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seventeen x screenshots of despair [1/?]
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crushing + first kiss — svt
Tumblr media
· so into you it’s almost sickening
· he’s so protective over you, always living up to the cliché kdrama lead standards, like tying your shoes, pulling you to the safer side of the sidewalk, scolding you for not taking breaks if you’re stressed
· he cares for you so much and he wants to make sure you’re safe and happy at all times!
· would wait until about your third or fourth date to kiss you, even though you were friends prior to him asking you out
· he’s more nervous than you would expect! my man is SWEATING
· as he’s pulling into your driveway, he takes a deep breath and tries not to lose his mind when he looks over at you and you’re already looking over at him
· puts the car in park and takes both your hands in his, intertwining your fingers and telling you how much fun he had with you
· big goofy smile on his face when you tell him you enjoyed yourself too and you can’t wait for next time
· a silence falls over you as he glances down to your lips and back up to your eyes, as if to ask for consent
· you barely finish nodding before he’s leaning over the centre console, cradling your face in his hands as he presses his lips to yours
· nearly sighs into your mouth when you grip his shirt in your hands, he’s so content in that moment
· walks you to your door and sees you off with a final peck on the lips, hoping you don’t hear the giggle he releases after you close it
· it was obvious to anyone that he has a massive crush on you simply from the way he didn’t tease you at all, not when you spilled drinks or food on yourself, not when you tripped, not when you misspoke
· his first priority was making sure you felt comfortable around him and the last thing he wanted was for you to feel upset or embarrassed because of him when these silly things happened to you
· all the other members were jealous, when will they ever have peace?
· from the moment he laid eyes on you the only thought running through his mind was his lips on yours
· he knows what he wants and is not afraid to go get it, so if you thought he was waiting past your first date you are so very wrong!
· plans the sweetest, most thoughtful day for you both, filled with your favourite foods, activities, and places
· you end the day with him walking you home, your hands laced together and swinging back and forth between you
· once you arrive at your door, you give him a hug and thank him for your date, smiling at the playful roll of his eyes when you mention it’s the best one you’ve ever been on
· you unwrap your arms from his shoulders, your breath catching in your throat when he doesn’t do the same with your waist
· he drags a hand up to your jaw, pressing his forehead against yours before leaning down and connecting your lips
· he can’t help but smile into it when you begin to kiss back, causing you both to break into a fit of giggles
· texts you after he leaves to let you know that there’s definitely more where that came from ;)
· shua would be such a sweetheart
· he’d make his little bracelets for you, always rushing to show you when he bought new beads or figured out how to add new charms
· he’d cook for you and deliver little pastries to you at work/school on special occasions, or even for small things like completing a project you were stressing yourself out over
· he loves telling you his good news, and you’re always the first person he thinks of when he has any to share!
· that’s when he begins to notice the dryness of his throat and the small tremble in his voice whenever he’s around you, how his palms seem to sweat when he holds your hand to slip his newest bracelet onto your wrist
· after consulting jeonghan he decides to tell you how he feels, preparing a small bouquet of flowers and your favourite snacks to surprise you with…. he believes in the power of hallmark clichés
· when you look up after you fish your keys out of your pocket and see him slowly pacing back and forth outside of your doorway and fiddling with the ribbon on the bouquet, you think your heart might burst
· you run over to him and envelope him in a hug, telling him about the awful day you had and how he made it so much better, like he always did
· he’s so overwhelmed with emotion that he just leans in and softly pecks your lips, pulling away to see your reaction
· his blush spreads to the tips of his ears when you lean back in to kiss him again
· he almost drops your presents as his hands fly to your waist, and he cant help the smile that tugs at his lips when you invite him into your home for dinner (and more kisses)
· jun would straight up let you know he likes you far before he even asks you out
· he’d be a little awkward but he’s not at all ashamed about how he feels about you, and he’d treat you like his s/o without you even telling him you liked him too
· when you agree to go on a date with him he’s so excited it’s adorable
· takes you to his favourite places, constantly looking over at you for a reaction because he wants you to like what he likes and vice versa
· always asks for your opinion on things before he plans your dates and remembers every single detail of every single thing you tell him, no matter how big or small
· “how do you feel about the beach. do you hate the ocean. be honest. because we don’t have to go if you hate the ocean.” “i know a really good japanese place, since you said you were craving it a few days ago! their shirley temple sucks though don’t get that.” “i bought you a scarf in the corner store since you said you were cold and i know i gave you my jacket already but i just wanted to make sure you were warm… it’s a really ugly yellow and doesn’t match your outfit but that’s all they had i’m sorry.”
