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heysatori · a year ago
Hey! I am new to your blog, but I binged everything, hehe, and I think you're amazing! Could you maybe do hcs with Bakusquad and todoroki with a s/o who is scared to let them meet their parents because they're the strict type who think that once you're in a relationship it basically means you intend to marry the person?
Bakusquad and Todoroki with an s/o who has strict parents
Genre: fluff  Pairings: Bakugou x reader, Kirishima x reader, Sero x reader, Kaminari x reader, Mina x reader, Jirou x reader, Shinsou x reader, Todoroki x reader a/n: this took me so long im so sorry but wow this took a lot of energy out of me JFJFSJKFA i hope i got what you wanted anon ! (─‿‿─)♡
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki
you and katsuki have been dating for quite a while now 
he had already invited you to his house and you coincidentally met his parents ! 
he hadnt expected them to be there but they coddled u like there was no tomorrow !! (─‿‿─)♡
they asked u tons of question and u even cooked dinner with masaru ! 
it was a great bonding experience !
katsuki was ofc not happy with this becuz he only wanted u to himself ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐
after dinner he hauled u to his room and demanded cuddles 
after that though, he lowkey expected that u would to introduce him to ur parents too 
just so things are fair and square
but after numerous hints u still havent gotten the clue ! so he just confronts u abt it 
but softly 
“so when am i gonna meet your parents?” 
you kinda turn to him a little hesitantly 
your parents are pretty strict 
they didnt even know you were dating bakugou at all 
all they knew was that you were doing very well at UA 
“uh do you want to meet them?”
“well its just, you met mine, so that means i can meet yours right?”
bakugou looks so tiny like that he justs pouting a little with his arms crossed over his chest
“i mean, theyre really strict baby, im not even allowed to be dating you right now”
bakubabes kinda shocked so he just asks u more questions 
“what do you mean??”
“well if i am to date someone, they want that person to be like my future spouse or something, so its either all or nothing for them”
“tch, me? marry you? in your dreams” 
u alrdy know bakugou is teasing but u hit him nonetheless 
lets just say you both agree to not bring him home for a while 
Tumblr media
Kirishima Eijirou
you had already met kirishima’s mothers a few weeks back during an impromptu outing the mall with his family 
there were lovely of course ! and kirishima is the living proof of all their hard work into making one of the nicest boys in the whole world 
after that though 
kiri had gotten a little hopeful that you’d introduce him to your parents as well 
soon enough he couldnt keep it in and it eventually came out in word vomit 
“huh, you want to meet my parents?” 
kiri just nodded meekly and settled down on your bed, patting the space next to him 
you plop down and pull him into a hug, cradling him against your chest 
“uh listen baby, my parents, theyre not like yours” 
“huh, what do you mean?”
“well theyre kinda strict, they dont even want me dating in the first place, plus if you do meet them, theyre expecting that you’ve already thought out how youre going to ask for my hand in marriage or something like that”
“i mean, i can marry you now if you want?”
you splutter over your words and push kirishima off your chest 
“whaaaaat im serious!!” 
after that you and kirishima have a thorough discussion on why he cant ask you to marry him just yet 
Tumblr media
Sero Hanta 
hes pretty chill about the idea of meeting your parents and you meeting his
he isnt really going to plan anything but if anything happens to happen then he’ll just go with the flow 
his parents had invited you over to dinner after they managed to spot you at a random shopping center
sero was FLUSHED !! but he let it happen, walking a little behind his parents so he could hold your hand 
after that though things are totally chill 
he doesnt really expect to meet your parents 
as he didnt plan you meeting his parents either 
but he does ask you what theyre like ! 
one day while you were cuddling he just looks up at you and asks you, “what are your parents like?”
“theyre pretty traditional”
“what kind of traditional?”
“the ‘are you prepared to marry my child and provide for them for the rest of your life?’ kind of traditional’
sero kinda just wheezes at your answer at your answer and leaves it alone for awhile
Tumblr media
Kaminari Denki
hes kinda insistent on meeting ur parents 
but only because he knows that its like the special bases of relationships 
plus he also wants to meet the wonderful people who created you 
he introduced you to his parents on your 5th month of dating 
cuz he just wants the people he loves the most to interact with each other 
plus with how much he talks about you home, they were also quite eager to meet you
so of course he is kinda gonna be insistent 
one day he runs up to your room and presents a fancy night with you, him, and your parents 
he pushes you in and explains it to you thoroughly !! 
you feel kinda bad to tell him that this might not happen 
“im sorry bug, but im not sure if we can do this with my parents” 
hes shocked ! he sits up a little for a moment but he ends up sagging in sadness after a while 
“but why” 
and hes pouting !! 
you feel so sad about hurting him about this 
“my parents are really strict, they might not approve of you baby, they’ll probably even ask you if youre gonna marry me or something”
“i will marry you though!!” 
Tumblr media
Mina Ashido
like denki she’s a little persistent
she’s just very enthusiastic about you and everything about you
so that includes your home life
she already introduced you to her parents long ago 
so shes pretty expectant 
she always kinda brings it up 
“so when can i meet your parents” is a common phrase you hear from her 
you kinda dismiss her questions and you change the topic after that 
but after a while she gets fed up and confront you about it 
and although you feel bad you still feel a little reluctant to tell her 
you didnt wanna ruin anything just cuz your parents are stupidly strict 
but you decide to tell her anyway 
you explain to her how strict your parents are but she doesnt really get the gist of it 
“what do you mean though?”
“well, they’ll probably ask you if youre ready to marry me or something” 
“of course i am!” 
you fluster at her words 
she cuddles up to u and doesnt let u leave her arms after that
Tumblr media
Jirou Kyouka
shes kinda shy about those things
so she usually just focuses on you and only you 
she never really thought about meeting your parents until the squad (mainly denki and mina) asked about it 
“what do you mean when am i gonna meet their parents?” 
“thats like!! the biggest step in a relationship!! if you dont meet their parents youre probably not gonna be long term!” 
jirou dismisses mina’s statement and leaves to find you 
although it does sound a little ridiculous, she is kinda nervous about that 
was she not enough for your parents?
she finds you in your room and beats around the bush for a while before getting straight to the point, kinda
“so uh you wanna exchange parents?’
“no, sorry, i mean, like, wanna meet my parents and ill meet yours?”
youve heard stories about kyouka’s parents and they sound pretty awesome so in your mind you agree immediately
but the thought of kyouka meeting your annoyingly traditional parents sounded like a nightmare 
“i dont think you’ll like my parents” 
she asks a simple way and you give her a simple answer 
shes totally cool with it cuz yeah she doesnt like overly traditional people 
so you both end up just laying down and cuddling together 
Tumblr media
Shinsou Hitoshi
i dont think he really cares about meeting your parents 
not that he doesnt care about your parents
no hes sure that they are lovely people 
its just that shinsou is a litlte anti social as it is and likes to keep meeting new people to a minimum 
but monoma kinda bugs him on it 
egging him on to take initiative in your relationship for once and make a big step for the both of you 
so one day, shinsou walks up to you begrudgingly with monoma hiding behind a wall nearby 
(this is exactly what it looked like when monoma forced shinsou to gain the courage to ask you out) 
“so, can i uh, meet your parents?” 
you kinda laugh at how he asked it so weirdly 
“where did this come from?”
