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cdaae · a year ago
Amazing that someone almost in their 30s has the time to run background checks on everyone on tumblr, including looking into their social media on other platforms. And yet, still gets their list that wrong. 
You need a new hobby because you’re not very good at this one
#i'm openly trans and have spaces dedicated to talking about my roma family and inherited traditions#thanks to 2004 there's plenty of fics villanizing gypsies#but yes add me to your list of transphobes and racists#way to show you don't give a single fuck about the people you're protecting#your privelege is showing#you won't ever respond because you'd rather hide behind a locked twitter#for all your talk of destroying the phandom and saying we've given you power you sure are a fucking coward#you bitch about not blocking people but you have how many side blogs to spy on people? respect the block and find something better to do#you are literally the one harrassing people#violating boundaries#being a general asshole#but sure you're the hero whos going to save tumblr from the evil phandom#what a fucking joke#its amazing to me that you think you're somehow better than the phandom#when you've treated a lot of us worse than most of the supposedly hateful people ever have#i stayed quiet on this way too long because lets be real#your list didn't put a dent in my followers or interactions because unlike you im not a fucking asshole#and you really weren't worth the time but the longer this goes on the more I see you need to hear that you're a shit person#you hurt way more people than you helped#whatever you think you're doing you're not#and from your tweets I can tell that you just want the attention even if its negative#its pretty disgusting how you brag about the people you've upset#so very sincerely#go fuck yourself
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Hello! May I have the demon brothers with a S/O who has a serenity teapot in genshin? It's completely fine if you won't do this ^^
~The Seven brothers with s/o who's has a serenitea pot~
Author notes: Sorry for no updates on my blog. College started this past week and it's chaos. I'll try and post a good amount tonight and tomorrow to make up for it.
Tumblr media
He didn't think much when meeting you. You seemed normal was a little weird with your teapot but other then that a normal human.
However... when he come to chat as he was angry and you help him calm down. When he got there didn't see you. Was interested in your teapot and happened to run his fingers down the teapot markings. Only to disappear into smoke.
Next could go other way. 1. He's gets even more angry. Or 2. All angry is gone and replaced with shock.
He eventually found you planting some seeds. Kind of surprised you. But learned about the teapot and probably asks you questions about it.
Comes to your teapot to get a break, when there's so much chaos and he needs a breather. It's nice and relaxing for him.
He may like Emerald peak or Floating Abode. They both have nice views and he loves how they are like calm and quiet mountains.
100% thought you had a love for teapot or its some expensive family teapot you don't want anyone to touch. The only reason he hasn't taken it to sell for money is because it seems to be very important to you.
Definitely ran to your room to avoid Lucifers anger and knocked the teapot over. Luckily it didn't break, but when he went to pick it up to make sure to wasn't cracked he disappeared into mist or smoke?
He thought he was in a dream 100%. His first thought was "Lucifer probably caught me and now I'm unconscious and in this weird dream". Then saw you.
Learned he wasn't dreaming it was real! Only after you pinched him so he knew it wasn't a dream... 😒
It's now were he goes to escape Lucifer when he makes trouble or anyone he owes money. Also he may redesign some places in your teapot because "The Great Mammon thought it needed more glory". Surprisingly it actually looked really good.
Probably likes Cool Isle most. Why? Because it's pretty much a beach and it nice to relax at. Also perfect so he can take some sand and maybe put it in all of Lucifer shoes. Lucifer got so pissed.
Doesn't really care. So what? You have some weird rule of "No touching this teapot!". As long as it's nothing related to anime or video games he doesn't care.
Learn of its ability when he come to you room to tell you about this new anime that he's watching. He hit the table you had a teapot on. Luckily he caught it before it fall. Only to disappear.
Omg this is like this one anime where- yay he relates it as it's similar to an anime he knows. Probably understands and doesn't actually need you to explain.
With your permission he makes a gaming room for himself where no one can intrude him. Does of course let you use it too. I mean it's your teapot, that's like telling someone there not aloud in there own house...
Doesn't have a favorite realm. They all are nice but as long as he gets his gaming room and you to play video games or watch anime with him he's happy.
Didn't get your rule. But he does listen and follow your "don't touch my teapot" rule.
Coming over to your room to hangout, but was reading a room well walking. He walked into the table making the teapot fall, it didn't break because of the soft carpet you have. But did make a loud tud.
He quickly picked it up, and rubbed some dirt off from the floor. Only to disappear... into a Sakura flower forest?? What's happening? How did a teapot teleport him!?
MC? Oh thank God he's saved! Yeah he ended up learning from you that it's a teapot you got from your grandmother. And then it holds magical abilities that allow you to have a magical realm inside of it.
I see him if you have made one using your library considering you have so many books he doesn't know. Literally the library kind of becomes his.
I feel like aesthetic wise he would really like the emerald Peak. Considering it's just really nice and the mountain views are spectacular.
Didn't really understand your rule either. However again like Satan he respects it and didn't break your rule. I do see him asking but you never gave him an answer.
He probably had came over to your room for a spa day and put down the items on the same table of your teapot. They probably happened to lightly hit the the teapot so we quickly touched it to stop it from falling over only to disappear into the smoke.
Probably was shocked but quickly wore off when he saw how pretty the environment looked. 100% started taking photos because oh my God this lighting is perfect for a photo. Yeah you found him taking photos of himself.
He learned about the teapot and once he learned their other Realms definitely asked you to show him considering this one gave him good lighting the others have to be good for lighting and pictures as well.
Honestly your teapot becomes his new photography room. Literally every realm he at least has 50 pictures each. They each give him a nice aesthetic and let's not forget he has a lot of outfits he can wear that are perfect for each realm.
Doesn't have a favorite considering they're all pretty and all of them are perfect for his mini photo shoots he takes of himself.
Probably didn't understand but never questioned it considering I don't see him going to your room often.
Was coming to your room to invite you to make some food with him because one he was hungry and two the two of you make the most delicious food together. He probably saw the teapot and thought oh maybe you had made some tea! Only at once he touched it he disappeared into a ton of smoke.
Yeah this is a first. He's hungry, confused, and overall shocked. When he found you which I see him finding you through you cooking in your kitchen and him smelling it. Ask you questions and learned that you have a teapot that has a realm in it.
I do see him if you allowed him to use your teapot as a new kitchen considering it's so big and spacious and not to mention all the plants you have in your Greenhouse are perfect for his cooking.
Literally you don't hesitate to allow him because the food he makes with you always ends up delicious.
Also doesn't have a favorite considering I don't see him one to care too much for the views more focusing on using these plants he's not familiar with for cooking in your kitchen.
Didn't understand and didn't care. Okay you have a weird rule for your teapot what about it. You're just a little weird and all he cares about is going to sleep so leave him alone.
I see him finding out about it through him coming to your room for cuddles and not finding you. Considering you help him get to sleep faster he was definitely ticked off. Considering he most likely had his pillow with him I see his pillow maybe lightly hitting the teapot making him catch it but disappear into smoke.
100% thought he hit his head and fell asleep. That or this entire scenario is all a dream. You had that conversation of "what are you doing in you dream?" "It's not a dream Belpie".
Only for him to learn that in fact is not a dream and that you own a magical teapot. I do see him being a little fascinated considering it's not normal and from what he knows most humans are in fact any human doesn't usually have this.
I do see impossibly using it as an escape because one he can use it as a sleep spot that no one can wake him up from and two a place he can scheme to do some pranks on Lucifer and no one would interrupt him while he thinks.
Though he probably doesn't care too much for the looks I see him maybe liking the cool Isle considering it's a calm Beach that if he wanted to he could fall asleep at.
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makingqueerhistory · 10 months ago
Hello! I recently had an experience that left me with a lot of questions! This ask also might be triggering for some people who identify as ace or pan! I have always been confused slightly but this experience in particular left me feeling vaguely icky and almost distressed lol basically I ran across a blog I wanted to follow but their dni page included “dni pan and ace inclusion” so I asked them about it to be sure that’s what they meant, as I don’t want to cross boundaries. They answered and said ace identity is valid but not inherently lgbtq+ so one would have to identify with another lgbtq+ label in order to be included (cishet aces are not lgbtq+ in their mind, which I disagree with passionately). The other statement was what caught me off guard: they said pansexuality (and by extension omnisexuality and other micro labels) is inherently biphobic. They also never used the word queer, only lgbt+ so I was wondering how exclusionary this person was/if they think queer is a slur that shouldn’t be used by anybody (i understand this only as terf rhetoric). I also very much disagree with this sentiment but I don’t want to erase bi people’s experience/pain, so my question is does that exclusionary rhetoric line up with TERF logic or is it it’s own exculsionary? Does it have any real basis? I looked through your #answered tag and couldn’t find anything (besides validating ace identity so thank you for that!). I just have always thought that bisexuality is a sort of umbrella term, and have used it interchangeably with pan/queer/gay for myself. I also recently learned that bisexuality used to mean nonbinary in a sense (used to as in before the 80s, idk when it was meant as such) so the claims that bisexuality is the only term used historically makes me feel like people don’t actually know what they are talking about. This is a long ask that still doesn’t quite encompass all my questions but it certainly is a start, and I hope there’s an easy-ish way for you to pick this apart to answer what you can! Thank you so much for all the tremendous resources you include on this blog! I’m very excited to learn more about queer history!
A long ask deserves a long answer, so buckle in!
I want to start out with the quickest answer I can give you, using bisexual, gay, pansexual, and queer interchangeably for yourself is totally okay! I would not suggest the use of them as synonyms for other people's experiences but it doesn't look like you are doing that. The most important thing to keep in mind in these kinds of situations is to use the words that work for you and fuck any exclusionist who tries to police you.
This point leads pretty easily into the next part of the question I wanted to address, namely, is this TERF rhetoric? Yes, and no. It is TERF rhetoric insofar as TERFs generally disapprove of labels outside of the big three (Lesbian Gay Bisexual), which is partially why they love the acronym so much. The fewer words we have to describe our feelings around gender and sexuality, the easier it will be to dismiss our experiences.
It is TERF rhetoric in that TERFs divide and conquer, in that TERFs prefer the queer community as flat as possible so as to make it easily digestible, in that TERFs really don't seem to like queer solidarity.
It is not TERF rhetoric explicitly though, the connection comes in the shared desire between TERFs and exclusionists, to make the queer community as small as possible so that maybe we can impress cisgender heterosexual people one day.
Then there is the question, is pansexuality inherently biphobic? No. This isn't the Thunderdome, two parties can enter without one destroying the other. The implication that pansexuality and bisexuality are even at odds with each other is putting them in an incredibly unnecessary binary. They can exist within, without, together, and apart, they do not need to be at odds, and most of the pansexual and bisexual people I have met in my life, don't see them to be at odds. The basis for the exclusion of pansexual people from the queer community is the exact same as the basis for excluding asexual people, they are expanding the definition of queerness, which makes people who see this community as a battlefield uncomfortable.
If you, like me, are curious and excited by the new discussions people who are identifying as asexual or pansexual are bringing to the table, there is not much to worry about.
There is a fantastic quote from a book I just read, The Tragedy of Heterosexuality by Jane Ward, that puts this concept into words better than I ever could:
"One of my favourite features of queer subculture, our love of elaborate sexual and gender typologies. Having come up as a queer dyke, shaped by a convergence of lesbian feminist ethics, the HIV/AIDS movement, and queer kink BDSM subculture, it seemed to me that the guiding sexual ethos of queer feminist life was to ask how intimate, creative, debauched and caretaking we can get with one another? What names can we give to these new forms of relating? What rules do we need to put in place to make sure we enact them safely, sanely, and consensually.
Of course in queer life, gender and sexual identities themselves continually proliferate; sometimes to the chagrin of straight people who complain about our swelling acronym. As many of my queer students will tell you: people are not simply straight, gay or bisexual, we can also be pansexual, polysexual, monosexual, asexual, demisexual, graysexual, androsexual, gynesexual, skoliosexual, panromantic, demiromantic, and questioning/curious. This increasingly precise sexual vocabulary attempts to give a fuller picture of the variability of sexual desire. Differences that straight culture renders unimaginable by refusing to give name to them."
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skepticalarrie · 2 months ago
Larries are dropping like flies lmao. Let the dm be real or fake (as people can edit stuff like these) but who cares? They are being closeted, they won't come and dm a fan that "hey larry is real, F is not my son"
It's reminds me of the whole prank call and "Louis" telling fans that larry is fake or whatever that was.
Watch Harry blue green again, or wear the peace ring/blue bandana to calm people down
Well, I care. Because it really tires you up after some point. I mean, look at my blog, look at my tags, I've put a lot of effort into it just to be shut down over and over. I don't think anyone that follows me here is expecting a CO or acknowledgement or any sort of confirmation Larry is real anytime soon... they certainly don't owe us that. Something that always made me very grounded in this fandom is being aware that being here is my choice, I'm the one in control of my experience. So I think it's very important to know where to draw the line and I think the fact "larries are dropping like flies" is that limit being settled for a lot of people. Regardless of whether the DMs are real or not, this is not new, which just makes the situation even nastier. I can't blame people unlarrying or leaving...
Yes, they're being closeted and a lot is justified by that. And they're making decisions that make sense to them, and that's great! But it doesn't mean it makes sense to us and it doesn't mean it doesn't make me angry, you know? It's 2022, we're not talking about Modest anymore, we're in the dark. The constant dragging, man... look at this mess, there's only so much we can take it. A blue bandana doesn't fix all the doxxing and death threats. As I said yesterday, supporting HL goes much further than supporting them as artists, it really means something very personal to me. And that's why I was always around from the moment I first became a larrie and I'm not going anywhere. At least not for now. I love them despite highly disagreeing with the situation and I'm still willing to wait a little longer to see if this is actually leading us somewhere. But honestly, I'm not sure for how much longer this is going to work for me, you know? I'm not really feeling like they need us around, to be honest. I'm angry, I've been angry for the most part of this year to a point this didn't even surprise me.
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Tumblr media
The songs you grow to like never stick at first (Chapter 6)
Chapter 1 ++ Chapter 2 ++ Chapter 3 ++ Chapter 4 ++ Chapter 5
Falling for your best friend is a blessing and a curse at the same time, especially when it’s painfully obvious that your friend doesn’t feel the same. So what is Yuuji supposed to do? He doesn’t want to lose you but also can’t help wanting to get out of the friendzone. Maybe his other friends can help him. Or he just has to wait because sometimes the songs that become our all-time favorites are the ones that don’t stick at first.
Pairing: Yuuji x Reader (female) Genre: College AU, fluff, smut, my attempt at humor, friends to lovers Word Count: 8.5k Warnings: 18+, smut, a lot of cheesiness, pining, alcohol, masturbation, creampie, sex dreams, also real sex this time because Yuuji finally gets his reward! All characters are of age. The story and my blog contain 18+ content, so minors don't interact. 
Tumblr media
Chapter 06: Hope this is the last time,'cause I'd never say no to you
Yuuji's mission during the following weeks is to be your source of comfort. And he takes this job very seriously. He knows what you need right now: A best friend. And Itadori Yuuji is the bestest best friend out of all best friends ever!! Especially because he knows a thing or two about heartbreak, so he has a list of things to do:
1. Always keep you busy! Distraction is key. There cannot be a single moment during the day where you even get the chance to think about Zenin Naoya.
2. Always make sure that you have enough comfort food and drinks.
3. Always let you know how amazing and lovable you are.
Yuuji is good at those things. He knows you better than anyone else, after all.
And so he knows which shows to pick that he can binge-watch with you. He knows which cakes to bake for you. He knows that you like to steal his hoodies because they are comfy and warm, and he makes sure to bring a spare one that he can hand to you. He knows which new manga he can lend to you. He knows which songs to put on a cheer-up playlist for you. He knows how you like your coffee and tea and which snacks to get you.
He wants to take care of you, wants to make you smile again, and put the pieces of your broken heart back together. Maybe his love for you can be the glue that works.
During the following weeks, Yuuji can see that you seem to get better, and it fills him with joy. He can see that you visibly relax when he is with you. That his hugs make you sigh and slump against him as if all the tension fades away when Yuuji holds you. He can see the delighted expression on your face when he tells you how sweet and amazing you are. He hears the shy chuckle when he compliments your eyes and tells you, respectfully of course, that yes your ass looks fantastic in that new pair of jeans.
"Are you feeling better?"
"Hmm yes, sometimes. I feel better when I'm with you. Thank you so much for being there for me, Yuu."
Yuuji's heart is beating way too fast at those words. He knows this is just a friendship thing, but he can't help but feel happy and proud that he is the one who can make you feel better.
That's also why Yuuji agrees to a spontaneous sleepover on one of those binge-watching nights. You're sitting next to him on your bed, and when Yuuji mentions that it's getting late, your hand darts out to wrap around his biceps:
"Please, one more episode!"
The message is clear. You don't want to be alone. It makes Yuuji's heart ache for you. And of course, he will do anything to help you. So he smiles and pats your knee.
"Ok, ok, I get it. We can watch as many episodes as you like. After all, there is a whole third season too!"
Your grateful smile is making Yuuji's chest swell with happiness. It feels good to be the source of your comfort.
So when two hours later you snuggle against his side and mumble a sleepy "Can you stay the whole night please?", Yuuji stays and tries to ignore the way his traitorous heart and dick both throb at the invitation.
