retro-life-journal · 23 days
The Retro-Modern Rifle: Part 1
A first look and general overview of the Brownells BRN-180
Fighting Rifle Roots-
After the successful creation of the beloved AR15 in the 1950s, in 1963 Eugene Stoner went on to help develop another rifle, that while gaining more popularity today, has become more a forgotten rifle. That rifle came in the form of a stamped steel, easy to produce rifle geared towards the military of more under developed countries. That rifle was the AR18.
Tumblr media
Ar180 Rifle, with matching scope. Photo courtesy of @beachballistics on IG.
Originally developed and intended as a selective fire, fighting rifle rifle with a folding stock, it was tested but never officially adopted by any country. The AR18 production rights were eventually sold to Japan and Great Britain, where it is thought to have influenced the design of multiple weapons. The design was later adopted to civilian rifle sales as the AR180, where they were made and sold by Armalight, Sterling of the UK, and HOWA of Japan until 1985. There was also a variation in the early 2000s with the AR180s that didn’t sell as well as hoped during the AWB of the era, and it was dropped after just a couple years of production.
The AR180 of Today:
With the popularity of retro rifles, @brownellsinc introduced their idea of what the AR180 would have evolved into, if it would have stayed into production into todays modern rifle market. Insert the BRN180. They partnered with PWS (a know name in the short stoke piston market) to develop a modern take on the AR180 that would utilize common AR15 lowers, parts, and accessories.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My BRN180, in ODG fitted to an Unbranded AR15 Retro lower with folding stock.
The BRN180 comes in various colors ranging from ODG, FDE, Grey, and standard Black. They also come in a couple different calibers from 5.56, 300 BO, and 7.62x39. As stated above it will pin to a standard AR15 lower and function, as it doesn’t use the buffer or extension assembly, and if one wants there is also a dedicated BRN180 marked lower that takes standard AR15 parts.
Tumblr media
So far I’m impressed with the quality of this upper. Stay tuned for the other parts of this series as I take a deeper look at this rifle, preform accuracy tests, and add to this rifle. If your interested in acquiring one for yourself, check out the link below for more details!
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adamjagger · 2 months
My “Dream” rifle build
This is going to be a 2 part post. Part 1 I am going to explain the entire build and what all is on the rifle. Part 2 will be after I get some time on the gun and get a decent amount of rounds through it. So I guess I’ll just start with a complete parts list break down.
Receiver set - Geissele super duty set in odg
Handguard - Geissele MK16 13.5” odg
Buffer/tube - Geissele odg tube w/ super42 & H2
Stock - B5 sopmod bravo odg
Castle nut - forward controls design odg
Grip - B5 type 22 p grip odg
Lower parts kit - Geissele ultra duty
Trigger - Geissele ssa-x government
Charging handle - Geissele government odg
Forward assist - forward controls dimpled
Bcg - sons of liberty gun works
Barrel - ballistic advantage 14.5”
Gas block - forward controls design
Muzzle device - surefire closed tine warcomp
Mlok covers - slate black industries
Sling - Flatline Fiber flecktarn padded sling
Magazine pictured - odg Duramag
Not pictured yet
Light - modlite 18650 okw with a surefire cap and the Unity / modlite switch and a arisaka mount.
Optic - odg eotech xps2 on the odg Unity fast riser.
Tumblr media
So with a build list like that this should be a pretty damn good rifle. I’m not sure if I’d consider it a “dream” build or more of a I wanted to build a really nice rifle this year type of build. I love the 50 shades of green look the rifle has with all the different green anodized parts on it. At the time of writing this I just placed the order through brownells for the modlite setup. All that will be left after that is the odg eotech xps2. My original plan was to use the forward controls single or double dimple ejection port cover in odg but trying to find one of those is equivalent to trying to find Sasquatch. In the meantime I am planning on grabbing a odg magpul cover when I place my next brownells order. That should do just fine until I can get a fcd one.
Tumblr media
Overall I am extremely happy with how this has turned out and I am beyond excited to get it finished and head right out back to the range to send some rounds through it. In part 2 of this I will cover my first thoughts of the rifle, give you some overall weight with everything on it, and let you know my thoughts after putting some rounds through it. Let me know in the comments what you would have done different or what you like about this rifle.
