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"So, what's up Coach? Great game, huh?"
Tumblr media
"I want you out from him,"
"Yes, I want you to be out from him,"
Nick clearly look angered by the order as his body tensed and his expression turned into a slight disbelief before fully smirking
Tumblr media
"And if I said no?"
"That sounds like a you problem, to be honest. Now Coach, let me get this clear. I'm here to stay as long as I want, nothing can change that. And I can not only just take my money away to another club that wanted my family's money in exchange of me playing for them inside their top starting player, I can also unplug the life support of your mother and stop funding the therapy of your son. That simple. So, do you still want to act like a big baby crying every single month about feeling guilty to Nick, or are you going to finally shut up and just accept the support my family give? Stop acting like you have morals whatsoever, you literally trapped Nick Bosa for your own gain, and then the whole team just because you can't get enough,"
The Coach just nodded in silence as he wipes his tears. Nick just smiled as he shouted
"Yo Jimmy, come fuck me in the showers will ya? Need that Italian dick stretching my ass good under the warm water,"
And the also taken over Jimmy Garoppolo quickly stripped himself and joined Nick in the shower. It's a good decision placing the meek Allen inside Jimmy, really makes the QB a good sub to play with
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Tumblr media
sometimes in spaceflight you gotta lay down the laws of General Relativity...
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Do you ever lay in bed at night hoping there’s someone outside your windows watching you….
Someone learning your schedule. Spying on you. Someone taking pictures of you when you touch yourself. Maybe they’ve hacked into your phone and is tracking your location… seeing everything you do monitoring you. Seeing all the fucked up porn you watch and saving all the photos you have hidden on your phone that only certain people get to see. They follow you when you leave and watch you at home. They watch you through the cameras on your devices till they finally find their moment to sneak in your house and install cameras… everywhere. Eventually they pretend to bump into you at the grocery store or coffee shop. Compliment you maybe even convince you to exchange numbers as if you were complete strangers. They get closer to you. Befriend you. Maybe they drug you when they come over to your house and you just think you’re getting sleepy while you watch your movie together. They touch you… grope you… every time it happens they go a little further and you never suspect a thing. They have all this access to you all this control and you don’t even realize it. Till one day they decide you need to realize that you belong to them… instead of drugging you one night they touch your thigh and make advances until suddenly you’re crying being held down underneath them and they’re whispering in your ear all the things they’ve been doing… all the shit they have on you. You have no way out. This is your life now… you belong to them.
Cuz same.
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Tumblr media
Amazing how just one photo, just one moment in time, one tiny moment where you let your guard down can change the course of your entire life. This was that moment for Trisha. Blackmail can be the most awful thing. Especially when you are caught licking the undies of your worst enemy and the head cheerleader. Within days poor old Trish was licking the underwear of not only the head cheerleader but then the entire squad. More photos were taken. Expectations grew. Trish could not be any more trapped, even if this was exactly what she had always hoped for.
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get me so drunk i pass out and take pictures of me after using my body for your pleasure
when i wake up use the pictures you took to blackmail me into doing disgusting and perverted things while you film it to keep the cycle going
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Bon Appetite: Wow, this tastes like blackmail (Jock!Sukuna x Reader)
A/N: hello, my asks are open.
First part is here, part 3
Summary: Sukuna and Yuuji are twins with one person in common, you. Being Best Friends with Yuuji meant you had to tolerate his other demonic half. Sukuna bullies you until you finally snap and head to figure our his feelings towards you finally.
Plot: Y/n’s peaceful times are about to end now that Sukuna is going to make his move. 
TW: noncon, dub con, bullying, blackmail, vivid explanations of anxiety, yandere themes. MDNI gaddamnit.
No one knows. What’s important is that no one knows.
It’s been three days since the party, you couldn’t respond to any of Yuuji’s text or calls. You just couldn’t look him in the eyes and say it was all fine. The adrenaline kept you up for the most part every time you remembered what happened, or where you were touched. You dreamt about it so vividly that you didn’t even want to sleep anymore.
