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I made a funny
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single-eutanasia · 11 months
Favorite thing about bruno madrigal is that he speaks by his body language. Look at this
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The last gif, shows how nervous he was about what maribel was thinking, he speaked for trying to make things more clear but his body language says 'jesus jesus, just hope she doesn't think im a creep' and proceeds to explain why he leaved, not saying how he felt just trying not to bother maribel. He doesn't know how to react to her sisters hugs and pampering, he is so confused but his expresions make him look so comfortable and loved, he doesn't know what's going on but he likes it!
Tumblr media
You literally CAN SEE HOW HARD he was searching for moms approval and love, reasurance, something that wasn't "being a miracle or a blessing", a mothers support, his face just looks at his mom with pleading eyes, like a child trying to know if what he did was enough, and then his gaze falls straight up sad, realizing that she just passed of him,(pointing out how alma was only with his candel, pedro mhmhm abuela porfavor mire a su hijo y digale que lo quiere asi sea un poquito) knowing how he wouldn't get anything of that, how he wasn't enough for her, for anyone, he seem like he blamed himself more than her mother high standars, he was self-dissapointed... He felt so alone, like her mother didn't want him but EVEN WITH THOSE FEELINGS HE SEARCHED FOR HER APPROVAL.
Also, his body language is so the key, he first is shruging his shoulders, like tense, he proceeds then to untensing him form trying to look right in his posture, also his hands and how he moves them, anxiety i am right? Then he shrugs againg his shoulders and body now sad and devasted.
So yeah, in conclusion, bruno madrigal is not good with words, i think is for the fact that every time he said something he was rejected or ignored, he was the one who gave the "bad news", why would someone want to hear his feelings, soo he just express himself with his body language.
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Traduccion: ay juemadre si me querian ;v;
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rhodochrosite-love · 11 months
Bruno and his s/o would act out super romantic shit for fun, telenovela style shit
Y/n: WHY don’t you LOVE me, mi amor?!
Bruno: Ahh, I am married— To the most beautiful and sensual person in the entire world….!!!
Y/n: gasp!!! Whyyyy Bruno!!! Ohhh you wound me!!!
They would probably flirt really well like that, and if it’s in Casita then it would definitely surprise his sisters and the rest LOL
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movetobiimos · 11 months
Could you do Bruno Madrigal x reader proposal and wedding headcanons that took place a few years before he left for inside the walls? Thank you so much!
❱ http:˚♡sounds of wedding bells !! ˚ˑؘ 🍙 ·˚
Tumblr media
° └➤ ・゚ˊˎ  BRUNO MADRIGAL  !! gender neutral 
-ˋ₊˚. ꒰ SYNOPSIS ꒱ .  proposal and wedding headcanons 
-ˋ₊˚ :: CONTENT . fluff, super sweet !! 
Tumblr media
꒰ෆ꒱ Bruno proposing to his s/o is something he is not ready for however he really really wants this. 
꒰ෆ꒱ He is very nervous at first, he really wants this moment to be perfect, a memory that can be cherished realizing that you both were perfect for each other.
꒰ෆ꒱ Bruno is the type of person to recite his speech to you, he will ask his sisters if it was good or not. His sisters would be glad to help, Juilieta and Pepa were good help because they know what a girl would want. They would advise him to be himself and speak from the heart. (im sobbing why is this so cute like wth) 
꒰ෆ꒱ His sisters chose a perfect spot for him, it showed the whole view of Encanto and the townspeople. And in night he knew that’s when all the bright stars would shine! (...bruh i hate how writing just makes me so flustered like wthhhh) 
꒰ෆ꒱ He would leave his s/o a note telling him where to meet him and stuff like that and also flowers outside their window. It is something sweet yet simple! (aweeeeeeee ahhhhguwejfsd) 
꒰ෆ꒱ You followed his note and went up to see him, and oh god it felt like you were in a fantasy. The scenery was so beautiful, flowers were settled on the ground making it look colorful, and the beautiful view of Encanto making the scene fit perfectly as the stars above both of you shine brighter. 
꒰ෆ꒱ You would be astonished and awed because of the effort he put in this, it made your heart swelled. Your attention would be focused on Bruno who was smiling at you. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “I-I have something to tell you, and I know it is hard for me to say it because I’m scared I’ll mess up....but here it goes..” 
꒰ෆ꒱ And this made your heart beat more and more when he went on his knees, you were trying not to smile sooo hard. You were so excited that you could just jump up and kiss him. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “I-I-I know that I’m not perfect, I know that I have my flaws..and I know that I don’t deserve you. I never found myself falling for someone, I never had a chance to think that I’ll fall for someone who is so-so loving, caring, amazing, and beyond. No one never liked me because of my gift, but...but you saw the good in me...you-you saw that no matter what my gift was you would still stay by my side and you gave me a chance. I-I, you made me realize that....I’m worth something more. I love you mi amor...will you, will you marry me?”
꒰ෆ꒱ And that’s when you started crying, tears were coming down from your cheeks and Bruno was panicking so much because he thought his speech was bad. But in reality you couldn’t help the overwhelming love you have in your heart. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “YES A MILLION YES A THOUSANDS TRILLIONS YES YES YES!!” you would jump up and kiss him right on the spot, the stars glistening above you making your eyes shine brighter. 
꒰ෆ꒱ Now onto the wedding, you and bruno would go for something simple yet elegant. Like flowers around the venue (favorite ones to be exact) and everyone in town will be invited. 
꒰ෆ꒱ The wedding was something unforgettable, you remembered how you walked the aisle, you couldn’t help but smile. Everyone in town found it heartwarming despite how they felt towards Bruno. 
꒰ෆ꒱ You remember the way he looked the way he looked like a complete different man, it made your heart swell more and more. You just wanted to be in his arms. You thought you were dreaming, but when you saw him look at you..you realize this wasn’t a dream...it was reality. 
꒰ෆ꒱ When you two shared your vows you cried during Bruno’s because of how much he has been through and how you change his life. When it was time for the ‘i dos’ you didn’t even let them finished you just shouted ‘i do’ 
꒰ෆ꒱ with all the smiles and laughter you shared with everyone, you couldn’t help but admire Bruno more and more. And it felt like how you two first met, two strangers in one small town bumping into each other...
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let-love-run-red · 10 months
So general consensus is Bruno looks a bit like Pedro did (Obviously a bit older)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
How similar do you think they looked when Bruno was Pedro's age?
Do you think Alma compared him to Pedro often?
Did she ever slip up and call him Pedro by accident?
Could she even look at her 26 year old son without seeing her late husband? -building from that do you think she looked him in the eye at all then?
Did Bruno start growing his hair out so he wouldn't look so similar?