Thanks for reading, and happy shooting!
Adam Jagger gun blog post #5 10/15/22
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theaverageshooter · 7 months
Tumblr media
This @brownellsinc BRN-180S is just about complete. . The upper is a BRN-180S in .223 Wylde (5.56/.223) and features a @bigrix slip on handguard and retro cone styled muzzle device. The optic I’m running is a @sigsauerinc Romeo5, the back ups are your every day vanilla @magpul BUIS set. . The SBR’d lower is a @brownellsinc BRN lower with the picatinny rear and a PSA EPT lower parts kit. The stock is also the new Brownells retro AR-180 styled folding stock. As for the pistol grip, that is a retro AR-180 clone by @bigrix as well and the magazine is a lancer “Alien Green” magazine. . I’ve been in love with the BRN ever since I first got one put together and I’ve enjoyed the process in completing it along the way. . Huge shoutout to @brownellsinc for helping make this thing a possibility! . #bop #bureauofpropaganda #fieldagent #bopagent #brownells (at Fort Bragg, North Carolina) https://www.instagram.com/p/Cc5GNKXuU54/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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christiangrest · 25 days
Heckler & Koch HK45
I recently picked up my very first Heckler & Koch firearm, the HK45 so I thought I’d give my thoughts after shooting this pistol and tinkering with it a bit. I’ve gotta give some credit to JC Hunt who got me circling back to wanting to add one of these fine pistols to my collection.
Tumblr media
A little bit of my history with HK firearms. Many years ago I had wanted to pick up an HK pistol, but was always deterred by their higher than everybody else in the polymer frame pistol category pricing. I mean, back then every single HK pistol was 30% higher than anything else on the market. Availability was also extremely spotty. The USP being the most popular version at the time, this is what I had my eyes set on, but then some other versions came into play, such as the P2000, P30 and then the VP9. Fast forward to just a few years ago, I was considering an HK45 just to have another .45ACP pistol that wasn’t a 1911. The HK45 Compact caught my eye, but I really liked the ergonomics of the full sized HK45. Recently I was on the hunt again after seeing some photos of JC hunt’s HK45 Tactical. Man that thing looked so good! And the fact that I have a .45ACP suppressor…this would make for a great host. Unfortunately, the full sized HK45 Tactical come in and out of stock very frequently it seems. One day, while cruising the firearm stock on Brownells website, they had an HK45 V1 in stock. No it wasn’t a Tactical version, but the threaded barrel and taller sights are plenty available, so I snagged it. Finally I was the owner of an HK pistol!
Tumblr media
Once I received it, the first thing I did was change out the sights to a set of TruGlo night sights. So far this has been the only change I’ve made, but I have looked at threaded barrel options. They’re not cheap, but at some point I will purchase a threaded barrel. So I took this thing down and cleaned, lubricated it to prepare it for it’s maiden range session. The V1 version has a thumb safety that’s also a decocker. These pistols are double action/single action and do take some getting used to. I fired about 100 rounds through it during my range session and it shot wonderfully! It didn’t take too long to adjust to the pistol, but it feels great in the hand, almost natural if that makes sense. I’ve actually been kicking myself for waiting so long to pick one of these up. One observation that I did make was that this pistol isn’t made in Germany, but rather here in the U.S. Was somewhat bummed out by this, but many companies, like Glock and sig have moved production here to the U.S. to cut down on overhead with importation etc…
Tumblr media
So I can’t say yet that I’m an HK fan, but I am truly in love with this pistol. I have some ideas for future HK pistol purchases, but we’ll have to just wait and see which HK pistol I jump on next. One thing’s for sure is that I won’t be waiting 10 years for my next HK purchase.
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senpai-kalash · 2 years
WASR Wednesday my dudes.
Throwback to my first AK
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typicalpnwguy · 2 months
Edc gun, keep it factory or have it decked out with mods?
So let's have the discussion about whether or not to modify your everyday carry gun. There has been the debate for decades now after aftermarket accessories and upgrades have come out about whether modifying your everyday carry gun will hurt you in court. Granted this only pertains to whether or not you ever have to use your everyday carry gun in self defense.
