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dreana-draws · 4 months ago
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@/goeatpebbles ‘s dtiys on insta/twt
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honey-z-art · 4 months ago
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spooki-ghoztzz · 5 months ago
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Oml Sunny is such a sweet wife- She loves you and the kids to death. You were happy to have your own place with her and happy to call her your wife!
After you two had painted the walls a bright green (CUZ SHE DESERVES IT.) you two had gotten the children's room all set up and such. It took the whole day but it was worth seeing them happy!
When you two went to lay down together she held you close to her with a soft smile on her face. “Oh y/n..i’m so happy we did this. i just know you’re gonna be a great parent..such a happy family.” You just smile up at her and give her a soft kiss on the lips.”I know you are also,my love.”
Sunny is such an affectionate person,kisses,hugs 24/7. It’s nice tho cause i bet she smells like some vanilla perfume or anything sweet!
You two for sure have a lot of matching outfits and jewelry! She loves seeing you in pretty earrings and in any sort of outfits that just make you look beautiful/handsome/pretty!
She loves to look through your wedding photos or photos from before you got married. She always tears up from seeing you two and how far you’ve come in the relationship!
She likes to take all three of the kids out on trips or even to the candy store to let them pick out whatever they want. sometimes she’d take you out on fancy dinner dates while Henry watched after the kids for you!
Cuddles with her are so..soft- she’s a very soft woman,so she’d be okay with you resting your head on her chest and listening to her heartbeat as she plays with your hair. <3
Loves to call you her little bunny like siuhcissd- she also loves to see you getting along with the kids. It’s so sweet to see you and Evan/C.C to bond over his silly love over LOONA.
Listen,she loves your cooking- she doesn’t care if it’s waffles or anything she’s gonna love it! (..she don’t die in this au,okay? okay-)
Loves to slow dance with you in your shared room as you talk about how you two met and such..it’s such a sweet moment between you two.
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papay0 · 7 months ago
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me gusta pensar que William no siempre fue tan ctm y que de jóvenes se sacarían fotos así lol
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ryo-creampuff · 2 months ago
a silly comic i made for tiktok based on Brittany broskis video (my tt is ryo_creampuff if u wanna see it)
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c0rlapis · 6 months ago
sunny afton with an affectionate reader??? :D
sunny afton with an affectionate s/o.
OMG OMG OMG YES !!! I HAD SO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS, SHE'S MY FAV BLUEYCAPSULES CHARACTER i'm just. really really enamored with her. i hope u enjoyyy !
It's really like you two match each other's energy.
She adores PDA so expect a lot of hands holding, random hugs and soft kisses.
Sunny also enjoy sitting on your lap.
If you start showing affection before her, she's like 🥰🥰.
You two are known as that "lovey-dovey couple" yk..
Honestly your relationship would be so cute and healthy.
I mean, pretty much us all are better partners compared to William anyway. Sooo
It's like giving and receiving love and affection at the same time x2 everyday.
She adores you with all her being ngl.
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wroniarz-z · 23 days ago
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zzleepingg · 7 months ago
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sunny !! ☀️🌻🌾
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jeremylivesalone · 22 days ago
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*punches u* look this is my sunny fanart!!!
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springlock-suits · 7 months ago
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You deserve so much better than him Queen
Hi I love blueycapsules Sunny v much. She's so pretty and should absolutely be allowed to stab William, as a treat.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Why on earth did the anatomy on these turn out looking so good-)
Tumblr media
Also the April fools au where she carries around a purple worm on a string to presumably be William is great and I am all here wormilliam, funky Squirmles, lil Snoot, Magic Twisty Worm
Anyway it's like midnight goodnight 👍
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mr-fishsoup · 4 months ago
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Based on a true story in a rp
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deadd0edonoteat · 3 months ago
I am so utterly in love with Phil Guy I wanna hug him so bad n give him headpats and smooches and snacks and cuddles and
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sporoux · 6 months ago
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Happy women day
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spooki-ghoztzz · 6 months ago
( I said i’d do a part two,maybe three- so heres the other part to some of the blueycapsules characters with a cuddly/touch starved s/o! )
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- Yoaj cuz no ones written for them yet </3
I see Yoaj as a person who..is also touch starved- they were never in a relationship till you so they’re happy they can give you the same amount of affection they need.
