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yonkimint · 2 days
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Without You [Yoongi x Reader, Hobi x Reader]
9. It’s still early...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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crythvv · 1 day
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Everyone wanted to be and live like jeon jungkook. rookie streamer that somehow got everything he wanted, he had the views, he had the fans, he had the best friends, but one thing he didn’t have was love. When one of his best friends introduces him to yn he absolutely hates her. Slowly both of them get closer and jungkook starts to feel like maybe he can get love after all.
taglist: @samsgarfield @dae-bakk-pop @yeow6n @ughitsvicky @hobiheavenly @firnze @hyuneyeon @awseokjin @y3jiishot @jojowantstocry @luvdessii @such-a-wh0re @bloodline1632 @acidicloveee @neo444 @s4turnsl0ver @trulykjd @proudbtsstanfightmebeach
a/n: in honor of namjoon and his amazing album 😇 STREAM INDIGO!!!!!
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kimnjss · 11 months
love formula | jjk sm au
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn​
🖇 synopsis:
// ‘there is a chemical formula for love. dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin. it can be easily manufactured in a lab, but overdosing on any of them can cause schizophrenia, extreme paranoia, and insanity. let that sink in.’ ]]
— you’re barreling into his life when he least expects it, stealing all his attention until the nights spent studying are replaced with rolling around the sheets. he’s hopelessly romantic and you’re in it for the fun, but no one told you it would ruin your life.
Tumblr media
pairing: shyboy!jungkook x fuckgirl!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: vmin… sope(?)
genre: smut!! college au, friends with benefits, f2l. angst…
warnings: yn is very cynical when it comes to love and jungkook is the exact opposite… so be prepared for the hurt feelings…
status: complete!!
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
prologue: cinematic greatness
character profiles: jeongguk and his buds
character profiles: yn and her wh0res
part one: complete stranger
part two: claiming handys
part three: sexual innuendos
part four: debit or credit
part five: biggest crush
part six: exactly as planned
part seven: great boyfriend
bonus: mirror selfie
part eight: skipping out
part nine: rule book
part ten: comfort zone (mini timejump)
part eleven: hooking up
part twelve: couple thing
part thirteen: half-ass theory
part fourteen: having fun (pt.1)
part fifteen: having fun (pt. 2)
part sixteen: having fun (the final part)
part seventeen: teen angst
part eighteen: been weird
part nineteen: pull back
part twenty: emotionally constipated
part twenty-one: less guarded
part twenty-two: kinda girlfriend
part twenty-three: unnecessary drama
part twenty-four: only girl
part twenty-five: starting last
part twenty-six: relationship expert
part twenty-seven: soul searching
part twenty-eight: making changes (time jump)
part twenty-nine: booty calls
part thirty: the luckiest
bonus: valentine’s day
epilogue: seven years
epilogue: my boyfriend
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btsrunmylife · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Feels Like Home - OT7
Tumblr media
summary: Emotional Support Werewolves. You never thought you’d hear those words in the same sentence. As a beta yourself, it should be insulting. It would be if it weren’t for the fact the Bangtan pack provides these services to other werewolves separated from their packs. Your refusal to take advantage of such services only lasts until one difficult night in particular, where being separated from your parents’ pack is too hard to handle on your own. Who knew your roommate’s insistence would eventually win you over?
pairing(s): ot7 x f!reader, ot7 x ot7, ot7 x original characters
genre: written fic with some smau chapters, Werewolf AU, college AU, ABO verse, fluff, (some) angst, eventual romance, comedy
rating: pg13 (probably with explicit drabbles/extras)
warnings: Some swearing. The mc will also be struggling with her sexuality in this one and will fall within the asexual spectrum. Terms may be used in this story that don’t make sense to readers, but I will always explain them in context. Due to this being a learning experience for the mc, there will be lots of talk about the way she feels, how it differs from other people, etc. This story will greatly center around fluff and affection that borders on romantic, but is rarely ever sexual. I don’t foresee this story needing many warnings, but if anything comes up I will add more here and to each chapter. I have a loose plotline, but this is a story I’m mostly making up as I go. That’s a warning in itself lmao. I hope you enjoy the crazy ride with me!