Did he start to hate Pedro because his mother couldn't just see him?
Did he think he wasn't good enough, just because he wasn't his father?
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hectorisagoodboy · 10 months
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Omg...   Sorry for the extreme delay with the commissions, but it took me a while to get to create this crossover story! 😅
I really thought of everything! EVERYTHING! But the only way I found to carry this story forward and make them (Bruno-Hector) interact, was to set it in the Disney studios (where the various characters and worlds meet with their stories!).... 
Does that make sense? I don't know! 🤣 We will see...  See you soon with the second part! 
To be continued.... 
(Help it took me a lot of time! 🤣😅)
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I love you’re work!
My idea was maybe a feisty aunt (married to Bruno) that always looks out for Mirabel and her children who had “unwanted gifts”. Reader constantly is arguing with Abuela. Like when Mirabel and Abuebla reader is the one fighting Abuela and pointing fingers and all Bruno can do is watch in awe at his wife standing up for his niece and children.
I’m sorry if you don’t like it. I hope you do though!!
{Word Count: 3349}
{Warnings: Talks of mental anguish and abuse} 
When the name Madrigal circulated through the small tight knit community you called home, pride and respect followed along with it. The esteemed family held a hierarchy within the blessed Encanto, the name alone striking strength and unity into its people.  For years you grew up admiring the household and the unique mystical talents stored within the many walls. Everything about la familia Madrigal seemed to be a flawless fantasy, not a single toe stepped out of line. You never conceived the idea that one day you’d be granted a life merged between yourself and the prestigious family, it being too far-fetched to even formulate in your mind, but as fate decided you fell in love with a gorgeous gentle endearing man. A man beyond your years but still ripe for the idea of marriage and love. Your engagement sparked news around the town. The most eligible bachelorette, next to the Madrigals' own Isabela, promised to marry the last of the family's triplets. Your love sparked debates and rumors around the town about how Abuela Alma must have cuckolded you into the marriage some way or another, or how Bruno’s visions forced your hand into marriage, but none of it was true. You just deeply cared for the flawed broken man, a love that held no boundaries. You’d fallen madly truly and deeply in love with the short hearthrob but he wasn’t where your love stopped. You’d come to appreciate and love each and every member of his family. You gained two sisters, who loved you just as much as they did your husband, a collection of bright and talented nieces and nephews…and when the fates decided to once again bless you, two beautiful babies of your own came into your life. It felt as if you were living in a fairytale, surrounded by the unordinary. That’s what you wanted to tell everyone. It’s what you felt you NEEDED to tell everyone, but the truth of the matter was that la familia Madrigal was flawed, fractured and broken beyond what felt like repair. When you pulled back the beautiful rose-covered curtains and looked beyond the facade the Madrigal’s put on for the people of their Encanto, things weren’t what they seemed. 
Every day was a toxic trainwreck. Whose gift could be utilized for the good of the Encanto? Whose gift was burdensome and taxing?  This question usually found it’s answer buried in your husband’s lap. It sickened you the way Alma treated her family as if they were nothing more than tools for success. It’d been explained to you before by Mirabel herself why Abuela was so driven to run the family so flawlessly, but the logic behind the monarch's power trips didn’t sit right with you. 
“I understand that what your Mama went through was traumatic, I wouldn’t even wish it on an enemy, but it doesn’t excuse the things she says to you mi amor! You can’t just let her talk to you like that, you are worth so much more Bruno.”  
“I-I…She means well, I-I know she does…I think she does. I mean she is my mother, she wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t for the good of the family.” Bruno nervously laughed, his hands messaging the patch of exposed skin at the back of his neck. 
Truthfully speaking, Bruno didn’t know if what he was saying was true anymore. He’d always made excuses for why his mother was the way she was. He tried to justify her behaviors by reflecting on her traumatic past, but some days he didn’t even believe the things he said. 
Eventually as the hands of time ticked forward, the first of the two children you welcomed into this world received their gift. You and Bruno were both beyond proud to see the miracle Casita blessed your tiny family with, but the pride didn’t extend up your mother-in-law’s way. “What do we do with a gift like this? I should have expected such a gift to come from your child. What does this mean for the town? We can do nothing good with this gift! Think about the Encanto, think about our family!” Her tone was rigid and venomous, causing her son to shrink down in both shame and fear. 
You could feel the way your blood boiled, your fingernails digging into the soft flesh of your palm as you did your best to not say anything. It wasn’t working. You could feel the anger at the tip of your tongue. You watched as Bruno touched the tips of his index fingers together, his eyes casting anywhere but his mother’s. The way she made him look so small and weak broke your heart. “Enough! I don’t want to hear another word about this gift situation! What is done is done. Casita has bestowed a blessing to our baby, and the ONLY thing we should be thinking about is how to help them easily transition into life with this gift. I am sorry you didn’t get the perfect power you were hoping for, but they’re five years old, and terrified.” you barked, your typically soft gentle eyes hardening through the anger surfacing. Bruno’s heart twinged with a bit of relief and pride. He didn’t have the nerve to stand up to his mother like that, but he knew you were right. It sat heavy on his soul that he didn’t have the gall to stand up to his mother the way you did, but he was forever thankful you advocated enough for the both of you. You advocated enough for the entire family. There wasn’t one Madrigal in the home you wouldn’t go face Alma’s temper for.  
Pepa was known for her ability to control the weather. The issue? Her emotions tended to get the better of herself and tended to cause problems. It wasn’t her intention, it really wasn’t. But growing up with Abuela it was hard for her to be able to express herself properly. Even at the small age of five years old if Pepa cried, grew angry, or did anything out of line that wasn’t considered “perfect” to Alma all hell would break loose. Pepa wanted to improve. She really wanted to healthily control her emotes so they wouldn’t affect her powers as much, but it was hard. Luckily for her you happened to be great at helping her slowly regain control. Using the tips you used to use whenever you were upset or angry such as deep breathing and counting to ten Pepa found it easier to be less of a walking hurricane. Well that was until Alma stepped into the picture again. Even with everything you taught Pepa to do when her emotions got all crazy, Abuela always had her way to put Pepa in a state of mind that would cause destruction. 
You watched as the middle Madrigal triplet aggressively combed her palms over the copper strands of hair that wigged out of position on her thick braided ponytail. Her shoulders hunched close to her ears as she sat silently taking her verbal lashings, eyes casting down as she repented for the unsatisfactory weather she had been producing. “Do you have any idea what kind of weather you’ve been producing down the mountain? Snow! The Encanto isn’t prepared to deal with weather that extreme! We’ve talked about this before Pepa, you need to control your emotions better, we can’t have snow building up!” 
