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coffeerecords · 2 days
fwb with bakugou where he agrees to this arrangement bc he’s head over heels for you and he’d do anything to be the centre of your attention. he thought his feelings would fade away but instead he just falls harder for you and it’s becoming more and more hard to contain his feelings…
but you didn’t want commitment so he’s willing to take anything you give him even if it’s meaningless to you. he wears his heart on his sleeves for you while you remain closed off.
he’d give, give, give—
while you’d take, take, take—
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡︎𝐓𝐢𝐭 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐄𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐮 𝐊𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚♡︎
Day 16 of Kinktober 2022
Summary: he's always been obsessed with your tits.
Props to my beta reader for today @sasualblxd - thank you for your amazing help!
556 words.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kirishima Eijirou was a "tits over ass any day" kind of man. It seemed as if every ten seconds had him reaching up your shirt to manhandle one of his stressballs.
"They're just so... Squishy... -a-and soft-"
That's exactly what your boyfriend said when you asked why he was so enamoured with them. Once deep, scarlet hues are now reduced to a thin ring around wide pupils, and past swollen lips lie sharp teeth that you find yourself wanting embedded into your breasts.
You love his obsession with your breasts. You're proud of your body, the self love that you'd been teaching yourself rearing it's head and finding a way to the light. Although, Eijirou, the sweetheart that he is, just loves your breasts because they're yours.
He lays behind you on the couch while the TV plays a movie that neither of you are really paying all that much attention to. The light illuminates you both, setting the mood in the otherwise dark room, while Kirishima fondles your breast absent mindedly. He's just doing it for fun - just because it's there, really, but that doesn't explain the sudden twitch you feel at your lower back.
"Hey babe, what's up?...
"I want-... I- I want-.… To fuck them..."
Sorry, what?
Surely he doesn't mean...
"You wanna fuck who, now?"
He just snorts and mumbles into the back of your neck, giving you goosebumps as you feel his chest rumble against your back.
"No, silly... I wanna fuck your tits..."
Huh. Well at least you're not stunned and confused anymore. Now your just stunned. The idea seems fun, and the thought does bring a familiar heat between your thighs. You just wonder what's brought this on.
In reality, he's always fantasized about fucking your tits. It's the very image that gets him off when you're not there to help him, but he's finally got the confidence to ask for it now.
"... Alright. I don't see why not~"
He's almost cries at the relief of not being rejected immediately, rolling on top of you before you can say anything against it. Suddenly, your chest is met with cold air as you're stripped of your shirt, your bare breasts being massaged and pushed together.
He just loves to squeeze and play with them, though he wastes no time unzipping his fly and pushing down his pants. His cock, already at full mast, is an angry red at the tip, leaking precum all over his hand while he moans and shivers, staring at your tits like a man hypnotised.
You slowly push your tits together for him, giving him a teasing smirk as he practically drools, too aroused to be his usual, gentlemanly self. In seconds, he's kneeling over you with a hungry look in his eyes, pressing his cock between the little valley between your breasts, groaning at the contact. Pleasure shoots up his spine as his head is flung back, his eyes tearing up and his hips rutting shakily.
Each time the little head peaks out from the top of your breasts you reward it with a lick, and he practically falls apart exactly like you wanted him to. He's never came so quickly in his life, but you don't mind even as your face and chest is smeared in his spend.
He almost faints.
Tumblr media
© 2022 not-your-fucking-kacchan
Tumblr media
◃ 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 | 𝐍𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 | 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐍𝐞𝐱𝐭 ▹
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notpikaman · 17 hours
Tumblr media
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thatgirlgames · 13 days
Tw: Public sex, degrading, Bakugo don’t give a flying fuck
Why is the thought of Dragon King Bakugo fucking you on his throne Just so hot to me?
Like he wouldn’t even care if anyone saw, who’s gonna stop him? He’s king for Christ sake! They can’t say anything to him!
So it isn’t really a surprise to see you riding his cock while he sits snugly on his throne. Letting the civilians come on and complain to him about their problems. He enjoys the looks on their faces when they see your riding him good.
Let’s not get him started when your giving him head too. Like he’s just sitting, relaxing in his throne while your giving him the best blow job he’s ever felt.
When someone tries to interrupt he just pushes your head down further on his cock, listening to you slightly gag on it. Holds up a hand to shut them up, beginning to face fuck you.
Makes you swallow and show them your tongue to make sure you did. Taunting them that he has “the best bitch around.”
Of course he wouldn’t forget about you either. Making sure you sit all nice and comfy on that throne of his before getting on his knees and eating you out like a man starved.
You have to tell him with your shaking legs and voice that someone is here to see him, trying to push his head away from you.
Bakugo turns to them and doesn’t even bother giving them the time, licking his lips and telling them to hurry up so he can get back to his ‘meal’.
It’s even better when he gets to fill you with his cum, just forcing you on his cock as you beg for him, everyone can see you begging, and they can see you get stuffed by his seed.
Yeah, he likes fucking you on that throne. Favorite place to do it.
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hanmas · 11 months
Tumblr media
“gimme a kiss,” bakugou slurs, and you roll your eyes, giggling as you lean in and press a kiss to his forehead. “hell yeah, fuckin’ love those. gimme more,” he pokes your shoulder to bring your attention back to his face, and you shake your head in amusement as he huffs when you don’t.
“katsuki, we need to get you out of this shirt—”
“don’t care,” he cuts you off.
“well, i do. it smells like liquor, i’m not sleeping next to you in it,” you try to reach froward to go back to unbuttoning, but he pulls away with a stubborn grunt.
“gimme the damn kiss,” he argues, and there’s no winning against a drunk bakugou if you want peace. so, with a sigh, you cup his cheeks and pepper kisses across his face, pressing one final one over his lips. a small, barely-there grin erupts on his face as he leans into your hands, and you brush a thumb over his warm cheek.
“there. that enough for you?”
“yeah,” he nods, head drooping forward as his eyes start to close, and this is exactly what you’d been trying to avoid. bakugou always does this. he falls asleep on the couch, slumped on the floor against the kitchen counter, in the passenger seat of your car, anywhere but your bed—you can never manage to get him there in time, and a hungover bakugou with a sore back is never a fun bakugou to deal with.
“no,” you warn, tapping his cheek to wake him. “katsuki, do not fall asleep,” you say sternly, and he huffs, lifting his head up with a scowl, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as you unbutton his dress shirt. bakugou hates hero events, but he’s got a reputation to keep, and he’s got appearances to make, and he’s got duties to attend to.
“‘m tired,” he grumbles, “and why’re you trying to see me naked?” you stare at him with pursed lips as he looks up at you with a raised brow.
“i’m not. now lift your arms—”
“think ‘m hot? like what you see? wanna see more?” he grins, reaching to poke your cheek. he misses, and his body sways forward as he loses his balance, making you grab him with a sigh. “hey, keep your hands to yourself,” he snickers, and you almost think you should let him fall forward to the floor, face first.
but that would make him even more insufferable in the morning, and you like the idea of keeping the remaining bits of your sanity intact—not that there’s a lot of sanity left to keep when you’re dating someone like bakugou.
