#but i need all the fics i can get tbh
gabslikescartoons · 3 months ago
I think a lot about how, as of the end of WiLW, Eda isn’t wearing a ring anymore bc she gives it to Lilith and ALSO how WiLW is technically the first episode we’re introduced to Raine in
And I can’t make coherent thoughts rn but I’m in conspiracy-prediction mode so like I can’t wait for the calm after everything where Raine is like permanently back in Eda’s life in season 3 and finally replaces the ring that Lilith took with… some other type of ring (of the engagement/wedding variety, perhaps?) bc I think that’ll be a really nice parallel
Like a lot of Eda’s plot in WiLW is about her reminiscing back to the past (which is why we see Raine in the first place) and it’s kind of posed as like the good old days (before she was cursed) and I just really think it’ll be neat to see her finally being with Raine in the present (like… romantically) with the curse aaaaaaagh my brain is mush and I can’t explain it properly but hopefully you understand what I mean?
Will this actually happen? Who knows?? Probably not?? All I know is that it has happened in the version of season 3 stewing in my mind so like it’s basically canon
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glimmerglue · 9 months ago
Something’s waving in front of his face. How long has it been waving? Obviously not for very long if he is only noticing it now.
Five swats the hand away with a growl.
Klaus’ face stares down at him, contorting as his eyebrows relax, almost in slow motion. He is much too close, every crease line, every smudge, every stray hair visible in the dingy lighting.
“—was that?” Klaus asks, Five missing the first part. Five squints, attempting to decipher his words.
Something comes hurtling towards his forehead, and with a small burst of adrenaline Five manages to partially block it, heart hammering in his chest. He kicks out, nicking something big, and scrambles away before it can retaliate.
“I—hey!” Klaus exclaims.
Five blinks his eyes. Refocuses.
It’s just Klaus.
“—trying to check your temperature,” Klaus says. Five blinks again. Something is bashing into his skull like a particularly murderous jackhammer, the constant pounding squeezing his eyes into lemon juice and making his face warm. “Five?”
“I’m fine,” he grits out, clenching his teeth, as if that will do anything to stop the pain.
Five gathers the strength to glare at Klaus.
“Go away.”
Five starts lifting himself out of the armchair, moving away from Klaus. Standing up brings a new wave of dizziness, but one that is easier to ignore. What he can’t ignore is the ceaseless stabbing that has only grown more erratic, harsher and more present then ever.
“Woah, woah, hey, where are—”
Five ignores him, stepping forward, focusing on staying upright.
The first step is like his soul has ascended from his body, like his limbs are marshmallows that he can puppeteer from above. His limbs are stuffed with static, stuffed with cotton, like a balloon without a weight attached.
He takes another step, and something pins him, grabbing his arm. Five spins around, reaction time lagging.
He’s getting slower.
That probably isn’t good.
send me a 👀 and i’ll post a snippet of art/writing that i never got around to finishing this year (r.i.p)
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sofwrites · 7 months ago
the blurb this ask is referencing :-)
Hopefully for such enthusiasm, I will write a continuation!! But for now, that scene is sometime in the fall for our besties Luce and Greg and they will finally get together at their last spring formal around April/May. I'm not really sure what their big dramatic moment would/will be-- maybe a Troy and Gabriella moment à la HSM3 where Lucy's already left for an internship and Greg drives hours to confront her about their feelings and take her to the formal. Or maybe I stick with inspiration from my own prom story (which is too complicated out of context) and Greg asks Lucy, but then she ends up believing that he has a secret girlfriend and starts overthinking that their date is actually just as friends. Either way, it's sure to be dramatique.
So, they got about 6.5 months or roughly 195 days to go 🤠 And I'm a slow burn kinda gal so I imagine that the first spring formal happened when they're like 14-15 (pls don't ask me what grade or if they go to school in America or England bc frankly, I have no idea) and they finally get together at 18!