“monoma said i need to man up and take initiative in our relationship and make a big step so that we can stay together forever” 
you laugh even harder but you cant help but have your heart melt at shinsou’s purpose taking to you now 
it may not seem like it but he really does want to have you around forever 
“theyre pretty strict and traditional baby, you sure you wanna meet them?” 
he turns around and monoma gives him a firm face and a thumbs up 
shinsou turns back around and nods firmly 
you cant help but laugh again at how adorable he looks 
moving to wrap your arms around his neck you give him a small peck on the cheek 
Tumblr media
Todoroki Shouto 
todoorki’s had his fair share of experience when it comes to parents 
so hes not entirely eager to meet your parents 
but he does think about it every now and then 
for sure not everyone is going to be like his father 
but hes got quite a foul mouth and no brain to mouth filter when he does speak 
but he knows respect 
just dont cross his line 
he doesnt really bring up meeting your parents for a while 
iida had asked about it once since it was a formal thing to do when gaining a significant other 
todoroki simply shrugged and said he’ll think about it 
and he did think about it 
later that day after training he approached you, pulling on your arm to bring you closer to him 
he soon pulled you to a stop by the side of the hallway, stepping rather close to you 
“can i meet your parents?”
it was so sudden that you couldnt help your surprise 
neither of you talk much about your parents (except for Rei who you had met a while back) 
“well, I don’t think you’ll like them sweetie” 
“I’m sure they’re lovely” 
“Well, they’re just a tiny bit like your dad, not the abuse, but the uhm, in the traditional sense?” 
todoroki nods firmly and pulls you to stay under his arm as you resume walking back to the dorms 
“well, my mother will be your mother-in-law soon enough so you don’t need to worry”
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cruelfeline · a year ago
Okay the counter essay is really superb congrats. (I honestly mean that). Just one line kinda irked me a little is when you said if theyre a coloniser they must die. Though I know Hordak is more a conqueror if a character in a show has gotten to the point where they reflect the actions of colonisers in our world then I could understand, colonisers do not need nuance and it would be justified to hate a character like that. (Everything else is spot on tho)
Ah, I think I understand what you mean, anon. Like, a character such as Prime does not warrant the nuance approach, given how things played out, yes?
What I was trying to say was more... how people seem to label a character a colonizer (or any other no-go term; colonizer is just this case's example) when they want an excuse to just ignore others' opinions and shut down any discussion. Does that make sense?
I wasn't sure how to word it properly, and it may not have come across as I wanted. Ah, well.
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I think 8s are the hardest type to be in a relationship with. My ex boyfriend was an 8w9, and tried to control the way i present myself, who i speak with, and what i do. He wasn’t even aware of all the torment he put me through... he just needed to feel in control, he always did. His childhood was one of the saddest stories i’ve heard, he’s broken and that made him strong. But i am soft,and i can’t let my soul be forced into things i didn’t allowed. He regrets deeply but i’m too hurt to rekindle
9w8 in the other side, they are the most understanding people out there. An almost just as tragic background, but this person (my cousin) treats his wife with kindness, compassion and understanging. It’s weird how the same influences (8 and 9) in different doses make for different people. They both had an 8 parent.
I have difficulty with this sort of input, because to generalize in your favor opens up a bag of worms (certain type = abuse is not a discourse I’ve ever seen be constructive) but to generalize against you is unfairly discounting your experience.
From a non-typology lens, good that he’s your ex. From a typology lens, I think this behavior is something that shows up in low average to unhealthy 8s as they become less secure in themselves. The disintegration of 8 is to 5, which makes it more paranoid about details in lower health levels. Medium average to like “level 3 health” tends to be more egoistic in a positive way. The 8 will care a lot more about controlling their own affairs than anything like how their SO presents. Higher health 8s will of course discard this egoism in another positive way, caring about other people’s details in a constructive way. 
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angrylizardjacket · 3 years ago
when i said it i thought it was true [1] {Ben Hardy}
Anon asked: could you do an imagine where ben is the reader’s ex and they are somehow working together on the set of bo rhap and they fall in love all over again ☺️ could you make it angst-y and then end with fluff? i love your writing so much!!
Anon asked: could you do an imagine where the reader is in bo rhap, maybe playing as one of roger’s gfs or something and she kind of falls in love with ben while filming the scenes with him as roger 💖 very fluffy pls :D
A/N: 3124 words. Super AU version of BoRhap being filmed in the fic. There’s gonna be another part, that will fill the prompts better. This might end up being a series. I hope you enjoy. Feedback would be nice.
When your manager rings you, telling you that you’d landed a part in the Queen Biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, you were elated. Freddie Mercury was a bit of a personal hero of yours, and to be a part of his story on the big screen, it was sort of a dream come true. 
In your first meeting, you sign a nondisclosure agreement, and you’re given the latest draft of the script to start learning, as well as a character brief. The script calls your character ‘Amanda’, the girlfriend of Roger Taylor who he eventually realises he wants to settle down with. You’d seen pictures of young Roger Taylor, you wouldn’t lie, you were excited for the role. Honestly, even today he was still quite a fox.
The point is, you were excited to have a fun time on set with a pretty blonde, make some new connections, and earn some good money. Some really good money.
The other shoe drops when you’re flicking through Instagram, and one of the stan accounts you follow has posted a leaked screenshot of the proposed cast list, and there’s your name, right beside the name of the last person you wanted to pretend to be in love with. Ben Hardy; pretty blonde extraordinaire, and your ex-boyfriend.
The table read is... awkward. 
The two of you are sat next to each other, and barely spoke two words to each other. You feel unprofessional the whole time, but you’d rather be anywhere else in the world, and the delivery of some of your lines falls a little flat. The director casts a concerned look between yourself and Ben as you rattle of what’s meant to be banter like you’re reading the news paper.
“They’ve got no damn chemistry; it’s like watching a celebrity divorce hearing.” When the Director vents to one of the producers in the hall outside after the reading, you manage to catch it where you’re just about to come out of the bathroom.
“They’ll be better on set, I promise, it’s just jitters.” She tries to soothe his nerves, and they’re off soon after, and you’re left with a cold, sinking sensation in your stomach.
“You’re Y/N, aren’t you? How are you finding the set?” The guy who greets you on your first day on the Eastenders set smiles with such casual ease it feels like you’ve known him for a while, instead of having just met him.
“Yeah, that’s me.” You agree with a quick nod, rocking back on your heels as you gaze around the space, trying not to look at him for too long. “It’s a bit overwhelming.” Actually, what’s overwhelming is that he’s talking to you. He’s Ben fucking Hardy, pretty-boy on the soap-opera scene, and he’s talking to you on your first day.
“Yeah, you’ll be right though; if you need any help or anything, just give us a yell, yeah?” And you realise he probably doesn’t know who you’re playing, or how you’re involved in that Season’s arc, but you certainly did.
“I didn’t know you could play drums.” You’re trying to be casual when you say it, but you see Ben tense where he’s sitting on a sofa in the rehearsal room, script and pencil in hand.
“I can now, that’s all that really matters.” He’s giving off such strong ‘please leave me alone’ vibes that it almost hurts, and you have to push through the knot in your stomach and sit down next to him.
“Ben, we need to at least be civil.” You say quietly, and he looks at you, expression a little forlorn.
“Y/N, we are civil, and we’ve done this before. Let’s just keep it professional, okay?” His tone leaves little room for argument, and you nod in agreement with a small smile, and pull out your phone, waiting for the rehearsal director.
“Hey there, baby, I don’t think I’ve seen you around here; I know I’d recognise your face.” You purr, running your hand delicately over the collar of Ben’s shirt, as his eyes widened and he spluttered to form a sentence, just as the script had told him to. 
Your character was more a plot device than anything, when Ben’s character is at a low point, his main romance is on a break, and he meets you, a temptress in all black. Your job is to give his character a realisation, he starts as your cocaine dealer when his supplier can’t make the drop, and he falls for you. Depending on the audience reaction, you knew the producers were waiting to see if they kill you off or have you recover from your addiction. The point is, your fate’s uncertain at the end of the Season, and Ben’s character realises he has to get out of the drug trade.
“I’ve got something for you, from Oskar. Can we go somewhere more private?” When he speaks, it’s with surprising confidence, and he steps up from the bar stool and into your space, smiling as your face lights up. The director calls cut after a moment, and you step back, smile sliding to something genuine as an assistant comes in and straightens your loose, black silk shirt, and they reset the shot for a new take.
“Ben, could you try less flustered? You’re here to deliver drugs, you’re not a schoolboy.” The director’s voice was kind as she came up to the two of you, and Ben agreed easily before she turned to you. “Great job, Y/N, don’t be afraid to be more even more forward, if you feel it.” As soon as you nod in understanding, she absconds, and you half laugh.
“If I was any more forward I’d be in your lap.” You snickered, voice quiet as you dipped your head to hide how you were faintly flustered. Ben was quiet, just watching you for a moment, but before you noticed, the director called for everyone to standby.
“I’m after Maggie, do you know where I could find her?” Ben starts as soon as the cameras start rolling, brow furrowed as he leans across the bar to speak to the bartender, and that’s your cue to enter the scene.