“you are too much,” you snort, but still, there’s fondess as you sweep back sweaty locks from his face, tracing over the slants of his features slowly as he closes his eyes and relishes in your touch. you don’t get to take care of bakugou like this often, so you’re grateful he’s a lightweight—even if he denies this fact to his grave.
“don’t think i’m hot? c’mon, i know you do just a little,” he insists, letting you finally peel his button down off his upper body. he hates wearing them, and he hates buttoning them more, so it’s usually a task you have to take on yourself, but you can’t say you hate it.
there’s something about little things bakugou trusts you with—buttoning his shirts, putting lotion on his cracked hands, washing the dirt from his hair after missions, they all make you realize he likes depending on you. and it surprises you initially, but you learn he likes the intimacy. but you also learn he likes the gentleness behind your actions more—they make him realize he’s not as bad as he seems, otherwise you wouldn’t have a goofy little grin on your face as you spike his hair up into a shark fin with the suds of his shampoo.
chuckling, you throw his shirt into the hamper across the room as you murmur, “maybe i think you’re hot, but only just a little.”
“well, i think you’re pretty fuckin’ sexy,” he pokes your hip, sending you a sly grin as you swat his wandering hand away with a warning glance. “best i ever had.”
“oh yeah? who else you got to make the comparison?”
“no one. everyone else sucks, so you’re best by default,” he shrugs. your heart melts a little, and you suppose this is what dating someone like bakugou does to you. taking things he means as an insult to others as a compliment for yourself, but it warms you up that he sees you as different, as good.
“you’re the best i had too,” you grin.
“course i am, i’m fuckin’ perfect,” he mumbles, yawning as he falls back onto the bed and closes his eyes. rolling your eyes, you pull the covers over his body, giggling as you tuck him in and kiss his forehead goodnight—he never lets you do either on a regular night, so you take the chance when you can.
“this is my side of the bed, asshole,” you scoff, but still, there’s a content smile on your face as you crawl into bed beside him, and it widens when he leans into your body like it’s second nature even in his sleep. “night, katsuki.”
Tumblr media
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Bakugo when he’s sick
Katsuki is over worked.
He’s constantly having to push his body past it’s limits, running on empty for a few more weeks, then giving out when he least expects it.
It always starts with his shoulders being sore. You’re sitting at your dinner table watching him crank his arm back and forth. One…two…three…
“Does your shoulder hurt from patrol?” You’ll ask. And he’ll say no, he just slept on it wrong. Except it’s 8pm and he’s been doing his funky little chicken dance- where he cranes his elbow back, then forward, then back and back again- since he got home. Katsuki still lets you rub anti-inflammatory cream on them though. He never says no to your hands being on him.
The second thing that happens is his hands get rashes on them. A combination of sweat, heat, and friction from his gloves causes the skin to get irritated. It’s itchy or anything, but the skin gets scaly and dry which annoys him.
“Babe, where’s that stupid lotion ya got? I can’t find it with all your dumb girl shit everywhere.” He says as he rummages through your stuff on your side of the bathroom. Typical…but you find him the dumb lotion for his dumb hands and his dumb rash. You even rub it in for him too.
“Where’s your ring Katsuki? Did you take it off?” Because sometimes he does take it off to shower after work, however, he’s usually very good at putting it back on.
“On the night stand. It’s been bothering me. The bitch must have melted or something ‘cuz it’s super tight lately” he answers. “You outta take yours off too. All these petty villains around…that rock on your hand is just perfect for ‘em. Can’t believe the number of thefts we had this week….”
That’s the third tip off. Everything gets swollen and inflamed. His hands get sore, his ankles, his knees, every muscle, bone, and joint just can’t take the rebound of his attacks. Out of all his symptoms, this one is most annoying.
It’s so easy for Katsuki to play it off as soreness from work or training. He just needs more sleep. No, it’s his diet. He needs an extra helping of protein for a few days. Maybe he’s just not strong enough….these thoughts can go on for weeks. Silently they’ll eat at him. He doesn’t even realize he’s sick until he’s too far gone.
That’s when he finds himself in the bathtub. Foggy and throwing up over the side. With you pouring more ice in every half hour to bring his temperature down.
How many times has it been now. Four, five, six? In the last few months. It’s been too many. No matter how many times, you’ll pick him up from the agency after he’s gotten his ass handed to him during a mission and bring him home. You’ll struggle to pull his gauntlet and boots off, but somehow get him undressed and in the bath before he gets sick. Ew. It’s so gross every time, however, the doctors say that because of Katsuki’s over exertion his skin stops letting him sweat. As a result, all his nitroglycerin pools in his stomach and induces vomiting. Even if it’s absolutely disgusting, it’s a good thing he’s sick. Maybe this time he won’t shoot his heart rate up and pass out…
However, nothing stops yours from pounding all night long as you sit on the edge of the tub, fingers flicking wet hair from his forehead. ‘Poor dear’ you’ll think. Work is hard on him. Life is hard on him. You wish you could make it better, but all you can do is hold his hand and hope things take a turn soon.
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kiyelle · 8 months
*.⋆♡ katsuki kisses
(?) the different types of kisses bakugou likes to give you
Tumblr media
neck kisses that trail your jawline to wake you up in the morning. he has you smiling in your sleep as his lips move against your skin. you look perfect like this, features lit up from the slither of orange light peeking from the drawn curtains, bathing the room in a warm tangerine colour. he knows that you sometimes pretend to still be in a sleepy trance just to keep his attention on you a little longer before the day begins. and he has no problem with giving you what you want.
gentle apology kisses making you forget all about what he was apologising for in the first place. he probably deserved the string of insults that left your lips moments ago, and as pretty as he thinks you look getting worked up, he doesn’t like it being because of him. so he stops your rambling with the touch of his lips upon your own before stepping away slightly to press his forehead against yours. the apology he breathes out is sincere and suddenly you don’t even care for it anymore, only wanting him to kiss you again.
short kisses that always turn into more that convince him that he may actually be addicted to the taste of your lips. these usually take place before he has to leave on his missions. small good-luck kisses deepen when he doesn’t let you pull away just yet. one of his hands wandering around your waist while the other holds onto your cheek. if he could have it his way, your hands would never leave him, nothing comparing to the way your fingers run through his blond hair pulling him closer in return for more.
angry kisses hiding the fact that he was actually just worried about you. how else was he supposed to react other than pull you into his arms the second you came home after a hundred missed calls. anything could of happened, he knows you can hold your own but you’re too important to him. he can’t allow himself to lose sight of you. so he tells you as much, chastising your carelessness between searing kisses with your back against the front door.
injured kisses that he always asks for once you’ve finished patching him up after a day of work. he knows that he could easily go to the medical wing at his agency to get help, but he wants you to be the one to do it. all so he can look up at you from where he sits on the edge of the bathtub, your eyes concentrated on making sure you’re dressing his small wounds correctly. he likes to reach up to smooth out the worried crease between your eyebrows with his thumb, grumbling out that he’ll be just fine as long as you’re here.
