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How to Do African Hair Braiding at an African Hair Braiding Salon
SF/Bay Area's only African hair braiding salon聽specializes in high quality hair braids and hairstyles for all ethnicity. We are committed to providing quality hair styling for African American, Caribbean, Hispanic and other cultural hair. This braiding salon is set to give you the most exotic designs in hair braids and also one of the best hair bonding techniques in the business! The braided hair is made by hand with a unique, modern, and African American style. Our skilled technicians are ready to work on your hair for special orders and to do some modifications.
SF/Bay has many options for hair: Brazilian braided hairstyles, African American braided hairstyles, Mani and pedi's, low ponytail style, and many more! There's no way to go wrong with our African American braids, twists and other creations. If you have an idea for a new braided style, send us an email. We will definitely create a braided style for you!
Afro-inspired braids and hairstyles in African American culture are a popular choice in hairstyles among many women. Many women opt to try an afro-inspired hairstyle at home. A popular African American hairstyle is the Afro-inspired box braids. Check out our African American box braids and how easy it is to do!
Braided twists are another popular look and are very easy to do! A simple hair braiding technique using any braided hairstyles, African American twists and European twists is a great African American hair look. The key is to start with an evenly distributed hair strand so that the different strands can lay flat. Use a small to medium sized elastic to secure the ends of the hair.
Easy to do African American hair braids are the popular African American braid style. Braiding the hair into three parts is the popular African American braid style. Two people can braide the hair or one person. To make the braid style easier, add an elastic band to each side of the braid. This will help secure each section of hair.
Another popular African American hairstyle is the African hair braiding of medium length hair. Jumbo box braids are easy to do and give a great appearance. Medium length hair will require more braiding to keep it from being frizzy. Jumbo box braids should only be done by a professional.
The most basic African hair braidal hairstyle is the African braid style. This is the simplest African braid style. This braid starts with a braided pattern that will reach to the end of the hair. Braids are then made around the braided pattern. This can be done with the use of elastic bands to secure the ends of the braid. When the braids are completely finished, they can be sewn into one long braid.
Making the braided hairstyle into a bun is simple. All one needs is a large stool and a large size headband. One can start by braiding the hair into three parts and pinning them together. Then using an elastic band, one can braid the top so that the bottom will face toward the stool.
Next, the top part of the hair is then sewn to the side of the large box. Then the sides of the large box are gathered into a box-like structure. Now a comb is used to comb the hair. Then the front of the large box is gathered into a box-like structure. This will form the base of the braid.
The sides of the braided hairstyle are then sewn together into a small rectangle. This will form the sides of the braid. This should be sewn on both sides. A small amount of sewed elastic is added to make sure that the braids are held and do not come off.
When the elastic is enough, a bead or some thread is used to bind the hair into the ends. A rubber band is then used to seal the hair. A straight pin is used to secure the ends of the braids. The excess material should then be trimmed away to form the desired length of the braids.
Hair braiding is an easy and enjoyable process when done at the African hair braiding salon. The tools and accessories needed are simple and easily available at most local stores. This is also a great way to practice your skills for other African countries. This is a fun and relaxing way to make African hair look beautiful and perfect.
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2 Braidal Hair Style for Long Hair | Latest Hair Style Tutorials
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