“Hey there, baby, I don’t think I’ve seen you around here; I know I’d recognise your face.” And when you say it this time, he smirks back at you, a little cocky, and you can feel the way it makes your heart flutter and you know it’s not as fake as it should be.
Before filming even starts, the producers have essentially forced you and Ben into bonding sessions which, if this were several years ago, would have just been dates. Now they’re awkward and tense, and you tend to bring heavily highlighted scripts.
“I saw you in that Wes Anderson movie last year. It was a really good performance, one of your best.” He offers over coffee. The idea that he’d kept up with enough of your work to label one ‘your best’ has you a little shocked, and something in your heart warms as you thank him softly.
It’s gotten easier to hang around with him, and it’s even easier to pretend to be in love with him in rehearsals. It’s like riding a bike, how easy it is to let yourself smile and lean into him, to let the banter flow easily between the two of you, fond jabs that edge on insulting coming as easily as breathing.
Joe mentions that he thought the two of you worked together before, and when you reply that you’d dated for almost a year, he goes very quiet, eyes going wide. After a beat, he admits it explains a lot.
“X-Men did you real dirty.” You’re half paying attention to an interview with Roger Taylor that the two of you had been instructed to watch together. You’re both in his trailer, sitting on opposite ends of the sofa as you watch in almost complete silence.
“What?” He asks, after a beat, your words having taken a moment to process.
“Killing you off like that; they could have gotten so much mileage out of your character.” The way you say it is far too well thought out to be an idle thought. Ben smirked.
“You just liked the leather pants.” He muttered, but you’re silence is answer enough. You know he sees your embarrassed smile, but you can’t bring yourself to deny it.
“Hey, do you wanna grab a drink after and go through notes and blocking and stuff?” You’re shooting your third episode, and you’re far more comfortable on set by now. Agreeing easily, you let Ben drive the two of you to what he claims is the best pub in town, and you sit in one of the more secluded booths to talk.
It turns out he’s just as much a fan of you as you are of him; you’re known more for your bit-parts in long-running series, it seems like the only show you hadn’t been a part of so far had been Eastenders, it was only a matter of time. It’s an innocent night, true to his word, all you do is talk, and discuss the script. There is one part of the upcoming script that has you a bit nervous. 
“Listen, honestly just go for it; it’s not meant to be sweet or anything, I’m literally taking coke from you.” You tell him, fidgeting, and he’s hums thoughtfully.
“You sure? We can talk to the director, I’m sure-” He offers, but you laugh to hide your nervousness.
“Nah, let’s knock it out of the park, the script says go for it so just go for it.” You assured him, heart rate already quickening at the mere thought of it. 
The next day, before the scene, the director comes over to talk you through it, making sure that if anything becomes uncomfortable, that you can talk to her. Both you and Ben assure her that it’s fine.
“You’re far too cute for this line of work.” You say as you hold a baggie of “cocaine” up to the light, smile playing on your lips.
“Cute? Ouch, you really know how to wound a man, you know.” He says, leaning back against the sofa in the hallway of the grubby hotel your character was staying in. He’s watching you with interest, small smile playing on his lips.
“Cute’s not a bad thing, baby, but you look like you should be making coffees or playing football in the sun, not here, not with me.” And you tap out a little of the powder onto your hand, pretending to snort it before you turn to him, his expression dark and hungry, and he kisses you, aggressive, almost desperate, and you lean into it, almost forget you’re playing a role with his hand on the back of your neck. When he lets go, when he pulls away, your eyes are still closed and you chase his lips for a moment. Eyes flickering open, you see him smirking down at you where he’s standing, and you both know it wasn’t entirely acting.
“You don’t know anything about me.” He growls, and you know you have to smile like you’re into it, like it’s a challenge, but instead, you duck your gaze, giving a small laugh and wiping at the nostril you’d just “snorted cocaine” through, before looking up at him through your eyelashes.
They call cut, and the director announces, almost a little awed, that she’s pretty sure they got the the take, actually says she’s not sure if she could getting a better take if they tried again. Ben seems far too pleased with himself. 
“They want us to tell the public we’re together.” You’re resting your head on Ben’s chest laying at the back of the tour-bus set, and his hand is resting on your waist, which is bare for the crop top and booty shorts they’ve put you in.
“Yeah, I heard.” He replies, voice equally quiet. “I think we’ve got a meeting about it tomorrow morning.” Gwil and Rami are actually playing scrabble at the front of the bus, and Joe is talking to Singer, the director.
“It’s a bad idea.” You’re so frank that you feel Ben freeze, and you heave a sigh. “It’s good for the movie, but Ben...” You trail off, and you feel it when he forces himself to relax. “It wouldn’t be real, it would just be weird.”
“Y/N, we’re actors.” He says very pointedly, and when you turn, resting your chin on his chest, he looks tired, a little exasperated. “It’s just a business deal.” He assured, and you let out a low, thoughtful grumble. 
“We’ll discuss it tomorrow.” You allow, and he nods once, shifting to a more comfortable position, and you go back to resting your head on his chest, eyes fluttering closed as Singer called for the shot to be reset and a bunch of people came and straightened your clothes, and touched up your makeup, all without you having to move much.
You agree to the terms set forth in the meeting easily, the story being that your relationship rekindled on set, and that you were now madly in love, mirroring the relationship you were portraying on screen.
“Wait, does that mean-?” Ben leans forward in his chair, with his heart in his throat as he followed their logic, thinking through the plot of the movie. “Like engaged?” He asked.
“Seems a bit fast.” You agreed, voice level enough that someone might mistake you for calm rather than internally freaking out, and your managers shared a look.
“There will be a public proposal during or after the world premiere, that’s up to you both, and after the movie is out on DVD, you can go your separate ways.” They assured, but your mouth fell open.
“You know he left me for X-Men, right?” You splutter, and Ben’s eyes widen as he turns to you with a scoff.
“You’re the one who said the distance was too much for us while I was in Cairo.” He snapped, and you threw your hands in the air.
“I was offering to come and stay with you instead, but you said you were too busy!” That was enough to shut him up, his mouth snapping closed as he turned away sharply, huffing out a resigned sigh.
“We have a few brands and restaurants who are interested in sponsoring, and the producers are willing to increase both your salaries if you go through with it for the full duration.” Your manager informed you both carefully, and you and Ben shared a resigned look.
“Fake intend to marry me for like three months?” He asked, voice low and bitter, and after heaving a long sigh, you look to your managers,
“I think I love you.” Ben’s character shows up at your character’s door, and you open it in a silk robe. 
“Hello to you too.” You laughed, but he’s so serious, so sincere, and when he doesn’t flinch, doesn’t offer anything else, you step up to him, pressing your lips to his, and he wraps his arms around you, hands sliding against the silk over your hips, and you pull back.
“You’re too sweet for me, baby,” voice so low it’s barely a whisper, he’s the one who chases your lips this time, but your catch his chin, and his eyes open. 
“You’re high.” He says softly, voice raw and a little desperate.
“And you’re my dealer.” You push him back gently, going to close the door and his expression turns angry.
“That doesn’t mean anything; I love you, Maggie.” His words hang heavily in the air, but before you can respond, they call for cut. You’re told to play it more like it hurts to try and turn him down, and you agree, smiling and nodding all the while. Everyone sets up for another take and you close the door.
When you kiss him this time, his hands are holding your face, and you’ve got your arms around his neck, and it’s like the world falls away from around you. It’s not acting now, hasn’t been for weeks, almost months now, not since he’d asked you out officially. Every time you kiss him you’re desperate to drown in his embrace, and he kisses you like it’s just the two of you, no cameras, no scripts.
“You’re-” and he cuts you off with another quick kiss, which has you laughing a little sadly, “Peter you’re too sweet for me.” He rests his forehead against yours, heaving a sigh.
“I know you’re high.” He says gently, and you don’t push him away this time, just lean back, your finger lifting his chin.
“And you’re my dealer.” You tell him, expression falling.
“That doesn’t mean anything, that doesn’t matter; I love you.” And you know that in that moment, the words mean so much more than the script, than these characters, than the show; he loves you. Ben loves you.
You avoid him, outside of filming, until you actually get a call from your manager telling you you’re contractually obligated to be seen in public together at least once a week. Even while filming you’re short with him, and he’s quick to get away from you the moment he doesn’t need to be around you, which was getting to be pretty bad, seeing as how you had been blocking a sex scene.