You gave a scoff, watching as Felix’s hands gently tried to swat the snow filled cloud away from his wife’s head, “She’s trying her best! Chur’ just lucky the snow isn’t 28 inches deep!”
“Well sometimes your best just isn’t good enough. I don’t care how you get this situation to stop, but I want it to stop, immediately!” Alma threatened, her voice crackling like the thunder that formulated in the clouds above Pepa’s head. “Figure it out.” 
You could feel the way your stomach spun as you listened to this argument play out. How could a mother talk this way to her own child? Stepping around the corner you intruded on a conversation that didn’t involve you whatsoever. It was one of the things Alma truly disliked about you. Avoiding the elder’s eye contact you gently situated your body alongside your husband’s sister, hands gently cupping hers. “I think that a little snow is beautiful, and has never hurt anyone before. Sure the cold can be a bit inconvenient and the snowfall does make things a little bit more difficult, but there’s a subtle beauty in the snow storm.” Your eyes casted from Pepa’s, which were damp and stained pink from the tears that were streaming down her cheeks, to Alma’s which boiled with anger and disgust. “I’d tell your precious Encanto to prepare for the inclimate weather because Pepa WILL feel whatever she wants to feel.” 
Felix’s eyes gazed over at you appreciatively, his wife’s index finger rubbing along her water line to clear the tears she had stored. “You’re feelings are important Pepa, don’t push them away. You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide how you feel just to please some people.” You could feel the way your Mother-in-law’s eyes burned into the back of your head, “Express the emotions you need Carina, we'll make sure the village can weather the storm.” Your interference might not have been requested, but it was most certainly appreciated. 
As time progressed the struggle to keep your heated opinions inside your mind felt like a chore. You could feel yourself growing resentful of the elder as you tried to navigate through her mental mindfields. How could you sit on the side and watch this woman tear the love of your life down, piece by piece until there was nothing but a husk left when she was done. It broke you to witness the way Bruno strived for his mothers approval. Typically you could lay dormant and stay out of their affairs, but you couldn’t rest idle any longer. “Another bad prophecy!...I don’t care what it is about, I don’t want to hear it! The Encanto needs good news! News for us to grow and prosper! I don’t know why you hate our familia so much and why you want to see our village suffer, but it needs to stop! Why can you never come to me with good news?”
You watched the way your husband's body shriveled in on itself, his typically bright and fun green eyes liquifying as he did his best to fight back the tears. She was right in his mind, everything said to him were the things he grew up hearing. They were cultivated in his brain, the seeds of self doubt and hatred growing. You could see the way his chest rose and fell with haste as he followed behind the woman trying to explain. You felt a set of tears welding in your own eyes as you watched the travesty unfold. “Mama, please. You have to listen to me, I-I know it’s bad news but I think-” 
“No! I don’t want to hear a single word from your mouth! I don’t care what you have to do with that vision but get rid of it! Go, I don’t want to hear any news from you unless it’s good news! We need good news.”  The woman snapped, her body swiveling on her heels. Her eyes were sharp daggers digging into your husband’s, the sheer anger behind them enough to make the man step back. It was enough. You couldn’t stand by quietly and listen to the argument anymore. “How DARE you say that Bruno doesn’t love this family. He ADORES this family!” you spat through gritted teeth, body moving to step between the two heated parties.
Your husband reached forward, hands trembling slightly as he moved to place a palm against the fabric of your shoulder. “Mi vida…please.” 
“No Bruno, I’ve had enough! I understand the traumas you've been through in your life Alma. Losing the love of your life immediately after giving birth to your children, losing your home the same day, I don’t discredit the strength you’ve had all your life. You’ve been such an amazing leader to our Encanto, but as a mother I can’t say the same.”
Bruno’s eyes begged you to show some mercy as his grip tightened on your body. “Y/N…”
Blinded by the downfall of your pent up anger and frustrations, the flow of truth couldn’t be calmed even by your husband’s pleas. “I want to know…Do you have just an ounce of regret for the things you say to your family? Do you realize the emotional damage you’ve inflicted on each and every member of our home? Isabela is terrified to be who she wants. You’ve been drilling the idea of perfectionism into her brain since she was five. Despite the way you’ve suppressed Pepa’s feelings throughout the years, Julieta doesn’t let herself feel a single thing. She’s too busy running rampant like a robot, functioning only in perfect mode. You expect so much from this family and it isn’t fair! “
Her features all pulled together scrunching the wrinkles on her face, a look of pure anger and disgust consuming her gaze. “You have no right to talk about how I run mi familia! If I had things my way, you wouldn’t be part of this family! All you do is cause problems around this casita! You-you think you’re helping everyone with these big talks and-and these crazy ideas! You are the reason this family is so divided! It started the day Bruno bought you into this house!” 
You could feel your heart chip as your eyes began to sting and water, tears of anger and sadness threatening to bombard your cheeks. You wanted to retort with some witty come back, some snide remark, but before you could another voice was already filling the air. “I don’t care what you think and say about me, but I will NOT let you talk to my wife like that! She has done nothing but try to bring our familia together, how dare you blame her for the problems we have. They’ve been here long before I bought her into this house. You may not want to hear it mama but….S-she’s right.”
Betrayal washed over Alma’s face as her hands clutched to her chest, the sight making you feel just a bit terrible for the approach you had to the situation. Admittedly you let your anger consume your vision and for that you felt shameful. While the woman in front of you had committed her fair share of wrong doings, you knew two wrongs didn’t make the situation right. You moved to step forward in an attempt to soothingly reach out for your mother in law's hand, understanding when her body closed itself away from you. A thick tension filled the room as the floor tiles began to chatter and shake, the house trembling as you returned back to your original stance alongside your lover.  The typical calmness of the house seemed to dissipate, a sense of unease settling in your gut. While the older woman stood, her eyes casted towards the grout as her hands clutched the black shawl draped over her fragile shoulders shut, the house’s discontent grew clearer. The walls began to convulse violently as words of hatred began to fall from Alma’s mouth. “Get out. I want you out of this house and out of my family! You are no longer welcomed in MY home!” 
Casita’s floors began to shuffle and shift, shoving you towards the door against your will. Bruno extended a hand out your way in an attempt to stabilize your body but casita worked tirelessly against him pulling the two of you apart. “Mi Vida! Mi Vida!” 
Panic stricken, your hand flies forward in a desperate attempt to reach out for your husband's palms, you unsure of what was happening. “Bruno!” You called back until finally your body was thrown into the rigid grass of the Madrigal lawn. It wasn’t a gentle toss, the fall leaving your body scuffed and bruised. Tears threatened to riot down your cheeks in a violent display of retaliation as you pushed yourself to your feet staring up at the house that was no longer yours. It was clear the town elder needed a chance to cool off, forcing you to spend the night back in your old family home, just at the edge of the Encanto. Your husband and children joined you just a few hours later, the sting of the family disaster still harboring freely in Bruno’s mind. While you had been reunited with your family, you still couldn’t help the way your heart weighed heavily at the thought of all the problems you’d created that day.
