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#BlackLove x @jayemechelle • • • • 11.12.22. The day my best friend asked me to be his WIFE! I love you with all of my heart & I can’t wait for forever with you! The was the greatest birthday gift I could have ever received.❤️💍 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ⠀ Thank you for sharing your love with us! ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀ Want a CHANCE to be featured??⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀ Tag 🏷 us in your post or use #luvblacklove so we can search you!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀ Please no DMs or Email submissions. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• . . . . . . . . #blacklovematters #blackexcellence #unapologeticallyblack #blackunity #melanincouples #blackloveisbeautiful #blackloveisblackpower #melanin #blackisbeautiful #blackcouples #reallove #baewatch #blackcouple #blackloveisrevolutionary #couplesofinstagram #love #melaninrich #thisisblacklove #shareblackstories #engaged #proposal #blackmarriage https://www.instagram.com/p/ClpU1SyvdKm/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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Relax I’m waiting for you 💋
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JABARI & MEADOW Entergalactic (2022), dir. Fletcher Moules
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my void success story💞🦋
(1st void story)
it’s 7:30 pm right now and i got into the void last night and i’ve been processing everything ALL DAYY… chilleeee it’s overwhelmingly exciting!
so in this post i’ll tell y’all HOW i got into the void and WHAT i manifested. but yall the way i woke up is my favoritee thing ever🥰
***long post ahead***
nowww how did i get into the void
i got in at night but anytime works as y’all know
1. i did a meditation [for the 1st time] a little bit before going to bed just because .. that shits super relaxing 10/10 recommend
2. anyway i set an alarm for 5 hours cause i read it somewhere that when you do, you get sleep paralysis so mmhm that’s what i did
3. i went to sleep with the intention of the void being easy to get into and yeah. it was a cool lil 5 hours.
4. thennnn my loud ass alexa alarm went off i told her to shut up and i just lied there.. they key is when the alarm goes off you don’t open your eyes and don’t move too much. this will get your body into SP. then your mind is awake and your body is dead asleep.
*in case it wasn’t obvious already make sure you’re not falling asleep again after waking up*
6. igh so boom… here we are now in SP . at this point i just repeated a few void affirmations. and i started getting THEE floating feeling, i was elevating the WHOLE time til i stopped.. then i got this falling feeling. i literally fell all the way from where i was and then i slowed down. right after i felt this shift .. AND BOOM BITCH I WAS IN THE VOIDD!!!! it was pitch black and the rest of the other stuff you experience when you’re in the void . moving on .
all i said was “gimme the life i’ve been deserving of” and i was out that ho. 🏎
tbh i wasn’t even scared cause i was ready for any of the symptoms .
so now what you probably wanna know. what did i manifesttt ???
so overall, i basically got my dream life so here’s kinda what that looks like
🦋my physical appearance: i got my desired face and body, as well as going from itty bitty 5’2 to big mf heavy stepper 5’8 mmmhmm. i reduced my titties and shii 😂 i had really ugly finger nails but they look really well kept now: and my toenails. they look like girl toes now. my skinnnn.. i can’t stop touching it.. it’s so soft 😌
🦋a lil boo thang or whatever: ooouu i’m not gon say teww much butttt.. yall i’m allll about black love so y’all already knoww… darkskin, muscular, gives THE best hugs ANDDD he’s from brooklyn, ny. and he got the accent and his voice is deep and a lil 🤏🏽 raspy ughhh ifykyk
🦋 tesla model y and my driver’s license: so i’m 17 and i didn’t get my license at 16 like most do. i actually didn’t even go to drivers ed fr. but that all changed of courseee. and to go with it i got a tesla. i got a black exterior , white interior , model y . i got in the car and knew exactly what to do lmao i was mind blown and overwhelmed with excitement.
🦋 my parents allowing me and my sisters to smoke: ok, i would like to start with the fact that my parents are african ok? and ifykyk! so me and my older sister like to smoke a lil weed and obviously my parent weren’t cool w that but they are now and it’s so weirddd.. like me and her go to the backyard and smoke and they just ignore it.. my dad yell at the fact that we smoke in MY SISTERS car tho and i’m like bro it NOT YOUR CARRR. he need to relax, he need some weed fr.
🦋desired friend group: i live in a predominantly white area and please don’t get me wrong but i just feel like i connect with my sistas better. but again where i live limits that so y’all already know wtf i did. i manifested 3 close friends and they really make my life so much better 💞
🦋moneyyy ofc: nothing much to say but i definitely won’t be worrying about money
🦋a fun life: i go out w friends , my bf takes me on fancy dates , i have a car now, so i take my little sister shopping and i love spoiling her . school is so easy so i don’t worry about it, my days are productive but fun, i have a great social life. and i’m traveling next weeekk.
🦋school goes by fast: even though i have late arrival bc ima senior i be tryna gtfo
🦋i got a cat: vivi is my munchkin kitten she’s so so tiny and i love her but i swear she love my man more than she love me bro.. ion know i might have to get on her ass.