Tumblr media
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jujutsukatsuki · 3 months
Relationships wasn’t ever something Bakugou knew how to do, he’d never admit that though. So here you are, it’s the first time you’ve spent the night together during your 6 month relationship. He stares at you, whose sleeping in his bed, wearing his shirt, cuddled up to his side. He lets the corner of his mouth twitch into a smile as he noticed the tranquil look on your face.
The sun is shining bright through the curtains. Rays of sunlight bounce off the walls, but all Katsuki could look at was your face. He wanted to kiss you, wake you up in a nice way. He’s nervous, you make him nervous, something he never thought possible.
He slowly leans in, about to place a soft kiss upon your lips. He decides at the last moment not to, he’s not sure how you’ll react and he doesn’t want to do anything to upset you. He continues to pull away until he can’t. He looks at the hand that has his shirt balled up in one fist.
“Well, if you aren’t gonna kiss me, I’ll do it for you.” You tease and pull him down into a kiss. Bakugou’s heart flutters, he feels like a child, you make him happy.
“Good morning baby.” Bakugou whispers, his voice still husky and gruff from sleep.
“Morning Suki.” You smile as Bakugou pulls you into his chest. Birds are tweeting outside, the sound of cars passing, all of the noises of the outside world make outstanding white noise as you bask in the presence of each other.
Bakugou thinks to himself how lucky he is.
He’s very lucky.
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uravichii · 4 months
bnha boys when you ask them for a hug
Tumblr media
character/s: bakugo katsuki, shinsou hitoshi, kirishima eijirou
genre: fluff, comfort, reader is cute ><
note: for those who need a hug rn :) IDK WHY BAKUGO'S TURNED OUT THE SHORTEST LMAOAO
"oi, what's wrong with you?" bakugo katsuki slightly pulls away from your hugー not enough to break free from your arms, but enough for a brief glance at your face. when you only respond by nuzzling your face against his chest, muttering a muffled, “mm.. just tired” katsuki’s a little relieved that you don’t have the energy to tease him for the way you feel his heart pounding against your cheek.
finally, he secures a hand around your waist, the other stroking your hair, and embraces you back until you're completely swallowed in his arms. you hear him grumble something about you being "a big baby," but he doesn't stop stroking your hair as softly as he can until you're dozed off in the circle of his arms. "dumbass. already told you to stop pushing yourself too far. we'll talk once you're up, got it?"
Tumblr media
"sorry, i'm kinda boring you, am i?" you cast an apologetic glance towards shinsou hitoshi. you've been sitting together in silence for who knows how long, and he's been hearing only the blandest of replies you could give to his efforts to talk to you. something in your chest twinges when you see him get up from the couch without a word, until you shift to seize the bottom hem of his shirt. he turns to face you, lips slightly parted in shock, "i was gonna get you some snacks... and a blanket." you freeze and you're pretty sure he can see you blinking your tears away, "i thought you were gonna leave."
quickly, he makes his way beside you on the couch again, letting you wrap your arms around his torso while he soothes you with words of reassurance that he would never leave you. "you sure you don't need snacks or anything? water?" it's low, muffled and a bit slurred, but he could make out your sleepy words, "no, thank you. just a hug please." he feels his heart squeeze at this. the only movement you'd feel from then on would be the soft kisses on the top of your head, the gentle pats on your back. other than that he doesn't move an inch until you wake up, and he's reminded of a tiny cat who's cheekily decided to take a nap on his chest for the rest of the day.
Tumblr media
kirishima eijirou has already taken a hint that you've been feeling horrible today, just from seeing how your smile didn't seem to reach your eyes the way he anticipates they would. he tilts his head to meet your gaze, "y/n? are you okay?" and just like that the question bursts a dam in you, brimming your eyes with tears.
"oh no, no, no! what's wrong? what happened?" he panics, and when you turn away from his frantic eyes, he only cups your tear-stained cheeks sweetly in his hands. "y/n? did i do something wrong? i'm sー" you hide your face in his large hand, burying your nose into his palm, "no, no. you didn't. i'm justー i think i need a hug?" the panic in eijirou's eyes remains still, but gently he moves to press a lasting kiss on your forehead before giving you the tightest, warmest hug only he in the world could give. when he hears you sniffling against his chest, feels his shirt soak in your tears, he fails to stifle his own too.
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mikyeong-choi · 9 months
Trigger Warnings: Dubcon, Poly relationship, Oral, Fingering, Foul language, like a lot of foul language- (All characters are over the age of 18) ❗️❗️❗️
If you’re a minor or sensitive to the concept of a poly relationship please dni!! Thank u! 🤎
You and the squad were at Mina’s dorm room, you’re mindlessly scrolling through tiktok, Mina’s doing her nails and the boys were on their usual stick; playing video games.
But then you come across a very interesting tiktok which had the caption “Was his name moanable? That’s right, now stop crying” and that tiktok had you thinking.
Were your friends’ names actually moanable? Like, their names are pretty long (except for sero and mina)
But it honestly peaked your curiosity and so you suddenly talked out of the blue, breaking the ice.
“Hey, I have a tiny question” you say as you sit up waiting for their response.
“What is it?” Mina asked.
“How moanable are your names?” You finally ask, and let me tell you that you were not expecting their reactions.
Denki and Sero were holding in a chuckle, Bakugou rolled his eyes, Kirishima was absolutely and obviously flustered and Mina was just shocked.
“What? It was just a question you guys, come on!” You whine.
“Why don’t you try it out for yourself” Sero smirked, looking at you with mischievious eyes.
“There’s NO way I’m moaning your guys’ names, I don’t even moan! I’m more of a whimper kind of girl” you get defensive, but it did sound like the only way to know if their names were ACTUALLY moanable.
So you did moan their names in your head, but it wasn’t giving.
“Well, how are you supposed to know what our names sound like in bed then, huh?” Denki said, pausing the game and looking at you with the same glint that Sero had in his eyes.
“I don’t know! I was thinking maybe you guys would moan it?”
“Why’d you even ask that in the first place, dumbass” Bakugou piped in.
“Yeah, that’s a really interesting question y/n” Kirishima followed Bakugou.
At this rate, all of them were looking at you. And it made you feel things you shouldn’t feel towards your friends.
“Ahaha, you know what, if you guys won’t cooperate, then I guess we’ll never know if your names are moanable. One day a person won’t even cry for you because they don’t think your names are hot enough to use in bed! Hmph”
You crossed your arms, going back to scrolling on tiktok.
“Pretty bold statement, princess” Mina said, grabbing your phone from your hands.
“Hey! I was watching!” You try to get your phone back from Mina’s hands until you felt a pair of rough ones pulling at your waist, catching you off guard.
“Why don’t we test that theory, hmm?” Bakugou pulled you down, laying you on the bed and pinning you there.
“Guys! This isn’t funny!” You protest, squirming from Bakugou’s grasp.
“Let’s see how moanable our names are, yeah? You peaked our interest pretty girl” Denki said, going in between your legs, his face was dangerously close to your cunt.
“H-hey! Stop that!” You try wiggling out of Bakugou’s hold but it’s no use.
Your panties were off of you before you even realize it. You could feel Denki’s hot breath on your cunt as he moves closer.
