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Hey do you guys think Bruno feels even lonelier and more left out than he already feels when the Madrigals eat outside and he can’t join them behind the little crack?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like imagine him sitting down, waiting for the family to get together for a meal but no one shows up and he goes “ah… must be a sunny day outside…It’s good that Pepa’s happy!” and just eats alone or doesn’t eat at all because he doesn’t care about the food he just cares about feeling included
Tumblr media
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Te Deseo Lo Mejor(pt 6)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C Angst/Sexy Smutty Spice in the Walls/ Grab a SNACK
Tumblr media
“Ay, Dolores ya! Enough about the noises please. Ya lo dije, it’s the rats!”
“But Mamá, I think know the difference between rats and footsteps by now. And these were footsteps! Kind of like how Tío Brun-"
Thunder cracked over Pepas head and she turned towards her daughter with wide eyes, who held her hands over her ears. Pepa sighed and quickly shooed the cloud that formed over her head away.
“Lo siento, lo siento.” She said, taking in a deep breath and rubbing Dolores's ears to ease the pain she knew she was feeling from the crack of the thunder.
“Mija, you know how sensitive that topic is to Abuela and Tia Valeria, si? We don't talk about . . Well, just try to ignore it, hm?" Said Pepa. She glanced above her head, sighing in relief as the cloud finally disappeared.
Dolores sighed, tired of her family not listening to her-yet she was forced to listen to everyone else. Shrugging in defeat, she brushed past her mother and out the kitchen, bumping into Valeria in the process. Julieta was close behind her, as she was helping her bring supplies back from town.
"Ay, Sorry Dolores!" Valeria said, shifting the paper bag to one side and quickly fixing Dolores's small bow on her head that nudged a bit out of place. Dolores shook her head and gave her a small sad smile.
"Estás bien?" Valeria asked grabbing Dolores's chin softly, noticing her brows turn down into a sudden frown. But she looked up at Valeria nervously, as if she wanted to tell her something, but quickly nodded her head.
"Y-yes!" she squeaked out and quickly shuffling past her Tias in a hurry. Valeria turned towards Julieta, but her sister in law just shrugged, not knowing what was wrong either. As the two of them made their way into the kitchen, Pepa sighed in relief.
"Ay, please tell me you brought the wine!" she said, leaning against the counter. Valeria smiled mischievously and reached into the paper bag, pulling out a large wine bottle and waving it heartily.
"Eso!" cheered Pepa, a small rainbow appeared over her head as she bounced around in place happily. Julieta sighed as she placed her bag on the counter.
"Pepa, please don't over do it. You know how you get, cuando bebes demasiado." she said, as she began taking some of the groceries out. Pepa rolled her eyes and huffed.
"Julieta, come on. Mama will be at the Guzmán's tonight and the men will be at that silly horse race. It's the perfect night for Las Mujeres de Casa Madrigal to let loose!" she said excitedly. Valeria chuckled and headed over next to Julieta to help her unpack.
"Ay, Help me here muñeca!" said Pepa, pulling on Valeria's sleeve and pouting. She started to notice where Camilo got that from.
"I think . . " Valeria started, glancing over at Julieta who raised a eyebrow at her, a slight smile on her face. Pepa's eyes peered up at Valeria impatiently as her grip tightened around her sleeve.
"Quiero emborracharme esta noche." Valeria said firmly. Julieta rolled her eyes, but couldn't help the chuckle that escaped her lips as Pepa happily danced around them both and hugging Valeria's side tightly.
"And the kids?" asked Julieta placing her hands on her hips, once Pepa settled down. But she just shrugged and waved her hand.
"Ah, you know Luisa and Isa can handle them! Come Valeria, I can finally wear that red lipstick I've been telling you about!" said Pepa as she pulled Valeria away from the vegetables she was happily putting away. Valeria let out a laugh as Pepa led her up the stairs. Letting that familiar warmth, that she hadn't felt in a while, finally seep into her chest .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"And that's when - Hiccup!- I accidentally shot lightning on Félix's culito! Right after he asked me to marry him! Gritó tan fuerte! "
Pepa's head tilted back as she laughed loudly, accidently spilling some of her wine on the floor as she swayed, Casita helping her balance by shuffling the tiles under her feet a bit. The red lipstick she was excited about not too long ago was smeared all over her mouth, and her hair was loose and frizzed out in all directions, her headband long tossed to the side as she twirled around.
"Ay, Sorry Casita!" She said with a giggle, the rays above her head shining brightly in the dimly lit living room. Julieta and Valeria held on to their stomachs, bending over from sweet laughter as Pepa continued on with her story, dramatically mimicking her husband and prancing about the room.
Valeria had lost count of the cups of wine she drank, letting herself go and feel the buzz of the sweet liquor that melted against her mouth as a rosy tint appeared along her nose and cheeks. Julieta found herself losing count as well, often leaning over to Valeria's side and snorting louding as she watched her sister, her cheeks redder than hers.
Soon enough Pepa grew fatigue with jumping about the living room and plopped down on the floor in front of Valeria and Julieta on the couch.
"Muñecaaa, sing us that song you used to sing! The one about the Brujita!" She asked, after catching her breath. Valeria slumped back against the couch shaking her head with a giggle.
"No, no! " she exclaimed, bringing her hands up to cover her face as she giggled. Julieta nudged her head against Valeria's arm, and nodded.
"Si, Si! Cantar! Pepa sucks at singing! Ella canta como una ganso! Ha! Ha! -Oops!" said Julieta with a chuckle, as she clamped her hand over mouth.
"Oye!" said Pepa, lifting her head up from her spot on the floor, to playfully glare at her sister.
"Ya, Ya!" Valeria said, laughing. Julieta and Pepa turned and began to stare at her with bright drunken smiles on their faces, waiting for her to start. Valeria paused, making them think she wasn't going to sing, before dramatically lifting her arms.
"Ay que bonito es volar! A las dos de la mañana! A las dos de la mañana! Y ay que bonito es volar, ay mama!"
Pepa and Julieta cheered happily and began singing along with her, clapping their hands and standing up to sway around the room.
"Volar y dejarse caer! En los brazos de tu hermana! En los brazos de tu hermana!" Y hasta quisiera llorar!"
Valeria had grabbed the almost empty wine bottle to use as her personal micrófono and stood up on the wooden coffee table, Casita lifting the tiles to give her a bit of a boost, as she continued to belt out alongside her hermanas that happily dance around her.
"Me agarra la bruja y me lleva a su casa, me vuelve maceta y una calabaza!"
On into the night they sang different folk songs and danced until the three of them grew wary and slumped back down onto the couch. Valeria's eyes grew heavy, as Julieta snuggled her head on her lap and Pepa slouched up against the couch on the floor. Soon enough they all had fallen into a quick slumber. Nothing but the soft creaking of the Casita and the soothing winds outside sounding off into the night.
A sharp pain in Valeria's back from the awkward position she was in on the couch, had woken her up a few hours later. She tried forcing her eyes back shut, but her mouth was so dry and she desperately needed a glass of water.
Carefully lifting Julietas head off her lap, Valeria quietly tipped toed around Pepa's loud snoring form. But it had gotten so dark, she could barely see where she was going.
"Casita, por favor, help me to the kitchen." she whispered, turning back to make sure Julieta and Pepa were still sleeping. There was a faint nudge against her foot and after that another tile lightly bounced and a small trail started forming so Valeria could make her way out.
She followed along with the tapping of the tiles, not noticing that Casita was leading her away from the kitchen and towards the walkway of the brightly lit different doors of each of the gifted Madrigal rooms. Valeria lifted her head once she noticed the shining glitter of the rooms, and squinted down at the floor.
"I said the kitchen, silly." she mumbled, rubbing her eyes as she turned around, but froze once her eyes found a pair of green glowing orbs floating across from her on the other side of the walkway of the rooms. Her heart skipped a beat as she recognized the familiar orbs, but she harshly began rubbing her eyes, thinking it was the alcohol fooling her imagination. But when she dropped her hands, the green orbs were still staring back her with. But they quickly began moving away from her and towards the back of the walkway towards a plain painting that was hung up at the end of the wall.
Valeria felt the ground beneath quickly shift her, as the tiles quickly moved her to follow the retreating green orbs before the could escape. Soon enough she was in front of a hooded figure, blocking the painting in front of them that they seemed to be heading towards.
The hooded figure was out of breath and began to walk backwards away from her as she tried to reach up and pull the hood down, but they tripped backwards by one of the tiles that Casita perched up purposely to stop them. Valeria watched as they fell with a loud grunt, the hood slipping off the head, completely revealing a messy head of black curls that she was all too familiar with.
Valeria's hands were trembling and the effects of the alcohol that she had consumed seem to have completely burned off as anger began bubbling inside her, replacing the drunken happiness she had felt earlier that night, as she stared down at him.
His breath quickened as he stared up at her in a panic. The tiles under him lifted him up to fully stand in front of her. His breath brushing against her face as she stared back at him in shock.
But the sound of one of the children's shining doors began to creak open. Bruno forced his eyes away from her and he quickly tugged her arm to pull her away from the front of painting she was blocking, lifting it quickly and dragging her inside with him, covering her mouth in the process so she wouldn't give the both of them away.
Dolores had peeked her head out of her door and glanced around rubbing her sleepy eyes, before shrugging and turning back into her room.
"It's just the rats, it's just the rats. . . "
Bruno had taken Valeria deep into the walls of the home as she grumbled against his chest, pushing and shoving his head and arms for him to release her. When he had finally felt he was deep enough in his hideout for no one to hear, he set her down let his hand go from her mouth. But she began to yell out a curse and he quickly clamped his hand over it again with a sigh.
"Shh! " he hissed. Valeria shook her head aggressively against his calloused hand, wanting to yell out again, but her throat began to burn and her eyes blurred as tears began springing from her eyes as she glared up at the man she once called her husband. Bruno's eyes widened as he watched the tears spring from the corners of her eyes and on to the back of his hand.
"N-No, V-Valeria-"
But Valeria shoved him away and started pounding your fists on his chest over and over again as hot tears streamed down her face. He just stood there, letting Valeria take her anger out as she silently cursed under her breath. Bruno’s head hung low as she pushed and shoved his chest with all her strength.
“M-maldito, Mentiroso-"
She wanted to hurt him. She wanted him feel as empty as she felt the night he ripped himself away from her.
“Te odio, Te odio! No quiero verte nunca más!” Valeria choked out with as much venom as she could muster. She reached to punch his chest again, but he grabbed her arms firmly, stopping her in place.
“No me dejas eso-" he muttered under his breath. "Please. . "
“No-No, you don’t get to tell me that.” she said, trying to free her arms from his grasp.
“Dejarme!” She growled, as the anger continued to rise in her. Bruno finally lifted his head up, his glowing eyes angrily boring into hers. Valeria tried to wrestle free from his grip, but he held her in place, pushing her body against the wall and lifting her hands over her head so she couldn’t hit him again. But she began kicking at his legs, but he was already spreading hers apart with his knees for her to stop.
"Tate quieto-" he warned. But Valeria shook her head, too stubborn to let her anger rest.
“Dejarme-" she choked out, twisting her wrists against his clutch, they began to burn at how hard he was holding them. But Bruno just leaned in closer to her, his breaths hot and heavy on her mouth.
Bruno closed the space between them and kissed her mouth desperately. Valeria tried to move away as his lips attacked hers, cursing into his mouth, but she could no longer deny her body’s longing to have her husband's body back with hers.
Valeria gave in, letting her lips move with his as if he never left.
He let go of her hands, letting them drop from above her head. She instantly wrapped them around his neck, her hands rushing through his dark curls and pulling him closer. Moaning in his mouth as he sneakily edged his tongue between her teeth to tangle with hers.
“You’ve -been-drinking…” he said between sloppy wet kisses as he tasted that familiar twinge of alcohol on her tongue.
Of course he knew she had been, he had watched her sing and laugh with his sisters the whole night from behind one of the small vents in the living room with a giddy smile on his face.
“Gracias a ti. . .” Valeria said meanly against his mouth.
His hands roamed down the sides of her body and lifted her higher against the wall, yanking her legs up to wrap around his waist.
“Te amo-" he said as he pulled back to trail his kisses on her chin and down her neck.
“Te quiero-Te quiero, Mi preciosa mujer -" he mumbled against her skin, desperately nipping and sucking her sweet spots that he had memorized all too well.
“B-Bruno-" she breathed his name, he sighed happily against her neck.
