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nct fic rec
 hi! so i’ve spent a loooooot of my time reading fics lately, so i thought it would be nice to recommend some of the fics i’ve liked! these are mostly jaehyun, mark, and jeno but i’ll keep adding as i read :) please dm me recs too!
last updated: june 11 2021
current count: 56
f for fluff, s for smut, a for angst, ♡ for fave
JOHNNY make a wish 現実に変えていく : s + a + f (6.7k, fake dating au) ✵ you’re jungwoo’s sister, and he’s made it clear he wants you and johnny to have nothing to do with each other. so you and johnny start fake dating to piss him off. (s)he said to me (forget what you saw) : f + a (11 chapter fic, she’s the man au) ✵ you have come to this prestigious school for one thing: to give yourself a better chance at your education. except… it’s kind of difficult when you’re there as a boy and your roommate busts you on your first day.
TAEYONG suckers : s + a (10k, ex to lovers, w: toxic behavior) ✵ what’s worst than having an ex? having an ex who wrote a high ranking diss track about you and publicly humiliate you… yeah that’s pretty bad.  no, maybe, yes : f (3.5k, grim reaper taeyong)
YUTA click : f (5.3k, quite funny would recommend) ✵ nakamoto yuta did not have experience in being heartbroken, this being his first time with such a problem. listening to the internet’s guide on how to get over a breakup, he goes to a karaoke bar to sing. insufferable : f (4.5k, e2l, videogame designer yuta) ✵ you find nakamoto yuta insufferable, to say the least. every aspect of him, from his lazily put together outfit that was meant to look somewhat attractive to that intolerable smile of his, you find insufferable...
DOYOUNG atlas : a + f + ♡  (15.4k, fwb, college, very suggestive content) ✵ kim doyoung has a lot of titles. student body president, music club president, favourite student of every professor who’s blessed enough to have him. in other words, he’s not your type and never will be. at least he’s a good kisser. a marriage of inconvenience : f + a + ♡ (22.5k, victorian au, arranged marriage, s2l) ✵ you had thought love was easy: find a man you like and who likes you, marry him, then spend the rest of your lives together. except it never really is that easy, not when things go wrong.
JAEHYUN sun&moon : f + a + ♡ (14.6k, e2l, fake dating au) ✵ asking jeong jaehyun to accompany you to your family’s 1-week christmas vacation as your boyfriend has its consequences. one can surely get through 1 week of pretending to be in love with an enemy, right?  be mine :  f + ♡ (3.7k, single dad jaehyun, this one is so sweet pls read) just friends : f + a +♡ (22k, college, slow burn, 2 parts) ✵ what happens when you wake up in someone’s bed after getting drunk at a party? soaked : f (1.8k) ✵ a shiver of electricity coursed through your body as you realised that your crush was standing next to you, dripping wet and completely naked.  luxury : f + ♡♡♡ (36k, f2l, rich kid jaehyun, slow burn) ✵ jaehyun truly had it all: the looks, the smile, the money. but he never had the luxury of expressing how he feels about you.  runway : f + s + ♡ (18.7k, e2l, model jaehyun, fashion designer reader) ✵ there are some things that come with dedicating your life to fashion: a taste for finer fabrics, a splash of love for art, and an appreciation of the human body. none of these are supposed to include the hottest model you have ever laid eyes on, or the fact that you completely, utterly hate his guts.  in your court : f + ♡ (10.8k, b-ball player jaehyun, i laughed a lot w this one) ordinary people : f + a + ♡♡♡ (18.3k, fake dating au, ceo jaehyun, slow burn) ✵ jaehyun’s parents are coming home for christmas and he may have made the biggest mistake of telling them he has a ‘girlfriend’. insert you, his best friend. all i see is red : a + f (6.6k, soulmate au, 2 parts) ✵ the ability to see the string of fate is a beautiful gift until you see that the woman jaehyun is in love with isn’t tied to his string of fate. push and pull : a + f + s (10.1k, idol jaehyun) ✵ you never expected to meet jaehyun when you study in korea, let alone fall in love with him. so when you’re faced with the dilemma of the reality of your life - and even more so his, the battle seems difficult to overcome. when icarus falls : a + f + ♡♡♡ (32.1k, this one is so good i s2g, 3 parts) ✵ some tragic story of you sharing one class with your long time college crush jaehyun who never notices you until he accidentally reads your work and he gets curious— oh, and he uses lame excuses to get to talk to you. don’t be afraid (love is the way) : f + s (6.5k, vampire jaehyun) ✵ you haven’t seen jung jaehyun since he moved away in high school, and now you see your childhood best friend and neighbor at a halloween party and he’s quite different. what’s wrong kid? : f (2.7k, single dad jaehyun, architect jaehyun) ✵ you notice a child crying at a school playground. you decide to see what’s up and meet an extremely stressed/extremely handsome father. a picture is worth a thousand words : f (2.7k, another single dad jaehyun) ✵ it’s a normal day in the studio until a dimpled man and his two kids walk into your life.  just let me adore you : f (2.3k, f2l) ✵ in which the sparks between you and jaehyun burn brighter than the fire in front of you.   snack run with a snack : f (3.5k, idol jaehyun, camera operator reader) ✵ on your usual movie night with the members, they assign you sudden snack collecting duty. you’re a little peeved, but at least jaehyun offers to tag along. unfortunately for you, things really aren’t going in your favour tonight.