I honestly don't get why people have such a big issue with modifying or upgrading parts on their everyday carry gun. In my opinion as long as you aren't putting anything hateful or pro death on it then go for it.
Aftermarket triggers ofter are a great first modification as you are able to reduce trigger pull and reset. This allows for quicker and smoother follow-up shots on target. Now who wouldn't want that on an everyday carry gun? You also can get the trigger shoes on a variety of colors so it will add some pizazz to the gun.
Weapon lights allow you to see and confirm your target in low and no light (at night) situations. You should always be able to identify and confirm your target as being a threat before pulling the trigger. How do you do this at low or no light without a pistol light? Some will say get a hand held but I say "why not both?". If I have to draw my pistol I want both hands on it if possible.
Barrels, often aftermarket barrels are indeed an upgrade from the factory barrels. Most aftermarket barrels have better feed ramps, tighter tolerances, better twist rates, and you can add extra length by getting a threaded barrel. This all adds up to added accuracy at further distances. Is this absolutely necessary for better accuracy? No, but why wouldn't you want every bit of accuracy advantages possible?
Magwells, in Facebook groups I've seen this comment a lot "magwells are for race guns and not for edc guns"......what?!?! That makes no sense. The point of a magwell is to allow the user to more effectively insert a magazine (not clip) without looking by creating a funnel effect for the magazine to slide into. This allows for faster reloads. Now if you are getting shot at and needed to reload wouldn't you want to reload as fast as possible? I 100% would.
Red dots, same as magwell I've seen a lot of people say that they're for race guns only. Again this makes no sense. Big brained people out there in the gun community have ran the data between people shooting a pistol with and without a red dot. They have proven that red dots on pistols makes the shooter quicker and more accurate. Red dots aren't going to make you an Olympic gold medal winning shooter by just adding it but the data is there. So again, why wouldn't you want to put more shots on target quicker with less misses?
Painting your gun aka cerakoting it is hugely popular now days. Cerakoting your gun is like getting a tattoo or giving your car, truck, or motorcycle a custom paint job. It adds a person flare or touch to it so why not do it? As long as you're not having skulls and hate symbols painted on then there is absolutely no reason not to.
All in all have the best gun possible in my opinion is a must. You need to train with it though to effectively. Just because you have a Gucci everyday carry gun doesn't mean you'll be a fantastic shooter so go out there and train with it. Get it dirty with carbon, put scratches on it, once you've done thay then do it again.
I also recommend having an insurance company for self defense like Second Call Defense. They are by far the best in the business and the only ones to do the insurance model correctly for firearms/weapons.
Now, where do you get your everyday carry gun modifications / accessories? I get mine mainly from Brownells because they have a humongous inventory. I also use the coupon code "WLS10" to save 10% on all my orders over $150.
Remember to chose dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery everyday!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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detroitammoco · 2 years
Tumblr media
Stand by for some AWSOUME footage from our friends @buffmanrange Reposted: I really need to stay away from @detroitammoco they have all sorts of goodies for my testing. Going to have to try the @silencerco Salvo12 from @silencershop #subsonic #salvo12 #shotgunslugs #birdshot #buckshot #NFA #suppressor #silencer #buffmanrange #buffmanyoutube #arfcom #ar15com #bureauofpropaganda https://www.instagram.com/p/CKgZLGEDX9h/?igshid=bodemieyu3w
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Tumblr media
Just received the call no son (child) wants to ever receive!
Wow! Life is really gone in the blink of an eye! I'm having a very difficult time processing thoughts at the moment. I mean, I know there are emotions I'm supposed to be having at the moment however there's so much in my mind. It's like the silence is soooooo loud at the moment! I've gone through my phone and watched old videos of you and even pictures! Certain pictures hurt more than others! It's like had I known that Moment was the last one, I would of sat longer in it! I would of laugh longer at that joke! I would of smiled longer looking into your eyes! And this is where sadness comes from! The joy of know your love for me was pure and I wasn't even your biological child means the most!! I love you, Pop! Period!
