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twistcmyk · 7 days
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doodlestab · 4 months
Hey guys :3 so I’ve been getting an increase in asks & submissions on this blog lately. Since I’m not active on my art blog enough to warrant flooding my posts with stuff that isn’t art, + my main blog has mostly just turned into a cute animals blog at this point (as well as just having. so many deactivated/spam followers on that blog), I’ve been maintaining a newer blog recently.
I won’t be sharing the blog name publicly, at least not right now, but if you’d like to follow me & engage with me and see more personal text posts from me in the future, just DM me here asking for the new blog and I’ll send you a link.
If you get the blog from me, go ahead and send an ask if you’ve been itching to ask me something! (Or if you already DID ask me something on this blog, send it to that blog instead because the aforementioned worry of flooding.)
See tags for a lot more info
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house-ad · 6 months
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tired-beholding-bitch · 10 months
every day I wake up and I'm overwhelmingly grateful Martin Blackwood is not lonely anymore and I think that's valid
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wigglebox · 10 months
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“moleskine doodles” * 
Original: June 10, 2014 | Redrawn: January 26, 2022
Tumblr media
*Original drawn in moleskine notebook, redraw done on Procreate, iPad Air. 
Full original under the cut.
Tumblr media
#spn fanart#castiel#spnfanart#wiggleart#spnfanart redraw project#<-- tag for this#seeing the archive blog reblog all my old stuff im like wow i wanna see how my current style translates to what i used to draw#and yeah so like#obviously#these are my takeaways:#i was not confident with traditional media this is evident in original artwork as well going back to when i first started posting to DA in#2009 like i am not confident enough with my movements#i love the first drawing a lot i love the face and everything#however you can tell i wasn't confident in my movements#which is fine#this is literally LITERALLY my first SPN fanart posted to this blog that i could find#also i'm sure at the time of drawing this it was okay to have cas not smiling bc lbr he doesn't smile much in the show#but i wanted to give him a smile on the redraw#idk i'll probably draw frowns here and there with my current style i just don't like doing it#and this is after season 9 aired so naturally there was angst n shit in the show i was probably trying to capture but more importantly#this is just after i graduated college and was very lost like VERY. lost#and you'll notice if i can stick with this project that my style changes with my mood and my lost-y ness#and how i viewed myself etc etc etc#ANYWAY#i kinda miss how i used to draw hands#this will come  as the years go on but i was heavily inspired by medieval art and their weird hand poses n stuff#always with the peace sign lol#or just weirdly stiff and i really i truly liked drawing hands like that#now i don't have the room to even draw all 5 fingers which i kinda like#less to figure out hand wise lol
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glamourizedcocaine · 3 months
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Yes ma'am this is the man that's giving me gender envy
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welcometogrouchland · 9 months
All these "it's me boy the PS5!" Tma memes and not a single ONE based around the early season 5 Annabelle-martin phonecalls. She literally said "leave the boy, we don't need him" (or rather, he doesn't need you)
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gxlden-angels · 5 months
Me, a disabled person with a cane: *Walking slightly slower than others*
Every evangelical within 5 miles of my college campus trying to hand something out: 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♂️
#lmao I just processed how fuckin funny this was#I dropped my fruity lil pronoun pin out of my bag while getting my keys#and went to get it#I'm walking a cane but I walk fairly fast with it#so I go to get it and notice another person walking at me Fast#I'm thinking oh this person has come to help and didn't realize how fast I could still move#I better stand up and thank them#but no this girl just stands there making no attempt to pick up the pin#so I'm reorganizing myself thinking I can thank her and move along right???#but she's just standing there like🧍🏻‍♀️#so I get all situated and make sure I'm stable to start moving again and all of sudden#'Hi were a bible study group I was-' got damn#So I fix my gay little ID layard and pronoun pin#Make an effort to show I'm getting my key#And start walking again#looking back and saying no but thanks#girl saw my fruity ass with my magnus archives eye cane and thought 'oh yea that one needs Jesus'#Didn't even try to help me when I dropped shit#like girl help#that's like#the first step#I wouldn't have needed the help but her just standing over me was so uncomfortable#watching me struggle to function so she could ask me about homeboy#I've almost run over evangelicals with my walker cause they Will block me so they can preach to me#they hop out the way last min when they realize my ass ain't stopping#I don't run over small children and I don't run over the elderly. Everyone else can fuck around and find out if they want#ex christian#religious trauma
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realasslesbian · 12 days
Having had the same socials accounts since I was a kid can be a trip sometimes. I scroll back a decade and I got tonnes of unsolicited homophobic comments on my posts from people who are now religiously pro-"qu*er" and messages from previous employers about how they found out I was gay via facebook so now I’m fired. Like, the amount of people and businesses that are one repost away from being exposed by my socials is palpable my friends💅
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icepickjoes · 3 months
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innosaints · 1 year