How many times has he pictured something like this in his fantasies? Staying in your bed overnight. In his dreams, you always end up making out and tearing each other's clothes off.
But Yuuji is here to be a good friend who helps you through a breakup, not to have dirty fantasies about you!
And so he turns onto his side and lets you snuggle against his broad back, hugging him as you slowly drift off to sleep, and he can't help but lie awake for a long time just smiling in the dark and listening to your cute soft snores and feeling the warmth of your body against him.
Tumblr media
"Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got FINE written all over you."
Yuuji can't stop himself from chuckling as he presses the send button while waiting in line in the coffee shop to get some iced coffee for you and himself.
He has started to send you the funny pickup lines again. While you were dating Naoya, he felt like he was overstepping and stopped sending them. But now it feels right again. Because even though Yuuji's attempts at flirting didn't work with you, he knows at least that the cheesy pickup lines made you laugh, and so he hopes that they will help cheer you up.
The guy behind Yuuji bumps slightly against his shoulder while staring unashamedly at the phone screen.
"Wow, you're smooth, bro. Bet you get all the girls."
Yuuji turns to him and shakes his head,
"Nah, man, those pickup lines aren't working. But they make for a good laugh, I guess."
The guy nods solemnly and claps Yuuji's back encouragingly,
"Keep your head up. I read somewhere that many chicks go for guys who make them laugh or the ones who can cook."
"Oh! Wow, that's great! I can make her laugh, and I can also cook! Thanks, bro!"
Naturally, Yuuji decides to pay you a visit that evening with a backpack full of ingredients he bought to cook your favorite meal. And he's very pleased to see a smile on your face when you realize what he's doing.
He likes this. He likes cooking for you and sending you funny messages, and watching movies with you. He likes taking care of you. He likes being your best friend and seeing that you feel better when he is around you.
After a few weeks, Yuuji even makes you go clubbing with him and some of your other friends. You try to turn him down at first, but Yuuji knows that once you leave the house, you will love it, and he believes that you deserve a fun night out. Some drinks and dancing and joking around with your friends will surely help you forget about your stupid ex, even if it's just for a few hours!
And so Yuuji shows up at your dorm with Nobara in tow, looking ridiculous wearing sunglasses at night and already slightly tipsy from sharing vodka shots in the back of Fushiguro's car.
You open the door wearing your pj's and gaping at them thunderstruck. But their good mood makes you laugh, and so you let Nobara usher you into your bedroom to pick a hot outfit for you.
Yuuji smiles and leans against your bedroom door, waiting for you to get dressed. He knows it's probably stupid, but he made sure to wear the tight black shirt that you like on him because fuck yes, it feels nice to get complimented by you, and last time he wore it, you kept staring at his chest, and it made Yuuji feel all giddy.
He hears Nobara exclaim loudly:
"Where is that idiot Itadori?! I need more vodka!"
Yuuji answers through the door:
"I'm here! Is everyone decent in there?"
He hears you laugh at his words, followed by a loud:
"Oh, just come inside, Yuuji! I have no problem changing in front of you. It's not like you haven't seen me in a bikini before, so a bit of underwear won't kill you!"
Well, if you only knew what the few times he saw you in a bikini did to him! Yuuji tries to steel himself by taking another gulp out of the vodka bottle before pushing the door open.
The first thing he sees is your cute ass in some lacy black panties, and he has to suppress a groan.
His night will be filled with fantasies about getting on his knees behind you, pulling those sexy little panties to the side, and worshipping that sweet ass and cute pussy with his hands and lips. Fuck! He has to stop!
Luckily Nobara almost tackles him to the floor at that moment and demands more vodka. So Yuuji has something to distract himself, and once his hungry gaze strays back to you, you are already dressed, still looking yummy as fuck in that short dress Nobara picked for you, but at least your ass isn't so much on display anymore.
"Does that look good, Yuu?"
"You look perfect! Sexy and pretty!"
Maybe drinking vodka wasn't the best idea because it makes his tongue even more loose than usual. But you smile broadly at him, obviously happy about the compliment. And it feels so fucking good when you come over to him and place a warm hand on Yuuji's pecs and compliment him back:
"Thank you! You look good too. I like that shirt on you. It shows how much you work out."
"Oh, stop salivating over Itadori's tiddies and come here so I can do your makeup!"
Yuuji's grin grows even bigger, and he knows that this night out was the best idea! He plops down on your desk chair and passes the vodka bottle around while Nobara does your hair and makeup. And once she is finished, Yuuji lets himself get pulled to his feet and throws his arms around his girls as all three of you make your way to Fushiguro's car.
He is happy to see an excited sparkle in your eyes when the three of you sit in the backseat, Yuuji in the middle, and he sings along loudly to all the songs that play in the car, making you laugh anytime he's doing the rap parts. He feels amazing!
The club is brimming with people. Yuuji doesn't waste any time and pulls you and Nobara directly onto the dancefloor while Fushiguro and Maki lean against the bar and share amused glances.
The most beautiful thing is to see you laughing again. You dance with Nobara and Yuuji and sing along to the songs, and the smile on your face is so carefree that it fills Yuuji's chest with warmth.
His hands land on your hips when you grind against him, and here in the middle of the dancefloor, with the dimmed light and the vodka clouding his mind, he can almost make himself believe that you are his girl. Especially when you turn around to wrap your arms around Yuuji's neck, getting on your tiptoes to kiss his cheek and shout into his ear over the loud music:
"Thank you for taking me here! I haven't had this much fun in weeks! You're the best, Yuu!"
He laughs happily and smiles his sunshine smile at you before taking your hand and spinning you around in a circle, making you squeal and laugh loudly when you almost collide with Nobara.
The most peculiar thing of the night happens when the three of you take a break from dancing to get more drinks at the bar. A girl comes up to Yuuji. She looks at him with a big smile, twirling a strand of her hair around her fingers as she blinks up at him through long eyelashes.
"Hey, you are really cute. Can I get your number, maybe?"
Yuuji remembers Junpei claiming that all the girls asking for Yuuji's number actually want to date him, and even he can see it this time because she couldn't be more direct about it. Yuuji gulps hard. He feels bad for the brave girl, but he is simply not interested in her. His heart is already taken, after all!
He scratches his neck a bit embarrassedly, trying to think of a nice way to turn her down. But before he can even say anything, he feels your hand slip into his, interlacing your fingers and stepping between Yuuji and the girl.
"Sorry, but his number isn't available."
Yuuji's eyes widen, but he nods enthusiastically,
"Yeah, she's right! Have a nice evening, though!"
And then you tug him back onto the dancefloor, your hand still holding his tightly, and Yuuji follows you gladly, placing his free hand on your hip to steer you through the crowd.
He thinks his heart will burst. He hasn't been this happy and carefree in a long time! You are single again and here with him! And out of all the people in this club, you only dance with Yuuji and laugh with him and throw your arms around him. You seem to be genuinely happy tonight after all those weeks of heartbreak.
And what was that thing with that girl just now? If he didn't know it any better, Yuuji would think you were jealous.
Tumblr media
(Y/n)'s POV:
You can proudly say that you're over Naoya. It's been two months since that rainy night when you caught him with that other woman. Two months since your heart shattered into a thousand little pieces.
The first two weeks were the worst. You could barely bring yourself to leave the bed. If it hadn't been for Yuuji playing delivery boy and providing you with a neverending supply of meals and snacks, you don't know what you would have done.
And he didn't leave it at that. He looked at you with his big boyish grin and was like, "Ok, we have snacks, comfy clothes, and warm blankets. Time for a movie night!" The stubborn glint in his eyes told you that he wouldn't accept a no. Yuuji was on a mission to make you feel better, and you knew nothing could stop him. So you let him stay.
And if you were honest, you had to admit that you were very grateful for his insistence. Because Yuuji was good company. He was sweet and caring and funny and knew how to distract you at all times. And he was also big and buff and warm and gave the best hugs when you needed them. 
Yuuji made the ache in your heart lessen a bit more every day, and you caught yourself thinking several times that you wished you had never dated Naoya but instead a guy like Yuuji.
But there was no use in dwelling on the what-ifs. Yuuji was your best friend, and you were grateful for that! It was ok that he didn't see you as more than a friend. And after all, he was here to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and glue them together again, and you knew he would always do that. Yuuji was a constant in your life, which was worth a lot.
After those first two weeks, you were able to go about your regular schedule again, even though you still started tearing up when you saw happy couples or something that reminded you of Naoya. Your friends were amazing, though, and did anything they could to make you feel better. Especially Yuuji.
Gradually you felt better again. It became easier to sleep, easier to laugh again, and the more time passed, the less you thought of your ex.
And the ultimate proof that you are finally over Naoya happened this morning when you ran into him on your way to the college cafeteria, on a Monday morning two months after you caught that cheating bastard.
You were looking at your phone, texting Yuuji that your course got canceled and you had a free period now, and suddenly you bumped into someone who was also looking at his phone.
You looked up with an apology, and there he was! Naoya, looking immaculate as always, with perfectly styled hair, a fine suit and shoes, an expensive leather bag, and a sparkling Rolex on his wrist.
To your utter astonishment, you didn't feel sad or angry or anything like that. Instead, all you felt was indifference, and you caught yourself wondering for a moment why you ever thought this arrogant guy was hot.
You could see a slight panic crawl over his features when he realized who he had run into. He was probably worried you'd cause a scene in front of everyone. But all you did was smile politely at him and give him a curt nod,
"Good morning, Mr. Zenin. Have a nice day."
You didn't even bother to wait for a reply but proceeded to make your way down the hallway. The smile on your face grew wider, and by the time you walked into the cafeteria, you were grinning so broadly that Yuuji and Nobara both looked at you questioningly. However, before they could ask, you already slipped into a chair across from them and informed them excitedly:
"Guess what! I ran into Naoya, and I felt nothing at all! Guys, it's official, I am over him!"
Tumblr media
Your life is back to normal now. Going to university, meeting your friends, attending the usual college parties on weekends.
Your crush on Yuuji might have returned full force, probably thanks to all the time the two of you spent together during your heartbroken state. But you try to ignore those feelings as much as possible. It's what you've been doing for years.
The turning point comes when you are shopping with Nobara, this time without Yuuji because he has to help Megumi walk their neighbor's dogs.
Nobara fixes you with a stern gaze across the table of the ice cream parlor you are currently taking a break in.
"You have to stop leading Itadori on."
You almost drop the spoon you are holding and blink at Nobara in shock. What?? She continues without giving you a chance to reply.
"It's not fair what you're doing to him. You know full well that he likes you!"
"Come on, everyone knows! He's so bad at hiding it. His emotions are written all over his face! So don't tell me you don't know! You have to stop flirting with him. Like, what was that sleepover? And why are you touching him all the time now? Or that stunt you pulled at the club when that girl asked for his number? You have to stop, or he will only get his hopes up!"
Finally, you find your voice again, but it's small and shaky as you stare at Nobara with wide eyes.
"What do you mean, Yuuji likes me?"
Nobara scrunches her nose and gives you a look that tells you you are more stupid than she thought.
"Seriously? Are you trying to tell me you don't know?"
You feel so hot all of a sudden. Your pulse is racing, and you're breathing way too fast. 
You never thought you had a chance with Yuuji! He's so popular, so sweet and funny and so so handsome! He's collecting phone numbers of girls and also boys all the time. And the most endearing thing is that he is so oblivious to it! He doesn't get that those people are hitting on him.
You don't know what came over you in the club. You had told yourself a long time ago that you couldn't have Yuuji, and so you didn't allow yourself to act on any jealousy. But that night in the club, you had felt it again when that girl had tried to flirt with your Yuuji. Jealousy, icy cold and burning like acid in your veins, and before you could stop yourself, you had intervened.
Afterwards, you had forbidden yourself to think about it or what it could mean. You had just gotten over your ex! You couldn't afford to fall hard for your best friend all over again and end up heartbroken because Yuuji didn't want you that way!
But now things are different, of course.
If Nobara is correct, then that means... It means you can allow those feelings. You can let yourself think about Yuuji in that way.
It's exhilarating, making your heart beat too fast and your head spin with all the possibilities. You can't stop grinning like a madwoman and laugh softly while tears gather in your eyes. It's almost too much. The realization that the person you love the most can actually be yours if you want.
And yes, you absolutely want him! Because this makes sense, Yuuji and you make sense. It's the thing that always made sense from the very frist day you met, and it continued to make sense over the following months and years.
Yuuji is the one who is always there for you. The one who cheers you up on your bad days, the one who makes soup for you when you are sick, the one who always remembers your coffee order, the one who picks you up in the middle of the night and gives you his hoodie to keep you warm.
The boy with the big smile and the pretty honey eyes that always gaze at you with so much love and affection. The one who always makes you laugh and makes you feel like you can be yourself around him, and he likes you exactly the way you are. The one who you can always rely on. The one you know like the back of your hand.
Love was always here, right in front of you. Because Yuuji was here. As your best friend and apparently also secretly in love with you just like you were in love with him.
It's bittersweet to think about it. How long has this been going on? How long has Yuuji liked you as more than friends? How much time did you waste on other people when you could have had Yuuji as your boyfriend?
You curse yourself for giving up on your crush on him ages ago because you always assumed you would never have a chance with him. Hell, when you think back to all the things you said during the last months, you feel sick. It must have broken his heart!
"Shit! I'm so dumb!"
You bury your face in your hands and groan loudly.
Nobara's laughter drifts to your ears, and a moment later, she pulls your hands off your face and makes you look at her.
"You are both dumb. But it's no use dwelling on past mistakes. Get a grip and get your man!! You know he likes you now, and he's a disaster at all of this, so you are the one who has to fix it. Make the first move!"
Her words make you chuckle. Sweet Yuuji. He can really be a bit dense, and it's so cute! But of course, he's standing in his own way with it, so Nobara is probably right. You have to take the initiative!
"Ok! I'll ask him on a date!"
Tumblr media
Yuuji's POV:
"Hey Yuu, do you want to go see a movie with me tomorrow night?"
Yuuji lifts his head and blinks at you from across the table in the coffee shop the two of you are currently sitting in.
"You mean as in going to the movie theater?"
You smile at him and nod.
"Yes! We haven't been in a while."
He hates his heart for beating faster at your suggestion. You aren't asking him on a date! This is just a friends thing. And you probably want to invite everyone else too just like the last time.
"Count me in! Who else do you want to ask?"
"No one. I just want to go with you."
You chuckle softly, and your gaze slips down to your iced coffee, fingers toying with the straw. You seem almost nervous. Yuuji thinks it's adorable. He wonders why you seem so shy all of a sudden but immediately chides himself silently to stop getting his hopes up over nothing! This is probably just a little thank you for the last few weeks where Yuuji helped you after your breakup. This isn't a date!
But somehow, the night at the movie theater still feels a bit like a date as much as Yuuji tries to scream at himself to get a grip. You are sharing popcorn, and your hands keep meeting in the bowl on his lap, fingers brushing over each other. Every touch of fingertips against his hand makes Yuuji's dick twitch in interest. Luckily the large bowl of popcorn hides every evidence of it.
But what are Yuuji and his dick supposed to do when you lean against his side and rest your head on his shoulder, sighing happily and turning your face into his neck to whisper:
"Mmmhh, you smell so good, Yuu."
Yuuji is such a confused and nervous mess once again. His dick throbs, his cheeks are burning, and his stomach holds so many butterflies that he surely won't be able to eat any more popcorn. Why does this feel like a movie date? He knows it isn't one!
But how far do best friends go? Is it normal to hold hands on the armrest between your seats? Is it a bestie thing to rest your head on Yuuji's shoulder? Is it normal friendly behavior to feed each other popcorn out of your hands and laugh and squeal when you lick each other's fingers in the process?
Would Yuuji do the same with Fushiguro or Junpei, or Nobara? He tries hard to imagine it, but somehow he is pretty sure Fushiguro would tell him it's stupid to play with food, and Nobara would surely punch him. Junpei maybe... but on the other hand, he would probably feel so awkward about eating out of each other's hand that he'd never go to a movie with Yuuji ever again.
So why does it feel so natural to do this with you?
It's after the movie ends and the two of you walk outside, your hand wrapped around Yuuji's bicep, thumb stroking over his muscles when Yuuji realizes you are staring at him, and he turns his head to look at you, only to get greeted with a somewhat sheepish expression on your pretty face,
"Is everything ok, (y/n)?"
Your eyes widen, and you nod, but you keep staring at him while gnawing your bottom lip and tightening your hold on his arm.
"Yuu... I...um... there's something I... I want to..."
Before you can finish your sentence, you get interrupted by loud cheers of "Tiger of Jujutsu College!"
The guys from the boxing club! Yuuji laughs and lifts a hand in greeting. When they finally leave for the snack stand Yuuji asks you curiously:
"Sorry. What did you want to say?"
"Oh... um... it's nothing. I forgot."
But you seem so flustered somehow, and Yuuji can't help but think that something is going on that he doesn't quite get. A small part of his brain whispers that you wanted to confess your hidden feelings for him. But Yuuji instantly shuts that voice down. It's impossible! He has to stop those fantasies! This is not a rom-com! The two of you are friends, and that's all it will ever be!
Tumblr media
The movie night was very confusing! But it is only one of many things that make Yuuji wonder what is going on between the two of you.