If you visit while they’re working they’d take their time to give you some affection before having to get back to work. (trust me,whenever Yoaj goes on break he practically tackles you down cuz he’s missed you so much)
Whenever he gets home he asks if you wanna cuddle up on the couch, yeah you visit his work a lot but it’s nice to see you happy as he has his arms around you. You two also probably talk about random things as he messes with your hair <3
Yoaj probably loves to style other peoples hair,they don’t know why but it’s weirdly relaxing for them. If you’d rather them not style it they’d just brush it and maybe curl the tips of your hair.
Yoaj is a person who doesn’t care what type of affection is shown as long as you’re comfortable and he is. If you don’t like cuddling in public that’s fine with him! He’d just hold your hand or hug your arm.
He loves forehead kisses but he also loves giving forehead kisses,it dosen’t matter if you’re taller than him he’s gonna give you them damn kisses-
Tumblr media
- Sunny ( i..haven’t seen anyone write for her and it makes me upset- )
Sunny’s love language is physical touch and always has been! She loves when she can hold her lover close or just put her hands on each side of their face as she gives you a tiny smile.
Sunny..can’t leave the house so it’s mostly you and her cuddling/showing affection inside the house. ( You only really visit when Michael is off at work,you stay over sometimes )
She also loves it when you give her affection by giving her pats on the head or kisses on the cheek,ya know..simple stuff-
She’d also help you around the house if you don’t need it only to be close,washing dishes? She just comes up behind you and wraps her arms around you before helping you wash the plate you had in your hands.
Sunny also loves smothering you in kisses on days you don’t feel good or feel upset!
Shes just a cuddle bug <3
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- H,,Henry <3
Henry doesn't mind physical affection, he actually craves in a sense but only from you and you only. (plus he understands that you’re touch starved..he is also honey </3 )
He honestly just loves having you close to him,knowing you’re safe and in his arms. Other times he likes to be held also but the poor man is too anxious to ask-
Give him a few kisses and he’ll just become putty and nuzzle into the crook of your neck. God he’s just so soft around you 
Sammy joins in on the cuddles for sure- he’s gotta be around Henry 24/7 but he’s also very clingy and close to you also!
Henry loves to just lay his head on your lap also as he listens to you talk about your dad and whats been bothering you. He loves hearing your voice and hopes he can help.
Henry is a affectionate person no matter what you do he’s gonna keep loving on you-
Tumblr media
- Michael ( Maikol )
Michael isn’t used to affection but he’s sure as hell touch starved,he’s barley had attention from his father so he goes to the next best thing which is you!
He’s happy that you understand the weird little struggle of being touch starved/cuddly all the time- it would take him time to warm up to you but he’d get comfy eventually!
His favorite time to snuggle up with you is when you two end up watching some random movie or if it’s a horror movie he’d snuggle up under the blankets with you. (he’s scared but he’d try to act like he isn’t)
He adores you to death like on god the only thing he things about sometimes is how pretty/handsome you are and how he’s so damn lucky to have you-
He also loves to paint your nails as another way to show affection- he finds it nice he can hold your hand also.
He’d talk to you about his trauma,he trusts you. He knows you’ll listen to him and let him cry if he needs to..like he actually belongs somewhere. He knows you’ll let him rest his head on your chest while you run your fingers through his brunette locks of hair,reassuring him everythings going to be okay..it gets better. 
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papay0 · 7 months ago
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sunny brainrot
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ryo-creampuff · 5 months ago
get on top of the fridge!
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tord78967 · 4 months ago
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Blueycapsules x care bears
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