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loveyourownsmiilee · 4 hours ago
Talking Buddie Lanugage: Ep 6.09
The season 6a finale being directed by Brenna Malloy was honestly so good for us. This woman is known for being a huge Buddie shipper and has given us some of their most iconic moments on screen. Tonight’s episode felt like she had one mission and that was to make sure to have Buck and Eddie next to each other in every shot. And she made it happen!! This episode was the first episode all season long where we not only had many Buck and Eddie interactions, but also shared looks and them being Buck&Eddie again in a sense. I really am looking forward to seeing how the second half of the season plays out and how the writers plan on bringing them closer together. But for now, let’s dive into Ms. Brenna’s creative choices because there were a lot, if I do say so myself.
Severed Hands, I Feel Like We’ve Seen This Before
Some of my fondest Buck and Eddie moments from the previous seasons are when they get all excited and work together to solve a mystery. Back in 3.09, we had them being all cute looking for the severed fingers of the figure skater and tonight’s episode was very reminiscent of that.
Right from the beginning, we get Buck talking all excitedly, while Eddie engages him and teases him in that loving way he’s known to do.
B: Every year I think, That’s it we’ve seen everything now and then the Santa Ana’s blow and it’s like “Oh look something weirder.”
E: The severed hand, we’ve seen those before.
B: Yeah usually in the general vicinity of its owner.
I love how even though Bobby is right there in between these two, they can’t help from both looking at each other and just simply talking to each other. It’s so wholesome and honestly very domestic of them to do. I also love how Eddie always, always listens when Buck talks and engages in further conversation to prove to him that he’s heard everything he’s said. It’s a huge thing considering Buck’s upbringing and how he probably felt invisible to his parents growing up. Eddie’s done this many times in the past and he will continue doing so because he really is a great partner to Buck, both on and off the field.
Then, when everyone spreads out to go searching for the owner of this missing hand, I love how we get a moment where the two men immediately look at each other and silently check in. The subtle head nod and acceptance is done so seamlessly and quickly in only a manner those two understand. It’s such a small moment but it speaks volumes on how connected those two are, and how they always seem to seek one another while at work. Something about wanting to make sure the other’s ok and a simple look is enough to suffice both men just really does make me happy.
Tumblr media
The moment in which the friend of the guy with the missing hand steals the hand and runs away, makes me laugh because of Buck’s immediate reaction being, “Not it” as he looks at Eddie, signaling it as his turn to chase the guy. This makes me think of the moment in 6.04 where he stole the bicycle and rode after the drunk driver, only to have Eddie drop what he was doing and yell after him in concern. This was Buck’s way of saying, “Yeah not this time. I’ll stand here and look pretty because I don’t want another lecture.” Now I don’t know if he got a lecture or not but I found it funny that Eddie was left to be the one doing the chasing this time. Which brings me to my other thought.
We know, courtesy of 4.14, that Buck told Taylor he was done chasing people. But as we saw in season 5, he went after her when she went to Oklahoma. Then we saw him being the one to end things. Now this season, the man still doesn’t have a couch which means he’s not actively thinking about dating and is alright with just taking things slow. So what if his little comment to Eddie signified something more to come later on? Now bare with me. We know he’s still going through the sperm donor stuff and Eddie will be questioning on whether or not he’s ready to date again in 6b. So what if this was a subtle way to foreshadow Eddie being the one who does the chasing, as in he’s the one who makes the first move about his feelings for Buck. Now I can totally be off base, but his little line made me think of Buck chasing after people and then I thought of the line in 6.01 about not seeing those in front of him. And well, I think it just makes sense for Eddie to not only realize his feelings first, but to be the one pursuing Buck when he does.
After, when they’re treating the men with the severed body parts, I can’t help but mention how often Eddie and Buck share looks between each other. It’s literally like they look at one another because they’re each other’s safe place.
C: Got the finger!
B: I got it! *runs to get the finger*
Now why I mentioned this specific moment is because of how the camera focuses on Eddie’s expression to Buck walking to get the finger. I’ve always emphasized how Eddie never ever looks away from Buck. I scream about this as much as I possibly can and this was just another example of him carefully tracking Buck with his eyes. Not only that but he looks different in a way? I mean this doesn’t look very platonic to me. Just look at those eyes and how he tracks Buck’s movements and tell me you can’t see some heat behind them?
Tumblr media
B: Cap, small issue. This is a thumb.
BN: He’s not missing a thumb.
E: There’s another victim.
As Eddie says this, he once again looks over at Buck. No words are exchanged between the two but Eddie knows to grab the ice box and Buck oh so seamlessly hands off the severed thumb to Eddie. This just shows once again how amazing they work together. It’s just easy with these two. Also, tell me this scene doesn’t scream husband energy? 😂
Tumblr media
Naked Sleep Drivers Are a Thing?
Before I get into the actual sleep driver, I want to mention something because I feel like it was a bit of a foreshadowing. When Bobby is listening to Wendell’s voicemail, it made me think of how it kind of has some Buck undertones.
W: You ever do something that doesn’t go like you planned? I tried, I really tried to be a good man but I’m tired now. So tired.
Now something about this really does scream Buck especially with what he’s going through right now. Later on when he’s talking to Hen and Chim, he says something that’s kind of similar to this and this made me start thinking things. We know this is going to affect Bobby tremendously. But you know what else may affect him horribly? If the person he sees as a pseudo son is breaking down and repeating similar words as Wendell did. I just feel like this potentially foreshadows a moment later on between Bobby and Buck, where maybe the pregnancy doesn’t end up working out. Or maybe it does and it’s hitting Buck hard that this isn’t what he wanted and he’s losing the fight. And Bobby has to witness someone else he loves breaking down and I don’t know, I just feel like I can see a scene between them that’s similar to the one with Wendell’s voicemail.
Another thing to mention before we get into the naked sleep driver is what Eddie says to Hen when they’re talking about Denny.
E: He almost lost one of his moms. It’s only natural that it’d get him thinking about the mother he doesn’t know.
Look, we all know Eddie got shot and how that affected his son. Chris was not doing too well at the possibility of losing his only surviving parent. He’s already lost his mother and he came so close to losing his father. And what happens to him if he does lose Eddie? Has Eddie discussed his will with Christopher? Does he know he would go to Buck should anything happen to Eddie? Or how does Christopher feel if something were to happen to his Buck? We know he’s not just a family friend or just a best friend. He’s borderline co-parenting Christopher and I believe Christopher knows that to some extent. Otherwise he wouldn’t feel so safe and natural calling Buck in an emergency, and he wouldn’t run off to Buck when he’s mad at his father. So I think it’s going to be interesting to see what Christopher’s reaction may be to possibly losing another parental figure and how that can affect him as well.
The entire scene with the naked sleep driving woman was so funny. The two single and supposed “straight” men are the ones who are bothered by her nakedness the most, going out of their way to make it clear they’re not looking. I swear nothing about Buck and Eddie’s reaction in that scene was screaming heterosexual to me 😂 Eddie literally seemed so offended and couldn’t believe Bobby wanted him to approach her car while she was naked. Sure one can say they’re just being respectful men. But they’re firefighters and their exaggerations were hilarious to me. It’s ok boys, we know what you two are 😏
B: Ok this is not a dream I’ve had before.