Because suddenly, Yuuji is the one who receives text messages with cheesy pickup lines. He yelps loudly the first time it happens, right there in the middle of his movie analysis course. Yuuji stares at the text with big eyes and reaches out to grab Fushiguro's forearm tightly. 
"What is it now, Itadori?"
"Look at this!!"
He shoves his phone into his friend's hand, letting him read the message that says clear and bright:
"Are you a broom? Because you've swept me off my feet!" 
"(Y/n) sent you this??"
"Yes!! Fushiguro, Inumaki was right!! These things work after all!!"
Junpei is leaning towards them now too, to read the message over Yuuji's shoulder, followed by an encouraging clap on his back.
Their little commotion catches the attention of their professor, and a moment later, he is standing next to Yuuji with a big grin on his face.
"What are you boys yelling about?"
"Oh, sorry, professor Gojo! But I received a flirty message, and I am excited!"
"Oh my god! Let me see!!"
Next to him, Fushiguro groans as if in pain, and Yuuji hands his phone to his professor, who squeals and announces loudly to the whole course:
"That's so cute! Ok, forget today's initial plan. We are going to talk about rom-coms now!! Everybody share your faves!"
Yuuji beams at professor Gojo and nods happily while Fushiguro huffs,
"Please not the rom-coms now. Why do I even bother to do my assignments for this sorry excuse of a movie analysis course?"
But Yuuji is happy, and he knows that Megumi is happy for him too. 
After a week of being the receiver of flirty messages, Yuuji can't stop himself from wondering if it could be possible that maybe, just maybe, things have changed, and he might have a chance with you after all?
Because there are all those signs and it's really hard to find "just friends" explanations for them. The two of you do the same things as usual, but it's different.
You always liked to sit on Yuuji's lap when there wasn't any space left. But now, you also choose his lap as your preferred seating even when other seats are available.
And you compliment Yuuji a lot lately, making him grin and blush and bask in the giddy feeling of euphoria when you tell him he smells good and his eyes look so pretty in that lighting and that his hair is so soft and cute and that his muscles look so defined. All the praise makes Yuuji feel so warm, and his heart is beating so fast that he fears he will get a nosebleed.
And all those little affectionate gestures just keep getting more and more.
Just like today, when Yuuji accompanies you on another shopping spree, and you take his hand and never let go of it the whole time you are walking next to each other. He doesn't even have to pretend all that much to imagine that he is your boyfriend.
It makes him grin like an idiot the whole time, and he can't help but caress your hand with this thumb, which makes you turn to him with a warm smile, and before Yuuji knows what's happening, you get on your tip toes and kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear:
"You are so cute, Yuuji."
He wraps his arms around you, pulls you into a tight hug, and leans down to kiss your cheek too, gentle and sweet, with all the love and happiness he feels at that moment.
"Aww, thank you, princess. You are even cuter, though."
He is sure that to everyone around you, the two of you must look like boyfriend and girlfriend.
A strong craving surges through Yuuji at that thought. He wants that. He wants it to be real.
Maybe he should finally tell you about this. What if he lets you know about his wishes, his feelings? What if he tells you that his heart is yours? That he is yours and that he wants you to be his too?
You have ice cream in the cute pastel-colored ice cream parlor near the exit of the shopping mall, and somehow your hand is still in Yuuji's as you sit next to him and lick your ice cream, and his heart is beating so fast that he thinks everyone in a radius of ten meters must hear it.
This feels exactly like what Yuuji wished for. Doing all the things he usually does with you but with the added little things that cross that line between being friends and being girlfriend and boyfriend. Is it really happening? Could you want him as more than a friend too?
"This kinda feels like a date."
His pulse is racing even more after saying those words, but Yuuji feels it's relatively safe to say that because if you start laughing about it, he can just join and act like he meant it as a teasing little joke and nothing more.
But you don't do that. Instead, your eyes sparkle happily as you smile at Yuuji and your hand gives his a gentle squeeze, and your next words make Yuuji's world turn upside down in the best way possible:
"It can be one if you like."
Yuuji forgets to breathe for a moment and stares at you, totally dumbfounded.
All these months of secretly longing to cross that line, and now it seems like you already stepped over that imaginary line without Yuuji noticing. And now you are on the other side, waiting for him to join you with a nervous smile on your face and hope in your eyes.
Yuuji nods wildly, almost stumbling over his words, when he finally manages to blurt out:
"Oh my god! Yes!! Yes, please, I'd like that a lot! I want it to be a date!"
You both grin at each other, and Yuuji feels his head spin when you lean against his side with a soft happy-sounding sigh.
When the two of you leave the shopping mall a short while later, the sun is already setting, bathing everything in pink and orange light, turning the city into a pretty glowing dream.
It looks like a scene in a rom-com. Almost as if someone added a romantic filter to create the perfect scenery. The smell of cherry blossoms is in the air, and all the city noises seem muffled somehow because all Yuuji can focus on is you and the way your silhouette gets illuminated by the light of the sunset, and the way your hand feels in his.
He only tears his gaze away from you when a big fat raindrop hits his nose, and he looks upwards to the sky to see a wall of dark grey clouds gathering over the shopping mall.
"I guess we better run!"
Yuuji tightens his hold on your hand and yanks you with him, smiling when he hears your surprised screech that turns into happy laughter as you let Yuuji drag you along.
And not a second too soon because the rain starts for real now. It begins with a soft drizzle but quickly turns into a big downpour, just like that night when Yuuji drove into the city to pick you up.
The two of you seek shelter under a canopy of a nearby shop window, and Yuuji pulls you against him, so you both can fit under it. But that means you are very close now. So close that Yuuji fears you can really hear his heart beating because it won't stop racing in his chest.
But he can't help it. The two of you are on a date! And you are standing so close to him, and the way you tilt your face up and look at him is so intense that it drives Yuuji crazy!
Are you looking at his mouth? He gulps nervously and licks his lips, and yes, he watches your eyes follow the movement of his tongue, and Yuuji has to blink several times because omg, does that mean what he thinks it means? Do you...do you think about kissing him?
Your hand is suddenly on his chest, and Yuuji thinks he can feel the warmth of your skin seep through his hoodie. Even if you don't hear it, you can definitely feel how fast his heart is beating now.
"I.. um..."
You chuckle nervously and avert your eyes, and it's so sweet how flustered and shy you seem all of a sudden. You have never acted that way around him. It's so cute and reassuring that Yuuji isn't the only one who is nervous.
It's clear as day to him all of a sudden. You like him. You like him the same way he likes you.
And it didn't start today. It has been going on for several weeks already, right? Because looking back, so many things make so much sense all of a sudden. The movie date, for example! Because yes, looking back at it now, it was a date! And the hand holding and the getting possessive when that girl in the club wanted Yuuji's number. The cheesy pickup lines you initiated!
He remembers that one time you wanted to tell him something but then got interrupted by the guys from the boxing club. You tried to tell him how you feel, but he didn't see it because he was so set on believing that you couldn't be more than friends.
Now it's his turn to do something! It's not fair to let you do all the work! And before his nerves can get the better of him, Yuuji wraps his arms around your waist, looks deeply into your eyes, and asks softly:
"Can I kiss you?"
Your answer is a soft, cute gasp. Your fingers grab the collar of his hoodie, and you get on your tiptoes, nodding and smiling enthusiastically, and then your lips are on Yuuji's, and it's everything he ever wished for.
You kiss him eagerly, lips so soft and sweet against his. And Yuuji tightens his hold on you, pulling your body against his, hugging you and kissing you with newfound confidence, putting all the love and the longing he has been feeling for months into this first kiss.
He hopes you know how much he wanted this, how long he has been dreaming about you and him together like this.
His lips move surely but tenderly against yours, and he feels you relaxing in his arms and tilt your head further to get an even better kissing angle, allowing Yuuji to deepen the kiss when your lips open against his mouth.
He groans softly when your tongues brush against each other for the first time, sending shocks of electricity through his body, which make his skin tingle and the butterflies in his stomach go completely crazy.
It's a gentle but passionate kiss, deep and urgent. Maybe a bit desperate, but that's no wonder after both of you had been waiting so long for this to happen.
It's perfect.
Yuuji sighs into your mouth, his large hands sprawling over the small of your back, holding you tightly, caressing you through your sweater, warm and loving, like the kiss the two of you share.
Your tongue is so soft in his mouth, driving him crazy with those slow, tender licks, and the way your body presses against him feels so good. Like it's meant to be.
His head is spinning as if he's drunk, and that's probably what he is. Love drunk.
It's exciting and new to be this close to you, to cross that line between friendship and lovers. But at the same time, it feels so comfortingly familiar. After all, Yuuji is kissing the person who has been closest to him for years, the person he knows better than anyone else and who knows him better than anyone else too. His best friend and each other's home away from home.
And that's exactly what it is, Yuuji realizes: Kissing you feels like coming home.
He feels another smile tug at his lips. His whole body is filled with warmth and giddiness.
When the two of you pull apart, it is with a soft peck on each other's kiss-swollen lips, both giggling and grinning like idiots, eyes shining with happy tears.
Yuuji's hands remain on your waist, holding you loosely in his arms, and your fingers are still twisted in the soft fabric of his hoodie as your gaze meets his, eyes glittering cheerfully.
"Hey, Yuuji, do you know what your hoodie is made of?"
"Huh? What is it made of?"
"Boyfriend material!"
Yuuji blinks at you, speechless for a whole bunch of seconds, and then he breaks out into loud laughter, which you join immediately. The two of you clutch each other tightly, laughing until you have tears in your eyes, overflowing with serotonin.
"So, do you want to date my hoodie now? This is making me a bit jealous, you know. I thought we had something here..."
He can barely finish the sentence before laughing again, and you squeal and hit his chest playfully.
"Ok, ok, let me spell it out for you! Itadori Yuuji, will you please be my best friend and my boyfriend?"
Yuuji is sure he will burst from happiness. His face is starting to hurt from how big his smile is, and he nods eagerly, leaning closer to you so he can pepper little kisses all over your face while he gives you his answer, voice sounding a bit breathless:
The next kiss lands on your lips, and by the time the two of you pull apart again, the sky is already pitch black, and the stars are twinkling prettily above the city, apparently just as jubilant as Yuuji is.
Tumblr media
Being your boyfriend is everything Yuuji dreamed it would be. No, it is even better! 
Lying here in bed with you, your naked bodies entangled after several rounds of horny fucking, which gradually turned into slow lovemaking. Your head on Yuuji's chest, leaving sweet soft kisses all over his pecs as you sigh happily and tell him you love him and how cute and sexy he is. His arms wrapped around you, fingers gently trailing up and down your spine, sweet loving caresses for the girl he loves so much.
He loves the intimacy, the warmth and love, and the trust.
That was something that was always missing in his former relationships or hookups. And Yuuji comes to the conclusion that all the pining and waiting was for a good reason.
He thinks the secret to how magical this feels is that the two of you didn't start as a romantic couple immediately. You were friends before that. You shared that closeness and special love that best friends have for each other. And now you added even more love to that. And sex. Mind-blowing, better-than-any-fantasy-ever-could-be-sex.
Yuuji grins happily as he lets one large hand wander down to your butt, grabbing one ass cheek and squeezing it gently. He is rewarded instantly by a soft moan, your warm breath brushing over one of his nipples and making him gasp softly.
"Yuu, I can't go another round. I'm so exhausted."
But your lips find his in a sweet kiss, and those kisses quickly become more intense, and soon you have forgotten your earlier words and are straddling Yuuji's lap, moaning into his mouth eagerly, and Yuuji can feel how wet you already are for him. Again. It drives him crazy anytime he feels it, anytime he feels the evidence of how turned on you are because of him.
Your hand wraps around his throbbing dick, making him moan lewdly as you stroke him to full hardness and guide him to your entrance. Yuuji's eyes roll back, and he hears you gasp when you slowly sink down on his hard length.
This is better than any of his wet dreams ever were. His hands knead your cute ass firmly, his hips snapping upwards, pushing his cock deeper into you, and he feels your velvety walls clench around him and hears you moan his name in that cute horny, and shaky voice that lets him know how much you love Yuuji's cock inside you.
"Let me help you, baby."
He half moans, half whispers, knowing your muscles must be sore from all the fucking the two of you did the whole week. Making up for all the lost time after all.
Yuuji is grateful for his stamina and strength, especially in moments like these when he needs to take care of his girl and help you ride him. He does so by holding your hips in a tight grip, lifting your body up and down on his cock, making you gasp and moan and mutter under your breath how strong and sexy he is.
It feels so fucking good! Yuuji lets his head fall back on the pillow, gazing up at you, forcing himself to keep his eyes open so he can see you. Your pretty fucked out face looking so cute and your perfect tits bouncing so sweetly as you ride him eagerly, your pace becoming wilder every second, needing more of him, always so crazy for him and his cock.
His eyes meet yours, and you both moan at the same time.
"Yuuji...ah! I love you, baby!"
His cock throbs at your tender words.
"Fuck! I love you too...fuck...love you so much, cutie...come here...baby.. ah! Ah fuck, need you..."
And you gasp and moan and lean down, pressing your wonderful body against Yuuji, your tits snug against his chest, hands tangling in his hair. Your lips find his in a sloppy heated kiss while Yuuji wraps his arms tightly around you, holding you as close as possible to him, dick so deep inside you while he rolls his hips and fucks you thoroughly with deep and loving thrusts.
You kiss and moan into each other's mouths during your horny but sweet lovemaking. So crazy for each other, so in love.
You cum with loud cries of pleasure, sobbing against Yuuji's neck as he feels your tight wet pussy clenching around him, and Yuuji is filled with so much pride and love and happiness that he can make you feel so good.
It's your whispered: "I love you, Yuuji, I love you so much. You're really the guy of my dreams, baby." that brings him over the edge.
He is moaning and mewling loudly as his hands tighten on your cute ass, and he arches up, cumming so hard and not letting go of you until he pumps your sweet pussy full with his hot ropes of cum.
His heart is racing wildly in his chest as he slowly comes down from his high, dick still throbbing inside you, your pussy pulsing around him hotly with the aftershocks of your orgasm. The two of you kiss for what feels like hours while you are still pressed tightly against Yuuji, and his cock is still deep inside you, both not wanting to part.
It's always like that, and Yuuji loves it. He loves you and loves the way you love him. He loves the way you are both so crazy for each other and both so full of love.
The thought makes him smile because he knows if he ever really directs his own rom-com, one day in the future, he will surely add a cheesy scene like that.
He looks up at you, happy and sated with a cheeky grin on his face.
"Am I really the guy of your dreams?"
And you laugh a bit shyly, slightly embarrassed by your own cheesiness, which makes Yuuji's chest feel even warmer. He caresses the naked skin of your back gently and adds:
"Because you are the girl of my dreams too. Also, you can take that literally. I dreamed about you for months!"
That makes you chuckle, and your fingers trail teasingly over his pecs when you smile at him.
"Oooh, you should tell me all about those dreams, baby. We can reenact all of them. And yes, I really meant it. You are the guy of my dreams, Yuuji. There could never be a better one for me."
Tumblr media
An hour later, the two of you managed to get cleaned up before snuggling back into bed for another movie night. The movie in question is another rom-com, and the story is strangely similar to what you and Yuuji went through.
Yuuji smiles and tightens his arm around you, knowing that the poor protagonist will have to go through a lot until he finally gets his crush to like him back in the end.
"Keep your head up, buddy! She might not love you now, but she will! My girl needed some time too!"
That gets a reaction out of you, but not the one Yuuji expected. You pull away from his shoulder to look at him with a confused frown.
"What do you mean by that?"
"Hm? Well, you didn't like me like that at first. I thought you'd never see me as more than a friend. There was this song playing all the time, and somehow I related to it, and I guess it is right. The songs you grow to like never stick at first. But if you listen to them more often, you will find yourself singing along to them one day out of the blue, and suddenly you realize that they have taken a permanent space in your heart!"
You blink at him, mouth opening and closing as if you can't believe what you hear. Yuuji doesn't understand why you look at him that way, but it's cute, and you look so pretty in his boxing club shirt with that adorable confused expression on your face. 
One of your hands reaches out to cup Yuuji's cheek, and you look at him intently while shaking your head:
"No, Yuu, that doesn't apply to us. You are the song I loved from the first moment I listened to it! The song that became my instant fave. The one that I know by heart and that's still stuck in my brain after years. The one song I always want to listen to when I need comfort. The one song that always makes me happy. The one song I never grow tired of and still sing along to every time it comes on. The number one song on my list! That's what you always were and always will be. You are my all-time favorite song."
Yuuji's eyes widen. Now he is the one who stares at you in confusion, heart racing in his chest and tears gathering in his eyes. So that's how you saw him? He never was just a friend? How is that possible?
"But...but...what!? That's how you felt about me all this time?"
"Yes! Since day one kind of...I spent an hour with you, and I was already in so deep. You were so kind and sweet and so hot. I already had such a big crush on you after that first meeting."
"What? But what about those other people you flirted with? And what about Naoya?"
"Yuuji, I thought I didn't have a chance with you! You are so... so perfect. Everybody wants you. You are like the sun, so bright and warm and beautiful, drawing everyone in. I was happy and grateful to be your best friend and never wanted to risk losing you by telling you that I wanted more. So I tried to be with other people instead. If I had known I had a chance with you, I would have never dated Naoya. Or anyone else. It would have only been you for me."
