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felhomaly · 3 months
fuzzy duck?
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ducky fuzz
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none of the gifs r mine
dm me if you know the owner(:
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sweetaspiesammy · 4 months
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go see bullet train rn
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thatfilmnerd · 4 months
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pure fucking chaos. 10/10
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tangybug · 3 months
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bullet train characters as the onion headlines : 1/?
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venusthepirate · 2 months
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“Could be Ebola. They bleed from their eyes.”
“Ebola ?”
“I’ll smell.”
“Don’t smell it.”
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ruina-031 · 2 months
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Yes,he kills for a living.
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spookyspecterino · 3 months
Me after seeing Bullet Train three times:
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I'm a mess (still)
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castielreal · 4 months
by the way lemon is literally autistic i dont care . he learned how to study people by watching thomas the tank engine and analyzes people with a sticker system that he and his best friend both know . and he brings a sheet everywhere . he infodumps like crazy throughout the film . guys can anyone hear me
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lisafremonts · 4 months
lemon and tangerine limited series when
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blujeremy · 4 months
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He is so fine . I am going bonkers. Insane, even.
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ch0wen · 3 months
The Escort - Part II | Tangerine x Fem!Reader | NSFW
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A/N I truly appreciate all the feedback I got for part 1! Hopefully I did part 2 justice. Truthfully, this was my first attempt at writing smut…!
Previous: The Escort - Part I
Tangerine is trying his hardest not to swerve off the highway, as he directs the speeding car to the nearest exit.
Your purse was tossed back onto the ground. Freeing both your hands to explore more of his neck and chest. You’re watching every minuscule expression flit across his face at your actions.
Nails skimming over his nipples. His fingers twitch on the wheel. Tightening your grip on his necklace. His eyes widen as he eases into the hold. Placing the occasional gentle kiss under his ear or on his flexing jaw. You could’ve sworn you heard the softest whines escape him. You’re really testing the waters with every touch.
After safely pulling off the highway, he has your car parked in a desolate lot. The cars whizzing by are no more than a hundred feet away.
“You’re a right-fucking minx. Get out,” he gruffly commands. His palm is going back down to press on his erection.
You listen and exit the car. Yanking the driver’s side door open. He’s now gripping the wheel with white knuckles. Trying to either take a moment to recollect himself because of his boner or the fact his job is being interrupted by the said issue.
You smile to yourself in satisfaction and you open your mouth to speak again. Most likely to say something snarky about how you made this cunning assassin fold by choking him out. However, in a blink of an eye the wind was knocked out of you, and Tangerine is standing with a weapon in his hand.
“God dammit,” you gasp while rubbing at your sore throat, “enough with the fucking umbrella!”
He scratches at his bottom lip with his thumb to hide his smirk, as he stood opposite you outside of the car. Secretly entertained by this cat and mouse game, a competition of power, you two have going on. However, he listens and sets the umbrella onto the floor of the car.
You're now feeling defeated, after what you could only assume was an attempted subdual of your pursuits. You try ignoring how hard he is in his pants for a moment; assuming he’s been playing you with how interested he really is, “Please. I’ll do anything to not get sent back there. Really, anything.”
His amused expression falters and he’s now frowning at you,
“No, no, no, no. I don’t do shit like that. I respect women. You’re not going to bribe me to have sex with you like some sort of payment to get out of being brought back to your fucked up mafia family.”
Your stomach drops with the shake of his head. Feeling embarrassment wash over you at his rejection. You don't notice the way his eyes cast down your body, before taking a stride forward. He lightly grabs your wrists and turns your body around, so you move backwards towards the car. His hips making contact with yours first. Pinning you against the closed rear door with his hands finding your neck and cheek.
“Instead,” his blue eyes bore into yours; signifying the importance of his next statement,
“I’d very much prefer it if you beg me to fuck you out of your own free will.”
He hums, sounding like a question against your ear then presses a kiss to it while patting your cheek. You could feel how hard he was. Why is he playing these mind games? He has lied to your face in order to take you back home, lets you explore his body one minute, assaults you with an umbrella the next, and is now openly dry humping you against your dirty Camry.
Regardless, this handsome man is asking you for consent. You're also the ignorant woman who agreed to drive basically cross-country with said man only a few hours ago at a gas station. Why start questioning and trying to reason with your desires now?
“Please,” your fingers pull at his belt loops to press him impossibly closer to you. He smiles against your jaw, as he places kisses there. Clearly waiting for the okay before he pounces on you.
“I want-...No. I need you to fuck me. Feel how wet I am for you. I bet I’m dampening the front of your pants like this. I need you in me. I want to feel you. God. Please.”
“That’s better.”
He doesn’t seem to have any intention of unpinning you from your car. It's just more teasing. He’s still grinding against you. Sure, one hand slides up the front of your shirt to cup your breast through your bra. The other grabs your thigh to lift and hook it around his waist. His teeth nip at your neck and chest; creating an array of red splotched markings. But you thought you made it clear how desperate you were for him. Why the delay? Is this payback for choking him out earlier? He is officially indecipherable.