i do hate how tumblr is bad at updating your actual follow count bc i’ll randomly lose like five followers all at once and it gives me a heart attack
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buildingbirbhouses · 1 year
So I finally finished that one podcast
I think this is one of those stories that I’m going to be thinking about until I die and I’m going to start with spoilery ranting in the tags sorry
#tma#this might be an unpopular opinion but: the ending was absolutely perfect#I've been trying nonstop to reverse engineer how and why it worked so well for me it's just. so good#like I have a hard time liking tragic endings sometimes because it's really easy for them to end up making it feel like character agency#and growth and struggle didn't really matter in the end but somehow my boy jonny pulled off this impossible beautiful trick where#the stakes were impossibly big and there was no way to win and everyone's fatal flaws got 'em in the end BUT#the very last choice that the characters had the power to make. in the middle of all this horrible huge uncaring awfulness. was this just.#painfully beautifully HUMAN choice to not be alone#it was this incredible crown jewel on the series-long character arc of the archivist getting more human as he gets less human yknow?#on the wider scale of the world it should have felt insignificant but y'all the WEIGHT that that had? the way that it Mattered so much?#shit's gonna haunt me. the magnus archives sure is a podcast huh#I'm still trying to put my finger on how and why it was so cathartic. like I was warned repeatedly that this show sure does have an ending#but when it happened I just felt. light#I realized that there were birds chirping in the background of the last scene and THAT is when I happycried#(which makes. no sense in the wider context of the world. like cosmically technically that's not *really* a good thing)#which comes back to!! when there are no good choices and no way to win and nothing you do will avoid causing more suffering!#letting the choice come down to one last tiny rebellious grab at human connection?? fuck y'all this shit is going to hAUNT ME I TELL YOU#also. you'll always get bonus points from me when the last shot of the horror movie implies that the spooky thing is still out there#and between the whole. yeet the tapes somewhere else and the fears will follow thing and the fact that the last lines of the whole thing#were. if anyone is listening to this I'm sorry and good luck#I'm listening to this ohoho the tapes have landed in MY universe ohohohoho well played#it's that creepypasta thing of like. Now that you've read this the curse has passed to you ooohoho spooky#I'm a big sucker for that. just a little creepy knock on the fourth wall. delightful#overly analytical rambling about podcasts on MY blog?? in the year of our lord 2021?? it's more likely than you'd think#the magnus archives#tma spoilers#<that should have come earlier but I was having a moment and I'm not retyping all of that ^ lets hope this hellsite doesn't still do the#thing where only the first few tags are search/blockable sorry
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heffrondriving · 1 year
Tumblr media
i can’t believe it’s been a full-ass year since my villain origin story-
#caveat: don't open the tags it's a literal wall of self-indulgent text#i distinctly remember making this blog in a fit of manic 6 a.m. energy#bc i just recently rediscovered btr and wanted to scream too much about it#but every time i posted abt them on main i instantly lose 50 followers lmao#they were such a bad guilty pleasure for me at first;; i have to laugh at myself#like now i'm just yeah hi fuck it i love big time rush with zero shame and regrets#like the ultimate big time rusher fuckboi that i am#if that's what it takes to broadcast that fact#but in all seriousness though#i can't believe how much i've gone through with this blog#i didn't even expect anyone to notice it in all its delirious glory i was literally just vibing#but i've met the nicest community and ppl through it and i'm still continuing to just have fun with talking about btr#and posting whatever the hell-all even when no one gives a shit about it#even when i feel bad for being annoying and putting up all my garbage writings and bad art and edits sjskdnm#but it's helped. it really has. and i'm thankful.#despite my skeezy weirdo antisocial idiocy and aydeehaytchdee making me unable to interact properly#having this little slice of the fandom still makes me stupidly happy <3#okay that's all no one read this please#i didn't even intentionally find this fact out hahah#i was just trawling thru my archives to look for a post and that popped up so#hopefully this gets to be active for more teehee (ノ*ФωФ)ノ#or maybe i'll stop fuckin around and delete to spare everyone from having to put up with my dumb talking jkjk#stop disturbing the peace and shut up now allen ;)#do pretty girl don't speak#might delete#also might post smth later in boring celebration bc i'm sad and don't have a life to speak of like that @[email protected]
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kinsbin · 1 year
me: haha Tim Stoker's cool
my budding crush on him: hey hi so-
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tired-beholding-bitch · 10 months
Tumblr media
[ID: Text from a The Magnus Archives transcript. It reads:
MARTIN: Because I saw your face when we walked into that room! (despondent) That wasn’t fear, it, it wasn’t even anger. It was envy. And it scared me more than anything else I’ve seen. /end ID]
i’m not crying i’m not crying i’m not crying
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albatris · 2 years
well. there's a lot going on. I'm extremely tired n I'm about ready to just lie facedown on the floor and not move until life forces me to. so. I'm gonna design some ports
I said ages ago that my next step for atdao would be Making Ports Weirder so I've gotta do some idea generation and experimenting and practice
n some better Port Worldbuilding
like I've covered what the function of ports is and what big scale effect they have on the universe and what their role is in the worldbuilding and the story but
I've not gone real specific with them in terms of individual ports and what specific different kinds of malfunctions in reality they can cause
like. I do with a few?
