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♩  ◦   ₪ ˚ 🍥 ︵
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♩  ◦   ₪ ˚ 🩰 ︵
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ROSÉ @ BORN PINK Concert in Los Angeles Playing With Fire — Fancam by RÉCORD
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° ָ֢ ֺ ⪩⪨ 𓂂 @ifvswon as cinamonroll . ֹ ◌
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◌﹒◌﹒◌﹒◌﹒◌﹒◌﹒◌﹒◌﹒ ◌﹒◌﹒◌﹒◌
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ຯ don't call me angel. @y-yaemiko
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Jennierubyjane ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧
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maybe i could be the one.. { @ni-shimura }
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[221128] sooyaaa__: 🕘
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✯ㅤ🇧🇷 Mostra tua força, Brasil ♩ㅤ-
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somewhere in the haze, got a sense I'd been betrayed.
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postar coisas aleatórias, não é totalmente uma volta.
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obrigado por todos que usaram meus moods. ♡
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Winter With You
Tumblr media
Rosé x Fem! Reader
You were sick and tired of spending each night leading up until Christmas in the comfort of your own home, alone. Thus, you take it upon yourself to attend a well known Christmas activity held adjacent to Times Square, and did not expect to run into such an angelic woman Warnings- Literally like none, just pure fluff
Sauntering down the heavy streets of New York City, the chill winter breeze smoothly passing by the scarf wrapped tight around your neck. You came prepared for the chill season, being sure to dress in thick layers as you knew what the weather would bring this time of year. 
It was just another night in December, the beautifully lit lights adorning each street you were to walk past. A small Christmas tree in every little glass window you were to lay your eyes upon. You loved this time of the year, and although you had yet to find someone to spend this wonderful month with, you still found enjoyment in the atmosphere of it all. 
Knowing how much space this time of year holds so dearly in your heart, you had decided to force yourself out of your tiny apartment and attend the annual Christmas light show being held by Times Square. You knew this was a bad idea, as you hated crowds, and no better place for a sizeable crowd than New York City, however you find that almost every night you are wrapped up in a cozy blanket watching silly little Christmas movies, alone. 
It had been enough, you thought, of spending each night leading up to Christmas by yourself doing holiday activities that are normally done with others. Thus, an idea scored from one of your closest friends, Jennie, had been thrown into the air, which furthermore led you to the place you are yet to be. 
Your hands find themselves comfortably in the warmth of your own pockets, your hat just barley above your eyes with little room for you to see. You slowly walk down the sidewalk, just the perfect speed where you could admire the precise decorations beautifully placed in every adjacent store. You smile to yourself as you breath in the fresh air of Christmas. 
Just as you reach the last of the stores, your eyes bring themselves up towards your destination. Sighing out a cool breath of air, you continue down towards the crowded area, an immense amount of bodies beginning to fill in your line of vision. With each step you take you begin to feel more and more regretful of this decision, as you knew how large of a crowd would turn up. You shake your head and attempt to remove any negative thoughts out of your mind, remembering exactly what you are here for, and that you will have an amazing time admiring all the magnificent lights that are to come shortly. 
The still of the crowd lets you know that all spaces are filled up, so you take the chance to settle yourself in next to a few other people, careful not to squeeze next to them too tight, and you begin to make your way towards them. 
Just as you reach them, the bottom of your hat begins to slide down towards your eyes, covering them in the process as you try and find yourself in the right spot. You bring your hand from out of your pockets and reach for your hat, however you are unable to fix it as the crowd begins to move again, a response to a booming microphone echoing throughout the area telling everyone to fill in all available spaces. 
This is where you begin to panic, you are unable to see and the abundance of bodies continue to push into you, looking for the closest spot possible. Your hands are glued to your side and you lose all sense of direction, unsure of which way you were even facing at the moment. 
That is until you feel a brief tug on your arm, pulling you away from the massive crowd and into a more secluded area. You are unsure of what is going on, and worry that someone may have taken advantage of your loss of sight. However, you find yourself softly pushed against the closets brick wall, and find that your hat is beginning to rise above your eyes once again. 
Your vision comes back in an instant, and you are met with a blonde girl, eyes already meeting yours as her hands stay put on your hat. You feel as if you are hit with a roadblock, unable to speak upon the beauty in front of you. She, too, wore a hat, similar to yours, with her angelic blonde hair cascading freely down to her covered elbows, just a bit of snow accompanying her color. Her captivating brown eyes express a look of comfort, as if you had known the girl for many years past. 
“Are you okay?” The girl asks, and you pick up on the irresistible Australian accent. 
You blink once or twice, figuring her words out in your head before you give her a response. 
“Oh, yes I’m ok. Thank you...”, you imply for her name. 
“Rosé.” She smiles, in which you return. 
“Y/n.” Rosé nods, and takes this as a sign to remove her hands from your hat, much to your dismay. It would have been nice to stay in such a proximity forever, although you can’t always get what you wish for. 
“Are you going to see the light show?" Rosé questions. 
“Yes I am actually, but I didn’t really expect this to happen”, you force a fake laugh, the smoke of cool air departing into the air as you do so.
“Are you as well?” 
The girl nods her head, eyes squinting as a smile plasters onto her face once again, and you swear that that smile will replay in your head forever now. 
“Well...”, you begin, attempting to refrain the urge to stutter over every possible word that spills freely off your tongue. “Since we are here together already, and like, the show will start soon, do you maybe want to like...”
“Go together?” The blonde smiles, finishing the sentence that you were so evidently anxious to announce. 
