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petitedivine · 2 days ago
I dont know if this has been asked before but, what are the fs like as significant others ?
This is a very interesting question! I don’t think I’ve had it before.
I’m going to do it in short form because I’m on my phone but maybe I’ll expand on particular people if anyone is interested. Also my tarot cards have gotten tossed a few times on this drive lol. I’m pretty sure my two of pentacles is under my seat and it might just live there from now on.
Jin’s FS - Incredibly loyal, the type that you would know about their husband in the first 10 minutes of non-work conversation. Quite busy with work but tries their best to be present when home after a few years of marriage. Gentle, kind, a softie. A tiny bit silly but that’s a rare occasion. A fierce some parent.
Yoongi’s FS - An absolute enigma. Needs Yoongi, but is fiercely independent. A homemaker but needs to get outside. Fiercely protective over Yoongi, but also gives him lots of space because they need lots of space. The type of person to light up the room looking at their spouse but roast them in the next breathe. Keeps him laughing and challenged. The type to cry alone.
Namjoon’s FS - A tender soul. While a boss in their day to life, they become soft and gentle when alone with their partner. Very sensual and connected to Namjoon. Can predict his moods with ease, and plans accordingly. Keeps him on his toes too, teachs him to cook. Keeps his energy light when he gets frustrated.
Jhope’s FS - Sunshine incarnate. The type to partner who always keeps you looking at the good side of things. Doesn’t tolerate grumpiness, but is always willing to listen to emotions. Always down for shopping trips, adventures and midnight convos. Quite the hostess, compliments Jhope endlessly.
Jimin’s FS - Silly and passionate. My goodness, these two become absolutely silly when left alone together. The type to start dancing for no reason. Quite gentle and understands Jimin’s insecurities. Absolutely thrives under his light and energy. His number one fan. Such a fan, that armies can’t even argue with their passion for him Jimin. They are kinda always stuck together.
Taehyung’a FS - Confident and traditional. They simply ooze confidence from every pore of their body and no one can doubt their presence. They are in charge and will handle any task Tae gives them, but when they are alone together? They worship the ground he walks on. Loves family visciously. A bit goofy, very kind and will chew Tae out if he goes too far.
Jungkook’s FS - Distant but incredibly loyal. They might not be up his butt he will never doubt their sincerity. Will have to be encouraged to be public with their relationship, but JK will never doubt their loyalty. The type to support him in a group and quietly challenge him in private. Holds the relationship dear and gentle.
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divviine-journlism · 2 days ago
When it comes to his FS, will Jk be the one to initiate things? Surely it isn't easy being famous and initiating relationships? (especially if the fs isn't famous?) Or will the FS be the one to initiate things and do the chasing? Thank you so much for all of your readings!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they will meet through mutual friends. jungkook will have recently been through a loss. he will see her and instantly become obsessed. he will be the one to make a move first, showing off, convinced that she is his soulmate. she will be flighty and provide a challenge. she will seem illusive. he will have to manipulate situations for them to be together. he will offer her everything. he will give her everything. anything she hints towards wanting will be hers. anything he thinks she might like will be hers.
this woman is the picture of femininity. we have the empress, queen of cups, high priestess, moon, queen of wands, kind of pentacles, magician, strength, and ten of coins representing her… she will be in her 20’s when they meet. financially secure. sweet in general, but uninterested in letting people too close. very magical and ethereal energy. again, i am getting witchy vibes. she will be minding her own business when he approaches her. she will be fighting off lots of suitors when they meet.
jungkook’s future spouse will not be doing any chasing, but that’s exactly what he’s spent his whole life dreaming of.
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lovingqueenwinner · a day ago
Hello people!!!! I am back after a while. I want to open free readings again but this time it'll be just for 10 people with limited slots. Following are the rules. Please read them first and send the ask.
☆Asks not according to them will not be answered. ☆ NO PRIVATE DM's.
1. NO ANONS(last time I allowed them 90% didnt gave me feedback). Follow me( it will help me to connect with you energies)reblog my pinned post.
Tumblr media
2. No 18+ readings.
3. No Idol/fan compatibility readings.
4. Feedback is a must. Otherwise you'll be blocked for next time.
5. It will be a short reading to try to ask SPECIFIC ONE QUESTION only.
I'll be waiting for your asks.
Love, Infinity ❤
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cherry-oya-koushi · 7 days ago
What's next in love for you? (Detailed)
A PAC after a long time because I had lost my confidence after my posts were being h3dden but now I am back. Enjoy. And give feedbacks because it helps me improve even if it's just small fraction. Please send some feedbacks as it helps me get better.
Tumblr media
P1 (Toshiki Masuda)
p2 (Kaito Takahashi)
p3 (Hyde)
Tumblr media
PILE 1:-
I had a vision and gut feeling and look at what cards say! I was right. You might travel let's say for further studies or job or starting fresh or even concert (I got kpop concert standing out the most so it might resonate with only few 💀) nevertheless. As I was saying! Either you will travel or your next lover will be travelling or a foreigner.
This pile or if you are not like this then your next lover will rub their energy to you and it feels very fragment and excuse my language but pungent...pungent in a sense of something like that song "smells like teenage spirit" or whatever idk anything about Nirvana 💀this doesn't necessarily have to be for only teens but people of any age who have that pubescent age of mind like knowing the faults yet taking risks, Why? Because why not and being reckless, growing pains of adulthood or if you are already an adult feeling stuck something like that.
Very energetic, sad, angry, chaotic and serene. There is still that innocence to prove something to others or finally realizing your worth and proudly telling others "LOOK! THIS IS ME AND I AM UNAPOLOGETIC!" (Kind of an excited kid ngl)
This next lover might approach you at around summer but don't dwell on it too much because cards say it can be before summer or after, summer is just the middle ground. Idk why but I got the vision of the most beautiful summer Europe vacation and maybe you will go there next summer or next summer your lover will come from sexy European country.
There is lots of purity and kindness to this pile, I feels you guys are very much like mother of the friend group and okay this will resonate with only few but maybe younger people (mostly younger guys) are romantically interested in you because you give them assurance that you will be there for them and since men develop their brains slower you are like a caregivers to them as well.
This next lover of yours will be wild, freak (in a good way), full of energy, definitely an extrovert and you might be their introvert (or calm extrovert) partner to them. They love you because you give them security and a place to call home.
You tame them because they might make way too many plans to handle themselves and might get tangled up, you make them realize that living a slow life isn't that bad and they need to breathe and relax once in a while. Courageous and a go getter they are.
You will show them love that they have never in their life experienced before, never in their life before was it so calm and simple. They were actually so shocked at how much they enjoyed it as much as doing other loud and extrovert things like extreme sports like paragliding or sum 💀
Another card which suggests change of place be it town, city or even country but I am leaning more towards change of country because majority of y'all might do that if not then your next lovers will.
Your lover is very friendly and kind like a golden retriever. Be careful not to say anything you don't mean because they are literally a ball of sunshine and when they get sad it's the cutest sad and you will instantly feel bad something like droppy eyes, sad face like a kid who's been told "no jellies before dinner", if they had ears like rabbit it will instantly fall down 😭 their fashion might be different like ethic clothes mostly ig.
Let's just say that they are hot hot hot! Their body is very ideal and might make you think "well damn I pulled that? But how?" I think even though they are hot you will be attracted to their morals and brains. They seem really intelligent but sexy kind not preachy but fun and educative at the same time.
My god I think they confess you in public 💀and you will be like "ummm??? 👁👄👁" because you probably prefer doing it in private 😭 like you will accept it but on the way home your lover will playfully tease you and turn your face tomatoe red beware tho because some jealous people will be back talk about your relationship like "huh what is so great about them (you) I deserve their partner not them! So stupid!"
