#burrito is Bruno new nickname
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I no longer have a wrist
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i was tagged by spideypooly, THANK U SM 
Rules: Answer 30 questions and then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.
1. Nicknames: tori or tor 
2. Gender: female                                                                                  
3. Star sign: leoooo ( comin up real soon wink wink)                                       
4. Height: 5′4″
5. Time: 12:05 pm                                                                                      
6. Birthday: august 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Favourite bands: listen my all time fav band broke up 5 years ago and i have never loved another band as much as them :\
8. Favourite solo artists: shawn mendes  (my baby daddy), ed sheeran, jbiebs, u know all those fun ppl
9. Song stuck in my head: new rules - dua lipa!!!!!!!
10. Last movie watched: spiderman homecoming which i just saw an hour ago 
11. Last show watched: boyband :/ (LISTEN I NEED A NEW BAND IN MY LIFE)
12. When did I create my blog: sometime in 2012 i’ve had this blog for way too long and have gone thru so many url’s and posts so ty if u’ve been here since my dark days
13. What do I post: atm anything marvel and tom holland!!!! and also tv shows I'm currently watching/waiting for!!!
14. Last thing googled: fandango lol
15. Do you have other blogs: i have saved url blogs but nothing else, I'm a trash person and change this blog depending on what I'm feelin
16. Do you get asks: HAAA no                                     
17. Why did you choose your url: bc i have a lot of love for matthew daddarios and he’s the purest lil nug i’ve ever seen 
18. Following: 181     
19. Followers: 1,777
20. Favourite colours: ANYTHING BLUE
21. Average hours of sleep: 8+
22. Lucky number: 8
23. Instruments: is mayonnaise an instrument
24. What am I wearing: moose pajama pants that are light blue and navy blue, and my shirt is my 8th grade class shirt with everyone’s signature on it :)
25. How many blankets I sleep with: i don't usually sleep with blankets, but when i do it’s like 10 so i can really put in the effect of looking like a burrito
26. Dream job: something with helping kids!!!! I'm going to college for early childhood special ed, but idk if i wanna be a teacher, i was thinking like children psychology or something like that but idk!!
27. Dream trip: i’ve already been to italy, so greece for sure
28. Favourite Food: tater tots
29. Nationality: I've got a lil bit of german and english in me but I'm mostly italian 
30. Favourite song now: Versace on the floor - bruno mars 
and the ppl im tagging are:  tauruz, gayspiderman, admiretom, mjsparker, peteparker & parkrpeters (also u guys don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!!) but ya thats not 20 ppl but like idek 20 ppl so if anyone else wants to do this and say i tagged them then yes pls go for it 
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