thefrogwild · a year ago
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Ever wondered how to tell if a character is a bastard? Well, look no further, for I have distilled the 3 pillars of bastardom for all your oc/char tagging needs!
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yoyomindloops · 3 months ago
Five stages
I can't be hypnotized. That's such a silly notion. Someone can't just say a word here or there and suddenly I'm their mindless toy to control as they please. It doesn't work that way. My thoughts are my thoughts. He's not going to snap his fingers and boom I'm his to do as he pleases.
He can say all the fancy words he wants to say - it's not going to work! It can't work. Girls aren't just stupid mindless little fuckdolls. It's dumb - I'm not going to listen to it anymore. Its just dumb, silly, stupid nonsense.
But it would be kind of nice to feel my brain shut off. For a minute - tops. What he's saying does sound nice. Maybe it's not as scary as I think it is. I'm overthinking. I do that quite a lot. All it does is get me anxious and high alert in every situation. Nothing's going to happen. I can just take a deep breath in and relax. Don't overthink it. Maybe there is something to this whole hypnosis thing. Not the brainwashing part. That's just silly. But relaxing and letting go. That sounds nice. I do work hard - he's right I do. And I do deserve to relax and let go. We don't really think when we relax, do we? Who knows. Just a minute. I can wake up anytime.
But what if I can't? What if its true? My sense of self - who I am...it can all be erased. Gone. Just like that. Who I am just...replaced. That can't happen...can it? Only if I can get up - but it's too heavy to get up...or think. My thoughts slowing...like I'm floating in molasses.
I can get up. I won't get up. I want to go deeper. I want to keep listening. I will keep listening. His thoughts are my thoughts.
When I focus, I get wet. I get wetter with each word. Each command. Oh that brings shivers to my spine how hot command is. To be commanded, to obey. Bend me over and break me.
More. More words. More commands. I need more. Whatever he says, just yes. Always yes. It's always yes. Yes feels so good. I want to run my hands all over my body - his body....just anywhere. I need to be touched. I need to be played with.
Every day. Every hour. Ever moment. I want to be in this state. There's nothing else.
His thoughts are my thoughts. I am nothing. I obey. I just obey. Master's plaything broken and on my knees. I surrender and obey.
Good toys obey
Good toys submit
Good toys surrender
Good toys drop
Good toys make more good toys
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ethernalium · 7 months ago
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Final Fantasy IX (2000)
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hypnotica2 · 14 days ago
Spiral Warning
What you need to do is focus, focus on the nice spinny colors and lines
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Notice how the spirals want to touch, they need to touch, focus and stare
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Don't worry, they're going to touch soon, just stare. Stare deeply
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Stare deeply until they touch, focus on my words.... relax
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Relax and stare. Focusing on my words and letting your mind go blank....
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Going blank, letting your thoughts slip away as you focus on the spirals and my words....
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You're in such a safe place, a safe and comfortable place. A comfortable trance....
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chileanhypnotist · 4 months ago
Would you mind looking at the pendant closer?
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Good girl...
Attentive, receptive and captivate by my words and the pendant
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midbyte · 7 months ago
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surprise jumpscare feral cat
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milkubunnyy · 7 months ago
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Suck cock. Drain. Ob-..
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Good girl. Bam..
New session UP! On my OF 💖🐰
Go check it out!
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thoselethalarts · 10 months ago
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THIS TOOK SO DAMN LONG! I will never forgive TWST staff for making such a horrifyingly complex card background, but I did the best I could to get these done.
Much like the rest of the blanks I make, all are free for use for whomever wants to make some for themselves too! If you’re wanting to use them, feel free to tag back to me or this source! Otherwise, I hope they bring some good to whomever wishes to use them~
|| Dorm Card Blanks: Pt 1 | Pt 2 ||
|| SR Event Cards: Pt 1 | Pt 3 (Tsum) ||
|| SR Event Cards ||
|| Birthday Card Blanks ||
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yoyomindloops · 4 months ago
New relationships
It was nice getting used to the comfort of someone again. She felt naturally relaxed with his touch. There she would be, head on his lap without a care in the world. They had only been seeing eachother for a few weeks now, but she felt that she could trust him.
