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josru 3 months
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Today I got a bunch of errands done in preparation of the upcoming semester. Starbucks finally brought back their Pumpkin Spice Latte, and I bought some autumnal themed makeup to really get back into the fall season. Hope everyone has a good start to school <3
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crunchyspicysalmon 10 months
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Felt so cute in this look!! 馃槝
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How I Combat Acne with Burt's Bees
How I Combat Acne with Burt鈥檚聽Bees
The very first Burt鈥檚 Bees item that I ever tried was their Charcoal Clay mask. I hadn鈥檛 been able to find the YesTo product at Target that day, so I figured What鈥檚 the harm if it鈥檚 an all natural product? It was an amazing experience for me, my face felt cleaner than after the YesTo product, and it stung less; soon after, I had convinced myself to slowly transition to trying other Burt鈥檚 Bees鈥
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staticsketchbook 2 months
Stuck Together
Summary: the crew leads come up with a plan to get Mark and the captain to confess their feelings for each other.
Warnings: claustrophobia, panic
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 ---
Celci watched as Mark and the captain worked at the bridge console. She scoffed at the stolen glances, the brief brushes of fingertips, the awkward laughs. Eventually, after a bout of meaningful eye contact, Mark stammered out that he need to fix something in the docking bay before rushing out of the room. Celci could see how red his face was. Gunther and Burt came to stand by her, watching the scene themselves. "Oh, they're hopeless," she muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Why won't they just confess already?"
"If they loved each other less, they might be able to talk about it more," Burt quoted.
"Maybe they just need a little push," Gunther said slowly, rubbing his chin in thought.
Celci looked up, a sudden bright glimmer in her eyes. "You just gave me an idea."
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 ---
"Mark!" She mustered her usual annoyed tone, trying not to give away her giddiness.
She heard a groan as the head engineer emerged from behind a shuttle. "Yes, CeCe?"
"The wiring is loose in the storage closet outside cryo. It's messing with my cryo bay!" She stiffled a giggle as she yelled.
He rolled his eyes. "Yeah, sure, whatever. I'll go fix it." He picked up his tool box and walked out in a huff.
Celci waited until he left before quickly typing a message on her tablet. Mug man is en route.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 ---
Burt read the message and sniffed. He quickly made his way to the bridge, standing in the doorway with his wrench casually slung over his shoulder. "Hey cap, Mark said he needs your opinion on something. He's in that closet at the end of the hall."
Their face lit up. "Good to know, I'll be right there." They finished their work on the console and hurried out. Burt typed out a message of his own as soon as they left. As they walked down the hall, Gunther slipped out of the door to ADS. He followed behind them by a few feet, easily blending in with the rest of the busy crew. The captain eventually reached the closet, leaning on the doorway. "You called?"
Mark turned away from an open panel in the wall, wires in hand. "No." He raised an eyebrow, before smiling. "But I'm always glad to see you."
They furrowed their brow, a light blush dusting their cheeks. "Oh, uh, that's weird, because Burt just-"
Gunther rushed forward, shoving the captain forward into the closet. They tumbled into Mark, who turned just in time to grab their shoulders. Before either could react, he slapped the control panel and the door slammed shut, locking them inside. He leaned against the door, arms crossed and a smug look on his face. Burt and Celci walked up with matching michevious grins.
"Good work, Bee!" Celci clapped her hands together. "Now they have to talk about their feelings!"
"So how long are we gonna leave them in there?"
"We'll let them out in a few minutes, but for now let's just give them some space."
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 ---
"Hey! Let us out!" Mark shouted, pulling at the handle of the door. It didn't budge. "This isn't funny!"
The captain's eyes darted around the room, breath picking up. Suddenly, they slammed a fist into the door.
Mark jumped back. "Captain, are you-"
They punched the door again with a strangled cry. They flailed, slamming into the door and the walls that seemed to slowly cave in. It was cramped and cold, like the cryopod they woke up in over, and over, and over again. That freezing prison that greeted them after every death. They promised themself they'd never be trapped like that again, and now they were stuck, locked away- a warm hand on their shoulder stole their attention.
"Captain, look at me." They glanced up and into Mark's eyes. He swallowed, holding eye contact. "Celci taught me an exercise for when I panic. We're going to try it, ok?" He forced his voice to be steady.
They nodded, a tear rolling down their cheek.
"Ok, list five things you can hear."
They shuddered out a breath, trying to calm their breathing. They closed their eyes, focusing on the sounds around them. "I- I can hear you. I can hear voices outside, footsteps, the cryo exhausts, and- and the hum of the engines."
"That's good," he said gently, rubbing their shoulder with his thumb. "List four things you can see."
They opened their eyes, quickly scanning the room. "The door. And supply boxes, some wires, and your tool box."
"List three things you can touch."
They instinctively reached for their palm. "The crys-," they cut themself off. "My gloves." They reached to the side. "The door, and the wall."
"Good," he nodded. "List two things you can smell."
Their breathing steadied as they slowly inhaled. "Cryo coolant, and - are you wearing cologne?" They giggled.
He laughed with them. "Yeah, I am. You can't expect me to run around the ship all day smelling like sweat and grease, now can you?" He smiled warmly. Talking with him, the captain felt much more grounded. They were no longer trapped in their cryopod, they were simply standing in a closet with their head engineer. "Ok, last step. List one thing you can taste."
They paused a moment, considering his request and glancing at his lips. They quickly dismissed the thought that crossed their mind. "Um, the coffee I had earlier."
"And we're done!" he said, moving his hand off their shoulder. "Feel better?"
They grabbed his hand, lacing their fingers in his. "Yes. Thank you."
"Anytime," he smiled. They smiled back.
Just then, the door opened. The three crew leads stood outside, leaning against the opposite wall and looking not at all inconspicuous. Mark and the captain stepped out, hand in hand.
"What happened?" Celci asked innocently.
"None of your business," Mark huffed. He narrowed his eyes and pointed at each of them. "That wasn't funny." He walked off with the captain in tow.
She waited until the two completely disappeared before turning to her crewmates. "What do you think happened in there?"
Gunther shrugged. "Who knows. But judging by the way they were holding hands, I'd say mission success."
Burt nodded and sniffed. "Yep."
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 ---
Later that day, Mark knocked on the door to the captain's office. "Come in," their voice came from inside.
He tentatively walked in. The door shut behind him, and thankfully it didn't lock this time. "Hey, still feeling ok?"
"Yes, thank you again." They nodded to the tablet in his hand. "Do you have something you want to show me?"
"I reviewed the security footage from earlier today, looks like Gunther, Burt, and Celci set us up to, uh-" He handed them the tablet with one hand, and tugged at his collar with another. "They wanted me to ask you out. I think. It was hard to make out what they were saying with all the noise on the bridge. I mean, that's just ridiculous, right? We're just friends- and you're my captain, so-"
"Mark." They held up a hand, cutting off his babbling. They drew back, placing their hand on their heart. They took a deep breath. "I've been reflecting on things since this morning, and I realize I've been holding back since we got out of the wormhole. With the universe reset, I thought I could go back to the way things were before. But that's not possible. I've been through too much for that. We both have."
He nodded in agreement.
"I have to confront what I've been through. I have to start moving forward." They reached out, taking his hand as they had before. "And if I'm going to move forward, I'd like to do it with you."
He stared at them, face slowly turning a deep crimson. He opened and closed his mouth multiple times before settling into a gentle smile. "I'd like that, too."
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134340am 8 months
17. sliding your hands down your lover鈥檚 chest
oikawa tooru x gn!reader, 0.8k words, suggestive
Tumblr media
it鈥檚 not that you didn鈥檛 like kissing your boyfriend, or that he was a bad kisser. he always smells good and tastes good, a spare burt鈥檚 bees lip balm tucked away in every gym bag he owns just to keep his lips 鈥渒issable and smooth鈥 鈥 his words (punctuated with a smug grin), not yours.聽
but tooru pours such intensity and adoration into every kiss 鈥 something you鈥檙e still not used to, leading to your reluctance when it came to initiating kisses. and as much as you yearn to, you鈥檙e not sure if you can reciprocate the way in which he kisses you with so much love and tenderness; especially not when you two have only been dating for a month, and the thought of being with someone who is the very definition of passion and strength still scares you a little.
but here you are, straddling your boyfriend鈥檚 lap while rain and thunder roar on outside. even the dramatic soundtrack of the sci-fi adventure film you were watching, in addition to the raging storm, couldn鈥檛 drown out the deafening beat of your heart.
tooru pouts up at you, a faint crease dipping between his eyebrows. somehow, it makes him look even more handsome.
鈥測ou don鈥檛 like my kisses, baby?鈥澛
your eyes widen at his sudden question. 鈥渙f course not, tooru鈥 as in, no, i don鈥檛 not like your kisses, since you鈥檙e my boyfriend and that means i like you, and鈥撯
鈥渉ey, you鈥檙e rambling. what鈥檚 wrong?鈥 his hands fall from your waist to settle at your hips, thumbs rubbing circles into the fabric of your cotton shorts.