After the call, you and Ben get a drink. It’s awkward at first, though that’s unsurprising. After a long sip of his beer, he pats his thighs where he’s sitting in the armchair across from you. You make a face at him, shaking your head. 
“It’ll look less suspicious than if we’re shouting at each other across the table.” He hissed, and you groaned, obliging and crossing to sit yourself in his lap. He’s warm and secure, and he wraps his arm around you like it’s second nature. “Let’s not make this weird.” He said gently, and you nod.
“As for tomorrow’s shoot,” you said softly, leaning in to make sure no-one else heard, and he nodded, humming softly, “we’re professionals, and,” after a beat you cleared your throat pointedly, “it’s not like we haven’t done it before.”
“Not in front of a camera crew we haven’t.” Ben says with a smirk, and you snicker in agreement. “It’s gonna go fine; this is all gonna go fine, I promise.” And when you raise your eyebrows at him in surprised question, he just laughs softly, and brings you in for a chaste kiss. “It’s only until the DVD’s released.” He assures you, and you let your expression fall, already weary.
“Ben, that’s over a year away.”
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hyuckles-chuckles · 3 years ago
the sun and the flower — l. haechan
Tumblr media
you’ve faced the challenges of working hard as a trainee and debuting into sm entertainment’s newest girl group. now you have to have to face the challenge of working alongside your favourite idol ever; lee haechan.
pairing ; lee haechan / donghyuck x fem!reader / flora (y/n’s stage name)
other character(s) ; johnny seo, mark lee with mentions of lee taeyong, huang renjun, zhong chenle and park jisung sm rookies as about-to-debut group ‘high-5’ ; koeun (ko eunji), nakamura hina, ningning (ning yizhou) and lami (kim sungkyung)
genre ; fluff, angst if you squint, idol!au · word count ; 8.3k · rating ; pg13
request ; “hello! hope you’re having an amazing day:). i was just wondering if i could get a Nct HaechanXFem!reader. I’d like for it to be a story and fluff. And I was thinking the scenario could be the reader is another artist from SM ENT. and theyre interested in each other.. if that makes any sense..😅😅. Your work is gr8!! Thanks!” by anon!!!
a/n ; lol i’m sorry about the cringey band name high-5 but i literally couldn’t think of anything else haha (also shout out to my baby @otakua-r-m-y23 who basically encouraged me to finish writing this fic. also don’t ask me what time i finished this at hA) anyway i hope y’all enjoy this cute fic
the sun and the flower is copyright 2019 hyuckles-chuckles, all rights reserved.
Tumblr media
It was finally the day you’ve been looking forward to. Today was the day that you and your group — High-5 — were going to be recording for your debut album!
You’ve been waiting for this day since your music company — SM Entertainment — announced that you would be in the trainee group SM Rookies in 2016. You and your members have bonded over this moment for the past 3 years and the day has finally come.
You were following your manager who led you through the building that was associated with learning and recording songs for the upcoming albums of the idols. This wasn’t the first time you and your members entered this building but it was the first time it would be for your own music and that had you beaming even more.
When you entered the building you noticed all of the albums that engulfed one of the entrance rooms, your favourite being those from the never-ending group NCT. They were one of your favourite artists in this company — and that was saying a lot since SM has a lot of amazing artists. And hopefully your group could live up to their reputation.
You walked through the many doors and corridors to get to the recording studio, looking down every hallway to spot any other artists in the building that you adored, only to be picked on by your member and best friend NingNing.
“Looking for a special someone, huh?” she asked as she gently elbowed your side.
She knew exactly who she was implying when she asked who you were looking for. She — as well as your other members Koeun, Hina and Lami — knew all about your not so secret crush on the NCT member Lee Haechan.
It was discussed over a long night in the dorms where the five of you were just goofing off and revealing stuff that you didn’t know about each other yet. One of them being who you liked in the company. You know you should’ve said a member of EXO or someone as you didn’t realise the slip of you crush’s name would be discussed until the early hours of the morning. Fortunately the five of you didn’t have to do anything the next day, but unfortunately for you your members would bring it up often in times like these.
“(Y/N), did you see that Donghyuck’s teaser came out?”
“They dyed Haechan’s hair orange, have you seen it (Y/N)?”
“(Y/N)! Hyuck-ah has a rainbow in his hair! It’s so cute!”
“Ew, his outfit looks gross. (Y/N), come and see how ugly his outfit looks!”
Your members found out stuff about Haechan faster than you could. And as much as you verbally disliked it, you did appreciate that your friends would bother you about your crush because it proved that they loved you. But, they just wanted to poke fun at you and your crush on Haechan and you couldn’t expect less as that is what most friends would do.
But alas, on your trip to the recording studio no idols were seen. Only the people who worked here every day and the people that sing the demos to songs that were soon to be K-Pop hits.
You and your members worked really hard in the studio, singing and rapping for hours on end. You have never worked in a studio so hard in your life. And you had to because this was going to be for your first single and album.
And your hard work paid off, because after a whole day in the studio High-5 managed to complete two whole songs from your album. You would have carried on to make more songs but it was already past 10 in the evening and your young members had to get to bed. Your recording manager ensured you that it was normal for new groups to take extra-long with their first album as they haven’t gotten the feel of it yet.
“I’ll see you girls for another productive day,” she said as you all left the room to return to your dorm. “Sleep well!”
“Thank you for helping us today,” you all said together with a little bow.
You were walking out of the room backwards and failed to see that someone had ran into you from behind, making you fall over in the process with the culprit half on your back and half on the floor.
“Ow,” you muttered under your breath when you hit the floor.
You heard your members take in a breath as they saw who had ran into you.
“Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!” you heard the culprit say as he got up from off the floor. And just with him speaking you knew exactly who it was.
“Haechan?” you said as you turned around to be face first with the one and only.
“Ah,” he smirked. “So you already know me?” he asked as he extended his hand to help you off the floor. Which you obviously took.
“Ugh,” Koeun sighed. “Donghyuck-ah stop flirting with her, you just bumped into her.”
“Noona! That was not flirting! When have I ever flirted with anybody?” Haechan asked as he gave Koeun a hug. They — as well as Hina and Lami — had been on The Mickey Mouse Club together back before NCT had debuted.
“You flirt with me every day,” said a boy who you also knew the voice to; Mark.
It seemed like The Mickey Mouse Club was about to have a reunion as the rest of NCT Dream were right behind Haechan. The former cast started hugging and greeting other while you, NingNing, Renjun and Chenle were all off to each side as none of you had been on the show only getting into SM after the show had aired.
“Well, um, girls, this is Renjun and Chenle as you probably know,” Mark announced to make them feel more at ease.
“Yes, we do know them,” Koeun said. She was going to be the leader of High-5 as she was so fit for the part that nobody had argued when they appointed her as your group’s leader. “Would you two like to introduce yourselves to them?” Koeun asked you and NingNing.
Both of you didn’t really feel like it as all the eyes of NCT Dream were on you. But you stepped forward as you were older than NingNing.
“Hi, I’m Flora,” you said with a little wave of your hand. You decided on this stage name as it reminded you of the English word for flower. It was also the name of the character that you adored from The Winx Club when you were learning to speak English when you were younger and you knew that that would be your stage name if not your real name.
“Hi everyone, I’m NingNing.” You introducing yourself to the boys had given NingNing the courage to introduce herself as well.
When you were all introduced to each other you all spiralled into different conversations as it was late and you were actually supposed to be on your way to the dorm. You had found yourself in a group with Mark, Koeun and Haechan.
“So, what does flora mean Flora?” Haechan asked you.
“It’s like a term for flower,” you answered him softly.
“It’s also Latin for flower,” Mark added to your answer.
“Now, how do you know that?” Koeun asked him.
“I’m Canadian!” Mark replied which turned into their own conversation, leaving you alone with Haechan.
“So,” Haechan started again, “you know that my name means full sun, right?”
“Yeah,” you scoffed. “I’m Korean.”
“Ah, we’ve got ourselves a jokester,” Haechan said with a smirk plastered across his face.
You giggled in response.
“Anyway, back to what I was saying. So, we both know that my stage name means full sun. And your stage name is Flora which has to do with flowers.”
“Your point?”
“Wow, I can’t believe how rude you are being to a senior,” Haechan joked with you.