“Si, mi vida- I’m here, I’m here- lo siento. . . Lo siento.” His lips ghosted over hers once more, his luminous eyes shining on her face. He wiped the tears that were stained against her cheek, glancing down at her swollen lips before attacking them once more.
He tightened his hold around her and guided them both to the small cot on the ground, laying Valeria down gently and hastily removing his ruana. His tender kisses never ceasing as he hovered over her body, his hands roaming under her skirt and tugging on the waistband of her undergarments.
“Quiero probarte..” he murmured against her neck as he made his way lower, practically begging . Valeria's mind raced and the air around her was so thick and hot, her eyes could barely focus on Bruno's form. His glowing eyes and the small crack of the wall letting the moonlight in were the only source of light in the small space. It was all happening so fast and felt as though the room was spinning.
Valeria's fingers tugged on Bruno’s hair roughly to get his attention and he groaned in response, looking up at her with wide eyes when he noticed her uneasy breathing.
“D-Do you want me to stop?” His asked, his voice cracking in between. She managed to shake her head no, pulling his mouth back up closer to hers.
“I wanted. . . to make sure. . I wasn’t .. dreaming this. .” she said breathy against his mouth. The corners of his lips turned up in a lopsided smile and he kissed her lips again softly before lowering his head once more.
“I didn’t want to leave. ." She heard him whisper against her stomach. His hands lifted her shirt a bit, just so he could nip the skin, trying to inhale as much of her as he could.
“But I couldn't take it anymore. . . las malas visiones." He said between kisses. Valeria's brows furrowed, wanting to respond as the cracked vision board she found all those nights ago flashed across her mind. But he had made his way back between her legs, her skirt now lifted around her waist as his fingers ghosted over the waistband once more, tugging them down softly. Pulling her lingering questions away from her mind.
Valeria sucked in a deep breath as the cold air hit her center. But Bruno leveled his face in front, his hot breath hovering over. Her hips rolled upwards slightly, as her core ached to be touched by him and him only.
He reached his head over her inner thigh to give it a chaste kiss, before bending down once more, taking a long sweet lick to her slit. Valeria moaned loudly, but Bruno quickly lifted one of his hands up to cover her mouth, his face still buried between her legs as licked and sucked her sweet flower.
"Lo siento querida, but you have to keep quiet. ." he said against herr sweetness , his eyes flickering up at her. Valeria furrowed her brows in annoyance as she glared down at him.
"Please?" his breathed, hot on her core. She huffed and nodded reluctantly. He gave her an adoring smile, before burrowing his head in between her thighs once more. The faint green glow disappearing between her legs.
She bit down on his fingers, trying to muffle her moans as his tongue flickered against her bud. Her wetness filling him with content as he darted his tongue against her, his two green orbs looking up at her from between her legs to watch, as she squirmed against his mouth. His pulled his hand from her mouth and let them snaked around each of her thighs, pulling her closer when she flinched away.
"Y-Ya, B-Brun- Ay- P-Papi-" Valeria clasped her hands over her mouth as she rocked against his mouth. He moaned into her at the sound of the nickname she rarely used for him, the vibrations of his mouth sending shockwaves into her body. She rocked against his head, her legs squeezing around him as she released into his mouth. He gave one last kiss to her heat and lifted himself up, kissing her deeply letting her taste herself on her lips.
Her hands wandered through his hair as he kissed her, his hands frantically pushing down his pants, as he grinded himself against her entrance as she wrapped her legs around his waist again. He moaned into her mouth, slowly pushing himself into her sweet entrance. Valeria ignored the slight pain, as she hadn't been touched by him in weeks, her body had begun to grow used to his absence.
The both of them stayed there for a moment, as Bruno pulled back from her lips to look down at her flushed face, letting her adjust around him. That empty feeling that he had ripped from her was slowly fading as their bodies melted within eachother like a puzzle piece crafted from heaven itself.
But she didn't want Bruno to take so much control so soon. So she pulled him to the side and rolled on top of him, not breaking the connection they formed as her hands pressed down on his chest, forcing him to stay on his back.
"Ay, coño cariño ." moaned Bruno, as he stared up at her, his glowing eyes hazed with lust as his hands found there way to her thighs, gripping them in place. Valeria smiled lazily down at him and began rocking, his hips immediately matching her movements as she let her head fall back, letting him fill her center that had been droughted without his love.
Bruno let out a whimper as he tried to lifted himself up to hold her closer. But she kept pushing him down onto his back as she continued to rock against him. Still wanting to have the upper hand as that small bubbling anger began poking the back of her mind again. Remembering how he left her that dreadful night.
She felt her body twitch at the overstimulating pleasure of having her beloved inside her once more. She hunched over him, her chest was so close to his face, the necklace around her neck kept brushing against his nose. Valeria's eyes peered over to her wedding ring on her finger that shined against his chest. His glowing eyes reflecting on the gold band beautifully as she desperately chased her second release. Bruno snatched her wedding hand and lifted it up to his lips, kissing it over and over as he rocked against her.
“Te A-amo, T-te -ah - Amo-” He groaned against her fingertips as he frantically thrusted up against her , begging for her to say it back. But Valeria continued on stubbornly not wanting to respond.
A wave of euphoria washed over them both, as they blended together in a heat of sweet and sticky release. Moaning into each others mouths as she pressed her lips back to his face to give him a heated kiss. When she pulled back, Bruno’s eyes were already fading back to their normal color.
Valerias eyes gazed into his as she tried to catch her breath. Finally being able to touch the outline of his face and trace the smallest details, like freckles along his nose. His beard was a bit thicker and his hair had grown longer to his shoulders. Her fingers traced his cheek, feeling the slight hollowness it now held as she glanced up at the bags that had grown under his eyes. He watched in silence as his wife mapped out his face, as if she’d forgotten what he’d look like but . . . He was still herBruno.
“Te Amo. ." Valeria finally whispered against his lips. Bruno’s eyes grew glossy as he stared up at her, a wave of relief washing over him as those words left her sweet lips. He let out a sob as she kissed his lips gently, repeating sweet soothing words of love against his skin and letting his tears stick on to her face as she tangled her hands in his curls.
Valeria had so many questions racing through her head as she nuzzled against his body. But she felt that if she dared ask, this moment would end. That Bruno would disappear into the night again, leaving her without a trace. She clenched onto his arms, tightly, not wanting him to move away from her. But he laid under her calmly, letting her slump against him achingly as he stroked her back.
"Please. . . no te vayas." she whispered against his chest. She felt his arms wrap around her body, her eyes growing heavy with exhaustion as she let herself fully drop on top of him.
"I won't."
If this was all her head. . . she did not want to wake up.
🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿
shit just got real .
disney i'm so sorry i made your character do SINFUL things plz dont sue me, but it's your fault for making him so amazing
Tumblr media
(btw the folk song our ladies are singing is called "La Bruja" it's a mexican folk song but i'm using the version with my queen Salma Hayek y los vega it's one of my faves)
Yes im making it canon that julieta is a shaddy giggly drunk & pepa is a loud funny one😂
AND YES CASITA IS HELPING OUT ALOT LMAO & poor dolores is so tired of everyones shit
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betweenthescarletmoon · 11 months ago
I've been thinking of writing some fic about this, but first, headcanon
(Edit: so it's come to my attention that every single habit Bruno has is a normal, cultural representation for superstition in Latinoamérica. As a Puerto Rican, I'm sorry if this post ever made it seem like Bruno's habits were canonically neurodivergent when it didn't seem to be the case at all. In my country, nobody has these superstitions, although it may be because we simply have others, or being colonized by the US and Protestants took that out of our culture. I simply don't know. The point is, I was unaware of these superstitions, but this remains a headcanon where I'd still like to explore a neurodivergent and superstitious Bruno, namely him with ocd. I hope this clears things up! Thanks!)
Bruno knocks on wood seven to eight times (usually the last knock is in his head), and the first time the audience and Mirabel see him do this he has to hold his breath and cross his fingers, until he passes a certain space of the wood. Cue other compulsions/superstitious habits: the salt/sugar throwing, and the little hopscotch game with the song children are sung to when they're hurt so they can heal.
Since Casita seemed to crack and break for years and Bruno has spent a decade in perhaps the most vulnerable part of Casita (we see more cracks here than anywhere else, as if the pain of loneliness and being forgotten/blamed by the family originates these cracks), what if that big hole in the floor that Bruno is such an expert at parkour-ing was where he crashed through first?
That must've hurt like hell.
Who knows if he was physically able or if he had the courage to sneak into the kitchen to get Julieta's food (if there were leftovers).
I can only imagine the splinters, the dust, the way the rotten and broken wood tore his skin and left him sore. Let's say he was trying to establish his hidden room as well, and he had to spend that first night with wounds open for infection, covered in dust, surrounded by none other than rats. You see where I'm going right? Mans got sick.
Maybe all he had to help disinfect/purify his wounds (though it hurt so much he had to bite something to muffle his groans of pain) was salt. (Dolores definitely heard him.) Maybe the only thing that soothed his tears and the burning itch in his throat to cough, was whispering what his mother would sing to him, over and over again. ("Sana, sana, colita de rana")
(fun fact: in puerto rico we say "sana curita sana, si no se sana hoy que se sane mañana")
Coupled with the cold and the infections he didn't treat quickly enough, that night must've also triggered a fever. But I think he was able to beg the rats to steal some arepas when the sun began to shine over the crack in the wall, and Julieta's signature humming could be heard along with the clattering of plates and utensils.
Shivering and sweaty as he nibbled food he was a little too nauseous to enjoy, until he slowly began to regain energy upon the first swallow. The fever broke, the aching and soreness faded. But not his shivers. The fall would wake him up in nightmares for years to come.
So he learns how to tiptoe and jump over every crack and gaping hole. He learns to spend the nights in the cold. He learns to fix some of the cracks. He pleads the wood every time he walks upon it, holding his breath, begging Casita to not let him fall again. And he tries to sing it to heal, to not break, to be purified by the salt, just like he was.
It becomes a compulsion to avert any disaster fairly quickly. He can't breathe, can't sleep, until he knocks with bruised knuckles. Until he holds salt in his hands.
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acewithapaintbrush · 5 months ago
No, but seriously @junosaccount s little humorous comic about Hernando and Jorge helping bury a body while Bruno is like "What have I done" is giving me mad ideas for a thriller/horroresque story.
Because imagine Bruno waking up one morning and there is mud on his feet and trousers and he can't remember how that got there, and his arms and shoulders hurt really badly and he doesn't know why. And Jorge's bucket got some spackle in it which is weird, cause he hasn't needed spackle since the rebuilding of Casita.
How weird.
And then he hears that that very unpleasant guy has gone missing. The guy that always insults Bruno, always calls him el brujo and tries to pick fights with him. No one knows where he is but everyone knows the last person he was seen with.
Bruno Madrigal.
And the longer that guy stays missing the louder the whispering gets.
And Bruno stares at his muddy sheets and the spackle in his bucket and no, of course not! Of course it doesn't mean anything! He went to sleep that night and he stayed asleep.
Didn't he???
And of course he (or Jorge or Hernando) didn't do anything, I'm not gonna turn my Brunito into a murderer! But the potential for angst, juicy wonderful angst! As Bruno slowly starts to doubt himself, wonders if he is a danger to others, if his harmless acting isn't really acting, has never been acting but he didn't notice. As certain family members maybe start to wonder, just a teeny tiny bit, if there could be any truth to the rumors, and no one knows how to act or deal with all of it. And then Mirabel and Camilo, the disaster twins, the self-proclaimed detectives determined to solve the mystery and clear their beloved uncle's name!
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bruno-madrigal-writings · 9 months ago
Hey there! Quick question, do you write Bruno whump? Because this man is MADE FOR HURT/COMFORT!!!! And I need more! If you don't have too many requests, perhaps Bruno doing a vision for reader and collapsing? And reader helping him with the aftermath?
(Thanks so much and have a great day, I love your content so much!!!)
You guys wanted whump, so have some whump
Bruno x gn!reader
Words: 2.3k
Read it on AO3
There was a knock at his door, the sound bouncing around the cliff faces until it reached Bruno in his little bedroom, nestled in a little alcove hidden away from the rest of the room. He groaned, burying his face into the soft fabric of his pillow, hoping beyond hope whoever it was would just leave him be.