鈥...nothing鈥檚 wrong,鈥 you muttered, eyes fixed on a fraying thread poking out of his sweatpants. 鈥渋 like your kisses. they鈥檙e just a little鈥 intense. sometimes.鈥
his shoulders rumble beneath your fingertips as he lets out a quiet chuckle. 鈥渁www. should鈥檝e just told me, baby.鈥
鈥渋t鈥檚 fine, tooru. your kisses are fine.鈥
鈥渃ool. now kiss me to prove it, then.鈥
your head snaps up immediately, and you scowl at the mischievous smirk pulling at your boyfriend鈥檚 lips. he doesn鈥檛 say more; neither does he explain himself as his hands slip from your hips.
if not for the fact that you were freaking out the slightest bit over the sudden shift in power, you鈥檇 be mourning the loss of his warmth. but his expectant smile and the unexplainable shift in the air between you two leaves you at a loss for words instead.
so you let your actions do the talking instead, hands reaching up to take his shoulders 鈥 noting how broad and hard the corded muscle feels beneath your fingertips 鈥 and you lean in hesitantly. his coffee-coloured eyes, typically gentle and playful, now carry an almost-predatory edge that makes you gulp.聽
"s-stop looking at me," you mumbled, putting a hand over his eyes.
a quick exhale to expel the nerves.
a quick inhale to collect yourself.
then you lean in once more and let your lips touch his. the kiss was nothing more than a brief brush of your lips against his, a feather-light touch that had shivers dancing down your spine. tooru takes your wrist gently to pry your hand away from his eyes, intertwining your fingers. his eyes remain closed, almost as if he knew you weren鈥檛 satisfied or done.
but third time鈥檚 the charm, and this time, you kiss him hard, fighting back the blush that threatens to creep up your cheeks as your lips glide and smack against his in a heated dance. he tastes subtly like vanilla 鈥 must be his beloved lip balm hard at work there 鈥 and smells like baby powder. your free hand slides down his shoulders to the hard plane of his chest, gripping at his cotton shirt to bring him impossibly closer to you while you lose yourself in the kiss.
only when you found yourself struggling to keep up with the intensity of the kiss, drool spilling from your lips and head light from the lack of air, did you pull away.
"see? that wasn't too hard.鈥 tooru raises a smug eyebrow at you, but his lips are kiss-swollen and his chest is heaving. 鈥渨e can practise again if that was insufficient, though.鈥
your blush flares up the back of your neck to the tip of your ears. that was perhaps the bravest thing you鈥檝e initiated in your relationship so far, and probably the last, if he keeps teasing you at this rate.
you climb off tooru鈥檚 lap almost clumsily, plopping yourself down beside him and immediately hiding your burning face into a nearby couch cushion.
"shut up, tooru. i'm never kissing you again."
Tumblr media
a/n: i just think oikawa鈥檚 not the type to hold back when he kisses u <3 thank u for reading, reblogs and comments are appreciated as always! (*^鈻絕*)
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yellowsocialbunny 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genetics: eyes, skinblend, body preset,聽full body blush
make-up: shy blush, sugar milk nails, poutsicle lipstick, katzen eyeliner, kim j collection, rainbow nails, flower lipstick (TSR!), natural make-up set, blushing lipstick, burt鈥檚 bees lipstick
everyday: hair, choker, top, fanny pack, jeans, sneakers
formal: hair, necklace, robe, boots, earrings
party: hair, dress, sandals
athletic: hair, top, pants, shoes, hand wraps
hot weather: hair, corset, fishnet accesoire, skirt, tights, boots
cold weather: beanie, hair, suit, tights, boots
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auds-and-evens 8 months
auds, i am screaming.
No but, Bee... LISTEN
Imagine Barry is just like, omg omg omg he just moved in AFTER ONE NIGHT and now he's planning a wedding?!
And Brian is sleeping on the floor while Mickey sleeps in the bed every night so like, how bad will this marriage really be??
Tumblr media
Then one time while Bernie is on his knees (because Mickey isn't sucking anyone off besides Ian, come on now) Mickey is just like, "Vanilla is fine for a wedding cake flavor, right? Like, it's my fucking day and if I want vanilla people can just get the fuck over it, ya know?" And Brian just gurgles in agreement and Mickey's like, "Yeah, vanilla it is."
So Bart is like, Holy hook-ups Batman, I gotta do something! I'm too vespa-y to get married.
Then, as luck would have it, Ian shows up that night!! Ian! Beautiful, brave, Sir Ian Gallagher. And this happens:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But what happens?? Ian drops the ball! He burns the pie! He adds too much water to the soup and it seems like all hope is lost and Bucky probably crumbles as he watches from the window above. (You know he was up there wishing on a star and breaking turkey wishbones)
Mickey comes upstairs and he goes right to bed, grumbling about stupid fucking redheads and their inability to accept love and Bart is like, SOS to anyone listening I think there's still hope.
And there is because Ian shows up AGAIN with some lame excuse to give Mickey a flannel shirt and here's his chance! Bob invites Ian to listen to live music that night in hopes that he'll be free soon.
But then... Billy Boy messes up! Instead of "playing it cool" He bad mouths Mickey... IN FRONT OF IAN.
And what happens??
Tumblr media
But I'm pretty sure Byron would rather be a bruising ex than a blushing bride and honestly thank God.
Cause like... LOOK:
Tumblr media
Mickey had it under control 馃А
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snoopysfriendwoodstock 7 months
ok so now that we have the playlist you must give us the scarlett summer state of the union!
THANK you for asking. i鈥檝e thought VERY long and hard about this and in true massie block fashion i鈥檒l give both what鈥檚 in and what鈥檚 out.
midi/maxi skirts, but mini dresses. maybe it鈥檚 because i wear midi/maxi dresses all year long & i can swap up the midi/maxi skirt look w a tank-top or something but i LOVE a mini dress in the summer. all sundresses rock though.
sunscreen. put it on. every day. MULTIPLE times a day if you鈥檙e spending a lot of time outside (which you should)
walking two hours MINIMUM a day. this can be around your neighborhood, but if you have the opportunity to get some sort of state park/national park pass you def should. AND BRING A FRIEND!
tinted chapstick/lipbalm. i like the burt鈥檚 bees kind in the color rose.
sweet/floral perfume. my go-to perfume remains miss dior (just had a seventh grader stop me during work time to tell me it smelled good every time i walked past his table)聽
BIG salads. with a variety of vegetables and a variety of colors and some kind of grain (i like salads with rice noodles in them) & some sort of protein (i like salmon and tofu)
trash books. this does not mean they鈥檙e BAD they鈥檙e just like candy for your brain. romance novels fast-paced thrillers and young adult books you can finish in an hour. spring is for hefty classics, summer is for lucy foley聽
ALWAYS have vegetables & fruit cut up in the fridge for easy snacks. i also suggest having hummus on hand always for vegetables. i also always have chips and salsa available.
FARMERS MARKET! go to one.
linen pants. they are so breezy so comfortable and perfect for june
matching pj sets. perfect for sleepovers which are perfect for making summer feel like it did when you were a kid.
mojitos are my go-to summer cocktail but mocktail wise, a mint lemonade or soda w/ mint and lavender is also fun.
tinted moisturizer or skin tint + liquid blush is my fave combo. i have not found a better liquid blush than rare beauty鈥檚 (i wear the shade happy). i literally do not think i will ever run out of this blush. i usually use drugstore brand foundations/face products聽
lighting candles in the morning as you鈥檙e getting ready. like a middle aged woman i prefer the bath and body works candles but i will get any scent that鈥檚 fresh like a clean linen candle <3 i get the same scents my grandma used to
the idea of a base tan. do NOT go out without sunscreen just to get tan. be nice to your skin.
the idea of聽鈥榗lean eating鈥. it鈥檚 fun to eat more veggies & fruits in the summer that are in season but this makes me feel icky.
the concept of a聽鈥榟ot girl walk鈥. booooo summer is not about. being hot except like, literally. go on the walks bc they connect u to the people u love and to nature.
dressing in a way u don鈥檛 like just because it鈥檚聽鈥榦n-trend鈥. i don鈥檛 like mini skirts, i鈥檓 not gonna wear mini-skirts. in summer especially it鈥檚 more important than anything to wear clothes you鈥檙e comfortable in.
anyone but me having a birthday. booo!聽
having parasocial relationships online. the weather is nice, go outside with real people.聽
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becksterroachgirl 3 months
Tumblr media
鉂 wet n wild blush stick
鉂 Revlon primer
鉂 Revlon glow mist
鉂 Nyx concealer bear with me
鉂 Garnier Eco pads
鉂 Makeup sponge
鉂 Journal
鉂 Burts bees tinted lip balm
鉂 Band aids
鉂 Palmers body oil
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Tumblr media
Buffy the Vampire Slayer聽is one of my top favorite tv shows ever. Hm, I wonder if there鈥檚 a Slayer trait mod somewhere?
Download Sim: Buffy Summers Requires: Island Living, Seasons, Spa Day, Throwback Fit Kit, Fitness Stuff
Other CC: Crypticsim Cloud Blush DangerouslyFreeJellyfish Whisper Eyes (Default) IceCreamForBreakfast Allergies Hair Lamatisse Rosewater No Eyebags Skin (Default) MysteriousDane Shelley Boots NolanSims Burts Bees NolanSims Burts Bees Nudes S-Club Cross Necklace SamanthaGump Defined Nose Overlay Sentate Buffy Dress
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thebibliosphere 2 years
Hi bibliomum! I was trying to find info on the hypoallergenic makeup you discussed in the past, but I'm shit at searching apparently. My roommate realized that her makeup was giving her a mild reaction so I wanted to gift her some new makeup for the holidays, specifically eye makeup. Thank you in advance!
It鈥檚 probably because tumblr removes anything with links from the search function. And aww, that鈥檚 really nice of you!
So I dunno how hypoallergenic they are, but I鈥檝e been trialing the 100% Pure range of cosmetics with some success. They鈥檙e a really awesome company in that if you have an allergic reaction to something, they鈥檒l offer a full refund. So if your friend uses them and has an issue with them, you can return it.
Burt鈥檚 Bees also have their own makeup line now that is meant to be good for sensitive skin. I鈥檝e only used their blush. Burt鈥檚 Bees got bought by Johnson and Johnson and they changed their formulas so the quality people expect from Burt鈥檚 Bees is possibly also no longer there. I also just don鈥檛 support companies that knew for decades about asbestos being in their baby powders, so J&J can go fuck themselves.
Neutrogena also has some good options for sensitive skin as well. But there鈥檚 not a lot in it.
Pacifica seems to be tolerated well by people with sensitive skin, and they come out with a lot of cute color palletes too. Their cosmic hemp range has some really cute and vibrant sparkle in it.
Gabrielle鈥檚 Zuzuluxe range is also good for those of us with issues with wheat protein in cosmetics. I like their mascaras and eyeshadows. (They no longer list their stuff as Gluten Free, possibly due to a factory change, but their ingredient list hasn鈥檛 changed since I started using them.)