“Actually, I’m older than you by a few months so I’m actually allowed to be talking to you like this,” you stated with a grin and a raise of your brow.
“So, you know my birthday?” The smirk was back bigger than ever, which caused you to look away from him momentarily.
“Um, what was it that you were saying?” you asked, trying to steer the conversation back to the origin of what Haechan was getting at.
“Okay, since you want to listen to me now. Your name has to do with flowers, sunflowers have to do with flowers and those specific flowers have to with the sun. Technically, we are connected by our choice of stage name,” Haechan said with the brightest smile imaginable. You never thought you’d be this close to one of his smiles before and it was the best feeling ever.
“Yes, uh, that is some true, um, fact,” you stuttered as Haechan was still looking at you with that smile on his face.
“What’s you real name?” Haechan suddenly asked.
“My name? It’s (Y/N),” you stated, confused as to why he wanted to know your real name.
“Cool, you should call me Donghyuck if I’m going to be calling you by your name,” Haechan told you.
“Why would you call me by my real name?” you wondered out loud.
“Because we’re friends,” he stated.
“Okay… Donghyuck,” you finally let out.
“(Y/N)!” yelled NingNing. “We’re leaving now. Us babies have to get to bed.”
“I’m not a baby,” stated Lami.
“Yes you are,” stated Jisung, who was only a year older than Lami and should also be in bed by now.
“Okay, we’re leaving, come on,” said Koeun who was motioning for us to leave with our manager.
“Bye everyone!” you said to NCT Dream. “It was nice getting to meet all of you.”
Everyone said their good-byes, but one was more special than the others.
“I’ll see you around (Y/N),” said a cheerful Donghyuck as the rest of NCT Dream made it down the corridor and into a different room.
The girls didn’t make a big fuss about you and Donghyuck until you were all in the car to take the five of you home.
“Did you see that?!” exclaimed Hina from behind you. “You and Donghyuck were so cute!”
“We weren’t!” you whined. “We were just talking!”
“Talking? More like flirting,” Lami teased.
“Shut up,” you said with your face in your hands, which only caused the entire car to tease you more on your way to the dorms.
When you arrived to the dorms, you were the first to get out and get away from your friends who really meant no harm. But somehow Koeun had made it to your side faster than you would think.
“(Y/N), you know we only say those things because we love you, right?”
“Yeah, I guess,” you mumbled.
“And you want to know why we talked about it the entire drive?”
“Yes, I actually do.”
Koeun gave you a big smile before telling you. “It’s because we can see that he likes you too. Only from today though — before we did it just to tease you.”
“No way,” you said with a shove.
“I’ve known Donghyuck for a while now, and yes we have grown apart due to our different schedules, but I know how he acts. He likes you.”
“Well, I still don’t believe you,” you countered walking away from her.
“Whatever, I’ll be there for you when you realise that I’m right and you’re wrong. I also don’t understand why you’d want to be wrong. If your crush has a crush on you that’s fantastic!”
“I’m going to sleep, I’m tired of talking to you,” you said as walked to the bedroom you shared with NingNing.
“Okay,” Koeun said loudly from where she stood. “I see how it is. You get hit with the truth and then run away.”
“Good night everyone!” you exclaimed from your bedroom door, completely ignoring your leader.
“Good night (Y/N)!”
“Have sweet dreams of Hyuck while you’re at it!”
When you were done getting ready for bed, NingNing had walked in ready for bed herself.
“Ning?” you called from your bed.
“Yes?” she asked as she put on her bed socks and tucked herself in.
“Do you really think Haechan likes me?” you asked as you stared at the ceiling.
“Well, I don’t know him that well so I can’t really say. But if Koeun-unnie says so it’s probably true.”
“Why does she have to be right about everything?” you asked as you turned around to put your face in your pillow.
“I don’t know,” NingNing laughed. “But we better get some sleep.”
“Night Ning,” you muffled into your pillow.
“Good night, and please don’t sleep in that position.”
“Fine,” you said as you turned to look up at the ceiling once more before plugging your earphones in and falling asleep to your sleeping playlist, simply titled 7.
Tumblr media
Another week gone well for your career in the K-Pop industry. Earlier in the week your first music video came out as well as your debut stage at the Inkigayo Stage. And what made this experience even better was that Mr Lee Sooman was throwing your group a party and invited all of the other SM idols to celebrate your debut. What you truly hoped was that most of NCT could attend — you really wanted to see Donghyuck again.
After the first day that you met NCT Dream you’ve seen him in the buildings quite frequently. You were always going in when he was going out and vice versa, but he always greeted you by your actual name. Mark would always slap his arm whenever he did it.
“Haechan, call Flora by her stage name, it’s weird to call other idols by their real name,” you once heard Mark mumble to Donghyuck.
“Are you just jealous that I have more friends than you?” Donghyuck asked teasingly, causing you to laugh which were heard by both boys.
“(Y/N), do you think it’s weird that I call you by your real name? Would you prefer me calling you Flora?” Donghyuck asked you as he walked towards you.
“Um, I really don’t mind either,” you replied.
Donghyuck turned around to face Mark. “See! I told you it wasn’t weird!”
“(Y/N)!” exclaimed Koeun from the car. “We have to go!”
“I’ll see you around Donghyuck!” you yelled as you sprinted to the car.
“I’ll see you!”
But whatever you felt for Donghyuck you had to supress it. Even if you did like him — and for some reason he liked you back — it would never work.
First thing; you were both idols. It would be extremely difficult to date each other with the schedules that you both had. And he was even busier due to his positions in both NCT 127 and NCT Dream.
Second thing; you just debuted. Even though you were technically an adult you would still be seen as a rookie in the eyes of everyone and therefore dating would be extremely bad for you and for your group.
You just had to convince yourself that everything you felt for Donghyuck was because he was your favourite idol in NCT. Not because of the way he made you feel with the brief contact you’ve had with him. Definitely not because of that. It was just a silly crush that you developed on him because he was your age and he was a great performer. That was it.
It had to be.
“Flora? Hello?” said Hina who was waving her hand in your face.
“I’ve been calling you,” she said. “It’s your turn to be made up.”
“Oh, uh, sorry. I’ve been… thinking,” you stammered as you got up from the couch in your dressing room and made your way to the make-up seat.
“Is everything okay?” Hina asked.
“Yeah, why? Do you think something’s wrong with me?” you asked as you spoke to her in the mirror.
“Yeah. You’re so stupid!” she squealed as she ran to where you once sat.
You were the last member of High-5 to get your make-up done and when everything was done you were all escorted to the party venue where most of the SM Town family were awaiting your arrival.
You all walked with your manager to the venue door waiting to be let in when they announced your name on the stage. You were all huddled around each other, nervous as you weren’t quite expecting what was behind those doors.
“Girls,” announced Koeun. You all turned to look at her. “I know this could be scary, but just remind yourselves that this is our family and we shouldn’t be scared to be around them. We’ve already done so much to get here within the last week, what could a family reunion do to us?”
“Thank you Koeun-unnie,” you all said at the same time and came together for a hug.
“High-5, you’re about to go,” announced your manager from the door.
“Let’s get it!” you silently exclaimed.
“No, we’re not doing that,” said Lami who stood behind you waiting to go in.
“Maknae on top,” said the rest of the members.
“… introducing: High-5!” came from the doors that were just opening for you to see a bunch of lights pointed at you and for you to hear the loud clapping that came from the rest of the SM idols.
Hina was first to walk as she was the second oldest, then Lami, who was followed by Koeun so she could be in the centre, then NingNing and then you because you were just older than the maknaes of the group.
It was nerve-racking to walk in front of all these people that you idolised, but then you saw a table that was just going crazy at your arrival. You looked over and saw the members of NCT Dream (sitting at different tables, but still close enough) standing on their tables and making cheers as you walked in. You caught a sight of Donghyuck who was loudly screaming your fan chants at the top of his lungs, which caused you to turn away quickly as you felt the smile on your face grow.
Hopefully people would think that you were smiling because you were overwhelmed by the experience.
You all got to your seats on stage and bowed for the idols before taking your seats. Your manager said that it would be for just a few minutes and then you’d be seated at a table like everyone else.
A mic was given to Koeun so she could speak on the behalf of you and the rest of High-5. She’s been preparing for this speech since we were informed about the party and she was finally going to give it.
