imsorryimlate · 2 months ago
reading pre-crisis batman is so funny like…. jason’s parents die and dick is like “i’m old enough, i want to adopt him 😔” and bruce immediately goes
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montagnaluan · 8 months ago
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“With the hope that we might one day save Bruce Wayne, as he saved me.”
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chenhelelalala · 8 months ago
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romanticizingmurder · a month ago
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Georges Bataille,Theory of Religion
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curlspen · 21 days ago
The reasons Jason Todd is seen as “The Bad Robin” are exactly what make him The Best Robin in my (correct) opinion. Jason is constantly pushing, challenging, and testing Bruce’s morality and ethics in a way no one else close to Bruce will. No, Jason isn’t always right, but neither is Bruce and that’s why Bruce desperately needs someone who he loves but will truly challenge him to think more deeply about the choices he’s making and other options he has. Bruce doesn’t have nearly enough of that.
And it’s particularly valuable that Jason offer that challenge because Jason knows how it feels to be a street kid and it’s heavily implied, if not explicitly stated, that Jason was abused and he consistently shows more distain and aggression specifically for domestic abusers, child abusers, and sexual abusers than any other member of the Batfam. Bruce grew up sheltered and privileged, his trauma was very different from Jason’s in that way and Jason can remind him of the reality of these crimes beyond his privileged and somewhat distant idealism.
Conclusion: Someone has got to humble that hard-headed goth control freak and it is a full time job so give respect to my boy.
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jaydickincorrect · 12 months ago
Bruce, at the McDonald's drive thru: Yeah let me get five cheeseburgers, five milkshakes-
Bruce: Jason I can tell that's you. If you don't stop poking my seat you're not getting fries.
Jason: *Keeps poking*
Bruce: Okay you know what? Four fries.
Bruce: *Turns to Jason* Four fries. You didn't think I'd do it did you?
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razielim · 12 days ago
It just seems to self-evident to me that a lot of the Batboys had/have/will eventually develop a homoerotic fixation with their older heroes/comrades. Fifteen year old Jay casting sideways glances at Discowing and Batman undressing in the locker room. Tim having photos of the older robins pinned up next to his bed - ostensibly because they’re his heroes but really as a spank bank. No, Jason dying didn’t make Tim any less likely to think about him, only occasionally cry while jerking off. Damian once he gets to a certain age will also start ogling Jason or Cass in the locker room when no one’s looking.
Like it just makes sense.
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batbigbang · 27 days ago
Bat Bang Mods
I am looking for a co-mod or two to help run a Big Bang in 2023! I will make things work without one, but I’d rather have a buddy!
About the Bang:
Batfam-centric! The main protagonist must be a Bat and/or the main ship must have at least one Bat. Ships within the Batfam itself all welcome.
Classic 50k fic + 2 art pieces collaboration. Writers will have 8 months to complete their fic. Artists will have 3 months to complete their art. It’s a tall order but a big payoff. We’re aiming to fill the tags on Ao3 with lovely new novel-length and illustrated completed works for everyone to enjoy!
All participants must be 18 or older. There will be no squee restriction beyond sticking to the Batfam theme - any ships, any tropes, any rating.
Modding specifics:
Writer submissions will open in January. Some time will need to be spent promoting the event and answering questions.
Three writer check-ins + one artist check-in will be conducted via email. As mods, we’ll be answering email questions and requests for extensions/help/etc.
Artists and authors must be matched to one another after claiming and questions about rules must be answered, around May-June. This will be a significant amount of work. If you have exams around that time, please take that into consideration before applying as a mod.
We will run a discord server for the event, occasionally hosting brainstorming sessions for anyone with stuck in their story.
The fics and art will post in October. Significant effort might be required in September, tracking down pinch-hitters, helping with last-minute beta searches, organizing promotional posts.
If you love making banners and graphics, I will love you forever.
Contact me in DMs on tumblr (@razielim) or on discord (god#2528)
Interest gauge:
If you don’t want to mod, but are interested in participating in the event, I’d appreciate it if you sent me a cute emoji of your choice in my askbox off-anon! 🥰 I won’t publish these, just keep track.
Reblogs are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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slumberfish · 8 months ago
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lay my hand in your hand
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anarcha-queer · 12 months ago
Jason: One of the remarkable things about love is that, despite very irritating people writing poems and songs about how pleasant it is, it really is quite pleasant.
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deplorableblight · 4 months ago
The Dark Knights of Steel universe made it that Bruce is at maximum 18 and all of his robins look to be at minimum 14 (with Tim looking to be the youngest)... So that's the prefect canon universe to play around with Batman/Robin or Robin/Robin ships. Also the fact that it's set in a medieval fantasy setting? Well, that's just the cherry on top.
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imsorryimlate · 3 months ago
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they are so important<3
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montagnaluan · 8 months ago
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Gender swap of brujay
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chenhelelalala · 4 months ago
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romanticizingmurder · 16 days ago
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Song for Anninho, Gayle Jones
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pseudae · 5 months ago
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jaydickincorrect · a year ago
Bruce: Alright I'll be leaving for three days. I've left notes for each of you with instructions.
Jason: Mine just says 'Jason, no'.
Bruce: And you can apply that to every possible situation.
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