Mineral Fusion is another brand I鈥檝e had good results with, and they specifically cite themselves as being hypoallergenic.聽
I鈥檝e also heard good things about Besame Cosmetics from friends, though I鈥檝e never used it myself. Clinique also apparently goes out of their way to use gentle/fragrance-free stuff as well, but I know I react to their lip stuff and haven鈥檛 tried anything else.
Anyway, those are all the ones I鈥檓 able to tolerate using from time to time, and I鈥檓 sure others will have more recommendations too :)
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pookiepoodle 2 years
The boys buy you flavoured chapstick ft. Shiratorizawa
I don鈥檛 own any art. Please check out my masterlist, feel free to send in requests and enjoy!
Click on the school name鈥檚 for other parts of this series:
Aoba Johsai, Nekoma, Fukurodani, Inarizaki聽and聽Karasuno
Tumblr media
Pomegranate. He honestly was quite confused by the concept of chapstick, poor baby. What was the difference between chapstick, lipgloss and lipstick? Why did you need to make your lips a different color? But, when you explain the differences between the three products and how chapstick has a lot of health benefits, he is on board. He will go to the local drugstore after practice and ask for assistance, leading to him coming back with the entire 鈥淏urt鈥檚 Bees鈥 chapstick collection as it is supposedly the best brand. You will test them all out on him and after a few rounds of said testing, you both come to the conclusion the pomegranate one is the best.聽
Chocolate. The man adores chocolate but will buy every single variant of chocolate chapstick as he once tried a really nasty one and doesn't want to risk giving you something gross. So when he finally gives you the perfect chocolate chapstick, don鈥檛 be surprised to find that it鈥檚 already been used.
Lavender. After an embarrassing stage incident where he鈥檇 walked on with smudgy, red lips (you can鈥檛 help but give him just a few good luck kisses), Semi establishes a new rule: No lipstick or lip gloss on concert nights. However, before you can even protest, he immediately whips out a very fancy, lavender chapstick, apologising for being so difficult. Let鈥檚 be honest, can you really be mad at him? Plus, the chapstick ends up becoming a permanent part of your makeup routine, though it鈥檚 not like Semi complains.
French Vanilla. The med student insists on getting you a chapstick when you鈥檙e both invited to a 鈥渨icked cool beach party鈥 (thanks, Tendou鈥) as he knows that every single inch of you is an easy target for the sun and he wants to protect you. Shirabu even insists on applying the sun-protecting chapstick, softly gripping your chin as he carefully swipes it across your plump lips. Cue blushing and the inevitable need to reapply it after he insists on giving it a taste.
Unicorn. Goshiki has seen all of his friends getting their girlfriend鈥檚 chapstick and he wants to prove that he can be just as good as them! But, you are in stitches when he hands you a Claire鈥檚 Chapstick set, with childish colors and names like 鈥淯nicorn Cupcake Mallow!鈥. He is disappointed in himself when you explain that these aren鈥檛 really the best ones and you can鈥檛 bear to see him so upset. Hence, you convince yourself to try it out, just to make him smile. Turns out you love it and you鈥檝e been a regular Claire鈥檚 customer ever since, much to Goshiki鈥檚 delight!
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frenchtipacrylics 1 year
my updated makeup routines鉁
i love love love makeup. my favorite thing to do is to switch it up and find new products and techniques that work really well with my features. since the summer has started and i鈥檝e had much more free time, i鈥檝e been playing around with my makeup styles and how i do my makeup for different occasions.聽as of right now, i have three makeup routines: my everyday 鈥渘o makeup鈥 makeup, my everyday glam routine, and my full glam routine. keep in mind, i have very oily skin so some of these techniques won鈥檛 work well for everyone!
鈥渘o makeup鈥 makeup聽
Tumblr media Tumblr media
my grocery shopping/running errands look. if i had ten minutes to do my makeup, this is the routine i would go for. not long-wearing, but it helps me look more聽鈥減ut together鈥 when i鈥檓 being a bum.
my first step is to use a primer. for primer, i use the elf putty primer to fill in my pores so i look smooth, then over top i use a gripping primer to keep my makeup on my face. i like the milk hydrogrip and the elf watermelon primers.
next, i powder my face either with the maybelline loose setting powder or the fenty powder foundation so i have a bit more coverage but also so my oily skin won鈥檛 break down my base makeup as quickly.
for 鈥渇oundation鈥, i use the glossier skin tint mixed with the covergirl matte bb cream. the glossier skin tint is not good if you have oily skin, but combined with the bb cream it is much more long wearing. i either use my fingers or a beauty blender.聽
then i bronze, and i put that on my cheeks, forehead, nose, and blend it into my eye socket and under my eyebrows, flicking up once i get to my temples. this emphasizes my bone structure in a way that鈥檚 more natural looking than contour. i really like the covergirl queen bronzer.
moving on to blush, i use the milk cheek stick from sephora or the cream blush stick from colourpop. i put it on my cheeks, nose, and some on my chin and forehead to make everything look put together.聽
i prime my eyelids with my eyeshadow primer and swipe some of my blush onto my lids so everything looks a bit more 鈥渆ffortless鈥.
next I do my brows. i use the maybelline brow pencil in a shade that matches my real eyebrow hair color. i continually brush through them with a spoolie so they look natural, and rub my bronzer on the beginning of them so it doesn鈥檛 look as harsh.
for my lashes, i heat my eyelash curler, curl my lashes, apply a brown tubing mascara, and curl again. the mascara i use is the聽maybelline snapscara in the shade brown since it looks more natural than black. i also use a lash serum to promote growth.
for my lips, i use a red chapstick to give my lips a 鈥渘aturally鈥 red look (either the dior lip balm or burts bees), a light pink lipgloss in the middle, and the fenty gloss bomb in hot chocolit as a 鈥渓iner鈥 that looks more natural and moisturized.
tutorials i follow:聽
THE ULTIMATE NO MAKEUP LOOK | fake it til you make it... 馃憖
Makeup For Finessers!!! "No Makeup Makeup" Tutorial | Jackie Aina
NO FOUNDATION makeup routine
my no makeup tutorial
My "No Makeup" Makeup Look | Glowy Flawless Skin Tips + NO Foundation | Easy Summer Look
Minimal Makeup! Using 10 products | Jackie Aina
everyday glam makeup
Tumblr media Tumblr media
very heavily inspired by the victoria鈥檚 secret angels. definitely more聽鈥渉igh trust鈥 than my full glam routine, kind of a聽鈥渃ute鈥 look instead of a聽鈥渟exy鈥 one. plays with shimmer, pink tones, highlight, more of an effortless vibe. if you guys remember my fashion post, this ties into the girly & romantic aesthetic.
my priming step is the same here, and i still set my primer with powder before going in with the rest of my makeup.
tinted moisturizer!!! to get my perfect shade and finish, i mix the covergirl matte bb cream for oily skin with the glossier skin tint like above.
for concealer i use the colourpop tinted moisturizer on the areas i want to highlight. for extra brightening, i use the maybelline fit me concealer in a shade thats way lighter than my skin tone and i put a small amount on the bridge of my nose to give it some extra depth.
instead of contour i use bronzer. bronzer is used to bring warmth to the face, so it is important to place bronzer in the places the sun would naturally hit/tan you. bronzer is not the same as contour; bronzer is always warm toned (hence bringing warmth/making you look tanner) and contour is always cool or neutral toned (because it is supposed to mimic shadows). putting bronzer where you put your contour can make your makeup look muddy, and a lot of bronzers contain shimmer which you don鈥檛 want in a contour. i put my bronzer on my cheeks and forehead with a big fluffy brush for a sun kissed look, and with a smaller brush i put a little at the top of my nose bridge. it adds depth and makes it look like i contoured my nose without me having to actually do it.
then i set my concealer. i use the maybelline fit me powder in the shade medium, press my beauty blender into the powder, dab the excess off on the back of my hand, and then i press the powder into my skin.
for this look, i prefer to look more youthful than snatched. so for blush, i like to put it on the apples of my cheeks and the tip of my nose. i use shimmery powder blush, and my favorites are the baked milani blushes or the elf blush palette for dark skin.
i highlight my skin with the shimmer color i put on my eyelid in order for things to look more cohesive. since i have some texture in the center of my cheeks, i keep my highlight closer to my temples, on the tip of my nose, and down the bridge. i then take a brighter glitter eyeshadow and, using a more precise brush, put that right in the center of the areas on my nose that i highlighted for more dimension.
i do my eyeshadow before my eyebrows now.聽
for eyeshadow, i usually put my bronzer in my crease and my outer v, and sometimes blend that out with a lighter/skin tone shade. on the lid, i put a light shimmer eyeshadow for contrast. on the inner corner, i use a very bright glitter eyeshadow, and lightly blend it onto the beginning of my lid. i also use the same eyeshadows on my bottom lid.
i use a tubing mascara since it鈥檚 gentle on the eyelashes, then i go in with regular mascara to make my lashes longer. my favorite regular mascaras are damn girl from toofaced (it has an antiflaking formula), the kush mascara from milk, and the maybelline lash sensational. all the mascaras i like are for lengthening. i also curl my lashes before and after putting on mascara.
this is when i do my eyebrows. i use a spoolie to shape them into a shape i like. using a pencil a shade or two lighter than my actual eyebrow color, i fill in the sparse areas and try to make my eyebrows as even as possible.聽
for fake lashes, i usually use half lashes or wispy lashes. i like the ardell demi-wispies (i cut these in half and stack them), the kiss lashes in matte silk, the kiss lashes in teddy, and the koko lashes in queen bees. the idea is for people to still be able to see the eyeshadow despite me having lashes on.
since the base and eyes are the main focus of this look, the lips are always kept nude. i line my lips with a brown lipliner close to my skin tone (i use colourpop鈥檚 lipliner in BFF #3) and then fill it in with either a brown nude lipstick (sephora鈥檚 rouge lacquer lipstick in shade 43 be proud) and too with a clear gloss, or i fill it in with a pink/peachy nude and top with the fenty gloss bomb in the original shade.