JUNGWOO you’ve got mail : f (4.5k, pen-pal au, college) ✵ it all began because of an angry mis-sent email from a sn00py0218 whom was not so pleased to hear about his roommates plans to release a group of pigeons into his school cafeteria.
LUCAS keep it to myself : s + a + ♡ (18.7k, ceo lucas, slow burn) lifesaver : f (2.3k, high school au) ✵ periods are already bad, but it’s worse when you’re wearing white shorts and stuck on the bus with the cutest guy at school.  some people have angels : f + a + ♡ (10k, f2l, college) ✵ the hardest part about being impossibly close to someone is that you don’t have the perspective to see what’s wrong. by the time you have enough distance for clarity, it’s too late.
MARK day dream : f + ♡ (8.2k, 90′s au, brothers best friend) it’s just a song : f (4.9k, f2l, producer mark) ✵ mark lee never writes love songs. he says that duh, you’d have to be in love to do that. so, when you find his notebook open with loving words and doodles scratched onto it, screaming the words “LOVE SONG” in the air, you panic. only time will tell : f (4.3k, soulmate au) ✵ the stamp on your wrist told you exactly when you’d meet the love of your life down to the second, but you were determined to decide who that was on your own. can’t avoid this feeling : f + s (5k, s2l, hockey player mark) amortentia and quidditch : f (6.3k, potterverse, christmas au) ✵ this season you’re grappling with the decision of whether to go home to your family for the holidays or stay at hogwarts with your friends while also trying to manage to hide your obvious crush on mark lee. in these walls : a (11.4k, infidelity, pure angst, w: toxic behavior) ✵ the breakdown of your relationship with mark due to his infidelity as seen through the eyes of the other 127 members. we’re just friends : a (11.5k, bad boy mark, w: toxic behavior) ✵ he must not have noticed the damage he caused when he dismissed your relationship for little more than friends; it wasn’t reversible, and he was left clutching at strings. realise : f (12.5k, f2l, college) ✵ the thing with mark was that he avoided everything that needed to be confronted. sunflower : f (11.5k, s2l, college) ✵ mark is sweet. and gentle. and comfortable to be around with when he isn’t causing you to almost hyperventilate. watermelon sugar : f + ♡ (11.4k, e2l, roadtrip, slow burn) golden hour : a (7.5k, prince mark) ✵ in which you’ve fallen in love with the one person who can’t afford to be selfish, but neither of you seem to care. wish i was : a + s (4.7k, unrequited love, college)
HENDERY weaving promises : a + f (12k, spiderman hendery) ✵ you and hendery have been best friends for 10 years. there was nothing in this world you couldn’t tell each other. but when hendery takes on the responsibility of being a crime fighting hero, there’s some risks he’s not willing to take.
JENO clueless : f (6.3k, e2l) paint me golden : f (2.4k, high school au, artist jeno) ✵ maybe they’re both a little blind after all. nothing in return : a + f (12k, boxer jeno) lipstick smears : f (1.3k, idol jeno, mua reader) ✵ jeno never thought trying to get his makeup artist’s attention would be this hard. helping hands  : f (7.4k, f2l, jock jeno) ✵  jeno’s your ‘popular friend’. while you’re hanging out in the library, he’s out on the field. while you’re studying, he’s out at parties. you’ve never felt the two of you are compatible, until jeno becomes determined to prove just how good of a ‘friend’ he can be. pussy blocked : a + f (31.3k, college, fuckboy jeno) ✵ y/n’s unofficial guide on how to be a heartbreaker: 1. have fun. 2. never stay the night. 3. always be the first one to leave. 4. never hook up with the same person twice. 5. don’t fall in love with boys like lee jeno. all tangled up : f (3.3k, f2l, high school au, graduation au) ✵ jeno is not very good at ties, and it just so happens that you were. or in which, it was about damn time he stopped just looking at your lips and did something about it.
