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ingo-propaganda · 5 months
How to Appreciate Pokemon WITHOUT Supporting Corporate Nonsense
in light of gen 9's bonkers release timescale and the steadily-decreasing game quality in recent years, you may want to pull your support for pokemon until they get their shit together. however, you might feel too attached to the franchise to just drop it.
if that's your problem, this is the post for you!
originally this was a comic, hence the "special project" i was talking about, but my laptop decided to delete it randomly (rip) so you're getting a written guide.
rbs > likes for exposure, everything's under the cut!
to clarify something real quick, nintendo/the pokemon company owns the franchise and oversees the games + merch but gamefreak actually makes the games themselves. if you're going to be (rightfully) mad, get mad at the right people.
also a lot of this stuff might not come as a shock, but i still felt this was an important post to make, especially for younger/newer pokemon fans.
that being said, here we go!
you can play pokemon games multiple ways without supporting gamefreak!
buy games/devices secondhand (often cheaper and better for the environment, though it's still spending money)
borrow a friends device/copy of the game and play on that
use emulators (just a quick search on duckduckgo is a good place to start with this!)
play fangames
make your own fangames! i personally recommend rpg maker mv for game-making purposes. you can get a free, fully-functioning copy of rpg maker mv on steamunlocked!
we all know that joke about collecting the cards because they're pretty but not knowing how to play the card game. you can always:
buy the specific cards you want second-hand
find the cards you want online and print them out
draw your own cards if you wanna have fun with it
here's where we're getting into interesting territory. usually by the time you can save up for these, they're out of stock.
your options are:
buy them secondhand (again, cheaper, better for the environment, and usually your only feasible option anyway)
learn 3d modelling (try blender, it's free and has a ton of tutorials out!) and make your own custom ones with 3d printing
fanart, fanfic, and misc merch
the reblog button is gonna be your best friend. likes don't give exposure and they only serve to dishearten creators that were so excited to show their hard work to the world but might not even bother if they only get likes. what's the point if nobody sees what you do?
buying merch from individual creators on sites like redbubble and etsy not only tells these creators that you like and care about what they do, it gives them money to go towards important things so they can keep creating amazing things for you to enjoy!
merch on redbubble can range anywhere from stickers to blankets and pillows, and merch on etsy can be things like plushies, stickers, keychains, you name it! personally i'd recommend redbubble, though, since it doesn't charge the artist just to open a shop and have listings. etsy is notoriously shitty about how it treats its users.
you can also commission artists directly to draw whatever you want within their guidelines, not just pokemon! (shameless plug but my commissions are here, my phone recently broke ^^;) this is an even better option, since rather than the site taking a cut from what the artist would make, the only cuts taken are small fees by whatever the artist uses, which is usually paypal.
look at you, you made it through this overly-wordy guide!
before you go, if you really want to make a statement, email/tweet @/write to gamefreak/the pokemon company to tell them exactly why you won't be supporting them rather than just. not.
sending a clear message with specific complaints, then withholding money from their grubby corporate hands until they act right, is the best way to incite change as money's their only motivator.
however! it'll only work if this happens in large enough amounts with the same complaints, so be sure to encourage your friends to take these options too instead of doing it alone.
if this helps even one person, it was a post worth making in my opinion, so thanks for reading! have a good day/night!
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kodadistrict · 9 months
Hey bestie idk what kind of requests you want but I can not stop thinking of Cove playing stardew with me on a lazy summer day? Like piled on the floot stage 3 showing him how to play and he is so excited when you give him sap
don’t crucify me but i’ve never legitimately played stardew before 😭😭 had to do some homework for this one boys.
anyways, your wish is my command jongdaemyangel on tumblr. sorry if it’s shit, i tried lol.
The day was swelteringly hot, another day of cranking the air conditioning in your moms’ condo to its highest setting. You sat on your bed, trying your best to touch the material of your blankets with as little bare skin as possible.
Liz and your moms had gone out for only god knows what, leaving you to sit by yourself with your gaze fixated on the game displayed on your new laptop.
The heat of the fans attempting to cool your device made your thighs warm, however your enthusiasm for playing the little simulation game kept you from minding the extra warmth.
The only thing that drew you from from the game was a familiar tap of your window.
You knew from the point of entrance that it was your close next door neighbor, Cove Holden. In the flesh.
With a grin, you slipped the window open and watched as the seafoam haired boy clambered through the opening.
“Hey Romeo,” you quipped, as per usual, when he came through the window, standing aside enough for him to comfortably settle himself down on the wooden floors of your room.
“Hey, sorry for dropping in without a warning,” he responded. You waved a hand dismissively.
“Like I said a thousand times before, you’re always fine to drop in.”
He smiled back at you, taking his usual seat at the foot of your bed as you dragged your laptop back into your lap on the floor.
“What are you doing?”
“Playing a game called Stardew Valley. It’s super fun.”
“… Can I see it?”
You gestured for him to sit next to you. Once he did, you balanced the device between the both of your thighs.
You started to explain the game to him, allowing him to explore your little farm and see all of the little trinkets you had acquired. His eyes shone with childlike wonder as you allowed him to take control of the mini avatar on your screen, wandering to see your chickens.
“Oh my god, those are so cute!”
You simply snickered lightheartedly, watching over his shoulder as he wandered places. Gently guiding him if he ever got lost or traveled too far.
“You should buy it, we can have a farm together.”
“Mhm! It’s super fun.”
He nodded vigorously, taking out his phone and quickly making note of the game.
“Ohh, watch this. Go click on the tree.”
Cove did as he was told, clicking on the tree. You guided him through the process of obtaining the sap from said tree, his eyes lighting up with delight as the little dewdrop shaped item appeared in your inventory.
The two of you spent the whole rest of your day there, you showing Cove the ropes of the game as he focused with wrapt attention. It was a productive day, or at least for your little pixelated farm.
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andmaybegayer · 2 months
Let's say, hypothetically, for the sake of argument, that someone wanted the benefits of upgrading their computer but Fucking Hates Hardware, and is also frustrated that lots of major guides hedge everything by saying to Check For Yourself (reasonably! there is a lot of variability), but not how to sift through and synthesize the technical stats gained by Checking For Yourself to get an answer, and also has an eye-glaze-over reaction to the gobbledygook names of different computer parts and cannot trust themselves to remember such a name for even a few seconds. Let's also say this hypothetical person is an idiot partly in denial about their usage patterns but mostly completely ignorant of how to assess what they need, what counts as heavy usage and what counts as dicking about, whether what will count as dicking about in several years will be commensurate with what is considered heavy now, or what the bottlenecks in their current system are. What would you recommend to this person I made up?
You mentioned a few things that get to the heart of the Upgrade Question which is: what do I actually need?
Ultimately, the first thing you must ask is "Does my current system do everything I want to do." In my experience, future proofing is mostly a fool's errand, and I could write a lot about why that is, but let's just say don't worry too much about what you might be doing in five years, don't really look more than a year forward for performance estimates. Whatever you're doing now plus whatever you want to do but can't because of your current system.
(The other question is "where am I putting this", if you live in a tiny Tokyo apartment or you don't want to dedicate permanent desk space to a desktop, or this is going to be your only computer, a good laptop may be a better choice even though you're sacrificing some performance. If you live in a bigger apartment or suburban house, you can probably find space for a desktop. Hell, laptops come with a screen and keyboard built in, that's a cost a lot of people don't price into buying a new desktop for the first time.)
If your current system is doing everything you want it to do at an acceptable speed and noise level, you're done, no upgrade required. If, say, you edit video and you notice that since you moved from HD to 4k it's starting to take forever to render out, or you picked up Elden Ring and it's not running as smoothly as you would like, then it's time to upgrade.
Knowing what to upgrade, especially in-place on an existing system, is unfortunately pretty much impossible without getting into the weeds of performance and hardware, so your best bet if you are dissatisfied with your current setup is probably getting some kind of mid-range prebuilt system from a reputable company within your budget and performance constraints.
In general, most people will be moving from an old mid-range system to a new mid-range system every 3-6 years. You dont want to be upgrading with every new release, and really not even for every second release, unless if the actual tasks you need to do have changed since you got your system. In that case, you'll have to step up a budget increment since you need something faster than you use to have by a significant amount.
Budget-wise in USD, you kind of have these steps and the tasks the correlate with.
$2000: professional, "this is for my dayjob" workstations, performance machines for doing heavy compute
$1500: amateur workstations, high end gaming machines.
$1000: sensibly balanced gaming-optimized machines that'll handle most light workstation tasks, an hobbyist machine.
$500: utility laptops, for handling basic desktop and document handling tasks, programming, image editing, very light workstation tasks.
ABS out of NewEgg and Skytech from I forget who owns them make reasonably priced performance machines with all-new hardware, and while I know people who have had machines arrive with issues, the majority of the stories I hear are positive. The quality of various prebuilt manufacturers varies wildly in terms of cost to performance and level of customer service, but absolutely sight-unseen if I had to recommend some desktops and a laptop for a stranger I've never talked to I would say get one of these and it'll handle almost anything you can throw at it well enough not to annoy you.
These are not the best options per se, even in their own budget ranges, but what they are is solid all-rounders that I would not be mad about if someone told me to use them as the only computer I had for the next five years.
This is the summary of my advice on buying a new computer for people who don't like shopping for computers. The biggest weakness is the price:performance list up there, whcih assumes that you're getting fair pricing on the hardware. Lots of prebuilt companies charge super high markups on old hardware, which is an easy way to get screwed, so I'd advise checking what the latest generation of hardware available is and only using that if you're upgrading.
Annoyingly there's a new CPU release cycle happening right now, so the two things I recommended above will be one generation out of date by the end of October.
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talkinbouttinygames · 8 months
Tumblr media
Bleeding Your Apple Arcade Subscription* Dry
I will always prefer to own games. That will never change. However… I have a shameful confession. I paid for a year of Apple Arcade. Alas. And as it turns out, there are several really good games on it, including ones that aren’t available elsewhere, on Mac or in general. So if you’re looking for the best picks of Apple Arcade, whether it’s to get the most out of your subscription or free trial, here is the TBTG Guide to Bleeding Apple Arcade Dry.
Note: All of these games are available to play on phone and computer, but unless otherwise noted, I played all of them exclusively on laptop, as it’s pretty clear that most of them were made for computer first.
Apple Arcade Exclusives
First up are the games that are available exclusively on Apple Arcade – if either catch your eye, you’ll want to play them first.
Tumblr media
Winding Worlds
Winding Worlds is a narrative puzzle game made by ko_op serving up what they do best, which is making games that are digital sensory toys in disguise. Their first game, GNOG, was much more obvious, being a pack of themed puzzle toys, while Winding Worlds is a game about dragging vertically and horizontally to manipulate rotating mini-worlds and the things found inside, all to the audio of some really satisfying sound design. The mechanics are very simple and perfect for phone or tablet (though I played on laptop), and the game is structured semi-episodically, with each level tasking protagonist Willow in exploring an odd fantastical little universe, finding out what’s bothering the denizens, and helping them in their woes. It’s a well-crafted experience that you can just sit yourself into.
Tumblr media
Guildings is a pretty chill character and relationship-driven JRPG in a semi-fantastical world where fantasy hero teams a glory day relic of history, and also their operations were all connected through a smartphone app. The lore and world of this game is a lovely kitchen sink of different influences and I had so much fun getting to explore it with the various characters. The combat is very relaxed, and based around making it to the end of a certain amount of rounds without a total party kill, though there are some side quest challenges. The characters’ actions and abilities are notably dependent on their moods, with some changing the user’s mood, and others requiring a certain mood. This once again puts focus on the social aspects, as the easiest and most natural to change your partymates’ moods (along with the only way to grant them XP for level-up) is in what you choose for your various dialogue options throughout the game. This all made Guildlings one of the nicest RPGs to actually immerse myself in, and actually play the role of my character in a long time.
“Well, Actually” Exclusives
[Pushes up the nose bridge of my glasses] TECHnicalLY, these aren’t exclusive to Apple Arcade, because you can buy them elsewhere, it’s just that the only versions on sale are for Windows. So unless you have access to a Windows OS aside from the Mac device you’re using Apple Arcade with… I’d play these next.
Tumblr media
Sayonara Wild Hearts
I already covered Sayonara Wild Hearts in my most recent Rapid-fire Recs installment, but since the game’s relatively high profile and first spot in the list meant that my coverage was a bit light, let me elaborate. The game is akin to an interactive, narrative pop album, taking inspiration from infinite runners and rhythm games as you race along the dreamy, urban fantasyland of the heart. Each level is a short burst of pulse-drumming visuals and pace that draws you straight into the action, and the game goes like a firework: a magnificent burst of sound and light. Fitting, too, then, that it’s barely more than an hour played back-to-back without any slip-ups – though if you’re keen to master songs as is common to rhythm games, that combined with various secrets and achievements are good for replay value.
Tumblr media
Assemble With Care
Whereas ustwo’s previous games Monument Valley I & II had a fantastical, almost alien geometry aesthetic and the puzzly, tactile joy of manipulated larger-than-life pieces of art and architecture, Assemble With Care goes closer to home, with a warm digital painting aesthetic for the story of a traveling analog repairwoman and the stories of the people who hire her. The game itself is dedicated the act of manually taking apart these storied possessions, repairing and replacing their broken components, and then reassembling them. There’s care taken not automate actions that would otherwise be automated – you have to scroll to screw or unscrew things, tug the end of a cord away from its fastener to wrench it free, and squeeze glue onto components yourself. The experience is only heightened by details such as careful pains to make the 3D models match the painterly aesthetic, with each object actually having two slightly different models that the game alternates between, creating a static-like snap found in two frame painted animations.
Tumblr media
Alba: a Wildlife Adventure
I recently covered this game in a full issue, so I’ll keep things short. Alba is a well-tuned photography game taking place on an idyllic island threatened by a hotel development replacing its run-down nature reserve. Existing on the island, and cataloguing its animal inhabitants, along with doing simple tasks that come about in trying to combat ecological damage and repair the reserve is a welcoming and relaxing experience.
The Rest
With those out of the way, here are the rest of the games, which while lesser in priority, are no lesser in quality.
Tumblr media
Tangle Tower
I played Tangle Tower in a single sitting, only stopping to take breaks for food or the bathroom. Luckily for me, it’s only 6 hours. An installment in the Detective Grimoire point-and-click adventure game series, though perfectly accommodating to a newcomer like me, it follows Grimoire and his assistant Sally as they puzzle out the murder of a minor member of the sprawling multigenerational Pointer-Fellow family, Flora. You explore the wondrously fantastical world the family lives in, all the while picking up clues and interviewing the various family members, and suss out secrets by pointing out details in the objects you’ve found and making logical connections through a roulette of sentence fragments to truly get to the truth like Sherlock Holmes, instead of the game feeding you answers like you’re Watson. Also, the character design and animation is all so lively and communicative, and the banter between Grimoire, Sally, and the others is fantastic.