· his favourite dates had to be your sleepovers
· you cook together, and he teaches you how to make his favourite chinese dish for dinner :,)
· you finish eating and sit at the kitchen island drinking some water with him on the other side, when you look up and notice him staring at you and ask why he’s looking at you like that
· he doesn’t answer and only smiles, walking around and inserting himself between your legs, and placing his hands on your shoulders
· he tells you how much you mean to him, and how thankful he is that you choose to spend your time with him, and how he genuinely can’t stop thinking about you, and how he wants to be your person like you’re his person
· you’re at a loss for words, not expecting him to be so open and vulnerable all of a sudden
· you share a glance and then you’re both leaning towards each other, meeting halfway in a soft, slow kiss
· he can’t help but hug you tightly afterwards, rocking you lightly side to side in the swivel chair you sat on
· your relationship is the embodiment of idiots to lovers
· anyone with eyes can see that you’re head over heels for each other, but for some reason neither of you can take a hint, always claiming that you’re besties and nothing more
· he invites you to the practice room to hang out for a bit, as he usually does when he has free time at work
· tries to teach you a little choreography he came up with a few days prior, which ends with you almost sprawled out on the floor, and him standing above you giggling at the difference between his stamina and yours
· as you sit up, he bends down to wipe some sweat off of your forehead with his sleeve, and it’s when he looks into your eyes that he notices the nearly inhumane speed of his heartbeat and it clicks.
· he can’t help but let out all his feelings at once, almost angry at himself for how much time he’s wasted pretending he wanted to be just friends
· as soon as you tell him you reciprocate his feelings, he wastes no time in kissing you as passionately as his lips would allow, hands running over your sides and body moving over yours, smiling slightly into the kiss as you ran your fingers through his hair
· needless to say, when the rest of the boys walk in and find you both blushing messes, they relentlessly tease you both, seungkwan and chan arguing in the corner over who “called it” first
· takes pride in his crush on you, not even the least bit ashamed around the boys
· however he is a little scared of the possibility that you could reject him, so he keeps it to himself around you
· but that does not stop him from inviting you to do anything and everything with him!
· his favourite thing is spending time with you, so he jumps at any opportunity to hang out with you, whether it’s relaxing together at either of your homes or accompanying him to work
· the only time you’ll catch him off guard is physical affection, he can’t help but grin and blush when you grab his hand when you drag him into a store, fix his hair after he gets it wet in the pool, or link arms with him as you walk together
· although he strives for something beyond your friendship, he is completely satisfied with what you have right now, if it means he doesn’t risk losing you after he tells you how he really feels
· you on the other hand can’t stand it any longer, and your feelings come spilling out to him during a late night card game on the living room floor
· he quickly abandons his hand to lean over the cards and gently kiss you, pulling away to tell you that he likes you too. so much.
· the game was left unfinished as you cuddled up against the couch and shared more kisses, telling each other in detail when you began to fall for each other
· can’t go a day without getting absolutely slandered by the rest of the boys over his crush on you
· they mean well, they just find it adorable how nervous he becomes around you
· writes all their love songs with you in mind, always dodging the question when he’s asked who he’s writing about (“i just… watch a lot of movies!” liar liar pants on fire!)
· shows very small changes in behaviour when you so much as look at him; the small smile that tugs at his lips when you laugh at his jokes, the light blush that dusts his cheeks when you sit near him, the awkward laugh he lets out when you compliment him
· and Only You are allowed in the studio while he’s working.
· he regrets that a little when you ask him to explain one of his songs to you, and accidentally tells you that you’re his inspiration
· he doesn’t even realize he’s basically telling you how he feels about you by talking about the song
· you then clue in, place both your hands on his shoulders and ask if you can kiss him
· his face goes completely red, but he nods nevertheless, and as soon as your lips touch his all his coherent thoughts fly out the window and he’s pulling you onto his lap in his desk chair.