PILE 2:-
So p2 your next lover has been hurt very badly...honestly they have been hurt so much that they have emotionally become unavailable and put of a front of being rude or somewhat bu lly.
They are no where near being anything like that they just act tough and insufferable because they don't wish to let anyone in as last time their ex really hurt them and they think it's better to never let anyone in rather than letting them in and they're either mean to them or leave them or soft block them.
As of now they are tied, they feel tied, they don't enjoy their lives because all they can focus on is bad things.
When you first meet them idk why but I got school or any education institution you lowkey bump into them or meet in class and both of you argue. It doesn't matter if you are student, teacher, lunch lady, janitor or what not but education system is very much present here.
Your first impression of them is going to be annoying, rude, abrasive and angry iPad kid but your future lover will say things they don't mean but on the inside they will be like "OMG why can't I shut up? Looks like I really hurt them"
You guys give major frenemies to lovers something like captain Holt and Wunch (ik they are not a couple but the dynamic of y'all are exactly like them)
Your next lover will definitely take some time to meet you but don't worry all good things take some time but my oh my when you guys meet it is going to be so special, because even tho you fight you still challenge each other to do the best and are each other's no 1 supporter.
The Union feels like it's blessed by cupid. Such childlike sincerity and loving yet mature vibe you both have.
They are actually so afraid and scared for fall in love but I feel like you have a very nurturing energy that of a mother and you will not only help them overcome their trust and underwhelming confidence but you will also show them how to love, they will see a new light when they are with you.
They might be little hesitatant to date you or anyone as a matter of fact because they don't wanna suffer the same hurt that they suffered in the past and will be skeptical but after meeting and talking and getting to know you things will definitely change for the best.
You are to them what IU is to Jungkook. You are to them what lady gaga is to gay men. They worship you and love you so dearly please never raise your voice at them.
They are a fragile and still work in progress, they are a huge mess but with you in it they slowly clean up their act and will be very loyal towards you.
There will definitely be some fights between you two but int he end both of you especially you try your best to resolve them and you both do it. Despite rains and hurricanes both of you come out with a huge rainbow behind y'all are so inspirational and couple goals because I see that even if you both have different hobbies.
You guys respect each other and support each other a lot like for example your lover may like museums, art, posh lifestyle and painting while you might like kpop, fashion, pink very girly girl style and yet both of you mix so well it's giving very pastel extrovert partner x goth partner who is soft for only their partner and will do anything for them.
After meeting you they will heal so much, reflect on their actions, learn from them and huge their inner hurt self and apologies to their inner child for self hat ing.
They will take all of their hurt to be a better person, apologize to rightful person and begin a new journey with you on it.
PILE 3:-
You will definitely meet this person when you are at a breaking point like you are either thinking about breaking up or getting out of toxic relationship. You will down bad sad and not motivated to do anything but that is until you meet this new person who will be like a breath of fresh air.
You might romanticize a relationship with them and unconsciously might even manifest this relationship and guess what? It worked! You are with them. Now let's see how the relationship will turn out to be.
The time frame is not clear although I must say probably a year of few months before you meet the next lover of yours.
Now this person of yours is bit of a star kid! Like they are good at everything and they get offers and suitors from everywhere and always. Sometimes I think you have the tendency to either be lowkey jealous or something and cards are warning you to be happy for your person and even if it's unconsciously try to straighten yourself.
The universe gave you t0xic relationship before meeting this person as a punishment and lesson because you seem to have bit of a jealousy tendencies (unconsciously also counts) and cards say that you try to deny this a lot but who are you even fooling?
Own up to their mistakes and better yourself. Plus it looks like you have that is why you are dating this amazing person who will enter your life soon.
Your lover might get so many good opportunities and make so much money that they are like "umm what to do now?" But instead they use that money to make you happy buying you gifts and showing grand gestures. Cards say you should also once in a while show love to your lover be it words or gifts or idk anything but show them that you love them because they have a heart of a golden retriever.
Your lover might be somewhat religious and does a lot of charity or religion for cause acts and they are loved by everyone because they are perfect. (Damn you won a jackpot 😭🤟🏻)
They are so smart and will seriously make so good money. They are truly blessed and loved by guides, spirits, cards, gods and people around them.
Will treat you like a royalty, everything you ask for they will give you even if that means spending millions and millions to buy a piece of moon and naming it after you.
They will fight for you, babes you just have to name it and they will do it for you, the most chivalrous person you will ever meet. Remember to be kind towards them, love them and to show them that you love them and don't be shy on pda, do it because they have heart eyes only for you and want the whole world to know that you are theirs. They treasure you a lot.
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luvceleste · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
[ This is purely based on my intuition ]
How to pick a pile ?
Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Relax.
Ask the universe to guide you towards the pile that is meant for you. Something that is meant for you will always find you ♡
[ Pile 1 → 2 ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ Pile 3 → 4 ]
let go the control you have over things.nothing is set in stine. nothing is absolute. you carve your own path. go with the flow. live in the now.
accept the reality. don't let your anxiety fool you. opportunities are coming. you just need a clear mind to see them. take a deep breath. pause. moongaze. love yourself. let the stars remind you how beautiful you are. inside and out.
flow with the stream of life. the obstacles you face now are blessing in disguise. let life carve you. you are a diamond. you are meant to shine. what's stopping you?
it's ok. don't feel guilty. it's all in the past. learn from the experience. i beleive in you. the future you is proud of you. keep living. keep smiling.
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thecherrytarot · 25 days ago
𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐚 𝐉𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pile 1 → pile 2 → pile 3
Pick the photo you feel the most drawn to and please remember that this is a general reading so take what resonates!!
the messages that i got weren't exactly "dark" dark but they are something that you need to work on.
𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝟏:
𝐗𝐗𝐈. 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐞
You may be someone who is way too comfortable in your comfort zone. You may like to stay in your own little space, it's not only because of the 'fear of the unkown' but also because many of you might be simply put, lazy. You may take forever to finish the projects that you have started. Whenever someone confronts you about it, you have excuses ready. Don't get me wrong, it's not like you don't completely want to avoid it, you want to fulfil a big goal and complete that project, but you’re not taking all the steps necessary to get there. You may go for the quick and easy path to achieve it, but it won't lead to the outcome that you wanted and feel demotivated. You feel like you don't have any motivation to do it or think that these things are not worth the effort. lf you are studying for an exam you might say "umm do i REALLY need this degree/job?!" or things like that. Sometimes you may be so close to finishing your project but for some reason you lose focus and slack off. You may act like a 'know it all' but majority of the information you have is incorrect or just wrong. like for example you know those people who believe in the 'psychology' facts that they see on tiktok/reels which are obviously are false and the person who made it didn't even bother to check those facts? similar to them (for many of you this also might be your "source of information"). Some of you are still emotionally attached to a past relationship and want to move on but find it hard to accept. You may feel like something or someone is blocking your energy and the possibility of you being that something or someone is really high.
𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝟐:
𝐈𝐈𝐈. 𝐞𝐦𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬
Many of you might have a saviour complex. You might meet someone who is 'broken' or has issues with the things in their and you might think that you can fix them and change them for the better. Knowingly/unknowingly you might be attracted to people who are like this (especially those who have issues with the mother figure of their life) and try to take care of them to feel special (?) like "oh xyz doesn't talk that much with others but they are so talkative when they are with ME" kinda vibes. I feel like when it is your turn to open up, you are very subtle about it and keep it short. You don't like to open up that much but expect others to open to you and depend on you. (Like here no matter how hard i try keep getting message about the other party and very little about you) While this doesn't sound so bad, you might suffocate the other person with all the smothering. You may often mistake your possessiveness or jealousy with care and protectiveness. However this isn't exactly a bad thing it just depends on context and intentions of both the parties.
𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝟑:
𝐗𝐕𝐈𝐈𝐈. 𝐩𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬
TW : mentions of mental illness, alcoholism, insomnia and anxiety.
It was so hard for me to even say the question while shuffling the cards like i could feel the intense energy of this pile. I had to stop and mediate before continuing and when i got this card things made sense.You may be a patient of mental illness (especially maladaptive daydreaming) or may show some symptoms of it. The card that i got signifies having unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol addiction etc. For some of you, your coping mechanism might be being obsessed with celebrities/fictional characters. You may suffer from insomnia due to overthinking, anxiety or having a loud mind.You may not like your surroundings and avoid your reality by imagining the one you created in your head (maladaptive daydreaming) Night time might be your favorite time because thats when you feel like you can really be yourself. You may have gone through may emotional ups and downs and may hold grudges against people. You may not realize it but the 'bitterness' inside you has turned or is turning into poison and it's slowly killing you. You may have had some terrible experiences that caused mental distress, and instead of dealing with them you push them down deep into your subconscious. When you do feel those emotions resurfacing you do certain things to distract yourself from the pain like for example alcohol consumption to the numb it.You feel like there are dark clouds blocking your sunshine. These 'dark clouds' might be your paranoia which is blocking your 'sunshine' due to past experiences.
thank you so much for reading this!!!
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buggieastro · 2 months ago
Hi~ can you do reading about bts members' red & green flags? Thank you in advance.
BTS Red and Green Flags (based on tarot)
Red -
he might distort the truth (or just straight up lie) sometimes
he might be ignorant/arrogant to his financial wealth. like he might not understand why others can't just go out and become as wealthy as he is or he brags about it in secret
he might be overly obsessed with having "the perfect life" and in his attempts to have one, he can hurt people around him
he also might be unfaithful
Green -
he's usually very wise and mature
and good at self-reflecting
and can do well in periods of solitude to better himself
he's accepting to new beginnings
he's also good at making decisions, he's not super indecisive when it comes to important things
he has a really strong lack of trust and pushes people away because of it
he over focuses on material aspects of his life and not enough on the emotional aspects of his life
he holds onto past situations way too much, he just doesn't let go
and he might be stingy
he might badmouth people or betray them
Green -
he's good at helping people overcome difficulties
and likes to offer his knowledge
he has great team work skills
so he's probably good at work related things, especially collabs
and he's good at talking things out with people
and he completes his goals he sets for himself so when he sets his mind to something, he gets it done
Red -
he might cause a lot of strain in his relationships
and probably doesn't do a very good job controlling his anger
he might suck at communication
and he can be really deceitful
he can get greedy sometimes
and might occasionally be manipulative
Green -
he's usually dependable
and he thinks logically and practically
he makes a good authority figure
and he can be protective over his friends and family
he's good at detaching himself from negative influences (usually)
Red -
he allows himself to become overwhelmed with his responsibilities and might not ask for help, even if it hurts people around him
he might miss deadlines
and might not be good at organizing different aspects of his life
he might be bad at letting go
and he might not care if he's ignorant/not understanding on different things
and he might put on a mask and pretends to be for or against something to avoid criticism
Green -
he's good at keeping competition friendly
he's good at managing his wealth
and he really likes power so he works well in his leader position for the most part
and he has a lot of confidence
he has a strong intuition
and he has a strong imagination, he has a lot of dreams/goals for his life and has plans on achieving them
Red -
he might overspend and not manage his money well
and may get into a lot of arguments with his friends
he has ongoing struggles with his mind and doesn't always ask for help and instead takes it out on others
he has a lot of scattered energy and he simply doesn't care to balance it out even though it will have negative effects on people around him
and is in a constant state of lack of direction
Green -
he's good at making decisions for his job
and he always tries to attempt achieving his long term goals
within recent years I think he's gotten a lot better at managing his anxieties and not letting himself take out his emotions on others
he's good at escaping negative influences (for the most part)
i think he handles conflicts and differences in opinions really well
Red -
he might be too assertive or dominant over his friends and family
and has a bit of an arrogance problem
he may get mean and snappy and doesn't always see a problem with it
he might not be great at making decisions
he probably doesn't react to change well at all and can get extremely angry about it
Green -
he's good at understand when he needs to take breaks
he's adventurous and exciting and tries to not be negative
he's usually super warm and loving to those close to him
he's good at finding mental strength without relying too much on others
and he's good at letting go of things that may hold him back
Red -
he gives too much of himself to people who don't deserve it
he might cause instabilities within his relationships or family
and can be dishonest
he sets goals but doesn't always accomplish them out of laziness
he might use his charm or confidence to get what he wants
and can be cold or mocking sometimes
Green -
he's generous
and has a sense of childlike happiness so he might find joy in the little things
he cherishes his past memories a lot and tries not to forget them
he might be good at handling conflicts
and he focuses on himself in the present and not to much the past or future.
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kaleidoscope-tarot · 2 months ago
Jungkook Future Spouse
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: this is for entertainment purposes only.
The Decks: The Rider Tarot: Seven of Cups, Four of Swords, Nine of Pentacles
Archetype Oracle Card: Lover, Monk/Nun, Mother
I’d figure I’d kick of the blog by throwing my two cents into the ring.
This person has a lot of dreams, goals, and fields of interest. Though they may suffer from analysis paralysis. They have a hard time deciding just what exactly they want out of life. Sometimes they’ll be perfectly happy being single for the rest of their life, other times they fantasize about a committed partnership. This might come up a lot, “do I want to this or do I want that. If I got after this then I’ll miss out on that. What do I really want out of life.”
I get the sense it might take a while for them to figure shit out lmao. Well, they want their cake and they want to eat it too. They generally don’t do things impulsively and they want the best for themselves so of course they’re going to carefully consider all options. We’re not looking at another born singer who knew what he wanted from a young age. We’re looking at someone that might take sometime to decide out what their real dreams are.
While it may take them a while to figure things out, once they have a clear goal in mind they’re practical and realistic in their plans. The type of person that can achieve anything they put their mind to. Whenever they get around to putting their mind to it.
They’re not the type to jump straight into an entanglement. They guard their time and commitment very well so they want to evaluate the person before deciding to put the extra energy into a relationship.
This person is very reserved and difficult to get to know on a personal level. they may have a serious case of rbf or at the very least they look categorically uninterested in anything anyone has to say.
They’ve been hurt in the past, intuition tells me this is a childhood wound and not so much a wound from a romantic relationship. Whatever happened they retreated into their own mind to protect themselves. Might have spent a lot of their childhood daydreaming to distract themselves from what was going on.
They’ve been hiding behind their walls for most of their life. They become closed off and distant during difficult times. They tend to shut down in particular bad arguments and suddenly it’s like arguing with a brick wall. The type to put on a brave face and act like nothing bothers them and they don’t care.
Financially independent and that’s how they like it. If they’re not rich than they’re comfortable. They worked hard for their money- they might have some workaholic tendencies here. Don’t worry about them using jk for money, they don’t rely too much on others to support them. They’re fiercely independent and self sufficient to their core. Money and stability are very important to them. They also may like to spoil themselves. Don’t get me wrong they’re very smart with their money. But they know when they can splurge a bit on something nice.
They also enjoy being out in nature. I’m getting they greatly appreciate the beauty in nature. Someone that really does stop and smell the roses. On the cliche walks and picnics in the parks type beat. They’re also an activist, particularly in regards to the environment.
This person has an extraordinary capacity for love. They may not let other people in easily but once someone is in their heart fs will move mountains for them. Like I’m not kidding this persons love is damn near unconditional. In a romantic relationship they’re extremely romantic and passionate.