 In a change of pace, your love spent the remaining few hours of the day consoling you through the guilt that held your mind hostage. As your bodies morphed against one another in a bed that felt entirely too small, you let your ear rest against his chest. “Mi Vida, it’s not your fault, okay?….My mama was out of line. You were- I mean you’ve always been right. I let her get away with so much mistreatment. I think when things cool down, maybe we could possibly talk with Mamà…I know I’m not one for confronting problems , but this is a big one mi vida that needs to be handled properly. I think the fate of our family depends on you and Mama making up.” Your body tensed in thought, Bruno’s mind spiraling as he frantically tried to backpedal on his previous statement. “T-that’s not to say if you don’t make up with my mother I-I’m gonna leave or anything like that! I’d never leave you and the kids-I just- I meant to say our fate with my family I guess…” 
Relief flushed over your body as you let the small chuckle that bounced around in your throat pass through your lips. While his delivery might not have been impeccable the message your husband tried to portray was clear, you and the Abuela were in desperate need of a heartfelt conversation. Your body nuzzled closer to your husband, the youngest of your two children nuzzled between the two of you. “You're right mi amor…” your fingers gently brushed through the child's curls, fingertips gently unwinding them as they slept with their face crushed against your stomach. “I know my communication with your mother has been lackluster till this point, but I believe that we’re both capable of fixing the relationship we have,” you murmur. 
A flutter rippled through Bruno’s chest as he watched you interact with the child formed from the bond and devotion you shared. His lips pressed forward to leave a lingering kiss against your forehead. “Get some rest mi Vida. If you plan on talking to my mother tomorrow, you’re gonna need all your energy.” he huffed. 
He was right, talking with Alma would be the challenge, but it was a challenge you were willing to face head on for your family. As promised, as soon as the sun rose and your eyes wicked the sands of slumber from their ducts you were ready to talk. You typically prided yourself on your communication skills, but today you didn’t feel as confident voicing your opinions. Swallowing the breath you unintentionally held, you let your fist rap gently against the wide wooden doors of Casita. You half expected the house to lock it’s doors, but instead you were washed away by surprise as the doors widely opened without hesitation. You took the instant acceptance into the Madrigal home as a sign of good faith. You could tell that this talk would be a positive one. You couldn’t wait to clear the air and build a better relationship with the woman you once used to admire. It would be a long journey, but for your familia you were willing to do it. You’d always stand up for your family and do what was right, no matter what.
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found these im ✨screaming✨
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ricosbrainrot · 11 months
I like how the fandom collectively agrees that Camilo’s verse in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” came from when a five-year-old Camilo was getting a midnight snack and came across Bruno trying to steal food from the kitchen after he disappeared and Camilo was so shocked/scared his little body passed out
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marvolocore-library · 11 months
Por qué - B.M. x Male!Reader Drabble
Tumblr media
Req: No | Wc: ≈750
Pair: Bruno Madrigal x Male Reader; he/him
Fandom: Encanto (2021)
Synopsis: During Antonio Madrigal's gift ceremony, a man stumbles upon a secret opening in the wall hidden by a painting. When exploring the tunnel he finds a missing Madrigal.
Warning(s): None (Feel free to add any through my request box, my direct messages, or comment!)
Author's Notes: The reader can speak Spanish (sorry if I get something wrong in advance). Sorry for it being so short, I'm lacking creativity right now. This can be read as Gender Neutral for there aren't any gender indications.
Tumblr media
Upbeat music was playing, people were dancing, and individuals were drinking You had begun to have a small headache as you roamed the building, a red-purple drink sloshed around in a cup as you wandered down halls and into rooms. All you had wanted was a place of peace and solitude just so you can unwind.
You had chatted and spoken to many different people throughout the celebration. Mostly neighbors that we're asking how you were, how [Family Member] was, or just saying hi.
"Hey, [Name]." A feminine voice called, your head bent. It was Pepa, she was walking towards you wearing her traditional warm colors. Her sun earrings bobbed back and forth as she strode in your direction.
"¡Ah, Hola Pepa!" You exclaimed, going in for an embrace which she had returned.
"[Name], how have you been?" She asked, stepping back from the hug.
"Great, you?" You said, grinning.
"Good, I haven't seen you in quite a while! Félix, come here!" She yelled. A kind-looking dark-skinned Latino came forth from the buzzing crowd he had a nicely knitted yellow sweater, the sweater had red etchings on it.
"Hola, Félix," you said, outstretching my hand for him to shake. He gleefully took it and gave it a heartfelt shake.
"[Name]! I haven't seen you since forever!" He beamed.
You grinned back, "I know, we have some catching up to do!"
You chatted for a while before they had left off to go back to talk to Julieta. You left off again, walking down an upstairs hallway. The walls had paintings or photos hung on them, of the family mostly. You examined every other one, seeing their magnificently embroidered details.
Passing Abuela's room there were individual photos of each Madrigal. After walking and examining a bit more, you had stumbled upon a 'lose' painting. There were small bronzy colored hinges similar to a door and it gave a creak when opening. A hole in the wall was evident, but where it lead was a secret you had yet to know. It was just the perfect size for you to be able to clamber in, so you squeezed yourself into the gap and lead yourself down a narrow passage. Vaulting over obstacles and mounting up old wooden stairs. Honestly, you had no clue in the world you were following through with this. It felt like destiny and you had nothing better to do except mope around the Madrigal's Casita.
The walls were creased and seemed almost ancient with dust. Grime and muck were tucked in crevices, trailed up the walls, and spotted around the floor. You could hear the passing of rats, their small limbs clattering softly against the wooden floor. Cobwebs hung like tapestries along the wooden inner wall.
Letting urges lead you to where you had unconsciously wanted to go, you ended up at a door. After making prints in dust and rat feces with your sandals. After climbing through a hidden passage. After pouting around a hearty celebration, something told you to be where you stood–before a plain wood-plank door.
Noticing the light that oozed through the plank's spaces, you gave a strict but subtle knock. You could hear (surprised) shuffling and a hushed bawl behind the door, and then silence. You knocked again, silence. Deciding that you had nothing better to do, you invited yourself into the room.
It was mostly a mess, with key things being a table and a minuscule theater in front of an armchair. Then there was the small man standing in the corner with about chin-length curly black hair with barely noticeable grey streaks flowing randomly, he wore a green poncho with hourglass designs running down the sides. You looked quite shocked to see Bruno Madrigal, infamously known throughout the town cowering in a corner. I took you a minute to regain your composure and endeavor to be dominant in conversation–and not freak out.