❗️photos used in this story are not mine❗️
Tumblr media
status: ongoing ♾
schedule: none at the moment
permanent taglist (open): @yoongiofmine @xianav @lilacdreams-00 @vantxx95 @emmmui @cursedblood707 @hqtetsurou @geauxlsu79 @lyra0cassiopeia @halesandy @lunaoceanchild @annoyingtimemachinee @babycoffeefire @darlinggod-sweetvillain @yu-justme @rageyoudamnednerd @bubblytaetae @aurel1ia @valhallawhispers @somelazysundays @cuteipat @borahae-reads @dahliasbouqet @funkylittlebisexuall @wrmnssoul @saweetspoiled @infatuatedghost @black-rose-29 @hopeoncrackkk @atinymonbebestay @nabiolive @bands-r-my-heros @idontevenknow75 @m4gg13-g @yoongiigolden @velvetskize @mintsugarmy @moonacholy​ @toughbook​
series taglist (open): see this sheet for the most updated list
This story is being cross-posted to AO3.​
Tumblr media
Social profiles 📱
Chapter 1 📱
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 📱
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 📱
Chapter 8
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yoongukie-ff · 1 month
Tumblr media
➔ Finally a new recommendation list! I've been working on this for a couple months now and I'm so excited to finally share all the stories I fell in love with! A lot of things happened in the fandom since the last time I did this, but I am still very grateful for this community and the wonderful friends I made from all over the world ! ❤️
➔ On this post, you'll find the series, one-shots, drabbles and smaus I had the pleasure to read recently. I can't say this enough, but I am forever thankful to all the amazing writers that are willing to share their imagination and their tremendous talent with us. Please, consider leaving comments and especially reblogging the stories you love. This is how content creators know how much you appreciate their hard work.
You can find my lastest fic recs (summer 2022) here : series and one-shots !
➔ Almost all the stories listed below are NSFW (18+). Please respect content creators wishes of not interacting with them or their content if you're underage.
If you have any fic you think I should read, please send them my way. As you can see, I am still working on expanding my reading list to other members.
Until next time! ✌🏻❤️
Tumblr media
Intersect by @shina913 → e2l, office AU [10/10 + extras]
Hooked (on AO3) by @joopiterjoon → s2l, fwb AU [13/13 + extras]
The Collector (on AO3) by joonswhistle → idol + art world AU [17/17]
Hammer it Home by @gukslut → f2l, roommate AU [1/1 + extras]
The Language Teacher by @borathae → est. relationship [1/1, w.c. 5k]
Deep End by @here2bbtstrash → est. relationship [1/1, w.c. 4.2k]
Play the Game by @jjkeverlast → e2l, college AU [1/1, w.c. 2k]
New Guy by @kithtaehyung → e2l?, college AU [1/1, w.c. 5.5k]
All I Need is Me (smau) by @yonkimint → s2e2l, music industry AU [45/45]
Twisted (smau) by @softlysugas → e2l, CEO AU [20/20]
Tumblr media
Please send your recommendations!
Tumblr media
Mixtape by @haliiimede → f2l, brother's best friend AU [4/4 + extras] Special mention to the cutest extra ever ; Sugar =^._.^=∫
Set Me Free by @myooniverse → arranged marriage AU [13/13]
Suga's How-To Guide by haliiimede → f2l, sex work AU [4/ongoing]
Need to Know by @aquagustd → est. couple, sugar dad AU [8/ongoing + extras]
Twirl for Me by @gimmethatagustd → s2l, dad yoongi [3/ongoing]
Stay by @sugarwithtea → s2l, lodge owner yoongi [1/1, w.c. 13.4k]
Bad Habits by @sugakookitty → exes2l, fuckboy yoongi [1/1, w.c. 6.3k]
Private Lesson by @dntaewithluv → fwb2l, pianist yoongi [1/1, w.c. 5.5k]
Kneel for Kinktober 2022 by borathae → est. relationship, service sub yoongi [1/1, w.c. 4.7k]
Tumblr media
Party On You by here2bbtstrash → mutual pinning, idol AU [1/1, w.c. 9.8k]
Please send your recommendations!
Tumblr media
Hooked by @parkdatjimin → college AU, nerd jimin [7/7 + extras]
Dirty Laundry by @jeonqkooks → roommate AU, sex worker jimin [1/1, w.c. 5.2k]
The Shape of Your Body by here2bbtstrash → s2l, college AU [1/1, w.c. 24k]
Please send your recommendations!
Tumblr media
Wanna Fuck on Camera & Wanna Make a Movie by gimmethatagustd → frenemies2l, wannabe photographer taehyung [2/2]
Hell is Empty (with Jungkook) by aquagustd → love triangle AU [10/ongoing + extras]
The End is You and I (smau) by yonkimint → f2l, college AU [42/42]
Please send your recommendations!