“Denki! Wait-“ You say, but you were completely cut off by Denki sinking his mouth into your damp cunt, eating you out like a man starved.
“Mngh, ahh- hng- D-denki” you squirm, his tounge was moving ferociously pulling you further over the edge.
“Fuck, oh please Denki! Mngh” you start whimpering as you got closer, but he wasn’t stopping.
“Oh, fuck! Ah- Kaminari!!” You scream as you finally finish on his face, his tongue still licking at your sensitive bud, riding you off your orgasm.
Denki lifted his face up, seeing him covered in your slick, he licked the remains of it off of his mouth.
“You taste amazing babe, let the others try you next”
He says, you on the other hand were nervous- did he just say, let the others try next??
How long would this go for?
“What’d you think guys? Was my name pretty moanable?” Denki said while going over to Kirishima, telling him to go switch places with Bakugou in holding you down.
“I’d say it’s a solid 6.5 man, your name was pretty long” Kirishima said, Sero and Mina aggreeing with his rating.
“Tch, I bet my names more moanable than that damn extra that’s for sure” Bakugou replies with his usual cocky demeanor.
“You ready for this, teddy bear?” He says, that hint of arousal in his ruby red eyes.
“Ah, please-“ Again, you were cut off. This time it was by Bakugou’s thick fingers being shoved into your tight cunt.
“Ahh, please, please, please! Bakugou!” You were insanely sexy squirming away from Kirishima’s hold.
Bakugou was just looking at your figure, still covered in your oversized shirt.
“Hey, shitty hair, play with her tits while I pump this fucking cunt” Bakugou said, and your eyes widen at what he said.
“Got it man” Kirishima looked down on you, gently lifting your shirt until it showed your chest area. He gently unclasped your bra and went to work with playing with your sensitive buds.
“Oh, fucking- shit- Kirishima” you say, if you were sensitive before, there’s no doubt that you’re absolutely overstimulated by now.
“You’re clamping down on me real hard, teddy bear. Y’gonna cum for me? Hah?” Bakugou says, quickening his pace. His knuckles reaching into your cunt at the brutal pace he set, eager to let you cum one more time.
“F-fuck, Bakugou please- don’t stop” you say, you whole body was insanely hot.
“Mhmm, ah ah, Hngh- Katsuki! I’m cumming, fuck i’m cumming-“
“Hah! Try beating that!” Bakugou cockily said “I don’t know Bakugou, ‘Katsuki’ is nice and all but nothing beats y/n moaning out ‘Kaminari’ so i’d say, 5.5”
Bakugou growled at the blonde headed bimbo, Looking at your ruined state.
Once again, you come from the overwhelming feeling of sensitivity. Flooding your whole body, you felt like you were burning by how hot you feel.
“My turn!” Mina chimed in. Taking her place in between your legs.
“Aww, you look so pretty like this y/n! I wish I could see you like this every single day!” Mina sighs as she doesn’t hesitate putting 2 fingers into your soaking heat.
“Ohh, you’re absolutely drenched y/n, look at how my fingers go into you so easily.” She says, eyes looking down at you in awe.
“Hahh- fuck- no more” you whine, asking her to stop but in all honesty, you didn’tcwant her to stop. Your body completely betrayed you because you started grinding your hips, trying to match Mina’s pace.
“No more? But babe! You’re literally asking for more!” Mina smiled sweetly, but her eyes says differently.
“You’re coming already? That was quick!” She progressively made her fingers move faster, even adding another finger to stretch you out even more.
“Ahh, Mina!!! Shit-“ You moaned, coming yet again from another mind blowing orgasm.
“Hmm, I’d say my name was pretty moanable! Don’t you agree y/n?” Nothing was making sense to you, all you could let out were whimpers and pleads.
“F-fuck, you guys! Slow down-“ you say breathlessly. But then you see, as Mina was licking your slick off her fingers, Sero was taking his place in between your legs.
“Damn, look at this fucking cunt” Sero says, licking his bottom lip and immediately diving in.
What you didn’t know about Sero was that he has a tongue piercing. Which made him eating you out much more pleasing.
Your eyes widen at the cool metal touching your clit, loudly moaning out his name.
“AH, Hanta!!” You shout, his name rolling off your tongue so gracefully. He keeps his tongue in you, licking and slurping at your juices.
“You’re gonna come already? I bet it’s the piercing, go on mi princesa, come for me” He says, eagerly eating you out, his tounge moving faster than Denki’s.
“Cumming- I’m cumming! Fuck- Hanta!!!” You moaned his name loudly, louder than your other friends’ names.
“Well, looks like we have a lead, let’s just hope that Kirishima beats you, Sero” Denki chimes in as Sero licks his lips clean off your slick, and wipes his chin with the back of his hand.
“You taste absolutely divine, love” Sero says, but you honestly couldn’t comprehend it. Your mind was flooded with exhaustion and overstimulation.
“Go on Kiri! It’s your turn” Mina says, as Kirishima switches places with Bakugou. Now Kirishima was the one in between your legs.
“You ready? My fingers are… pretty rough” He says, and you just nod. No words are coming to your mind right now.
You internally scream as he shoves three thick fingers instantly into your dripping cunt.
“Oh my god Kirishima-“ Denki says, nudging at Kirishima to look at your face.
“Baby, you’re drooling” He leans over and kisses you, he keeps his fingers at a steady pace.
“Her face looks so fucking hot right now” Sero says, staring at your ruined state.
Your eyes were rolling back into your head with how amazing Kirishima’s fingers feel.
Your tongue was also lolling out, tears were showing up in your eyes.
“Holy shit dude, she’s crying” Denki says to Kirishima.
“Ohh, fuck- Kirishima fuck- Faster please” You finally had the words, but that’s as far as talking as you can go.
“Okay princess, I got you” He sets a faster pace, your hips were grinding into his fingers, following the rhythm he set on your abused cunt.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Eijirou! Shit-“ you say, tears fully spilling from your eyes.
You were sobbing, it just felt too good.
“Fuck, Eijirou, I’m going to fucking- I- Angh-“ You arched your back and came on his fingers.
“Whoa, babe-“
“Holy fucking shit”
“She looks so gorgeous”
“Ah, this is making me so fucking hard right now”
All of them flooding you with compliments over compliments.
“Ha… hah…” you were sniffiling, and tears are still fresh on your eyes. The feeling of relief finally glowing down on you.
“Looks like we have a winner you guys, just look at her right now” Denki exclaims, eyes still roaming shamelessly on your body.
“F-fuck… you guys” You managed to say. But they didn’t seem to listen, they were too busy looking at your fucked out state to even hear what you just said.
You were still whimpering, back still partially arched, your hair was a mess, your whole body was shaking, you were crying at how euphoric you felt and your cunt was convulsing, squeezing at nothing.
“You’re so fucking hot-“ Kirishima says, as he licks his fingers clean from your slick.
“Shh, don’t cry teddy bear, it’s okay” Bakugou let’s go of you wrists, wiping your tears off your face, but more tears just keep coming, finally your hands were relaxed and free.
“She’s still shaking bro” Denki says, leaning over to Sero who was absolutely still starstruck with how beautiful you looked tired and fucked out.