“We would like to say thank you for being here. You really didn’t have to attend but you did and it makes us feel so happy. With our debut earlier this week it’s been hard work non-stop and you all know what that’s like and we really appreciate all the love in the room today.
“It’s been a long journey for us, some of us have been training for eight years while others have trained for only two and we’re so happy that we got to debut as High-5 together.
“Once again, on behalf of High-5, thank you so much for being here!”
A round of applause was given after Koeun’s speech which was followed by Lee Sooman wishing us luck for our career in the future.
You were ushered to your seats which were close to the stage. Many members of the SM came to congratulate you all on your debut stages. Idols ranging from TVXQ’s Max to Red Velvet’s Wendy all came to talk to you about your journey so far in SM.
It may had just dawned on you that you were finally an SM idol and it made you so happy that your eyes started to tear up. You excused yourself to go to the bathroom to just freshen up before meeting and greeting more idols.
While you were returning back to your table you saw that it was just filled with boys. There were boys everywhere and, of course, one of them stood out. Or sat out.
Donghyuck had been sitting in your seat while you had been in the bathroom. When he noticed your return he quickly got up from the seat to greet you before any of his other members could greet you first.
“Congratulations once again (Y/N),” he said as he handed you single pink rose. The gesture would have been sweet if there weren’t bouquets of flowers sitting on top of each table with the same flower placed in between others.
“Thank you Donghyuck, and thank you for taking this out of its vase,” you said playfully as you brought it up to your nose to smell.
“Hey! Do you know how hard it was to take that flower out of the vase without being scolded by Taeyong?”
“Apparently extremely hard by your tone of voice,” you said as you started walking back to your table, Donghyuck following you.
“Well, I had to do it,” he admitted.
“Really?” you questioned, a smile on your face.
“May I ask why?”
“It’s because I wanted to ask you out for coffee after this party,” he said as he reached into his pocket to retrieve his SM Employee card. “I’ve got plenty of points to waste on whatever coffee you want.”
You were just in reach of your table. Close enough to see everyone but not close enough for them to hear your conversation with Donghyuck. Was he asking you out on a date? Or was he just being a good friend to congratulate you? Whatever reason for this coffee session you said yes.
“Really?” Donghyuck questioned in that cute way whenever he’s shocked.
“Yes really. Why would I say yes if I didn’t mean yes?” you replied.
“Haechan!” screamed a tall man from your left. It was Johnny. “Come on! You can’t hog Flora for the night! We all want to talk to her!”
“Okay hyung,” Donghyuck said with a roll of his eyes.
You giggled at his expense as Johnny ushered you back to your seat.
“Is that a rose?” Johnny asked when he noticed what you were holding.
“Yeah, Haechan gave it to me,” you stated as you sat down in your seat.
“Ah, that’s interesting,” Johnny said as he left you to mingle with the other members of NCT.
When the time had struck half-past nine your manager suggested that NingNing and Sungkyung both leave as it was almost ten o’clock. They also recommended that you and the others come with them as well.
You could hear them calling out to you, but you weren’t so sure. Donghyuck was dancing at the exit with his card in his hand motioning for you to join him.
“Excuse me?” you asked politely.
“Will you be coming home with us?”
“Uh… no. I’ll be staying a little while longer,” you confessed.
All the girls looked your way.
“Why?” questioned Koeun. “We’re all leaving right now.”
“Maybe I just know how to party,” you teased.
“But really, why are you staying if we’re all going?” Hina asked you.
“I’m going to get some coffee,” you half confessed.
“We could get coffee too,” said Sungkyung. “The coffee place would still be open especially if a party is happening.”
“I’m already going with someone — bye!” you said as you scurried out of your seat, rose in hand, as you sped walked towards Donghyuck, but before you could get to him someone grabbed your arm. It was NingNing.
“Is this someone the one who’s been dancing stupidly in your direction for the past five minutes?”
“What would you do if I said yes?” you asked meekly.
“Then I’d say enjoy it,” she said as she retreated happily, but then turned around again. “Manager-nim and Koeun-unnie says to be back at the dorms before midnight!”
You gave her a thumbs up before walking towards Donghyuck once again.
“What was that all about?” he asked when you made it to him.
“Just curfews and stuff,” you said.
“So, shall we go?” Donghyuck said with a hand gesturing towards the door.
“We shall,” you said as you walked through the open doors in the direction of the SM café.
You both walked to the café in comfortable silence. Sometimes both of your hands touched while you were walking and with the last touch Donghyuck just took your hand in his own.
“It was bothering me,” he said but you could have sworn that his face turned a slight shade of pink as yours did when he started to hold your hand.
You both made it to the café eventually, some idols were already there from the party to get a coffee or whatever they pleased.
Donghyuck sat you down and asked you what you wanted and when you answered with your favourite drink from here he went up to the barista and placed an order.
While he was away for a few minutes you decided to check your phone, many messages from your High-5 group chat in your notifications led you to open them.
16 unread messages from High-5!! chat
High-5!! @ koleader [9:41pm]: Remember to be home before midnight (Y/N)!!!! I’ll be locking the doors so you can’t come in!!!
High-5!! @ happy hina [9:42pm]: TTTT super harsh unnie !!!! (Y/N)’s just trying to get her groove on High-5!! @ happy hina [9:42pm]: Don’t worry, I’ll stay up and let you in if Koeun does lock it;)
High-5!! @ lami bby [9:43pm]: why are we using this chat if we’re all literally sitting in the same car
High-5!! @ koleader [9:43pm]: Hina!!!! I’m trying to make sure that she gets home on time!!! Don’t make her think she can come whenever!!!!
High-5!! @ ning-a-ling [9:44pm]: Stop! Using! Exclamation! Points! Unnie! iloveyoudontkillme!
High-5!! @ happy hina [9:46pm]: Ughhh fine. @(Y/N) if you’re not home by midnight we’ll be kicking you out of the group:)
High-5!! @ lami bby [9:46pm]: oof yikes sorry flora bye
High-5!! @ ning-a-ling [9:46pm]: NOOOOOOO! DON’T MAKE JOKES LIKE THAT!
High-5!! @ koleader [9:47pm]: Look who’s using exclamation points now
High-5!! @ koleader [9:47pm]: And we’d never kick (Y/N) out of the band. She’s our pretty flower!
High-5!! @ happy hina [9:48pm]: UNNIE YOU’RE SO SOFTDKSKFKFH
High-5!! @ lami bby [9:48pm]: i thought i was the visual
High-5!! @ ning-a-ling [9:48pm]: So cuTE
High-5!! @ ning-a-ling [9:49pm]: HAHAH Lami you’re a savage
High-5!! @ koleader [9:49pm]: Maknae on top
At this point in time, you were caught up to speed in the group chat. You looked up from your phone to glance at Donghyuck who was still waiting for your drinks at the counter. He was on his phone texting someone furiously. You returned to your phone before he returned with your drinks.
High-5!! @ (Y/N) [9:50pm]: i’ll be home at the appropriate time mom
High-5!! @ (Y/N) [9:50pm]: it’s just a coffee you know, they’re not that hard to consume
High-5!! @ koleader [9:51pm]: Just making sure
High-5!! @ lami bby [9:51pm]: don’t be on your phone while you’re on a date
You looked up from your phone briefly to roll your eyes.
High-5!! @ (Y/N) [9:52pm]: first of all: it’s not a date
High-5!! @ (Y/N) [9:52pm]: second of all: he’s not here, he’s waiting for the coffee
High-5!! @ (Y/N) [9:52pm]: third of all: i AM a pretty flower
High-5!! @ lami bby [9:53pm]: did oppa tell you that???
High-5!! @ (Y/N) [9:54pm]: i’m muting this chat now,, BYE!
High-5!! @ happy hina [9:54pm]: Give him a big smooch!
You turned your phone off just as Donghyuck returned to your table bearing both of your drinks with a chocolate brownie and two forks.
“I see you didn’t wait long to text your members,” Donghyuck said sassily as he sat down and handed you your drink and a fork. It looked like he bought the brownie for you both to share.
“Actually, my members were annoying me so I muted the chat,” you said as you took your fork to cut a piece of brownie for yourself. “And don’t make me look so bad! You were also on your phone, I saw you.”