It had already been a very, very long day. There had been so many visions, one towns person after another begging him for a peek at their futures only to turn on him when he had to be the bearer of bad news. Only now, nearing the end of his day, was he able to get some sort of rest, fighting through the pain of what had to be the worst migraine he had in some time in an attempt to get some sleep before dinner. He didn’t want to worry his family by the sight of him, far too pale, sweat beading his forehead, face twisted in pain as a breath hissed out of him after a particularly painful throb from his head. Under no circumstances was he in any mood to have to face yet another town's person begging for yet another vision they would only hate.
And yet, the knocking came again, like a hot nail being driven in his temple. He let out another groan but forced himself to leave the comforts of his bed, nudging his feet into their sandals. He took several deep breaths before gritting his teeth and forcing himself onto his feet. A wave of dizziness washed over him but he forced himself to keep moving, stumbling around the room in search of his ruana. It was difficult when the room was so dark and his vision had gone blurry after so many visions. He did, eventually, manage to stumble upon it, wincing at every knock that rang out. Once he had finally managed to somehow shove the ruana over his head he forced himself to stand straight and try to keep his face carefully blank. There was to be no weakness shown in front of others. He couldn’t let it slip even for a moment.
Once he thought he was ready, or when the knocking became too painful to withstand, he forced himself to walk as smoothly as possible to open the door.
There standing at his door was the one who was doing all that damned knocking, looking startled as the door was suddenly yanked open.
“How can I help you?” Bruno asked, doing what he could to keep his voice even and unbothered. Still, it cracked slightly at the end.
It seemed that this new visitor hadn’t noticed, at least, smiling their best smile at him.
“¡Señor Madrigal! I’m sorry to be bothering you, I just … I was hoping for a vision?”
Bruno nodded, slowly, feeling his head throb at the movement.
“Follow me.” He commanded, turning away to make his way to his vision cave. They followed close behind, though he didn’t turn to look at them. Still, he could feel their presence there, easily keeping pace as he slowly, far too slowly, trudged up the countless stairs. By the time he reached the top he was panting and out of breath, though he still tried his best to pretend he was fine. His visitor clearly was not fooled, however, looking at him with concern.
“Hey, are you okay?” They asked, but he shook his head, giving a breathless chuckle.
“I’ll be fine.” He lied, trying to give them a reassuring smile. “Just a lot of stairs, you know?”
They looked doubtful, but nodded anyway, letting him lead them through the ominous stone hallway and to the large, circular door that lay at the end. He had made sure to leave it open after his last vision, knowing if someone came in he would be in no proper state to actually open it himself. He wasn’t sure how he would be able to open it again after, but that was a problem for future him.
It shut behind them automatically, plunging them into the comforting dark. He sighed, the pressure in his head easing ever so slightly without the bright light burning its way into his eyes. That couldn’t last, however, as the faintest of green glows shone from where bits of emeralds were logged into the walls, giving just enough light to see what he was doing.
He motioned for them to enter the center of the room, where there was a circle of sand. They obediently sat, tracking him as he moved about the room and set the ritual up. When it was finally ready he took a deep, steadying breath, begging for the migraine to dissipate at least slightly so he could manage to get through this one vision, just one last one. It didn’t, of course, but there was no further delaying what was to come.
“What do you wish to see?”
They stared at the sand between them, staring into the middle fire he had lit.
“This is going to sound so stupid …” They mumbled, shaking their head. Bruno didn’t respond, happy to wait for as long as they needed. “I’m just … I’m worried about my dog. He sort of just … disappeared one night. It’s been over a month. I’m worried about him. And yeah, I know it sounds stupid, it’s just a dog after all, but … I don’t know, I love him. I just want to make sure he’s okay.”
Bruno nodded, fully understanding. Sometimes people cared very deeply for their pets. He knew he loved his own rats very much, regardless of what others thought of them. The thought of one of them just vanishing made his stomach curl.
Or maybe that was just nausea from the migraine.
He stretched out his hands and they laid theirs in his. He gritted his teeth, the pressure behind his eyes nearly unbearable as the sand around them began to fly into the air, forming a dome around them.
He knew the moment the vision started that it was too much for him. It felt like his head was about to burst, tears gathering in his eyes and running down his face as they stung. He was nearly blinded by the pain, unable to properly focus on the images that flashed across his sight, mirrored in the sand that surrounded them. His hands shook and they squeezed them, holding them tight as he was forced to keep going. He couldn’t stop, not now, not until they got their answer. This would end badly for him either way, he might as well be useful to them.
Every moment felt like agony, but before long the final image flashed. He could only just make out the shape of an animal but nothing more. That would have to be enough.
The sand fell around them, the sound like rain as the glass gently fell between them.
He groaned, the room swirling around him in a blur. He didn’t even notice when he fell as well, falling limply to the side. He did hear a yell, but his mind was too foggy to make out what was said or even who was saying it. He could do nothing as waves of exhaustion and pain raked his body, forcing his fingers to twitch with every pulse. There was the feeling of something warm on his cheek, some sort of sound that must have been a voice, before his thoughts drifted away from him and he felt his eyelids sliding closed.
When he woke up, he was in his bed.
His mind was too foggy to work properly but he got the distinct feeling that he shouldn’t have been there.
He groaned, shifting under his blanket as he pried his eyes open to glance around the room, trying to ignore the all too familiar throb of his head. The room was blessedly dark, the furniture nothing more than shadows and figures. He could feel the warmth of his rats snuggled around his head and chest, four points of comfort he was immensely grateful for.
“Are you awake?”
He frowned at the voice. It was familiar, but he didn’t know why. It wasn’t his sisters or his mother, that he knew. He squinted into the dark of the room, finding one of the shadows moved, settling close to his bed. Despite the dark he could see their eyes, shining with genuine concern and worry, and he remembered.
“Sí.” He said, voice quiet, pained, and tired, so terribly tired. “I’ll be fine.”
He could hear them huff.
“That's what you said before collapsing! So sorry if I don’t believe you.” They argued back, voice just a bit too loud, feeling like a sledgehammer against his skull. At the very least they noticed his wince and lowered their voice for him, keeping it gentle and calm. “I’m getting your sister.”
His hand shot out, grabbing their wrist before he could even think. Granted, that wasn’t very difficult at the moment. His thoughts were slow, flowing like molasses in his cotton stuffed head.
“Please, don’t.”
They were frozen for a moment, hopefully pondering his request, before finally relenting with a sigh, kneeling back down by the side of the bed. One of the rats stirred from their spot at his chest to go investigate but they didn’t even seem to mind.
“Alright, alright.” They said in their gentle voice and he could feel himself sink into the mattress, comforted if only for a moment. “But you have to tell me what happened.”
He frowned, trying to get his muddled thoughts together enough to form an answer of some sort.
“I was … It was too much, the vision. I already had so many visions just today before you came in.”
“You overworked yourself.” They said it as a statement, no question in their voice he nodded. A moment of silence passed between the two, silence Bruno was more than happy for. “I never knew …” They mumbled a moment later, sounding … sad? What were they sad about? “Is there anything I can do? Anything that can help?”
He hummed, wincing at the pain once more before he could answer.
“I’ll be fine, I just need to rest. And dark. And quiet. I just … just need to lay here a bit.”
There was a moment of silence and he thought he could see the figure shift slightly.
“Alright… I suppose I should leave you to rest, then.” They said, getting up to leave, but he stopped them again. He wasn’t sure why, not while his brain was so muddled, but it felt important that they don’t leave. Not yet.
“Please.” His voice came out weaker than he wanted it to, but he hardly noticed. “Stay. I don’t … I can’t …” He huffed in irritation, his attempts at putting together a sentence hanging in the air. He wasn’t even sure what he was trying to say.
Another pause, but then they were sitting down, their back leaning against the bed frame. It was the perfect position for the rat who had been sniffing at them to climb on their shoulder.
“Ok, I’ll stay, at least until you fall asleep.”
He sighed, relaxing into the mattress even as the pain in his head throbbed unbearably.
“Gracias …” he mumbled, eyes sliding closed, letting the dark and silence wash over him like a balm. All he could hear of them was there gentle breathing, but even that was enough to calm his limbs and settle the cotton in his head. He knew he would probably regret this later. When he woke he would only be able to think about how much of a fool he had made of himself, so needy, so pathetic, but none of those thoughts passed his mind now. Now all he wanted was to sleep, comforted by the knowledge that he wasn’t alone.
It only took a few minutes before his breathing evened out and you knew he had fallen back asleep.
You sighed, pulling your knees to your chest. You felt guilt like a hot iron settling in your chest, bringing tears to your eyes.
You hadn’t known. How could you? No one else had mentioned how much the visions took out of the man. All they could be bothered to do is mutter about the bad look a vision from him brought, as if he himself was altering their futures for the worse. You couldn’t believe for a moment that any of the Madrigals, the people hell bent on helping their community thrive, would do something as evil as that.
But the point remained. The vision he had given you had only brought him pain, left him fainting and weak and … and it was all your fault. Your grip on your knees tightened, digging into the fabric of your clothes.
You had to make it up to him. Somehow.
Gently, ever so careful, you got up, tiptoeing through the dark to reach his door. You only dared to open it a crack, glancing back to the bed to make sure the sliver of light didn’t bother the man. He remained sleeping, face still twisted slightly in pain, making your heart clench.
You left.
On the walk home you made the decision to visit him again soon. Maybe you should bring him something, too. The only thing you could come up with was food, though you knew his sister’s cooking would be better than anything you could come up with. But it was the thought that counted, right? And maybe you could bring something for the rats you had seen, too. They seemed to be his pets, snuggling close to his body like that. Maybe that would make him happy.
You nodded to yourself, determined.
You would make it up to him. For everything. Not just for the vision, but for everything the town did to him.
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Fate is Sealed
📌Minors DNI with my blog!
Tumblr media
Warnings: angst, anxiety, hurt/comfort (loads of comfort), descriptions of death (vision related), established relationship, happy/fluffy ending  Word Count: 3,4K Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x gn!Reader  Summary: Not even Bruno can keep everything bottled up forever, especially not after seeing horrible visions. You’re there for him when everything gets too much for him and all he needs is to be held and feel safe. A/N: I have no excuses. I was supposed to write a Loki one-shot, but I could not for the life of me sit down and focus on writing it, so I wrote this instead. The sad rat-man has taken over my mind. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!
Tumblr media
No matter what Bruno did, no matter what detail he looked at and analyzed to the best of his abilities, he could not change the end results of the vision. That was always the same, although there seemed to be a million ways for it to happen. The man who had arrived at Casita earlier that day with a fearful yet slightly hopeful look in his eyes was now dead - at least in the vision. The picture Bruno was holding was staring back at him with cold, lifeless eyes.
It felt like it was all his fault.
Could it be?
It’s what people were saying. They tried to be quiet about it, but the whispers carried all the way to Bruno’s ears in the end. The townspeople blamed him for the terrible things that he saw in his visions, things he had warned them about. Did they ever listen? Did they ever try to change their own actions to avoid these awful futures? No. It was easier to blame another.
No matter how hard he tried, he could not change them. If that was the case, if Bruno really could make things happen - good or bad - he wouldn’t stop until the visions had better outcomes. He would stare into the future until his eyelids would turn to stone, scour through each and every grain of sand that swirled in the dome-storm around him until he could find one, just one, that reflected a happy ending. He wouldn’t stop until his fingers were bleeding if it meant he could save a life.
The vision Bruno had been holding onto with trembling hands soon joined the others exactly like it on the ground, breaking into a dozen smaller pieces with sharp edges and blending into the sand. There was absolutely no way Bruno would walk downstairs and hand someone’s death sentence to them and get blamed for it. For the sake of the poor man, he truly wished that something about his future would change.
Anxiety was building up under Bruno’s skin. The faint tremble of his fingers was spreading to his entire body, making him shiver as cold sweat appeared on his skin. What would he say? Would they believe him if he lied to them? What would his mother think of it? Surely she would sense if her son was lying. 
“That’s not good, no...” Bruno thought out loud, his eyes glued to the ground before his feet. If he could, he would gladly bury himself in the sand too and avoid his responsibilities. Today was too much for him. The vision he had been cursed to witness had made him sick to the stomach, a feeling that would follow him around for days. All the details he had analyzed in hopes of finding a way to pull the man out from an early grave had been brutal. Every time Bruno blinked, they returned to him.
There you were, the light of his shadow-filled life. The door to his vision cave opened ever so slightly and you stood by the opening, illuminated by the warm orange light behind you that made you appear as a guardian angel. If Bruno hadn’t felt so monstrous as he did in that moment, he would’ve taken you into his arms and get lost in the world of yours. 
