me-sharing-with-the-world · 19 hours ago
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Women in traditional clothing from Pirin, Bulgaria
From the edition "Pirin sings", author Boris Kalajdzhiev, pub. Science and Art 1971
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ancientorigins · 5 hours ago
Discovering ancient technology is always a thrill, and this ‘refrigerator’ found at a key Roman empire defensive settlement is no exception. It may not look like much, but it and the other technology at this site does show the kind of considerations taken to maintain the huge Roman military machine.
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silberschillerndesglurak · 3 months ago
time's up, they're no longer accepting signatures
if you're from the EU and haven't done so yet, please please please sign the petition for unconditional basic income!
it needs 1 million signatures by the 25th june, as well as reach a certain threshold in at least seven countries which it only has in three, and it's also still missing so many signatures to reach 1 million and time is running out
please just do it, it's free, it should be safe cause it's quite literally an official EU site, and literally all you need to do is put your name and address on there (not visible to the public, but they will check if the signatures are legit so please don't fake any signatures, that'll just make it look like the goal was reached when it wasn't)
please just do this, time is running out for this initiative. if there's any reason you haven't signed it yet and won't do it, tell me the reason, maybe i can debunk it
here's the link to the petition: https://eci.ec.europa.eu/014/public/#/screen/home
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elysmi · 7 months ago
Friendly reminder that if you call Eastern Europeans ‘snowflakes’ for not laughing at your war memes, you’re not quirky, you’re just a fucking asshole.
And you don’t get to tell us to ‘take a joke’ about a war that is happening few km from our borders (for non Ukrainians balkans).
If the war is not affecting you, your families, your friends or your other close ones, stop the ‘but this is my coping mechanism 🥺’ bullshit.
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levkerbel · 6 months ago
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Postage stamps commemorating the arrival of spring, Bulgaria, 1971
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allthingseurope · 24 days ago
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Belogradchik, Bulgaria (by Maik)
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whentheynameyoujoy · 7 months ago
I’ll have to disengage from online stuff on Ukraine for a while because although I have no intention of isolating myself from the life-changing events that are occurring in my literal backyard and are going to affect Europe for years to come, the rate at which I’ve been consuming the news cycle is starting to affect my head and that’s just not benefiting anything or anyone.
But before I do fuck off, a few words on what I’ve been noticing today. Namely that after the initial shock of seeing the terrorist gas station just going fucking mental and actually invading a sovereign country with no justification whatsoever, people (overwhelmingly uninformed Americans, as is tradition) have gone back to both-sidesing the war and sharing their dumbass radical centrist takes on how maybe Putin not good, but NATO is at fault. How NATO provoked the little fascist oligarchy into two days of nonstop war crimes. How if the evil West had just told Ukraine to fuck off, we don’t want you around, everything would have been peachy keen.
And there’s only one thing I can say to that—if you don’t support a people’s right to decide on its fate, on who it chooses to associate with; if you think that countries are by default beholden to whoever wields the biggest stick and have no right to rock the boat because might makes right, then I don’t give a fuck about how many thoughts and prayers you post—you don’t support Ukraine. You’re not an anti-imperialist and you sure as fuck aren’t a leftist. You’re a useful lapdog for the propaganda of a dying empire stuck in the 19th century notion of great powers that are somehow entitled to a sphere of influence, regardless of whatever said sphere of influence has to say about it or whether it even wants to be one. You’re showing a willingness to throw a free people expressing a desire to live in democracy to an expansionist dictatorship that’s a humans rights nightmare, simply “because that’s how the world works, nothing to do about it”. By regurgitating the Kremlin line on NATO provocation and “expansion” (i.e. Russia’s former colonies doing everything in their power to get the fuck out of Russia’s homicidal reach), you’re actively promoting colonialism and imperialism and you’re as useful to the victims of these horror shows as a soiled toilet paper.
Your “suck it up, buttercup” helps no one whatsoever. Quite frankly, it’s a part of the reason why we got here.
I implore you, read a fucking book on Eastern European history. Go into therapy with your U.S. centrism and “every conflict is like the Iraq War” because I swear, nobody in this part of the world is impressed with your main character syndrome. Grow out of the idiotic thinking that just because US BAD, an authoritarian regime automatically good.
You’re a part of the problem. Get solved, please.
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scavengedluxury · 2 months ago
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Nesebar, Bulgaria, 1982. From the Budapest Municipal Photography Company archive.  
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jeannepompadour · 6 months ago
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Decorations of Slavic Muslim brides from the Balkans 
Torbesh bride in her ceremonial attire, Macedonia
Pomak bride from Bulgaria
Bosnian bride from Kosovo
Torbesh bridal attire from Macedonia
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somethingusefulfromflorida · 2 months ago
Dracula Daily: July 18
Voyage of the Demeter
Tumblr media
Captain's Log
July 6: all of Dracula's boxes of dirt have been stowed on the ship Demeter, but the Count himself ia not listed as one of the passangers. Curious.
July 11: the Demeter leaves the Black Sea and enters Ottoman waters, passing by Constantinople (now Istanbul; don't ask why the old name got the works, it's nobody's business but the Turks) and through the Turkish straits
July 12: the ship leaves the straits and enters the Greek archipelago in the Aegean Sea
July 13: the ship rounds Greece and enters the Mediterranean proper
Throughout the journey, all the crew have been on edge. Something feels off, but nobody can put their finger on exactly what. A crewmate disappears and some deck hands say they saw a tall thin man lurking in the shadows, but when the captain orders a full sweep of the ship, the first mate says it's a ludicrous waste of time. They search everywhere except the boxes of dirt; why would anyone possibly want to hide in one of those?
Methinks something wicked is aboard the Demeter. You can "Count" on that.
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me-sharing-with-the-world · 14 hours ago
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Bulgarian artist Simona Ruscheva
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vizreef · 4 months ago
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Elka 6521 // Nixie Tube Calculator // Bulgaria 1966
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useless-bulgariafacts · 3 months ago
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Bulgarian women from different regions in festive headgear.
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between-shadow-and-soul · 3 months ago
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folkfashion · a month ago
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Bulgarian woman, Bulgaria, by Radostin Kitanov
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sole-cuore-amore-e-droga · 4 months ago
choose your drug dealer
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allthingseurope · 2 months ago
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Assen's Fortress, Bulgaria 
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