He chuckled, wobbling profusely to stand up. He knocked his hip into a table and groaned before recollecting himself. “Eh, hello?” He said, “I don’t think you’re supposed to be here.”
"And why not?” Your eyebrow arched, eyes glinting at the man in front of you with curiosity. The man just kind of hobbled and looked away. “¿Por qué?”
"Because. . .”
You hummed, amused.
"Because this is my home and you’re trespassing."
You stifled a small laugh. "Alright. . ." You scanned him. ". .Señor Bruno. I’ll leave."
As you turned away from the door, he spoke up. “Wait!”
”Yes?” You mused, turning your head in his direction.
”Could you just stay for a bit? It’s kinda lonely and I don’t think you have many things to look forward to if you found me.” He said, eyes pleading.
”Alright, but just for a few minutes.”
”Thank you.”
Minutes turned into hours. . .
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Tumblr media
Haven’t watched Encanto yet, but I’ve seen quite a bit about him 
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monsterbride99 · 1 year
Villain!Bruno AU
I like to think that Mirabel's first visit with Bruno would be both a scary moment and a really tragic moment. Kind of like a mix of "Friends on the Other Side" and "Music of the Night" (without the romance).
Scary because Bruno in this AU is a 7 foot tall man with rats along his back and he's been squatting within Casita's walls for 10 years without anyone knowing (other than Dolores), and now he's taken Mirabel into his little room after making her faint out of fear.
Tragic because Bruno was wrongfully shunned and demonized by not only his family, but the entire community, and he sees Mirabel as the one family member who would see the injustice done to him and love him no matter what.
Imagine, if you will, Bruno introduces himself through the reprise song "They Don't Talk About Bruno" as this unhinged rat man with his little rat minions acting out scenes of his story. As the musical number closes to an end, Bruno is close to weeping. Moved by this display of sadness, Mirabel approaches his uncle and wraps her arms around him. Bruno shudders in surprise - it has been years since someone last hugged him, let alone touched him. Bruno finally cries, falling to his knees, clutching Mirabel tightly. She begins to cry too. Bruno notices and immediately wipes them away, comforting her. A tender moment between uncle and niece, both bound by their family's misunderstanding.
Little did Mirabel know is that Bruno wishes to end all magic, including Casita, in the hopes of saving everyone from a curse such as his. Even if it meant destroying the rest of the Madrigal Family.
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movetobiimos · 1 year
Bruno Madrigal x reader headcanons for how he would react if he found out (whether his child, the rats, or someone else told him) that someone was hitting on and bothering his s/o, despite reader telling that person several times that they are happy with Bruno? Reader didn’t tell Bruno because they didn’t want him to worry anymore than he normally does. How would he deal with this?
:: Please don’t worry. Bruno
Tumblr media
── worried bruno madrigal because someone was hitting on his s/o
── a/n: thank you sm for requesting!! Im so sorry if this took so long ahh but i hope you like this hehehe. Sending all my love to you!! (っ>///◡///<)っ 💚
Tumblr media
꒰ꕥ꒱ It all started when one of his rats told him about what was going on.
꒰ꕥ꒱ when he heard about how someone was hitting on his s/o he was scared.
꒰ꕥ꒱ He was obviously worried about them, like thoughts were running through his mind.
꒰ꕥ꒱ When his little companion told him that his s/o told them they were in a relationship, he still couldn’t help but feel concern.
꒰ꕥ꒱ Negative thoughts clouded his mind, various things were said.
꒰ꕥ꒱ Cue his s/o other coming home and asking he looks okay.
꒰ꕥ꒱ and they could tell he wasn’t-
꒰ꕥ꒱ “what’s wrong cariño, did you have a rough day today as well?”
꒰ꕥ꒱ And thats when he spilled what he heard, and of course this shocked his s/o because they didn’t want him to worry about this.
꒰ꕥ꒱ you could tell he was worried and you would apologize because you didn’t tell him. But the only thing you got was a silent response.
꒰ꕥ꒱ Bruno told himself that he shouldn’t worry because you told the person no so many times and manage to scare them away. But he couldn’t help it, like what happens if you go with them? What happens if the person was handsome and strong.
꒰ꕥ꒱ “Mi amor please don’t think too much about it, I told them no and said I was in a loving relationship with you..”
꒰ꕥ꒱ He was just staring at you-
꒰ꕥ꒱ “Ahh I see what’s going on. You think I’ll leave you for a man who isn’t my type, who isn’t attractive, cute, dorky-“
꒰ꕥ꒱ “NO! N-no, no, I wasn’t worried I was just thinking…Do you think I’m handsome…?” This made your heart burst because you knew this man felt self conscious about himself and his s/o couldn’t help but feel bad.
꒰ꕥ꒱ “You know I wouldn’t leave you for anyone here in this town. There is only one you and I’m so glad I have it. No one can replace you, so please don’t think negative about it. You deserve all the love cariño so here I am giving you all the love you want.”
꒰ꕥ꒱ He felt like he was about to cry, even with these kind words he couldn’t help but feel so happy. Someone can finally love him more than he can ever ask.
꒰ꕥ꒱ Now for special treatment him and his s/o will just cuddle throughout the day because you both had a bit of a rough day so this is your guys way of relaxing!!
Tumblr media
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let-love-run-red · 10 months
For Now
Tumblr media
Part 2: And Then
AN: There is an age gap here, Reader is 25 Bruno is 54, they did not meet until reader was 21 and didn't get together until reader was 24
This is just straight up fluff because I need this. I wrote this at 3 am and did not edit it thoroughly. Forgive my sins
AO3 link
Tumblr media
You woke up slowly. The room was dark and quiet, doing its best to lull you back to sleep. You squeezed your eyes shut, letting out a soft hum as you stretched. You weren't quite ready to get up yet.
You rolled over, seeing Bruno asleep beside you with his back to you. His salt and pepper black hair fell over his face and fanned across the pillow his head laid on. It trailed down his neck and brushed over his bare shoulders. You reached out and ran your hand softly over the bare skin of his back, leaving a trail of goosebumps in your trace. You reached up to brush Bruno's hair away from his face, leaning in to press a kiss to the back of his shoulder.
He stirred slightly, not fully awake yet, but still present enough to appreciate your affections. You draped an arm around his waist, taking one of his hands and lacing your fingers through his. You pulled yourself close against his back to press your bare chest against him. He was warm and safe as you felt his skin burn hot against yours. You peppered his back in soft kisses, working your way up to kiss his neck ever so gently, doing your best to wake him up.