A beat passes.
“Are you seriously going to get off by pinning me to this car? You gonna dirty your fancy trousers by jizzing your pants?”
“Watch it,” He finally takes a step back. His cock is straining against his dress pants. Leaving not much up for the imagination as to how much he’s packing in the confines of his trousers. You lick your lips and feel your legs wobble a bit. Tempted to fall to your knees onto the gravely ground and take all of him into your mouth.
“You,” he points a finger; Bringing your attention up back to his eyes, “need to learn more about patience, darling.”
Then he moves and sits back down in the driver’s seat. Door wide open.
Now you’re worried your cynicism just lost you your chance to hook up with him. Your self deprecating mental mantra halts when he glances back your way,
“Y/N? Come ‘ere.”
Your legs guide you to him, and sling themselves over his muscular thighs. Clambering onto his lap. Your ass hits the steering wheel and the abrupt honk of the horn makes you both jump. His hands find your hips. Giving them a firm squeeze.
“No yea, let’s alert the entire motorway we’ve pulled off over here to fuck. Maybe sit back again love, I don’t think that eighteen-wheeler passing by quite heard ya.”
A playful smack to his chest, turns to you keeping your hand on his defined pec for some stability. Your hips now grind down against him to shut him up of any more sarcastic quips.
Tangerine’s eyes roll to the back of his head before guiding your hips down to repeat the previous motion. You slip your shirt off, but notice your bra is already unclasped; so you toss it onto the floor as well.
“When did you undo my bra?”
“I cannot be skilled at my job without nimble and deft fingers,” he waggles them at you, “Although, I need to work on my kleptomania. It’s a bad habit that I’m not proud of.”
You giggle as your right hand wraps around the back of his neck; playing with his hair lightly. He leans forward to suck a love-bite onto your ample tit. As the purple-ish bruise blooms, he leans back with a self-satisfied smirk while looking up at you,
“y’re not gonna wring my neck now Y/N, right?” 
Your hand that was trailing up his newly exposed chest, after undoing the buttons, found his chain again and pulled on it to tighten around his neck. Tangerine rocked his hips up into yours in response.
“I think I learned you'd be sorely disappointed if I didn't.”
As you kept a firm grip on the necklace, he met your lips for a kiss. The hand that wasn’t guiding your hips down to grind against his, snakes to the front of you. His pointer and middle fingers rub circles against your clothed clit.
You gasp against his lips. Now placing a hand on his shoulder for leverage to lift your hips up, so his hand isn't squished between your bodies. His fingers slip into your underwear. You gasp as his cool rings make contact. One finger, then two, then three pumping into you the best he can from this angle. His rings rubbing inside you deliciously.
Your head lolls backwards as you whine out and he takes the opportunity to lean forward and attack your neck to suck kisses; soothing the marks with his tongue afterwards.
It began to feel cramped trying to move against each other from this driver’s seat. You were hunching forward; your head almost hitting the roof of the car to provide him with the ability to finger you.
“Think we should move this?”
Wordlessly, he slips his fingers out of you, lifts you by your armpits, and tosses you into the backseat. As you were pushing yourself into a seated position, Tangerine all but dives after you. His hands skillfully slip off your panties. Adding them to the collection of random shit on the floor of your car. His warm breath so close to your core, clashing with the cool air the moment when he gets them off of you. Sending a shiver through your body.
He was shifting as he tries to find a comfortable position for his legs. His failed attempt makes him pull away to look back at his current pose with a scowl -
His hips were hovering over the floor of the car at an angle, knees bent slightly with his calves pressed tightly together on the center console between the two front seats. He takes a beat to pull himself down into a kneeling position on the floor, but not without grumbling to himself.
“Jesus fuck. What kind of clown car is this?”
“You’re the one willingly bending yourself into an actual pretzel just to eat my pussy.”
He shoots an annoyed look up at you with no true malice behind it. He holds your gaze before spitting onto your cunt. His stare moves down to the mess he just added to your already wet core. He sucks on his bottom lip a moment before leaning in to lap at you.
The feel of his mustache rubbing at your sensitive clit, had you arching off the seat to pull away but then pushing yourself closer to his mouth. His hands find your hips to firmly keep them in place.
Your fingers weave through his hair to muse at his slicked back curls.
Tangerine takes his time eating you out. You watch the way his head lulls from side to side as he works. His tongue flicks at your nub then focuses on licking into your cunt. His fingers massaging your thighs as he holds them still but open. Your whines are egging him on. His eyes are closed and he’s humming against you as he eats you out. You're slowly edging closer. But you want to cum around his cock. So, you give him a little pat on the shoulder to stop him.
When he pulls away his lips are shiny and hair disheveled. He pushes himself up in a crouched position to reach over and open the back door. He skillfully moves over you and out of the car.