Instead, he had to force himself to look away and bite his lips as a desperate attempt to hold himself together. If not for his sake then yours. Bruno felt as if he had burdened you enough already by just being himself and now your husband. The last thing Bruno wanted was to make these godawful visions your burden too.
“You’ve been in here for so long. I just want to check in on you...”
The door opened more and your footsteps were instantly muffled by the soft sand, yet Bruno could tell you were approaching him. Keep it together, you can do it. His thoughts weren’t as comforting as they sounded. Bruno was repeating that to himself as a mantra, but he didn’t have much faith in his own words. Pressure was building in his chest and head, possibly from holding back tears and his breath.
“Are you okay?” 
Those three words were like a curse and a blessing at the same time. The moment the question had left your lips, Bruno felt tears rolling down to his cheeks. They were hot and he didn’t like how they made him feel, yet he didn’t have the strength to contain them for a second longer.
You saw the tears on your husband’s face and without any hesitation, you joined him on the ground, not caring about the sand or the broken visions at all. Seeing the tears in his eyes was heartbreaking and all you wanted was to comfort him in any way you could. 
“Brunito,” Your arms wrapped around Bruno as you pulled him closer to you, into your chest so he could lean against you completely. Despite his attempts to hide his pain away from you, he had failed. Now that you embraced him when he felt like he was at his worst, it defeated every part of him that had fought for it. Bruno clung onto your shirt and buried his face against you, allowing all the miserable feelings that were boiling over to be felt. He let it all out, because he felt safe with you.
Not only was your touch comforting, the silence you allowed to happen made Bruno feel more heard than you might’ve realized. No one bombarded him with questions of what happened in the vision or anything about the vision in general. You didn’t care, no. Bruno didn’t like how petty the thought made him feel, but he knew his own mother would’ve told him to tell her what he had seen immediately. He was so happy you didn’t tell him to suck it up and just deal with it.
The feeling of needing to explain himself grew stronger, yet every time Bruno tried to open his mouth to do something as simple as speaking, he couldn’t. A sob escaped his lips along with tears that he had been bottling up for what felt like years. 
“Shh, you don’t have to say anything until you’re ready,” You cooed the most soothing words Bruno could’ve heard in that very moment. He nodded, unsure if you could tell and eased his tight grip on you, changing it so that he was hugging you instead. The sweet scent of you - just you - was so familiar. It enveloped him and felt like fresh air in his lungs. Slowly, but surely, Bruno felt anchored. His fierce cries were winding down until only a few silent tears washed down his face, not even reaching his stubble until they dried on his skin.
For a moment, you just held each other. Bruno closed his eyes and for the first time that day, he didn’t see the vision he had been staring at for hours now. It was black, complete darkness and bliss. Your hand was pressed against his head and Bruno felt more relaxed as your thumb stroked across his hair ever so softly. The repeated pattern was all he focused on as his breaths calmed down. Occasionally, a sniffle would be the only thing to break the comfortable silence.
As you were cradling each other, it was impossible to tell how much time had passed. Had it been five minutes or an hour? Did it matter? Was the man still waiting for Bruno’s vision?
A sense of dread bloomed in Bruno’s gut once again when he remembered that he had to face the man. Miraculously, you sensed the shift in him, as if you could read his mind.
“I’ve got you, Bruno. Everything’s going to be okay,” You assured him with that tone that made him believe whatever it was that you were saying. You could’ve told him the moon was made of cheese and he would’ve bought it. Everything would be okay. 
What had he done to deserve you? As Bruno pulled away ever so slightly, just so he could face you, he was certain that he was the luckiest man in Encanto, if not the entire world. He brought chaos and destruction everywhere with him, but still somehow he had met you. Everything about you was the opposite of the pain he seemed to cause. 
“I wish I didn’t have to see this,” Bruno admitted something that he would only say to you. He should’ve been grateful for his gift, but he was willing to throw it away if the opportunity ever arrived. 
He hesitated for a moment, wondering if he really wanted to tell you about the man’s fate. After weighing his options, Bruno finally opened up and you were more than willing to listen.
“He’s going to die,” The words left his lips as a whisper, but it was loud enough for you to hear. When you had seen Bruno standing there, surrounded by broken visions and tears behind his eyes, you had assumed the vision had been bad. Now you understood. 
“It’s not your fault,” You reminded him as sweetly as you could, cupping Bruno’s cheek and letting him lean against your touch. Heavens knew, he needed it. “It’s not fair that you have to know about these things beforehand and get blamed for what happens.”
“What if I can stop it?” Bruno wondered, feeling a lump forming in his throat. He didn’t want to cry again. The headache he had gotten from staring into the future so long was growing worse by the minute and crying certainly didn’t mend that. 
“I know it might sound cruel, Bruno, but everyone dies. Maybe you can prevent it for some time, maybe you can’t. You can try to help, which I know you will because you’re you and you’re the nicest person I know,” You paused for a moment and tried to gather your own thoughts, “but if the future is as you’ve seen comes true, you can’t carry blame or guilt for it. It’s not right.”
By now, you felt tears stinging your own eyes, which you fought against. You wanted to be strong for him in that moment, but it killed your soul to think that Bruno would be blamed for someone’s untimely death. It hurt to know someone in Encanto would die soon too, but it was out of your control. 
Seeing Bruno in so much pain absolutely crushed your heart. You loved him so much and knowing that he blamed himself for the bad things that were bound to happen to everyone at some point of their lives was absolute hell. Sometimes you wished you could carry some of that weight so it wouldn’t crush him with every step he took. Balance it out. You would do it in a heartbeat.
Bruno nodded a few times, allowing your words to sink in. Both of you knew it was easier said than done, but it was important to hear that from time to time. 
“I tried to find something, anything, in the vision that would help me prevent it,” Bruno swallowed thickly, trying to get rid of the painful lump. Just thinking about the gruesome things he had seen made him sick. The death would be an accident, but accidents could be ugly too. 
“But I...I couldn’t-” Bruno couldn’t face you because of how ashamed he felt, “I couldn’t find anything. I looked for so long. I had to see it over and over again, but I found absolutely nothing!”
Just like that, fresh tears he thought he no longer had were gathering in the corners of his eyes, blurring his vision. He sighed deeply and pulled away from you, curling himself together so that he was hugging his knees instead. 
“What good is my gift if I can’t use it for anything good?” 
The loss of contact left you feeling cold. You were unsure what to do. For a moment, it seemed like Bruno was opening up to you, but just as quickly as it had happened, he was shutting you out. After years of being with him, you still hadn’t gotten used to this, but you knew that you couldn’t leave him to sulk in his own misery. 
Respecting his boundaries, you scooted over so you were sitting next to him instead of holding him. Bruno didn’t mind that at all, but he still avoided facing you.
“If you want to, we can talk about the vision together,” You offered your aid in trying to find a solution, although you didn’t feel very optimistic about it. Changing the future was harder than it seemed like, even when you knew what could happen.
“It’s horrible, Y/N,” Bruno warned you, not wishing for you to see what he had seen. Even talking about the details wasn’t for the fainthearted to hear.
“I know, but that’s alright,” You told him quickly, “but my offer still stands.”
Bruno knew that he could brainstorm with you, but right now he felt so defeated by the world that he could hardly think. 
“We could also get you out of here and spend the rest of the day relaxing and getting your mind off of things. I think Julieta was making cookies earlier, I could go get some,” You brought up another idea, one you believed Bruno would like better.
When you saw the corners of his mouth curling up just a little bit, but enough to form a smile, you knew it had worked. 
“Yeah,” Bruno took a deep, shaky breath, “that sounds great.” 
The smile didn’t last long as a thought crossed his mind, “What if he’s still here? Oh no, no, that’s not good at all. I can’t face the man, what if he asks about the vision?” 
Gently placing a hand on his shoulder, you got Bruno’s attention, “If he’s still here I’ll tell him that he should leave, that he’ll hear about it another time. It’s okay, Bruno.”
“I can’t ask you to do that,” Bruno felt awful enough for crying in front of you, he couldn’t possibly ask for you to deal with his problems. 
“You’re not asking, I’m offering. It’s really no problem,” You stood up and offered Bruno your hand, which he grabbed and you helped him stand up. Once you were both standing, you didn’t let go of one another. Instead, Bruno took your other hand into his as well and gave you a soft squeeze that said more than words could in that moment. 
Before you had a chance to leave, Bruno wrapped you into his arms once more, pulling you into a tight hug. It took you by surprise, but you were more than happy to be close to the man you loved. His ruana wrapped a little bit around your body which made you feel safe and protected. Wrapping your arms around his torso, you leaned into him fully and closed you eyes for a moment, allowing yourself to get lost in the moment. The embrace was needy, but also loving. You both gave each other the comfort you needed and it made your heart burst with feelings.  When you felt him cradling the back of your head, you swore you felt complete; at home. There was no place you’d rather be, no one you’d rather love.
            Walking up and down the stairs in Bruno’s room wasn’t a problem, not when he had secret passageways that took you up and down in seconds compared to the time it would take to actually walk. You were certain that Bruno had only told you and the rats about the magical shortcuts. It made life so much easier.
As you walked downstairs to the kitchen, you saw that the man had left already. It was a relief. You didn’t know when the vision would come true, but you found yourself hoping he would have a great time before it. The man occupied your mind as you grabbed a plate and two glasses, filling them with water and snacks. 
Making yourself feel at home in Casita had taken a while. You were terrified of going through things and taking what you needed and wanted, but Bruno’s family liked you. Eventually, you realized that it was your home too and you began to act like it.
“How is he?” Julieta had entered the kitchen without alarming you until she had spoken. Luckily, her soft voice didn’t startle you and you didn’t drop anything.
“He’s okay. I think today was just hard,” You answered vaguely, not wishing to get into the graphic details. It was up to Bruno if he wanted to share them. For now, this was enough.
Julieta nodded and then grabbed a jar, revealing the cookies she had made earlier. “I knew something was up when he had been up there for so long. I asked the man to leave and I let him know that sometimes specific visions can take some time to show.”
“Thank you,” You smiled softly. “I hope he understood.”
“Oh he didn’t seem to mind,” Julieta revealed and began to place cookies on the plate you had grabbed, somehow knowing that you had been searching for them. You had grown close to Bruno’s sisters and you were happy to have friends in them, not just sister-in-laws. 
“Don’t let the rats eat all of them,” She joked to lighten up the mood a little bit. 
“I won’t,” You promised and just like that, you were on your way back to Bruno’s room, now balancing a plate with snacks and two glasses in your hands. 
As you walked into your shared bedroom that was lit by candles, you saw Bruno sitting by his desk. He was working on his latest story, writing his thoughts on the paper. The sight warmed your heart. You were happy he was devoted to a hobby that had nothing to do with his gift. Bruno was a wonderful storyteller, which was a gift of its own.
“Is it too early to ask for spoilers?” You wondered as you placed the plate and glasses on the nightstand, making sure you didn’t knock over the candle in the process.
A tiny yet mischievous smirk grew on Bruno’s face but he didn’t take his eyes off the paper, “I just thought of a detail I wanted to add. It’s not much yet,” He belittled what he was actually doing. Little did you know that you were the main inspiration for his latest story and he was going to devote it all to you, the love of his life. For now, it was best if you didn’t know and keeping it a secret was easy for Bruno because he had so many other ideas in his head that he could tell you about instead. Quickly, he wrote down the last word and then abandoned his work, feeling more than ready to join you in bed and do absolutely nothing at all.
You fluffed the pillows and stacked them against the wall for the ultimate comfort. Getting in bed was truly one of the best parts of the day, because you had nowhere else to go, nothing else to do and you could simply enjoy each other’s company until you’d drift to sleep.
“Have you continued that one story where the woman got amnesia?” You wondered innocently as you settled in bed. Bruno’s back was pressed against the pillows and he had one arm wrapped around you to keep you close as you leaned against his shoulder. The position was comfortable, you were close to each other but you could still reach the nightstand and the snacks. 
There was a spark of inspiration in Bruno’s green eyes when he looked at you. It meant the world to him that you cared enough about his story ideas that you asked him about them. Talking about it excited him and it almost made him feel like a kid again, so carefree and full of ideas. It was easy to tell you about them because you never judged him for his plot-twists and themes.
“Well since you asked...”
And just like that, the vision wasn’t on his mind anymore, not for now at least. You found yourself growing invested in his story as it went on. Time felt like nothing when you were like that, just happy together.