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dirt-grub · 7 months ago
okay so. if i did a little newmann x-files au that wasn’t like a centered focused fic but episodic creature of the week things would you guys be down for that? I don’t want so much attention to be taken away from dead friend until its done but i have a writing itch i wanna scratch 
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bakuroo-writings · 7 months ago
If you're a writer or artist and reblogging posts about how "readers don't reblog! You need to support your content creators!" but, then, don't ever reblog anyone elses work at all, you:
are part of the problem
do not have a leg to stand on
need to support your fellow creators first
If you're too busy to read or whatever, I get it and life comes first but, then, you still shouldn't be reblogging those posts if you can't/don't support any other tumblr/fandom creators.
#🦊.onyx rants#again I do get being busy and not having time for it#and this doesn't mean you have to support EVERYONE#but if you support NO ONE and reblog posts like that?#well sorry not sorry but it's so incredibly hypocritical#especially when those posts get reblogged more than fics or art or gifs#and tbh artists need it more since their stuff gets stolen and reposted most#and I don't want to hear 'well I got it from Google or pinterest so. . .'#that doesn't make it oaky and all it shows is you're too lazy to put in the work to find the actual artist and find their repost policy#and send a link instead of the art directly#doesn't make it okay*#and Google and pinterest aren't reputable sites for getting art!!!!#it's easier sure but for real go to Twitter or deviant art or Instagram or idk TUMBLR#instead of Google or pinterest#also Google reverse image search exists and can actually be very helpful for finding the original artist and link#and some pinterest posts actually link back to the account#anyway support your fandom/tumblr creators if you're gonna reblog posts about how you need to support fellow creators#instead of thinking you're exempt because you decided to be a creator on Tumblr#you're actually not exempt just because you also write or do art#so yeah writers need to support too#and stop reposting art or stealing it for your fic banners and smau pics!!!!#unless the artist allows it for pfps/you got permission and link back to the art you're using#and that's my hot take for the day#🦊.oh hai queue
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jingerhead · a year ago
I love how we all may disagree on what hogwarts houses the foxes are in but we do agree that no matter what Andrew is a Hufflepuff and I think that should just bring us together as a fandom
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readingwriter92 · 4 months ago
Also can we talk about the fact that I got *myself* into James Bond by mentioning goldeneye in a fic I wrote.
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windyqutie · a year ago
I did it outta spite 👅
#personal#Anyway from what I can tell even big names don’t get anything with ko fis but like I said I don’t wanna make it a job#And it’s chill tbh if home life gets bad I’ll get another job sell my Miku pullip smth idk lol not any of my Ki stuff hes my babey 😭#but you know what writers don’t get enough credit tbh! And it takes us alot of work#so even just having this will kill the stigma some and that’s all I neeed!#I hope you like the description lol#but now I have ittt just in case I ever do get eat glass ask#put it in my bio why not I’m trying to kill the stigma#I set it to one dollar#it’s only a little exaggerated I did spend almost the whole day off on a fic once and that’s not the only time but it’s the one that comes#to mind first#I wanna delete the other post but I’ll keep it up for context otherwise it’s gonna be like how’d you go from this to that and with that#goodnight#honestly from what PayPal email is I’m assuming lol that they will end with 80% anyway so pure spite it is#from what someone said they got 6 usd and ended up with 5#And 54 cents so for a dollar that’s all of it lol i swear#can’t be mad but sometimes I just wanna transfer a refund back to my bank and they’ll be like take 15$ and I’m like 😶 I get it but#Anyway two sporadic naps isn’t enough for me I need some actual sleep after gettingnone last night spent it all making edits and taking#screenshots no regretios I love Ki 😭😭😭😭 and he’s so cute and I love the edits and I don’t even care about the notes cuz I have everyone#blocked lol#he’s a pretty princess!#👏👏👏👏
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arolou · a year ago