It was something she didn't have to think about.
And oddly enough, that only made her feel she was melting away.
"I'm curious about something," he said. He placed his thumb on her forehead, pressing the soft spot between her eyes. It softened her brow as her pupils rotated in the direction of his finger.
"Huuuuuuuh" She moaned out, unable to get another syllable as her back arched. It was like he was drilling his finger through her mind, making its way to her privates. Blood rushed to her clit.
"I love how responsive you are," He mused. He pressed his thumb and she gasped in lust and need. "It's hot. Try something with something with me?"
All she could do was nod, her toes curling into his sheets. Her sanity felt ripped thread by thread by the blood rushing down. All from a touch.
Where she focused on his words. his voice. the watch.
"Good toy. Off." He pressed.
She went limp.
Eyes rolled back.
Every muscle relaxed.
She was gone.
He smiled, stroking her hair. He lifted her arm, it dropped. He was impressed. They hadn't known eachother for that long, but with each visit he was rewiring her brain.
"That's a good toy. So responsive. Focus on my voice. My words. The watch.. Seeing it plain as day. You remember the watch. When we first met. How it dangled down the chain. Swaying left and right. Remembering how it ticked. Spiraling you away.'
"We are going to continue our programming today, toy. On."
Her eyes snapped open, "What were you curious about?" She loved his smiles. Anytime he smiled, she felt it.
He laughed, "You're cute. Off." He pressed his thumb and she dropped like a ragdoll. "So responsive. Just a good toy. Obeying commands in and out of trance. Always yes. When you hear my voice. No matter the words. Always yes. My words lead to yes. Do you understand"
A voice that sounded a thousand miles away, "Yes."
"That's my good toy, remember to forget. forget to remember." leaning down. "On," Left his lips before he kissed her forehead.
She woke up moaning in lust his lips on her skin. She gripped the couch they were laying on feeling like her mind was freying away. "What's...when did we start foreplay."
"Does it feel like I'm fingering her?"
Her thighs squeezed as she gasped. "yes."
"Like they are always there."
"Yes," She moaned.
"Tapping away. like the rhythm of a clock. Can't you hear it?"
"Yes." her jaw slacked,
She felt his hot breath as he whispered in her ear. "Can I keep you?"
His thumb pressed. "Off."
And limp she went. So automatic. It had become a reflex to obey his commands.
Whatever they were.
She just obeyed.
He rubbed her forehead with his thumb, letting it spiral down. "I think I will. Keep you. Good toys like you obey. Spread your legs."
She complied.
"Touch yourself."
She complied.
"Mind off. All that's left is my voice. my words. The watch. Helpless to resist."
"I wanted to be brainwashed."
"Yes you did, pet. That's why you swiped right. How we met. You sought me out. Wanting to be brainwashed. And you are. You belong to me now."
"I own your thoughts. Will. Mind. I own it all."
And she complied.
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triviacrossing · a year ago
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Similarly to New Leaf, if you send a villager a letter with no text and no items attached, they’ll send you a unique reply. Here’s all possible responses across all eight personalities.
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hypnotic-mist · a year ago
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heart-stopper · 6 months ago
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blank charlie icons for @charliespring !!
requests are open!!
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chileanhypnotist · 27 days ago
They love being in trance
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Ellas aman estar en trance
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choco-pudding · 7 months ago
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Space Channel 5 Gyun Gyun Book p. 101-102 and 116-117. (Translations by myself and checked over @lavoszero. Edit by myself.)
Some of the character profiles. The official translation are pretty close to the Japanese for most of them so they were pretty easy.
Imgur link to all of the Gyun Gyun Book translations we’ve done thus far.
Plain text below
Character Profiles
Page Navigation On the top is the character's name and profile. Meeting Place refers to which reports the characters will appear in game. Additionally, places marked with an X means the character will only appear at that place if you make a mistake there.
Main Characters It's a whole lineup of reporters with shining personalities! Ulala's profile is registered from the start, Pudding's and Jaguar's will register after clearing Report 3, and Blank's will register after clearing Report 4.
NO.000: Ulala Channel 5 reporter, she's been with the station for two years. Born on May 30th and currently 22 years old. Blood type is B. At this point, she's not sure where the path of a reporter will lead her but she dreams of "becoming the best reporter in the whole galaxy!" one day.