Tumblr media
Like Alba, NUTS was covered recently in a full issue, so a quick rehash of my praises: the game is about tracking the trails of squirrels in Melmoth forest as a part of a study to blockade an amusement park project, using a handful of cameras that feed back to a TV in the caravan you’re stationed at. The experience is mechanically grabbing, the narrative blends themes with the gameplay into an affecting ending, all while backed by a solitary, contemplative environment in dreamy, fog-draped tritone. Squirrel recon has never been this fun.
Tumblr media
Mutazione, the best I can describe, is a narrative pilgrimage into the meaning of chosen family, community, and love, through the shoes of Kai, who goes to the eponymously named location to assist her dying grandfather. The game itself is mostly kinetic, with the mechanics mostly centered around peaceful gardening and dialogue options that flesh out character and relationships, both thrusting the player into the world of Mutazione and the various people who live there. And what a world it is: the construction paper cut-out aesthetic is absolutely gorgeous, and bigods I wish it were real – beauty and danger alike.
Post-Publication Addition: Though the author forgot to mention the Animal Crossing-esque camping and befriending sim Cozy Grove, he wholeheartily recommends it. It is available on Apple Arcade, and on Windows via Steam.
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barzzal · 2 years
between halls and thin walls → part three
summary: friends who fool around almost never work. almost.
↳ pairing: mathew barzal x you
↳ warnings: fingering, fem and male receiving, mentions of pornography, sexual/suggestive themes, swearing, mat not knowing how to eat pussy, anddd too much sneaking around i’m hating myself for it
↳ genre: fluff, angst, smut, roommates au, best friend’s best friend, friends with benefits, 18+
↳ length: series; part one, part two, part three (8.6k), part four, part five, part six
↳ masterlist: the barn
↳ track: god is fair, sexy nasty, cinderella, planet god damn by mac miller
note: so sorry for the wait! have been a lot busier with uni :(( took weeks for me to finally sit down and write on my laptop to finish this aaaah anw here’s the update and i’m making it up to yall i hope you like!! happy reading babies <3
Tumblr media
“Wait–” you break off, your fingers already weaving through his ever so gorgeous hair. 
“What about Tito?” you fret.
You’re sure there was at least a hint of annoyance in his voice. Possibly irked that you had to ruin the one thing you both have been craving for for weeks.
“He won’t come home, trust me.” he says, lips already making its way back to touch your skin, nestling on your jawline, before trailing down to the intricate line of your neck, his movement hasty with a sense of hunger and urgency. 
You didn’t mind. It felt good. 
“Okay– no. Let’s stop this for a sec.” you try to snap out of it, pushing him away but just enough to keep him within arms reach. You rest both your hands on his broad shoulders whilst he rests his on your hips, just a few inches above your ass. 
“We need to clear things out.” you start, eyes lingering on his irises, making you wet your lips at the sight. 
“Didn’t we clear things out thrice now?” he quirks his brows, “And it kinda looks like we’re about to clear the same thing for the fourth time. What’s not clear about it?” Mat kids, half laughing as he lets you punch him playfully, “I’m not kidding, Barz.” you say, clearing your throat. 
You didn’t mind for any of his double entendres but you did mind the fact that whatever’s about to happen tonight is bound to tip the scales of whatever it was that you were having with Mathew.
“Fine. Let’s talk,” he agrees. He walks towards the bed just as he began pulling his shirt off over his head to undress himself.
“Mathew!” you call him yet again, earning yourself a defensive shrug from him, “What? We’re gonna have sex either way might as well talk while we’re at it, right?” he counters, “Now, take your clothes off.”
Regardless of being annoyed at him for acting like an unreasonable child engaging in too much banter, you let out a laugh in disbelief, letting Mathew’s quirks have a hold on you. You roll your eyes out but do as you’re told and begin taking your shirt off which you then throw his way. 
Mat whistles, a smirk sprouting off his lips, evidently in awe of how good you looked half-naked, “Wow.”
You cock up a smirk and shrug to play it off, “Well, you’re not so bad yourself.” you turn the compliment back which Mat only reciprocated with a taunting wink, brushing his shoulder briefly like an idiot.
“So. How do you want to play this?” you inquire.
“Naked, I hope.” he laughs, putting his sweats off revealing nothing but his boxers on. When he sees you roll your eyes, yet again, almost wondering if you’re going to bawl it out at any moment, Mat clears his throat and decides to dial down his terrible jokes. 
“Fine. Let’s just say we’re doing ‘Friends with Benefits’ or, you know, what was that movie again?” he thinks for a second, snapping his fingers as he gathers a few romantic comedies he’s seen in the past. “No Strings Attached! The one with Natalie Portman! Yeah, that’s the one.” he marvels.
You look at him quite stunned that he’s familiar with these movies. “Wow. I thought you guys are just into full-on pornography and sports.” 
“Hey!” he retorts, defending himself at once, “I’m speaking your language, dumbass. And for the record, I don’t like porn.” with that, you let out a loud laugh accompanied by a scoff, obviously not buying any of his lies. To which Mat jumps to defend himself the moment he sees the mocking look in your eyes, “What?? Not all men likes pornography, y/n.”
With both hands on your hips, you arch your brow at him and reply with a revolting grin, “First rule, no lying. I wasn’t born last night, Barzal.”
“Fine. I don’t like it like it.” he points out just as he averts your gaze, “But I’m certainly not against it. Those girls need to make a living, y/n.” 
You meet his cocky remark with an exasperated sigh, “You’re such a pig.” 
Mat answers with a shrug, letting your judgmental glares slide, “Call me names, I don’t care. You’re the one sleeping with a pig.”
And as if it had been expected all along, it didn’t take long for the both of you to end up in bed, wearing nothing but your skin, breathing in each other’s breaths, gasping as you let yourselves let loose with the company of a friend.
Mathew marvels at the sight of your heaving chest whilst his head was wedged in between your thighs, going on endless circles as he nibbles on your clit, perhaps trying a little too hard to make you meet your high. 
What the fuck is he doing? is probably what every girl has asked herself when a man goes down on her thinking that he already got her all figured out. 
Mathew knew what he was doing to be fair. He was there. For the most part. His fingers were nothing but magic but his mouth was a different subject. It was almost as if he was overachieving something. Kind of like the way he does during plays that would eventually cause them the game. 
He’s in his head a little too much. That’s for sure. You didn’t want to ruin the moment so you decide to let it slide and put on your best suit. After all, it wasn’t the first time you had to fake your sexual orgasms. You weren’t entirely surprised though. Half of the men you’ve gone out with didn’t know shit about eating pussy. And Mat was pretty, at least he had that going on for him.
You bit your lower lip, trying to suppress the fact that you weren’t enjoying it. Mat was doing all sorts of things at once and it was all too much. Too much that you’d rather finish the job yourself than have someone licking your region like a fucking chew toy.
As much as you didn’t want to, you arch your back and let out a fake moan, curling your fingers on the sheets, the other tugging on Mat’s hair, staging the perfect scene Mat had wanted to see. He emerges from below and hovers on top of you with a proud grin on his face, oblivious of the dramatic pin you’ve successfully put into the night. 
“And that, my friend,” he smirks, “is how you do it.”
Oh, believe me, it is not. You try to smile, “Hm. It’s that easy, huh?” 
“Well, yeah. Think of it like a scrimmage.” he says as he starts to pepper kisses on your cheeks, his hands roaming around your body, compensating for what his mouth missed. “Or a shootout even.”
“I’m thinking no.” you deny, “Rule two, if talking hockey is your definition of dirty talk, you better zip it.” you stress out as you prop your leg around his waist in order for you to move on top of him. 
Mat chuckles, trying to mask how much he longed to feel your mouth envelop his member. There hasn’t been a day where the image of you sucking his length didn’t enter his mind. It didn’t matter where he was. Whether he was in the shower, on the road with the boys, leaving for practice, or just tying his skates. He wanted nothing more than to look down at you as your little tears revolt to escape your doe eyes whilst you take him whole. Indeed, it was a sight for Mathew. And god knows how much he’s willing to give just to see it again. 
You spit just as you kiss the tip of his shaft, stroking his length in a circular motion to spread your saliva on his cock before you proceed on pressing gentle kisses on his head; edging him for not letting you cum— unconsciously wanting him to know how to give a goddamn head the right way. 
You patiently went your way as you began taking him in your mouth, inching down his thickness without breaking off of his dark and lustful gaze. Mat rests his head on the headboard, his breathing growing heavy and hoarse whilst he watches his dick be consumed by your hollowing cheeks, sucking the life out of him. 
“Fuck. You’re so good.” he groans, pulling your hair with his free hand before guiding you further down his dick. “Yeah, that’s it.”
Flattered by his praises which you find undeniably hot, you pop him out of your mouth, letting all your spit drip onto it just before gathering it back once you start licking him underneath, sucking on his balls as your tongue goes on little circles, playing with it for a while before letting it go with a loud pop. 
You watch Mat lose his mind with every movement you make but you know full well not to let him come in your mouth. It’s bad enough you didn’t get to come the first time he tried tonight. You won’t have yourself seeing the light of day high and dry while Mat gets to doze off the second you leave for his door. 
You climb on top of him. Mat was rather quick to let his hands find its way to your hips, your pussy sitting on his flat stomach just enough to let him know how wet you still are for him in spite of not getting the fun you’ve wanted for your own. 
“Where’s the rubber?” you ask him. Mat props himself quickly and carefully shifts towards his bedside table. You feel him on your back, poking on your skin whilst he pulls out one of the drawers. He fishes a wrapped condom straight from the box which he then swiftly opens with his teeth, motioning for you to get off of him first so he could get settled. 
“Ready?” you ask him, “Ready.” 
Mat rolls over and secures you in between his hands resting on both sides of your head. You feel his head poking against your abdomen as he finally takes his shaft to rub it in between you far too moistened slit just before he takes the plunge and dive deep.
“So,” you struggle to find the words as Mat finally starts making up for his loss a while ago. Your fingers envelop his nape, digging on his skin as you let himself adjust inside you. Stretching you whole with barely half his dick pushing through you.  Thank god this was one of the many things Mat definitely did not suck at. 
“Wanna walk me through this whole set up?” 
Mathew groans, his chest hard against yours as he pumps inside you at a steady pace; one that was pleasurably slow. One that had you closing your eyes whilst you let your head sink into his pillows. 
Despite working his way on tending to too many things at once, with his thumb brushing on one of your nipples, his lips attached to your earlobes, and his free hand secured on your hips, Mat whispers in your ear. “It’s like what we’ve agreed on that night.” he breathes heavily, his mind trailing off to that night momentarily before he speaks again, “We’re friends.”
“And?” you whine as you feel his wet lips brush briefly on your sensitive skin just enough to send chills up your spine, making you crave more of his touch; a grave wanting kindling inside your gut like fire.
“Friends…” he repeats in between kisses, “who likes to do this.” his lips travel from the corner of your lips and onto your jaw line. He then lets himself pull away just so he could look you in the eye, all whilst maintaining both your bodies moving in sync as you follow his lead. 
“You do know that things like this almost never work, right?” you honestly say, telling him the very same thing you’ve told him when you first crossed the line and threw everything you’ve progressively built with him throughout the years of being Anthony’s best friends. 
“Almost is good enough for me.” he counters with a husky voice, feeling constrained by how tight your pussy was around him. It had been a while and Mat was going insane just by thinking about how your cunt was made exactly for him. It was absurd for him to think such a thing but he would not deny the sensation coursing through his veins as if sex had become something entirely new to him. That you have miraculously been able to paint something far better than what he’s already gotten used to for who knows how long; luring him into the worst kind of addiction he could get himself into.  And although Mathew wanted to hate himself that it had to happen with you, he knew he couldn’t. 
“Let’s not have secrets,” he suggests. You raise both your brows, quite intrigued that he requested such a thing. “We’re not that close to have secrets, Barzal.” you remind him. 
“Exactly!” he cheers, voice briefly rising as you let out a moan escape when he pushes himself deeper through your heated walls. Mat hurriedly locks your mouth with his, swallowing all your moans before continuing with his case. 
“That’s the point. We’re not that close so we shouldn’t be keeping anything from each other. You tell me everything. Good or bad, and I’ll do the same.” 
You shoot him a questioning look, pushing him briefly so you could position yourself on top of him. Your action was very much well-received on Mathew’s end and it’s amazing how he’s able to lift you close to his torso before the two of you roll over the switch-game without letting his dick slip out of you. 
“Are you saying we’re going to be in a relationship? You’re way over your head, mister.” you laugh because it was exactly what it sounded. At least for you.
Mat rolls his eyes as he takes a pillow to support his back. His hands then roamed from your thighs before settling to cage your hips to lock it with his, “First of all, bold of you to assume that’s ever gonna happen.” 
You scoff.
“Second, it’s more of a mutual agreement and definitely less than a relationship.” he points out to reiterate that having said ‘relationship’ with you was the last thing he wanted. 
Your hands take rest atop his chest as you start working on rocking your hips at a gentle pace; the kind that had Mathew at a loss for words for a moment, his body taking over his mind as your physique towers all over him. Mathew meets you halfway while you do most of the work. He angles himself forward so as to reach for your tits, his mouth latching on one of your buds, thirsty like a newborn child. Your fingers find their way to his tousled hair, its disheveled state unbelievably making him much more difficult to resist. 
The two of you worked each of your own highs whilst you rock each other’s bodies. Exchanging moans and groans thrown carelessly throughout the room. You were all over Mathew as much as he was with you. His strong and capable hands that moved so well on your body, made you crave for more. Mathew took control of the pace now, his arms embracing your waist closer to his body that no amount of spatial space could ever be perceived by either of you.
“Come for me.” Mat orders, voice almost inaudible as he was chasing his own, the moment he feels you throb rapidly around him, fluttering like butterflies while he watches you shut your eyes. Just like that, you finally reach the ecstasy you’ve been longing for the whole night; one that was specifically shut down by Mathew’s stale mouth.
You let Mat take over. He orders you to turn your back against him before he pulls you rapidly close to his front, your ass perked up close to his skin. His mouth leaves fashioned bites on your neck whilst he held you firmly by your forearm. Mathew begins pounding on you hard from behind, his sharp and abrupt movements painting bruises you know will show up the next morning. 
You were all over the place and you didn’t care. It was messy, it was loud. The sound Mathew’s lips leave on your skin, his balls banging against your pussy, your moans— his groans. Everything was off the record book but neither of you wanted to stop. 
With one final thrust, you feel his body grow all the more rigid behind you. Mathew’s hand was wrapped firmly around your neck whilst he caught his breath. 
“You good back there, bud?” you ask, chuckling. 
“Oh, shut up.” he says, finally letting you go. 
The two of you gather yourselves. Mat discards the wrapper and offers to clean up after the mess he’d made but you profusely decline. 
“I’m not your girlfriend. You don’t have to take care of me.” you tell him with a strong suit as you begin picking up your clothes. 
“I know–” he cuts himself off when he sees you getting into your pants, “Where are you going?” he questions. 