· if this was what everybody meant by taking a break while he was in the studio, he could definitely get used to it.
· an absolute mess and probably the most obvious, but thinks he’s being completely inconspicuous
· he giggles constantly, trips over his words, stares at you when he thinks you can’t see him, and has formed a habit of pressing his hand to his chest to calm his heart down whenever you’re within 10 feet of him
· all he wants to be around you, he doesn’t even have the words to describe how infatuated he is with you
· and you and all the boys think it’s nothing short of adorable
· you don’t even give him a chance to apologize for his awkwardness before you’re confessing everything to him
· when you tell him you like him, he actually thinks he might’ve blacked out for a few seconds
· best day of his life [REAL]
· “you meant like… not as a friend right. just to be clear.” “seokmin.”
· you wrap your arms around his neck and attach your lips to his, and he’s immediately kissing you back
· it eventually becomes a clash of teeth because you both can’t stop smiling, but neither of you mind, seokmin only pulling you closer to him and deepening the kiss
· Down Bad. an utter mess. there’s no other words for it.
· squeals and kicks his feet whenever you post a picture, even though he can’t follow you or like it he is constantly stalking your account, rewatching your stories and zooming in on his favourite pictures
· speaking of photos, the amount of candids he has of you is borderline ridiculous
· probably has more pictures of you in his phone than he does of himself, even makes an album named after you with a bunch of heart emojis dedicated to his favourite ones
· the members don’t even have to ask who he’s talking to when he’s texting you, because they can tell from the giant grin spread across his face and the heart eyes he’s looking down at the screen with
· takes you on a big expensive date to confess his feelings to you, i’m talking your favourite fancy restaurant and pays for literally anything you want to eat, desserts included
· and by desserts included i mean he totally paid the chef extra to bring you a slice of cake with his confession note baked into it that you’re trying to tell them to take back because you didn’t order it
· gyu frantically convinces you to eat it, his hands clasped together under the table as you unwrap the paper and read the letter he wrote for you
· your eyes gloss over as you read the words on the paper, putting it down and pouting at him, immediately rushing over to his side of the booth to hug him and tell him how sweet he is
· he wastes no time in pressing his lips to yours, a quick kiss that sends him into a fit of giggles as you agree to be his s/o
· gives you a proper kiss in his car once you leave the restaurant ;)
· he doesn’t necessarily try to hide how he feels about you, but he’s just a little too nervous to directly say it out loud
· he’d compliment you constantly, remember little details like coffee orders and allergies, even share clothes with you, but he couldn’t muster up the courage to tell you he liked you
· so when jun completely outs him to you by accident one day, you want to see if he’s telling the truth, but you’re also too nervous to outright confess your feelings
· so during your weekly movie night, you settle for acting slightly clingier than normal, hoping he’d notice and make the first move
· you brush your hand against his when you reach for popcorn at the same time, snuggle into his side during the scary parts, even play with his hair while you focused on the screen
· it’s only when you giggle when you notice the deep blush that spread across his face that he realizes
· “you’re doing this on purpose!” “well.”
· he stares at you lovingly as you cover your mouth and burst into laughter, mentally scolding himself for not revealing his feelings to you sooner
· he can’t help but pry your hands away from your face and attach his lips to yours, intertwining your fingers as you kiss him back as best as you can, trying to contain your excitement
· you end up falling asleep tangled together on the couch, his hand stroking your hair and your head on his chest
· you almost thought you were in this alone, he’s incredible at hiding his feelings for you
· he treats you the exact same way he treats all his other friends
· you just didn’t look closely enough to see the light blush that adorned his features when he teased you, or notice the gentleness with which he touched you compared to his group members
· he almost gets away with it until the boys start deliberately making it obvious around you
· alternatively they’re sick and tired of waiting for him to make his move
· “seungkwan… you’re awfully red in the face!” “why don’t you be on their team? you clearly want to.” “did you bring that for them? why don’t you ever bring us snacks, huh?”
