optimistic-nihilist · a day ago
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deadlypoetacademia · 12 hours ago
Therapy? Who?? Fictional books with mentally unstable characters having traumatic past and tragedic present.
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isixlopes · 2 days ago
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ig: isixlopes
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cozy-academia · a day ago
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Paolo e Virginia by Alessandro Puttinati
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septaout · a day ago
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september 24th 2022 • went on a date with myself and read the haunting of hill house and then went book shopping. it was lovely.
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sara-s-typewriter · a day ago
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I know for a fact that these two are going to rip my heart out into tiny little pieces and I would still be there for it.
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ijustkindalikebooks · 2 days ago
“A well-composed book is a magic carpet on which we are wafted to a world that we cannot enter in any other way.” ― Caroline Gordon.
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unstablewifiaccess · 2 days ago
Discord Book Club!
Hi! I am the administrator for the Lovely Hearts Book Club on Discord! My mod team and I have been running it for 4 whole years now and I'm honestly pretty proud of us. It's been a hot second since we've advertised though, and the server's starting to look a little slower than normal, so this is an open invitation to join us!
Who's allowed? Everybody! We fully welcome anybody 13+, with roles and protections so that minors are safe and that any adults have their private roles as well.
What do we do? Easy! We're a fully digital book club that runs 24/7. Between monthly books (which are suggested and voted on by members every month), we also have specific chats for pretty much any book or interest you may have! And if it doesn't exist yet, we are more than happy to create one for you.
But what if I don't want to see every chat and just want to see those I'm interested in? Our role system is set up just for this reason! As you join you'll be given the option to select which rooms you would like access to and will never even have to see the ones you have no interest in!
What if I can't read a monthly book, or don't want to? This is perfectly fine! You will never be forced to read any book, and you will absolutely not be judged for not reading any as well. This space is for you and you can make it however you want it to be!
Is there going to be drama? Nope. We pride ourselves in being a drama free zone. This is a safe space meant to bring people together to talk about anything that interests them, especially books!
Are you LGBTQIA+ friendly? We sure are! Everyone in the Mod team is some shade of queer, and we will always be there to support anybody in the community!
I hope you join us soon! This is a really really awesome community to be a part of and I've loved every second of being a part of it. Come on down, make some friends, and read some books! <3
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skylerandbooks · a day ago
Symbols and Their Uses
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Motifs and symbols are literary devices that authors have used throughout the centuries. In fact, both motifs and symbols are used in all artistic media: painters, sculptors, playwrights, and musicians all use motifs and use symbols in the most advanced forms of their respective artforms. And while they are similar literary terms, “motif” and “symbol” are not synonyms. There are distinct differences between the definition of symbol and the definition of motif, and they serve somewhat different functions in literature.
Examples and Forms of Symbols throughout history:
1. The earliest recorded forms of human storytelling—cave paintings and hieroglyphics—are quite literally symbols representing more complex narratives or beliefs.
2. Ancient Greek theater, which is the basis for much of today’s narrative artforms, used symbolic props including phallic objects to represent Dionysus, the god of fertility. Symbolism remained in wide use throughout the Middle Ages (almost always with religious connotations) and then, from the Renaissance onward, returned in full force to represent human desires ranging from lust to ambition to heartbreak.
3. William Shakespeare used symbols to represent inner conscience (think of blood in Macbeth or family names in Romeo and Juliet) and William Blake used religious symbols (including Jesus himself) to represent human emotion and desire (as in “The Everlasting Gospel”).
4. Fairy tales frequently contain literary symbolism to convey a story’s central idea to young audiences. The Brothers Grimm frequently used the forest as a symbol of both mystery and peril, as in this passage from Hansel and Gretel, where the children continue deeper into the woods.
Hope it was helpful! Like, share and follow for more!
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littlep0e · 18 hours ago
i like libraries and caramel candies and sketchy carnival rides and laughing. i like things that make me love being alive
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academic-nyctophile · a month ago
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- Beau Taplin
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optimistic-nihilist · 28 days ago
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yourloveisgold · a month ago
I read. Obsessively. Because, when I read, there is purpose to my loneliness.
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bookwormingparty · 8 months ago
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mxxnlightsblog · 2 months ago
I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind.
- Edgar Allen Poe
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teklarain · 2 months ago
the most romantic thing a person can do is read and annotate your favorite book and then give it to you.
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poetryofmanya · 5 months ago
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T.S. Eliot, The Wasteland.
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