“Rule four. No staying the night.” you point out, grabbing your sweatshirt from the floor. “You come to my room, I come to yours, but that’s that. No more, no less.” you add. 
Mathew looks stunned. Obviously on board with how well you were taking things so easily. 
“Alright then, buddy.” he strides his way towards his bed still naked. 
“We don’t speak about any of this in the morning.” you warn him for you know how the three of you tend to leave the house almost at the same exact time as each other. Meaning that this new setup of yours is bound to be much difficult if you let anything slip off your hold. 
Mathew runs his fingers on his lips as if to zip it before he jumps on the bed, already reaching for his phone that was on his bedside table so he could check the gram.
You were just on your way out of his door when he called you one last time, a teasing smile creeping on his lips, “What’s rule five?”
“No funny business.” you say at once. You look at him one last time with your own teasing smile to mock him from across the room, “No strings attached.” you say, repeating how he used the movie as a reference from a while back before finally disappearing into the hall. 
Who would have known agreeing to such a set up would mean getting laid almost every chance you get?
It had been a few weeks since you and Mat committed to your foolish escapades after sorting out your mutual agreement. Said escapades involve a handful of times of you driving over to the Coli to pick him up right after his morning skate and get off the back of your car. It wasn’t that big of a deal being that Mathew usually rides with Anthony for work. Of course, there were also times where you would call him into your office just to grab a quick lunch. On those times you always make sure to leave out at least half an hour or so before going home to avoid unnecessary suspicions from Tito and you and Mathew have been mindful so as not to let him notice anything. 
Mat had mentioned how he was already looking for a place nearer to yours and Tito’s but farther than his previous complex. The place was half an hour less than the travelling time Tito had to drive to from when they used to ride together going home. And now that you were officially friends and more than just acquaintances, Mat has asked you to come and see the place with him. 
You took a lift on your way to Mat’s and let’s just say, that for a man with a whopping 21M at his disposal, the building was grand but it wasn’t as boujee as you’ve expected. It might’ve been your lack of a better judgement but Mathew just didn’t seem to be the kind of guy who would be smart when it comes to his finances. You’ve always thought that he was the kind to splurge on things whenever he gets the chance. Although much to your surprise, just like everyone else, he was a simple man. 
You knock on the door a few times before you hear the familiar footsteps nearing the front door. 
“Hey,”  a signature grin welcomes you. He opens the door wider and invites you in. “Took you long enough.”
“Well, I had better things to do, Barzal.” you retort as you start to scan the vicinity. 
The flat had floor to ceiling windows so the surroundings were well lit. You were making your way further when you noticed a few sealed boxes laying around what you assumed to be where the living space was going to be. 
“I thought you were just looking?” you ask, brows furrowed in confusion whilst you look back at him, pointing on the storages with your thumb. 
As expected, the entire apartment was painted in white and beige tones. Pretty much like every Islander’s home you’ve been to. It was quite spacious just like his former home. That being said, spacious doesn’t necessarily mean ‘good’ sometimes. For one thing, it didn’t feel home to you. It felt like a cage with huge-ass windows overlooking a scenery you can’t even lay your hand on. You keep your thoughts to yourself, not wanting to ruin Mat’s excitement for the place. Sure enough, it’ll all come together once he gets settled. 
Mat walks towards you, taking a deep breath. “I was. But the offer was really good so I figured signing the lease right away would be a smart move.” he explains. When he sees your gaze trail off onto the boxes again, Mat feels the need to reassure you that he wasn’t going to move out of your apartment just yet. 
“I won’t be moving in for another month or two, just to be clear. Those are just some stuff I didn’t want hogging all the space at home.” he says candidly pertaining to your apartment as his home, not even realizing the weight he had tied to his words. 
You were quick to dismiss your own unsolicited thoughts and carried on with the semi-tour Mat was starting to indulge you with. “Are you sure you’re gonna live here alone? Feels like a whole penthouse up here.” you honestly say, half-laughing as you make way towards the hallway. 
“Yeah. I mean, it would be great for when the team comes over.” he says as he follows your tracks. “The penthouse is actually two floors above mine though.”
You roll your eyes at his subtle remark, “Why’d you made me come here anyway?”
And as if Mat had remembered the task he originally had in mind, he walks right past you to lead the way. “I want your opinion on something.” 
“Really? What is it?” you inquire, following after his footsteps. Mat stops and opens a door leading to what you assume is the master bedroom. Situated at the center of the fairly spacious room is a california king sized bed, waiting patiently to be slept on. 
Mat looks back at you and says, “D’you think it’s any good?” 
He lets you roam around the place, setting yourself down on the foot of the bed. “Bed’s nice actually.” you tell him and you stand at once to look more of his semi-furnished room. 
“How nice is it exactly? Like, nice to sleep on or nice to not get any at all?” you turn around, rolling your eyes at his sleazy innuendos. “You’re such a tool. You really made me come all the way here to get me tied down this bed?” 
Mat only answers with a shrug. An adorable one to be exact. “What? That’s what friends are for, y/n. Now, come on. Test the bed with me.” he says, taking your hand at once before you could even answer. He lets himself fall onto the bed as he caught your weight in his arms, your bodies dangerously close to each other, feeling your own body temperatures. 
His hands roam around your clothed physique just as he starts to cage you in a well heated kiss. Your lips dance with his, letting his tongue slip whenever he gets the chance, nibbling on your tongue as the two of you enjoy exchanging your own take on what house warming gifts are supposed to look like. 
Mat’s hands were already gripping on the curve of your ass when the sound of your and Mathew’s kisses were stopped by a sudden knock on the door. Your hand immediately trailed down from Mat’s nape to his chest, “Are you expecting someone?”, he thinks for a second, both of his hands still secured on your bottoms.
“Oh!” he gasps upon remembering who could it possibly be, “It’s probably my realtor. He’s picking some stuff up, I’ll go get it.” he says, propping himself up as a cue for you to get off of him. 
“Would you mind getting the door? I’ll be quick, I promise.” he adds, looking back at you as he steps out of the room, heading for the other side of the hallway. He speaks in an apologetic tone, feeling sorry for having to cut off the purpose of your visit. So, in an effort to let him know he had nothing to worry about, you shake your head as you finish straightening the wrinkles off your work clothes. 
“No, it’s all right, I got it.” you give him a reassuring smile.
You gladly make your way towards the door, not even bothering to look through the hole. You hand enveloped the cold metal, swinging the door wide open, leaving yourself not a chance at escape as soon as your eyes landed on those all too familiar big blue ones you’ve known all your life.
“Y/N?” a puzzled expression was all you could make out of Tito’s face. You tried stumbling for a few words in the hopes of calming your already racing heart impending to escape your chest at any moment. 
“What are you doing here?” he asks in utmost bewilderment. You were still in shock being that you’ve never lied to Anthony before since he’s the only one you’ve told everything to most of the time. Having him here, clearly unexpected, has evidently thrown you off guard.
You maintain your gaze at him and throw the same question back, “What are you doing here?”
“Mat and I are going out with Mikey and Noah for drinks.” he answers quickly so he could throw the ball your way, “You didn’t answer me. I didn’t know you knew about this place already?” he furrows his brows, looking over your shoulder to get a glimpse of his best mate. 
“Uhm. Mat called me to discuss a few things. Showed me some stuff too.” you nervously say, tip toeing on the fact that what you just told him wasn’t entirely a lie. You open the door all the way and finally let him in. Your knuckles were wrapped hard around the cold metal knob, wishing that Mat would come out to the room to save your ass. 
You must have gotten on a wrong foot and told Tito a lie that’s bound to invite more suspecting queries.
“Really? What stuff?” 
His bed, where he was just about to defile me on. 
Thankfully, Mat walks out the open room holding an envelope in his hand, immediately halting his tracks the moment he sees Anthony looking straight at him. 
“Beau! What–” he tries to remain composed, but you know Tito would definitely pick up on something just by how pale Mat’s face was. Dead and cold like someone who had seen a ghost for the first time. 
“What— am I doing here?” Anthony finishes Mat’s question just as he turns his gaze back at you. You try to avert his gaze but you figured it’s best not to. You need to go before him strong and level headed. The last thing you and Mathew want is to get caught in the act by no other than the last person you want to know about it. 
“What?” He laughs, brushing Tito’s biting tone off. “I know why you’re here, silly.” he tries to search in his head momentarily, but when he takes long enough, Tito answers it for him. “Drinks, man. You texted me for drinks.”
“Oh– yeah, no. I knew that.” he breathes out an uneasy laugh. 
“Why is Y/N here? I didn’t know you guys hung out? The last time I checked you can’t even last in the same room without slashing each other’s throats.” he smirks.
Surprisingly, Mat was fast enough to come up with quite a clever way to sway Anthony from his inkling suspicions. One that made sense, but not necessarily helpful in your end. “Psh. That?” Mat throws a hand towards your way, dismissing your presence in his unfurnished apartment, “She told me she needs money so I hired her to move my boxes for me. She even insisted on listing all the stuff I’ll eventually get rid of online.” 
Anthony looks back at you, surprised that you didn’t go and asked for his help instead. “How much do you pay her?” he asks Mat again. 
“Uh, five… ten bucks?” Mat scratches the back of his head and your face immediately falls to your palm. 
“Ten?” he questions, glancing at you. “Don’t you have your own office and a secretary? What do you need the ten bucks for?” Tito’s tone was now getting more curious and Mat, just like he always was, was dumb enough to forget you were earning more than just ten bucks for a living. 
“Did I say ten? I meant fifty— per hour.” Mathew takes it back instantly, following it with a lie that involves you asking him for a job because your publisher ordered you to for a book she wants you to sign for. Not that any of it made sense but at least Anthony seemed to have bought it. When you agree, Mat immediately takes Anthony in his arms as he guides him out to the door, snatching his coat resting atop his kitchen island. 
Mat looks over to you once more, both of their bodies already at the other side of the door, “You did great today, y/n. I’ll write you a check in the morning!” he says pushing Tito, who was still asking questions, farther from the door. 
Before Mathew disappears, he looks at you with his big doe eyes already thanking you for going along such a stupid make-up excuse. You roll your eyes as you watch him mouth a quiet ‘Sorry’, flashing his ever so gorgeous smile before him and Tito finally went on their way.  
You’ve gotten used to how lazy Mat and Tito are during their off days. They would rather stay at home and play endless video games with each other than spending it with something less dumb than their stupid Xbox. Luckily, today wasn’t like those days because you happened to have your free day as well. You all agreed to spend the evening binging the entire Fast and Furious franchise. 
The three of you were cramped on the cloud couch. To put it in simply, you were sandwiched between two huge hockey players. Your back was leaning on Tito’s strong shoulders as it was laying just above your head. The huge bowl of half-eaten popcorn safely sits in between your middle, hugged by your stomach and your curled up legs, your sock-covered feet brushing against Mat’s thighs innocently. Almost as innocent as how you ignore Mathew’s hands creeping underneath the thick wool covering your body. 
Alarmed at how dangerously close Mat’s creeping palm was to your inner thigh, you shot him a warning look which was, as expected, answered by a defensive, and seemingly harmless “What?” look on his face. You roll your eyes, cautious as to not make any sharp movements for the benefit of Tito. You shift your position, angling your body away from Mathew and towards the direction of the screen instead. You let your body sink in your best friend’s shoulder, clueless that your movement had just given Mat the exact opening he was hoping for. 
With wide eyes, you give Mat’s thigh a firm nudge as carefully as you can, “Are you being serious right now?” you mouthed. Mat stifles a smirk and moves his hand away, keeping it to himself. You try turning your attention back to the television but somehow, Mathew’s actions left your mind wondering what he was about to do next. 
Gently, you stir back to your original position, propping yourself from leaning against Tito. 
“Hey, could you please fill this up for me?” you ask him nicely. Thankfully, Anthony reaches out for the bowl without letting his eyes break off the screen. “Thanks, Beau.” you add the moment he starts walking towards the kitchen. 
“Why’d you stop?” you cautiously whisper, asking Mathew who was surprised by your sudden inquiry.
“I thought you didn’t want me to.” he answers on the same level of your tone, putting his hand back on your shin. The warmth of his palm sends a familiar sensation down your region.
Looking back at the archway leading to the kitchen, you quietly tell him, “I asked if you’re being serious. I never said no.” 
Your candidness was met by Mathew’s widening smile, incapable of stopping himself from biting his lower lip, finding your bluntness quite adorable. “Be quiet.” he mutters as he clears his throat, eyeing Tito who was just returning from the kitchen holding a bowl full of popcorn fresh from the microwave. 
“Thank you.” you say the moment Anthony hands you the bowl. You scootch over, making you a lot closer to Mat. Tito places his arm back over the couch, allowing extra space for you. Once you got yourself in a position comfortable enough to last for the remaining half of the movie, your mind flies away, briefly forgetting the exchange you and Mathew just had. 
It was not even a full minute when you feel Mat’s very much capable hand start creeping underneath the thick cloth again. You swallow a giant lump in your throat, your senses already heightened just by the mere contact of his rough and calloused hand on your skin. 
You were wearing a pair of sweat shorts, the kind that were loose enough to let Mat maneuver his way deeper down your thighs so effortlessly. You steal quick glances towards his way but to no avail, Mat’s eyes were nowhere else other than the screen. His fingers, however, told quite a different story. 
You did the exact thing as him and put your sole focus on the movie. The sound of Anthony’s breathing was a good reminder to not let anything slip off of you unconsciously, especially now that Mat’s long fingers were inching its way to the thin fabric covered by your night wear. 
Mat begins to brush his middle finger over your delicates. You bury a part of your face underneath the thick cloth whilst your eyes are still pinned on the screen. The scene where Dom goes rogue plays and the light of the television flashes before your eyes. 
You tried to listen to Tito when he tells you about that time you went to the movies to see the film, trying to space out from Mat’s finger drawing idle circles on the thin fabric of your underwear, easing you just right, evidently taking his time fondling in between your clothed lips.
When he feels your moistness on his skin, Mat sophisticatedly slides a finger in your underwear just so he could feel the wetness of your folds. 
You on the one hand, keep your face hidden under the only light flashing from the screen. You manage to choke down your whimpers and instead lean your force towards the bowl you’re holding. However, you fail to stifle a gasp when Mat slides a finger inside you, making you stir just enough to stop your sudden movement from being unnoticed by Beauvillier. 
“You okay?” he asks, a concerned tone embracing his voice. You meekly nod, saying that you were just too caught up watching the film. He then takes his attention back, pretty much like the grinning Mathew sitting on the other end. 
You shoot a knowing look when you meet Mat’s irises. He casually plays it off just as he remains busy on his own, his fingers curling inside you with ease, pumping in and out at a slow pace, not wanting to let any of his movements show on the surface of your blanket. As Mat continues pleasuring you, you gather all your strength to stay still and calm your breathing. To no prevail however, knowing how good of a fucker Mat was, you knew you won’t be able to hold it in longer than you’re supposed to. 