Suddenly everything you owned in your closet was too revealing. You regretted trying on that skirt, ashamed of what marks were left on your skin. You went to school that very Monday in the baggiest track suit you owned and clearly looking unwell. You avoided the halls Yuuji and other people frequented and went straight to class.
The day went by and nothing eventful happened thankfully. You kept checking your phone and listening to your surroundings, the only whispers about that night were all in your head. It was just today; you didn’t really know if that demonic bastard had anything up his sleeve. By the time the last bell rang you went to the bathroom one last time to wait for most people to leave the school.  Inside the very last cubicle you felt like throwing up, thinking that you will never be able to handle any more of this. The simple lack of knowledge of what is about to happen next is killing you, but how could you sate this anxiety when it stems from going to its source for answers?
You didn’t know what to do, should you tell Yuuji? His texts don’t stop at this point. He was looking for you, waiting outside of the school along with your other friends. You couldn’t yet, not at all because the mere sight of him hurts a lot.
A good hour already has passed and you decided it was quiet enough that you could finally leave. No one was in school today and all you could hear was your own footsteps. Everything was going great until you saw Yuuji, still waiting at the steps for you. It was too late before you could run and he grabbed your tender arm. “Y/n, wait! We were worried about you! What happened to you after the party?!” his eyes were frantic and full of care. The exact opposite of his twin.
You swallowed the lump in your throat, almost choking down on the tears that were about to spill. “N-nothing. Just a really bad hangover… I didn’t expect it. I thought I embarrassed myself.” It was the safest lie and the closest truth you could tell him at the same time.
Yuuji sighed as if he was holdin it in the entire time. “You didn’t, we were more worried because we didn’t see you at all or heard from you.” You couldn’t bring up how tight he was holding your bruised arm., afraid that he might get suspicious. He smiled so tenderly at you, it was as if he loved you. But you couldn’t delude yourself at all. Would he still be your friend if you told him what his twin did? Will he take your side?
“I’m- I’m really glad to heard that.” The tears finally spilled and even if it was only in that minute you were thankful for the relief it provided you. “Hey why are you crying?” Yuuji hugged you and laughed at your small frame, he thought it was only because you made a scene that’s why you were acting like this. He found it cute that you huddled up on his chest. “I’m still your friend no matter what, you know that.”
You wiped your tears on your sleeve, doing your best to calm down or else you might really cause a scene. “Yeah, you’re definitely right. Thank you.” You chuckled to yourself. “Let’s go, I’ll walk you home. I don’t think you even have any idea what happened that night, Nobara went beserk on Mai’s ass. It was a full-blown cat fight.”
From a distance, Sukuna saw what happened. It was too short of a hug to be serious, and you quickly laughing meant you didn’t mention anything to Yuuji about that night. His throat constricted in anger, seeing you give him such a genuine smile and a melodious laugh. It felt like he was about to pop a damn blood vessel with all the pent-up jealousy he felt.