"Some of us are still trying to sleep." He mumbled light-heartedly. You smiled against his skin, lowering your face to nuzzle your nose against his neck. He rolled onto his back and wrapped an arm around your shoulders to pull you into him. You rested your head on his chest, lifting your leg to drape it over his hips as he dragged his fingertips lightly across your shoulders. He was still half asleep, you could tell his deep breaths.
These were your favorite moments with him. The moments where the two of you would take a lazy mid-day nap together. You would fall asleep not necessarily in each other’s arms, but just enjoying the presence of one another. He was always so warm and safe, so welcoming. The white noise from the cascade of sand in his room was such a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of casita.
You'd met Bruno during the rebuilding of Casita. You had been friends with Isabela since the two of you were 18. So of course, when Casita fell and the Madrigal family was in need of help you rallied with the village to pitch in. You were beside the family the entire time, helping wherever you could. That was when you met Bruno. He was there, doing his best to swing hammers with Augustine and Felix.
You grew closer to him during the months it took to rebuild Casita and when it was finished you would come for dinner, the way you did before. But instead of sitting as close to Isabela as possible you found yourself inching closer to Bruno whenever you got the chance. And he would do the same. For years it was nothing but pining and longing for him, but never making a move.
Finally, you were cornered in the kitchen with him. He'd reached over you to grab something at the same moment you'd turned around, finding yourself face to face with him. You hadn't been able to resist it, he was right there, so close, he smelled like the beach and sweet like orchids. His warm breath puffed over your cheek, and his lips were slightly parted like he was considering it too. You stood like that for a moment before you'd leaned in to press your lips against his own.
Four years after, you found yourself sneaking into his room to share his bed, your bare skin pressed against his own while he fell asleep under you.
"Bruno, we have to wake up, dinner is soon." You muttered against his chest. You could hear his soft snores, though you couldn't tell if they were real or if he was pretending he was already asleep again. Occasionally you'd relent, let yourself fall back asleep in his warm embrace, but you had promised to have dinner with the entire family tonight.
There was a pause in Bruno's snores and you lifted your head to look up at him, seeing he had one forest green eye halfway open to see if you had bought into his lie.
"I knew you were awake." You teased as your face broke into a grin. He pressed his lips together as the corners of his mouth twitched upwards in a smile. You lifted yourself up enough that you could see his face while he tried not to giggle at you.
"Bruno I'm serious." You said again. You shifted your weight to one arm while you leaned back slightly. Bruno suddenly sat up enough to catch your shoulders and pull you against him. He kicked his leg over so he flipped the two of you. You were now on your back while Bruno braced his weight on his forearms above you. His long curly hair fell around his face, framing your own as well. All you could see was his sleepy smile and love-filled eyes.
"We have time." He said quietly, lowering his head to catch your lips in a kiss. You relented, the two of you moving in sync so easily. Like you were made for each other. He shifted his weight to one arm, cupping your cheek in his palm so gently, deepening the kiss as he moved his hips against your own. You felt him pressing against your core and let out a soft moan against his lips.
"Not that much time mi rey." You said, pulling away and pushing his hair away from his face and behind his ear. He let out a soft sigh, moving to press open-mouthed kisses against your neck, moving his way down to your shoulders and chest. He laid his head down in the center of your chest just above your breasts before he rested his weight on you.
You brushed his hair away from his face and he let out a soft hum against your skin. He ran his fingertips over the bare skin on your hips and down your thighs and you shivered at the light touch. You felt him smile against your chest and very gently tugged at his hair. He kissed your chest softly, his way of apologizing.
You laid like that for another few minutes, just listening to the other breath. Feeling his heart beating against you, rubbing his back gently while he rubbed circles on your hip with his thumb. You felt yourself slipping back into sleep, but reasoned that you had a few more minutes, it couldn't be that late anyway.
There was a knock on the door, so soft that you almost missed it. It must be Dolores; she was the only one to knock so softly. Bruno jolted from his half-sleep at the sound and lifted himself off you, tugging at the blanket to make sure it covered his hips and your chest.
"Y-yes?" He called. You reached up and brushed his hair behind his ear again, running your hand down his jaw and feeling the scratch of his stubble.
"Abuela wanted me to tell you dinner is in ten minutes." She called through the door, finishing with a small squeak.
"Ok thank you Dolores." Bruno called. You weren't sure if she had left, you couldn't hear much over the sand falling so you couldn't tell if she had left or not.
"We have to tell them eventually." He finally said, laying back on the bed on his side. You turned your head to watch him press another kiss to your shoulder. You lowered your head to press your forehead against his own and he turned to brush his nose against yours. You stayed like that for a few seconds.
"Let's just let them figure it out themselves." You mumbled. You didn't want people to know. Because as soon as people knew, it wasn't just the two of you anymore. Especially with the Madrigal's. They were a big family, a family that knew everything about each other, was involved in each other's business. You wanted it to stay between you and Bruno. There were no expectations right now, just love and pleasure.
"Cariño, you saw how that goes." He whispered against your skin. You let out a groan. You knew how it would go. About the same as it had gone when Mirabel found his vision tablet. But was it so wrong to want it to stay between the two of you?
"We don't have to deal with that now." He said, pressing another kiss to your neck before rolling over to stand from the bed. He got dressed quickly, picking up the comb from the dresser and fixing his hair in front of the small mirror on the dresser. You finally relented and stood from the bed, putting your clothes back on and moving to stand behind him. You wrapped your arms around him from behind, resting your head on his back. Eventually the family would have to know, you'd have to fess up to Isabela and he would have to tell Abuela, but for now, it was just the two of you.
I'm tagging my boo my bestie my babe @a-very-tired-raven because she too is a Bruno simp and I told her I was writing this a bit ago lmao
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capypub · 7 months
prompt 14 pretty please ? :)
#14 “I’m not jealous! It’s just, you’re mine!”
Rating: M (contains mature content, readers agree they are 18+ by continuing to read)
          She watched her lover, betrothed actually, talk to the woman at the jewelry booth she currently occupied. What had started out as Bruno wandering over to ask a question about a necklace that caught his eye had now turned into a twenty minute conversation with more hair twirling and flirtatious giggling directed towards her soon-to-be-husband for her comfort. 
          Of course, her sweet lover was oblivious to what was going on, still having trouble recognizing when his own pareja tried to flirt with him, and they were engaged! She huffed, glaring daggers at the pretty jewelry woman who currently held Bruno’s attention. He sported a small, polite small, happily engaging in the conversation as if this woman wasn’t eyeing him like her next meal. 
          She finally decided she’d have enough when the other woman reached out and touched Bruno’s forearm, laughing at something he had said with more enthusiasm than probably necessary. Calmly crossing the plaza, his lover approached the booth with the natural grace he fell in love with, stopping beside him and greeting him with a sweet smile and kiss on the cheek. 