Your heart almost beats right out your chest when Anthony’s phone starts to ring. You prop yourself up, causing Mat’s finger to do just the same inside you. You shut your eyes at the feeling and chose to clear your throat. 
Anthony takes his phone and looks at the two of you, “I need to take this. Just watch the movie without me.” he says, already standing to head for the balcony at the other side of the room. You sigh in relief, letting yourself fall back on where Tito used to sit, allowing more space for Mat’s miraculous fingers. 
He adjusts his seat, cautiously looking back after Tito’s track just to make sure he was no longer near the two of you. He looks at you, attention faltering from the screen as he slides another finger inside you. 
“Don’t make a sound. Stay still.” he orders, pumping his way in just as he glides his thumb to massage your clit. Your hand takes rest on your forehead, your eyes closed at every pleasure thrown your way, almost forgetting that you were holding a bowl full of finger food on your stomach. Mat must’ve caught on and ensured no unnecessary noises would make Anthony come back just yet when he takes the bowl off your middle to set it down the coffee table. 
“Fucking hell, Mat.” you can’t help but moan, arching your back once you feel your arousal come close. 
“Do it, y/n. Come on my fingers.” he growls in a low register, moving his way into hitting the spot at just the right speed, not wanting to prolong your misery any longer. 
You reach for his hands, your grip on him tighter than ever. Mat feels you come around his finger, eyes pinned on your spent up state harder than it was when the two of you were still watching the movie. When he feels your pulsating core starts to die down, he slips his fingers out your slit, eventually taking it in his mouth to suck your far too addicting juices.
You fix yourself up, eyeing Tito who had just ended his call. Mat looks at you, quite proud of himself.
“At least your fingers make up for what that pretty mouth can’t.” you say with a taunting smirk before standing up to get yourself a glass of water just as Beau finally comes back from the balcony, leaving Mathew with his mouth slightly agape and without a doubt dumbfounded.
It was an hour before midnight but the house was already asleep. The boys had to call the night early because of the morning practice they have first thing tomorrow. But you still had some energy left so you figured drawing yourself a calming bath would help soothe your mind and maybe even up the chances of having yourself a well-deserved good night’s sleep. 
Now that you’re feeling better and getting ready for bed, your bathrobe hugs your body whilst you finish off your night routine so you could finally dip into the comfort of your sheets, the cream white duvet calling onto you as you picture yourself dozing off for the night. 
The strides you were just making out of your bathroom were put into a stop by how your door sprung open wildly, revealing one troubled Mathew Barzal entering your room almost a little too carelessly. 
“What the hell did you mean my mouth can’t?!” he questions at once, hissing. When he realizes the sudden rise in his voice, (which has also startled you in the process), Mathew immediately looks back just to make sure that Anthony was in his room, or far enough to hear. He shuts the door behind him before he finally turns his attention back to you. 
“What the hell are you doing here?” you ask him, putting both your hands on your hips, your body covered by nothing else but a bathrobe. 
“The thing you said back in the living room, my mouth can’t what? What the hell did that suppose to mean??” Mat roars like a child’s impending tantrum was about to come. You avert his gaze for a moment, scratching your temple. You couldn’t believe something you’ve said stuck to him. Not that he’d ever do anything about it. Something you most absolutely doubt. 
“If you had to come here to ask me that, I’m pretty sure you already got what I meant.” you say, walking towards your bed as you get the bottle of your vanilla scented lotion from your bedside table. 
“But all those times it looked like you were having a good time?” he speaks, voice in a lower register as if he was talking to himself all along. 
“I was faking it Mat.” you finish off applying lotion on your legs, spreading the remaining on your hands. You met Mat’s gaze and saw that you might’ve tipped him off a little for there was a faint hurt in his eyes. 
“You were faking it?” he repeats in a quiet voice.
“You’re still good in bed, buddy.” you assure him with a smile yet to no prevail, Mat didn’t seem to buy any of what you said thinking that it was just a decent effort to save his ego already plummeting to the pit of his own embarrassment. 
“How many times have you been faking it?” he asks the moment he gathers his thoughts, his mind circling on the fact that all throughout this time he wasn’t able to get you off.
“You’ve only had the chance to do it twice. So… just those two.” you answer honestly. 
Mathew, who was utterly clueless to what was going on didn’t know how to react to such bluntness. He tried to mutter a few words but he was speechless. All this time, he thought he was good at something he obviously wasn’t. And being told something as morally immobilizing as that shocks him to his very core. The horror of all the girls he’s slept with, walking out of his apartment unsatisfied befalls on him. 
“You should’ve told me, otherwise this whole setup won’t make any sense, y/n. I thought you said we shouldn’t lie?” he questions, evidently disappointed in himself. 
“Look,” you stop, tapping on the side of the bed to have a proper conversation. When Mat finally sits beside you, you continue, “I didn’t think it mattered. And no offense but we both know you’re such a sore loser. I didn’t know how you would react. And I definitely didn’t want to deal with any of the messy stuff just to feed your ego.”
“For your information, I’m a thick faced motherfucker, you should’ve known that by now. This thing between us is going to be complicated if you’ll tiptoe your way around it just to spare my feelings.” he says with certainty, a definitive tone accentuated by how intense he was now looking at your face, still glowing from your night care routine. 
“Is there something I don’t do?” he adds, “Or is it something that I should stop doing?”
“Fine. If you really wanna talk about this I’ll tell you.” you angle yourself facing him and Mat does the same, “You’re not entirely bad. You do know your way around. It’s just that— you’re trying a little too hard and it gets really overwhelming at times. And mind you, it isn’t even the good kind,”
“Show me.” Mat cuts you before you could grab the chance to continue, stopping you mid sentence, causing you to stumble on a few words. “What?” 
“I won’t leave this room knowing I can’t get you off.” he says, and just like that, Mathew meets your lips with an all too hungry mouth eager to make you come for him even if it takes having to have endless runs at it. 
Your body achingly responds to every bit of Mathew’s kisses whilst you let him run the course. His touches are tantalizing, urging you to come near him. He takes you in his arms, one fondling on your robe to pull it free from your body, the other tugging lightly on your hair just as he begins to move his weight on top of you.
“Tell me what you want.” Mat breathes the moment he breaks away, his mouth now travelling down the skin where your shoulder meets your neck, leaving faint bites, nibbling on it just before he makes his way down to fondle on your breasts. 
You answer him with a muffled moan when he takes your lips yet again. Mat’s irises unwaveringly gazes on your buck nakedness, your scent just enough to take over his senses. You feel the roughness of his hands graze all over your skin. Pinching on one of your buds just before it travels down your thighs, staying out of the place where he knew you needed him most. You feel him in every inch of your skin but there.
But just as you want him more, Mat purposely leaves it out of his hold. You begin to realize how much you must’ve underestimated what this forward could do. His hands were everything and you couldn’t even put into words how much you need him down there. 
“Mat…” you call out his name, groaning. His featherlight touches flowed smoothly on your inner thigh, grazing just your lips but even that was more than enough to tell him how wet you already were for him. 
He begins to leave wet kisses in between your breasts down to your stomach. Kisses that eventually made their way to your thighs as he inched his way to your core, the sloppy noise he makes sounds so beautiful in your ears. You look down on Mat trying to compose yourself under all the breathing he’s subtly passing your middle. 
“What do you want?” Mat asks again, this time his doe eyes meeting yours, clouded with lust and desire. You buck your hips upward in an effort to meet his mouth but Mat was rather quick to put you back in your place when he cages your hips with his capable arm. 
“Use your words, y/n.” he orders, one that has effortlessly made you oblige. You wanted to feel him more than anything else and if that meant submitting to Mat this time, you know full well you’d gladly break before him. 
“I want you to get me off.” you surrender, signaling him to take the plunge. Once he did, you let out a whimper at his touch, almost forgetting that Mathew was probably doing this so he could eat out his future girl right.
“Don’t rush.” you breathed as you guided him, “Stay slow and steady.” 
Mathew’s eyes never left yours even when you had to look away when you let your head fall back on your sheets with how well he was moving with everything you say. 
“Mathew…” you moan, reaching for his hair to take him closer to your throbbing core, “Go on circles, please.” 
Mat was obedient and followed your every command. Unlike the times he’s spent trying to pleasure you with his mouth, tonight was a time where he actually listened and gave you exactly what you wanted, exactly how you want it.
Mat didn’t have to do anything else for when he started to slip into your cunt and fuck you with his tongue, you going insane was more than enough to let him know that he was doing it right. He watched you fall before him, your chest heaving, your breathing rapid as if there wasn’t enough air for you to breathe. He entwines both his fingers atop your abdomen, the sound of you calling his name like a prayer doing all kinds of wonders on his end. 
You meet his eyes yet again just to see that it never left. Mat looked at you darker than ever before and for once, you feel a firm tug in your stomach you just weren’t ready to acknowledge and care for. As he takes time with his final strokes, knowing that you were close, Mat pulls away, thinking about the one thing he knows will redeem himself. 
“Turn around.” he orders with a grim voice. You were in dire need of an orgasm to even care about how he’s the one ordering you. You gladly oblige to his every whim and turned to your belly, your ass perked up so perfectly for him.
He lets your robe fall just above your back, revealing more of your skin for him to enjoy. He takes no second to waste and kneels before your already swollen pussy. Needy and very much heated for him.
Mat’s hands spread your cheeks before he takes you in his mouth once again, letting himself drown in your juices glinting under his all too heavy gaze. 
“Oh, god.” you whine, feeling Mat’s grin behind you as you dig into your sheets while your legs begin to shake at your incoming orgasm. “Mat, please.” you call out in a whimper, pushing your ass back further his face. 
Mat gladly takes the challenge but maintains at the pace you wanted. As he feels your pussy flutter in his mouth, he deepens it into yours to finally pour you with nothing else but ecstasy and ecstasy alone.
His face was filled with nothing but your juices once he pulled away, leaving you breathless and still caught up on meeting your high. He stands, a hand gripping on one of your cheeks whilst he admires the art that is: your all too spent pussy.
“Next time you lie, you won’t get to fake it at all.” he warns with a firm yet definitive voice masked as a taunting remark. 
Mat looks at your still throbbing pussy, eyes lustful and dark. As much as he craved for the inkling fire resting in his loins, it was already past midnight and he had self-discipline stronger than anyone else’s. He couldn’t afford any more scolding from Anders the next morning. 
So, even when he wanted nothing but to fuck you right then and there, he lets his hand send a message he certainly wants you to remember instead. One that has left a faint yet stinging mark on your skin. Your legs were practically still wobbling when he finally leaves for the door, this time fueled with the purpose of being the one leaving you dumbfounded in your own post-orgasm shame.
Perhaps, even wanting and more.
Tumblr media
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youarejesting · 2 years
Sly like a... ? Part 7
Tumblr media
[Master list] [Sly Master List] Beta: n/a (at the moment) Rating: All Pairing: Hybrid!BTS x FailedHybrid!Reader Genre: Hybrid au, fluff, action, adventure, angst, drama, slice of life. Some marked chapters will contain mature/smut scenes, BUT they will not have plot in those scenes and are 100% skippable without losing your place in the story. Words: 2.2k
Summary: Human’s strive to be better, faster and stronger looking to animal DNA. Thus Hybrids are born. As the rise for designer and Pedigree Hybrids increase, so do the failed attempts. There is one species scientists are unsuccessful in creating, but, folklore says they have been here all along, hiding and blending in with the humans for many millennia. How clever they are.
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Tumblr media
Sleep broken by the whispers of scheming hybrids in your kitchen, "She loves blueberry pancakes so we are going to make them," Jimin's voice was softened and traveled like mist through the air. Your ear twitched as you pretended to be asleep a little longer not to spoil their plans. It was amazing to hear them all cooperating with one another.
There was a knock at the door and you almost laughed when he called out, "Someone gets the door before he wakes Y/n." Namjoon said Jungkook and Hoseok scurried to the door and opened it with a long and heavy shush.
"Y/n is sleeping," Hoseok whispered hushing the boy
"We are making pancakes," Jungkook explained, helping Taehyung inside, he dropped his bag and huddled with the others by the kitchen bench, you were watching them in the reflection of the television quietly bickering.
"Can I put the blueberries in?" Taehyung asked excitedly.
"Jungkook already asked to do that job," Jimin sighed, “and before you ask, Yoongi is cooking them, Namjoon added the flour, Seokjin added the eggs and Hoseok did the milk.”
“So there is nothing left to do,” Taehyung sounded so dejected, you wanted to tell him it was the thought that counts but Jimin beat you too with a job claimed only he could do.
“Go out back and get a few cute flowers, not too many and you can put it in one of the nice vases for Y/n, okay?”
The hybrid was quick to scamper out the back door in search of flowers. The sweet sizzle of pancake batter in a pan made you breathe deeply. You gave them ten minutes, you were being so considerate even though your neck was cramped.
‘Waking’ to the clatter behind you, you faked a yawn and quickly stretched sitting up, trying to appear like you hadn’t heard the whole pancake ordeal. It was cute hearing them whispering hurriedly and clamoring around behind you.
“Quickly put them on the plate?”
“Wait, put the flower on the tray too.”
“Someone, distract her,” Jimin said while you tried to check your phone inconspicuously.
“Good morning?” Hoseok smiled dragging Yoongi over, you continued ‘answering an email’ slowly scratching your head.
“Oh, Good morning, just give me a second to finish this email,” You signed off the fake email and saved it to your drafts. “Okay, all done, sorry just replying to some important emails to the school. “How are you this morning, should I make some breakfast?”
“Uh, Yoongi wanted to ask something?” Hoseok said and you paused, “Alright, what can I help you with Yoongi?”
“I was wondering if today when we go shopping if we could possibly pick up some, uh…” He looked around for something to come to mind. He seemed to be panicking and you stood up and took his hand.
“Yoongi, you know you can ask for anything right?” you rubbed his hands and looked at Hoseok and back to him, “Is this something personal you want to ask me?”
“No, it’s like that, I was wondering if I could get a CD player?” He said eyes widening at the thought.
“Would you like a CD player and CD’s or I can get you a phone and give you and pay for unlimited music then it’s portable and I can get you a nice pair of headphones?” You made sure knew his options, “It’s up to you honey?”
“Uh yeah, portable would be great,” he blushed his toes curling nervously in the fluffy rug. “If it isn’t too much? I mean it probably is, so don’t worry about it…”
“No it will be perfect for your studying to drown out the other boys and I will get you all phones anyway so we can just buy the unlimited music pass.” You smiled “I want to spoil you boys and get you everything you need and more to be comfortable especially if you are going through university, I don’t want you to think or be stressed about anything bad.”
“Good morning!” Jungkook grinned and you turned to see them all standing around the table with the a pancakes, “We made you breakfast!”
“Nice distraction,” Seokjin clapped Hoseok and Yoongi on the shoulders. You made a show of enjoying the pancakes and shared them with everyone telling them to get ready to go out as you were going to be doing a big shop.