H̛͉̯̖̺͚̪͔͕̋͂̓ͬë҉̫ͅ ̠̜̺ͭ̊̒͟h̹͉̪̣̼̻ͮ̂͠ͅa̦̘̤̗̩̖̞̰͋̑̈̊͠d̨̼̫̫͙̤̮͊͐̈́ ̧͇̱̽̍ͯ̽y͈̘̰̼̼̥̆̐͘ͅo͎̤̦̯͛͛͒̽͠ǘ͕̖̘̖͈̖̘ͅ ̛͓͖̠ͥ̇̍f̪̞̩͙͔̖͕ͥ͆͝ḭ͚̤̇̓͋̂͞r̬̗͉̣̈́͜s̨͚̥̙͉̖̪̰͙̎̄t̵̮͖͓̞̤̮̋.̺̘̤̘͕͉̱̿̄ͦ͡
Ḧ͎͇̋̓͡o̧̰͓̲̻̍̓̊̉ẉ͖̲͎͖̹͖̾ͧ͟ͅ ͫ͑̾҉̤͔̖͙f͍̳̤̝̳̤ͦ͋ͮ̄͞ȕ̪͚̮̤̗̭̯͝ckin̬̹͔ͧͤ͛̀̚g̢̭͖̥̱͍̣̝̀ ̵̹̹̮̫̅̊̏d̢̹̪̞̪̰̲̓̿͒̅a͓̳͓͕̙̹̞̟̿͝ṙ͍̯̼͂̕ͅė̴͖̬̼͙͉̯ ͖̥̥̲̋̍̅͞ỹ̨͔̩͉͓̹͓͈̚ő̡̹̪͎͉͐̉ͅũ̴̜͔̲̲͚̺̩͉̓̒̉.̭͖ͨ͑͜ ̧̠̟̻ͪH̻̟͔͈̙͍͊ͥ͝o̼͉͔͔̤͌͝w̥͉͔͎̤̓̌̃́ͅ ̢͚̲͓͓̼͊f̴̺͔͇̈́̃̄ͬuͧ͏̫̥c̟̫̻͈̟ͣ͑̃̿͢k̟̤̣͖̘̟̿͢i̷̻̫̦͕͍͗̌̋n̵̪̬̦̪͕̗ͣ̿̂̆g̝͖͚͎̠̜̩͖ͦ̐͐͝ ̶̭̖̣̱̟̬̎ͩ̏ͧd̡̘͈ͫ̽a̧͇͔̯̙̣͓̎ͨͭr̶̻̜͈͔̮̼̺̾ẻ̢̳͖̓ ̢͔̭͎̜͍͇̔yͯ̀ͥ̚҉̣̙̙̥ǫ̗̰̎̿ů̻̹̤̲̻̏͋͜.̠̰̤̤͌ͭ͘ ̻͍̞̇̇̊̕H̡̫͕ͪ̓o͑͋̊҉̦̖̥̤̦͓͔͚w͕̝͍͊͘ ̧̟͔̠̥̝̀̃̉f̣̱̺͋ͣ͢ụ̬̭͈͎̜̬͉̍̂͆̈́͟cͫ҉͈̖̪̰̘̺ͅk̢̪̥͙͙͉̪̊̇i̷͍̼̙̹͖̒͂ͭn͈̖ͭ̈̈́̽͢g̭͙͔̲ͣ̒͘ ̧̫̼̜̐d̫̪͌͊́a̘͍̲̟̱͈͍͖̔ͨ̈͆̀r̡͙̬͙̲͐e̘̘̥̐ͬͧ́͜ ̩̬̫̦͋͟y̩̠̬̖̝̠̖͎͒̐́o̢̲̟̻̖̬̼͌̋̄u̷̲̺̺͊̊.̰͈͔͓̣̮̭̭̎͜ ̣̖̣̹̼̎̓̅͑͠ͅH̸̙͙̳͙͖̹͖̅ͦo̳̙̗͔ͪ͟w̶̠̟͕̣̘̙̹̮͌͒̚ ̗̟̯̫͔̘̝ͧ̿̕ḟ̵̬̮̞͔ͅu̼̫̎̾͜c͑̈̊̊͏̮͉̗k̯̖̔̍͝i̼͕̲̖̻̪͚ͮ̔̉͞n̢̳̗̲͉̬̳ͦ͊g̴̯͍̜͊̆̑̚ ̸͙̻̞͈̣̗̟̀̔d̨̺͕̬̓ͧ͌a͕͍͖͍̯͚ͭ͜r̸̟̯̉͗̔̍ͅͅȩ͕̙̬ͩ̀ ̸̙̖̠̰̻̋̋͆y̯̜͇̾͐̑͑͠ő̘̘͖͙̝͖ͮ̎͢ͅu̻̺̼̮̇͂ͤ͐͡.̢̲̙̑̓ͤ
Your form became smaller and smaller the more you walked until you were out of sight. He couldn’t stop looking at the baggy ensemble you wore to cover every possible inch of skin you had. Were you ashamed of the marks he gave you?