E: Is she…
B: Naked.
Love love love them finishing each other’s sentences like the cute husbands they are. Also, I really wonder what kind of dreams Buck has that involve the firehouse but no naked women. Hmmm interesting. I will say that he did keep glancing over at Eddie one too many times and Eddie back at Buck, so really that does seem interesting to me.
Another small quick mention is when the team is questioning the lady. I love how Buck is being all serious when he asks her his question, even though everyone else look shocked.
B: And do you always sleep in the nude?
The boy was asking a serious question. Maybe he wanted to know if it was possible she was with someone who drugged her and took off her clothes. My favorite thing is Eddie’s reaction to Buck’s question because it’s his patented exasperated husband look. He raises his eyebrows and looks over at Buck like, “I can’t believe I’m in love with this idiot.” This reminds me of this one tiktok I saw where this man asks a woman if this is her man and she says, “That’s mine. That’s my man and I’m gonna stick beside him.” Well that’s literally Eddie in that very situation 😂
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Gifs by @matan4il 💜)
Rooftop Chats With Some Hot Chocolate
I’ve really been loving how much of our core team we’ve gotten this season. Any and all moments of them chatting immediately brings a smile to my face. When Buck finally joins them, I love how the camera pans to the chair next to Eddie, almost as if he saved Buck a seat.
B: Can’t sleep when there’s cars driving unannounced into the building.
E: Would you prefer an announcement?
B: Uh, I would.
I love when Eddie reverts to his little teasing/flirting ways with Buck. Anytime we see Eddie teasing him, we know it’s him really flirting with the man. He always does this and it’s such a wonderful aspect of their relationship.
Tumblr media
Another thing to note about Buck and Eddie here in this scene is how Eddie simply handing off Buck’s hot chocolate to him is so husband shaped. It’s literally Eddie handing off a hot drink but the way it’s so careful and familiar tells me they do this kind of thing often.
When Bobby asks the team if then smell that and Buck responds with “Fire”, he once more looks over to Eddie who’s already looking at him. It’s something small but oh so very them. This is what I mean when I say they’re each others safe place. Their entire team is there but when things get rough, their eyes find each others and they just know everything will be alright.
A Patch of Wildfire?
The wildfire was definitely not what I was expecting. But I was glad that Bobby quickly paired Buck and Eddie together, while pairing Chim and Hen together.
I think the scene where Bobby realizes the body is of Wendell’s, while Eddie is there was very touching considering their relationship last season. They’ve come a long way from Eddie telling Bobby to “Go to hell”. And I think this isn’t going to be the last time we see these two together when things get tough. If we do get Buck injured, those two are his closest people and I can imagine Eddie and Bobby leaning on one another during that time.
Four-away Conference Call
I laughed so hard during the conference call. Chimney is trying to buy the “murder house” while Hen is worried about her son. Meanwhile Buck is calling them to tell them all his news.
B: Gimme a second, let me grab Eddie.
E: Yo!
B: Uh hey man. You’re on with me, Hen, and Chim.
E: Looks like the winds got us all tonight.
Now not only is Buck once more inviting Eddie like he usually does, but he just knew Eddie would pick up, even though it’s very late in the night. It shows that those two have this unspoken agreement between them where when one calls, the other just picks up. The fact that Buck says that so confidentially just proves that Eddie’s always picked up whenever he’s called. These are things we don’t get to see often but just knowing they exist speaks volumes to me. Buck’s little smile after Eddie’s comment also proves that he’s really smitten with Eddie. He always smiles his little fond Eddie smile when Eddie literally opens his mouth.
Tumblr media
Now when Buck finally tells them his news, I want to focus on Eddie’s lack of a response.
B: Officially responsible for the creation of new life. I guess maybe that’s easier when you could just say I’m gonna be a father.
H: Whoa whoa whoa, Conner and Kameron are pregnant?
B: Yes, they are having a baby.
C: Congratulations. Oh wait so we congratulate you?
E: I don’t know. Kinda feels weird to congratulate him.
The only thing Eddie says to Buck’s news isn’t even said to Buck, but to Chimney. Not only that, but the emphasis on congratulate is very harsh and you can kind of hear the disappointment and dislike he’s feeling. He’s clearly not happy about this news and you can tell from his facial expression as well when he looks away and lifts his brows up, opens his mouth in disbelief. He didn’t really think this was an actuality and it feels like it just got so real for Eddie at that moment. He looks like he wants to say something, but doesn’t.
Tumblr media
After they can’t get a hold of Bobby, Eddie literally just wants to leave as soon as possible. He goes so far as even lying a bit to leave that conversation, before even hearing how his best friend feels about all of this. You can see it in Buck’s face that moment that he knows Eddie isn’t being his self and wants to question him, but doesn’t get the chance.
E: Ok guys. Gonna try to take a nap. Chris is gonna be up in an hour. Great. See you guys tomorrow.
And before anyone can respond, he just hangs up on them all. Now this is Eddie we’re talking about. He cares about Buck so so much and he knows, at least to some extent, that he’s not doing this for the right reasons. But you can tell there’s some jealousy underlying his features during this entire scene and this is clearly a subject he doesn’t want to discuss. Which begs the question: why? Why isn’t he happy for his best friend? Why doesn’t he want to find out Buck’s feelings about this all? Why haven’t they discussed this more in depth? Something tells me we will find out the answers to these in the second half of the season!
After Eddie’s departure, we get both Hen and Chimney checking in with Buck about his news.
H: Hey Buck you never said, how are you feeling about this creation of new life?
B: I mean I’m ha, I’m happy. You know happy for them. I, I, was worried. What if it didn’t work out and me saying yes, just ended up setting them up for more disappointment.
C: So you’re good?
B: Yeah. I, I, uh think I am. In fact, I feel like I can finally go and get some sleep. Goodnight.
Tumblr media
The fact that he’s stuttering and clearly putting on a fake smile shows he’s not really all that happy or all that fine about this situation. When he mentions how he was worried because he didn’t want to disappoint them, it really reminded the audience why he did this in the first place. He didn’t do this because this was going to make him happy. No. He did this because he was literally born to save someone’s life and he failed at that. He’s lived his whole life not knowing what love is, only to find out later on that he wasn’t loved because he couldn’t save his brother’s life. So he saw this as an opportunity to use his body and help bring another life into this world. He wanted to make two parents happy and he didn’t want anything to go wrong because he was afraid of disappointing them, just like he did with his own parents. These are all issues this man needs to work through in therapy, and yet he’s here acting as if he’s alright, when he’s going to crash and burn real soon. This is not a real smile. This is him trying to put on this facade and fool everyone, including himself into thinking this is all done for some greater good. He’s going to realize soon how wrong he was with all of this.