He looked like a deer caught in headlights — until he figured what he wanted to say.
“Actually, I was setting up your contact details,” he said as he took out his phone unlocked it and handed it to you. “So, you know, if I’m annoying you on text you can mute me too.”
You saw that he had started a contact number for you. Next to your name he added a sunflower and a pink rose emoji which made you smile even more than you were currently.
You added your number and handed his phone back to him. He immediately called your phone number so you could have his number, but he didn’t end the call.
“Your phone’s ringing,” he said nonchalantly.
“I know,” you stated. “It’s you.”
Donghyuck put his hand to the speaker, as if he was making sure that the person on the other side of the line couldn’t hear him. “It’s rude to not answer your phone. It could be an emergency.”
You chose not to argue with him and just pick up the phone.
“I can’t believe you answered a call while you are with somebody. That’s rude.”
You sat there with your mouth hanging open. “You’re the one that called somebody! That’s equally rude!”
“Touché,” Donghyuck said after a moment of silence, followed by the two of you laughing at each other’s silliness.
The two of you spent the next hour talking about yourselves, laughing at jokes said, drinking your drinks, eating your shared brownie and there was a brief photo shoot of each other where you both held your pink rose. But it was getting late and you should be heading back to the dorms.
“Oh, it’s quite late,” you said when you realised the time in the corner of Donghyuck’s phone.
“Oh, then I’ll walk you home,” he said as he looked around the still semi-crowded café.
“No, it’s okay!” you exclaimed. “It’s not that far, I’ll have my manager come pick me up.”
Donghyuck grabbed your rose and your hand as he led you to the exit that would take you both to your dorms. “I have to walk that way anyway, so I might as well walk you home.”
“Fine,” you pouted as you took your hand out of his and grabbed for your rose. “But I’m not happy about this.”
It was yet another comfortably silent walk back to the dorms. What was usually a two minute drive was now a fifteen minute walk. But neither of you minded. It seemed like the two of you just didn’t have to fill up the silence with words spoken because somehow you seemed to know already so much about each other.
“Thanks for walking me home,” you said when you reached the front door to your dorm.
“As I said fifteen times before, no problem,” he said with a smile.
“I know, you just didn’t have to do that. I could’ve gotten a ride from my manager and some of your members were still at the party so you could’ve easily gotten a ride with one of them.”
“I know,” Donghyuck admitted as he stepped a bit closer to you. “I wanted to walk you home.”
You could’ve sworn Donghyuck was leaning in to kiss you, but before anything could happen Koeun opened the door.
“(Y/N)?” she asked as she opened the door, you and Donghyuck both jumping away from each other. “I thought you would call our manager to get home?”
“Donghyuck had other plans,” you answered softly as you looked at Donghyuck briefly.
“Yeah,” Donghyuck agreed. “I was about to head back to my dorms anyway, so. Bye.”
He then sped down the stairs from your door and walked off in the direction to his dorm.
You quickly walked inside and sped to your room.
“That was weird,” Koeun said. “He isn’t usually that awkward.”
“Yeah, I know, good night unnie!” you said as you closed your bedroom door. You had to be quiet as you could see that NingNing was already in bed.
You got ready for bed in a flash and lied down to look at your ceiling and think.
Was he really about to kiss me?
But before you could get into that question, your phone lit up. You had a message from an unknown person. You decided to check it out.
+82 72 7264 2426 [12:32am]: If you’re not busy tomorrow, do you want to get me a coffee?
+82 72 7264 2426 [12:32am]: It’s only fair since I bought you one today
It was Donghyuck. You didn’t have the time to change his contact details at café but you were about to do so.
(Y/N) [12:34am]: i thought you got me that coffee to congratulate me on my debut
fullsun [12:35am]: Well yeah, but I also want a free coffee
Even though you were currently overthinking things about you and Donghyuck, you agreed to go for another coffee with him.
You put your phone in charge after texting Donghyuck for a few more minutes before falling asleep with a smile on your face.
Tumblr media
After weeks of promotion with High-5, it was about to go back to preparing for a new mini album for your group, but not before one of your last interviews that also had NCT 127 on the show as an SM interview for the newer groups.
You only learned that it was a shared interview when Donghyuck texted you revealing the news to you.
fullsun [9:38pm]: Are you excited?!?!?
(Y/N) [9:40pm]: for what?
(Y/N) [9:40pm]: for coffee?
(Y/N) [9:41pm]: i don’t remember making plans whoops
fullsun [9:42pm]: No dummy
fullsun [9:42pm]: For our shared interview in a couple of days
“What?” you muttered out loud.
“What did you say Flora?” asked Hina who was sitting next to you.
“Do we have a shared interview with NCT soon?” you asked Hina.
“Uh, yeah. NCT 127 to be exact. You have to start reading your emails when you get them,” Hina informed you as she returned to her phone.
You also returned to your phone to reply back to Donghyuck.
(Y/N) [9:48pm]: of COURSE i’m excited! i just forgot about it as i’m SUPER busy you know
fullsun [9:50pm]: Really? It took you an awful long time to reply
(Y/N) [9:51pm]: as i said, i’m SUPER busy
fullsun [9:52pm]: Okay, since you’re “’super busy’” I guess I’ll have to stop talking you, night (Y/N)
(Y/N) [9:53pm]: good night donghyuck!
As much as you were excited to be interviewed with NCT 127, you were just as nervous. In your past interviews you haven’t been as vocal and some MCs would comment on that causing you to laugh shyly and try to carry on with the programme as normal as you could manage. But being on Weekly Idol with NCT 127 — who have already been there so many times — just made you not want to be there at all.
And it didn’t help that Donghyuck was there. After many coffee ‘dates’ with him you have started to realise that your ‘silly little crush’ was actually real. You couldn’t stop thinking about him and you always wanted to be around him when you had free time. Being there with him on TV would surely be the cause of your downfall.
So on the day of your shared interview with NCT 127 you kept quiet. Your members noticed this but didn’t say anything as they knew you got nervous when partaking in programmes and interviews. NingNing squeezed your shoulder gently while you were getting your make-up done.
“It’ll be fine,” she reassured you.
“I know,” you said a bit shakily. “I just have to get used to this I guess.”
“That’s the spirit!” she said as she skipped to the next make-up chair.
And before you knew it, a bunch of rowdy boys entered the make-up room. It was NCT 127 of course. They were surprised at first to see you but then remembered the schedule for today and greeted you before finding more places to sit and get there make-up done.
But Donghyuck wasn’t interested in getting his make-up done, he quickly made his way over to you as he saw that he’d have to wait for more make-up spots to open up for himself.
“Hey (Y/N),” he said as he pulled up a free chair to sit next to you.
“Hi Donghyuck,” you mumbled as you quickly glanced at his figure in the mirror before looking back at the make-up artist.
“So, what’s up? How’s your day been so far?” Donghyuck asked. You just wished that he’d go sit with his members so you could think of how to present yourself today. Yes, it was sweet that he came and started talking to you but he was your biggest problem to deal with today.
“Well, I have been here for the majority of the day, I’m doing fine I guess,” you answered solemnly.
“Hey, Haechan,” called Mark from where he stood with Koeun on the opposite side of the room. “Come get yourself pretty.”
“I’m already pretty,” he told you as he got up and walked over to Mark and Koeun.
You could tell from looking in the mirror that whatever they were discussing was serious. Donghyuck looked over at you a couple of times during the conversation before sitting in a chair to get his make-up done by a different artist.
When your make-up was finally ready for the programme you told Koeun that you needed to be by yourself for a bit and she completely understood.
“Have your phone on you!” she yelled before you left the room.
You walked around the studio with no destination in mind. You knew you’d have to be in the green room before you go in front of cameras but you didn’t want to be there just yet. You just had to prepare yourself for what was about to happen in less than an hour.
When you finally felt good about your surroundings and bearings, you made your way to the green room where everybody seemed to be. You barely made it into the room before Donghyuck opened the door, closed it and embraced you in a tight hug.
“I’m sorry about before,” he said once he had you in his arms. “I didn’t know you get nervous before these kinds of things and wanted to be alone.”
“Donghyuck,” you said as your arms wrapped themselves around his torso. “It’s okay now, I’m actually starting to feel better.”
“So you’re saying me hugging you is making you feel better?” he asked, signature smirk plastered across his face.