T̥̬̱̱̺̪̦̄ͥ̏͟ḩ̠̫̥̙͍̞ͮ̊ȅ͚̥̞̝̘̪́ͅͅș̛̺̽ͨͬeͮ̈́͏̹̟͉̻ ̯͎̖̻̺̱̮͈̈́̍̆͝b̈̋rͫ͐̐͏̲͍u̪̲̙͎͆̐͢ͅį̱͚̼̓ͅs̯̦̐̅́e͙̖̻̤̫̲̗̠ͯ͟s̸̗̱̒̀̚ ̟̝̣̀̓͡ẇère lȉke͓̽͡ͅ ̧ͧ̾̉��͉͙̗̦̖̋gifts̻̻ͥ͟.
Gifts that he generously gave you. Every goddamn girl in school would be swooning to the moon and back just to know they spent a night with him, let alone one single blowjob. Why weren’t you?
W̺͖̮̝̜̠̌̌ͦͭ͝ḩ͕͉̬̗̱̅ͪ̅y̗̗̤̩̻̣ͬ͡ ̵̩̘̱̈́́ͅw̛̹̞̯͔̩̬̽̆̂ẽ̖̰̦̥̭̰͉͔͒͟r̤̟͍̜ͤ͝ȇ͎̥̞͕̳̇̑̚͞ͅn̷̶̯͚̙͕̜̱̣͔͉̼̟̊ͥ̉̉͆'̠̙͕̼̍̂͆̉͟t̸̘̼̀ͅ ͙̘͕̥͙͕̹̯ͨ͆̑ͦ̀y̐̉o̷̼͇͖̘̤͈͂ͭ̓ų̬̼͓ͣ?͌̈!̭̖͉͙̮̰ͨ͌͢
“Are you going to train or not?” Geto asked Sukuna calmly. He saw that manic look in his eyes again, but he couldn’t bother to ask. It was a first time in a long time he saw the man worked up and for whatever reason, he was not interested to know. God bless the poor soul that got him into this mood. The glare Sukuna gave him was enough to make him back off. He raised both his arms in an attempt to let him know he will no longer bother him and walked away.
He spent his training rampaging into his own teammates, and almost injuring another. And even after practice it was not enough, he had to beat up some of the sandbags in the gym, even having one bag spill out its own sand. At the very brink of exhaustion, flashbacks of that night haunted him. He didn’t feel guilt doing what he did but it gave him the complete realization that he wanted you and didn’t want anyone else near you at all, even if it was his own brother.
He gripped his hair tight in one hand, it was as if he could still feel, smell, and taste you. It was not enough. He wanted to hear you say his name again like it was a prayer. He wanted you to wait for him, and only him. He wanted to be the only person to ever see whatever was underneath your clothes. He grabbed his phone and remembered the photos and videos he took of you that night.
The sinister smile went back to his face.
Of course, you didn’t need to know that he will never really go on with his threat… but a little nudge in the right direction won’t hurt.
It’s been months now.
Months since you actually had an interaction with Sukuna. Still, you heard nothing come out of other people’s mouths about that party, no one really saw or knew anything that happened in that empty room.
Of course, your anxiety was still ebbing somewhere in the back of your head, some nights were harder compared to others when you remember what he did to you. You could do a single sip of alcohol even if you were just with your friends and the assurance that no one else would join.
Sukuna began acting like you did not exist. He didn’t even bother bullying you at all, and whenever you happen to be in the same room, whether it was a large gym or classroom he could find a way out. You couldn’t care less if it was because he was disgusted with you or he felt bad. What mattered was that he was out of sight.
Yuuji was none the wiser. It felt like you could carry on a bit more into normalcy little by little. Prom was closing in, also another signal that graduation was just around the corner.
You and Yuuji both volunteered to man the control room since you were too lazy to dress up. All you had to do was make sure the lights and some video equipment light up at the right time.
“Are you sure you want to spend the night with me here in the control room? I mean, Mai asked you out didn’t she?” You felt bad, and the words of Sukuna calling you a charity case rang in your ears over and over again. Was he spending time with you because he just felt bad?
Yuuji’s back was to you and he turned around with a jug and two cups in hand. “And miss out on the peace and quiet here? No way!”