The Couch of It All
I love how the ending scene included all the couples sleeping together. But the montage started with Eddie alone, sleeping on his couch. Then immediately panning over to Buck sleeping, alone on his bed. I love how they were both turned to the opposite sides and it made it look like they would be a perfect fit if they ever slept beside each other. A few key things I want to mention.
Eddie was sleeping on his couch. We know Buck is still in need of a couch and he’s probably going to eventually go on some hunt for a new one. Now I find it super telling that we have Eddie, on his couch right before the camera pans to Buck. It’s almost as if they’re kinda providing us the dots in a way? Imagine a world where Buck does get injured and has to stay with someone since he doesn’t have a couch. And as he’s on this couch, he comes to certain realizations and decides that he’s always had his couch and it’s been here, in this very place, since the beginning.
Tumblr media
(Gif by @captainsoldat 💜)
Seeing the little firefighter onesie on Buck’s bedside absolutely destroyed me. This entire storyline is going to completely shatter him and I firmly believe Eddie will be the one who helps him pick up all the pieces. The last thing I want to mention is that while the camera focused on the onesie next to Buck, it also focused on the game controller next to Eddie. Both of those things mean something similar to each man. To Eddie it means his son and the family he has. To Buck it means the possibility of having a child, even thought he won’t really get to parent them. Now again I’ve mentioned time and time again how these two men are on similar but separate journeys. Somehow, both of their journeys’ themes involve parenthood. So something tells me, given what snippets we got about 6b, that their journeys will eventually meet and become one by the end of this season. Both men are searching for something; Eddie a partner who is going to love his child as much as he does but also makes him happy & Buck a family for himself, who love him as unconditionally as he them. And I believe they will come to realize that those people they’ve been searching for has been in front of them this entire time. I truly think their journey’s are going to come together and 6b will give us a lot of Buck and Eddie wholesome and significant moments and I for one, can’t wait to see where their stories go from here.
Many thanks to @aa-lionheart for all the other gifs. You’ve been a godsend friend 💜
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A sequence that shows the literal Buddie pieces on the board: Sleep vs The Controller and The Onesie
First we get:
Tumblr media
And we know that the video game Eddie was playing was one that he, Buck, and Christopher have played together before. It's also the same one that Buck and Christopher were playing that Eddie turned off. Before this scene, we have the conference call of Buck telling the 118 about his big news. We also have Eddie getting off the call after a while, saying that he was going to try to take a nap since Chris would be up in an hour. (and he's sleeping on his couch)
Tumblr media
The very next shot:
Tumblr media
This is also after the conference call where Buck tells Hen he thinks he'll be able to sleep now that he knows the insemination was successful. And after we see Buck sleeping, we get:
Tumblr media
We already saw the onesie in the Buck shot, but they make sure to show up this up close...to rival the controller shot.
Both props are used to show us what part of the future both guys are focused on. Eddie = completing that family; Buck = being a dad/parent. Even though this child won't be his technically (and we've yet to see how things will play out on that front which I'm assuming will happen in 6B especially with the Buckley parents coming back into play plus Denny looking up his bio dad in this episode is no coincidence or that Eddie was the one that Hen spoke to about it first), it will still have him thinking about something similar to what Eddie's thinking: family. These two props are showing what's next in their journey for this season, so it's beyond fitting that they used these two props.
Then the next shot is Madney sleeping:
Tumblr media
(also notice how Maddie's position is similar to Eddie's while Chim's hand is out like Eddie's & Eddie was presumably holding onto the controller like Chim is holding onto the papers; and notice Chim's position is sort of similar to Buck's)
And the prop we get:
Tumblr media
They're attempting to buy the house where Maddie stated it looked like a family had lived there, and Chim thought a family could live there again.
And then:
Tumblr media
There was zero reason to show Karen here because she didn't need to sleep. Maddie being a first responder and her and Chim filling out papers could explain her presence away logistically, but no logistical reason for Karen in this shot. But they did it to show the couples, Hen being the 118 member who couldn't sleep before due to her worry about Denny, just like Chim with his obsession over the house. So they purposely put Karen in here to keep the couples theme going, and the undercurrent of this episode is family. Notice how both of them are on their side and Karen is spooning Hen.
So we have:
Eddie asleep, alone on the couch, on his side, he presumably drops the controller & is snoring; prop: controller; voiceover: "The city rests. A familiar cycle--"
Buck asleep, alone in his bed on his back; prop: onesie; voiceover: "--starts again." (voiceover for onesie: "The rain comes, no less every year now.")
Maddie and Chim asleep, in bed, Maddie on her side facing Chim, Chim on his back & he moves in his sleep for a moment; prop: papers; voiceover: "We wait for the jacarandas to bloom and curse their flowers when they fall."
Hen and Karen asleep, in bed, both on their sides with Karen spooning Hen; prop: none; voiceover: "Knowing that every passing day brings us closer to the return of those winds."
Not only did they make sure to keep the couples going for Henren following Madney but they also made sure to have Chim and Eddie both moving in their sleep, both having something in their hands, both with one hand extended out. And you have at least one person in both couples in the fetal position, one couple even featuring spooning. And they made sure to show us all of this in a sequence.
Eddie didn't have to fall asleep on the couch. He didn't have to have the controller in his hands. He could have been reading when Buck called. He didn't have to mention Christopher. That particular part of the voiceover didn't have to happen then.
All of it is being done for a reason. And seeing what they're showing us plain as day in episodes like this, there is no separation going on. None. The video game/controller confirms it as does the mirroring of the prop shots when it wasn't needed from a logistical stand point since the onesie was already in the shot with Buck. It's also confirmed by them choosing to put the Buck scene right after Eddie's then followed by Madney and then Henren. -> Blocking of a scene is a thing. Directors and editors make choices. It's pure Brenna Malloy/911 brilliance again, y'all.
We already been knew that the pieces on the board are being moved but man is it fun watching it while it happens. Perfect 6A ending. Now it's going to be hell to wait until the spring for 6B lol.
But regardless, it's coming. And by it's, I mean Buddie.
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idealuk · 14 hours ago
Eddie getting off of the call before *that* part of the conversation was LOUD.
Only time will tell why.
Some thing else that might have been loud? Eddie sitting in front of his couch for the group chat and then them transitioning from him sleeping on the couch at the end to Buck sleeping on his bed with the LAFD onesie laid out (why did they all sleep in their clothes on top of covers if they were on a bed?!).
... Can it be March now?