This love also translates to a love of humanity. Sure, they’re reserved in social settings but they’re a deeply compassionate person. Like I said earlier- they’re an activist. They have such a genuinely kind, nurturing, and sweet side few people get to see. The typical hard coating with a gooey sweet center archetype.
Key words: love, devotion, passion, independence, nature, reserved, withdrawn, daydreamer, patience, practical, smart, stability, noncommittal
Zodiac signs: I get fixed and earth sign vibes. Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, and Cancer in particular might have some prominent placements in their chart.
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hiddendelivers · 2 months ago
bts ♡ before and after fame tarot reading
Tumblr media
anon says could you do one on which BTS members have allowed money to change them
the star says yes! here it is, finally <3
rm before fame
10 of wands rx, 8 of cups rx, 6 of pentacles rx
someone with a lot on his plate, someone with very big expectations on his shoulders. someone who would like to walk away, but can't, someone who would like to fully embrace his role and love the responsibility given, but he can't do that either because the pressure of who he is is impeding him from enjoying his life. like someone who would like to enjoy his role, his importance, but can't, and someone who can't leave it all behind either. stuck between a rock and a hard place. can't be generous either, like, he's afraid of being caught lacking so he's constantly in this state of mind where he feels like he can't be kind to others, can't be big-hearted.
rm after fame
3 of cups, king of wands, 6 of wands
so much better! happier, more confident, more easy-going. he feels like he can finally enjoy life. he has stopped being so stressed and feeling so constricted in his life. he's also gained a lot of passions and a certain zest for life. he now does things with gusto. he's gained a lot of pride for what he does, he feels like his career is not embarrassing or annoying anymore, now it's something he can be proud of and something important and worth-while. he's also just happier, more excited about life. he enjoys his free time more, he has more friends, he's gained ease - he can spare 10 minutes now to walk slower, to enjoy a coffee, to have a discussion with a stranger. basically, if before life was a race, now it's a slow walk on a scenic route. definitely a positive change! i have to mention this though - he might've also gained an inflated ego. he's gotten cockier, essentially. that being said, he doesn't do bad things with his cockiness.
biggest change in rm
the empress, the lovers, 4 of wands rx, 7 of swords rx, 5 of pentacles rx
interesting... there's a few things to mention here. first of all, it seems like his attitude towards love and marriage has changed. before, he might've wanted the conventional family and that feeling of family bliss, of community. essentially, the feeling of coming home to a warm dinner and your child hugging you. now, he's less about that family spirit and more about establishing a 1 on 1 connection. someone like a soulmate is what he wants more now. i hope i'm making sense here? someone you marry is not necessarily your soulmate - it's someone you feel comfortable with, someone you're generally compatible with, someone you can share house responsibilities with. he used to look for that, but now he's more spiritually inclined - he wants an emotional connection, someone who's similar to him, someone to share his hobbies, someone with an emotional and intellectual connection. he doesn't care anymore if they're a good cook or if they're easy to get along with. it's him that has become more gentle, more understanding compared to before, so there's no need anymore to look for someone to compliment him. he's kind of proud of his development - he's proud he's lived through the crazy experience his career has been and hasn't gone down a dark path, so that's why he wants someone similar to him - because he's learnt to really love himself. he's gotten less snappy and almost "cruel" for lack of a better word - he used to be the type who would walk over heads if it meant getting to his goal, but now he's gotten a lot more tamed.
jin before fame
7 of cups rx, the hanged man, 3 of cups
someone very conventional. someone who doesn't want an extraordinary life, but someone who does sometimes feel stuck. he just wanted to graduate, get a stable job, have a normal life, essentially. he wasn't looking to get out of his comfort zone. at times, he felt like he couldn't, like he had to accept that his life would be nothing special. he wasn't a workaholic, he was more someone who wanted to sort of "skirt through life". just check the boxes that everyone else is checking, do what is expected, work a little, play a little.
jin after fame
10 of wands rx, the magician rx, queen of wands
hm. more passion, but less confidence? he feels like he has to put on a facade and has to be entertaining, but doesn't feel fully engaged in that. like a clown who has to sing and dance for the king, but secretly is feeling a lack of motivation and a lack of direction. he still has that attitude of not being very ambitious, but now that he's gotten more famous he feels like he HAS to be ambitious and it's causing him trouble. it's like everyone around his is asking "what's next, what's next?" and he's like "i don't know and i don't care".
biggest change in jin
the hierophant, judgment rx, 10 of wands, 10 of swords rx
the burden is bigger. if fame made rm's life better, then it definitely made jin's life worse. he feels like he has to be an influential person and he doesn't know how to do it. he's afraid his taste, his intuition, his eye is not enough. like, everyone expects him to be super opinionated with music and really have an expert mindset, but he feels like he's not. he feels like everyone around him expects him to be some sort of genius and on the inside he's like "what?? i'm just a normal man who doesn't know much". definitely feels burdened and tired. can be a bit condescending.
suga before fame
the emperor, the devil rx, 3 of swords rx, 9 of cups, page of swords rx
ooof. very strict and cocky, but in a mean way. someone who's very critical, someone who can cut you down in one swipe, someone who can be aggressive or rude even. thinks he knows better than everyone. kind of a sense of superiority towards others around him, and that sense of superiority alienated him from everyone else. king of the hill vibes. he could be very snappy with people and say mean things without regretting it. someone who took every opportunity available to him. someone who tried not to be too attached to others - no friends, no family, no love life, just him and his job, essentially.
suga after fame
10 of cups, judgment, knight of wands rx
so much better!!! once again, him and rm have experienced positive change after fame. first of all, he understood the value of community. if before he was sort of a lone wolf, fame taught him how important it is to have a team, a support system, to have people by your side. he's learnt how to be nice and how to love the people he considers "his". he's gained a lot new friends and he's learned the happiness of being together with someone. he's a lot happier in his heart too. he's also gained judgment. before he used to have this grimy, street-smart, cunning vibe to him, but now he's blossomed into a very well-adjusted adult. he's gained maturity and discernment. remember that thing i mentioned with jin where he feels like people expect him to be a genius and he can't? suga has that, but he feels like he CAN prove people right. he feels like a teacher, like a voice people listen to, like someone others look up to and he really likes it. he's gained this mentor status after fame. he's also more discerning with his projects and what he puts his name on - before, he would do anything just to get an opportunity and put his name out there, he sort of was a hustler and would "do whatever for a dollar", but after fame he's learned to take his time and weigh out the pros and cons before he steps into an opportunity.
biggest change in suga
8 of cups rx, 8 of pentacles rx, 4 of pentacles, 10 of pentacles
definitely that sense of community and almost legacy. he's making history and he knows it. he's very almost "smug", the energy feels like a CEO who is slowly but surely gathering his group around him to create something big and important. he's become less focused on the details and more focused on the big picture of what he does.
j-hope before fame
ace of swords, king of pentacles, 8 of wands rx
wow. very proactive, calculated, smart and solid. sort of like suga after fame, but way smarter. someone very sharp, someone who always thought one step ahead. like a mastermind almost. someone who others felt they could lean on. almost leader energy? like, if everything is going to sh*t, call j-hope and he'll fix it for you with no sweat. someone very discerning, who doesn't get muddled down by the minutiae of life but is focused on exactly what he wants and needs. someone who has life all figured out. a realist, a genius. someone who really hates gossip, useless things, someone who's kind of like "i don't concern myself with these small and stupid things because my ambitions are above this level".