Tumblr media
Once everyone was strapped into the van and dressed you headed out to the store and found a park. “Alright listen to me, no matter what I will not leave anyone behind, so I would like you to walk in groups there is eight of us so let’s walk in two groups of four. Jimin will lead Namjoon, Seokjin and Taehyung, I will take Jungkook, Hoseok and Yoongi.”
But for now everyone follow me you guided them into the store, if you ever get lost please find an information desk in any store, they are marked with an i and they will make an announcement letting me know where you are. Otherwise, this is your temporary outing bracelets that have my name and number on them” You handed them out and they all grinned.
“Now that you know all of that lets go into the department store fore some clothes and such,” You handed Jimin a card and told him the budget he had and you all began exploring. They all trailed after you unwilling to part and well you were shopping in the same area. “Yoongi, this looks like it is your size, do you want to try it on for me?”
“Jungkook, these are your size, try them on too, I will be right outside” You smiled, we can talk the entire time. “They went in and you were talking to Hoseok and Taehyung who were giggling about different clothes”
“Seokjin, that’s a lovely shirt but try it on love the shoulders look a little narrow, Namjoon, that is interesting” You laughed watching Namjoon make strange outfits.
“Y/n, what about this pretty shirt?” Jimin asked passing Seokjin who took two sizes to the dressing room.
“That is from the ladies section,” Namjoon pointed at the blouse.
“Clothes aren’t gendered Joonie, you can wear any clothes in this store, I have this jacket at home and it is made for men but I look cute in it.” You explained, gesturing to the jacket and turned to Jimin “Go try it on, with these dress pants Jimin, I bet it will make you look really handsome”
Someone cleared there throat behind you and you smiled, Uh, that sweater is too big Yoongi, we will get you a smaller one and Jungkook they look really good, so if you want to find clothes in these sizes you may”
Seokjin stepped out and placed the smaller size on the returns rack and you took his shirt and placed it in your basket. Watching Hoseok and Taehyung and Namjoon head to the dressing rooms with fun styles.
“How do I look?” Jimin stepped out looking long legged and like a prince charming.
“Like an angel?” you laughed, “your hair is getting a little long do you want a cut?”
“It is a bit long isn’t it, maybe I should cut it,” He laughed fiddling with the ends.
After clothes, you went to a store for shoes and then to a restaurant for lunch. It was after lunch waiting by the toilets that Yoongi and Jungkook expressed their interest in an electronic store wanting to look at their headphones and computers. You sent them over but they walked back quickly.
“What happened?” You asked confused as to why they came back so quickly, they couldn’t have looked at the phones that quick. Their ears were pressed down and they looked upset.
“They kicked us out,” Jungkook mumbled, “They called us strays and said that we couldn’t shoplift in their store”
You told the boys to all put on their best outfits and walked over to the store when all your Hybrids finished in the bathroom, “hello, I am the owner of these Hybrids, we were looking to buy seven top-of-the-range laptops, seven phones, and a gaming console” You smiled but it was forced.
Jungkook and Yoongi’s ears were pressed back and their tail between their legs and you hummed, “which one said it?” Jungkook pointed at the young woman and man at the side of the store looking jealous.
The manager came out and you smiled, talking sweetly. He turned away and you winked at Jimin, “They said what to you, that you were strays and you couldn’t shoplift in the store, which ones said it, those two over there” 
The two in the corner paled as you glared at the manager. “Your employees discriminated against my Hybrids.”
“We apologize they were not exactly dressed befitting to their stature?” the two tried to excuse themselves.
“Does that excuse you, I am sorry, but we might have to take our business elsewhere?” You growled quite annoyed, “These are highly sensitive young hybrids who have not had the best upbringing and you want to discriminate against them. Because they were dressed in different clothes than you deem allowed to be rich.”
“We sincerely apologize and we would like to offer you a deal,” The manager said, and you looked up at him, “We will give you our highest rate of insurance absolutely free and I will have my lovely employee Mister Choi hear take you to our private room’s and make you some drinks. Mister Lee and Miss Kim you can wait in my office.”
The young man took the drink orders and ran off, you took the moment to make sure your hybrids knew you weren’t upset with them.
“I am sorry I made a scene, I just don’t want anyone to ever look down on you, I want you to be respected as if you were human and I want you to know you are worth so much.” You consoled them patting their heads. “I would like to add the necessary programs for university students to have to be added to the laptops and I would like a selection of the best games for the console, I would like these phones here, I hear they have lots of colors, and I would like one of each color, so they don’t get mixed up.”
“For the seven laptops, phones and console and games I will throw in a free phone for you miss and insurance up to 13 years for every product and each laptop will be equipped with the required paid programs to help them through University.” He smiled as mister Choi came in with drinks he handed out Hot Chocolates and coffees.
“Are you Park Jimin, the billboard Calico?”
“Yes, that’s me, I can’t really autograph anything, a government rule” He laughed, “But I will let them know about the companies excellent service and sympathies in regards to the fair sale of products to Hybrids”
“Yes many companies, are quick to add secret fees on top but your documents seem to all be checking out., I could recommend the store as a source for the new expansion they will be needing a good computer system?” 
The manager wiped his forehead sweating profusely, you had to hold back a scowl.
“This is tasty,” Taehyung hummed, his legs swinging back and forth on the seat, he was just enjoying his hot chocolate oblivious to the weight of your presence in the room. Catching his comment the manager looked up.
“Would you like to add the coffee machine, it really does make great hot chocolates?”
“If we add a coffee machine which would be greatly appreciated I would like to have some good quality headphones for free for the two your employees hurt with their words and a music subscription family pass for all the members on the phones..”
“That will be arranged,” He nodded, wiping his brow again, “Your total is forty thousand,” he said shocked but you expected it at almost four thousand each for the best laptop and almost two thousand for the best phones and a console and games and a coffee machine.
“And you are paying on credit?” The man asked, it was nice for you to leave with so much stuff and Yoongi was quiet on the drive home. Guiding him into his bedroom you sat him down to talk.
“Yoongi, I don’t want anyone to ever say anything about your worth alright, they have no idea how much you mean to me and how important you are” You stressed sitting beside him.
“Yeah I know this program means a lot to you and you don’t want it to go wrong so you got to keep us all happy.” He mumbled standing and walking to the door.
“Yoongi, no at the end of the day I want you guys to be happy in the moment if this program fails I want you all to have had a good time,” You tried to reason.
“Yeah before we get sent back to the slaughter.” He muttered, “Please get out,”
You took a deep breath and left the room unable to argue with Yoongi. Your eyes couldn’t help but sting as you stepped out into the hall.
Tumblr media
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emo-and-confused · 2 years
Headcannons based on @cb28 ‘s “ceo of many hotels tommy and hotel receptionist tubbo” au art (includes dysfunctional sleepy bois) (awesamdad)
-techno, wilbur, and tommy are phil’s kids
-(the three kids are adopted, techno was adopted when he was five, wilbur was adopted when he was four, and tommy was adopted when he was seven)
-techno is older than wilbur by two years and wilbur is older than tommy by eight years
-phil is this rich businessman. techno is some powerful leader. wilbur is a famous songwriter.
-then tommy owns a hotel
-he's still like 16/17 but he owns and manages it
-techno is the oldest therefore favorite and heir to whatever money and property phil owns
-tommy is least favorite. phil ignored him.
-then one day phil just gave him money and said "stop being a disappointment" so he started his hotel at 15
tommy: i’m going to build a hotel in rage
-then best friend tubbo who works there and is nice to tommy
phil: oh, theseus, my son. come, i was just telling my companions about your ho- who is that?
tommy: this is tubbo.
tubbo: hello :)
-wilbur being the normal brother and treating him like a normal person and taking him and tubbo to hang out and be kids
wilbur: tommy, let’s go get ice cream
tommy: wilbur, ive got things to do, paper work and, and shippments and-
wilbur: tommy.
wilbur: let’s go. bring tubbo.
-tommy feels like he has to prove something to phil
-he also feels like he might be able to earn attention from him. that if he works hard enough phil will be proud of him
-wilbur’s music is what makes phil pay attention to him, but when he was a kid phil said his music was never going to be a stable source of income and actively encouraged other future job choices. this only made wilbur more focused on his music
-both tommy and wilbur feel the need to prove themselves
-tommy meets sam when starting up his hotel, and immediately gets attached
-sam is basically his guide, even after building the hotel. sam saw the child and went “yeah he needs parental guidance” and continued to stay in contact with tommy
-tommy is the one who gives sam the creeper mask. because sam is always working on construction and stuff and he's always inhaling debris and tommy likes minecraft so he gives it to him. sam adores it and wears it all the time.
-tommy totally calls him sam nook
sam: hey tommy! just building your hotel. i do need some more things for construction though... could you ship them over to me?
tommy: y'know this reminds me of a game my brother made me play over the holidays...
sam: ... uh,,,, what?
tommy: animal crossing! that's it. you're totally tom nook.
sam: alright, tommy.
-[over emails]
]Mr. Danger Careful Innit,
Could you supply more building materials?
Sincerely, Sam Nook
]Mr. Samuel Nook,
Sincerely, Tommy
-sam gets a very official hand written contract (the same one as the lore)
-he gets it and just goes with it (there’s a more real contract but tommy values his handwritten one more)
-sam signing it and tommy cheering and immediately going to text phil
sam: and... there you go! signed. :)
tommy: really??? ... YES!!! LETS GO!!! (calls phil and tells him)
-then tommy hanging up and smiling, then looking back over to sam.
tommmy: (clears his throat) um. my apologies. that was very unprofessional. thank you very much, sam.
-tubbo is the receptionist for the main hotel in the chain, (the one tommy is constantly at) but he basically becomes sort of a manager
-tommy sends him off to do multiple jobs throughout the day, and tubbo does them with only little complaint
tubbo: you know i’m not room service right?
tommy: i don’t remember asking
tubbo, already holding the room order: this isn’t my job tho-
tommy: and yet here you are, doing the job
-tommy pays him more than everyone else though, but tubbo doesn’t know that because tommy won’t let him see the usual staff paycheck
-tubbo is half a year older but his parents are constantly away on buisness trips so he is often home alone and has to take care of himself
-tommy is not good with showing his affection, the only one in his family to do so was wilbur. phil just kind of threw money at him on holidays and ignored him the rest of the time, and while techno was a lot more attentive to him, he wasn’t the best at affection either
-when tommy started making money with the hotel, (how very successful hotel chain), to show tubbo he cared he just started offering to buy him things
tommy, upon finding out tubbo likes bees: you know i could buy you a bee sanctuary if you’d like?
tubbo: tommy no-
-tubbo teaches him that money isn’t the only form of showing you care. it’s a long process
tommy: so you’re saying i shouldn’t buy sam a private engineering lab for his birthday?
tubbo: i know for a fact sam wouldn’t know how to accept such a gift and that he’d rather you close the hotel for a day and take him to play laser tag
tommy: ...okay but what if i do that and buy him a private engineering lab?
-the dream team are bell hoppers.
-tommy gets hate for being that young and successful
-the dream team are like “stfu i'm proud to be working for a very successful 16 yo how dare you" and go off on every rich person who says something about tommy’s age
they're still streamers. they just don't tell tommy. (tommy totally knows tho, he’s a 16 year old kid who plays minecraft and animal crossing, ofc he knows they’re video game streamers)
dream: hey tommy-
tommy: yes? is there a reason you're barging into my office?
dream: .. is that... animal crossing music? are you playing on a switch?
tommy: no!! i'm signing very important and legal documents!!! if you have nothing to say, get out!!
dream, to sapnap and george: he’s totally playing animal crossing.
-tommy makes them greet people at the doors and carry peoples bags purely because they’re famous. they don’t know this though
-they don't think tommy knows. tommy and tubbo think it’s hilarious. tommy hints it all the time that he knows but they just think he's being a kid
-quackity is on sam’s building/contracting team
-even after the hotel is built, q comes in to "check up" on the building with sam. and they "make sure nothing is going wrong with the building"
-they really just want to make sure tommy is okay under so much pressure
-wilbur totally has tubbo’s schedule and knows when tubbo’s on break, he can usually be found with tommy in tommy’s office
-wilbur will just barge in and be like “okay let’s go, you need a break”
-one time wilbur came in while sam and quackity were there
wilbur, barging in: kay, tommy, tubbo, let’s-
sam, mid lecture with tommy: you can’t keep doing this!
quackity, also scolding: you need to take a break, man.
tubbo, who noticed wilbur come in: wil! tell tommy he needs to go to bed and sleep! he hasn’t slept in twenty seven hours!
tommy, from his desk, with his head in his hands and leaning over paper work: i’m being ganged up on.
-wilbur instantly likes sam and quackity, because they care for his little brother (he totally has a rivalry with them though, he was there first, and tommy’s actual brother)
-the main hotel in the chain is sometimes used as an international meeting place for big companies and politicians
-more than once has phil or techno needed to stay for a few nights due to major meetings with powerful people
-it’s kind of awkward sometimes because tommy’s the hotel chain owner and since he’s based at the main hotel, he sometimes needs to greet the people going in for meetings
tommy: good afternoon, madam secretary
tommy: good afternoon, mister minister
tommy: good afternoon... *awkward cough* ...technoblade.
-or since he’s the ceo of a big name company, he sometimes has to attend big rich people galas that he hates
tommy: tubbo i literally hate these types of places, when can i leave, when am i allowed to to leave
tubbo, who is tommy’s plus one and moral support: dude i don’t know, i didn’t grow up rich
tommy, who grew up talking care of himself when wilbur wasn’t there: yeah well technically neither did i!
-and his father is a business man..
tommy, faking confidence and striding across the room: tubbo, i have no idea what i’m doing-
phil, from a table a few feet away, calling him over: theseus!
tommy, slowly turning around to see phil with a bunch of other rich people: fuckkkk-
-tommy makes sure everyone calls him tommy and not theseus
[in an interview]
interviewer: so theseus-
tommy: it's tommy.
interviewer: ... alright, tommy. would you like to address the rumors going around of your boyfriend?
tommy: huh??? oh, you mean tubbo? no, we're just best friends. and that's weird. i'm a minor.
interviewer: are you gay, though? we've never seen you date any women.
tommy: no, i do date women! all the time!!
-tommy being legally named "theseus watson" but calling himself "tommy innit"
-wilbur is legally “wilbur watson” but only ever goes by his stage name “wilbur soot”
-they both totally end up changing their names. legally.
-tommy saying i hate men because he just hates his father
-tommy getting scandals and controversies all the time but just by the upper class
-everyone else loves and adores him and knows he's literally just a 16 yo kid so that kind of stuff is a joke and he can say that without getting in trouble
-tommy will be in his office and tubbo will be at the front desk and sometimes tommy will just yell “TUBBOOOOO HELP MEEEEE” if his laptop crashes because Tubbo Tech
tommy: [during a meeting] oh, tubbo's clocked in for work.... TUBBOOO!
tommy: he's gonna come in here. surely. he'll go "hellœ?" surely. he'll walk in here...
tubbo: [walks in the room] hellœ?