HAECHAN binary stars : f (8.4k, f2l) my hoodie : f (2.2k, boyfriend haechan) ✵ knowing that you like to steal his clothes, haechan plants little notes for you to discover in his hoodies and sweats. he doesn’t know what to do with himself when you return the favor. reluctant : f (3.8k, f2l fake dating au, high school au)
JAEMIN i can feel your warmth : f + s (4.6k, f2l, fake dating au) wish granted : f (4.9k, wish granter jaemin)
YANGYANG wasted nights : f (5.5k, zombie apocalypse au) ✵ firstly, you don’t think you should have survived this long. secondly, this might be the zombie apocalypse but your survival doesn’t feel as threatened by zombies as it does by liu yangyang. thirdly, you’ve chosen the worst time to develop a crush. ice, ice, baby : f (18k, s2l, hockey player yangyang, college)
JISUNG my chaser : f (6k, potterverse, slytherin jisung) ✵  it’d never work out, a slytherin and a gryffindor. and yet, with him, you wanted to try.
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keiyokoi · a year ago
Reflection “Essay” #2
Hey everyone! I just wanted to take some time this week and talk about something that I think is extremely important, so buckle up, because this piece is kind of long.
Activism is something we encounter in our everyday lives, whether it be in social media, the news, or something ordinary like laptop stickers.  Most recently, Black Lives Matter was under the spotlight (as it should) in the wake of America’s track record of police brutality and George Floyd’s death.  Unfortunately, the movement that was fueled by public outcry and outstanding shows of allyship in the early summer months has largely vanished.  
The voices of many celebrities and influencers on platforms Instagram and Twitter have gone silent, moving on as the news turned away from BLM protests despite the thousands of people that continued to rally around the country and the world.  As we wrap up election season and move into December, what the US is focused on now is the soon-to-be former POTUS and other political news.  (My point is that the world of media has largely deemed BLM “no longer relevant” despite the ongoing struggle BIPOC folxs continue to face even after thousands of protests nation AND worldwide.)
To all the people who posted black squares with the hashtags #BlackoutTuesday and #BlackLivesMatter, where are you now?  Where is the support, the public outcry that had been so loud in June?  Why do civil rights only matter when they’re relevant in the media, when you can score easy clout from it?  
I’m sure most of them had their hearts in the right place, but the fact remains true that they fell victim to ‘ally theater’, a term that Anderson and Accomando credit Princess Harmony Rodrigez for coining.  The two authors go on to say, “The concern here is about activists who focus on performing an identity for an audience of disadvantaged folk rather than doing the hard and often unseen work of social change.” (P 713) and “To get out of the surface-level ally theater loop, white people need to challenge other whites about racism—even when no one else is watching.” (P 714) in their article The Pitfalls of Ally Performance.  
That’s where many people fail the first step of being an ally; they mistakenly believe that for a month of sparse posts concerning awareness, they gain the privilege of being an ally.  They forget that allyship is a title that needs to be earned.  It’s not enough to play activist for a month and then move on with your life—to be an ally, you must continue to be an activist, even if that’s something as simple as shopping at BIPOC small-owned businesses instead of Amazon.  (Here’s a little help for those of you who don’t know where to start: 42 Black-owned beauty brands to shop at instead of Sephora, and 108 Black-owned businesses you can check out.)  You have to acknowledge the hard work of POC the exact same way you praise white celebrities and influencers for being ‘woke’.  A fantastic example is Harry Styles.  
For the 2019 Met Gala, Styles showed up to the red carpet in heels and a sheer black Gucci blouse.  This made fans go nuts; they praised him for being a camp icon but glossed over equally stunning outfits like Billy Porter’s golden, winged ensemble (who was carried in on a litter!!! by SIX MEN!!!) or Lena Waithe’s suit.  This year fans ran to social media again, this time to gush over the photo spread of him in a dress, thanking Styles for ending toxic masculinity (yes this was a Tweet I read with my own two eyes), congratulating him on defying gender norms, and completely forgetting about others who did it before him.  
Male and AMAB (assigned male at birth) non-binary stars like Billy Porter, Jared Leto, Ezra Miller, and JVN are only a handful who’ve appeared in public in dresses and/or skirts before, making it unfair for people to heap gratuitous praise onto Styles’s photoshoot.  I’m not trying to bash him or anything and I think that cover was gorgeous, but you can’t be an ally while you idolize Harry Styles for wearing a dress but ignore POC/queer folx who did too.
Now, the second topic I wanted to address: a second helping of fake allyship, this time in the corporate realm.  