Tumblr media
Teacher's Pet by @axigailxo → forbidden relationship, college AU [6.5/ongoing]
The DILF Installments by @mercurygguk → est. relationship, dad jungkook [11/ongoing]
Make You Mine by mercurygguk → f2l, college AU [1/1 + extras]
Bloodline by jjkeverlast → fwb, college au [1/ongoing]
Our Beloved Summer by jeonqkooks → exes2l, music industry AU [3/ongoing]
Hell is Empty (with Taehyung) by aquagustd → love triangle AU [10/ongoing + extras]
Gym Bunny by @bebejungkook → s2l, self hatred to self love AU [19/ongoing + extras]
Pencil Strokes and Pain Splatters by borathae → bf2l, roommate AU [1/1, w.c. 20.2k]
Strictly Platonic by jeonqkooks → bf2l, college AU [1/1, w.c. 19.4k]
Hurts So Good by jjkeverlast → bf2l, pwp [1/1, w.c. 4.3k]
Happy Birthday Loser by @jungk0oksthighs → roommate AU, pwp [1/1, w.c. 8k]
Crema by @inkedtae → f2l, brother's best friend [1/1, w.c. 5k]
Thirteen Rounds by @monimonimoon → est. relationship, boxer jungkook [1/1, w.c. 13.2k]
Cold Gun for Kinktober 2022 by borathae → arranged marriage AU, gangster jungkook [1/1, w.c. 10.4k]
When I'm With You (smau) by @lachimolala7 → bf2l, fake dating AU [32/32]
Left on Read (smau) by @muniimyg → e2f2l, hospital AU [30/30]
Tumblr media
✎ Ongoing series that I previously mentioned, but am still very much obsessed with
Look Down On Me Like That (MYG) by here2bbtstrash
Good Thing (JJK) by @breakiebunny
True Love (KTH) by jjkeverlast
Long Way Home (JJK) by @sparklingchim
Three Tangerines (MYG) by kithtaehyung
Love to Hate (JJK) by @kpopfanfictrash
Tumblr media
Updated : November 2nd 2022
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thebangtancloud · 3 months
black swan
Tumblr media
Pairing: dancer!Jimin x dancer!Reader (oc)
Genre: SMAU, Angst, Fluff, Romance, Enemies to Lovers, (A heart-wrenching amount of Best Friends to Enemies on the other hand) university!AU
Warnings: curse words, mentions of infidelity and illegitimate children, mentions of death by suicide.
Summary: Jimin hates you. The whole world knows this because he takes pride in making it known. He hates you with a passion and makes sure the few months you work with him are simply nothing but torture. Yet, there isn't a possible explanation for his sudden concern towards you when you begin to fall sick. Alternatively, Jimin hated you at your best but falls in love with you at your worst.
A/n: I'll be posting updates Every Two Days. Let me know if you want to be added to the taglist for black swan!!
Incase you'd like a teaser, you can read Jimin's version in this reaction. Black Swan was inspired by this piece that I wrote, and I had originally planned on making this series a written one with 10 chapters, but my laptop broke down and would take a while to get repaired so I want to make the best of the time and resources that I have now :)
Chapter 1: The End
🦢part one - not your bestie.
🦢part two - then taehyung happened.
🦢part three - short ass.
🦢part four - bloodshed.
🦢part five - purple blanket.
🦢part six - taehyung's replacement
🦢part seven - short ass 2.0
🦢part eight - I'm sorry.
🦢part nine - family.
🦢part ten - burden.
Chapter 2: A Gentle Friend
🦢part eleven - sweet corn soup. {Exclusive}
🦢part twelve - she knows.
🦢part thirteen - valid reason.
🦢part fourteen - it hurts.
🦢part fifteen
🦢part sixteen
🦢part seventeen
🦢part eighteen
🦢part nineteen
🦢part twenty
Chapter 3: (Coming Soon!)
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smaubts · 9 months
Tumblr media
“good luck trying to get rid of me”
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: crack; enemies to lovers; fake dating au; sm au.
warnings: explicit jokes; some angsty realizations about feelings ; mentions of stalking
Tumblr media
summary: in which in a serious of unfortunate events a piece of paper promising jungkook she'd do anything to return a favour comes back to haunt y/n. who would've thought jungkook would actually ask her to return the favour and expect her to be his fake girlfriend. oh well, accidents happen and jungkook never forgets promises.
Tumblr media
— masterlist
part 1. explicit brain
part 2. pure poison
part 3. real girlfriend
part 4. explaining to do
part 5. shower thoughts
part 6. min devil
part 7. bully on main
part 8. dinner?? together??
part 9. locked INSIDE
part 10. enemies since birth
part 11. shaking in fear
part 12. elevator talk
part 13. same person
part 14. it’s ART
part 15. only threats
part 16. accidents happen
part 17. ugly scream
part 18. say goodnight
part 19. ugly words
part 20. strange feeling
part 21. jealousy is a disease
part 22. baby??
part 23. accidently confessed
part 24. ITS A JOKE
part 25. poisonous cake
part 26. heartfelt behaviour
part 27. accidently matching
part 28. that's my girl
part 29. intentional confession
part 30. now we're even
Tumblr media
by popular demand I rewrote this au and here it is 😽 I hope u enjoy it
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Recs Masterlist:
Tumblr media
Poly/OT7 I Poly/OT7 II
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon:
Kim Namjoon I
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin:
Kim Seokjin I
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi:
Min Yoongi I
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok:
Jung Hoseok I
Tumblr media
Park Jimin:
Park Jimin I
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung:
Kim Taehyung I
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook:
Jeon Jungkook I
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jungkookschin · 9 months
academic validation: jungkook smau
Tumblr media
synopsis: jungkook is an academic genius. in his free time, jungkook enjoys exploring the vast prospects of aerospace engineering, working through intricate calculus problems, and he loves indulging in video games. any game popular on twitch? been there, done that. though his skill is unmatched, he does only have one (1) friend, and his twitch streams get like two views...