tutorials i follow:聽
Victoria鈥檚 Secret Bombshell Glam w/ Marsha Hunt
Get The Victoria鈥檚 Secret Model Look 鈥 Makeup Tutorial | Charlotte Tilbury
Victoria's Secret Runway Makeup Look | Genelle
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Victoria鈥檚 Secret Fashion Show 2018 Makeup Tutorial | Charlotte Tilbury
Glam Time with Romee Strijd
full glam
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is my full beat look. if i鈥檓 going out at night with my friends, or when i want makeup to be especially long-wearing, this is usually the routine i follow. 90s supermodel inspired, soft glam, fully matte, snatched/lifted, all nude/brown tones. lines up with my minimalistic & edgy style.聽
during the colder months, i like to use a pore-filling primer with a gripping primer on top, usually the elf putty primer in original or matte, and the elf watermelon primer or the milk hydrogrip primer like i said before. but during the summer, i have to use the becca ever-matte primer.聽it has a huge learning curve, but once you know how to use it, it鈥檚 a godsend for oily skin.
my first step is contour. i use the too faced born this way concealer in a color two shades darker than my skin tone and always with a cool undertone to mimic shadows. i put a small amount on my cheekbones to make them look higher, three lines on my forehead for depth, and i line my jawline to give the illusion of a smaller chin. then, i blend everything together with a beauty blender. to make it easy, you can use whatever concealer you like in a darker shade as a cream contour.聽
next i conceal. i use the teint idole concealer from lanc么me in one shade lighter than my skin tone, and i put concealer in all the places i want to highlight: under my eyes (a little by the sides of my nose, a line on the outside of my eye to lift), above my top lip, the middle of my forehead and chin, and a strip down my nose bridge.聽a little of this concealer goes a long way; i use less than half a pea-size for my entire face. for a little extra brightening, i use a really light colored concealer but only one dot in the inner corners of my eyes and a little on the nose bridge. for this, i just use the maybelline fit me concealer.聽before i add my foundation and blush, i make sure there are no harsh lines between my concealer and contour.聽
i use a cream blush. to everyone who wears makeup, look into cream blush. it鈥檒l change your life for the better. blush is an underrated but very important step in my makeup routine; blush can shape your face even better than contour. when i want my face to look lifted and sultry, i put my blush on my cheekbones close to my hairline and blend upwards. i use either the milk makeup cheek stick or the colourpop stick blush.
finally i go in with my fenty powder foundation. using a kabuki brush, i tap into my compact and then add the foundation to the parts of my face which have no concealer, blush, or contour first. then, i lightly go over my contour and blush, and around the edges of my concealer. this really saves you if you haven鈥檛 blended very well or went too heavy handed on the liquid products you used, since going over it with your skin toned powder tones the contour etc. down. i use the fenty powder foundation. it is very lightweight feeling in comparison to liquid foundation, and it never feels like i have a mask of product on my face when i use a powder. however, some of my favorite liquid foundations are the estee lauder double wear (full coverage matte), the too faced born this way (both the matte and regular versions), the fenty soft matte, and the anastasia beverly hills luminous foundation. at the drugstore, i like the nyx born to glow, the maybelline fit me, and the loreal infallible foundation.
setting powder is a must if you have oily skin. i prefer loose powders, but pressed powders also work, especially if you鈥檙e on the dry side. before setting my concealer, i blend out any creasing that happened. then i pour a small amount of powder into the lid, dip my sponge into it, then tap the excess off on the back of my hand (which evenly disperses the powder on the sponge too), then i press and roll the powder into my skin. i set every place that i put concealer with the laura mercier translucent loose setting powder in the shade honey, since it is lighter than my skin tone and is also a nice warm shade without being too yellow. because i use a powder foundation, i don鈥檛 have to set the rest of my face. the maybelline fit me loose setting powder in the shade medium is also a favorite of mine.聽
after i set my makeup, i do bake the areas that i know will get very oily very quickly, so my nose, my chin, and my upper cheeks. if you have normal or dry skin, i wouldn鈥檛 recommend this at all. know what works for you and your skin type! i usually do my eye makeup while the powder sits. instead of wiping the excess powder away at the end i actually use a brush and press it into my skin in order to avoid any patchiness.
my eyebrows are a pretty nice shape naturally (and i groom them weekly), so doing my eyebrows is usually pretty simple. i like to outline the bottom of my eyebrows with either a pomade or a darker pencil, then i fill in my eyebrows with a lighter colored eyebrow pencil, mimicking hairlike strokes so it looks natural. i then go over everything with an eyebrow gel. unlike base products, i would never pay a lot for eyebrow products. my favorite eyebrow pomade is the milani pomade, though the anastasia dipbrow is a classic. my favorite eyebrow pencil is the maybelline brow ultra slim, and the gel i use is the benefit gimme brow but i鈥檝e been meaning to try the new nyx brow glue.
before i put on eyeshadow, i use an eyeshadow primer. i get really oily eyelids, so i need that barrier so my eyeshadow won鈥檛 crease. i put a very small amount onto my brush and blend it out on my eyelids. it also creates a blank canvas so my eyeshadows can pop more.
i won鈥檛 go in-depth with eyeshadow, but i will say my聽鈥渇ormula鈥 is usually as follows: a color slightly darker than my skin tone in the crease, a dark color on the outer v, and a really light color on the lid. sometimes i use a shimmer for my inner corner highlight, and sometimes i use a matte color instead. eyeliner isn鈥檛 necessary, but sometimes i use it in my waterline or by tightlining, and sometimes i use eyeshadow instead for a smoked out look.
for this look, i always use cat-eye shaped lashes, or half-lashes, or a few individual lashes on the outer corners of my eyes. it all adds to the聽鈥渓ifted鈥 effect that i鈥檓 going for.聽
since my lips are naturally very big, i almost never put color on them since it always comes across as trying too hard. i like to stick with a nude ombre look. i use a lipliner close to my skin tone first (bff #3 by colourpop), rub my lips together to blend the liner out, add a light colored nude in the center, blend again, line the very outer parts of my lips with a dark brown, and finally blend again. sometimes i add a gloss, usually the fenty gloss bomb in the shade fu$$y or i use a gold colored gloss to make my lips look more warm toned so they match my eyeshadow.
tutorials i follow:
90s Glam Makeup on Dark Skin | KeviKodra
GRWM: IG Model Glam | Kevin Luong Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Gold Smokey Eye + Soft Beach Waves
Aysha Harun's Guide To Soft Glam Makeup | Beauty Secrets | Vogue Inspired
This New Too Faced Foundation...I HAVE THOUGHTS
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hoeneypirate 2 years
An Almost Autumn Night
Shinsou x fem reader
CollegeAU juniors in college
Warnings- exhibition(sex on the roof) fingering, use of the word puppy, size kink, praise, use of marijuana, drugs, sex under the influence of marijuana, not using a condom(don鈥檛 be like this)
Minors DNI
Extremely unedited because I鈥檓 too shy to reread it again right now.
Your feet tapped against the hard floor of the elevator as you watched the numbers get higher and higher. Once you reach the top floor your heart is propelling you forward towards the door to the roof.
When you open the door you shove your hands into the front pocket of your (his) hoodie, the soft chill of the night making you realize how close autumn is.
You feel your smile getting bigger the closer you got, by the time you round the corner you鈥檙e grinning. 鈥淔inally鈥 he says 鈥淚鈥檝e been waiting for you鈥 you chuckle and take your spot beside him on his pile of blankets, pulling the one on his shoulders up over yours as well. 鈥淪orry Shin, my group鈥 he sighs 鈥渢hat girl still doing whatever she wants even though you鈥檝e shown her how the technology worked?鈥 You groan 鈥測es! And it skews our data! we have to spend an extra thirty minutes fixing her shit!鈥 I can鈥檛 wait until this semester is over.鈥 He smiles and pats your knee 鈥淚 have just the thing鈥 you laugh when he pulls out a bong from his backpack.
He takes out his water bottle and fills it before grabbing his baggie and packing the bowl. 鈥淵ou always know what I need. Tell me when you get more, I鈥檒l pitch in since I鈥檝e been smoking your stash鈥 he smiles and blushes. Honestly he doesn鈥檛 care that you smoke his stash. He loves to see your soft smile and hooded eyes as you look at him stoned and peaceful. Loves the way your mind expands when you鈥檙e high and the conversations you get into.
鈥淔irst ones all you鈥 he says and hands you the bong and his little torch lighter. 鈥淵ou know the way to my heart鈥 you say with a smile as you take them from his hands, making sure to brush them gently but laughing when he gasps at how cold they are 鈥渘ot all of us can be hot blooded鈥 you say and wink at him as you bring the bong to your lips. He never thought he could be this jealous about a bong but damn. Your lips look so good.
You pull back and look to his eyes, smiling sweetly it makes his heart race. You exhale as he takes a hit and you laugh 鈥淚 never get over your iron lungs鈥 you say and he smiles as he holds the smoke in for moment 鈥減ractice鈥 he says as he exhales and you laugh again, already feeling your skin tingle and your brain feeling lighter.
You smoke and talk about classes and your stupid roommates for a few minutes and after it鈥檚 quiet for a moment you lean against his shoulder and pull out your AirPods 鈥渉ere鈥 you say handing him the left one and you put the right in your ear, starting your high playlist you made together.
He sighs and places the bong and all of his things as he wraps the blanket around him tighter and leaning onto his knees. 鈥淭his is so nice鈥 he says quietly and you wrap your arm around his back, tucking your body against him and placing your ear against his back 鈥測es it is鈥 you whisper as you try to steal his warmth. 鈥淚鈥檓 jealous of your warmth鈥 you say as the song changes, making your skin feel extra tingly, like your body is made out of smoke.
