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Dragon breath.
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Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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#no other thoughts just gator loki
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Au jardin des gemmes - Léonard Rosenthal - 1924 - via Internet Archive 
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"I regret acting alone!", yelled Sutherland. Regret turned to face the young warrior, its many eyes shifting around its head, centering on him. The one it couldn't touch. It could kill them all in turn, but this new sensation was so tempting, and so familiar. It was as if Sutherland was echoing the regret that had drawn it to Skyhold in the first place. "I regret using my friends!"
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Lizard from Psychonauts
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u r. very good at the susie
I Love Drawing The Susie.... she is just fun
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Me to You My Blue Nose Friends
Comedy the Hyena / Flip the Gecko / Pizazz the Appaloosa Horse
Dash the Cheetah / Buster the Leopard / Splodge the Dalmatian
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIOLIZARD!!!! I can’t believe you’re one of the few characters in this franchise with a canon birthdate.
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hmmm neons.....  (+ refs used from an absolute ass quality netflix stream)
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All the fics I’ve read and really enjoyed in the past week-ish. Reminder: This list features any and all ratings and themes.
Danny Phantom
Danien by artistfingers (NOTE: Technically a comic, but so cute!!)
Part 1 of Undercover Phantom AU
Vlad’s newest bit of tech revokes Danny’s ability to shift out of ghost mode, and he subsequently makes some new friends.
(Otherwise known as, “I heard you like hidden identities, so I gave your hidden identity a hidden identity”)
Undercover Phantom AU: a No One Knows AU featuring lots of silliness and maybe sometimes a little angst, focusing primarily on the newfound friendship between Phantom, Tucker, Sam… and Fenton. An ongoing webcomic, originally posted on tumblr!
The Bride Selection by trufflehargau
Xie Lian held up the flyer, and squinted at it through the eye-holes of his mask. Beneath the words ‘Join the Selection! Be the Ghost King’s Bride!’ the sweeping eaves rendered in wobbly black ink matched the silhouette of the building in the distance. Paradise Manor. The Ghost King’s home.
(The Princess and the Pea retelling? Set before the events of the novel. The Ghost King of Paradise Manor is selecting a bride. Xie Lian doesn't really know what he's doing there.)
To see the next part of the dream by goodbye_blue
“I’m sorry Gege, I’m just a bit surprised. Let me make sure I am understanding this correctly,” he said, taking half a step forward. “You are real and also asleep. I am also real, and not a figment of your imagination. We are both real, and asleep, and dreaming the same dream right now.”
Xie Lian shrugged. “It looks like it.”
(When Xie Lian gets hit by a curse, he winds up sharing his dreams with a certain ghost king who would very much like to know where he is in real life.)
open my lungs to let you in by ghostybreads
Shen Qingqiu had a secret. So, naturally, it was only a matter of time before he was hit by a truth serum wife plot. (“How are you?” “Horny. Kind of want Binghe to rail me, I guess. But it’s manageable.” Liu Qingge’s hand on his forehead froze, and he was close enough that Shen Qingqiu could hear his breathing stop. He stared back expressionlessly, the mortification distantly crawling up the back of his neck. Honest One-Horned– The frustrated scream that he usually vented in his head, came out straight from mouth. “aaAAAAAHHHH GODDAMNIT AIRPLANE–”)
Keeping Secrets a.k.a HOT CULTIVATOR IMBIBES TRUTH POLLEN AND DIES (of mortification) (not clickbait) by cinnamonsnaps
"I bet you would beg," Shen Qingqiu said with a snort, letting his eye slide shut. The following silence was somehow remarkably loud. He cracked his eye open again. Luo Binghe was staring at him, face flushed red, hands frozen on Shen Qingqiu's ankle. "... shizun?" (Shen Qingqiu gets forced to tell the truth about a lot of things, unfortunately.)
Star Wars
All the Shadows We Bestow by ShyOwl (NOTE: While I love some dark SW content, I know a lot of people don't. This tone might put some people off)
Luke was born with a shadow over his soul. He was not simply the Chosen One, but a child of a prophecy who is doomed to soil the hearts of those who love him; a harbinger of a new Dark order and authority. He has done everything he can to keep people from becoming poisoned, to avoid his role as this blight, but there is no escaping destiny…and there is no escaping the love Luke has sparked in the galaxy. No matter how desperate or hard he tries.
Clone Wars
a soul that's born in cold and rain/knows sunlight by Killbothtwins
Part 2 of the massive machinery of hope
Obi-Wan Kenobi, time traveler, finds trouble once again when he and Qui-Gon are called to Mandalore— but not THAT Mandalore mission. This one involves still pretending to see the future, babies, a slavery ring, and bothering even more people into becoming his friend. As usual, Obi-Wan drags everyone else along for the ride, including some interesting allies.