“Almost ready to go, amor?” she asks, lacing her fingers with his, her left hand lightly grasping the sleeve of the hand she held, subtly showing off the engagement ring.
“Claro, mi cielo,” he nodded, still getting flustered at times when she gave him public displays of affection, but loving every time she did, “thank you, señora, for your help,” he said to the vendor who know sported a small scowl. 
          As they moved away from the booth, Bruno lightly slipped his hand from hers, opting to hook his arm over her shoulders, pulling her closer so that he could whisper to her as they made their way out of the crowded market. She preened at his actions, eager to be closer after getting so worked up about the jewelry woman.
“You’re cute when you’re jealous,” he commented quietly, his lips brushing the shell of her ear as he spoke. 
She scoffed with a smirk. “What do you mean?” 
He responds with a similar scoff to her own. “You have a very threatening energy when you want to, amor, especially when you’re jealous.” he chuckled, kissing the side of her head. 
“I’m not jealous!” she clarified with a growing blush and defiant pout, “it’s just, you’re mine!” she huffs sullenly, avoiding his amused grin. 
“You’re right, mi amor, I am yours in every sense of the word, body, mind and soul, as you are mine,” he agreed, kissing her temple, “so what could possibly be the reason for working yourself up over another woman, hm?” he asked, keeping his eyes forward as he maneuvered them past bustling shoppers and running children. 
“I…I don’t know, I just…don’t like other women looking at you like that,” she hesitates, “especially when they’re…prettier and, um,more mature,” she murmured.
“Wait, what? What are you talking about, amor?” Bruno questions, completely surprised by where the conversation had gone so quickly, “How long have you felt like this?” he asks her softly, leading them away from the crowded street, opting to walk behind the buildings through the narrower street and alleyways. 
“Since we met, Bruno, it’s…hard not to worry when your soon-to-be husband is over ten years older than you, and,” you emphasized, “comes from the most prominent family in the region,” she added, finally coming to a stop and turning away from him, blinking back frustrated and embarrassed tears.
“Oh, mi dulce niña,” Bruno sighs, his chest aching at the sight of his love upset.
“It’s just,” she continues, her voice soft but sharp, “women like her are what people expect you know? Your mother would love go marry her son off to a well-established, mature woman who can make a home and instead, he’s going to marry…some little girl,” she sighs, running her hand through her hair, tensing when Bruno placed his hands on her shoulders and backed her up until she connected with the wall of the building that hid them from the busy crowd just on the other side. 
“Corazón, you’re my world, mi cielo, mi vida,” he said, leaning towards her, using his hips to pin hers down, stroking her jaw lovingly as he ghosted a kiss on her temple, then her nose and finally her mouth, “no one else could ever make me feel the things you do,” he adds before kissing her fully this time, her hands coming to grip his shoulders and hold her to him. 
          Bruno kept her pressed into the wall, his hands wandering her body, barely lingering for more than a moment on one part. She sighs as they kiss, relaxing into his embrace as his hands trace her waist. She chokes on a breath when his hands find her behind, gripping her cheeks firmly as he lifts her up, hooking her legs around his waist and holding her to the wall.
“Bruno!” she gasps, her voice hushed as he held her so provocatively in public. 
“Mi amorcita, I can’t help myself,” he says hoarsely against her mouth, his lips creating a wet trail from her own to where her neck and shoulder joined, “just thinking about you makes me so desperate to taste you, mi favorite bombón,” he groans gruffly, sucking at the skin over her pulse, feeling her legs squeeze around his hips at his ministrations. 
“Bruno, s-someone could see us, amor,” she attempts, even as her hands lace through his curls and tug, eliciting a deep groan from him.
“Let them,” he mutters against her skin, “let them see who you belong to,” he adds, bringing one hand to her chest, softly massaging the flesh through the material of her blouse.
            She moans softly, her eyes closing as she loses her sense of reason to his touch, becoming pliant and submissive as he toyed with her nipples and sucked a deep bruise just below her collarbone. He’s waiting for her to fully submit, waiting to hear those words that will signal she’s given into her lust. He kisses her again, hungrily assaulting her mouth with skilled practice. She’s starting to breathe heavier, her own hands beginning to wander under his shirt. 
“Bruno, por favor, I can’t,” she chokes out, her head thrown back as he nips and sucks at her earlobe and the soft skin right below it. 
“What do you need, mi amorcita?” he asks, already knowing, just needing to push her that last step so he could ravish her and worship her like the goddess she is to him. 
“I need you,” she whined, her nails digging into his lower arm as bits her lip. 
“You need me?” he teases with a smirk, “what do you need from me, querida?” 
“Please,” she whines, her eyes heavy and dilated with lust.
He arched his brow, waiting. “Hm?” he questions, squeezing her hip. 
“P-please…papí, I need you,” she cries in frustration, pressing her body into his , feeling his half-hardened length press into her thigh through their close. 
Bruno chuckled darkly. “Of course, princesa, your papí will always take care of you,” he said lowly in her ear, immediately spinning her around to press her chest into the wall, bringing her hands to brace against the cold stone, “be good and don’t get us caught,” he directs her, visually sweeping their surroundings before lifting the material of her skirt up, bundling it in his fist while simultaneously undoing his own belt.
        She makes small, desperate noises, arching her back in a weak attempt to grind against his leg. He pinched her behind, making her gasp and tense up. She squeezed her eyes shut when she felt the swollen head of his cock press against her wet folds, her lips parted as she sighed in satisfaction after he’d sheathed himself fully. 
“Ah, que fuerte,” he grunted, resting his forehead on her shoulder blades as he waited for her to adjust to the intrusion, struggling to hold himself back from losing himself in the heavenly, warmth and wetness of her. 
“Please, papí, I need you to fuck me,” she whispers as he buries his face in her neck and begins to rut slowly. 
        Bruno has to bring his hand up from squeezing her hip to cover her mouth, worried that her noises might attract curious eyes. She’s squeezing him so nicely not long after he’d set a steady pace, her walls fluttering around his length as she whined and panted into his palm, her cheek pressed into the cold wall. He doesn’t stop until she’s going rigid and trying to push him off, her whole body trembling as he worked her through her release, his own climax approaching, the added risk of their actions only adding to his lust. 
“Be good for me, amorcita, I’m almost there,” he groans into her ear, sloppily kissing along her neck as his pace intensified, chasing his end. 
“Ah! Fuck, papí, feels so good,” she moans after he released her mouth, both hands coming down to grip her waist and drive himself roughly into her, his nails digging deep into her skin as he feels himself teetering on the edge of his release. 
“I’ll be good, papí, I’ll be so good for you,” she eagerly insists, moaning into her own hand when he gives a final low grunt and releases his seed deep into her.