Tumblr media
Ma passed away in September. That was very hard for you! You spoke a few times about how you felt God should of took you and left her. Life is so interesting! I'll never forget the time you tried to get me to take one of our dogs (Shaka) out to the Bombing Range and leave him so when you returned from vacation, he would be gone! 😂 Pop, You were soooo pissed off at me when you guys got back home and Shaka was in that backyard! Lol 😂 I couldn't do it, Pop! You never let me live that mess down either lol! So many moments you poured into me, chastised me, praises me and celebrated me like I was yours! You helped me and Pat get our cards after high school and against your advice, we weren't saving money like we were supposed to be! But what did you do? You went into your honey stash and got us the additional monies needed to get what we needed!! You were so perfect!
I'd like to just brag on how amazing your were for a lil bit. A man who had three kids biologically with Ma, 1 outside of the marriage, 2 adopted and then me! Like, think about that for a second.... You owed nobody nothing and yet you gave far more than you ever had to. I thank you 🙏🏾 for that! A thing that upsets me now is the thought of those who had issues with you! It's like your issues now are mine. A spiritual battle I now have to fight is not disliking those who I vividly remember you expressing pain about! Those who have wronged you since momma passed!! That's my immediate fight! But God is faithful! This will pass for me because I still have you in my heart! It sucks for their conscience though so I pray peace over their lives.
Your sense of humor was the best!! Your laugh was contagious! Pitching quarters was our all time favorite. I'm not sure how much money I've beat outta you over the years but I'm sure I'm on top, lol. You taught me always to prepare for the unknown. You would say little cliches that would make sense in the end when you look back on them, but never - EVER - made sense in the moment! I love you, James Coleman. I wasn't your child by birth right but you would never know if someone didn't say it. Memories I'll take with me forever! Sad, yes. Yes I am sad. I'm very sad! Very emotional in moments. I honestly didn't know I'd feel like this but whoever does? Like, who prepares for the day a love one passes and then emotionally walked that thing out the way that they mentally prepared it; I'll wait....
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shootinggalleryne · 1 year
Taurus G3C TORO Full Review
Tumblr media
Hey Guys Hope you all Enjoyed the Review Consider picking up some products
 Taurus G3C $249.99
Taurus G3c TORO $349.99
Brownells Passive Ear Pro
Brownells Electronic Ear Pro
Vertex Range Bag
Save 15% off over at Aegisguncare.com 
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Grab some Merch over at Blackswantactical.com
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sixsideent · 1 year
Fucker almost took off the little homey’s big toe. 🤦🏾‍♂️I wonder he was on ⁉️ Remember, be kind, be courteous, be professional dont be this guy #lifeoftheparte #gun #guns #meme #memes #gunmeme #gunmemes #gunmemereview #gunmemesdaily #mememonday #TriggeredMillennials #bureauofpropaganda #brownells #brownellsinc #gunculture2point0 #gunculture https://www.instagram.com/p/CQgnW8HFt8f/?utm_medium=tumblr
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retro-life-journal · 5 months
Retro-Life Journal
Retro Camouflage's Return to Popularity?
It came to my attention several years ago, while browsing in a sporting goods store, a camouflage pattern I hadn't seen since my youth. As I looked at the design hanging on the rack, a flood of nostalgia came over me. That pattern was MossyOak Bottomlands.
Military Start
In order to see where we are with the revival of retro camouflage, we must take a look at its history. The first military use of a breakup style camo was in WWII with M1942 used by the Marine Corps.
Tumblr media
M1942 Camouflage Pattern. Also referred to as Frog Skin.
After WWII, soldiers returning home either used black and red buffalo plaid for hunting, or made use of the surpluses of the M1942 pattern by incorporating it into their hunting and sporting needs. It would become known as "Duck Hunter" and "Brown Camo" by its users. The popularity of the pattern, especially among duck and bird hunters, saw that it would be copied and used up until the early 90s by some companies.
Tumblr media
My vintage Columbia Gortex Hunting Jacket in "Duck Hunter" pattern. This was put out by Columbia from the late 1970s-early 1990s.
Like with M1942 the surplus market would give, and still gives, hunters a way to break up their outlines. Tiger Stripe, ERDL, and M81 woodland are patterns tried and used by many. Even up into the 90s, it wasn't uncommon around rural Northwest Georgia, where I live, to see M81 surplus being used in the deer woods.