Tumblr media
A/N: This was very self indulgent because ever since I first watched Encanto, I’ve wanted to comfort the hell out of Bruno. It has taken over my brain. I can’t stop thinking about it and so I wrote this. I hope you liked it! 
Honestly, I was a bit scared to post this, but we only live once and the rat man makes me happy so it’s worth it. 
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5footframe · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Whumptober Day 28: Headaches
Mornings are hard
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trueenemyorfalsefriend · 10 months ago
i | Harbingers of Change | Bruno Madrigal
Bruno Madrigal x Original AFAB Character [ masterlist ] | [ next chapter → ] [ read it on ao3 ]
cw: sensory overload, panic attacks
word count: 7651 | rating: general audiences
“¡Mierda! I can’t believe him!” Gabriéla stormed in through the big red archway of her family’s beautiful, traditional farmhouse, muttering and cursing to herself.  Her mother was the first one to rush over to her side, immediately grabbing Gabriéla by the arm to pull her closer as the rest of the family gathered around them.
“He - it’s impossible! That tonto, how dare he even suggest that I - “ “Gabriéla! Cálmate, what happened?”
With a curious expression, little Sofía stood up from her spot on the tiled floor where she had been drawing little symbols in the settled dust and rushed to the spectacle unfolding right by their front door.  Her entire extended family, including her cousins, tíos and tías had gathered around Sofía’s cousin Gabriéla, who was standing in the middle of the room, her brown skin flushed with anger.
A pang of worry shot through Sofía - she knew this meant no good.
Their little village, a charming place called Encanto, was unlike anything Sofía had ever seen before she’d been sent here after the tragic death of her parents - colorful, peaceful, full of cheerful people. Having spent the first few years of her life in a bigger town farther out in the country where everything was gray and everyone always seemed sad, this village had been a blessing for her dwindling mental health, especially after the tragedy that had befallen her.
Not only was this place granting her a welcome distraction with all of its nooks and crannies to explore, but it had provided her with a family. Granted, her abuelo Dario had not been terribly excited about the new addition to his household, already struggling to feed every mouth of the family with the meager earnings their farm provided them with, but he had still given her a roof over her head and plenty of work to do - perhaps a little too much for a little four-year-old girl.
Recently, times had been even tougher.        The founder of this town, a young mother called Alma, lived in a beautiful house at the edge of town with her kids - magical triplets.        A few months ago, on their fifth birthday, the three had received their gifts, otherworldly, surreal, mysterious gifts.
The eldest daughter, a girl called Julieta, had been blessed with the gift of being able to create foods that would heal others’ ailments, however bad they were.        The other daughter, a ginger girl called Pepa, had received the gift to control the weather with her mood - something the kid had evidently struggled to deal with as the town had been cursed with turbulent, unpredictable weather, mostly relentless rain and hail for the past few weeks - a true threat to Sofía’s family’s farm.       They had hoped it would relent as the girl got used to her gift and learned to control it, use it for good, but so far it had been dangerous, to say the least; a danger to the family, their crops, and their livelihoods.
The youngest child, a boy called Bruno, had received what many considered more of a curse than a blessing - the ability to see the future. Many called upon him to see their own and often cursed him for prophesying something they would have rather not known at all.
In the wake of the threat of financial ruin, Sofía’s abuelo had sent his granddaughter Gabriéla to see Bruno and beg him for a vision of their future, a way to know how to save their farm.
“He’s just a stupid little child! No miracle, just a liar and an idiot!”       “Language, Gabriéla.” Sofía's tío Matias intercepted, only to be brushed aside by his wife Adella, who forced herself even closer to her daughter to inquire further.       “What happened? What did he show you?” Gabriéla shook her head so her long curls bounced around her head in the way that always made Sofía smile, however today, she remained unfazed.       “Oh, you want to know what he showed me? Here!” With shaking hands, Gabriéla withdrew a rectangular greenish piece of glass from her bag and shoved it into her mother’s hands with another angry sigh.        Sofía had to suppress the urge to run downstairs and see for herself, too tense was the situation she saw unfolding before her. All the faces she could make out grew to reflect Gabriéla’s anger upon studying the piece of glass.       “Can you imagine that kid has the gall to suggest I’d marry Andres? That arrogant idiot, that imbecile…” Gabriéla trailed off, just enough for her mother Adella to interrupt in the most confused tone Sofía had ever heard her speak in.       “What? That you’ll marry…”        Abuelo Dario interrupted, grabbing the girl’s shoulder roughly to turn her towards him.       “What did you ask him to do?”        Suddenly, Gabriéla’s confidence visibly waned, and her gaze fell to the tiled floor.       “I… I don’t know, I had to know I…”       “Gabriéla! What did you ask him?!”       “I needed to see who I would marry, okay? I had to; I can’t deal with this uncertainty, I can’t deal with the pressure, I can’t…“
Oh no.       Sofía was young, but not too young to have noticed the incredible pressure her family put on their children, pressure to succeed in life, pressure to marry, pressure to have children as soon as possible.        It felt disgusting to her. Gabriéla was fifteen, barely around ten years older than Sofía herself, and definitely still a child, but to her parents, all that counted was marrying her off to the most opportune suitor.
“Our family is in danger, our livelihood is in danger, and you ask about your love life?” The rage in Abuelo's voice was evident, and Gabriéla took a few steps backwards until her back collided with the stone wall of their home.       “I could not care less about who you’re going to marry if our livelihood is at stake, if we don’t know if we’re going to survive this, Gabriéla, do you not understand that?”       “I do, but - “       “No but! Who knows if he’ll grant us another vision? Who knows if they’ll help us now! For all I know, you just wasted our last chance!”       “I’m sorry…” The tears that streamed down Gabriéla’s face seemed to go unnoticed by most of the other family members, too preoccupied with themselves to notice her heaving breaths and trembling frame.
“Go to your room.”       “But…”       “Go to your room! I do not want to see you here again until I call on you.” Gabriéla left without another word, silently passing by Sofía to vanish on the staircase behind her.
Sofía felt like crying with her.        Of course, Gabriéla would want to have some assurance of what the future would bring, especially in an area she was neither experienced nor particularly interested in that her parents kept pressuring her into. Of course she would use the only chance she got to see who she would end up with, to make it easier, no, more bearable for herself than the constant pressure Sofía was sure she found herself under - only to find out that she was supposed to end up marrying the town idiot, a boy neither Gabriéla nor Sofía could not stand with all of his boisterous laughter and his practically dripping arrogance. She could hardly understand what kind of toll that had to have taken on Gabriéla.
Then again, she had to agree the family had bigger problems.        If they didn’t find a way to save their crops, they would run out of money soon enough. That meant no food, it meant starvation; it meant poverty; it meant death in the long run.
Sofía withdrew to her room when the first tears started to fall.
“Skip the second and the fourth stair, then the second to last, those creak,” Sofía whispered to herself as she snuck through the narrow corridors of the family home.       After the fight had died down she had gone to her room, a little space in a back corner of the house that used to be a storage closet, just to lie on the ground and wait until her tears subsided.
When the afternoon had come, and the house was mostly quiet, she had made a decision.       Sofía would go see Bruno and ask him for another vision.
She knew he might refuse or he might ask something in return, so she’d dug up the little amount of money her parents had left her and rushed out of her room.       Her hands were clutching the little bag of coins as tightly as she could so it wouldn’t jingle as she crouched down to slink around the last corner separating her from the front door.
Sofía froze. Straight ahead, right by the dinner table, her tía Alejandra knelt on the ground, her face hidden in her hands as sobs shook her entire frame, her son Félix comforting her with a hand on her back.        “I just… I don’t know what we’re gonna do…”       “We’ll figure something out, mamá. We’ll find a way out of this.”
“I’ll get us out of this.” Sofía whispered to herself in a silent promise, then quietly made her way out of the front door and towards the Madrigal’s home.
Even though Sofía had never been close to it before, the Madrigal house wasn’t hard to find.        Most of the town sat in a lush valley between the mountains surrounding Encanto, just a little below the spot where the colorful house stood so it was visible from almost anywhere within town, towering over the other residents like a giant guardian angel.
If it had been impressive from further away, Sofía barely had words to describe what it looked like as she drew close enough to admire the beautiful greenery surrounding it, the exterior sprinkled with blooming vines and exotic flowers that thrived in Encanto’s humid climate, the ancient-looking trees and magnificent wax palms, the vibrant colors in the house’s facade and the stunning adornments on its every window.
Sofía could have spent hours studying the intricate details of the house’s exterior, memorizing it as best as she could to draw it in one of the last pages of her frayed old sketchbook later, but all of a sudden she was interrupted by the house’s emerald green door swinging open by itself.        “What…” she whispered to herself in confusion. There was no one else in sight, just the house and herself.
Maybe Sofía was just tired, maybe she was imagining things, maybe she wasn’t even truly here! Maybe she would wake up in mere moments, in her own bed at home, her parents sleeping just a room over.  Perhaps she should just go back to the family home and this had been a bad idea after all.
A sudden sense of dread filled Sofía, but as anxious as she was, she could feel something about the strange house pulling her in.
The inside was no less beautiful than the outside, vibrant and elegantly decorated. The main floor was made of gorgeous stone tiles laid out in a circular pattern, the walls a welcoming light orange color that contrasted wonderfully with the vast amount of green, blooming plants standing and hanging in every corner. A gallery ran along the upper edge of the main room, defined by a sky blue railing and support beams, doors on either side up- and downstairs, clearly leading to different areas of the home.
“¿Te puedo ayudar?” Sofía felt herself flinch as a voice spoke just to her left, and suddenly she found herself opposite a girl about her age in a wide, blue-ish skirt and a white shirt with dark brown curls that barely reached her chin. Her immediate discomfort was instantly alleviated when she locked her gaze with the other girl’s, somewhat confused but overwhelmingly kind.
“Perdon, I don’t mean to intrude but the door opened by itself and I - “ The corners of the other girl’s mouth turned upwards into a wide smile, and Sofía could almost feel all the tension falling off of her. “Oh, that’d be casita! If it trusts you, then I trust you!” It was the house that had led her in? The actual house? Truly, what else had Sofía expected from the home of a magical family? “My name is Julieta. It’s nice to meet you!”
Oh, of course, she was one of the gifted kids! Sofía reached out and shook Julieta’s hand, a gesture that felt somehow too mature for both of their ages. “I’m Sofía, I’m here for a vision, if that’s possible.” Julieta nodded enthusiastically. “You’re here to see Bruno! He’s my hermano, it’s okay.” Sofía remained silent, but as though she could sense her hesitation, Julieta squeezed her hand as she continued. “No need to be nervous, Sofía! I’m sure whatever it is you’re looking for, Brunito will help you find it.”
The fact that she called her brother Brunito alone calmed Sofía down considerably. With the way Gabriéla had spoken about the fortuneteller, his gift had sounded intimidating, almost a little scary, but although Sofía was still so nervous that her knees felt weak, Julieta helped her confidence a great deal. “Casita, can you show us where he is?” Julieta had barely even finished her question when the house creaked for a moment, just before a few of the flooring tiles lifted one after the other, directing them to one of the stairways leading up onto the gallery.
Sofía was just about to express her awe for a house like this when they turned another corner and the moving tiles abruptly stopped indicating the way. Confused, she took a look around, just before her eyes settled on a figure barely a few feet away from them.
Concealed by one of the many gigantic plants that had apparently found their place on the wide gallery of the casa Madrigal, there stood a boy. His short black hair was unruly like her own and Julieta’s, ruffled by the slight breeze of the open window he was staring out of, seemingly deep in thought. Following Julieta even closer, she could clearly see him flinch as his sister softly spoke his name. “Bruno?” His green ruana brushed over Sofía’s lower calf as he whirled around in a panicked turn. His eyes were puffy and glossed over, almost like he had been crying, and Sofía couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pain deep in her chest as Bruno’s distressed gaze settled on Julieta almost immediately. “Am I in the way? I’m sorry, I’ll go, no hay problema.”
The boy was gone faster than Sofía could even react. Only Julieta, who seemed to be used to his antics, was fast enough to catch him by the tail end of his ruana, pulling him to a stop in the middle of the corridor. Without words, she caught up with his side and laid her hand on his shoulder, an understanding look in their eye and there was a brief pause as the two of them seemed to communicate nonverbally and his posture relaxed a little. Only then did Julieta speak up. “Bruno, I want you to meet Sofía. She came to meet you for a vision.”