-phil still has no idea who tubbo is
wilbur: yeah, i’m going to go check on tommy and tubbo
phil: ..the receptionist?
wilbur: ...
wilbur, internally: also your sons best friend but yeah sure, the receptionist.
-techno is lowkey fond of tubbo
-techno notices how tommy is clinging to tubbo at parties and galas all the time so he tries to get tommy to talk about him
-he likes that tubbo is there for tommy and totally resonates with the chaotic energy the two create
-sometimes when tommy can’t get tubbo in to the parties/galas, and techno is there, tommy will hang around him and steal his things
-like taking his wallet so techno will have to go back to the hotel afterwards and visit tommy
-he does it for attention. 
-tommy lives at the hotel. it’s not technically legal cause he wasn’t emancipated from his family and he’s only 16 but they’re rich so people don’t really say anything
-technically he still has a room at phil’s place, but he stays in a room at the hotel. when designing the place, he made sure to map out an area for his living space
-tubbo takes naps in his room
tubbo: i'm gonna go take a nap in the break room
quackity: there is no break room??
tubbo: yea there is. on the top floor. with the giant door.
quackity:... isn't that tommy's room???
-tubbo sometimes stays the night with tommy, when his parents have been on a business trip for over two weeks. he still goes to in-person school so he usually only stays on weekends during the school year
-tommy does online school, and forces himself to get his schoolwork for the week done over the weekend so he can focus on the hotel and other responsibilities
-he fakes having the “lmao i'm better and have more money also you don't play minecraft" mentality towards other kids and claims that’s why he does online
-it’s actually because he doesn’t have time to balance everything and he was bullied in the past so he switched to online school as soon as he started his hotel
-sometimes tubbo helps him with his classes tommy is overworked. like, in his off time. he has the passwords to tommy's computer so he just goes on it and does some of his school work
-tommy ranting to tubbo about how he hates his dad and how he said phil was gonna visit him the next day
-phil arriving and asking tubbo (because he's the receptionist) where tommy is. tubbo saying he doesn't know and that he left. even though tommy is literally in his room
-phil tries. he just doesn’t know how to parent. techno was 17 and wilbur was 15 when he adopted tommy, and he just got busy enough and forgot how to take care of a child
-tommy knows if he talks to phil, it’ll be awkward and phil will just try and buy him off (not intentionally, it’s just how business men be working, yknow)
-tommy just wants to prove himself, to both himself and phil. and hes using his hotel to do that
fanart that was posted with @cb28 ‘s work
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(i got permission to post this)
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copperbadge · 2 years
Remote, Relief, and the Pandemic Deli
For years, a lot of companies clung to pre-2012 studies about work-from-home productivity and the example Marissa Mayer set when she joined Yahoo and six months later banned working from home based on VPN data. A lot of sketchy studies about remote work productivity have been cited in the past decade, and even allowing the occasional remote day was often either policy banned or shadow banned when employees would get hassled for requesting them.   
But, well, 2020. It’s not that the pandemic proved to us that remote work would not destroy the economy, but it provided an opportunity to study remote work in a new light, with a huge dataset. Now studies are emerging that not only do companies whose workers can go remote save money, but on average remote working increases productivity. Even in a pandemic.
Now, on the one hand productivity should not be the metric by which we measure human worth or happiness. And this is also an extremely abnormal situation. We were all asked to stay at home as much as possible anyway, and with unemployment spiking, a lot of people were terrified of losing their jobs and may have put in extra (perhaps too much) effort to prove they were working hard. So this data may be a little wonky. But even before the pandemic there were studies coming out of Stanford that remote work was not the disaster Yahoo thought it was (at least in China, where the study data came from). 
On the other hand, insights are also starting to emerge that will make you say “Shocking!” very sarcastically: It’s the managers. 
Early in the pandemic, pieces began to appear about how companies were really starting to see who wasn’t pulling their weight, or who wasn’t necessary, and it was predominantly managers and supervisors. Studies emerging now are pointing out that whether company staff are productive or reductive isn’t down to where they’re located, but rather how they’re managed. Shocking!
I don’t think remote work is right for everyone, and if remote work numbers stay high after the pandemic it will be in our cultural best interest to be mindful of how we manage not only the work itself but how it impacts our relationship to society. Remote work can be intensely isolating and lead to poor work-life boundaries. And some people just plain don’t like it! And that’s okay. 
But I do think that a high percentage of workers staying remote could break a lot of bad management policy, and maybe make room for a better way of looking at management, hierarchy, and what makes a good boss -- and what makes a strong worker. It could lead to a cultural movement towards intentionality in our social interactions, and a re-evaluation of how we behave and where we go when we’re outside the home. 
I’ve been thinking a lot about how so many restaurants now either offer groceries or have little grocery sections in their physical locations. I call them Pandemic Delis and I kind of hope they last after the pandemic ends. I think there is a similar space opening up for both remote work stations (like wework only not, you know, ludicrously dysfunctional) and remote relief stations. 
Imagine going to a Pandemic Deli post-covid, getting yourself a freshly-made hot breakfast, buying a few necessities for dinner that night, and then being given a choice: screen or no screen? On one side are remote workers being out in the world, sipping coffee while they plug their laptops into pre-set monitor stations, maybe even meeting with their supervisors to go over the week’s planning or using a booth to video-call their colleagues. It could even be people who just want to read an ebook or text with their family. On the other side, you leave your phone in a locker, sit down, and have a meal with a friend, or play a board game with someone, or simply consciously unplug for a little while because you spent all of yesterday at home with your work screen. 
I wish I knew how, or had the power, to guide culture in a direction where more people have more options that make them happier. I think the fact that our society is increasingly data-driven might actually help, in that it proves to people disinterested in human happiness that human happiness is still vitally important. 
I suppose the point is I hope that if we had to live through 2020, we, as a collective, at least use it to make some positive change in 2021. 
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fltechlady · 4 months
Computer Buying Tips For the Every-person
Computer buying guides are easy to find, but the results often lead you guides geared towards gamers, or towards small-to-medium sized business owners. I am here to provide some tips for the ordinary residential computer buyer. This is simply an overview of what to look for, not a drilled-down analysis of specific market items, as markets change in the blink of an eye.
The first thing to ask yourself is what do you use your computer for? Word processing, email and general web browsing have different requirements than video creation, special effects, animation, and editing. In other words, you do not need the latest gaming computer for school or work; but graphics and video creators are likely to need even more than the gamers that use their creations.
Portability is another consideration. Will you be using this computer in one place, do you expect to take it out and about with you? Desktop computers are still the biggest bang for your buck, and the all-in-one computers where the computer components are integrated behind the screen means they no longer take up the entirety of your desk. Still, for computing on the run; a laptop is still the better option. These days there are even laptops with touchscreens that can convert to tablet type forms.
After you have thought about what you will use the computer for, then we can look at specifications. The main one to consider in an off the shelf computer is the central processing unit, or CPU. this is the "brain" of the computer, that controls how the rest of the machine operates. A simplified explanation of CPUs. CPUs generally come in low end (Intel Core i3 and AMD A-Series, Athlon, Ryzen 3), mid range (Intel Core i5,i7 and AMD Ryzen 5,7) and high end (Intel Core i9, Xeon and AMD Ryzen 9, Ryzen Threadripper) Click here for a comprehensive list of CPUs The low end processors are good if you want to limit what can be done on the computer, such as the one you get for your school-age child. Mid range processors will suite most people and have a great range. As well as light computing, mid range processors can handle video streaming and most popular games on the market. High end processors are best for people who play the newest video-rich games and the people that create the content for those games. The next thing to consider is memory (RAM) and drive storage. Simplified RAM explanation While 4GB RAM is still considered minimum qualifications for popular operating systems, I will recommend a minimum of 8GB RAM even for a light duty machine. 16Gb RAM is what I would recommend for a mid range computer, and for the high end heavy use, 32G minimum. Drive storage is not as important now as it has been. With removable USB drives and cloud storage becoming so ubiquitous, you now longer need to store every file in your life on your computer's hard drive. They come in two general types, A hard disk drive (HDD) that has a spinning platter and solid state drives (SSD) that are chip-based. Drive storage explained One note I will make here is that Windows 10 (and presumably Windows 11) do not like HDDs. I have personally replaced HDDs with SSDs in four computers to alleviate drive thrashing and slow performance in Win 10 and Win 11. The final thing to consider is graphics. High end graphics may be detrimental to a productivity only low end machine, you will want good graphics for mid-range multipurpose machines and high end graphics intensive machines. In desktops, this component can be easily added after purchase, in laptops you will need to buy it as part of the computer. Here is a list of graphics cards available at this time. In general, laptop manufacturers will have a graphics card equitable to the CPU and may have several options available per CPU type.
In conclusion, the computer you buy should be tailored to how you expect it to be used. After all, you probably don't want to give your school aged child the fastest and best machine to do their schoolwork on, or you're likely to find them playing games rather than doing schoolwork! Conversely, if you're looking at a new computer because you want to stream you game playing on Twitch, a low end computer will just be frustrating. The good thing is, it is easier than ever to find a computer to properly meet your individual need.
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status: closed for @tiagonussbaum​ location: the houseboat  date: dec. 22nd, mid-evening
There were few things in the world, both above and below the surface of the water, that Ridley felt she could truly pride herself on - well, that was a lie. She found herself of being within the scope of a great many talents; but a master of none. None, perhaps, save for one - she was excellent with a cellphone. At this point, she could basically be part-time FBI. Internet stalking had come to fingers quicker than any other mundane human task, so when it was a foreign name she’d never heard of drawn from the Santa hat and given to her for secret santa, Ridley knew what to do. 
Google was her best friend in every situation, and the mystery of one Tiago Nussbaum was no match for it’s limits. Within mere moments, Ridley was on his author page, making mental notes of the importance of rye bagels, and his long lost of achievements. From there, it turned to looking at buying guides for keywords like best gifts for famous writer and what to buy an author, until eventually, painstakingly, the choices had been narrowed down. For someone experiencing her first ever Christmas, Ridley saved no effort in the pursuit for a winner gift - was it born of the natural desire to find success, in the small ways she could, or more to impress not only Victoria Wolfgang, but this presumably notable figure in Port Vale. 
How fortunate, this Tiago, Ridley found herself musing as she made the final preparations for her scheme a bit too grand for something as small-scale as a secret Santa community game. With Weldon’s help, and the promise of returning the favor, Ridley had secured a fancy-seeming messenger bag for laptops. Sure, the wrong name was embroidered on it, but the siren simply assumed that was a brand name or something, like maybe a Chad Whitley was a fancy indie designer that someone of Tiago’s status, surely, would be impressed to own. Beyond that, a hat she had deemed sleek and looking just as an author should. And, if all else failed, a gift card for the local breakfast bakery on the corner, just down from the city centre - rye bagels, they did not have, but regular ones would hopefully suffice. 
Armed with these gifts, and a card, penned in her own, childish script, it would read; 
I’ve always said, you can’t do your best if you don’t feel (or look) your best. 
What is a writer without the right props? Or snacks!
Merry Christmas, from a hopeful new friend
- Ridley Alara 
The siren had done well in her research, asking a couple of the other residents of Port Vale she had deemed ‘important’, and eventually had managed to bring her cyber-stalking talent to the real world, with little regard to how weird that should be for any totally average human. The siren blundered on, the Christmas bag swinging over her wrist oversized and dusting her path with gold and silver glitter. Aside from the picture of himself on the author’s website, Ridley was flying blind; but her assessment of him was the same she’d had while reading his legacy- man, he’s intense. 
Boldly, likely with more confidence than she should have, Ridley made her way to the man seated at the bar and gently tapped his shoulder, a smile brightly worn on her features and the a light dusting of snow still coating the top of her head. “Um, so, hi,” Ridley began, unable to help a quick glance down at her hand where she’d written his name - still forever fussing over how to properly say it. “Tie-Tiago? Right? Hi, I’m Ridley, and guess what! I’m your Secret Santa. Surprise!” With that, she thrust the gift bag forward, realizing her plan had literally no advancement past this; and, belatedly, she was struck with the first of the worry of it’s kind - what if he hated it? 
Tumblr media
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twiststreet · 1 year
Tumblr media
New favorite purchase in a while:  my copy of OffGrid magazine (or “recoil offgrid...?”)  that I bought at the Sacramento airport because I missed what magazines used to be:  little short opportunities on the most casual possible basis to find out about a world not your own, paid attention to with scrutiny but some editorial distance, I guess is how I’d put it.  The last days of magazines were a while ago (and the heyday was before I was alive, the heyday was the 60′s)-- and the internet’s attempts to do magazines all seem to have failed, RIP Grantland or whatever.  But it was an hour long plane flight and I didn’t want to read the novel I brought with me, so.
OffGrid seemed like it’d be a fun one-- I mean, that jacket.  What’s going on with that guy’s life that he was like “I need to wear this jacket?”  How much time got spent posing that collar.  Why is he in using a laptop in the woods...?  You can’t see what’s on the bag to his left but it’s the words “Mystery Ranch.”  I wanted to solve that mystery!!!
Tumblr media
Plus: for a good solid moment, I was like, “Man, what if I had a DIY Junkyard Knife Project.  What if that’d be good for me, like, as a new thing?  What if immersing myself into high-end artisnal shivs could become a fun side hustle?  I could sell my bespoke shanks at Guns and Knives Shows.”  My whole thing lately has been trying to pivot and all, so.  You know: dreams; aspirations; etc.  (Bladeshow West is on October 8-9 in Long Beach and has the “West Coast Flipping Championship”, but I’m out of town).  
So I open it up on the plane-- inside front cover is a photograph of a socom 16 cqb, opposite a photo of a man holding the rifle. The man’s beard is exactly what you’re imagining.  Most of the ads are for guns or night vision shit (one ad is for Gatorz sunglasses, though-- “the world’s best eyewear for mission driven people”).  Besides that, it’s a normal-looking magazine, albeit not a particularly inspired one on the design side, but.  There’s a gear section like men’s magazines always have, but for the “ultimate go bag”, bikes, “urban use” hiking boots, dinner sausages, thermal optics, knives, and a book called “The Ninja Wilderness Survival Guide.”  Ninjas were big outdoorsmen.  You know: so far so good-- exactly what I wanted.  It’s a magazine for MEN in all caps so everything being sold  is exclusively black or grey or grey-brown.
And it’s got that sort of “we’re a magazine” tone to the prose, like there’s a certain style of writing that magazines always have-- it’s such a narrow band of style that people are okay with reading... but like from the survivalist sausage review:
“As much as we fancy ourselves survivalists, not all of us are going to take down a buck, field dress it, and haul it back to home base during a weekend camping trip with the family.  Sometimes we just ilke to chill and and make s’mores.”
That sort of performance of humility that magazines have.  “We’re all just people here.  Now here’s our review of a $90 hatchet” (‘perfect for batoning wood.’).  Part of me wants to live in the world of magazines...