The night continued on in the most pleasant manner possible, the lights shown above the spectators reflecting ever-so elegantly off of Rosé's eyes, the most beautiful sight to see. 
After the night had concluded, nevertheless with a soft peck on the cheek by Rosé and her number saved securely in your phone, the next few days pass by agonizingly slow. 
Friday night had come around once more, and you had only spoke to Rosé about three or four times, thankfully the last conversation specifically setting up the following night to come, Christmas Eve. 
You made the last minute decision to get your hair professionally done in the morning, where you later spent almost two hours watching makeup tutorials on how to apply it so perfectly that your crush will automatically like you back. Sure, the video seemed to be aimed more towards those in middle school, however you shrugged your shoulders and skipped each segment in which the woman would address particular moments you might have with you crush after your makeup look is finished. 
In the end, you came out to look the exact same, only with a bit more mascara and some highlighter on the tip of your nose. After possibly the fourth mental breakdown in regards to tonight, you fancy up the appropriate attire and nod your head with an affirming smile in the mirror. 
You begin towards your car as you feel the pocket of your coat begin to vibrate. You pick it up in an instant after noticing who the caller was. 
“Hi Rosie”, you smile, turning your car on before you begin to back out of the driveway. 
“Hey Y/N/N, I just wanted to call you and say I was on my way.” You could practically see her innocent smile painted on her face through the phone.
“How come you didn’t just text me”, you question with a laugh, although it did not bother you in the slightest. You enjoyed teasing the blonde. 
“Because I like hearing your voice”, the girl replies, and your breath hitches as fast as your eyes widen. You hadn’t expected her to say such a thing considering you only spoken a few times and met only a week ago. 
“Oh”, is all you can say at the moment, “well... I am on my way as well. I’ll see you there Rosie”, you smile and wait for her reply before you hang up the phone, allowing a tiny squeal of excitement to find itself escape past your lips. 
Once you finally arrive, closing your car door shut and making your way over, you find the same blonde girl who has been running circles around your mind, standing patiently in line for the ice-skate rentals. 
You make your way towards the girl, your hat atop of your head sure to stay put this time, and you tap her shoulder softly. Thereafter, Rosie turns around in an instant, immediately grinning from ear to ear before she pulls you into a tight embrace. You were never the one to show any physical affection towards other, so it took you a second to register what she was doing before you ultimately squeeze her back, her cold, red cheek squished against yours. 
“I already ordered our rentals. They were out of the size you told me to get so I just asked for the one above it if that’s ok.” 
You smile and nod your head, turning towards the front of the arena as you wait patiently in line. You attempt to brush your hand against hers as a way to signal something a bit more intimate, however your advances are quickly shut down as the worker loudly shouts your names, signalling you over to take your skates. 
It took a while for you to figure out how to put them on, nevertheless, with the help of Rosie, the two of you were just about on the ice. 
“I literally can not do this, I’m gonna die. Like I actually am”, you state out of fear, one hand placed on the wall adjacent to you and the other held tightly in Rosie’s hand. You had yet to step on the ice yet, however just by the looks of the situation before you, it seemed too much of a challenge, and frightened you to say the least. 
“Come on Y/n, you got this, don’t worry about falling okay? I’ll hold your hand the whole time”, she assures you. 
Now that didn’t seem like a terrible idea. 
You nod your head and reluctantly take a step onto the ice, grip tightening on both the wall and Rosie’s hand. Subsequently, you find yourself on your own two feet, surprisingly alive. 
“See, you got it”, she smiles, removing her hand from your hold before she shortly brings her arm back to yours and fully wraps it around the same arm. You’re sure you are blushing, however the vast chill of the winter weather seemed to disguise the evident feelings prompted perceptibly on your cheeks. 
The two of your begin to skate around the ice, and although Rosie is using all of her strength to help get you around, you and her still enjoyed yourselves in the company of each other.
Your gaze shifts back to the blonde while skating, noticing her bright features as though it was your first time looking at her so deeply. You feel a connection between the two of you, and can’t help but notice your heart beating frantically out of your chest, screaming at you to make a move. Unable to handle all of the immense amount of emotion you were feeling in the moment, you lean down towards the blonde and lay a subtle kiss on her reddened cheek. 
You seem to catch her by surprise, however her gaze follows up towards your eyes, shinning brighter than ever. 
“You missed”, she laughs, an innocent look adorning her angelic face. 
You tilt your head and furrow your eyebrows, “what?” 
Rosie smiles, before she leans in closer and finally connects her lips to yours, wanting to do so ever since she first laid her eyes upon you. The kiss was short but sweet, and you felt comfort in the way her lips seemed to warm your chilled pair up only for the moment. 
She pulls away shortly after, however you still don’t seem to register what she had just done, and you find yourself slipping on the faint ice bellow you. Your hand rushes towards Rosie’s side as you attempt to regain your balance, squeezing her coat in the palm of your hand. 
“Don’t worry, I’ve got you”, she expresses with a velvety smile. 
After hearing those words, you only hope that she truly does mean it. Not only in the sense of tonight, but for every other day to come, and hopefully until the last. 
Yahhh finally I'm back!! I love Christmas so so much (and Hanukkah #jewish) and thought nothing better than to write about my most favorite time of the year with my most favorite girl<33 I hope you all enjoyed
I love you all!!❤️ Feel free to ask or share anything in my inbox (not requests yet sadly)
Happy holidays❄️❄️
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th!nspo for hotties! ❄️
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