🦋instant manifestation forever and perfect self concept: i would say my sc before the void was decent but now it’s perfect and that was the goal. and my manifestations are instant. seconds…
that about wraps this post right tf up. uhh like i said i’ve been adjusting to my new life , experiencing new things , just enjoying my life with no job , all the money i need and my only priority being school .
if y’all want the story about how i woke up from the void lemme know and i might make a post on it .
have a great morning , afternoon , evening , or night
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Qimmah Russo
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16 missed calls
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garden kisses.
pairing:college!shuri xblack! reader. warning: fluuuuuff content: in which they finally see each other after time apart. song: garden kisses by giveon & say less by anthony ramos note: the concept of college/hbcu!shuri is NOT my own. the creator is @vargskelegore and should be acknowledged as such! full credit to the creator <3
Paranoia sunk into her being. The once faint sounds of sirens alerting the city of the authorities grew louder and louder with each growing second. The rate of her heartbeat increased, each moment passing only stirring up a wary feeling in the depths of his core. 
The steering wheel seemed thicker, and her hands were clammy, sliding off the top of the thick rubber. The sirens got louder. Her eyes flickered toward the electronic speedometer on the dash. 65. She eyed the sign to her left, just a few meters away from a top sign on the corner. Speed Limit 40. She'd never been so desperate to see her. 
Blue lights peaked over the hill she'd glided over. Her eyelids fluttered momentarily and his lips moved slowly, sending a silent prayer to the goddess she didn't believe in.
Her foot lifted from the gas, the acceleration decreasing with ease. The blue lights flew straight past her and swerved behind the car in front of her. Good. She'd had too many run-ins with the authorities in America. She pressed down on the gas again and with a light jerk, her car sped down the street.
It only took a total of fifteen minutes to get from point A to point B, the dorm where she laid her head at night. He only hoped she’d let her stay the whole night and not just for a portion of it.
The engine cut off as she parked next to her vehicle—a black Toyota Camry that had been passed down from her older brother.
Her nimble fingers danced across her phone screen to alert her of her presence. Come up. Roommate is gone, was her response. She raced out of the car and dashed toward the elevator quicker than an Olympian track star. 
Her footsteps were heavy as she walked down the narrow hallway full of different living areas. Hers was at the end of the hall, away from the commotion and possible distraction of the other residents and their guests. Away from the possibility of having her pulled away at any given moment. 
She wondered what she looked like. Was she dressed in her business suit or had she traded it for an oversize tee shirt and sweatpants? Were her thick, natural locks on display, full and flowing? The door peeled open slowly, and the strong scent of tropical body butter surrounded her.
“Hi,” she, Kenzi, greeted with a small smile. Her simple greeting went over his head. Such a beautiful woman, she was. She hated basking in the beauty of her for too long because she was well aware that the beauty that rested within her soul was far greater, but for the sake of everything holy. Her gaze was leering as she stood in front of her. Kenzi looked relaxed and peaceful. Remnants of a long day’s makeup still sat on her face but her work clothes had been replaced by a viridian green night slip and a robe. Her hair, long braids, was still intact and styled in a messy bun at her neck. 
“Come in.” She sidestepped to make room for her entry. Shuri slowly peeled her shoes off her feet and looked around her apartment-style dorm. Still looked the same, she noticed, save for the new black and white paintings scattered throughout. 
“You got here quickly,” Kenzi spoke in a hushed tone. “Speed your way here or somethin’?” Shuri's eyes followed her wandering body. The slip complimented her skin wonderfully. It was thin, too. Every curve and roll was emphasized through the material. The neckline was deep and showcased the swell of her chest, and the thin straps showcased her strong shoulders that she couldn’t wait to trail an array of kisses down. 
“Something like that,” she replied. She threw a smile over her shoulder before returning to fish for two glasses in her neatly organized cabinet. “So, you rush to the cabinet but don’t greet me?”
“I said hello."
“Barely.” Shuri scoffed with her hands across her chest. The sleeves of her purple tracksuit jacket ruffled.
Kenzi's eyebrow rose. “You wanted me to climb on you like a monkey or something as a form of greeting?”
Shuri pushed off the island and stepped towards her. “Wouldn’t be so bad.” She bracketed her body by placing her hands on either side of her, keeping her exactly where she wanted her. She lowered her head to her neck, the tip of her nose brushing against her soft skin. Shuri peppered a few kisses beneath Kenzi's ear cupping her neck with her hand, ghosting her lips over Kenzi's. It was a teasing game that she loved to play, and oftentimes, Kenzi played along, but there was no time for games this time. 
Kenzi reached for her lips, capturing them with her own dominantly. If walls could talk, they’d giggle at how they looked like lovestruck teenagers reuniting after a few days apart. A frantic kiss was exchanged with heavy breathing, teeth clattering, and hands wandering. Shuri's back hit the front door and a moan escaped her lips. Her gentle hands cradled Kenzi’s face before traveling down her shoulders where her robe rested. She pushed the fluffy material down and her palms followed the trail past her waist and down her hips, which she gripped tightly. 
A sweet sound from her lips spurred her further. Kenzi’s wandering hands tugged at the string that secured Shuri's sweatpants around her slim waist while Shuri's hands danced along the curve of her bottom before scooping her in her arms. 
“Missed you, Princess…” Kenzi breathed against her lips once Shuri laid her against the plush couch cushion. 
Shuri's light eyes met her deeper ones, fiery desire exchanged between four orbs. “Missed you, too…”
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Faça massagem na sua preta 🔥
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