I love June, but it’s also a mentally exhausting month queer individuals who are sick and tired of fake allyship.  Cisgenderists crawl out of the woodwork to whine about ‘straight pride’ as if they don’t have enough of it, influencers capitalize on Pride’s popularity to promote their brand, and large corporations break out the rainbow merch to make a pretty penny off the same people marginalize the other eleven months of the year.  
June is for people like me to celebrate our identities together, whether it be at a public Pride event or in the privacy of our own homes.  It is not for big businesses to slap rainbows on their merchandise and boast false claims of LGBTQ+ support when corporations like Walmart and Starbucks have done nothing at all to support the message or the mission of Pride.  
Building an Abolitionist and Trans Queer Movement With Everything We’ve Got by Bassichis, Lee, and Spade writes “transgender and gender-non-conforming people are repeatedly abandoned and marginalized in the agendas and priorities of our “lead” organizations” (P743) and I couldn’t agree more.  The fact of the matter is that under this capitalist regime, queer individuals are just another tool for the privledged elite to take advantage of.
Mega corporations claim to be on our side for a month, playing at queer allyship with rainbow beer cans and happy ads that feature more rainbows and scripted proclamations of LGBTQ+ support, but disappear just as quickly come July.  
Certain celebrities tweet during Pride, garnering the applause of the public and cause people across social media to ‘stan’ celebrities that post “Happy Pride!” just for the shallow allyship it grants them.  And it’s so normalized for public figures to post all month long about Pride, and suddenly stop in July that we don’t question it.
Donald Trump occasionally preaches about his support of the queer community (which we all know is a joke) and how he’s “the first president to openly support the LGBT community” despite the fact that he gutted LGBTQ+ legislation and his terrible track record concerning queer folx.  If he really was a queer ally then why, as Bassichis, Lee, and Spade say, is there “ no inheritance, no health benefits from employers, no legal immigration status, and no state protection of our relationship to our children.”?  
That’s why I want to put the spotlight on a game called The Last of Us: Part II.  It’s a post-apocalyptic survival horror game so it’s the last place you’d expect to find LGBTQ+ representation, but the main character is a lesbian who has a (Jewish) girlfriend and has an Asian (not white!!) transman, along with another character I strongly believe is aromantic and/or asexual.  Their character arcs tie into the story well despite many fans calling out the game developers for pandering to the queer community, and the exhilaration I felt when I saw myself (mostly) represented in a character (who was voiced by an Asian transman!) is unparalleled.   
They didn’t have to include any LGBTQ+ content or accurate representation, could have left the main character’s sexuality presumably heterosexual, but they went where most bestselling games don’t, because they’re genuine allies.  They brought in voice actors who were Black, Asian, and Latinx to voice characters who were Black, Asian, and Latinx.  
That’s what we need more of, not trendsetting celebrities and people who say trans rights just to feel better about themselves.  
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malachitebeck · 2 years ago
Just a Little Thing While We Wait for Kenobi
So the other day I saw a post by Intermundia (I’m not going to tag them I’d explode from my own embarrassment) that really stuck with me? They were talking about how being a perfectionist when it comes to your writing is something you kind of actively have to overcome, and as someone who has left more WIPs on the cutting room floor than I can name out of pure frustration I really can feel where they’re coming from. And that made me write this. It’s not much- just a collection of scenes and ideas for a Kenobi trailer that have been running through my head every day for the past month- but I don’t know if I have the emotional stamina to write the multi chaptered fic this idea deserves (nor do I have the wherewithal to survive the inevitable heartbreak when none of this happens in the actual show) so this will have to do for now.
It’s a step! I’m taking a step and I’m learning. This is for me, but I hope you all get some enjoyment out of it too. 
The trailer begins with a shot of heavy clouds in a yellow tinted sky. A troop carrier belonging to the GAR sinks into frame, its engine whirring. The only sound we can hear now is diegetic- the roar of the engine and the chatter of voices as the camera moves up to the right hand side. Hanging on at the edge of the carrier is OBI-WAN KENOBI, flanked on either side by AHSOKA TANO and ANAKIN SKYWALKER. KENOBI, as per usual, has concern and careful consideration written all over his face. TANO, meanwhile, is bouncing on her heels. All at once we see her leap from the carrier at the behest of her masters, landing on a metal platform that is jutting out from what appears to be a Seperatist landing bay.
TANO moves at a rapid speed, followed closely behind by Troopers as well as ANAKIN and KENOBI. The camera tracks her almost like a side scrolling video game- slowing down for a moment as her lightsaber extends to cut down a droid and we see that it is still a singular green blade. We are a ways away from the Twilight of the Republic.