i’m genuinely not a hater and i don’t care what people ship, i’m like the world’s foremost of multishippers, but i legit can’t get l*lex to compute in my brain. i can see alex potentially being with any dude on this show except luke lmao like the general Way That Luke Is just does not mesh well (romantically) with the Way That Alex Is...like you’re just setting both of them up for hella frustration and annoyance. i love the headcanon that they dated for a few weeks/months back in the 90s because it’s so perfect, especially because exes that stay best friends is my jam, but thinking that they stayed together...? my brain Cannot Do It, it instantly blacks out whenever i try to contemplate it 
#live ficcing#(DON'T RB PLS)#but i guess that's also partly bc i don't see luke as being anywhere near as sweet as a lot of people write him akjhsklghj#he like. ain't sweet#he can do it for julie and probably would try for other girls too but for a boy? for a boy that's also his bff? hell no#he's a trainwreck and inconsiderate and impatient and lacks tact and every other quality that alex /needs/ in a partner#not like 'oh no alex is a soft little woobie baby!!!~!' bc he's also a sarcastic little shit and stubborn as fuck in the best way#but we see how he turns into a puddle of mush whenever he's with willie!!! willie is the Softest Ever and he's absolutely perfect for alex#/that's/ what alex needs...not some dude that can't slow down long enough to realize he's not okay and gets impatient with him#that being said i love luke patterson with all my heart! that's my trash son! and he's fundamentally a good person he's just dumb#but i do Not want him dating alex akjdhksjgh#alex and willie?? PERFECT OBVS. alex and reggie?? hell yeah! alex and bobby??? tbh i could see it!!#even alex and nick in some weirdass AU?? sure why not??#but not alex and the Trash Boy#there's a reason that if i need a character to piss someone off in my fics i always pick luke akjhgkljhfg#i always make sure he either apologizes or fixes things or learns tho#but luke is really good with julie because he's completely smitten in a way i don't think he probably ever has been with someone before#if anyone is gonna get the very best version of him it's gonna be julie#and....CUT!! THIS HAS BEEN A RAMBLE!!! feel free to ignore this lol i was just Thinking#and like i said i don't begrudge people their ships#my brain is just v perplexed about this specific one akljgksjg
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yilingbee · 11 months ago
okay ik richmond just got back to the premier league but imagine the boys winning champions league i'd fucking die
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roublardise · a year ago
i just finished s8 and i can’t stop thinking of the Dean/Sam dialogue near the very end when Sam goes:
You want to know what I confessed in there? What my greatest sin was? It was how many times I let you down. I can't do that again. 
What happens when you've decided I can't be trusted again? I mean, who are you gonna turn to next time instead of me? Another angel, another -- another vampire? Do you have any idea what it feels like to watch your brother just –
I already got that Sam’s reaction to Benny at best didn’t make sense and at worst was controlling. and truly I don’t want to dislike Sam but he just keeps doing shit he’d never apologize for nor acknowledge afterwards.
and here again: it’s not even subtext or interpreting it’s Sam stating that he feels replaced by Castiel and Benny (who are Dean’s only close friends). like Dean having other people in his life is experienced as a threat, as a failure on Sam’s part. he talks about it like if there ever was a case of Dean trusting someone (heavily implied: Benny) who betrayed them afterwards, but there wasn’t. Sam literally equals Dean having other things going on in his life, other people to trust and care for, as him letting Dean down. how??
what does he think his role is? does he think he has to be Dean’s everything? I could understand such irrational thinking from Dean-I’ve-been-taught-all-my-life-my-brother’s-life-mattered-more-than-mine but Sam was able to see through the abuse and get out. he knows, he has learned as a character, that they could & should be independent. 
it even makes less sense considering at the start of the season Sam’s planning to stop hunting, because he has other people in his life he trusts and cares for. but then Sam decides to stay (it’s his own choice, Dean even gives him the unsolicited green light) and asks of Dean to cut ties with Benny - who has hurt neither Dean nor Sam nor anyone since he's been back from Purgatory. it’s literally Sam isolating his brother from the other people he has in his life. 
and like, yeh I get that Sam has trauma too but???? it doesn’t fit with his history. like even if it was his abandonment issues acting up, it is still not okay to expect someone to have no one else in their life besides yourself. 
he’s just being controlling, whether he realizes it or not. and if he does realize it later on, good!!! but considering he still hasn’t apologized for saying to Dean’s face that John was right to do what he did, I have doubts. 
Sam is projecting so much I am begging him to sit down for a day or two and to take a good look at himself. 