鈥淵ou can have as much of it as you want鈥漢e says with a laugh, feeling so easygoing and relaxed he was finally free of his nerves to be around you. He felt like nothing matters except you guys together on the roof at this moment. He moves and wraps his arms around you, enveloping you in his scent and warmth. You smile up at him as you move your other arm around his waist.
鈥淕od y/n鈥 he says after you guys had sat for who knows how long five minutes of fifty you had no idea, just looking into each other鈥檚 eyes and smiling at each other. Lost in the music and each other鈥檚 eyes. You chuckle softly 鈥渨hat?鈥 You ask and he tucks your hair behind your ear as you lean against his shoulder 鈥測ou鈥檙e my best friend and I鈥檇 never do anything to ruin that but fuck i want to kiss you so bad鈥 he says, his voice deepening at the end of the sentence as Take Me Where Your Heart Is by Q starts playing.
You chuckle at the irony of the song before cupping his cheek and leaning up just so until your lips brush his.
You sigh into him as your lips tingle against his, an effect of the weed. You giggle when his hands grip your hips and pull you to straddle his lap, easily like it was nothing for his strong arms. You brace yourself on his shoulders and when your hips come in contact with his you gasp softly and deepens the kiss, his tongue softly running along the side of yours. You were so lost in the feeling of his lips against yours, the taste of his coconut burts bees chapstick, and the music in your right ear that you didn鈥檛 register the soft whimpers coming from you.
When he moaned though, you noticed that. It spurred you on. You had to hear it again. You repeated that action and he moaned into a soft pleasurable sigh. He pulls back and looks up at you, his thumb grazing your cheek 鈥淚鈥檝e wanted this for so long鈥 he whispers dreamily and you smile as you run your fingers through his hair. He鈥檚 looking at you like you鈥檙e the center of his universe and if you asked him he鈥檇 tell you you were staring at him the exact same way.
You hum happily and move your hands down to his chest 鈥渒issing you is better than I imagined鈥 you say and he sighs softly, his eyes bloodshot and half closed as he smiles up at you. You lean down slowly and connect your lips to his again, missing the feeling of him against your lips.
You kiss him slow and sloppy, just focused on how good you were feeling. His hands slowly roamed your body, groping and showing love to where ever he could hold. You moan against his lips and pull his hair gently, grinding your hips slowly against his to get some friction causing him to moan deeply, rumbling into you. 鈥淔uck puppy鈥 he says breathlessly as you repeat the action and you chuckle 鈥済od you feel so good Shin鈥 you say just as breathlessly and he blushes at your tone. He starts to kiss up your neck, sloppy and nipping at your skin softly.
His hands move to your hips as he guides you down against him again, growling into your ear as his eyes close. You moan softly as his bulge rubs through your panties, hitting your clit perfectly and drawing your attention to have drenched your panties were. 鈥淒o that again鈥 you mumble with a breathless laugh against the side of his face as you kiss across his cheek. 鈥淟ike that did you?鈥 He asks and you nod, capturing his lips with your own as he bucks his hips up into you as he pulls you down against him. 鈥淔uck you鈥檙e big huh?鈥 You whisper as you feel tingles erupt through your body from the way his bulge hits you in the perfect place, sending a jolt of electricity through your body. 鈥淒o you wanna see?鈥 He asks and you whine and nod, peppering kissing against his neck, sucking hickies you were excited to see in the morning.
鈥淪hinsou鈥 you moan as he rubs you down against him, causing him to groan and through his head back 鈥淚 want you鈥 he says, voice thick with desire, you chuckle softly kissing across his Adam鈥檚 apple and up to his jaw 鈥淚 guessed that鈥 you said and ground your hips down, hitting him in just the right spot that made you both moan and your back and chest tingle, your nipples hardening against your shirt you thanked the gods for not wearing a bra and you patted yourself on the back for wearing a skirt when his fingers brushed against your clit over your panties.
You gasp and shudder as his fingers brush up and down through your folds on top of your panties 鈥渋s this all for me puppy? You鈥檙e so wet already鈥 his voice was low and his eyes were dark as he gazed up at you 鈥渁nd you鈥檙e hard as a rock鈥 you say with a teasing bite to his bottom lip
he smirks, feeling cocky 鈥渨ell that鈥檚 two halves of a whole鈥 he says and you chuckle for a second before it turns into a shuddering moan as his digit slips under your underwear, rubbing your clit slowly in a circle.
鈥淢akes that sound again鈥 he says and suck on your neck as he dips two fingers inside of your dripping hole. You gasp and moan as your walls clench around his thick digits 鈥渇uuuck鈥 you moan as he curls his fingers up, placing the pad of his thumb against your clit as his other hand reaches up under your sweatshirt only to gasp when his hand finds bare skin.
鈥淔uck puppy. You鈥檙e perfect鈥 he whispers and you moan, squeezing your eyes shut as his fingers play with your left nipple, his thumb softly rubbing in a circle against your clit as his thick fingers slowly pump and curl inside of you. Moans fall from your lips, warm tingles rocking through your body like waves, he looks up at you like you鈥檙e an angel
鈥淟ook at me puppy鈥 he says as he feels your walls flutter and clench him as you near your orgasm. You whine and look down at him, your belly erupting in butterflies at his gaze. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e beautiful鈥 he says as you gasp then moan as your orgasm hits you harder than before, cumming around his fingers as you keep your eyes on his.
鈥淗itoshi. Need you鈥 you mumble as you collapse against his shoulder he slips his fingers free from your cunt and brings his fingers to his lips, sucking them clean as you watch, hypnotized by his actions. 鈥淭ell me what you need my sweet girl鈥 he says and you sigh happily leaning in to kiss him. 鈥淚 need you鈥 you mumble against his lips. 鈥淚鈥檓 right here baby鈥 he says like it鈥檚 obvious and you whine, making his dick twitch as it strains against his boxers.
鈥淧lease Hitoshi. Fuck me鈥 you whimper and he groans, a shudder wracking his body as those words fall from your lips, words that he has only dreamed about you saying. He feels his body tingle and smiles, bringing your mouth to his with one hand as the other reaches down to unbutton his jeans.
You stop his hands and hum when he lets you take over. You unzip his jeans and push them down before slowly pushing down his boxers and letting his cock spring free. You feel your mouth water when you look down and see how big it truly is. 鈥淔uck 鈥楾oshi you鈥檙e so big鈥 you moan and he smiles shyly, pecking the corner of your mouth, moaning in his chest as you slowly pump your hand up and down his length.
鈥淚鈥檝e always loved this skirt鈥 he whispers as he pushes it up and tucks it into your waistband. 鈥淚鈥檝e noticed you staring at my thighs before鈥 you whsiper and his cheeks flush, his cock twitching in your hand 鈥渢hat鈥檚 why I wear it so much鈥 you admit, your cheeks flushing to match his.
Your thumb rubs the bead of pre cum around his red tip and his body shudders 鈥渇uuuck y/n鈥 he moans and you kiss him deeply before you stand, dropping his cock for a moment as you skip your panties off, shoving them in the side pocket of his flannel he had on making him curse under his breath. You kneel down again as he slowly pumps his length and you cup his cheeks and card your fingers through his hair above his ears.
You reach down and take his cock from him, pressing you lips to his and kissing him deeply, your tongue sloppily wrapping around his as you run his cock head through your dripping folds. The head catches your hole and you moan and sink your hips down. You moan together as his head pushes through, stretching you beautifully. 鈥淔uck 鈥楾oshi. So big鈥 you moan and place your hands in his neck, bracing yourself and you sink down on him until he was fully sheathed.
鈥淟ook at that baby girl鈥 he says and looks at where you鈥檙e connected. He reaches down and rubs your sensitive clit slowly, moaning when you clench around him. 鈥淵ou take me so well puppy鈥 he says and his hands move to your hips, guiding you up and slamming you back down against him. 鈥淔uck!鈥 You moaned as he bit and sucked the skin against your collarbone. 鈥淵ou sound so pretty. Take me so well. My perfect puppy鈥 he鈥檚 moaning as his body tingles. His praises make you clench against him and he moans, his hands pushing your hoodie up to expose your chest. He moans at the sight 鈥渟o soft. So perfect鈥 he says and kisses across your breasts, showing love to every inch before taking your left nipple into his mouth making you shudder and gasp out his name 鈥淭oshi yes yes please鈥 you say and he starts to buck his hips up, matching the pace he has been set.
鈥淕od you feel so good. I鈥檝e been dreaming about this for so long Shin鈥 you admit as you feel waves of pleasurable tingles wrack your body as you near your peak. The cord you feel in your belly getting tighter and tighter. 鈥淪eriously?鈥 He asks breathlessly and you nod quickly 鈥淚鈥檓 pretty sure I love you鈥 you say and he stops movements and for a second you think you鈥檝e said something wrong. 鈥淵ou love me?鈥 He asks softly, brushing your hair behind your shoulder. You blush, like his cock isn鈥檛 fully buried in your cunt, and nod slowly 鈥淚 love you too鈥 he says with a soft chuckle and you feel yourself clench around him.
鈥淒oes my sweet girl like that?鈥 He whispers and you whine with a nod and he slowly pulls your hips up almost all the way and then slams you back on making you moan probably a little too loud as he kept slowly repeating the action 鈥測ou take me so well feel so good and tight. So beautiful. You treat me so well puppy. I love you so much鈥 you gasp, your breathing erratic 鈥淭oshi I鈥檓 gonna cum鈥 you say and he chuckles, his fingers gripping you tighter as his actions stay in their slow pace, dragging it out as he slams you down against him a little harder and you can hardly breathe as his lips wrap around your nipple again 鈥淭oshi please please please鈥 鈥減lease what puppy鈥 you moan and kiss his lips sloppily moaning against him and when you pull back a string of spit connects your bottom lips 鈥減lease make me cum Hitoshi鈥 you moan and he moans deep in his chest and picks up the pace, slamming you down on his cock harder and fast as you gasp and moan his name 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna cum鈥 you gasp out and your name falls from his lips like a prayer 鈥渃um for me y/n鈥 he grunts and you moan, your hands gripping his shoulders tight, your orgasm wracking through your body like you just witnessed the face of god. Your world feels like it explodes for a solid ten seconds, your eyes never leaving his. You pant as your head collapses against his shoulder. 鈥淐an I?鈥 He asks breathlessly, bearing his edge as he keeps it together as long as possible 鈥測es yes鈥 you moan and pant, kissing and sucking his neck 鈥渃um inside me鈥 you whsiper into his ear and he moans as he slams you down and his motions stop as you feel his cock twitch as hot cum spills into you.