Eventually, the camera pulls to a stop as if it has reached the end of a track. ANAKIN and KENOBI have caught up with TANO at this point, and the droids on this landing bay are handled. The trio move at a slower pace, with ANAKIN and TANO talking rapid fire with one another. We can’t hear them, though. The sound has faded out. KENOBI is looking at them fondly now. Much more fondly than he would if the situation was really happening. But it isn’t happening, is it?
The trio cross through the sliding doors, the camera pulling once again until we are looking at solid stone. That stone fades to blackness, and within that blackness is a hidden cut. We don’t see light again until a new set of doors slides open. The room inside is dark, and the light from outside highlights sand and dust that hover in the air. KENOBI is standing alone now. His face is weary and his shoulders sag from an invisible weight. OBI-WAN KENOBI has gone from his home to a place that is merely acting as his house. He lets out a sigh, and the camera cuts to black again.
We hear the familiar opening notes of Binary Sunsets played out on a piano. In the darkness, the Lucasfilm logo enters and then fades.
When the camera rises again, we see a straight shot of KENOBI from behind- hidden in his robe and walking with a bundle pressed against his left shoulder through the streets of Mos Eisley. The camera cuts in closer, and we see that bundle more closely now. It’s a baby LUKE SKYWALKER, sleeping soundly despite the hell that preceded his birth.
KENOBI: “I hope you understand, the circumstances were not ideal. I did the best I could, but I thought you were gone….”
While this narration is going, we cut to a shot we’ve seen before. KENOBI giving baby LUKE to his aunt and uncle. However, unlike the last time we saw this moment, the camera follows KENOBI for a little while longer. We see, as the twin suns set behind him, KENOBI falls to his knees in the sand and breaks into a sob. This is the first time he has let himself cry- the first time the walls have come down since the tumultuous end of the Republic began.
KENOBI (cont.): “... I thought everyone was gone.”
The scene shifts as we start to see how the years have worn KENOBI down. Moments pass by almost like a slideshow- we see him cleaning out the old farm house that he took over to call his own, see him setting up a vaparator to survive on Tatooine- all the while he is growing older. This general of the Republic is finally coming to rest, and it is aging him.
KENOBI (cont.): “And while you were off, Force knows where…”
There is a rather drastic cut. We now see AHSOKA TANO, now a young woman. She is turned to face the camera, having been struck by the figure standing behind her. It is the SIXTH BROTHER. We are watching her fight on Raada unfold. All at once, with an expression that rival’s her former master’s, TANO turns on the BROTHER- igniting her white sabers and striking him overhead. The swift movement of the sabers acts as a transition.
KENOBI (cont.): “I’ve been here. I stayed here. I’m sure you can understand why.”
The transition carried us back to the sandy expanse of Tatooine. TANO’S twin blades settled as the twin suns, which look down on a young boy running and playing with some bemused droids. The sunset hue of the sky is reminiscent of the first time we ever saw this boy- a young LUKE SKYWALKER, around age 6.
The camera turns around to slowly focus on two figures- both wearing cloaks and standing far enough away that they blend in with the darkening surroundings. As we get closer, though- it is clear to see that the one on the left is KENOBI and the one on the right is TANO. There is a distance between them, one put there by years of lies and of their opposing views on the growing Rebellion. KENOBI’S narration has proven to be an explanation to a very wounded TANO. She mourned him. 
TANO, plainly yet carrying immeasurable weight: “I do.”
There is a pause. The wind kicks up for a moment, moving both of their cloaks as the silence hangs heavy.
TANO: “You should have reached out. You can’t defend him on your own.”
KENOBI: “I know about the Empire. They rarely travel this far, and even if they did-”
TANO: “I’m not talking about the Empire. At least… not what you’re used to.”
The camera cuts for the briefest of moments, as if we are following TANO on a flashback. We see a jungle planet being ravaged by INQUISITORS- but TANO’S focus is on one among them. He looks as though he wants nothing more than to run- and the camera cuts to focus on him as he falls onto the jungle floor. This INQUISITOR… or perhaps not quite an INQUISITOR… is CAL KESTIS. And much has changed for him in the spanse of two years.
The camera cuts back quickly, TANO shaking her head as the focus is now more squarely on her. The camera pulls back to bring KENOBI back into frame.
KENOBI: “Are you offering to help me, then?”
TANO, scorned but still sure: “Yes.” beat. “But I’m not doing this for you. He’s…. He’s the last Skywalker.”
The scene cuts again, this time to a moment with much more weight. The twin suns of Tatooine have completely set, and the sand is whipping up more aggressively than before. We see LUKE SKYWALKER, young and bleary eyed from sleep, standing in the desert. All at once he is grabbed by TANO, and pulled in close to her chest. She is on her knees, clinging to him with one hand while her white lightsaber ignites in the other- parallel to the ground but shaking slightly from her determination.