j-hope after fame
the hierophant, the high priestess, ace of wands rx, 5 of swords rx
oh wow! first thing that really speaks to me is that he probably found faith or became more spiritual. before he was like "i will forge my own destiny!" but now he's more like "it depends on luck, it depends on fate, it depends on what the universe wants". his life has gotten worse after fame. just like jin, he can be a bit condescending at times. fame drained him of all energy, he's become a lot less quiet after gaining fame because he's literally TIRED. i talked about this in the bts shadow sides reading but, once again, he's really giving dead inside vibes. someone who is absolutely exhausted, who has no more passion, someone who can't put up a fight anymore. but also, someone more understanding, someone more gentle than he was before fame, someone who's more open-minded. he's not as "accelerate until you hit the wall" as he was before. but also more confused about life. less direction, essentially.
biggest change in jhope
5 of cups, the hermit rx, 7 of pentacles rx
oh no :(((((((((((((((((((((( with that 5 of cups he's just really really really tired. sort of lost the meaning of life. before he was all about reaching the top and that's what drove him, that was the spark that gave him life. now that he IS at the top, what more is there left to achieve? no more drive and passion for life, essentially. he needs challenge all the time and he doesn't feel challenged anymore because he's achieved all his dreams, so it's making him very gray and lack-luster on the inside.
jimin before fame
the chariot, ace of cups, the devil
SUPER intense. someone that sucks you in, someone that's obsessive almost and that makes others obsessed. siren energy, essentially. someone with a lot of depth, someone very emotional. 1 happy thing can take him to the top of the top, 1 sad thing can pull him back down to the depths of hell. someone who's like a rollercoaster. someone a bit toxic, but without negative intentions to be so, it's just that there's a certain darkness and deepness to him that can make you addicted. sort of giving wattpad mysterious werewolf main love interest vibe lol.
jimin after fame
king of cups rx, 10 of pentacles rx, 10 of cups rx, 8 of swords, 9 of swords rx
another member who experienced negative change :( in fact, probably the worst of them. he's just very sad. if jin lost his confidence and j-hope his passion, then jimin is just sad. it's his emotional state that's being most affected here. he's not happy, he's not excited or thriving. he feels like he's lost his roots. i wonder if he's lost considerable friends after becoming famous because both the 10 of pentacles rx and the 10 of cups rx speak of a loss of community - both as a support system and as something that makes you happy, something with which you socialize. he feels restricted and lost. he also feels like he's become "twisted" in his emotions, in a way. essentially, before fame he was super intense, but at least he was honest with himself, but now, after fame, he's found no way to channel that intensity in an honest way. could be prone to a lot of beating around the bush with himself.
biggest change in jimin
10 of pentacles rx, 9 of wands, the devil rx
he feels detached from everything. he feels like he's been pulled apart from his own world and he can't get back to it anymore. a very strong sense of loss and mourning that loss. like, before he could go to bars and cafes in his neighbourhood, chat to neighbours, feel that sense of community and it was very integral to who he is as a person - that feeling of "togetherness", if that makes sense. now, he feels like he's lost that connection, like he's become an outsider to his old friends and old life.
v before fame
knight of cups rx, the tower, judgment rx, the moon
also intense like jimin, but in a more volatile way. the type to have screaming matches. with that moon, he was someone secretive, someone who could pretend he's not mad at you but then go ahead and sabotage you behind his back. very similar to suga actually, but the intentions are a bit more manipulative. kind of like a mix between suga before fame and jimin after fame. very emotionally manipulative, essentially. mind have been prone to playing the victim, pretending to be sweet just to get ahead. that knight of cups rx specifically talks of misused emotional energy, and with that judgment rx and moon... yep. manipulator vibes. the type to know how to build an image and how to seem likeable to people. sort of giving like... early 2000s movie about young girl coming to new york city to be a model and doing whatever she has to do to get across in the industry. unlike suga though, he didn't do it through hard work but through establishing helpful relationships and through socializing.
v after fame
4 of pentacles, the emperor, 4 of swords, justice rx
a lot more restrained and his ego has gotten a lot bigger. a lot cooler-headed than he was and a lot more dominating. if before he liked to stay in the shadows, now he likes to be at the centre of the action, he likes to play a leadership position. with that emperor, he quite literally needs to be the most important person in the room at all times, or else it upsets him. his morals have also gotten a bit more... hmmm how do i say... questionable? the justice card talks about all that is just, moral, right, and in reverse it shows the opposite. as such, he's become a lot more morally gray and a lot of things that are considered universally not ok to him are more... alright? loki energy, essentially.
biggest change in v
queen of wands rx, the tower, the star rx
he doesn't give out as much energy as he used to before. he's become a lot more sporadic and you'll see him super excited one day and super low energy the next and wonder what's up. with the star rx he doesn't want to stand out in a "celebrity" way anymore but in an "influential person" way.
jungkook before fame
6 of cups, 2 of wands, 7 of cups rx
quite literally, a child. he was someone innocent, without many ambitions, just someone who wanted to see the world and what he could do in it. not someone who has a clear plan or clear strategy. also, once again, quite literally, a child. he didn't know exactly what he was getting into, with that 2 of wands he just wanted something fun and exciting to do, something to extend his horizons. bts had a combination of all he wanted - excitement, movement, new, older and cooler people, travelling, expansion. he didn't think it would become what it is right now. i say this because you see in rm and suga's readings how they had an inkling beforehand that bts would be big (and even j-hope to some extent, but it's less about j-hope thinking bts would be big and more about him thinking he would individually be big, whether it's with bts or not) and they were planning their future around that (suga with excitement, rm with fear). jungkook just, point blank, didn't know. it's giving "i walked into an audition randomly and now i'm a superstar" energy.
jungkook after fame
3 of pentacles, queen of wands, 7 of wands rx
hmm. interesting. not better, not worse, just different. it feels like it's not so much that fame has changed him, it's that he's literally grown up, so the natural growing up + the fame aspect were so entwined that you can't really say fame necessarily changed him, it's just that he grew up while, coincidentally, being famous. first of all, he's become more knowledgeable about things, about how to do certain things. he knows techniques, he knows "rules" and he understands life better. he's also become a lot more creative. before, you would tell him to sing and he'd just sing, but now he cares about the techniques he uses, he cares about what his dance looks like, etc. he's become an expert. i bet, after suga, he'd be the best in bts to ask for advice on what it's like to be an idol - he probably has a lot of little tips and tricks up his sleeve. i hope you understand what i mean? basically, if you watch the vogue beauty secrets videos you'll see these celebrities with crazy tricks like "if you snort a horse's hair up your left nostril your face will look slimmer on screen" or something like that. i bet he has a lot of those! specifically around the creative aspect of his job though - he's probably a great vocal coach or dance teacher or whatever and the type to fix anyone's horrible technique in one move. also, he's a lot less energetic than he was before - he's learnt to channel all that energy into different, more creative pursuits.
biggest change in jungkook
page of pentacles, 8 of pentacles, the devil rx
yep. he literally just grew up. he's gotten smarter about his opportunities and about his job. he's just... really really good at what he does and he knows it. if he's not good at something, he has the confidence he'll figure it out and as a result he's ready to accept all these different work opportunities because nothing scares or intimidates him. unlike jin, suga or v, he's still seeing himself as somebody who has a lot to learn, he doesn't feel he's an expert or anything, he still considers himself a student and, as a result, he wants to learn a lot and master a lot of different things. wouldn't be surprised if, by the time he's 50, he has a pilot license, is a certified sommelier and has his own patent for bread-making technology or something like that. the eternal student, essentially. he also experiences a bit of that detachment that jimin also has - he feels very different and lonely, like he's in his own bubble and he can't interact with the rest of the world. unlike jimin though, who's saddened by this, jungkook instead sees it as an opportunity to learn things "normal" people don't get to learn and experience things "normal" people don't get to experience. like, if he wants to go to space or something he's like "well, i'm bts jungkook, they'll make an exception for me".
wow this was a LOT. i feel like i need a one month break after doing this lol
[this reading was done july 14, 2022, with ascending aries. the rider-waite tarot was used for assistance. reading is alleged, for entertainment purposes.]