“Come on then,” he hums as he unfastens his pants. His mustache and lips are obscenely wet with your juices and his saliva. He’s watching you with his belt clinking against his rings on his quickly moving fingers.
You begin scooting closer to him but apparently it wasn’t fast enough. Because he leans in grabbing your thighs to slide you to the edge of the seat. Your skirt rides up. Your bare legs now hanging outside of the car. Instinctively you wrap them around his hips. Pulling him closer to you.
Tangerine bunches up your skirt around your stomach and pushes his briefs and pants down to his thighs to expose his cock. He leans further into the car to suck on your neck while his penis rubs against you. Slicking himself up. You tilt your head to the side; Loving the feeling of his facial hair chafe your skin with his lips then soothing the spots he unintentionally irritated.
He places a hand for leverage next to your head on the seat, as he sinks into you. Tangerine lets out a breathy moan.
“Oh. Fuck.”
He bottoms out with a groan. Kissing you languidly then down to suckle on your nipples. All while beginning to thrust deeply into you.
Your eyes are droopy, in the most blissed out haze watching the way Tangerine focuses on fucking you. He's sitting up and back slightly. His hair in complete disarray. His eyes following the way he slides in and out of your pussy. He alternates his movements, from fast and shallow, to pulling all the way out and pushing in deep. He's watching the way his cock moves into you. There is so much control in the way his body moves and it clearly entrances him too.
"Look at that. You're taking me so well."
You reach up to grip at his forearm. This caught his attention. He leans closer, never stopping inside you. You caress his cheek and your hand trails down his neck to grasp at the gold chain again. With a low moan escaping from his bitten red lips.
“You feel so fucking good,” he all but growls out. His head tilts down again to watch himself move, which also decreases his air flow with his head at this angle. He hums and you see his blue eyes hood with pleasure.
He moves closer again, kissing you passionately. Grunting and groaning with every thrust against your lips. The hold he has on your hips tighten with your legs still tightly wrapped around his. His loose belt clinks with the speed at which he is moving in you. Your back is arching off the seat. Pressing your body closer to his, as he repeatedly hits the right angle inside you.
He's maintaining this brutal pace. You're desperately clenching and unclenching on his cock. His praises keep adding to your pleasure. But truthfully it didn't matter what he said or called you. His accent was enough of a turn on in and of itself.
His balls are slapping against you at every thrust and you’re almost certain you’re going to cum. You whine as Tangerine rubs harsh circles on your swollen bud.
His hips are bucking into you; hitting that particular spot that has you seeing stars. His nimble fingers rubbing your clit sends you tumbling over your edge. You bite your lip, trying to contain your moans that sound borderline pornographic at this point and throw your head back as you cum around his cock. 
After a few more thrusts, you feel him spill inside you. Tangerine letting out a guttural groan.
He then waits a moment before carefully pulling out. You whimper as the sensation of his cum running down your thighs makes you clench around nothing.
Tangerine tucks himself in his pants and helps you sit up. Adjusts your skirt, picks your shirt and panties off the floor and hands them to you. He kisses your cheek and then smoothes your hair back away from your face.
"Have to make sure you're looking like new before we get you home.”
"Gee, thanks. But the hickeys on my body may give away that you tested out the merchandise before returning it.”
After you both have a quiet moment to come down and situate yourselves in the car.
You're in the passenger seat with Tangerine starting the engine back up. Making you more of a willing participant in this road trip to Nevada after getting fucked in the backseat.
There's a strong hand on your thigh. Giving it a firm reassuring squeeze. The nice gesture becomes hotter, as his hand slides higher up. Tangerine runs his fingers over the drenched fabric that sticks to your folds. You watch the way he keeps his eyes on the road while his jaw tenses.
He then pushes on your knee. Closing your legs together. The loss of his warm hand on your sensitive pussy has you frowning. But you do silently thank him for avoiding the overstimulation.
“I guess you can bring me home. And maybe I’ll keep running away so my family sends a hot escort out after me every time.”
Tangerine’s lips quirk up into an amused smile as he gave you a sideways once over, “looking forward to it. It’s also only Wednesday…We still have quite a bit of road to cover before we reach Lemon outside of Nevada.”
You hum as your eyebrows furrow,
“Wait. What’s your code name?”
“Oh, like the fruit?”
A beat. His hand flexes on the wheel,
“Yea. Like the fucking fruit.”
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bullet-train-2022 · 5 months
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Character posters for Bullet Train (2022)
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konront · 2 months
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Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tangerine Bullet Train dir. David Leitch (2022)
Like or reblog if u use do not repost
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tangybug · 3 months
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bullet train as the onion headlines : 3/?
(tangerine x ladybug edition)
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aartyom · 2 months
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k-wame · 2 months
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aaron тaylor joнnѕon & cнannιng тaтυм   вυlleт тraιn (2022) ‧ acтιon ‧ dιr. davιd leιтcн
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