We then see the object of her ire. An INQUISITOR- standing proud as their black cape snaps in the harsh winds. They grab their own saber off their belt, igniting it. The bright crimson cuts through the bluish black night. We can feel the electricity of a fight, but before it can happen….
Fade to black.
TANO (narration): “I would die before I let something happen to him.”
KENOBI: “So we’re in agreement.”
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wumbleberry-fc · 2 years ago
Ayyyy, your homebody got tagged again, by @littletrumpetcat and @mattbear-music-nz!!! I was gonna do this earlier at a more reasonable hour, but I forced myself to make my piano recording and submit it first so that I don’t fail!
Name: Walter Walter
Nickname: I cannot tell you for legal reasons, but I can tell you that a former one of mine was Pete the Hot Dog.
Gender: Announced Male at Birth. I’m not ready for the Non-Binary label, but it would not be wrong in the slightest.
Star sign: Gemini
Current time: 12:48 am
Song stuck in my head: “Funkytown” - Lipps Inc | “Level of Concern” - Twenty One Pilots
Last movie I saw: Last Friday, I watched “Parasite” with my friends over Zoom (we all had to individually stream it from Hulu, but we stayed on the call and reacted with each other and then unwinded after it ended. I WAS going to watch a flat earth documentary with my Geologist friend, but technical difficulties cancelled that. Tomorrow, we’re watching either “Radio Rebel” or “Lemonade Mouth”.
Last thing I Googled: Ennui, because it came up in an online game of CAH. But the one before that was metronome. I want to die.
Other blogs: @ petethehotdog. Please don’t follow it. I have not used it in almost 3 years and I only keep it around to use the archive to find a video that I remember reblogging way long ago (it happens more often than you think).
Do I get asks?: No, and while it would be cool to get some, I’m thankful that I don’t have the pressure of having to answer them on me if I’m not in the mood or headspace to respond.
Reasons for my URL: I wanted to be in the music jesus squad. tuba-jesus and tubagod were taken, so I claimed this one.
Following: 283. At least half of them are inactive now, and I like to keep the count low enough that when I am active on tumblr, I can make my way through my whole dash. I really don’t like missing posts....
Average sleep: idk, 5? No matter what I try to do, I’ve been waking up at like 6-7:30 am each day, even though my first obligation is at 11 am. Even when I take melatonin at 3 am, I’m up by 7:30. I hate it.
Lucky Number: 17
Currently wearing: Light blue school t-shirt and black sweatpants.
Dream job: Honestly? What I do now, even though it isn’t sustainable. I’m the student conductor (fancy title for drum major) of my university’s pep band, and it is such a blast that I’m now doubling in music composition and music ed. However, I’d love to be a music teacher who composes on the side.
Dream trip: Oh, what I would do to ever have the chance to go on a long vacation and visit and watch a match at every NWSL team’s home stadium and somehow catch a live USWNT match as well. At the moment, I would settle to catch any match at any stadium, preferably in like August or September.
Favourite food: A bean and cheese burrito (or a chipotle burrito), macaroni and cheese, cauliflower “mac” and cheese, pad thai, cheeseburgers, mint oreo ice cream, bell peppers
Favourite song:
Pop/rock song: "I Will Follow You Into The Dark” - Death Cab For Cutie
Musical track: "She Used To Be Mine” - Sara Bareilles | “Requiem” - Dear Evan Hansen
Classical piece: Does “Vesuvius” - Frank Ticheli count? Otherwise, “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” - Edward Grieg
My favourite piece I composed: “In Memorian: Ode To Mora” (quartet of flute, clarinet, bassoon, and tenor voice) and “Swaying” (full concert band)
Instruments: Tuba, Voice (Tenor), Trumpet, Acoustic Guitar, Piano Keyboard (61 keys), Alto Saxophone, Violin, and Recorder. What should I buy next?
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dustedmagazine · 3 years ago
Aaron Beckum — Obsolete (Self Released)
Tumblr media
Obsolete by Aaron Beckum
“Some people say I’m stuck back in time,” Aaron Beckum sings on the title track of Obsolete, his Bakersfield country/new age account of the ills visited upon his head by technology (broadly defined) and love (specifically defined). Without getting bogged down in the question of how much of an author’s life we can or should read into their work, let’s note that, though Beckum is preoccupied with tech and its discontents, he’s a filmmaker and Obsolete is a digital-only release. Sure, Obsolete was recorded to four-track tape and a laptop he assures us was broken, but at the very least, Beckum, songwriter, is more tech savvy than Beckum, character, lets on.