Rise of the Commercial Market
The first attempt at making a commercial camouflage pattern, not based on military design, was TreBark. In the early 1970s, Jim Crumley a bow hunter from Virginia decided that the surplus patterns available thru mail-order and surplus stores weren't enough. By using a gray color base, and odorless brown and black markers, the first commercial pattern TreBark was born. It would take off for success in 1983 when Cabela's offered it in the fall catalog.
Tumblr media
The Original TreBark pattern.
In 1986, two other big names would enter the arena. MossyOak and RealTree. Like with Ford vs. Chevrolet, or Remington vs. Winchester, MossyOak and RealTree would start a debate on which pattern is better for years to come. Both Companies would evolve from the original patterns, and offer several different styles to fit the environment the hunter would be in. As manufacturing and technology advances, a lot of these patterns are 3D and in HD these days.
Tumblr media
Original MossyOak Bottom Lands.*I like to believe that some inspiration came from M1942 in the base design.*
Tumblr media
Original RealTree.*I like to believe that TreBark inspired this design*
Current Times and Revival of Retro Patterns.
With all the advances in camouflage these days, it's exciting for a retro lover such as myself to see a revival of the old-school patterns. With MossyOak bringing back bottomlands, Drake offering what they are calling Old School; to folks customizing their boats, guns, and even tactical equipment in retro patterns, it's a welcome bit of nostalgia in today's shooting and sporting world. The trend toward using old-school camouflage for personalization and simpler practicality, over more recent offerings, I believe is part of the revival. It's easier to customize guns and equipment for example in the older and more basic patterns, when using paint, Cerakote, or coatings such as Alumahyde. Another part is just the cool factor and nostalgia it brings. There are several smaller companies offering retro type camouflage accessories, giving folks an option to style their guns or gear that way. JunkyardOps and Flatline Fiber Co. shown below are two of many examples of these type companies, and you can find a lot of options to do custom coatings in whatever pattern you want from Brownells. Either way, whatever pattern you decide on, be it old military or commercial camouflage, I believe it's a welcome sight in today's time!
Some examples of retro camouflage patterns giving some personality and customization:
Tumblr media
Modern Custom Chest Rig made from M1942 shelter half. (Photo courtesy of owner @carbinesandcoffee on Instagram)
Tumblr media
Cerakoted Retro “chocolate chip” desert camo magazine for an AR15, available from JunkyardOps.(photo courtesy of @its.miller.time on Instagram)
Tumblr media
A Brownells BRN180(a modern retro design rifle in itself) featuring a retro pattern Tiger Stripe sling made by Flatline Fiber Co. (photo courtesy of owner @thee_adam_jagger on Instagram)
Tumblr media
Weatherby Shotgun that has been Cerakoted in MossyOak Classic Bottomlands. (Photo sourced from Cerakote’s website)
Tumblr media
My own Personal HK VP9, Custom camouflaged in a duckhunter pattern camouflage using Brownells Alumahyde II. It’s an affordable and durable way for a person to customize guns and gear with an aerosol epoxy paint type coating.
*You can Find all the different Alumahyde II colors in the link below, if you want to try your own hand at customizing your Guns and Gear. But be warned it is addictive once you start. You’ll be wanting to customize everything!*
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adamjagger · 1 month
Modlite weapon lights
This weeks post is going to be about modlite weapon lights and why I am switching all of my weapon lights to them. For a few years now my go to has always been the stream light line of rifle lights. They are always a good light for the price and a great intro to weapon lights. One of the nice things about them is they pretty much come with everything you need they come with a Picatinny mound a clicky tail cap or a tape switch tail cap and they will get you going at a low cost and no hassle.
But what do you do if you want more than what the streamlight an offer. That’s where the more high-end weapon light companies step in. Things like your surefire, cloud defense, and my current favorite Modlite. My first one that I picked up second hand off Tac Swap is a FDE 18350 OKW weapon light. I was very impressed with the performance of the light had itself and the small compact size of it is fantastic for smaller rifle builds or pistol caliber sub guns.