“Here Kiri, wipe her up with this” Mina hands Kirishima a damp and clean towel, cleaning your abused and overly sensitive cunt.
As he was cleaning you, your whole body still flinched at the feeling of the damp cloth because of how sensitive you were.
“It’s okay baby, we’re here” Kirishima reassured you, finally done cleaning your ruined state.
You slowly drift off to sleep with all five of them taking care of you.
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katboyslayer · 4 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝓟𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰: Todoroki, Tamaki, Kirishima x male reader
𝓖𝓮𝓷𝓻𝓮: smut headcanons + drabbles 🔞
𝓢𝓾𝓶𝓶𝓪𝓻𝔂: their favourite positions to fuck you in
𝓦𝓪𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼: bottom reader; sub!reader in Kirishimas part, slight sub!reader in shotos
𝓓𝓸𝓷𝓽 𝓲𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓽: women, female-identifying, demi-girls, girls, cis women, she/her only users, she/they only users, females, fujoshis, BL/Yaoi/MLM fetishizers, etc etc
Tumblr media
✞ Todoroki Shoto ✞
× his favourite position is you on his lap, facing him while his cock is as deep in you as possible
× loves to hug you close and mark your body while you're basically pudding in his arms
× Shoto needs the lack of space between you like that, how close you are to each other and how he gets full control over your body
Your sweaty skin sticks to Shoto's as you cling to him like you always do, his strong arms around you encouraging you to get even closer, like he wants you to become one with him.
Your pre-cum smears against his toned stomach as you needily rut your hips and every small movement nudges Shoto's cock against all the right places inside of you, a feeling you just can't get enough of.
You shiver at the wetness of Shoto's tongue gliding over your shoulder and you know what comes next. The familiar feeling of a mark being sucked onto your neck joins the erotic sensation of Shoto's cock in your ass, luring excited gasps from your tongue, eager to reach your peak with Shoto together.
Tumblr media
✞ Kirishima Eijiro ✞
× likes to see you bent over the most
× on all fours is his favourite but pushing you over any other surfaces works as well <3
× loves to reach all the deep spots inside, and seeing you lose more and more strength with every thrust
× it makes him feel very powerful when he gets to hold your hips up to thrust into you
Skin slapping joins your helpless moans in the symphony filling out your bedroom, and occasional grunts from Kirishima top the erotic scene perfectly off. You almost can't believe how good his cock feels gliding in and out of you at such a perfect angle.
Kirishima is reaching perfectly deep into you and the pleasure becomes overbearing until you can't hold yourself up anymore, collapsing into the mattress. You hear Kirishima growl something degrading behind you, but you can't make out the exact words through the fog in your brain, which only becomes heavier as Eijiro decides to roughen his pace even further.
Tumblr media
✞ Tamaki Amajiki ✞
× likes to take you from behind in the spooning position
× it's perfectly intimate and warm and comfortable
× and he gets to kiss your neck and shoulders all over and bite into them if he feels the pleasure get too much~
× also loves when you turn your head to kiss his lips
Tamaki pushes his quiet whines into your back while his hips rut against your ass, chasing the warmth of pleasure. You let your moans join his, feeling so perfectly filled out with his cock inside of you, warm, and tight, and pressing against the perfect places when he moves.
His arms around you feel generous and secure, allowing you to completely fall into pleasure with Tamaki. You turn your head, desperate for his lips, a need he realizes immediately and quickly lifts his head to accommodate it.
It's a messy kiss, but it satisfies you nonetheless, an appreciative moan rolling from your tongue onto his.
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coffeerecords · 1 month
thinking about katsuki and manspreading 💭
tw: suggestive + petname (princess) / minors do not read or interact. ageless blogs will be blocked.
Bakugou would be the type to manspread when he sits. He can’t help it, it’s a comfortable habit! It’s not like anyone is complaining—well, except for you. You loathe it when people purposefully take up space, especially in a limited public space. You’ve addressed it more than once to him about it.
You work as a reporter and for the past few months you were assigned to document and write articles about ProHero Dynamight. Yes, Dynamight is the epitome of a top hero, never hesitating to dive into dangers to save those in need. However, you can’t help but notice that for a while now that he has a one teeny-tiny disappointing habit.
It’s important to set a good example for everyone after all.
But Bakugou being Bakugou would purposefully disregard what you’re saying (when it’s not harming anybody) and continues his habit. Until you nearly scold his ear off in a public transport when you both are returning to his agency.
It’s a rush hour, the transportation is crowded and Bakugou is exhausted after a mission. You’re there too, laptop in your lap as you type in notes of his activities today. You are immersed in your work when his thigh presses against yours.
And everyone knows that Bakugou is built. You cannot measure your strength against him. So, it’s no wonder that you got squeezed to the other person beside you as he takes the most corner of the train bench.
“Dyn—Bakugou,” you hiss, shoving him back while trying not to annoy the person on your other side. “Stop taking up more space, it’s crowded—”
Bakugou merely sighs before wrapping an arm around your waist and placing you on his lap, careful enough that you don’t drop your laptop.
“You know I’ve really tried, ____.” He whispers low into your ear. You struggle against him as he lets out an annoyed(?) grunt. That’s when you realise…something underneath his gear, pressed against your ass. Something big.
Bakugou chuckles lightly, still keeping his arms around your waist. “But I can’t help it, princess… You can feel it, can’t you?”
AUTHOR’S NOTE. your thoughts on this? 🤭 check out my drabble series here!
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notpikaman · 17 hours
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡︎𝐅𝐚𝐜𝐞 𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐓𝐨𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐢♡︎
Day 6 of Kinktober 2022
Summary: Shouto has an interesting conversation at work and decides to experiment with you at home.
Props to my beta reader for today @emiriia - thank you so much for your help!
1,419 words.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shouto walks slowly into the room as you engross yourself in the TV. His hair was dripping and steaming at the same, courtesy of his quirk, and you smile and adjust the duvet, lifting it up to make space for him. As you scan over his skin which glows under the light of the TV reflecting from the residual condensation of the shower, he stills.
He's only wearing a loose pair of black shorts and a random white shirt, looking just about ready to come to sleep but when you trail your gaze back up to look at him again, his eyes seem clouded. It looks like he's thinking really hard about something, or maybe he's just tired.
You coo at him, opening your arms to invite him in for a cuddle, ready to let him fall asleep tangled with you and the sheets like you do every night, stroking his hair that remains surprisingly soft.
What you don't know, is that he's been thinking about you all day. He had gotten in from work about a half an hour ago, and during his break he sat with Kirishima and Kaminari, who were also joined by Bakugou, Mina, and Izuku.
Somehow the conversation took a turn into more intimate subjects as Kaminari, ever the oversharer, started to talk about how he had eaten his girlfriend out. Bakugou had snorted and slapped him on the shoulder, giving him a condescending "you fuckin' wish"
While Denki busted ass trying to get everyone to believe him, Todoroki was busy asking what that meant.
"What do you mean, "what does that mean?"?"
Of course, the group had a good chuckle about his question because of course, out of all of them, Shou would be the most clueless about things like this.