When Bruno turned around to face her, a certain type of unease noticeably creeped into his blanching expression, but when he spoke his tone didn’t reflect it, merely nervousness. “Me? Oh, yes, of course, me! A vision, why yes, coming right up!” Sofía had to suppress a smile at his rapid ramblings, intent on being as kind and polite as she could possibly be. “I can come back another time if it’s a bad time right now.” She could see it in the way his shoulders slumped in relief that he considered it, but just when lifted his head in a subtle nod and was about to speak, a loud crack of thunder sounded above them as another little girl came running up from behind them.
“Pepa! What happened?” Julieta laid her hand onto the ginger girl’s back, intently focussed on the streams of tears running down the younger girl’s face. “I… I was in the kitchen trying to help you out, but then I slipped and I cut my finger and it hurts…” She whimpered in between sniffles, and with a quick nod to Sofía and a soothing hand on Pepa’s back, Julieta started to guide her sister back downstairs, probably towards the kitchen. It was only when they were walking away that Sofía noticed the fluffy dark storm cloud hovering above Pepa’s head.
When the two sisters left her field of vision, Sofía turned back around to where Bruno had stood, only to see him walking away from her without a word. “Bruno!” She could hear how frantic her voice was as she scrambled after him, but she had to talk to him. She had to. “Bruno, I’m really sorry about this, but…” Even when she caught up with him and walked by his side, he didn’t look at her, head stoically facing forwards. “Your sister Pepa’s gift is making it really hard for my family. We’re farmers, that’s how we make our living, and with the constant rain and hail and the drops in temperature, we just… we need to know if this harvest will make it.” “My cousin Gabriéla was here today, she was supposed to ask about our future but she made it all about herself and who she was going to marry, just because her parents keep putting this insane pressure on her to marry rich and marry soon and give them lots of grandchildren, so she asked for that vision instead, which I can understand but now… Now we don’t know what is going to happen, and my family - they’re all crying and I’m so, so scared…”
It was only when the first sob escaped her that Bruno stopped, right at the foot of a small flight of stairs. He looked like she had struck him across the face, a mixture of pain and unease on his face as he turned towards her. “I can’t promise you’ll like what I see.” “I know.” “I can’t change what will happen either way.” “I know.” “It’s not my fault if I see something bad.” It sounded like Bruno said this more to himself than to Sofía. Then again, she’d heard how Gabriéla had spoken about him, like it was his fault what he had seen in her future. She nodded in response, but offered him a verbal response as well. “I know.” He sighed, then gestured towards the door before them. “Come with me.”
The ascent up the seemingly endless stairs was strenuous. Sofía’s chest was hurting and she could feel her lungs strain, almost rattle with every breath she took, not to mention the ache the rest of her body was enduring. Bruno appeared only barely less affected than her, panting heavily by the time they reached the top of the enormous stone tower that she assumed to be his “room”.
Sofía wanted to ask if he had to make this exhausting journey every time he entered and left his room, she wanted to ask if he had to take that tumble through the sandy waterfall every time; she wanted to ask where he slept, where he spent his time, but most of all, she wanted to ask if he was okay. She knew what it meant to be forced to grow up much earlier than kids their age should, what it was like to have great expectations thrust upon you, to have them looming over you every second of your life - something Sofía was sure their gifts must burden the family with as well. Alas, she was too shy to ask about any of it.
A rickety suspension bridge led them across the scope of a wide ravine between the top of the stone stairs and the other side where the room continued in a shallow walkway that eerily reminded her of ancient Egyptian tombs (a major interest of one of her older cousins). The walls depicted several iterations of an older man with piercing eyes, a big nose and shoulder length wavy hair, the same seemingly older version of Bruno himself Sofía had already caught a glimpse of on his magical door, illustrated with his hands spread out wide on either side of his body like an old-fashioned prophet - then again, she supposed that was entirely what Bruno was.
Ahead of them, a round door with etchings that were definitely reminiscent of the hourglass theme that seemed inescapable in anything that related to Bruno in this house made way to a wider round cave that looked, again, to be mostly carved from stone. The edges of the cave-like structure were guarded by tall stones probably twice her size, whilst the wall space between them was filled up with a wide band-like row of hourglasses, connected by a long line at top and bottom and a few dots in between, extending the entire inside of the room.
Bruno crossed the distance to the middle of the circular room quickly, plopping himself down near a round sand pit surrounded by peculiar dark triangular markings that spanned the entirety of the room’s floors. Thick dark lines surrounded the pit whilst others looked like they connected the borders of it to the outer walls of the room in a wavy pattern that reminded Sofía of a swirl reminiscent of the one she always achieved when she turned too quickly and her skirt whirled around her.
When she let her eyes wander further over the strangeness of the room she was in, she discovered those same markings mirrored up on the ceiling, like some abstract depiction of star constellations or complex geometrical patterns.
Bruno seemed content to wait for her to finish looking around, though a certain sense of dread in his gaze told her he was waiting on her judgment. Instead, she offered him a timid smile, one he only weakly returned. “You can sit down.”
Sofía followed his timid invitation, sitting down just across from him on the sandy ground before trying to lock eyes with him again. Bruno, however, averted his gaze to the floor beneath them before he managed to speak again. “I’m still pretty new to this, but I’ll do my best to help.” Sofía nodded enthusiastically as she crossed her legs beneath herself. “I really appreciate that.”
Her words visibly startled him as he abruptly raised his head to glance at her, as though he was completely taken aback by what she had said. “You… you do?” Bruno’s voice was quieter and more hesitant than ever before, almost as if he hadn’t meant to ask his question aloud. If he needed reassurance, Sofía was more than ready to give him just that. “I’m very grateful you’re even trying, Bruno, I really am. I’ll pay you all I have; it’s not much, but it’s all I can do - “ He interrupted her by frantically waving his hands, a clear panic in his eyes. “No no no no, I refuse, I won’t take any money from you. I mean, not just you - I never do, it feels wrong. Don’t worry about money, is what I’m trying to say.”
Sofía liked his nervous ramblings, and this time she couldn’t help but giggle to herself at his desperate expression before she answered him. “Okay, if you’re sure.”
Bruno let out a major sigh, letting the silence between them fester as he closed his eyes for a moment to take a couple of deep breaths. Then, as if commanded by something invisible to the naked eye, he suddenly snapped his eyes open, more determined than ever, holding his hands out to her. Sofía took them, perhaps a bit too eagerly, as he almost pulled back at her enthusiasm.
Another deep breath later, Bruno locked eyes with her again. “Don’t let go, no matter what happens, okay?” She gave him a nod in response. “Okay. I trust you.”
If she had been more focused on Bruno, Sofía would have noticed the faint blush that came over his cheeks at her words. However, as it was, she was far too preoccupied with wondering how this vision was going to work and worrying about what Bruno was going to see in her and her family’s future.
Barely a second passed after he closed his eyes before the sand around them started to shift, slowly at first, then, abruptly, all at once. It rose in the air, circling around them counterclockwise as if surrounding them in a bubble, seemingly shielding them from the rest of the world. Slowly but surely, threads of grains around them started to light up in a bright unnatural green, whirling around them at dazzling speeds. As their surroundings lit up more and more, gradually, the glowing grains started to form into vague shapes.
Immediately, Sofía gripped Bruno’s hands tighter than ever as she felt goosebumps spread over her skin, and her gaze focussed back on him just when he opened his eyes. Gone were the kind brown eyes she had grown accustomed to, replaced by irises glowing in the same strange shade of green as the surrounding sand. His dark curls were blowing in the wind that had picked up, his skin visibly paling as his eyes opened wider and looked through Sofía as if she wasn’t even there, unfocussed, unblinking - seeking.
Suddenly, the shapes around them started to get clearer, forming into images she could recognize. There was flowing water, a flood over the fields she could clearly recognize as their own, shriveling crops, empty plates on their big wooden dinner table. Then, the grains shifted entirely, and there were two figures, one holding their hands out to the other. As soon as their fingers touched, the entirety of the sand lit up a bright yellow, and the same images began to play again - only differently. Blooming crops on her family’s fields, overfilled plates, smiling faces she couldn’t quite recognize. Then, just as the sand began to settle, a last image. Two adults standing next to each other, gripping each other’s hands tightly before enveloping each other in a hug that made both of them smile widely.
Then, as suddenly as it had started, it was all over.
Silence fell upon them as Bruno’s eyes returned back to normal and he slowly set Sofía’s hands down to pick up a jade colored piece of glass, the same kind she recognized seeing in her cousin’s hands earlier this evening. It seemed to have caught a particular moment in the vision, one person holding out their hands to the other just before the blinding climax of glowing sand had whirled around them; only now, the faces were clearer. There was no doubt about it, one of the two was Sofía.
“Something is off. This hand thing, I can’t figure out. Something…” Bruno’s scratchy voice caught her off guard, and he looked as though he was entirely lost in thought, talking to himself more than to her. After a minute, Sofía forced herself to speak up. “What about… what about my family?” As though pulling him out of a trance, Bruno suddenly came back to himself, meeting her eyes only for a moment before he focussed off into the distance.
“The next few months will be tough. The weather will be unruly, unpredictable, not only thanks to my sister. There will be issues, many of them, and your family will have to rely on their other talents until it relents.” Sofía nodded, and she was fascinated seeing Bruno’s expression slowly grow vacant. “There is something… Something happens that will fix this. Something will change things, but I can’t see it. Something with the hands, something with you, but I…” He paused, and it almost looked as though he had completely stopped breathing in the way he froze, apparently to let his mind wander. With a shudder, he shook it off and threw her a gentle smile, still without looking at her. “When it gets better, it’s going to be wonderful. Food enough for everyone in all of Encanto, and enough money to take care of the whole family.” Sofía couldn’t suppress the tears of relief that rolled down her cheeks at Bruno’s words. He, however, looked more uncomfortable by the second, fidgeting with his fingers as his eyes met the ground between them, entirely unmoving. “It will all pass, but for now, your family will suffer.”
Sofía offered him another nod, but by now, he seemed completely unresponsive. Slowly, as to not startle him, she lifted her hand to reach out to him. Bruno flinched, eyes scrunched shut, his posture defensive, scared, as though he thought she might hit him. Stunned by his reaction, Sofía slowed her movements, but didn’t miss the shudder that shook Bruno’s body when she took his hands in hers again. He let out a breath, as if he had been holding it, and gradually, he visibly relaxed again.
She gave him a little while to calm down, merely holding his hands in hers as she waited for his breathing to slow again, only then did she muster the courage to speak. “Thank you, Bruno.” He stiffened again, and she could feel his questioning expression even before she could see it on his face. “But…” “You’ve helped me and my family a lot, I will never forget that. We owe you; I owe you.” She could tell Bruno knew she was sincere, but somehow that seemed to deter him even more. He shook his head as though to negate what she had said, as though he couldn’t believe her words. “But I… It wasn’t good, the vision.” “No, that’s true. For now, it wasn’t good news, but I know everything will be okay eventually. I came here for an honest look into the future and you delivered. I am forever in your debt for that.” Bruno nodded, about as lightly as he could, barely lifting his head at all, all the while staring at her with an expression of pure disbelief. Just when Sofía thought she could see him tearing up, he broke eye contact, focusing on their hands instead. “Thank you,” he mumbled quietly, and this time it was Sofía who responded in disbelief. “Me?” “Yes, thank you for… thank you for being so nice.” Oh. They shared a kind smile, one that reached his eyes this time. Sofía squeezed his hands one last time before she spoke. “Anytime, Bruno.”
The small flight of stairs that led from Bruno’s door back to the main floor of Casita was nothing compared to the tower Sofía had had to make her way down from again. How Bruno did it every day, she had no idea. She remembered the way they had come, but Casita seemed to take on the responsibility of showing her the way out, just like it had led her to Bruno earlier. With slight clunking sounds, one tile after the other lifted, guiding her back around the corner to the gallery. Now that the sun was setting, the whole place was doused in deep orange light, making the entirety of its interior look even more magical than it already did, not to speak of the four shining doors that ran along the north side of the walls.
Sofía had taken a moment to internalize the wonderful art of Bruno’s door as she had left, completely speechless at the way the golden light seemed to waver like lava beneath the carved wood. Similarly, she now meant to sneak glances at the other doors as she walked past them, but Casita seemed determined to move her straight past Julieta’s door, pushing her forward by moving the tiles beneath her feet to bring her to the door just behind that one. Without getting the chance to see whose it was or if it even was one of the magical doors, it opened and Casita pushed her inside without hesitation.