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matan4il · 2 days ago
You have such great insights about Eddie Diaz and his parents! I was watching another show where a man was telling his young son that he needed to be the man of the house while he was away because his mother was struggling with depression. The shows a couple decades old, and the spirit of this interaction was not intended to be toxic and was portrayed as “sweet.” On the same show, one of the female characters was telling her daughter that if something happened to her, she would have to take care of her father. But no child, male or female, should have that idea put in their head, even if it is meant to be symbolic (because let’s face it, a child’s not going to suddenly learn to drive before their time or start paying bills!). Very few, if any, children under 17 have the emotional intelligence or capacity to shoulder an adult’s burden, no matter how “mature” they might seem. I think Ramon’s behavior is indicative of a pattern of parenting that was just sadly common in the 90s, and still might be in some families. But good on him for trying to correct it. It is Helena’s turn right now, I know we’ve had limited screen time of her, but she epitomizes toxic femininity IMHO
Hi Nonnie! Oh, thank you so much for the kind words! I appreciate them SO much! And I’m so happy you like my views on Eddie. They’re just my own, and people like @gatergirl add their own invaluable insights, so I’m really grateful to everyone talking to me about our fave boys! ^u^
I’m wondering whether you wouldn’t mind telling me which show it is? I’m just so curious if I might have come across it. On the one hand, it sounds familiar. On the other hand, you’re right and it was a very common mentality in older TV show, films and books, just this idea that a kid stepping in for an absent parent is a wonderfully mature step. I think the movie Finding Neverland does a decent job at deconstructing that idea and pointing out that the moment a kid actually has to do that, they have something stolen from them for good. A piece of childhood and of innocence that they will never get back, a sense of security, of being protected by their parents, that’s gone forever. And now I’m thinking of little Eddie forced into that position (and in a different way, Buck as well, since without an actual parent, and Maddie only being able to step in to a degree, he also kinda had to become a bit of his own parent) and my heart breaks all over again.
I’ve not heard the term “toxic femininity” before, but I think we can all instinctively get what it means, and I agree with you so much. It would explain so much about Eddie’s mother, for example it would be a part of why she was giving Shannon a hard time, ‘coz Shannon was “failing” her “duties” as a wife and mother in Helena’s eyes. And then without that feminine mother figure there, Helena wouldn’t be able to conceive how her son would be able to raise Christopher on his own, let alone do it well. Which also fits with why in 315, it very much felt like she was the one leading the Diaz parents’ charge on their son and the pressure to hand over Chris. This POV really makes me wanna see some insights and a breakthrough on Helena’s part even more.
Thank you so much for sharing your own thought about Eddie with us, lovely Nonnie! Hope you have a good day! And as always, here is my ask tag! xoxox)
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fiona-fififi · a month ago
Okay, but can we talk about Buck and Eddie showing up to this woman's house to help with repairs, and Buck looking directly at Eddie as he says "We thought maybe you could use a hand with some repairs." Only for Eddie to add "Yeah, we heard somebody really destroyed your house."
Because the last time someone destroyed a house, it was Eddie mid-breakdown. And the last time these two teamed up for home repairs, it was the two of them, together, fixing Eddie's broken walls.
And like, maybe that doesn't mean anything. But it's interesting to me that it was Buck and Eddie, together. With a bunch of random people?? And not the rest of the firefam??
That felt like A Choice.
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ghosthunterbuck · 8 months ago
5x11 meta - buck, eddie, and the bar scene
i just keep coming back to that moment in the bar when eddie notices buck, but buck doesn’t notice eddie, because for the life of me, i can’t think of a single other time that’s happened
we see eddie from buck’s point of view constantly, because buck always notices him. literally, eddie’s very first scene is a shot of buck noticing him, and it never stops
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it happens again during the tsunami
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and, most recently, in wrapped in red, just before eddie tells them he’s leaving the 118
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this happens several other times in the show, but notably does not happen again before the bar scene. interestingly the only episodes i can think of that don’t quite fit this pattern are eddie begins and buck begins, but in both of those, the audience becomes aware of eddie’s presence at the exact same time as buck does
there are plenty of moments where eddie looks at buck and buck isn’t looking back, and vice versa, but buck always knows when eddie is there
so this moment, when eddie sees buck but buck doesn’t see him feels extremely significant to me
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i specifically want to draw attention to the fact that, not only does buck not notice eddie in his vicinity, he also has his eyes closed for the entirety of the time the camera is focused on his face
buck has always seen eddie, literally and metaphorically, but this time he can’t
so what does this mean? maybe nothing, but i think this scene was more than just a way to show how isolated eddie feels right now. i think it’s also the apex of the distance between him and buck, and the absolute rock bottom of their relationship, and i’ll explain why
[the rest under the cut because this got long]
earlier in the episode, buck tries to get to eddie to talk to him, but eddie refuses and tells buck to move on. in the very next scene, buck asks bobby if he knew eddie wasn’t coming back which bobby confirms. when hen tries to reassure him that he will be back, buck responds with this:
"I don’t know. I had dinner with Eddie last night, and he seemed […] different."
at this point, buck appears to have given up on the idea that eddie is coming back, and maybe even on eddie himself. from here until the last scene of the episode, buck won’t talk to or about eddie again. notably, we don’t even see buck’s reaction to eddie on the comms during the truck rescue
so then we get to the bar scene, AKA: grocery store fight 2.0
i swear I'm going to explain
why is it grocery store 2.0? it isn’t a big blowout fight, but like the grocery store scene, it’s a complete breakdown of communication between buck and eddie that will lead to significant consequences for both of them (buck’s kiss with lucy, and eddie’s blow up at bobby)
let’s compare and contrast:
buck shows up at the grocery store, intending to apologize and re-establish communication with the 118
eddie shows up at the bar, presumably intending to spend time with the 118. now, it’s entirely possible that eddie has seen the 118 since the christmas party, but as far as the audience is concerned, this is the first time, and therefore also eddie’s attempt to reestablish communication with the 118 (and, given his earlier conversation with josh, and what we know he’ll ask for later, it’s not unlikely that he also intended to take back what he said to buck about moving on)
next, in the grocery store scene, eddie, who has always been level headed with buck, yells. buck quickly becomes defensive and the fight escalates, but it’s clear neither of them is hearing what the other is saying. the conversation is cut off by the cars in the parking lot before there can be any resolution
in the bar scene, buck, who we’ve established has always seen eddie, has his eyes closed. eddie, initially hopeful, notices buck and the others having a seemingly great time without him and quickly becomes dejected and leaves, ending the "conversation" before there can be any resolution
on the surface, this seems pretty different, but underneath, it’s exactly the same
to explain that, though, we need to talk about the last time eddie’s mentioned in the episode: when ravi mentions that eddie was at the bar, and buck says
"I texted him. I just… thought he was a no-show."
to which ravi replies that he saw eddie in the parking lot, and eddie blew him off. buck says that’s "weird" and wonders aloud what’s going on
this exchange is vital because it changes the bar scene from a one sided breakdown of communication to a two-sided one.
presumably, when eddie sees buck laughing in the bar, he comes to the conclusion that buck has indeed moved on, and is fine without him, which is a conclusion the audience might come to at this point as well, because of the conversation he had with bobby and hen earlier. eddie takes this as a rejection and leaves. the audience, however, doesn’t, and it quickly becomes apparent that everything buck’s displaying on the surface is just that – a facade, concealing how wrong everything is underneath. it’s not until the scene with ravi at the end, though, that the misunderstanding is confirmed, because despite having "moved on" (not really) buck is the one that invited eddie to the bar, and buck, just like he did at the beginning of the episode, still wants to know "what’s going on [with eddie]"
we get less, overall, of buck’s side of this silent conversation, but i think there are a few things we can infer. first, buck more than likely texted eddie after the call with the truck bomb. second, eddie almost certainly never responded. had eddie said he was coming, then not shown up without a word, buck would have worried, and at the very least, mentioned his concerns to someone. on the other hand, had eddie said he wasn’t coming, buck wouldn’t have had to make an assumption about eddie being a no show; he would have known.