“Oh, mierda, I’ll never be tired of that,” he laughs after catching his breath, helping readjust her clothes as she struggles to stand on shaking legs. 
“I love you,” she cooed once they were both presentable again. 
“I love you too, mi amor, forever, please talk to me if you ever experience such doubts again, I will gladly remind you how special and wonderful you are, day or night,” he insisted, kissing her passionately, another demonstration of his love that had her swooning and completely enamored by her strange and amazing lover, soon-to-be-husband.
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acewithapaintbrush · 8 months
I read about a tradition in Spain that was just perfect for a small "Encanto Easter Story" because I could finally use my headcanon that Bruno is the godfather of every single grandchild. 
Please enjoy some wholesome good Tio Bruno content:
Easter mass is finally over. The church had been packed, like it always is on Domingo de Pascua, and for Bruno the service had been peaceful and nerve-wrecking in equal measures. He had spent the entire time gripping the cross hanging around his neck to keep from knocking on the wooden bench and disrupting the sermon. 
Nerves shot or not: Bruno had missed this. The singing and the praying and the stillness in between. 
He had not missed the side eyes and the occasional whisper directed his way. But that's just the way things have always been. No matter how much more decent the villagers have been treating him these past couple of months, he will always be an oddity, the unknown and mysterious and sometimes scary seer of the Madrigals. 
Bruno can deal with that, especially with his family by his side. Mirabel holding his hand and Dolores leaning against his shoulder, Camilo occasionally leaning forward to make funny faces at a bored Antonio until Felix scolds him and tells him to pay attention to the Padre. 
Yes. He can deal with anything.
But mass is over and they have returned to Casita. Bruno feels a silver of apprehension and fidgets with his ruana (a nice one, the one he only wears to church). Julieta seems to have picked up on his nervousness, because she bumps his shoulder and smiles at him. It always surprises him how much those little affirmations can boost his confidence. With a deep breath he nods at her and hurries into the kitchen to gather the surprise he has prepared for the children. 
The Mona de Pascua, the traditional Easter cake that is passed from the godfather to his godchildren to be shared, sits just as wobbly and misshapen on its plate as it did last night. Bruno had insisted on making it himself, without Julieta's help. Seeing it now, he kinda wishes that he'd accepted her offer. It is not round at all and the chicken he'd tried to form out of chocolate to be placed on top looks more like a chicken that has been run over. 
The kids will probably hate it. 
"Ay hermanito. It doesn't look so bad." 
Bruno gives Pepa, who has followed him into the kitchen, the stink eye. "The fact that you need to tell me that tells me everything I need to know." 
Pepa snorts and ruffles his hair. He hates when she does that (no he doesn't) and ducks away from her. 
"Well it looks… unique?" 
Bruno scowls at the cake. It's the first one he's made since his disappearance so of course he is out of practice. But that's exactly why he had wanted it to be extra special. 
Sometimes he still can't believe that his sisters have made him the godfather for all of their children. Hard to believe that everything had started because of an innocent promise in their teens, either. When a nervous Bruno had sat his sisters down to tell them that he doubts that he will ever want children of his own. 
He had been worried and scared, unsure of how his sisters, who were already discussing baby names at the tender age of 16, would react. But he shouldn't have worried. They had simply declared that, in that case, he would make the perfect godparent for their own children. They had promised him that the first born grandchild would be his to spoil rotten. As is the job of every godparent, apparently. 
When Julieta had given birth to Isa first, Pepa had been so distraught that Bruno had offered to be her child's godfather as well. One more wouldn't make such a big difference. 
By the time Luisa had been born, the villagers had started to call him "Bad Luck Bruno", had started to curse his name and had insisted that he was bringing nothing but misfortune to everyone and everything he touched. 
Julieta had placed baby Luisa into his arms and had said "None of that is true. Don't believe a single word they say. I trust you with my second child as well, Brunito. Always remember that when it gets too much." 
When Camilo had been born, Pepa had followed her sister's example and Mirabel a few months later had just felt like the next logical step. 
Godfather to four beautiful sobrinas and a sobrino. Bruno had been so happy. Every time he'd felt like the words of the villagers were getting to him, he had just remembered his sister's words instead and had gathered them all close for a tight hug. 
Looking at Pepa now, smirking at his sorry cake, he just regrets that he wasn't around for Antonio's birth as well. 
"Listen, Pepa. I know I'm not Tonito's godfather, but I would like to include him as well. I don't want him to feel left out and I kinda consider him mine as well, you know, so I just thought that-" 
"What are you talking about?" Pepa interrupts his rambling. "Of course you are Antonio's godfather."
"Wait. I am?" 
"Yeah. Well, not 'officially' with the church. We had to make Julieta the godmother to get the baptism done but we left the space for the godfather blank and later put you down as his godfather in our will. Hey, maybe we could ask the Padre to repeat the ceremony or whatever you do when you want to add a godfather later on."
"I'm not sure that's even possible." 
"Oh well. No matter. Like I said, we put it down in our testament and it's not like Juli would challenge you about this."
Bruno can only stare at his older sister. "But why? I was… gone."
Pepa grimaces. She doesn't like to be reminded of that time. None of them particularly do. "You are the godfather for all of our children. I wasn't going to change that just because you weren't… around." Suddenly she turns away and her shoulders start to shake. Just the tiniest bit. "Not making you the godfather would have felt like giving up. And no matter what you might think, I never gave up hope that you would come back one day. One day my little brother would return and he would be the most wonderful godfather to my youngest, just like he'd been to all of them. I just had to believe that, or I would have… I would have-"
Bruno wraps his arms around his sister from behind and buries his face between her shoulder blades. Pepa exhales shakily, grips his arms and lowers her head. 
"I will Pepi! I won't ever disappoint you again. I will take good care of Antonio and the others." 
"I know you will."
They stand like that for a long time until the children all stumble into the kitchen. Bruno and Pepa break apart and he can see her inconspicuously wipe away some tears. Before the kids can notice and question her, he takes the plate and holds it up with a flourish. As if it doesn't hold the most sad looking cake anyone has ever seen. 
"Felices Pascuas!" 
None of the children laugh when they see their special cake. In fact, they are all delighted and every one of them demands the biggest piece. In the end Bruno gives it to Antonio, since it is his first one. There is some grumbling but they are good kids and congratulate their smallest on his big serving. 
And as Bruno finds himself surrounded by all six of his godchildren and sharing the Mona de Pascua with them, he can't help but smile. 
It tastes a lot better than it looks. 
Please accept some artistic freedom when it comes to how baptism and godparents work. Let's just say that the Encanto is a closed community and it got its own rules.
Happy Easter!
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