· he drags you away from them to apologize for them being so pushy, rambling about how he’ll tell them off if you want him to and how the last thing he wants is for you to be uncomfortable
· he’s reduced to silence when you ask him if there’s a reason behind their teasing, raising an eyebrow at him
· he panics and tries to explain how much he likes you and that he should’ve said something beforehand and saved himself the embarrassment
· he’s so surprised when you cup his cheeks and kiss him that he almost pulls away to gasp in shock
· he regains his composure and pulls you closer by the waist, lightly rubbing circles into your skin with his thumb through fabric of your clothes
· pulls you into a hug afterwards and buries his head into your neck so you don’t see him grinning and blushing profusely
· he wouldn’t say anything, but his feelings would be incredibly obvious to everybody else but you
· he would be head over heels for you from the moment you’d met, so you didn’t know anything but the shy and bubbly vernon you’re used to
· but when the other boys see their normally chill, quieter friend giggle like a schoolgirl around you, they immediately know what’s up
· they become your number one supporters, even taking pictures of you two together and sending them to the group chat to show vernon the way you looked at him to encourage him to confess to you
· when he decides to do it, he’d take you to see a movie, one of your usual hangout activities
· he enjoys explaining the characters and backstories when you don’t understand, and glancing over at you to gauge your reactions to his favourite scenes
· he didn’t expect to look over at you during the confession scene between the two main characters and see you already looking at him though.
· his breath would hitch, and he wonders if you can hear his heart pounding in his chest when you lean over the armrest and kiss his cheek to test the waters
· “i really like you.”
· that’s all he needed to hear before his hand was tilting your chin upwards so your lips could meet
· he was obsessed with the feeling of your lips on his, this becoming evident as he barely gave you time to breathe before he was tilting his head to kiss you again
· he forgot about the film for the rest of the night, staring at your intertwined hands with a small smile on his face
· you’re on his mind every second of every hour
· is constantly rambling to the other guys about you, to the point where they have to tell him to shut up before he even starts because they know it’s coming
· chan is often pretty confident, but is reduced to a blushing, stuttering mess around you, and is convinced someone like you would never like him back so he chooses to put distance between you two because he Hates embarrassing himself around you
· you can’t seem to figure out why he won’t talk to you, even in a group setting he’s very quiet when you speak, so you automatically assume he just doesn’t like you!
· so you approach him outside during the game night the boys were having, after he left to get some air (really he was trying to calm his heart rate from being so close to you)
· “chan… i don’t know what i did to make you hate me… you never talk to me and i don’t know what i’m doing wrong…”
· his heart SHATTERS
· because little do you know it’s the exact opposite!
· his words start spewing out immediately, assuring you that what he felt for you was the furthest thing from hate, and that he actually has a giant crush on you and just doesn’t know how to act around you
· so naturally you have to kiss him to stop his rambling!
· he swears his knees almost give out when your lips start to move against his
· almost tips his drink over with how quickly his hands abandon it in favour of cupping your face
· refuses to take his hands off of you for the rest of the night
Tumblr media
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lee chan: professional shit stirrer
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seungkwan wearing earrings is something that can be so personal
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just me and my bestie ♡
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them <3
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they're ✨professionals✨ your honor
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How to Look Cool while Drinking Water: A Guide by Seventeen
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seventeen x text posts [4/?]
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Could I request a svt reaction? Where youre his crush and youre facetiming bc he's on tour but you fall asleep during the call how would they react? :) thank you!
falling asleep on facetime — svt
Tumblr media
· if you’re not together in person you’ll be on his mind constantly… it’s becoming a concern at this point
· he is ALWAYS calling you whenever he gets the chance, which while he’s on tour means every spare minute he’s not on stage
· will facetime you to show you the city they’re in, to give you a tour of the venue, to rant about how tired he is… he’ll even go around and make all the members say hi to you (he always seems to miss the knowing look in their eyes when they glance back and forth between his expression and his phone screen)
· he’ll often be found with his phone propped up against a plastic water bottle in the catering room, chatting to you about how his day is going and asking about yours, telling you to spare absolutely no detail
· one particular night he’d be eating some fruit and talking about the members fooling around during soundcheck, when you suddenly stop responding
· he’s about to pout and complain about you not paying attention to him when he notices in your sleeping figure, wrapped up in your blankets, your mouth slightly open and your eyebrows furrowed
· he can’t help the blush that spreads across his face when he realizes that you were comfortable enough to fall asleep with him on the phone… his heart is pounding in his chest
· other members eventually start walking by and clown him for smiling at his phone, which forces him to hang up so he can go yell at them
· likes to facetime you while he builds his legos, while he cooks, while he unpacks, etc.