But then you get to the Good Part-- the article “What If Your Privacy has Been Compromised by Internet Doxing” by ... “Recoil Offgrid Staff.”  Ohhhh, I see what they did there. You’re not going to dox the person who wrote this article, folks.  (Except the names of staff are all listed in the magazine credits, so not the tightest op-sec I’ve ever seen, but okay).
This article kind of catches the eye because of the extremely specific hypotheticals.
Because it’s an article about what to do about internet doxing but it begins with a section called “The Setup”, laying out a scenario that YOU, the READER, might have to worry about, a situation where you might very well get doxed and then what???  Here’s that part of the article:
The Setup: imagine you attended a city council meeting to express your concern about the side effect of a growing homeless population in your area.  You plan to voice your concern for your famliy’s safety after witnessing an increase in drug sales, sexual assaults and public defecation.  [...] Some activists who attended this meeting did so in an effort to retaliate against residents who were speaking out against the homeless problem.  [..] An  online petition appearing to solicit residents to push for legislation that imposes tougher penalties against homelessness had recently been started.  [...] Everyone who’d signed up had been catfished. [...] Now, hostile notes are being left in your mailbox, harassing calls and texts from blocked numbers are coming in and you genuinely fear that the reprisals will become physical.”  
The entire premise of the article is that you say something so hateful at a city council meeting about “how we need to punish the homeless” that the internet causes you to fear for your safety!!  Your A+ plan to **have the same decrepit bureaucracy that’s allowed a homeless crisis to just terrorize people because they can’t pay for basic survival** is so despised that you need to read a magazine article urging you to (and this is a quote) “decide whether to stay at my residence, leave my house temporarily, or permanently move.”  
(The worst doxing I ever saw was because women went near video games, but).
Just this ultra-specific hypothetical!  There’s a real “office staff” 10000% got made fun of on twitter for yelling some dumb shit stink to the proceedings from, ike, paragraph 3 on.  And if you were wondering whether the article would complain about vaccines later, you betcha.  In a later section, the article warns you to obtain situational awareness and not engage with internet crackpots, but the hypothetical example they give is “Did that person actually say they believe that anyone who’s hesitant to be vaccinated should be compelled to do so or be banned from participating in any social activity?”  Use your situational awareness!  Stay away from that person online but insist on coughing around them socially!  They can dox you just for trying to negligently murder their immuno-compromised grandpa!!  Here’s an ad for a gun.  
Here’s a drawing that comes with the article:
Tumblr media
The reader is being asked to relate to the person looking at the phone!  “That’s probably what you look like.”  I mean... seems fair?
The next article is with a veteran of the IDF.  There’s an article about hiding secret messages in memes (the example is a meme of a dog that say “love is in the air or is that bacon?”), which suggests you hide images in “raunchy images” since casual onlookers may click away from those faster... on the internet... where raunchy images are frowned upon??  There’s an article about how to escape if you’re ever tied up with duct tape (i’m going to live forever).  There’s an article about the kinds of reptiles you want to hunt when you’re trying to survive that tells readers not to hunt crocodiles, and stick to snakes and lizards-- there goes my weekend.  
But I just love that at the very core of this, that they say the quiet part out loud, that the reason you need all this survivalist knowledge and tactical gear is... because quote “self-proclaimed social justice” people out there don’t want to hear your A+ super-good ideas about society.  A young person called me a Mayonnaise-Turd for refusing to be vaccinated and coughing on all the produce at Krogers.  What’s the best tactical knife I can buy?  Waaaah.  Just the constant fear that drips off of these morons, because they live in a world where they get called stupid finally with the regularity they’ve long deserved. Just the most scared fucking cowards-- they need night vision goggles to fucking go to Dave & Busters, because these stay-puft marshmallow men think that AntiFa is going to bumrush the Dave & Busters for their skeeball tickets.  
I love anytime you scratch away at Real Masculinity and find the throbbing, wet Hyperemotional Pussy underneath that’s there like at least 7 out of 10 times.  That was basically the premise of the entire early 00′s in comedy, and I had a really good time, but then woke comedy-scolds made them stop and then ended comedy and replaced comedy with Bo Burnham filming himself crying while waiting for Door Dash in his mansion.  I don’t understand the world anymore!  I wish I’d owned a PFC9 Compact pistol with aggressive slide serrations when children killed bromance comedies!!!!  Jason Segal and Paul Rudd haven’t made a movie together in years-- time to go off the grid! 
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biggest fan ; atsumu miya
(1) "maybe he's my laptop wallpaper"
synopsis ; you are the youngest bokuto, and the biggest atsumu miya fan in all history (self proclaimed) so just your luck that a threat from your older brother to go to his game ends in you meeting your celebrity crush, and trying to not freak out, but oh what chaos ensues...
Tumblr media
perfumers guide ; is the best friend literally just me inserting into my OWN FANFIC?? W A BOKUTO LOVE STORY? yeah fuck off let me have what i want its my fanfic motherfucker,, u, our beautiful mc, are a fangirl/boy/them/idc,, also i referred to ur friend as ur friend the whole fic, might give them an alias later on but idk for now,, tysm to my loves @scouts-ahoy and my bestie indigo for betaing for me <3 ily guys sm <3
perfume ingredients ; light cursing, rlly funny friend, fanperson-ing???, idk tw atsumu miya/j, bokuto being a butthead brother, gn reader (hopefully it comes across as such), omi being a bad friend/j,, cheesy corny romance movie esc love story <33,, written like a wattpad fanfic so sucks for u
word count ; 1388 words
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe he blackmailed me like that!” You cried out, standing outside the building of the volleyball game you were attending.
“Don’t pretend you weren’t gonna show up anyways. Besides, he got us front row seats! Isn’t that awesome!” Your friend of many years squealed, adjusting his shirt before turning to you with a smirk, “Plus~ after, we’re going to dinner with your future boyfriend~” They teased, and you squeaked, chasing after them as they laughed. You both got in line and entered the building, packed full of people as you talked while walking to your seats according to your tickets.
A week prior your brother, Kotaro, had burst into your room in the apartment you shared, jumping on the bed and shoving two tickets to his next game. You had said you would buy your own tickets, since you wanted to be independent and were sick of relying on "big bro ko ko" but he interrupted you, threatening that if you didn’t take them he would tell Atsumu, his teammate, about your “big fat enormous super fan googly disgusting mushy gushy crush” on him and so you begrudgingly took the tickets. You decided to go with your friend, who was more excited to see your brother than the actual game.
“I can't believe you’re a brother banger…” You murmured. Your friend turned to you, a look of mock betrayal on their face.
“Honey Boo Bear! You dare think I’d cheat on you my beloved snookums?!” They said overdramatically and very loudly. You giggled, playing along with their antics with a smile.
“Pumpkin wumpkin! I can see you have feelings for another who is not me!”
“No! My cuddle wuddle baby poo I would never!-” They said, cut off by your laughter, followed by their own. Of course, even if you were pissed at Ko for blackmailing you into going, you couldn’t deny your excitement to see the Atsumu Miya, who had been the apple of your eye since you first saw him play with your brother. You had created a fan twitter for him for christs sake! That fucking enamored. But, even if he was on the same team with Kotaro, you had never met him face to face.
You had dazed off and couldn’t see nor hear your friend, before they had shaken you back into consciousness.
“Oi! The game is about to start, dumbass!” They said, and you turned to look, seeing both teams enter the court. Your friend screamed and chanted when they saw Kotaro, who waved at the both of you with energy filled motions. And then, as if in slow motion, entered the “love of your life.”
He was like a renaissance statue, carved from the finest marble and shaped into this beauty. His eyes were filled with life as he waved to all his fans, and when he swept his gaze over to where you were standing, it felt as if time stopped. It was like that scene from every cheesy romcom movie where the main character’s heart pounded erratically, and just like in a movie, the breath from your lungs was stolen away. Were you in heaven? This is totally heaven right?
His eyes. Oh, his eyes. Like molten gold, the sun's reflection on a lake. Like the sweetest caramel, that you could practically taste on your tongue. Atsumu seemed frozen as well, before Shoyo came over and shook him awake, turning to the court with a single glance back at you.
“Oh my god I think I might die.” You said, practically falling into your companions arms, who raised a brow at you.
“Are you okay? What happened?” They asked, a concerned expression on their face.
“Did you not see?!?! We made eye contact!! For like! A minute! And now I’ve fallen in love with him and I want his children!” You screamed, and they clasped a hand over your mouth quickly.
“One, crowded area, don’t say that shit out loud. Two, what’s the big deal? Weren’t you already in love with him?” They said, tilting their head to the side to look at you.
“Yes but like we’d never made eye contact! And I’m like! His biggest fan!” You squeaked, your voice cracking as you cleared it, looking desperately at your friend.
“How big?” They asked, and you gave an exasperated sigh.
“Maybe he’s my laptop wallpaper..” You murmured, twiddling your hands together. “Laptop wallpaper” had been an inside joke between you two to measure the depth of your obsession. Laptop wallpaper being the biggest, and twitter profile picture being the lowest.
“Oh my god big big…” They whispered, and you two continued to talk over your dilemma as the game went on.
Tumblr media
As the game came to an end, with another victory for the Jackals, the two of you ran down the steps with special access passes, also gifted to you by Kotaro, and ran to congratulate the team. There was a sappy moment where your friend jumped into Kotaro’s arms rambling about how amazing he was, as he walked over to you and raised his hand for a high five, which you begrudgingly gave.
“You suck, butthead.” You said with a smile, and he grinned at you, as you walked off to a brooding black haired man, who was staring off in another dimension before you called his name, “Hey Omi! You did great!” You cheered, and he turned to you with a semi-smile.
“Thanks little Bokuto.” He said, and you rolled your eyes.
“The least you could do is say my name!” “I think little Bokuto works just fine.”
“Omiiii! That is so cruel and mean! I am going to report you on Stop It!” You said, and he laughed. Kiyoomi has been your friend since high school. You didn’t like the idea of being overshadowed by your brother, so you chose a school where no one would recognize you as his sibling, and bumped into Kiyoomi. Literally. And decided to stick around the brooding loner who preferred to eat lunch on the rooftop away from the hordes of people.
“So, did you totally fitz out when Miya came on court?” He said with a knowing smirk, causing your face to heat up as you cried out in protest.
“I did not!”
“They totally did.” Shoyo interrupted, and you spun around to throw a fake punch at him. He dodged with ease and stuck his tongue out at you, and you did the same.
“Shut up!” You yelled, groaning when the two laughed at you, “I’m gonna wait outside for you guys! And Omi! You smell horrible!” You cried, grinning in triumph at his annoyed face, looking at himself covered in sweat and sighing.
You walked out of the gym, waiting outside the doors as you said you would, opting to scroll through your phone idly.
“Yer Bokuto’s sibling right?” A light voice asked by your ear, which caused you to jump and throw a punch out of instinct. A groan and head of blonde hair that you’d seen hundreds of times in twitter edits and your dreams made you gasp. “You sure know how to throw a punch huh? Yowch,” Atsumu grunted, holding his stomach as you panicked and apologized, to which he laughed, “It’s okay! I didn’t give no warnin’ so I scared ya! I get it!” He said, and you blushed profusely.
You just punched your celebrity crush in the stomach, there goes your dreams of a fanfiction type first meeting. You sighed, putting your hand out to shake his as you introduced yourself.
“I’m Atsumu Miya.” “Well obviously.” You said and then gasped at how rude that must’ve sounded. You were about to apologize again until he laughed. He looked at you with those eyes again.
“Yer real funny! I hope yer goin’ to dinner with us, it’d be totally boring without ya.” He said, and you nodded.
“Of course, I promised my brother.” You said, and he did a small fist bump, before pausing and taking out his phone, passing it to you.
“Put yer number in there, pretty please.” He said, and you nodded, typing your phone number and name. He smiled when you handed his phone back, checking the time before whispering curses, “Fuck, I still gotta change, but I’ll see ya at the dinner kay? See ya round pretty!” He called and you waved goodbye blushing at the compliment and chuckling before the realization set in.
Tumblr media
"you are so loud..."
"shut up ko you're fat."
Tumblr media
olivonie 2021
reblogs are welcome !! pls !!!!
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techycrunch · 11 months
Graphic Designing Laptops:)
Guide for the Best Laptops for Students       (Graphics Majors )
Tumblr media
Laptop computers are essential school supplies for many educational institutions. The traditional textbook system has been replaced by technological advancement and is now a necessary part of a student’s curriculum. 
Some important aspects, you should consider before buying :
1. OS(Operating System) - When it comes to the OS , you need to choose whether you want to buy a Mac or a Windows pc. Luckily, most software for graphic designer is available on both iOS and Microsoft windows.         Obviously, the latest M1Chip , makes MacBook better choice over other laptops in the market.
Tumblr media
2. RAM - If you are a beginner in graphics world then you can consider 8gb (enough for beginners), but in case if you took graphics as your profession then my friend! you must go for 16gb or 32gb ram. As a graphic designer you will oftten have to switch between different apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign- so you need that extra juice.
Tumblr media
3. CPU - Any serious graphic design software will require a powerful processor(CPU) to run all your tasks smoothly. The two giants in processor market, Intel and Ryzen, they both recently introduced best processors for high intensive graphic uses.  
 (1) AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X (High-Level Workstation CPU)                   (2) AMD Ryzen 9 3950X (Fast Best Value Multipurpose CPU)                             (3) Intel Core i9-10900K (Fastest CPU For Gaming And Graphic Design)         (4) AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (Best all-around value budget AMD CPU)                       (5) Intel Core i5-10600K (Best all-around value budget Intel CPU)
Tumblr media
4. Display - As a designer you need the highest resolution possible to see clearly the tiniest details without any pixelation. If you can afford, you should opt for 4K(3840x2160) display. In budget friendly laptops, you can have 2K(2048x1080) display also, but definitely you will find it not as good as recommended one.
Tumblr media
 5. GPU -  Better a graphics card, faster a computer runs. A computer or laptop with a better discrete graphics card will make an application work faster as it will put less pressure on a computer’s memory and CPU.