oc, on the other hand, is oozing with social prowess. she has lots of friends, a super hot boyfriend, and tons of popularity.  she is trying to do good in school and make her parents happy. but.. with her lack of academic ability and super unsupportive (but hot) boyfriend, things get hard. yup... she definitely needs a tutor.
genre: social media au, fluff, comedy
pairing: nerdy!jungkook / gamer!jungkook x itgirl!oc
featuring: blackpink’s jennie and nct’s jaehyun, cameos from red velvet, txt, and enha
taglist: @moonacholy @bluxjun @dimguin @wrmnssoul @awseokjin @john-joong @era-genius @y3jiishot @yoonabeo @vicki10311 @ksooed @koostarcandy  @ysljoon @jungwonerz @ahnneyong @jinsearth @artsxpe @di0rgguk @pb-n-juju  @sohnfile @@teti-menchon0604 @secretlycrazyhummingbird @bjoriiss @arepabella @hrts4kook
it girls
theyre at the top of the class
tae and jimin
one : holding her tongue
two : the girls>>
three : follow my twitch @ jungkooks
four : is he calling me dumb
five : forgive and forget cause he’s cute
six : nasa 🚀
seven : talking shit
eight : you can’t give ur twitch stream donations to charity if no one watches them ....
nine : ew why’s he smiling
(bonus!) ten : graduation drip 😎
eleven : whatd i do wrong?
twelve : ill make it up to you
thirteen : tutor time (w/ written part✏️)
fourteen: aight bye then
fifteen: how men flirt: point something out in the back of the photo
sixteen: overwatch and genshin
seventeen: idc it’s just funny
eighteen: intermission
nineteen: are you gonna make fun of me because im a weeb(w/ written part ✏️)
twenty: never have i been embarrassed of those damn streams until now..
twenty one: taehyung take the L
twenty two: student 🤝 tutor foreva
twenty three: taking applications to be one of my three wives
twenty four: that was unexpected
twenty five: goofy ass name
twenty six: what a beautiful day!
twenty seven: that's the point of the game weirdos
twenty eight: atta boy
twenty nine: hate seeing him like that :/
twety nine and a half: fck that competition ( written part ✏️)
thirty: integration bee
thirty one: academic validation
thirty two: i'll explicitly say it
thirty three: she's so cute
thirty four: accessorizing with a zebra print bag (w/ written part ✏️)
thirty five: that was odd... anyways
thirty six: i'll give you my life savings to do it...
thirty seven: league of legends
thirty eight: time to pounce 🤤
thirty nine: insecurities
forty: draining jk's wallet 😛
forty one: grads
forty two: insecurities pt 2
forty three: my baby
forty four: sad ending
authors note: changing yn to oc since oc is pictured as a specific individual in this smau
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strawbearytae · 10 months
Tumblr media
gym crush au!
“popular”! jungkook x underclassman! reader
genre: smau, fluff, slight angst, crack, high school au, college au, everyone is kinda dumb, strangers to lovers to ex’s to lovers
warnings: language, drinking, mentions of s*x, cyber bullying, WEIGHTLOSS, unhealthy coping mechanism, therapy, tattoos, allusions to harry potter because you muggles might not be able to handle-
synopsis: flirting with your crush of 3 years wasn’t something you thought of when first getting twitter, a nasty breakup wasn’t what you expected either… but why is it that after 3 years and loads of droning on self-improvement and trying to become “that” girl , your gym buddy reminds you of the one person you wanted to forget?
↠youth: bts college smau masterlist↞
0.5 intro📎
1. yn and friends📎
1.5. jk and friends📎
2. alphabetized📎
3. blocked📎
4. too bold📎
5. left on read📎
6. Peter Holland📎
6.5. jack, I’m flying🖊
7. they both have numbers📎
8. 3 month subscription📎
9. touch some weed📎
10. same📎
10.5. chickenshit🖊
11. fake love💔 📎
12. me too ig🙄📎
13. parents divorcing📎
13.5. face of someone suspended📎
14. save me🖊
15. Olivia rodrigo my anthem 📎
16. oH hELL nAh 📎
17. low key vibin📎
18. next year📎
18.25. Zoom party (tw)📎 18.5. profile 📎
19. crackhead on the subway📎
20. mëñ📎
21. alpha male🤢 📎
22. spot the booty📎
22.5 cake🖊
23. when a man and a woman📎
24. Louis…? 📎
25. bad faith🖊
26. panic! in the disco
27. vomit kink📎
28. illegally blonde📎
28.5. slutty nurse outfit📎
29. deja vu?📎
29.5. pretty🖊
30. petition📎
31. jaegguk: a kink📎
32. stigma🖊
33. 🤐📎
34. oh my my mei
34.5. slayyyy🖊️
35. paper🖊
37. i do🖊️
38. a sad ending
message me to be on the tag list!!
