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Let’s smile, Himiko Toga
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queen-of-hoshido · 5 months ago
Y/n: Name a more iconic duo than my crippling fear of abandonment and my anxiety. I’ll wait.
Toga: You and me!
Y/n: *tearing up* Ok.
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kirisslut · 6 months ago
hiiii im feeling shitty abt my body tonight so could i get headcanons+drabbles with ochako, mina, and toga (separetely) fucking the reader after they hear them complain about not having curves? gender neutral if possible, and dm me if you need any clarification. ty!
Tumblr media
Comforting Reader With No Curves
↬w/ Ochaco Uraraka, Mina Ashido, Himiko Toga x gn!afab!reader
↬Summary: Them fucking the reader after they complain about having no curves
↬Warnings: Insecurity, mirror sex, mention of punishing, sub!reader, idk what else
↬Author's Note: Hi!! Ty for requesting!! I hope this is what you wanted and you enjoy it!! - JJ <3
↬Do not proceed if you are under 15 as this is a 15+ blog
Tumblr media
Ochaco Uraraka.
She’d give you the softest and most passionate sex ever after she hears you complain about not having curves
She’d honestly be a bit upset because she loves your body and everything about it and she really doesn’t understand how you don’t but she wouldn’t be mad at you, she’d just fuck you so good that you’d forget your own name
Not only would she praise you the entire time but she’d also force you to praise yourself
“You wanna cum, sweetheart? Well tell me how pretty and perfect you are first, then mommy will let you cum, I promise.”
And don’t think she won’t edge you if you don’t because she definitely will, she is not messing around when it comes to this, you’re perfect and deserve to think that you are as well
Ochaco fucking you in missionary position, watching as you struggle to take her strap after your fourth orgasm, “You’re so perfect, love. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you, you have the prettiest hips and chest and waist and the most perfect pussy ever.” She’d ignore you as you whined that it was too much since you weren’t saying the safeword. She’d stare at your beat red face, hearing you whine out, “W-wanna cum, mommy” to which she’d reply “Repeat what I just said to you then, tell me what a perfect little thing you are, then you can cum.”
Mina Ashido.
Gives no fucks about where you are or who you’re with, if she hears you insulting yourself for your lack of curves then she’s dragging you into the nearest room and fucking you senseless
Who do you think you are to insult her property like that? She does not take it lightly and she will fuck you until you have it engraved in your brain what a perfect human being you are
I feel like if she caught you berating yourself in the mirror for it then she’d fuck you right in front of that same mirror, forcing you to watch how pretty you are when she’s fucking you
She’d definitely point out all of her favorite parts of you, and tell you how absolutely perfect you are regardless of what your stupid brain keeps telling you
Mina has you pressed up against her in front of the mirror, your back to her chest as she fingers you, mumbling things into your ear, “Look how pretty and perfect you look. You're squeezing my fingers so tight, it feels that good huh? I love how your hips are thrusting to meet my fingers, that’s so adorable. You’re the prettiest little thing in the entire world, I could stay here for hours and hours. And y’know what? I think I will, gotta show my baby how perfect they are.” And just as she promised, she kept you there for the remainder of the night, making you watch yourself fall apart for her.
Himiko Toga.
She hates when you insult yourself and she will continue to remind you of how much she loves every part of you until you believe her
She will literally punish you if she hears you insult yourself again after the first time though, she is not having it, at all
Toga loves you and you’re perfect, end of story, so quit insulting what belongs to her
“I don’t know why you dislike yourself, darling,” Toga would say while fucking you with her strap, “I think you’re perfect, every single part of you.” Then she’d go over every single part of your body, naming something that she liked or enjoyed about it. She’d praise you and make you feel loved while absolutely destroying your pussy with her strap, she just wants you to feel loved enough to love yourself
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Himiko Toga! 🩸🩸
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aashi-heartfilia · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
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gracelyn33 · a month ago
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So I know like, the boy band thing has been a joke for while now- but it just clicked that Bakugou plays the drums, so if the LOV was a band, THEORETICALLY he would be an excellent addition.
So my new head canon:
The only reason the LOV kidnapped Bakugou was because they needed someone to play the drums for their super secret boy band.
I’m a genius-
(Pretty heavily referenced compared to most of the stuff I do. Also color theory’s a bitch)
Have a good day :)
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scrappedacc · a year ago
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one very tired man and his psychotic little sister
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itscringeearlwtf · 2 months ago
I colored some sketches
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digg-ity · a year ago
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I just wanna love, live and die my way.