However, even if he’s putting us on, Beckum has learned the right lessons from classic country music: you can do a lot with three chords and there’s not a great distance between funny and sad. The best tracks on Obsolete are simple but not half-assed, and its best lyrics are clever but not self-satisfied. Many prolific country legends have released far worse songs than “Fallin’ Asleep at the Wheel,” and the very good “Credit Card Divorce” could have been a Buck Owens b-side, had he lived long enough to sing about “the lawyer on the internet [who] has three-and-a-half stars”. “Born Forlorn,” the first of Beckum’s renunciations of tech/love, is a real charmer if you’re at all sympathetic to Beckum’s cosmic schmuck schtick, and standout “Whiskey Pyramid” allows him the fantasy of escaping into the past and having Tutankhamen talking him through his post-breakup bender.
Back to Obsolete’s technophobia. There are plenty of good reasons to fear, fight and flee the rise of what social psychologist Shoshana Zuboff calls surveillance capitalism, and while we’ve all felt like saying, “I swear someday I’m gonna drop this phone in the toilet/and flush it out to the deep blue sea,” Beckum is misidentifying the source of his malaise. “Flowers Dead in the Vase” is a jeremiad against selfies which feels about five years late — stuck back in time, indeed. Saying that selfies are inherently narcissistic (more narcissistic than releasing an album? Discuss.) is a roundabout way to get at the real issue: his ex is having fun without him. It’s clever to the extent that you’re willing to put some distance between the author and the song, but either way it plays into that ol’ toxic binary: Men=authentic/Women=frivolous. Fear of new technology is at least as old as the invention of writing, but it’s a lot younger than reading your romantic turmoil onto the world.  
But I’m being hard on him. With his strained, sad-sack voice, burbling 1980s synths, and willingness to describe himself as a “particle beam,” it’s fair to assume that Obsolete is a largely conceptual lark. Taken in stride, it’s a fun one, and when Beckum (mostly) drops the bullshit on what should have been the closer, “Slow Road,” it’s affecting, too. Yes, self-released cosmic country album by a moonlighting filmmaker isn’t a confidence inspiring pitch, but the surprisingly competent Obsolete is a goofy, workmanlike, take on the sound of California country, from Bakersfield to Esalen.  
Isaac Olson
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keensers · 4 years ago
an incomplete list of things that tlj probably should have dealt with, as the middle movie in the trilogy and as a movie purportedly concerned with “characterization,” but chose not to (alt. title “i don’t regret buying a ticket for tlj but rian johnson is a mediocre writer and i could do it better @ lucasfilm pay me”):
poe got tortured like two days ago but tlj uh. never deals with that absolutely at all
literally why doesn’t holdo tell anyone anything. it’s not like poe is the only one mutineering! he wouldn’t be able to convince any of his friends if they weren’t also bewildered at the lack of communication! she doesn’t tell anyone shit! no good leader can lead alone!!!
finn at beginning of movie: I’m Gonna Go Find Rey vs. finn at end of movie: I’m Gonna Hurl Myself Into This Cannon After Having No Noticeable Character Development Because This Entire Movie Takes Place In 18 Hours
so like does rey actually do any training besides luke’s Three Lessons and slicing up a big rock or
lando calrissian where???
alright maya @productivity-is-irrelevant​ and i have been complaining about this but there are like 3 different tracking technologies happening for absolutely no reason. you know what would have been a better ~OH NO! THE FIRST ORDER CAN TRACK US...... THROUGH LIGHTSPEED!~ reveal?? if they’d been tracking the binary beacon. BAM! immediately ups the stakes on rey coming back AND on finn taking the beacon.
finn is force sensitive and that’s that on that
so like finn and kylo both start the movie injured (finn obviously moreso since he got lightsaber slashed in the back.... although his injury is treated with levity and kylo’s with seriousness............ I Wonder Why). EASY opportunity to parallel recovery / how finn heals with help and support from others and kylo constantly refuses that help and support, because he is a fuckwit asshole
fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. fool me three times, you’re an enormous douchebag who thinks every “twist” is a good twist just because it’s a twist
the point of benicio del toro’s character (who i truly forget the name of because he was imminently forgettable) seems to be Injection Of Grey Morality which, okay, star wars could use a little more of. BUT! 1. rather than making finn and rose look foolish for trusting this weird grifter they met in capitalism hell planet prison, you know what would have been more impactful? having him genuinely help them and they STILL fail. sure, not everyone’s a good person, but part of the point of star wars is the point of all our great stories, which is hope and redemption and that there’s always some good in someone. 2. also, grey morality is all well and good, but perhaps when one of the sides is space nazis, we should be a little more critical of attempts to paint equivalencies between the sides rather than point the finger at the war profiteers selling them weapons in the first place as rose does (and subsequently Looks Silly For Doing Because Both Are Equally Bad)
knights of ren whom?
