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dimonds456 2 days ago
boomer brainrot strong? do you have any headcanons you'd be willing to share...
*rubs hands together like a mad scientist* Oh I do...
Bubby and Coomer are around the same age, though Bubby has not been out of his tube for long.
Bubby just is his name.
Bubby was supposed to be both the ultimate lifeform and a brilliant scientist, but was not allowed out of the tube until he proved himself as smart as they wanted him to be
This resulted in him being such a hothead about himself
Black Mesa's higher-ups didn't really see him as a person, either.
Dr Coomer has known Bubby since his 30's, and was always the most patient and encouraging of him.
The day Bubby was released, Coomer was there.
Coomer managed to convince everyone else that in order to really learn, Bubby had to be hands-on. This is how he finally was released
This is also true, he learns better with his hands.
Dr Coomer's parents were volunteers of an experiment, and so he has Xen DNA in his system. Whether he knows is unclear.
Coomer is fluent in Sweet Voice (how Gordon never saw that is a mystery), and teaches Bubby how to read it as well
Once everyone is out of Black Mesa, they all have to bunk at Tommy's house since the Science Team had all lived in dorms inside the building.
While there, everyone steadily grows closer to each other.
Dr Coomer basically adopts everyone else. Bubby becomes their "disgruntled" grandpa.
He actually cares a great deal about everyone else, but he struggles with showing it.
Once introduced to video games, Bubby adores them. Because of this, Dr Coomer slowly finds himself enjoying them as well.
Dr Coomer's robotic limbs are cold when he's not moving. Bubby loves that about him.
Coomer throws science out of his life as much as he can, only engaging in it when he needs to.
Bubby, however, still loves science. He finds himself trying to DIY technology and inventing things.
When Bubby does finally psych himself up enough to apologize to Gordon about the whole betrayal thing, Dr Coomer is right there beside him
Dr Coomer winds up introducing Bubby to surface life in general.
Bubby finds he likes the ocean, too.
Dr Coomer much prefers the wilderness, while Bubby prefers open spaces to see the stars
They start dating once they're on the surface together
Their relationship is very healthy. They do argue every now and then, but it's usually never serious.
If it is serious, Dr Coomer has patience enough for the both of them to figure it out
Part of Dr Coomer's arc continues after Black Mesa. He suddenly wonders, if this really IS a video game, is that why he loves ropes so much? Was he supposed to die to one???
Bubby is able to calm him down, telling him that that just means Coomer is one smart sonuvagun to avoid that for so long.
You will often find both of them outside, usually on a park bench somewhere.
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melonsharks 3 months ago
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been working on some stickers! these die-cut stickers will be up for pre-order throughout July (as well as another sticker sheet im still working on!) so keep an eye out 馃憖
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starslasher a year ago
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two best friends in a lab. they might kiss
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gordons-foot-scans a year ago
Antisemetism In Art, and How To Avoid It: A masterpost for HLVRAI content creators
Posted by a Jewish adult, with help from other jewish HLVRAI fans
Notes before we get into this:
A portion of this will be graphs/images, with image IDs underneath each section.
Bubby and Benrey are the focus of this post, if you have questions regarding other characters then please don't hesitate to ask if the general idea is not covered here.
This is a collaborative effort between fans of HLVRAI who are Jewish, but that does not mean we are representing every jewish fan's view. If other jewish fans disagree, that does not mean either of us are less jewish than the other. Thank you.
If you have any questions about this post, literally any, please don't hesitate to ask!
And yes, this can be reblogged by goyim! It helps spread the word.
Lets Begin!
Text versions will be below the read-more.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Source Credits:
- Most of the images came from an in-depth google doc about antisemitism HERE
- The rest of the copy-pasted reference images came from the Wikipedia page on Antisemitism, and the final illustrations were drawn by me.
- The Wikipedia page also has more information on antisemitism in general if you want to read up more outside of fandom issues!
Closing Notes:
Thank you so much for reading - I know this took far too long to post and I am very sorry for how long it took. With moving multiple times, starting a new job, and losing motivation to work on this, I am very happy to finally have this done. I hope this helps, and my inbox is always open for discussion, questions, or just to talk (same for DMs!)