on buck’s side of things, then, this is a reinforcement of what eddie said earlier, that he’s moved on, and buck should too. we know this to be incorrect, because just a few scenes later, eddie will indicate to christopher unambiguously that he hasn’t moved on, and doesn’t want to
returning to our grocery scene comparison, what we end up with is:
in the grocery store scene, eddie says [i miss you and im hurting without you] but buck hears [you left and now you can’t come back]
in the bar scene, buck says [i want you to be here, but you told me to move on so i won’t push too hard] and eddie hears [i moved on, just like you said. i’m fine without you]
in the grocery store scene, buck says [i miss you and i need to you to understand that i only wanted to come home] and eddie hears [my job is more important to me than my relationship with you]
in the bar scene eddie says [i want to be here with you, but i don’t belong here anymore and you’re fine without me] and buck hears [i’ve moved on, just like i said. i’m fine without you]
not so different after all, huh?
so this leaves us at the end of the episode, with buck and eddie farther apart than they’ve ever been, and, most likely, the farthest apart they’ll ever be again
[spoilers for 5x13 ahead]
because the next time buck and eddie have a real conversation after the grocery store fight, they come back together stronger than ever. and based on interviews and promos,  the next time buck and eddie have a real conversation after the bar scene is going to be when eddie breaks down and buck is in the room
they’ve been stretching buck and eddie like a rubber band all season, and the bar scene in 5x11 is the farthest apart they can go without breaking apart completely or snapping back together
eddie was always soft with buck, but after he uncharacteristically yells in the grocery store scene, he becomes infinitely softer, starting with ‘i forgive you’ and culminating in, you know, all of season four
buck has always seen eddie, so it stands to reason that now, after uncharacteristically closing his eyes (moving on), he’ll be able to see eddie more than ever, which is to say, he’ll see everything eddie’s been trying to hide. it’ll be explosive and emotional, and might even result in an actual fight, but everything that happens from here on out will be part of what brings them back together, not what pushed them apart
this, finally, is the resolution not only of the miscommunication from the bar scene, but also of the conversation on the balcony in which eddie says
"Or you don’t know her the way he does. When you think of your sister, you see this person you’ve always looked up to. The woman who’s taken care of you. But maybe that’s not who she is right now. This time, maybe she’s the one who needs taking care of."
and funny thing about the balcony scene?
buck couldn’t see eddie properly then, either
Tumblr media
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milenadaniels · 8 months ago
hey salad theory folks, where are we at with Eddie learning to cook from scratch for Buck specifically when Taylor was coming over?
Because out of the 4 times we see him with food in this episode, 3 of them are cereal and scrambled eggs, and the 4th is.....this entire spread, which is implied he got tutorials from Linda on how to make...
And now here he is looking like the smuggest son of a bitch I’ve ever seen directly at Buck’s girlfriend as Buck can’t even lift his eyes from inhaling the food.
Tumblr media
Food that Taylor just...can’t seem to enjoy like her boyfriend is :)
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prettyboybuckley · 11 months ago
No matter if Eddie is leaving for real or not, this is going to fuck Buck up.
I know this is about Eddie doing what he thinks is best for Chris, but he really said "you're stuck with us" and then did a full one-eighty a few episodes later.
Buck is missing Maddie and Jee-Yun, Chim is also gone, and they're still not totally made up, and he has to know it's not quite working out with Taylor
Their lives are falling apart in perfect tandem.
Eddie tries to be perfect, tries to do whatever seems to be best for Chris at that moment. Buck clings onto the one person who hasn't left him yet, even if it doesn't quite feel right.
They are living right past each other when they need each other the most because they are just not talking about what they really need to talk about.
It's going to have to go all the way off the deep end before they finally find their way back to each other
This is only one of the things that implodes before we get to the final climax
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yelenasbuddie · 21 days ago
It's kind of funny how the word "cursed" is so accurate for both Buck and Eddie. I think it's pretty strong word for describing their journey together and separately. I would call it as bad habits but honestly I found it makes me uncomfortable because that comes from good intentions. After all, Buck and Eddie are selfless, they have a golden heart and they are not giving themselves enough credit or letting themselves get what they really deserve. Even if both of them had made a huge development and started to realize that it's OK listen to their hearts' wishes, I think they are little scared of how it easy and simple. It seems like they used to have so many obstacles in their life that they may have been seeking to peace and being seen in the very wrong direction.
Eddie's condition of believe in something bigger than life itself is something that reflects his deepest feelings and his personality. I think him being a father is the biggest thing in world. More than the life and the universe. Because in his life experience, nothing is compared to his love for Christopher. And here is the thing, maybe Eddie doesn't believe that there's an epic love story for him. Maybe he doesn't deserve to be selfish and get what his heart wants. Because the kind of love he truly needs and wants is bigger than everything. He needs to have faith in love, he needs someone to show him that he can love and be loved with the bottom of the heart.
Buck's ignoring all the universe's signs while he always has listened to it, is something that reflects his deepest fear and his motivations. He wants to be mattered for something or someone. He wants to have purpose that could make himself feel like he is important. That he did something good and people would remember him because of that. He won't be left alone if he would give something bigger than the life itself. Even if it's something that very contrast to his personality and his principles. Because buck has so much to give unconditionally and that's always coming out of love. And this time his only wish is that his heart would stay whole without having break it and give a small pieces to other people.
Buck and Eddie would have to break the curse if they would allow themselves to be selfish and finally take what had been always in front of them.
Side note, I always thought that Eddie would have make the first move when buddie becomes canon. But after watching this episode, it changed my mind about it and I can see an opportunity for Buck's first move. Maybe it's all about gain control of life and happiness. Maybe it's all about having shown what an epic love is like, the one kind that consumed you and all you can and want to do is let it go and make yourself feel good about it.
If you make this far, I want to thank you so much for your time. You are amazing and I love you💜 please I'd love to know what's your thoughts on this. Until then, I wish you all a very beautiful day 💞💞
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chaosandwolves · 10 days ago
Ok ok ok.
I know I'm late but..
I have to go meta again cause that one scene made me shout at the TV.
So let's dive in:
We have Carla and Eddie and Chris.
We have Chris trying on the suit. The last time we saw him doing it was in the store where Eddie panicked when Ana was referred to as Chris' mum. The moment that clearly set off Eddie's journey to finally make a decision for himself and break things off with Ana.
Tumblr media
This is already a big reference, especially cause Eddie mentions "the last time" Chris was wearing the suit.
You're directly reminded of that scene.