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metukika · 11 months ago
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My Villain Academia (but not really)
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lim00n · 3 months ago
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yanderenightmare · a year ago
OHMYGOD YESFJDHDK. Imagine a genderbent! Toga falling in love with the league's newest recruit. And of course shigaraki's not going to do anything about toga's new obssession, he's been one of his most loyal followers since the beginning, consider this a gift from him. HOT HOT HOT
genderbent yandere ! TOGA HIMIKO
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goodiebag WARNINGS: yandere, genderbending, stalking, harassing, betrayal, i think this might be my new obsession, he's so creepy and cute
He's always silently creeping about.
She'll think she's alone, but turn around and there he is.
Looming in the corner, playing with his knife, eyes fixed on her, small smile curving his lips as he silently admires those cute little things she does when she thinks no one is looking.
"Heya, Dolly."
He's so tall where he stands. And lean. Slender, but still visibly so much stronger than her.
Ash-blonde locks soft to the touch, but still wild in their semi curly thickness, hanging in loose waves around his ears, stopping just short of the nape of his neck. Bangs always falling forward, darkening his eyes with eerie shadows, making the gleefully sinister glint in them that much more prominent as he looks at her like a fossa licking his teeth when eyeing a lemur.
Eyes sharp like a cat's, alarmingly yellow, stuck somewhere between the danger of lightning and the pretty harmlessness of a dandelion, always following her around, black slits thin like a cut through the middle of them.
He's always got a drunk blush dusting his cheeks pink, and that crazed smile carving his otherwise cute face. Sharp fangs, which he never stops telling her he'd love to bury deep into the softness of her pretty neck and suck until she passes out like a frail little mouse caught in a mousetrap, all sweetly lightheaded and drained of fight against him.
Beige sweater matching his hair, making him look so sweet and innocent, soft like the fur of a kitten against her skin when he slinks his arms around her, his chin resting at the top of her head. Slender fingers, long as they playfully finger the band to her skirt, softly tracing the skin of her tummy as she stands there, not daring to move, though unable to control her shuddering.
Anyone could see she was uncomfortable as she was pulled onto his lap on musty sofa kept in their hideout, black flakey fake leather torn up and tethered, though serving as a better resting place than what they'd seen before of mattress-less metal springs.
She tried wiggling her way out of the possessive grip he kept on her waist, but his arms were long so he needn't use two to trap her, leaving his other hand free to pull the knife from his belt.
"Dollies don't struggle, you know." He mumbled, lips plush against her neck. A stark contrast to the sharp fang that soon graced the soft flesh. "They're supposed to be happy when they're played with..."
She pressed her thighs together once he drew a light line up over the doughy flesh with the sharp tip of the jagged knife. Careful not to draw any blood, though just a single pressuring touch away from slicing her pretty skin open to watch rich beautiful scarlet leak and make her scream.
"I'm not a toy, Toga." She whimpered, squirming on his lap, nudging further into his chest once the knife started lifting her skirt further up her thighs. Her arms locked to her sides, barred under his singular strong arm keeping her tightly situated against him.
"Dont be silly, Dolly. Of course you are." Toga snickered, his lips brushing smoothly along the shell of her ear as he whispered upon it. "Tomura-kun said so."
She knew she wasn't part of the gang like the rest of them were. She didn't like the boss, she didn't trust him either. Still... that stung.
Shigaraki had wanted her for her quirk, a voice-modulating quirk that could copy anything after hearing it, but once they got their hands on electronics that could achieve the same results as her, she was pretty much rendered useless.
She remembers how Toga cheered and drooled over her the first time she'd imitated someones voice on a mission, how he'd pinched her cheeks, rambling on about how their quirks went hand in hand with each other.
"He told me I deserve to be rewarded for my loyalty. He told me he'd get me whatever I wanted."
He lifted the knife to her throat, featherlight pressure kept the cold blade kissing at the fragile skin beneath it.
"I knew exactly what to ask for." He hummed, his arm loosening from squeezing the breath from her lungs, though still firmly denying her to escape her seat on his lap as his hand traveled down to trace soft fingertips over the plush warm flesh of her thighs. "And Tomura-kun did what he promised."
She kept wishing one of the kinder types would say something. Like Spinner or Twice, even Dabi if it was one of those rare occasion he was out to play hero. But, she beginning to realise that they all feared Toga, and especially what he was capable of if they were to deny him his favourite toy.
"He said I get to play with you however I like."
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sparkspartart · 5 months ago
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BNHA/MHA Chapter 349!
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prishimmer · 9 months ago
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Toga vs. Neko
Click for better quality.
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arsonkindacutetho · 9 months ago
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So that new official art sure is something, tbh it got bkdk and togachako my two favorite ships!!! also Shiggy is there casually disintegrating deku lmfao
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aashi-heartfilia · 6 months ago
Not just any hero, we need THE HERO
Tumblr media
I like how almost every important character in MHA had an arc about being their own person.
The most obvious one being Shouto and Tenya who don't even choose their hero names properly because Iida thought he wasn't good enough to carry on the legacy of his big brother and Shouto who wanted to walk out of Endeavour's shadow.