Your voice is tender, and your eyes are shining with tears while you smile happily at Yuuji, fingers caressing his cheek lovingly. And Yuuji blinks at you, totally caught off guard as his mind tries to catch up with what you are confessing to him.
"Whoaaa what?? But that's how I've been feeling about you for a long time too! I thought you didn't want me that way, and I was scared to lose you if I told you how I felt! You're telling me that... that we liked each other like that for months now? Why didn't we get together sooner?"
"Because we are both oblivious idiots, I guess?"
Your eyes sparkle in amusement, and Yuuji bursts out laughing at the exact same moment you do. Both of you are shaking from laughter, wiping away happy tears until Yuuji wraps his arms around you and pulls you against him to press another sweet kiss to your lips.
He can feel you smile into the kiss, making his heart leap with affection. When he pulls away, he still can't stop grinning broadly.
"I'm glad we stopped being oblivious now."
"Me too. So from now on, let's just be idiots together, minus the oblivious, ok?"
You look at him with a matching amused and lovestruck expression on your face as you lift one hand in the air waiting for his answer.
And Yuuji laughs loudly and claps his large hand against yours in a hearty high five before intertwining his fingers with yours, holding hands with you and leaning closer with a broad grin:
- The end. -
Tumblr media
Yayyy Yuuji got his movie-like happy end after all! I am so happy for our sweet boy! But also a bit sad that this series is over now. This College AU was so much fun to write, and I love that the Fall Out Boy theme let me be really cheesy! I laughed so much while working on this story! I hope it could give you good vibes too!
This AU is my personal rom-com. The whole time I saw the scenes playing out like a movie before my mind's eye. I guess it fits that Yuuji studies filmmaking! I'm glad he got his own cheesy rom-com ending!!
The smut scene wasn't planned, but then I suddenly found myself writing it, and you know what? I think it's what Yuuji baby deserves. He was such a good boy throughout this whole fic! He deserves some really good sex :)
Thank you so much to everyone who stayed until the end! Your comments made me so happy and encouraged me to keep writing this story even after putting it on a break for a while. Thank you so much for the love and support! It was such a fun journey to share this story with you!
This last chapter made me so emotional and happy, and I hope you can feel all the love I felt while writing the scenes with Yuuji and reader. What they have really is my perfect relationship! I love the thought of Yuuji being the sweetest and hottest combination of best friend and boyfriend. 
Please let me know what you think about the ending and the whole story! Comments and reblogs make me happy!
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ramp-it-up · 10 months ago
How I Married Your Mother Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word Count: 2.7K
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. RPF. SMUT! Read at your own risk. Fluff, Angst, Woman on top, pregnancy symptoms, creampie, pregnancy test, discussion of keeping the baby, ultrasound.
A/N: I needed a wholesome break from the sin that is The Bar Au 🥵, well as wholesome as smut can be? Anyway, I struggled to make this shorter, but finally gave in to the length. There will just have to be a part three. 🤗Dividers by @firefly-graphics​. I’ve been going through a lot this week, so I hope you enjoy!
Read How I Married Your Mother, Pt 1, This is Part of the How I Met Your Father Series found here.
Smut under the cut.
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As you rode Chris you felt electric.
Your thighs were sore from tensing up, because every time you moved your hips, the drag of his long, thick cock your walls sparked fire.
You panted and looked down on him as he looked at where you two were connected. Those fucking eyelashes cast long shadows on his cheeks and his mouth was open, gasping for breath at how good you were fucking himself on him.
You put your hand on one of his pecs, tracing your thumb against his nipple. Chris’s mouth opened wider.
“Fuck Angel. Didn’t know that you missed me that much…shit! Fucking yourself so good on this cock.. Pussy so wet. And sooo fucking tight.”
One of Chris’ hands reached for your clit, and the other hand grasped your breast.
“Fuck, Chris! Your dick feels sooo damn good inside me.”
Your thighs trembled as you moved faster, the stimulation from Chris’ hands spurring you on. He brushed your nipple with his thumb. It was so sensitive that you moaned loudly, so he did it again, causing you to clench and grind down on his cock.
“So fucking responsive for me. Shit!”
Chris moved the hand that working your clit and slapped your ass.
“Ride me cowgirl!”
He continued rubbing your nipple and sat up to lick it. The. He breathed up into your face as his eyes held yours. His deep voice caused you to shiver.
“You’re about to milk my cock for all that it’s worth.”
And he leaned down and softly suckled your breast. That and those blue eyes entrancing you made you throw your head back as you came violently round him.
Chris tilted you back onto the bed and ponded you until he reached his end, spurting cum into your clenching hot cunt. You could swear that you felt every pulse and shot against your walls and cervix.
“Holy fuck, that was hot!” He kissed your sweaty forehead. “God I missed you.”
“Missed you too.” You started giggling.
“But ride me cowgirl? How are you so sexy but such a dork?”
You smiled into Chris’s eyes as he lay stroking your side, chuckling with happiness.
“What can I say? it's my superpower.”
You smirked at him.
“What did you put on our dick?”
Chris raised his eyebrow at you.
“I beg your pardon?”
“It feels like an electric baton. Like it’s in 3-D or something”
Chris leaned up on his elbow.
“Can I have some of what you’re smoking? Because my dick has always been 3-D? Maybe it’s all the lotion I’ve used jacking off to pictures of you for the last two weeks.”
You giggled again.
“You mean you’re real? Chris Evans just let me ride him into the sunset?”
Chris smiled, glad that you two could laugh about it. His fame had been the only source of tension in your relationship.
“Yeah. Because he loves you so much.”
He leaned down and kissed you on the nose, then rubbed your nipples.
“It is really hot how you reacted every time I touched you. What’s up with that?”
You shrugged.
“I don't know. I’m just extra sensitive. Maybe it’s reunification hormones?”
Chris laughed.
“Or maybe it’s just going to be that time of the month. Can’t that affect sensation? Your tits are extra big. Me likey.”
Chris leaned down and started running his lips across your nipples. You lay back and smiled as you enjoyed the sensation, you hand in his hair and scratching his scalp as he made you feel good.
Then your eyes popped open. You sat straight up and pushed Chris off you.
“What’s wrong?”
You looked at Chris and your mouth fell open.
You gasped and grabbed your phone.
“Haven’t had a time of the month since couple of weeks before Vegas.”
You checked your cycle tracker.
“Holy Shit!”
This explained a lot.
Chris was still clueless.
“But that was two months…” He caught on. …”ago…”
You started freaking out and going to your closet to grab some sweats, Chris’ in fact, your new favorites.
“What are you doing?”
You were irritated now.
“Going to the drug store, Christopher.”
“You can’t go in this state. Let me.”
“The paps are stalking you. They followed us here. You certainly can’t be seen buying a pregnancy test…what if I’m not pregnant? I love you, but I’m not going through all that for nothing.”
Chris knew you were right.
“Then what do we do?”
You grabbed your phone and pressed a contact. It was two am, but you knew she'd pick up the phone.
Tumblr media
An hour later, Kit was knocking on your door with a bag of assorted pregnancy tests.
“Whaddup, Dude Bro. Not firing blanks I see!” She put her hand up for a high five from Chris.
“You gonna leave me hanging? I see how it is.”
You took the bag from her, not amused.
“Not funny Kit. Let’s hope he is firing blanks.”
Chris protested as you gave Kit a quick hug.
“Thank you girl.”
You grabbed the bag and ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind you.
You heard Kit and Chris trying the knob and knocking on the door.
“Open up bitch.”
“C’mon, Angel, let me in.”
“Just let me have 10 minutes please!”
They heard the panic in your voice and decided to stop pressing you.
Chris and Kit went to the kitchen to give you some space.
Kit walked around the kitchen island eyeing Chris.
“So. If my girl is pregnant, are you gonna man up?”
Chris retorted quickly.
“Have you forgotten the last two weeks? You know how I feel about her.”
“Yeah, yeah, but you’re also an actor.”
Kit squared up, as tall as Chris was as he sat on the stool.
“You fuck my girl over, you’re a dead man. Just know that if you run from your responsibilities, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.”
Kit and Chris stared each other down for about 30 seconds until Kit lost interest and opened your fridge.
“A bitch is hungry, what y’all got to eat in here.”
Chris hadn’t thought of running, but now he didn’t know whether to get a head start or laugh.
Kit was kinda crazy.
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, in the bathroom you were looking in the mirror and trying to regulate your breathing. It took you a couple of minutes, but you finally opened all the tests and lined them up.
Kit had bought five different kinds.
“Nothing to it, but to do it,” you said to yourself as you started the process.
15 minutes and five tests later, you walked out of the bathroom. Your face said it all
“Ohhhhh, SHIT!”
“Kit…” your voice barely registered. You were in shock. You looked over to Chris who was sitting on the stool with a blank stare.
Your voice was louder now as the panic set in.
“OooooooOOOO! I hope it’s a little ol’ girl!”
Both Kit and Chris were staring at you. Kit looked from you to him and cleared her throat.
“Well, you two might like some privacy right about now. Iiiii’mmmm gonna go get something to eat. From The Diner. Watcha want?”
She was greeted with silence as you and Chris continued to look at each other, trying to read the other’s expression.
“Alrighty then. I’ll get the usual. Be back.”
As soon as the door closed behind her, Chris got up and as he neared, you backed away.
You went to sit on the couch and he followed. Your head was in your hands as you felt the couch dip beside you.
Your heart dropped. You peeked between your fingers to look at him.
Chris was grinning.
“Ohhh shit!” He started laughing.
“What the hell are you laughing at???”
“This is perfect!”
You stood up, horrified.
“You’ve lost your fucking mind!”
Chris stood up and put his hands on your arms.
“I know this is a little unexpected. But it’s not like we didn’t want it, right? I mean, we’ve been going at it raw since day one…”
“I didn’t… I… I’m not trying to trap you Chris…”
You shook your head and pulled away.
“I didn’t say that. How could you trap me when I’m a grown man? I knew very well what we were doing and this crossed my mind.”
He shrugged.
“I decided that I’d be thrilled if you have my baby.”
You stared at him.
“Did you plan this?”
“No. Just like you, I’m not trying to trap you, but you had to know this could happen.”
You shook your head again.
“I guess I did. Theoretically. But I was so caught up in this new… this.. us..”
You motioned between you two.
“…And work that I just didn’t think…Oh fuck. Work. What am I going to do?”
You started sobbing and Chris moved toward you and tentatively took you in his arms. When you let him, he held you close.
“It’s okay…..” He was silent for a long while. “Whatever you want to do, I’m here.”
You held onto him for dear life. You were so scared.
“This is not like I had this planned.”
Chris held you out from him, and wiped your tears with his thumbs. He kissed your lips. And then he started to kneel.
“What the hell are you doing???”
“Will you marry me?”
Chris was shocked. He got up and sat on the couch with the same expression he wore when he found out you were pregnant.
He looked so lost that you felt bad. You sat down beside him.
“Chris… I can’t marry you.”
Your voice was soft
“Why not?” He looked so much like a little boy.
“Because I.. we just can’t.”
“Look me in my eyes and tell me you don't love me.”
You couldn’t do it. You looked down at your hands twisting in your lap.
“You only want to marry me because I’m pregnant. Because it’s the right thing to do.”
“I love you Angel. That’s why I want to marry you.”
“Chris, we’ve known each other for two months…”
He looked at you, and those blue eyes never seemed bluer.
“True, but I knew the moment I saw you.”
“Tell me you don’t feel the same way and I’ll adjust my attitude. I won’t ask you. For a month. But I will ask you every month until the day I die until you say yes.”
You sighed.
“I don’t go with you. Chris Evans marries librarian. So not the move Chris.”
“I don’t give a fuck about that. You make me happy.”
“I haven't told my mom about you.”
“I’ve told mine everything about you.”
You looked at him in astonishment.
He smiled. “We’re close.”
You just shook your head and tried to talk him out of it.
“Do you want a boring life?”
“I want consistency.”
“Do you want to be tied down with a family?”
“I want the opportunity to be there for my kid.”
“Do you want to be trapped?”
“I want to be given the gift of trying to make you happy every day for the rest of my life.” You looked in his eyes and you knew he meant it.
“Give me a chance to do those things. I love you. I want you. I need you. I want to make this work.”
You put your head in your hands.
“Chris. This is too much. I need… time. to think. I need space. To breathe.”
Chris didn’t want to leave. But if he stayed he knew it would be a fight and wouldn’t get him anywhere.
He gathered his things, and came back into the living room, giving you a kiss on the forehead.
“I love you, Angel. Call me and I’m here.”
You nodded and gave him a hug at the door. This all felt so surreal. You went to your bed and lay down, hoping this was all a dream.
Tumblr media
Kit basically broke into your apartment, although she had a key, when you wouldn’t answer her. You had to tell her why you were crying because she was about to go ham and unleash holy hell on Chris on social media.
“Dude Bro is gonna be a daddy. What’s the problem?”
“He asked me to marry him.”
Kit moved her neck.
“...As he should… Dafuq?”
“I’m not down for that Kit.”
“Girl, you are tripping. He is clearly head over heels for you. What the fuck is wrong with you?”
Kit stopped and massaged her temples.
“I’m sorry. I said I was gonna stop saying that to people.”
Kit took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. Then she spoke to you again in a faux soothing tone.
“How can I help you understand what the fuck is wrong with you?”
You didn’t have an explanation.
“It’s just too much to think about, Kit.”
“Are you going to keep the baby?”
You looked at her. She saw it in your eyes.
“Well then, think about this. When you have that baby, there is no way that you will keep Chris away. And you two can’t keep your hands off each other sooo… you’ll probably make more little dude bros. Why not marry him if nothing else than to save the baby mama drama?”
Kit got up and went to the kitchen.
“Now eat this damn food. Got to make sure my godchild is fed.”
Kit fed you and stayed with you all night. You fell asleep curled up next to her on the couch.
Tumblr media
The next morning, you woke up in your bed and reached for Chris. You panicked and then remembered the night before.
“My god. What have I done?”
You really turned down a marriage proposal from the man you loved.
You reached for your phone and melted when you saw the texts from Chris.
I wanted to call you and come back over so many times last night, but you said you wanted space.
Space sucks.
Call me.
You called him and he picked up immediately.
“Hey, Angel. Did you sleep well?”
Chris sounded tired.
“Slept okay. How about you?”
He sighed. “Not a lot.”
“You hungry?”
“Not really.”
“You gotta eat.”
“Okay. You wanna go somewhere?”
“I… might be in your lobby. With food.”
You chuckled. “Well, come on up.”
You went to the bathroom and tried to fix your self. You looked terrible.
“You look gorgeous.”
Was the first thing Chris said when you opened the door. You smiled and stepped back to let him in.
“I look like shit. I need a shower…”
Chris went to the kitchen to put the food down.
“You’re the best thing I’ve ever seen.”
You smiled at him. “How did you get in the lobby?”
“Doorman took pity on me when he saw the paparazzi.”
“Ah. Listen, Chris…”
“No, Angel. You listen.”
The authoritativeness in Chris’s voice gave you pause.
“I presented it all wrong last night. You can’t push me away. Like it said, I’m here. Believe it or not, I was already planning to propose. And I’m not going to alter those plans, so think about your answer.”
He moved to take you in his arms and you let him.
“Because pregnant or not, librarian or not, whether your mom ever knows about me or not, You’re my forever. And I just want to be yours.”
“Chris, I’ve thought…”
He cut you off with a kiss.
“You missed your chance last night. I’ll ask you again, but you don’t get to control it. I’m coming for you. And you need to get ready.”
You flushed and looked up at him through your lashes.
“Yes… Daddy.”
He chuckled. “Fuck Angel. Did you say something about a shower?”
Tumblr media
Two weeks later—
Chris moved to sit down and the nurse quickly moved a chair behind him to catch him.
“Mr. Evans, are you okay?”
Chris looked at the doctor. “Who? What?”
“Oh. My. God, Chris! Look at them!”
Your voice broke as you said it.
Chris looked up at the screen and then remembered that you were on the table with an ultrasound wand up your hooo hah.
He moved to hold your hand again and looked into your tear filled eyes.
“Yes, Ms. YLN and Mr. Evans. There they are. Your twins. Baby A and Baby B.”
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sweater-daddiesdumbdork · 3 months ago
The Reward Goes Too...
Summary- 5k Ransom Drysdale x Kitten. Deciding to draw a stalemate in your game of Go, an agreement is reached between you and Ransom. You would spend a weekend with Ransom, phone free and he would let you read his manuscript. You also come up with the perfect time to do this, Johanna having brought you to Boston for work reasons. It's also the perfect time to unwind with your best friend Ellie. Of course, Ellie is just as much an instigator and supporter of you being happy with Ransom...
Warnings- bathroom sex, some degrading talk, Ransom and You just being your usual horny selves. This is a cheater fic. Please if that bothers you, do not read. 18+ Only Blog.
A/N- Listen I know this has been so damn long coming but writer's block is a real thing and I have been halfway through this thing for months. So thank you so much for being patient with me, reading, reblogging and commenting. Dividers made by @firefly-graphics Any errors are my own and right now my computer is not wanting to do spell check so... sorry if its a mess.