He handed you a cup full of gin ang juice. This was a traditional thing for you guys to do as friends for every school event, to take on the most menial task and just do your own thing. This is what you loved about Yuuji the most, he was so simple. Your heart didn’t race whenever you were with him, it was a calm sort of love, the kind that you would be happy to have even if it meant being friends forever.
“Oh, don’t forget. The last 10 songs are up next before the awarding. I’m just going to the bathroom real quick.”
Yuuji left you alone in the room in rush. Looking down at the cup of alcohol in your hands, you still didn’t have the heart to tell him you didn’t really drink anymore. You opened the jug pouring half of the juice back in and hoping he would forget about your cup and outside the control room to pour the rest of the drink in one of the poor potted plants. When you came back to the room you saw that there was someone else. It looked like Yuuji but he was now wearing a suit… but he was just wearing his simple hoodie just now?
When the man before you turned around, it was as if all of the calm and peace you felt these past few months crashed in on you. The urge to vomit, scream, and cry crashing into the very forefront of your brain urging you to do all three in front of him. It was a sick reckoning to pay.
“What are you doing?”
He hasn’t looked at you yet, closely paying attention to the phone on his hand as if he was watching something in full brightness. On his other hand you could see he was holding the HDMI adaptor. The blood rushing to your brain was so strong that you could no longer feel your hands and face.
He still didn’t answer you, favouring the video that he was watching over your presence. You couldn’t move on the spot. There was something about him that changed in the months that you avoided one another. He grew bigger, you saw the muscle that he developed over time, his features even became sharper than before and you could definitely tell he was taller than Yuuji.
The soft glow of his phone illuminated his chest which he proudly displayed off of the opened buttons of his well fitting suit. The moment the video ended he began swiping on his phone and finally spoke.
“I see you haven’t changed much these past few months.” His tone was very monotonous, leaving behind any sign of teasing and anger.
“Yuuji’s about to come back, you should leave.”
“I don’t think so.” He showed you a photo of Yuuji just now dancing with Mai. “She was really persistent to have her dance with my brother you know, and I think they look like a good match don’t you think?” the pain didn’t even reach you. You were too worried about the man in front of you that posed an actual threat.
“Get out.”
He smirks, his eyes now exhibiting a playful look.
“Don’t be so cold, little love.” The nickname set you off.
The loud booming song outside made it impossible for anyone to hear you again. Just like the last time he had you alone.
This time the physical effect of your anxiety made itself apparent. You wanted to hurl what little food you had today, it was like déjà vu.
In the middle of your breakdown Sukuna approached you and you didn’t even move out of mortifying fear. Your expression was something new to him… and he didn’t like it. It didn’t give him the same satisfaction as when you were under him, mewling his name.
Towering over you, you were like a mouse caught in a trap. Even if the door was just right behind you it was too late now to leave. He was eerily calm and it made you choke on the very air you breathed. His scent invading your senses at this point. “I was too caught up in this movie in my phone, I’m sorry you didn’t like that.”
It was you under him splayed out, his tongue in your slit stuffing it with his fingers. And the next video was him fondling your breasts while he thrusted into you while you screamed his name.
You were frozen.
He lowered himself to your ear, relishing the vanilla scent that he missed so much these past few months. His patience paid off since you were now successfully caught in his trap. “I promise this time-“ he caressed the side of your face “I’ll pay more attention to you.” The warm timber in his voice brought tears to your eyes with the sheer contrast in his actions.
“In fact, since I enjoyed this so much, I bet other people will too. Don’t you think?” The adaptor in his right hand was right in front of your face now.
For the first time your eyes met his, he was so composed and you were falling apart. “You-“ you couldn’t finish your sentence. He smiled at you tenderly, the first time he ever did so that you were aware of. There was no need to finish the sentence. You both knew what was about to happen.
“Yuuji wouldn’t be here for a while, there are 7 songs left to play. Like I said, Mai was very insistent to have her dance with him. Best believe she will get all 10.” His hand hasn’t left your face, still feeling the soft skin of your cheek.