*EDIT (5/17/2021): While "Bubby's model is based on a jewish person" is a common claim made in the HLVRAI community, I can't actually find any information supporting that. However, the character model (Isaac Kleiner) is still Jewish/Jewish coded (due to his name), so the chart still applies. Thank you for understanding, and I am sorry for the confusion!
Trait Charts for Bubby & Benrey
Bubby's in-game model is based on a Jewish person, while Benrey has no ties to judaism. Because of this, the guidelines for their character designs are not the same.
BUBBY No: - Hooked Nose - Different from pointed nose - Inhuman Skin - specifically from the yellow, green, and blue hues. - Horns/Horn Hair - Animal features - Tail, animal eyes, and animal limbs. Think stereotypical demons? Catboys not included, the intent behind those is less so dehumanizing and moreso just furry-lite. Only 1 At A Time*: - Sharp Teeth - Not very common, but it has still been used to demonize jewish people - Claws - Pointed Ears * When I say "Only 1 at a time", honestly 1-2 can be combined. It entirely depends on the artist's intent/how exaggerated those aspects are. Sadly, nuance is hard to define in a small chart. Just be cautious and respectful! OK!: - Being evil - Being a villain/temporarily evil does not equal automatically bad. Woobifying jewish people is Not the solution. Unless he is portrayed as greedy or the "mastermind" behind everything (very bad), being generally evil is OK. - Pointer/Big Nose - Styleized pointed noses, or realistically larger noses, are not the same as a hooked nose. Speaking as someone who has a larger nose, it is ok to draw those. - "Flame" Hair
BENREY NO: - Hooked Nose - Different from pointed nose - Inhuman Skin - SPECIFICALLY greens and yellows, greys and blues are okay -Horns/Horn Hair - This one is situational - they are okay for AUs (such as demon AUs or Winter Holiday imps) but not for just basic Benrey. Fluffy/messy/spiky hair is fine tho Mostly Okay, Depends On Intent*: - Sharp Teeth - Claws - Pointed ears - While bad on jewish characters, pointy ears are a very common trait in other non-antisemetic media (Such as elves, vampires, aliens, etc.) - Being Evil - Pointy/Big Nose -Animal Features - While bad for bubby, having demonic characters it not antisemetic in itself! Only when it's used to represent jews. * When it comes to non-jewish characters, it's harder to make a set list of "yes"s and "no"s due to a little thing called nuance. Sometimes artists can combine these traits in a respectful way that has no ties to antisemitism, and other artists utilize these traits to make anti-jewish media. This is unfortunately an overlap that can not be defines due to how much of this is a grey area, so do your best to research an artists views before making false claims - the same goes for giving antisemitic artists a free pass on accident. Do your research, don't be afraid to ask artists in private first before making public posts, and stay safe!
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@starslasher hi =3c
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big-kitty-lesbian 4 months ago
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After a long day at work
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r0tten-brainz a year ago
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husbands! i drew this for my anniversary :)
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candyredterezii a year ago
fellas whats more gay being gay or whatever the fuck Dr Coomer and Bubby had going on
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dilfgmancoolatta 5 months ago
As he鈥檚 concentrating on making sure he has the exact amount of minced onions the recipe calls for (no, he鈥檚 NOT crying. The perfect scientist won鈥檛 be made teary-eyed by something as stupid as onions, thank you very much), he鈥檚 thrown out of his concentration by a pair of strong arms hugging him from behind.
鈥淗arold-!鈥 he whines, biting back a smile. 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 just sneak up on me when I鈥檓 cooking.鈥 He sniffs the air. 鈥淵ou smell.鈥
I鈥檓 on a role today hehehe (this doesn鈥檛 require any gswap knowledge tbh it can just be normal boomer)
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dammjamboy a year ago
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this is just like *combines two of my favorite things together*聽
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rocketonin a year ago
cw: text that talks directly to the reader, eyestrain
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melonsharks 4 months ago
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HE SAID YES 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜
鈫揚eep It 鈫
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starslasher a year ago
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good news everyone! i am still deranged!
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junk-f1sh 11 months ago
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Them doodles I love them so much, oh 2 be old men in love
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ventussolder a year ago
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is this art meme still relevant?
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rottedmolarx a year ago
this is my hc, but also i am kind of a gordon freeman kinnie and i kinda project, so-
still figuring out ibis paint :'))
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the story of gordons hot pink nip piercings is a funny one, but thats for another time :))
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