It's a good thing because they do receive development and finally find out the kind of heroes they wanna be.
Tumblr media
For Shouto who wants to be a reassuring hero like All Might, also a hero to his family and save Touya. As for Iida, we have already seen in the VH arc that he is Ingenium, the hero that will dash to grab the hand of a lost child, almost completing their charcter arcs.
But well, their were two other people who didn't get proper hero names at that time : Bakugo and Uraraka.
Yes, Uraraka too because it was never explained what kind of Hero she wanted to be?
Growing up in a family with weak financial condition made her practical and her hero name reflects that.
Ura is her sir name and including that in her hero name was a way to show how much she loves her family and Vity for obviously Zero Gravity.
But then again, what kind of Hero will she be? Probably, she herself never gave it much of a thought because she initially wanted to be hero for her parents and to make other people happy.
"When the heroes showed up, I was more excited to see the expressions of the bystanders. I loved how happy everybody looked"
The answer has been building up since JTA where Uraraka questions if a hero's job is to suffer in silence, I quote: Who protects the heroes when they are in pain?
Leading us to thinking that Ochako will be the hero that will save other heroes but what if I tell you that's not the case, cause we already got an answer for that.
With the Villain hunt arc coming to an end and her grand speech she comes to a conclusion that: We protect the heroes. Meaning it's a give and take.
Tumblr media
If the heroes are promising to protect the society and maintain peace, the public also should show support and help them instead of criticizing them!
This question mirrors Toga's ideals during the war arc: Whom do Heroes save? If a hero's job is to save people then wasn't Jin a person too?
Tumblr media
And it is followed up again in the recent chapter where she comes to this conclusion that: Only heroes and the people they protect that valued as people, rest don't matter.
And Ochako already has the answer:
Heroes save everyone.
And these are not the only parallels in Ochako and Toga. Remember the time when Toga visits her old house? Why go to a place that hurt you so much?
Tumblr media
She went their to remind herself that she cannot back down anymore. Like it's more dawning on her, the heavy realisation of villainy.
This is a parallel to how Ochako was viewing the city with a sad expression on her face when Deku thanks her. She was also putting a wall infront of her to not think about Toga's perspective. To fulfill her job as a hero.
The more you think about it, the more you realise how similar they are.
They both put a wall infront of them to not think about the other.
Tumblr media
They've both seen an important person next to them go away due to the actions of other side. They have seen the harm the other is causing them and it has taken away the light in their eyes.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Even now that Toga states she doesn't think about Ochako anymore, it feels like she's lying and now Ochako is being the upfront person telling Toga that she's been thinking about her all along.
Another tiny detail to notice in the recent chapters is Toga's mask. Usually she takes it out to talk to other people symbolising that whatever she's saying is true but after Deku confirming her fears unknowingly, she puts on the mask again.
Symbolising that she's the one closed off now. What's interesting is that just like Ochako who doesn't have a proper explanation to her hero name,
Toga doesn't even have a Villain name.
Touya goes by Dabi and Tenko goes by Shigaraki, and so does Snipper, Overhaul and the rest but not Toga. She has been going with her real name from the start.
But even though she was going with her real name, she was never her own person, which was basically the point of this discussion.
She always wanted to be like someone.
Tumblr media
Her desires were so strong that it led them to power-up and even use the quirk of the person she likes. In the recent chapter however, even she accepted that:
She is HIMIKO TOGA and she needs no heroes!!
Just like Ochako who's pretty infamous by the quote:
I'll win and be just like Deku!
She said it once and people reduced her to a mere love interest, lol.
So everytime, in almost every situation even Ochako goes like "what would Deku do at a time like this?" And not what she should do which exclaims nothing but character development when she says:
Just like you, I follow my own desires, as Ochako Uraraka.
Tumblr media
So even if Ochako was the more closed off one at the beginning, after seeing all the chaos and destruction, she grew up to be the strong person she is who takes on sh*t and jumps straight to action.
Okay the cherry on top is:
How is nobody talking about it? You know she's already done with this shit! On a side note: Bakugo can't even call her pink cheeks anymore, lol.
And now Toga is being the more closed off one, putting on a mask ready to go on a rampage. They have both been through a lot at such a young age. They're just mere 16 years old for crying out loud!!
They are not flawless and they both have their own ideologies and insecurities. They question the norms that society puts on them and now they have found the other.
They already have the answer to each other's questions and even though Toga doesn't want to acknowledge Uraraka, she will still reach out and save Toga, so that she can be the person she wants to be without society hating her.
Because even if Toga thinks that she doesn't need any heroes it's not true.
She doesn't needs just any hero. She needs THE HERO, OCHAKO URARAKA.
The kind of Hero Ochako will be!
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eerie4dee · 11 months ago
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