Tumblr media
Best Laptops for Graphic design 2022 : Top picks for Graphic designers- 
1. MacBook Pro 14inch(2021):                                                                            Rated 5 star (Mightily  Impressive)   https://www.techradar.com/reviews/macbook-pro-14-inch-2021
Tumblr media
2. Dell XPS 17(2021):                                                                                         Rated  4.5 star (A powerhouse for creative design)   https://www.techradar.com/reviews/dell-xps-17-2021
Tumblr media
3. Gigabyte Aero 17(2021):                                                                         Rated  5 star (A creative professional’s dream)   https://www.techradar.com/reviews/gigabyte-aero-17-2021-review
Tumblr media
4. MacBook Pro 13-inch(M1,2020):                                                              Rated 4.5 star (Apple’s little MacBook Pro gets a big refresh)   https://www.techradar.com/reviews/apple-macbook-pro-13-inch-m1-2020
Tumblr media
5. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (Gen 6,2017):                                                          Rated 5 star (The perfect 2-in-1 for graphic designers)   https://www.techradar.com/reviews/lenovo-thinkpad-x1-yoga-gen-6 
Tumblr media
6. MacBook Pro 16-inch(2021):                                                                   Rated 4.5 star (An extraordinary laptop for graphic design)   https://www.techradar.com/reviews/apple-macbook-pro-16-inch-2021  
Tumblr media
7.Dell XPS 15 2021(2021):                                                                                Rated 5 star (Perfect for graphic design)     https://www.techradar.com/reviews/dell-xps-15-2020
Tumblr media
8. Acer Concept D 7(2019):                                                                          Rated 4 star (A mobile workstation for creatives)      https://www.techradar.com/reviews/acer-conceptd-7
Tumblr media
9. Razer Blade 14(2016):                                                                               Rated 4 star (Portable laptops for Graphics Design)      https://www.techradar.com/reviews/razer-blade-14
Tumblr media
10. Lenovo legion 7i(2020)                                                                          Rated 4 star (A perfect machine for work and play)    https://www.techradar.com/reviews/lenovo-legion-7i-2020
Did you find the info shared useful? Please share your reviews about the laptops mentioned. Also pen down, If any other laptop you want me to mention here. I’ll be glad to have  your responses.
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What are the best laptops under 1200
Looking for the best laptops under 1200 of 2021? Then you've come to the right place, as on this page, we've listed the top laptops for all kinds of budgets, and each one has been thoroughly tested by us.
The best laptop overall, in our opinion, is the MacBook Air (M1, 2020). Apple's refreshed thin and light laptop is an absolutely brilliant device that combines a gorgeous design with amazing battery life and superb performance thanks to its new M1 chip - which has been specially designed by Apple.
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decayandfanfics · 1 year
The great book of sayings
PAIRINGS: Tomura Shigaraki x FemReader
SUMMARY: He looks at you, his scarlet eyes fixed on yours, burning a hole through your head, every bit the predator he is, but you are as tough as it gets, so, against your better judgment and any well-founded logic, you answer his silent threat, the animalistic look he gives you with nothing less than a fearless smirk, irises burrowing into his pupils.A clever girl. He thinks, finally labeling you inside his head, cursing himself in the very moment he allows his brain to think of you as more than an asset. He is sure (he knows himself enough to know) he’ll think of this moment many times from now on.A clever pretty girl.
Reader is a typical college student until she gets herself tangled with the league of villains.
WARNINGS: Unhealthy/complicated relationships, violence, Tomura being Tomura, mentions of murder, heroes’ abuse of power, smut later.
A/N: I’m trying so hard to write crusty boy here really in character. At least after AfO is taken. Any misspelled words, english is not my native language so i’m trying Helen.
Chapter 7 / Chapter 8
Familiarity breeds contempt.
Three days became four, then five. The hours flowing between your fingers and before you know it’s been two weeks and three days already.
Not that your will ask them to go. You were pretty sure the little trembling harmony that reigns in your home is as fragile as you decide by asking the wrong question.
To say you are comfortable would be rich, at least. They are a band of murderers, meanwhile you were just a student, but you would be lying if you didn’t accept the fact that the wave of fear had subdue to become some mild annoyance.
The thing is that the famous league of villains is as human as can be. Surely, they are insane, powerful, and menacing, but they also eat, and sleep, and they watch tv and smile when they are happy.
So here you are, getting in tune with their antics. Like how Magne likes to use your flowery shampoo because smells nice and it makes her feel pretty, or that Mr. Compress drinks his milk with honey before sleep.
So, you try your best to remember place and time, but then Toga asks you to paint her nails and asks if she can brush your hair because she wants so desperately to be your friend that something in your heart breaks a little when you remember that she’s just an abandoned child, with no other feminine figure to guide her. (Magne does what she can, but she also faces different kinds of struggle.)
Something in you began to soften to them and you simply cannot help it. Maybe is the little girl in you who wanted to be a hero but saw it impossible.
That’s how you end asking Spinner about his swords, both of you watching some tv program about forging historical weapons, and sharing about your parent’s death with Jin, who cries for you and hugs your tightly telling everyone he’s so happy to have a friend like you.
You end up buying vitamins and oranges for them because no one getting scurvy under your watch. Patching their injures and making some fast clinical examination of them, just to discover some of them are underweight, scrawny, and sharp. So, you cook for them, and made two beds in the living room because you’ve always had a soft spot for broken things and lost causes and somehow, you really want to make them feel nice, and you are no longer sure if this is about your survival or theirs.
Then is Tomura.
You can feel the attraction growing wild inside of you. How your eyes look for his figure inside the house and how you care about what he thinks of you or what he likes.
He’s not helping either, not when he insists on playing chess with you between playful back and forth, or sometimes just sits behind you in the kitchen counter to watch you cook. Silent until he’s not, asking “what’s that” when he sees you putting some spices in the pot.
He’s a curious cat. A fast learner and problem solver. Quick to intuition and creativity.
And you like the way his hair falls wet over his shoulders, clearing away from his face after he showers, looking less like a vagabond and more like a boy.
It’s awful and you know it. You can recognize a crush from a mile away and yours is there pulsing alive for everyone to watch.
The sad part is the what if.
Sometimes Toga asks things. Random things about medicine, about history, about books, and you cannot help it but to vomit everything you know about the subject because you are a scholar above everything else.
Those are the moments when Shigaraki will look at you from the corner of his ruby eyes, attentively listening and absorbing anything you say, siting quietly in a corner of the room, playing with his phone. Then he’ll hear something that catches his interest, asking you about it, his questions always interesting and more complex than Toga’s.
It saddens you to think of him as a student. His brilliance shining under the lights of proper education and love. What positive reinforcement and care could have done for him. Not that you know anything about Shigaraki, but there is no way a loving family could produce such person (not when you are more than sure that he’s clinically depressed), so your bets are on violence and abandonment.
What brilliant career could have achieved, what kind of things would he create, instead of just brutal destruction and (you suspect this one) raw self-loathing.
So, you dream of him sometimes.
You can see him wearing more than just a worn-out coat, a backpack hanging from his shoulder and his soft features clean and properly cared for. What he should look without the dry skin, the slouching and the eyebags.
You can imagine him crossing paths with you on campus, siting with you in the cafeteria, laughing youthfully, his persona free of the heavy weight of his wicked gestures, product of a life expended celebrating too much spite.
Maybe you would have meet him in other circumstances. A “friend of a friend” in some shitty party, the kind of boy that smiles when speaking, sharing some smart-ass joke, his witty speech making you laugh, making you fall.
Just like now.  
“so, how do you know a quirk is a mutation?” Toga ask while you read some article in your laptop.
“well, most of them have a base or function as a variety of some primordial quirk. Those that are mutations simple work outside the norm and tend to be very dangerous for the everyone, including the holder, because as the mutation is a completely new expression of genetics, the rest of the body is still adapting to the evolutionary crescendo. That and, well…mutants have a very distinct look because the gene that comes with the mutation, also alters the expression of other common things like melatonin production.”
“Oh! I remember that! We saw it at school…with the Mendeleyev system.”
“exactly!” You say, but Toga isn’t done with the questions and you don’t stop the conversation before-
“so, how do they look? The mutants. How do they look.”
“well, they all have silver hair and red eyes.”
They look at the corner of the kitchen and only then you realize what you’ve done.
“Congratulations, Shigaraki. You are officially a fucking freak.” Dabi says from the couch, but Shigaraki doesn’t answer his provocation. He just keeps playing in his phone, the only sign of acknowledge is an arched brow.
It rubs you wrong. As much as anybody is okay with it, you hate the words that leave his mouth.
Maybe is the fact that he’s making fun of someone’s looks, or maybe is because hearing someone being called a freak sends you back to high school when your classmates told you that you were a fucking creep with that evil quirk of yours (or maybe is the stupid crush speaking) but it makes you angry, so before you can think of it, you spat.
“blue eyes are a mutation too, so you are no one to talk about it.”
Twice laughs at the comeback, but before you could taste your little win, Dabi makes sure to answer back because he’s being dying to fight you the moment he set a foot on your apartment.
“that was bold for a quirkless little bitch.”
You laugh astonished, deciding you will not acknowledge the fact he (very wrongly) thinks you quirkless.
“A quirkless little bitch? Seriously, Dabi? Where you raised in a fucking barn that you know nothing but fuck this and bitch that?
“yeah. I know stupid cunt too.” He barks referring to you.
“Dabi, cut it out.” Shigaraki snaps to no avail.
“Hey! We agree in no insults!” Compress try to quiet the fight down, but neither of you pays attention.
“I’m sure you do. Pretty useful to describe yourself I bet.”
“you sure like to bet, like how you are betting I don’t burn you alive for being an annoying bitch.” He threatens looking at the chess game still on the kitchen table, getting quickly into your nerves.
“Guys-“Toga fails to intercede.
“Fuck off, Dabi. This might be shocking for you, but you don’t scare me.”
“now, that’s pretty fucking stupid of you.”
“Dabi, shut up!” Shigaraki growls done, but you are not paying attention to him, so you keep pushing into the fight.  
“I’m not the one insulting everyone just because I cannot deal with some fucking daddy issues.”
“YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT” he snarls before kicking the little table in your living room, breaking one of its legs.
“CUT IT OUT! I don’t have to know when it’s plainly obvious you have problems with authority.”
“you really think you are so clever, don’t you?” he states, crossing the living room, aiming to you.
“Dabi, get the fuck out!” this time Shigaraki yells.
“I know I am, asshole!”
He stops his tracks, looming over you. His eyes scanning your face before looking at Shigaraki, who suddenly stands beside you.
Dabi laughs darkly.
“stupid woman. You should know better.”
And then…he just slaps your laptop out of the table; the computer smashing open against the cemented ground.
Chapter 9
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shirleykarasuma · 2 years
Hello my friends,
So my previous post was a little teaser for todays topic. If you have not already guessed it, we're talking about videogames today! \°3°/
I don't how familiar you are with Detective Conan videogames? I assume most of you know that that's a thing. Owo
Edit: OK, so I was just told today by some people that they didn't know, that there are Detective Conan videogames. owO
Well, that's not a problem! I'm here to tell you a little bit ab out it. ૮₍。´• ˕ •`。₎ა
So In general there have been mad a lot of Detective Conan videogames over the past.
Consoles including:
Gameboy Color
Gamboy Advance
Sony PlayStation~
PlayStation 1
PlayStation Portable
And other Consoles and Computers that are Japan exclusive.
Since Detective Conan has been popular with young kids in Japan, most of these are games were made to appeal to this type of audience.
Most games, not all of them. ( ゚∀゚)
So now lets look at my small collection of Detective Conan videogames. °^°
Tumblr media
I'm sorry of this will become a long post, but there is just too much to talk about. ^^°
These are all my Nintendo games:
Gameboy Advance~
Tumblr media
"Detective Conan - Targeted Detective" is my newest game and I actually have the guide book along with it.
It has a nice story mode with multiple cases happening around well known Conan characters and some arcarde games.
I'm around 3/4 through the game and it got me hoocked at the first chapter. (⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷ ⌑ ᵒ̴̶̷⸝⸝⸝)
The best part about old Conan games are, you can just buy them and put them into your Gameboy. They don't have a region protection. I've tried it and it really works. ⭕ (⌐■ω■)✧
Tumblr media
"Detective Conan - Detective Trainer" is a nice game that's based on multiple arcade style games that are supposed to train you and let you become a great detective.
Because of it's overall concept it has a repetitive gameplay. Even though this game couln't hook me for a longer time, I found it still very fun and enjoyable. (ง˘ω˘)ว
Tumblr media
"Detective Conan - The prelude of time" is a game that works more in the style of solving multiple cases. It has a nice story mode with multiple cases and well known characters. Alongside the story mode, two seperate arcade games and a extra jigsaw puzzle game there is also a Quiz game within the game where you can test your knowledge about Detective Conan. Yes, there is a lot to play. (๑°o°๑)
This game is absolutely amazing. I've played it multiple times and it's really really cool. > 3 <💖
Also this game was the only one that was released for PlayStation Portable.
Within the Japanese fandom it is known as one of the best Conan games to be ever made.
DS games also have no Region protection, meaning you can just buy them from Japan and play them on your DS. ⭕ (⌐■ω■)✧
Tumblr media
"Detective Conan - Marionette Symphony" is my only 3DS game. However I can't play it, because I don't own a Japanese 3DS. Unfortunately 3DS games have a region protection so you can't play it on any other device than a japanese 3DS. ❌
I am still very hyped. \°^°/🎉
I want to play this so bad. TwT
Tumblr media
The "Detective Conan - The Mirapolis investigation" is a game that's apparently is not in Japanese? Well that is because this game had more or less a international release. So I've got the German version of it. ^^°
Also this game is the first Detective Conan game in 3D.
I've played this game multiple times and it's actually not really that great compared to other Detective Conan games. The whole story mode can be completed in around one hour and that is actually short for a Conan game. TwT
The reason why I played this so often though, was just to turn on the cool music feature so I could listen to nice Detective Conan Soundtracks. Over all It's not a bad game, for me it's just not the best Detective Conan game out there. ≧▽≦
Tumblr media
Special appearance here for "Detective Conan - Skateboard Run - Kaitou Kid and the mysterious treasure" cause this game for Switch is only available as a digital download from the Japanese Nintendo E-Shop.
This game is essentially just a arcarde style 3D runner game. All over all it feels more like a ported version of a mobile game, but it's pretty fun to play. /°^°\
These are all my Sony Playstation games:
PlayStation 1~
Tumblr media
As for the PlayStation 1 videogames i own "Detective Conan 3 Peoples Detective Novel", "Detective Conan" and "Detective Conan Trick Trick vol. 1"
I haven't played the games yet, just because I don't own the original console. I know you can emulate them, but my goal is to play every game on their original console. ૮₍。´• ˕ •`。₎ა
Since these are games on a disc you need to have the Japanese console to play them. CD are written differently for each region and that's why a foreign model of a console that uses dics can not read discs from Japan.❌
These are all my computer games:
Tumblr media
"Toku-uchi Heroes Detective Conan collection" is collection of "educational games", meanig it's more a educational software than a real game.
These little funny games are supposed to teach kids how to use a computer and how to type on a keyboard. Just to clarify, typing on a Japanese keyboard is not the easiest thing to do and even adults struggle with that. This why there are softwares like these on the Japanese market. (๑º口º๑)
To use this software, you need to have a Japanese computer. I have bought a Japanese laptop for that and it works just fine. ⭕ (。•ᴗ-)
As far as I know there are also other educational Conan games on the market. I will have a look out for that in the future. °^°
So that's about every Detective Conan videogame I own. If I have an update I will post it here. Also if you want to see some gameplays you can search for them on YouTube or NicoNicoDouga. °v°👍
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