· he likes having you propped up against some random object in the room while he does a silly little task, he enjoys the domesticity of it all (and it allows him to imagine himself in a relationship with you where’d you’d actually be together doing these things but he won’t admit that)
· he’ll recap every last detail of his day, sharing his screen to show you the photos he took during his free time
· always encourages you to speak when it looks like you want to comment on something or add to his story
· he also likes to make the same drink or food as you so you can have the same things to snack on while you talk, to really make it feel like you’re together in person
· when you start to drift off, he knows he should end the call, but he can’t bring himself to hang up when you look so at peace, it’s when he thinks you’re the most beautiful
· moves his phone to the bedside table as he gets cozy under his covers, a small smile on his face as he listens to your breathing and falls asleep himself
· wakes up to the sound of the facetime ending, and always giggles at your texts that tell him to just hang up if you fall asleep, that it’s embarrassing, that you probably look gross, but he’ll always tell you that he thinks quite the opposite, hoping you’ll catch the hints he’s dropping
· always leaning right up to the camera when you’re on facetime because he likes how nervous you get when you notice how close he is
· he loves to hear about your day, and will always ask for a complete rundown of everything you did, down to the socks you wore (he also thinks that the look on your face as you’re trying to remember everything is the most adorable thing he has ever seen)
· such a good listener, he’s always nodding along to everything you’re saying, and always encouraging you to continue speaking even if you hear noise or the members talking in the background
· has a folder on his phone for all his screenshots of you (“wait, do that again. what you just did… yeah” [joshua took a facetime photo] “stop taking pictures of me!” “no you look cute”)
· loves when you go shopping and show him everything you got, recounting the moment you saw it and the reasoning behind your purchase
· even if he doesn’t care for the item himself he’s still so invested because you like it so much and you’re showing it to him
· he’s always telling you that you should go to bed when it starts to get late, yet he stays on call with you even when you get tucked into bed, yawning and barely forming coherent sentences
· takes more screenshots while you fall asleep, telling himself it’s only because he can use them to make fun of you later (why is his heart beating so fast?)
· the second he gets home after a long day at work he’s running to his room to call you
· as the phone rings all he can focus on is the way he’s absolutely itching to see you and have you tell him everything about your day
· if you answer him while you’re doing something, he’ll feel so bad for interrupting you and you have to spend five minutes telling him that if what you were doing was really that important you wouldn’t have answered in the first place
· you always catch him grinning at you with not a single thought behind his eyes except for how infatuated with you he is, but when you ask him why he’s not saying anything he just tells you to keep talking
· one of the compliments he gives you the most is how much he loves your voice. he loves hearing you talk about any and everything, and he truly misses hearing it in person, his days are so much more boring without you ranting about your new hyperfixation, or reading the instructions on packaging out loud while you attempt to cook something new, or complaining about that cousin that you hate
· however, he equally enjoys when you’re quiet, lying down in bed with your eyes closed, simply inhaling and exhaling while he ignores his own yawns and fluttering eyelids to look at you a little longer
· takes lots of screenshots before he falls asleep so he can tell you how cute you are the next morning
· always calls you right after he gets back to the hotel and showers
· his eyes light up while he’s talking about the show, and you can’t help but smile at him as he recounts every last detail, making him break into a grin as well
· most of your calls consist of you sitting in silence, giggling at one another until you think of something else to say
· anytime you bring something up, he’ll always tell you to show him the item, send him the person’s instagram or take a picture of the place next time. he wants to be involved in your life and know what you know and understand how you see things. so please remember to send him a video of the stray kitten that lives on the corner of your street next time.