Tumblr media
The board was left undisturbed on the coffee table since Ransom had pushed out of the way earlier when he went to his knees in front of your chair. But the white lie to Marta gave a few more minutes to process. You two stared at one another, still feeling the effects of your orgasms. More and more often the following moments were proving to be an oddly emotional moment for you two. Your hands came up to cup his cheeks and lean in to give him a gentle kiss on his perfectly pink mouth. 
“We better get out there before someone busts in here seeing us like this.” 
“Fuck them.” Ransom grunted as he tugged you in closer to the edge of your seat, giving you a much deeper, hungrier kiss than before. You were caught up in the sweep of his tongue pressing against yours and a satisfied groan fell from him that left you clutching at his shirt. “You think I care what they say?” You were left panting, eyes a bit wide as he searched yours. “Or anyone else for that matter?” 
No, no he didn’t. You knew him well enough that Ransom couldn't give two shits about what most people thought about him. Regardless, you pressed palms against his chest to back him up and you went to pick up the stones. 
Ransom sighed a bit, not in defeat but frustration that you felt the need to break the moment. But it was fine, it was all fine. Because you would be coming to stay with him, phone free so that meant Neil free. 
If he has it his way, which he was a man that was used to getting his way, it was going to be a more permanent thing. 
Getting up to help you, it wasn’t long till Linda rattled the door knob and knocked. “What is taking so damn long Ransom? You and that girl should have been out ages ago.” Ransom growled under his breath as he returned the board to the book shelf he had retrieved it from. Going to the door, he flicked the lock to open and pried open the door. 
“Y/N Mother, she has a fucking name.” 
Linda folded her arms to challenge her son. “Y/N and you coming out? Dad is getting tired and it's rude of you to ignore your host. I raised you better then that.” 
“Actually Anita did, or was it Karen? Maybe May or Miss Williams?” Ransom snarked back with the various nannies he had growing up. You came up behind him, your hand brushing up against his back to get his attention. 
“Um- excuse me.” You slipped past the both of them, Ransom’s gaze following your retreating back till you turned out of the hallway back into where the party was going on. Giving one last sneer to Linda, he turned away to finish picking up the stones to put them in the velvet bag. 
Linda clearly didn't get the hint as she followed him in. “What were you two doing that required a locked door Ransom?” 
Ransom dropped the stones in, flat faced as he glanced up at Linda, snitching the bag closed. “Fucking.” 
Linda's face turned to disgust and a rolled her eyes. “Ransom, don't be so crude. I know you wouldn't defile your grandfather's office.” 
Ransom gave himself a little smirk knowing the truth. “Why do you ask then Mother?” He went to deposit the beloved bag of GO stones back on his grandfather's desk. Linda huffed as she tossed her hands up in the air as if he was hopeless, stomping out of the office. 
When she left, Ransom let out a deeply held breath, his asshole expression falling away now that he no longer had to maintain it.  
Tumblr media
You rejoined the gathering, Walt sulking over near the fireplace, his wife going between him and their son who was sitting in the stairway, acting as if he was bored with slouched shoulders and glazed over eyes. Richard was currently admiring some of Harlan's crystal ware while pouring himself a burning shot of whatever expensive liquor he could inhale as fast as possible. Take what he saw as rightfully his. 
Marta was sitting near Harlan, preparing some of his medications when Linda came storming back into the room. “Ransom is taking his sweet time, but he should be out here soon.” She glanced at you, if the woman could shoot daggers at you, she would. 
Harlan waved a hand dismissively. “It's fine, he and Y/N were playing GO. I told you not to bother them.” 
Linda shook her head, once more glaring at you. “It’s just rude to disappear at a party.” She continued on while Ransom once more graced the room, hands in his pockets, looking every bit relaxed and not giving a shit as ever. 
“And here I am Mother, just like you asked. I didn’t go far.” 
Harlan sighed as he took the pills Marta set into his hand, patting her arm. “Can you go on upstairs and prepare my room please?” His nurse looked on kindly at him with a gentle nod and removed herself from the rest of the family. “Go ahead Linda… let's wrap this up.” Harlan said almost tiredly and you shot a look at Ransom across the room. 
He gave a slight smile and winked, assuring you that it was all okay. Harlan wasn't tired because of your two absences. 
Linda waved Fran over to come rushing with a tray, you could see the housekeeper doing her best to stop from snapping in irritation. On a tray, she had flutes of sparkling champagne that everyone took. You held the delicate glass between two fingers, watching the bubbles squirm around each other in a bid to escape to the tip-top. You almost wished you could do that, the tension being around the whole family starting to get to you. 
“Dad's forty-ninth book… What an accomplishment Dad.” Linda said cheerfully as she tipped her glass up and smiled in an actual authentic way. “I just wish Mom could be here to see this. She always told Walt, Neil, and I that you were brimming with stories and this just proves it. I know Richard and I…” She held her hand out to take Richards, who was currently eyeing you up and down. “Ahem- Richard!” Linda snapped and he sputtered as he stepped forward, taking Linda's hand. “Want to just say I know this one will be your best one yet.” 
“Uh- yeah Dad, good job.” Richard said absently. 
Harlan's gray brow shot up at his son-in-law, giving a slight shift in his seat and an eye roll that you caught, hiding your grin from anyone else seeing. 
“So kind of you both…” Harlan patted Linda’s arm assuringly and Walt was quick to jump in. 
“Donna, Jacob and I are happy for you Dad, we have done some amazing work together at Blood Like Wine, a real family effort.” He lifted his glass and Harlan gave a slight wave of a hand in acknowledgment before everyone took a drink. 
“Okay… I think I’m ready for bed.” He pulled himself up. You set your glass down and went to say goodnight to Harlan. 
“Thank you for having me over Mr.Thrombey.” You said politely, his hand covered yours in a familiar warm way that spoke of friendship. 
“Harlan Dear, and have Ransom walk you out.” 
“Already was going to.” Ransom chirped from behind you. The rest of the family gathered around Harlan while Ransom led you out of the room, grabbing your coat, he held it up for you to shrug into while he grabbed his own. Once outside and down the steps you took a deep inhaling breath, letting the cool night air clear your head after all the tension from the party. “Well, that was fun.” Ransom spoke first as you two paused at the bottom of the stairs. 
“Playing GO? Yes that was.” You winked at him, purposely reminding him of the better part of the party while reaching up to fix some of his hair you had messed up earlier. You saw the warm spark in Ransom's eyes as he recalled the way you tugged at his hair and rocked your hips to grind against him as he ate you out. His hand grasped yours as he tugged you around the side of the mansion, away from what could be prying eyes. 
Your back pressed against the outside wall while Ransom caged you in. “That was okay, but you Kitten were so much better.” Plush lips found yours, his knee fitting right in between yours. 
Still sensitive to earlier, you gave a moan in the kiss, your hands curling into his sweater to ground yourself even though your pussy started throbbing while pressing onto his thigh. His kiss devoured you, messy sucks of gasping air while tongues rolled together, traces of earlier activities still to be tasted. 
Ransoms hand groped at your breast through your own sweater, making you arch into his touch when a muffled voice cut through, making you two pause blinking at one another in surprise. “Ransom?” the voice was almost feeble sounding. “Is that you?” 
“Shit” Ransom cursed against the top of your head when you stifled a mortified sound in his chest where you hid your face. So much for not getting caught. “Hi Nana.” Ransom lifted a hand in a small wave as the little lady bundled in so many layers you could barely tell she was in there wiggled her fingers back at him.
“Are you coming inside Ransom?” 
“In a minute Nana.” Ransom started giving you a slight nudge to edge you away from the window and out of sight. Once you two made it back around to the front of the mansion, you shot him a look. 
“I can’t believe we were making out like horny teenagers in front of your Great Nana.” 
“Don’t worry Kitten, she can’t see shit cause of her cataracts and she is half out of it anyways.” Ransom laughed and you covered your face with a groan while he wrapped an arm over your shoulder. “I promise after this I will go sit with her for a while and spend time with her.” Reaching your car, he opened the drivers door for you. You hovered in the opening, taking one last look at the house over Ransoms shoulder. 
“You gonna be okay with those vultures in there?” It was hard not to worry about him, although it was his family and he was used to the way they acted. 
“Sure, I won’t be staying too long anyways. You headed back to Connecticut tonight?” It was hard to miss the way his tone dropped, leaving out that you would be going back to Neil. 
“Got to be in the office first thing in the morning. But Johanna has a case coming up in the city. I will text you the details. You better have that manuscript ready.” 
Ransom scoffed as he reached to grasp your chin in a playful grasp between his thumb and forefinger, smirking at you. “As if you will have time to read it.” 
You smirked right back at him. “You can’t fuck me all the time, you do need to recharge.” Leaning forward you gave him a quick peck on his lips before falling into your car and saying your final goodbyes, pulled away. Leaving him in the rearview was becoming harder and harder to do.
Ransom waited till it was out of sight before he turned to head back into the mansion, a glance up showed his mother's disapproving glare from the window, when she realized he noticed her, she pulled away, leaving the curtain falling in place. 
It didn't matter what barrage of shit Ransom was about to walk into, he was actually happy. 
Tumblr media
Ellie was more than thrilled to let you come stay with her for the week, the day you arrived and let yourself into her apartment she greeted you by dragging you into a hug and rambling about all the stuff you two would be doing while you were there. Dropping your bags in the spare bedroom, you shook your head. “Ellie, you know I have to work right? Late nights with Johanna. At least for a couple days.” 
Your best friend gave a pout as she fell on the bed, all her plans seemed to have been dashed. “Well I get you for one whole day, right? Before Ransom gets a hold of you.” 
“Of course! Ransom can wait, it's good for him.” You giggled as you landed on the other side, the both of you laying side by side while staring up at nothing in silence for a few minutes. Ellie clearly reorganizing her plans and you, well you were thinking about the extended weekend with Ransom. It would be the longest you two stayed together since you left him a couple years ago. 
“Nervous?” Ellie broke the silence first, turning to her hip with her hand holding her head up. “I mean, I know you two fuck like bunnies whenever you are together, but this is kind of different, isnt it?” 
You mimicked the move, biting at your lip as you considered your answer. “A little bit. I mean, is it all we’re good at?” You gave an unsure shrug. “What if I break it off with Neil, who granted isn’t really all that attentive, but he isn't a bad man.” 
“Y/N.” Ellie deadpanned out, looking at you like you were being all kinds of stupid. “Can you tell me honest to god you ever loved Neil or was he convenient for you?” 
“Okay okay, I thought I loved him.” You admitted guilt and indecisiveness brewing in your chest. “I probably did, at first. But I don't even know if it was that anymore.”  
“Exactly. Quit this noble quest of doing what is best for you and take what you want. Besides, Neil isn’t that great of a catch. He is kind of an asshole. You told me how he talks about that Andy guy from the office that you say isn't that bad. Also, he is unattentive to you and full of himself.” Ellie continued on, she honestly had given Neil a chance but was unimpressed with this boyfriend you stuck with.  
“I might have exaggerated some of it?” 
“Bullshit and you know it. You miss it here, I know you do.” Ellie leaned forward to peck her lips on your cheek and roll off the bed. “You wanna go out tonight or order dinner in?” She questioned and you smiled while pulling yourself up to a sit. 
“Let’s go out tonight. It’s been forever since we went out.” With a thumbs up Ellie left and you went to get into your bag, pulling out some clothing you hadn’t been able to wear in a long time. Ellie was right, you had missed living here. 
Tumblr media
It was several cocktails in and loud music playing at the Bijou Bar when you felt your phone buzzing near your hip. Grabbing it, you peered at the screen to see Ransom had texted. 
You in the city yet? 
Yup, just got to Ellies tonight. We are dancing at the Bijou. 
Without me? :( Bad Girl
I can be a bad girl. You hurriedly typed out, biting on your lip as you held the camera up, sure to take a sultry picture of yourself looking up at him. It had the perfect shot of your breasts. 
I have seen you act naughtier then that Kitten. Came seconds later. 
But you are not here Ran. Where are you? 
At my apartment. Where is the Bijou? 
It’s on Kingston, it’s not all that far from your apartment. 
And what about Ellie? 
You paused your text, your slightly tipsy haze sobering as you considered what Ransom said. This was girls' night after all. Ellie broke that sour feeling from your gut when she snatched your phone out of your hand and hit the facetime button. You didn't have a chance to grab it back when Ransom answered, obviously from his bedroom, where he was sprawled against his pillows with his forearm folded behind his head for support. Both of you were graced with the wide spanse of his bare chest on the screen. “Ransom!” Ellie laughed into the phone, grinning at him. “Did I interrupt something?” 
Ransom smirked cooly back, a brow arching in a rather suggestive way. “If you wanted to join the party Ellie, all you had to do was ask.” 
She snorted, shaking her head enough to quickly inform him that she wouldnt be doing that ever and to get over himself. “I hear enough of your sexcapades from Y/N, you couldn’t keep up.” 
“I have never had any complaints before, you trying to bruise my ego?” Ransom made a sour face at Ellie while you tried to get your phone back, she was still sober enough to play keep away. 
“Someone’s gotta. Listen, I have a great dance partner down here, but our girl is all alone. Now I’m sure Johnny would LOVE to entertain us both…” Ellie said slyly as she ducked out of your reach again, flaunting over to a good looking man at the bar, angling the camera so Ransom could see him. “Say hi Johnny!” Which the stranger looked over Ellies shoulder and waved at the camera, sporting a cocky grin that told you he was clearly in on Ellies plan. 
“I will be right there!” Ransom sputtered into the phone when Ellie twisted around Johnny, once more out of your reach, using the very solid man as a shield. 
“Good, but its just to dance Ransom. Y/N is staying at my place tonight.” She tapped end call and slipped you the phone back. 
“Ellie! What was that about?” 
Ellie giggled as she held onto Johnny’s arm. “Now we both have someone to dance with. Y/N, this is Johnny Storm, he is a stunt man whom I met at the studio.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Johnny.” Your hand reached out and his hand enveloped yours. 
“Same to you, I didn’t know I was crashing on anything, Ellie just happened to mention she was here and I dropped in. She really didn't know I was coming.” 
Ellie pouted next to him. “It is all good, cause Ransom is coming for Y/N and we can all dance together.” 
“You planned this, didn’t you?”
Ellie grinned as she took her fruity looking drink and sipped from the straw. “Gotta show my bestie a good time while she is here.” 
Tumblr media
Ransom might have had a bit of a possessive streak when he saw the man Ellie was hanging off, the idea of you dancing with the pretty boy. Well, it was already bad enough he had fucking Neil in his way. Whipping the Beamer into a side parking lot, not particularly caring that he parked in the handicap spot near the front. 
Let them ticket him, he didn't give a shit. 
Entering the club, the music blasted in his eardrums and the lights were dim colors, putting everyone in a haze of shadows. It was heated gyrating bodies, bouncing to the music. The air was heavy with anticipation to fuck and screw one another. His gaze fell around the club till he found you, bopping on the dance floor with Ellie and Johnny. Your head tipped back to sway to the music, your hands resting on Ellie's waist as you pressed up behind her, clearly lost in the moment. 
Watching you made him half hard on the spot. 
Ransom pushed his way through the dancing patrons, avoiding grabbing hands trying to pull him in. His palms just wanted one sweaty body in their hold. You glanced over your shoulder to see him, tugging at your bottom lip suggestively to sink back into his hold, your back pressing against the solid wall of his chest and your ass fitting into his groin to roll back into him. Ransom could smell the sweet liquor on your breath as you tilted your head over your shoulder to lick over his mouth, purring against his lips as your tongue pressed hungrily for a kiss. 
His hands grasped your hips, twisting you away from Ellie till you were wrapped in him, your arms fisting in his shirt and arching your hips to his own. 
Your tongue licked the roof of his mouth, slanting your head to deepen it, your moan made him that much harder. Pulling back, your teeth pulled at his slightly chapped lip, licking afterward to his nose with a glint in your eyes. “I'm tipsy and horny Ransom.” You rubbed your chest against him, your lips pressing to his neck where those little kitten licks you did would drive him fucking crazy. 
It was a victory for you, feeling his fingers tighten possessively while you were licking up the tendon popping from his neck. The music was making you gyrate into his hard on. You loved doing this, loved pushing his buttons till he fucked you mindless. You had gotten good at it over the years. “I can tell you are Kitten, Ellie been feeding you those strong drinks?” He popped the question while his hands dropped to your ass, feeling him push you against him while lifting your cheeks so you fell right into him. 
“Johnny too…” You nuzzled in against his ear, slipping your tongue to trace the quickening reddening shell as you danced against him. 
“Oh yeah?” Ransom huffed, slipping his hand from behind between your thighs, stroking the inner seam of your crotch to press against your core. “Is my cunt all wet because of Johnny too?” 
A ho-hum of an answer was given while you closed your thighs tightly around Ransom's hand between your thighs. “I mean… He’s not bad.” You pointedly looked over your shoulder where the exceptionally good looking stunt man was making out with Ellie, purposely holding her in his lap. “But Ransom…” You dropped in front of him, looking up at him from your lashes and working your way back up, sure to run your nose against the now thick bulge in the front of his pants. “I’ve had better.” 
The way his pupils blown and he would have stuffed your mouth with his cock if you two werent still clothed. 
Hook, Line and Sinker. 