Tumblr media
Some of the things that I really like about these modlites is just how customizable they are and the availability of different parts mounts switches caps etc. my 18350 is currently set up with the modlite clicks tail cap and it’s on a cheap arisaka knock off mount that I had in the parts drawer. I plan on switching the cabin mount and switch to something more like what my new modlite set up is which I will get into shortly. I really enjoy that unlike some other light companies these lights are interchangeable with a ton of different parts. They use the scout mount, They use surefire style tail cabs, I love that they use rechargeable batteries and if you buy the complete light kit it comes with one battery and the charger for them.
Now I will get into my newest weapon light set up that i picked up from brownells Thats on my odg geissele build. The light itself is a modlite 18650 okw light with a surefire ue tail cap. I do plan on changing the tail cap to the surefire ds very shortly. The mount is the arisaka I line scout mount which tucks up nice and tight to the mk16 rail at the 1:30 position. Again I do plan on switching the mount to the Unity light wing mount which will make sense with the switch that I am running. The switch is the Unity fusion hub/ modlite switch. I’ve really been really been digging this setup and I think I’ll like it a lot more when I switch caps and switch to the Unity mount.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now let’s get onto Performance, starting off with I’ll be honest I don’t have thousands of rounds through these rifles with these lights on nor do I run around every night using these lights. But I have used both of these a handful of times at night and the performance of them is outstanding. I will attach a photo underneath this paragraph that shows the beam pattern of my 18650 light hitting a tree line about 80 to 90 yards away. You can see the center hotspot of these OKW light heads is very intense in the overall flood of the rest of the beam provides a very nice circular outline of light.
Tumblr media
Overall I’ve really been enjoying these modlites and would highly suggest anyone looking for a good weapon like to head over to brownells and check them out. I’m excited to get more time using these lights because they are just so good. I might do a part two to this after a year or so of using it to give my opinion on them then.
Thanks for reading and happy shooting.
Adam Jagger gun blog #6 10/22/22
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theaverageshooter · 1 year
Tumblr media
Retained the side folding ability on this @brownellsinc BRN-180 (300blk) build. . The @bigrix pistol grip is perfect for this build as it closely resembles the original. Aside from that, it’s just more comfortable to me. . The sights on this sucker are the @worldoftroy low HK styled sights. Perfect for the BRN-180 series. . The handguard is covered by a @subtaccovers American Flag suppressor wrap. Perfect for keeping your hands from getting toasty with rapid fire. Using the code: theaverageshooter will save you 15% on your order. Awesome covers and they’ve got several options in sizes and colors. . #bop #bureauofpropaganda #brownells #brn #brn180 #brn180s #300blk (at Fort Bragg, North Carolina) https://www.instagram.com/p/CRFLaovjnrS/?utm_medium=tumblr
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christiangrest · 1 month
EDC…The Tale of 2 Very Different Pistols
When it comes to a concealed carry pistol, if you ask 50 different people what their favorite concealed carry pistol is, you’ll most likely get close to 50 different answers. Everybody has they favorite pistol. But what about a person who has a number of different favorites? How does a person decide which of their pistols are their favorite to carry? We’ll take a deep dive into 2 very different carry pistols in my collection.
Tumblr media
Retro. The oldest style pistol that is in my concealed carry rotation is drastically different from what the majority of people these days prefer for their concealed carry. The pistol in question is a Kimber CDP Ultra 1911 in .45 ACP. I purchased this pistol some 10 years ago specifically as a concealed carry pistol. At the time I was shooting a ton of .45ACP through my full sized 1911 pistols and wanted one specially for carry. The Kimber CDP Ultra is an aluminum framed 3” barrel 1911 with a slightly shorter grip length than a standard 1911. The aluminum frame provides a good bit of weight saving as does the shorter slide and barrel. The barrel is a bushing less design, unlike a standard 1911. Since the CDP series is meant specifically for concealed carry, the slide has melted edges that are less sharp than normal 1911 pistols. It also came with Meprolight 3 dot tritium night sights. This is a classic pistol meant for concealment. The only changes I made was adding a set of VZ grips and a mainspring housing/magwell combo from Evolution Gun Works. I carry and train with this pistol in the cocked and locked position as a 1911 has both a grip safety as well as a thumb safety. I never recommend carrying any pistol without training to properly conceal and present that particular weapon system.