“No it’s actually making me feel worse,” you said with a friendly shove to his chest as you entered the room and made your way to your members. But what you said was a lie. Donghyuck hugging you actually made you feel ten times better than when you had been by yourself for a few minutes. Maybe your feelings for Donghyuck wouldn’t be your biggest problem today.
Within the next half-an-hour, the managers of both groups explained what was to happen and who was to sit where. It just so happened that the seating plan had you sitting behind and above Donghyuck on a stool. You saw him giving you a sly smile from across the room, you gave a lengthy eye roll in return.
When you were all lined up to get ready to go on stage, Donghyuck turned around to face you.
“Hey,” he whispered.
“Hi,” you replied just as softly with a smile on your face.
“Good luck,” he said with a hand on your waist for a few seconds before bringing it to the nape of his neck.
“You too,” you said as you pinched his cheeks.
You heard Johnny giggling at the two of you from behind. He could hear and see everything that had been shared amongst the two of you in this moment — but you could care less. Donghyuck was ready to demolish him with his quick wit.
“What’s up hyung? Feeling lonely from not having any friends?” he teased as you silently laughed into your hand.
“Haechan, I’m not sure you want to be teasing me right now with the position that I’m in,” Johnny replied unbothered.
Before you could ask what that meant, your managers hushed everybody so they could announce High-5 and NCT 127 and so you all could take your seats in the allocated places.
Since your debut you’ve been on loads of programmes and variety shows but none like this. You got to experience how it was like to be comfortable in shows like this from how NCT 127 would react and answer questions. It was so refreshing to be a part of something like this.
“So Flora, how much do you like NCT?” asked one of the MCs Seho, breaking your on train of thought.
“I like NCT very much,” you responded politely. It was easy to say something that was one hundred percent the truth.
“Are you saying that just because they are sitting around you?” questioned a curious Changhie.
The whole of NCT turned to face you. You were about to say ‘no’ a million times before your members beat you to the gun.
“She loves NCT,” answered Koeun on your behalf.
“Love is an understatement, she lives for NCT,” continued a cheery Hina.
“Thanks unnies,” you said through your fingers that covered your face in embarrassment.
“Flora, is this true?” asked Changhie once again.
“Um, I like NCT and their music,” you stammered.
“Okay, but out of all of the members, who’s your favourite member?”
This is where you felt your slight nerves come back into place. Your favourite was Donghyuck, literally everyone you encountered knew that he was your favourite even before your debut. But you didn’t want to lie about.
“I guess my favourite member is Haechan,” you confessed softly, causing everyone to erupt in emotion. You could already hear the romantic BGM they would play when this episode airs at this very moment. You turned to look at Donghyuck who was looking at you fondly.
He raised his hand before announcing, “My favourite member of High-5 is Flora,” causing another uproar in the studio. People were screaming, some were running around and others were just reacting to what was going on.
“You’re just saying that because Flora said you are her favourite,” Kwanghee stated.
“I assure you I’m not,” Donghyuck said to the group of people.
From that moment and onwards the interview went by as normally as it could with NCT 127 around; you all competed in games, some of you did a random dances — which was won by Donghyuck obviously. After the whole thing was done you greeted the audience and thanked them for watching and for them to continue supporting SM Entertainment and all of their groups.
Both of your managers suggested that we all get dinner before going back to the respective dorms which you all agreed to as you were all hungry from the day. At dinner you sat in between NingNing and Donghyuck just out of pure luck.
Over the sound of everyone eating and talking you leaned into Donghyuck to thank him for the confidence boost earlier as it really helped you. He just discretely took you hand from underneath the table and smiled to let you know that it was a pleasure before letting your hand go to return to his food.
You don’t know what it was about this day, but you feel like Donghyuck could be feeling the same feelings for you as you felt for him. It was just him being so observant right before the show that made you feel like he truly cared about you and wanted you to be happy. And over the past few months with him buying you drinks and snacks, him holding your hand in secret and him just being himself around made you feel like he liked you how you liked him. And this was all you could think about on the ride back to the dorms.
Two of the cars had been mixed between the members of High-5 and the members of NCT 127 so those two cars had to stop outside of your dorm before going to the NCT dorms. Donghyuck was unfortunately not in the car that you were in, but you were sure that he’d get home safe.
When you exited the car you were surprised to see Donghyuck sitting on the last stair of the staircase just outside of your dorm.
“Hyuck?” questioned Koeun who was closest to him.
“Oh, hi,” he said as he got up from his spot.
“What are you doing here?” she questioned him again.
“Oh, I’ve come to talk to my favourite member of High-5, if you don’t mind,” he said as he made his way towards you.
“Haechan, how did you even get here?” Mark questioned from the car. “You weren’t in either of these cars.”
“I asked if I could be dropped off here. Man, a guy can’t talk to a girl before being questioned by everyone, can he?” Donghyuck asked the last part to you.
“Beats me,” you shrugged. “So, what did you want to talk about?”
“Uh, could you give me one second?” he asked you and instead of waiting for your answer he quickly ran to the cars that were still witnessing your encounter with Donghyuck.
Koeun quickly made it to your side. “He’s going to tell you that he likes you. I can tell!”
“Okay, then go away!” you shooed her away.
“Wow, she thinks she’s all that now that she’s got a boyfriend,” Lami said as she walked inside of the dorm which was quickly followed by her sneaking her way to the curtains so that she could see. At this, the rest of your members followed suit and would be there to witness whatever was in stock for you.
You saw Donghyuck walking closer to you and you looked beyond him briefly. The NCT members looked an awful like the High-5 members in the car.
“So, I couldn’t get them to leave,” Donghyuck confessed.
“Why would you want them to leave? How would you get home?” you asked.
“Just… just sit down quickly,” Donghyuck said as he directed you to the staircase.
You heard a knock on the window and a muffled ‘I can’t see’ followed by a series of hushes.
“Yeah, I guess our members are nosey like that,” you giggled.
There was a brief moment of silence before Donghyuck began to speak once more. “Do you want to know why I asked for you to call me Donghyuck?”
“Yes I would love to know why,” you answered right away.
“It’s because I liked you,” he took your hand in his before carrying on. “From that moment I knew that I liked you and over the past few months, and now it’s blossomed into the most beautiful flower ever.”
You had the happiest grin on your face. You actually couldn’t believe that he was confessing to you that he liked you.
“Are you serious?” you asked softly.
Donghyuck closed his eyes but you could see his eyes roll behind his closed lids. “Why would I say all of that stuff if I wasn’t being serious?”
“Because you like to joke,” you teased knowing that this was only the beginning of your boyfriend/girlfriend banter.
“Well, I hope you don’t think that this is a joke,” Donghyuck said as leaned forward and put his lips on yours.
You could hear muffled screams from both the car and from the inside of your dorm but none of that could compete with the feeling of Donghyuck’s lips on yours. You both moved your lips slowly before coming to halt to catch your breaths.
You quickly moved your head into his shoulder so that the NCT members couldn’t see your grin but the High-5 members could see and they awed at your expense.
“I take it you like me too then,” Donghyuck said as he played with your fingers that were still in his hand.
You moved your head to give a quick peck before standing before him. “I’ve always liked you.”
“Since when?” he asked as he got up and walked you to the door of your dorm.
“Since… Chewing Gum era,” you answered after thinking long and hard about your answer.
“Really? For that long?” he teased as you opened the door — which had your members waiting on the other side.
“I didn’t like you like I like you right now then. You were just cute back then.”
“And now what am I?”
“I don’t know — my boyfriend?” you questioned.
“As long as you’ll be my girlfriend,” Donghyuck stated. Your members awed quietly behind you causing you to roll your eyes.
“Could you kiss her again already?!” yelled Mark from the car. “I want to sleep!”
“I’ll kiss her when I want to!” Donghyuck turned to respond to Mark but quickly returned to you to kiss you once more for an elongated peck. “I’ll call you.”
“I’ll answer,” you smiled as he made his way to the car where his members gave him cheers and high-fives as the car sped off to their own dorm.
Which is similar to what your members did for you. They all surrounded you in a hug while asking you a million questions, one of them sticking out from the rest.
“Oh, my gosh (Y/N)! How are you feeling?!” asked NingNing from the top of her lungs.
“I feel ecstatic!”
Tumblr media
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