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yonkimint · 2 months
Tumblr media
Without You [Yoongi x Reader, Hobi x Reader] — IN PROGRESS
A clean break.
That’s all y/n wants for her messy, complicated, and seemingly endless friends with benefits arrangement with Min Yoongi. But that seems to be the last thing he’s willing to give her.
When she moves halfway around the world, forcing the end of their arrangement, she discovers he’s left her with a gift that will alter the course of her life forever.
Will she go back to Yoongi or will a rekindled relationship with the estranged Jung Hoseok come between them?
Tumblr media
Genre: Pregnancy!AU, Idol!AU, Love Triangle, FWB2L, F2L
Warnings: 🔞, profanity, suggestive language, mentions of sex, angst, excessive use of exclamation points, etc. 
Schedule: Sundays and Thursdays 11 PM CST
Taglist OPEN! (Send an ask or leave a reply to be added to the taglist)
Part 1:
1. Brain Goes Stupid
2. Abstract Beef
3. Dinner and a Show
4. 👏SAY👏NO👏
5. Like Rabbits
6. The Cha Cha Slide ✎
7. Jugular
8. Manipulative
9. It’s still early...
10. Jay 12.4.22
@pb-n-juju @jikooksgirl19 @sopebubbles @halesandy @unadulteratedlyunique @bangtantruffle @danny-boy27 @esteemedsalt @bri-mal @pineapple-hoseok @lilacdreams-00 @jooniesbanoonies @babycoffeefire @jyp1204  @sunflowerbebe07 @fairy-jaykay @brit97 @goldenhoney-cas @letmebreathepls @magicalmarauder @bubblytaetae @imaginativedreams @daydreambrliever @90s-belladonna @naajix @kpopsimpstruggles  @manchuria  @shadyfox242 @jaiuneamesolitaiire @mint--yoongs @twixxxpie @curedblues @borahae-reads @preciouschimine @thoughtfulcollectormaker @pamzn @cherrybubblesandvodka  @crish-mac @proflyndo @rjsmochii @minclangyyy @kthvbear @hobiicores @wholys-corner @phenomenalgirl9​
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hearts4joon · 10 months
Tumblr media
summary ⋮ high school sweethearts who no one knew were high school sweethearts. min yoongi wasn’t a man of many words, much less was he one to outwardly show any sign of love towards his other half. yln yn was the opposite. she wanted to spew her feelings every second she could, she wanted to hold her other half’s hand while walking down a street.
yoongi could never be that man for her and for that — she lets him go. two broken hearts, both completely different, yet oddly similar, are thrown back together years after graduation and their breakup.
pairing ⋮ myg x reader
genre ⋮ angst, fluff, 18+ content, ex’s to lovers
schedule ⋮ once or twice a week
warnings ⋮ angst, yn is kinda dumb, yoongi is kinda dumb, but they’re kinda dumb together, curse words, 18+ conversations, dirty talk honestly, lewd behaviors, talks of infertility and running out of time for impregnation
📝 means theres a written portion to the chapter w chats, ✏️ means its only a written portion and holds no messages whatsoever.
authors note ⋮ this should be a pretty short and fluffy smau with its dribbles of angst! a lot of comedy or what i hope is funny LMAO. i hope you all enjoy!
! ׅ࣪ ✰︬ 🎈 ࣪ ׅ ☺︎ ׅ ࣪ ♡ ⃝🦴 ࣪ ׅ ᵎᵎ
one. the confrontation
two. the doubt
three. the silence
four. the breakup
five. yoongi and friends
six. yn and friends
seven. the transfer
eight. the dating app
nine. the awkwardness
ten. the meeting 📝
eleven. the mistake
twelve. the comeback?
thirteen. the grumble
fourteen. the proposal (kinda)
fifteen. little virgin
sixteen. the talk
seventeen. the decision
eighteen. the hallway couple
nineteen. the question
twenty. the beginning
the end.
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kimnjss · 3 months
candy girl | jhs sm au
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn
🖇 synopsis:
— you met online with him requesting to fund your lifestyle. no idea who he is or what he looks like, but his offer is too appealing to deny. so you agree, sure you’ll never meet this man in person. but what happens when a regular at your club seems to feel a bit too familiar...
Tumblr media
pairing: rapper!hoseok x stripper!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: poly vmingi. jungkook x oc. namjoon x oc. yoongi x oc.
genre: smut!! idol au, sugar daddy au, sex worker au, hidden identity, some angst...
status: ongoing!!
updates: based on comments nd reblogs.