You stay there as his fingers trail up and down your spine softly as you both catch your breath. 鈥淭hat was amazing鈥 you whispered and he chuckled, shifting you slightly so his softening dick could slide out of you and you frown at the feeling of his cum sliding out of you with it. He holds your chin and pulls your face to look into your eyes 鈥減lease tell me that you telling me you love me wasn鈥檛 a high hallucination鈥 you laugh and kiss his lips softly, gently against your swollen lips. 鈥淚 love you Hitoshi鈥
It took you fifteen minutes to find where your AirPods fell. He had to hold the blankets over his crotch on the elevator ride to your apartment floor, his cum leaking out into his jeans as you stayed embraced for a while on the roof until you shivered and invited him back for some dinner and a shower even though he lived right across the hall. You kept stealing glances at him in the mirrored wall of the elevator doors as you held hands, feeling a little shy and bashful. Your friendship will never be the same and you know every time you go smoke on the roof you鈥檒l think of this but you wouldn鈥檛 change anything. 鈥淚 love you鈥 he says and kisses your cheek softly once you鈥檙e inside your apartment and you laugh 鈥淚 love you too鈥
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lottiebagley 2 years
Pumpkin- Fred Weasley
We're heavy liftin' but we're feelin' fine We think it's funny when we look at the time I know co-dependency has dragged me out But I really don't think that's what this is about
The group of sixth year Gryffindor students sit around under a tree by the black lake waiting for the arrival of their friend. Y/N Malfoy was quite similar to her family in most ways, ambitious, cunning, loyal and scheming, admittedly also a little bitchy with a flare for the dramatic. The difference being important though, she used all of these skills for good. Surrounding herself in a group of Gryffindor's despite being Slytherin simply because they made her laugh, she had never cared over blood or house supremacy and it drove her father mad, her mother to worry constantly and her younger brother to quietly admire her, although he'd be caught dead before saying it.
"Here she is," Lee grins widely watching the girl approach
"You're late," Fred comments, a smirk on his face and teasing lilt to his voice
"Can it Pumpkin,"
"Okay that joke has never and will never be funny," He groans as she drops to the ground next to her friends, fanning her face from the summer heat as she lays in the warmth, her shorts and top showing more skin than her family would approve of.
"Whatever you say Pumpkin," She grins, reaching her hand up to pat Fred's cheek as he leans his back against the tree.
"Why are you late?" Angelina questions, her head in her boyfriends lap. She laughs loudly when the girl says nothing simply smirks.
"Seriously? Again?" Alicia questions, laughter in her voice
"Wait! What don't we know?" Fred pouts dramatically, pushing himself up from the tree. His feelings for the girl glaring brightly. He may as well have a bright flashing sign pointing to him that says he's head over heels for his best friend who doesn't believe in love.
"There's no we. Just you I'm afraid," Lee smirks, Fred's heart sinks a little when he notices his twin brother sympathetic smile.
"Our little golden child-" Angelina starts
"She has never been a golden child," Lee interrupts
"Shut up. Our little golden child has been sleeping with Adrian Pucey," Angelina grins.
Fred feels his heart drop to his feet. Splintering into 1000 pieces.
"Merlin, your parents would approve," he comments, feeling the eyes on him waiting for a response
"They won't need to. It's just casual sex," she shrugs. She isn't sure why she feels such an urgency to make sure Fred knows it's not serious. Sure, he flirts with her but she always kind of assumed it was a joke, so of course it wasn't the guilt making her want to scream at him that she was still single. It wasn't feelings either. There's no point in feelings.
"I wish I could do that," Alicia sighs wistfully, Fred glad the attention is off him "Just have casual sex, flings that mean nothing. I get so attached so quickly," she rambles before turning her head to face her friend, who is eyeing Fred with suspicion, trying to work out if he's just tired or if he's upset. 聽"How d'you do it?"
"It's simple Li, there's no point in catching feelings. Love is treated like some inevitable thing that happens to everyone but it's not. I won't ever fall in love. Most people don't. Boys are going to hurt you time and time again so there's no point investing your happiness in them. The new relationship glow dies and you end up alone. Embrace the fact you've only got you to count on and life becomes easier," She explains
"How can you know someone isn't going to just come in and sweep you off your feet?" George questions, eyes flickering between the girl talking and his brother who is staring into space almost like he's trying to block out whatever the girl is saying.
"Life just doesn't work like that,"
I wanna give it all, I know I will 'Cause blueberry eyes seem to make time still We can boogie in the sunshine with some Burt's Bees And I know you like to pull the leaves off trees
"Thought love was stupid and pointless and made up," Fred quips, his voice in her ear making her jump in the otherwise empty corridor, taken by surprise at his presence.
"Shit!" she shrieks, hand swatting him away from her "You know most people say hello Pumpkin," she adds
"Hi darling," He grins
"Hi," she responds with a smile, not sure why she's blushing a little
"Back to my point about love,"
"You never actually made it," She retorts, eyes shining in the moonlit corridor
"Are you not on your way back from a secret meeting with one Adrian Pucey?" He questions, beginning to walk in the direction of the Slytherin common room, making sure to slow his steps down a little on regards of her much shorter legs.
"And if I am?"
"You've been spending an awful lot of time with him recently is all," Fred comments. Eyes focused on her as she quiets for a moment thinking.
"He's not the worst person to be around," She shrugs, he hums in response. He isn't sure what to say. He expected her to shoot down his accusation but instead she had admitted to liking Adrian.
"Why are you up so late and lurking near the Slytherin commons?" she questions, expecting an elaborate prank to be explained.
"Someone had to make sure you made it to bed safely," He shrugs, she hopes in the dark he won't see her blush, although he can and it makes his heart skip a beat.
"Pumpkin, anyone would think you care," She teases gently
"I do. In fact I care more about you than anyone else I know," He admits, his sincerity and vulnerability a change to their usual playful tone.
"I feel the same for you," She admits as they come to a stop outside the Slytherin common room.
"You sure do know how to make a guy feel special," He smirks, leaning against the wall next to the entrance to the Slytherin common room.
"I think love is stupid and fake and I don't believe in the whole one true love, soulmate bullshit," She announces, a look in her eyes that Fred has never seen before as she stares up at him.
"I know that," He smiles gently, enjoying the way she's standing a little too close for just friends.
"I'm difficult and tricky and emotionally unavailable and I'm a stupid person to have feelings for,"
"I know that," He smirks widely
"I'm sensitive and if this is all some joke-"
"What's this?" He questions, a cocky grin on his face and an eyebrow raises. She sighs
"This!" She exclaims, gesturing between them "You treating me special and flirting and walking me to all my classes and back to my common room every night and carrying my bag and-" She begins to ramble
"No joke," He assures, hands held up in surrender
"I don't believe in love and I think feelings are stupid,"
"You've mentioned,"
"But, you should know that if anyone were going to change that it would not be Adrian Pucey,"
"Are you saying it would be me, sweetheart?"
"Don't get too cocky pumpkin," She smirks, before turning away from him and slipping into her common room, leaving Fred stood in the corridor with a lovestruck grin on his face.
I used to think that Romeo was full of shit And the Notebook was just my favourite chick flick But now I get why Sarah was so hard to forget It's this feeling that I'm feeling like Nemo in a net
She sits next to Alicia in the Room of Requirement, patiently awaiting the boys as they mingle with the other party goers. 聽Sipping on their drinks and talking over the loud music.
"Are you staring at Fred?" Alicia questions, eyes following where she's staring off into the distance. Fred is standing with a cup in each hand. One that he regularly raises to his mouth as he laughs with a few Hufflepuff boys. The other that he holds from the top, hand easily large enough to cover the whole top, although he continuously glances down to check there's no opening. He looks good, his height meaning he's a head taller than the other boys, his white shirt slightly too tight meaning his muscles bulge in it.
"Hmm?" She questions, forcing her eyes away from the boy, glad he hadn't caught onto her staring
"Oh my god! You were!" Alicia cheers
"I was?"
"Staring at Fred all gooey eyed and lovestruck. Can't say I'm surprised there's been way too much sexual tension between you two for like ever,"
"I wasn't. I was simply looking at him cause he said he'd bring me another drink and I'm nearly out," She retaliates, Alicia looks at her questioningly for a second, but after glancing at her nearly empty cup seems to believe it. She'd probably have questioned it more if Angelina hadn't arrived, taking the empty seat next to the girl.
"How's Adrian?" Angelina smirks widely from behind her cup
"Uh, I wouldn't know," She admits, adjusting her short black dress a little
"What? You had one of the best looking boys in school for casual, steamy sex and you ended it?" Alicia gasps, looking at the girl in front of her like she's insane
"There was nothing to end," The girls shrugs, taking a chug of her drink, emptying the glass and placing it down.
"Why the fuck would you stop sleeping with him? He's fit," Angelina 聽pesters, she's saved from having to come up with a lie when Fred arrives in front of the girls, offering the drink he's been protecting with his hand to her.
"Chug that and come dance with me," He demands, she raises her eyebrow at him
"Friends can dance together y'know?" He smirks widely, the line between friends and more seeming to fade and darken back and forth constantly between them.
"To friends then Pumpkin," She smirks, accepting the cup and chugging the alcohol despite the slight burn in her throat.
"M'Lady," He grins, offering a hand that she takes whilst rolling her eyes, allowing him to pull her away from the girls.
"That is why you stop sleeping with a boy as fit as Adrian Pucey," Alicia smirks to Angelina who laughs at the comment.