· when the exhaustion begins to hit him, he always gets particularly sappy, going on rants about how much he wishes you were with him, telling you he misses you so badly it almost hurts, and how he feels like facetime is never enough
· you have to reassure him that you’ll be seeing each other soon, that he’s coming back soon, but it’ll do nothing to rid him of his pain (he does this even when you’re in the same city)
· always tells you goodnight even when you’re asleep, and sometimes even lets an i love you slip out, secretly hoping you’ll hear it one day
· often opts for texting instead of calling just because it’s easier to communicate with you while being mindful of time differences
· but if you say you’re up for it? his fingers are frantically swiping to the facetime app and scrolling down to your name within seconds
· his favourite activity to do on a call with you is read to you
· he’ll pull out the most recent book he’s reading and recite paragraph after paragraph to you, sometimes taking a little break to share a little memory that one particular sentence reminds him of (or to let you know that it reminds him of you)
· notices exactly when you start to feel tired and lowers his voice to a quieter tone as to not disturb you
· he usually stops reading when he knows you’ve fallen asleep, but sometimes he’ll pause a little earlier just to hear you whine for him to continue, it gives him the perfect opportunity to tease you about how much you like his voice (don’t mind the blush that appears on his face and the audible smile in his voice after you groggily tell him you’re not asleep yet)
· when you really do fall asleep, he quietly closes the book and rests it on the bedside table, snuggling into his covers and staring at you for a while before he hangs up, because he would never sleep if you were still on the phone… he’d just keep staring
· never stops thinking about the texts he gets from you the next morning, reciting your thoughts about what he read to you (more specifically the ones about how he shouldn’t hang up next time)
· he’s always super busy producing or practicing so he doesn’t really have as much time to see you in person as he’d like
· so he often calls you just to hear your voice and see your face for some comfort, although he won’t ever admit that to anyone, especially not you
· he feels a little guilty, but his favourite thing in the world is calling you late at night when you’re sleepy, because he thinks the way you fight to keep your eyes open and prop your head up on your arm is absolutely adorable
· he’d probably be in the middle of reciting some lyrics he wrote to you to ask for your opinion, when he notices you haven’t responded in a while
· when he glances over at the screen and sees your eyes shut, the angle just barely capturing your cheeks smushed against your pillow, he thinks his heart might jump out of im his chest
· will just sit and work while you sleep, occasionally glancing over at you and smiling to himself
· he’d get SO flustered if one of the members walked in (“no way you’re watching them sleep rn… down bad as hell…” “VERNON GET OUT RIGHT NOW IM SO SERIOUS…”)
· a lot more quiet on calls than you’d expect
· if he isn’t with you, he usually texts you everything he wants to talk to you about or tell you the second he thinks of it, so when he calls you it’s just because he misses your voice
· most of your calls consist of you sat in comfortable silence, sometimes watching each other do simple activities such as eating or getting ready for bed
· seokmin LOVES watching you do your little skincare routine and brush your teeth, and he always breaks the silence to tell you how cute you are in your matching pjs
· he’ll always ask what you ate, what you did that day, who you hung out with, even if you did already text it to him! he loves the sound of excitement in your voice when you tell him stories
· neither of you can stop smiling at each other, just lying down in your respective beds blushing as you force your eyes to stay open to look at the screens of your phones
· eventually you give in to the temptation and your eyes fall shut, and soon afterwards seokmin can hear your breaths even out, indicating that you’ve fallen asleep
· he will Never hang up first because he absolutely loves sleeping with you on the phone, it makes him feel like you’re there with him </3
· will have you on a call for no less than 5 hours a day every time you’re apart
· he likes to know that you’re there, even if it isn’t in person, so he’ll always call you in the morning and just bring you along for his day
· like that episode of the office where jim and pam have the earpieces in so they can talk to each other all day even while they’re at work, that’s you and mingyu but with facetime
· he’ll even prop you up in the corner while he’s at rehearsal or a photoshoot, scrambling over to you as soon as he gets a break to see what you’re doing
· whenever he catches you looking at the screen, he’ll send you a big goofy smile and a wink, maybe a lil heart pose if he’s feeling extra corny in that moment
· he loves lying down with you at the end of the day, relaying all of the events and getting especially excited when you say you remembered seeing something happen out of the corner of your eye on the call
· takes so much comfort in the fact that you’re paying attention to him and what he’s doing even though you’re busy too
· you always fall asleep together on call after you lay your heads down on your pillows, facing your phones and smiling at each other for a little while longer (yes, he did beg you not to hang up on him)
· frequently calls you while he’s on tour, mostly when he’s backstage on break at rehearsal or in his hotel room
· you don’t facetime often, but when you do he’s always fully invested in the call and nothing else
· refuses to focus on anything but what you’re doing while you’re facetiming, he wants you to know that you have his full attention and that he cares about what you have to say
· will not hesitate to let you know how badly he misses being around you in person, he constantly brings it up (“i wish i could’ve just packed you in my suitcase…” “buying me a ticket like a normal person would also work”)
· gets jokingly mad when you say you’re gonna hang up and go to bed, he can’t believe you’re depriving him of a virtual sleepover?