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side note, been playing twist recently 😭
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You kind of lose the comedic value of the size differences with the sprites
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When you're up for it, possibly a Pitaya Dragon Cookie X Reader 👀👀👀
So…fragile, that’s what cookies are to dragons. Artificial beings made by giants that outsized even the mighty reptiles by hundreds. Dragons were massive compared to cookies and much hardier as well, the one looking upon your form is quite infamous as well. The legendary greenish-red dragon, the scourge of the Hollyberry Kingdom who brought devastating firestorms across Earthbread hundreds of years ago.
Pitaya Dragon Cookie.
Rather in cookie or dragon form this mighty beast was nothing short of a monster. They brought death and destruction wherever they flew, shattered kingdoms and took joy in the suffering they caused. Because it was fun, because they could, because they couldn’t find another to spar and battle. After Hollyberry left the kingdom Pitaya had been restless and bored, taking their frustrations out on everything they “ruled”.
But then you showed up, you were a new servant to the palace and what basically became a right of passage you had to personally deliver a barrel of Berry juice to the beast. Pitaya didn’t pay you much mind at first, you were just another weak cookie doing your job…until you came again, and again, and again. They learned you personally took the job to deliver their berry juice yourself, a job the others more than happily handed to you.
Pitaya had chosen to observe you a bit more, you were different from the other maids, butlers, and servants but they just couldn’t put a claw as to WHY.
The monster of the Hollyberry jungle didn’t understand why you lingered in their mind so much, but they believed they found the answer when they saw you fight. They were bored so they pitted all the servants against each other so they could watch and you….you were so fast and struck powerfully! But any hit done to you struck equally as hard, it was…quite a spectacle to watch. But as you beat down each servant their mind started to swirl.
They’ve found the new cookie they want to fight~.
Oh, your face when they told you was hilarious! But they gave you no choice as not long after they lunged at your terrified form which you dodged in the nick of time. They came at you again and again until you had nowhere to run anymore, no more playing games then~.
Pitaya flew back in surprise as you tore one of the axes from the armor stands and swung at them, racing towards the dragon cookie with great speed. The creature roared with laughter and they finally got what they wanted, a worthy opponent to fight! The focused look on your face was amazing, pupils small and never leaving their form.
You ran, dodged, and ducked under fire, claw, tail, and sword strike. You’d get sent flying when you did get hit but then you’d get right back up just as quickly. It was a great enough sight to make Pitaya drool from excitement, the monster showing no mercy in response to you.
You just kept fighting and fighting, by the time the fight ended armor was destroyed, walls crumbled and windows shattered.
Now here they were, looking at you curled up on the ground beaten with jam flowing from their claw marks. You were in pain, but you were smiling, laughing even.
You got the fight the legendary dragon and it pleased you so greatly, you didn’t even care if the foolish desire was about to get you killed. But Pitaya watched you with curiosity, they had not gone for the finishing blow like normal…they observed you. Something struck them in their chest, deep in the soul stone. They…didn’t like seeing you hurt, they didn’t like being the reason for your pain.
The dragon was so confused, but you wouldn’t die. Not here, not by their claws.
As gently as they could manage, they picked your fragile body up and left towards the palace infirmary. Their mind was a swirl of emotion and thoughts they couldn’t understand…because they’ve never felt this before. They just felt the urge to care for you, to treat you, to make sure you never left them. Maybe this was because Hollyberry left or maybe they were that bored.
The why didn’t matter to them now, all they had to focus on what getting you healed. Even now you’re still fighting, fighting to keep yourself awake so you can keep gazing upon them. You wouldn’t say out loud that you had fallen for the beast, yes you knew of the terrible things they did and still do but you couldn’t help it. And now you got to duel them, today was a good day in your mind.
Pitaya looked down at your face and saw you smiling at them…reminded them of dragon mates. Smiling and happy with each other after another duel to show their power to one another. It was an intimate form to them, when between two or more mates it’s a special feeling…is that what you were trying to do? Flirt with them in the draconic language?
…Cookies, they’re so fragile and can be so foolish.
Yet they continue to get up to fight for what they want, fragile yet powerful…they supposed that’s what made cookies and by extension you…so interesting.
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sinister six designs/concepts for all my doc ock ocs
height comparison charts under the cut
ordered the same as above
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Kaley Cuoco as Penny 2008 in The Big Bang Theory “The Lizard-Spock Expansion“
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