His eyes wandered a bit more as you commenced an internal warfare, how you were about to crumble in front of him. He dropped his other hand letting go of the adaptor and his phone into his suit pocket. He relished the warmth radiating from the rest of your body even though he absolutely knew the rest of your extremities were ice cold.
He missed the very flesh underneath the clothes you wore, he absentmindedly kneaded your waist. Inhaling your scent and savouring every moment here while he can. In a twisted way, he thought this was romantic. Trapping the person of his desires during prom, almost like in the movies.
You were in a stupor, unmoving and nonreactive. You didn’t even notice how he lifted both of your hands to wrap around his neck. This made your back arch a little just because of the sheer height difference. He tilts your head to face him, your eyes now brimming with tears. The quiver of your lip made him smile and he didn’t really let go of your chin. He knew what you wanted to ask and decided that he will be nice to you tonight. After all, prom should be all about the girls right? “Just dance with me here tonight.” He began swaying you slowly in the dark and small space. His touch against you was still not too threatening deciding to keep his hands in place on your waist. This was too intimate and you hated it. He was humming to the tune and he brought his hand to your head so you could rest it on his chest. The direct skin contact made you shudder. Never in your life did you expect that Sukuna was capable of being this gentle and it was giving you some serious mental whiplash.
The hands on his neck were freezing, his eyes wandered to your mouth that looked pale. All colour on your face was drained, before you could even say anything Sukuna kissed you softly which made you stop swaying altogether. He moved his lips inviting you to do the same but you couldn’t. Realizing this, he lifted his head to look at you.
“I had you first, so it’s only fair that I have the rest of your firsts.” He said.
“What crap are you spewing on about?” nothing was going through your head. Nothing happening to you physically was registering into your brain, what position you’re in and where his hands are. You didn’t even notice how his arms began wrapping around you tightly this time pushing you further into him with both of your hands on his chest.
He wanted to enjoy your warmth all night, he made a good decision keeping his buttons open.
“Either you obey me, or everyone is about to enjoy this little film in my phone. Starring you and me.”
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bitchboypussy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Would you mind?
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furiousgoldfish · 5 months ago
Sometimes your abusers will be extra nice to you after an event of horrendous abuse and it will feel transactional, like if you accept this niceness now, then you’ve accepted to forgive them for the abuse, then it’s all behind in the past and you’re perfectly happy to be on good terms with them again, and it will feel wrong and prickly like poison being injected into your body because no, you’re not okay, and no, you’re not forgiving them, you are not on good terms anymore, you do not want to act nice back, you do not want to accept niceness, you want to shut them out and be free from them forever. 
But you don’t dare to act out only because it might bring the horrendous abuse back. You have no choice but to let them believe all is well and forgiven and you’re a nice little family again and nobody is holding grudges. It feels like signing a contract against your will, confirming that the anger and the pain and the hatred will forever be festering inside of you, until they eat you alive, but you will never bring it up or act on it. It’s like being blackmailed to keep all of the consequences of abuse to yourself, and never let abusers experience any, because they’re currently being nice, and you can’t risk them being anything else.
And you know what, that contract is invalid. You were at a direct threat while you were displaying this behaviour. It doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to explode later. It doesn’t mean you have to keep consistent with what they expect of you. It doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to hold them accountable anymore. You were not leading them on to believe you’re fine with abuse, you were blackmailed and forced into taking over the consequences they deserved to bear. They still deserve it. Temporary niceness makes up for zero of the abuse. Nothing they do or preform or fake can make up for the abuse. Nothing can absolve them. None of your behaviour means they’re forgiven. You’re allowed to hold them accountable, to be mad, to show rage and coldness and consequences for however long you deem it prudent. Even if that is forever.
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i've never really had a cheating kink but thinking about a sadistic closeted lesbian who's been married to her husband for years, already has kids older than me who have moved out and have careers, meeting me, finding about my kinks or my blog and holding it over me as blackmail material so she can finally let her urges go. having me over when her husband's at work to play with me and torture me, forcing me to pleasure her and treating me like nothing more than her little toy and filming me for more blackmail material
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delfinalp · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dark-depravity · 4 months ago
What if instead of love letters, you mailed me rape threats and blackmailed me? <3
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“How are you enjoying the party?” the antagonist asked.
