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arodabi · 16 hours ago
Ppl are like “wow being aro must be so easy! You don’t have to deal with crushes and breakups, you must have so much more time”
Like yeah, being aro slaps, sorry ur missing out bro
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herladyshipssoapp · a day ago
anyways.... in Safiya Nygaard we trust
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verkja · 2 days ago
So - since the new community labels are likely to affect many people in the whump community, I've run a few tests to determine how they work.* Results are below, along with some points which are also available in the official notes.
1. If your settings hide posts with Mature labels, those posts won't appear on your dash, in tag search results, or on the OP's blog if you visit it. However, if you click a link to a post with a Mature label, you can view it regardless of your settings.
This means for stories with some chapters marked as Mature and others not, your reading experience shouldn't be interrupted as you click through the links to each chapter. It also means a masterlist with links to Mature posts will function normally.
2. You can neither add nor edit community labels in the iOS app. You also can't edit your label-related settings. If you edit the settings on desktop or in a mobile browser, they'll apply to the iOS app.
3. If you flag your own post as Mature, you can later edit or remove the label. If someone else reports it, and staff flags it, you can't edit or remove the label. You can contact staff to appeal it.
4. If you fail to flag a post as Mature, and it's later reported by someone else, the only thing that will happen is it will be flagged without your consent (which is inconvenient, as per the paragraph above). You won't be banned or anything.
5. The descriptions for what merits a label are vague. However, since the settings hide labelled posts for anyone under 18, I assume it's content deemed inappropriate for anyone under 18** - quite a high bar. With the possible exception of explicit erotica/smut/nsfwhump, I'd guess text-only posts don't merit labels, e.g. for gore.
6. Mature posts are visible if you aren't logged in.
* Please note that this is how they work for now. It's entirely possible this will change in the future.
** Based on standards common in the USA, I'm guessing, because isn't that how it always is?
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stanielman · 19 hours ago
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hecklefreckled · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you @mai-senpai-blog for introducing me to this guy!! I love him <33 This- dude- guy- he doesn't have a name so I don't know what to call him. AnywAYS, THE COMPASS GUY FROM CUPHEAD! Here he is
Been trying to think of a name for him tho.. he deserves more love
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Okay it’s been enough time how does Christopher Eccleston feel about the queen’s death
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sueske · 9 hours ago
men form their strongest emotional connections with other men so they should all just date each other
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koriand · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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dubiousculturalartifact · 2 months ago
the worst thing about trying to give every jane austen protagonist a bad carbon copy of elizabeth bennet’s judgy wit
is that not even pride & prejudice thinks that behaviour of hers is entirely a good thing?
Like?? half of lizzy’s entire character arc is realizing that her judgy wit that she always congratulated herself on was based on really shaky foundations?? because she’s not nearly as good a judge of character as she believed, and that it’s actually kind of a character flaw motivated by the TITULAR combination of faults??? that she has as much pride & prejudice as she accuses others of having? & that she needs to let go of that a bit, in order to have better relationships with the people around her???
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poemjunkie · a year ago
Throwback to that time in college when me and a group of friends were having an all-day Lord of the Rings marathon, and during the scene where the Fellowship is fighting the giant squid and Aragorn does something awesome, I turned to my friend and was like,
“Strider is so hot.”
Strider being one of Aragorn’s in-universe nicknames, for the uninitiated.
And one of the guys in the group, who I had never met before, was like “WHAT? Really???” with enormous eyes.
“Uh, yeah?”
I look to my friend, who makes confirmation noises. I look at some of the other girls, more confirmation noises.
Guy, now looking very uncomfortable, but realizing he made some kind of misstep: “Oh. I mean. Whatever you’re into, I guess. That’s fine.”
Me: “Okay??”
Then a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF TIME LATER, either I make another comment or someone in the film calls Aragorn Strider, I can’t remember the context, and the guy goes: “OH! Strider is Aragorn. Okay. Okay.”
Me: “Who tf did you think I was talking about??”
Guy: “The squid.”
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valc0 · 11 days ago
Everyone else already said it, but I'll never forgive english for not having formal and informal pronouns.
The tension in an enemy to lovers when two characters address each other exclusively with formal pronouns. But then one of them is in mortal danger and the other switches to informal?
The building of trust that shows by slowly abbandoning formal untill they have completely switched to informal because now are close enough?
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betasuppe · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Accidentally awakening some sleeping memories thanks to the two kids who adopted you as their uncle - yay for Ingo!!♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media
& a little something extra, just for fun because he deserves to be that much more surprised when he finds out he was a damn subway boss after all!!
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yana125 · a month ago
Regarding Saban Moon - apart from the actual found footage itself - there’s one thing I still can’t get over:
Frank Ward, producer and copyright holder of Saban Moon, was contacted by this amazing lost media investigator lady who he didn’t even know and she was like “Hello, Mr. Ward! The Library of Congress has Saban Moon, but they need written permission from the copyright holder to give the copy to me so I can share it with the internet. Would you sign this paper?”, and he signed it, and it’s now on the internet. Name an other producer and copyright holder who would do the same with any other piece of media.
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srdnsbckwht · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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mochispresso · 25 days ago
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I don’t want to see you happier with somebody else
God, they’re so tragic
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frownyalfred · 8 months ago
look, the Robert Pattinson Batman movie is either going to be the best detective noir movie ever, or a dramatic emo bullshit failure
I cannot WAIT
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demilypyro · 2 months ago
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