Ransom was quicker than you thought when he yanked you up off the floor, marching you to the nearest place that was where all the drunk horny people escaped too. Pulling you down a narrow hall half filled with people, you two ended up in the bathroom, grabbing at one another and crashing against one of the sinks till he pushed you to sit on it and spread your thighs. “This little cunt better be ready.” He ripped at your jeans button, sending it flying across the bathroom to echo off the wall in a confirmation that yes, yes you were ready. 
“Ready all fucking day Ransom.” You grabbed at his cheeks to suck on his bottom lip. Pushing your fingers up into his hair, you grabbed on while exploring his mouth and arching your hips for his hand to work your jeans open, yanking on them to get them down while you kicked out your legs to get them off. 
“Why the fuck you wear pants when you knew you were calling me?” He grunted as he stepped back, you hoping down to squirm one leg out enough to be able to move. 
You licked up his neck, biting a tendon while using his shoulders to balance. “I didn't know you would show up.” He grasped at the back of your neck, pulling you back to look at him. His possessive gaze made you squirm as his tone dropped dangerously low. 
“Kitten, you fucking know I will always show up.” The rush of hearing him, the way you were that close to dropping to your knees to worship him by sucking on his cock was broken when the bathroom door slammed open and Ransom roared out in frustration. “Fucking busy, get out of here.” 
“But- but I gotta pee!” Some random woman stated, clutching her handbag to her chest. Ransom didn’t even give her another chance to leave before you were pushed back onto the edge of the bathroom sink, the door slammed back in her face and he had your panties pushed aside to finger you. 
“Anyone can just walk in Ransom.” You pointed out with a whine, chasing after his fingers as the squealched into your wanting pussy, fucking yourself on his digits while you clutched at his shirt, balancing somehow on the sinks edge. 
“Let ‘em, let ‘em see me fucking my Kitten like the little cock drunk slut she is. What you wanted, wasn’t it?” He pinched your clit, enough to make you squeal at the pain and cum all over his hand. You fell back into the mirror, nodding in this needy drunken way that had him palming at his cock, messy smeared fingers staining the front of his slacks. 
“Please Ransom… You gonna make me beg for my victory fuck?” You pleaded, your hand falling between your thigh to spread your folds apart, rubbing at yourself. Ransom didn’t even look down, just watched your expression while he undid his pants, seeing you bite at your lip, screw your eyes shut and give out a moan that had you sounding so pathetic. He had to get his cock into you. 
A slap of your hand had you pulling away while he jerked you back to the edge, fitting himself right at your entrance and slamming into you, just what you hoped for. 
“You are pretty when you beg, all fucking needy and whining about how you want to be fucked out on my cock, who says this is your victory fuck? You are the one begging and squirming for me.” He hissed as he pounded into you, he held you on the sink to keep from bouncing off, but it was unforgiving as you were pounded against it. “Seems like I’m the one who won here.” 
You couldn’t think about anything, his words making you try to answer him but the most you could do was moan and pant, once in a while drop his name with a “Fuck Ransom Fuck.” 
“You should feel this pussy, weeping all over me making a mess.” He hissed when he grasped the back of your neck, angling your head so it tilted, letting him messily kiss and bite at your mouth while you returned it, sharply nipping at him till you tasted the hot tang of blood. The sink creaked and groaned under the abuse. 
“Come on Kitten, give it up to me, you know you want to.” Had you scrambling, doing everything you could to hold out while he angled you just right. Because Ransom always knew what was just right for you. 
And sparks interrupted your vision while your body seemed to take over. It didn’t slow him down feeling your pussy clamp on him, your loud cry of satisfaction, or how you scrambled to pull him close, needing him to keep you safe from your own bliss. 
“Fuck.” Ransom sputtered, hands jerking you off the sink to grasp at your ass and fuck you on him, your arms looped around his neck while you hung onto him. It was several jerking pounds before he came, somewhat careful as he dropped your sore ass back onto the edge of the sink and he enclosed you in his hold while fucking his spend deeper into you. 
Both of you were panting, clutching at one another for a few moments. You were the first to stir, purring in his ear and nipping down his jaw while you tilted your head to him, grinning at the mark you happened to leave on his lip. A nice little bite mark. “Sorry I got you.” 
Lifting his gaze to the mirror behind you, he touched at it gently, smirking at his disheveled features. “Not sorry enough obviously, you look pretty proud of yourself.” He tilted your chin to look at him, kissing you harshly enough so your own chapped lips stung. You swallowed another moan, tightening your legs around him to keep him from pulling out just yet. 
“I am proud of myself, let everyone know you were fucking in the bathroom.” 
A slam on the door had it opening slightly, Ellie poking her head around the edge. “Of course, it’s you two fucking in here! Hurry it up, we’re about to get kicked out because you two literally can’t be around each other for five minutes until this happens.” 
You stayed hiding around Ransom while tugging up the back of his pants to keep his ass from showing. “Two seconds!” 
“Um- you invited me Ellie?” Ransom pointed out while you hid your face against his shoulder, cursing your predictament.
“One! Then I’m not blocking the door anymore for you.” Ellie pulled back, distinctly comparing them to ‘horny like bunnies, fuck fuck fucking everywhere.’ to whomever was on the other side. Ransom gave a smirk as he pulled out from you, yanking his pants closed while you slipped down to tug your one free leg back in your jeans. Ransom looked you over, all smug again. You wiped at your lip gloss, narrowing your eyes. 
“What is your perverted little mind thinking about?” 
“Just how fucked you look and everyone is gonna see.” He winked as he pulled open the door, Ellie and Johnny making a good barricade. 
Ellie gave an exasperated huff. “I might have invited you to crash on us just to dance Ransom.” She said while the group made their way back towards the bar. 
“Yeah, we got distracted.” Ransom was sure to extend his thanks to them by offering to pay off the tab that you all had accumulated. Ellie was sure to order herself one of the most expensive drinks she could, grinning back to her usual happy self. 
“Good thing you got all your fucks out, cause Y/N is going home with me.” 
Ransom hummed a bit, smirking. “For now Ellie, weekends coming.”
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thornsnvultures · 5 months ago
make you whole ♡
Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader
summary: "What do you have?!" "A knife!" "No!!!"
warnings: knife injury, blood mention, all pretty tame but I'd rather be safe then sorry
words: 725
a/n: this is my submission for @real-jane 's #HealingHandsChallenge in celebration of her hitting 725 followers 🥰 I hope you like it, Kate, it was so hard for me to stop at 725 lol (maybe I'll write the smutty follow up to this down the line 🥴) Kate, I adore your writing. The way you have with words never fails to take my breath away, there's always new sides I see of you with every story you post and I hope we keep getting to see more and more. Thanks for including me in this, girlie, I had a lot of fun 💖 (like god I cranked that out in 2hrs. umm mom are you proud of me?? I made a moodboard who am i??)
Tumblr media
"Aren't you supposed to be some kinda elite knife murder…man? How did you accidentally cut yourself?" The stupid paper wrapper won't come off of the bandaid and it's driving you nuts. Stupid manicure, you huff to yourself and rip the paper open with your teeth. Thankfully one of the caterers had some bandaids in their bag but the character options were abysmal and apparently their packaging was military grade tough.
"So eloquent, doll." Bucky drolls sarcastically. "You're just a vision in white and I got distracted."
"Or, you were goofing around with Steve again. I told you not to play with knives around him anymore, he's a bad influence. And on our wedding day, too,' you shake your head, "unbelievable."
Bucky watched you struggle with a smirk on his face. He would ask if you wanted help but you growled, actually growled, last time. "You shouldn't be patching me up, I'll get blood on your dress."
"You're not gonna get blood on my dress."
"It'll be healed up in an hour anyway."
"That doesn't mean you don't deserve to be taken care of, Bucky!"
Your eyes meet over the Paw Patrol bandaid, now opened, paper partially peeled off in your hands.
"Sorry for snapping."
Bucky doesn't answer right away, letting you finish making sure his thumb has gotten the dire medical attention it needed. He smiles, admiring your handiwork.
"You do an amazing job taking care of me, doll."
"Of course I do. I love you, Buck. Or I wouldn't be here in this big silly dress." Your arms flail around you at the pile of tulle you're currently swamped in on the floor in front of him.
"I know, sweetheart."
You grab hold of his hand once again, press a quick, light kiss to the blue police dog taped to Bucky's thumb and and smile. "So cute."
"Y'know that's gonna show in our wedding pictures."
"Oh now you care about wedding pictures, Bucky?"
"No, but you care. You know if it was up to me we would've had our trio of idiots escort us to the courthouse and gotten this done in 20 minutes." He's right. Sam had even offered to drive.
"But don't I look pretty, Buck?" You bat your eyelashes, like anyone could ever describe you as coy, and Bucky snorts out a laugh. His calloused hands cradle your face like you're made of something delicate and precious and maybe you are, to him. It's why you're here in a large storage closet surrounded by white folding chairs and tables putting a silly little cartoon bandaid on his thumb instead of out there celebrating with your extended family. You're precious to him in ways he never thought he'd deserve. Delicate in how someone else's love could hold you up and in and wrap around you so nothing spills and you're whole. His thumbs, one metal one...plastic and sticky, caress your cheeks in soothing circles as he stares at you, lost in thought. You could go for a nap, waiting for him to come back to you, but he never took too long.
"We should get back." The low timbre of his voice sends shivers up your spine.
"We should."
"You do look beautiful by the way." Bucky plucks at the strap strategically placed over your shoulder and something in you wants him to keep pulling until there's nothing left.
"So I've heard. From you. About every five minutes."
"But it's true, doll." He runs his rough fingers down your arm and you feel like you're already shaking under him, about to fall apart. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"
"That you stabbed yourself so you could sneak me away and have your way with me in a broom closet?"
"Wha- no! Haha! What kinda lunatic do you think I am, sweetheart? I-," he coughs and clears his throat, "okay, maybe."
"Good," you smile with a tilt of your head, feeling his thick thighs tense under your fingertips. "'Cause I'm dying to get out of this dress. How long do you think Nat and Steve can hold off the angry mob when they realize we ditched the party?"
"Who cares, I wanna have my way with my fuckin' wife. Now let me help you get-"
You wince when you hear something tear in his hands.
"Careful, grandpa, we just got you patched up."
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liberty-barnes · 5 months ago
hellooo! i'm new here on tumblr and i was just wondering if you had any good blog recs that are larry-related? i'm noticing that people on here have way more info than on twitter (as well as just being overall less confusing haha) so i wanted to check out some blogs to just make my experience in the fandom a bit better. thank you so much!!
Me trying to decide between being helpful and gatekeeping my favourite blogs:
Tumblr media
Alright, the helpful side won, damn my parents for raising me to share and be kind.
So first off, quick disclaimer: please try your best to follow Tumblr fandom rules when going to these people and don't be rude to them because they're amazing and I love them so if you mess with them I will track you down and make Hell look like an all-expenses-paid trip to Ibiza.
Now that that's out of the way, here are my favourite blogs, the ones I check every day and got me through the research stage when I actually started to get involved in all things fandom:
@twopoppies: queen of fic recs, always has good discourse, her anons can be very sus sometimes so we keep an eye out for those, perfect mix of kind and sassy, wrote this absolute masterpiece that everyone should read and I couldn't resist mentioning
@daisiesonafield-blog: our lord and saviour, her blog is so organised it can only be the work of a witch because no ordinary human has as much patience as she does to keep it all so neat, pretty much every resource you could need as a Larrie can be found on her blog, it's like having your mom give you a little pamphlet with the location of every single item in your house cause you always forget that the red shirt is in the bottom left drawer. As if that wasn't enough, she's also smart, kind, and runs the @larrytimelines blog, so that really just proves my theory that she isn't actually real, just a figment of our imagination
@indiaalphawhiskey: the Biggest of all the Brains, she puts things you only vaguely imagine into coherent words, just God Tier theories and discourse that blow my mind every time I read them. She also wrote Our Lives, Non-Fiction which is fairly well-known on Twitter, at least in my circles, although my personal favourite is Barefoot In Blue Jeans. Overall, if it has words, she's amazing at it.
@awesomefringey: the nicest person I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with, and I sincerely admire her patience. Leading expert in all things thirst over Larry, but scrolling through her blog will also cause you breakdowns 9/10 times cause she's always putting Larry gifs on our dash. She's the dramatic aunt at family gatherings that'll sneak you vodka when your parents aren't looking while also offering to get you to bed when you inevitably get smashed.
@lesbianslovelouis: the SASSIEST and we LOVE IT, she says things like they are, no filtering, no bullshit, just so genuine and honest you can't help but love her. Also at the start of some very important discussions such as Louis' very soft elbows, the Broli secret relationship, and the "Harry is a mermaid, Louis is a cat" ongoing investigation. quick disclaimer tho, if you want to go to her blog, you better follow Tumblr rules and not be an obnoxious and entitled dick otherwise she'll eat you alive and I'll enjoy every second of it
@skepticalarrie: yet another one with a super-organised blog (seriously which demon did you make a pact with to keep it that nice? I don't understand how). Smart, smart, smart, I've been going through some of her lyric analysis from HS3 lately and it's just so well-done, it makes you see things you maybe hadn't noticed before but make SO MUCH SENSE. Also has a bunch of explanations for things that make us scratch our heads like the "Louis and Harry are mortal enemies" narrative
@genuinemusic: my go-to for all things HS3. Her analysis of AIW is an absolute masterpiece and I can't wait for the rest. Also so cool to read her first listens to the album cause you're already getting a taste for the analysis and I'm nothing if not a whore for deep thinking, it's the English student in me.
@cuethetommo: business queen, the best blog to go to for anything ticket-related, whenever I'm sad I just go through her ASK ME WHY I LOVE HARRY STYLES and MOST BEAUTIFUL BOY tags and then I'm good again. Also has a really organised blog, and her HARRY MERCH tag always makes me feel better when I get angry that Harry's merch honestly sucks
Those are the ones I keep up with the most, even tho there's tons of good people out there that you should definitely check out, so don't be afraid to just branch out on your own, check out random blogs, see if their blog is something you could keep up with.
Since you're from Twitter, there's one main thing you should know about this: NO ONE CARES ABOUT FOLLOWERS. We believe in curating your experience, so follow whoever you want, unfollow whoever you want, and don't worry about saying the wrong thing cause it won't bring in more followers. Tumblr is the best place for you to just be yourself without the fear of being judged or cancelled.
Edit: here is a list of general Tumblr guidelines, and here is a list more catered to the 1D/Larry side of things, I recommend reading both.
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nicola-writes · 5 months ago
psssst psssssssssstttttt
talk about the ableism and saneism in the writblr community. it needs to be talked about (i would help but wordnt)
thank u for the motivation!! also i hope 1) wordn't becomes wordy, and/or 2) u have a pleasant time while wordn't
god where do i start. This is probably going to be messy and angry and not the super convenient nice happy disabled person but GOD i'm so fucking tired lmao
starting. starting. Ah! i'll start with this: I am autistic, and the people who diagnosed me also generally agreed I have some form of anxiety. (I'm also currently figuring out if I'm struggling with depression.) I don't have first-hand experience with being physically disabled, and I am not every neurodiversity ever.
So, that's the standpoint I'm coming from in regards to first-hand experience; talking about disabilities I don't have will just be me repeating what I've seen around, as well as me taking experience of my own and applying it to similar situations (e.g. the demonization of low empathy hurts autistic people. I know why, as an autistic. Similarly, it hurts pwPDs).
With that out of the way, let's continue.
I'm just gonna say it. I fucking hate the wider whump community on writblr. I follow a few whump accounts and I like them, but most of the whump community is a toxic, saneist, ableist hellscape.
I have seen whump prompt blogs call characters who don't speak "perfectly broken". What do they think of nonverbal autistics?
I have seen them treat PTSD like a wonderful thing to inflict on their characters. What about the people with c-PTSD and PTSD who are reading that?
I have seen them describe sexual assault and the trauma disorders it can cause in one of their "fun whump prompts" lists--completely untagged with any sort of warning that, you know, REAL PEOPLE with REAL TRAUMA might have backlisted to avoid it.
I have seen something that was literally just the description of an autistic meltdown, minus any reference to the word autism, and say "this is so satisfying to write". (From an allistic person.)
I have seen whump blogs use physical disability as a perfect method of torture, treating blindness, deafness, amputated limbs, & chronic pain as the perfect curse to inflict on their characters--I don't know who has to fucking hear this, but physically disabled people are not some pitiable animals. They're people, and they're on tumblr, and they can read what you're saying about their disablities.
Additionally, the way people describe their whumpers sometimes... delusional, psycho, psychotic, sociopathic, narcissistic, "void of empathy", etc etc etc. DID YOU KNOW THOSE ARE REAL THINGS THAT REAL PEOPLE ARE. There are people with ASPD, psychosis, low empathy, and NPD on tumblr. They don't deserve to see that shit.
& like. @ whump blogs. Do you post your stories in the touch-averse tag? If so... stop. Us touch averse folk don't need our tag invaded by horrific stories and prompts about touch aversion being ignored and abused. Find another tag.
All in all, the whump community has a giant problem of treating mental illness, trauma, and disabilities like either 1) nothing but imaginary scenarios to put whumpees through, or 2) perfect traits for their evil, abusive whumper.
I wanted to highlight a couple of my issues with whumpblr specifically, but the rest of writblr is by no means exempt from this bullshit.