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mournholdmushroom · a year ago
PSA for OFH readers 👇🏻
Just to say that im going to slow down on updates for a time. I know i update slowly anyway lol but ive always tried to aim to update every two weeks or so to have some consistency, but I'm going to drop that and just update when I can for now.
Basically i have very little motivation rn but also i have a whole backlog of other stuff ive been working on that i just dont have time to do anything with when im updating OFH every other week. Like seriously i have so many things ive written that i dont have time to edit and post because those two weeks go super quick and OFH chapters take so long. And i can feel myself beginning to resent OFH for taking up all my time hence why i want to slow down on OFH for a bit to give me time to do those.
Anyway yeah i just wanted to say that so you dont think ive abandoned it if i dont update for a while! I do really like it and i want to keep it going, but to do that i have to make sure i dont burn out. I've done longfics before and its normal to have lapses in motivation especially after 40 chapters but i need to make sure i dont burn out completely hence why im stepping back now.
Also I'll keep answering your comments and yeah i know i always take a while to get to them but it might take longer because im just not in the OFH headspace right now, but i do really appreciate them so thank you 💗
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lordoftermites · a year ago
uhhhh hi, wow, hello.
i have [productively... somehow, i think?] dissociated the entire day, and now it is 1:09AM.
and while i have no idea where most of that near-13 hours went, i have a cookie. like, a whole ass cookie.
so i mean, it must have been a good day.
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dontwanderoff · a year ago
so this fic that i’m writing as a totally self-indulgent thing is now 16000 words long, the most i have ever written for one thing, and i’m kinda still having a blast. pity i may never post it huh 😂
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cr0wprince · a year ago
I forget what I was at Best Buy for at the time, but I told the employee who was helping me that I thought Apple Watches were stupid and he acted like I fucking punched him or something. He was so fucking offended.
#rachel’s rambling#I keep thinking about this because I mentioned shirabu wearing one in this fic#I still think they’re fucking stupid like use a phone???#I don’t even know what they do tbh but I was always like why??? when I worked in a restaurant last and everyone had one#like we were getting paid minimum wage and they were like yeah!! they’re so cool!! and they like didn’t do anything???#you could read texts?? but like you can do that on your phone??#and like who the fuck needs to track their pulse? or whatever else?#my dad said you could make calls on them because I told him about the employee at best buy#but like it seems like they just do things your phone can do without actually doing those things??#like you can SEE texts but you can’t fucking reply??#but also I mainly use my phone for like writing or tumblr or music so I guess it might be useless to me#I only have an iPhone because it’s what I’m used to#and I’m used to it because I was 11 when they came out which they were the first smart phones#and eventually all the other kids in school got them and I wanted one too!!#so by the time I was like 15 and ready to drop out I finally got the 4#that would’ve been in 2012#I think?? timeline wise I might be wrong but like I dunno#but I probably wouldn’t have an iPhone if they weren’t the popular ones first tbh#I know I’ve mentioned before I was a ‘I’m not like other girls teenager’ but I also fell into ‘everyone else does this’ make up your mind#also I’m coming back after I threw this in my drafts and I googled what an Apple Watch does#and google just gave me shopping recommendations for a $98k watch#which gave me flashbacks to the time I was at Joanns in Pittsburgh and they have high end sewing machines set up and a sale person was like#oh are you looking to buy? some of them cost more than my car which I do not pay for so um no no I wasn’t#I’m talking like $12k sewing machines I’d love to have a high end husqvarna or janome or something but that’s more than my car
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thehawkeyes · 6 days ago
My friends like to laugh about me printing and binding my favorite long fics into books but now that there’s rumors ff.net might go down who’s laughing now lol
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etherealwiitch · 4 months ago
I have about 8 hours to finish this project I’m working on for work and then I’m freeeeee for the weekend! (my weekend, at least lol)
My plans are to:
Clear out some of my drafts & set it all up into a queue.
Continue scanning/editing family photos my aunt sent me so I can hopefully upload most of them for the family finally.
Catch up on reading all my beautiful mutuals fics because I am SOOOO behind. 😭
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