Your boyfriend left that conversation a new man, completely shocked to his core that it was possible to do something like that, but the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to try it with you. They had went into unnecessary detail about what to do and how good it feels for the recipient, andbporr Todoroki was left to mull over the thought for the entire remainder of the day.
Would it really feel that good for you? Have you thought about doing this with him? Would he actually have the guts to try it?
Now, as he curls up in bed with you he can't stop himself from imagining you sitting on his face, and eventually he gets tired of stewing in uncertainty. He wants to make you feel good, but more selfishly, he wants to taste you. He wants to taste you, see what you feel like on his tongue.
"Baby? Would you let me eat you out?"
You almost choke on your spit. Where did this come from? You bet any money it was Kaminari or Sero. Neither of the two ever really seemed all that reserved when it came to boasting about their skills in bed. Every time you would roll your eyes so hard they were close to popping out and rolling down the street.
But your head fills with imagery, and you can't deny the butterflies that stir in your belly at the thought. If he wants to do it, there's no harm in letting him, right? Right.
"If you wanted to, then sure. I don't see why not. Why do you ask?"
"I want to..."
He turns his body to meet yours as you look at him in surprise, his pupils blown and his eyes darkened. The look sends shivers through your body and all this talk about something so intimate has your underwear getting wet.
"Wha-... What, like right now?..."
You're unsure and a little nervous, but you're definitely excited. This is new, but you've been intimate with your boyfriend before, so at the very least it's not completely new territory.
"Right now."
He gives you a little smirk that has you melting where you lay before he leans in for a passionate kiss, your soft lips against his and your tongues battling it out for control.
During your heated makeout session, Shou's hands glide down your figure and to your hips where the band of your underwear lays snug against your skin, and he slowly slides them down as far as he can reach, and with your help, they're off in seconds. A cute, baby blue tee is now all that covers your figure, being a little too big for you and falling just past your butt when it's not all wrinkled and ridden up to your chest.
He snakes two fingers to your cunt, dipping his fingers inside of you only slightly before teasing your clit, making your fingernails dig little crescent moons into the pale skin of his shoulder blades. In seconds he pulls his fingers away and you're lifted on top of him, and he's already guiding your hips to sit over his face.
His fingertips are cold to the touch on one side, and comfortably hot on the other, and while you know that he can't help his cold side from reacting a little, you appreciate that he always tries to keep you warm. You shuffle up the bed, face beet red and your stomach in knots.
Though when he grabs your hips and drags you down to meet his face, every little insecurity of yours was flung out the window. You were a little worried because it's very hard not to worry about how you smell or how you taste despite it being natural, but apparently that must've been covered in whatever conversation he must've had because he really doesn't seem to care.
A shaky sigh leaves your lips as he starts to lick at your vulva, going straight for your clit and sucking on it as you tremble above him. His hands trail down to the top of your thighs to hold you down on him and your cunt throbs at the attention, twitching and clenching around his tongue when he pushes it inside of you. The bed creaks as you grind into his tongue, and even though he's apparently new to this, it feels so fucking nice.
It feels even better when he starts on your clit again, and your back arches involuntarily as gasped moans echo off the walls of your bedroom, rewarding him for his effort. He's not doing this just to please you, though he would definitely kick himself if you didn't like it, but he had started to open up to the idea of doing this for his own pleasure. He loves you, and he gets off on making you feel good, devoting himself to you in every way he can, and this is another way he can do just that.
The tent in his pants would assure you that he's certainly enjoying this if you could see it while you writhe on top of him, and he whines into your heat, the noise sending you close to orgasm.
When he feels you grind down a little more and your pussy clench around his tongue he knows you've reached your end, and he can't help himself from cumming in his underwear at the thought, his hips bucking into nothing. It was a little hard to breathe under you but he really didn't care at the time, though the little gasp for breath you hear when you pull your hips away is a little concerning.
The sight of his face is what stops you in your tracks though. You had only pulled away because you always get so sensitive after cumming, but his face, covered in your cum, had you gulping, along with the little hearts in his eyes.
"That-... That was good... I wanna do it again..."
Your eyes practically bulge as he speaks and you try to get up on shaky legs, your knees weak like jelly. He needs tissues and you're about to drown him in aftercare until he wipes his mouth and nose on his sleeve to scoop you up in his arms and carry you like a bride to the bathroom, chuckling at you.
"I-... Wait- did you cum?"
He nods his head as you panic, causing another blush to spread on your cheeks.
"You really liked it that much?"
"Of course. You liked it too, huh?"
He's the most adoring man you've ever met in your life, and warmth spreads through your chest as you feel an overwhelming sense of affection and love for him.
Tumblr media
© 2022 not-your-fucking-kacchan
Tumblr media
◃ 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 | 𝐍𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 | 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐍𝐞𝐱𝐭 ▹
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thatgirlgames · 2 months
Alpha Pro Hero Bakugo x omega co-worker:
A comforting space
Summary: There are many benefits working at Dynamight’s agency. A nesting room is one of them.
Warnings: Omega Verse stuff. Scenting.
Notes: Implied female reader
(Part two)
Tumblr media
There are a lot of benefits for working at Dynamight’s agency. Pretty good healthcare, and other aspects that make your life easier.
But one of the best things working there is the nesting room. A place where Omega workers go to relax and unwind if the stress of the workday gets too much for them.
Bakugo had strictly ordered the special room be placed on every floor. So in the case an Omega might be feeling too much pressure from work stress, a safety room for them is not far of a walk.
In each and every room there were basic nesting materials. Warm blankets that got cleaned every other day, soft plush sheets, and as many comfort foods the man could think of to please Omega’s.
It was perfect, every Omega that worked there pleasantly loved the rooms and how friendly most of the Alpha’s that worked there were.
It was one of your favorite things about working there. But lets not forget the best thing of all. Katsuki Bakugo himself.
A seemingly thoughtful Alpha that prides himself on making sure that both Omega’s and Alpha’s got along.
Although you heard rumors that the only reason why Bakugo had put the rooms on every floor was because, in their words; “didn’t want to smell no filthy omega scents while working.”
Maybe thats why, every Omega made their way to the nesting room when the brash man came onto the floor. Ordering around with a loud voice that only the deaf couldn’t hear.
But you always stayed put. Listening to the Alpha’s harsh tone of voice and admiring it about him. Something that your omega just loved about him, purring inside your chest as he ordered others.
Not to mention his scent was perfect, a mix between caramel and burnt ash. It was like the sweet treat of crème brûlée. Addicting almost, you thought.
But as other Omega’s used the nesting room during the day. You only used it after your shift had ended. Wanting to relax in the room after a long day rather than throughout it. Not to mention your scent was always seemingly more strong than other omega’s.
So as your co-workers left the office one by one, you sticked around. Typing away on your computer, responding to emails and working on papers.
And when the last of your co-workers left. You sprang into your excitement as you gathered your things. Clocking out before rushing back toward the office floor toward the nesting room.
Opening the door, you got a nice whiff of every Omega’s scent. Some of them good friends while others are work place rivals. But you didn’t care about such things. You just needed to relax.
Gathering some unused pillows and sheets. You began to make a nest, one perfect for you. But your omega whined, begging you to make one bigger. So you obliged. Making a nest built for two.