Then Carla and Eddie leave Chris and go to the kitchen (where Ana and Eddie broke up) and talk further. The conversation is about Chris, sure, but also about Eddie.
And we have Carla yet again saying something big, something that's clearly meaningful.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don't think I have to elaborate on what that dream could be for Eddie...
And then this is the next scene:
Tumblr media
Chim and Buck carrying in Jee's new bed.
Again, a scene cuts from Eddie to Buck after something meaningful.
And in which way!
Buck in the context of being an uncle, Buck in the context of a kid - after he's donated his sperm.
This CAN'T be a coincidence. Not again and again and again.
What Carla says also applies to Chim and Jee's room situation and might apply to Buck as well.
We see that the room situation doesn't really work out. The fantasy was better than the reality...at least partially. But Chim brings back the words "dream(house)" and "fantasy" and lifts the situation through that into something nice.
Tumblr media
So in this case, fantasy and reality kind of mix and it all turns into something positive in that moment.
Now, what does that mean for Buck?
This HAS to relate to Buck's sperm donation. We haven't seen Buck interact with Jee in ages and now he's taking care of her and helping to create a space for her.
Maybe the fantasy Buck had of helping others with their dream will turn out to have been better than the reality in the end.
And what about the "talking about your dreams make it seem too real."?
Eddie's expression is so prominent here
Tumblr media
and absolutely reminds of his reaction the last time Carla said something impactful to him "make sure to follow your heart".
Tumblr media
Ultimately, back then Eddie's fantasy turned out to be better than the reality as well.
There are just too many references in this little scene, in these two sentences, for them not to mean something. We were right last time when we all knew Carla's words were big.
It's set up the same way again. Her words clearly affect Eddie on a deeper level.
Now, of course I'm gonna make this more about Buddie.
We don't only have the scenes cutting from this to Buck, but also that sentence.
Tumblr media
Of course the first thing that came to my mind was: That's why Eddie hasn't said anything about his feelings towards Buck because it's too real.
But also... We haven't had a talk between Buck and Eddie since the very significant one in the first ep where they were talking about Buck's love life. And we haven't had a talk about the whole sperm donor thing.
Maybe both of them are too nervous to actually talk about it cause that would make it real.
Idk idk but you can't tell me that this isn't all on purpose. There are just too many references and the absolute lack of Buddie scenes is so suspicious.
The film makers are all too aware of how big of a thing Buddie is within the fandom. They know what will make us scream and what will make us read Buddie into it. They're pros. They're not some amateurs.
There are too many things going on that are very suspicious.
You just can't convince me that it's not at the very least, precisely placed.
And as a bonus we have Eddie saying that as a parent you have all these visions for your kid, just like his parents had for him.
Tumblr media
But Eddie is fine with letting go of them and imo he's also fine to let go of what remains of the expectations his parents have had for him.
This is my Buddie meta rant for this episode. I swear, these two sentences and Eddie's expression and Buck's storyline... It's all connected.
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loveyourownsmiilee · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
This man right here?!? This super private, closed off, often in control, stoic man let himself be this vulnerable IN FRONT OF BUCK??? Like the intense eye contact. The fact that he’s so fucking terrified to let Buck see him like this. When he’s at his utmost lowest. You can see the fear in his eyes. He doesn’t wanna scare away Buck!! But he trusts Buck enough to let him in, see him for all he is. See how far he broke and trust Buck enough to help him put him back together. I’m just, honestly I’m at a loss of words. That’s some heavy soulmate type shit right there.
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"Cursed" was Buck's version of Eddie's "Jinxed" - the sperm donation is Buck's Ana
Well, peeps, we knew it was coming but they're actually doing it. They're going for it. They literally have moved the Eddie piece into place and this episode made it perfectly clear. We called it, they got him into position and he is looking towards the "future", specifically his.
We remember back in 4x06 certain things occurring for Eddie and how a few things that happened in that episode panned out (like seeing Ana again).
And they decided to perfectly parallel certain events from that episode in this one to not only close out Eddie's story from Jinxed but to also show us just how far he's come since then.
Parallel #1:
"Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am"
Ending 118 scene for 6x07: "That's all she wrote" "Why is it never 'all he wrote'?" "I don't make the rules."
Both of these scenes parallel each other with Hen mentioning how the usual sayings tend to revolve around one particular gender. This time though, in 6x07, Buck and Eddie are out of the conversation; it only happens with Chim. Chim who knows better than to argue with Hen.
Parallel #2:
"Sorry, guys, I already have plans."
118 ending scene in 6x07: Hen: "Shift's over. Let's go and get some real food." Buck: "I can't. I have a donation to make."
While Athena is the only one not in the loop regarding Buck's decision at this point, they literally had it be Buck this time who can't make it, paralleling it to Eddie's inability to make it back in 4x06. Buck has no clue what Eddie is talking about back in 4x06 nor does the 118, only Bobby. Hen is the only one who knows the full details about Buck's decision (also the parallel of being given advice/a talking to by someone they view in a somewhat parental role: Bobby for Eddie; Hen for Buck; this is why we didn't see a talk between Buck and Bobby yet now that he knows btw), the 118 now knows what he's doing and so he is open and announces it (though he doesn't want Athena to know just yet). Not to mention the post-mortem of the fake firefighter thing took place at breakfast minus Eddie though he had a connection to the whole thing (and it was about him). The post-mortem for Felisa's stalker took place before Buck leaves.
Parallel #3:
Eddie has a stand-in character in each episode: Brian and Felisa. Both represent where Eddie is presently at and what he's currently struggling with. The only difference is in 6x07, Felisa also represents Buck a bit as well with what Buck is currently experiencing. (no coincidence that once Buck touches the bracelet, Connor and Kameron show up at the firehouse to ask him why he hasn't done the donation yet & then the 118 finds out)
Parallel #4:
6x07: In the opening breakfast scene for the 118, Eddie mentions how Buck is living in the "age of absolutely".
Buck is still rushing headfirst into the future and he's determined to do it bigger, brighter, and better than before. In 4x06, he had become Buck 3.0, a "kindler, gentler" version of himself. In 6x07, he's doing everything he can to ensure his sperm count is high and his donation will be the strongest and healthiest it can be.
Parallel #5:
"Sometimes you gotta move on."
In 6x07 in the ending scene, Eddie calls Abuela to say hello and playing along, asks her what the curandera says about his future.
Eddie has always treaded lightly when it comes to the future, sometimes being downright afraid of it. In 4x06, he's not ready to move on but gets a kick in the pants from Eddie to get back out there in the form of Ana. In 6x07, we see that he has fully embraced the idea of his future (which is what closes out the Jinx story line for him past the Ana breakup) by the shot of him asking that question while smiling (obviously making peace with Abuela's beliefs), looking at Christopher in front of him who is looking forward, and the camera then focuses on Christopher. Christopher has always been the future/in the future. While he didn't care for Eddie dating at first, he eventually embraced the idea once he found out it was Ana. He embraced Buck and the 118 (still part of Eddie's future) right away. The difference this time around is that Eddie and Christopher are right where they need to be in relation to their story line as a family. Christopher will obviously always be Eddie's heart and his first priority, but Eddie is now also living for himself and making his own decisions. So he's ready for whatever the future entails, and by showing us Christopher in that shot, it also shows us that he's ready, too.