did phasma have a bigger role or like nah because would’ve been pretty cool to see some more finn vs phasma interaction / generally more closure for Finn, Former Stormtrooper
i’ve got more but i’m tired and i already know im going to start #discourse which i. ordinarily Fear but? it’s been 2 weeks and i’m still mad so
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arkadraws · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
Voltron Whump Week - Day 1: Fever
Pairing: Antolivan (Kolivan/Antok) Rating: G Verse: Made of Star-Stuff
Title is from H.G. Wells’ Things to Come
Little animals. And if we’re no more than animals, we must snatch each little scrap of happiness, and live, and suffer, and pass, mattering no more than all the other animals do or have done. It is this, or that. All the universe or nothing. Which shall it be, Passworthy? Which shall it be?
Because we all need a healthy dose of kolivangst every now and then 💜
It started with small shivers.
Since Kolivan got back from the raid in Quag’la System, they had been busy shoving his subordinates into the healing pod and inputting data into the Archive. Of course, they didn’t notice the shivers, until it was already too late.
They had to have picked up something out there-- the Universe was full of danger and disease. There was no way they could be prepared of what was lurking beyond the solar flare and the gravitational pull of the binary black holes.
The Blade of Marmora Headquarters was a closed community, so the most responsible thing to do was to prevent an endemic outbreak due to whatever illness they were carrying. They relegated the rest of their work to Antok and then locked themselves in their own quarter.
Antok probably noticed their odd behavior, but... whatever.
By the next varga, the shivers turned into a full shaking. They couldn’t pick up the water glass from their bedside table because their hand shook too much. Not wanting to risk wetting their nest bed, they gave up and flopped back to the bedding.
Another varga passed, and Kolivan’s entire body felt like burning and freezing at the same time. They tore off their sleeping robe, but immediately regretting it when their fur stood in the cold. Cursing, they quickly bundled themselves up in the blankets.
After that, Kolivan started to lose track of time, slipping in and out of consciousness. They probably had fallen asleep at one point, but they couldn’t be so sure. They weren’t sure if it was two varga later or a dral when the red alert blared throughout the Headquarters.
Fear unlike nothing before gripped them from the inside. They were in no condition to lead an evacuation procedure or fly an Arbalester to help distract the Empire forces. They doubted that they could make it out of their quarter.
However, stubbornness was what Kolivan had in abundance. They prided in it. They would keep pushing forward even if it meant death.
Still shaking as a newborn kit, they began to put on his armor. They met with Antok outside his quarter, grateful that they had put on their mask-- their mate surely would worry about their state if he could see their sickly parlor.
“Leader--” Antok began.
“Status report”, Kolivan cut him off, hoping that Antok wouldn’t notice their shaking voice.
“One Empire scout. Our tech is scrambling their scanner as we speak, but we’re going through the procedure just in case”, Antok answered without missing a beat.
Standing upright, Kolivan began to rush through the hallway, only to stumble when the base shook.
No-- it wasn’t the base. It was them.
“Kolivan!” they heard Antok call their name, catching them in his arms before their body met the floor. In another situation, Kolivan would’ve swooned being held in Antok’s embrace, but right now all they could do was whine miserably as they struggled to breathe.
Gently, Antok took off Kolivan’s mask. His worry was so palpable, that Kolivan could almost imagine it as vividly as ever.
“Take--” Kolivan paused as coughs rattled them to their cores. Dimly, they were aware of Antok’s large hand rubbing at their back, easing their pain even if only slightly. “Take command--”
“You could have said something, you silly mahler”, Antok shook his head. “Rest now, I’ll take it from here.”
Kolivan wanted to say something, anything, but then Antok passed them onto another Blade --Thace, judging from his scent.
“Take Leader to Chief Medical”, they heard Antok say. “Ulaz should be in one of the evacuation ships.”
“W-wait”, they gasped, hand reaching out to their mate. Antok held their wrist and pressed his forehead to Kolivan’s-- and Kolivan couldn’t resist from nuzzling him in return, feeling their shared bond envelop them with warmth and comfort.
“We’ll meet again, Love”, Antok promised, his voice warm and kind, and Kolivan believed it with their entire being.
Eventually, Antok had to leave. Kolivan shut their eyes and let themselves to slip into the sweet embrace of unconsciousness.
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