It was silly, you thought. Why would you build a nest made for two when you didn’t even have an Alpha? Was it hope that one day you would? Or was it a fantasy you pleasured yourself in, but would never reach out and take it.
Or was it because your inner omega thought of a certain angry blonde to lay there instead?
Bakugo was making his rounds around the office building with a clipboard in hand. Checking every nesting room and writing down things that needed to be restocked or cleaned.
Of course in every room his nose scrunched up in disgust at the mixed scents of all the Omega’s. But he wanted them to have a space where he didn’t have to smell it around the office. So he wouldn’t complain too much.
As he made his way to the final nesting room. His nose picked up on a scent. One that he didn’t stick his nose up in disgust at. No, this made his inner Alpha intrigued, begging him to get closer to the door that was blocking the scent from them both.
His hand reached out and quietly opened the door, peering inside the room, his intense gaze darting around the empty room until his gaze landed on an Omega in the near corner.
She was curled up inside a nest she had made. Wrapped in a soft looking blanket. But what got him curious was that the nest she had built looked as if it were made for two. Not just herself.
And thats when it hit him. Her scent. It made his inner Alpha purr and relax. It causing his tense muscles to ease themselves as his gaze stared at her.
He wanted to go in and lay inside the rest. Scenting every inch of it so their scents could mix into a heartfelt feeling. But he couldn’t, he had to hold his Alpha back.
Bakugo took a deep breath of her scent before opening the door, clipboard still in hand. “Oi. Isn’t your work hours over? You should be getting home Omega. Its not safe so late at night for you.”
Hearing his voice startled you. Causing you to wake up from your daydream, turning to Bakugo with an embarrassed look.
“I-I’m so sorry Bakugo sir! I was just making a nest and I got carried away! I should get going!” You scrambled to collect yourself, getting up from the nest and grabbing your purse and other belongings and walking toward him with nervous steps.
Bakugo stared down at you. His scent getting stronger as you neared him. Trying to scoot past the tall blonde to the other side where you could go home.
As if sensing your worried state. Bakugo released a relaxing scent to calm you down. It pleasing your inner Omega as you walked past him. Your omega side pleading to smell his thick scent that made you swoon.
But you hurried toward the elevator instead. Clicking the first floor with haste as you avoided his eyes as they watched you leave.
And then Bakugo was left alone in the office as he always did at the end of shifts.
He peered into the nesting room, but before he could do anything else. His inner Alpha made quick strides toward the corner nest. Her nest.
It was strange. The nest was big, bigger than any of the other nests inside the room. Like she had fully expected someone to lay there with her. The pillows set up in a way that it no doubt fit someone of his size.
And before he knew it. He laid down inside the nest. His Alpha side all excited to lay inside an Omega’s nest. But Bakugo was giving mixed signals to himself.
A nest was only for the Omega, unless that Omega had an Alpha they allowed into the nest. It was a special bond only mates could have. Or if one was courting the other.
But why, did he so badly want to lay here all night? With her scent around him, it made it easier for him to close his eyes and relax. Worries slipping away every second he laid there.
Bakugo began unknowingly scenting the nest to mix their scents together for a perfect fit. Besides,
He was a perfect fit.
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i-cant-sing · 1 month
Just thinking about Dabi being admitted to a mental asylum, where he falls for reader, who is visiting a family member.
Reader is a goody two shoes, too kind and sweet for her own good. At first, Dabi wants to spook her and hurt her and shit, but she always returns to him, sometimes you'd scold him or swat him lightly if he tries to bite you.
Slowly and surely, Dabi falls for the naive girl who always brings him homemade snacks and books and trinkets from outside. And you fall for him too, as he starts showing you his softer side. He's still a little mean every now and then, but it's more playful teasing.
Dabi likes to hear you talk, about anything and everything. He pretends he doesn't listen, but he has memorised every word you've ever said. That's why he always uses "daddy's money" to bribe a nurse to buy you gifts.
You push him to tell you stuff about himself, and he begrudgingly tells you that he used to play violin. And by play, he meant he was a "violin progidy".
He was surprised one day when you brought him a violin. An expensive one too. Why would you do that?
You smiled brightly. "I wanna hear you play!"
You took him to the asylum's garden, where it was quite and peaceful. Dabi stood there, looking at your stupid, happy face before sighing.
And then he played.
Oh, how beautifully did he play. It was as if he had the soul of Vivaldi, Paganini and Mozart in him. One could've easily had an eargasm listening to his fingers play the strings.
Dabi rolled his eyes as he saw you looking at him in awe. In reality, he was internally gloating.
After a few minutes, you stood up. Dabi continued to play, his eyes trained on you as you slowly began to dance.
Ballet- well you tried to do ballet, you were pretty awful at it, but for some reason, it made his heart swell.
You started doing pirouettes (ballet spins) around him, and obviously, slipped and fell on him. Dabi caught you, dropping the violin as he hugged you to his chest, falling down as the grass cushioned your fall. You laughed like a child, and Dabi looked at you like you were the most precious treasure in the world.
And when you stopped laughing and looked at Dabi who was staring at you with utter adoration.
"Dabi?" You called, with a giggle.
And then he kissed you.
Your lips were just as soft as he'd imagined, just as sweet as he'd wished for. When he pulled away, your eyes were remained closed for a few seconds longer, lips still parted.
A smile slowly formed on your lips.
"Wow." You breathed out. And then you kissed him again.
Safe to say, you two began dating. Dabi was in complete bliss, not that he'd ever admit it, but everyone noticed how happy he was. The nurses commented on it, saying he looked healthier and happier, but Dabi would just shrug and tell him that perhaps the drugs were working.
Fast forward to 2 years later, Dabi is chasing you through the hospital corridors. Your laughter echoed through the hallways, and he slowed down a bit because of how happy it made you to make him chase you. You called for Dabi to catch you if he wants a kiss.
"Hurry! You're gonna have to catch me if you want a kiss-!" In a second, Dabi had his arms around you, lifting you up and pushing you against the wall as he slammed his lips against you.
He didn't move away until you were slapping at him to let you have air. You gasped, as Dabi smiled.
"I win."
Later that day, he's talking to his psychiatrist. Dabi doesn't talk much to the doctor, but today, he decided to open up his heart.
"I'm in love."
The doctor nods. "Is it love? Or are you just physically attracted-"
"I want to marry her. She... she makes everything make sense. Makes the voices in my head stop too, but I guess I have to give some credit for that to your drugs too." Dabi chuckled. "The satisfaction, the pleasure, the peace I used to get from hurting people- I find it all when I put my head in her lap."
"Yeah? Well, who's the lucky lady?"
"Y/n. She visits a relative here-" Dabi stopped speaking as he saw the doctor's face fell. "What? What's wrong?"
"Dabi... Y/n's dead." Dabi's eyes bulged out.
"What the fuck are you saying?" An angry vein popped out on hid forehead. If this fucking clown thinks he can get away with that kind of sick joke-
"Y/n's dead, Dabi. She's been dead for 5 years. You killed her. You were drunk driving and you two had an argument and you drove into another car. She died after you crawled out of the car and watched her burn to death in your car. The paramedics later found that she was 8 weeks pregnant. Now, yhe sooner you accept that, the sooner we can begin working on your treatment-" the doctor was cut off as Dabi began beating him to pulp.