First of all, the "describing your antagonist as unempathetic/psychotic/sociopathic/a narcissist/crazy" thing is Not something that non-whump writblrs are immune to. I'll put it simply: I am hypoempathetic. I do not experience empathy. If you equate hypoempathy to being a fucking serial killer or some shit, I am blocking you. Same with the things I don't have.
Next: trauma and depression.
I won't pretend that every joke about traumatizing your OCs is evil. Neither is joking about giving them depression (less common but still there). But the overarching trend of treating trauma & depression itself like a joke, about treating trauma and depressive disorders like fun little things that come with the plot and not like actual things people live with, is harmful.
I have struggled with depression. I am an autistic teen. 60% of autistic adults have PTSD just from growing up autistic, because it's often such a traumatizing experience. I do not feel safe in a community that treats depression & trauma like a joke.
now: "character flaws"
literally please stop calling obvious ND traits "character flaws". It is not that hard. "paranoid" "blunt" "odd" "unempathetic" "crazy" (what the fuck does that even mean to you) "hyperactive" "bad memory" straight up "hallucinates" and "depressed".... shut up, shut up, i hate you, shut up.
No, I'm not saying these things are all perfect and harmless and fun traits that never impact anyone. But flaws are traits that you're supposed to dislike about a character. A character having a paranoid anxiety disorder should not make you dislike them. A character being "odd" via displaying autistic traits should not make you dislike them. Flaws are things like being cheap, cruel, ignoring the needs of others, being a liar, being bigoted, etc. And... yeah! Some things you can list as flaws are also ND traits! Bc not all ND traits are that great! But like... lots are not flaws, they're just unusual to society. Something like "isn't NT" is not a character flaw. It's just not. Being neurodivergent is not something a character should have to make up for.
(bonus points (/s) to lists that give things like "always tired" and "difficulty moving quickly" as character flaws! You've managed to hurt physically disabled and/or chronically ill people, too <3)
coding villains as/making them canonically disabled, and/or just straight up ignoring the existence of disability
the writblr community is really diverse with their characters, and that's nice. But disability is... often hard to find? in abled people's work? Either they'll have the token ADHDer, one vaguely pitiable dude in a wheelchair, or the horrifically stereotyped autistic, or they'll code their villain as some sort of neurodivergent/chronically ill.
No one has to make disabled characters. Your story is your story. But it feels shitty to be left out of everything unless fellow disabled people made it.
Example for the coding thing: if your villain has difficulty connecting to people, is blunt, doesn't lie very well, is monotone, has "unsettling" or blank facial expressions, is awkward in the way they act, dislikes people, has very rigid thought patterns, is extremely stubborn, follows their personal set of rules to a T, is a loner, is very very intent on their goal/main interest, and seems to have trouble socializing "typically", or hits a lot of those things, congrats! they're autistic. That is a person I would 100%, without a doubt, think "oh, that's me" about. (That's just one neurodiversity; I see a LOT of villains coded as having antisocial personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder in particular.)
There's also, like. if your villain uses a mobility aid, has scars, is canonically ND, etc and is the only one out of your cast who is, that's ableism. You should feel bad. Full stop. It's not hard to keep yourself from connecting disability & mental illness to villainy.
Also, side note. People's autistic characters often tire me. Because they'll have one profile of a character they say isn't ND and they're like "she's an artist who's OBSESSED with her craft, she's pretty socially awkward, she calms down in dark lonely spaces, she has difficulty communicating, she doesn't really understand social norms" and then their autistic character will be Sheldon Cooper 2.0.
using outdated/wrong terminology
maybe i'm just in the wrong circles but like. "asperger's" "multiple personality disorder" "person with autism" "psychopathic" literally what. stop that. no. (In order: autism, DID, autistic, antisocial personality disorder.)
fetishizing, romanticizing, stereotyping, and generally misrepresenting
your anxious character isn't an uwu sad small bean (like, literally stop, anxiety is hell). depression doesn't make good art. the autistic character does not have to be a super genius. your character in a wheelchair isn't a tragedy. blind people aren't super-wise sages. Etc, etc, etc.
in conclusion (not actually concluding)
i'm not done, i'm just feeling my weak grip on words slowly starting to slip away. Wordn't is coming upon me, too. hashtag quirky autism things!
Anyway, if other disabled people want to add on--ESPECIALLY those with personality disorders, psychotic disorders, and physical disabilities--i'm saying please do. I want to hear other people's experiences.
I love writblr, but it's very, very common for me as an autistic mentally ill person to feel uncomfortable with the way characters are treated & handled.
Just... listen to us? please?
that's all for now, i guess.
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doriana-gray-games · 2 months ago
I'm sure that I read this question somewhere on your blog, but my search proves fruitless. And after a wonderful discussion on the discord (everyone should join if only so that I can bug more people about their mcs), we are dying to know the answer.
So my darling Dori,
How would the ROs react to walking in on Sherlock changing? What if the situation was reversed?
Tumblr media
Hi Goob! <3
I'm gonna do these with some variation—
Lestrade is walked in on by MC:
Loud expletive followed by a scramble to put their clothes back on / while screaming at you to turn around. I can see them falling over trying to put their pants back on in such a hurry.
They would feel very uncomfortable for a while after because they aren't terribly comfortable in their body and being naked in front of people. They've lost a lot of weight and muscle tone in the last few years by not eating and sleeping properly. In their mind, they convince themselves you find their current build unattractive and unseemly.
Lestrade walks in on MC:
Full body freeze, not even breathing or blinking. You're gonna need to do something to shake them out of their short circuit. Yell at them, talk to them, move from your position, cover yourself—anything—which would end in them practically running out of the room as quickly as possible and murmuring a dazed apology.
Watson is walked in on by MC:
Deer in headlights look and/or slight shriek... followed by blushing and somehow them apologising to you. If you're very, very close platonic friends, I can see them, instead of blushing, starts laughing while running away for cover with one hand inadequately trying to hide the derriere.
They would be secretly wondering if you think they look good/okay. But—they could never ask you. They couldn't. Could they? No... probably not.
Watson walks in on MC:
Romantic Relationship: Nightmare meeting fantasy. I think maybe they would be so shocked they make one loud laugh (not at you, of course). But just as a nervous reaction to something so improper and irregular as seeing you in such a state. Then bury their head in their hands, screaming apologies, and turn around asking if they can get you something to cover up with. I imagine some freudian slip on undressed and plenty of stuttering.
Platonic and very comfortable with one another:
Tumblr media
Some version of this emoji, possibly some small blush, while trying to conduct business as usual and discussing whatever they came in to discuss. (✨Platonic admiration only✨)
Adler is walked in on by MC:
They really don't care. Probably some flattering or impressively flexible posing. "Care to join?"
If MC freaks out at the sight, they will laugh. "Hmm, not the most common reaction, I must admit. You wound me, darling." then they pose some more.
Adler walks in on MC:
They would look...
Some light chuckle or one raised eyebrow. "Ah, I apologise. Unless? No? Fair enough..."
Their hypothesis about you was mostly correct.
H is walked in on by MC:
Probably would not happen unless they wanted it to happen... which wouldn't happen early on in a relationship.
They would simply continue dressing/undressing. "Would you mind helping me with these buttons, Sherlock?" A small smile on their lips.
H walks in on MC:
"Ah—you're. My sincerest apologies." They swallow hard and exit the room.
They are gonna have a difficult time forgetting the sight. A real difficult time.
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iris-ren · 9 months ago
I'm in love with your blog! QWQ
I was wondering if I could request a fic about Levi, where his s/o doesn't get back from a simple supply mission but everyone else did, and Levi has a break down at front of his cadets or the veterans or both (whatever you prefer) because he thinks it was his fault or this is his life where he gonna lost everyone but after few days his s/o get back to the headquarters with cuts and bruises after those hard days outside of the wall and Levi can't believe it is real and not some daydream about his love. Long story short I need an angst fic with happy ending! QwQ
Thank you so much, feel free to ignore this if you don't like it or if you don't want to. You're amazing and I hope you have an amazing day!
the castle
levi x reader
Tumblr media
a/n: i took some liberties with this one, hope you enjoy
tags: angst // fluff // curse words // violence // blood //
“i won’t let you do this.” a stern voice sounded off in the night air as you mounted your horse. you sighed, looking at the stars that peaked out behind the tree tops above you. not bothering to turn around, you knew who that voice belonged to, you were intimately familiar with it.
“it’s not your decision to make, i have to do this with or without your blessing. this is bigger than both of us.” you said, grimacing at your own words. you wished you could choose to be selfish, and stay behind with levi. part of you thought that all of humanity could be shot straight to hell for all you cared, as long as you and levi could be here together in the sanctity of the wooded fortress, but you couldn’t afford to think that way. you had a job to do.
levi made his way around your horse yanking you down in the process, thankfully he caught you on the way down. levi’s strong arms pinned your form to his chest, so tightly that you felt as if your lungs could collapse under the pressure.
“fuck whoever’s decision it is, it’s my decision that i can’t let you go.”
your heart melted at the sight of Levi being so worried over you. his hand held a firm grip on the small of your back, while the other held the base of your head. his strong hold made your body turn to putty in his embrace.
your voice came almost as a whisper, “it’s a stealth mission levi, you heard the commanders orders.” your tone faltered when his gaze intensified. you reached a hand up to cup his face in an attempt to ease him, “it’s for the good of humanity.”
he nodded your hand away, “i don’t give a fuck about humanity. you are what matters to me, and i need you to stay alive. this mission only puts your life in jeopardy.”
you ignored his protest and cupped his face anyways as a frown formed on your face.
levi wasn’t really mad.. you knew that. he was scared, and so were you but you knew that if you followed the commanders instructions correctly, you should be back to the fortress by dawn, back in levi’s arms once more.
“you know i love you right?” levi’s face finally softened at your words, a smile formed on your face at the sight. “the sooner i can do this, the sooner i’ll be back here with you. it’s a simple in and out mission, i just have to sneak into the MP’s base, snag the supplies, and get out of there. simple as that.”
levi rolled his eyes at your oversimplification.
“yeah, and you could get caught and killed in the process.” you leaned in closer, your lips were just a hair’s length distance away from levi’s, “you trust me don’t you? am i not capable, captain?”
his jaw clenched, “goddamn it, you're not going to let me win this one are you?”
you winked at your boyfriend playfully, “i’ll be back before you know it.”
levi’s grip tightened on your neck, as he closed the distance between your lips. the kiss was much more passionate than usual, your tongues danced around each other frantically in an attempt to quell the fear that was rising in both of your stomachs. levi’s hands caressed your figure desperately, trying to memorize every plain and curve that made up your body. he knew that he had to let you go, there was no stopping you when your mind was made up, but he couldn’t shake the bad feeling his intuition was giving him about this mission. if the MP’s didn’t catch you, there would still be a chance that you could run into any number of titans while you were traveling.
levi finally broke the kiss, looking upon your face with that same stoic expression that you have grown to love, “don’t get caught, and don’t you dare get killed by a fucking titan either.”
you chuckled at his words as your bodies finally separated. levi was never great with words but you knew what he was trying to say, “yeah, i love you too.” you climbed back on top of your horse. levi reached up to place a hand on your thigh,
“remember-“ you covered his hand with your own giving a tender squeeze, “don’t die, yes i remember.”
you were grateful for the cover that the night gave you, no titans would be active at this hour.
this will be a simple in and out mission just like the commander said. you thought.
you were feeling very optimistic, you were able to sneak into the MP’s base with no issue but now it was a matter of finding the supplies. all you knew to look for was a wooden crate with ‘fragile’ stamped on the front, that is all the commander would divulge about the supplies you were seeking out.
you snuck into the facility’s basement and made your way through the maze-like corridors, not finding anything that fit the commander's description. you knew that dawn would come soon, which meant that the possibility of getting caught, or eaten by a titan on your way back grew greater.
time wandered on as you diligently searched through the labyrinth that was the cold, dark basement. you inspected every dusty room with no luck. adrenaline and anxiety pumped through your veins, you knew that you had spent too much time in the basement. a key part of the mission was to be back to the castle by dawn.
you had almost given up your search when an object in the corner caught your eye. you hastily brushed the dust off the large box, revealing the words ‘fragile’ printed on.
this better be the right box, cause i gotta get the fuck out of here.
levi knew he wouldn’t sleep until you made it back safely. he tried to occupy his mind with the mountain of paperwork that desperately needed tending to on his desk, but he found himself watching the clock, counting the minutes until you were back to the castle.
dawn was approaching. many members of the scout regiment were already getting an early start to their day, some getting ready for training, while others tended to the horses. levi decided that he was much too anxious to stay confined in his quarters. the captain marched out to the front of the castle and busied himself with cleaning his already spotless ODM gear just so he could keep an eye out for your approach.
shit, the suns coming up. you thought as you finally tied the supply box to the side of your horse’s saddle bag. titan’s would be active soon. you made sure to stay hyper vigilant once you lead your horse galloping through the forest.
your anxiety rose along with the sun that was beginning to peak over the treetops. you still had a good way to go before you could reach the castle, you knew that some sort of interaction with a titan was inevitable at this point. you tried to ease your fearful mind, your thoughts were racing. you knew that you would have an advantage over a titan in this environment if you initiated your ODM gear, but you had to make sure the supplies made it back to the castle safely. your gear was virtually useless in this situation.
time passed slowly and the distance ahead seemed never ending. the sun continued its ascension, now beaming directly upon you.
the sound of your horse’s feet pounding the terrain below filled your ears. your ears perked when you picked up on the loud thunderous steps in the distance. steps that could only belong to a titan. judging by the sounds that continued to grow louder, you knew that you had mere seconds before it would be on top of you.
levi paced in front of the castle, “she should have been back by now. the sun is almost at its midday mark, what if she was intercepted by a titan on the way back?”
“oh! i’m sure she’s fine! hopefully she killed one so i can run some tests on it!” hange said enthusiastically.
“please shut the fuck up hange.”
well i really am shit out of luck. you thought as a 17 meter titans gained on you. you really didn’t know how you were going to get out of this one, the mission comes first and you couldn’t leave the supplies or your horse behind. you couldn’t live with yourself if you did.
you unsheathed your swords, gripping the sides of the horse tight with your thighs praying to the gods that you don’t fall off.
the titan gained on you on your right side, attempting to pull you from your horse. you noticed that this particular titan had long, sharp nails. you knew that you definitely didn’t want to get sliced by those things.
you aggressively swung and jabbed at the titan with both swords, but you didn’t make contact.
shit shit shit.
the beastly looking creature swung wide with its giant hand, cutting you deep across your back.
you shrieked out in burning pain. the cuts were so deep your clothing was ripped and already soaked in blood.
you knew you couldn’t falter, not now. you took the opening and sliced through the thick flesh of the titans fore arm, completely removing the limb causing it to fall back.
your vision became dark and splotchy, you knew you were close to losing consciousness from the loss of blood. you roused up every ounce of willpower to guide your horse on.
just a little bit farther..i’m almost there levi. you thought as your vision went black.
levi was trying his best to conceal his emotions, he felt like a ball of nerves right now, you were supposed to be back hours ago. levi still stood in front of the castle, now joined by his squad. he was about to order a search party for you, he was so anxious.
“uh.. captain..” uruo pointed into the distance at your lifeless body being carried by your horse.
without a second thought levi sprinted in your direction, a woeful expression painted his face as he saw your body lurched over your horse's back, covered in blood.
levi tried to pull you off the horse as quickly and as gently as possible, being very aware of your wounded back. levi felt even more alarmed when you didn’t yell out in pain, he cradled your unanimated form on the ground while all the bystanders were stunned at the scene playing out in front of them.
the trees swayed in the wind while levi looked down on your pale face, “no! no!” levi’s body shook as he pulled you to his chest, propping your head up in his hands, “wake up! don’t you dare die on me!” his chest heaved up and down as tears streamed down his face. levi turned to look at his squad, “what the fuck are you doing? go get a fucking medic!”
half of the crowd turned, running into the castle to retrieve help. levi removed his hand from the small of your back, analyzing all of the blood that covered his hand. ice ran through his veins when the smell of iron entered his nose.
levi continued to shake your body. his tears dripped down on to your face as he cried, “i’m sorry i didn’t say it back! fuck, i love you too damn it! please wake up! you can’t die on me over this fucking mission!”
the medics finally arrived, levi reluctantly let them take you out of his arms. the captain tried to regain his composure, having never shown this much emotion in front of anyone. ever. much less shedding full blown tears in front of half of the scout regiment.
levi followed the medics that carried your unconscious body into the castle, “is she okay? will she make it?”
“she’s lost a lot of blood but she hasn’t left us yet.”
levi felt hope bloom in his chest at the medics words.
you were stirred from your peace at the sound of china-ware clinging together. you didn’t even have to open your eyes to know exactly where that sound was coming from, you knew it was levi stirring what was probably his third cup of tea.
as soon as you opened your eyes you felt pain. you groaned at the stinging feeling that came from your back muscles. levi jumped at the sound of your voice, moving closer to your side from where he was sitting.
levi observed your features with a careful expression as he craned his neck over your still pale face.
you felt emotion well up from deep inside of you at the sight of the sable haired man, “levi.” you groaned.
you were taken back by how horse your voice sounded.
levi tried to conceal the overwhelming emotions he felt from hearing your sweet voice, “shh. it’s okay, i’m here. i’m here.” you drew in a short breath when you saw tears begin to prick your lovers eyes. you reached up to cup levi’s face, to your surprise levi actually leaned into your touch.