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
prologue: stand up
character profiles: hoseok and more
character profiles: yn and sweets
part one: losing interest
part two: sloppy entertainment
part three: no touching
part four: requesting nudes
part five: pretty dancer
part six: important questions
part seven: scrawny ass
part eight: not fucking
part nine: dangerous territory
part ten: little tingle
part eleven: morning wood
part twelve: what boyfriend
part thirteen: parallel universe
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thottae · 9 months
Tumblr media
☆Just Friends
↝ Jungkook and YN have been best friends since they were little. As YN became older her feelings for Jungkook grew as well. The only problem is Jungkook is part of Alpha Sigma Chi who’s notorious for their fuckboy behavior. Will her feelings break their friendship? ↜
Tumblr media
「 Pairing 」 Fuckboy!Jungkook x Best Friend!Reader
「 Genre 」 Social Media AU, Fluff, Angst,
「 warnings 」 Mild Language and talks about sex
「 A/N 」 This was originally called Newsflash on my old account Thottaekookie. I got locked out of that account along time ago. I didn’t like how Newsflash turned out so now I’m redoing this story all over again. Also let me know if you would like to be added on the tag list.
「 Status 」 Complete but I will be putting up extras for this story every once in awhile
Tumblr media
♡0.0 Alpha Sigma Chi bois Twitter(Kook & Friends)
♡0.5 Thotties for life (YN & Friends)
♡1.0 Bump Uglies
♡2.0 Sneaky Links
♡3.0 Francesca
♡4.0 Baseball Jersey
♡5.0 Oh?
♡6.0 For the streets
♡7.0 Alpha Sigma Chi Mentality
♡8.0 The Truth Untold
♡9.0 Prettiest Girl
♡10.0 Dry texts
♡11.0 Simp
♡12.0 Hi Kookie
♡13.0 What’s the Drama?
♡14.0 Pharamcist 
♡15.0 Babied
♡16.0 Light Bulb
♡17.0 Like I Need U
♡18.0 Mercedes Benz
♡19.0 Less of You
♡20.0 POP off
♡21.0 Yoongi’s Favortie
♡22.0 Body Count
♡23.0 What that Mouth Do
♡24.0 Hybe
♡25.0 Blacked Out
♡26.0 Two Idiots
♡27.0 Golden Boy Jungkook
♡28.0 Post Nut Clarity
♡29.0 Bend It Over
♡30.0 Mommy’s Boy
♡31.0 Just friends
♡32.0 Angel
♡33.0 High School musical
♡34.0 Villain Story
♡35.0 Home
♡36.0 Tannie’s Cousins
♡37.0 Her Bestie
♡38.0 Pity Part
Tumblr media
Series Extra
↝ Some extras that don’t go along with the series but are moments mentioned in the story ↜
✧playlist (songs that are related to the story)
✧ Morning Rituals
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crythvv · 2 months
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung never really had anything important in his life besides his mom, cute small dog, and his paintings that was until he met you. Shy, quiet, sassy, funny, bossy, and pretty. Who knew something other than his paintings would stress Taehyung the fuck out, who knew the shy and quiet girl was driving the Kim Taehyung crazy, who knew he was slowly but surely falling in love.
Genre: friends to lover, fluff, angst, social media au
Warning! no smut is written but there’s some sexual mentions, cursing
riches | nerds
1- stalker behavior
2- party
3- no no
4- thin ice
5- jealous
6- not you
7- hate
8- angel
10- the argument
11- time
12-the tweets
15- official
16- uh oh
17- new
18- opening
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rapline-heaux · 20 days
Captive Audience — Prologue
Word count: 2.1k (under the cut)
Warnings: miss girl is big lonely and big sad, she’s also not very nice to herself but ya know we all been there, implied drugging, yandere behavior, the guys are way too comfortable with a stranger lol, non-consensual non-sexual touching, refusal to let the mc leave. If I missed anything please let me know!
Authors note: the time/date stamps are integral to the story and do make sense as we move forward so keep an eye out for those! Anyway: here the first part 💖
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
December 12, 2021 — 12:23pm
She groaned, the headache pounding behind her eyes was a familiar one. She couldn't remember drinking that much, but she figured she must have - really all she could remember was downing the Midori sour she bought herself to numb the crushing loneliness of spending winter break alone in a foreign country before splitting a bottle of peach soju with the guys from the bar. The one with the soft pink lips and sultry bedroom eyes had bought it, offering to share with her for the price of her name, but the one with the boxy smile and deep, sensual voice had persuaded her to trust them.
Flashes of moments filtered through her mind as she tried to bury herself into the sheets of her plush hotel room bed, relishing in the softness. Except... she distinctly remembered her hotel room having scratchy sheets, and the bed was nowhere near that soft. She also didn't remember her hotel room coming with a handsome tattooed stranger in her bed, complete with a strong arm wrapped around her waist, keeping her body tucked into his side.