- the star 🐚
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eristarot · 3 months ago
I wanted to ask that how will jk's fs feel about him coming to her out of the blue and talking to her like a desperate butterfly to get her number ,in their first meeting ?will she go like "is he ok", coz as per her personality she seems like a person who is not so sweet or soft to strangers or somehow cold and distant toward strangers , so will she give him her number in the first meeting or in the second meeting ? I know you talked about junkook's first impression of his fs but i just wanna know in detail about the whole situation , how he is gonna spot her , how he is gonna think about her after seeing her for the very first time , how will she be in the situation , will she be having fun with her friends or would she be just sitting in a corner? Please answer me , your readings are fantastic tbh
I've gotten this question/request from a lot of different people but I just want to say that I'm not guaranteed to know everything. Tbh JK's meeting in particular is always changing for me although some stuff stays the same. So just keep that in mind.
He will meet this person while he's traveling. During a new chapter in his career where he's still seeing the beginnings of his hard work coming into fruition. He might be here bc of work or a vacation but even if he's working he'll be very relaxed this day. This is not a packed schedule kind of day. He's chilling. He might hear something that draws his attention to a certain spot. Like music or some kind of event where he hears it first and feels drawn to this area.
It definitely feels like the later hours of the day. Likely dark if not sunset. That day will likely be very nice weather wise and at night the vibes are very festive in this spot. Some kind of event is happening. People are dressed up or maybe just his fs is depending on the event/day. Something about Jungkook noticing details of things he sees this day will be important. Almost like the universe giving him clues or hints to keep going a certain way.
It'll almost feel like pure luck that he finds them(maybe it's a big crowd) but it won't be. He'll be drawn to this. Something purple? Not sure if this will be shortly after he leaves a relationship with someone else or a crush that he'll quickly forget about after meeting his fs.
He might see them first and assess them from a distance. Just watching how they act. He'll be afraid to go right up to them. He's not someone who blatantly flirts with strangers.
He'll approach them very very carefully. He won't want to scare them off. They'll come off as very guarded and I can almost see them raising their eyebrows like this emoji 🤨. Which only makes Jungkook more nervous but he'll be determined.
Despite their confusion, I think the fs will be really nice towards him. I don't think this is someone who will just blow him off. They're likely polite to strangers making small talk but maybe they won't be giving Jungkook the response he wants.
Lol he'll want/expect? them to be all giggles and flirtatious jokes and mesmerized by him. He wants them to be charmed and flattered. Who knows maybe they will be but they won't show that to him. To them the fs will likely treat Jungkook as if he's any other guy from the street trying to flirt and that might wound his ego a bit.
He'll be trying his best. He won't stop trying. In fact, the not quite dismissal will likely spur him on. It's not that he's normally like this, it'll be like someone's taken over his mind. He feels it, deep in his soul, that this is the one he has to get to know. He HAS to see them again and know more about them. He has to know their name and what they like in their coffee and it's like he can't help it. He won't take no for an answer bc every fiber of his being will be on alert and he's been waiting too long to let the chance slip through his fingers.
He'll compliment them a lot. He might try to show off. Be cocky and arrogant. Boastful. Show off kind of. It won't earn him brownie points. In fact it might even cause his fs to snap at him. Like a "cut it out" kind of.
His fs will be taking into account how this is a new beginning. A new chapter in their life. It's almost like a kind of acceptance that things are about to change for them very quickly. A cliffhanger almost. Might feel frustrated though because they likely weren't planning on getting into any relationships when he comes along. A lot of focus on their work so when Jungkook shows up it's kind of like a "really? Now? 😐" but they were almost kind of expecting it.
I think when they meet his fs will be really emotionally mature and independent. So although they'll find him frustrating they'll also be quite curious. If Jungkook starts to act arrogant like I said, they'll likely try to leave but I think he'll convince them to stay.
I'm not sure how but he might convince them to hang out or meet up with him later or even somewhere else right then. He might drop the flirting and try to start over again as friends. This change might convince his fs to say yes and perhaps something tells the fs to agree to his offer. Friends sounds good. Little do they know Jungkook is secretly plotting his next move 😈 Lmaooo this is so funny to me. I'm not entirely convinced about this scenario but if it does happen that would be hilarious.
(I can almost imagine someone asking him later "uh do they know it's a date?")
Like I said though I'm not entirely sure about that. I'm also not convinced this is a "let me get your number" kind of deal. Their first initial meeting seems like it has too much energy. It's too intense and there's too many nerves and mistakes and even possible arguing. So I feel like they'd have to meet up at least one more time in a lot more calming environment where maybe he'll either pursue a friendship or immediately purse romantic relations(but this doesn't seem like the best way to do it. I think he'd have to think about approaching them in a way where they don't immediately push him away.)
To answer your initial questions: Again, something exciting will draw him to this area. Maybe there's a commotion of some kind or music and he's drawn to this where he sees them. He'll feel nervous. He'll feel like an idiot(maybe I should've worn something cooler when I went out today). Worried he won't be able to be good enough but his intuition will tug at him to go approach them. He'll kind of call himself stupid/think he's acting stupid but it's only because he doesn't know what to do.
His emotions will be all over the place. He's finally getting what he wanted but he's also going to be overwhelmed with both happiness and stress. Like things are going to change. Like he suddenly has to get his life together right at that very moment in order to even think about being with them. Very attracted to them(slightly horny 😵‍💫 if they had offered Jungkook a hook up he would've said yes way too eagerly but he'll be lucky to get them to even agree to see him again).
I'm not entirely sure the fs will be alone. I think they might initially be at this place waiting for a friend or two. Maybe they went to the bathroom or they couldn't make it or something because I do think they might be a bit lost or need help of some kind. Even if their friend(s) are there initially, I don't think they'll be around when Jungkook approaches the fs. I think it would make him too nervous if there were friends around to watch him embarrass himself.
That's all I got! I again can't promise this is accurate by any means. I feel like his meeting is always changing details here and there but who knows how it'll actually turn out. I made this long because I've been getting a lot of different requests about the same thing so I figured I'd knock them all out right here. Again, tarot is not meant for anything other than entertainment <3
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astroyongie · a month ago
BTS Reading - August Edition
Notes: Please remember to take the reading lightly and to enjoy ! 
His love reading was extremely weird, a lot of contradictions and a lot of things happening. All I can say is that his family got themselves involved in their relationship, they wanted RM to start his own family with his partner and to leave the artist life behind. There was a lot of arguments around this, there’s still fresh wounds with his partner. He needs to be patient. Something died, so another can be reborn
There’s success on his solo, he worked hard for. However he needs to be careful not to let success come to his head, because I see someone with evil intentions around him and the person won’t stop themselves to drag him down if necessary. RM knows this person, but instead of being upfront with this person, he is being altruist and generous, holding himself back from any potential scandal.
Physical Health: Needs to take care of his body  Mental Health: He is okay
As always, jin is happy and on a very healthy relationship. Everything is going perfectly fine, everything is balanced. Honestly I have nothing to say beside that they are extremely happy together and it will stay that way.