Tumblr media
Modern. The most modern style pistol that is in my concealed carry rotation is probably more typical of is a pistol that I put together myself. It is a Glock style striker fired pistol. The frame is a serialized Brownells exclusive Polymer80 frame, with a windowed Brownells slide and Grey Ghost Precision barrel in 9MM. Essentially it is a Glock 19, but with a much better grip angle than an OEM Glock. The trigger setup I used for this build also came from Brownells. It is the Apex Action enhancement kit, complete with a flat faced trigger, trigger bar, disconnector and safety plunger. The sights are Night Fision night sights which are some of my all time favorite night sights. I find this pistol to be somewhat easier to carry effectively since it is a striker fired pistol with no external safety. Again, making sure to train and dry fire when switching weapon platforms is essential to not having an issue when you need to defend yourself.
Tumblr media
So which of these 2 pistols, if given no other choice would be your preference for concealed carry? My guess would be that most people would gravitate towards the more modern design of the Glock-style pistol because most younger folk are more familiar with that style pistol than that of a 1911. There are some outliers of course. I even find myself carrying the Glock style pistol way more frequently than my 1911 for simplicity’s sake. But if I want to make a statement and be classy, that sweet Kimber CDP Ultra makes all the difference.
Tumblr media
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senpai-kalash · 2 years
It keeps me warm.
Surplus Romy G kit on DC industries receiver with Russian furniture
Tumblr media
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bop-pipeguy · 6 months
I guess I’m blogging now 😅
Hello and welcome! I’m Alex, or Pipe Guy as most of you’ll know me from IG or YouTube. The majority of my content here will cover my adventures (or misadventures) with firearms. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it, just whatever I feel like posting at the moment. I will occasionally discuss my other hobbies of pipe smoking, watches and collecting old junk.
Some background on me- I’ve got 28 years of experience shooting (Dad taught me when I was 6 but it sounds better the other way) and spent four years in the Marine Corps where I spent my time as an 0331 (Infantry Machine gunner) but also did some other really cool courses such as Basic Urban Survival Training (BUST) and Combat Hunter. That said, I’m not the type that thinks military training is relevant to the civilian world. Some things are, most is not. I’ve got an associates from Sonoran Desert Institute (que laughter, but it helps me win arguments on the internet “dO yOu HaVe A dEgReE iN tHaT fIeLd?” And I am certified through the International Firearm Specialists Academy. Most importantly I’m passionate about these tools and am always trying to learn more.
I was brought into Brownells Bureau of Propaganda 4 years ago and am proud to say they are a driving force behind this blog. A good portion of what I discuss will available through their website. I want to emphasize now that I’m not just shilling. Brownells is a fantastic company that does wonderful things for the firearms community and I fully believe in the mission of the Bureau of Propaganda, which ultimately is to show firearm culture in a positive light. The Second Amendment is constantly under attack, more so now with a big push to get some pretty terrible bills passed. I’m going to try to refrain from politics as much as possible here, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.
This is not going to be just another AR15 blog. I tend to prefer old school style and while some ARs certainly qualify for that, there’s a whole lot more that can be talked about as well. If you want more of my nonsense, be sure to check out my Instagram @pipe.guy as well as my YouTube channel Pipe Guy. From old school snub nose revolvers and Browning Hi Powers, to holsters, “modern” pistols such as the Sig Sauer P226 and Beretta 92FS, tools, gear, and other accoutrements were gonna go over it all. Yes even the occasional AR15. Book reviews will also go up now and again, albeit far less often. I need to read a book a couple times to really feel comfortable reviewing it so you’ll have to bear with me on that. The topics those will cover will mostly be history, self defense and shop manuals.
If you’re still reading, I appreciate you and hopefully you’ll stick around for more! Here’s a teaser photo of the next blog! The video on these will be going on my YouTube later this evening, and the blog will likely be going up tomorrow.
I’m very excited to start blogging with Brownells and want to thank everyone that reads this for doing so!
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