She tried to sift through the events of the night before, only remembering a glimpse of his bunny smile as he pulled her into his arms as she stumbled back toward the bar for another drink. But that'd been early — only after one shot when bedroom eyes and sexy voice had pulled her onto the dance floor. How did she get there?
It was only then she realized she was pressed firmly to his naked chest; terror clawing up her throat as she fought the haze in her mind. But as quickly as the panic came it vanished, her brain recognizing the feeling of her matching lace set sitting snug against her skin under the long t-shirt — another thing that didn't belong to her.
She managed to wiggle out from beneath him, snatching her jeans and shirt off the floor before slipping into the darkened hallway. She didn’t expect to see such a large apartment, numerous doors branching off before opening up to a massive living room, the sun high in the sky making her cringe.
She took one step out into the open space before she heard a high, clear voice cut through the silence, “And where do you think you’re running off to, princess?”
She cringed, turning to find the unnaturally handsome man  — who she vaguely remembered had introduced himself as such the night before — with pretty, plush doll-like lips staring at her from the kitchen. Well this is fucking awkward. I flirted with a bunch of friends who may or may not all live together. “I’m sorry for the trouble,” she said with a bow, “I’ll be out of your way now.”
“Not so fast,” he smiled, beckoning her over to him, “I can’t let you leave without some breakfast and coffee. Come, sit,” he instructed, his tone leaving no room for argument. 
“No, I shouldn’t,” she protested, bowing again, “I should really—“
“It would be rude to leave without even trying my haejangguk,” he frowned, shame shooting through her chest. He was right, it would be rude, and she figured she’d been rude enough to them.
“O-oh, okay,” she nodded slowly, “Can you tell me where the bathroom is? I should get changed—“ she began but a long delicate hand shot out from behind her, attempting to snatch the clothes from her hands.
“No need for that, little pup,” the same deep, sexy voice from the night before boomed in her ear, “Jungkookie was supposed to take these from you so we could get them cleaned for you. Don’t you remember? You got whiskey all over your clothes.”
She could vaguely recall someone spilling a drink all over her, and the reaction it had gained from the men she was with — how many of them were there? Six? Seven?  She remembered one with long, elegant fingers that brushed the droplets of liquid off her neck as the alcohol soaked into her nice white shirt, and the one who carried her on his back out of the bar. She’d been entranced by his narrowed, dragon eyes and dimples that appeared as she whispered drunkenly into his skin.
She nodded, loosening her grip on the fabric, allowing sexy voice to pull it out of her hands before disappearing with a pleased hum. 
“Come, sit and eat before it gets cold,” the man in the kitchen said, a soft smile spreading across his face.
“Do you have-uh-pants I can wear? I don’t wanna just—“ she stuttered, but was cut off with a scoff.
“Don’t be silly, princess,” he waved her off, wrapping an arm around her shoulders to steer her into the kitchen.
She couldn’t decide what he was referring to but the flash of embarrassment shot through her all the same, effectively sealing her mouth shut as she allowed him to direct her into a seat at the massive dining room table.
“Aw, hyung doesn’t she look so pretty?” A soft voice rang out, her eyes snapping to bedroom eyes, wrapped in the arms of the tattooed muscle bunny who looked barely awake, a pout on his face.
“Baby, why’d you leave me in bed all by myself?” He frowned, making eye contact with her over bedroom eyes’ shoulder.
“I-I’m sorry, I figured you would want me to go so I just—“ she began but was cut off by two simultaneous voices. 
“Yah! Don’t be rude! She can leave your bed whenever she wants!” Pouty lips chastised from behind her, his closeness making her jump, but her head snapped to the opposite side of the room.
She hadn’t noticed anyone come through the front door until she heard his voice; dragon eyes standing in the doorway with a myriad of plastic bags in his gasp — his gaze was fixed on her. 
“And why do you think we would want you to go anywhere, sweetheart?” He asked seriously, an eyebrow raised in her direction.
She wanted to scream all the reasons at him, her mind coming up with excuse after excuse — Because you don’t know me? Because I’m a stranger you met in a bar last night? Because my own friends didn’t want me around and planned a trip without me? Because my roommate feels nothing for me other than pity and disinterest?
But she settled on a weak shrug, pulling her knees into her chest as she stared at the table, wishing it at least had a grain pattern for her to focus on instead of the weight of 4 pairs of eyes burning into her skin. But the flat, smooth, gray surface reflected the cold, hard, bleak indifference she knew so well. Her life was full of sleek, pristine relationships, devoid of any depth or substance. Her life wasn’t rich wood, full of character and intrigue — it was a boring, lifeless, metal slab.
She hadn’t realized she was crying until a tear hit the surface of the table with a tiny, almost comical clink, followed by a deep sigh from behind her, “What did you say to make her cry, for fuck’s sake,” a rich, breathy voice chastised, a hand knitting into her hair gently as blunt nails scratched her scalp.
