and tried again. with no luck.
she frowned, both sad and disappointed. harry had to stop himself from cradling her face in his hands and just tell her to drop both her friends and her boyfriend.
he was about to speak when she opened her eyes in realization.
“ah shit, of course.” she smacked her forehead with her left hand. “he has his phone on silent, he has a match tomorrow. how could i forget, he told me a million times.” she chuckled under her breath. “i’m so dumb.” she added, under her breath.
so, you know your girlfriend is going out with her friends, probably also knowing how much she didn’t want to, knowing the kind of people her “friends” are, and you decide to turn off your phone? right on, dude, harry thought.
harry shifted on his feet. “my offer still stands, you know.”
“huh?” she looked at him.
“uhm, i mean, we’d have to walk home because i live nearby so i don’t have my car, but if you want i can go get the car and come and get-” harry rambled.
“oh! no, no, please, don’t bother!” she quickly waved him off. “i can get home by myself, i’ll walk. i live near campus, so it’s a 20 minute walk, tops.” she was about to bid her goodbyes when harry shook his head.
“no way, i’m not letting you go home alone.” he took off his apron, and threw it on the counter. “max?” he called after his colleague. “i’m off for the night. let me know if it gets too crowded and i’ll come in again.”
“no worries, H, it’s okay! have a goodnight.” he winked at him, giving her a little glance.
oh good god, max. that was smooth.
“ready to go?” he gave her a small smile.
she nodded, smiling back timidly. “yeah. yeah i am.”
“so,” she kicked a pebble with her foot, making it land off the sidewalk “have you always wanted to be a bartender?”
harry chuckled lowly. “uhm no, not really.” he smiled towards her. “i actually went to college for a little while, trying to get a degree in “something useful”, as my parents would say. but school was never really for me, i guess.” he shrugged. “so i dropped out, found a nice job as a bartender and been there ever since.”
“oh wow.” she said. “and what did your parents think of that?” she questioned, curious.
“i mean, i am an adult and i can make my own choices. they weren’t too happy but they understood, and with time they appreciated that i was taking responsibility for my decisions and whatever came from them.” he answered simply.
it all sounded so simple coming from him.
if only it was that simple.
“so you don’t have like a secret wish? something you’ve always wanted to do?” she inquired, hoping not to sound rude.
“uhm.” he thought about it for a second. “i guess no, goal wise. i just wanted to live my life the way i wanted to live it. i didn’t set any goals i must achieve, like having to do something before a certain age or anything, if that’s what you were asking.” he ended, looking over to her.
she nodded and stayed quiet, mulling over his words.
“but what about you, huh? do you have something planned?” he nudged her shoulder with his own.
“oh yeah, i do.” she nodded. “get in a good college — which i luckily did —, get my degree with the best grades possible, get a job, husband, nice house, kids, grow old.” she said, smiling timidly towards harry.
he nodded, but didn’t seem really impressed with her plans. she didn’t like the feeling of having disappointed him somehow, she never liked feeling that way with anyone.
“something on your mind? sounds too ordinary for a cool guy like you?” she asked him, smiling but actually meaning it.
he laughed, shaking his head. “no, no, that’s not it.” he got a bit more serious when he said the next sentence. “just... isn’t it a bit much? like, don’t you feel a little too forced into these plans?”
“what do you mean forced into? it’s something i want, no one is forcing me.” that was a half truth, but he didn’t need to know that. she would never admit it out loud.
“it just seems, uh-” he scratched his neck. “i don’t want to sound like an ass, but it seems like you forgot to include the time to... actually live your life.” he glanced at the sky, and then looked at her. 
as if his brain registered how his words could’ve been misinterpreted, he started apologizing. “i’m really, really sorry if i overstepped, i didn’t mean anything hurtful. i’m just some guy, my words don’t have to mean anything.” 
he didn’t want her to feel bad, he knew he could be a bit blunt at times and from the very little informations he had about her, he thought that she probably didn’t react to well at that.
if only he knew how deep those words hit her.
not in a negative way, or in a hurtful one. they were just the plain truth: she scheduled her whole life, forgetting that plans and goals and deadlines didn’t mean anything if she didn’t enjoy the ride. she set these goals for herself without really thinking that they didn’t matter at all to anyone else but her.
but, in reality, she did think about it, she couldn’t stop thinking about how nothing mattered if she didn’t enjoy what she was doing. she tried so hard to pretend that everything was going according to plan, but she was also tired of pretending.
however, she couldn’t let herself think like that. no, everything had to follow the course that she chose, that her parents taught her was the right one.
that was what her life was gonna be, and that was fine. she had to be at peace with her choice.
she had to.
when she slowed down her pace, he understood they were finally at her door. he wasn’t too happy about having arrived just yet, and definitely not at all excited about not seeing her for god knows how long, if ever. 
so he mustered all the courage he had to ask the following question.
“so uh- am i gonna see you again soon?”
she didn’t wait a beat before answering. “i don’t think so, i sure hope not.” she stopped and saw the confused look on his face.
she realized what she had just said and tried to make it right. “oh no, that’s not- that came out wrong.” she sighed, and a small smile spread on harry’s face.
“it’s just that my friends forced me to go out tonight and i really didn’t want to. i’m getting ready for finals and i’m just hoping i’ll go out once those are over, and not during.” she took a deep breath after her little rant.
harry just looked at her fondly, and chuckled. “for a second there i thought you didn’t want to see me anymore, hurt me deeply.” he put a hand on his chest theatrically, acting as if she stabbed him in the heart.
she wanted to say that he was the best thing out of this whole mess of an evening, but she kept it to herself, and just smiled at him.
“goodnight, harry.” she murmured, raising on her tippy toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. “thank you for getting me home safe.”
“no problem, bunny. goodnight.” he smiled.
she tilted her head on the side, a smirk gracing her face. “bunny? and where did that come from?”
“oh uh- just from how you reacted in the alley, you jumped like a bunny. so i thought it was fitting.” he put his hands in his jacket pockets, shrugging.
when he saw the amused look she had on her face, he mimicked it.
“alright then, goodnight harry.” she said while taking out her keys.
“goodnight. see you after finals.” he flashed her a smile, taking three steps back still facing her. she got into her home, and waved at him before closing the door for good. not before getting a last glance of the bright eyed bartender.
after he turned around, harry made his way home. with a pep in his step, he felt like a proper teenage boy, getting back home all giddy because he got to walk home a pretty girl and she kissed his cheek.
his cheek was still tingling, the feeling of her lips on his skin not to be forgotten any time soon.
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