Parallel #6:
Tumblr media
Eddie was given two Latina characters in each story line: Ana Flores and Felisa Valdez.
Ana was a love interest that ended up not working out in the end, but her last name Flores indicated that her journey with Eddie was going to help open him up in some way (especially when we saw their meeting back in 3x15). And in a way it did, because the panic attacks started while he was with her, which unfortunately led to his breakdown, which then led to his healing.
Felisa is not a love interest; she's an actual stand-in for Eddie himself. That's why he feels connected to her and identifies with her so much. He knows exactly how she feels. Watching that beach scene in 6x07, you might start to think is it possible they're setting something up here, but Eddie's dialogue as well as Felisa's quickly give the scene context to be something different: a showcase to the audience of Eddie's progress and that he is in the right place to move forward. It's a goodbye to the Eddie we've known before. New era!Eddie Diaz is here. And funnily enough, Felisa's name (another 'F' involved) means happy. Meeting her was also essential to his journey, even if it was only for this very last part of it.
Parallel #7:
4x06: Eddie and Athena not believing in the jinx while Buck, Bobby, Hen, and Chim all do.
6x07: Eddie and Athena not believing in curses (though Eddie questions it himself for a minute, though not in the same way the other characters do) while Buck, Bobby, Hen, and Chim all do.
Parallel #8:
Tumblr media
Buck unintentionally outs Eddie to the 118. Buck unintentionally outs himself to the 118.
Parallel #9 (they did this even right down to the props):
Tumblr media
In 6x07 ending 118 scene Buck has a water bottle in his hand while everyone else is snacking, before they break apart & Buck declines.
And they did it with coffee, too:
Ana gets burned by spilled coffee; she and Eddie agree to no coffee on their date &:
Tumblr media
(they could have been eating or drinking something else in the above scene) & Buck is not having any coffee or other food other than the alfalfa smoothies.
That's just a few but they purposely called back to 4x06 to show us how far Eddie had come since then, how the universe is now screaming at Buck about the sperm donation, and how this will kick in his own journey into a future that's right for him.
We all already been knew but this episode verified it. Eddie's in position for the next chapter; Buck still has to get there.
And even further verification is the two titles mentioned from Felisa's body of work. Eddie sees the poster on the wall for a movie/show of a medical romance between two doctors: "What the Heart Wants" which features the tag line "Saving Lives. Saving each other." Now considering that Felisa is a stand in for Eddie, we now see just how closely tied Eddie's and Buck's stories are tied (now minus the Christopher factor in addition to their family unit), and it's two people in love in the same line of work, the clock ticking on when Buddie goes canon has officially started. Especially when Felisa mentions her next movie "When Time Stops" where her character didn't feel anything because she was cut in half and Chim pipes up with "I saw that one." And what happened to Chim last season when Maddie left? And how often is Buddie paralleled to Madney in the show? Plus:
"Saving Lives"
Tumblr media
"Saving Each Other"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not to mention:
Tumblr media
"That one's mine."
It's all laid out for us. They're getting Buck ready to travel the Buddie roadmap now to get to where he needs to be, just like they did with Eddie. So expect some major Buck angst and heartbreak this season, especially regarding the sperm donor decision. Eddie was jinxed but not anymore. Buck is cursed but hopefully won't be for long. The universe was screaming at him but he "refused to listen". And we all know what occurs when that happens.
Plus they didn't need to parallel this for Buck and Eddie's separate stories if they weren't going there but they did because that's exactly where it's headed.
It's coming, people. They pretty much said it in this episode.
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weewootherapy · 21 days ago
I have a strong feeling that the Carla/Eddie/Chris first dance plotline in the next episode is going to be a catalyst for Eddie saying he wants someone.
The whole beach conversation revolves around Felisa embracing Alexis despite all her faults because she's been there through all of Felisa's. Seeing past the fact that she's deemed herself "cursed" and appreciating what she has rather than only focusing on the bad things that have happened to and around her.
Eddie walks her through that second part, talking about losing Shannon and working through the tsunami trauma with Chris. But who's been with him for all of that?
And the tsunami trauma has been resolved, but has Shannon? Is he ready to face that ocean? She's been mentioned twice this season by name, I don't think that's going no where.
I think with Eddie's storyline in 6x08 being focused around a big first for Chris, and Carla being the one by his side (the one who pushes him in his romantic life), I just think it'd be neat if they have a conversation where he says "I want someone to share this with." Metaphorically going back to the beach.
And obviously, the choice is Buck. The person who's been by his side through his own curse, the one who breaks down the door when Eddie's behind it. But when you run Eddie's arc this season parallel to Buck's—the desperate grasping for family that's enough for him, the horrible choices he's making to abate his own needs, and the fact that he's going to be babysitting his niece in 6x08—I just don't see any way Buck's storyline next episode could be anything other than him realizing he needs his own family to be satisfied. That he almost has one, but he's not enough for them either. Just the guardian.
Guardian in two senses—that he's literally in Eddie's will with that title, but also that he has a personal responsibility to watch out for Chris. He kept him safe in the tsunami, he'll keep him safe if Eddie dies. And with that ominous last shot of Chris, I wonder if the midseason finale will be him in danger, and Buck trying to sacrifice himself so Chris and Eddie can make it home together, and Eddie having to say "he doesn't need one of us, he needs both of us." They are a family, and Buck isn't expendable. Not because he needs to keep Chris safe, but because he needs to be there. More than a donor, more than a guardian.
It just all leads to the same place imo. And that's realizing that they can have everything they want in the family they've already built together.
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matan4il · 14 days ago
Buddie 608 meta
Tumblr media
Buck babysitting Jee Yun was adorable, but what gets to me is that it seemed to come with more question marks than when he was looking after Chris in 301. Does that imply something about how often he babysat Christopher without Eddie present even before that little “intervention”? In any case, it re-affirms that even relatively early on, Buck was very much a part of the Diaz family. ~~
Tumblr media
It actually feels weird that in this entire ep, Buck is around kids, talks about kids, but doesn’t address the issue of him possibly fathering a biological kid of his own that he won’t get to raise. Is this a hint that he’s def in denial? It was especially loud because we saw him talking about Chris, while spending time with Jee Yun AND Denny. The former two make sense, but Denny? The only other time we saw Buck around Denny was in 310, when the scene was primarily about Eddie watching Chris with Buck. So it feels like it’s very pointed that he’s around more kids than usual, yet not addressing the biggest issue related to that taking place in his own life.