Had it not been for the staff outside, the poor doctor would not have survived.
They had put Dabi in a straitjacket and locked him away in his room as he continued to cry and scream in agony.
You couldn't be dead. You couldn't be dead. You couldn't be dead-
How was he supposed to just accept that he had been imagining you all these years?
Tumblr media
3 years later, they finally let Dabi out. The drugs and therapy finally worked, and Dabi began returning to normalcy. His family welcomed him home with wide arms, and Enji even let him work with him in the office.
One day, when he was getting coffee, Dabi felt someone bump into him, making his breath hitch at the familiar face.
"Sorry!" You said, before turning back towards your friends.
"Y/n?" You whipped your head back to him.
"Sorry, do I know you?"
He didn't get a chance to say anything as you friends dragged you away.
By the end of the day, Dabi was able to find everything about you with Enji's resources.
You were Y/n, his Y/n. You had gotten into an accident 8 years back, with an unnamed passenger in the driver's seat (who he found out was him, but Enji had paid a lot of money to not have his son's name in the papers). You had managed to survive the car wreck, but as the hospital records state, you'd lost your memory.
But you were still his Y/n.
And he was gonna get you again. And also find out who tf paid that doctor to lie to him?
"Sir. These were dropped by a stranger for you." His assistant said, putting a manila envelope on his desk.
It was from the private investigator he'd hired. Pictures of you in your daily routine.
Oh, will you look at that? You're holding a little boy's hand. A boy, who had an uncanny resemblance to him, and the trademark Todoroki Clan's blue turquoise eyes.
Dabi smiled, caressing the picture.
He's gonna get his family back.
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munsonsins · 11 months
MHA men and their guilty pleasure!
Tumblr media
Synopsis: MHA men x guilty pleasure
➷Characters: Denki, Bakugo, Kirishima, Shoto, Dabi
➷ CW. F! Reader, aged up characters, dacryphilia, sadism lmao, electrostimulation, cnc(?), minimum prep, branding, degradation, praise, choking, size kink, corruption kink, dirty talk. mdni.
➷ Note: idk what this is, I was just entertaining yoko till she went bacc to sleep... Now hab this before I go to watch the new demon slayer episode😌 not proofread lmao
#tags. @yesitsmewhataboutit
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
Denki Kaminari
With your legs quivering on his shoulders, Denki lost track of his powers. Soft jolts of golden electricity flowed from his fingers to your thighs where he gripped the soft flesh as he accidentally zaps you. But the way you clench around him— his eyes are blown out with realization and lust. He feels bad that his cock throbs inside your warm cunt at the little tears pebbling in your eyes.
His eyes roll back and mouth falls open in a breathless curse when he feels you clench even harder as his fingers tap a little jolt into your swollen clit.
"Fuck just like that, baby, cum f'me, you fucking love it when I zap your cute little clit, don't you?"
Katsuki Bakugo
It's no secret that he's a sadist. But he loves to fuck you with minimum prep. Seeing you squirm under him, beg him to slow down, it's just a massive turn on for him. Bakugo's favorite is your little cries of 'Suki please, 's too much turning into incoherent babbling as you start drooling because his cock keeps assaulting that spot inside you till you're creaming on his cock.
Besides, you got your safe word, so it's not like you dont want this. He knows that you not so secretly enjoy it when he manhandles you into taking his cock before he fucks you dumb.
"Weren't you saying it's too much not a while ago? Then why are you cumming already?"
Eijorou Kirishima
Everytime your hands push at his broad chest and you huff with a meek,"Kiri, too big, won't fit-" He coos at you, soft praises of how you're doing so well for him but in reality, he knows it's at least a bit painful for you. And he hates the rush of arousal to his dick at the thought of you whimpering from the slight burn when he shoves his huge cock in your tight little hole.
Kiri is soon stuttering because his head reels from feeling your slick walls clamp down on him. Your little whispers tuning off into breathless moans with each hard thrust from him.
"It's alright, baby. You're so good for me, now shhh take it all, yea'?"
Shoto Todoroki
"Sho' please, need ya' to fuck me till I pass out." Shoto's chest swells in pride as he urges you to say the filthy stuff you want him to do to you. When you look up at him with innocent doe eyes but the words spilling from your tongue is anything but that. He loves to corrupt your body, soul and mind. A rosy tint spreads on his cheeks at your words.
He rubs his cock at your entrance, teasing by dipping just the tip. Heterochromatic eyes observe as your greedy cunt pulsates in need, swallowing his cock.
"Go on baby, tell me, where do u need my cock?Here?"
He wants you all desperate, taking his cock like a good girl. He'll edge you before finally fucking you, this way you'll be an obedient little whore for him. And just as you are about to cum, his hand wraps around your neck like a collar, "Do u wanna cum or breathe?" He heaves hastily, cock twitching from how you look at him with wide eyes and your hands claw at his wrist.
His other hand placed on your thigh heats up when you gulp fresh air just as soon as he let's go of your throat, "Bad girl," He's gonna leave a hand mark on your thigh, you're sure of it from how your skin stings from the blue fire.
"You don't deserve to cum. Maybe I should just leave after fucking this slutty pussy."
Tumblr media
2022 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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katboysimulator · 3 months
Tumblr media
🧸﹕y/n is tall and has a cold personality✿
꒪ᤱᰱ ✷ Izuku | Katsuki | Shoto | Denki ꊞ˚࿔
Tumblr media
(ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- Deku:
× no one would have thought sunshine boy™ Izuku would date ice block Y/n but here you two are
× Izu loves making you smile, even if it only happens once a blue moon and even if it's just when you two are alone
× almost passed out when he heard you chuckle the first time
× cuddles are super important! so he knows you still love him!! and because you're so tall he feels super safe in your arms
× always makes sure to smile twice as bright when he's out with you
Tumblr media
(ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- Katsuki:
× honestly was ready to square up with you at first (because he was insecure about you not liking him back but never in his life would he tell you that)
× a master at picking up your subtle affection though
× which is very important to him because Kats gets insecure surprisingly fast and needs the reassurance
× pissy that you're taller than him and always asks you to do training matches because of it (he'll get over it eventually dw)
× if he ever hears people talk shit about your personality behind your back, you know they're not getting out of it alive
Tumblr media
(ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- Shoto:
× so confused when you confessed
× never would have gotten the idea that you could potentially like him ever
× he's so happy though and feels so safe and validated around you
× it's sometimes a bit awkward because neither of you are the affectionate type but you figure it out
× usually hides behind you when he doesn't have the energy to talk to people
Tumblr media
(ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- Denki:
× it's his personal mission to make you show any kind of emotion
× takes being a goofball to a new level to make you laugh, pinches your sides to make you laugh, tells the most outrageous lies stories to see you surprised, etc
× gets a little sad when his attempts don't work
× easily cheered up with a little kiss though (it's like a reset button for when he feels down, a kiss will reenergize Denki immediately)
× loves to get carried around by you
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