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馃崁Your view if you would wake up next to me
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Thursday, September 29th:聽Hi everyone, I鈥檓 Gemma, a bi, mentally ill, and disabled woman, who is in desperate need of help, as I recently received a letter stating that my rent is in arrears, and needs to be paid by Friday 30th!!
Since my last post, things have gone from bad, to worse, as I recently received a letter from my council, telling me that I am 拢168.46 in debt with my rent. And as many of you are already aware from my previous posts, I have been struggling financially for the past few years due to covid-19, and my welfare benefit (Universal Credit) being under review, which is due to my worsening mental/physical health and the UK鈥檚 controversial changes to how benefits are assessed and assigned. And at the moment, I'm currently struggling to get by, as my application for Disability (PIP) was declined, despite recently being diagnosed with PCOS, MDD & CFS.
And due to awaiting DWP assessments, my debt from overdue bills, accounts and creditors, is piling up to over +拢1k, and this has made it incredibly difficult for me to get by on a day-to-day basis, and I've been getting away with just paying the bare minimum to keep things on (gas/electricity/internet) but I'm now in serious trouble and need urgent help to survive!!
I know this is a difficult time for everyone, and I'm completely heartbroken to be asking for help again, but I still desperately need some as I'm not due to receive my welfare until the 30th, which will be taken by my overdue debt leaving me with nothing to pay my rent. To make matters worse, my utilities are also on emergency credit, (my electricity meter is 拢90 p/m) so my goal at the moment is 拢250, but anything helps right now!!
If anyone could spare any amount to help me, even if it鈥檚 just 拢1/$1/鈧1, it would literally save my life, and sharing defiantly helps just as much. Thank you so much for all your help!! 鉂
@thebibliosphere @shencomix @mayakern @pmseymourva @deadgodjess @justsomeantifas @decisiontoleave @venus-macabre @soloveitchik @my-gender-is @ayeforscotland @kibumkim @closet-keys @deadcatwithaflamethrower @vague-humanoid @striders @kipplekipple @aislinnsiofra @marsincharge @susiephone @bihet-dragonize @thefingerfuckingfemalefury 鉂わ笍
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"There is a large gap between bisexual visibility and bisexual community. Since I don鈥檛 think scientists are on the brink of discovering the key to human teleportation, we鈥檙e going to have to create and attend bi spaces ourselves in order to feel less alone. We, the bi people of the world, are going to have to build bi communities."
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So Buck is going to figure out that he's bi and Eddie and Chris are his happiness or not?
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From the Spring 1997 issue of bisexual magazine "Anything That Moves" (plain text under the cut)
Not A Traitor, Not Weird, Just Happy
Greetings! Just when I was afraid that there was no intelligent life out there, I find Anything That Moves. What luck!
I adored "Bi Femme" by Leah Lilith Albrecht-Samarasinha; I think she and I are sisters under the skin! I am currently embroiled in a passionate relationship with a glorious drag queen, and I was really starting to feel as if I were the only bi-babe who got all sweaty over a guy in a frock.
I, too, have been called a traitor by my gay friends, and just plain weird by my straight friends, but how can you label "happy"? I steal his clothes, he steals mine... and we wear the same size skirt. What more is there?
Thanks again. I shall return regularly.
Ging (from the 'net)
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melodymogai a day ago
I can鈥檛 believe people seriously think pan is biphobic鈥 and they never have any actual evidence backing up these claims鈥 plenty of bi people still exist- there鈥檚 no 鈥渂isexual erasure鈥. And why are panphobes using pan tags??
And ya ever notice how a great deal of panphobic people aren鈥檛 even bi-
~ Sincerely, a pansexual person with many bisexual and pansexual friends
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tehtariks 6 months ago
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the gang setting known vampire stan priya up with the goth girl... they really said gay rights :') | TURNING RED (2022)
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鈥渢his character is not canonically bisexual鈥 to YOU. i know them personally
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My bisexual-ass: I go both ways
Narrator: she in fact went nowhere. She didn't like to leave the house
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Writer and RiteGud co-host Raquel S Benedict criticizing sanitized portrayals of queerness in media.
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bundibird a year ago
I dont really care if you use the term bisexual or pansexual, but what i DO care about is that you understand that bisexuality at NO stage in history was EVER trans-exclusionary. Bisexuality has always included trans folks, and non-binary folks, and the entire spectrum of gender between male and female, as well as Definitively Gender and agender. It has ALWAYS meant "attraction to more than one gender." It has NEVER meant "attraction to cis men and women only."
So, pan, bi, use whichever label you will. But do NOT buy into the recent-years innacurate concept that bisexuality is attraction to cis men and women only, because thats literally never been the case.
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馃崚Cherries In Work
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鈥淏isexual women and their boring boyfriends鈥 I know this is hard for y鈥檃ll to hear, but I actually don鈥檛 give a fuck if you think my boyfriend is boring; 鈥渢hey want us to roll out the red carpet for their ugly boyfriends鈥 I actually don鈥檛 give a fuck what you think about my relationships and who I date; I don鈥檛 know how to explain to y鈥檃ll that NOTHING WE DO IS FOR YOU!!! Our relationships aren鈥檛 not for you, we dont do ANYTHING for you! We鈥檙e not gnc for you (for those of you saying it鈥檒l make you like us more), our relationships aren鈥檛 for you (you can have your hurt feelings about our ugly/boring boyfriends or us being poly, I do not fucking care), and we are certainly not bi for you or your attention. Nothing bi people do is for or about you, and you can cry to your Twitter followers about whatever it is we鈥檙e doing that you don鈥檛 like, because I do not care.
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Get you one who can do both 馃槏
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#nick's bisexual journey
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bi is short for bites you bites you bites you
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