· tucks himself into bed while he watches you tidy up your own before sliding under the covers as well, the big bright smile on his face quite literally rivalling the sun
· always mutes himself when you fall asleep so he doesn’t disturb you, but will risk the flash of a screenshot because you just look so cute
· your facetime calls always last hours with him, he just has so much to tell you!
· he really loves including you in everything he does, so he spares no detail of his day from the moment he woke up to the moment he clicked on your contact to call you, and wants you to do the exact same thing when he’s done
· his absolute favourite thing in the world is when he gets a laugh out of you, whether it’s from an embarrassing story about himself or one of the members, or his tone of voice, or even a cheesy joke, and it makes him miss you so much more
· always likes doing his nighttime routine with you, and he gets that warm feeling in his chest when you start leaving your hair up and your makeup on so you can wash up together, he’s so touched by the fact that you remember he likes to do this together so you wait for him to call you before you do anything
· you two stay up super late just chatting about anything that comes to your minds, no matter how stupid the idea may be (“who would win in a game of chess. a mind reader or someone who could see the future.” “it’s 3 in the morning and that’s what you’re thinking about. however i do think that-”)
· always tells you he loves you at the end and his cheeks always burn bright red when you say it back, even though he knows you don’t mean it in that way (unless?)
· more of a texter than a caller in general, but he’ll never admit that it’s really only because you make his palms sweat and his heart beat much faster than usual when you so much as look in his direction
· picks up a souvenir from each city to bring back for you, and always gives you an update on the collection each time you call him (“and here’s a snow globe from new york… and then a maple leaf keychain from vancouver… and a tshirt from-“)
· loves calling you at nighttime, he can’t get enough of how adorable you look in pjs and messy hair, rubbing at your eyes and yawning as you try to get your words out
· so enamoured with you, you often have to call him multiple times to get him to listen to you because he just zones out staring at his screen with a grin on his face and a light blush on his cheeks
· gets a little sad when he notices that you’re starting to feel sleepy, he wants to talk to you more but he won’t say anything because he also wants you to get your rest
· takes a facetime photo when you finally drift off to sleep and your head falls to the pillow and your cheek squishes up, bonus points if you drool a little bit because yes even that is adorable to him
· his hands are shaking as he ends the call, smiling to himself as he releases a sigh and tries to calm his heartbeat, which proves impossible when he tries to go to bed and all he can think about is you
· always holds the phone way too close to his face, relishing in the way you laugh when you make fun of him for not just setting his phone down
· whenever he buys anything while he’s on tour, he’s always giving you an in depth haul because he needs to hear your opinion on everything, he values it more than anybody else’s
· giant smile on his face the entire time you’re talking, he can’t help it, his favourite activity is talking to you
· also very emotional about not being with you, but a bit more hesitant to tell you exactly how he feels because he doesn’t want to expose his crush on you and ruin your friendship, often opts for more casual ways of telling you he misses you (“you should’ve been there it was so funny i almost peed my pants” “it was so lame without you” “let’s go together next time!”)
· when you get tired you stop talking as much and you’re just staring at him and it makes him blush and stutter like crazy, he seriously cannot control himself around you
· when you actually fall asleep he’s mentally scolding himself for being creepy, but he can’t help but admire you through the screen, wishing he was there to tuck you in more snugly and move that one piece of hair out of your eyes
· sighs happily and hangs up, giggling to himself when he sees his little reminder notification pop up, his calendar letting him know he’s one day closer to seeing you
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finally i have posted LOL sorry i took so long i’ve been very busy recently </3 i deviated from the “on tour” part of the prompt for a couple members just so it wouldn’t get repetitive i hope that’s okayㅠㅠ also thank you so much for 600 followers i truly appreciate every single one of you <3 i’ve also opened up a kofi, of course it’s not necessary but i’d really appreciate a donation as a broke uni student LOL. and as always, feel free to send asks/requests!
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