Protesting, Sofía tried to lean back to escape the house’s clutch on her, but she was too busy trying to keep her balance as the floor beneath her shifted to move her into the middle of the room.
It was a grownup’s room, for certain. Dark wooden beams ran along the low ceiling, the walls were painted in a warm shade of off-white, contrasting with the dark rosewood furniture along the walls. The dresser just ahead of her held an old stained glass lamp in blue tones, one that was very alike the one her mother had owned with its gentle slopes downward that reminded her of the vague shape of a mushroom. She could only imagine what it would look like when it was turned on, casting the entire room in a magical cerulean light, almost like it was underwater. Next to the lamp stood a framed picture of a young man, one that very vaguely resembled Bruno, so Sofía assumed it was the triplets’ deceased father. As though he were still alive, Sofía nodded at him apologetically for intruding, but was quickly distracted when Casita turned her towards her left.
There was a window overlooking the courtyard, its dark wooden shutters drawn inward to rest against the cream-colored walls. All confusion as to why she was here vanished when her eyes settled on a burning candle on the windowsill.
It was a large, white candle, its flame intensely captivating, almost pulsating, as if beckoning her to come closer. The gentle outlines of a butterfly looked to be engraved into its wax similarly to how Casita’s doors were engraved, emanating a soft glow from the inside. The flame radiated a pleasant glimmer, and it looked as though it emitted little sparks that moved so slowly that it almost resembled very slow fireflies that were circling around it.
Without thinking, Sofía followed the candle’s gravitational pull, letting herself get dragged closer to the window within mere moments. The closer she got, the more her body seemed to react to the candle’s proximity; her spine was tingling heavily and her hands were itching to reach out and run her fingers over the delicately engraved butterfly.
Something was wrong, Sofía could feel it deep inside her bones, but she couldn’t help follow the candle’s call when it felt so right, when it made her feel so powerful as her hand reached out almost by itself until her fingers hovered above the warm wax. When her fingertips brushed over the waxy surface of the outside of the candle, an intense feeling of energy rushed through her, almost enough to send her careening backwards, had the creak of the floor behind her not startled her almost as equally.
Sofía whirled around in shock and the embarrassment of the situation suddenly hit her when she saw Bruno standing in the doorway, his eyes just as wide open as his mouth. She was a guest in this house; she was merely tolerated here, and not only had she overstayed her welcome after exploiting the Madrigal son’s precious gift, but now she had also intruded one of their other rooms, invaded somebody’s bedroom without permission and touched their most precious possession. The crushing weight of her guilt brought immediate tears to Sofía’s eyes, and she had to fight the urge to scramble past Bruno to run away and never look back.
“Lo siento, I… This is going to sound so stupid but I got lost and then Casita led me here and - “ As if to back up her words, one of the window shutters interrupted her to wave enthusiastically and push Sofía just a little closer to the boy still stiffly stood in the doorway. That seemed to set Bruno straight, and he nodded at her quickly and motioned towards the door he stood in. “Oh, that’s okay, I’ll… I’ll show you out, no pasa nada. ” Relief flooded her senses as soon as they exited the room belonging to “Alma” as the door stated, endlessly grateful for Bruno’s understanding nature. Still, Sofía was keen on leaving as quickly as possible to avoid confrontation with the triplets’ mother, who was bound to react much more harshly to the fact that someone had invaded her private room - assuming it had been hers.
Rounding the corner to take one of the two staircases downstairs again, Sofía was suddenly overcome by another weird feeling, a strange tingling in her gut that made her freeze. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted another peculiar sparkling, just like the candle in Bruno’s mother’s room had, and instinctively snapped her head towards it. There, on the wall of the gallery just beside the corridor that had led to Bruno’s endless staircase of a room, a glowing wooden door seemed to appear out of nowhere, as if growing into existence out of thin air from the ground up. Similarly to the other doors she had seen, its luminosity was wavering, like a fire was burning just behind the door’s thin wooden planks. The fingers of her right hand where Sofía had touched the candle suddenly twitched, itching to touch the glowing door knob that abruptly sprouted out of nowhere.
By now, Bruno had noticed she wasn’t walking alongside him anymore, and turned back towards her, following her line of sight to what she was focussed on - and his face fell.
“Everything alright?” As if in slow motion, the boy crept closer to the peculiar door, completely ignoring Sofía’s question. It was only when she followed suit that she could hear him muttering to himself in confused whispers. “This… this is impossible, this can’t be…” “Are you okay?” As if her touch had awoken him from some kind of hypnotic state, he suddenly stared at her, his pupils blown wide with confusion. “Stay here, I… I need to go, I need to get mamá.” Without another word, Bruno pushed past her back to the stairs, his breathing and movements erratic. “Bruno! What’s going on?” Sofía was aware it was none of her business, but the boy’s look of sheer and utter terror had moved her to follow him without hesitation, stumbling towards the staircase just behind him. He looked back at her only once, and promptly stumbled and careened past the first stair, immediately falling forwards. It was pure luck Sofía’s hand was close enough to grab him by the tail end of his ruana similarly to how Julieta had done it earlier in the evening, barely preventing him from tumbling to the bottom of the stairs. “¡Mierda!” he choked out as the neck of his clothes restricted his airflow just for the moment it took to catch himself on the blue banister beside him.
“Bruno!” The female voice that answered from the bottom of the stairs seemed scolding at first, but when Sofía caught sight of the young woman rushing towards them, Julieta and Pepa in tow, she could tell there was more worry in her tone than sincere anger. When Bruno reached her side, his voice was strained as though someone had tried to strangle him, and he was holding his throat with one hand while the other wildly gestured around himself. “Mamá! I had a vision, but when we came back - the door…” Slowly, Julieta took a step forward to rest a hand on her brother's outstretched arm. “Cálmate Brunito, breathe.”
Bruno struggled for a moment, but after a deep breath, he focussed on his mother again. “There’s a door upstairs, mamá, a new door.” “What?!” This time, all three women reacted with the same sense of bewilderment on their faces, and it became clear even to Sofía that this was highly unusual. “It appeared when we were walking past it, just at the top of the stairs. I don’t know what happened - “ “Show me.”
He flinched only slightly at his mother’s interruption, otherwise unfazed as he led them back up the stairs, both girls hiding behind their mother as Bruno pointed towards the glowing door with shaking hands.
Sofía stood off to the side, hoping and praying to fuse with the walls of Casita if it meant to get out of this situation as soon as possible, but as the woman slowly turned around to her with wide eyes, she knew she was in trouble. “You… Who are you?” Once again, Sofía had to fight the urge to turn and run down the stairs straight out the front door. As though it knew, Casita pulled up some of the tiles beneath her, pushing her to close some of the distance between herself and the triplet’s mother. She seemed to soften at the sight of the scared child in front of her, and Sofía felt some of her anxiety vanish when the older woman knelt down before her to continue speaking. “Don’t be scared, you did nothing wrong, mijita. This house is magical, and we have seen it do incredible things for us and this town, but something like this has never happened before.” Her voice was kind and understanding, the patient tone of a mother. “My children were blessed with their gifts when they turned 5 years old barely a few months ago. We were not expecting anything like this to be bestowed upon anyone else in this community.” Be bestowed? Sofía’s breath caught in her throat as the reality of the situation sunk in. Surely, she couldn’t be insinuating… And yet, a nagging thought in the back of her head gave her confidence this wasn’t a misplaced joke, the same thought that she had been trying to suppress all day. “It’s my birthday today…” The woman’s face softened yet again, and she nodded understandingly. “Your fifth?” Sofía only managed a haphazard nod before she spoke again. “I don’t… I don’t understand.” “It’s okay, cariña, it’s okay, I promise. Come here.”
Sofía felt as though her feet were bolted to the floor, that’s how little control she had over moving her body. Desperation filled her, and she couldn’t help but snap her eyes towards Bruno, who was still standing several feet behind his mother. His nervousness hadn’t faded, but he seemed less panicked than before, and while his expression was certainly confused, he immediately offered her a kind smile when their lines of sight crossed. Had Sofía been able to pay closer attention, she also would have noticed his hands twitching as though he was itching to reach out and comfort her.
When she managed to step closer to the young mother, she couldn’t help but be calmed slightly by the kind eyes boring into her own. The triplets’ mother took a deep breath, inspiring Sofía to do the same before they talked further. “What’s your name, querida ?” “I’m Sofía.” The woman nodded, continuing in her kind, understanding tone. “It’s so nice to meet you, Sofía. My name is Alma.” Alma shot her a compassionate smile and motioned behind herself. “Casita seems to have decided to grant you a gift as well.” Sofía could practically feel the blood draining from her face. “Me?” “This is your door, Sofía.” Alma gestured to the golden doorknob that displayed a large “S”. “But… I mean, my door?” Alma’s soft chuckle reverberated through the open room they were in, and she brought a hand down to softly rest on Sofía’s shoulder. “Yes, your door to your room. If Casita has chosen you, you are always welcome in our home, mijita.”
Without warning, Pepa jumped beside the two of them, a wide, happy grin on her face. “She’ll be like one of us, mamí ?” “Sí, it seems she’ll get a gift of her own, just like the three of you.”
A gift? A gift of her own? Despite the family’s sincere words, Sofía couldn’t help but doubt this wasn’t some elaborate joke, a hyperrealistic dream or simply her going completely insane; there was no way she was special enough to be chosen to receive a gift as meaningful as this. There must have been some type of misunderstanding, maybe the house had mistaken her for someone else falsely offered her this opportunity, or maybe - “Just go stand in front of the door when you’re ready, Sofía.”
Sofía was decidedly not ready. She had no idea what to expect, and she was scared to the bone, but there was no denying the thrill of excitement she felt as she slowly made her way towards the glowing wooden door. Still, when she stopped only a couple feet away from it, she couldn’t help but look around helplessly, eyes latching onto Bruno who was standing just beside her, staring back at her with a distinct look of pity in his deep brown eyes. She could feel her hands shaking when she evaded his gaze to look down at the tiled floor as her eyes started to tear up. How embarrassing.
Granted, her overwhelmedness was most certainly justified, and yet there was an intense amount of shame boiling up within her at her own timidity and reserve, but then again - Suddenly, there was a soft touch on her shoulder. When Sofía looked up towards her right it was already gone, Bruno’s hand awkwardly hovering in the air between them for a moment as though she’d caught him off-guard before he pulled it back to rest along his side. As if inspired by his forwardness, Pepa promptly jumped behind Sofía to rest her hands on her back while Julieta looped her arm through Sofía’s in a highly comforting motion.
It dawned on Sofía now - they had to have felt the same when they had received their gifts. They knew the feeling, knew how scared and nervous she was, and it was beyond any doubt that their sympathy helped; and yet, it wasn’t until Bruno held out his hand again and Sofía threaded her fingers through his that she found the strength to take a final step forwards to unveil her destiny.
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encanto-hcs · 9 months ago
After a while, Bruno started to keep the good prophecies for himself. When he was younger and his reputation was slowly going down, he would push himself even more looking for a good prophecy, trying to prove somehow that he wasn’t a bad omen. But that obviously didn’t work, everyone would just focus on the negatives things in each prophecy. (“look! You’ll open a new store in a few years!” “OH GOD I LOOK SO FAT THIS IS TERRIBLE”) So Bruno just gave up. That’s why every time he would get a nice prophecy (like Agustin proposing to Julieta, or Pepa expecting a baby) he would just keep it to himself, treasuring the few good things his gift could still predict.
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fantasyoutfits · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
What I would wear living with Bruno in the casita…
(I do not own these images)
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elaina-writes-things · 7 months ago
Oh god thinking about Encanto again and I am going feral
Bruno, who is depicted as so sweet and kind and doesn't enjoy raising his voice, getting in an absolutely ear-splitting, throat-destroying, all-out screaming match with Alma because "what, you think apologizing and calling me Brunito is going to erase 45 years of trauma?! I was completely ostracized! My sister grew up in the kitchen! My other sister doesn't know how to emote properly because she's had to fight to suppress them her entire fucking life!! And you're fucking sorry!?"
Somebody give me a Bruno that's finally unleashing all his pent-up anger issues on those that wronged him, a Bruno that is nearly sobbing from anger and grief at how good it felt to be giftless, to be a normal man for once in his damn life, before the Miracle was restored and be came right back to square one.