but I can do better and I deserve to do better considering the potential there is for all sorts of avenues of weirdness
I gotta make the most of that premise, I gotta Vibe
#but yeah pls bear with me i am extremely tired and out of it#i have missed some tags and messages i am unlikely to be very prompt#with my responses for a while#also I've decided its time for DISTRACTION and thus am going to be delving into reading abt#unexplained phenomena and weird shit#if this is an area of expertise or specific interest for anyone feel free 2 direct me to some books or videos or whatever#anyway#ports r an ode to my love of collections of Weird Fucking Bullshit#like u know the kind of media that just Collects Weird Bullshit and is just like#''did y'all see that? that shit was fucked. we have no idea what that was. anyway moving on''#like#my love for the monster of the week eps of x files as compared to the fact that#though i have seen all of the x files i probably could not explain to you what the actual overarching plot entails#n i think at least early magnus archives fits the bill too lmao#but ya anyway#i love media that just collects stuff like this like just weird unexplained bullshit but I'm not so#great at generating my own but i think it could b really fun#n I'm toying with the idea of dotting through the story these excerpts from reports from various DII employees about#specific incidents#maybe ones with elements that play into relevant aspects of the current plot#cuz it'd b a good way to stretch my creative muscles and give me some practice coming up with these things#and also it'd help me out with finding various other character's Voices#like alice and jet#n others in the DII i haven't rly talked abt#atdao
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hotgirlrry · 2 years
https://bottomharrykingdom.tumblr.com/post/637045884168896512/im-not-trans-because-i-wore-pink-blue-and-white can you believe what this mf is saying
‼️ stop giving that blog and blogs like that attention when they’ve made a number of people uncomfortable and the very nature of this discourse is about headcanoning a stranger‼️
#oh my god where's that post about real people??#i should've liked it when i had the chance and now its gone forever#again no this behavior doesnt surprise me bc ppl are looking for rep in irl people#they're not static they have lives and sure as hell aren't going out of their way plotting secret messages for some in group on al gore's i#internet#okay? okay i'm done#im blacklisting his name that blog’s name any of the various other blog’s names and deleting holy shit do y’all rest??#does anyone ever fucking rest?? I’m about to make a recommendation to the apa to add stanning in the dsm-6#because this behavior this ongoing discourse is not normal!! none of it is fucking normal the fact that y’all go to war every fucking day#from bloggers answering 100 asks about it furthering triggering themselves#to bringing people outside the fandom for their opinion#and just not having a life!! it’s dr stangolden my treatment is getting y’all to touch grass twice a day for a week!!#and down to the root cause of all of this which tricking yourselves into believing every single thing they do has a hidden message#or an ulterior motive it’s watching brain rot in real time I can’t stand it#y’all camped in ppl’s inboxes to either send them hate or complain about them to blogs that encourage ppl to send hate#you’re going through ppl’s blogs and archives waiting for them to ‘slip up’ so you can attack them for what?? FOR WHAT???#y’all saying people are doing transmisia for not agreeing with you!! making bold ass claims we don’t know you can make!! DEPLATFORM THEM PLS#Anonymous#talk t me
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