“it’s okay levi, i’m okay.”
“yes but you almost weren’t.” he said in a gruff tone.
he had you there, though you were grateful to have made it out of your titan debacle in one piece, you knew it was a close call with all of the blood you lost.
“well, was the commander pleased that he got his super secret supplies?” you asked playfully in an attempt to lighten the mood.
levi’s usual unamused expression returned to his face, “fuck those supplies.” he deadpanned as he pulled you into a fierce kiss. levi's tongue broke past your lips and immediately intertwined with your own. levi felt desperate, he deeply missed the feeling of your lips on his.
warmth washed over your whole body when levi pulled away, cupping your face with both hands.
you were at a loss of words, you had never seen levi actively show so much emotion in such a short span of time.
“i don’t want to lose you, so please keep that in mind the next time you accept a task from the commander.”
you laughed at levi’s words, “i love you.”
“i love you too. so much, so fucking much.”
levi’s held the back of your head, raking his hands through your hair as he initiated a long and languid kiss on your lips.
you wrapped your arms around levi’s neck, feeling perfectly safe in his arms.
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ofstormsandsaints · 2 months ago
who are ur fav blogs?
Well hello there! Thanks for asking
On Tumblr, I mainly follow DL-related blogs because I'm only active in this fandom. So here goes a long list of mentions:
@ausd - Go check their work. Please. I'm not good at praising people but their art is a gem - the way they portray the diaboys, Yui, their facial expressions, the jawlines-
@besnella - My fellow ENTJ queen👑. You're incredible. Extremely kind, supportive, motivating and whenever you will mention Marion, I'll be on cloud nine. I hope my second OC and Aleksi will raise hell together. I didn't ask for it yet, but I want some music recommandations from you in the future.
@diabolicalvixen - Someone I've been silently following for a while now (online, not irl, calm down fbi guy-). I fell in love with your art work and the way you portray Ayato and Yui together 🌸💞
@dialovers-translations - Her work is ESSENTIAL. I played the games (MB, DF and LE) and I can't tell you how grateful I am that people like her gave some of their time and energy to publish translations of the games, drama cds etc. Thank you for that.
@everything-laito - Check.her.work. Her analysis, her theories, the whole Laito Hell is one glorious place for people obsessed with him and/or with anything dl-related to be honest.
@gingerall - It is amazing how much variety we have among the artists. So many different art styles and ways to portray the diaboys. It is refreshing. And your style, Oliver, is one of the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Moreover, even though Keii is not the first male oc we saw in the fandom, I'm sincerely happy that he exists. Happy and curious to know more.
@jardinsdeminuit - When her writings disappeared from AO3, I was...kind of devastated to be honest. I'd simped on Yuma for a time because of her quality writing but now some of her content is back so please check it out !
@kyouxa - Another translation goddess (+I've been following you on Instagram and girl, you're incredibly funny. I love your cat, I don't know if saying that makes me weird or anything but thanks for your hardwork🧎‍♀️)
@lovely-oh-so-lovelyyui - OMG YOU'RE SO KIND-and I love how you spam caps when you react. Awesome headcanons, wonderful ideas, stunning imagery, talking with you is a real pleasure too and thank you for being here.💞
@mariicake - Here come some obvious stuff: /Cyra is the sun, I really like her, her aesthetic warms me like a hot macchiato in winter./ Ok so, we didn't interact that much yet but I'm grateful for the interest you've taken into my work. And you are so kind omg, you and @besnella are a duo that I love seeing interact. Two queens really.
@nutaella-kookie - You already know how much I admire your work and contribution to the dl lore. You're probably one of the reasons I started this blog. You brought a breath of freshness to this fandom, your originality and so so soft aesthetics make my heart flutter. (and you're super understanding and reassuring, thanks for that too!)
@samsvenn - Diaboys outfits headcanons. Do have I to say more? Ok maybe a little more: this blog is something I need to dig into more attentively; but as I only read a few headcanons, I can already tell that your work is truly interesting👌
@secretarykang - I've been following you for a while now and I'm so impressed by your dedication. You diligently built Devyn, her relationships and her backstory with such patience and devotion that now, I don't like to imagine the dl world without her. Plus, you are incredibly nice and I really enjoy talking to you <3
@smonie - I hope you're doing well my dear. You are another gem in this fandom and I want you to know it. Obviously your art style is *✨️mwah✨️* but I also adore how you wrote fear, I feel like you've created such an interesting atmosphere in your writings, it's exhilarating. You are hell one good inspiration, thanks for that
@whitechocolatemochaasblog - I wanted to put you in the list because I'm curious to know more about Malorie but also about you. Your aesthetics match your name: you're a sweetheart, so warm and affable. Enjoy your time here <3
@yui--komori - The number of people who want to marry Yui is insane so I'm gonna keep quiet for now. for now.
No but seriously, you make Yui come to life and it's so nice 🥺💕
In general, I'm extremely grateful for anyone who's taking interest in this blog, anyone following it, liking the posts and rebloging them.
I probably sound like an old owl but I've been in the Diabolik Lovers fandom since ~2012 so I've had my lots of discovery and thoughts about it. I'm just very happy and grateful to see so many people keeping the fandom alive - Even though the whole franchise is a mess of toxicity and disappointment -, I'm amazed by how you, guys, transformed it into something safe. Obviously, there are bitches out there, spreading hate comments, but do we really care? Nah.
Take care,
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yooniesim · a month ago
what's your take on the whole mack3030 racism thing?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I've addressed this before but I keep getting asks about it, so I thought I'd put everything in one post for easy reference.
The first and only time I put @mack3030 on my blog was when I referenced her as someone that knew about the doxxing situation, when I was asked about it by an anon referring to @miikocc. At that point, my miiko post was flooded by comments by someone who seemed to think I was friends with Mack and acted repeatedly shady when asked for receipts for their claims. So I made another post asking for any info on this situation and I got some truly helpful people there that directed me to what I needed to know (some of the above anons did as well). Mack herself also shared her side on my post.
I looked at all the receipts and considered it all carefully. I knew that Mack had apologized and decided at the time to let it be there, since I didn't follow her anyway. I decided to remove my reference to her in my post and simply not interact with/reblog from her. I almost never block people as a rule, which is why she's still able to reblog my posts and tag me, and I don't restrict who interacts with my content in that way. I like to be aware of what's happening in this community, and blocking people hinders my ability to be, even if I disagree with them or find them problematic. I wanted to see her actions for myself and make another post later (based on what I refer to later in this same post). Someone tagging me in a post does not mean I support or agree with them.
At this point, my issue with Mack is not necessarily her past alone; I, for one, believe that anyone can change and become better. I have to. It's easy to block people on the internet, but it's not something I can do in real life. I live in a red state, in a small town, where I constantly see people and care for patients that are overwhelmingly conservative. I was the only one in my entire extended family that voted against Trump, both times. My coworkers are almost all conservative, no matter their race. Patients have an even higher ratio. I hear racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, and more every day. Until I'm in a different area- and even then, these people will exist- it's something I have to put up with. All I can do is say my piece and then try to see the good in people. Because there is still good in many of these people, beyond the cult of personality that has hurt so many, including myself. I see progress with my coworkers when they ask me about gender identity and neurodivergence, when we discuss race and poverty and worker's rights. There are even some that don't support Trump anymore after realizing many of the things he stood for that they were honestly ignorant of. I have to encourage that, because what's the alternative? Telling them they're wrong and evil forever now and just have to be my enemy from now on? People that have differing opinions from me are a constant in my life, and if I didn't have hope that they could change, I would honestly be miserable. So that is not the main reason I don't interact with Mack (besides not wanting to expose people that have been hurt by her to her content).
The bigger reason why I don't follow/interact with Mack is because I haven't seen the evidence of her changing, yet. She apologized, and that's good, but actions speak louder than words. Before the EA paywall debacle in the past week, and after I received the receipts about Mack, there were more issues with her involving blogs such as @gyarutrait and @saruin. Mack's friend @texasthegreatdestroyer was sending some very antagonizing and hurtful messages to people in an apparent defense of her. These messages displayed ableism, misgendered @gyarutrait several times, and presented a very enlightened centrist take on the political side of the entire debacle. They also messaged @saruin to berate them for blocking Mack. I messaged Mack and told her that this was extremely concerning to me and that her friend was hurting her case and only further ostracizing her in the community, and the way that Mack was being silent was encouraging me to think that she hadn't changed and agreed with her friend's views. I told Mack that if she truly had changed, she needed to speak up and denounce these actions, make her disagreement with those views clear, and apologize to those that were hurt. Mack's response was that she didn't agree with her friend, and that she needed time in order to make a proper response to that situation. I gave her that time, but nothing has come of it, even though Mack has been posting regularly about the paywall situation and reblogging from/tagging me.
Mack, you will never get away from what people think of you as long as you continue to allow this behavior. Of course, even if you said something, no one is obligated to to accept your apology or forget what you've done. But ignoring it, or allowing people to get hate and offensive messages on your behalf, is only convincing more people that the best thing to do is block you and never listen to a word you say. It also cements the ideas of people that think you'll never change and that they should be in the inbox of everyone you interact with to warn them about you. I know the paywall content is kind of like your thing now, and you feel like paying attention to this detracts from that conversation... but as I've said so many times now, we can care about more than one issue at once. And this is an issue that only seems to be consistently hindering you despite not acknowledging it.
I hope this answers your question, nonny.
Edit: while in the process of writing this, I saw that Mack has blocked the Texas account. I still haven't seen an apology or longer post from her addressing this, I can't find it, but if there is one please let me know. Even so, I'm less than impressed that we talked about this over a week ago and there was only a response now because she started getting heat for it again. Your friend is not you, and you can't control her, yes. But if you truly didn't agree with her, you should've made that clear long before this moment. I hope that the people that were hurt by this, at least, received some sort of apology or relief.
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failingradish · 6 months ago
Hello, I have just started following your blog and I really admire your work. I always wondered what all the past avatars had looked like since very few made an appearance in the series. Anyway, I just came across your team avatar drawings for when after Korra had died and was reincarnated. I always tried looking up what people's ideas were for the future avatar and your designs for this certain era just stood out to me. Now many people have come up with names for their Earthbender avatar oc, though I don't recall seeing a name for your avatar on this blog and would like to know more about him. He's so interesting and I love how he is accompanied by some type of goblin spirit? The animal familiars that you have made for each avatar are just breathtaking. I think you are a very creative artist and if you don't mind I'd like to know more about the next avatar after Korra if you'd share some information with me. I'm sorry if I bothered you and if someone has already asked you this question, though I am just really interested in your artwork and want to know more about your characters.
Hi thanks so much for your compliment- but WOW that's a long question, but I'll try to answer it anyway- 💕
Truth be told I haven't put that much thought into the single characters- because that's not really what I'm most interested in. But I have some specific concepts in mind that I'd like to see partially addressed by a next avatar series-/ how I would do it with my 5 braincells.
Tumblr media
1. It's not the avatar after Korra, but the one another generation down (Water-> Earth -> FIRE)
Tumblr media
I want to see a world that NEVER found the next avatar and let the next one after figure out what happened to the one b4 them- or even a couple of fake avatars be declared by diffrent nations, since as unbiased as the avatar may be being the nation with the avatar has some advantages especially in a time of political peace trying to enforce soft power onto other nations.
Tumblr media
(Similar to what the Chinese government is trying to do- capturing the penchen lama, so they can declare their own Dalai Lama once Tenzin Gyatso dies :( )
2. The mystery of whether the main character is actually the avatar (did the Earth Avatar actually die already or are they just another fake)
Ideally this would mean that 1- this wouldn't take place too long after korra's death (like 30-40 years) and 2- the mc can't bend any element yet (or just 1 element but that's somehow more boring to me)
They could be running away from the people claiming they're the avatar, trying to find the real one- traveling the world is an important part of avatar and that would be the perfect reason.
Tumblr media
3. Growing independence movements.
I really want to see diffrent cultures within the earth kingdom and fire nation strive for independence now that they don't need the protection of a bigger state anymore and nobody (idealy) wants to look like the big, bad oppressor.
Similar to what happened in europe post ww2
4. The current avatars main mission always seems to be fixing something the previous avatar failed at-
Like how Kuruk fixed Yangchens mistake with neglecting the spirit world,
Kyoshi uuuh not sure- did she fail at anything?
Aang ended the war that Roku failed to prevent,
Korra brought back the air nation after Aang couldn't
And Korra ofc lost the connection with all past their lives.
I actually don't want them to change that- stick with it.
But I want the mc to go on a journey to discover his predecessor in the first season (build the problem for the final season //point 5) and then a treasure hunt of sorts to discover all avatars that were "forgotten"- avatars from cultures like the ones from point 3- tying these points together and discovering the avatars and (more importantly) their peoples identity and how to move forward.
Let them write it all down too, so they won't be forgotten again.
Tumblr media
5. Every avatar story needs a main antagonist, so that's where I put something completely wild but stick with me-
The Earth avatar that was never found was born into an underground kingdom that was founded long ago by powerful earth benders(/or spirits idk make it a legend) that in an effort to shield their people from the dangers of the surface submerged their city, isolating it from the rest of the world for hundreds or thousands of years. Over time they created an elaborate tunnel system- building more and more cities and creating an empire.
Tumblr media
The new avatar would realize who they are at some point and seek to understand this world they supposedly were meant to protect. The avatar would then attempt to befriend the next in line to the throne in order to attempt to convince them to let their empire rejoin the surface world. A suggestion that would eventually end up getting them killed by their friend (you could insert a tragic lesbian couple here ❤)
Tumblr media
So the new mc finds out eventually what happened but not who killed them- keep that part hidden for the final show down.
6. Spirit gaang member
I want them to do something interesting with the joined worlds concept- so give them a spirit that aids in the groups journey- my version is a time based spirit that gave the mc a old fashioned clock that'll help 'unlock' the stories of the past avatars. Could also be a mount. Pls don't let it talk. If they make a comedic relief spirit i might oof myself tho.
Also also. Kill them.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
7. So that's about it ofc, my only other request is pls bring back proper character development for the side characters. Like mentally bolin and mako stayed the same throughout korra...
Tumblr media
??? Idk storytelling really isn't my strong suit
(Not question related)
FOR FULL DISCLOSURE! I didn't completely draw all of the backgrounds for this ask- for a lot of them I used Photos to bring across what I mean better.
(And also this is an answer for a Tumblr question and I already spent way too much time on this I'm sorry djbdkdbdzk)
All of the images  I used can be found HERE- other apps I used were Prequel, CSP, Paint Tool SAI and Photoscape.
Thank you for reading this far.
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chuplayswithfire · 2 months ago
Since we're talking about the assumptions on illiterate Ed. I just feel the need to point out that this conversation shouldn't leave behind the important point that there is nothing wrong with being illiterate. That it doesn't make you stupid or brute or ignorant, and in fact there's a deep richness to it! And this should particularly be kept in mind when we are talking about an Indigenous character, since many Indigenous languages didn't have a written form before colonization - including Te Reo, the language of the māori. And - at least in Brasil, where I'm from - many Indigenous activists actually think that written language is an imposition of colonization, and that not having written language is one of the ways in which Indigenous memory is stronger (obviously, not all, because Indigenous cultures are different, separate and diverse. But the ones that do need to be listened to)
An example is the words of Davi Kopenawa Yanomami (translated by me): "Our thoughts expand in every direction and our words are old and many. They come from our ancestors. However, unlike the whites, we don't need to put them in skins of images to keep them from escaping our minds. We don't have to draw the words, like they do with theirs. And that doesn't mean the words will disappear, because our memory is long and strong. [...] The white thought is different. Their memory is complex, but it's weaved in foggy, obscure words. [...] They just relentlessly stare at the paper skins where they drew their own words. If they don't follow its pattern, their thought gets lost. They fill themselves with forgetfulness and become deeply ignorant. Our ancestors didn't have skins of images and didnt use them to write their laws. Their only words were the ones that left their mouths and they didn't draw them, and thus the words didn't distance themselves from them"
So, yeah. Also, even outside of this framework, there are still a lot of illiterate people in the world, especially in the third world, because access to education is still limited because of ongoing imperialism. Also some people with learning or intellectual disabilities, as well as some Deaf people, particularly those who didn't have access to quality education since learning to write when you don't know the sounds the letters are supposed to represent is hard. And these people aren't brutish or stupid or ignorant either, they're just underprivileged. And their words and knowledge aren't less valuable because they aren't in writing
I'm not saying I disagree with your take that most people's assumptions and headcanons about Ed being illiterate are racist, but I think that in order to dismantle this racist framework for real, we need to challenge the deeply colonialist idea that being illiterate is a bad or sad thing in the first place
This is not at you, chu, because I love your blog and think everything you say is very important. I just felt the need to make that... Contribution, if that makes sense
No, this is actually a GREAT point. Because you're very right! As someone literate, who was raised with literacy as the expectation, I do bring my own baggage into the thought, and framing illiteracy as bad is an inherent imposition on cultures where writing isn't practiced or traditional. your contribution is VERY valued!
i am always learning, just as much as everyone else is, and this is something i'm definitely going to keep contemplating.
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