I wouldn't have come back to the family. If I were Bruno, now that the mountains had split and were traversable, I'd pack my bags.
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letmereadfanfictionsinpeace · 10 months ago
ok but the stairs in Bruno’s room………
In every single fanfic I’ve read on Bruno x Reader tag, Y/N enters his room and goes “are you fucking kidding me????” and Bruno tries to explain, very awkwardly, how you “get used to it over time”
lmfao no normal human being can get used to those baby, we love you but hate those stairs
Tumblr media
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ichigobunsss · 10 months ago
Te Deseo Lo Mejor (pt1)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C Fluff/Angst
Tumblr media
The night of Mirabel's Gift Ceremony was a night many did not forget. But for Valeria.. it was the night her beloved husband disappeared...
Everyone was frozen in shock as Mirabel's door slowly vanished from sight. She had looked up at Alma with tears in her eyes, not understanding why a gift wasn't given. But Alma had no answer, but she knew who might. She had taken Mirabel back to her parents, who were watching from the side in complete disbelief, before making an excuse to continue on with the party. Many were dumbfounded, but as music began to play through the house, the guest began to chat and some even dance as if nothing had happened.
Valeria and Bruno however were still staring at the empty space where Mirabel's door should have been by now. Still processing everything that just happened.
"Brunito.." Valeria started. "I.. I don't understand, how could this happen?" she said, turning to her husband. His eyes were focused on the door, but he turned back to her as she spoke, clutching on to his arm slightly.
"I don't know Amor..Maybe.. it's not her time yet?" he said with a slight shrug. Well at least someone was being positive about this... But she shook her head.
"She's already five, And how is everyone just dancing around-"
"Tia! Tia!" a small voice yelled out. She was pulled from Bruno by her skirt by a pair of tiny hands. When she looked down, she was met with Camilo's big brown eyes peeking up at her.
"Camilo, qué paso? Estás bien?!" she said brushing her hand through his curls. Her nerves were up and running as her thoughts raced around her niece. Camilo blinked up at her and nodded his head.
"Si, but where is Mirabel? Why didn't she get a door?" he asked innocently and a bit too loudly. A few guests that were surrounding them had glanced over at her. Clearly they wanted an answer as well. Valeria looked back at Bruno, who gave her a small shrug, not knowing what to say either.
"I.. ah.. I don't know Camilo." she said, lowering her voice. "Donde estás tu mamá?" she asked, looking around for Pepa as she reached down to lifted him into her arms.
"She ran to Tia and Tio with Papa. And Dolores won't come out from her room, she said it's too loud." He said, as he began playing with the necklace around her neck. The bright green gem that Bruno had gifted her already distracting Camilo as he twiddled it around his small fingers.
Bruno stepped toward the pair of them and gave her a small smile as his arm snaked around her waist. He pinched Camilo's nose with the other and Camilo's small giggles and snorts made the pair of them laugh.
"Ya, Tio look, I could turn into you!" said Camilo as he shook his head roughly against her. She held onto his back so he wouldn't fall back, but she was met with him forming Bruno's bright glowing green eyes and nose and a little bit of his beard. Camilo had only formed half of Bruno's face. She laughed loudly and Bruno shook his head beside her.
"I do not look like that." huffed Bruno, trying to hold in his laughter. But Camilo giggled and continued shaking his head and sticking out his tongue at his Tio. If it wasn't for the fact Camilo was her nephew, the three of them looked like a family of their own.
"Ay, que lindos! Oh, Bruno when are you two going to have children? Honestly it's about time already!" said one of the Señoras that spotted the three of them. Bruno's eyes widened and a red hue appeared on his cheeks.
"Ah, Senora, well m-my wife and I-" Bruno struggled, but Valeria quickly spoke up.
"Whenever we feel like it." she stated calmly, not taking her eyes off Camilo. The Senora huffed, and went on to others in the party. If it was one thing she hated, it was pressure to pop out babies as soon as two of them had gotten married. Bruno squeezed her side as a thank you, and she smiled over at him lovingly. But their moment was short lived as Alma appeared behind him.
"Bruno. Vamos, I need to speak with you." she said firmly, but quiet enough for the guests not to hear. Bruno immediately tensed beside Valeria as he turned to look at his mother, before glancing back over to his wife, a worried look in his eyes.
"I-I'll be right back." he said, a tremble in his voice. Valeria frowned, and glanced at Alma from behind Bruno's shoulder. She raised an eyebrow at her, as if to challenge her authority, but Valeria looked back at Bruno and gave him a chaste kiss, earning a groan from Camilo. Sure, she respected and loved Alma, but she didn’t always agree with how she treated her sons.. her husband's gift.
"Hurry back." she whispered against his lips. Bruno gave her a small smile before turning to Alma as she led him away from the party, already whispering in his ear. Valeria watched as Alma led him up the grand stairs, but Camilo tugged on her shoulders for her to listen to him, pulling her eyes away from them.
"Tíaaa, por favor dance with me! I'm soooo bored!" said Camilo, as he dramatically sighed. Valeria laughed and nodded her head.
"Ya, okay, okay!" she said. When she glanced back up to the stairs, Bruno and Alma were already gone. She tried to ignore the tense pit forming in her stomach, as Camilo jumped from her arms and pulled her to the dance area.
Something did not feel right.
Bruno hadn't returned till late that night. Everyone had already left the Casita and the air was cold and quiet. The flash of Mirabel's door fading playing over and over in Valeria's head as she gazed out the window and into the night sky.
Thinking she was already asleep, the door of the room slowly creeped opened and Bruno quietly tiptoed inside backwards, but froze as he turned once he saw she was sitting by the window. The moonlight peering through the windows being the only thing lit in the room.
"Querida, I-I thought you were sleeping.." he said, closing the door behind him gently.
"I was waiting for you.. Are you alright?" she asked, getting up from her seat and making her way over to him. As she got a closer look at him, his eyes looked tired, and there was a trace of smeared dried blood under his nose. She cupped his face in her hands and he let out a sigh, his shoulders dropping from their tense stance.
"Bebe, what happened? Estás bien?" she asked worriedly.
"Si, si." he said. "I was doing visions for... Alma." he said quietly. Her eyebrows furrowed. He never called his mother by her name unless he was angry. .
"Bruno, what do you mean visions? How many did she make you do?" she said, pulling him towards the bed.
“She had.. questions about Mirabel's door. I-I asked if she could wait till tomorrow, then we got into a fight and . . Ah well, it doesn't matter now." he said, flopping his back down on the bed with a huff.
"Ay Dios, Bruno. You know I hate it when she forces you to do so many. Doesn't she know it hurts you?" she said, laying down next to him.
But Bruno stood quiet as he stared up at the ceiling in deep thought.
He blinked out of his small daze, and glanced over at her. Reaching up, his fingers lightly traced her furrowed brow as she stared at him. He glanced down at the gold chain that hung around her neck, the green gem staring back at him with a shimmer.
"Te amo.." he whispered. Valeria sighed, and leaned into his hand.
"Y yo a ti, mi amor." she replied. He smiled sadly at her and lifted himself up to brush his lips against hers. Valeria happily responded to his kiss, but pulled back when she felt wetness on his face. Tears were silently falling down his face, as his eyes glowing slightly.
"B-Bruno, Que paso-" she tried, but Bruno quickly wiped the tears from his face.
"Nada, nada." he said shaking his head quickly and smiling, pulling her back to kiss her again.
"Te amo." he repeated against her lips. She tried to reply but he rolled on top of her, as he began ravaging her neck with sloppy, desperate kisses. She knew he was hiding something, but his kisses and little nibbles against her neck were starting to distract her from that.
"Te amo.. Te amo, Mi cariño...Mi vida.." he said over and over again against her flushed skin. His hands wandered under her nightgown and squeezed her body closer to his, as if someone would take her away from him. It was rare when Bruno took control like this, so Valeria let him roam her body as he wished. Her thoughts no longer focused on the nights dreadful events, only on Brunos soft touches and gentle whispered sweet nothings against her skin, as he took her for his.
Later that same night, he had slipped away from her arms as she slept. Nothing but a whisper of love and a kiss against her brow. He had silently begged the Casita not to wake her, as he felt the tiles begin to nudge him away from the door. It was as if the home was begging him not to leave. But Bruno took one last look at her peaceful sleeping form. Forcing his eyes away from Valeria, he turned with tears in his eyes and into the darkness of the Madrigal home.
"Please, forgive me, Mi vida.."
🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀
Well that was depressing😭
I had this random thought in my head of Bruno redoing his vision over and over again about Mirabel, but it always turning out the same :(
Also I think Camilo was the same age as Mirabel?? So that's why he sounds like he's a tiny bb lololol.
Hope you enjoyed :,)
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artsynellyyy · 8 months ago
Bruno Angst: The Woes of a Parent
A snippet from my work on Ao3, Love Me for Eternity
TW: Miscarriage
It was hours into the labor; four to be exact. Everyone waited with baited breaths outside the nursery as your pained cries had died down. It became eerily silent—too silent for anyone’s liking.
Finally, the door opened with a creak.
“Bruno,” Julieta called out. Her apron was stained in red, sweat drenching her forehead. Agustín was quick to stick to his wife’s side and wiped the sweat with his sleeve. The oldest Madrigal triplet let the midwives file out first, all of their heads downcast. “You’ll need to come inside… alone.”
Julieta ushered Bruno outside as soon as everyone filed out and closed the door to the nursery, giving the couple their well-deserved privacy. Alma held Julieta’s hand and asked; “Well? What happened?”
Julieta could only shake her head.
Inside, Bruno had walked in with a pounding heart. He didn’t know what to expect when you lay motionless in bed with your back against the headboard with a green bundle in your arms. He carefully approached you, wiping away the sweat that formed on your forehead and tucking a damp strand of hair behind your ear.
“Amor?” You didn’t respond. He looked down to see the face of his child—as if they were just sleeping peacefully. The pallor of their skin said otherwise, and there were no signs of life in the bundle in your arms. Tears welled up in his eyes as he hugged the both of you tightly, weeping for the loss of his child even before they got the chance to see the world.
“Papi was right, Bruno,” you mumbled weakly against his hair, hugging the bundle in your arms. “...he’s a boy.”
Bruno pulled away from the embrace and gazed at his son—his young boy. He kissed his forehead delicately, a few tears landing on the still body of his child.
“Teodoro. Teodoro Madrigal. Our sweet little boy.”
He was a wee thing, your darling Teo. A bundle of joy, that he was.
You caressed his chubby little cheeks, still warm to the touch, a few smears of your own blood coating your fingers. But you didn't care, no. He was right there, resting peacefully with his pale eyelids closed and his blue mouth parted mutely. You imagined how he would open his eyes and reveal hazel speckled with emerald, just like his father's. He would grow big and strong just like his grandfather, and he would grow to be adventurous, just like you. There was no sound, no rise or fall of his chest, no cries that left his lips as a newborn should.
There was no heartbeat.
From outside the nursery, newly painted with intricate golden butterflies, the people in the house heard the anguished cries of a mother who had lost her son.
And at that moment, the door beside the nursery disappeared in a trail of golden dust.
Tumblr media
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obsessivelycartoonish · 10 months ago
Bruno had a vision about Vineeta where she was coming to terms with her past traumas regards her family and was crying, but when Bruno brought it up to her, she lashed out at him and didn’t talk to him for a day. Vineeta wasn’t angry at him, but terrified of dealing with her past - by the end of the day she realized what she had done, and when she went to see Bruno, he was sulking thinking that he had made another person hate him cause of his gift. She wanted to apologize to him, but he kept deflecting saying how it was his fault. Vineeta was shocked that he’d even think that and this scene follows that:
Tumblr media
In general I thought this would be something Bruno would need to hear from anyone in his family(or the town),
but of course I like Vineeta trying to be emotionally vulnerable and honest with Bruno, setting her foot down when he tries to put the blame on himself
(I got some of the dialogue from a prompt, and if I find it I’ll post it here)
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bluethepearldiver · 9 months ago
Potential Symptoms Bruno Will Suffer After Leaving The Walls
All that said, here’s the list. If y’all are interested, I’ll expand upon it.
-Stockholm Syndrome (a weird variation, since he wasn’t actively held hostage)
-Refeeding Syndrome
-Allergy to fresh air
-Touch starvation
-Sensory overload
-Vitamin D Deficiency symptoms, including brittle bones
-Vision problems
-Weakened immune system
-Periods of withdrawal from human interaction
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