At the same time, to connect both of the above points, the difference between how we see Buck with Jee Yun, his actual family, in this ep, and how he’s with Denny (he’s in the same scene with him, but hardly interacts with the kid, they’re even physically separated by Hen) serves as a reminder that Chris isn’t like another colleague’s child to Buck. What they have is how Buck treats his own flesh and blood. ~~
Tumblr media
Carla reminding Eddie that the fantasy is sometimes better than the reality, when she’s the person who, in 413, encouraged him to follow his heart… Is this the show building towards Eddie’s next step on his romantic journey? IDK, but with this continued theme of him watching Christopher maturing into his own person, leaving him to find out what makes him happy outside of being a dad, it would seem to fit. ~~
Tumblr media
I loved Buck asking whether Chris isn’t too young to date, then being asked himself to reminisce about his first crush. Which was in fact way earlier (and a reminder that not every crush is about being old enough to date). It made me snicker a little, ‘coz it was such a good reminder that our boys are a bit oblivious about matters of the heart in general. And yes, it comes from an overprotective place of caring, much like Buck’s reaction to hearing that Chris is going to a summer camp in 318, but it def explains why they’re not very good at following their own heart or figuring out what it’s telling them.
At the same time, Buck asking whether Chris isn’t too young to date, followed almost immediately by Eddie saying he didn’t think his son was old enough to kiss others, screamed VOLUMES to me about how much these are both Christopher’s dads. They literally have the same reaction where no one else from the team does. This cannot be accidental or meaningless. Especially when paired up with the fact that it’s Buck who Eddie looks to first to sooth his apprehension over Chris kissing someone, and he only turns to the other teammates when his work husband is being a bit of a tease and refuses to give Eddie the reassurance he seeks... Flirting at your place of work on top of being obvious co-parents, seriously? ~~
Tumblr media
I loved Buck’s comment about the song “It’s Raining Men.” It wasn’t just a funny comment on its own, it was also a nod to a gay anthem. One of the most well known as well as one of the earliest ganthems (that should be a word), in fact. So while it’s not a clear indication of anything about Buck’s sexual identity, it is an added hint in a long series of hints that he isn’t straight. And to add to that, when Buck makes that comment, it’s Eddie who’s there by his side to make one of his iconic faces at that. They’re not just battlefield boyfriends, they’re battlefield husbands, exasperated eye roll included. ~~
Tumblr media
NGL, May and her crush Darius realizing where they’d rather be, or better yet with whom, after their ordeal with Erik very much reminded me of 414. Buck CHOSE to fully integrate himself into Eddie’s life and be by his side in every way that counts, while he literally saw Taylor and immediately started walking in the opposite direction, while Eddie broke up with Ana shortly after. It kills me that they still don’t get what stuff like that means. Literal bozos. ~~
Tumblr media
Eddie threatening to only speak to Carla about stuff related to his son growing up might have been said in jest, but it also served as sort of a set up for her being the one to stay with Eddie and watch Chris outside the dance. And I adored that scene, with that soft look on Eddie’s face, his moving words! Yet, I can’t see either this arc, nor Buck’s with the sperm donation, being complete without the two of them having a real conversation about what’s going on with them and their respective parental journeys. Especially not after the Buddie stuff we got in 5b which locked them in as each other’s person forever. There’s no coming back from that stuff. So I can only assume that it is coming in 6b. And hopefully, it will be all the more emotionally effective for how long we have to wait for it. Hey, that’s the whole point of a slow burn to begin with, right? ;)
~~ Thank you to everyone liking, reblogging and especially those who consistently reblog these meta posts, you own a small piece of my heart. I wouldn’t be writing a meta post on a day when I’m sick AND working a double shift if it wasn’t my way of saying thank you. I really love and appreciate you all. Also mad love to @whosoldherout​ for once again slaying with her amazing gifs, and just for being so wonderful. xoxox
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fiona-fififi · 7 months ago
No, okay.
Listen. Whatever you think about the Lucy story, and whatever changes may or may not have been made to her storyline??
Where they landed left her in the position of a perfect red herring.
By using the "cheating" storyline to frame a "love triangle" complication to the bucktaylor relationship when there is zero attraction between Buck and Lucy past that first moment (which importantly would never have happened if Eddie had shown up to that bar) creates the perfect misdirect for Taylor to misplace her concerns.
This only works because of the kiss.
The kiss was necessary for Taylor to realize that something was off about their relationship (she clearly was not reading the signs before), and the kiss was necessary for Buck to become flustered and nervous at the mention of Lucy in 5x14—the moment that, once Taylor witnesses Buck and Lucy interacting in person, seems to finally clue her in to exactly who Buck was kissing. This development, obviously, was necessary to make her defensive because now she realizes this wasn't just some random person he's never going to see again, but someone he sees every single day at work.
More importantly, though, it makes her realize just how quickly Buck could fall into something legitimate with Lucy, even if he hasn't already, because Lucy is part of the team—part of the family where all of Buck's most meaningful relationships bloom.
What she doesn't realize, though (or rather, she might realize peripherally, but can't yet see fully), is that Lucy is not actually part of the family.
This is evidenced by the framing when Bobby is standing, supported specifically by Buck and Eddie with Hen and Chimney also framed in the shot with Lucy on the outside as Bobby says "All right, 118. Let's get to it" while looking directly at Eddie. Not to mention the framing in the next shot, where May sands between Lucy and the rest of the team. Lucy is very clearly on the outskirts—they may be generally accepting of her place with the team and she may have had some good moments with them, but she's not part of the 118 family.
Lucy is, specifically, Eddie's replacement. And NO ONE will ever replace Eddie for Buck.
As evidenced, again, by the brilliant framing in the Taylor and Lucy confrontation scene that places Taylor between (but also very clearly in front of, not literally between because they are standing so close) Buck and Eddie for parts of the confrontation. Most notably the very end when Taylor walks away—literally removing herself from the picture—leaving the camera to focus on Buck and Eddie, standing strong despite her departure (and poor Lucy just kind of standing there confused by herself because she was never part of this triangle to begin with).
The love triangle has always been Buck and Eddie + Taylor. Buck's attention, even with Eddie gone, has not once been on Lucy. Buck's attention has been on his family. On Eddie. On making sure he's there for Eddie and Christopher because they need him and they will always be his first priority.
Since the moment that Buck confessed to Taylor and then said he wanted to make things work, he has had exactly one direct interaction with Taylor—an interaction where Taylor saw him nervous and flustered over the mention of Lucy. And where Buck’s only reason for being there was to use Taylor to help Eddie.
Taylor's focus is on the wrong factor in that equation. His nerves over the Lucy thing are fleeting and meaningless. His attention to Eddie's needs is constant and unshakable.
The way they set up the Lucy storyline made Lucy the perfect red herring to destabilize the bucktaylor relationship while pulling the direct attention away from Buck and Eddie—but still reinforcing their significance to one another—until they're actually ready for that reveal.
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idealuk · 2 months ago
Eddie: *Hides behind Christopher* [c. 4x14]
Buck: *Hides behind Bobby* [c. 6x01]
Also Buck: *Hides behind a non-existent couch* [c. 6x01]
Also Eddie: *Hides behind Bobby* [c. 6x01]
The fandom: ... You do know that we can see you. ... Right?
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