The scent of him invaded her senses — something warm and heady mixed with a luxe and woody finish — and she wondered how she had forgotten him at all. The way he’d brushed away her tears in the car ride home as he held her in his lap, shushing her apologies as she cried into the neck of his sweatshirt about her ruined winter break.
“My little cry baby,” he cooed, making her skin tingle with the dichotomy of his tenderness and his subtle degradation. She glanced up at him, desperate to make sure he wasn’t being cruel — something told her he wasn’t and wouldn’t be in that moment — but was struck by the softness in his gaze.
His round dumpling cheeks — undoubtedly rounder from the effects of both the late night and the scotch she’d seen him drinking — were nearly hiding his eyes from the force of the gummy smile on his lips.
“Yah, we said no unfair advantages, hyung!” She saw the one with the long, delicate fingers yell as he took a seat at the large table in front of her, deepening the smile from the man in front of her. 
“It’s not my fault she’s so soft and sweet,” he grinned, unfurling his grip on her hair before taking the seat next to her. The table was quickly filled with the others, each taking their respective spots after a pot of stew was set in the middle, along with a pot of rice and various other small dishes.
All seven of them seemed to fit together impeccably, each of them chatting and squabbling over pieces of kimchi. It filled her with a bittersweet longing — she hoped that some day she’d be a part of a group like that.
Her heart clenched painfully in her chest, making her sigh and push back from the table, “Thank you for… everything. But I should go, let you all get back to… whatever it is you do.”
Seven pairs of eyes burned into her as she stood, varying degrees of confusion apparent on their faces. The silence was stifling — she was worried she’d offended them somehow when pretty fingers started laughing, followed quickly by all of them. 
“Do you really not know?” Bedroom eyes cackled, his eyes glittering with delight. “Oh my god, she doesn’t! She has no fucking idea. Oh, I knew you were perfect,” he preened, “I told them, I told them you were perfect for us.”
“Jiminie, you weren’t the only one,” pouty lips scoffed, “We all knew you were when we saw you last night.”
Her mind was reeling with questions, her heart hammering in her chest and the sound of the blood roaring in her ears was the only thing keeping her from thinking the whole interaction was a dream. 
“Baby, I don’t know how to tell you this,” sexy voice said, trying to hold back a smile, “But we’re… I don’t even know how to explain it without sounding pretentious,” he chuckled mirthlessly before refocusing on her, “We’re famous, baby. We’re an idol group.”
Her eyebrows furrowed, tilting her head to the side, “I don’t understand. Why the fuck would you bring me home with you when you’re famous and could just—“ 
“That’s part of why we chose you,” bunny smile beamed, “You didn’t care who we were. You just wanted to have a good night with strangers in the bar.”
“He’s right, princess,” dumpling cheeks hummed, a smile on his face, “You showed us the real you, so we decided to be real with you in return.”
The heat of their stares made her fidget in her spot, “Okay… so you’re an idol group. Great. Cool. I’m sure you’re great and are like BTS level famous or something. But what does that have to do with me?”
Another round of laughter tore through the room, bedroom eyes and pretty fingers nearly falling out of their chairs from the force of it. The hairs on the back of her neck rose as anxiety bubbled in her chest. “What’s so funny?”
“Oh, sweet pup,” sexy voice cooed, “You really have no idea.”
“Angel, we are BTS,” dragon eyes smiled, his dimples deepening as her heart plummeted into her stomach.
Her brain couldn’t slow down, thoughts piling up on each other as she tried to force words out of her mouth. “Oh… okay. So I need to sign some NDA or something, right? My roommate Nami is obsessed with you guys, but I’d never tell her anything of course. She doesn’t need more reason to—“
“We know all about Nami, baby,” pretty fingers said softly, crossing the distance between them and cupping her face in his hands. “And you don’t need to worry about any pesky paperwork.”
“B-but you guys have like a-a dating ban or-or something, right?” She asked, panic rendering her nearly unable to think straight as pretty hands’ face took up her entire field of view, eyes soft and understanding.
“We do. That’s why we can’t let you leave, sweetheart,” bedroom eyes purred, her hands beginning to shake.
“You have to understand,” sexy voice said, his tone nonchalant, “We don’t get an opportunity like this every day. And you’re just the perfect little kitten for us.”
“Besides, you already told us how no one would care if you just… disappeared. Don’t you remember, baby?” Pouty lips asked rhetorically. 
Of course she didn’t, she could barely piece together the last 12 hours let alone a conversation she’d had with strangers about how no one gave a fuck about her.
She felt her knees buckling as black spots swam in her vision before she was swept off her feet. The last thing she could remember before darkness culled her into its clutches was soft voices cooing over her, and gentle hands ghosting over her exposed skin.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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taglist: @eureka-its-zico @bibbykins @here2bbtstrash @haliiimede @gimmethatagustd @nabiolive @bri-mal @seokjinkismet @pasteljoonie @whatudowhennooneseesyou @paradiseyoonie @kosmicbomb
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