At the moment his head is buried in work, due to some partnerships he has been working with. He has no time to breathe but he also knows that this effort will help his career out. A lot of good things coming his way. He knows there’s struggles ahead, but he is ready to go through it
Physical Health: X Mental Health: X
Suga has met with someone from the past weeks, but it seems like he started to get annoyed, or at least bored by this person so he isn’t paying attention to them anymore. Right now he is changing his attention back to other people to see if he finds something interesting
I sense quite a few arguments with his company and his sponsors about something they have all worked for. Suga isn’t happy about how the things turned out, it feels like unfair to him. He wants to have more space to express his creativity but the company is not allowing in order to protect him
Physical Health: X Mental Health: Highly sensitive, working on his self love and self esteem
No info about his love life other that he is still in a relationship
When it comes to his career its complicated. Because it feels as if Jhope is on a dreamland, and he doesn’t want to wake up. He is extremely happy with his situation, enjoying his solos, his partnerships, the money, to a point where he even thought that going solo wouldn’t do him any harm. Jhope is enjoying that independence he is currently having, but he needs to be careful with the expectatives he is putting himself into
Physical Health: Stomach and chest pains  Mental Health: His energy is all over the place, he needs to stop being immature and be more in touch with his inner child
It feels like Jimin had his eyes set on someone lately, but he feels trapped with the whole situation. I don’t know how to explain, but basically he really wants to be with this person, but he knows he can’t. He can’t because of all the lies, the hidden secrets of his life. He knows he would be toxic to them, that he would betray their trust. He is pondering, but his head and heart are a mess
Jimin too needs to be careful with people who wants to drag him through the dirt, specially since he doesn’t have the best people around him at the moment. He wants to have a solo too, but for that he needs to accept the conditions of the company. Things are being spoken off. Jimin will travel too it seems
Physical Health: Sore throat, careful with the flu  Mental Health: X
I see some type of argument with his partner, they have discussed a lot about their future, about what they want to be and become together. V really loves this person, and he tried his best to keep them by his side even if it means to sacrifice a few things
V career and financial situation are extremely stable and secure. He is living a good chapter of his life, he is satisfied and just going with the flow by following his intuition. He has been quite materialist lately
Physical Health: Headaches, toothaches, Needs to be careful with his bladder and kidneys Mental Health:  X
Got no info for jungkook other that he has been spending a lot of time with his friends lately. Possibility of him being single again
It feels like his career has been through a very rough period, that he felt lost and unbalanced. Jungkook lost a lot of opportunities, a lot of money as well, there was heavy burdens and responsibilities he couldn’t make. He is working on it and leaning to be a little more genuine with himself
Physical Health: He needs to check out for any heart problem, because I got two warning cards about that area Mental Health: Despite being alone, feeling lonely, Jungkook is on a good place mentally, he feels peaceful
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petitedivine · 22 hours ago
hi! why do so many people say that jk doesn't wear the pants in the relationship/isn't dominating? is it because he's used to being the youngest and just doing what people say?
people also say that he's highly jealous, but wouldn't a jealous person be a little dominating or controlling?
would you be able to explain this to me, please?
Hi! So this is a great kind of non-tarot question which makes it significantly less tiring for me to answer.
Jealous does not always equal controlling. Jealousy can manifest itself in various different ways and some people become insecure with jealousy and require more emotional connection to find security. Jungkook would be one of these people.
I think Jungkook has some aspect that make him more “dominate” than the average, say American, man. It’s his culture to naturally be in charge for several things, but he doesn’t necessarily want to be. JKs life is pretty wild and large portions of it are out of his control. He’s told where to be, and can find comfort in that.
For example, I have a really busy life where I am often the planner for most situations. I find great relief having a trainer who plans out my runs and workouts, and I can relieve that mental load.
The same applies to JK, and really lots of people who have a lot on their plate, being able to hand off responsibility can be soothing.
Also, JK is a really gentle spirit that while possessive, wants to feel possessed in return as well. It’s not really his nature to bully someone into behaving.
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ariesluvz · 5 months ago
Can you make similar one for jungkook, as a boyfriend.
Jungkook as a boyfriend
This is only for entertainment purposes. If you don't like then scroll <\3. If I say "you" it's not you it's just I'm referring to his gf as "you".
Protective af.
Wants to have lot of meaningful conversations.
Wants to have lots of fun.
Is extremely shy when praised.
Flirts alot.
He doesn't know how much he loves cuddling and snuggles.
He would teach you boxing.
Jimin is still his :)
Wants you to be understanding tho he will be very jealous at times.
He knows whom he belongs to.
He wants to be independent, doesn't mean that he can't be independent in a relationship.
He would allow you everything except things that can be bad for you. Ex. Ice cream 🍦.
Will cuddle in the car.
Not into PDA but still very caring.
Will sing you songs and want the same from you.
Would want you to pet him.
He would love it when you play with his hair.
Will sleep anywhere and everywhere.
Will taste the food while it's cooking.
He just loves stars and would call you a star.
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freemindedspirit · a month ago
PAC-tan sonyeondan
A healing message from a BTS member
Tumblr media
This BTS themed pick a card is a collaboration with @seulboya , I’m doing the messages from the rap line while she does the vocal line !
A good thing about this pac, is you can pick as many piles as you want !You can pick your bias, or go with your intuition, even read all seven if that’s what you’d like !
As usual, for entertainment purposes only
Tumblr media
I know it has hurt you, these repetitive comments about how dumb or naive you are,how you’re stupid or you should have known better,how it should have been obvious.I know how deep this wound run within you.I see how your pain drives your passion for your job/studies, how you’re neglecting your health and well-being to get the success you want, the success you’re showing off to them or to the voices in your head that still tell you you’re worthless.You’re doing everything you can to prove them wrong,even though you don’t need to.It has gone to the point where you’re unable to let yourself relax or enjoy the fruits of your labor.You wanna keep going, you enjoy this too much.The figure of the all powerful workaholic, underdog to king, many tools and skills to their disposal.It drives you even more than your anger and your hurt.You want to be capable, skilled, and even more so, you want it to be obvious to them.The fact that things are going so slowly right now is driving you insane,but it’s done on purpose.How long are you gonna keep chasing this perfectionist ideal, where your mind and your skills will be so undeniable no one will ever criticize them again ?You can’t.You won’t.The universe won’t let you.Your soul family won’t let you,your spirit team either.Now that I can tell you about it, I won’t either.Listen to me, you deserve rest, okay ?You need rest, and relaxation, and pauses and breaks.You need all that, and deserve that at all times.By the way, stop putting off your meals to after you’ve done your work, it’s not healthy.Same thing for water.This pause is meant for you to finally take the time to meet yourself, someone you haven’t seen a while and has changed a lot, and is now dying to talk to you.It’s for you to enjoy the work you already put, not put in even more work.The results will come, don’t worry about it.They always do, often even in unexpected ways.The universe wants you to be able to enjoy it when you reach your peaks.Take your time, slow down, take it easy.Do it yourself or the universe will make you, and it might not be as nice about it, okay ?
Good, thank you for talking with me today, take care of yourself, alright kid ?
Goodbye 👋🏽
Things that may resonate: bullying, neurodivergency (autism, ADHD,dyslexia),burn out, college, workaholism I heard time and flower
(Fool Rv,6 of wands,9 of Pentacles Rv,Magician,Knight of Pentacles Rv.Ace of swords )
Tumblr media
*whispers* Suga :
(He insisted on the whisper)
« I find incredible how much you have grown and healed since then.Obviously, healing and growth never really stop but you know, you made progress and I’m proud of you.You are light years away from who you used to be when you were under their complete control,co-dependent or smothered/trapped/controlled.You’re so used to carry everything on your own, don’t do that.I promise there are people out there who are or will be willing to help you, who wants you to rely on them.If they aren’t here yet, they’re about to come.You may feel like it’s you against the world right now, but it’s not true.You have a team, go find it.Your strength, bravery and determination have always been your strongest points, but it’s okay to put it down sometimes,it’s okay to cry,to break down, to make mistakes.You May feel very lost right now,and that’s okay too.You don’t have to figure it out all on your own,even if you like being your own guide and forging your own path, I promise you don’t have to do it alone.