"Spoilt for choice," Angelina chimes
Pumpkin, pumpkin You're gonna kill me Pumpkin, pumpkin La, la la la la, la Pumpkin, pumpkin I need you to feel me Pumpkin, pumpkin La, la la la la, la
"You know darling, people might think you like me," He whispers into her ear, hot breath sending a small shiver down her spine that makes smirk grow wider.
"People should keep their noses out," She responds, spinning to face him.
Her chest flush to his, her hands finding place on his shoulders as she moves her hips against him. Practically grinding to the music playing through the party.
"I like this dress," He compliments, eyes raking her up and down with dark eyes, hands trailing up and down her body
"Take your hand of my arse Pumpkin," She smirks, although she says nothing else when he doesn't, the warning more a habit than her actually caring
"You brother is watching us," Fred comments, focusing on not letting his eyes drop to the curve of her breasts that are pushed up, practically spilling from the little black dress
"Father will be happy to hear all about this," She smirks, earning a chuckle from Fred
"You not worried about it?" He questions, ignoring the weird need in his chest to place kisses to her neck, wanting more than a little to mark her up.
"I've been disappointing him long enough," She shrugs, one hand dropping from around his shoulder to trail down his chest, unable to stop herself from wanting to feel the toned muscles under the shirt
"Ever the bad girl," He smirks, a feeling of pride in his chest when he notices her eyes darken a little.
"That's low," She comments with a smirk "Besides father knows we are friends and this is a friendly dance," She adds, turning back around to press her back to his chest, rolling her hips to push her arse into him.
"I certainly hope you don't dance with all your friends like this," He smirks, leaning down a little, a tight grip on her hips, dictating the speed of her teasing movements.
"Only my favourites," She grins.
Fred is glad she's not facing him or he's pretty sure he wouldn't have been able to stop himself from kissing her.
We're cruisin' slowly but we're movin' fast We both decided to thank our past We've got a hundred lists of things we wanna do But I'm also cool just doin' nothin' with you
When Fred had bid her goodbye for the summer his heart and stung a little. He hated not being able to see her over the holidays. He hated that Adrian Pucey would be around all the time due to their families friendship. He hated that although she acted like it didn't her father's constant criticism hurt her.
It was because of the very last reason that when they were in third year George had scribbled their address onto a piece of parchment and given it to her with a smile and a whisper of 'if you need us we would love to see you'. 聽She'd never used the paper before. Writing to the twins and their friends, and holding out through the summer. She'd kept the paper though, tucked in between an old fairytale book in her bedroom.
Standing at 7:30 in the morning on the doorstep to the burrow, school trunk in tow and eyes sore from crying she wondered if the offer had long since expired.
Molly Weasley knew of her. She knew that the Malfoy's had a daughter and assumed she'd be as stuck up and rude as the best. Then her boys came home after their first term talking with bright smile and enthusiasm of their new friend and she was shocked when over and over again the name Y/N Malfoy was in the stories. By the end of their first year, with their letters and excited chatter she'd grown to know the girl was nothing like her family, instead she was a friend of her twins and by default Molly loved the girl, happy to see her boys happy. By Christmas of third years she realised that George loved the girl like a sister and Fred loved her as a lot more.
Despite all of this she'd never spoken to the girl. The Malfoy's whisking her away from her friends at the train station before she could even say 'goodbye' with cold eyes and snarls. Therefore she was more than surprised to pull the door open and see her with blotchy tear stained skin and silk pj shorts, a sweater she knit herself with a large 'F' on the front almost drowning her.
"Hi deary," Molly smiles gently
"I'm so sorry to intrude-I-it- I couldn't be there any longer. The boys said years ago I could come here if I ever needed and-I- I'm sorry that was years ago and the offer is way past expired- Sorry to bother you, this was stupid. I'll just be going," She rambles, cutting herself off and hiccuping the words out.
"You'll do no such thing. Come in," Molly instructs, pulling the door wider to allow her to come in. She smiles gratefully, grabbing her trunk and tugging it behind her into the house.
She looks around and can't help the small smile. The house is more of a home then any she'd ever been in before. Lived in and warm and bright and she could feel the love radiating through it. It made perfect sense that the twins grew up here.
"Leave your bag by the door. One of the twins can carry it up later. Take a seat while I make breakfast and let's, you and I, have a chat. I'm afraid the twins won't be up for hours," Molly offers. The girl nods, shooting her a smile and sitting down.
"Tea?" Molly questions
"Please," She responds almost timidly, wiping at her face with the sleeve of her jumper trying to dry the dampness. Molly nods, sending the girl a gentle smile and flicking her wand, the pots jumping into action making the tea.
"Now, dear, do you want to talk about it?" Molly asks gently
"No. Sorry. I just need to process," She admits
"It's no worry, you just make sure not to keep it all bottled up. Whenever you are ready we are all here for you, you can stay as long as you like, alright?"
"Thank you Mrs Weasley,"
"Please dear, call me Molly,"
"Molly," The girl nods, taking the tea she is offered with a thanks.
"Now, do your parents know you're here?"
"No, I left late last night. Father and I argued and I went up stairs and packed and just kinda," she trails off
"Left in the middle of the night with no explanation," it's Ginny's voice that speaks from behind her.
"Hey Ginny," The girl grins, jumping up to hug the younger girl who happily returns it. The Weasley kid's all liked her having had her company forced on them by the twins at school.
"Hey, Fred's going to be so happy to see you," Ginny smirks, laughing when the girl blushes, eyes staring down to not look at Molly who is smiling widely.
"You need to let your parents know you are safe," Molly instructs as the two girls sit down.
"They won't care," She shrugs, Molly's motherly glare quickly shot at her "but I'll let them know," She assures
"How'd you even get here?" Ginny questions
"The knight bus,"
By the time the girls have had breakfast and caught up it's 9AM and the both Harry and Ron arrive in the kitchen, greeting the newest addition to the home with a hug and teases of Fred's excitement. By 10AM George has arrived downstairs, elated to see one of his best friends, pulling her into a tight bear hug before ruffling her hair.
George and her are sprawled out in the garden, backs in the grass, both clad in pjs, easy conversation flowing and her feeling 1000 times happier than she did that morning by 11AM
"Merlin, Georgie, we are supposed to be working on puking pastilles and you're lounging about in the garden," Fred's voice shouts, leaning out of his window, to see his twin, not yet seeing the girl who is leaning against the wall, out of his eye line.
"I'm entertaining our guest!" George quips
"Guest? Is this you weird way of saying we have to de-gnome the garden again?"
"No. But we do need to," George responds
"Hey Pumpkin," The girl calls out, shuffling to be next to George and in Fred's eye sight.
Fred's face is overtaken by a wide grin, almost instantly he's out of the window, sprinting down the stairs and hurtling into the garden.
She jogs to meet him, laughing when he lifts her into the air spins her around, her legs wrapping around his waist as she grins down at him.
"Merlin, I missed you,"
"I missed you too. A lot," She admits, hating the way her heart is hammering in her chest.
"What're you doing here?" He asks, concern over taking his features, his hands still gripping her tightly as he holds her up
"I really don't want to talk about it yet," She admits
"But you're okay?"
"I am now," She assures, leaning down to press a kiss to his cheek and smirking when he blushes.
"Merlin, it was two weeks not two years," George comments, breaking the moment up now he feels he's given them enough time.
Fred sighs, wishing he'd had the nerve to just kiss her like he so badly wanted to but nervous how she'd react, the though of ruining their friendship striking fear in his heart.
He places her down delicately and insists on giving her a tour of the house, Molly watches with a fond smile at the way her son can't stop grinning all day.
I ran in circles on a Monday night You had to go so you could make your flight I looked at my mom and said, "What do I do?" She said, "This look is somethin' and it's new and true"
"You seem to really like her," Molly pesters, a week and a half into her stay. She's washing the breakfast dishes as Fred dries them. She knows immediately he wants to talk about it, her son only ever helps with house work when he wants his mother's advice and is too shy to ask.
"I do," Fred confirms, watching through the window.
The group were heading to a nearby lake and she's standing in the garden with Ginny, clad in a bikini she'd borrowed from the younger girl and a pair of shorts and carrying a towel. Sunglasses pushing her hair back and laughing at something the younger girl said, the two seemingly closer by the day.
The sight of her in just a bikini had made Fred's heart stop. She had barged into the twin's bedroom in the search for suncream Ginny had leant them and Fred had struggled to put words together as George smirked watching the interaction.
"She likes you too, I can tell," Molly prompts, wondering what the problem was.
"I know, well I kinda figured. She's just complicated. None of us know why but she's an utter cynic. She doesn't believe in love, she doesn't have any interest in dating or marriage or any of that. She has is in her head every guy she lets herself like will end up hurting her," Fred explains
"That kind of thing is normally past hurt,"
"She's never been in a relationship," Fred counters
"Okay, well in that case it's highly likely it's a childhood thing,"
"You mean?"
"Her family is very traditional. She might not have grown up seeing healthy, loving relationships," Molly explains gently
"So, what do I do?"
"You prove you're different. You prove you are worth the risk," Molly explains. Fred nods, setting his tea towel down despite being no where near done with the dishes.
"Thanks mum," He grins, Molly smiles, watching her son head towards the door
"Take a shirt so your shoulders don't burn!" She calls but Fred is out the door before she can finish the sentence.
"Took your time!" Ron calls, standing up from where he, George and Harry had all been sat waiting
"Just cause some of actually help mum," Fred quips, ignoring his brothers as they all begin the 10 minute walk to the lake. George challenging Ron to a race. Ginny talking awkwardly to Harry, her crush evident.
Fred is no better than his younger sister, falling into step next to her.
"Surprised you aren't racing," She comments
"Bored of beating them," he smirks cockily "Besides, talking with a beautiful girl such as yourself is much more fun," He adds, proud when she giggles.