The protagonist looked up at them, as did the party guest they’d been talking to. The question was innocent enough, but the antagonist’s words were darkened by the menacing way they stared at the protagonist’s hand on the guest’s arm.
It was the antagonist’s Autumn Festival Soirée, and the protagonist had been miserable since it began. So, if they got a little tipsy, who could blame them? And if they flirted a bit with this nice guest who was easy on the eyes, what was the harm?
“I’m having a great time,” the guest said, not picking up on the poisonous atmosphere. “Are you the host?”
“I am,” the antagonist said. Their gaze was a boiling fury. “And I’m also [Protagonist]’s partner.”
The guest took in a breath, instinctively leaning away from the protagonist. The protagonist’s heart sank with disappointment.
Then, they felt a hard grip on their shoulder.
“I need to speak with you in private, dear,” the antagonist said. And before the protagonist knew it, they were whisked away into the antagonist’s study.
The antagonist closed the door with a slam, and pushed the protagonist against a wall. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“Having fun,” the protagonist said. “I recommend trying it sometime.”
“So cheating is fun for you?”
“Usually, no.” The protagonist knocked the antagonist’s hands away and pushed past them. “But when I’m being blackmailed into a relationship, I figure anything’s on the table.”
The protagonist started walking towards the antagonist’s drink cart, but the antagonist caught their shoulder. They sure liked to grab them there, didn’t they?
“You crossed a line,” the antagonist said.
The protagonist glanced back. “I thought crossing lines was your favorite pastime.”
The antagonist scowled.
“Look, I’m doing everything you wanted,” the protagonist said. They nudged out of the antagonist’s grip as they turned to face them fully. “Appeasing your parents, making you look good in front of your high society peers. The least you could do is let me blow off some steam.”
“And you think this makes me look good?” The antagonist crossed their arms. “Having a whore for a partner?”
The protagonist’s brows tilted upwards. “I object to the word ‘whore’.”
“You are insufferable.” The antagonist stalked forward. “I should leak the information I have on you.”
Alarm skittered up the protagonist’s skin, but they kept their smirk steady and calm.
“You could, but you won’t,” they said. “Because if you do, I’ll dump you. Publicly. And embarrassingly. And everyone will see how pathetic you really are.”
The antagonist looked ready to bite them, but the protagonist approached anyways. They cupped the antagonist’s face in their hand, and the antagonist took in a startled breath.
“This is mutually assured destruction,” the protagonist said. “And you’ve trapped us both, honey.”
The antagonist glared at them, but didn’t remove the protagonist’s hand.
“Be that as it may,” they said, “I can’t have you ruining my reputation. Do what you want in private, but in public you are going to be a faithful and loving partner.”
Something low and spiteful rumbled in the protagonist’s stomach. They dropped the antagonist’s face like a rock.
“Fine,” they said, and started moving towards the door. “I’ll only fuck them in private then.”
The protagonist waltzed forward, sporting a mean grin. “You’ve probably ruined my chances with that charming guest, but maybe not. I should try my luck. It’s been forever since I’ve gotten laid.”
The protagonist started to open the door. They were startled when the antagonist took the handle and forced it closed again.
“Do that, and tomorrow morning your secrets will be plastered on the front cover of every tabloid in this city.”
Then, the antagonist opened the door. Music and chatter washed over them. “I don’t care how you break up with me afterwards. You’re not sleeping with anyone else.”
And with that, the antagonist rejoined the party, leaving the protagonist in the study to quietly seethe.
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whumpster-dumpster · 2 months ago
“I’m not interested in anything you have to offer me.”
“Well, maybe you’ll care more about what -- or who -- I can take away.”
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Tumblr media
Alfred Hitchcock's cameo in Blackmail, 1929
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Tumblr media
Chastity Dupe.
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