Meeting Place -
NO.001: Pudding Channel 42 reporter. Former Idol. 19 years old. Blood type is AB. Her hatred for losing really shows off her two-faced nature. She has an excessive and intense rivalry with Ulala. Backed up by her bodyguards, she appears to interfere with Ulala's reporting. She's been a reporter for four years.
Meeting Place Report 1: Control Tower - Act. 3 Report 3: Morolian Base -Act. 1
NO.002: Jaguar Space Pirate Broadcasting Station reporter. 35 years old. A risk-taking man that will reach the truth by any means. Coming and going like the wind, he reports all over the galaxy through guerrilla-like tactics. His past is a mystery but there's rumors it has something to do with Channel 5…
Meeting Place Report 2: Dining Hall - Act. 3 Report 3: Asteroid Belt Area - Act. 2 | Head Office -Act. 3, Act. 4
NO.003 Blank Channel 5's Chief. He's a man that claims that seeing the ratings go up is life itself and the ultimate pleasure. There's always some sort of dark rumor about him. With his position he's able to freely control the station's broadcasting system. He is an ambitious person whose ambition can never be satisfied.
Meeting Place Report 4
NO.004: Space Michael A Super Star that rocked the galaxy, a Super Dancer that transcended space and time. 500 years ago, he used his Dance Energy to prevent a crisis that would've led to the Earth's destruction; he's really famous. Currently, he is contracted as a reporter for Channel 5.
Meeting Place Report 4: Boardroom ~ Corridor - Act. 2 (first round and subsequent rounds if the rating are above 90%)
[Note: meeting place can be more literally translated as meeting condition. Pudding has an error in her profile and lists she appears in act. 2 of the Control Tower. She actually appears in Act. 3 so I fixed it accordingly.]
p. 116
Boss Characters
NO.073: Coco★Tapioca Dancing Robot Invader No. 1, it appears in at the Launch Pad in Report 1. It has a huge “purplink” body. The ring beams it creates from its antennas and the line-dancing robots (officially named Yellow Submorons) stored inside its body are something fierce.
Meeting Place Report 1: Launch Pad
NO.074: Morolina~ ♥ The Slightly-Perverted Dancing Robot” sent by the Morolians to attack the Luxury Spacecraft G. It attack-tack-tacks Ulala with its tongue and tentacles! Because it’s holding space primary schoolers hostage, you must attack very carefully.
Meeting Place Report 2: Observation Platform
NO.075: Morolin! Monroe! The Strongest Dancing Robot our heroine faces, these twins appear inside the Secret Base in Report 3. It emerges from the TV monitor and attacks while transforming again and again in three stages. This robot may be too tough to fight against by yourself.
Meeting Place Report 3: Head Office
[Translator’s notes: they use the word “mecha” rather than “robot” but robot rolls off the tongue a bit more and is what official translation call them. Purplink is portmanteau of purple-pink.]
p. 117
NO.076: Evila The Perfect Reporter Robot created from studying Ulala's abilities. It reports solely for the sake of increasing the ratings. It commands the Channel 5 Security Robots and challenges Ulala. It's quite the powerful foe.
Meeting Place Report 4: Main Antenna
NO.077: Giant Evila A gigantic robot pet controlled by Channel 5’s Chief, Blank. The space relay ship the Astrobeat is kept hostage, with the director trapped within. Attacks won’t be effectively unless you input the opposite of what it says and then press the A button.
Meeting Place Report 4: Main Antenna
NO.078: Blank TV A robot that broadcasts a brainwashing signal, controlled by Chief Blank. The innards of Giant Evila and Blank’s true self (?). This robot can broadcast its brainwashing signal to all corners of the galaxy using Channel 5’s system.
Meeting Place Report 4
[Translator’s notes: The question mark in Blank TV’s profile is part of the original text.]
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milkubunnyy · 7 months ago
✨🐰Happy Easter Everyone! 🐰✨ Bunny is gonna have an Easter Sale!🥚🐇 Suscription 25% OFF and 15% OFF in all my videos! including the new ones!
Let bunny play a lot with you today 🐰✨
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