Your team is waiting for you, we want to see your entire potential! :)
Take care
PS:sleep more,you coward ;)
Things that may resonate: immediately heard mommy issues and toxic family, possibly toxic siblings, growth, feeling alone, running away from home, emancipation, living on your own for the first time in your 20s,looking for a roommate or your soul family
(The Empress Rv,three of pentacles,seven of wands,10 of wands,nine of wands,The Hierophant
Tumblr media
« You’re clutching so hard onto what you own and what you built,you’re becoming painfully greedy.This is unfair, to you and to those who assisted you.You may not feel like anyone did, but in this world we can’t reach everything on our own,there is always a point where you need to be thankful for something you had someone else never did.I know things are going so fast lately,too fast, too hard, too soon.You’re afraid.I understand.But you can do it.You’re good at it,I believe in you.Where has gone your belief in yourself ?It used to be your motor, now you’re stuck, only trying to escape the feeling of disconnect from peers, from reality.You’re not even sure if you want to leave this state.It’s hard to, I understand.This mechanism is meant to help you when you feel in danger, but now it’s holding you back.You need to let go of coping mechanisms that don’t serve you anymore.Step by step.Just make the first one,it’s the hardest one, recognize it’s not helping you.Seek help, look it up online, search new coping mechanism.The first step,then another,then another.You’ll be fine.I believe in you.You can do it.One foot in front of the other, don’t focus on the finish line just yet,I promise you’ll get there on time.
Remember, one step in front of the other,that’s all you need to focus on, alright ?
Your hope »
Four of pentacles, eight of wands reversed,knights of wands, four of cups,page of pentacles,knight of pentacles
Things that may resonate: MALADAPTIVE DAYDREAMING, shifting,social anxiety, the song daydream, reading as a coping mechanism, fanfiction as a coping mechanism, I’m sorry but this might be the pile of people clutching onto the idea of dating a member to escape their irl problems or obsessively reading BTS tarot as a procrastination method 💀
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thecherrytarot · 5 months ago
𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐚 𝐍𝐚𝐦𝐣𝐨𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐚 𝐦𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pile 1 → pile 2 → pile 3
Pick the photo you feel the most drawn to and please remember that this is a general reading so take what resonates!!
𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝟏:
𝐗. 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞.
“if you cling to the edge of the wheel, you may be dizzy! Move to the center of the storm and relax because you know the storm will pass.”
You might feel like there is a wheel in your life that keeps on rolling non stop, reversing the events in a continuous process of ups and downs. One day you might feel extremely and full of life and but the next day you may feel resentment and have negative thoughts. There might certain change in your situation and you make you feel like things might go in your favor but then the obstacles make you doubt it. The wheel keeps moving and only when you see through the law of the circulation can you escape it.
message I got : Big change(s) are coming your way. A change for the greater good since this card is a sign that the universe is working in your favour to help you reach your goals. Luck will on your side and it might feel like destiny. Focus on your intuition and what you truly want.
𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝟐:
𝐈𝐕. 𝐑𝐞𝐛𝐞𝐥 𝐢𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐞.
“The enlightened person is the greatest stranger in the world; since they do not depend on anyone. In conclusion, neither has an organization can imprison them, nor community, society or country that can do it.”
There might be an elder/authority figure in your life that is controlling you. You might feel powerless and trapped under them as if you no longer have control over your own life (lack of self control). You feel like they might be abusing their power and taking advantage of you. It is not necessary that it will be like this, sometimes they might be talking in your favor but its their dominating approach that makes you feel suffocated. Rather than being respected, you might find that people are disrespecting and dishonouring you. 
message I got: You might let your heart overrule your head too much and need to balance your mind with your emotions. Get more structure in your life. Green color might be of significance to some of you or can be a sign for you get in touch with nature and mediate.
𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝟑:
𝐕. 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬.
“Shunyata is everything and nothingness (no-thingness) exists with every possibility lively. It has no potential, but it has absolute potential.”
You may secretly feel as if you are isolated and alone, stuck in a situation and feeling as things you do not really have a significant purpose. You may be questioning your beliefs and views, might feel out of touch with your spirit guides. I don't know why but I'm getting a feeling that you are very closed off right now. The message I'm getting is all over the place i.e nothing and everything just like your card, nothingness.This card signifies that humans have a natural instinct to connect with something bigger than themselves, that transcends their worries, concerns and troubles.
measage i got: The divine place within you wants you to know that it is listening, you are felt and heard. Soon you'll be viewed with perfect love and acceptance. Meditate and find a sure path to manifest what you need most.
Feedback is welcomed!
Thank you for reading this and take care❤
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buggieastro · 2 months ago
How bts members act when they're jealous?
BTS When Jealous (based on tarot) (take this lightly)
Jin - he would be the type to confront his partner and try and sort it out. he would want a good explanation. he would probably be obsessive over the situation, unable to stop thinking about what happened to make him so jealous. if what his partner did was more serious (like flirting with someone else, being overly friendly in a suggestive way, etc), he would end up feeling confused with the relationship, unsure of what direction he wants to go with the relationship. he would be a mixture of frustrated, betrayed, and sad
Yoongi - I think he would overthink the situation, get lost in his head, and would focus on the assumptions he's made on the situation and not what actually happened. I don't think he would be very angry though (or at least outwardly angry), I think he would try and stay calm and maintain the relationship while also trying to get reassurance/clarification/sort out whatever issue made him jealous.
Hoseok - he probably wouldn't take jealousy well, and would probably be over dramatic about it. I feel like if his partner made him seriously jealous, he would start questioning the relationship. when his partner tries to explain themselves to him, he might not listen well or believe them. if the situation that caused his jealously was a little more mild, he might be a little tense and annoyed, but would eventually get over it.
Namjoon - I think he would take it relatively well. if his partner realistically didn't do anything wrong, I think he would focus on calming himself down and not overthinking it, but if his partner made him jealous on purpose/did something more serious, he would be more frustrated and angry. he knows relationships have ups and downs, so he tries and avoids staying upset for too long.
Jimin - for more serious jealousy situations, he would probably initially behave very immaturely. I think while confronting his partner, he may be very childish and would behave impulsively. he might be manipulative and wouldn't take his partner's explanation very seriously. if whatever his partner did to make him jealous was serious enough, he would consider ending the relationship.
Taehyung - he probably wouldn't express his feelings very well. like he would hold back some of his thoughts. he might not even tell his partner he was jealous, he would keep it to himself, analyzing the situation further. but he might end up talking about it secretly with his friends, and he might not be the kindest about it. if the situation way more serious, he would probably end up calling out his partner, and pushing them for an explanation.
Jungkook - i think he'd be really annoyed, sad, and maybe even insecure (depending on what it was that made him jealous), and he'd initially want to talk it out with his partner. but if expressing himself gets difficult, or his partner isn't really understanding his perspective/he's not understanding their perspective, he might just give up on trying to talk it out in general and just brush it off. if he continues to brush things off instead of speaking up properly with his partner, it can lead to further, more serious arguments.
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divviine-journlism · 12 days ago
Hello, can you do a reading on Jungkook’s first impression of his future fs? Thank you! ☺️🫶
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he will think she is a fighter. opinionated and strong in spirit.
she will come across as having anxiety or a lot on her mind but being regal regardless.
he will think she is powerful. feisty.
there will be some underlying sadness to her tone, but she will seem fair, balanced, and hopeful.
she will feel like home to him. his nervous system will rest when she’s near him.
he will immediately start imagining a future with her.
he will see her as kind, focused on her goals, wealthy, a work-a-holic.
someone who loves to travel.
she will seem to have a lot of ideas or be a tiny bit caged in.
the type of woman who does not back down from a fight. this is obvious in multiple cards.
she seems like someone who likes to debate for fun.
very smart and knowledgeable in many different areas of life.
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