"You're in good shape," She comments, eyes flickering over his body, clad in only swim shorts, his toned chest and muscular arms on full show. She laughs a little when he blushes bright red. "Not so slick now are we Pumpkin?" She smirks
"Pumpkin still isn't funny," He attempts, the bright red flush still on his cheeks doing little to help his case.
He tries desperately to recover on the walk but every time he starts talking she makes a show of looking at him, eyes lingering, something she enjoys greatly, making him blush even more.
The day by the lake passes beautifully. Games of chicken, sunbathing, forcing Ron to go back and pick up sandwiches at lunch time.
It's mid afternoon, Ron and Ginny playing a game of exploding snap on the jetty over the lake, Harry reading 'Quidditch through the ages', George writing a letter to Angelina.
The pair are in the lake, Fred pushing her in when she was sunbathing earlier and jumping in after her. They'd had a race which landed them a distance away from the others.
"You won because I let you," Fred announces
"I won because I took swimming lessons until I was 11 and was on a summer swim team until I was 14," She shrugs
"What else don't I know about you?" He teases
"I speak Latin, I can play the piano and flute, this is the first school break I haven't spent nearly ever waking minute at my ballet studio and I know greek mythology like the back of my hand,"
"Private tutors," She shrugs, he laughs loudly, shocked he knew so little about aspects of her life. 聽She shivers a little
"You wanna get out?" He questions
"Quite like the water," She shrugs, he nods, opening his arms
"I'm not cuddling you in the water Fred,"
"It's that or hypothermia," He shrugs, she sighs, secretly happy, and allows him to pull her into his hold, resting her head on his shoulder as he subconsciously strokes a hand up and down her back.
"You really are full of surprises," He comments
"As are you, I've been learning an awful lot about you from your parents,"
"If it made me sound uncool it was a lie,"
"You were already uncool to me," She smirks,
"Harsh," He grins, eyes focused on the way she bites her bottom lip as she stares up at him "You look really beautiful," he comments
"So do you pumpkin," She returns.
Neither of them know what's overtaking their system as they lean in slowly, her lips just grazing his when suddenly his shoulder's are pulled down and he's held under water. Ron laughing happily when his brother pushes his way up to the surface a scowl on his face.
"What the fuck, Ron!" Fred shouts
"We need to leave or we'll be late back," The younger boy announces, swimming away before his brother can splash him.
Fred shoots her a sorry smile before they both swim back, climbing the ladder onto the pier. Fred makes sure to wait until Ron's holding his towel and wearing his t-shirt before he shoves him off the pier and back into the lake for ruining the moment.
I used to think that Romeo was full of shit And The Notebook was just my favourite chick flick But now I get why Sarah was so hard to forget It's this feeling that I'm feeling, like Nemo in a net
It's been two weeks since she arrived by the time she is ready to open up about the fight with her parents. It's only her and Fred. They sit cross legged on a sofa, the warm night breeze pushing through the open windows.
The kids had all occupied the living room, watching movies and eating snack but as the night got later one by one they'd all gone up to bed, leaving the pair who had been cuddled up way too close for just friends all night. 聽
"I told you Ginny had foul choice in films," Fred comments
"I quite enjoyed it," the girl shrugs in response
"You. You who has previously said 'Love is a commercial lie' enjoyed Titanic," He smirks
"I guess maybe I'm starting to accept I could have been a little wrong," She admits, refusing to look at Fred.
It was true, being with Fred all summer had made her realise that the love she felt for him wasn't just some stupid passing thing. She loved Fred Weasley. Loved him to her very core. She thinks a part of why she was finally letting herself feel the admittedly scary emotions was seeing how happy Molly and Arthur were.
"Why do you hate love?" He questions, it was a thought that had been on his mind a lot as of late.
"I guess I just never saw it before," She shrugs
"Aren't your parents married?"
"Yeah but they don't love each other. They were an arranged marriage, father had the prettiest girl and mother married into a fortune. They barely speak unless they are in public. They sleep on opposite sides of the house," She speaks and her voice is void of emotion, Fred isn't sure what to say.
"So you just assumed no one was happily married?" He questions gently, giving her shoulder a comforting squeeze.
"No. I knew love was real, it was just that it was easier to not fall in love and it the best way to stop it was to convince myself no one had it," She admits
"Why wouldn't you want to fall in love though?" He prompts, eyes fixed on her as she fiddles with the hem of the large t-shirt she's wearing.
"It would end in heart break. I have to marry whoever my parents pick. If I fall in love when I get married I live my whole life knowing what I could have had. But now, I'm halfway in love and my whole world feels, I don't know how to describe it, brighter I guess, and all that self preservation was meaningless,"
Fred feels his heart break a little. He wasn't sure if it was because she had been dealing with all this for so long or if because deep down he knew he would marry her tomorrow and he didn't doubt for a second that he wanted her forever.
"I'm so sorry," He hums out
"Not your fault. It's what we argued about, they had a suitor coming to stay for the summer. That's why I ran," She admits
"Oh, sweetheart," He sighs, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close to him.
"Would be great if you could do something repulsive so I like you less," She jokes, he laughs loudly
"Sorry, darling, but I really don't plan on letting you slip through my fingers and no matter what I'll make sure you don't have to marry some pretentious pure blood," He promises and she feels more at ease than she has in years, she knows Fred has got her, Fred'll stop at nothing to make sure she is happy.
Pumpkin, pumpkin You're gonna kill me Pumpkin, pumpkin La-la-la-la-la-la Pumpkin, pumpkin Need you to feel me Pumpkin, pumpkin La-la-la-la-la-la
"Where are we going?" She questions, eyes squeezed shut as Fred tugs her hand pulling her along behind him.
"My favourite place," he responds, although she had no clue what that meant.
"Well, are we nearly there?"
"Shut up and be patient, jeez woman,"
It's a further three minutes when Fred stops, laughing when she walks right into him, eyes still closed.
"Okay, open," She can hear his smile
She opens her eyes, they're standing in front of a meadow full of wildflowers, the pink sun set making everything glow, a picnic blanket full of goodies that were clearly prepared by Molly in the centre.
"You're right. It's beautiful," She smiles brightly, turning from the view to look up at Fred who is beaming down at her.
"Not as beautiful as you," He grins cheekily
"That was awful," She smirks, his loud laughter ringing out through the meadow. She grabs his hand in hers again, pulling him along to the picnic blanket.
"So, how did you enjoy your summer?" He questions
"We have three days left," She argues
"That excited to go back to school?" He teases
"It's our last year, guess I'm just not ready for it to be over," She explains, he smiles gently
"I get that," He agrees, shooting her a smile "Don't want to fall out of touch with people," He adds. She nods. Extending her hand pointing her pinky finger at him
"I don't make pinky promises if I don't know what they are,"
"That no matter how far apart we end up, you and I are always going to have each other, always going to be friends,"
"Who knew the Slytherin was so sappy," He teases, his finger immediately wrapping around hers and squeezing.
"Tell anyone and I'll kill you," She smirks, Fred chuckles, passing her a chocolate covered strawberry.
"I can catch that in my mouth,"He speaks confidently.
20 minutes and a 30% success rate between the two of them, Fred leaps to his feet pulling her with him.
"Where are we going?"
"We are dancing,"
"There's no music,"
"I can sing if you want," He offers
"I'd rather not go deaf," She smirks, he laughs loudly
"I'm a great singer," He defends, she raises her eyebrows at him,
"Whatever you say pumpkin." she laughs when he rolls his eyes.
"Fine, we don't need music,"
He pulls her into him, arms around her waist as hers wrap around his neck, her head on his shoulder and Fred Weasley could die happy. He has no idea that she could too.
I used to think that Romeo was full of shit But when I look at you, I think this must be it, oh
It's the last night before school starts when she knocks at Fred's bedroom door. Hands shaking a little in nervousness and pacing the hallway.
It's pulled open by the boy who's brows furrow in concern at the sight of her.
"Can I come in? we need to talk,"
"George is asleep, we can talk out here," He smiles softly at her, stepping into the hallway and tugging the door closed behind him.
"You ruined me," She states
"What?" He questions, eyes wide and a sense of nervousness about him
"I had everything together. Everything was perfect, it was glass and could break any second but it as mine and it made me good, it protected me,"
"I'm confused,"
"I didn't let boys matter. It didn't matter if they laughed at my joke, if they were looking at me when I looked at them, if they thought I looked good, if they found me too bitchy or too loud or too anything. It didn't feel like if I wasn't near them I couldn't breathe,"
"If it makes you feel better I always think you look good,"
"Fred, I'm being serious,"
"So am I, darling,"
"I'm scared,"
"I won't hurt you,"
"I think that's the problem," she admits.
"I'm gonna kiss you now cause I've waited forever and you make it fucking impossible sometimes and by sometimes I mean every fucking day cause you-"
"Just kiss me pumpkin,"
"That's still not-"
His protest ends when her lips crash to his, he grins into the kiss, arms snaking around her to pull her in as her's tangle in his hair. A grunt leaving his lips and falling into hers making her smirk against him.
Everything falls into place. 聽
"About time," They jump apart at the sound of George's voice, leaning in the hallway
"What the fuck George?" Fred complains, although his arms stay wrapped around her, effectively holding her flush to his chest, unable to leave his grip.
"Maybe don't have private discussions in the middle of the hall if you don't want us all listening," at the sound of Ginny's voice the couple look upwards.
Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione who arrived two days before are leaning over the banister on the floor above them to watch.
Fred sighs, before deciding fuck it and crashing his lips back to hers, a little less innocent, smirking when he hears fake gags and his siblings all running back to their rooms.
Pumpkin, pumpkin You're gonna kill me Pumpkin, pumpkin La-la-la-la-la-la Pumpkin, pumpkin I need you to feel me Pumpkin, pumpkin La-la-la-la-la-la, oh Oh-oh, pumpkin, pumpkin Oh, la-la-la-la-la-la La-la, ooh, ooh-ooh
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Disney princess gift guide part 8: Pocahontas
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Voices of the winds: Native American Legends by Ella Clark
Raccoon Squishmallow
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Pug Squishmallow
Tumblr media
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